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Four Differences Between Sugar & Prostitution


In light of recent events, we thought it might be time for a refresher course in the definitions of Sugar. Many are quick to label the Sugar lifestyle choice as prostitution, but there are many differences between this lifestyle and the oldest profession. High-end or not, a call girl is not an interchangeable word for a Sugar Baby. Here are four reasons why.

1.  A Relationship vs A Transaction

A prostitute and a client have a transactional relationship. They meet, exchange funds, and participate in some sort of physical act and part ways. Typically, this is a one time occurrence. A job. There is no relationship, and no possibility for a relationship. And that is the key difference really: Relationship.

Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies have on-going relationships, not transactions. More often than not, a Sugar relationship will resemble that of a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. There are real connections and real possibilities at romance, something that is not in the realm of possibility with an escort or prostitute. Just because a relationship doesn’t follow the traditional rules of courtship, doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. It also doesn’t mean it’s illegal.

2. Being a Sugar Baby vs Being a Prostitute

Sugar is a lifestyle choice, not a profession. A sugar baby is a woman who wants to date financially secure men who can provide her with the lifestyle she desires. She’s selective about who she dates; a prostitute isn’t picky about who she takes on as a client. The risks involved with prostitution are countless, and include exposure to crime, abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and theft of service. Many prostitutes are also subject to physical and emotional abuse, especially when involved with a pimp. And in Sugar, sex is never a requirement, only an aspiration.

3. Dating a Sugar Baby vs Ordering a Prostitute

A Sugar Daddy is generous, and wants to see their partner succeed. When two people are involved in a mutually beneficial relationship, they respect and value one another’s time. Sugar relationships can turn into long term serious relationships.

Prostitutes are paid to perform a service, while Sugar Babies sometimes receive funds as an added benefit of dating a generous man. A john doesn’t want a hooker to stick around, and a Sugar Daddy doesn’t want his Sugar Baby to leave. While an escort might have a sordid sexual history, a Sugar relationship is often monogamous.

4. Quality vs Quantity

Most Sugar Babies aren’t solely involved in the sugar world. Sugar Babies are also teachers, college students, actresses, and business professionals. They seek successful mentors that can advance their career, not a temporary fix. Sugar Babies can be present in the lives of Sugar Daddies because they have long-term professional goals, and interesting personalities to keep everyone intrigued.

Prostitutes on the other hand, use their trade as a source of income — it’s a last resort for many women who are pressed for money. They aren’t looking for mentors or anyone with a specific level of expertise.

You may meet hundreds of prostitutes before finding anyone to fulfill your emotional needs.  Prostitutes are hired to role play for the evening — they’ll be whomever you want them to be, but they won’t necessarily be themselves. She treats you like a job, not like a man.


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  2. Michael Cohen says:

    In the words of Jack Reacher: “The cheapest woman tends to be the one you have to pay for.”

  3. Tonya says:

    What about a banshee?

  4. sara karras says:

    a very successful content, I liked it a lot, and I can say without blush that I keep in favorites to consult in the future

  5. Jodie Lynn Gowan says:

    Exactly…Well written..to the point and truthful..thank you for providing knowledge to those whom are ignorant to this atea..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Exactly…Well written..to the point and truthful..thank you for providing knowledge to those whom are ignorant to this atea..

  7. Miranda says:

    So like a modern day courtesan?

  8. Steve Oyabu says:

    Hello, after reading this awesome article i am as well happy to share my know-how here with friends.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There isn’t anything better than a great fucking.

  10. Lavalier says:

    In reality, there’s one combined difference: in a sugar relationship, there’s little or no sugar—just deception, fleecing, a carrot on a string, and the actresses are more skilled in drama.

  11. Newbie SD says:

    I’m a successful 40 years old businessman. I’m not ugly and don’t have social issues. I had several beautiful girlfriends before and have no problems getting involved in a traditional bf-gf relationships. Many of the gfs I had were relatively successful and never ever needed financial support from me. The problem is that they all wanted longterm commitment and potential future marriages, which I simply was not ready to offer. Could I search for gfs now and pretend to be committed only break up a few months later? I could but that would just be too cruel of me.

    So i decided to seek the SD-SB route instead. Someone for me to talk to, do things with, and no marriage expectation. Seeking prostitutes may actually be cheaper but I would simply have no interest in doing anything with them, let alone being intimate with them. Prostitutes don’t have any interest in knowing me or care who they sleep with… I seek emotional comfort and companionship, not just sex. This is where some SBs are different than prostitutes. I wouldn’t be with the SBs who have no interest in anything but my money. And it’s not that hard to figure out their motives. Many SBs aare younger and seek some sort of mmentorship. They usually have cchoices and typically wouldn’t choose to be with someone they don’t like. Prostitutes typically don’t have such a luxury… Im not ssaying all SBs are not prostitutes. I’m just saying there’s a big number of SBs who are regular people. It’s just that they have a more non-traditional way of thinking and are a lot more straightforward with what they want. In this case, they want some financial help from someone they like and would like to explicitly state their terms.

    There were a couple of girls that I dated before who wanted to be with me and marry me for financial stability. They didn’t say it at first but that was their main intention. At least with some of the SBs, they are more truthful and direct in stating what they want. It makes things a lot less complex and healthy than some of these other disguised traditional relationships…

    • Hello newbie sd..... says:

      Have you found her yet? If not yet, don’t give up! I’m…I mean she’s out there somewhere waiting to come across you. I’m a 38 year old separated woman who would jump at the chance of seeing what I’m capable of in this life. I hear from others that I a lot of fun of course only when appropriate and I’m so sheltered but don’t have the means or the confidence I guess to see the world. Idk I’m just babbling I suppose. Well hello and Good luck to you on your endeavors!

    • Sm says:

      Same situation here brother, there are good SBs tricky SBs, tacky SBs and others with which you remain friends for long.
      Good luck

  12. SB43 says:

    Look honey believe me I’ve tried, but I’m still searching for Mr Right, I mean who wants to take on my baggage of 2 disabled kids, it’s a big ask so I’m the meantime this suits me just fine! And who’s to say I’m there just for the money, I’m not, it’s been over 2 years now, I’m grown very fond of them

  13. Hardtolove says:

    If you are seeing more than one SD at a time, you’re a prostitute, a higher paid one, with regular clientele, but one none the less. If you are seeing an SD, and you have a boyfriend, you’re a tramp, but if everyone is in the know, who cares, just don’t lie about it to anyone. If you are here looking to find a wealthy husband, you’re a gold digger, but thats okay, just admit it, some SDs are okay with it, but don’t think they will leave their wife for you, it will cost too much, and your allowance is hush money. If you’re seeing an SD to support your drug habit or loser boyfriend, you’re a user, and no one likes to be used. The SBs keep talking about Splenda Daddies, but from the other side of club, there are a lot of Splenda (fake) Babies out there.

    • K says:

      Why is the SB a tramp if she has a bf but the SD isn’t one if he has a wife?
      If the point is to have money from the relationship then what does it matter if she uses it for drugs instead of purses or whatever random crap. It’s a use/use situation no matter what. And to support a loser bf? That’s the loser bf’s fault above all else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well Said ☺️

  14. Anonymous says:

    Youd actually be amazed by the amount of women I know who do not have sex with their sugar daddies. A lot of men who take to SA are too old and have too many health problems to have sex, have lots of money from the years and nothing to spent it all on, and NO ONE left to spend time with. So they seek young women to spoil so they are not alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      true very old men have health problems that prevent some from having sex but the idea they don’t any other option to spend their money on anything else besides women from these sites is nonsense wealthy men are heavy donors to charities they will help their family and friends to get ahead if all you want is a date with no sex you don’t need to be on here to get that it’s easy to get this if your rich

  15. Billie Jo says:

    I look better in person. Give me a call. I really am financially struggling and need some help.I would be willing to have a friend with benefits if you would help me out financially. I have 5 years off drugs.

  16. Greg says:

    Assuming you’re in Nevada, as I am, if you’d like someone to explain to that guy basic human decency please reply, as neither of us wants this to happen to another lady? Did u report to Metro? Be well and be safe

  17. The Serious Truth says:

    Well one is worse then the other.

  18. Zeb says:

    It is difficult to come up with any situation in life which is not transnational on at least one level, more often than not, it is transnational on several simultaneous.

    Ask yourself the question is every single human interface you have in the next seven days ‘what am I getting out of this’, what is the other person getting our of this?

    It might be humour
    It might be a sense of community
    It might be a sense of belonging
    It might be a customer at work
    It might be a supplier at work
    It might be a fellow colleague at work
    It might be the person on the check out till
    It might be the feel good factor from helping someone cross the road
    Etc, etc, etc

    The point I make, is that we live in a world of transactional interfaces, anyone that thinks differently, is at worst deluded, at best very naive

    We prostitute ourselves at work, with our political choices in the poll booth, when we advocate a green world whilst smoking a V8 engine, when we engage in gossip, when we comment on the Third World poverty whilst not being prepared to give up anything other than a tiny slice of our pie to assist

    We are all in this for ourselves, (whatever agenda that may be), and if you are not, you will get eaten alive by life, and you will act like a victim, which is a bad place to exist

    So at the end of the day, its about perspective, to some, sugar is prostitution, to others sugar is no different to a young female gorilla sucking up to the head of the troop, (or is it ‘whoop’ not ‘troop’?), after all, we are a hierarchical species, i.e. why deny our genes?

    Power, confidence, the ability to provide, etc, etc, are natural attractive traits, females are much less into looks than males, which is why young males get pissed off with older males, as all they tend to have is youth and looks in their armoury, which is often not nearly enough to attract the cream of the opposite sex

    It is what it is, why worry about having to name it?

  19. Beth says:

    Very fun and younge energetic loyal adventures female

  20. Tonyspagony says:

    Wow! I am a member of a chat line here in OZ and this debate goes on and on. I see an SB 38 yrs my junior and she is a uni student. Yes I pay her an allowance once a week but it is not for sex as there have been times when sex was not possible and I still pay. I pay her because without the money she couldn’t afford to see me! She would either have to work another job, or find sex for money partners this way I am her only sex partner. When she is away and unable to see me I do not pay her allowance BUT if I am away and can’t catch up then I pay her allowance. If we go out during the week apart from when she normally comes over as in a weekend away or a show I DO NOT pay any extra. We recently went to Fiji for 4 days I only paid her allowance once. Now let me tell you about my 23 year marriage where there was no sex for about 8 years and when we parted it cost me $800K to get rid of her. Allowing for all the other costs over that 23 years she cost me $1,149 a week and as stated I got no sex. I pay my SB $400 and sex is there both wanted from both sides and the money is out of the equation. Our arrangement has been going 10 months now and we do spend time away together often. The Fiji trip she coughed up the airfare for herself the accommodation was a reward for me so no cost there. We are now talking about a trip to Greece and I said no issue IF she can come up with the airfare. I know some of you will say well you are paying anyway as she will save from her allowance BUT iMO that shos that she wants to share it with me. Anyway each to their own The difference for me is she chooses to be with me there are others out there offering more money yet she chooses to be with me and that is the difference between a pro and an SB I feel!

  21. Happy Camper says:

    I love SBs. They’re charming and fun to be with. And yes, they want/need money lol. Who doesn’t? (-:
    I also love sex, and I love having sex with SBs. I have no interest in sex with prostitutes though. If you value the time you spend with people and the people that you spend time with, then the difference between SBs and prostitutes is laugh-out-loud obvious !!! If you don’t place any value on people, relationships and emotional connections, then you may not see a difference. But that’s your personal psychological makeup — it doesn’t affect the rest of us.

    • Flame angel says:

      As being a SB … I have to say very well said happy camper !!I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump an grind! It’s fun and I enjoy fun!

    • Anonymous says:

      True that.

    • James says:

      That is just a difference in quality and quantity Happy Camper! An SB is going to have far fewer partners, stay and live in better areas, and consequently typically have far better hygienic habits, so who wouldn’t prefer this over a nasty street walker?! Fact is though, if sex is being exchanged for gifts or money, or that expectation exists, it is still called PROSTITUTION!! Look up the definition, it’s pretty cut and dried, regardless of how anyone may want to fluff it up! Hope this helps clear up your misconception s!!

  22. amador says:

    My current SB has no source of income (other then me). She lives with me and we are having a great time mostly. Does her lack of income make her a ‘kept woman’ or a prostitute ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you asking such a question?

    • Happy Camper says:

      Dude, she’s your girlfriend. You live together. You get along very well. Why not? The haters will use derogatory words like “prostitute” and “kept woman” to describe her, cuz haters gonna hate. You keep having a great time (-:

    • Gégé says:

      Yes she is a prostitute. They are all prostitutes. This post has been written just to have a good conscience but sugar baby is a sweet name to say prostitute!

    • thieluar says:

      Concubine Law and Legal Definition. Concubine refers to a woman who lives with a man to whom she is not married. A concubine is wife without title. … Although a concubine serves the functions of a legal wife, she does not enjoy any rights in a family or any spiritual comforts.

    • James says:

      I guess that depends on the tone of your relationship!

  23. Charlie says:

    If you accept money for being a sugar baby….it’s the same as being a damn prostitute….simple as that.

  24. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the page layout of your
    site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.

    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Any guy who thinks he is not paying for sex whatever his status is married single or whatever is kidding himself. As Woody Allen said : The most expensive sex is free sex.

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    there is no difference.
    First of all SA does not have to cover his ass. because in a lot of countries in the world prostitution is not forbidden.
    Furthermore of course it is not like a street prostitute but maybe like an escort.

    I think here are not much men who have an SD/SB without sex.
    It is nothing about love. it is selling time and in this time adults doing what they like to do.

    who will make the decision what will be done together? in doubt the part who is paying.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Let me seee one of those charts, pleas!!!!!

  29. KeepingReal says:

    Ok… so as a woman who has worked all her life, married at 18, divorced at 26.. Numerous relationships after that which were flawed i different ways… Struggling on one salary which debts to pay… Damn right being a SB appeals to me. Im fed up of being the generous one and ending up pucking up the pieces. I want old fashioned values when the men pay for their lady. I see no wrong in it. Mutual respect and old enough to be understanding of each others needs. If thats not fulfilled (just like in a regular relationship) then its time to move on. Nothing sordid about it.

    • Nikki says:

      That is exactly why I joined. I’ve been the wonderful girlfriend and even wife. I worked hard and took care of everyone when they should’ve taken care of me. They all want to appreciate you when it’s too late. After 10 years of being used, no more. Why shouldn’t good women get treated well? I’ve tried to help build an empire with people who were only worried about themselves. If there’s a woman in this world that deserves to be cherished, it’s me.

    • Sean says:

      So because you’ve had a hard life (who hasn’t), that means that being a sugar baby appeals to you? You say that you want old fashioned values, but I was never taught that old fashioned values included relationships being based on money, which is what a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is based on. Old fashioned values is dating a nice person of the opposite sex for a long period of time, getting engaged and married, then having a family, and a home, which you maintain for the rest of your life. Yes, the man will be the provider, but he provides for his wife because he loves her, not because he wants companionship. A woman that does that is basically an escort, as with an escort you pay for their time to gain companionship. If you’re okay with that, then more power to you, but it’s nothing more than what I said.

      • James says:

        I concur Sean! Old fashioned is Love, struggling and growing together, this is how character gets built! WhenI say Love, I’m not speaking of “all 10K of my facebook friends love me” counterfeit love! We haveallowed ourlanguagero become twisted, contorted, words overused out of context/meaning, to where for example, everyone “loves” everybody else to the point that most wouldn’t know what Real Love is if it bit them in the boo-tocks!! Too many people are long on words and fall way short when it comes to action! In short, they talk too much and do not listen near enough! I myself like taking words, breaking them down, using the different, accepted pronunciations,etc… It makes you a better speaker, more creative, adds flavor to language, and it is fantastic mental exercise! Sorry, sort of shot off on a tangent. But language itself has an “old fashioned” side to it. For instance, people used Ronda what they mean, and they meant what they said! Nowadays everybody just seems to like hear their own voice, like used car salesmen. Pretty tough learning anything when ones lips are moving non-stop!
        So yeah, old fashioned, overused and abused itself! It implies that you actually know how things were once done and why they were done!! Most throw the phrase out there and haven’t a clue. Old fashioned didn’t quit relationships at the first sign of trouble letting struggle, because it knew the value of the lessons learned, ingenuity arising from it, and the self confidence and character built! Anyway, I’m babbling as I have a tendency to do. I will say this in closing; as individuals, and as a society, things WILL NEVER get better until we do bring back the values, qualities, and principles that added to our world instead of taking from it! I’m not talking back to Puritan times, but almost anything would be an improvement to the slutorama times we are living in, and that applies to both sexes! Women are definitely playing their part in the degradation and demeaning behavior, buy lest we forget, it takes two and Men are acting as enablers!!I’d there weren’t a market for a particular commodity it simply disappears! Lastly, let’s not call something other than what it actually is! It’s just lipstick on a pig people!

      • James says:

        BTW, am I the only one with a smart phone that got dropped on its head when it was a baby? You would think by reading my comments that I was doing talk to text while slurring my words. I hope everyone can decipher my gibberish. I like technology, but lately it seems to fail about as often as it works!

    • Chris says:

      You won’t find old fashioned values being sb. Its means to an end.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care to label anybody since I don’t think there is anything wrong with prostitution, but as long the women pursues and accepts money as part of the relationship and sex is included, then they are technically prostitutes.

  31. Practical Lady says:

    How about we just stop judging and live our own lives? Personal choices are just that…. personal. If you don’t like it, look away.

  32. norcal777 says:

    It seems like many of you have not had a fulfilling arrangement. I can definitely speak from experience that with the right arrangement, it can be quite rewarding and fulfilling for both parties. I think that setting reasonable goals is key, and clear communications.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. However, finding a SD without an STD is not easy.

    • BostonBombshell says:

      No, you’ve just found some good actresses who can pretend they like sleeping with crusty, washed up elderly men. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Chris says:

        Do you really believe she wants be with you? Honest question. It would always be on my mind if she was me for the money. Sex or not. Not that I have an issue with that just reality of it. I’d expect nothing less. She’s young and has life. She just wasting her time with me for money. Wasting might be the wrong word, not intended as a waste just killing time with me or passing the time while focusing on future goals.

      • Chris says:

        Many younger women like older guys. I’ve had many attractive 22 year women interested me. Not for money either they just find me attractive. Daddy issues a friend told me. She was like that in her youth too.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Give or take 10 years, forty five might be more understandable. Anyway at age enough to make a decision age enough to see. Currently a loser myself (suggestively speaking). Hate to see what do I know Imadork

  34. Anonymous says:

    Make no mistake when encountering one using sugar tactic as cover. For what? Makes no difference. Do not leave your feelings at stake.

  35. Anonymous says:

    So completely bogus. A daddy doesn’t want his escort to stick around? Do you know how many sick love stricken clients I have to tell that the time is up to? There IS NO DIFFERENCE but the time, that is it. As an escort you give a strict time commitment, “I charge 600 for the hour”, as a sugar baby, you have to not come off as an escort, so have to give ballparks of your general availability based on the hypothetical allowance. When will the bull shit end?

  36. Anonymous says:

    A suger woman is still selling her body and time, there may be no agreement money,gifts in exchange for for sex, the friendship may be differenthe, and agreed it’s possible it can to an hire level.
    But most woman are in it for what they can get out of it. When the money, gifts etc, stop she be gone looking for anothere Daddy

  37. Anonymous says:

    I have been doing it for years! At the end of the day. I have nothing to show for it.

  38. Lisa says:

    This is not accurate in my opinions and there are to many variables, that arent mentioned here. The writer should have done more research; she’s makes sweeping assumptions about providers and it is not that cookie cutter.

    • Sean says:

      Of course it’s not that cookie cutter because we’re talking about life here, but in order to make her point she has to, otherwise her entire claim falls apart, due to pretty much zero evidence. It’s also not objective at all.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The traditional definition of the woman who was a prostitute is what is called a “common prostitute”. Basically, she has sex with anyone who is willing to pay and she makes herself available to the public – generally by soliciting in a public place. At the other extreme in the non-marital sex area, is a mistress. She is not married and she is a kept woman. No one ever thought a mistress was a prostitute. She might be an adulteress, but that was as far as it went. If a sugar baby has only one suitor at a time, there is no issue of prostitution, unless the s.b. enters a transaction of sex for money, as opposed to a relationship. It needs to be remembered that women could generally not work until the last 3 generations. In some parts of the British Empire there were income tax “rules of thumb” on the subject. The usual answer was that it was only once a woman had more than 3 relationships concurrently that income tax was payable as a prostitute – otherwise the allowances were private matters. The net result of all this is that s.b. are not prostitutes as legally understood. The gulf is huge. It has never been the law that a woman who has sex and does not intend to get married is a prostitute, otherwise every woman who ever had an illegitimate child would have been under suspicion as a prostitute. The suggestion that the average s.b. is a prostitute is merely a means of fomenting hate and discord. That does not mean that the s.b. behavior is conventionally moral, but the sort of people who complain about these relationships gave up the right, long ago, to attack what used to be called “pre-marital sex”. Indeed, the standards of conventional sexual morality of a two generations ago, sugar babies are the least of it. Homosexuality would be the first port of call, etc., etc. In conclusion, there is no parallel between the average s.b and a prostitute.

    • Chris says:

      If you think sugar babes have 1 suitor your are mistaken. Some might other have 3 or 4. It all in the arrangement. You get on weekends because your allowance is bigger. The guy paying the least might one day a week. It happens. I talking one right now about being her 3rd.

  40. SB43 says:

    I post as a university educated SB who’s been in this lifestyle for a year now. I have 2 intelligent educated kind generous respectful SD’s who both live intimacy free lives. I meet with them for an afternoon each every 1-2 weeks and in return each gives me about 1k a month to help ends meet, not to buy designer stuff but to get help with my disabled kids, yes folks I am a mother and a SB. I know these are transactional relationships but I never let my SDs feel that way. I invest in them as people, listen to them, compliment them when due, laugh with them, make them feel good about themselves so they look forward to spending time with me for my company as much as for the intimacy I can provide. I can’t think of a better way to make ends meet and enjoy what I do making them feel special and giving them much needed time off.
    And by the way I’m 45!

    • Anon says:

      Seems like they are desperate, I mean why would they find a 45 year old when they could be intimate with a 25 year old or less.

      • Rick says:

        Because it’s not strictly about the physical pleasure.
        Read what she says about “I invest in them as people, listen to them, compliment them when due, laugh with them, make them feel good about themselves so they look forward to spending time with me for my company “. Most 25yos won’t provide that.

      • Frankie says:

        Exactly, well said Rick.
        And any man with experience knows a woman doesn’t reach her sexual prime til her 40s. Is someone in their 50s or 60s going to want to keep seeing an immature, cold, selfish wannabe 25yo bimbo and play to her tune or a sophisticated elegant mature sexy warm affectionate lady who understands the rules of the relationship and makes the man feel good, there’s no comparison, no wonder they keep going back for more, not so obvious when out on a date either, no giggling and nudging elbows ‘wonder why a 20yo is dating a 50yo’ eh eh? because folks that still happens. Good on this lady, she sounds like her head’s screwed on and is being resourceful to get the help she needs. I admire her.

      • aaa says:

        learn to GIVE your time attention and affection and you WILL NOT NEED to PAY for having a WOMAN next to you. Woman= NOT SUGARBABY=HUman being that is there for you because of you and not YOUR MONEY !!!

      • Mark says:

        Women are getting sexier and sexier. I know a lot of 40 something year olds that look as good as the 20 somethings. You can’t filter with age anymore. Many 40 somethings look 10-15yrs younger nowadays

    • Sean says:

      You know, you could just actually have a serious relationship with a man and you’d get the same thing and more.

      • SB43 says:

        Look honey believe me I’ve tried, but I’m still searching for Mr Right, I mean who wants to take on my baggage of 2 disabled kids, it’s a big ask so I’m the meantime this suits me just fine! And who’s to say I’m there just for the money, I’m not, it’s been over 2 years now, I’m grown very fond of them

    • BostonBombshell says:

      Good for you, girlfriend. I’m younger without children, but I do the exact same thing.

  41. Ugh says:

    I honestly could care less. All relationships involve some sort of transaction whether it be emotional or financial or otherwise. However, sugarbabies, don’t convince yourself you’re somehow better than a prostitute. Most prostitutes aren’t doing what they love, there are exceptions I’m sure. However, if you think because you’re young & cute & have future plans that makes you better than a prostitute, you’re wrong. In fact, I’d argue that you are worse. If true adversity, the kind that brings many to the life of selling sex (abuse, violence, loss), doesn’t bring you here and all you want is a life filled with “stuff” by fucking someone you aren’t attracted to, you’re actually lower than a prostitute. This whole article denegrates women…sugar whatevers and women in the sex industry. Don’t split hairs. Im tired of this bullshit excuse “I did it to get an education.” I worked 3 jobs & it took 10 years. I had an opportunity where my ass could have been sold. I’m far better off letting no man think I was for sale. My heart goes out to any woman who has saw no other way.

    • Anonymous says:


    • aaa says:


    • Nikki says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you don’t have children. Having kids can change your perspective on a lot of things. Why waste my time with losers when I can enjoy the company of a successful man or woman? Someone that can teach me something to better my future and the life of my child. Not looking for someone to spoil me with gifts, looking for valuable knowledge that will transcend my world. That’s why you shouldn’t judge anyone.

      • Gigi says:

        If your time has a price off-work you’re not really spending it with someone.
        You’re being paid to offer a service, whether you tell yourself the lie that you like hanging around “successful” people or not.

        I’ll let you elaborate on how successful are these people that need to directly pay others to spend some time and have sex with them.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Live in a small town in Georgia! Love sleeping around with men that are not mine!

    • Triggered says:


    • Sean says:

      You wonder why you don’t have anything to show for it. If you invest in a serious relationship with a person you might have something to show for it in the end.

      • Guest says:

        Ridiculous. Personally I have invested in serious relationships for years and was a total waste of time and emotions. Absolutely pointless in the end. Just pain and bad memories in the end. Being a sugar baby is much more rewardung and worthwhile and far healthier than harmful toxic relationships.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah my friend is like that. Just something about taboo of it turns her on. She used to do it for free then found men willing to pay her. She sugared for a year and it slowly turn in her escorting. Be sugar babe lead her to escorting due to the money. Being with one guy for money turned her realizing 50 guy is a lot more money. I think she was better of emotionally as sugar babe.

  43. I care says:

    I feel like these comments are mis representing marriage. I am recently engaged so maybe I am biased but in no way am I marrying my fiancé for any other reason than he is my best friend. We are in love with each other’s spirit and my soul feels calm around him and I feel like I’ve known him since I was first born and it is not motivated by money or finances or any sort of worldly matters. It is not an “arrangement”. I do not get compensated. It is a partnership. Some months I pull him up financially, and some months he pulls me up. When we look at each other no way is sex or money the motivation. I can see the reasonings behind a SA relationship, I do, I get it. But to me (no disrespect here) my body is worth so much more than money or a fancy watch. My body is worth more than government issued currency. The same stuff you used to buy groceries and cars- you cannot buy my body with that. The moment our bodies are used as commodity, what else is left? That body is used to physically act out my passionate love with my fiancé. This is obviously just my opinion. I’ve even pondered the idea of a SB life because I have some as friends, but for some internal reason my gut said no. I know it’s a hard world and we all need money but unless you have a baby crying on the kitchen floor because he is hungry, I wouldn’t sacrifice the body for something as cheap as money. And for the men, be strong and brave. Don’t give in so easily to your desires. Don’t tempt the woman who could be your sister daughter mother etc with something as worldly as money.

    • Anonymous says:

      My body is worth a roof over my head, food in my belly, and money saved for a safe and secure future. I don’t want to be homeless ever again.

      If you were born into a world where you never did badly on an exam because you hadn’t eaten in two days and hadn’t slept on a bed in over a month, I’m deeply and sincerely happy for you. Fortunately for me, there are people who are willing to invest in me not only financially, but by teaching me the unspoken rules of society so I can make something of the degree I’m working on.

      Life in conventional society has different rules than in survival society. Ever since I’ve been sugaring, I’ve not had to worry about paying my rent or if I have food to eat, and I’m ALSO finding that I understand other people much better and am no longer the black sheep of the group because I know how to navigate non-survival environments. Mentorship has changed my life, and I no longer feel doomed to repeat the cycle and end up where I came from.

      I know what “survival sex” is. Sugaring is NOT survival sex, not by a landslide.

  44. Anonymous says:


  45. Anonymous says:

    Sugar daddies and babies absolutely have transactional relationships. A sugar baby wouldn’t be fucking her sugar daddy if she didn’t get money, and her sugar daddy wouldn’t be paying her if he wasn’t getting sex. And don’t try to tell me sugar babies and daddies usually have an authentic bond. Sugar babies are usually in their twenties, and sugar daddies are usually 45+. Young women are not genuinely attracted to men over twice their age. Sorry.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are not a young women, and you forgot how you felt so many years ago. Young women are attracted to men who exhibit social status and emotional stability. Discrimination against age gap in dating is a social construct, just like there used to be a social construct among women against dating playboys, and against sex before marriage before that: it’s not because women naturally dislike sex before marriage. If young women had natural aversion to older men, there wouldn’t be laws regarding age of consent.

      • El Guapo says:

        What are you smoking? Laws against age of consent don’t exist to prevent willing x-teen years old from sleeping with older men (though they do have that effect) – they exist to prevent older men to leverage their status and influential position (meaning being their teachers, older relatives, managers, whatever) to get a younger vulnerable UNWILLING woman to have sex with them.
        I think most AoC laws are fucked but they are necessary to protect those who often can’t protect themselves.

    • 43SWM says:

      Using that logic, conventional gf/bf relationships as well as marriages could be classified as transactional, and thus forms of prostitution. It is a matter of degree. In most instances, we seek to benefit from a relationship. However, the absence of benefit in a particular time frame does not end the relationship. In a transaction/prostitution relationship, the absence of payment and/or sexual release terminates/breaches the transaction. There is no accommodation for being under the weather that day, moving plans to a different day, etc.

      The difference between prostitution and marriage between a man to a trophy wife is that the linkages of mutual benefit are not defined by a narrow period of time nor automatically expiring or terminating in case of breach.

      There is a similar distinction for sugar dating.

      • Chris says:

        Marriages are not transactional. Marriage a partnership. I share her wealth as much as she shares mine. We build wealth together. A expense wealth to sugar baby. She does help me earn money.

    • Chris says:

      Young women sure are attracted guys twice their age. When I was 20 finding woman interested me was hard as they were with 40+ men. Not all just lot were. Not that I’m in 40s I see them interested me. My friends she a bit younger than me says it daddy issues. She was in 40 year old men in early 20s. Grew up with out a father.

    • Dataanalystbabe says:

      Wrong. Most of my female friends and acquaintances are attracted to much older men. Most women want men, not boys. The fine lines add character. I find nothing attractive about narcissistic boys with 6 packs thinking they are God’s greatest gift. Life experience, intelligence, etc. just adds to it. Not to forget there are younger women like me that grew up as a tomboy doing things with their father and grandfather so their interests, such as music, history, manners, activities, aren’t like people their own age.

  46. Anonymous says:

    What is the big deal ? No one gets this upset when women are involved with or having sex with mmen that are broke and have nothing to offer !! It’s about time we get something out of it too .. Men want sex, women we ould rather have the money .. If the 2 are in agreement of the arrangement, then so be it ! Both people benefit..

    • Mskitty says:

      Exactly. The ones that are mad about it is either jealous or mad that they cant have the upper hand.”This is a man’s world”

    • Sean says:

      You’re generalizing a lot here. Not all men just want sex and not all women care about money. Money isn’t everything and there are plenty of men that aren’t rich that have a lot to offer a woman. If a woman is with a man that gives nothing to her and the relationship, then she just made a mistake, but that doesn’t justify making future relationships based on money just so that she feels that she’s “getting something out of it”. There’s no comparison between a successful serious relationship and a transactional relationship. If you want to settle for the money, then more power to you, but don’t try to make it seem like it’s better than it is.

  47. anon says:

    I wish a man would want to have sex with me and let us enjoy each other and help me out here and there… I want MUTUAL

  48. Anonymous says:

    This is a load of crap. My daughter is both – she has a SD AND she dates thug ass losers that deal drugs and don’t even own cars.

  49. Kerry says:

    I really like this article and every word spoken is true… no argument there lol!

  50. Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

    So far….this article is full of crap…..I have not seen too many SD’s who treat the women as other than prostitutes…..I have noticed that the SB’s don’t mind being treated like prostitutes…….It only takes one encounter to encounter an STD…..which based on how the SD’s like to play means you will potentially encounter as much as any prostitute would……I see few relationships being mentioned here…I see ALWAYS p4p….which is prostitution. Sleeping with different men regardless to what you call yourself is a lifestyle…..A lot of prostitutes have other jobs….and are in college and or educated…..I won’t say a lot….but there are not a lot of educated SB’s based on what the SD’s are saying about them. Most SB’s are so desperate for cash that they mostly offer transactions before a relationship is established and then no relationship is established…..
    Am I the only person that needs clarification on how they came up with the differences?

  51. really? says:

    Most of the men downing women who seek a financial benefit from men are probably bitter ones who either 1) can’t successfully find intimacy due to a solid combination of their lack of respect for women and their repulsiveness or 2) tried to find a sugar baby, made a connection with someone, and was left rejected, sexually. The fact that you demonize young women for striving for money is absolutely ridiculous. You strive after sex, and no one is judging you. Women know what you want. And they’re trying to make a deal out of it. Get over it.

    • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

      Spoken like a person who understands the game….bravo.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s very hard to become bitter when every failed relationship is replaced by a better one, every single time.

    • Sean says:

      Nice ad hominem and generalizations there. Not all men that have a problem with this are unsuccessful in relationships. Some people just have strong morals and there’s nothing wrong with that. Bottom line, sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships are transactional relationships, which makes them little more than a prostitute or an escort at best, with the only difference being less strict time requirements. If you want to rebut a person’s points, try attacking their points, not them. If you can’t, then they just have a more solid argument than you.

  52. Sylvia says:

    I think this article is splitting hairs over what a prost vs SB does with the rest of her life. We all know what a GFE is and how “providers”(prostitutes) can exchange that with “hobbiests” (johns) on a one time or long term basis, and it’s very fluid. A high class escort or SB with a drug problem can easily fall to the streetwalking pipe hitter rank, no matter what her other jobs or aspirations are, if the drugs or mental illness or bad luck happen. And saying romance can happen, if one that will always be strained by the dubious integrity of both parties, is a slim probability, like dancers who actually like the people they give lap dances to. It’s merely the hope/wishful thinking that keeps wallets open. Many men won’t ever truly understand that the girl doesn’t want him, doesn’t like men, doesn’t like herself much.

    • Sylvia says:

      Meaning, the myth that it’s a real relationship with a foundation of trust and intimacy and mutual compassion and empathy and common goals is what drives the whole sex work industry. Like how smoking was promoted as good for you in the midcentuyy. I do know someone who met their husband on SA. She is not attracted to him. His support is why she values him, her company is why he values her. She doesn’t have to work, he doesn’t have to be lonely. But it’s very much an arrangement like marriages in India… affection can develop, but in India obligation keeps you together- not a feeling of wholeness and mutuality. She was in it for the money, he was in it for the sex.

      • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

        That sounds like a sad existence for her where he wins…and she just has to endure. And I have truly liked quite a few people I have dealt with over the years……not everybody does anything just for the money. That is a serious stereotype.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        I dont think it’s a sad existence, nor that it’s just him who wins.

        It’s pragmatism and can be quite efficient…yes, even evolving to affection. Perhaps moreso in the states than in India, it is a freewill choice for both individuals, afterall.

  53. Austin says:

    Last poster. Pretty much right on.

    If I want to be in an arrangement with an ADULT half my age, then that is my choice.

    If she wants to be with me, then that is her choice.

    The motxivators invovled are not a factor, because each RELATIONSHIP is DIFFERENT.

    Sorry, but I MUST DIGRESS WITH A RUDE JOKE, seeing how long this conversation is.

    Dit ti rei.


    Because the mathematical proof is right above, but you have your eyes wide shot and cant see it.

    Dit ti rei.

    Get it ?

    It is a joke. ????

    • Sean says:

      Everything that you do is your own choice, but that doesn’t mean that a person can’t have an opinion on a general lifestyle choice that’s not really unique, nor new. You’re right, every relationship is different, but there are general types of relationships, one of them being transactional, or money-based and there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion on a type of relationship. I could care less about what specific people do with their time so long as it doesn’t hurt me or people that I care about, but I’ll still have an opinion about a lifestyle and it’s okay.

  54. fuck this says:

    sugar babies are money hungry sluts worse then prostitutes in every single way, sugar bitches are..bitches stuck up thinkin they deserve money just because there spending time with someone, fuuckk you, woman are soo fuckin high on themselves no wonder men AND woman hate you, how about get a fuckin job and or kill urself

  55. Sk says:

    As someone who used to be a member of SA, I can say that in my 6 months of using the site, I met a lot of sleazy women who conducted themselves to try and extract as much value from immediate dates without so much as a mutual connection. Twice though I dated women who I slept with and also ended up becoming my girlfriend… but being SA and all.. the majority of women on the site all want some kind of allowance or financial benefit out of it. Yes, sugar babies and daddies can both be a sleazy bunch.

  56. Danny says:

    Actually sugar babies are worse than prostitutes. With porstitutes you actually get what you pay for, with sugar babies they try to sell you the idea of being with them and getting laid. Sugar babies just want someone to spoil them with nothing given in return only the belief of it, and it’s not a fair transaction at all. Just a bunch of lazy entitled women.

    • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

      This is harsh……

    • ak says:

      This is so true

    • Gaetano Sevastano says:

      Thats not true, Im a SB and I like sex I actually want to have sex, Im good looking and in shape. I think a lot of the SDs on here have way too much mental baggage to deal with me quite honestly, bc I want sex and trust me more than once per date…

    • Chris says:

      I disagree. Sex is what it’s all about. Younger women like older Gus be older guys are better in bed. The sex is better. Yeah sucks for the young guys but find your self and older woman that wants to teach you. Then when are older younger women will be coming to you.

  57. I totally agree with Carl, men are wising up to the fact that a marriage these days is seen as a way for a woman to get in and then comfortably leave work and wait to get pregnant.

  58. carl says:

    Men can and are changing though. The whole culture of marriage and its cost are dissolving as with most out dated things. Guys are catching up on how to survive in this nasty jealous society the only way possible. Alone And

  59. carl says:

    Theirs no difference in any female whoring or marrying! They all feel entitled and owed great debts for being born with and seeing themselves as objects. This is a great lie of humanity yet it goes on and women will never admitt or change.

  60. WOW! this is how the difference is but i don’t actually see that why people think sugar baby are as same as pros!

  61. Girls Court says:

    Such a tremendous terminology to differentiate the two totally misconception of what actually a sugar a baby is and a pros!

    • bongstar420 says:

      So your saying there is a difference in two groups seeking to profit from sex?

      I don’t see how any difference would matter. They both seek to profit from sex. It appears the “sugar baby” merely seeks a higher profit margin than a “prostitute”

      • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

        actually….from what I have been reading….most prostitutes actually earn more than the sugar babies who often have to do more for equal or a lower rate than escorts. An escort gets paid by the hour…..the average per girl is different the but norm for a non street walker is about 150-200….sugar babies earn that just the same…and often have to invest more time and do more.

      • ak says:

        So far i haven’t seen any sugar baby asking for 150-200. Where did you got that rate ? Backpage ? who are you and why you are replying to all message ? Trying to get attentions of all SD here ? Yes, SB does invest more time but they are smart enough to get this convert into paid date (dinner, drink) along with allowance if they like the SD. Every single SB i met here is smart and done homework before joining site…so just chill and shut this thread. We all are mature adult and know what we want. Stop being moral police

      • anon says:

        Ms. Phoenix, u hit the nail on the head!!! invest weeks time and then what? nothing. I have a job and trust me if I invested all this time in another job I would make more money!!! I was in contact with one man for 3 weeks before we met and it was all day every day contact and then he came cheap… No one has time for that!!

      • Chris says:


        I am chatting woman off the site ask for $150 to $500. Honestly though if you’re going pay $200 hour for an escort why not work out arrangement with A sugar baby and give her $200 as part of an arrangement. Like if I can see woman once or twice a month why not. Escorts tend to be in relationships already with men who accept their work, not pimps just guys who understand their position

  62. Neena says:

    The sugar baby is close to a prostitute, she has no morals, wants sex and money. Her God is money. They know the man they are with is married and has kids.

    • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

      I take it your husband is a sugar daddy?

    • Chris says:

      So what if they are married men. Many men love and adore their wives. They just sexless marriages. Instead breaking up the marriage with divorce the seek that elsewhere. They get their release and marriage stays strong. The woman who is the mistress sugar baby learns what good man is, they learn seek out that get married and go into knowing full well that she will have his love and in the future he may have mistress. The reverse is true with women but less so unless the don’t have kids.

  63. dytto says:

    As a young woman just free of the only relationship I have ever had I am drawn to this lifestyle as I only know how to be the caring, feminine lover to a Man in control.
    I am not asking to be paid for sex I ask to be taken care of. Big difference in end games ???

    • Fundude says:

      Most men aren’t looking to just “take care of you” They want intimacy as well.

      If you don’t like that, I suggest Match.com

    • I can only admire the young female who is only to be taken care of. She says she doesn’t seek $$.00 for sex;but to be taken cared of. I’d admire my girl,if she was like that;except I don’t have 1,at this time.Jim Lamb,of Fashhionable-Ferndale,Michigan

    • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

      Isn’t looking to be taken care of the same as providing intimacy for money….or goods…..not sure the difference but one is no better or different than the other if you’re willing to date multiple men for the end goal.

  64. mentor ?? advance their career ?? how is that going to happen by meeting on a website ? hahah

    • Fundude says:

      Ultimately, the difference is just semantics.

      Men want sex, women want money.

      Most men are not willing to pay for a platonic SB or they will pay very low amounts.

      That is why there is game playing.

      SBs will often attempt to string along the SD in the hopes of intimacy. Only suckers fall for that.

      • Admirer says:

        “Mentorship” is another rinser code word for platonic only. If you are only mentoring her then you are not interested in her body. I avoid those profiles that state that word. They will not say outright platonic because 99$ of the men will avoid their profiles. Gotta be imaginative.

      • Fundude says:


        There is also the “educated” SB game where they are always busy but have time for your money. Them being “educated” means “they aren’t a prostitute and too picky/high class”.

        Ergo, you pay but get nothing

      • bongstar420 says:

        Women with money still have the same demands as women without.

      • ak says:

        Yes, even some stupid girls want to have father-only figure to given them money. Some want to do video show and talk only in exchange of money. Site is full of scammers and it is hard to find a real SB here

      • Anonymous says:

        women also want to be satisfied sexually. men gives sex to SB

    • Chris says:

      Mentoring from experience is sexual mentoring not career mentoring. Women like older guy because we tend to my sexually open minded. It also is chance for them to get to know guys they wouldn’t normally date. They learn from that learn what to look for in younger single men the mentoring. They learn how to attract that guy. I had sb who did exactly that. She didn’t even want much in return. I helped her land a great guy her age. I would doubt she’ll be engage by the end of the year. She was amazing sad to see her go but so much happier to see her in love.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Its a form of prostitution so fucking deal with it!

  66. Susan adams says:

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  67. Susan adams says:


  68. KnownAim says:

    “The fact is, this resembles the dynamic of marriage. Although our culture for the most part, is steeped in so much puritanical guilt we can look right at something and convince ourselves it’s not what we see. If you’ve ever been married you understand. New car = good sex. Forgotten anniversary = sorry, I have a headache. Marriage is socially acceptable…”

  69. […] also have likened “sugar dating” to prostitution, and the site even posted a blog post dedicated to the differences between the two, including the fact that “in sugar, sex is never a […]

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  71. Guest says:

    Can we be charged with prostitution for have a conversation about money and sex here? Did you know if it could be undercover policies here?

  72. gift ideas says:

    Hi, It is a nice post, thanks.

  73. lol says:

    Ahahah, nice try. Sugar babies are just women with bullshit excuses to not being called prostitutes. Your “sugar daddies” know it, everyone knows it.

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Then those guys shall not have young and good looking girls. let them go to the woman of their age who wants a lot more $ in divorce court. You, old guys think that young women shall sacrifice her youth for you without compensation? They could spend that time with good looking young guys. They are not available for young guys because of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      the wives have the same excuse

  74. Anonymous says:

    The fact is, this resembles the dynamic of marriage. Although our culture for the most part, is steeped in so much puritanical guilt we can look right at something and convince ourselves it’s not what we see. If you’ve ever been married you understand. New car = good sex. Forgotten anniversary = sorry, I have a headache. Marriage is socially acceptable. It’s also a minefield of manipulation.

  75. Anonymous says:

    It’s make me laugh when “sugarbabies” ask $10K/month for meet Daddy once/month, no sex :)))

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would anyone pay $10/K per month for few minutes of sex? Sex does not cost that much. Maybe it is a payment for her freedom, for putting up with his difficult personality, which will take 99% of the time. Sex will take just 1% of the time like it would take with wife or girlfriend

  76. vince says:

    If there is monies traded at the hands of a sugarbaby and a sugardaddy for sex, then the SB is considered a whore,prostitude..etc that’s how I look at it plain and simple. There is no sugarcoating or disguising this subject in any way!

    • Anonymous says:

      why a wife is not considered a prostitute if she gets a lot more money in divorce court? Even if the judge is a guy? Why the judge believes that it is fair? Because sex was not exchanged, it was shared in relationship

    • Anonymous says:

      it is not traded, it is shared

  77. Here I find the useful information between Sugar and Prostitution. Thanks, Author.

  78. LitaKota8989 says:

    Some of these comments really are disturbing…0_0
    they are NOT the same as long as the intentions are good on BOTH ends

    • Anonymous says:

      the intentions are not really “good” those guys are old. Do you like to kiss wrinkled body? Poor girls put up with that, they just get compensation for unpleasant things.

      • Anonymous says:

        the poverty is forcing those girls to go with unattractive guys. It is really miserable sometime even to sit next to very ugly guy, even just to hold hands is not fun with some personalities.That is not easy money.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Trump’s wife is a gold digger who only had sex with him because he was rich

  80. Jay says:

    If she leaves you when u have no more money to spend on her then she is a whore. If she is there for your money then she is a whore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Men leave the mother of their children because she’s not young anymore, that makes them perverts. That makes as much sense as your lame comment did.

      • bongstar420 says:

        Your analogy fails.

        How does raising children have anything to do with what turns a man on?

        The definition of a “pervert” is a relative term. For your analogy to have any accuracy, most men would have to only be aroused by the prospects of raising a family. That is not the case. Men are mostly aroused by the way a female looks. This happened because men are not dependent on females to subsidize their inadequacies. I suspect that if men had the same demands as women, humans would go extinct.

    • SB says:

      Jay is angry no matter what she does. So many angry men here.

  81. spcc says:

    no one should mixed up prostitution with a sugar baby! I can’t understand why money and heart can be judged at the same scale! This is too far :@

    • Sean says:

      Why should money need to be exchanged in a relationship? If you are in a serious relationship or married it’s common to share money so there’s no need for exchange. In a successful relationship everything is shared.

  82. Stephie says:

    This is just a really incredible and uninformed outlook about the male clientele on this site, many of whom have paid directly for sex on and off of the site from aspiring sugar babies and escorts.

    Also, this site probably doesn’t suspend accounts of men inquiring about paid casual sex. But they will, according to the TOU, permanently suspend you for “asking for/offering sex” on the site as a sugar baby. You can’t mention being willing to have sex on your profile. You can say “cock” and “fuck”, though.

  83. say it says:

    They are the same money hungry women.
    Sugar is however afraid of the harsh life of motels and different men.
    Nice try though.

  84. Aaron says:

    The only real differences are prostitutes guarantee sex and they are easier on your wallet. Even the high class ones.

    • Aaron says:

      Oh and prostitutes will tell you they are prostitutes and aren’t looking to lure you into a false relationship. It’s just an easy and straightforward arrangement. Girls looking for “sugar daddies” most of the time don’t present themselves that way and make it seem like they are looking for a real connection when really they are just looking for things. Whores are actually more honest than “sugar babies”.

      • Stephie says:

        I think it’s just amazing that of the ratio of men to women on this site, the odds that the men have paid for sex in the past are astronomical. Whereas, most of the women who get the free premium perks with a college email account, have probably never dabbled, but the site comes down hardest on the women because there is a surplus.


    • Josh says:

      It takes a little bit to screen them…but you cannot compare prostitute with SBs. Sorry.

      • Di says:

        You understand girls better because you are as young as them. The girls just cannot afford to pay everywhere they go if they are in college debts, but they are looking for relationship like with normal boyfriend who is stronger than other guys financially.

  85. tratill1 says:

    There is no difference!

    • Anonymous says:

      the girls are not looking for john, they look for relationship, those who look for john are prostitutes

      • Sean says:

        You don’t pay for normal relationships. They are wanting to be paid for their time, just like an escort would. If you’re directly paying for a relationship, then it’s not really a relationship.

  86. nancy says:

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    • bongstar420 says:

      That sounds both immoral.

      Youve turned him into a marionette with you at the end of the strings nevermind the fact that magic is BS

  87. lilkim says:

    There are many types of relationships the best kind is when giving you will receive and having love for the one your spending all your time with!

    • lilkim says:

      I Personally myself is lookimg for Companionship and Financial Security so that were both Happy

      • bongstar420 says:

        Oh…I see. You want to profit from your sexual forays.

        I seek someone who won’t be a waste of sexual dedication or cost me anything for it.

        All I know is the more demands a woman has the more likely I will probably find her unqualified if I am expected to meet those demands since I cannot supply profit to a woman that is not superior.

      • Anonymous says:

        why it is her sexual favors?that is his sexual favors too. SD shall satisfy the SB. Sex can be exchanged for sex only.

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  89. Sk says:

    I’m 34 single male in Toronto CA and I am in a very mutually fulfilling relationship with a girl in a sugary way and it’s been on for almost a year and got to a point we are mutually exclusive close sexual partners unlike secret lovers that no one knows about. We don’t really “date” it’s hard to explain. It’s one of those strictly FWB hyper charged sexual connection with absolutely no limits and we have done pretty much everything, but let’s say I take care of her financially too so she does rely on that too along with the regular sex. Yes relationships and terms can change but depends on how much of other things you want to put in a relationship!

    • Sk says:

      Kinda bordering on love but we ate both in denial until we actually start dating eventually and stop needing to get together every other day. Tonight’s no different

    • bongstar420 says:

      Tell her the money is gone and you won’t wipe her ass for her.

      See where your “relationship” goes..erhem, I mean sex life

    • Milli says:

      That is exactly the kind of relationship I am looking for. I am college educated with a career and I own my own business. I don’t have time to weed through all the douchy guys to look for love. Plus, I’m too busy to settle down. This is the type of situation I crave and desire/

  90. sugar bs says:

    It’s a joke that sugar relationship is monogamous. Sugars are just sex toys to their daddies, and a merchandise to trade. They are just like a pet to their daddies, if you call that a respect!

    • Anonymous says:

      One side of the “relationship” just wants sex. The other just wants money and flashy things. Doesn’t sound like a good ol fashion healthy monogamous relationship to me either

      • bongstar420 says:

        So your telling me you have sex with ugly people because its about the “relationship?”

        I’m sorry…the vast majority of people prioritize things like looks, health, social status, and wealth before the “relationship” gets any consideration-prostitutes make the same considerations but on a short term scale.

      • Anonymous says:

        that is horrible to have sex with ugly people even for free. If you are ugly, please spend those money to make yourself better looking first. then you may get free sex

    • Anonymous says:

      so why are you on this blog if you think these assumptions are true?

  91. Anonymous says:

    guys, there’s really a chance for romance. if you keep yourself presentable, clean, smelling nice, and a gentleman.

  92. Arthur cook says:


  93. Arthur cook says:

    Just looking for fun. Have money

  94. Louise Damen says:

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  95. Anonymous says:

    Lol sugar babies are more picky.. That’s a laugh

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  97. Anonymous says:

    Mentor most be some new code word for prostitution I guess lol. These girls are so lazy they all seem to wanna start a business or something but the fail to realize is when all you know how to so is engage in sex for money unless your opening up a whore house you won’t know how to do a thing. Running a
    buiness takes years of experience
    in the field your getting into not
    just free money. These girls are at a point in their lives where basically the decided I really don’t wanna work the rest of my life because I am lazy an I won’t be pretty that much longer so I better find my ticket to a free life. Have a little self esteem an maybe try a meet someone you actually love instead of prejudging every man based on income.

    • Intelligence Is A Weapon says:

      Clearly you’re a woman (or man with more feminine qualities than usual) who has ither been left by someone for another person, or just jealous and or envious off the careless lives these “working” girls seem to live, but being someone who us smart enough to post online, says you’re an adult, and you need to have more of an open mind and a bit of compassion…although allot pig what you said may be true, I know allot if girls that are genuinely in bad situations and unable to move ahead in life with out the sad reality that they have to sell themselves…. so unless you’re Buddha or Oprah, doggy be so

    • Anonymous says:

      They want to love a rich guy

  98. Anonymous says:

    The type of girls that engage in these services simply view men as dollar signs and are incapable of loving a man or forming a healthy relationship. I would guess most have daddy issues because they are literally incapable of loving a man so they use this to their advantage
    and figure every time they have sex
    or show a man the slightest bit of attention they should be compensated.

  99. Anonymous says:

    There’s no difference between a ‘sugar baby’ and a prostitute or escort, the only maybe difference is it’s more ‘professional’. There’s still dangers in meeting men (sugar daddies) as to meeting johns. The man wants what men want from most women…and the women want money…that sounds very similar to ‘escorting’ in my opinion. Another possible difference is saying you have a sugar daddy is less criminating than saying you’re an escort, or grown men pay me, give me allowance for favors…

  100. IHF2030 says:

    The only difference is exclusivity.

  101. Anonymous says:

    This is a sick prostitution service

  102. Marc says:

    “There is no relationship, and no possibility for a relationship. And that is the key difference really: Relationship.”
    An interaction between a client and a provider is still, technically, a relationship.

    “Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies have on-going relationships, not transactions.”
    Purely semantics. If a woman is giving over her personal time to a man who pays for her time, this is merely a more complex transaction, and it’s one this website is reliably capitalizing upon.

    “…real possibilities at romance, something that is not in the realm of possibility with an escort or prostitute.”
    That’s an awfully broad brush you’re painting with, there. Personal relationships are possible as a result of the relationship between prostitute and client. The boundaries are simply less muddled in the beginning, unlike “sugaring,” which can mean anything and everything.

    “A prostitute isn’t picky about who she takes on as a client.”
    Another insultingly broad statement—insulting to readers’ intelligence and to prostitutes themselves. I realize that caricaturizing escorts and prostitutes helps to serve your rhetoric in making a clear division between sugaring and prostituting, but these absolute, negative stereotypes you’re painting are not accurate in the real world. Prostitution is as diverse as sugaring, you’ll find—and there is certainly a place where the two merge.

    “A Sugar Daddy is generous, and wants to see their partner succeed.”
    Says who? Again: A broad, simplistic statement that supports your business model.

    “The risks involved with prostitution are countless, and include exposure to crime, abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and theft of service.”
    Please explain how a sugar baby isn’t ever subject to these same risks, especially as the line between sugaring and whoring blurs.

    “While an escort might have a sordid sexual history, a Sugar relationship is often monogamous.”
    Says the site that allows sugar daddies to have up to 8 sugar babies.

    “Prostitutes on the other hand, use their trade as a source of income — it’s a last resort for many women who are pressed for money. They aren’t looking for mentors or anyone with a specific level of expertise.”
    I think it’s foolish and insulting to speak for all prostitutes in this way.

    “Prostitutes are hired to role play for the evening — they’ll be whomever you want them to be, but they won’t necessarily be themselves. She treats you like a job, not like a man.”
    Somehow I suspect that there are plenty of sugar babies who play the part just as smugly. Just have that feeling. 😉

  103. slinging ass online for cash

  104. Anonymous says:

    Titles help people feel better. If I say I am a happiness consultant instead of a escort or sugar baby then society feels more at ease or more comfortable? All men want is companionship on one level or another. Women want to be compensated without having the stigma of being a whore or escort, sugar baby, prostitute. But women only marry men that are able to financially support them and their family are gold diggers?

    Nothing is for free. With that being said everyone time is at a price. When you work a civilian job they pay you by the hour in most cases. How is it that they can decide your worth per hour but your not allowed to determine your own worth per hour.

    Gentlemen decide whom they want to spend their time with based off what they are able to contribute financially. There are women who do the same thing being paired with men who are able to contribute to there financial needs for there life style.

    Gentlemen and women shouldn’t be judged based off what society deems appropriate.

    Live your life as a individual.. Everyday more abundantly then the last

  105. Anonymous says:

    I’m so confused about the whole sb and sd.. I read some that you don’t have to have sex and it’s more a mentorship and friendship where others state your selling sex and your body for money.. which is it!?

  106. […] Seeking Arrangement outlined the difference between their site and prostitution last year, saying that sugar daddies/mommas and sugar babies have ongoing relationships. […]

  107. rembodler says:

    wow wow wow – Bravo!
    can I PLEASE(please!) gloat now:

    rembodler says:
    July 29, 2015 at 8:31 pm
    While I appreciate the SA’s desire to jump on a bandwagon for a politically correct blog post… Maybe they want to address some other “hot button” subjects?

    Like, for example:

    Another women’s issue, prostitution. I do not understand why prostitution is illegal. Why should prostitution be illegal? Selling is legal. Funcking is legal. Why isn’t selling funcking legal? You know, why should it be illegal to sell something that’s perfectly legal to give away? I can’t follow the logic on that at all. Of all the things you can do to a person, giving someone an orgasm is hardly the worst thing in the world. In the army they give you a medal for spraying napalm on people. Civilian life, you go to jail for giving someone an orgasm. Maybe I’m not supposed to understand it.
    George Carlin’s
Explicit Lyrics

  108. […] Seeking Arrangement outlined the difference between their site and prostitution last year, saying that sugar daddies/mommas and sugar babies have ongoing relationships. […]

  109. […] Seeking Arrangement outlined the difference between their site and prostitution last year, saying that sugar daddies/mommas and sugar babies have ongoing relationships. […]

  110. Anonymous says:

    I am an upper scale mature escorts at the age of 49, I am NOT washed up or a worn out w**** not rode hard or put up wet either. I would put my real name up but on the fears that people would drag me through the mud because they’re ignorant lack of knowledge and immaturity. I do not allow people to downsize what I do because of their lack of knowledge for my profession. bottom line it is what it is, that the money I have made throughout the years has been well invested and meet my children and schooling, and whatever things we choose to spoil ourselves with. and drug addiction was no part of it so use that for some streetwhores that say they don’t do that really do. please don’t mistake all escorts expecy higher and ones like myself to the prostitutes that work the streets that discovered the internet and how to advertise. with me it’s not always about washing the clock is quality as well as quantity. and no matter how you try to get around it bottom line is all women all women get compensated for what they do one way or another okay so let’s go sugarcoat escorts from sugar babies from wives and girlfriends and prostitutes ok it is what it is. but you go ahead and tell yourself whatever you need to do be able to sleep better at night okay. bottom line sugar daddies sugar babies, sugar daddies wake up nothing is for free, yes I have a profile on SA he cannot believe how many men have contacted me but not wanting to show your appreciation other than oral and f****** seriously guys grow up quit being so damn cheap and trying to get s*** for free

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  112. […] Seeking Arrangement posted: […]

  113. Adric says:

    Wow!!! It’s really great article about Sugar baby and prostitution. You made some good points here. Thanks for sharing

    • Anonymous says:

      and that article is not completely accurate just a lot of b******* on there I don’t agree with and I have over 20 years experience

  114. crystal says:

    not looking for much just looking to enjoy someone’s company as they enjoy mineonline tv selfish person and I am happy with whatever I get in mymy phone number is 201 5394 135

  115. Allen says:

    I am really glad I found your website and I love it! I think all of your advices and introductions are really great!

  116. Bayer Scott says:

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    • Anonymous says:

      what does this have to do with sugar babies and sugar daddies, this is for an article under seeking arrangement

  117. SB TVC15 says:

    Coming on a site like SA and complaining because the women want money makes about as much sense as creating a Grindr profile and then complaining because everyone’s gay.

  118. Anonymous says:

    This is lies, absolutely disgusting.

    • Anonymous says:

      amen to that comment it is a bunch of b******* between prostitutes and sugar babies there’s not much of a difference at all

  119. Anonymous says:

    “a prostitute isn’t picky about who she takes on as a client.”

    Not all of them. Just like the overweight sugar babies don’t get top tier sugar daddies.

    If you fool yourself into thinking that you’re so amazing that people will give you money just to hang out, you’re naive.

    Using cute and sweet words like “sugar baby” doesn’t make the fact that it’s “money whoring” any better.

    • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

      Agreed. It should not be an issue of a woman wants money…and a guy wants sex….sometimes they will meet in the middle…..sometimes one will have to cave in…..this is life.

  120. looking for a woman between 30 and 38 good looking looking for an arrangement between me and a woman private straight passionate sex no attachments unless it’s great apply with themwith an I will reply back call call 4:01 829 8204 again 4:01 829 8204 area code 401

  121. Mike Adams says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I feel so bad for all these women\men who think this will led to some sort of happiness. Yes of course resources are extremely important in the world today but there are so many ways to go about this. What happens when you turn 30? 40? 50? 60? You know what happens. You can justify it, rationalize it, anyways you want in the end you will never find happiness this way. No judgement just love and support. It may be a legal grey area but from my experience the self hatred and shame is not worth it. I see it everyday.

    -Detective Mike Adams,
    Town of Lexington,Sexual Assault Unit

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Adams I been an adult entertainer female escort very successful for years I’m not ashamed of what I do nor am ia disgrace or a drug addict

    • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

      I’m in my 30’s and I don’t need to justify it….just as no man needs to justify his desire to be with women he is not exclusive with.

  122. X says:


  123. Naz says:

    I dislike prostitutes, I don’t know about sugar babies. I feel they want to exploit successful men.

    • NotInsane says:

      Some might, Naz. Most I’ve interacted with are after more than just $$, which is a GOOD thing. But let’s not shed any tears for the poor, exploited Successful Man. A “successful man” who can’t tell if he’s being unfairly exploited may not be successful for long and may not even understand how he’s been successful thus far.

  124. Josh says:

    Because an SB was NEVER called a “non timed vagina” on the blog. That’s why. 😉

  125. Elaine says:


    In older topics it was discussed this way.
    I really don’t have time to go back and check all old topics to tell where exactly.

    But you know as well as I do there has been discussions about “timed” and “non timed” vagina’s!
    But why this question, do you feel adressed?

  126. Josh says:


    Where is an SB called “non timed vagina” on the blog? 😉

  127. Healer1210 says:

    Thanks for the supportive words. It has been a long time since I’ve tried meeting a guy and doing it on this site has been a bit challenging. I’d forgotten what it felt like men just wanting to get you into bed. Being called a prostitute kinda hurt my feelings and as it is I do sometimes feel like a prostitute because I am wanting a financial arrangement. I’m new to being a SB so hopefully it gets easier. Eventually I hope to meet SDs that appreciates older women who isn’t into material things and knows their value.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been an escort for years in a serger baby as well and I did not feel one bit bad about it. I am very much respected and very well liked and respect myself and love myself. and by no means conceited but confident and not blinded and not ignorant to what’s going on. every woman that’s in a relationship even a marriage is being compensated for what she is doing one way or another alright boys don’t blind yourself don’t pat yourself on the back by calling girls whores that get money. you can’t play self-righteous religious bastards Mary Magdalene was a w**** and Jesus loves her okay, it is what it is bottom line everyone’s compensated for their time from someone else one way or another okay so don’t act like your better then cuz you’re not.

    • SWM says:

      In the end, we reap what we sow. Men complain about young attractive ladies who won’t overlook a middle age physique … while ignoring ladies in the same tier of physical beauty. Women complain about men who are stingy and guarded . . . while actively maintaining barriers and trying to rinse as much as they can. Good relationships (and arrangements) require both parties to make themselves a bit vulnerable. If done too quickly, you get burned. If not done at all, there is no joy and both parties waste their time. There is a lot of good in SD/SB relationships, but the bad part is that if both sides adopt a purely transactional mindset, there is no fun to be had. —- 40SWM

  128. Elaine says:


    There is a lot of cheap bastards on this site, trying to get sex for better prices as escorts would charge them.
    Some even call SB’s a “non timed vagina” on this blog, or they compare “prices” based upon age and location.
    To give you an idea about the average level….

    These are not real SD, but men looking for sex at a bargain and an excuse to not be called “John”.
    Maybe we, the older SB’s, piss them off because we are not naive and know we are worth far more as being treated like this.
    And then they get mean by calling you names (some), or poof without a word (a lot).

    The good news is that there is some genuine SD’s who appreciate your experience and straightforwardness and are willing to give you a proper allowance. It just needs patience and a thourough weeding process..

  129. Kms2014 says:

    @healer, I am an older Woman as well, and if the ‘SD’ accused you of being a prostitute, if you asked or said you preferred an allowance, then he was not a real SD. Be cautious as many on site will ‘pretend’ to be an SD, then start the speech of, ‘oh, so many women on this site are escorts and I am not like that’, in order to guilt or shame you into having a sexual relationship with them, that is not mutually beneficial. Do not waste one single second on these scam artist time wasters. I am not sure of your exact situation, but a real SD would never say such a rude thing to a woman who was being up front
    about her expectations, especially, if he asked….I usually wait for them to ask, unless they are new or shy about bringing up the topic.

    • Anonymous says:

      you are so absolutely right a lot of guys on here are full of s*** and only want to do things for free, especially sexual and how I can do that in bed by myself

  130. Josh says:


    “I’m not into material things so what do I ask for?”

    You may ask for health, happiness, salvation, world peace and any number of other things

  131. Healer1210 says:

    Being an older SB, I tend to be direct about my expectation. I was just called a prostitute by a potential SD today because I was very upfront. I’m finding out that most men still expect sex for free. Maybe I have the SD/SB relationship all wrong. Are younger SBs happy providing sex for a name brand purse or a fancy dress? Being older, I’m not into material things so what do I ask for? What’s the

    • Sean says:

      What do you think money is? Money is very much a material thing, in fact materialistic means money-oriented. What you do with the money is irrelevant. You’re surprised that you were a prostitute when you’re upfront about wanting to be financially compensated for sex? That’s what prostitutes do. You know, in a number of parts in the world prostitution isn’t looked down upon and is a legitimate profession. If you’re offended by be likened to a prostitute it’s only because of your stance on the morality of prostitution. What you choose to do is on you, but don’t just think that being a sugar baby isn’t like being a prostitute or escort only because it’s what you do. If you’re okay with what you do, then be okay with it no matter what names it’s called.

  132. Kms2014 says:

    I would have to say that some people are confused about being human with compassion and a soul in life.

  133. Josh says:

    Its interesting how many people are confused about the sugar life.

  134. Jessica says:

    It’s all the same sh*t whether your’e a sugar baby or prostitute you’re still fu*king someone’s husband. He’s just paying extra to show the petite sugar baby b*tch with the fake boobs fake lips and fake hair a good time he has to pay for eye candy. Because his wife is a boring slob.

  135. Josh says:


    It is very possible. It’s even more possible that they are looking for sex without money. So provide them sex without money and the whole issue of sex for money goes poof. 😉

  136. Rose says:

    So rare to find a genuine SD anyway. Most SDs think they are looking for a SB but in actuality they are simply seeking sex, for money.

    • Sean says:

      That’s what being a sugar daddy originally entailed. Now, whether people have tried to make it into something more than that in order to justify it is irrelevant because that’s not the origin of the lifestyle.

  137. Elaine says:

    Thanx Cryptic,

    I know that, but that was not how I read Steve’s post…

    @ D.H. I would like to say that a seriuos, genuine SB would never ask for anything upfront. At the other side,…air tickets?
    I can afford to buy them myself and SD reimburses them when we meet, but what if SB cannot?

    I think being succesful on SA, and not being scammed, comes all down to common sense and communication.
    An SB after a free ticket or 300$ upfront, is never going to spend a lot of time communicating, mailing, texting or Skyping, and if she does, but you are smart enough, you will find out easily.

  138. Cryptic says:

    Hi Elaine,

    I know you asked Steve but I will give you my opinion on the question.

    To me the difference is the women themselves, a prostitute or stripper will perform sexual acts for money for many men and not care about her own personal fun or the men she does it for.

    A SB even a promiscuous one as Steve describes will perform sexual acts for her own fun and the money is just a bonus, hence why they charge so much less.

    Now, I know not all SB’s are like that, but there would be many who would see it as a way to have some fun and make some cash on the side without having to see multiple men the way hookers and strippers do.

    SB’s will also like to have something ongoing with the same SB.

    So to me that is the difference in this case.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been an escort and sugar babies for years and bottom line f words they so call them prostitutes whats it is what it is but we don’t screw anybody in everybody for money that’s a crock of s*** oh my god people open up your mind educate yourself not everybody is desperate for cash, I don’t escort because I’m desperate for money or I’m feeding an addiction escort because I can I will and I want to it’s a great income. just because I make money doing what I do doesn’t mean I don’t care about myself for love myself or the all screw anybody for money I’m very selective I pick and choose that’s why I have an awesome reputation an excellent reviews.

  139. DarkHorseSD says:

    Steve, having dealt with hundreds of SA SBs over the years, your experience is right on target with the SB population overall.

    You are most certainly right about the dangers of upfront payments and scamming at the end of your post. Chumming for chics has filled the SA waters with sharks and kept them well fed; men that do this are polluting the environment.

    In addition to your points, If you are in a major destination like NYC, Miami, London, etal…you are highly vulnerable to the scam of buying plane tickets giving them a free trip to where they wanted to go anyway and they just never meet you.

  140. Elaine says:

    So Steve, what then is exactly the difference between Sugar and Pro in your story?
    That is not entirely clear to me after having read your post….
    You seem to treat, and see, sugar as prostitution at a bargain, as far as I understand.

  141. candi says:

    Really really important point many are missing, the VAST MAJORITY of street walking prostitutes are victims. Whether drug addicts or human traffic or both, if you buy time with a lady of the night, you are directly funding a huge abuse of human rights. The same is obv not true for a sugar relationship. Also, I feel like we should move away from assuming the sugar comes from a man and is consumed by a woman? What’s wrong with sugar mommas?

    Peace and cuddles,
    Candi x

  142. Josh says:


    How are you mi amore? Long time no chat. How’s life/SD(s) treating you? 😉

  143. Sugardoll says:

    So…. whats happening over here..!!! @Josh

  144. @Josh


    Good post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and real life scenarios.

    See you are quite capable of writing non word gymnastics prose. ”

    Thank you, dear. I love you, too ;).

  145. Josh says:

    There a substantial number of post twenties SBs as well but SA does not address them either.

  146. Austin says:

    Yeah, I can do that. One would think, however, that SA would be a bit more inclusive in its blog entries since I’m sure it makes a substantial amount of money from gay SDs. I don’t think there’s a single blog entry here that even acknowledges that customer base…

  147. EmZee says:

    @Austin It’s going to take centuries before people start using “they/them” or create an entirely new gender nonspecific pronoun. Surely, being gay, you’re used to 98% of the world being geared for heterosexuals and can easily find/replace all irrelevant pronouns with the one(s) you prefer, right? Most of the lubes are reviewed by hetero couples but I still read them to find out what works best for sexytime with my man.

  148. Josh says:

    Sue them or at least get a petition going? 😉

  149. Austin says:

    Oops. I accidentally read this blog. Apparently it was intended for heterosexuals only. Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.

    “A sugar baby is a woman who wants to date financially secure men who can provide her with the lifestyle she desires…”

    “In real life, winks can get you what you want without speaking. You’re across the room, and if she’s interested and doesn’t think debris is pestering your eye, she’s likely to show interest in return.”

    “Browsing through all the potential Sugar Daddies can leave a girl wondering: who are these men and what do they want?”

  150. Josh says:


    Good post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and real life scenarios.

    See you are quite capable of writing non word gymnastics prose. 😉

  151. SunShineSD says:

    It’s like the down payment requirement for buying a house. If we consider 20% down payment to be a safety margin for buying a house that people on average only keep for 7 years or so, why shouldn’t there be a 20% down payment upfront requirement for taking on the responsibility of raising a child, just to prove that the would-be parents have the discipline and resources to provide adequately for the child.

    • Sean says:

      The difference is that children aren’t a possession, they are human beings and don’t have monetary values. Procreation should never be based on money. It should never be up to anyone other than the parents who procreates and who doesn’t. If you did that you’d be encroaching on fundamental human rights.

  152. SunShineSD says:

    People who fight like that over a few measely hundred dollars a month for their own children really should have no business making the babies to begin with. Perhaps there is some merit to the idea of making IUD implantation (and whatever the equivalent for male is) mandatory, to be taken out only when she has at least $100k saved up or someone else willing to pledge double the amount on her behalf as bond for making a baby. Then put it back in after the baby is born; pledged funds to be released only 5% per year over 20 years after the child is born, fully released immediately if the effort is given up and the IUD is put back in. Would avoid a lot of misery for a lot of people in both generations.

    • Sean says:

      That’s not how procreation should work and if it did we’d go extinct because most people couldn’t afford to save that kind of money to have a single baby. You really didn’t think this through.

  153. “In “regular” relationship the woman will progressively claim all of his time, all of his attention and if things don’t work out all of his kids and 50% of his assets. Her claim to fame during the marriage is that she takes care of “his” kids. But when she leaves the kids auto-magically become hers. LOL!

    Men is the western world are doomed, and obviously losing interest in marrying or staying married. The catch-22 of the “ownership” of the kids by the state gives men no reason to claim them theirs or to take good care of them. Some men due to X, Y or Z reasons will continue to pretend that their kids are theirs and not the states’.”

    It’s an unfortunate reality that children are sometimes used as bargaining tools. A good male friend of mine won a court case that set precedence for paternal rights. Still, he feels as though he lost as the state still very much dictates quite a bit…child support, visitation etc. By the time all was said and done, he had won the court case, but had a criminal record (disorderly conduct), spent all of his money on legal fees, was on the cusp of homelessness, and was essentially shunned by his community. He now pays child support to the mother of his child who works under the table, and her income isn’t factored into his payments. Someone else I know had a similar situation except his ex filed a restraining order so he was paying child support for children he could only see in a supervised room at some government office. His wife also had unreported income which was not reflected in his payments. Once when he refused to pay the amount ordered, his drivers license was suspended. I think they actually issue arrest warrants now. He, at one point, gave up and went into a pretty deep depression over it. Things are better between the parties in both cases, but it was pretty ugly for some time.

    I also have a friend who is a single dad, works full time, and is a full-time graduate student. Some times his child’s mother shows up, sometimes she doesn’t.

    On the (far heavier) other hand, I know of situations where the father only fights for shared custody to avoid paying higher child support, yet the mother ends up caring for the children most or all of the time. In some situations, loss of custody is a get-out-of-jail-free card, and fathers are fine with paying the child support and relinquishing parenting to the mother, less every other (Funtime at Dad’s) weekend. Some under-report income to avoid higher payments. And, of course, you have your classic scumbags who have no interest in seeing or supporting their children.

    I do think that the courts try to err on the best interest of the child, though discretionary lines should be taken into consideration more.

    I don’t know that sugar is the solution, but I can see how one might prefer it over some of the turmoil and residual effects of severed vows and relationships turned sour.

    I think that in these situations, people need to consider and love their children more than they hate each other.

  154. SunShineSD says:


    Just like KMS’ inability/distaste to have relationship with older guys, I find myself quite turned off by signs of aging on the counter-party, like lines on the face, sun damage, skin losing water content / water retention capacity, etc. etc.. Instead of bragging about this tendency as some kind of virtue/selectiveness like she does, I’m rather self-conscious about this turn-off. For this reason, I’d rather let go of a female partner before that stage is reached and support her and her child(ren) from me, instead of keeping her as a nominal sexual partner for decades but wondering what to do with her as I no longer have any sexual desire for her; sex with her becomes more work/duty for me than enjoyment at that stage. Have you ever been in a marriage long enough to lose sexual interest in your (ex-)wife, despite liking her as a non-sexual person/partner?

    I’m sure it’s quite common, and explains much of the need for SB’s by many married men. I just prefer to be honest about it and avoid any “adultery” by avoiding the marriage framework altogether.

  155. Josh says:

    sweetie says:
    July 15, 2014 at 10:51 pm
    That’s pathetic! If they are porn stars, why would they need a SD? Doesn’t porn pay nicely?”

    There’s only so much porn a woman can do. And she is not recording all the time. Just like “modeling” being I porn star (of any caliber) is used to get addition dumb money from those who think from their little head.

  156. Josh says:


    “Also, I’m turned off easily by physical imperfections”

    Hmmm, what that might be?

  157. Kms2013 says:

    Thanks for the insightful observation. I do have women throwing themselves at me all the time, just usually the wrong age group and wrong context (I’m not into dating employees or tenants). I don’t do pickup games, and don’t go to bars, so the opportunity for meeting the age group I desire (and in non-professional context) is limited in real life. Also, I’m turned off easily by physical imperfections, so in a long term relationship, having a baby with me is a necessary golden parachute for the woman; everyone ages, eventually. I tend to enjoy long term relationship more, and in a long term relationship with emotions invested, it’s much harder to stay cool as a cucumber than analyzing someone else’ problems even if the problems are similar in nature. That’s why I want to hear from SD’s similar to myself and share my own experience to get a more detached “second opinion.”


  158. Josh says:

    If a man has to tax optimize his sugar, two things come to mind. He is so open about his sugar activities that he does not care to etch them in the government documents or that he should focus on making more money to not have to tax optimize the dang thing.

  159. Elaine says:

    Good overview CanadianSD!

    Now I am wondering about approx. percentage of presence of those groups?

    My own rough estimate, based upon what I hear from SD and checking SB profiles now and then by myself, would be:

    1. 25%
    2. 45%
    3. 25%
    4. 5%

    Of course that is counted on really ACTIVE SB’s because I still am convinced that around 30% of profiles (both SB & SD) is abandoned and 30% just for fun/entertainment, and never really serious to meet.
    And that is no rough estimate as far as SD profiles concerned, but my own experience. 🙁

  160. Josh says:

    Prostitution is a business involving voluntary or involuntary vaginas. Most of them providing mechanical sex. Since most men are into mechanical sex, there is an on-going demand for prostitution from the beginning of time.

    “Escorts” are a are a step above over the brothel-based or street-corner kind prostitutes. They try to distinguish themselves based on whatever the fuck fancies them and “maybe” there is some difference.

    If men are careful then there is a limited exposure, but if they get sloppy then there are legal, health, social consequences.

    In “regular” relationship the woman will progressively claim all of his time, all of his attention and if things don’t work out all of his kids and 50% of his assets. Her claim to fame during the marriage is that she takes care of “his” kids. But when she leaves the kids auto-magically become hers. LOL!

    Men is the western world are doomed, and obviously losing interest in marrying or staying married. The catch-22 of the “ownership” of the kids by the state gives men no reason to claim them theirs or to take good care of them. Some men due to X, Y or Z reasons will continue to pretend that their kids are theirs and not the states’.

    In sugar relationships woman gets limited time, limited attention and whatever else is negotiated. 😉

    Sugar is the BEST of all “relationships” with women. If men are careful, they get decent dose of what is good in a “regular” relationship, keep their assets where they belong, have plenty of time to themselves, and avoid facing the fucking district attorney.

    Disclaimer: I don’t give a shit about being the flag-bearer of men’s rights. Men can go fuck themselves as most of them would do pretty much anything for access to vagina.

  161. Erik says:

    Four Differences between a Girlfriend and Prostitution 😉

    Years ago, I helped a girlfriend through college. I paid for books, tuition, room and board (she lived with me). Is she a prostitute? I didn’t think so, neither did she. We kept separate finances, and we’re still friends to this day. But, come on…

    The way I like to approach sugar relationships is simple. We’re both here to enjoy ourselves. Because of a power imbalance in the relationship (I have money, she doesn’t), I tend to pay for things, and I help out when she needs it. Yes, I expect intimacy in any relationship i’m in, but the intimacy and money are unrelated. No, i’m not going to be happy in a relationship that doesn’t involve intimacy, and so if there’s no sex the relationship won’t continue.. but that doesn’t mean money = sex. They’re just two things that have to be present for the relationship to work.

  162. SunShineSD says:

    haha, “professional context” in my previous post meant the normal legit business settings, not the “world’s oldest profession” that was being discussed in other posts. While I have zero moral objection to women doing what they have to do to make ends meet, especially if they have children, I have never knowingly dealt with any “pro.” I also avoid dating young women who work for me in normal job capacities; It would not be fair to her or her peers. Perhaps I have high moral standards on myself, perhaps I just want to stay out of trouble. LOL.

  163. Tall says:

    Another major difference between a Prostitute and a SB.

    Taxes and the IRS.

    1. A Prostitute has to declare her self employment Income on Schedule C.

    2. A Sugar Baby does not have to report monies received from a Sugar Daddy as they are Gifts, they are Tax Free to her,

    3. BUT, The Donor or Sugar Daddy has to report the gifts in excess of $14,000 to any given Sugar Baby per year. This would be done on IRS form 709.

    The amount in excess of $14,000 is kept track of and reduces your life time exclusion which is currently $5.34 million indexed for inflation. You won’t owe any taxes in the year the gift over $14,000 is made, but your lifetime estate deduction does get reduced.

    So keep this in mind, for example, if your monthly allowance per any single Sugar Baby is in excess of $1,166.66 in 2014. You may want to consider starting a relationship in the fall and ending it in the spring. Or have multiple Sugar Babies each at a lower amount. Or simply tell your prospective Sugar Baby you can’t go any higher due to IRS regulations. How romantic.

    And if you do your taxes jointly with a spouse, filing form 709 could be an issue…Honey what is this form being filed for???

    The irony here is that tax laws encourages more shorter term relationships with Mistresses, or multiple Mistresses so as not to exceed $14,000 per year.

    • Sean says:

      1. Only where legal.

      2. That’s correct, however many prostitutes’ income isn’t technically taxable either because it’s illegal where they work so that’s irrelevant.

      3. All that means is that men have to pay more overall, just not to the woman.

      This doesn’t really differentiate prostitutes from sugar babies much, it just really says that it’s a bigger financial headache on a sugar daddy to have a sugar baby than it is to have a prostitute and that where legal sugar babies have to pay less, if any, taxes than prostitutes. It doesn’t really change what sugar babies do, which is the entire similarity between the two in the first place.

  164. GenuineSD says:

    @Blog Administrator
    Please forward my email address to NCGent and SunShine SD…

    It appears that I have lost the email addresses in question.

  165. SunShineSD says:

    Thanks for the insightful observation. I do have women throwing themselves at me all the time, just usually the wrong age group and wrong context (I’m not into dating employees or tenants). I don’t do pickup games, and don’t go to bars, so the opportunity for meeting the age group I desire (and in non-professional context) is limited in real life. Also, I’m turned off easily by physical imperfections, so in a long term relationship, having a baby with me is a necessary golden parachute for the woman; everyone ages, eventually. I tend to enjoy long term relationship more, and in a long term relationship with emotions invested, it’s much harder to stay cool as a cucumber than analyzing someone else’ problems even if the problems are similar in nature. That’s why I want to hear from SD’s similar to myself and share my own experience to get a more detached “second opinion.”

  166. RSD says:

    Thanks Josh. It seems to me like most WYP girls also have accounts on SA. I suppose sometimes a guy is not looking for anything more than dinner or a movie 😉

  167. Alan says:

    This article hits the nail on the head and gets it exactly right. There are far too many people littering this and other sites with a hooker mentality. Girls “charging” by the hour? Sorry, but that’s what a hooker does. Too many girls looking for a meal ticket and someone to do for them rather than someone to be there to support and help them do for themselves. Too many people operating from the idea that time=money and with no respect for anyone else.

    And a lot of alleged SD’s don’t get it either. No respect for the idea that in taking on a SB you have a responsibility to her. Trying to be controlling, and both sides focused only on what they get.

    There is a definite difference between sex for money and a sugar relationship. One is business, one is social. And either you get it, or your do not.

    • Sean says:

      I think you are rather unfamiliar with the origins of what a sugar daddy is because what you call “alleged sugar daddies” is what sugar daddies are. You’re trying to make the base lifestyle more than it is. If the relationship is more than the minimum that’s great, but that shouldn’t be expected. Hell, I’ve known guys that have had non-standard relationships with prostitutes, but that doesn’t make the base standard of what a prostitute does anything other than what it is.

  168. Elaine says:

    Off topic, but can somebody explain how all SD have been so fortunate to reach the max. of their net worth range overnight??
    Something spectacular happened at Wallstreet while I was sleeping?

    I mean, having a networth of, lets say 11 mill., and get 50 mill. announced in your profile on the new site, seems a giant leap to me! 😉

  169. CanadianSD says:

    This is my first time posting on these forums but I used SA extensively (met over 50 girls from SA in the last three years). By experience here is my terminology to classify the girls I email / meet on SA:

    1) Soft Sugar Dating
    – chemistry involved.
    – time is not counted.
    – compensation is expected.
    – her goals are usually long term oriented.
    – based on quality.
    – starts NSA but there is always a door for more. The ability of more depends on how it started initially.
    – low turnover rate (more than three months).
    – feels human and genuine.
    – SA Approach: SB will inquire about you before the arrangement.
    – relationship

    2) Hard Sugar Dating
    – no chemistry involved.
    – time counts but not precise (i.e. an evening).
    – compensation is expected.
    – her goals are usually short term oriented.
    – based on benefit ($) while minimizing #Men.
    – medium turnover rate (less than 3 months – unless special circumstances allowing to last longer than it should like an unhappy married SD, old SD).
    – no strings attached, will BBD (bigger better deal) you at ANY occasion.
    – multiple sds and/or a boyfriend possible (1-5 guys).
    – feels between human and transactional depending on SB experience.
    – SA Approach: Will enquire about the arrangement before yourself. The experienced ones are more subtle and create an illusion.
    – companionship or mistress or more exclusive personal escort

    3) Disguised Prostitute
    – no chemistry involved
    – time counted by the hour
    – compensation is expected.
    – based on quantity (#) on a stable benefit ($).
    – high turnover rate (by the hour – some will go up to overnight).
    – usually one time but can be repeated.
    – you are a client in their eyes.
    – feels transactional all the way.
    – SA Approach: In the first reply or message will offer sex for money the same day/night.
    – 100% escort

    4) Converts
    This is the girl that meets you on the first meet that says: “You know what, I really like you, forget about this whole concept thing and lets date normally”.

    • Anonymous says:

      do you seriously sugar daddy and sugar babies have to do with compensation some way or another you’re not going to play for free with the majority of sugar daddies don’t have the time or patience for a relationship or marriage because they’re already married at least half of them are. men being on seeking arrangement expected hook up with a lady without compensating her for spending time with her and we’re not talking by the hour just by time with each other you expect to do stuff for free. if you wanted it all some relationship when you go to a real like wholesome dating site like he harmony.com or something to that effect. the word seeking arrangement is for a reason maybe you have the wrong idea

  170. sweetie says:

    That’s pathetic! If they are porn stars, why would they need a SD? Doesn’t porn pay nicely?

  171. Stephanie K. says:

    I feel as if the best relationship is to just be honest with oneself and with your SB/SD/SM whoever it may be.

    It’s obvious that SB’s on here that want money every time they meet is making it a transaction rather than a relationship..

    I just believe that a true SD/SB relationship is one that he spoils her with things that she are not privileged with, and he gets spoiled by her affection and attention, something that she has the ability to give.

    Does that make sense? Or am I rambling.

    • Anonymous says:

      no Stephanie that makes perfect sense but that’s exactly what it is. but apparently this man on here that way they are sugar daddies that don’t want to show any form of compensation for the effects and they can receive.

  172. flyR says:

    Sometimes the line is pretty obvious

    Samples from actual profiles

    Porn starlet who loves to please others. I also attend nursing school locally. I’m an outgoing individual who loves the finer things in life.

    I am a beautiful little punk girl. I do porn to pay my bills, I’m a big feminist, and am queer (meaning I like people of all gender identities)


    Kat & Cali

    City / State:
    Los Angeles, California

    United States

    24 years old

    1.55 meters (5′ 1″)

    Body Type:

    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:



    Some College

    Porn Stars

    Marital Status:

    Smoking Habit:

    Lets keep this short and sweet, just like us 😉 We are just a couple young girls looking to have some fun! Looking to for a guy who knows how to take care of his girl or girls in our case and enjoys seeing us happy, because when we are happy…so are YOU. We both work in the adult entertainment business and thanks to the business we know how to really take care of our SD and promise that we can more then keep up our end of whatever arrangement we come to!
    There are tons of girls on this site that you can choose from, but none of them are porn stars, let alone 2 porn stars! We both have separate accounts on here so if you would like to see us individually then please just go to either of our accounts. On the other hand if you would rather be with the both of us at the same time…then you are in the right place.
    So if you think you can handle us then please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kat & Cali


    ou may have seen me a few times on the computer screen or in your dvd collection doing naughty things…
    Having said that, since I am in porn and have been since March 2010, I can assure you the time we spend together will always exceed your expectations!

  173. MM says:

    It really depends on the SD and the SB, being from Australia where prostitution is legal, I think at times SB’s here have an unrealistic expectation and seem to think they will get high allowances etc for simply providing their company. Of course in many cases a Brothel can be cheaper and also offer an assortment of women to choose from. In the end it depends on what the two people involved want and are willing to provide to each other, I agree with the consensus on here that the article has cherry picked the best elements of SB and the worst examples of prostitution.

  174. Josh says:


    If your pick up game is anything close to what you write on the blog women should be all over you, but they are not.

    I guess your delivery is not suave or your personality has some issues…

    What’s up? 😉

  175. Josh says:


    The difference between WYP and SA is that on WYP women try to swindle you without reciprocating anything at all.

    On SA women try to swindle you while putting out from time to time.

    Once in a while you find a nice girl on SA. WYP is a lost cause.

  176. RSD says:

    On a totally different topic, does anyone here have experience with WYP and how SA and WYP are different in terms of what people are looking for on WYP vs here?

  177. Kms2013 says:

    I’m sure there is nothing they can do, gentlesold. SA should carry on just like before and not make any changes. Why bother to change anything, as nothing can be done….what is the point of trying to change anything in life, for that matter! Lol!

    Hey, if you guys are that upset with my humble suggestion to screen a little more, then forget I said anything…keep calm(and cash) and carry on 😉

  178. Tall says:

    I think this discussion misses the point entirely The laws against prostitution potentially make having sex illegal for everyone. That is the issue and the quandary we face, not SD/SB vs Whoring.

    All relationships involve many kinds of exchanges between partners that easily can be monetized. Hence all human interactions involving physical/sexual contact can logically come under scrutiny for prostitution.

    So here we are now in the sad state of initially empowering our vice cops to decide what is a relationship or commercial versus non commercial sexual activity.

    Worse yet, we get the tax courts involved to try to ferret out the difference of gift versus income in sexual relationships. Interestingly though, for the most part, the courts have ruled that non commercial sex for money is legal when the intention of the donor is that of a gift.

    For those interested there is a fascinating appeals case see 942 F. 2d 1125 – United States v. Harris ( http://openjurist.org/942/f2d/1125/united-states-v-harris )

    But try telling these legal opinions to a vice copy while you inadvertently get caught up in local police sting with your mistress at a hotel.

    Yes you will likely get the case thrown of court by a good lawyer, but not before you had to make bail and have your wife divorce you and you lose your job, and your mugshot goes on the internet for all your friends and neighbors to see.

    So even in the sugar world there is danger.

    The United States is backward in this moral debate, and the laws against prostitution that arbitrarily outlaw sex for all citizens, need to be found unconstitutional for commercial as well as non commercial sexual exchanges. At least this way we can truly live in a free society with our rights to privacy protected.

    At least Germany has it right, with prostitution being legal.

    • Sean says:

      You’re just arguing semantics to make a point. Only if money is directly exchanged for sexual favors is it prostitution. If you go to a bar, buy a women a few drinks, and she goes home with you to have sex that’s not prostitution. If you’re married and you give your wife a gift in any form, including money, then it’s also not prostitution because you’re expected to share finances with your spouse and sex is generally expected in a marriage. Just based on these two examples, no, most sex wouldn’t be considered prostitution. What I will agree with you on is the traditional morality that governs a number of U.S.A. laws is backwards and a more secular view should be used.

  179. Eloquence says:

    Has anyone ever heard the sayings of old by elders such as, “Eat the speckled apples first,” (since the speckles represent they are the ripest or rather put they are the first ones to go bad)..this was at some point thought to be the height of pure wisdom.

    Yet with this, passed on “wisdom”, no one seemed to realize that by following this advice they would never “catch up” to the good apples, for they too would be speckled by the time they were reached to be eaten.

    Why not experiment and trust that the speckles on the apples were brought forth that way from the tree.

    Besides, if they were both peeled and presented on a platter for you or I to partake of; would you or I even know one once was speckled?

  180. SunShineSD says:

    Good catch on the ad! LOL! “High Class” all right.Add a little drugs to the weekend deal, it would be even more “High Class.” LMAO.

    Please don’t even try to remind her of anything breach. On issues like this, the woman can never be wrong. “Moral compass” for a woman is something that she uses to bash others. Men evolved and are conditioned to have morals so that in situations like the Titanic we can save the seats for women and children; women on the other hand are evolved to take the seats and leave her men behind to die in situations like that, in order to ensure the survival of her children. You can not count on motivating a woman by telling her what’s the right thing to do. It’s like dealing with a teenager employees and female employees (and increasingly employees in general): incentives and disincentives work much better. No need to be confrontational. Just point out the risks to herself (not to you) and the unambiguous line beyond which you will cut anyone and everyone off; making it clear it’s not a threat to her, just a statement of fact about what you can deal with vs. what is beyond your emotional capacity to accommodate.

    IMHO, she might be having her panic attack / bachelorette party, after realizing that along the current trajectory, you are it. LOL. Who knows, perhaps she just saw the first crease around the corner of her eye or a miscalculated late period, and panicking about the rest of her life and whether you’d be around for her when one day she is no longer as hot and tempting. What golden parachute package did you offer her?

  181. gentle(man)soul says:


    ” (I)wish site would cater to a more rigorous screening process… ”

    How in the world could they do that ? If you have ever seen actual escort ads they state something like this actual ad :

    ” I am just the girl you have been waiting for so.
    Allow me to pamper you with my limitless skills and talents.
    High Class companionship at it’s finest!
    I am an extremely down to earth, smart, sexy sophisticated and adventurous girl who just loves to have fun!
    80:15 m 120:30 m 200:60 m Multiple Hours & Over Nights Avalible!!”

    They could prevent this kind of verbiage , but many SB profiles are similar to this without overt references to money(allowance) .And she never said anything about S-E-X . She just wants to have F-U-N.

    So seriously ,how could SA screen out the 95 % less obvious ads (profiles ) ?

  182. Josh says:


    Aren’t all men hypocrites except those who ? 😉

  183. Kms2013 says:

    “July 15, 2014 at 6:53 am
    I appreciate this post, and I think it is important to make a distinction.

    In Canada, the new prostitution law will make it a criminal offense for a ‘buyer’ to offer cash in exchange of sex or ‘consideration’ (which is kinda a grey area). The penalties are steep — $1500 fine, possible jail time, and in certain cases even registering as a sex offender. The bill also makes it an offense to offer ‘advertising’ — i.e. places like backpage or escort-websites will be illegal, and the owners of the sites can be criminally charged.

    For that reason, Canada SDs (who are knowledgeable about the laws) may have to be more circumspect when making an ‘offer’ or outlining his expectations.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this new ‘Nordic Model’ law affects the arrangement side of things. I know that probably 1-in-10 of the women on this site in my town at least are also escorts. One tries to weed those out, but it can be difficult, as it is a very grey area in terms of provision of benefits.”

    Hmm, that is interesting, sugar lumps….thank you for giving us the update on the new laws, in Canada…I did not know of this until now….

  184. Kms2013 says:

    “The thing is K , we are all here for different things besides S&M (sex and money ). There is room for the transactional folks . Don’t be a snob and talk down to those of us who have to/want to be so .”

    Oh no, that isn’t it. I do not purport to be better or a higher level than anyone here, and know that there are levels of escort and courtesan that are more educated, more clever and make very high earnings–much more than I ever will, in any arrangement of mine…but really….Isn’t it true that SA does market itself as a site that does NOT tolerate any escort(or, escort like)activities? And, isn’t it true that men and women are admitting, on this forum, that these illegal activities of prostitution DO happen on this site–via personal experience or otherwise? Is it also true that SA knows this, and only claims to not encourage these activities, yet turns a blind eye to them? Is it intentional or hypocrisy?

    I just hate hypocrisy, so that is where I take umbrage and wish site would cater to a more rigorous screening process….or, even start a sister site, where the vetting process and arrangements are just more of a true sugar baby/benefactor type relationship. Another example of wishful thinking on my part, though. Oh well, one can always hope 😉

  185. gentle(man)soul says:


    I suppose, my moral compass does not allow me to fully embrace or ever be ‘okay’ with someone ever asking, in a rude and very presumptuous manner, ‘how much, babe’ as that offends me

    As well it should ! I can not imagine some SD saying that but you ladies would know as the recipients of that tripe . I do not blame you for being jaded if you are getting that .

    Once we agree to see each other , I always delicately ask a lady what she is hoping to get out of relationship . There are ways to say things and get the same information -right ?

  186. Josh says:


    “I’m attractive, intelligent, and interesting.”

    The only thing way to find out is to see your profile to assess if it is doing justice to the above. 😉

  187. Eloquence says:

    Yeay! It’s getting good again and the gang is all here! Elo with her snuggie and coffee cup… check…

    I saw the word “smoke” and couldn’t help but think its a camp bonfire!

  188. Jade says:

    This is irrelevant completely, but I can’t seem to leave a comment on the other articles!! How do users who comment get to each other’s profile?
    I see more SDs on this blog who I would like to talk with than I see on SA! the SDs on SA I want NEVER reply! I can’t figure it out. I’m attractive, intelligent, and interesting. Idk what is wrong. HELP ):

  189. FatB'StardSD says:


    “Only the last paragraph in flyR makes sense. Good job flyR for writing a partially useful post.”

    A broken clock is correct twice per day. If I was in Flyr mode I would have written “The blind goat finds the acorn.”

  190. NC Gent says:

    Hey SincereSD — I still use that email address that you have. Shoot me an email when you have some time. We still need to get together the next time I am in Florida!

  191. gentle(man)soul says:


    ” there is a market as SA has allowed these lower echelons of transactional relationships on their site for too long to begin with ”

    I love this topic ! Everybody is so concerned with separating themselves from the spectre of the “P” word . The bottom line is still sex for money with all sorts of perks in between . Soooo -call it what you will .

    Guru’s article is excellent and appropos –definitely read it . I agree that attitude and mentality is what defines a Pro vs non Pro .

    The thing is K , we are all here for different things besides S&M (sex and money ). There is room for the transactional folks . Don’t be a snob and talk down to those of us who have to/want to be so .

  192. Josh says:

    Only the last paragraph in flyR makes sense. Good job flyR for writing a partially useful post.

  193. GenuineSD says:

    My dear friends,
    thank you so very much for the warm welcome back and the thoughtful advice. Like many here, I suppose, there are few to talk to and fewer that understand this sort of environment. It makes your thoughts all the more valuable.

    @Josh – I have to respectfully disagree – “Communication” is the foundation of anything that lasts… this relationship I’m talking about, a business partnership or a corporate merger. When meaningful, thoughtful communication stops – big trouble starts… that’s what’s going on here, I think.

    @FatBastard – Its a dance… a conflicted, confusing dance… she wants a break, she wants to be with me, she doesn’t see the need to talk, she sends me loving words…. eegads… whiplash

    @NCGent – Thank you my friend… you know the promise this held for me, and it sounds like you’ve earned the t-shirt yourself… Is your email addy still the same ?

    @Sunshine – This is different. In many ways…many good ways.. that’s part of what makes the situation puzzling.
    You are right that there’s a line in the sand… but I’m not an “ultimatum kinda guy” so the conversation will be one of the most delicate I’ve tried to have… How to remind one of a promise that’s been broken in spirit, if not in practice – yet. Though that may happen soon.

    @Gentleman Soul:
    A frank discussion has to happen very soon. Its just that I think, if it was me, and I still had feelings(was “on the fence”) I’d not want to be cornered. She is a very principled person who is struggling with something… I’m not a saint in this – we’ve argued and I’ve been wrong – I’ve apologized, learned and changed… but…

    Thank you. Thank you. US-based, and “pub” referred to the sort of establishment we yanks pass off as the English or Irish thing…
    Your comment regarding her needing validation is spot-on – perhaps more than average and she is a stunningly beautiful woman… so is used to the attention. There may not be any “fire” yet, but there’s “smoke” the risk is pretty high.. and she did lie. By omission, but nonetheless…

    @ Elaine
    That’s what has to happen.. and she is ever so much more than an SB at this point(Yes, we crossed the line a ways back…) We have both got huge investment in this… (Or has she circled the emotional wagons?)
    It’s so delicate, its almost untouchable.. and I am harboring anger at the lie.. I can’t go there or I’ll lose all tact about this.

    To all
    Your words and the care and thought behind them are so valuable… Thank you again. I gotta find the balance, the control and the emotional courage to risk all, forgive, and find a way to rebuild the communication bridge… in a matter of days… Many thanks
    Any thoughts ? any thoughts at all ?

  194. Kms2013 says:

    “@KMS – Have you ever used ANY kind of online dating method? Do you really believe that people on Match don’t also have to weed out the people who just want a quick fuck rather than getting married? EVERY method of dating online will have people using that method that doesn’t match the ‘intent’. Jdate has non-Jews, Tall dating will have short people, whatever…get over it and look for what you want. If you can’t find what you want on the site, then pick another site…but please stop whining about it!”

    Yes, because if a woman expresses her opinion in way that puts a negative light on your pro-escort(or, nonchalant viewpoint), on SA, then I must be ‘whining’. I actually have no problem finding what I want(and not even on SA, sometimes) but it is the way SA seems to market to men and women, lately, that bothers me…the means to that end is what I was addressing. There is a lot of ‘weeding’ that one must do, that could, in theory, be made easier, if things were to change a bit. Just a suggestion…am sure no one cares, but I can dream! Lol!

    If SA wanted to make their site a little ‘classier’, then they would change things a little. However, as you stated, if they only care about revenue, and not image, even in the light of things, then they will not.

    I suppose, my moral compass does not allow me to fully embrace or ever be ‘okay’ with someone ever asking, in a rude and very presumptuous manner, ‘how much, babe’ as that offends me, whether I am on this site, or out in public at a restaurant. If women are to the point where this no longer bothers them, when asked in public, or on site, then that is just sad–sorry.

    And, Hypothetically, would continue to delete, ignore and tell them ‘this is not the site for you’, or, if in public, just slap them, or throw my drink in their face, if anyone were to ask, ‘how much, babe’, in any of this ‘hypothetical’ situation being described. Being on SA doesn’t have to change someone as a person, or encourage a woman demean herself by allowing men to email/speak to her in a manner that she previously would have not accepted….or allow men to be disrespectful to her. Some women(and men)actually want an arrangement that is not in escort terms or even ‘pay for play’. And, this is what SA is always preaching to media outlets–that this is NOT a site for prostitution/escorts, so with that being said, I think I do have a right to complain/(or whine, if you will). So, either Brandon Wade is clueless about the site not being a place for escorts, in the media, or it is just a ploy to appear to not be what it is.

    I prefer having a real arrangement, on a sugar baby site, not solicited as an escort. And, have emailed with enough men on this site, in the past, to know that some of them do not appreciate the ‘blackmail’, rinsers and professional escort women, who are all over the site. More proper screening would be appreciated–from both sides.

    And what is so wrong with always trying to make things better and improve…in life and websites 😉

  195. Sugarlumps says:

    I appreciate this post, and I think it is important to make a distinction.

    In Canada, the new prostitution law will make it a criminal offense for a ‘buyer’ to offer cash in exchange of sex or ‘consideration’ (which is kinda a grey area). The penalties are steep — $1500 fine, possible jail time, and in certain cases even registering as a sex offender. The bill also makes it an offense to offer ‘advertising’ — i.e. places like backpage or escort-websites will be illegal, and the owners of the sites can be criminally charged.

    For that reason, Canada SDs (who are knowledgeable about the laws) may have to be more circumspect when making an ‘offer’ or outlining his expectations.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this new ‘Nordic Model’ law affects the arrangement side of things. I know that probably 1-in-10 of the women on this site in my town at least are also escorts. One tries to weed those out, but it can be difficult, as it is a very grey area in terms of provision of benefits.

  196. Elaine says:

    @ Flyr


    This is a great comparison!

    I guess the problem that SA is facing at the moment is that they want to be both: the cheap car rental agency and the expensive Bentley dealer…

    And that creates confusion at both extremes, but fits the big majority that is cruising somewhere in the middle.

  197. Josh says:

    SD Guru…”He’s-he’s alive? He he- he’s alive!” 😉

  198. GaySB says:

    I want to speak of the gay experience of this site. If you aren’t basically your own pimp, guys aren’t likely to give you the arrangement that was originally either agreed upon or implied towards. I’ve been with a select number of guys and one of the relationships is one of the best I’ve ever had, but the others were basically men expecting sex the second they were behind closed doors.

    As a young man, so was I, but I feel like they knew how horny young men would be, and with that knowledge, it’s easy to manipulate situations into kissing and intense sexuality. They throw themselves at you. If you’ve flown out to meet someone, and you are feeling attractions to them, and you’re being told promises, it’s easy to give into aggressive proposition. Especially if you trust them.

    It’s been a wild experience. Unfortunately, it ends up being a pretty dicey game, if you’re a gay male. It’s hard to tell who’s for real.

    I think the way this site works is totally legit and it has helped me out more than it has hurt me, but it’s the behaviors of some of the male gay sugar daddies here who manipulate and deceive that really make it feel sketchy, from the gay perspective, at least.

  199. Simone says:

    Im so thankful for this blog, its so refreshing to hear the REAL facts about a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy RELATIONSHIP. Im a 23 year old who used this site 4 YEARS ago and met a man who I dated for 2 years & im really happy to see this site getting back to being a great dating site. Super excited for this 🙂

  200. flyR says:

    SA talking about prostitution is an incredibly stupid move in my opinion. They were nice enough to confirm that in the first couple of paragraphs.

    For most prostitutes the goal is to have sex without getting killed, maimed, arrested or involved with the John. A prostitute screens only to weed out the most undesirable or those unwilling to pay. What’s offered is the minimum sex to get the promised payment.

    My take on sugar dating is that it is pretty much the other side of the pool – OK it may be a triangular pool. But the SB is coming from the direction that most modern dating relationships involve sex. In many cases the 21-35 year old woman is substantially more mature than her male counterpart who is still in his frat mode. She can trade the hard body of a 30 year old surfer/wannabe musician for someone a little older and a package that includes doing more interesting things and also getting some assistance and financial freedom.

    A friend was trying to describe the difference …… Hookers are like rental cars, they’re driven hard, poorly maintained and seldom loved. The object is to get them back to the lot under their own power, nothing more. No curb is too high or pothole too deep. Those who have been involved in racing know the further horrors inflicted on these poor cars-bumpdrafting, the Daytona surf, the handbrake assisted 180 into the parking space.

    The SB is more like a treasured car on loan to you. It may be driven 150+ but it treated with care and respect.

    Having said all that if someone of either sex does not understand the difference between quality sugar and hooking no amount of explanation is going to change their opinion.

  201. Adrielove says:

    Most sugar daddies on here make it seems like prostitution.The first day I speak to them or meet them they’re trying to have sex. I automatically felt un-comfortable. I ended up leaving & never speaking with them again. I told one guy straight up that I couldn’t even see myself having sex with an old wrinkly man anyway.

  202. RSD says:

    In all honesty, I don’t like this blog topic one bit. Comparing sugar and prostitution won’t attract more interest in sugar and may drive away some who are dabbling their toes into this site.

    Everyone knows there is a line in the sand somewhere, and we all feel comfortable somewhere along the spectrum. Prostitution ranges from the crack-addicted street girl who does it for a few bucks to help get her next high (I actually know someone rather gross who got a blowjob for $2 under these circumstances) to “high-end” escorts who charge over a thousand an hour and have an exclusive clientele. Sugar dating ranges from a series of one-time or short-term pay-for-play arrangements with no mental connection to very long-term and emotionally intense affairs. People here have some idea of what they’re looking for and should not judge everyone else who may not be looking for the exact same thing.

    I myself have met girls from this site whom I have thought of as my princess, as my friend, or as a washed up whore. I’ve personally tended towards the less shady side of sugar dating with relatively long-term and exclusive arrangements, but I see nothing wrong if someone chooses a series of flings.

  203. LoveItHere says:

    I agree with WCSD as far as “get over it”. This site is an introduction site and people get out of it what they want. There’s something for everyone. I’m on another adult site to blog and it cracks me up when holier than thou peeps post something to the equivalent of “where are the quality posts…I hate all the sex posting…etc.” Hello? This is a sex site and people are free to post whatever they want, but who gives you the right to judge their post as “non-quality.” Same with this site. I have met some amazing people here and have formed long and short term relationships over the years. If someone has a problem with the quality of this site, then try to find another site that is better than this. I’ve tried and haven’t found it. The drop down menu of lifestyle expectancy cuts to the chase of the game we play here in meeting people. I mean, aren’t we all “prostitutes” in our every day life? Don’t we jump through hoops to make that paycheck to the almighty pimp called our job, our profession, our boss? We bend over backwards for that paycheck every two weeks, doesn’t that make us prostitutes in a sense? Yeah, no matter how you spell it out, it all boils down to the same thing. Thank you SA, I love it here.

  204. Eva says:

    @WCSD- for an incoherent sentence it pretty much clearly explains your opinion, which I happened to completely agree with

  205. WCSD says:

    @Eva – I still think it is our opinion, not a fact. We just happen to both have the same opinion and can see a solution that fits our needs to a broader picture rather than get lost in the detail of only wanting to see what we specifically want to see. Wow…that is a ridiculously complex (or incoherent) sentence…

  206. WCSD says:

    @KMS – Have you ever used ANY kind of online dating method? Do you really believe that people on Match don’t also have to weed out the people who just want a quick fuck rather than getting married? EVERY method of dating online will have people using that method that doesn’t match the ‘intent’. Jdate has non-Jews, Tall dating will have short people, whatever…get over it and look for what you want. If you can’t find what you want on the site, then pick another site…but please stop whining about it!

    You also must remember that SA is a business. They truly don’t care if the ‘quality’ of the sugar relationships meet yours or my standards, they just want membership to increase their revenue. Sure they have a brand to uphold, but the nice thing with being in the sugar land, that brand can be pretty wide, and they have been VERY successful at pushing that brand. Do you ever hear of a different sugar site being named in the news? I’d say 90-95% of the exposure in sugar dating is with SA (meaning new SBs and thus paying SDs are going to go to SA)…so from a business perspective why do they need to clean up? The SB’s don’t pay for a membership, and you apparently aren’t leaving the site enough to drive the SD’s away. For the ‘one night’ SDs, there are enough ‘one night’ SBs to keep them around. And for myself (the friend with benefit type of SD who wants more of a connection) I don’t have a problem weeding through the escorts to find a match.

    Could the model be better and improved? of course! But you have to realize that the $ benefit vs. the cost of that improvement isn’t worth it for them, and if anything, puts the business at risk. SA will just play with other models (MissTravel, Carrot Dating, etc.) rather than messing with their cash cow.

  207. Eva says:

    I for example don’t mind WCSD opinion, I would rather call it a fact or statement, then opinion. Because it really is that way.

    In the beginning I was offended when men asked me how much pr night, but then I realized that this site is just a platform that we can use the way we want.

    Some men want the same things as I do, and some don’t. It is on me to decide how to use it.

    So on this site there are all kinds of people wanting all kinds of relations. And some of them really look like escort, but as WCSD said: long as the demand and supply line up, the demand will be met, and the supply will be consumed

    And that situation made me more insightful, smarter and better at judging the people I communicated with.
    It served me as an great social study, and gave me a wider perspective on things.

    So yeah, I don’t mind men just looking for a girl for one night, it makes me better at finding the real man I want

  208. Paul says:

    I have seen lots of escorts over the years, have only recently become involved in sugar. Except for the “relationship vs transaction” part, which is spot on, the descriptions above are pretty far off from my own experience. Escorts I know are usually pretty selective, they often have mainstream careers, and I have counted them among my true friends, after being a regular client. So, Rikku has it right about cherry picking the facts. It really just comes down to when, how, and how often you get paid.

  209. Kms2013 says:

    “To me the marjor difference between being a sugar baby and a prostitue is that sugar babies are not paid by an hour or half hour. They go on dates and do actives with their sugar daddy and come home with out getting paid for spending time with their SD. Sex shouldn’t be expected or a requirement before a SD gives a SB her allowance. My sugar daddy gives money to me because he wants to. I don’t get angry if he’s late with my allowance.”


  210. Rikku says:

    This article is ridiculous. Not all prostitutes conducts business in the same way. You [the author], basically took the “good parts” of being a sugar baby and the “bad parts” of being a prostitute. When there are good and bad parts of being either one of them. I understand that you want to separate prostitues and sugar baby/sugar daddy relationships. But you make prostitues seem like the scum of the earth. Especially in your forth point.

    You are definitely not going to get a good “quality” of woman if you only have $80 to spare. If you spend $300 or more then your quality of prostitue will go up because she has more money to spend on grooming herself. Being a prostitue may be a last resort for some women (or they were force into it) but for others, it’s their first choice. Instead of selling themselves short, so to say, they ask for the big bucks. A grand or more. Since they want that much for a meeting, you can tell that she doesn’t see that many clients since not a lot of men have that much money to spare. It means that the standard of clients that they see are higher than the basic street walker (who would see anyone). They won’t see anyone who contacts them before finding out information about them first.

    Prostitues do have goals and dream, just like any sugar baby or average-everyday women. They even have regular jobs and are even school.

    I’m not going to pretend that I know why men visit prostitue over dating a sugar baby. But I do know, from friends who are prostitues, that some men see the same prostitue on a regular basis. They have a great relationship and they mutually respect each other.

    To me the marjor difference between being a sugar baby and a prostitue is that sugar babies are not paid by an hour or half hour. They go on dates and do actives with their sugar daddy and come home with out getting paid for spending time with their SD. Sex shouldn’t be expected or a requirement before a SD gives a SB her allowance. My sugar daddy gives money to me because he wants to. I don’t get angry if he’s late with my allowance.

    • Tim says:

      ” I’m not going to pretend that I know why men visit prostitue over dating a sugar baby. ”

      This is an easy one to answer. I’ve attempted to set up a mutually beneficial SD/SB relationship for the last five years. The women I’ve met fed me nothing but broken promises in exchange for as much money as they could take, extort or steal.

      I’ve tried to keep women from being prostitutes. I’ve tried to keep away from prostitutes. But after being ripped off time and time again, I’ve finally decided that prostitutes are the only “real” recourse against how badly women are treating men today.

  211. Kms2013 says:

    The above opinion is why the site is not classy or high quality, in my opinion. Sure, there are the kind gentleman who are looking for a ‘non’ pay for play type arrangement on here, but you have to weed out all the ‘time wasters’, first. It is not the place for straight prostitution or asking a woman ‘how much, babe?’. Of course, there is a market as SA has allowed these lower echelons of transactional relationships on their site for too long to begin with, so if they got rid of this, made membership a little more difficult and high end, then the statement of ‘this is not the site for that’ would be much more justified, yes.

    A better solution would be to delete the very obvious escort-ish profiles or men behaving as ‘Johns’ in email, and clean the site with a little more of a ‘vetting’ process(aren’t emails being monitored now?). This, would, of course, result in a little less income for SA, but hey…that is what I would do, if I wanted to make my site, which is under intense scrutiny right now, a little more legitimate and classy.

  212. WCSD says:

    Why does it really matter what is the distinction between a high end escort and a sugar baby? In the end as long as the SD and SB are happy with the relationship in question, however they have defined it, then who cares? If he wants it to transactional, and she wants to be a career SB, whatever. They will both find what they are looking for on SA after some good searching. All the bashing of ‘you are looking for X and this isn’t the site for that’ is all pointless. If either the SD or SB was on the wrong site then they couldn’t find what they were looking for, and then inherently they will leave the site to go somewhere where they can find what they are looking for… But as long as the demand and supply line up, the demand will be met, and the supply will be consumed…

  213. Eva says:

    On point.
    Not every relationship is the same, because not all people are the same. Trying to conform to the traditional relationship,(not that there is anything wrong with them) doesn’t make sense, if that’s not something you want.

    Hypocrisy of society baffles me every time. So it’s socially acceptable to date someone for their looks, but not for their wealth. People don’t judge when we say that someone looks is factor that attract us, but when we say that money is, they do.
    Money is indicator of success, it means a man knows what he wants, knows how to get it, is self confident and intelligent. To choose to date that kinds of men means I want best for me.

    (english is not my native so excuse me if its not grammar perfect)

    • Sean says:

      “Hypocrisy of society baffles me every time. So it’s socially acceptable to date someone for their looks, but not for their wealth. People don’t judge when we say that someone looks is factor that attract us, but when we say that money is, they do.”

      Many people have a problem when people say that they are mainly looking for “looks”, as well so I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. The difference between looks and money is that you can’t scam someone out of their looks and looks aren’t a marital asset. Also, I’d take someone who was with me for looks because at least they are attracted to an aspect of my person rather than objects.

      “Money is indicator of success, it means a man knows what he wants, knows how to get it, is self confident and intelligent. To choose to date that kinds of men means I want best for me.”

      You don’t have to be rich to be a decent person and success can be defined in different ways. Some might say that success is finding someone to have a family with and being able to maintain that family long-term. The most popular way to define it is the most popular way, which is pure materialism. Personally, I’d rather go for someone who doesn’t make money a requirement in a relationship and determines our relationship on the connection that we have and the effort that each of us is willing to put into the relationship to make it work. If you’d rather go with money, then more power to you, but it’s harder for love to happen when money is the basis of your relationships.