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The 7 Daddies You Meet In Sugar
  • Posted Jun 10, 2014


Browsing through all the potential Sugar Daddies can leave a girl wondering: who are these men and what do they want? Arrangements are tricky, especially when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

A big misconception is that everyone on SA is looking for the same thing. Every relationship is different, and sugaring is no exception to the rule. While perusing through profiles, I noticed a few common archetypes. Shown here are identifying profile features, what they say about each guy.

Chiseled Ab Guy

Seeing a closely cropped picture of a torso is pretty standard. Usually they’re taken from an awkward selfie-style angle, or he’ll choose a mirror shot complete with water spots. This kind of pic means he’s in shape, but not comfortable with the web of online dating since he doesn’t want to reveal his face. These kind of Sugar Daddies prefer email to text, and likely wants a pay-per-meet arrangement. After your first date, he will open up about his ideal woman.

Mr. Married

Listing your status as “married” is a bold move, because potential women could be turned off by this. Contrary to the notion of a mistress, a Sugar Baby doesn’t seek to replace the wife. A married Daddy does have a few perks, and they aren’t all looking for sex. While he’s probably not interested in getting a divorce, he is looking for a distraction from his mundane life. It’s dinner, not adultery. Note that those who list “separated” are technically still married.

Anonymous Dude

Lacking a picture doesn’t mean this guy lacks a soul. The men on SA are established, and usually high profile. Withholding his picture should be temporary, but don’t be surprised if he wants to meet in person without sending you a pic. As long as you use common sense and meet in a public place, this guy is no more risky than anyone else online. You never know, it could be Clinton or Hefner behind the mask, and you could be the next famous Sugar Baby.

The Hot Nerd

The dorkier the better. There is something weirdly hot about a smart suitor, especially a rich one. This geek is sure to treat you like a lady, and will be excited to spend his money on a girl who actually wants to spend time with him. Founder and CEO, Brandon Wade, falls into this category. (And have you seen his beautiful wife!?)

Spousal Strategist

Not all SDs are looking for casual relationships. Some men are looking for a serious partner and a traditional dating experience. Dating is time consuming, and these guys don’t see the point in treating an average, unwifeable girl to an expensive meal. Physical attraction is high on this guy’s list of priorities, and that’s why he came to SA. Be prepared to be straight up with the marriage minded male, and don’t waste his time searching for Mrs. Right.

The (Much) Older Man

An extra wide age gap shouldn’t scare you off. What he lacks in youth, he makes up for in connections and wisdom. More time on this Earth means years of soirees and networking, where he has forged bonds with the who’s who of everything. If you need help, he’s got a guy. While the physical sentiment won’t be as strong as your lust for chiseled ab guy, he will be a mannered gentleman at all times.

Business Beau

The majority of men on the site fall into this category. Busy professionals who don’t want a relationship, but also aren’t in search of a fling. The true beauty of Sugar is the honesty. The woman he wants is available, but not desperate. She’s passionate and young, but mature enough to take to swanky parties. He will understand the value of your time, and compensate you for keeping him company on the nights he gets out of the office before 9pm.


These are the Daddies of our lives. Deciding what you want in an arrangement is the first step to finding the perfect SD, and helping him find you.

Which personalities do you see on the site?

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  1. Liv says:

    This all makes so much sense now! Helps me pan out what I want and don’t want in a SD arrangement. No more “Mr. Married” or “Spousal Strategists” for me…

    While “Chiseled Ab Guy” is appealing because I do appreciate a beautiful specimen…. right now a hybrid “Business Beau Hot Nerd” is just what I need.. and sub is a must.

    So important for both parties to be clear and honest about who they are and what they have to offer, and what they want.

  2. Allie says:

    Before you gripe, remember why you’re on here in the first place. Ask yourself, what are you putting on the table? This goes both ways, if you’re an SB looking for a SD that’s willing to dump money, time and resources than you’re going to be in for a rude awakening. As for the SD’s who have asinine standards for what they want from a woman, check yourself and your credentials.

  3. Anonymous says:

    really tired of these sugar daddies who are dumb as fuck and wanna be complicated old fucks

  4. Olivia Rose says:

    “Lacking a picture doesn’t mean this guy lacks a soul” – amazing :’)

  5. BeazieBby says:

    I really want a SD but all I get is FAKE MESSAGES, SPAM & SCAMMERS!
    its so annoying 🙁

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a sugar daddy now but he only give me money allowance per week. He doesn’t give me any gifts and never take me out to dinner and so on. Yes he treats me nicely but he’s stingy. I really want a new phone because my phone always broke and sometimes switch off suddenly. And I know my current sugar daddy the one I talking about won’t give me a new phone. I really need a new phone.

    • John says:

      Allowance is money for you to spend on these type things. Smh. If you want more money then ask him but then you guys would have to work it out again and he may say no especially if he is giving you a lot already. I have has issues where I come to an agreement and then we go out and then later after date (one time right after while driving back) I have gotten calls that they want more. I may have said yes but the manner how she went about it pissed me off. I have others ask for an increase and I have said yes if I like them and if I could go that high and then I have said well I can’t do that and that ended that. You are coming off ungrateful and that will be noticed by your daddy who may decide to take his cash to someone more appreciative. I have been seeing this girl for 6 months now and we have or should I said had great chemistry but the other day she asked for a 50% increase. I would do the allowance and I would surprise her with stuff like a 200 gift card every other date which I know she will use.. so I thought what I offered as an increase was more than sufficient so I was surprised when she wasn’t okay with that. Up to a month ago we had great chem but things changed somehow on her end and this I believe was an extension of that. Going from more of a gf feel to now to business deal. So now I know I need to move on.

  7. Anonymous says:

    For the people dissing married men. Please go to the reddit.com deadbedrooms forum and read about the MANY men who haven’t had sex with their wives for 3, 7 or whatever years. A woman has a right to decide that she is no longer going to have sex, but she does not have the right to decide that her husband is never going to have sex again.

    Yes, he could get a divorce, be blasted financially, and only see his kids every other weekend, but do you think the wife (who hates sex and will therefore never find another husband) is going to be better off living on half the money and being a single mom?

    And you can’t give someone an STI if you never even deep kiss them, much less have sex with them. So that argument is invalid.

    There are lots of spoiled wives out there who think she is entitled to a husband who works hard to support her and her children in a nice lifestyle, but working herself or having sex with him would be beneath her.

    Again, go to deadbedrooms on reddit and educate yourselves.

    • allumer says:

      If they didn’t realise that even a hint of entitlement was present before they got married, then they shouldn’t have put a ring on her finger.

  8. Andrea says:

    Or it’s the guy who wants you to send them stuff first. Why would I do that of I need help first. I’m not sending you anything.

  9. B-ris says:

    You forgot the ‘extremley average guy with no charisma or money’ who has highly unreasonable expectations of what he is looking for in a woman. Fed up with all the mingers on POF he decides to try his luck at a high maintenence woman yet has nothing to maintain her with. What are you even doing on this site?!

    • Olivia Rose says:

      Hahaha oh my GOD this is so real… i have so many messages from guys like this.

    • SB says:

      To avoid them wasting your time, only agree to meet when they suggest you pick the restaurant. Those that stand you up, probably cannot afford sugar. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet a SD in real life, at the bar of a 5 star restaurant.

    • Nietzscheslover says:

      Hahahahahaha I meet a man who fits this profile, what is he thinking?

  10. Boy says:

    I’m really new in this page (app XD). I just want to find my sugar daddy, it’d be so nice but seriously I think that it’s difficult … I don’t know… A normal guy like me with a normal body (25yrs), how I compete with a six pack guy? (lol).
    However I am not going to give up, I want to continue my career and find a nice man :3 .

  11. PrinceDaniel says:

    I wish there were more of those in the M2M world. Most of SDs I have met or heard of run around with their *** out…

  12. WannaB says:

    Just have a question about all this. I’m a potential SD who would like to find someone to have a good time with and help them in anyway I can (within reason for me). I’m a 39 y/o single guy with no kids, educated professional who is interested in actually getting to know someone and spending time together doing things we both enjoy. I’d prefer to meetup maybe 1/month and I like to travel and spend weekends away every few months, but I don’t stay at the Ritz for $500/night. Usually drive to somewhere within a few hours and like to eat out at nice places ..While I love my career, I am not wealthy and cannot spend thousands of dollars a month to “spoil” a beautiful young lady, especially just to feed my ego/loneliness/horniness..I can help someone with some expenses & buy certain gifts each month (again reasonable things). My question is: Is this site even worth it for a guy like me that is not a rich guy that doesn’t mind spending thousands of dollars a month on young women?

    • Cam says:

      I’m new to this site as well. I’m still trying to figure it all out. I’m a SB so it’s a little different for me. To answer your question: Yes, it is worth it. You’ll have to weed out the gold diggers but there is definitely someone on SA for you! I personally don’t care to be showered in gifts and luxuries. I just need help here and there such as emergency car repairs and random things like that. I don’t have a husband, I haven’t found the right guy yet. I figured I’d try something new and that’s SA. Good luck!

    • Frank07921 says:

      Don’t worry, there’s someone for you on SA. I’m in the same boat as you: I make a good living but def don’t have $1000s/mo to spend on a woman. But there are SBs who work jobs, but just need a little extra to make ends meet. I’ve found there are all types of SBs. Some want a pay per meet. Some want only an allowance. Some want only gifts. Some want only experiences, dinners, dating. There’s someone for everyone here. In about two weeks on the site, I finally found the SB that fits for me. She and I have a great arrangement. I help her with her bills and such, and she provides companionship and intimacy I lack in my marriage. She’s not one of those “just buy me mani/pedis and lingerie” SBs. She actually has a job as a waitress, but gets paid shit for busting her ass all day. She just needs help with basic necessities. That’s where I come in. And she’s grateful for everything I give her. Before we meet, she usu. asks me to pick her up a Red Bull. That makes her happy. That’s all she needs lol! So there are def some lower-maintenance, down to earth, SBs on here, who are ok with a “negotiable” or “beginner” SD.

  13. Ana says:

    Hi girls im from México been in the sugar bowl for a while and i want to see if girls here had have the sames experiences than me, im a pretty 26 years old mexican girl, i have a degree, and i speak good english, better than i write lol, the point is i had meet few POT’s usually from the USA, i live in a very turistic city from México, but the problem is that all of them are very cheap i mean really, and of course they want sex right away, i own a very nice truck and the first make me drive him pick him up at the hotel, he invite me dinner and we spend like 6 hours together he was really happy and told me that he never meet someone like me, but as we spoke i figure it out that he wasnt wealthy, well at the end of the date he ask me to take him to the hotel and he didnt even give me gas money, i mean really? And he want me to come back to his hotel room and keep talking me for days of course i didnt talk to him again, and other man also from the usa ask me to go to the hotel pool to talk and have fun and he give me $70 dollars, of course he try to kiss me touch me and want me to give oral sex!!! A nightmare for only !70 dollars, finally the last but not the worst he take me lunch in a place i have to drive for an hour we have pizza and talk he kiss me lick my face hug me grab me and all kind of weird stuff during lunch and then ask me to take him to his hotel like 2 hours drive from there and he give me $250 dollars, i have date mexican SD, but the experience with the usa are horrible??? Why is that? What im doing wrong ???

    • B says:

      It’s because American women have been consuming independent woman culture and thus pride themselves on not needing a man for anything, so they have sex for free. Many escorts have sex for a low fee. Women have spoiled men to the point where they are over saturated with girls who will do it all for absolutely nothing, just be because they’ve been taught that they should. Everything wrong with men always comes back to women allowing them to be this way. That’s hard to hear but it’s the truth unfortunately. And the men who are generous are very dominant and controlling. They don’t value women because women allow them not to.

    • D says:

      Do not listen to “B”.

      Those sound like such stingy daddies and HORRIBLE experiences!I’m sorry that’s happening to you. I would guess its because of where you live. I live in Florida, which is supposed to be like sugar daddy central right? I still have sooo much trouble finding a worthwhile guy.

      I’ve learned that being up front and honest helps. For example, I usually tell them I don’t mind driving but gas money would be nice. Some guys are like “of course!” but the ones who say no are the ones I stay away from.

      Also, make sure you look at their networth and annual income. Although not always accurate and a little shallow, I know that guys with anything below 1M networth are not going to be worth my time.

      Good luck!

  14. I like the site.It has a goodly amount of ladies that are very desirable.I have a better time on Plenty of Fish website without the “UpGRADE” for everything.Turns me off.I am happy with POF but this site attracts a lot of choices.Loosen up a bit on “upgrading”!!
    Charlie S.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or has the quality of SB’s declined and or been replaced with scammers?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am 52yrs old and would like to find a SD am I too old for this site? Are there any other women in there 50s who have experienced experience of using this Site?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      One is never too old physically. However, you are in competition with other sugar babies. If you couldn’t compete with other sugar babies if you were their age, you probably won’t be able to compete with them now. However, if you were able to captivate a large number of men back in the day, then you might still have it.

    • Emeco says:

      I don’t think your too old.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in my 50’s now, look 10 years younger, so I present myself as a woman in her 40’s. Not saying you should do it (fudge on age). My arrangements have been with men in their 40-50’s seeking a more mature woman. Though I do get queries from younger men, I’m not interested. I rarely send someone a message first. It seems some men really do want different, mature, adult conversation. My profile is a bit different too, so don’t be afraid to set yourself apart. Update: Just began an arrangement with a man in his early 50’s with an allowance, so it’s doable!

  17. Su Mer says:

    Sorry to see so many SB & SD having a crappy time! Ugh.People! I am doing well at “Culling the herd” of SD’s, so I thought I would share a few no-no SD examples for any dolls who can’t spot a scam a mile away:
    1. “Request to see private pics” before any other convo. RED Flag. So you haven’t granted me access, and you cannot come up with even a sentence besides open your pictures? Uh no thanks.

    2. “In can send you $15,000 a month” (Or any absurd variable and you’ve never spoken to, let alone met the man. Red Flag. NEXT!

    3. “send me your private info” ex: bank info, checking, phone numbers etc all without again, little or no chatting first. Come on ladies, really?

    4. Grammar: I am not just talking like texting shorthand (lol) , I mean using proper english ( or at least something close to it). Even a google translator on line can do better than these fake profiles. Watch out for sentences that make zero sense. Red Flag..

    5. So you have his #? GOOGLE IT. I do every time. Guess what, a lot of #’s are their office mobile #’s and you can vet their authenticity as a DR, attorney or whatever. I don’t even tell them I have, its just nice to know while you build the rapport.

    I hope this helps:) I am doing well at finding some great guys in my area after weeding out some BS first and foremost! Cheers and good Luck everyone xoxo

    • Su Mer says:

      #2 correction: *I

    • Emeco says:

      It works both way’s. I also weed out the dreamers in the SB world. How can an 18 yr/old, list her profile as substantial, when she wouldn’t know the meaning of the word. First off, it’s more than likely, she’s fresh out of school and without a clue, (didn’t have one, when she woke up, certainly wont have one, when she goes back to bed) more than likely, never even set foot outside her door, as a handbag for a SD, let alone know how to act around one or other SD’s. I prefer the basic, girl next door, who wants too learn. They are far more fun, than a fake plastic princess.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I honestly don’t understand how they can nearly praise the Mr Married guy. How is cheating on anyone ever okay? I don’t understand how this can still be so popular, in times of open relationships and sexual openness. It’s true, a dinner isn’t adultery but isn’t that exactly the person who would say also that morals are relative? If it would hurt the other person, it is NEVER relative. If it’s nonconcensual, it’s NEVER okay. So, if he hasn’t asked his partner for consent to be on here or do dinners with other women, then it is simply nonconsensual and shouldn’t be approved of. I also think I deserve more than to be turned into a cheater… I deserve to spend time with an honest and true man, do they exist??

    • Anonymous says:

      99% married men on this site

      • Anonymous says:

        I know and I don’t want the “it’s totally fine to lie and cheat on people I’m supposed to share my life/desires/secrets with” to start to corrupt me too :O I’m totally fine with a married guy IF he is being open with his partner!

    • Anonymous says:

      Cheating is a relative term.
      To me cheating is tell the SB your leaving the wife, or giving your wife nothing and you SB lots.
      Men need a bit of spice occasionally to tune up and chill out.
      Wives are often tired, under the weather etc etc and originally gave hubby sex morning noon and night yet think now twice a week is heaps, now that’s cheating the hubby.
      My wife suggested I find a bit of extra to take the strain off her, good wife xx.

      • Fancy says:

        I fully respect your wife. I hope she doesn’t expect the younger, thighter, sexier girl to do her job for free. I’m thinking give great allowance?

    • Anonymous says:

      Putting aside the emotional fuckery, you are literally putting a person you supposedly care for health and life at risk. pure scum on both genders who do this .

    • Anonymous says:

      My wife had a stroke in her early thirties limiting her mobility and requiring a considerable amount of care. Being open with her is not an option I’m comfortable with. Being a primary care giver is draining and sometimes its nice to have someone care for me in return and not just because I handed them $400 for an hour of their pity and fake smiles.

      • Anonymous says:

        and your point is?

        This IS sa.

      • Casandria Harris says:

        I am so sorry for what you’re going through. It honestly never occurred to me to consider anyone married until I read your comment. I can relate as my husband passed from cancer and the last year, intimacy was impossible. Caregiving does take it out of you and you definitely deserve some companionship and someone to take care of you in return.

      • daddyBBB says:

        my wife’s had cancer of the uterus. She’s still alive. As you can imagine, I’m new here lol. Concerned as there are just so many websites that are scams. I have some money set aside, I’d be willing to help someone.

    • This Guy says:

      Then you are on the wrong site, why would any woman seeking someone unmarried come here?!?! Totally laughable, that is what this site is for!!

  19. vannesa says:

    I need love respect care etc

  20. Anonymous says:

    Beware of a SA member by the name of PrincessLux. She has stolen her profile pic from a famous internet model named Kim Johansson and she’s using it to catfish people into sending her money via PayPal before/without even meeting. She initially texted me and I became suspicious when I saw how fast she was begging for money, so I started doing advanced image searches on her profile. That’s how I discovered she was using someone else’s profile. I already tried reporting it twice within the past 24 hours and so far nothing has come of it so I’m trying to spread the word via other channels in hopes that she does not successfully scam anyone. Thanks.

  21. Precious says:

    I need a sugar daddy

  22. StevieB says:

    I fall into the “spousal strategist” and have had nothing but success with this website. Buuuuut, I know what I am here for and have/had a specific goal.

    I am 34, own my own business and am doing very well. I am 6’2 190 lbs and extremely in shape with a 6 pack. Why am I on here?

    I AM VAIN, plain and simple, my looks are important and so are the woman I want to date.

    Between work, gym and fighting, where in the heck do you meet extremely attractive women? I don’t go to bars anymore and meeting someone “attractive enough” on the street is almost impossible. Don’t give me the Tinder nonsense, it’s even more of a shyteshow of liars than SA is. The gym? Yeah, sure, please take your headphones out so I can try to hit on you …

    This way, I get to meet women who are 10/10’s to me. I am a good looking guy so have gotten good responses, but understand what this site is and so do the women here.

    I am used to spending a lot of cash on randoms I date anyways and my friend just married a woman who he spends almost $5,000 on monthly. So to me, this is just another way to meet women in the modern world.

    I am currently “dating” 4 or 5 women and I let them clearly know what I am looking for. I want a long term relationship and they are basically being “interviewed”.

    Most ask for far less than I am prepared to give because I am so up front, but $2,000 cash along with plenty of trips and dinner once or twice a week is what I openly say I want to do. I am looking for a relationship and to those who say it doesn’t exist on here, they are wrong.

    I have only been on the site for two months and am about to stop my membership simply because I think I have found what I want. I have it narrowed down to three women and now comes the hard part, I only want one.

    Those of you that judge saying “go to E-Harmony” are as stupid and judgmental as those you are telling to get off the site. We all use this for different reasons. I want a girl who is a model, can keep up with me intellectually and will remain loyal in the long run.

    Plenty of women who fit that bill, just like there are plenty of men. The key to this website is being honest about what you want.

    • Phelokazi phumlisa mjebeza says:

      I want someone to Love and Respect always

    • Natalie says:

      Your honesty is refreshing, Stevie. Best of luck to you.

    • Sky room says:

      Darling you are so vain. You may be hot but if all you want is a girl for her looks than dont expect more than that. You see there are all girls of different shapes and sizes. Yes, I am replying because I know I am not the ideal model you would be looking for, but I will tell you something I got the intelligence non of the girls you are dating have (I was accepted to 5 IV schools). I work at least 20 hours a week, I have 6 classes which at the number one public school in the world is super tough. I am the president of at least 3 clubs and I am part of the senate council. I am a business student. So sorry if I do not have time to go to the gym, by the way I do have a good body. If you are looking for someone based on looks remember they all fade away just like yours will. So honey please get your act together.

      • Phyllis Sims says:

        Sorry but its to be expected,I mean hello this is a website where there will be guys who are loaded, who are stuck up and who are full of themselves. However there are some (and you do have to search well to find em) who are sweet that actually are looking for love and want to be with someone/get to know.

    • DontDoIt says:

      Brother, why in the world would you want to marry? You can be in a long-term relationship without marrying. You risk everything you have, seriously rethink this. No sane man in western world marries anymore

  23. Tammy says:

    This site used to have some of the best sugar daddies. I remember when i first joined years back, they were not flaky or users. Most were mid 40s or older, gentlemen and were about their word. NOW…this site is filled with younger and older men who are out to take advantage. I think because there are SO many options for them as far as women, they go wild and feel they are more needed than the other way around. Imagine 10 guys wanting to all have “dinner dates” plus want you to have a career, but then make time for them on their time, yet be ambitious and chase your dreams? Okay right, so how do i choose who to even go OUT with? Many behave as though the woman’s time isn’t valuable either, as if they are the only MAN on this site, lol. So far, in the past year i have not found one suitable SD. Some years ago, it is like they were pouring and i loved the site. It is like the more popular the site became on news outlets, media, etc., the quality has gone down. In my area 175k isn’t a lot of money but there are SDs on here listed with that as their salary, i mean really, thats basically how much i make, lol. These guys are not looking for a sugarbaby but really a one time hook up for like 150 bucks. But they do pay to be on the site, i feel if an app comes along like backpage or CL, this site will bust. I think a good strategy would be to attract more attractive and smart women, than just a bunch of regular girls and gals. Because in the end, all the quality women will leave.

    • This Guy says:


    • Urajoke says:

      If you make 175 k a year. Why are you on this site? You are greedy on another level of greed

      • B says:

        Because the first rule of money is to spend someone else’s. Plus there’s a feeling behind being spoiled that feels… great. Men these days aren’t generous and it’s because us women have done such a good job of taking care of you that you just think it’s all about you. Unfortunate.

  24. C says:

    help me please –just need opinions!

    Thoughts and opinions on my scenario…I received a message during finals and forgot to reply back to the man. Well, he has written me again and this time he has stated that he wants to set up 7k per month….which is more than his last SB that he was with for a couple years….

    Normal? Green light? I just don’t wan’t to get ahead of myself and get myself involved in something that is less than ideal.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Rick says:

      Have you met this guy? Anyone offering you that much allowance without having met you, is probably planning to scam you. Be careful

  25. C says:

    HELP ME …

    I have a SD who message me a few months ago and I was on a hiatus from social media because I was busy with finals at the time and I guiltily forgot to reply afterwards. He has messaged me again and he said he wants to start an arrangement with me and he’s willing to give me 7k a month….which is more than his last SB who he was with for a couple years….NORMAL??? I just don’t want to waste time if it is truly too good to be true or fishy…thanks 🙂 all my best!

  26. Anonymously says:

    I was chatting with a SD but it did’t go anywhere because he wanted me to meet him at the hotel. No talks about details or what he is looking for. He did not want to give me a picture just said I would see his face when he open the door. I declined!! Met another one whom I figured must be a scam because he wanted my bank information to send money but he is in Turkey and we wouldn’t meet until he return to the states…I am having no luck find a SD

  27. Anonymous says:

    I don’t fall into any of these categories….

  28. Anonymous says:

    I am vary new to this an already have meet a lot of creeps I would love a good SD that’s not a flake I’m a mother of 2 an really down on her luck the hole point of doing this I have meet one man so far an I’m sorry for wanting to go for 3 to 4 or even 5 hours an turn around an hand me two 200 ya I’m going to be upset I live in the country I do a lot of odd jobs to live I could have made that doing yard work chopping wood or doing handy work on someone’s car for them I’m not asking for 50k but if I’m going to work hard at less offer me what I’m worth I live a hard an stressed life not saying there’s anything bad about that I have learned an gained wisdom from it an wouldn’t Chang it for the world but I struggle to make it at a high leave so it would be nice to meet a real SD contact me if your real

  29. Anonymous says:

    I bet that most guys fit into two categories:

    Married but little or no sex at home — Not interested in much other than sex. Would prefer to avoid drama that gets him in trouble.

    Lonely /horny — This guy wants the fantasy of looking through girls that could imagine having sex with. He has no intention or no means to fork over any meaningful cash, but it is more fun than porn to pretend.

  30. Brian says:

    Let’s meet some unconventional types…

  31. Lana Alexander says:

    New brown sugar baby. Classy sweet and petite with a wild side. Check out My profile. Located in Northern California.

  32. Anonymous says:

    RE:- traditional dating experience- I have my profile asking for just this. Not a one nighter(S),bbf with benefits,mistress,causal hook up etc.

    So far everyone no one has read the profile correctly. It’s clearly stated no player and my god do the try or not reading about the age request.

    The most frustrating thing is them not intimating what there expectation or type of relationship they want. Frankly I given up!! I don’t think he is out there.

  33. Pamela says:

    Hi i am really interesting in this new style of life. I want to know how to be the best sugar baby. Thanks.

  34. YourBonnie says:

    Hmm… I guess if you’re a SD and you’re seeking a lady in her 20s who looks as close to a model as possible, then it will ought to be expected that a good proportion of the candidates in the pool are simply offering a service. If you’re looking for someone with a more heart and can hold a conversation at your level, then consider the age-bracket of people who are likely to be able to do that. Tip, not the young and busty after xxx to enhance their bodies. You really can’t have it all, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any SD.
    I suggest seeking a SB in her late 20s upwards who tells you about their career or aspirations. Just like you’ve interviewed candidates for workplace positions, you can gauge how well you can work together through similar conversations. An articulate and well cultured lady would likely have been working in a professional office for a while, been exposed to workplace politics, juggled work life balance. I think it’s unlikely they would be model thin and be focused on toning their abs and butt and hitting the gym like, all the time. *twirls hair*
    I’m new to the SeekingArrangements site, and I’m actually afraid I might meet men who aren’t gentlemen, and dont have much respect for their SB as any other woman. What if what we agreed on initially is only his way to get a foot in the door?

  35. lara says:

    very helpful. “available, but not desperate” i think is the key.

    • MutualDesires says:

      Being “available” is not reflecting desperation, but rather a meeting of sincerity, truth and mutual interest for one another. Too be “Present” mentally and physically.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a SD and open to an international/long distance arrangement. As a South African I’m able to travel to South America, the Caribbean, Ireland, Turkey, UAE, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and most islands with no visa required. I’d be able to travel 2 times a month. if you’re interested please look at my profile and mail me.

    It’s disturbing how the calibre of men on this site can been so ignorant and rude; its really unexpected. So if you cannot differentiate between a real person and a scammer I prefer that you don’t even text me.

    Thanks and all the best to you all.

  37. TIFFANY says:


  38. Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

    This was a good list but so many more are missing LOL

  39. Amin says:

    Looking for good loyal girl, to share my life with her. I am a hard worker man and i care about having a nice life. And have a big heart.

  40. exotic says:

    i not meet with so good and honestly person ,just bad luck.

  41. HurtGirl says:

    I met what was what I thought the perfect “Sugar daddy” was, we had amazing chemistry and AMAZING sex and he never gave me an allowance (I honestly didn’t care because we had such a great connection and it wasn’t about what I left with in my pocket). He paid for major things in my life, I met his family and coworkers etc etc. things were great and then disappeared on the drop of the dime. I don’t know I did or didn’t do (as far as I know and what he would tell me I was perfect for him), but there is nothing I can do but it hurts and I am so tired of shifting through guys trying to find the one only to see they are only here to take advantage of girls. Real sugar daddies or I could go as far to say real men don’t do this and I really hope and pray SA cleans its communities out soon.

    • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

      You know…….sugar daddy/baby relationships are not permanent and are often likely to end without notice……it’s the lifestyle you choose honey if you choose this life……..It’s not the same as dating for marriage. This is temporary so have fun.

  42. cristal says:

    I’m 36 I love the older man not for money for fun and meets love staying in hotels might get a bit saucey if o like him.xx

  43. Layla_avril says:

    I am new to the site. I am quite shocked at how the girls are throwing themselves and asking for sugar daddies to contact them. I mean if they are interested they will look at your profile and message you as begging doesn’t benefit and could probably turn him off.

    I am sure some sugar daddies probably do want a dumb women and others don’t depending on them. But throwing yourself like that especially on a post is a bit too much.

    • SouthernGent says:

      Layla, it has changed a bit over the years. I’m sure SBs still get 10x the email that SDs do, but now there is a proliferation of email from seemingly eastern European women who, ironically, all look like big-breasted models. It is frustrating trying the weed through those email.s

  44. Anonymous says:

    I have been the guy in a few arrangements the past 7 years.
    I had one delightful (at first) woman on $1,000 a month allowance. I only saw her a few hours maybe twice a month but she was wonderful fun and it was no quickie thing. Then after a year or so, I rightly perceived a looming financial downturn coming…so THREE MONTHS IN ADVANCE I told her that she should go back on Established Men/Seeking Arrangements and replace me. As she is very attractive, smart etc, that would be no problem. I thought that was very considerate of me to give her that much notice that I could no longer continue that arrangement, and that when the tide turned again I would see if she were interested in re-connecting. She didnt react well, and while I saw her those final 90 days, I could tell her “heart” wasn’t in it…tsk tsk
    Next, a younger woman who wanted mentoring and education/training paid for, supplies, hardware, and professional work done for her…I provided all the above (for about $500 a month outlay) and that was rather fun until she decided that I had done enough to launch her on her way, and that ended that. Another one I met and I gifted her money and we had hot sex and then realized that we knew all the same people, ran in the same circles, and I now I provide professional services for her business, and she pays me (and still gives me the occasional super BJ).
    Now, I have a new woman whom I met for lunch. Her previous SD was allocating her $3,000 a month. I said “Im very sorry, but I do not meet the qualifications” well, we had a delightful lunch, enjoyable conversation, and while she is still seeking her $3K sugar daddy, she did suggest that when she returns to town from a vacation in a couple weeks, that I get us a room and we conjugate our verbs and merge our personal nouns anyway. Must be my charm LOL. Now shall we discuss the error of paying a SB in advance? Made that mistake twice — saw her two or three times and paid her in advance for next time — and (crickets chirping)… Please realize i’m the MUCH OLDER gentleman — late 60’s and the women I have been with ranged in age from mid 30’s to fifties. The younger they are, the more they tend to be greedy or scandalous, but that is only my subjective experience.

    • beth says:

      I’m quite sure that the little girls are very money hungry…I’m 56 myself and am just really looking for a friend….I live in Smithfield…pretty easy on the eye .. But not high maitenence at all…you sound delightful…:)

    • Mkate says:

      You sir, have the audacity to call these women greedy. We’re greedy and selfish, yet you are Mr.Moral for receiving bjs from younger women? You are NOT a sugar daddy. A REAL sugar daddy has no problem investing in women. He is a generous gentleman. You have the charm of a pile of garbage. You should try tinder or a hookup site, because your ass is too broke to be a sugar daddy. You are what is SB’s call a salt daddy. Or I just call you a nasty, broke, lonly, pathetic little geezer.

  45. Anonymous says:

    i’m neither all this, platonic dont need relationship type ( who honestly would get in a relationship here?) lets not kid ourselves, i’m not rich but i’m well off, heck i don’t want to be a cash cow to mad gold diggers but im willing to find that one person i can have a mutual regular fling with….. it takes all kinds i guess in this website but it seems one sided and flows in only one direction.

  46. Sugar Baby says:

    I’m looking for mutual happiness swap.. which one is he?! 🙂

  47. Sugar Baby says:

    This post made me laugh..

  48. bert ang says:

    Hello am from phillippines

  49. Vinod Kumar says:

    I am want a Lady smart

  50. Vinod Kumar says:

    Good health

  51. Ernat says:

    I am looking for a man with a good heart , beautiful soul )

  52. lunarosalinda says:

    my dream is” meet sugar daddy mature man,coz i just can horny with mature man” who can (respect,caring and loving) eachother…xxx

  53. Kirsty says:

    Hey I need a sugar daddy you take care of me and I’ll take care of you

  54. Anonymous says:

    It’ll be nice if there was a category or filter for just a platonic friendship. That way no body’s time gets wasted and its clear from the start.

    • Jay says:

      There are plenty of other sites to find a platonic relationship. This is a site for sugar arrangements, and everyone has many platonic relationships that have no financial component. Do you really think 99% of the guys on here are going to pay someone to be their friend?

      • Anonymous says:

        I have a SD that I have never met in person, my start off allowance was $300 a week. All we do is Skype and chat. Some people are just lonely and need someone to share their life with.

  55. Lizzy says:

    I honestly have a preference for the nerdy type. I’m a nerd myself and would love to fangirl about things with a SD tbh.

  56. Redtube says:

    o right or wrong amount for a allowance its what ever works for those two in the arrangement yes some or many will turn their noses up at that amount but for others this amount

  57. Jillian Sugar Sparkle says:

    I can’t believe all the regulars are still around. Oops… this is an old post.

  58. Myra says:

    I am fairly new to the SD/SB arrangement, and I have not actually had one yet. I have talked to several men on this site, and I have found many of them are really not interested in a true arrangement, so to speak. They are all interested in sex, but are not interested in providing an allowance. They say they will provide gifts etc. Is this normal? Is it acceptable? I don’t want to sound greedy, but how do I know that their idea of gifts isn’t just a dozen roses a couple times a month??

    • David says:

      It’s normal, but it’s not acceptable. These are the types of guys who are looking for free sex. They will promise you almost anything. You’re not sounding greedy. Try being specific on your profile without sounding hard that you’re looking for an allowance type of situation only.

  59. DamnVixen says:

    “Splenda Daddy” – the guy who wants to be a Sugar Daddy, but doesn’t have the money.

    “The Sexter” – wants free entertainment sexting and emailing him dirty pictures, but will never meet you or pay a penny.

    “The Casting Coucher” – the guy who claims to provide a substantial allowance, but you must travel to meet him first at your own expense, or “audition” on “webcam” (naked), or go out on many dates and have sex for a long time before he decides whether you merit a substantial allowance.

    “The Sour Fox” – the guy who can’t even pretend to have enough money to have a sugar relationship, so he calls all the women on the site “whores” and all the men on the site “stupid.”

    “Just Checking This Out Guy” – the guy with no photos, no text on his profile, no information, who doesn’t know what he wants and wastes your time having you explain to him how the site works.

    • Frank95 says:

      Whilst it’s true that those types exist, they aren’t actually sugar daddies.

      They are just obstacles that sugar babies have to wade past, just like we guys have to wade past the female equivalent fake sugar babies.

      Splenda babies, salt, rinsers, just lookings, texters…they’re all there.

      Annoying for the genuine people on both sides.

    • Frank95 says:

      Mind you, some of the splenda daddies are your friends, and while you may not entertain the idea of taking him on yourself, removing him from the site is not in any SB’s interest really. (And by “splenda daddy” I mean someone around the $1500 per month level or less).

      • THEATLSD says:

        Frank95 you’re really a Tumblr/IG girl aren’t you. No respectable SD would shoot down 1500/mo as Splenda!!

      • Frank95 says:


        No, lol.

        The point is, that you are right, not many respectable SD might shoot down $1500/mo as “splenda”, but plenty of respectable SBs will.

        I was trying to use a concrete figure as an example. I know that I can’t please both SBs and SDs on that one.

        It was kinda my point, that tumblr girls want what they call “splenda daddies” to just go, leaving only “real” (In their terms) SD. But that’s self defeating for them. As more guys leave, the ratio of men to women goes down, men who will pay get fewer, the competition for those fewer guys gets more intense. At that point, those who are left can drop their offers, and prices go down.

        That is, if by some chance the tumblerettes got their way, the outcome would be LOWER overall costs to be a SD.

        Would you dislike that THEATLSD?

      • DamnVixen says:

        I agree with @THEATSLD …
        For many SBs, a $1500/mo Arrangement is a good deal.
        Hell, I’d consider it (depending on the man’s looks and if I didn’t already have a better Arrangement) if it was a one or two day a month meet that isn’t monogamous, and you are both free to pursue other people. Many SDs only want to meet with their SB once or twice a month.

        And for many SBs, $1500 a month would probably pay their rent and utilities. They’d jump at that. If they had any brains.

      • noname says:

        frank95 they’re is no right or wrong amount for a allowance its what ever works for those two in the arrangement yes some or many will turn their noses up at that amount but for others this amount will make a difference

      • ATLSD says:

        Frank as you know I was having fun. The supply and demand logic is completely lost on the tumblrEttes. They can continue to get nothing while the smarter girls that do not demand much are the ones getting nice gifts and their rent paid.

        Which brings up DV point that 1500 month can take care of rent or a phone bill ;). Especially when you get out the big city’s. $1500.00 in Indiana can go a long way.
        I have seen it on Tumblr. A SB made a post about seeing her “Splenda Daddy” she says, he is the most reliable of here regulars but only pays $500 a week. There is so much logic lost on her statement its f$&king scary.

        Luckily, I have an awesome SB that gets it.

    • Estephanya says:

      HAHAHAHA! Seems accurate.

    • Gentle says:

      Splenda Daddy ?

      Is in the eyes of the beholder . @Frank ,perhaps you need to pay more than most to get a girl ,but in my neck of the woods $1000 /month goes a long way to keep me well supplied with weekly female companionship. My SBs are in the 7-9 range and make me very happy. Perhaps the 10s go to you -a real SD for the big allowances .

    • Ludia says:

      What a Pity! Why the SD manager do not filter and exclude these guys?

  60. Sugar Daddy says:

    Where is the complimentary blog post about the 7 sugar babies you meet here?!

  61. Sugar Baby says:

    I found this post very interesting but not even sure how this site even works…

  62. Sabiá says:

    Just want to meet a REAL SD. Not all SBs are in it solely for the $$…

  63. Niicolette 21 says:

    well hi there 😉 everyone

  64. Sugar Baby says:

    Hi I am new for this site
    lookking for my sugar daddy for friendship
    please take care of me as i want my life change

  65. Joshie says:

    And how could you actually be reached. I need a sugar boy. 😉

  66. Mauro says:

    I am a good looking guy looking for a nice Sugar Daddy for relationship or friendship. Message me 😉

  67. Melissa says:

    I’m 37 beautiful blonde tall looking for a man between 50 to 55 that I would love to please and they are willing to pay top dollar for a beautiful time with me.

  68. Anonymous says:

    looking for a sugar daddy

  69. Trina says:

    Your a cop just called you

  70. Real SD says:

    Trina don’t listen to these jerks. I am a real SD.
    You won’t regret it.

  71. Trina says:

    I hope this not a joke I’m looking for a sweet sugar daddy to take care of me and spoil me today

  72. Anonymous says:

    I am getting Southern Fried Chicken to go! 😉

  73. Anonymous says:

    Trina, I am your sugar daddy. Please call me ASAP. I want to discuss mutual spoiling. My number is (574) 235-9201.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I called the number and ordered a large pizza with anchovies

  75. Trina says:

    Jaybird well help me out cause I’m new to this

  76. Anonymous says:

    yeah some cop-hooker had it before you and now a “sugar baby” has the number…. who has been eating all of my pourage?

  77. Trina says:

    If your not ready to spoil me today please don’t call me then hang up

  78. Trina says:

    Call me if there’s any sugar daddy out there 2192102786

  79. Trina says:

    Need a sweet sugar daddy to take care of me and I’ll do the same for him

  80. redcutiepie says:

    Hi guys I’m new here just wanted to drop a line. Hope everyone injoyed there Halloween night.

  81. Carol Shook says:

    I’m looking for a sugar daddy I just lost my husband few years ago and I’m struggling financially and I definitely need a sugar daddy that would help me through difficult times 856 729 54229 give me a call if you are interested thank you very much and I want a sugar daddy like real bad and as soon as possible

  82. Carol Shook says:


  83. Hannah says:

    i nid an sd im port Harcourt

  84. Anonymous says:


  85. kiaqtpie says:

    I cant choose lol id go with married 🙂

  86. BusyCEO says:

    I will raise my hand to “Mr. Married!” And “yes”, it is listed on my profile.


  87. precious says:

    give you a different perspective of SD !

  88. Lilya4ever says:

    The John is the worse.

  89. YourSmartGuy says:

    “The Hot Nerd” – Where are these? :c
    Please, come on, let’s chat, nerds/geeks :C

  90. krine says:

    I seek an amiable SD I need good advice your hand if you please thank you .

  91. Patience mvenya says:

    Sugar daddy needed to help with financiary am 23 years of age living in Malawi +265881115300 whatsapp if interested….Thank you

  92. Patience mvenya says:

    Sugar daddy needed to help with financiary am 23 living in Malawi +265881115300 whatsapp me if interested

  93. Sopheeah says:

    I have read some female pages for the first time and see a lot of “I” starting sentences… what about the SD? I is always talking about you you you… i think the focus of a SB should be finding the SD of her dreams and making him happy!!! So… saying I want, I need, I am and so forth is a bit much… I offer, I can be, I will, I am able to…Any man who knows what I am saying probably would agree. xo *just a tip*

  94. DiamondGen says:

    Very interesting article, I’m sure there are many more types but these ones pretty much sum up the SD’s I’ve come across already, well it’s just my first week so maybe I’ll find some other types!

  95. Life to short, so in joy ur life!!! Always fun having gud time

  96. Mercy Wanjiru says:

    Am 25yrs looking for sugardaddy in nairobi area to financialy support me,am fun mature to be with

  97. Anonymous says:

    I skimmed! What would they say about the different types of Women?

  98. ReadyNoVAGirl says:

    This had to have been written by a man. Where is Splenda Daddy, The guy who has a big income and an even bigger child support an alimony payment leaving little to nothing left for the SB. Or the Mr. Distgusto, the guy that’s going to talk over you every time you open your mouth because the only thing he’s concerned with is getting his wrinkly age spotted hands on your body. Or Mr. Gods Gift, he’s got a couple $20’s for the girl that can stomach listening to him brag about all of his success spending his daddies money?

  99. Anonymous says:

    Where are all the Business Beau’s!

  100. Sunshine says:


  101. Maria says:

    My comment is that I’m not willing to see a married/or involved man..morally, I don’t agree with it. And I’m not a prostitute (many men on here told me that many of the sugar babies are). I hope that I am not wasting my time, but I just talked to someone who is single and open to friendship (maybe more!). I’m not looking for love, but I am looking for more than sex with someone who has the means to give me the finer things in life. Also, I’m not a “gold digger”. I just appreciate dating someone who has the ability to travel a lot, stay in luxurious hotels and doesn’t mind spending a couple grand on me at the spa. I really hope that I find this..

  102. Belle Hatter says:

    I would love a geek!!! I can’t seem to find too many of them, though.

  103. HappyGoodWoman says:

    I am older than 58, attractive and sophisticated. Am I wasting my time on this sight? All I want is a date with a man who can afford to take me to nice places, and perhaps to keep him company on a trip.

    • i_t says:

      I’m 20 years younger than you,highly skilled, attractive& sophisticated and I still don’t find any interesting man though……even in Monaco

  104. Emma says:

    I haven’t had any connection from this site. I’m thinking of quiting this all together.

  105. HILOK says:

    Been on the search for 3 months, no sugar yet… I wish that I can meet any type of these daddies!

  106. SarahRose222 says:

    I love them all!
    Each is different and has different perks. People in general are interesting and are all looking for something different yet similar. Embrace them, respect them.

  107. braziliansb says:

    I need a business beau in my life *.*

  108. Himmie14 says:

    My first arrangement was with a much older man, and I actually loved our arrangement. I’m overweight, but he didn’t mind that as much as the younger SDs I talked to did. He made me feel like a princess every time we met.

    Now that I’m looking again, I can’t seem to find another serious SD willing to talk to me. The one potential SD that I was talking led me on and had no interest in making an arrangement. Hopefully my luck will turn around soon.

  109. Missy says:

    @ashley101 i guess that these men dont really into girlie /underage girls.( assuming u could be looking younger than a typical college girl)

    But could also be no luck at this time, try harder honey 😉

  110. Jess says:

    I have gotten a lot of responses from the perverted sugar daddy’s lol I wish men could understand how uncomfortable that can be, I’m a naughty girl but like let’s keep that for later daddy lol

  111. Bria says:

    Hopefully I land me the (much) older gentlemen.

  112. Karen says:

    There is also the Daddy who is the time waster and just loves the electronic chase

  113. Jules says:

    Hmmmm I prefer the nerd & non married. I was seeing a married man and he was always paranoid. Not my cup of tea.

  114. Callida says:

    The (Much) Older Man proved an ideal type for me. These SDs are polite and have gentlemanly manners. They are generally gracious and suave.

    The Hot Nerds are very good too. Where they lack in grace, they can give more in intellect.

    The Mr. Married and Anonymous Dudes types can also be very attractive and gentlemanly, although there are exceptions.

    Chiseled Ab Guy and extremely Business Beau types tend to be younger and much more rude. They usually don’t have much SD relationship, but more escort-type. So they demand things and want things to happen very quickly.

    Spousal Strategist are not my type at the moment, may be later.

  115. ashley101 says:

    Hey there !! Can someone tell me why I can’t seem to land an SD. I am an attractive AA college girl. On the site I posted a body picture with my face cut off for discretion purposes. And I get responses from men but then when I send them my complete photos they seem to lose interest. Help!! And has this happened to anyone before?

  116. Missy says:

    Well so far, found all but two of those hot/ chiseled guy could be because of my area. But then these are just sugarcoating, of course there are some more different guys u’ll meet or met up. Theres these never ending stalkers and straight up asking hand in marriage before even meeting up.
    I had these kinda men for a brief time, and ive done pretty much an overall analysis on each. So after first ‘date’ , its either i leave them by word or just stay shut. They do eventually find me but, then i would introduce them to my other friend who is more in need and straight up will ask for money, i guess?

    Frankly , i could say that i am not be that SB that u be looking for. But its done, i’ll hv to move on and let cupid do its work. 🙂

  117. euphoria says:

    Josh- yeah, i remember pulling all of the cash i had out of my wallet and telling the lady at the register to take what she needed.

  118. SouthernSB says:

    Oh no, Euphoria I watch movies I just don’t watch FILMS. Just the other night I watched “Wrath of The Titans.” Fantastic B movie, with mounds of special effects, I just go crazy over those. I think some part of me must be a 14 yr. old fan boy; at least the part that isn’t a total 30 yr. old drag queen. 🙂

  119. Josh says:


    Do you recall if you bought a ticket? 😉

  120. Josh says:

    Sigourney Weaver was HOT. I will go back and watch Alien again then. 😉

  121. euphoria says:

    SouthernSB- I know how you feel about not watching films. The only times Ive caught movies was when I was so drunk in ny that I couldn’t find my way home or remember my adress so I got in the cab and told them to take me to the movie theater and basically slept the drunk off and a few on netflix when I was running around the house doing 20 other things at once. This is actually the first time ive owned a TV in about 7 years and its mostly for decoration.

  122. SouthernSB says:


  123. SouthernSB says:

    Oh Josh, you poor baby! I never waste my time watching films as they usually disappoint me. If you really wanted to watch a movie about Alien babies you should have rented “Alien,” at least then you would have been able to drool over a hot 70’s Sigourney Weaver in her t-shirt and panties.

  124. Josh says:

    I should have mentioned earlier…I brought up “her”, because euphoria mentioned “sunshine implanted his Alien babys into my computer.”

  125. Josh says:

    An Academy award and 8.2 imdb rating for “her” my ass. The genre is defned as “comedy-drama.” It should be “mindfuck light” without the benefit of watching some nice boobs and ass.

  126. Misery and marriage counseling…hehe. Call it m&m’s and serve ’em in cute little ribbon-tied sachets ;-p.

    Hopefully Sunshine didn’t pull out…or get cold feet!

  127. euphoria says:

    @josh-Yep, gotta make it as run of the mill all american as possible!

  128. Josh says:


    “Im going to just specialize in making sunshine sd’s life as miserable as possible and stop putting out after the second child.”

    There you go dear. This is exactly how you keep up with Mrs. Jones. 😉

  129. Josh says:

    I rented “her”. The movie is 126 min. Watched it in 45 min. using my plot-prediction-fast-forward technique. What a royal waste of 45 min. plus the time to pick up from and return to redbox.

    Humanity would be well served if the Academy Awards deciders are rounded up and exiled to somewhere they could not come back from.

  130. euphoria says:

    oh, and by the way, sunshine implanted his Alien babys into my computer. It was actually instant conception when I opened my emails. Once I opened it, I got the strangest craving for pickles and ice cream!

  131. euphoria says:

    yougottabekiddingme- Divorce party? Who said anything about that? I’m not going to be a single mother. Im going to just specialize in making sunshine sd’s life as miserable as possible and stop putting out after the second child. Then when I catch him cheating on me with a sa sb, im going to make him suffer through marriage counseling. Isn’t that the way marriage is supposed to work?

  132. By the way, are you knocked up yet? By my calculation, you should be at least 37 hours pregnant.

  133. And don’t forget to invite your employer to the divorce party…of which I’ve nominated myself chief executive planner. Tehehe

  134. @Euphoria

    Copy and paste, word for word! Dooooo-it! Dooooo-it! Dooooo-it! :-p

  135. euphoria says:

    Happy late fathers day to all of the fathers on the blog!

  136. euphoria says:

    DarkHorseSD- Omg, If takien the promotion, I would neeeeeed the sd. With the promotion I wouldn’t be able to even afford maintenance on the audi!

  137. euphoria says:

    yougottabekiddingme- I just about died laughing. Omg so true!

  138. KatPaw says:

    Happy Monday sugarrrrrrs!!! 😀 hope everyone’s weekend was sugar filled!! Mine will be next weekend!

  139. flyR says:

    @foxy – the advice not to back up is probably good. But also take efforts not to inflame the situation i.e. of course I was seeing someone else, a real man…. Chance are that unless he is at the far end of the curve the anger will decline very quickly. However, if you sense any physical threat seek the police or an alternate troubleshooter

  140. Ciara says:

    Hi all! Just need friendly sugar advice on my profile. I get plenty of views but no bait on my hook. Check out my profile and let me know what to change keep.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  141. DarkHorseSD says:

    “They did have janitors there. How did you know? Where you ever in Japan?”

    I’ve seen Godzilla, the one with Raymond Burr and this recent one. There’s always a lot to clean up.

    EU: if you take the promotion you’ll finally be able to afford an SD who’d be willing to pay what you’d need to be able to date him.

  142. Kms2014 says:

    That is a question for The Oracle, F’beestarddd.

  143. SouthernSB says:

    @flyR-That would be true if I could find a SD.

  144. FatB'StardSD says:


    They did have janitors there. How did you know? Where you ever in Japan?


    This is the internet. How much of it is real vs imagined.

  145. Question:

    Is it typical to have delayed posts on this blog? I am finding that posts are appearing that weren’t there before…even after refreshing the page. Sorry for any out of context or previously stated comments.

  146. flyR says:

    @southern – He may be concerned that sugar is a cheaper solution than a shrink

  147. @Foxy

    You might also want to consider sharing this–to some degree–with someone close to you who you trust. I would also look into the legal codes in your state for menacing threats, harassment, and blackmail?, and perhaps have a lawyer share with him that what he is doing is very much a crime. Perhaps he has enough to lose that criminal charges would deter his behavior. Right now, he knows that you feel vulnerable and at his mercy so he feels empowered by holding you to a debt and threatening your other relationships. I think it’s important to keep in mind that you’re dealing with a potentially crazy person–be it organic crazy or situational. His behavior is similarly characteristic of a bully. The only way to defeat a bully is to stand your ground. What’s difficult is that the bully in this case is either in love with or feels hurt or wronged by you, and there’s a greater potential for him to react out of anger or passion. Be acknowledging and empathetic of his feelings (this might provide him just enough comfort or validation to calm him down some), but firm and assertive in your position. Be careful in your dealings with him, and involve the police if this continues or gets worse. Also, consider telling him that the people closest to you are aware of and supporting you in this situation.

  148. flyR says:

    @foxy – Katpaw recommended a restraining order .

    Unless the guy is a psycho the promise that you will seek a restraining order should set alarm bells. A restraining order is something a public document (AFAIK) and might even bring the police to his door to have a chat, inquire if he owns firearms.

    Willingness to issue restraining order varies by jurisdiction

  149. Josh says:

    It’s interesting that some bloggers consider honesty an option. 😉

  150. flyR says:

    @ Euphoria – I’m assuming that with your education and long term goals there is nothing you would gain from the position offered which will help you later on. If that’s the case I would just be honest with them. It is the classic case of moving someone successful from sales to management.

  151. flyR says:

    @foxy continued – Agree with others that any threat of violence and any serious threat of extortion should send you to police/attorney

  152. @Euphoria

    Dear employer,

    Thank you for your recognition and offer for promotion. I appreciate that youve considered me for the position. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal time for me to make any new commitments, as I am currently planning my super galactic Star Wars wedding which you are welcome to attend should you be willing to fly out to Vegas, and don theme appropriate attire. I will reconsider the position in the future should the opportunity present. In the mean time…may the force be with you.

  153. flyR says:

    @foxy –

    For future reference it might be helpful that potential SD’s believe you have two brothers you very protective older brother, the Seal and your younger brother who works for the IRS.

    Facebook is a very bad idea to share with an SD of any type but especially one whom you are recycling. It’s also , in my opinion, unfair to your friends.

    Sometimes a little time will cool things but any threat of extortion or violence should be shared with the police. Keep your vm messages and texts.

    Finally learn from the experience, you have helped others by sharing.

  154. Josh says:


    This appears to be a legal and law enforcement matter now and is better discussed with a lawyer. Most of the times the best advise you get from lawyers is when you have not engaged them yet. So get free initial consultation with a couple/few of them and decide your course of action and go with the lawyer you feel the most comfortable with.

    Best of luck!

  155. euphoria says:

    Hmm, I was actually offered a promotion at work last night. But its sad that the money I would take for the promotion would amount to less then I make bar tending. Im trying to think of ways to turn it down tactfully and not sound super lazy.

  156. Kms2014 says:

    Also, what he gave you is considered a gift, as you guys were in a relationship, correct? so, no worries of SA, since this site is not against the law(but, like katpaw said, the police do not need to know how you met or details of your relationship). It would be good idea to be proactive and have an attorney get this all in writing for you. He is an ex, who cannot handle that you are with someone new, and now wants to ‘get even’ for asking for his gifts back, and threatening to make disparaging statements to your friends and family, not to mention he is stalking you, which is against the law.

  157. Kms2014 says:

    Also, be cautious about letting future single SD on your facebook or other social media. A married SD most likely has too much to lose, and would not want you in his personal life too much, anyways….Unless, you really trust the guy to have potential access to all your friends and family, in case things go pear shaped, then would be hesitant to do so. Just is a bad idea, I think, unless there is a real relationship going on and you guys have been together for some time.

  158. Kms2014 says:

    @foxy…Can your new SD help you retain a lawyer? The lawyer could mail him some paperwork that might be enough to scare him off….?

    I had a friend…whose ex boyfriend went a little crazy, so in order to ‘get even’ with her, he made all kinds of threats. He threatened to say disparaging statements about her to people she knew. However, he ended up following through with something, though….he pretended to be a neighbour of hers, and emailed her job at a pharmaceutical company(pretended to be a female neighbour), and wrote a letter that she never really went into work…went to the gym, starbucks…ect., and how she never worked and bragged about being paid for doing nothing to people in her building…he wrote some other things as well.

    My friend had to deal with a lot of backlash from that at work….she had an acquaintance, who was an attorney, and he wrote her up some legal documents warning her crazy jilted ex about defamation of character and how legal action was going to be taken, and had them mailed to him(might have even called his work to scare him a little as well). The ex stopped harassing my friend after that.

    Sometimes, just a little scare can do some good to keep these ‘fatal attraction’ types in check. And, if he is stalking you and sitting outside your home, then would definitely go to police. They need a record, if this ends up escalating. Make sure you report each time he does this, in the future, and save his threatening texts/emails and show to law enforcement and attorney.

  159. Kms2014 says:

    Hehe, try to see positive and give benefit of the doubt 😉 Plus, you seem to know what you are talking about…sometimes, when you are not trying to be a big ole F’beestarddd! Hehe

  160. DarkHorseSD says:

    Even research institutes need janitors.

  161. KatPaw says:

    Tell him stalking and threats are illegal. All you reall need to tell cops is you were in a relationship with him and broke it off.. Now he is stalking and making threats. The most you will get is a restraining order… But sometimes that throws a stalker more off the deep end.

  162. FatB'StardSD says:


    “F’bstard…I knew you didn’t work at a shoe store…research institute? Wow…ain’t no tellin’ how’s smart you really is ;)”

    Nike does a lot of research. I could also be lying about everything. Who knows…

  163. Seliana A says:

    Okay so im gonna be the newbie and ask what are all the SB/SD terms and what do they mean?
    Because im lost. What is NSA POT ect????

  164. aliceS says:

    Or maybe try to contact sa site, and maybe they can explain to him, that when arrangement is over its over. It was mutual and it’s done. He can’t have anything back or interrupt your life just because he is jealous or feeling hurt. It’s not a regular dating site.

  165. aliceS says:

    Omg foxy I’m so sorry to hear that. Why he knew all of it anyway? What information you know about him. Maybe there’s something you can use to scare him. So he just let go. It might be very dangerous if he sits in front of your house, and have so much time to haunt your Facebook friends. You need to call the cops. Or at least told him that you will

  166. Kms2014 says:

    She loves it*

    @Josh…wrote a long response but then deleted…no one cares about my politics, lol. Got carried away with the average little vacation time of two weeks, compared to many other countries and am like, ‘yeah, yeah, down with the the farce of American dream!’ Hehe….some of what was said can be very true, in regards to working in corporate America.

  167. Kms2014 says:

    F’bstard…I knew you didn’t work at a shoe store…research institute? Wow…ain’t no tellin’ how’s smart you really is 😉

    I am the dumbest of all my friends and associates. Hehe! I do not know too much about the free room and board while teaching, but had offers a few years back for Dubai and Abu Dubai, which included free fights, room and board…but, the kicker was I didn’t want to move there and hang around a bunch of other expats, since no interest in Middle East. I do know someone who teaches Elementary school in South America and she lives it. I am not sure, but think she might get her apartment free? Will have to ask her that.

    With all this being said, though…teaching isn’t for everyone but a good suggestion, if someone is interested in travelling while making money, or saving…if rent and board are paid.

  168. FatB'StardSD says:

    I should say I worked at a research institute with affiliations to a university.

  169. FatB'StardSD says:

    @Kms2014 and/or Youtoolongtotypeyourusername

    I worked at a university. Japanese language skills were not required. Both of you clearly associate with very talented people. I am curious where these teaching jobs are in Japan which pay you a stipend, free room and board, and gas money (as well as pay off your student loan as that is not being deducted either), which allows you to save all of your money for when you return to the USA. I don’t know anything about China but there seems to be great demand for literature teachers there.

    If anyone wants to teach English abroad then more power to them. I did not think it was a lucrative career. I suppose I was wrong.

  170. Josh says:

    @Kms2014 says:

    “Well said.”

    Really? 😉

  171. Zack says:

    yougotta: So… “America today seems good for education and entrepreneurship, not so much for building wealth working 9 to 5,” would seem to tie into some past blog conversations. Along with Suns idea of “synergy,” Anyone have any thoughts or success finding common business interests in an SD or SB? Longer term, of course.

    Re: LV wedding, if I can get an invite as “Luke,” I promise not to hit on my sister.

  172. Kms2014 says:

    Well said.

  173. “Don’t listen to the dumb advise. Teaching English is the McJob of Asia (especially Japan). People pretty much assume you are useless at doing anything else, and it is not far from the truth. In Japan you will be labelled a sex tourist (if you are a man), or a prostitute (if you are a woman). Better to volunteer your time for some cause you believe in.”

    Oh what bastardized perspective.

    I heard the same thing about law degrees here in the U.S. Go figure.

    No one suggested that sweetie make a career of teaching abroad, but she’d likely save more than her just-out-of-college peers and cohorts by putting a year in. Even someone earning, say, twice or even 3 times the ~$27k median income (figure someone threw out there earlier) would be unlikely to save the $20k+ that some McJobbers do.

    Truth is, in the U.S., you can earn more money serving tables or tending bar than the average person with a “respectable” degree…without the 5&6 figure student loan debt that generally accompanies it. The service industry might be considered the “McJob of the states for people who can’t do anything else.” Some work within the service industry in addition too, and sometimes in lieu of a more revered career because they actually walk away with as much and more income than the average degreed worker. So meh, why not?

    But aside from saving some cash, people I know who have taught in McJoblands abroad have found reward in reciprocal exchange of knowledge and culture. One of my friends is an actual teacher who quit her job here, rented out her house, took a position teaching literature in China, and will come home after two years having saved over $80k with all of her assets back home intact. Of course, McJobbers who are simply teaching English with an unrelated bachelors degree will earn significantly less. All of my friends, all of them, who have taught abroad are highly capable, well educated people. Some of whom actually left “respectable” positions to go abroad, and have saved more money than they were ever able to here in the states where income deductions are 1/3 taxes (depending on income bracket), 1/6 gas and lunch money, 1/6 happy hour money (gotta drown the woeful sorrows of realizing that it’s the disillusioned concept of the ‘merican dream that’s actually the dumbest pill of advice you ever swallowed), leaving 1/3 to ration out to savings, life, love, marriage, mortgage, divorce, child support and alimony, new mortgage, quarter and mid-life crisis, and let’s not forget about student loans, and oh! that designated two-weeks-out-of-the-entire-damned-year vacation where you get to be a non-robotic, unshackled human being pretending that all is well in life, love, liberty and the white picket fence around your mind. Add a little sugar to the rim of that cocktail…makes it more palatable.

  174. Foxy says:

    I broke up ith my sugar daddy about 3 months ago, he recently discovered that I am seeing someone new and has gone completely crazy. On one occasion he was parked outside my house, and texting me to see if I was lying, he also said he would add all my friends on facebook and telling them I was on Seeking Arrangement. ( he acutally sent a few of them friend requests already which made me sick to my stomach)He also said he would tell my ex husband that he met me on S.A.- note this was after my marraige ended). In addition to this, he initially demanded all the money he gave me back over the last year ( which I used to survive and pay bills) and he said he wanted all the clothes back etc… he later said he didn’t want anything back… I tried to straighten things out with him and things were ok the past few days, now he is going nuts because I won’t tell him the identity of my new boyfriend… I am afraid he will start stalking him too…. I was going to go to the police, but then I would have to tell them he was giving me money, and that I met him on seeking arrangement and they won’t take me seriously/ they’ll look down on me….. I am a mom and I don’t want people to know this information… does anyone know what I can do, I am terrified. I have some texts that he sent as proof but that’s it.

  175. Kms2014 says:

    Yes, and also have friend who worked at US embassy there…and now works at Japanese consulate here…and she taught English a couple times a week for extra earnings as well. There is a bit of ancestral snobbery, amongst the Japanese, from what I hear…but haven’t heard of the two friends I knew who taught English, coming back with a bad experience, or becoming English teaching prostitutes, hehe 😉 Everyone has their jokes about teachers and preconceived notions but the reality is it isn’t a bad way to see the world while earning money–especially, if you are the wanderlust type.

    What did you do there? Just out of curiosity?

  176. FatB'StardSD says:


    I am sure your fiend made a lot of contacts teaching English as it is considered a very prestigious job by the Japanese. Lived and worked in Japan (not as an English teacher) for a while but what do I know!

    P.S. Never been there but a “friend” told me that Portuguese is somewhat common (ATM machines display Portugese etc) due to the Japanese diaspora in Brazil.

  177. euphoria says:

    DarkHorseSD- Its not star Track, its star wars! Get it straight and its going to be the wedding of the century!

  178. Kms2014 says:

    Also, heard awhile back that some schools, in Japan, are even looking for Spanish and Portuguese teachers (: Just for future reference later on….There are so many options for teaching abroad or working abroad, but the experience is priceless.

  179. Kms2014 says:

    Actually, my friend saved quite a bit of money teaching English in Japan…it is not a ‘cliche’ job either, or looked upon as ‘sex tourism’ hahaha! It is very in demand to teach English in many of those countries and also allowed her time to travel and make contacts. It is interesting, in that certain people saying such things have probably never even visited Japan 😉

  180. Josh says:


    Another approach would be to read women, such as, Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, and see how her hands on wisdom may guide you.

  181. FatB'StardSD says:


    Don’t listen to the dumb advise. Teaching English is the McJob of Asia (especially Japan). People pretty much assume you are useless at doing anything else, and it is not far from the truth. In Japan you will be labelled a sex tourist (if you are a man), or a prostitute (if you are a woman). Better to volunteer your time for some cause you believe in.

  182. gtt_envy says:

    Question for the SD’s thoughts on having a SB who is a virgin? Would that be a turn off for you? It is for me, but I figured I’d ask.

  183. Josh says:

    Hot off the press…the stock photo above is used on the WYP site with a different article. 😉

  184. KatPaw says:

    Fund not find

  185. KatPaw says:

    Soooo who wants to find my vacation to the moon in 2017?? Lmao only going to cost 150 mil! Lol

  186. aliceS says:

    Evening infidels 🙂 don’t know how about, but it’s Friday 13th and I’m being spoiled by Ice Daddy 😉 woohoo on it 😉

  187. Kms2014 says:

    Very true, yougottabekiddingme..my friend did that, in Japan…she went through TOEFL and taught for an agency. Then, once she made enough contacts/clients, then she started teaching English independently on the side, and made even more. I made much more teaching overseas,then I ever have in US….

  188. You could also finish your degree here, and then teach English in Brazil for a year. I have friends who’ve taught abroad, and they’ve been paid 30k+ base salary plus a fully furnished apartment. They only paid for meals and entertainment out of pocket. Most came home with over 20k saved, which is a decent little cushion to supplement and hold you over for a little while you look for work once you get back.

  189. SunShineSD says:

    head-dick or dick-head ?? 😉

  190. SunShineSD says:

    I have been following that policy since the last blog article more than a week ago.


    Thanks. I’m making the idea public domain. There is no franchise fee. Any men and women able to set up an enterprise of their own are welcome to borrow the idea and share lessons learned. You can be the head of your own enterprise 😉

  191. Josh says:


    “Okay, so is that a declaration of no more baby talk, unless asked”

    Amen to that. 😉

  192. sweetie says:

    By the way, thank you all for the input. It’s better to be responsible and fix my life here, than have my irresponsibility bite me in the ass upon my return. So, I’m going to let it pass and focus on being where I am and finding a job involving Portuguese.

  193. sweetie says:

    Bastardito & Kidding – I know what both of you are saying. I’ve thought about how I would be attending classes mainly and then having some fun, enjoy my time there. But, I would be in the academia and as far as job prospects, the academia does not interest me much. I guess one never knows… Definitely my Portuguese skills would improve.

  194. DarkHorseSD says:

    Sunshine, your team scored a touchdown on the opening kickoff week 1 and then went deep into the third quarter of week 3 without a first down.

    Congrats! You’ve advanced the ball.

  195. KatPaw says:

    Lol I know auto correct learns that’s why I said what does it say about my typing habits that it changed sick to dick. Lol I’m a perv at times lol mind usually in the gutter but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

  196. DarkHorseSD says:

    Auto correct “learns”…

    So I guess some of you got your phones used from someone else! 😉

  197. DarkHorseSD says:

    @Kat, I’m thinking about being a dick of the baby farm, if I qualify, but I want to be on an employee basis, not an outside contract or franchisee.

  198. “Working abroad can be a great experience but do not expect anyone to give a shit or consider it a plus when you come back to the USA to get a job (ask recent immigrants how people view their foreign work experience). The benefit is that it may give you confidence in being able to handle new situations.”

    I went abroad for comparative practice research related to my field, and it’s been very instrumental in applied practice. It comes down to networking, getting in where you can fit in, and paving a way where you can’t. Can’t tell you how many birds I killed with a single stone.

    The immigrant experience in employment transferability is a different situation from a citizen with work experience abroad for a number of reasons. One being that the academic and field standards don’t always translate. Another being federal regulations on immigrant work visas and sponsorship. I suppose, in Sweetie’s case, it would depend on her goals and fields of interest. But if nothing more, go and learn some broken Portuguese, dance some samba, eat amazing food, enjoy beautiful weather and beautiful people. Come back with a nice tan for “Euphoric Sunshine: The Official Sugar Inoculation and Elopement Ceremony.” I call dibs on flower girl and divorce party coordinator, by the way!

  199. DarkHorseSD says:

    Sun, I agree the tragic flaw was the marriage between Karen and Henry. It’s a story of people entrapped in their cultural “norms.”

    You have no such strings attached…NSSA…and the freedom to get it right.

  200. KatPaw says:

    Auto correct is very much a perv!!! Lol I’m amazed at some of the words it changes..

  201. DarkHorseSD says:

    Sounds good guys…I’ll be over in the parking lot of the defunct Star Trek Experience in a rental car with an open pull tab can of Coors alone…ha! Bet you thought I’d say with a first meet PotSB demanding a hand job. 😛

  202. SunShineSD says:

    Thank you, Kat.

  203. SunShineSD says:

    Last posts was made before I saw your post at 11:30am. I have long stopped initiating posts on the subject, but only responding to queries and critics.

  204. SunShineSD says:

    You are at it again. “Desperate” simply doesn’t apply. “Desperate 20 yr olds” can sell their eggs or rent out their wombs for far less than what I’m offering. There are already existing markets for those. There is a reason why I’m bidding far above market clearing prices and emphasize long term care: I want quality. I want young women who care about their future children and take active steps to plan for a better future for their children, instead of letting accidents waiting to happen happen then live with a catastrophe. I have actually been contemplating altering incentives from monthly subsidy to grants for education or business investment funding, so as to attract women who can bring more synergy and leverage their own skills on the capital/opportunities that I can provide. It can also be marketed as a system to support professionally highly developed women who just want to have their own children without taking too much time off from their career and don’t want to keep a househusband at home. As the system ages, there will be a supply of young labor available in a few years to take care of younger half siblings. The existing children are already approaching an age where they can be responsible baby sitters, a job that will also help the older kids develop work ethics and responsibility. A lot of synergy is lost when two working parent families can not afford to have more than one child.

  205. Kms2014 says:

    @katpaw…told you autocorrect can be such a perv! Lol…it is constantly changing ‘so’ in to ‘ho’ and next into ‘sex’…and things that are much worse, and not even in my vocab, hehe.

  206. KatPaw says:

    Lmfao love auto correct!! Sick not dick ( hmmmm what’s that say about what I type!)

  207. Kms2014 says:

    Okay, so is that a declaration of no more baby talk, unless asked 😉

  208. KatPaw says:

    I do have to say it IS NOT Sunshine that keeps bringing up the “baby farm” but other bloggers.. So if they are dick of it MAYBE THEY should stop mentioning it.

  209. SunShineSD says:

    I do not know it all. I do not even pretend to know than anyone else. I just happened to have pondered over certain subjects in far greater depth than the wannabe know-it-alls trying to take pot shots at what turn out to be their own phantoms.

    I only talk about the enterprise when questions are asked or attempted dispersions are cast. I welcome constructive criticisms and suggestions/improvements, but repeated straw man critics are only leading to repetitive responses. I may have to write a FAQ. LOL.

  210. Kms2014 says:

    Any interest…but it is also inept ernest, Ahaha! 😉 ‘Ernest Goes to Baby Camp’ 😉

  211. Kms2014 says:

    SunshineSD….please, do not mistake my addressing you as any inept ernest in your baby farm. Even if I was a desperate 20 year old, then still…the answer would be, No, lol.

    You have a bit of an elist snob ‘know it all’ attitude, which is a bit off putting, I think…that and you keep posting the same theories, with some contradictions each day. It is just getting a bit old is all. Would love to see some new topics addressed, and is hard to do so with constant baby farm theories being written everyday. Am not trying to be mean…just honest.

    Anyways, has anyone ever seen someone they knew, from SA, or a friend or relative whom might have spotted your page up, while online? Was asked this question by a SB last night, who I help out a little. What did anyone do, if that happened?

  212. SunShineSD says:


    I’m not trying to recruit you, so you don’t have to give up your job to make baby for me or with me at all.

    In case you did not realize, I actually do not want the mothers to give up working after giving births and nursing. I prefer them finding careers that they enjoy be productive in, so they do not game me in a zero-sum game. LOL. I put great emphasis on synergy.

    I’m starting to see a pattern here, the “contradictions” you allege are nothing more than contradictions with your own projected straw men. I would like to see you a list of _my_ contradictions, not _your_ contradictions.

  213. SunShineSD says:

    You are talking about an engineer in the 1970’s and 80’s. That was most likely a high income job in the $30+k range (late 1970’s dollar), comparable to today’s $100k-150k range, putting your family in the top 10% households in terms of income.

  214. Kms2014 says:

    Also, some people enjoy their job…no matter what their pay. I enjoyed teaching high school and college very much. To hell with my pay cut, as if you love what you do, then it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy and content.

  215. Kms2014 says:

    As 42SWM put it before..there is more to a happy home than just monetary ‘wealth’. Many of those median incomes include entry-level jobs. Being extremely wealthy does not equate to happiness. I for one, am glad I grew up with both parents raising me, in a happy, but not monetarily ‘rich’ home of an engineer and stay at home mother, who didn’t have to worry that my father was out philandering around, or visiting other women’s compounds/concubines, in a baby farm setting.

  216. SunShineSD says:


    The median job pay is $27,500. “The majority of men” simply can not afford to be real SD’s.

  217. euphoria says:

    see sunshine, we have bridesmaids. theres no backing out now! but i have to go to work.. so to be continued.

  218. KatPaw says:


    Ohhh hell yeah I’d soooo rock that outfit! Lol I accept!!

  219. euphoria says:

    Euphoria thinks that Katpaw would rock a slave girl outfit and would like to extend a formal invitation to her wedding in vegas!

  220. SunShineSD says:

    All right, we will have the (mock) wedding if you insist, so long as FatBastard doesn’t dress up as Jaba the Hut, lest I / Han Solo shoot him before the ceremony is started. Every girl deserves a party, I suppose 😉

    Agree with you on the free agent attitude towards jobs and work; you are becoming more and more adorable by the minute 😉 For most men with wife/children to support and mortgage/rent to pay, they are stuck in their jobs, largely because of their own defeatist attitudes and unwillingness to take risks.

  221. KatPaw says:

    Oh my oh my how the blog turns lol

  222. Josh says:


    1. I am not elitist.
    2. I don’t mind being wage slave (at my level of earning of course.)

  223. Josh says:


    1. I am not elitist.
    2. 8 don’t mind being wage slave (at my level of earning of course.)

  224. SunShineSD says:

    Karen could have been a good co-parent if the man didn’t marry her. If the man can not afford to have maintain more children, having a wife is a good deterrent for taking on unnecessary liabilities. When the man can afford to support multiple households, it makes every sense to maintain separate households. When the ex-wife or co-parent gets into financial trouble on her own at some point, it will be at your own discretion to bail her out, and she would be far more appreciative than if she were running your household to begin with. A lot of arguments and unpleasantness in most household arguments are automatically avoided when the two don’t have to debate on spending priorities.

  225. euphoria says:

    @Josh- Yes, there will be a wedding. Its going to be a star wars theme. Ill be princess laya and sunshine can dress up as han solo. well have to have fat bastard sd dress up as yoda and be the priest… lets see, someone elese can dress up as chewbacca and they can be the ring bear. and…. any brides maids will wear slave girl outfits. josh… who do you want to be?
    We will have to order lightsabers of all colors and get pictures for our light saber salute. hmm… sunshine. we will set the date for sometime around the comicon convention!

  226. euphoria says:

    Hmm, ive never considered myself to be a wage slave. If I don’t like the situation that I am in, I know that I can just change it. I think that too many people make the mistake of letting themselves feel trapped and it holds them back from becoming the successful person they want to be.

  227. Josh says:


    I think you’re working off of a wrong memo. There shall be no wedding involved.

  228. DarkHorseSD says:

    What Sun needs:
    “Karen: I know there are women, like my best friends, who would have gotten out of there the minute their boyfriend gave them a gun to hide. But I didn’t. I got to admit the truth. It turned me on.”

    What overpaying can get you with that:
    “Karen: [buzzing over and over on her husband’s girlfriend’s intercom] This is Karen Hill, I want to talk to you. Hello? Don’t hang up on me. I want to talk to you. You keep away from my husband, you understand me? Hello? ANSWER ME. I’m going to tell everybody that walks in this building that in 2R, Rossi, you’re nothing but a whore.
    [gets on intercom]
    Karen: Is this the superintendent?… Yes, sir, I would like you to know that you have a whore living in 2R. Rossi, Janice Rossi… He’s MY husband. Get your own goddamn man.”

  229. SunShineSD says:


    Why else do you think I’m not marrying again. LOL.

    As typical Executive MBA programs would teach: bring on the solutions instead of the problems.

    Nobody lives forever. There is no ultimate solution. Ultimately we are all dead. When she becomes a problem, let her be someone else’ problem, and let yourself be her solution and salvation.

    “The majority of men”? I’d hope we are not among the majority of men who are wage slaves at work and domestic slaves at home.

  230. euphoria says:

    of course we will need three blog sbs to be brides maids. any volunteers. Our brides maids can rock only the highest quality knock off gucci inspired dresses and the finest quality jimmy poo’s

  231. Kms2014 says:

    Goodfellas came out before many SB’s on here were born, hehe

  232. euphoria says:

    @kms- Our life will be a walking contradiction. lol

  233. euphoria says:

    ive never seen good fellas!

  234. Kms2014 says:

    Not contradiction…contradictions(ssss)

  235. DarkHorseSD says:

    I just realized where I’ve seen all this before. Ray Liotta and Debi Mazar in GoodFellas.

  236. euphoria says:

    @Kms2014- After that we will spend the next 9 months of his pregnancy hitting up every daytime talk show before returning to our modest east coast home and delivering twins that I can drive back and forth to soccer practice in the macan during the day and continue to bar tend at night after the little darlings go to bed!

  237. SunShineSD says:

    I don’t know what contradiction you are talking about.

  238. Kms2014 says:

    Okay (: well-done, you!….reverse theory in practice, hehe 😉

  239. DarkHorseSD says:

    Using the nonogamous (not a typo) approach Sun agreed to recently, he could easily post “in the act.”

  240. euphoria says:

    @Kms2014- You wont hear it for a few days. Sunshine and I have decided. Our first sugar encounter will be in Los Vegas where we will head to the little blue chapel and then I will impregnate him at the Bellagio.
    From there our honeymoon will be in Paris. lol

  241. Kms2014 says:

    Yes, agreed…get back to us, when it is applied practice and not just theory, hehe! 😉 especially, if the theory often contradicts itself very frequently 😉

  242. Josh says:


    I am actually very interested in the rent-a-womb in works but I am with you in terms of his posts on his theories.

  243. Kms2014 says:

    Euphoria, I must thank you…if you do get sunshine occupied enough to stop posting all his contradictory posts all the time. Would be nice to not have to hear of baby farm schemes, if just for a few days 😉

  244. Josh says:


    Good for you. Best of luck. 😉

  245. euphoria says:

    @josh- I’ve actually decided that sunshine sd is actually adorable. In-fact, he is so adorable that I’m going to just knock him up and sell the story to every talk show I can find. I spent all night trying, but I just couldn’t find a way to impregnate him through the email exchange! This may take awhile!

  246. Kms2014 says:

    And yes, can blame her for thinking I am your alter ego….is a bit insulting…ehehe!

  247. Kms2014 says:

    Ankle bite you, lol! You are constantly posting on the blog…so, if my posts come after yours, then is mainly due to that. You write on blog constantly of your grand pooh bah schemes, ehehe! No one has a chance to get around your crazy posts! Lol

  248. Josh says:


    “over-compensating a woman for whatever she does also keeps her from sabotaging a relationship. It’s only money.”

    The first step in preventing relationship sabotage by a woman is to clearly recognize that they proactively sabotage the same. So you’re welcome for your thanks to me in this regard.

    Many men end up doubting themselves because almost always the proactive sabotage is “sold” to themselves and the world as man’s fault. So you are ahead in the relationship game with women.

    If you believe the “overcompensating” is the solution for the women in your life then so be it. The only way to “overcompensate” is to keep good control of your finances and release the funds as “compensation.”

    As soon as she goes in the frame of mind that what belongs to you belongs to her “emotionally” or 50% belongs to her legally due to the fucked up laws, then you’re done with the overcompensating scheme of yours. So enjoy the benefits of overcompensating while they last.

    Overcompensating is neither the ultimate solution in itself nor the possible solution for the majority of men.

  249. KatPaw says:

    Ugh guaranteed oops

  250. KatPaw says:

    Ohhh how I love how life loves to throw huge roadblocks at you! Hubby’s injured his back and not looking good for him going back to work anytime soon! ugh!!!

    Hey I know batt ending makes real good $ use to do it myself! Wish I was in an area that actually had some lol I’d go back to that while the hubs laid up. Made more bar tending in the past then when I was at a job that was salary + commission! Lol that was at a cemetery so sales were gaurenteed lol

  251. SunShineSD says:

    Can you blame her thinking you were my alter-ego? The way you ankle-bite and follow me around, I had to check if you were my shadow myself this morning in the mirror. LOL. She is a very smart and sweet young lady, in addition to her obviously fabulous good looks. If she were near me on the East Coast, I’d have invited her over to start the 9-month clock already last night so she can get her Macan asap. LOL. As things stand right now, she is probably asleep on the West Coast, so I will wait and give her a chance to read her email and be the first one to be privy to my communication before divulging any more info on the blog.

  252. Kms2014 says:

    @sunshine, apparently euphoria was having a euphoria moment last night, and imagined you had another personality, which was me. I told her what little sanity I have left, is way too much to be the Grand Poo-bah baby maker. She seems to be very interested in your baby farm…So, perhaps…now you can take theory into practice? And report back to us, in 9 months? 😉

  253. SunShineSD says:

    Kiddie sports is an effective tool at teaching how to exercise aggression/assertiveness within established rules and bounds of civilized society, as well as team building and collaboration while giving kids a good cardio workout. I agree with you on promoting professional sport career to kids being a waste of time and money, but that’s just a form of regressive tax on time like lottery is a regressive tax on money. Caveat emptor.

  254. SunShineSD says:

    Oh yea, forgot to mention another important ingredient: over-compensating a woman for whatever she does also keeps her from sabotaging a relationship. It’s only money. LOL.

  255. SunShineSD says:

    Just checked in the mirror, I don’t see any lady bits on myself.

  256. SunShineSD says:

    On the contrary, I would get a bar/restaurant or something else for her to tend after some time out incubating and nursing the baby. What a waste would be to keep such a talented young lady hidden at home, not to mention idle minds and idle hands are devil’s workshop: why would I want her to spend all her time home with the pool boy and gardener? LOL. She would set her own schedule and probably make more for her time at whatever business she chooses to run; keeping her busy making money for herself and for the baby with me on the same side as herself will prevent her from gaming me for zero-sum. That, Josh, is how you prevent a woman from sabotaging a relationship.

  257. Josh says:


    As soon as you get kocked up by SunShineSD you may be able to quit your bartending job. 😉

  258. Josh says:

    14. Set alarm on your smart phone for the times of day to take the meds.

  259. KatPaw says:

    Good morning Sugars!!

  260. DarkHorseSD says:

    General Suggestions:

    1. Take your meds.

    2. Diversify your life.

    3. Check that you took your meds.

    4. Find something worth saying, that someone would want to read.

    5. Take your meds again.

    6. Get over yourself.

    7. Check that meds have been taken.

    8. Make it to appointment with shrink. (Make appointment with shrink – 8a, 8b.

    9. Discuss meds with shrink.

    10. Fill prescriptions.

    11. Take meds.

    12. Exercise.

    13. Double check that meds were taken.

  261. JamieSB says:

    @ Euphoria
    Congrats reg the car girl!!! That’s awesome news ; ) good things happen to good people so I’m glad for you!
    @ AliceS
    I was laughing at your comments regarding Eu’ s car lol
    Oh and what a story about your friend!

  262. FatB'StardSD says:


    Working abroad can be a great experience but do not expect anyone to give a shit or consider it a plus when you come back to the USA to get a job (ask recent immigrants how people view their foreign work experience). The benefit is that it may give you confidence in being able to handle new situations.

    From my limited exposure living in South America has great benefits if you can reduce your expectations about materialistic wealth.

  263. euphoria says:

    so true!

  264. flyR says:

    euph but you live in the valley of 20 year old billionaires
    who will worship you for your entire life

  265. euphoria says:

    like omgz… i got an email… i never get those anymore. thanks sunshine sd!

  266. mellieemm says:

    They should have more sugar mamas on the site…I’ve been looking for a hot woman forever, to no avail. :/

  267. euphoria says:

    eeew flyr- thats what child support and alimony is for! I dont need billionaire after I make the babies!

  268. flyR says:

    Euph “why lie… Im just going to bang as many billionaires as possible before settling down and having two kids! Ill need the suv my sd buys me for soccer practice!”

    Hopefully one of the billionaires will stick so you’ll always have something red and topless in the garage……..

  269. euphoria says:

    @kms- The kinkier the better!

  270. euphoria says:

    @sunshine- I dont mind making babies with a guy who has split personality’s!Then we can take it to jerry springer!

  271. Kms2014 says:

    Do you fancy your SD with breasts and other lady bits?

  272. Kms2014 says:

    Oh god ‘rolling eyes’…someone needs a hypothetical ‘sacrificial lamb’ to prove that! Lol….

  273. euphoria says:

    @josh- if sunshine is also kms then that means i get two sd’s at once! now that’s kinky!

  274. Kms2014 says:

    No…I have too much sanity left too to be SUnshine man… 😉

  275. Josh says:


    I want to see some action with SunShineSD’s theory. Euphoria is a smart cookie. She will make sure that SunShineSD is not BSing her. if he does then she will most likely report back.

  276. euphoria says:

    sunshine, are you kms too?

  277. Kms2014 says:

    My god, is someone actually falling for sunshineSD’s SB BS? I pray this is a joke! Hehehe!

  278. euphoria says:

    @josh- Im in it for the car…

  279. Josh says:


    I don’t think you’re BSing.

    If you and SunShineSD make a baby I would be the first to congratulate. 😉

  280. euphoria says:

    where is my sunshine, I think i scared him off. lol

  281. Josh says:

    After millions of American moms spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each in lost productivity and out of pocket cost for all those sports and other practices, the end result is largely duffer work force. Sad but true.

  282. euphoria says:

    And the blog dies! me and sunshine have been trying to make babies for the past 5 min now but i dont think he understands that you cant get pregnant from sexting. tehe

  283. euphoria says:

    And the blog dies! me and sunshine have been trying to make babies for the past 5 min now but i dont think he understands that you cant get pregnant from sexting. tehe

  284. euphoria says:

    rofl. you got mail

  285. SunShineSD says:

    You can email me directly at NESunShineSD at gmail.

  286. SunShineSD says:

    I decided against giving either of my car to my ex-SB because she asked for it one month after giving birth to someone else child! She would have been given a brand new X5 if that baby had been mine. However, given that I was not the father, and she was living with the baby daddy, it would not have been prudent for me to supply her with a car for the reasons mentioned in previous posts. The fact that she would even ask should tell you that I’m quite generous and forgiving guy.

  287. euphoria says:

    @ josh= who said anything about bs? I’m dead serious!

  288. euphoria says:

    @SunShineSD- Now thats the spirit. want my profile number? lol

  289. Josh says:

    First SunShineSD embellishes why he would not give an expensive car to his SB then he asks Euphoria about trading A4 with Macan. When one BSes one loses his train of though.

  290. SunShineSD says:

    I like your honesty 😉

  291. SunShineSD says:

    Let me know when you are ready to trade the Audi for a Macan 😉

  292. euphoria says:

    why lie… Im just going to bang as many billionaires as possible before settling down and having two kids! Ill need the suv my sd buys me for soccer practice!

  293. SunShineSD says:


    Thanks for the suggestion. I think I need a selective contraceptive at some point: one that keeps out other people’s sperm but not mine. Wait . . . it’s called the woman’s brain! 😉

    I made myself too non-controlling. She was quite a independent-minded rebel-spirit, and I liked her for it, but at some point I should have had the talk with her instead of letting her be.

  294. SunShineSD says:

    Why not keeping both 😉 SUV for when the baby is onboard, convertible for when not; Macan is a fun baby scooter. If you need both a stroller and a jogging stroller for the weekend, however, the cargo capacity of an X5 or MDX might become necessary. X5 and the new for this year MDX have some of the best crash results.

  295. euphoria says:

    @sunshine sd- There are organic forums of birth control that don’t make your blood clot.

  296. euphoria says:

    SunShineSD- hmm, if i ever had children I would have to trade my Audi for a Porsche-Macan… I think I could deal with that!

  297. SunShineSD says:

    I offered, but she refused to take any hormonal contraceptive because she was smoking and afraid of blood clotting risk.

  298. SunShineSD says:

    LOL. Bouncing a convertible is even more fun; the narrow back seat wraps around like a high quality leather couch / day-bed, and those highly sloped C-pillar and blind spots work great for privacy 😉

  299. euphoria says:

    SunShineSD- To prevent accidental pregnancy you could always offer to pay for your sb’s birth control prescription….

  300. euphoria says:

    MILF’S are sexy. I could rock a mini van!

  301. SunShineSD says:

    I’m not actively searching right now because I need to work out the details on how to prevent the same situation from happening again. The accidental pregnancy with someone else is rather devastating for the life of the woman involved, as she became all baby-friendly after hanging out with me for over a year. She probably would have had abortion if she had not met me.

  302. Josh says:


    If there were no shortage you won’t be inanely posting about your theories here for months. 😉

  303. SunShineSD says:

    “Did you tell your baby farm mate of her inherit fortune or did you leave that to circumstance to allow the game sanctioned for your favor?”

    Very astute question. I actually promised a lot less than I would deliver. Because she had not quit smoking yet, I did not try to get her pregnant. I only promised her, a couple months into dating, a one-time $50k surrogacy fee for her to hand the baby over to me just in case I knocked her up. I knew I probably would not commit accident, but just in case, I didn’t want her to abort behind my back. Since she was attending school getting her first post-secondary degree, there was no time table to get her pregnant yet; the amount was sufficient to keep her interested in carrying baby to term in case of accident, so there was no point promising more. I figured, if I upgrade that one-time fee to annual recurring subsidy, she’d only be very pleasantly surprised and take up the offer naturally; if not, I would just raise the new baby with my ex-wife and existing children (existing child at that time). I was going to have a discussion with her after she move into one of my houses; perhaps would have discussed a time table for her to quit smoking and planning for baby. But the accidental pregnancy from someone else’ sperm took place before she moved in. I tend not to tell people what to do in an relationship of equals, but only react accordingly; that may have been a mistake. Tolerating an open relationship beyond the first couple months may also have been a mistake.

  304. SunShineSD says:

    There is no shortage of cool women willing take a go at it, never have been, even without the explicit promise.

  305. SunShineSD says:

    “Dang. No cool young women are going for it. It seems that SunShineSD is going to have to settle for the demographics that is otherwise destined for welfare. :(”

    You are sounding jealous 😉 Like the pimply-faced xbox-playing college boy telling you that you can’t find a good looking and smart SB even at $3k/mo.

    Here are some relevant numbers: the cost of buying eggs from Ivy League student is about $5k; the surrogacy fee in this country is running around $25k. I’m sure a 50yr old can do addition. Yes, I do overpay for things that I really want. Because it’s not about spreading genes or running a harem like you fantasize about. I want to give the women and the children a (second) chance at born with a small trust fund.

  306. euphoria says:

    Euphoria= spiritual but not religious. I save the talk of religion for Sundays thanks!

  307. Kms2014 says:

    Go sweetie, go! If someone put it in your lap, is meant to be 😉 Anything could happen tomorrow–no regrets ((((:

  308. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh
    The more drinks you have the smoother they go down bro’.

    Truly… I am not changing my blog name in order to hide the multiple ways I can view a subject matter, there is no need. So why “piss on the parade”??

    Deep down I bet you are the campfire chief persona as well as the camper in a snuggie having his marshmallow’s melted by the fire, wanting mommy. Or perhaps the mommy/one of your choice who lets you suckle her breast. 🙂 Now, is this version in such a raw state of Eloquence that we need to turn the heat up?

    @ Alice

    Is it plausible that the bloggies will “gather together to say grace” on an excursion of such only a nature trail could warrant?

    I was soo green upon my stumblings upon the blog (and in real life) that by the time I founded myself here, if it were not for Sugary Spicey and Sweetie on some “normalcy” of a woman’s perspective and the right a woman should have on the take with raw emotion of lust, emotion and raunch, I wish I would have found moons prior in the upbringing called “years”.

    Then upon my happenstance, I shut down like a pair of brakes that lock to road conditions and manufacturer design, that I went cold in my own snuggie sipping hot cocoa as if I was plugged into my own private TV channel of smut and conquest and looting that was allowed/permitted to include all sorts of characters and Spicey….if your still reading along, can we have a sing a-long?

    @ Sweetie

    Sooo enthralled to see you back! missed you dearly!

    @ Sunshine

    Did you tell your baby farm mate of her inherit fortune or did you leave that to circumstance to allow the game sanctioned for your favor?

    @ Euphoria

    God is good

    @ Josh

    Did the woman blame all mankind? If you look back in Genesis 3:12-13… Adam pointed his finger to Eve and Eve stated the serpent beguiled me.” So Woman does not blame MANkind, she was only informed that: “Thy DESIRE shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” vs. 16

    Yet that is the OLD testament, not the NEW and we are not here for my take of Bible Class are we? Religon and faith are two separate participles.

  309. euphoria says:

    @josh- at my bar, my drinks are always made with fresh fruit and spices. if i run a special, my boss will let me use his credit card to go get something that we normally would not have on the menu and mix a few drinks from my personal recipe list. that is the drink special until i run out of whatever i decide to mix for that night.

  310. Josh says:


    “drink specials”

    Or maybe “special drinks” that taste like piss but cost a fortune? 😉

  311. euphoria says:

    Being at a nice lounge also gives the babies and daddies a chance to dress and look pretty. High heels, a sexy coctail dress, put on a little makeup and get your hair done!

  312. euphoria says:

    For being a bartender, I dont drink all that much. Usually ill go with friends to a rooftop lounge, enjoy a good appetizer and a glass of water or a virgin drink or maybe two cocktails/glasses of wine. It’s also nice to enjoy some low energy music and just mingle with the crowd. You really don’t need to drink at every bar you go to. Unless your in my bar, then your calling a cab home beacuse im pushing drink specials all night long.

  313. aliceS says:

    Ok girls you convinced me. Give me your dates and bar adress. I’m on my way lol

  314. sweetie says:

    Alice, I think it’s possible to have a nice conversation at a bar even if not having alcohol. However, the likelihood of booze fumes is higher when socializing in such circumstance. Still, it’s fun to observe others tipsy from a sober point of view.

    @yougottabekidding – I appreciate the push. Still ruminating. Perhaps that’s the problem.

  315. euphoria says:

    alice- yeah, but its more likely to happen where its not in the middle of a busy city! How many times have you heard of a girl being raped and killed in a crowded bar?

  316. aliceS says:

    And btw if someone is a psycho, he still will be a psycho while he/she in a bar. Hotel. Outside. Inside. Woods. Waters. Etc. It doesn’t matter how long you think you know them. The biggest psychos is those who you might think you know very well, you may ask why. Well, I can reply easy on that. Real psychopath will wait and learn your habits. Will wait until he will feel safe and confident. Till you loose your guards. So. If someone wanted to rape you or kill you, it might be your best friend 🙂 or a stranger

  317. aliceS says:

    Euphoria what can I do at the bar? I’m not drinking. I’d die bored, after most of the people would enjoy their non soberness*

  318. euphoria says:

    hmm, meet random people in the woods to camp. I don’t think this is a hot idea. meybe like a bar or another fancy sd party at yotel!

  319. aliceS says:

    Sweetie, not that we are so sweet 🙂 we all have that hidden hope of receiving a present 🙂 jk 😉 it would be nice to met someone from blog. I think sd guru could create a date and a place where willing members go to camping all together. Or something like that. Wild blogging sd sb weekend

  320. euphoria says:

    @SunshineSD : That s a new business venture. A WII interactive sex game that comes with toys instead of controllers! They can call it adult Wii!

  321. sweetie says:

    Hehehe, Alice! I know, everybody wants me to go visit them. I’ll se what I can do 😉

  322. aliceS says:

    Sweetie you can visit me in France while your trip to Brasil 😉 it’s closer than your actual location

  323. flyR says:

    @Euphoria “Hmm, apparently it’s time for me to go put the top in my car down and go for a drive I think i’m going to go cross the golden gate with the top down in my new car wearing my knock off designer sunglasses! It’s going to be a beautiful day.”

    Some of the most beautiful driving in the country – but you need to learn to love driving with the top down when it’s not perfect sunshine.

  324. @sweetie

    Get the hell outta here, sweetie. No, really…go! I was in a similar spot about a year ago, and I ultimately said “fuck it”, sold my car and went all in. I had an amazing experience in India, build upon my academic knowledge base tremendously, made beautiful connections, made sense of nuance and perspective, highlighted my résumé with new references to note, made love at a secluded ashram, came home to no car and a notice to leave my premises, hit the ground running applying all my marketability and employment diversity (know how to get that money three ways…it’s essential), submitted nine W2s and 1099s at the end of the tax season, and was offered a position in my field soon after. The months after my return were way intense with busy work, but it was far worth the time I spent abroad. You can’t unlearn experience, and you never know what there is to learn if you don’t open the door to experience. In three years, it’s possible that you’ll be 7 months pregnant, or at the constraints of some other priority. I say go for it. But this is coming from a girl who studied for boards by candle light. Id be glad to help you brainstorm.

  325. sweetie says:

    Zack, that’s what I plan to work on before graduation: secure a job or paid internship somewhere. The study abroad pretty much fell in my lap and I have too many things to do and not enough time right now. I’ve done the staying afloat, wait tables, save money, pay for school, move across country already. It gets old struggling to make ends meet. I can’t imagine doing it again. I pretty much have to do just that when I leave the college town I’m in. That’s plenty to keep me on the fence about going to Brazil in less than 2 months. Wish I had a trust fund for sure!

  326. Zack says:


    Any chance to get a job or internship lined up for after your return?

    Would you be turning your back on a solid, secure prospect to go?

    Anyway, I understand. Too many uncertainties can keep one from moving forward in life. That’s pretty much what you’re describing, I think. But “security” is a relative thing and can stagnate your life for years… I’d lean towards traveling, since it works with your education. The exposure can open possibilities that don’t seem there for you presently.

    But, yeah, survival first. Starting over is rough, even if people do tend to adjust to how their life is, even if it isn’t what they had targeted. That’s a pretty easy target, though.

    Travel after school seems like a good thing if America isn’t your land of opportunity. Just 2 cents, but you may find the path less traveled more fulfilling in the long run.

  327. Josh says:

    Dang. No cool young women are going for it.

    It seems that SunShineSD is going to have to settle for the demographics that is otherwise destined for welfare. 🙁

  328. sweetie says:

    No womb renting for me, I’m good! 🙂

  329. sweetie says:

    Hehehe, you’re funny! I got off SA some time ago. It wasn’t going anywhere.

  330. Josh says:

    Or you can join SunShineSD vs rent-a-womb program and move into a posh neighborhood in Brazil. 😉

  331. Kms2014 says:

    Unless….someone/SD/benefactor could help you 😉 You never know..put it in your profile and look in Brazil, too 😉 hehehe! If you really want it–make it happen. I’m crazy, though, so…..

  332. Josh says:

    *treading light…

  333. Josh says:

    I have a PhD in wrecking my career multiple times but I also have a PhD in starting over.

    If one “travels” light in life then s/he can do pretty much what they want.

    What you don’t wanna do is to flip flop between teading light and hunkering down.

  334. sweetie says:

    Yeah, that’s my thinking, too. Perhaps in the future after I have some money and more time to plan ahead. I really don’t like the feeling of not being able to take advantage of this opportunity, but I can’t afford to be irresponsible with money. Such a bummer!

  335. Kms2014 says:

    Maybe, you could go abroad later on….? After you have had some time to save money for a year, or two, though? I just want to move abroad somewhere new, so badly again right now, but cannot for a few years…so, always excited if someone mentions it (((:

  336. Kms2014 says:

    Hey, in the end, of course, it is your decision…My friend was older, but her parents liked to be involved in her affairs..I will always be the type to encourage living abroad and taking risks…since, that is just me. It isn’t about the money, but experience for me…of course, that depends on your career as well. Teaching college and high school is always easy to stop and start over…Although, I see your point. It just makes it harder to have single lady adventures, once you are married with kids, if that ends up happening later….

  337. sweetie says:

    Kms, I’ve been meandering the crappy jobs-finish school road for way to long. It’s time to make some money. Mommy and daddy are out of the picture as I am an adult now tired of living like a pauper or student. No kids, but the thought of starting over once more it’s not very appealing without funds in the bank. I’d go in a heart beat if money were not an issue. I think we all prefer some stability after a while.

    Sunshine, I have not thought about it that way. Thanks for the input. They do have the Olympics coming up in a couple years, too.

  338. Kms2014 says:

    Go abroad, sweetie…while you are young with no children. Had a friend who teaches elementary school…she was unhappy with it and overworked/underpaid system here…she was worried about teaching abroad, but I tried convincing her to go(her parents tried to talk her out of it…since she wanted to live and teach, in South America). Well, she ended up going, loves the laid back structure/system of teaching there, and even met another male teacher while there, and is now engaged to him (:

  339. SunshineSD says:

    Sweetie, your instinct is correct. Brazil economy is about to have a major hang – over after the world cup soccer game. The rich Brazilians will be in Miami shortly, where they already bought secondary homes. If you want some first hand exposure to Brazil, go there in 3 years after the shakeout, and you get your investment in near the rock bottom.

  340. sweetie says:

    Hi everyone!

    I have a personal conundrum right now and I would appreciate feedback from all of you. It is not sugar related, by the way. Just life.

    So, I’m about to graduate in December and am taking summer classes at the moment. I just found out about a study abroad opportunity in Brazil during the fall semester, which sounds amazing. Now, I’m not against taking a risk every now and then, however I’ve had such a hard time in Florida as a student, that I’m a bit reluctant to say fuck it, I’ll manage somehow when I get back from Brazil. Meaning, I am graduating and I like to have a bit of peace of mind financially while I move out of this college town once everything is over. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find out a job Brazil/portuguese related, as that’s what I’m studying. Miami is what I have in mind after graduation. Relocation plus living expenses while I settle there is one of the main reasons I’d rather stay here.
    I did make up my mind as to just forget about the program on such short notice with all the paperwork and loose ends I’d have to tie, but I wonder if I’m looking at things the wrong way. I have so much stuff to fix by August if I suddenly decide to go abroad. So, to sum it all up, there’s too much uncertainty I am not willing to face upon my return.


  341. SunshineSD says:

    Wii Me is the next generation console after the latest Wii U. It comes complete with a Magic Wand attachment and an ATM attachment that spits out cash on demand. A complete household entertainment system.

  342. SunshineSD says:

    Magic Wand attachment for Wii Me!

  343. SunshineSD says:

    Good thing you are working the bar, not waiting tables . . . Otherwise you might have to part out the car to share some of the tip with the chef and the busboy. LOL.

  344. Josh says:

    WII player it is then.

    Or do you want to skip the human WII player and just get a WII?

  345. SunshineSD says:

    *taking some time out

  346. SunshineSD says:

    Then the Xbox player steals from her to pay for his drug habits, and leaves her in a difficult situation paying for a large apt by herself. Where have I seen that drama before. LOL. IIRC, euphoria is not taking some time to date a loser but a competent guy of her own age. Good for her. Let’s not be jealous 😉

  347. euphoria says:

    DarkHorseSD- I dont get random jewelry from bar-tending. I had to get married for that. The random car was from my customer and that was not included in my tips.
    @josh- Screw xbox, wii is way cooler.

  348. Josh says:

    AND if the going is really good then skip the old farts altogether and chase the xbox players instead. 😉

  349. DarkHorseSD says:

    Under the circumstances I question the original break-even formula from the other day. Does the 300/shift include the random cars and jewelry accrued and acquired during bar tending shifts and walks to/from the residence?

  350. euphoria says:

    @Josh- Yes, you got it. Hmm my only issue of the week is that its too chilly out to enjoy putting the top down in my car. What a shame!

  351. Josh says:

    That seems like a good model.

    Make oneself indispensable in a non sexual arena and then dabble in the sugar arena on one’s own terms.

  352. euphoria says:

    @Josh- I am recommending that any woman who feels stuck in her own life should learn some sort of skill and put it to use. I’ve seen girls on this site that made their jewlrey and sold it on eBay and amazon and made great money. There is another sb on this site that opened a face painting kiosk in central park and she makes $4,000 per month. I’ve met another that took the MAC and sephora makeup courses, she is a traveling makeup artist now and makes a decent money.Sugar is great and fun but there are allot of other ways to make a good living.

  353. euphoria says:

    @Elaine- There’s no risk for me. I look at everything as an opportunity. Plus age is iv been juggling sugar and bar tending for the past 5-6 years now. I’m not going to state my age, but for someone as old as me to go into a bar and still get carded is still extremely funny! Its all about how you choose to maintain yourself in all aspects of your life.

  354. Elaine says:

    @ Euphoria

    Ok then there is less risk for you, and you are probably also young enough to take that limited risk.
    Since I am running my own business, for me that is not the case, which I think counts for most others.
    It is dangerous to rely only on Sugar in most cases…

  355. euphoria says:

    @Elaine- That’s the difference between you and me. If i quit my job bar tending for a month or 10, I can go back to the same place and they will hire me back. I have a good report with my boss, my customers obviously love me. I also know that if there was any slight possibility that my boss didn’t hire me back, I can go walk into another high end restaurant and get a job in 3.5 min because I actually do know just about every restaurant/bar owner in my town. I’ve actually never had a problem finding a job like allot of others because I know how to market myself in my profession.

  356. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    I also get much more money than many woman in their jobs…
    So, yes, I take it serious and get serious money.
    My target SD’s would expect nothing less.
    How many SB’s you know are in the high allowance range only because they make
    good arm candy?
    And if yes, how long before they get replaced for another beautiful arm candy?

    And Euphoria, I would NEVER quit my job, not for the highest allowances!

    What if his wife finds out?
    Or he gets a heartattack and dies?
    Or finds another mistress?

  357. Josh says:

    OK. Based on the slim chances of getting such allowance, is it fair to assume that you suggest bar tending to a woman who is contemplating the sugar world?

  358. euphoria says:

    @josh- Depends on the situation. If a sd gave me $10,000-15,000 per month, id quit my job.

  359. Josh says:


    Are you suggesting that it’s better to be a bar tender than be an SB?

  360. SunshineSD says:

    IPad, iPeriod. LOL. Does anyone else remember the Mad TV parody of iPad after iPhone came out? Before there was an Apple iPad.

  361. euphoria says:

    I will not buy an !Pad.!Peroid.

  362. Josh says:


    I don’t mind using Apple for business reasons, and yes, they are good, yet overpriced, products.

    I never liked the paternity-denying asshole though. But who cares. He died a billionaire and most likely I won’t. 😉

  363. euphoria says:

    @FatB’StardSD- I’ll bet I can tell you every stranger at my bars life story by now!

  364. euphoria says:

    I doubt it is true but if it is I have to ask, what kind of person takes a car from a random stranger?

    It wasn’t a random stranger. The guy comes into my work every 1-3 days the week during happy hour and sits sits there for a few hours drinking and talking! Lets do the math 3 hours per day, 3 days per week over, a 4 month time peroid = 36 hours of talking and drinking in 4 months. Thats more then some sb’s actually talk to there sd’s.

  365. KatPaw says:

    Good morning sugars!

  366. euphoria says:

    Hmm, apparently it’s time for me to go put the top in my car down and go for a drive I think i’m going to go cross the golden gate with the top down in my new car wearing my knock off designer sunglasses! It’s going to be a beautiful day.

  367. FatB'StardSD says:


    An Integra Type R would be preferable. I doubt it is true but if it is I have to ask, what kind of person takes a car from a random stranger?


    I don’t stand in line at the Apple store when their new shit comes out but the computer products they sell (the Mac mini and iMac for example) have a descent industrial design..

  368. euphoria says:

    @josh- Noooo. I went to Tiffany&co Because it was the guys idea. I got my second engagement ring there! I also got some pretty diamond Earrings there and as a gift from the ex husband! I go in to get the diamonds checked and cleaned on a regular basis. I would never spend my hard earned money on jewelry for myself. But if someone else insist then it would be rude to turn down a gift!

  369. Josh says:


    You take your SB/courtesan/mistress thing more seriously than many woman their jobs.

    You go girl! 😉

    Note: I didn’t mean the go-girl dot com

  370. Elaine says:

    @ DH

    Well far too much to tell all, but here is a small part:

    Nearly every night been woken up by incoming messages, SD didn’t consider time difference, couldn’t sleep anymore after.

    Having get myself buffed and polished and packed my heels and uncomfortable lingerie 3 times this week.
    Having missed at least 8 flights because of miscommunication, but anyway kept myself all the time ready to speed off to the airport.
    All to be organized last minute with my work of course.

    Finally unpacked this morning.
    Will start packing again tonight.

    Because will fly tomorrow…

  371. SunshineSD says:

    I wish none of it happened. That’s also why I want to make sure I have mechanism in place preventing the same thing from happening again before I dive back in.

  372. SunshineSD says:

    Mistakenly picked one and oversight during the relationship that resulted in unhappy ending for all involved.

  373. Josh says:


    There’s no proof that SunShineSD is spending real money on any of his SBs.

    For all we know he may be dyslexic, that is, when he writes BS he thinks that he is writing about SB. 😉

  374. DarkHorseSD says:

    Sunshine, that girl left HERSELF in worse condition. You don’t have to soul search. Are you questioning how you managed to mistakenly pick one that wouldn’t pan out for you?

  375. Josh says:

    I find it amusing that even though people here acknowledge what Tiffany, De Beers, Morton, Apple, et. al., are doing but insist on paying thru their nose as some kind of obligation.

    Even after spending most of my life in tech, I never paid a single old penny to the con genius of our times, Steve Jobs. Millions did…are they wrong? Who am I to judge?

    I agree with euphoria. To each is own.

    That said, Tiffany’s stuff is beautiful and might be worth spending money on…sometimes.

    Diamond is best used in tools.

    Table salt is table salt.

    Steve Jobs is smirking in his grave proud of the gross margin his company makes from those who choose to buy their overhyped and overpriced products.

  376. DarkHorseSD says:

    Elaine, what was all the stress re: SD?

  377. SunshineSD says:

    Yes and yes.

  378. Josh says:


    Did you go to the Tiffany’s with an intention to spend your own hard-earned money?

  379. SunshineSD says:

    Tiffany & Co is indeed known for its shopping experience. They certainly have earned their place in many a girls’ heart. However, in terms what one actually gets from them, most of their stuff is midway between mall kiosk curios on one end, and on the other end real jewelry that have legit appraisal value and insurance value based on the intrinsic value of the material itself.

  380. Josh says:

    Hmmm, I did not see it as a complaint. I saw it as, “don’t try to pay me for sex.”

    Did I miss something?

  381. DarkHorseSD says:

    “I put myself on suspension this time because it was the first time I did not leave the girl in better condition than I found her. Not my fault in this case, but I need to do some soul searching on how to prevent that from happening again.”

    This is the one who got pregnant by the other guy?

  382. DarkHorseSD says:

    “Every SB that I parted company with after the relationship ran its course wanted to get back with me sooner or later. It may or may not be their fantasy, but apparently better than anything else they could find. What usually happened in the past is that by the time they tried to get back to me a couple months later, I was already with someone else”

    Clear evidence that you are massively overpaying. And you are poisoning the environment with your toxic excess.

  383. elaine says:

    Mmmm, never expected anyone would misunderstand my list…

    To make it more clear, I expect a high MONTHLY allowance from my SD, and this list just came up in my mind after said stressfull week, mainly caused by SD.
    So much they get in return for their allowance, apart from the awesome sex of course! 😉

  384. DarkHorseSD says:

    Seriously, Elaine, it was an excellent piece like I’ve wanted to see for many years here. You are doing a great job explaining about it too.

  385. DarkHorseSD says:

    Josh: typical woman…gets paid for 37 different things and at the end complains about the one thing she didn’t get paid for. 😉

    Elaine: Can I pay you not to write all that?

  386. euphoria says:

    SunshineSD- I’ve actually made a few trips to Tiffany&Co. The thing that I actually liked about it was the personal one on one experience I revived. The first time I went in, I didn’t know anything about the diamonds that I was shopping for. When I went into their store, they took me into a special room and explained to me the different cuts color and clarity. The staff was very knowledgeable, they explained to me the difference between their silver/gold/ect vs most of the other stores. They explained their cleaning policy’s and customer satisfaction policy’s. The sales associate also encouraged me to look around at other stores before I made my decision. I actually remember going into some other store’s. Everyone was extremely unhelpful and friendly and didn’t really take the time to explain anything about any of that to me. All they had to say was, ok what do you want and here is what we have. I’m not a diamond or precious metal expert so I actually was impressed with Tiffany’s staff being so helpful and helping me to make an educated experience.

  387. SunshineSD says:

    That was an insightful list, eloquently put together.

  388. elaine says:

    And my list was not a pricelist,LOL
    I never ask or talk money with my SD!
    Come on! They know the game and what the word Allowance means.
    And they have read my profile.

    It was just something that came up in my mind after a stressfull week with some of the discribed events occurring.

  389. euphoria says:

    @ josh- To each his own. She likes to be paid for all that. I think cash gifts and presents and cool gifts are always fun. Plus, there is nothing like opening a box from Tiffany&CO and then getting off! Or better yet, who doesn’t want to get laid in the new car they just got! Hey, if a guy that I am dating wants to buy me a pair of crystal studded Jimmy Choo’s…. I’m going to bang him wearing nothing but those shoes!

  390. elaine says:

    Exactly Sunshine, you prefer very young SB’s.
    I am talking about adult mistresses.

    A completely different world, that I sometimes like to reveal a little to counterbalance the discussions here…

  391. SunshineSD says:

    Tiffany’s main business model is putting a $20 ounce of metal in a pretty cardboard box and sell it for $200. It’s better than other many other fashion shops using even cheaper material, but it is not place to go for material that’s worth thousands of dollars per ounce.

  392. elaine says:

    And women who sometimes accept to be bossed around are not weak.
    At the end it is HER deciding when and where to allow a man to boss her around!

  393. SunshineSD says:

    Perhaps the world I live in / provide is too easy. Every SB that I parted company with after the relationship ran its course wanted to get back with me sooner or later. It may or may not be their fantasy, but apparently better than anything else they could find. What usually happened in the past is that by the time they tried to get back to me a couple months later, I was already with someone else. It usually takes me only a couple weeks to find a new arrangement. I put myself on suspension this time because it was the first time I did not leave the girl in better condition than I found her. Not my fault in this case, but I need to do some soul searching on how to prevent that from happening again.

  394. elaine says:

    @ Sunshine

    This is not what a woman who likes to be bossed around would do.
    It is what a high class long mistress does for her top quality benefactor.
    Who in his turn treasures and takes very good care of her.
    Of course without expecting babies in return.

    These women are sometimes called “Courtesan” and more often then not are very strong Alpha females and the secret power behind her succesful man.

  395. euphoria says:

    @sunshinesd- Whats wrong with a tiffany box? I get those all of the time! But I have never had to ask. Sb’s like surprises as much as regular girls!

  396. Josh says:


    Let’s keep the word pay unchanged in Elaine’s list. Women have problem living up to their end of the bargain as it is. Changing pay to gift gives them more of the reason to not reciprocate. 😉

  397. Josh says:


    The difference is that you live in a fantasy world. Elaine’s lives in our real world. 😉

  398. SunshineSD says:

    Interesting list. Sounds like I need to crank up the requirement way higher and become way more demanding. I was expecting less than 5% of that list. I was treating it as an low maintenance (except for the money part I provide) dating relationship between equals. Perhaps some women’s fantasy is to be bossed around, treated like easily replaceable commodity having to justify its own somewhat higher price when placed in a Tiffany box, instead of a piece of unique heirloom / treasure.

  399. elaine says:

    @ Euphoria

    Well apparently I am not awesome enough…
    Being awesome alone will not justify high maintenance and allowances, and worst; It will not last and the world is full of awesome girls…..

    @ Josh

    Would be great if SD’s did the same, when discussing “worth” of SB’s as to location, exterior rating, and age.
    And talking about “allowances” when they mean paying a “SB” for sex per visit…

  400. euphoria says:

    @elaine- You pay me to not get mad if you cancel meetings at the very last moment. Oh, my last sd didn’t pay me for that one. In his case, I was out the money… And the word pay sounds kind of harsh, I like the word gift! It sounds that much better!

  401. euphoria says:

    @elaine- The men in my life don’t pay for sex. They just give me money and cool stuff because I am that awesome!

  402. Josh says:


    Very thoughtful. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope that other SBs go through an exhaustive list of their own and only work with SDs who respect the same.

  403. elaine says:

    And btw. paying for sex is not called Sugar, but prostitution…..

  404. elaine says:

    No DH, you cannot.

    You are looking for another target SB, which I am sure you will find loads here.
    And I am only for another target SD, who are scarse but present here.

  405. DarkHorseSD says:

    Alright, already. Can I just pay you for sex?

  406. Elaine says:


    You think I am an expensive, spoiled queen?
    You think my allowance is high?
    You think you “pay for sex” for “youth” or “being hot”?

    You don’t ….

    You pay me for always look my best, buffed and polished
    You pay me for being a fantasy, because you know how reality looks at home.
    You pay me for going to the gym, and keep in shape, you don’t want a saggy mistress…
    You pay me for receiving naughty pics during endless businessmeetings
    You pay me for naughty messages during boring familydinners
    You pay me for keeping my suitcase always ready, to travel to you with only few hours notice
    You pay me to not get mad if you cancel meetings at the very last moment
    You pay me to don’t hear about troubles leaving from my work, or babysitters
    You pay me to not hear about my problems
    You pay me for always smiling

    You pay to call me in the middle of the night, because you have to tell someone about the successful deal you just closed
    You pay me to complain about your colleagues, fellow boardmembers or competitors
    You pay me to get rid of your daily stress by talking to someone you can trust
    You pay me to Skype when you feel lonely in your hotelroom
    You pay me because you always forget about the timedifference, when calling
    You pay me for roomservice meals, while you are downstairs for a business dinner
    You pay me for waiting in heels and uncomfortable lingerie until you come back from your businessmeeting.

    You pay me because you cannot offer me a mutual future
    You pay me to don’t have any expectations
    You pay me to be able to carry on and stay with your kids and wife
    You pay me for Christmas alone, when you are with your family
    You pay me for leaving without drama when you end the relationship
    You pay me to whine about your wife, not wanting sex with you
    You pay me to complain about your wife, not understanding you
    You pay me to not call your wife when I get upset
    You pay me for not finding your kinks back in the headlines

    You pay me to believe you are the most skilled lover in the world
    You don’t pay me for sex !

  407. DarkHorseSD says:

    Good morning. I have a 1991 Acura Legend I will be ready to give away in a few weeks. I’m thinking the recipient should be FatbastardSD who can then give it to someone who everyone says looks just like Melissa McCarthy only younger.

    Leave the 40 something’s for me, Fatm.

  408. aliceS says:

    Southern unfortunately people like that girl have always 10 others ways to get out of the hard situation, and the less they care about the others, the richest they became. If she got away once with such she will never stop 🙁

  409. aliceS says:

    Euphoria,but what has to say his wife about it? Hope you won’t get in trouble if he have one. Cause if he do, well I think she wouldn’t be so generous unless it’s a lesbian that see you as hot chick

  410. euphoria says:

    @Darkhorsesd- I fell a little behind on the last arrangement. There was no doubt that I actually lost money the last month from the sugar world. But it all seems to work out getting a new car I didn’t have to has seemed to put me much more ahead. I wonder if the guy who left me the car knows that his random act of kindness would constitute as something a SD would actually do. I mean he essentially made a random act of kindness designed to help a hard working girl reach a girl. I think that would constitute as being a natural sd.

  411. Dixie says:

    If any of you could tell a sugar baby new to the sugar bowl where to find a mentor to guide on how many scoops of sugar to put into the bowl/profile to attract a pot daddy that would be great. I know there are lots of lost babies out there like myself who would love to know.

  412. Dixie says:

    First time commenting on a post. The article was interesting but the forum conversations are much better. It gives a glance into the sugar world for those of us who can’t get in.

  413. SouthernSB says:

    Some people just don’t know how to count their blessings and be appreciative of what they have. Now this bad excuse of a SB is homeless and penniless. I bet she was the type that laughed at girls who got less generous amounts from their SDs. I kind of feel sorry for her, but maybe she will learn from her mistake and never do it again.
    BTW, @Euphoria CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so jealous, how come stuff like that never happens to me? 🙂 j/k You get girl!!

  414. DarkHorseSD says:

    “But SunShineSD goes from the caveman to feminism. ”

    Explaining humanity’s move from con-cave to con-vexed.

  415. Josh says:


    “if statistically significant number of young women think and act according to that feminist-logic after being brainwashed into believing being independent and strong means being able to manipulate as many people/men as possible…”

    You’re rough around the edges in this women sabotage space but you’ll get better with cause-effect in time. 😉

  416. Josh says:


    “But we’ve got that story early on in the Bible for us.”

    But SunShineSD goes from the caveman to feminism. 😉

  417. SunShineSD says:

    She is just having fun gaming the men. So long as she doesn’t age badly and doesn’t get pregnant, she will still have a few flops in her games.

  418. DarkHorseSD says:

    “A woman has an inalienable right to blame anything that happens or does not happen in her life on a man, a group of men or the whole MANkind.”

    But we’ve got that story early on in the Bible for us.

  419. SunShineSD says:

    I was not assigning blame (certainly not to myself, LOL), but mere acknowledgement of reality on the ground: if statistically significant number of young women think and act according to that feminist-logic after being brainwashed into believing being independent and strong means being able to manipulate as many people/men as possible, even for pointless incremental gains, there is no point making assumptions/expectations of behavior that would follow male-logic.

  420. DarkHorseSD says:

    Sun, this person I know claimed to have lost a billionaire sd/bf to such a mistake already.

  421. aliceS says:

    @yougottabekiddingme there’s anything worse than unappreciated sarcasm 🙂 maybe with my almost English I mess up a bit and might confuse people.
    Katpaw lol I thought right away about it. Greedy people end up like this. She had everything one night and none the other one.
    @dark horse lmao I know. If not today, we’ll it’s her destiny anyway. Just be patient 🙂

  422. Josh says:


    Please do me a favor. Stay in touch with this SB and observe how/when she starts to blame the benevolent SD for her total obliteration of the word gratitude. THAT would be really eye-opening for those who are interested in such things.

  423. Josh says:

    “If you don’t give her something to game against, you become the target of her games.”

    Of course it’s the man’s fault that he did not give her something to game against in addition to providing a great lifestyle.

    Which is in line with Josh’s statement:

    A woman has an inalienable right to blame anything that happens or does not happen in her life to a man, a group of men or the whole MANkind.

  424. @Alice

    I have enjoyed reading much of what you share on the forum. I wasn’t sure what you meant by that particular comment. It makes sense, though, with the frame of reference. Thanks for that :).

    Your pictures, by the way, are very lovely and tastefully done. I’ve noticed the last couple.


    Thank you for enlightening me before I got around to asking what the hell catfish had to do with anything.

    On that note…When did the Ghanaian catfish surpass the Nigerian catfish?


    Are you saying you’re looking for a partner in crime? Rhetorical question, of course ;-p.

    As for the blogs you mention…yougottabekiddingme. If only I had time to reply.

    All things sugary,


  425. SunShineSD says:


    LOL. Time to move on. . . I know it’s easier said than done; not telling you how I know. LOL.

  426. DarkHorseSD says:

    Alice, I’m doing a happy dance imagining this visited on someone I know.

  427. KatPaw says:

    @ alice
    You know the saying ” you made your bed now lay in it”

  428. aliceS says:

    Yes Katpaw that’s stupid. She told me she had only 2 sd’s, but who knows how many more people might be involved. She is actually homeless now. Her ex sd restricted entry to her apartment. He was the one on the liece. Plus her personal things were basically his as well. He blocked the banking card. And her cell phone. She is crying, said she called the guy she was that night, but he stopped reply after dropping her in a dead silence to motel. And her alleged friend* ex sd refused to help her. Guess her lie pattern just returned to her with huge impact. Hope she won’t end up selling herself on the street.

  429. SunShineSD says:

    LOL. Now you see why I decided against giving my convertible or the bigger and safer luxury car to my ex-SB when she needed a car. By the time she is done showing off to her friends and her friends done nitpicking, I’d be deserving criminal sentences for ever giving her either car. LOL.

  430. DarkHorseSD says:

    EU: by the time you figure loss of work going about taking ownership, reduced tips on shifts following lost sleep due to same…are you ahead or behind?

  431. Josh says:


    “Sounds like you stole one of those hard working strawmen, not from me though.”

    Come again? I have no clue what you are talking about.

  432. KatPaw says:


    No that’s just greedy.. She didn’t find a bf or something but another SD.. Hope that girl had some brain and saved.

  433. SunShineSD says:

    last comment was to post at 2:23pm

  434. SunShineSD says:


    Sounds like you stole one of those hard working strawmen, not from me though.

  435. Josh says:


    “What Josh laments as “proactive sabotaging” is really the woman’s creativity needing an outlet. If you don’t give her something to game against, you become the target of her games. LOL.”

    You’re welcome! 😉

  436. KatPaw says:


    WOOOHOOO congrats girl that’s awesome!!

  437. euphoria says:

    like omg? is it possible to actually post pictures in the blog?

  438. SunShineSD says:


    She tried to optimize for some more gains, and lost sight of the bigger picture. It is not for nothing that my plan entails keeping the woman occupied with shopping for baby supplies or optimizing for business brainchildren that would entail both she and I on the same side. What Josh laments as “proactive sabotaging” is really the woman’s creativity needing an outlet. If you don’t give her something to game against, you become the target of her games. LOL.

  439. Josh says:


    How does your female-evolution-since-the-cave-times theory apply to Alice’s friend’s situation?

  440. Josh says:


    What did I say about smart women and their shopping skills?”

    Your generalization does not apply. Euphoria is a smart cookie. Don’t insult her by suggesting that random women are as smart as her.

    She may not need the website because she has access to trustworthy mechanics who would do the leg work for her. But once in a while THEY even use the website.

  441. flyR says:

    @ euphoira “josh- why would i need that? there are like 50 Russian places on this side of town that will go to the salvage yard, pull the part and fix it 20 times cheaper then anyone else can. lol”

    Have you looked in the trunk for any skeletons?

  442. KatPaw says:


    Well she should not of been lying!! Omg wow why the hell she even need a second?? Her housing was taken care of and $5k a month!! Greedy!!

  443. SunShineSD says:

    What did I say about smart women and their shopping skills? LOL. Good for you, Euphoria!

  444. euphoria says:

    @josh- why would i need that? there are like 50 Russian places on this side of town that will go to the salvage yard, pull the part and fix it 20 times cheaper then anyone else can. lol

  445. aliceS says:

    Well I feel sorry for her for that humiliation, but on the other hand, this guy has right to do so if she was such lying and greedy.

  446. Josh says:

    Oopsie. 😉

  447. Josh says:

    You’re correct euphoria. 🙂

    car-part dot com would be your friend.

  448. aliceS says:

    Wooooooooohoooooo euphoria 😉 I might say that I’m happy for you, but I am not going to lie I’m jealous and wish it was a broken car lol 🙂

    But seriously. A friend of mine had a sd from sa. Actually she had 2 but who knows, it might be more. Anyway she was telling her sd that he was the only sd she is seeing. He rented an apartment for her. And gave her credit card, where he put 5k every month. Plus shopping sprees and vacation. It was going on for 9 month now. And she has around 6 up to 8 dates per month with him. So she went last Saturday to the club with her sd nr 2. And there she met her first and the richest sd. He got mad. And ripped off the top and her skirt. And took her shoes. And purse. Living her only in lingerie. And 50 dollars. Why? Well she didn’t protested cause he bought it for her. He told her if she can so easily change sd she should switch clothes as well, and that her new sd should offer her from now on roof under her head and clothes and all of it.

  449. euphoria says:

    Ha, well im off! I now have to spend the rest of my day registering this darn thing and find myself some cool sunglasses. Have a good day everyone!

  450. SunShineSD says:

    Exactly! That’s the right attitude.

  451. euphoria says:

    who cares what they think! I am now the proud owner of a 2003 Audi A4 3.0 Convertible. I may just keep my money in the bank that i was going to use to get a new car, invest in a knock off pair of designer sunglasses at the mall in a few hours, and drive that car to work and the grocery store and back until it dies! Its got about 100,000 miles, but im reading that it can last me until 200,000 with proper maintenance. Its also an adorable older car too!

  452. FatB'StardSD says:

    An even better story! I was at the local bar talking to the bartender who also works as a fitness model/actress. I told her I was really lonely and had not had sex for a long time and was broke. She told me she wanted to help and gave me an amazing blow job in the managers office and gave me $2K to help me out. There really are some amazing women out there IRL!

  453. SunShineSD says:

    The same jealous friends will probably nitpick and find many faults in the near-future in a pre-owned European car. Graciously tell them to get a hike, and be appreciative of the gift horse; that will be hard work on your part 😉 An A4 can have many years of useful service life if properly maintained; when it gets to the point where a hands-on guy with his own tools become a more suitable owner, you will at least have the trade-in value added to your war chest towards the new car of your choice.

  454. SunShineSD says:


    Congrats! Any wonder why some of your friends are jealous of your life? LOL.

  455. Josh says:


    Good for you. 🙂

  456. SunShineSD says:


    “Do you lease out your strawmen? They are mighty hard-working fellers. ;)”

    Did you write “Kids are far better off into pretend marriages than otherwise”? or did someone else signed in as you and posted under your name?

    “Most people live in a real world where they have not figured out many things in their lives.”

    Perhaps because they have been trapped in platitudes for too long, and lost their analytical skills. The same platitudes the repeating of which would only exacerbate their own problems and those of other men with soft ears.

    “So even if your seemingly silly diagnoses were true, most men would not adopt them due to various reasons, including–but definitely not limited to–shame, sense of failure, ego, grudge, “opportunity” to stick it to their wives, etc., etc., etc.”

    Some men are indeed pussy thieves and con artists for all sorts of reasons or no reason at all, just like some women can become con artists after she feel wrong by some other men . . . none of that rationalization however change the simple question: if a man can not afford to divorce and maintain his ex-wife and children in a separate household under decent conditions, how can he really afford to maintain a SB? Thinking it through and act accordingly would be beneficial to all involved. The usual norm of sharing a roof giving advantage to kids due to economic reasons does not apply to the top-10%, top 5% or top 2% income/wealth household where an SB is affordable. A fake SD using an SB to get some grudge match back his wife is not exactly healthy for any of the 4+ people (including the kids) involved.

  457. euphoria says:

    Ong, best story ever.
    About a week ago one of my regular customers at the bar realized I was walking home from work, which I don’t mind because it’s only a 10 min walk, im a fairly active person and I am saving to get a brand new car in cash. I did not need a car when I was moving from my last residence because everything was so condensed that I could walk or take a taxi. Well the guy asked me if I needed a ride home and I declined. The next day he comes into the bar and asks me about my current car situation. We had a discussion about it and I returned to my job. Well today is my day off, i got a call from my boss telling me that I needed to come into work as possible to deal with a “Situation” he sounded pissed. The customer who inquired about my car situation was standing in front talking to the manager. He told me that he just got a new car and wanted to give me the AUDI A4 that he was recently driving so that I don’t have to walk to work until I get a new one. He signed me over the tittle and asked nothing in return. I never in a million years expected anyone to ever do anything like that.

  458. Josh says:

    Now my message to the wives of these 60%, if anyone cares. 😉

    To the X wives: Go fuck yourself.

    To the Y wives: Analyze the pros and cons of staying in the marriage. If staying in marriage is not worth it for you and kids anymore, then plan accordingly and get out. That JERK is not worth your time. Get a good divorce settlement and very carefully find a man who will respect you and appreciate in a long term.

  459. Josh says:

    Re real life…

    As I mentioned few posts ago, I took a pass on a gorgeous, very eager sugar baby because I had no clue what she was up to. That’s real life. Live and learn…

  460. Josh says:


    Do you lease out your strawmen? They are mighty hard-working fellers. 😉

    Most people live in a real world where they have not figured out many things in their lives.

    So even if your seemingly silly diagnoses were true, most men would not adopt them due to various reasons, including–but definitely not limited to–shame, sense of failure, ego, grudge, “opportunity” to stick it to their wives, etc., etc., etc.

  461. Josh says:


    “Does X+Y=60 or 100 in this scenario?”

    X+Y = 100% of 60% 😉

  462. SunShineSD says:

    “Kids are far better off into pretend marriages than otherwise.”

    This is true only for people who can not afford to maintain two separate households (without cutting into adult attention/supervision of the kids). That condition is probably true for the majority of the overall population, who make less than 2x to 3x the median pay. However, that level of income can not afford to be a real SD either. If a man can not afford to divorce and maintain his ex-wife, how can he afford to maintain an SB for any significant real length of time?

  463. DarkHorseSD says:

    Does X+Y=60 or 100 in this scenario?

  464. Josh says:

    Re Married SDs

    It’s been discussed (and sort of “agreed upon”) that 60+% of men on SA are married. 

    X% out of them are victim of mindfuck, sabotage and sex ratioing. They are staying in the marriage primarily for the sake of kids. Kids are far better off into pretend marriages than otherwise.

    So Y% are real “cheaters”. 

    Methinks men cheating on their non-mindfucking, non-sabotaging and non-sex-rationing wives is sad. Those women MUST be appreciated. They are hard to find gems.

    Me also thinks X is a much bigger number than Y. 😉

  465. GreatCatsby says:

    Unfortunately most of the messages I receive are just looking for a hooker. Not really what I was hoping for on this site

  466. KatPaw says:


    Nothing POSITIVE yet but have a very good pot!!! How about with you how was your weekend hmmmm???

  467. JamieSB says:

    @ KatPaw
    Morning !
    How are you and how is sugar treating you???

  468. KatPaw says:

    Good morning sugarrrrrs!!
    Happy humppidy day! lol

  469. NC Gent says:

    Just curious…. how many people think that “Anonymous Dude” is married or ugly or both? I saw an article about a year ago that estimated as many as 30% of the men on match are married. I wonder what percentage of “single” men on SA are married 🙂

  470. FatB'StardSD says:

    Ladies, there is enough of me to go around. Everyone can get a piece!


    I don’t like to joke about all you can eat buffet. There have been some tragic stories in the past



    In fact linear extrapolation is not appropriate so I cross the axis even earlier. I am hoping that SA creates an “outlet mall” website for the challenged SB’s, SD’s on the site.

  471. Josh says:


    “let me know when is our marriage date so I can plan to get fat after all”

    Don’t worry about the remembering date. The getting fat “diet” starts with extra helping of the leftover cake. 😉

  472. Josh says:


    Even though you have picked the wrongest gal to accuse for whatever you are trying to allude here, let’s see what kind of drama you are able to create. LOL!

    Keep in mind if you create enough drama around whatever you are up to then SA staff will write a subsequent blog article to address that topic. 😉

  473. Josh says:


    It was just an anecdote from my pre-sugar life prompted by you statement related to “till the day we die”. That’s all. 😉

  474. DarkHorseSD says:

    FatBa: I was extrapolating and you know how sometimes you draw a line and it goes through one of the axes? Well, I’ll try to get more creative and get back to you.

  475. Eloquence says:

    @ Fatti

    Who is eating?
    Is that: 1.) Your Buffet 2.) Her Buffet 3.) The woman’s buffet she picks? See… I’ve gotta ask or I’ll never know…

    @ Josh

    I think your being sweet to me and kind and “I do declare” in a Southern drawl as if Scarlet said it from Gone with the wind… Thank you.

  476. aliceS says:

    🙂 mellisa fatbastard might be a hot looking guy from men’s health magazine. Let us all know just in case 😉

  477. Mellisa says:

    @FatB’StardSA- you’re 6’0″ and weigh 275lbs? Why do you call yourself fat? Just so you know, if I didn’t have an SD…..

  478. aliceS says:

    @yougottabekiddingme I understand what you are trying to say. Buy no. I’m not racist. Nor I think African Americans are ugly. As we all know, Ghana have the highest numbers of catfish. That’s why I said it. So please. Don’t create drama, where there is none

  479. FatB'StardSA says:


    “ATM: can you put some stats with that question…height, weight, lack of resources… I’ll extrapolate from my vast personal experience what your results should be.”

    6’0″, 275lbs, and $500 per month (with an expectation of meeting once per week). I am willing to include dinner as part of my allowance as long as my SB chooses a place that has a buffet.

  480. Josh says:


    “I’ll be making purring sounds in his lap till the day we die!”

    A short while before I was introduced to the sugar dating, a 22 year-old offered me that if I gave her my German car she would suck my dick for the rest of my life. Needless to say, I did not take her offer seriously. 😉

    She pursued me for the longest time but since I was not up to speed with the sugar dating dynamics, I never made an arrangement with her because I did not know what was a fair allowance. She was an awesome girl genuinely interested in a reasonable arrangement. Great loss for me.

  481. Eloquence says:

    yeay!!!!! My sweetie peetie finally agreed to my face! and a boob Dr! Now, if it shall come to pass…. I’ll be making purring sounds in his lap till the day we die!
    YEAH, ITS NOT A bad thing to fall in love with me! 🙂

    @ KatPaw

    I might actually get to explore in a week…. anddddd I might also have the “pick of the litter” on my excursion, considering its all new ground, I am as happy as a woman could be right now…. Though I never had the hand writing in which it was addressed and in such a flutter was I thrown, I received a note in the post, which compelled me to write with a set beginning, that began with no other start of exception, lest: “Dear anything, in obedience…anything… I come after to-morrow with an appetite un-satiated till we meet for this occasion as I inquired, with shut eyes open upon your service to give.”

  482. SunshineSD says:

    Re:SB shopping skills
    Please stop reminding me what a good find I had in my ex-SB. LOL. I’m working hard on getting over her so they can have a chance at making it on their own with their new baby.

    In any case, I frequently downloaded purchasing decisions to my SB’s. From something as small as buying a tie for me downtown after dropping me off when I forgot to wear one to a meeting, to as big as shopping for all the appliances to equip a house. They never failed me, and usually delivered outstanding result better than I would have done myself. There’s something to be said about women and their shopping skills. They may not be expert at long cycle price fluctuations or big pictures, but for comparison shopping for local maxima and minima, their intuitions and relentlessness are outstanding.

  483. SouthernSB says:

    @Kms2014-Actually,he was playing around with his computer. Hmmmm…maybe he was googling?

  484. Kms2014 says:

    @southern…was he furiously writing something down in his notepad, when you were describing what the site is called….and how you found the site? Hehe

  485. Eloquence says:

    noooo, I am not gay for Pete’s sake.. whoever Pete is.. I hope he has reaped some royalties from his name being used through out the decades, as we know it..lol…

    I am all off corse, or is that course, but my readings…..They say me’ gold be ’round here somewhere me hearty’s… 🙂 oh these limericks…my poor spelling was destined for piracy.

  486. SouthernSB says:

    cont. So I told him, “There’s a website. Everyone has a website.” So,if in the next few weeks you find a psychiatrist in the GA. area looking for a SB it’s probably Dr. __.

  487. Eloquence says:

    @ KatPaw

    Puuurrrrrrr – me toooooooo – see, I have this nametag, and it says “hello…no, Ello… I am in search of….. ” as I talk to my name tag with my head bent toward my sticker on my lapel (sp)??, I lean in to to my name tag non-chalantly, and say “Is this thing on?” lol

    Because I have been wearing it for years…. is anyone reading???

    I totally feel you Alice…. Send him to the Sugarship where they will heap a motherload on him, that is if he can read the ship right, “me’ lady!” 🙂

  488. SouthernSB says:

    Went to my psychiatrist today, yes I have a psychiatrist I use him as my life coach, and we started talking. Anyway I told him I was a SB and he actually asked me where it is that men go to FIND a SB.

  489. KatPaw says:

    Ooooo and I would love to have a sister wife lol

  490. KatPaw says:

    @ eloquence

    Are you hitting on me pretty lady.. Purrrrrr hmmmm never been with a lady myself doesn’t mean it’s not in the future! Lol don’t mind if the hubby joins do you 😉

  491. Eloquence says:

    @ KMS

    all because I want to see what a girl is like? ouch…. (jk)

    I am completely not caught up from the 200 posts over the weekend, I shall read what everyone has been up to in my downtime as night draws near. I rambled off on an adventure alone this weekend, so unfortunately, I still have no juicy story to bring to the table, but wait till I do!!!!

  492. Kms2014 says:

    ‘Dating is time consuming, and these guys don’t see the point in treating an average, unwifeable girl to an expensive meal.’

    Blast those average unwifeable women and thinking they are worthy of expensive meals!! Don’t they realise how unwifeable they are?….what a glorious made up word from urban dictionary to add to my vocab.

  493. Eloquence says:

    if someone will teach me the she “get’s it” list, Ill take a side seat to wear a name tag that says “Hello, my name is Eloquence, and Im proudly in training!” list… 🙂

  494. Eloquence says:

    lmao……. so when I go plastic, I can play with you ALL!!!!!

    are your seatbelts fastened?

    @ KatPaw

    I’ve never been with a girl, so it is still on my “bucket list” or is that my “sugar list” or my “honey wants to be a Queen bee” list? ahh, who cares, eventually, I think it becomes the same list with age! hahahahaa

  495. aliceS says:

    Well I’m an ugly guy from Ghana, pretending to be a nice female from France 🙂 I think we are even

  496. DarkHorseSD says:

    I’m an annonymous hot nerd turning into a much older man who is going to need a spousal strategy to if I’m ever going to become Mr. Married.

  497. aliceS says:

    Dark Horse I can live with it 🙂 let me know when is our marriage date so I can plan to get fat after all

  498. DarkHorseSD says:

    Cool, spousal strategist is a recognized type.

    I loved listing separated. It sucks listing divorced and also that adultery was a non-issue in my state. I missed all the good stuff.

    Remember its just dinner until it leads to adultery.

    ATM: can you put some stats with that question…height, weight, lack of resources… I’ll extrapolate from my vast personal experience what your results should be.

  499. DarkHorseSD says:

    Alice all you found was daddy #8, The Pervert

  500. DarkHorseSD says:

    Is it really possible to find Clinton and Hefner?

  501. aliceS says:

    Uuuuuu I like this article. Probably the only one that I read fully. Thank you sa site 🙂 NC gent I will be in NC as well, as soon I will marry with dark horse or Sugardoll 🙂

  502. Josh says:

    I hope that Brandon had Tanya sign an iron-clad pre nup. If not then what a risky move, after all this sugar effort, to get trapped into the modern marriage scam.

  503. flyR says:

    FB – Perhaps the administration will launch SugarCare where everyone gets sugar baby regardless of their age or appearance.

  504. Josh says:

    SA writers have younger men picture fetish. Or is it their marketing department that decides which pictures to be used to game SBs?

  505. Tyffeni says:

    So business beaus are looking for… a friend? Fake girlfriend? What? I never actually got the drift when it came down to it.

    Not relevant to the blog, but I want to see a blog about successful SB profiles on the website. I scroll through hundreds of SB profiles everyday searching for some layout to base my profile off of, but most of the profiles I see are vague and uninteresting. My profile is based upon the (Diamond Club members) layout, so it doesn’t lack in content, but maybe I’m being to honest? Asking for too much? not sure. But I would love a guide on how to actually be successful on this website as an SB.

  506. Kms2014 says:

    Regarding the picture above for the article…the people look very Nordic. And the men…am sorry but have never seen any SD that handsome, hehe! 😉

  507. KatPaw says:

    @NC Gent

    Yeah probably be moving there in August most likely in Charlotte area.. But it all depends on a few factors. The hubby’s job mainly.

  508. NC Gent says:

    ahhh ok Katpaw — nice to have more NC people on the blog 🙂

  509. KatPaw says:

    @NC Gent

    It was me who talked about moving to NC in next couple months. Plus it was eloquence who was only an hour from where I’m thinking of relocation to.

  510. NC Gent says:

    FBSD – you deserve whatever the market will sustain.

  511. FatB'StardSA says:

    What about the disgusting fat old guy with a “minimal” budget? Don’t we have the right to a bit of sugar in our lives?

  512. NC Gent says:

    I find it interesting that listing my true marital status is a “bold move.” Is SA suggesting that I lie about my marital status or that the site is no longer friendly to married SDs. I suppose my post on the previous blog was very timely about the nature of this site. Perhaps SA needed to change to make the site sustainable.

  513. euphoria says:

    I tend to like the hot nerds better then the rest of them. Its always cute to see their quirky personality’s and how into the girl they really are! Most of them look so adorable with their glasses and are so under confident that its just a turn on. I’ve been twitterpated by some of them. OMG, nerds with low self confidence actually make for the best sd’s/boyfriends you cant help but to want to just take care of them.

  514. euphoria says:

    virgin blog