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You’re Invited to the L.A. Rouge Party
  • Posted Aug 27, 2014


When SeekingArrangement throws a party, we make it a night to remember. This September’s event will follow suit, with sugar taking over Hollywood. We plan to make this the grandest, most luxurious party SA has ever thrown — and you don’t want to miss out.

The Details:
Who: Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies, and SeekingArrangement
What: L.A. Rouge Masquerade Party
When: September 18th, 2014
Where: Boulevard3, 6523 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Why are we throwing this party?

Participating in sugar is a privilege. If you love being a part of this lifestyle, that’s reason to celebrate. We want to bring Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies together for a unique opportunity.

This is the one place where our members can form “Relationships on Their Terms” live in person. Instead of introducing yourself to members one-by-one online, you get to meet hundreds of like minded individuals looking to form a new arrangement. Besides, your picture doesn’t do you justice, and this is your chance to prove it.

Using the site is great, but having all the options in person is a whole different game. Chemistry is apparent and emotions are running wild, and in the midst of it all, you can find who you’re attracted to before you commit. This party is an investment in your future. Happiness is on your terms, so your relationships should be as well.

What should I wear?

L.A. Rouge is a red themed party, but you can also wear black. Formal attire is required, and you won’t want to look anything less than your best when meeting potential matches. Men should suit up, and ladies should wear a gown or classy cocktail dress paired with sexy heels. Accessories in colors other than red and black are okay. And don’t forget a seductive mask.

Why a mask?

Not only are masks chic and mysterious, they are for your protection. Most sugar is best kept secret, and to protect your privacy while cameras and media are present, you will want to wear a mask. Once the media is gone at 11pm, the entire party will unveil. The best place to get a mask is at Pier 1 or a party store, and you can find handmade and vintage ones on Etsy.

What should I expect?

It will be a night unlike any other, at a luxurious venue fit for the elite. Entering Boulevard3 will be easy, it’s right on Sunset Blvd and we have a cash valet available for $15. The entryway is a outdoor garden where smoking is permitted. As you enter, the sugary, sweet smell of chocolate will seduce your senses while passing our rich chocolate fountain. Indulge by treating yourself on delectable hand-dipped treats. A massive ballroom awaits you inside, where the DJ will serenade you until the party ends.

You can expect a night of excess and extraordinary fun, and who better to share it with than your future Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy? They’re waiting for you, all you have to do is attend.

Purchase tickets here

Get more info here

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121 Responses to “You’re Invited to the L.A. Rouge Party”

  1. Mahogany87 says:

    This would have been the first SA party for me. When I first saw the blog I got excited until I’ve noticed the date has passed. After reading a few posts, doesn’t feel like I’ve missed the best party yet! Still, definitely looking forward to attending the next. Maybe I myself, can pump up the party with more smiles, laughs and “good things” to say.

  2. Alexis says:

    “So, you (Alexis) would have the sports car approach potential buyers…”

    SBs are not inanimate objects. As a SB, you’re trying to sell a product (yourself). You have to advertise. You have to market. You can’t expect consumers to come hunting down your product. To do so would be an excellent way to end up going out of business.

  3. Kitty says:


    Hey what’s wrong with strippers? From one Hustler to another, is it really fair to put down my occupation as a Dancer (providing companionship, flirty conversation and lap dances while clad in a bikini in exchange for $$) when as Sugar Babies we offer similar services PLUS intimacy (just for a more abundant lump sum and in hopes that we will snag one man* whose generosity remains consistent).

    *I have my “regulars” at work who make for majority of my dance income but for SD/SB relationship I prefer monogamy.

    @californiababy you have piqued my curiosity btw. what is it that you do to make a living?

  4. Josh says:


    You may want to rewrite your analysis above. Maybe others do, but I have no clue what you are trying to say. 😉

  5. Josh says:


    Logically speaking, if the ratio was indeed 1:10 then SD should have been given free admission, no?

    But what was I thinking when asking the above? Logic has nothing to do with what women say or do when a man is involved. 😉

  6. CaliforniaBaby says:

    Let’s analyze this situation. The primary consideration for the Daddies is physical attraction to a particular Baby. The primary consideration for the Babies is the type and quality of the arrangement that can be made. One of these things is visually apparent, and one is not! Just like at an exotic sports car dealership, the cars (dealership) are relying upon their attractiveness, and the attractiveness of the buyer is irrelevant. What is of concern to the dealership is whether or not the buyer has the means to enter into the contract and complete the deal. So, you (Alexis) would have the sports car approach potential buyers, and in this particular situation believe that it is more practical for the Baby, who is (generally speaking) far less concerned about the physical attraction to a potential Daddy, than the Daddy is to the Baby? The website doesn’t predominantly operate this way, so why should an in-person live event operate on a different principle?

  7. Alexis says:

    Welllllll haha, I see the SBs didn’t “get it” in the party environment EITHER.

    Geeze, when will the SBs who hang out here figure out that THEY are the ones selling the merchandise in this scenario.

    The traditional man vs. women rules are out!

    *You* (SB) have to be the one to approach.
    *Yes* there are going to be less SDs/SMs than SBs… duh!
    *No* guys are not there to be on their knees or beg you. This is not traditional dating!

    PLEASE SA don’t let SBs in for free! It will bring in all types of breathing junk. Maybe just lower the price “jusalil” for them? 🙂

  8. CaliforniaBaby says:

    Waste of time & money! Ratio of Babies to Daddies was about 10 to 1, and those few Daddies present were too shy and socially awkward to approach any of the Babies. Lots of trashy looking babies dressed like streetwalkers or strippers. Not much class on either side of the sugar spectrum. Daddies in ill-fitting wrinkled suits (no tuxe’s that I saw!), dressed casually and not the of the type SA advertises. Babies just positioned ourselves throughout the huge facility in any of the multiple rooms, waiting for a Daddy to approach. They just ambled through, sneaking glances and doing nothing in furtherance of making a contact. After admission (which we Babies should not have had to pay), parking, etc., this was the first and last SA event I will be attending unless and until they can clean up their act and provide what they advertise this event to be.

  9. barbie says:

    aww im so gutted i won’t be back in L.A until the week after the party.
    Hope there another soon
    sounds fun x

  10. Josh says:

    “Men didn’t even bother to approach most women it was up to the women to approach the men.”

    Why would they when men:women ratio was in their favor?

  11. Vavavicky says:

    What a waste. Don’t think it should have been so expensive for SBs especially considering the outcome. In any given club in LA not only do pretty girls get in for free but guys are practically on their knees trying to buy you drinks – Here I paid cover, bought my own drink and walked away with nothing gained except meeting some cool SBs. I don’t think the event was classy enough to attract the right SDs. Maybe 15% decent guys then 75% creep/geriatric/awkward. Men didn’t even bother to approach most women it was up to the women to approach the men.

    Think the events could greatly improve their events by having classier ads for the party (PR for this party was beyond cheesy). An invitation is all that potential guests have to estimate the caliber of the event. Also, free SB entrance – that would attract more ladies and SDs are coming for ladies! The venue wasn’t at allll packed – it made it a little awkward to approach people..like a high school prom. Smaller but classier venue would greatly help – think SBE if it’s LA. Not sure what NY, LV equivalents are.

    Overall, negative experience. If there’s another SA event I will not be in attendance unless SB entrance is free and the venue is smaller (so there isn’t an awkward space in the middle of the room).

  12. Kitty says:

    p.s. Valet $15 NOT $50! Dang typo…

  13. Kitty says:

    Oops here’s #1: Ur not my type (so says the pot bellied man with bad breath, shaky hands and a blinding pinky ring complete with 10 cubic zirconia).

    Later I find he’s proposed $1200/mo. to a friend of mine in exchange for companionship and intimacy 3x a week. Wow that’s harsh–I’m not even good enough for a SD Poser’s budgeted $100-a-pop pay per play. (Speaking of pay per play AND lowballer monthly proposals: wtf? Can we do a blog post in that?!)

  14. Exotic Northwest Baby says:

    One of you ladies or gents who are going to this should comment tomorrow about your experience, pretty please!

  15. Alexis says:

    All these last minute people, tsk tsk.

  16. RICKY says:


  17. mistress b says:

    the sugar babies are all sold out 🙁
    when will be the next party that you will be having be, I would love to go?

  18. Monica says:

    I would love to go. Anyone wanna take me?

  19. madison212 says:

    id love to go to a chicago, or nyc or nashville party, l.a. is a hike and i live on the east coast!

  20. Colleen says:

    Thanks for the Invite. I have to decline. 🙁

  21. low+maintenance+chick says:

    i’ll skip.

  22. Alexia says:

    It’s anyone still looking for a partner in crime for this event?

  23. Elle says:

    Not sure what to think about SA Party. On one side I am a bit frustrated it will take place in L.A. and would be curious to meet other SB and SD ; but on the other side, I think that might give a strange melting pot, including nosy journalists, and I tend to think it might not be a perfect context to meet new interesting people. Still would have certainly liked to dress up for the occasion, whatever the occasion it feels always great! ^^

  24. thislooksfun says:

    “You’ll need to post it, so they can see it. 😉 ”

    The username I have on this forum clicks to my profile 🙂

  25. lilicat says:

    I wish I could.. =(

  26. Alexis says:

    “I would love to attend this event if any sugar daddy is interested in meeting someone different. check out my profile and let me know.”

    You’ll need to post it, so they can see it. 😉

  27. oxcutie says:

    How big is this party supposed to be? (how many people)

  28. thislooksfun says:

    I would love to attend this event if any sugar daddy is interested in meeting someone different. check out my profile and let me know.

  29. Kms2014 says:

    What is, iJosh? iPad, iPhone….iJosh?

  30. iJosh says:


    C’mon girl. All you hsve to do is to look up some SDs in LA. Tell them how eager tou are to come to LA to do … to them. Bam! You have expense paid trip to LA.

    Next question for “ask Josh” please? 😉

  31. Adriana says:

    This looks like so much fun and Cali is one of my favorite places! I wish I had the funds to attend….maybe next year!


  32. Alexis says:

    “I would love to go if only I had someone to take me, I’ve never got to go to one before”

    Why don’t you post your profile? Maybe someone will take you. You just never know it might be someone’s fantasy to take a girl to an event like that and pass her around.

    You just never know.

  33. Alexis says:

    “You see, yougottabemakingsense thinks that Alexis is figment of someone’s imagination but still want this figment to attend the party.”

    See I was thinking this when she got me pregnant lol. Apparently though she was open to lil baby figments.

    Figgies? awwwww

  34. ladyrose says:

    I would love to go if only I had someone to take me, I’ve never got to go to one before

  35. MissAria says:

    I would love to go, I adore Masquerade parties, but I live in the UK and can’t get to LA *sadface*

    Have fun for me!

  36. Eloquence says:

    “Lastly does it cost the same if the figment is voluntarily going to the party vs when he/she is involuntarily sent to the party?”

    Thank you Josh… I needed that laugh!!

    Excuse me… No you may not, you cannot sit there… Why? Because my imaginary friend is, that’s why. 🙂

    No disrespect to anyone attending the party, of course.

  37. Josh says:


    What’s then entry fee fir figment of some blogger’s imagination?

    Also, is the fee different if the figment is male or a female?

    Lastly does it cost the same if the figment is voluntarily going to the party vs when he/she is involuntarily sent to the party?

    Before you go for the WTF! Response, please allow me…
    You see, yougottabemakingsense thinks that Alexis is figment of someone’s imagination but still want this figment to attend the party.

  38. Alexis says:

    “So is anyone besides Alexis going to this event?”

    Dang mom (or is it dad?), this is like the fourth or fifth time you bring up the event. You must really want to go very badly.

  39. Josh says:


    Understood! 😉

  40. Josh says:

    “Kirsten – Is SA willing to share what they learned from prior parties and will change for this event?”

    As I have acknowledged (I guess nobody gives a shit) that once in a while flyR does post reasonably interesting stuff.

    Of course one can talk to their press team to get their PR spin on it.

    Based on how triumphantly SA press team links to utterly negative media coverage of SA, the only thing to gather is that SA is after numbers; by hookers or by crooks.

    Since I am on the bullshit side of the equation, what does it matter what I think, yes? 😉

  41. Hey flyR…

    I’ve only read about the events, never attended.

    In what ways do you think SA could improve the event?

  42. flyR says:

    Kirsten – Is SA willing to share what they learned from prior parties and will change for this event?

    • Kirsten says:

      @flyr – you can always reach out to the press team or call us for this information. Please let me know if you need more details. Thanks!

  43. So is anyone besides Alexis going to this event?

  44. Elaine says:

    Hmmm, so it needs a father to learn how to polish you nails ….. Interesting theory… 😉

  45. Alexis says:

    “What is wrong with US women? They need $ 30-100$ pedi-mani to avoid “little island chips on the nails” ?

    Don’t they sell nail polish and nailpolish remover over there?”

    Like omg like it’s not like the same. Omg like somebody might like find out like. Like you know?

    NOTE: For those whom have had their synapses permanently rewired, the above sentence is sarcastic in nature.

    I think the actual answer lies in the fact that a lot of American women have a very high level of insecurity and these “overkills” help to cushion/alleviate/quell it. Apparently yet another effect of not having a father present in the home.

  46. hotsb says:

    Ok thanks Jj.
    I give permission to Kirsten to provide my email adress to Alice.

  47. Jj says:

    hotsb…. post here as permission to ask Kirsten to provide your address to Alice and Alice can then decide….

  48. hotsb says:

    @ Josh
    Thanks for answering. Obviously it’s her decision. How do i contact Kirsten?

  49. Elaine says:

    What is wrong with US women? They need $ 30-100$ pedi-mani to avoid “little island chips on the nails” ?

    Don’t they sell nail polish and nailpolish remover over there? 😉

  50. MistressLove says:

    Ah this is hugely promoted, who assigned this invitation??

    Curious Kiwi Chick

  51. Josh says:

    Natalie B

    Of course, why not $30-$100 mani pedi. Get it done one time in the morning, and again at night, 365 days a years, which will be like 730 mani pedis in total.

    As long as SDs are not explicitly hit up for such expense, go to town ladies. 😉

  52. Josh says:


    Ask blog admin Kirsten to forward your email address to Alice. Alice can then decide if she wants to communicate with you.

  53. Natalie B says:

    I love getting manicures and pedicures because when I look great on the outside I feel great on the inside. As for the little island chips on the nails, come on ladies we can do better. What is a 30$-$100 mani pedi, its always good to treat yourself after all the hard work of being a suga baby. ; )

  54. Alexis says:

    That’s just weird. ^

  55. hotsb says:

    Hi, i’m looking for the girl named Alice on the blog. I would like to contact her because i want her to meet one of my sugar daddies. I think she would be perfect for him. Is it possible to get her email adress?

  56. ““The numbers are back! The numbers are back!!!”

    I’ve yet to see these elusive numbers even once.”

    Sabotage, I swear!

  57. “Thanks flyR to validate that not being on FB is a good thing for men. It’s women’s network to share pictures.”

    …and sharing tips from Heloise. And peeling potatoes.

    Damn that’s hot.

  58. Josh says:

    Bravo! It seems that when Jacob is drinking the good stuff he shares it with flyR for him to post some useful information for a change.

    Thanks flyR to validate that not being on FB is a good thing for men. It’s women’s network to share pictures.

  59. Sierra says:

    When i come to the USA i would love to go to this and other events.

  60. flyR says:

    You probably want to have a different computer operating on a different network with none of your credit cards. ie buy a used ipad and do not setup any data plan. Poach off others networks .

    As the material below hints you can get some relief from indiscriminate sharing of your adventures with your friends but that’s only if you trust Facebook.

    Chances are Anthony Weiner is known to FBs facial recognition software.

    Of course never use your SA photos for any other purpose.

    Google Tinder facebook privacy issues

  61. Alexis says:

    “The numbers are back! The numbers are back!!!”

    I’ve yet to see these elusive numbers even once.

  62. RSD says:

    Out of curiosity, has anyone used or considered using Tinder for sugar dating?

  63. The numbers are back! The numbers are back!!! 😀

  64. Anonymous says:

    Thanks,but it is too far.

  65. Steven says:

    I’ll be there as a Sugar Baby.

  66. Josh says:

    What was the ONE word, “orthopedic” or “shoes”? 😉

  67. SouthernSB says:

    I’ll take on the orthopedic shoes, I seem to attract the walker and Hoverround set.

  68. natalia says:

    there should be one in Vancouver bc il even hist 😉

  69. Elaine says:

    “I just want to say one word to you…just one word.
    Yes, sir.
    Are you listening?
    Yes, sir, I am.
    Orthopedic shoes!!!”

    Oh oh, it was stronger then me!

    Back to G.I. Challenge….

  70. sexyrockstar says:

    Yes Chicago please. This way I can walk there. Lol

  71. Alexis,

    I’ll go if you go. I’ll even pay your airfare and entrance fee, and buy you all the Shirley Temples you can drink. Surely I’ll have enough money for the two of us after my iced merkin video goes viral.

  72. Alexis says:

    I considered going, but after all the negative feedback I’ve heard about the last event, I think I’ll pass.

  73. “Sexkitten says:
    August 28, 2014 at 12:46 pm
    Bring this to Chicago”

    Second that!

    Id totally go to an event in Chicago!

  74. Josh says:


    If you wanna go bad enough then read coverage of the last event.

    One SB had her SD bring her along. Don’t ask me WHY an SD would do it. But hey, it’s his money and his SB. So who am I to comment on their “arrangement”.

    Why did I bring it up? Find an SD who is …. enough to sponsor such excursion for you. 😉

  75. Ni'Cole says:

    There should definitely be an event like this in New York. Obviously because that is where I’m located. No Fair.

    I think this is a fun, an sexy idea. Great for networking and then some. Have fun to those who are attending, I’m so jealous! 🙁

  76. Sexkitten says:

    Bring this to Chicago 🙂

  77. nicegirl says:

    XXOO ;o)

  78. nicegirl says:

    “Very few women care to hear “straight talk” like we do on the blog. ;)”

    That is because if a woman heard what you were really thinking (your “straight talk”) she would never look twice at you. Poor naive girls that get tricked by slimy men with an agenda.

  79. Josh says:

    That’s enough for right now, sweetheart.

    The “problem” with sharing specifics is that most women will deny outright that such smooth operaters are successful with women. 😉

  80. @flyR

    hehe ;-p


    True story, sweets. Well…minus the brown bag and bendy straw.

    Your list, by the way, is growing longer. Do show us more proof, dear.

  81. Josh says:


    Proof positive. flyR showed up and said what he said. I rest my…

  82. flyR says:

    ygbkm very funny

  83. Chipotle Margarita update!!!

    The pre-made super tasty house margarita is a thing of the past :(.

    Went to a different location today, and saw the same free-pour setup. Tried to order just the tequila and triple sec without the poorly proportioned sour mix (I planned to make my own mix with fresh lines and the Nantucket orange juice blend), but Mr. Manager wouldn’t go for it. Said that corporate and the state liquor control won’t allow it, as serving the alcohol without the make-your-eyes-water mixer would be considered a “shot”, and they are not allowed to serve “shots”. “YGBKM”, I said. “YGBorderingthedrinkthewayitcomes,” he replied.

    So I ordered a beer…with a brown bag and a bendy straw, of course. And even though I wasn’t allowed to take my beer outside (since their patio is not enclosed), I enjoyed my meal while laughing out loud at SA Blog posts. Strangers kept their distance. Except for the man from the licensing department who I didn’t initially recognize out of context. He seemed slightly offended at first, teasing that he’d helped me out for the past two years, and I couldn’t even remember him :/. I asked if he was a professor or instructor of sorts (no judgment…it’s not how you get the grade, but that you get it. K?) Anyway…he seemed flattered that I was able to recall his name after being given a clue as to where I knew him. Didn’t even have to bend over and peer over my shoulder for a visual reference. Nope.

    I finished half of my food, and took the rest to go. Wonder if I could warm it up tomorrow, take it back to Chipotle, and order another beer to go with it.


    Or maaaaaybe I could even bring along some fencing (or yellow caution tape…whatever works) to enclose the patio space, and then I could eat my left overs and drink my beer outside! But then I might get arrested, and that might jeopardize my license, and then I might have to bend over and peer over my shoulder to get a visual recall of the guy from the licensing office. And then all of my hard work and integrity would be in vain.

    This somehow reminds me of the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.


  84. Josh says:

    Second, we talk like flyR when chatting with coeds. Very few women care to hear “straight talk” like we do on the blog. 😉

  85. That’s a pretty short list, but it’s a start.

  86. Josh says:

    Sweetheart, first of all, the smooth operating SDs don’t waste time stuffing SBs mouth with unnecessary cream of all things. 😉

  87. Can you please share with us more about the silky disposition of smooth operating SDs, kind sir?

  88. Josh says:

    *smooth operating SDs at SA.

  89. Josh says:

    With all that men bashing out of the way, ladies I hope you are feeling fine…

    I was wondering what kind of idiot would put the cherry in her mouth which she gobbled up as if she was hungry for two day, and then instead of kissing her, he stuffs her face with the stupid cream.

    That man is a moron, giving bad name to smoothing operating SDs at SA.

  90. “Melissa says:
    August 27, 2014 at 3:30 pm
    Yeah… SeekingArrangement needs a new PR person. That “teaser” was just painful to watch.”

    The “creepy lipstick” teaser? Or the “cream pie off my butt-picking finger” teaser?

  91. @Josh, I don’t like PETA, but Bethenny makes me laugh…(sorry!) and Jason Hoppy is one hot man. haha I would date him regularly regardless of our age gap. 🙂

    Also– @Elaine – You’ve got mail! Please offer me some advice if you’ve got time! haha

  92. Josh says:


    Yes that girl was obnoxious but it would have been much more fun to see Bethenny get ejected from the show.

    The PETA wacko Bethenny would be pushing grocery cart full of personal effects if she had not been “sugar baby” of Peter Sussman and Jason Hoppy.

  93. @flyR- Really? That’s crazy…somebody must’ve been fired for that one!

  94. haha just watched that segment @ygbkm! Loved that she told the girl in the middle to leave. She was obnoxious.

  95. Omg…Seeking Arrangement on Bethanny. Whaaaaat theeee…

  96. OMG the video…I would smack a random guy who walked up and took my cherry off my drink and then tried to stick his dirty, nasty fingers in my mouth. haha *barf*

  97. ““party pooper” my bush…”


    ““Your lady with be dressed in red at The L.A. Rouge Party” did not make any sense to me.”

    That’s probably because it reads “Your lady [will] be dressed in red at The L.A. Rouge Party,” grumpy pants.

  98. Josh says:

    “party pooper” my bush…

    Nobody gives a shit about the BS I write here. So they will do whatever they will do. LOL!

  99. Melissa says:

    Yeah… SeekingArrangement needs a new PR person. That “teaser” was just painful to watch.

  100. Josh says:


    Merkins are nasty. We need to drench the bush with iced water. Long live the bush! 😉

  101. Josh says:


    Pretty soon SA will offer discount on the entry fee. So if you can go, and you are not media averse, then you may want to talk to the media.

    It is totally up to you, but since you belong to one of the federally protected groups, the bitchy feminist female reporter will have hard time writing something negative against you. I still want to see what kind of spin she comes up with about what you tell her. 😉

  102. Don’t be such a party pooper, babe. We could go and bring the ultimate iced merkin challenge. Yeah?

  103. Pavan says:

    I wish I could make it out as I would love the opportunity to speak with a group of gentleman in person and see who I fit best with- hoping that this event takes place in NYC sometime.

  104. Pavan says:

    I wish I could make it out and I would love the opportunity to speak with a group of gentleman in person and see who I fit best with- hoping that this event takes place in NYC sometime.

  105. Josh says:


    As long as you understand that SA is predominantly white, hetro, 20-something, coed seeking franchise, and that all the other segments of SB population frequently complain about not getting enough sugar, you would have your expectations properly managed.

  106. carlos says:

    ok, Im a SB gay male, just want to make sure gay SD are attending the party.
    have never been in a SA party. are they pack of people usually?

  107. Josh says:


    The overall requirement is that if you are an SD you should be able to make an ass out of yourself by engaging in stereotypical non-PC shenanigans so that a bitchy feminist female reporter can record first-hand anecdotes to satisfy her utterly negative bent on the story.

    If you’re an SB, you need to be able to say things that make you look liberated and carefree, and that you have men chasing you all over the map, and that you’re there just to have some lighthearted fun at men’s expense.

    If you can muster that, then everything else is secondary.

  108. carlos says:

    the party is for straight and gay?

  109. yolanda says:

    dang it. A new episode of house hunters comes on that night. Maybe next time. :*

  110. RSD says:

    From SA’s perspective, people just hearing about the site will increase membership. So even bad publicity will draw attention. People may judge sugar dating but be easily tempted to participate.

  111. FatB'StardSA says:

    I read the news article the SA people linked to the blog post describing the last SA party. It did not surprise me that the journalist did her best to make the SD’s look really bad, and some of the SB quotes that were featured making insulting comments about the SD’s at the party were priceless. What was really interesting to me was that the SA staff proudly linked to the article. I would have thought they would have tried to avoid mentioning the article but I suppose the thinking is that any publicity is good publicity.

  112. Josh says:

    Best of success though!

  113. Josh says:

    Thanks, but no thanks. 😉