SeekingArrangement is a great place for both single and married Sugar Daddies looking for a little Sugar to sweeten up their daily grind. Sugar can often be an arrangement with no strings attached, although sometimes emotions can get involved and complicate things. If you are a married Sugar Daddy involved with a single Sugar Baby, here are some tips to help you navigate the rougher paths of Sugar.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries should be set with in your arrangement from the get-go. If this means you can only see your Sugar Baby once a month, then this should be discussed when you initially meet. You should also decide which discussions are off-limits. You should keep away from hot-button topics such as your wife, kids, or anything too personal. You do not want to cross a line, or get your Sugar Baby involved in the mama drama. Your arrangement should be something to distract you from the daily routine.

Your Needs are #1

No strings attached means exactly that. Your other strings should be kept perfectly intact throughout the arrangement process. No red flags should be raised to your coworkers, friends, or family. Your Sugar Baby should be totally aware that she may not be your top priority, and that the relationship will be a discrete one. You can still make your Sugar Baby feel satisfied and taken care of through little presents or gifts. This will have to suffice if you don’t necessarily have the time to commit to seeing her face to face.

The L Word

This rule is pretty simple. Do not fall in love, period. Unless you are exiting your marriage, do not fall for your Sugar Baby. It’s better to not lead anyone on, and it could get extremely messy. Don’t let your hormones fool you – the L word you could actually be falling in is Lust. And on the note of lust, always be safe when you are sexually active with your Sugar Baby. You wouldn’t want any accidents to occur. Baby mama drama, no thank you.

Get Creative!

Your arrangement with your Sugar Baby will most likely be a bit complicated. This could mean you won’t be able to see each other often, and she is could be located in another town or state. Distance and discretion, the two Ds, are crucial to the success of a NSA arrangement. Make sure you schedule out time for calls, Skype sessions, and send her tokens of your affection. This will make her feel wanted. Always, always, always make sure your tracks are covered. Get a disposable phone, clear browser history – whatever it takes to ensure you are safe in the arrangement.

If you are married and discreetly seeing other people, it can be complicated, yet the rewards can be very worthwhile. Unless you are in an open marriage, make sure to always keep the two situations completely separate from one another, and have fun! YOLO, right?

What other rules would you consider in a NSA arrangement?