No strings attached relationships. We’ve all experienced them: they’re fun, frisky and liberal. The question is, how do they work in the sugar world, and more importantly, is a no strings attached arrangement right for you?

nsa arrangementsNSA and Your Lifestyle

You aren’t looking for a serious relationship? Perfect.

No strings attached arrangements are ideal for people who are new to the sugar world. It’s an easy way to meet multiple Sugar Daddies/ Sugar Mommas, and get to know the lifestyle from various perspectives. All while knowing you don’t have to commit for months or years at a time.

From a Sugar Daddy or Momma prospective, no strings attached arrangements are also great for people who don’t have ample time on their hands. They’re a popular choice for top tier executives who have strict work obligations, and need a Sugar Baby who understands these restrictions. Both parties won’t always be available, but they’re upfront, and open to meet when the time is right.

You want someone to cater to you, and you alone? Next.

On the other end of the spectrum, select people are looking for serious arrangements and kept Sugar Babies. Kept Sugar Babies are the live-in variety who have a serious relationship with one Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Momma. Everything will be covered, but you will exclusively spend most of your free time with one person, and one person alone. If this sounds appealing to you, then a no strings attached arrangement will not be your cup of tea.

Long Distance NSA

Many Sugar Daddies and Mommas choose the NSA route because they are constantly traveling. They regularly find themselves jet setting to different parts of the  country or even in a different country for business or pleasure. But, who wants to spend the entire trip alone? These arrangements are sometimes consistent, while other times they are not.

If a SD/ SM knows they regularly travel to Atlanta for a business conference for example, they may let a Sugar Baby know they’d like to see them every time they visit said area.

Our latest “Members Near You” feature on our Android app also makes it even easier to find a no strings attached arrangement when you are traveling — Happy Travels!

NSA with Multiple Members

No strings attached arrangements are the most upfront and honest variety. When members are honest about wanting an open arrangement, it typically means they plan on taking full advantage of the website, and that’s quite alright! In this sense, SeekingArrangement really is like any other dating site — you’re bound to be interested in more than one person, and you don’t have to settle for just one!

Communicate your objectives to other members  effectively, either through your dating profile, or messaging. SeekingArrangement is home to alternative relationships, and you’re bound to find people on the same wavelength!

Has NSA worked for you? Why or why not?