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Quiz: What To Get For A Man With Everything?
  • Posted Dec 2, 2014


A burglar alarm! HAW!

But seriously, a Sugar Baby who wants to give her Daddy something special at holiday time might find herself in something of a dilemma: most arrangements are based on his generosity with material things and her generosity with time and attention. At Christmas, however, everybody loves to give gifts as well as receive them. What could a Baby possibly get for a man with his own Learjet, for goodness’ sake?


Just a suggestion.

To best answer that question, just take our SeekingArrangement quiz below. We bet it will get your creative juices flowing to make the Season’s giving bright for both of you.

1. What kind of cufflinks does your Sugar Daddy prefer?

a. Tasteful, minimalist gold
b. Silver ones shaped like dice
c. None; he wears only T-shirts made from free-trade cotton
d. Plastic ones shaped like boobs

2. If you wanted your SD to take you on a trip of his choice, where would he pick?

a. Skiing in the Swiss Alps
b. Drinking mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby
c. Saving orphaned eagles at Yellowstone National Park
d. Dining at the International House of Pancakes


“Baby, this is toast from France.”

3. How did your Daddy make his money?

a. He’s a cardiologist
b. He plays the stock market
c. He inherited it and gave half to children’s charities
d. He printed it

4. What’s his fetish?

a. Feet
b. Blindfolded fourways
c. Watching sad animal videos featuring Sarah McLachlan, then donating
d. Touching strangers inappropriately

 5. What did he give you last year?

a. A diamond tennis bracelet
b. Tickets to the Super Bowl (because you’re a football fan)
c. One of his kidneys
d. Hepatitis


Your friends were yellow with envy.

Results analysis

For each answer of “a,” give yourself 3 points. For a “b,” give 2. For each “c,” 1 point. For “d,” subtract 1 from your total and also take a long look in the mirror.


So what should you get your Sugar Daddy for Christmas?

12 or more points: Your Daddy is generous, fun, and secure in your arrangement. Since it’s unlikely that you, his Sugar Baby, can buy him anything he’d consider impressive, you might “give” him an experience. You could visit a cool place you know more about than he does. Or perhaps work on something you can make together. Like pottery. Or sweet, sweet love.


Or both.


8‒11 points: Your Daddy is a gambler, a risk-taker, a game player (as opposed to a “playah”). He likes the rush of not knowing what’s in store, so consider gifting him with “permission” to play the tables in Vegas to a certain dollar amount. (It’s not that he needs your permission, but if he has a wife or someone else making him feel guilty about his love for gambling, then you are truly giving him something special by providing a “holiday” from feeling bad about it.) Support his love of games of chance!

DGAQ_shotRemember_DeerHunter09 jpg

Consider drawing the line at Russian Roulette, however.


4‒7 points: This Daddy is a dream. He is focused completely on your happiness and would jump off a bridge if you asked him to. So why is he ranked so low, pointwise, on our list? It’s because there’s literally nothing you can buy for this kind of Daddy at a store or even give as a trip or other experience. To make this kind of Daddy happy, you must make yourself happy and let him know. Ask for a little extra allowance and spend the money on a day of spa bliss, then tell him about it. It’s like talking dirty to a man whose biggest desire is a smile on your face.


“I gave my halo to a homeless child. I hope you’re not mad.”


4 points or less: We’re guessing that you didn’t find this “Sugar Daddy” at SeekingArrangement. In fact, we’re guessing you found him when he heard you were looking for a Daddy and stepped in wearing his best velour track suit and faux gold chain. Did he tell you his Mercedes was in the shop and his ’78 Nova was just a loaner? Or that the trailer he lives in is temporary while his palatial mansion is being built on the property? Yeahhhh … the best thing to provide for this kind of alleged Sugar Daddy is some alone time. Like, a lot of alone time. Like, you are giving him back his gumball-machine ring that turned green on your finger after two days alone time. Change your locks, maybe get him picked up on one of his outstanding warrants, and then get on SeekingArrangement to find yourself a real Daddy.


In retrospect, his choice of venue for your first date might have been a bad sign.

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1,218 Responses to “Quiz: What To Get For A Man With Everything?”

  1. DamnVixen says:

    Easy. Toss out the entire quiz and just get sex toys he’s never tried before.

  2. MemeSA says:

    Manual to sugar-dating lol .

    There are SD’s that will tell you things like ” I like you, we could evolve..etc”… the typical ,fantastical guy that uses the idea of being together to give you less.


    if there is for sure a connection , the amount of sugar shouldn’t lessen ,
    and what about those men that say “HWP” but are in my inbox? am I a darker illusion of blanco ? LOL

    My last one was great , not as nearly as the dirty dancing imagery though.

    better luck next time.

  3. blairsugar07 says:

    The last answers made my day, hahaha (though it might not be funny for others..).

  4. Be careful says:

    Be careful gentlemen. I am being extorted/blackmailed by a girl from this site. After much investigation, I have come to realize that this is very common. I would hazard a guess that a large percentage of married men will face the same thing. Many (if not most) of the girls on this site manipulate men very well. They will make you think nothing could go wrong and that your secretes are safe, but as soon as they don’t get what you want, you are screwed. If I had to guess, I would say that 20% or more of the girls on this site would use blackmail. So if you meet 5 girls, odds are that one will blackmail you. I have emailed SA about the problem, but they ignored me. They clearly don’t care about women who are abused by bad men or men who are swindled by bad women. If any men are or have faced the same thing, please post it to this blog and anywhere else you can. Do not be ashamed and do not ever give into the blackmail. The FBI will investigate and has in my case. They are going to arrest her soon I believe.

  5. Loki says:

    How about for Christmas your SB gets you an editor who can tell you the difference between non existent “free trade cotton” and fair trade cotton?

  6. Tallone78 says:

    I just stopped by to read this and was amazed at the convo. I live in Florida and most of the people who write me, are out of state or 70 years old. I see there are alot of men between 30-50 on here but none seem to write me. I won’t travel to an sd in another state without meeting them first, as safety is always first. When someone here does want to meet, they want me to drive at least an hour and they don’t even offer gas money. Is expecting the man to either come to me, or compensate me for small travel too much to ask? Just curious. Also, how do I get men closer to my age to write? I am sorry but I am 36, the thought of sleeping with a 70 year old man, is just not appealing to me..lol

  7. Mimi says:

    Why have I been on this site for over a year, gone on many dates, and still have not been in one SD/SB relationship… someone get me THAT for the holidays. -___-

  8. TenderSoul87 says:

    I would give him ALL Me!

  9. kilani moon says:

    A man with everything will appreciate the little things you do for him. Like making him cinnamon rolls or rubbing his back, or wearing his favorite perfume to bed. One thing I’ve learned about men is if they are into you they aren’t hard to please. Doing something that you both enjoy will only make things better.

  10. GeekySD says:

    My SB got me her favorite cologne. It really wasn’t foe me but more for her. She loves the smell and I found out I actually like it too. We both win. I paid off her CC card bill for Christmas.

  11. EbonyBuns says:

    Funny quiz!!! Hepatitis made me spew my coffee!!

    • LoveLivingLife says:

      I know what you mean, @EbonyBuns! Going through this quiz I know exactly what category my ex would fall into and that is the last one! He showed me what NOT to look for in a potential mate! Despite this, I still have hope of finding Mr. Right!

  12. gentleonthesurface says:

    Ok, I kind of agree with my results.. I got a 7 and it’s true. I really cannot buy him anything, because he never seems to ask or imply anything. I think writing a nice letter and going out of the way to say thank you is good.

  13. lovely says:

    I must say, this was pretty interesting to read lol

  14. Josh says:

    @Sweetest sugar

    Are you doing bareback or with condom?

    Get over yourself and get an allowance.

    If you want to carry out some female antics then contact him through the other profile and see what he says to the new profile.

    Other than that…he is doing what billions of men have done before him and what billions of men will do after him.

    At least now men are a bit “smarter” after hearing horror stories of other men losing millions along with the kids to good for nothing ex’s.

    If you don’t like his antics then go to Match and end up with a poorer guy who would be doing the same without any express commitment to pay you an allowance.

  15. Call me Sandra says:


  16. Sweetest sugar says:

    Hi everyone, this doesn’t relate to the blog topic.. But need some insight. After months of being on here, I finally found a SD( hate the term) anyway him and I didn’t discuss any “rules” I don’t need any money so this won’t be my source of income so I was fine just not talking about it. He’s only 8 years older than me not married and we talk all day everyday we pretty much see each other day as well. I have developed feelings and I asked myself would I feel the same way about him if he wasn’t wealthy and I answered yes. Should I continue going with the flow? Or are we on two different pages. I must admit I just signed up with this new acct to see if he still logs on which he does. Which he said he only wanted one so why does he continue to come on here? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

  17. Eloquence says:

    “farther” really? … further… Yes, it has been a very long day for me.

  18. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh

    Where is my “wittyness” when I need it? .. I hear @ yougottabe’s harp playing in the back ground and still my thoughts hover on the word “orgasm”. I truly haven’t made it much farther in thought, bless me.

  19. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    New blog up!

  20. Lainey says:

    New blog topic beezies!

  21. SexyRockstar says:

    Um….Phoenix and ITT are not colleges. Those are places where sad people go to say they are in college. Justtt saying. HAH JUST KIDDING.

  22. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – I don’t remember reading your similar comments. And, for the record, there are 4 private colleges, 1 state school and 3 other state schools with campuses in my immediate vicinity. That doesn’t include the technical schools like phoenix, davenport, itt, etc.

    My searches are still overrun by hairdressers, massage “therapists”, and very few with college goals, business aspirations and life together.

  23. Josh says:


    For those who know the nuances of how corporate computer log-ins work, it is a no-brainer. 😉

  24. Josh says:


    I would not travel just for sex. I would travel if she were fun company in addition to sex. However, if travel is involved, and she is not going to travel, then the monthly meeting frequency is going to be low.

    The problem with such arrangements is that SBs want their expected allowance regardless of the number of meetings. It may work out in the short-term, but the math does not work in the long-term. 😉

    From the logistics point of view, three-hour travel one-way plus the playtime equates a whole day commitment. AND if the SB decides to cancel at the last minute, I would feel like an idiot.

  25. SexyRockstar says:

    I dont understand why an SB wouldn’t want to meet their SD out closer to him, or half way after a few dates. And what if those ‘really hot ones’ suck at sex and you find a girl thats, maybe, not as hot, but gives mind blowing sex. Would that girl be worth the travel to?

  26. Josh says:


    “@Sexy, I agree…but as both @Dazed and I have shared, if we sort out ALL that stuff locally, there would be literally NOTHING left (for me within my 100 mile search range)…so…it is about managing expectations, picking my battles, and choosing from the best available.”

    It’s important to read real-life, believable stuff like this. When I mentioned occurrence of the above in my neck of the woods, I was countered by nonsense from few SBs here. Stuff like, “if you are willing to spend more you will get quality.”

    My thing is that I don’t want to travel more than 1 hour on a regular basis. I will make an exception for really hot one’s. Even then I will not travel for more than 2-3 hours, and after the first few dates, she will have to come to me more than I go to her, on my dime of course.

    It’s my guess that one of the ways to get quantity and quality is to move to certain MSAs with proximity to colleges.

  27. Alex says:

    Speaking of Kenna. Is no one else’s name and email field pre populated? Because mine is even if I close the tab and come back. And having been on an office network before, I understand the possibility. That being said it’s also extremely easy to post as whoever. She seemed like a cool if a bit of a pretentious chick.

  28. SexyRockstar says:

    I’ll find you a girl. LOL

    Oh…someone way above said My story reminds them of a Nicholas Sparks movie. Thanks. HAHA. I am glad my sad heart story can be turned into a movie. Except, i’ll be the bad guy because I was sleeping with a married man. I could possibly get an award for “Best Villain”

  29. ATLSD says:

    49. But I look younger. Full head of hair no gray.
    I’ll say even tho we have have crazy SB stories. Some of my POTs. Have told me horror stories about Their POT SD.

    @southern. Want to throw a bone at me and see if I can find your profile?

  30. CookieBot says:

    @Sexy — “Is Kenna officially gone?”

    Poof. Or maybe she’s on a flight to London.

  31. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Sexy, I agree…but as both @Dazed and I have shared, if we sort out ALL that stuff locally, there would be literally NOTHING left (for me within my 100 mile search range)…so…it is about managing expectations, picking my battles, and choosing from the best available.

  32. SexyRockstar says:


    Part of my screen process is how the profile is written and their messages written to me. Not all men who have money are educated, but, if they are serious..it’s almost like trying to set up a business partner. You’d never send out a horribly written email to a potential client. Impressions are important. If they can’t take a few extra seconds to look over what they wrote, they arint worth my time.

  33. SexyRockstar says:

    Is Kenna officially gone?


  34. Alex says:

    Lol, I’m resting my elbows on my knees holding a glass…kinda leaning forward. It’s from a shoot I did and thought t showed the most me without showing me lol. Took me forever to pick a pic. Joke: the guy that edited Hitler’s speeches was a grammar natzi =) I’ve cut back on pointing grammar mistakes of others out. Because sometimes I want to use a preposition at the end of my sentence 😉

  35. Elaine says:

    @New bloggers

    Just in case you are wondering, I am not a “collage” student, English is just not my first language. 😉

  36. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Chrissy @Alex
    Haha me too! I did the same thing. I had to stare at it for a while and still I’m not sure that I figured it out. hehe 😉

  37. Chrissy says:

    @Alex Your picture is so interesting, I can’t even tell where the arms and legs are coming from ha! I totally felt like a creeper zooming in on it.

  38. Chrissy says:

    Yeah quite a difference to make a mistake on the here when we are usually speaking much more impulsively (especially when our emotions get the best of us).

  39. Elaine says:

    @ OLNSB

    “…schedule all these initial meetings…”
    “…try to optimize by squeezing in a couple of first meets on a day…”
    “…it’s not like I’m TRYING to have a bunch of first meets…I would rather find someone and make it work…I’m just not seeing that ONE yet!”

    I absolute don’t want to teach anything or sound like a smart ass, and maybe my reality is just too different.

    But my first meets are STRICTLY with men I find physically attractive and can see myself having sex with, and ONLY when I am already quite sure to have the right chemistry,and always after having been talking some weeks.
    And so far, that has worked out very well. Only 3 or 4 meets didn’t result in a lt arrangement.

    Especially because -like you- I am looking for a connection, and not only money for sex 🙂

  40. Alex says:

    I don’t think think collage girls can think that far ahead. Here’s to hoping I have a pic soon.

  41. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Dazed and @Elaine – not to pick at a recent blog scab, but I get SO frustrated when I see “I am X, Y, Z women” when she lists her attributes…she should be a womAn, not a womEn…then there are the profiles that have forgotten to use any punctuation, or apostrophe…not to mention the improper understanding of there, their and they’re – etc.

    If you don’t care enough to proofread your profile, how can I think you’re worth an investment?

  42. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – I’ll take it, I think…you’ve had some good input and similar stances so far…how old are you? I’m 40…

  43. ATLSD says:

    I swear we r brothers from another mother.
    You issues are so similar with the exception of available POT. We have plenty in ATL

  44. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Elaine – okay…no, she was no where near Grace Kelly…and no where near MY radar screen (didn’t even hit any of my search criteria due to distance)…

  45. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahaha I can’t with these people. I mean it is beyond simple to spellcheck!

  46. Dazed-SD says:

    @online,, yes,,and when I read the profile I just laughed. I always have put my age limits what some here would consider high basically over 30, and I still get the same results,, weird !

    @struggle,,I have seen that spelling so many times I can’t even count,, also I’ve never read so many profiles with young girls going to “collage” for neuoscience LOL

  47. StruggleIsReal says:

    Uh oh, looks like @Online & @Dazed are gonna have to fight it out for “collage”! hehe 😉

  48. Elaine says:


    Was talking about the “collage” student… 😉

  49. Elaine says:


    “@Elaine — The 8 to 1 ratio is just marketing fluff. I set up a couple of test profiles a few months ago, and ran a few searches, and the true figures for non-hidden accounts is about 3 to 1 female to male. I searched against both total signups and persons active in the previous week with roughly similar ratios.”

    Yep, I know,I did that test myself time ago, and if I remember well, Josh did too.
    It is only SA marketing bs. to attract new SDs.

    The real outcome was shocking, not only the SB/SD ratio, but the total amount of active members.
    They still don’t seem to understand it is better to have 350.000 serious, active and PAYING members, as 3 million escorts, Johns, fakes, flakes, scam artists, tirekickers,rinsers, abandoned profiles and people who are here only for entertainment, “just looking” and never serious to meet.

  50. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Dazed – the one that had the phone number in it to text? Man, maybe we should report it?

  51. Dazed-SD says:

    @online,, that is so funny,, I got the exact same message ! LOL

  52. Alex says:


    Random but while I was massaging SD (it’s official son!) last night, I give really long massages because I get to listen to music while I do it sans conversation, the song Time of the Season” came on. I know this was last blog but THAT is a song about sugar if I ever heard one! It’s one of my favs but never realized before haha.

    “What’s your name? Who’s your dadyy? Is he rich like me? Does he take a little time to show you what you need to live?”

    I apologize for this and my many future random inputs.

  53. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Elaine – I try to weed out the possible “hookers” with some questions about goals in life, goals accomplished to this point, random facts about themselves, favorite things about themselves, history in sugar, stories they’ve heard about sugar, etc.

    If someone immediately jumps to sexual items in the conversation, I’m turned off…I firmly believe @Josh’s philosophy “if sex is the best you bring to the arrangement as a SB, you’re missing the point” or however he states it…

  54. StruggleIsReal says:

    Bingo! Getting naked helps everything. haha

    I’m in the Southeast. Thanks girl… we’ll see how it all progresses!

    Haha Oh man. Did you ever hear from her after that? In hindsight, do you feel that you could have guessed from messaging with her previous to meeting that she might have shown up like that?

    Yes I think you’re right. Simple communication can impart loads of information that you may or may not want and need to suss out what kind of POT you have on your hands. I don’t think I’d be much of one for the “collage” girls. LOL

  55. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Oh, and the hooker attire lunch was 33 years old…I had NO IDEA she would jump to that at that age!

  56. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Elaine…the pot that backed out by text on today’s meeting was dressed very nicely, she’s mid 20’s, college grad…she was wearing a cami under a semi-sheer blouse, colored denim, non-gym shoes and had a respectable winter coat on…

    the one from my lunch story had pictures in her profile that were semi-random, from dolled-up to sexy, but nothing I thought would jump immediately to hooker-attire.

    I do TRY to have an ongoing conversation before jumping to “let’s meet”…I don’t have the time to schedule all these initial meetings…especially when I’m driving over an hour for some of them. Now, I can usually make things productive if I have to, and I try to optimize by squeezing in a couple of first meets on a day I’m traveling, but it’s not like I’m TRYING to have a bunch of first meets…I would rather find someone and make it work…I’m just not seeing that ONE yet!

  57. Elaine says:


    The stories from SDs who get confronted with “Pretty woman” in their favorite business lunch restaurant are hilaric.

    But I cannot really feel pity for them.
    Such appearance doesn’t come out of the blue.
    No way this could not have been predicted upfront by profile text, pictures and communication before meeting.
    So if you only take a brief look at pictures, don’t really read profile text, and jump asap into as many as possible meets, without investing any time in conversation before, this risk is bigger.

    For example, I can already sort of visualize the girl who messaged ONSD, due to her text. Quite sure it will not be an sophisticated Grace Kelly look alike walking in and making her appearance! 😉

    Once read an interview with a high society escort and she said:” If I have to walk around in the Waldorf Astoria, at least I have to look like I belong there”

    Think she was very right!

  58. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Cookie – Thanks, I have had a couple others back out after the first meeting (or even the second) when we start to talk about the intimacy…that’s one reason I took the upper age range off my search criteria and actually had some first meets with the over 40 crowd…trouble with that crowd locally, they’re damaged goods mentally…

  59. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Alex – gravatar.com create a profile and use the email address you use here…upload the pic and it should be on here in 5 mins or less

  60. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Alex – thanks for the reminder, I thought I smelled something 😉

    But, I’ve been texting on and off most of the day with another pot…scheduled coffee for next week…and she just admitted she doesn’t even drink coffee!

  61. CookieBot says:

    @Online — Don’t take it personally. Lots of POTs drop out when it looks things are going to get real. Re your ongoing issues, you might want to slow down on the long term conversation. Just find someone fun, provide a reasonable per diem for the first few sugar dates, and let the arrangement grow naturally.

    @Elaine — The 8 to 1 ratio is just marketing fluff. I set up a couple of test profiles a few months ago, and ran a few searches, and the true figures for non-hidden accounts is about 3 to 1 female to male. I searched against both total signups and persons active in the previous week with roughly similar ratios.

  62. Alex says:

    I know it’s up there somewhere but how do I get a pic on here again? They should make a new blog about that.

  63. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Struggle…I shared a story in the past…I’ll share it again…it’s a good story for SDs to choose their words carefully…

    I scheduled a lunch at a restaurant that just happens to be in a hotel locally…it is a restaurant that often sees napkin deals in the millions, I have held meetings there with clients and prospects for business…I’m sitting there, she’s late, but on her way…I see a prospect walk in with a group and I identify other people in the group…all power players…then, I catch a glimpse of the pot walking through the lobby toward the restaurant…she’s got basically a tube top on and what I call a hoochie skirt, with flip-flops and a granny (maybe Mary Poppins) purse over her bent shoulder…when the hostess showed her to my table, I excused myself to use the restroom, handed the hostess a $50 and told her to take care of the lunch, but to tell her I was called away for a meeting…

    In my pre-meeting communication I had asked her to make sure she dressed appropriately…I think she thought, because it was at a hotel, she was dressed appropriately.

  64. Alex says:

    @Online, maybe she was using a Google text number linked to an email account? I’m sorry it’s not gonna work out for now. But I think I read somewhere about a diamond in a pile of shit 😉

    @Struggle that’s awesome! Glad to hear things are going so well for you. When in the world are you? It was just a tad more than I expected. I’m fairly certain I’m gonna get what his last arrangement got. But I’m not gonna discuss specifics with him because I’m great at whatever it is I’m doing. Except bowling…which I avoid for that reason lol. I’ll let him give me what he sees fit as long as he keeps giving me orgasms x) It just sucks that he’s so busy, but that comes with the territory and is largely why he wants an arrangement. That and lack of drama. So I get what you’re going through with your first choice.

    @Chrissy, I’m 5’3″ and 115lbs…the struggle is real 😉 to borrow that for a bit. Unless I get completely dolled up, I still get carded for matches lol.

  65. Josh says:


    “Have you ever had a POT show up dressed ridiculously ?”

    The best way to fix that problem is to get naked quickly. 😉

  66. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Elaine @Online
    Bahahaha the “collage” always gets me!!! I mean really now. Please attend at least enough “collage” to know how to at least spell it! Lmao!

  67. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahaa true! Although honestly I don’t think our age-gap appeared that great. But good point ! Who knows. I don’t really care as long as he is pleased with my appearance and I feel confident 🙂 Have you ever had a POT show up dressed ridiculously ? I haven’t but of course it’s quite a different story from my end. I always get a laugh out of you poor SDs who have a POT show up looking all sorts of some way! LoL

  68. Elaine says:


    My god… I feel deeply sorry for you! 🙁
    Another “collage” student?

    But I don’t believe it has to do with Michigan, it is general!

  69. Chrissy says:

    Ha I definitely agree there! Thank you for pointing out the bright side of repeatedly being told I look too young. 🙂 Hopefully this youthful appearance will last then!

  70. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Struggle – might have been carded for the simple fact of your age difference…or the wait staff wanting to get a better look at your information 😉

  71. StruggleIsReal says:

    Very similar stats as me 🙂
    Hmmm well, at least they aren’t saying you look too old! LoL could be worse I suppose! But that would be frustrating nonetheless.

  72. Chrissy says:

    Yeah I honestly have no idea where those comments are coming from.
    I am 27 and 5’10” and often wearing heels. So physically I am not a petite looking “girl.” If anything I am dressed more conservatively than I am in my pictures which could be what is turning them off. Much be the sharp contrast from my mind and outward appearance.

  73. StruggleIsReal says:

    Could it possibly be your attire / the way you present yourself? I’m sure there’s the set of POTs that have a thing for girls who appear super young, but the men I’ve met don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb as a SD. And considering that we are typically already going to be a good bit younger than them it may be wise to kind of dress a little “older” if you aren’t already. Just more classic and sophisticated and maybe not what you’d wear out with a guy your own age. You very well may already do this for all I know. I know I do, and yet the other day on a date with a POT I was carded when I ordered a glass of wine.

  74. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Dazed – ANOTHER good one just contacted me, out of the blue from about 90-minute drive time…20yo, average build (internet average, not actual average)…her message to me:

    Hey there I am a intelligence, caring,passionate 20 year old young women looking for a little fun in life. I am in search of an older gentleman to have some fun with and see new places and things. Or just someone to escape the real world with on occations and have a fun time. I am open to traveling or possible relocation for the right SD. If you are interested text me at XXX-XXX-XXXX with a pic n screen name n we can figure something out hope to hear from you soon. Have a splended night.

    I just received it…it’s not night in Michigan! I wanted to see if she looked better on her profile…here’s her profile text:

    About Me
    Hello there. My name is XXXXXXX for short. i love to live my life free and well. I am a college student attending to get my associates in business of arts. I have a girlfriend. 1 cat and 1 dog. i love to drive my F 250 around for no reason. and love to get messy but i can sure clean up nice. I am hard working and optimistic.I am alot of fun and alot of heart.

    What I’m looking for
    Looking for a perfect mommy or daddy is very difficult, everyone either has fake profiles or odnt stick to what they say. I am searching for a cash ready, ready to make my life better then get spoiled person to be in my life. i know how to treat back so no worries there.

    REALLY…I’m at a loss…@Elaine – that’s what we deal with in Michigan…

  75. Chrissy says:

    Of the last 5 POTs I have met, at least 3 have told me something along the lines of I look too innocent/young.
    Perplexing, considering I do not look adolescent at all.

  76. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Now, not only was I disappointed by the cancellation of the second meeting today…I have to read about my Tigers trading away some GREAT prospects and a quality pitcher for an old pitcher and a big bat that is aging and from Cuba (so he’s probably much older than he states) with big strikeout numbers…nothing to help with playoffs…just a depressing day for me!

  77. Dazed-SD says:

    @online…@FlyR – I have had a few different profiles…I think, locally, they are pissed I’m not going to give them a couple hundred to have a cup of coffee (I was actually asked “Where’s my money?” in a first meeting) or they THINK they are “all that” and expect $10k monthly for a non-sexual arrangement or they would not be presentable in public (because they look like a hooker in their profile pictures) or they want to do nothing but bitch about their money troubles all the time…just a frustrating mix for me…

    Amen brother, I’m running into the same thing !

  78. StruggleIsReal says:

    You’re right, that’s pretty swift work there! So thrilled for you! I’m sure it’s because you are a catch!

    All is well here!
    I had a date with a POT two days ago and it went awesome! Definitely attracted to each other and he’s really cute and nice. However I have not heard from him since other than a re t the morning after saying he had a great time and really likes me so… Not quite sure what to make of that. I just texted him to say hi and see if I can open the lines of communication up. We shall see. It’s only been about a day and a half since and of course he’s very busy so I’m still hopeful for sure.

    I also have a dinner date with a another POT tonight. He seems cool, fun and low-key, and normal so far. And also looks handsome from his photos. So again we will see if we hit it off. Again, fingers crossed!

    I haven’t discussed allowance expectations with either of them yet. I’m seeing how it works out to not go there until after the first date. Hopefully get them genuinely into me then if we both want to move forward, discuss it from there.

    I’m in close contact with an out of town POT and we are really into each other so far, from a distance. We’ve been Skyping, phone calls, texting etc. He wants to meet now but I’m putting it off until after the holidays. He’s cool with that. Of course in person we may not jive so that’s kind of 50/50 at this point.

    So all in all, I’ve got some pretty good prospects on the line… Just kind of waiting to see if any of them pan out.

    I did have two POTs that were wanting arrangements with me and they were nice and fairly attractive but I just wasn’t feeling either of them, chemistry wise. Now that I am genuinely attracted to these other POTs, it kind of knocked them off the block.

    I will say I feel I have been lucky in that I have met really nice men and none have been jerks or creeps. I was most scared of that more than anything!

    Were you happy with the piece of your allowance your most likely soon-to-be-SD have you? You said you had not discussed that with him yet. Was it more or less than you had hoped for, or about on par? Of course considering it was only a part of it.

  79. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Alex – thanks, I did ask…her actual text was:

    I’m sorry, I’m not going to be able to continue talking. I am getting some weird emails and for both of our privacy’s sake, I am going to refrain from this stuff for a while. Please let me know if you receive any weird texts or emails though.

    I know it’s not my email as the problem…and I’m not sure how weird emails cause a problem for text (other than they may be both on the phone) but I’ll give her the space and send a random text until I find another arrangement opportunity or she actually says, “listen creeper, I’m done with you”…

  80. Alex says:

    Thanks @Struggle =) I am definitely one of the lucky ones from what I’ve been reading here :/ it took me less than 24hrs to meet a perfect match and less than a week to seal the deal. But I am in northern California so maybe the odds are better here. How are things for you hun?

  81. StruggleIsReal says:

    Wahoo! Sounds like you’re on a roll! Good job 🙂

  82. Alex says:

    @Online. Now that I can think straight. I would simply ask her what “all this” means. I find being open about miscommunication, meaning speaking up when someone is vague or you feel they’re words and actions aren’t in alignment, is paramount to a successful relationship of any kind. As I think @Struggle said, it kind of sounds like a hack issue. At the worst she won’t respond and you’ll be in the same place you are now. But you never know 😉

  83. Elaine says:

    @ OnlineNewbieSD

    Hmmm… yes, then that is no possibilty either, sorry for you 🙁

    Hope soon you will be lucky and find someone near.
    You seem like a great SD for a lucky SB!

    Unfortunally here it shows again how the pretended “8 SB to 1 SD” ratio is nothing but a number 🙁

  84. Alex says:

    And literally as I was rereading the above for errors he texts with an affirmative. Winning!!!

  85. Alex says:

    @Josh a feminist? Who would have thunk? Lol. Meanwhile I tend to disagree with most of their antics, so I guess that makes sense.

    I think my meet went well. We had arranged to meet in public and sort of verify each other and then go ahead and spend the night since we both felt so comfortable having been communicating so much. I know everyone says not to go home on the first meet, but I slept with my last two long term boyfriends on the first date (also because we’d gotten close before meeting) and they still became my boyfriend haha. I didn’t even sleep with this guy (did give him a bj, but he gave me a nipple gasm) because aunt flow decided to show up day prior. He gave me part of my allowance (still haven’t discussed an exact figure and probably won’t) as he’s been burned like many and would like to make sure his investment is secure. We’ve text lightly after parting and now I’m waiting to hear back how he felt about everything. It’s been almost two hours and he is a VERY busy man. I’m trying to not let my current hormonal drop affect my rationality but the anticipation is killing me!

    Sidenote: we DEFINITELY need a forum.

  86. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Elaine – I don’t travel enough to make that worth my while…and if I do, wife likes to travel with me if it’s a place she’s never been, or thinks she would enjoy…

  87. Elaine says:

    @ OnlineNewbieSD

    Was wondering, do you travel for business regularly?

    That’s the way it works with my (married) SDs, they are always long distance, but since they travel a lot for business, I just travel and visit them wherever they are.

    It might be another kind of arrangement, most of the times we only meet around once a month, sometimes one night, sometimes more.
    But it works fantastic!
    The meetings are always intense and special and the arrangements last, because it is not easily getting “usual business”or “boring”.

    Maybe an idea? 😉

  88. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @FlyR – I have had a few different profiles…I think, locally, they are pissed I’m not going to give them a couple hundred to have a cup of coffee (I was actually asked “Where’s my money?” in a first meeting) or they THINK they are “all that” and expect $10k monthly for a non-sexual arrangement or they would not be presentable in public (because they look like a hooker in their profile pictures) or they want to do nothing but bitch about their money troubles all the time…just a frustrating mix for me…

  89. SouthernSB says:

    ATLSD-Awww, what a sweet thing to say. I love Harleys, let’s ride to Daytona together.

  90. FLYR says:

    Online – try changing your profile.

  91. FLYR says:

    @billybob –

    SB “value” is the sum of product, packaging and promotion. SA spends too much time communicating if you are hot and 18 there’s a guy with a handful of hundreds waiting for you the moment you post a profile which looks like the contents of your laundry basket at the end of the week.

    For most 18 year olds their Thursday night alternatives are bringing beer and burgers to the guys while they watch football (they probably paid their share of the cost) and when the game is over an hour of sex before being sent home.

    The SA marketing ploy has a hot 30 yo guy wanting to spend 2-4K per month for the same privilege. The 18 YO get the idea that all they need to do is look hot, give decent head and sex and disappear into the night.

  92. Josh says:


    I hear you. I never had any intention of going by women’s “body language.”


    1. Most of my adult life I have been a “feminist”. So I don’t believe in “when I say ‘no’ it may mean ‘yes'” business.

    2. I have been super careful not to run into the nuances of law when a woman shifts her yes to no, or vice versa, depending on what suits her.

    I am sure I have missed a few opportunities, but no woman is worth legal headaches.

  93. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – I’m on the west side of the state…half-hour from the lake…I’m already searching 100 mile radius that covers almost to Auburn Hills. My frustration is that I could find single use situations, or p2p, but I want something more than p2p…

  94. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Dazed – I know…it’s frustrating…here’s hoping there are some great SBs coming out of arrangements in the near future!

  95. Josh says:

    I don’t know where you two are located but an SD in Auburn Hills was not having much luck. I told him to be willing to travel at least one hour and his success rate shot through the roof.

  96. Dazed-SD says:

    @online,, I swear these Michigan girls will drive us nuts ! LOL
    sorry to hear what happened. I was hopeing it would work so I could still have an optimistic outlook. It does sound to me like her phone is messed up. I’ve had the same thing happen to mine, except it was from my Boss, he kept sending me the same text over and over. So I called him and said, Hey check your phone, your sending me the same text like 10 times,,he did, but I don’t know what the problem was,, weird !

  97. ATLSD says:

    @josh Most things i figure out quick. My one weakness is reading womens body language. That’s where I need help, I think I’ve missed a few opportunity’s do to my lack of knowledge in that area.

    Not sure if it does. probably all online. Lots of competition in that area now. This site alone can take care of that.
    The “joy of Sex”, i secretly read that in college. shhhh don’t tell anyone. That is a blast from the past.
    You are killing me with Ice cream BJ practice, I had to contain my laugh. 😉
    You are a nice bike (as in Harley) ride away from me!!

  98. @sexy

    Your story is the sweetest thing. I feel like I am reading a Nicholas sparks movie. I hope y’all stay together!!! <3

  99. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Struggle – good luck tonight!

    I have two more I’ve been communicating with, but neither of them are near meeting…

  100. StruggleIsReal says:

    Dang that sucks! I was looking forward to hopefully hearing some success for you with this POT. I guess she is saying that she feels her account may be hacked?

    I am meeting a POT for dinner tonight. Fingers crossed 🙂

  101. SouthernSB says:

    Ice cream BJs-that’s cliche’, but everyone was cliche’ in the late 70’s and early 80s.

  102. SouthernSB says:

    @ATLSD-Penthouse Forum? Does that still come out? I remember when we were seniors we use to read that on the school bus. That and “The Joy of Sex” taught me all I needed to know about sex. I use to practice my BJs on ice cream cones. 😉
    Oh, and the golf town I live in is the green jacket one.

  103. Josh says:


    Did take me long to figure that out. But you are the Guru.”

    I don’t know how came to that realization so quickly. You must be fully actualized in the brains department.

    That said, you will not have to wait too long before someone accuses me of being my proxy. 😉

  104. ATLSD says:

    @flyr. You are right. I have been trying read the older blogs. Catching up with all you beautiful people. The subject line last about 10 posts.

    Did take me long to figure that out. But you are the Guru.

    @sexy. Your break up sex is better then anything I’ve had at home in about 5 years. It was like reading penthouse forum. (U young SB probably don’t what that is)

  105. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Damn – my pot for second meeting just sent me a text “I’m receiving weird text and emails now, I’m stepping back for a bit from all this. Let me know if you get anything weird from me”

    Not sure how to take this! We connected well, I thought…now I’m back to friggen square one!

  106. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Sexy – I’m freezing, even in my office today…although, weather report still claims we’re going to get to damn near 50 this weekend!

  107. SexyRockstar says:

    @Billy Bob

    I am hot as balls. I have curves. I don’t understand why NO ONE wouldn’t want to give me 10K a month for being a hot bisshh.

    No, I am seriously hot. I am sweating to fuckn death. I need 10K to fix my heater because it’s melting everything 🙁

    OMFG, Michigan peeps: Is it freezing there? It’s been so windy, it’s cold. I do not want to move. I seriously spent a million years tuning my guitars. Effn weather.

  108. Josh says:


    I really don’t have much clout here. I just have a big mouth. LOL!

  109. Josh says:


    Interesting suggestion. 😉

    I guess you mixed practical and moderate up?

  110. billybob says:

    SA should post guidelines to help women determine their allowance expectations:

    HIGH: You are a super model working on your doctorate in neuroscience. You are willing to be at an SD’s beck and call 24-7 whenever he feels the urge.
    SUBSTANTIAL: You are very hot and are able to meet your SD several times a week. No “full” or “a few extra pounds” in this category.
    PRACTICAL: Will deliver mind-blowing sex several times a month.
    MODERATE: 90 percent of SBs should put themselves in this category. If you are good looking and can deliver, you may be able to find an SD.

  111. FLYR says:


    Off topic – the SA topic is but a mere chapter heading which seldom survives the second post……… this is really

  112. ATLSD says:

    Thanks bro for the “don’t have to scroll down tip”. What a time saver.

    You need to use your clout to get a real forum here so we don’t have to rely on blogs. That end up getting off topic

  113. StruggleIsReal says:

    What’s up with the “seaker” spelling?

    It really depends though. That is up to each couple. I’d say once a week is probably fairly average? Hard to qualify when so many variables come into play.

  114. AdventureSeaker says:

    So ladies….how often do you make time for your SD?

  115. One last thing tonight…

    I do know that some proxies are well-meaning. So high-five, two hugs, and a wink to you :).

  116. Josh says:

    Since many have expressed their “finding God” moments please allow me to share a couple other tricks that’s not as profound may come in handy at times.

    1. Go to main blog page.
    2. Scroll to the bottom.
    3. Click on the most recent comment.

    4. Right below the comment box there is a link to the very article you are on.
    5. Click on it to go to the top of the article.

  117. As for proxies and alter egos on blog…

    I very well know who each of you are. Independently and collectively. The collective, I find most impressive, as you are one person with multiple proxies. It’s kind of like having an orgy with oneself. Thoughtgasm, for sure.

    Proxy on! Doesn’t take long at all to figure yas out, though.


    I really don’t have an issue with you. I do find your spin move pretty shitty. I also don’t care much about proving or disproving if you are real. I just tuned up my harp, and it’s ready to go. Whatever that means.


    Long day for me, and I’m exhausted. Too much to comment on here, so I’ll mostly leave it be for now :). I’ll rest up, and play my fine-tuned harp for yas tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. Tomorrow’s gonna be busy. But the next day is the weekend. I’m going to lose my recycled virginity this weekend. Ok, so Monday…I’ll play my harp for yas on Monday. Though it may not be as finely tuned by then. Conflict.



    You might be right. We kind of are like a big family. One completely dysfunctional, upside down, inside-out, sideways, twisted, orgy brawl of a family.

    Home sweet home?

    Night, guys.

  118. @ “Leave a reply” button

    Josh, in this very moment in time (not a second sooner or later) I worship you for this bloglife-changing discovery. I feel like a brand new woman. Scroll no more! 😀

  119. “Folks don’t click on the link posted by @yougottabekiddingme

    Someone is using her id to post nonsense.”

    WestCoastDaddy is up to no good.

  120. Josh says:

    @Eloquence is about to have an orgasm reading @flyR’s trivial advice.

    Personally, I stay logged into my computer for weeks on end until it complains and I have to reboot. But @Eloquence thought that @flyR’s statement was worthy of recording.

    No wonder a good majority of women are attracted to nonsense, nonstop.

  121. FLYR says:

    @Sexy – You are definitely the Hunter S Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) of sugardom

  122. StruggleIsReal says:

    It’s not completely lost on me. I liked Kenna, but can’t help but wonder.

  123. Eloquence says:

    @ Flyer

    “For the truly addicted , stay signed in and just press reload” …

    I am crying from from laughing so hard. I would use my DVR and record this place or have “play by play” moments, like football, if I could.

  124. Josh says:

    Two different bloggers alluded that

    @KennaKenna = @PriceySpicey

    Does anyone else feel that it is a possibility?

  125. Josh says:


    Cluelessness galore. 😉

  126. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I’m guessing this is a new member, since she just popped into my search…19yo, 5’1″, A few extra pounds…

    About Me

    im fun to be around and can make you very happy if you make me happy too.

    What I’m looking for

    anything that you want to do that will make you happy will make me happy too I aim to please.

    Expectation: HIGH

  127. Josh says:

    You’re correct. ;

  128. Alex says:

    @Josh You said “we need to determine”, thought you were included in the “we” lol.

    About to get ready for this meeting =) wish me luck folks!

  129. Josh says:


    I don’t have a “need” to determine anything about you until you start posting more frequently. Then we will empirically determine your relationship with logic. 😉

  130. Alex says:

    Oh my goodness @Josh you saved my phone’s life, it’s brain nearly imploded last scroll through lol. And I’m flattered that you have the need to determine my logical strategy or lack thereof

  131. Josh says:

    Folks don’t click on the link posted by @yougottabekiddingme

    Someone is using her id to post nonsense.

  132. Josh says:

    Admins please remove the link posted above by @yougottabekiddingme

    It belongs to some Chinese website, which may be detrimental to visitors’ computers.

  133. Josh says:

    When you need idiotic advice, @flyR is right there to oblige. Most females here truly like his “advice” though. That explains why most women like to “communicate” nonstop nonsense.

    @Struggle was complaining about scrolling down on cell phone, genius. 🙁

  134. StruggleIsReal says:

    Not seeing it here. But for real, @Josh has some pull, if there is a new blog up.

  135. FLYR says:

    To get to the bottom of the blog

    command and down arrow and pzzzzzap you are at the far end of the blog working back to where you left

    For the truly addicted , stay signed in and just press reload

  136. Josh says:


    Crying wolf? Post a link to it.

  137. Josh says:


    You can be “tom boy” all you want but we need to see if you have a logical, linear male mind or circular female logic mind.

  138. StruggleIsReal says:

    High five. Me too!

  139. Alex says:

    So I’m not the only one with the scrolling issue? Lol that’s how I missed the newer comments I didn’t want to refresh and re-scroll.

    @Struggle Allowance for me we haven’t discussed but I do know what his previous arrangement was and am pretty sure ours will be similar. But any amount of sweetness will do since I like him. I wish I had looked into what all this (sugar lifestyle) before my last two relationships lol both started online anyway and arrangements definitely suit my needs better.

    Oh and I’ve been a tomboy all my life and am considered “one of the guys” so don’t feel bad for the assumption lol.

  140. StruggleIsReal says:

    Omg. You just changed my life. Praise Hay-soos.

  141. Josh says:


    You don’t need to scroll down too much. Click on “Leave a Reply” button to get to the bottom of comments and scroll upwards a little to see new posts.

  142. Josh says:

    Josh Guru read your mind, child. 😉

  143. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahah omg I was literally just coming here right now to ask you to request a new blog!! Because I am tired of scrolling down forever when on my phone! LoL

  144. Josh says:


    Please post new article when the number of comments go beyond 500-600. The blog starts acting like female-brain-in-romantic-male-company (aka bat shit) when the number of messages go above that.

    If you don’t have a new article just post some crazy random shit Brandon may be farting around with on his blog.

  145. StruggleIsReal says:

    I have noticed this! I love androgynous names, however it is a little confusing on the blog. Grasshopper is learning 🙂

  146. Josh says:


    If a blogger had gender-neutral ID ass-u-me that it was a woman. Josh Guru has not been wrong yet.

  147. Josh says:


    The blog flares up from time to time. But we bring it back to “normal” 😉

  148. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hehe I thought you were a guy until just now. Yay glad to have another cool chick here 🙂
    And texting is perfectly fine previous to meeting. Let us know how it goes!
    I had a great POT date yesterday 🙂 I personally recommend not discussing allowance etc on first date. Mine tried to bring it up yesterday and I said, “I just want to enjoy you. We can talk about that stuff later.” He seemed super pleased with that response. I would probably date him without sugar too, but at this point I am sticking to my guns with sugar being required in some way, shape or form. That is after all how he met me, and I have to say he probably wouldn’t have otherwise. We haven’t discussed allowance yet but I imagine it will happen in the next few days… We shall see 😉

  149. Alex says:

    This thing just ate half my comment…let’s see how this one goes.

    …so friggin nervous even though we’ve been texting non stop since Sunday. I know you’re supposed to wait for the meeting but we’ve already discussed the details of the arrangement. I really like this guy and would still be interested minus the sugar. Have I mentioned I’m nervous?

    And thank you @Struggle I hope I enjoy it as much as you do.

  150. Alex says:

    @Sexy after reading through a few threads I get the trend. Glad to read things are working out for you. I’m n uber comic/game nerd too so I get it. Though I’m more of a Street Fighter than Mortal Combat type of girl lol. And thanks for the encouragement I think I will post.

    So I’m meeting my first Pot today and I’m SoOoOoOoOo friggin nervous

  151. StruggleIsReal says:

    But of course. Bwahahaha 😉
    Who’s your favorite ninja turtle?
    Mine is Donatello. I always loved how he used his brains over weapons.

  152. StruggleIsReal says:

    Welcome to the blog. I started posting recently after lurking for a good while and I totally enjoy it here.

  153. SexyRockstar says:

    Ohhh He will be finished…ON MY FACE! HAHAHA.
    After a few dates…of course 😉

  154. StruggleIsReal says:

    “Finish him!”

  155. SexyRockstar says:

    Former SD= Drummer

    So I can talk about these guys without confusing the shit out of anybody.

    POT is Ninja because somehow me being a ninja came up, HA. He told me he knows a few tae-kawn-do (ohh yeah sp?) moves. I told him everything I learned, I learned from Mortal Kombat. He almost spat out his coffee when I said that. Him and I talked about video games for a little bit.

  156. SexyRockstar says:


    I posted my story. I am now currently sitting on my ass eating candy and watching South Park drinking Old Style. This is how Rockstars deal with break ups.

    And this blog is wonderful. Every now n then people will fight, post stupid shit, insult other people, but we all love each other..for the most part. I’ve given advice, got advice, you know. I’ve been in and our sugar for a few years, so have all the other members. So, please, post away, share stories, share pictures, tell us how your bathroom break was.

    POT texted: few hours to kill…want to go to Fridays? (his office is 10 minuets away from me, and there is a Fridays in the middle)

    I think I may just roll off this couch. HAHA.

  157. Alex says:

    ^That is what happens when you don’t refresh for too long lol.

  158. Alex says:

    Woah…what a read. Initially thought I wanted to start blogging often as well but this place went nuts. I am only posting in hopes that @Sexy comes back on and tells us how the break up went. (Fingers crossed the blog goes back to being a blog).

  159. Josh says:


    Mine are quality time and physical touch. Hence I look for fun girls to play with. 😉

  160. Josh says:



    Very nicely written.

    You are a class act to let him go in style.

    Best of success with the new guy.

  161. StruggleIsReal says:

    Beautifully written and expressed. Yes, it’s a new dawn for you and you are doing the very best by appreciating your experience with him for all it was and moving forward with lessons learned and gratitude for what you gained and even for the pain as well.

    You handled yourself perfectly. You are genuine and loving but strong and most of all you honor your self while still being kind to someone who betrayed you. Not many people do that. I wish more did.

    Big hug sweetheart. Proud of you. Excited for you.

  162. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Sexy – fools rush in, but sounds like you’ve got a great pot ready when you are!

  163. Elaine says:

    @ SexyRockstar

    Thank you for sharing, I think we were all wondering how it went…

    I can feel your pain and I think you have been so brave and strong!
    Not sure if I could have acted like you did, really high class!

    Hope things will work out with new Pot, always the best way to get over it 😉

  164. SexyRockstar says:

    OOHHH, missing detail. I actually left him for an hour to go home. He convinced me to stay the night with him. After the passionate sex at the hotel. I didn’t want to cry in front of him.

  165. SexyRockstar says:


    I just want to say thank you to everyone. I gotten a few private messages from some people, and thank you for checking up on me. Here is a play-by-play of what happened last night.

    I walked out of my house…and there he was. Standing outside his car. He gave me the biggest hug, and the most passionate kiss ever. I melted. I mouthed ‘i love you’ and he gave me the greatest kiss again. We got into the car and discussed our plan of action for the day. I needed a new phone so we went to a few stores, he needed new tablets, so it all seemed to work out.

    —I didn’t like any phones. I don’t want a fuckn IPhone. HAHA.

    Since he’s from out of state, never lived near/around Chicago, I tend to take him to the best places ever. We went to one of my favorite burger joints and enjoyed ourselves, craft beer, and conversation. Then, I brought up the whole AM thing in the car on the way to a music bar we tend to go to.

    I told him it hurt to see him on there as we talked about exclusivity. He said he’s been on there before, and it’s convenient while he travels to meet woman and such. I gave him the look. He knew it was over. I started crying, basically told him I am getting checked for STDs because he chooses to have sex with other girls. He says he’s exclusively with me on no protection. So that was a double fuckn slap. He admitted with being with two other girls (non sugar baby type thing) and he recently had a 3 sum with a couple. I said “makes sense, forgive me thinking we were exclusive to each other”.

    We went to the bar, I got hit on, checked out, and I was so FUCKN MAD I told a guy that “Oh, he’s just a gay friend that I go out with all the time.” Once hot dude left to go buy me a beer, I turned and said ‘well, if you can get picked up at a bar to have a 3 sum…maybe I can pick up a dude so we all can have a 3 sum. he’s hot. I would love to be tagged team by two sexy guys.’ The LOOK on his face. I knew that was TOTALLY out of line, but I couldn’t help myself. Hot guy came back to keep talking to me, I took my beer, chatted him up for a few more minuets then made up some excuse we were leaving soon.

    We actually wound up having a really good time together. We got back to the hotel room…we were being silly with each other..laughing up a storm, I am pretty sure we were bothering the people next to us. We had a california king size bed. Jumping all over the place. Then…finally relaxed and calmed down. We made love. The slowest, most passionate love. I lost my shit. I started tearing up with each kiss so I eventually put my head towards the side so he couldn’t. He knew I was upset. We talked about it for the next 2 hours. He said sorry, he even cried a bit, and we held each other and passed out.

    The morning came. He knew this was the end. He hit the snooze on the alarm a few times just to keep holding me. We woke up in the same position we fell asleep in. I went into the bathroom to shower and he followed. We had one last sex. I had to wash my face separately when we got out as I had make up still coming down my face. I stood there and cried. The sound of the water drowned it out. I brushed my teeth. We both got dressed. I told him to keep in touch and….the mood changed. He FINALLY realized it was over. He won’t ever see me. He dropped me off. His eyes teared up. Told me I should never wear make up again because I am the most beautiful when I am “me”. Not a sugar baby look like sexed up version of me. Just me. I told him the Bears will revenge their shitty lost on the Lions soon enough, told him I loved him one more time, gave him a hug and kissed him passionately. He threw me a 24 case of Old Style and told me to drink it up. He told me he loved me too. I walked back up to my house, just to see him hold his head and sit there for a moment. Then he drove off.

    I learned a lot from him. I learned I can love someone. I learned how to play drums. I got better at card games at the casino. I learned..most importantly, that sex is wonderful, but is best when its JUST you and one other person. I learned that I do respect my body. I learned that too much sugar is bad for your teeth. I’ll be okay.

    My POT from yesterday texted me:
    “Heard welcome to the jungle on the radio, thought of you, beautiful”

    —It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. AND IM FEELING GOOD

  166. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Lady M
    Yes, a really great suggestion! Thanks!

    I read that book a while back. Definitely a good one. I think mine is probably quality time. What is yours ?

    Where you at boo? I hope last night went well. Hugs.

    I am kind of lost on this whole Kenna issue. From what I could tell before, she seemed legit and cool. While I was away last night shit exploded! LoL Not really sure what to make of it so I’m just stepping off. Maybe I’ll start singing “kumbaya”. 🙂

  167. Josh says:

    Receiving gifts is one of the five expressions of love expressed by people, according to Dr. Gary Chapman. People consider being loved through the following:

    1. Words of affirmations.
    2. Quality time.
    3. Receiving gifts.
    4. Acts of service.
    5. Physical touch.

  168. SouthernSB says:

    KennaKenna-You have mail.

  169. FLYR says:

    @Lady M

    “When a man has everything, make him something from scratch and include a hand-written letter… When is the last time you or anyone ever received a hand-written letter? It is the most intimate gift a person can give or receive. Just make sure you fit all of your thoughts onto one page. Anything past that only waters the letter down. Sometimes less is more <3"

    A great suggestion

  170. FLYR says:

    If you hit submit comment and then hit return again before SA has completed its cycle you’ll get the error message but I think your message has been sent unless you close the page.

  171. FLYR says:

    I took the liberty of trimming a prior post ((and adding))) which offers an example of product differentiation from 98% of the SB. The man who spends $5- $10 million on a classic Ferrari to put in his garage with 10 others simply needs to feel that this particular SB is also special. Best sex or best arm candy are perishable – best woman is enduring.

    In addition to the sugar income there’s the other benefits and also in many cases the “cost” of being an SB. Going to a hotel room 4 times a month for a couple of hours of sex is not likely to provide much emotional support.

    “And for the SDs (( and SB) who cannot comprehend
    why a man would spend so much , …….

    don’t sugardate married men
    looking for a quick fuck or
    to get away from wife.

    I sugardate SINGLE men only
    who have limitless pockets and
    can give me what my heart desires,
    not because I need it
    but because they want to.”

  172. Josh says:

    1. A woman who earns her living without engaging her vagina is a working-class human being.

    2. A woman who lives off of her inheritance is a princess.

    3. A woman who uses her vagina (or other body parts in a sexual manner) to sustain herself is a whore.

    4. A woman who uses her vagina (initially) then the law to sustain herself is a whore of a wifely kind.

    SDs don’t call their wives whore because most men here love their wives and would not be here if the “whores” at home of the wifely kind put out.

    Besides the word has negative connotation in the common use.


  173. Elaine says:


    I prefer well written and classy “Pretension at its best” to clueless and vulgar bragging…

    And please, especially YOU should better and not talk about inconsistencies!

    I cannot possibly know how real Kenna is, but at least most of what she states, her picture, and her writing, are in line with who and what she pretends to be.

    Unfortunally she doesn’t know yet blog dynamics and let herself been dragged into defense and cat fights.

    Don’t @Kenna! This is exactly what some people are after, probably because their own lives are so boring.
    And who cares if they believe you or not?
    You don’t know them, maybe not even would LIKE to know them, they don’t know you, and you know for yourself what is true and what is not.

    Already some time ago I have given up defending I am real, and I just don’t share any info about my SDs, or whatever they do for me.

    Most would not believe me, because it doesn’t fit in their own sugar realities as discussed here, and worse; it might even one day be used against me in real life!

  174. Carmen says:

    Don’t let Lainey fool you struggles. She loves to bully and pick on bloggers. She isn’t taking up for anyone and often has just as many inconsistencies and she points out in others. Blog bully is more like it. Just wait until you are on the receiving end of her bullying rage attacks that seem to give her lots of pleasure and you will see.

  175. StruggleIsReal says:

    Thanks for sticking up for all of us. That was a doozy last night. Just caught myself up.

  176. Lainey says:

    Being that I’m sure people will have a lot to say tomorrow and I will not be around during the day (as per usual). Allow me to repost THIS for the record as to why I decided to address @KennaKenna. Though she smiles and plays nice, she attempted to insult nearly every blog SB and SD in this comment. So take a minute a reevaluate before defending her and her inconsistencies. :

    “For the SBs who think it’s fantasy land to have a SD spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on you, I feel bad for you guys- you really sell yourself short. I don’t. Not to offend anyone, but I am not a SB struggling with bills or a single mom who needs help with their kids. I am not vulnerable or needy in any way. If I am with a SD, I am with him because I want him and he happens to have a high net worth.

    And for the SDs who cannot comprehend why a man would spend so much on me, well I don’t go for SDs like you. I don’t sugardate married men looking for a quick fuck or to get away from wife. I sugardate SINGLE men only who have limitless pockets and can give me what my heart desires, not because I need it but because they want to.”

    Pretension at its best!

  177. Lainey says:

    Lmao but you’re still fucking here? Like @Josh said earlier you’re going “NOWHERE!” You’ve been “leaving” AAALLLL day. LMAO. You very well may be @PriceySpicey you both debate with circular logic.

  178. KennaKenna says:

    Because winning on a SA blog is important to you. Congrats on the win that you “took”.
    Don’t @ me anymore, thanks!

  179. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey I am not interested in arguing or commenting on this anymore. Can we get back to the regular sugar discussions?

  180. Lainey says:

    Lmao @KennaKenna you don’t have to give me the win sweetheart. I took it! Lol and without even mentioning HALF of the discrepancies you posted. Goodnight. Isn’t it nearly 1 AM there?

  181. Lainey says:

    Yes @KennaKenna let’s turn lack of ownership of your fuck up into a self-esteem issue. Lmao. There are VERY intelligent women on this blog and if 90% of them are raising their brow (a few men included) its no coincidence.

  182. KennaKenna says:

    Oh and btw I have nothing against you Lainey as I don’t know you irl or never would, the banter has been fun but no more back and forth.

    The blog bitch wins! Yay you!

  183. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna ALL women are whores by nature. Nothing in life is free and woman use their womanly wiles to their advantage to obtain said things. Whores! Period! Accept it!

  184. KennaKenna says:

    Okay, I am going for real this time. This has been fun @Lainey.

    Attack me when I’m gone and maybe you’ll feel better about yourself.

  185. LadyMellie says:

    When a man has everything, make him something from scratch and include a hand-written letter… When is the last time you or anyone ever received a hand-written letter? It is the most intimate gift a person can give or receive. Just make sure you fit all of your thoughts onto one page. Anything past that only waters the letter down. Sometimes less is more <3

  186. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey there is a difference between a typo and not knowing the difference between their and there. I’m saying I disagree with that theory of housewives being whores.

    You think as your married SD’s whore, you’re in the same category as his wife? Ask any of the blog SDs if they see their wives as their whores.

  187. KennaKenna says:

    @CookieBot he is his own boss. My SD sits on the board of directors for many companies. And the promotion he got was a CTO of a publicly traded firm (Pre-IPO he was just on the board of directors). He left the firm he co-founded because this company WANTED him and offered him an insane amount of shares he couldn’t turn down.

    He is stressed because the company is newly public but he answers to no-one, well one person, the CEO who happens to be the bestfriend who begged him to come to his company.

  188. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna I say it all the time, “we are all whores, even housewives” lol. You said you followed the blog for a long while before posting, how’d you miss the MAJOR blow up over that comment? Like I said, persona falling apart bit by bit. Lol

  189. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna don’t use my random eff ups to distract from your faults lol. You’ve made PLENTY grammatical errors. It’s just that no one is as petty as you to point them. Is that really the only ammo you have? Go to bed tinktink

  190. CookieBot says:

    @Kenna — Wait, what? Your SD is his own boss? But you said before “To the stress, he got a VP promotion end of summer and his company just went public so he is constantly working even when we’re together.”

    A recently appointed VP of a newly public tech company is not his own boss, babe.

  191. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey can’t you leave me alone?

    If that theory were true, my mother and a lot of wives I know are constantly bought by their husbands.

  192. Lainey says:

    @Carmen I’m a Sicilian Jersey girl! They LOVE my FUCKING mouth! (For more reasons than one) LMAO

  193. KennaKenna says:

    And @Lainey before you call someone poorly educated- learn the difference between their, there and they’re & your and you’re. Didn’t you learn that in the 3rd grade?

  194. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Chrissy…my dog is finally asleep with the wife now too…I just can’t sleep either, so I’m up and on here…doing some work in prep for tomorrow’s LONG business day! Here’s hoping I get tired and fall asleep soon, I have an early day..

  195. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna really you “can’t be bought”. So when you threw the ED tantrum didn’t that 5800 shopping spree soothe you? When FB happened, didn’t that Miami trip put it back on track? And after these few weeks of turmoil, aren’t you having an “All About Kenna” weekend? I’m sorry honey but that mind, body, and time is CLEARLY for sale!

  196. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna really you “can’t be bought”. So when you threw the ED tantrum didn’t that 5800 shopping spree soothe you? When FB happened, didn’t that Miami trip put ot bsck on track? And after these free weeks of turmoil, aren’t you having an “All About Kenna” weekend? I’m sorry honey but that mind, body, and time is CLEARLY for sale!

  197. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey I like ONSD and he is sick of the back and forth so goodnight blog bitch! Please don’t address me anymore.

    You’re happy being you and I’m happy being me. 🙂

  198. Chrissy says:

    My dog is happily asleep. I think it is because I fed her some apple pie. I am a horrible mother. Alas I cannot sleep though.

  199. Carmen says:

    You must impress all your sugar daddies with that classy mouth of yours, Lainey.

  200. Lainey says:

    @Carmen you’re trying to create hypocrisy where it doesn’t exist. You’re a fucking imbecile. LMAO. I’ve said several times my SDs do not come from the site and have shared several stories. I meet most men IRL. I even talked to @KennaKenna the other day about this. Lmao. If your going to rear your ugly empty head, please fill it with facts before commenting

  201. Carmen says:

    Kennakenna, somebody is being catty and jealous of you if that wasn’t obvious already, lol!!

  202. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Cookie – I agree…I was happy with what was happening for discussions on the blog…I thought I could try to get us back to those discussions…maybe it’s because of the lunar cycle? I know my dog has been an annoying bitch the last couple of days…maybe the full moon is impacting the blog postings?

  203. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey I’m not a whore and cannot be bought.

  204. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna if you weren’t “viewing” you would’ve deleted it. You were ADMITTEDLY perusing. Regardless if they cant see you, you made it a point to be able to still see them. Deleting it would eliminate that. A happy woman does not seek out temptation.

  205. KennaKenna says:


  206. Carmen says:

    “Lainey says:
    December 9, 2014 at 8:55 pm
    Oh and let’s not forget she is SOOOOO “happy” with where things are with her SD and transitioning into a “traditional” relationship, yet still has an active SA profile. Hmmmmm. Iiinterestiiing”

    I would say the same for you. Didn’t you come on blog and bragging about all your SDs spending a hundred thousand dollars a day on you, but you are always on blog and talking about meeting men on SA? If you have so many ballers throwing cash and gifts at you, then that is on a whole other level so why are you on SA? A woman born into wealth with so many connections and men throwin shopping and cash gifts her way would not need SA, or the blog to try picking up men, lol, snap!!!

  207. Lainey says:

    @Carmen learn the definition of “hypocritical” you poorly educated troll. I live by the motto “OWN YOUR SHIT”. A “hypocrite” would not be a “self-proclaimed” whore calling another one out. A hypocrite would be a closeted whore lecturing others. I.e. @KennaKenna.

  208. Chrissy says:

    Yes us classy whores need to stick together 😉

  209. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey I have a hidden profile, I seldom log in and someone would only be able to see my profile if I viewed them or give them my link. I came back because I was temporarily frustrated in my relationship but didn’t act on it.

  210. CookieBot says:

    @ONSB — Technically speaking, it couldn’t have happened the way it was described. That said, who cares? It was a trivial thing, and I have no idea why any of you are concerned about it, Kenna included.

    You guys are all just a pile of amusing pixels.

  211. Lainey says:

    @Chrissy she’s ATTEMPTED to insult me on several occasions. I’ve learned to brush it off. I’m a new woman since my @SugarSpicey days. LMAO JK.

  212. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey when did I ever care about discretion? My SD an I are in a public relationship.

    Even if someone found out I was on this blog and met my man here and they asked, I’d say yes and explain. Being associated with him in any way is never a bad thing, everyone in NY knows him and I am not his mistress, I am his GF.

    They will know regardless as I’ve already sent out over 250 Christmas cards with our photo plastered on it.

    And today I even told my SD that I had a conversation about him on this blog. He is his own boss and couldn’t give a flying fuck. 🙂

  213. Carmen says:

    I read occasionally and rarely comment unless I see some crazy name calling and whore calling. I cannot resist calling you out on your hypocritical BS, Lainey.

  214. Lainey says:

    Oh and let’s not forget she is SOOOOO “happy” with where things are with her SD and transitioning into a “traditional” relationship, yet still has an active SA profile. Hmmmmm. Iiinterestiiing

  215. Chrissy says:

    Eh the comment that got to me even yesterday was when Kenna said in reference to Lainey sleeping with an exSD
    “I just don’t get a p2p arrangement, does he give you the money before or after he sleeps with you?
    I’m fucked up but it doesn’t work for me because I don’t want a SD to pay me to fuck me.”
    Pretty unnecessary andd insulting line of questioning for a college graduate to me.

  216. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @FB – so, enlighten me how what I said reinforces your point…I admit, my computer knowledge was much higher when I was building networks and tutoring computer programming in college over 20 years ago, but I believe I have at LEAST “basic computer literacy”

  217. Lainey says:

    “@Lainey that is only your opinion, which weighs less than a grain of sand. And I’ve provided more than pics of myself and a profile.”

    @KennaKenna you are proving to be more dense than I previously thought. That’s my point! You are providing TOO MUCH personal info in ONE DAY for a SB who entered the blog worried about discretion weeks prior.

  218. Lainey says:

    @OnlineNewbieSD that was originally all I was saying. Simple players fuck up, but to lash out at other blog members over her own silly mistake? Its like GROW UP! Had Josh lashed out when his persona came to light people would’ve jumped on his case. Actually many did even though he admitted to making it out of humor.

  219. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey that is only your opinion, which weighs less than a grain of sand. And I’ve provided more than pics of myself and a profile.

  220. FatB'StardSA says:


    You have reinforced my opinion that basic computer literacy is not a requirement to be a SD.

  221. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @FB – I didn’t want to get involved in this argument AT ALL…but…I use the blog “incognito” in my browser window…every time I open the window and visit the blog initially, I have to type my “Name” and “E-mail” address, but after that, it is prepopulated. If someone is using in “normal” browser mode, and it was not cleared out, the visit to the blog MAY have had those items prepopulated. It also happens on my phone and tablet…but I digress…

    It is hard for me to believe that between the comments made by WestCoast and the “mixup” from Kenna that the browser was not closed or cleared out, but it MAY have happened…

    I am NOT commenting on any other inconsistencies or issues anyone has with Kenna, I’m just commenting on the computer prepopulation issue…

  222. Lainey says:

    “Well I was born into money. Do some research on the Ward Family in Barbados and Mount Gay rum!”

    @KennaKenna you are the dumbest, self-proclaimed, “intelligent” SB to ever grace the blog. How to you go from discretion and in one days time go to revealing pics and your identity to various blog members? Simply to prove you’re real but pics and a “profile” prove nothing. @CookieBot even admitted to having a fake profile at one point.

    With that said, you don’t need to prove yourself! You made one simple booboo. Who fucking cares? You’re going too far out of your way to cover up a trivial mistake.

  223. Josh says:

    *but AJ is calling for action…

  224. AdventureSeaker says:

    Yea I am a 34B 5’3 118 lbs but I think it still looks like I’m an A cup because of my tiny frame. But I am curvy too. Ariana doesn’t look curvy to me. That skirt made the illusion.

  225. Josh says:

    The blog is totally SHIT I wish I could stick around by AJ is calling. Good night all. 😉

  226. Josh says:

    @Lainey, you are NOT the only one dear. LOL!

  227. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna I said “SDs” not your first one. You have a way of selecting what you choose to acknowledge lol. I’m sure you LOVED your SD when you ADMITTEDLY sucked his dick before entering an arrangement too.. Lmao

  228. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Adventure – at least Grande has some curves, the model without a waist didn’t even have any curves…I even made the comment to wife she looked sickly and couldn’t believe she was that thin.

    If they are going to wear the boy shorts, the high string bikinis or thongs, they need hips to accentuate and I was missing them this year!

    And I’m a boob man (still waiting for my membership card @Josh) so the plethora of A-cups really does nothing for me…I’m not looking for DD or bigger, but give me a full B, C or a small D if you’re going to tease me with the bras 😉

  229. FatB'StardSA says:


    “I also noticed that the blog populates the email and name when posting from an ipad. Let’s just all relax a bit.”

    It would seem that basic computer literacy is not a requirement to be a SD.

  230. Lainey says:

    Sidebar: Am I the only one who has noticed that @Carmen never comments on the blog until I spat with someone and only appears to insult me? Lmao. She is obviously another blogger’s alter ego. I love it.

  231. KennaKenna says:


    Well I was born into money. Do some research on the Ward Family in Barbados and Mount Gay rum! 🙂

  232. Carmen says:

    An A cup size*

  233. AdventureSeaker says:


    Yes she is very beautiful, but I’d like to see maybe 5 more lbs on her haha but she does have a tiny frame. I wonder how tall she is.

  234. Carmen says:

    “OnlineNewbieSD says:
    December 9, 2014 at 8:14 pm
    @Adventure…I was also DISGUSTED at the one model that had like a 10″ waist…it just looked WRONG!

    (I know it wasn’t 10″, but it looked unnatural)”

    I was about to say! Did they have 12 year olds modeling this year, lol. Many of the models are a cup unless they have the plastic surgery since they are so thin, then they have very little body fat and that affects boob size a lot on many women.

  235. KennaKenna says:

    I have said from Day 1 I’ve only been with 4 men. The only women who wouldn’t want to offer their “number” willingly are ashamed of that number.

    I’m sorry, I’m not into p4p but only long-term relationships and yes I did love my SD before he took my virginity- it took many months of wooing me as I was very scared.

  236. Lainey says:

    @AdventureSeaker omg but I think she is so gorgeous!

  237. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna I don’t need fucking athletes to “workout for” me. I was born with money. One reason why I choose to be with successful men. Can’t date below myself. That’d be counterproductive. Lol

  238. KennaKenna says:

    Yes, I was introduced to sex and sugar by a married man. I have not been with a married man in 5 years, I’m uninterested in them but kudos to the ones who are into them.

    I’ll stick to my single SDs who don’t have to worry about hiding money or go home to wifey.

  239. AdventureSeaker says:

    Yea and Ariana Grande the singer is too skinny also

    But she is 21 she will gain a bit later on lol

  240. Lainey says:

    When are blog SBs going to stop lying to themselves. @KennaKenna The FIRST TIME you fucked your SDs you did not “love them dearly”. Lmao. Btw any woman the willingly offers her “number” is usually lying.

    I’m officially with @YGBKM on this one. You obviously think the people on the blog are stupid. Lol

  241. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey you attacked me first saying I created this “persona”.

    You can keep your “Blog Bitch” tile, that’s something I’d never aspire to be.

    Thank you @Carmen and @Midwest.

  242. Lainey says:

    @Carmen I call myself a whore ALL THE TIME on the blog. The problrm is @KennaKenna went on to lecture about how she doesn’t see married SDs but forgot she mentioned she was introduced to sugar by fucking her boss when she was a nanny. That’s why I told her to get off her high horse.

    Please read threads in their entirety before commenting. It’ll alleviate the sting of stupidity.

  243. KennaKenna says:

    We also make bonuses @Lainey.

    You know nothing about me, I’ve never given away my pussy. I’ve been with 4 men in all my 24 years of living and loved each of them dearly. Keep fucking basketballers and footballers, I really hope that works out for you.

    Good luck.

  244. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Adventure…I was also DISGUSTED at the one model that had like a 10″ waist…it just looked WRONG!

    (I know it wasn’t 10″, but it looked unnatural)

  245. Carmen says:

    Kenna, don’t be too bothered by mean Lainey. She is jealous because you are hotter and the men give you more attention, probably. Whether you lie or not, who cares. She is one of biggest liars on blog, lol!!!

  246. Lainey says:

    @MidwestSugarDaddy I’m not saying she is fake. My comment was in response to her “feeling bad” for some of the blog SB and she took it upon herself to further insult probably forgetting that just because I was nice and genuinely enjoyed her does not change the fact that I’m the blog bitch. Lol

  247. Carmen says:

    “Lainey says:
    December 9, 2014 at 7:34 pm
    Lmao @KennaKenna get off your high horse their are plenty SBs better off than you. Not to mention you were once a mans little nanny whore even after personally knowing his wife. Yea so calm down tiger your “morals” hold no weight here

    Lainey says:
    December 9, 2014 at 7:37 pm
    @KennaKenna Your whole persona went out the window in ONE DAY. Look at how you’re speaking now. How you’re carrying yourself. Referencing those that emailed you was unnecessary but you don’t “do” drama. Idk. I enjoyed your Persona while it lasted. *shrug*”

    While I think kennakenna has some explaining to do, really, Lainey. Calling her a whore for being with a married man is a little hypocritical, yes? You are always bragging about having arrangements with married men, or hooking up with men for one night, while being away almost every night of the week with POTs or this or that. Are you a whore and a bad mother? Stop calling other women names, hypocrite. Pot, kettle, black.

  248. Lainey says:

    Lol. @KennaKenna you said an associate working 5+yrs makes 300-400K. You aren’t even an associate and work part time. Lmao. So safe to say I make more than you. Sweetheart I grew up flying private. You had to give away pussy for that luxury. Lol

  249. Lainey says:

    Lol @FB is not a war. I was OK with the players fuck up she made but to insult every blog SB instead of owning her shit is uncalled for. So since she wants to “feel sorry” for us I’m no longer biting my tongue on things I’ve felt/noticed all along.

  250. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey I went to UChicago and currently attend Columbia for my phd. I also went to college 2 years early and I’m 1000% sure that you don’t make twice my salary or even half of it. You see I work at one of the top 3 hedgefunds in the US.

    My base is probably larger than your full salary hun and the best thing about it is I don’t spend any of my money because my man takes care of everything..

    Email me if you want proof. 🙂

  251. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @KennaKenna. Guys. Kenna is for real. I saw her profile and some real pictures, too.

    Her profile matches up with everything she has said. I also noticed that the blog populates the email and name when posting from an ipad. Let’s just all relax a bit.

    The sugar bowl is small. We need to stick together. Let’s get rid of the bad sugar babies and daddies. I hate to see all of us fight on the blog.

    My pay per meet mode lasts for a short period if I like the sugar baby. It has just been hard to find the right person. I am going to proceed cautiously with my two good potentials.

    I only wish the best for sexyrockstar. She deserves it.

  252. AdventureSeaker says:

    Yes the girls seem to have smaller boobies but hey as an advocate I am ok with that 🙂

    proportionate is best.

  253. Lainey says:

    Oh and just so that we are clear you were a nanny/tutor to a man and began fucking him under his wife’s nose in exchange for money and gifts. Ummm yea @KennaKenna. “Nanny whore!” I rest my case, your honor.

  254. FatB'StardSA says:

    I should read the blog more often. The only way to settle this current blog war is for Lainey and KennaKenna to send naked photos of themselves to my email address. I will take it from there. Or is it their?

  255. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Adventure…I’m not as impressed as I have been in the past…they mentioned there were more models than ever before, I think – like professional sports – expanding the pool isn’t the best thing for overall quality (of models AND outfits).

    It might just be me, but I’m not a fan of the embellishments…that’s not how a SB would be walking through the door after shopping…

    and I’m surprised, there seem to be a lot more A-cup models this year…

  256. Lainey says:


  257. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna. I attend UPenn. Can you tell us where you went to school instead of constantly saying “ivy league”? My comment was in response to you essentially talking down to every SB on this blog in one fell swoop. Don’t act as of it came out of left field.

    Your last comment was meant as an insult as well but I can prove all of the things I’ve posted here as I’ve proven them many times before. You, on the other hand, have done nothing but chit chat. So don’t worry about who I can call because I make more than twice your salary you part time milk maiden.

    Oh and goodnight. Suddenly the girl that’s been on the blog til 1/2/3 A.M. is now off to bed. Lol.

    Please do return in the A.M. So I can continue to point out inconsistencies in your persona. Night Night hun. Sweet dreams.

  258. KennaKenna says:

    Okay I really have to get some sleep. Direct all comments to my email inbox and I will answer when I rise.


  259. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey see this is why college education is important. You meant ‘there” not “their” hun!

    And secondly, I liked you but do not attack me- I was no one’s nanny whore. I was 18 and experimenting and a horny teenager. I would have rather had the affair with him, a CFO of a major financial institution, than sleep with a 20something who would have knocked me up and left me with a child.

    I have gained so much from that relationship, and know I can call him any time and he would be there for me. How many SDs can you call at any minute of the day? Oh and I can call his wife too, she adores me! 🙂

  260. Chrissy says:

    I haven’t even been able to comment on anything since Lainey has started to talk because of them. Sigh!

  261. Josh says:

    Now those are serious boobs @Lainey. 😉

  262. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna Your whole persona went out the window in ONE DAY. Look at how you’re speaking now. How you’re carrying yourself. Referencing those that emailed you was unnecessary but you don’t “do” drama. Idk. I enjoyed your Persona while it lasted. *shrug*

  263. Lainey says:

    Lmao @KennaKenna get off your high horse their are plenty SBs better off than you. Not to mention you were once a mans little nanny whore even after personally knowing his wife. Yea so calm down tiger your “morals” hold no weight here

  264. Josh says:


    As I said, the devil is in the details. This is what did @Helen in:

    @Helen says:
    December 8, 2014 at 11:51 am
    I feel like I am being online bullied by them . I don’t know the url itself. After this posting I noticed all my contacts started drilling me for face photos and dropping out of meeting me. Turning into total douche bags .”

    1. How can “all” of her contacts started drilling her and dropped out of meeting her?
    2. Just because one of the SDs posted something malicious on a site none of us know about?
    3. The truth is that SDs cannot communicate with each other on SA.
    4. So those SDs must have known each other outside of SA.
    5. If that was the case then block them all and move on.

    Instead we saw whining based on cockamamie happenings.

    There…the devil is in the details my dear, and it is not always a good idea to discuss the details to educate the next blog space waster. 😉

  265. AdventureSeaker says:

    Yes I am watching it… 🙂 I want those outfits!

  266. KennaKenna says:

    Oh thanks to everyone who emailed me telling me not to bother with the people attacking me on the blog! 🙂

  267. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Anyone else watching the VS Fashion Show?

  268. KennaKenna says:

    For the SBs who think it’s fantasy land to have a SD spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on you, I feel bad for you guys- you really sell yourself short. I don’t. Not to offend anyone, but I am not a SB struggling with bills or a single mom who needs help with their kids. I am not vulnerable or needy in any way. If I am with a SD, I am with him because I want him and he happens to have a high net worth.

    And for the SDs who cannot comprehend why a man would spend so much on me, well I don’t go for SDs like you. I don’t sugardate married men looking for a quick fuck or to get away from wife. I sugardate SINGLE men only who have limitless pockets and can give me what my heart desires, not because I need it but because they want to.

    I don’t ask but I always get.

    I have emailed FatBastard pics of my SD and I, ask him! If you guys are as good as you say you are, use face recognition to find me- all his info is public knowledge as he is an executive of a public company.

    Goodnight folks!

  269. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Sexy I wanna hear about your night!
    I’ve been sending you good vibes all day. I’m so happy you had a hot date! I hope you slayed him tonight.
    I had a fan-fucking-tastic first POT date this afternoon. It was early afternoon and turned into the rest of the day basically. He’s super hot and sweet. He kept asking me what my “expectations” were. I told him I’d rather discuss that later and just enjoy each other today/tonight. We had many make-out sessions and he was a gentleman and dropped me at home… not after a heavy few minutes of teasing each other. Ahhh so nice.
    @Sexy I wanna hear about your night!

  270. AdventureSeaker says:

    I seek fun adventures and travel to many beautiful destinations. Not correct spelling but was being clever is all.

  271. Josh says:


    What is a “Seaker”?

  272. Josh says:

    *Trying to cover it up is.

  273. Josh says:

    “Players fuck up” is not a bad thing in itself. Trying to cover it up and is.

    Case in point…I had created @TurnipWagonSD, with a boob-fetish, to see how long I could keep him separate from Josh, and to have goofy fun at the same time. I mixed them up. So I fessed up…as I had no intention to “hoodwink” anyone. It was just a silly experiment, which did not last long.

  274. StruggleIsReal says:

    My heart is with @Sexy.

  275. AdventureSeaker says:


    ‘He’ is when I make a decision on who I would choose to be in my life. I don’t think I need help or even if I do, I’m not looking to change anything I wrote. What I wrote is me and I get plenty of responses. Just choosing the correct one is the tough part.

  276. Lainey says:

    @CookieBot that’s why I said chalk it up as a players fuck up. Although there were other flags prior to this one but I enjoy the @KennaKenna persona so it’s whatever

  277. Josh says:


    I don’t know which “he” you are referring to. I don’t pursue blog SBs.

    Do you need assistance with your SA profile or sugar strategy?

    If not, then all is good. Best of success in the sugar world.

  278. Josh says:


    No wonder I was missing FB.

  279. AdventureSeaker says:


    Yea if things were that easy…

    When he finds me and I make him the happiest man…he will assist 🙂

  280. FatB'StardSA says:


    “There are two possibilities here. Either you are stupid, or you think the people of this blog are stupid.”

    These two statements are not mutually exclusive.

    “Helen made a legitimate claim that someone had listed her on a gossip like site, that had ranked her likened to an Eros type review”

    I am outraged that such a thing is possible! I hope Helen gets professional help. FlyR should start a fund to help pay for her therapy.

  281. Josh says:


    What do you need help with child? Speak up and your wishes will be granted by the one and only Josh Guru.

  282. Josh says:


    Yawn!!! Write something interesting instead of idiotic sarcasm. 🙁

  283. CookieBot says:

    @Lainey — Is what @Kenna probably did a big deal? One post, trying to get input on how black girls are viewed by SDs on SA? I set up a complete fake female profile when I first joined, for market research. Never got close to getting allowance, though, dammit. 😉

  284. Chrissy says:

    Oh no! I guess I should cancel my order for that chastity device I bought for myself so that I could remain exclusive to you, but I guess that wouldn’t help my big mouth either. You can just lock me in your basement for safe keeping 🙂 You know us SBs no way can we ever control ourselves!

  285. AdventureSeaker says:


    Well this is the site to try right? Yea a little assistance never hurts. I am not one to quit my job and live off only the funds from SD’s but it would be nice to not stress as much and actually enjoy a great guy.

  286. Lainey says:

    As a person who posts here from many devices. You’re wrong @KennaKenna. Just chalk it up as a players fuck up

  287. Josh says:


    “right….. you just answered it lol”

    Whatever makes you happy dear. 😉

    Now, are you seeking help with sugar success here?

  288. Josh says:


    “@Josh says

    “But I am betting that @Kenna is not going nowhere.”

    How do you “not go nowhere”. That’s a double negative. So she would hence be going somewhere.”


  289. Josh says:


    People can speculate all they want, but Chrissy will sabotage the “exclusive” arrangement well within #1. So #2-4 are “academic.” 😉

  290. Lainey says:

    OH! There you are. Welcome back

  291. CookieBot says:

    @Chrissy — I like your positive attitude!

    @Josh — you mixed up the order of steps three and four, dude. 😉

  292. KennaKenna says:

    This is where you guys are absolutely wrong- cookies don’t exist on SA site but on the blog they sure do, even posting from my phone the name and email fields are populated.

    Since my SD and I are now in a public relationship and our photos are on the Internet because we’ve attended events together. Please email me and I will share these photos with you.

    I have no reason to lie, there is no benefit to me. Oh and I’ll send you my purse collection as well. And if you did live in NYC, you’d know being a millionaire is pretty damn normal in Manhattan.

  293. Lainey says:

    I’m amazed that someone that had been on the blog NONSTOP day AND night since entering the blog, has now vanished in the wakening of their “Players Fuck Up”

    Much like another member.. Hmm

  294. Chrissy says:

    After one year of being exclusive to him and providing proof of being STD free, you can at least defile his face though. Now we can have something to strive for!

  295. AdventureSeaker says:

    right….. you just answered it lol

  296. Josh says:

    Scroll up and find out how often I answer unnecessary questions. Hahahaha!

  297. AdventureSeaker says:

    Well I wasn’t answering that question, as I did not attend the lease signing. I just take care of the after portion of it, but I have had a few requests in the happy ending department.

    So you never answered my question if your currently involved with a SB. Your turn….

  298. Josh says:

    And your answer was?

  299. AdventureSeaker says:

    Haha good question…

    Ive had clients ask if I come with the lease 🙂

  300. Josh says:

    Do you provide “happy endings”? 😉

  301. AdventureSeaker says:

    Commercial Client Specialist actually. I make sure the tenants are happy 🙂

  302. Josh says:

    So you are a commercial real estate agent?

  303. AdventureSeaker says:

    I’m in commercial real estate

  304. Josh says:

    So you are a real estate agent?

  305. AdventureSeaker says:

    I’m 30 soon to be 31 🙂 Look 22 haha

    I am in real estate.

  306. Josh says:

    How old are you and what are you doing sweetheart to earn a living?

  307. AdventureSeaker says:

    My parents still work and I wasn’t born in this country so my family couldn’t help me out. That is very common and my degree is not shitty. I just didn’t choose the path to actually use my degree, I fell into something else.

  308. Josh says:


    “@Josh Yeah it is useful to squat over people with big heads like you.”

    1. Go steady and exclusive with me for at least one year.
    2. Get tested.
    3. Empty your colon and bladder.
    4. Squat over me. 😉

  309. Josh says:

    So your folks did not sacrifice their retirement over the shitty degrees your earned from Purdue?

  310. Chrissy says:

    @Josh Yeah it is useful to squat over people with big heads like you. 😉

  311. AdventureSeaker says:

    Well I started with 58K in student loans. Still paying them off. I graduated in 2007. No one has helped me pay them off. I just do my best with any extra funds to pay what I can. :/ If I knew about this site much sooner, maybe things would be much different. I just came on in May.

  312. Josh says:

    @Chrissy, you have an awesome thigh gap. Biggest I have ever seen. 😉

  313. Josh says:


    “@ YGTBKM Blowing Josh 6 times in 2 hours. I really need to get on your level. I would be exhausted!”

    “Think of blow job as nagging or talking female nonsense. You can then do it all day long and not get exhausted.” Josh Guru


  314. Josh says:

    How much did your degree(s) cost and who paid for it/them?

  315. Chrissy says:

    @ YGTBKM Blowing Josh 6 times in 2 hours. I really need to get on your level. I would be exhausted!

  316. “Josh says:
    December 9, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    “ONSD-Instigating is what Josh does. He gets off on drama. I’m pretty surprised he’s been a good boy for so long. Someone should call Guinness because Josh just broke a record.”

    Do you look as grumpy as you feel? ”

    I’m sure Southern meant that with love. You have been particularly well behaved, babe. Blow you thrice more 😉

  317. AdventureSeaker says:


    I graduated from Purdue with a Hotel/Restaurant major with double minor in marketing/travel & tourism. Quite diverse here.

  318. Josh says:


    “was curious if you already had someone, and helping others.”

    I am not helping anyone. I merely post as much bullshit as I can here.

    “Not in college, I graduated a while back.”

    What was your major?…keeping my fingers crossed that it had nothing to do with English or literature. 😉 [Oh Lord please please please.]

  319. CookieBot says:

    @Josh, right you are.

    It’s fun hearing about the NYC mega-millions kind of sugar, anyway. My approach and means are on a different level entirely, but in the end the game is much the same — have fun and try to make life a little better for both parties.

  320. Josh says:


    “ONSD-Instigating is what Josh does. He gets off on drama. I’m pretty surprised he’s been a good boy for so long. Someone should call Guinness because Josh just broke a record.”

    Do you look as grumpy as you feel? 😉

  321. AdventureSeaker says:


    Sorry I am a female. Just saw you post often on here, was curious if you already had someone, and helping others.

    Not in college, I graduated a while back.

  322. “CookieBot says:
    December 9, 2014 at 4:38 pm
    @YGBKM – Yes, I’m kidding you!

    If it matters to anyone, SA’s cookies don’t persist across computer logins, so @Kenna’s technical explanation doesn’t work. I’ve enjoyed reading her story, and I think that some or a lot of it is probably real — how much I don’t know and don’t care. I’m in sugar for entertainment anyway, not seeking eternal truths.”

    I think that’s a good way to look at it, Cookie. My thoughts mirror yours. Thanks for sharing.

  323. Josh says:


    You got it. 😉

    When I mentioned “Devil is in the details” above, that’s one of the details I was going to talk about but this dang blog would not let me post intermittently.

  324. CookieBot says:

    @YGBKM – Yes, I’m kidding you! 🙂

    If it matters to anyone, SA’s cookies don’t persist across computer logins, so @Kenna’s technical explanation doesn’t work. I’ve enjoyed reading her story, and I think that some or a lot of it is probably real — how much I don’t know and don’t care. I’m in sugar for entertainment anyway, not seeking eternal truths. 🙂

  325. ATLSD says:

    HOT SB. Not hit

  326. ATLSD says:

    I think we are breaking the blog server. All you hit SB setting it on fire.

  327. ATLSD says:

    I heard it was soccer mom porn. I’ll read it anyways. Maybe it will inspire me to be as wealthy as Mr. Grey.

    The pot SB thinking u would have a contract. That’s priceless. Would have love to see your reaction.

  328. CookieTest says:

    Another test.

  329. CookieTest says:

    Just a test. 🙂

  330. “Josh says:
    December 9, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    The devil is in the details. ”

    That is the sexiest, loveliest thing you’ve ever said to me, babe. Gonna blow you thrice.

  331. *Im not actually writing a novel.

    *I also don’t have it out for Kenna. Kenna doesn’t receive my comments well despite that similar comments made by others have been met with high-fives and blowjobs.

    Must be my rack. My rack always gets me in trouble :/

  332. “OnlineNewbieSD says:
    December 9, 2014 at 3:15 pm
    What happened to the comments being shut down?”

    I saw that the other day, and got “not allowed” when I tried posting. Haven’t seen it since, though.

  333. “Yougottabe…exactly! There is some crazy fantasy writing going on here lately by some of the ‘SB’s’ here, yet Helen made a legitimate claim that someone had listed her on a gossip like site, that had ranked her likened to an Eros type review, and someone called her a liar? ”

    Yes, Scarlett…seems backwards, for sure.

    Actually find it funny.

    There seems to be a lot of intelligence on board, yet not much common sense sometimes.

    Perfect material for my novel.


    Why doesn’t Kenna own up to using a proxy, and stop playing victim?

  334. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    If there is zero interest in even light bondage, the book and/or movie will do nothing to ignite anything in a marriage…and that goes for both people…and if there has been no previous experience in even light bondage, or could cause injury or worse feelings in the relationship!

  335. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    What happened to the comments being shut down?

  336. Elaine says:


    “@ATLSD-As far as I know the only women who read 50 Shades were a bunch of sexually repressed housewives and deluded high school and college girls (no offense to the SBs on the blog) who were looking for “Prince Charming” with a paddle. Not only that from the reviews I read on Amazon it was a horrible written book. You should go on Amazon and read the reviews, they’re hilarious!! Anyway, the movie will be a huge hit, because it won’t show what BDSM is about, all the audience will get is a watered down, Harlequin romance version of what goes on in these relationships. If they don’t want to get an “Adult” rating, I bet they won’t even show a spanking.”

    Haha Southern, very accurate comment!
    I actually DID read the book, as I was curious and could borrow it from a friend. And you are so right, it IS poorly written! It indeed is a spiced up Harlequin romance and has very few to do with BDSM.

    But who knows, maybe book or film will bring back some fire in extinguished marriages? 😉

  337. Josh says:


    Which collage are you attending or attended?

  338. SexyRockstar says:

    While ya’ll talking about Kenna. Here is something positive. I am meeting Mr. Douche in an hour.

    But, I decided to have coffee with a POT. He messaged me a few months back, told him I was in an arrangement, and he messed me this morning again. Never seen a picture, so I finally asked I’m to email me one. And…holy shit. And in person, it felt like a train hit me.

    He is 6’2ishh salt and pepper hair…and the SEXIEST smile ever. He is basically poster child for this website. My insecurities told me it was never going to happen. He gave me a hug when he saw me pulled me away to check me out, and pulled me back in for another hug “my god you’re gorgeous.”

    I had explained to him that I am not looking to jump in right away due to me ending my current arrangement. We have another date scheduled for next week. He was polite, sweet, AND HE LOVES GUNS N ROSES OMFG I HIT THE JACK POT. He’s young….43.

    I gave him the greatest kiss goodbye when we parted ways. It’s a sign guys! Now I feel going into tonight will be much easier. I am getting my make up done right now.

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I seriously would have no idea what i’d do without you guys.

  339. SouthernSB says:

    KennaKenna-Can I e-mail you? I need your advice.

  340. Josh says:


    The devil is in the details. 😉

  341. Josh says:



    “Are you currently seeing a SB?”

    1. Are you a man or a woman?

    2. Why are you asking the question?

  342. Ladyscarlett says:

    “yougottabekiddingme says:
    December 9, 2014 at 10:38 am

    I’m glad your blood is still flowing to your big head.

    Can’t even mention all the back peddling and pussyfooting on this thread.

    I’m just going to chill out in the green room playing my heart while y’all sort it out :). I could share, but apparently my truths are too harsh for the dainty. I am quite gifted in speaking in roses…I’m mostly fluent, actually. Perhaps I’m short on tolerance these days…or perhaps too far removed from such oblivion. You guys can see what ya wanna.


    One other thing…

    That site that Helen mentioned is real. I know a licensed massage therapist who was listed on a site like that because a client was disappointed that she does not provide happy endings. He used her name and telephone number, but everything else including the description (race, age, measurements) was inaccurate. The review didn’t say anything particularly bad about her, but she was really upset about having been rated on an escort site.

    One last thing…

    It could be that I’m spending too much time in the green room playing my harp. Perhaps I’ll have more flowery words after I lose my recycled virginity this weekend.

    Y’all got issues.”

    Yougottabe…exactly! There is some crazy fantasy writing going on here lately by some of the ‘SB’s’ here, yet Helen made a legitimate claim that someone had listed her on a gossip like site, that had ranked her likened to an Eros type review, and someone called her a liar? I have heard of this going on as well. It is not all that common, but it does happen…and, probably more than you realize. The guys are not real SD’s, obviously, but still…who wants an escort like review out there on a gossip blog, where they are posting women’s pics and how much money it will take to put out, as well as the services they

  343. AdventureSeaker says:


    Are you currently seeing a SB?

  344. Kenna,

    There are two possibilities here. Either you are stupid, or you think the people of this blog are stupid. Please share which it is. I am not offering constructive criticism. I am calling you a cowardly liar. Aside from that, you might very well be who you say you are. I hope this cancels out any room for misinterpretation.

    One more thing…

    I’ll speak on what I wish.

  345. KennaKenna says:

    @FatBastard kennakenna267 at gmail.

  346. SouthernSB says:

    @ATLSD-As far as I know the only women who read 50 Shades were a bunch of sexually repressed housewives and deluded high school and college girls (no offense to the SBs on the blog) who were looking for “Prince Charming” with a paddle. Not only that from the reviews I read on Amazon it was a horrible written book. You should go on Amazon and read the reviews, they’re hilarious!! Anyway, the movie will be a huge hit, because it won’t show what BDSM is about, all the audience will get is a watered down, Harlequin romance version of what goes on in these relationships. If they don’t want to get an “Adult” rating, I bet they won’t even show a spanking.

    ONSD-Instigating is what Josh does. He gets off on drama. I’m pretty surprised he’s been a good boy for so long. Someone should call Guinness because Josh just broke a record.

  347. KennaKenna says:

    @YGBKM you have me cracking up actually. Geez!

    I’m not playing a wounded kitten, nor do I need to. Please point me to the comments that I would have interpreted as reductive towards me. I’ve never taken offense at any of the comments made about non-white SBs, I actually said it makes it easier for me as an educated black SD to succeed.

    Yes, my current SD likes black women, and I said that- who is the someone else I said was crazy about black women?

    Look, this isn’t the first time your constructive criticism came across as an attack to me. Please do not address me anymore as I have no interest in talking to you or care what you have to say.

  348. ATLSD says:

    @OnSd yes I have seen a few of those. Where is mat mr. Grey. But the movie is going to amplify it.

    @ fat bastard . Actually I did not realize u meant computer. But I work with dumbasses that don’t log out.

  349. “KennaKenna says:
    December 9, 2014 at 10:55 am
    @YGBKM i included that part in my response because Josh suggested I completely made a profile to say that the white men I am surrounded by fantasize about black women?

    Look, I don’t want to be attacked and I do not do drama or catty blog fights- That is not my style so I sense I’ve overstayed my welcome and this is my cue to leave.

    Nice meeting you all. Bye, for now.”

    That’s your second salutation having been called out. I think it’s quite sexy how you throw the no-drama, no-catty blog fight spade, and then “run away” as is someone asked or implied that you leave, so that you find validation in having people ask you to stay? That’s super sexy, Kenna. But not really. I’ve not been catty with anyone here, but I do call bullshit when I smell it. Attacking and catty? I have been an advocate for many here, I try to be objective and diplomatic, and I think Ive been pretty consistent. I honestly think it’s pretty cheap of you to play the wounded kitten instead of owning your shit.

    Your race inquiry post as WestCoast was merely an attempt at validating your self worth as a black princess following what you interpreted as reductive comments towards you.

    And you did say that your sugar daddy and someone else were crazy about black women.

    No one (except for the dumbasses) believes your story about WestCoast SD, so just fess up, already. Besides, shouldn’t he be EastCoast SD?

  350. FatB'StardSA says:


    I am in NYC from time to time. You can send me your contact info.

  351. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – are you kidding…it would be difficult to count the number of times I’ve read “looking for my Christian/Mr. Grey/Red Room” already…I even had one at coffee say, “I half expected you to push across a contract for me to consider”

  352. FatB'StardSA says:

    @ATLSD says:

    “Fat bastard. You don’t need to login to post on the blog. And the “name” and email at bottom can auto fill. So if this was myth busters, kenna using wrong ID is plausible.”

    You do realize I am talking about logging into another computer account and not logging into the SA site I hope.

  353. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – why does it seem you are instigating?

  354. ATLSD says:

    @kenna your welcome.

    I’m taking a break now and going to read 50 Shades of Grey. Once that movie comes out this site is going to go bonkers. I need to prepare.

  355. Josh says:


    There are other factors at play here as well.

    I hope FB sticks around for fun. 😉

  356. KennaKenna says:

    @FatBastard you in NYC? Let’s meet for a drink.

    @ATLSD thank you.

  357. KennaKenna says:

    @FatBastard when I typed in sa.com/blog the fields were there and populated, obviously he did not clear the history on the computer before he logged out the last time(something I try to remember to do everyday before I leave the office).

    You know what, I’m done explaining myself- if you guys don’t believe me, oh well.

  358. ATLSD says:

    Fat bastard. You don’t need to login to post on the blog. And the “name” and email at bottom can auto fill. So if this was myth busters, kenna using wrong ID is plausible.

  359. FatB'StardSA says:


    That said I would be happy to meet with you in person to verify your Gravatar identity. Lainey’s Gravatar’s look nice so that applies to her as well.

    I cannot promise an allowance to either of you until we do a “test drive” first.

  360. ATLSD says:

    @Josh says

    “But I am betting that @Kenna is not going nowhere.”

    How do you “not go nowhere”. That’s a double negative. So she would hence be going somewhere.

  361. FatB'StardSA says:


    I am not that computer literate but I assumed that the Name and E-mail fields would not be carried over when logging in under your own account.

    People often have no motive to claim they are decoding secret messages from the TV either but they still do.

  362. KennaKenna says:

    @FatBastard actually the computers here, well the ones that the analysts in my team use at least are all accessible if I login with my username and password so no he didn’t give me his password. I was working on a model that was on HIS computer that he should have done.

    It was late, I was exhausted and I typed the comment and hit send, then I realized the fields of email and Name were automatically filled in. I have no motive to pretend to be a different person who posted a week ago. Does that make sense?

  363. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – you requested…he responded…

  364. ATLSD says:

    @ONSD yeah sounds good. Give an update later.

  365. Josh says:


    I did not want to bet on the outcome of @Sexy’s meeting because it was too personal.

    But I am betting that @Kenna is not going nowhere.

    AND I don’t want her to go anywhere either. Her avatars have cute butts. 😉

  366. FatB'StardSA says:

    I have not been reading the blog lately. Perhaps I misunderstood the KennaKenna situation but I figured it was a good opportunity to insult someone new.

  367. FatB'StardSA says:

    Westcoast Daddy says:
    December 8, 2014 at 9:19 pm
    @Lainey I’m kinda “light bright”… That’s a dark pic with a filter on it. Thank you, a little curves, not nearly as much as you lol.

    KennaKenna says:
    December 8, 2014 at 9:22 pm
    @Lainey, that was me. Holy shit! I’m on my colleague’s work computer, looks like he was on this blog….

    You colleague let’s you have the password to his work computer? You post on the SA blog using a colleague’s work computer who just happens to post on the SA blog as well…

    In the past I would just say that you are full of shit but now I am not so sure. FlyR claims to be a marketing & business guru and he sounds like a moron so it might be possible that a hedge fund analyst gives out his password to everyone in the office and that a junior analyst who makes a six figure salary cannot read the Name and E-Mail fields just above the comment section.

  368. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Holy crap, I guess I should take this as a good sign?! The pot I’m meeting with as confirmation of our arrangement has deactivated her SA profile…I went back to check details again in preparation for our meeting and it didn’t appear in my search, when I went to messages, I clicked to the message for the history and at the bottom it said the profile was not active and could not receive messages…so…I guess that’s a GREAT sign?

  369. KennaKenna says:

    @YGBKM i included that part in my response because Josh suggested I completely made a profile to say that the white men I am surrounded by fantasize about black women?

    Look, I don’t want to be attacked and I do not do drama or catty blog fights- That is not my style so I sense I’ve overstayed my welcome and this is my cue to leave.

    Nice meeting you all. Bye, for now.

  370. ATLSD says:

    @kenna oh yeah I still would. I used to bartend so I perfected the smile and head nod while people pontificated.

  371. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – she probably saw it on an afternoon talk show when she was home alone and thought her mom could use the extra money (the other people on the show were probably all “eye candy” rather than “intimate” SBs)…but you are right, the world is spinning something fierce — probably global warming hahaha

  372. And really, Kenna? The good ol’ race card? After all your proclamations?

  373. ATLSD says:

    ONSD. never heard of it. I’ll check it out. I had a co worker going around showing people a pic of someone that I guess looked like me on another hook up site. I never saw it but I know it was not me. It went like wildfire throught the office I was pissed the worst part was the co work was a friend.. Not anymore.

    I just found a profile for 46 yr old. Opening line. “my daughter made me do this”. In her profile she states she has a 14 yr old daughter. WTF is 14 yr old doing on this site. The world is spinning in reverse.

  374. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – have yet to see the cosplay crowd on here locally…but that’s funny! Especially with the fire at the hotel having a Furry Gathering…

  375. Dazed-SD says:

    @yougotta,, we all have issues or we wouldn’t be here ! LOL

  376. KennaKenna says:

    @ATLSD 🙂 I’m flattered but I talk a lot, still up for it?

  377. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @YGBKM – I know there are a number of escort rating sites (I had one pot at coffee ask me if I met her through backpage or SA and I had to find out what BP was…there were ratings on that site and a quick TinEye of her profile pic jumped me to her profile there) – but if someone is posting SA profile people on a site like that, or if SDs from SA are going there to search for ratings on the SBs using SA, that’s BIG BAD in my book!

    Another pot I had lunch with was a massage therapist…she was looking for a SD to help her fund her own business, since the place that hired her right out of school was a happy ending parlor instead of the therapy she wanted to do.

  378. @Josh

    I’m glad your blood is still flowing to your big head.

    Can’t even mention all the back peddling and pussyfooting on this thread.

    I’m just going to chill out in the green room playing my heart while y’all sort it out :). I could share, but apparently my truths are too harsh for the dainty. I am quite gifted in speaking in roses…I’m mostly fluent, actually. Perhaps I’m short on tolerance these days…or perhaps too far removed from such oblivion. You guys can see what ya wanna.


    One other thing…

    That site that Helen mentioned is real. I know a licensed massage therapist who was listed on a site like that because a client was disappointed that she does not provide happy endings. He used her name and telephone number, but everything else including the description (race, age, measurements) was inaccurate. The review didn’t say anything particularly bad about her, but she was really upset about having been rated on an escort site.

    One last thing…

    It could be that I’m spending too much time in the green room playing my harp. Perhaps I’ll have more flowery words after I lose my recycled virginity this weekend.

    Y’all got issues.

  379. Chrissy says:

    I once TinEyed a guy’s photo and it went back to a dental office ad. He was so dreamy but obviously that wasn’t going to go very far. Unless he really was an older male model and I am obviously missing out. Sigh!

  380. KennaKenna says:

    @Dazed SD who the hell is priceyspicey? I am who I say I am!

    Any SBs/SDs in NYC who want to meet for a drink are welcome… I’m open to that or a simple phone call.

  381. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – yeah, I would be extremely pissed…although…they probably would never know…I used TinEye on one of the pics to see if it was posted elsewhere, it was on one of the escort sites. So, if you haven’t already, you should check your profile pics (yes, even the private ones) and make sure they do not filter back to something you’ve posted elsewhere online if you’re trying to be discreet!

  382. Dazed-SD says:

    I think Kenna is actually priceyspicey or whatever the blogs used to call her. Funny thing though, I liked her too ! LOL

  383. ATLSD says:

    I also saw a profile where the girl had NSA in it. But to her it was “non sexual arrangement”.
    And have you seen the cosplay ones? Want Money for pics and vids in their costumes. If you want my money for a costume I want be able to take it off.

  384. ATLSD says:

    @ONSD yes I have seen group pics but they did let you know who they were. I would be pissed if I was one of the other girls and didn’t want to be assoc with this site.

    Thanks for avatar info

    @struggle. I figured it was Miley. But my beef is that’s a immature thing and this wanna be SB are trying to get older guys.

    @kenna. KABOOSH. u go girl. I would luv to meet you just for the conversation.

  385. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – gravatar.com create a profile, upload a shot, once you confirm the email address, it will populate here in under 5 mins (or so it did for me)

  386. KennaKenna says:


    What the hell are you talking about?

    My SD has always paid my rent from day 1. It’s nothing new and I never said he bought me a condo, I said we were talking about it. I do have a condo that I own in my name in Chicago- condos in Chicago are wayyy cheaper than in NYC. The rent pays the mortgage and it pays for itself.

    Yes, the Viagra worked and yes, I travel often with my SD- almost every weekend in the winter months, he hates the cold! Many of my trips with my SD are business related, i.e. London and Miami(he was invited to the Art Basel and I was his plus one) so he writes them off on his taxes but we do take personal trips too- like when we drove up to the Cabin in Vermont for Thanksgiving.

    And I work part-time so I only make about 60% of what a regular analyst would make at my firm so yes, a full time position would potentially double what I make now.

    Wait is this something about me being black? Would it be different if I was white? I searched for the post that was made by that profile and that’s what it said. I have never once said that I am surrounded by white people who fantasize about black women. And why would I create a profile just to get this point across? you’re right, I am beautiful and do not need random people I met on a blog to tell me I am. However, I did say that quality black SBs are rare in NYC and if you are one of these quality black SBs, you will have no problem succeeding in Sugar dating.

    I have no reason to lie. I have a solid education, grew up in a small town with great parents and family values, was a complete nerd, got a babysitting/tutoring gig and that’s how I found my love for older white men and being spoiled.

    Since then I’ve been somewhat picky but I have found quality SDs who I’ve loved and cared for deeply.

    And I know this may sound hard to believe but 10k in NYC goes so quickly. You cannot live anywhere in Manhattan for under $2200 unleds you have 2-3 roommates so rent is a lot. But the guys here make way more than the average salary in any other city in the US.

    For example, Associates in their late 20s/early 30s after putting in about 5 years at a HedgeFund make about 350-400k, just imagine someone in their 40s who has been there for 20 years and is a Principal. Even the young associates can afford a comfortable sugar lifestyle.

    No, my current SD isn’t a hedgefunder but he co-founded a tech company and does well. In fact, I can see how well he is doing from the S1 filings and his company’s 10Q and 10k.

    Guess what? No kids, no wife, no alimony= Little Kenna being sugar coated.

    Now please leave me alone Josh.

  387. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Struggle – don’t get me wrong, a SINGLE duckface or tongue out can be fine, to show some personality (and @Sexy has a great duckface shot as her avatar!) but to have the same face in all pics just makes my stomach turn!

  388. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – Somewhere they have heard that men on SA are looking for arm candy and will pay a premium for the company of a young woman.

    Did you see many pictures of groups on the profile? I just saw one today, a 20yo college student…EVERY pic in her profile has a line of women in it, but the profile is specific in being ONE of the women in the pic…she makes no mention of which woman she is, and there are no clues due to hair color or anything else to narrow it down to less than three options. When you look at the three options, they are the least desirable of the group to me…why group pics when it’s an individual profile?

  389. ATLSD says:

    How do you get an avatar on here? I know you posted it before but can’t find it.

  390. StruggleIsReal says:

    Lmao! You are too funny! The tongue out selfies! Blame Miley (although I love that girl). LoL

    AMEN on the duckface! Omg I said this at least a decade ago! I have a hypothesis that it is what insecure girls (and even worse… Guys!) do because they aren’t comfortable with their face as it is. Regardless, I hate it, unless it is clearly a joke!

  391. Josh says:

    “They must think we are stupid.”

    I feel your pain, brother. Hahahaha!

  392. Josh says:

    Google Miley Cyrus tongue selfie. 😉

  393. ATLSD says:

    And 1 single mom.

  394. ATLSD says:

    @ONSD. 1 pierced. No duck faces this time maybe that trend is ending.
    And there were 2 doubles. One was sisters!! But they don’t do threesome, then why bother 😉
    The other had one girl with her faced blurred and not the other? And the face blur girl also had her own separate profile. Same pic without the other girl and same blurry. They must think we are stupid.

  395. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSB – did you see any “double your pleasure” profiles?

  396. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – interesting research! Thanks for sharing!

    How many of the tongue out pics were pierced?

    I’m not sure why they do it, I’m also so over the “duck face” pics…it’s such a turn off for me when EVERY pic is the same expression!

  397. ATLSD says:

    So @ONSD I did some search investigating last night and this morning on youy 18 year old SB theory.
    I searched 25 miles from my city, (which is a college town) and age only 18.
    240 showed up. Lots of moderates a bunch of highs and substantials. Right out the starting gate trying to win the SD lottery. I read a bunch of profiles. I found 3 where there will be no sex involved. One even said she was a virgin!!! WTF! There were 2 or 3 that only wanted vid,email or pics relationship, no meet ups. And one was Trans girl, she/him had nothing in the title you had to read the profile narrative to find out. One girl was a religious type and I had seen her profile before. But she changed it with more comments that she is religious and will not do pay for play and saving herself for right man. She just wants a platonic SD. Why is she on here?
    I have been on here a year and it has changed, I took a break in November trying to find a SB. I’ll start up again in JAN OR FEB but using the knowledge I have pertained from all you great veterans on here.

    PS Why do girls stick their tounges out in selfies?

  398. StruggleIsReal says:

    I don’t have ANY photos on my profile, but I do have a comprehensive description, although it doesn’t reveal much truly “personal information”. I still even get wary of sharing my photo once I have chatted a good bit via email. But it’s kind of the nature of the beast I suppose.

  399. StruggleIsReal says:

    I emailed with him last night and this morning. He thinks he knows who did it. Yes of course a former POT SB that it did not work out with. He is super depressed about it and is having to pay out for lawyers to deal with it. What a headache. I feel really badly for him, especially because it included personal info and photos of his kids, and not too long ago he was dealt a major blow by his ex then the dissolution of his marriage. He is scrambling because he doesn’t want this to affect the custody etc. I do think he left himself too open for sure. I don’t let POTs even know my real name until I have met them in person and they don’t get my real number until then as well. I share all of this to let all of you who are genuine in your endeavors and not out to hurt anyone… just be careful. Not that you aren’t already, but I know from talking to him that he felt he was being very careful as well. Zoinks scoob!

  400. FLYR says:

    One of our former SB contributors found that her profile picture had been used on an escort site and SA suspended her account. Someone had grabbed her picture and used it to market hookers, a common ploy.

    I’m a strong believer in not having a recognizable face photo in a profile.

    Finally, I believe this forum is still google searchable which is a good reason not to post too much personal information.

  401. FLYR says:

    @Struggles – The pot who ended up on a gossip site might have some other SB or even fallen into a trap by giving too much private info to a prospect he had not met. There are also guy who say way too much in their profiles and use pictures which when run through facial recognition will open up a pandora’s box of history.

  402. Josh says:


    Profile ID is not going to provide anything. Profile is is requested to assess where an SB stands In terms of looks and profile writing ability.

    We know that @Kenna is a great writer and apparently beautiful. Therefore, we also know that she is able to command higher allowance than a typical SB.

    However, what concerns me is the rapidfire sequence of envents that seem to happen in her life. From ED being taken care of to getting her apt rent of $thousands/month paid to securing a condo to potentially doubling her salary in about six months to trips to Miami and London to being around a bunch of white people who can’t stop fantasizing about black women… 😉

    Again, where is Fatbastard?

    I will write more when I am on a bigger keyboard.

  403. SexyRockstar says:

    Just post your profile ID if you want Josh to believe you.

  404. Elaine says:

    @ Midwestsugardaddy

    “@kenna. Agree. Come on guys. Kenna is gir real”

    Hey, wait!
    I never said Kenna is not real!
    If I thought she was not real, I wouldn’t even have bothered warning her, what’s the use of warning a phantom?
    I believe she is real, because her way of writing is consistent and in line with her statements.
    She seems the perfect SB for a high demanding class SD. (beauty and brains 😉 )


    I was not talking about the avatar pic with your SD, I haven’t even seen that one.
    But even if your avatar is without your face, everything you’ve shared, plus your remarkable hair and bodytype, will be recognizable for people who know you in person.

    Enjoy London, it’s the best place to be for Christmas shopping!

  405. Josh says:


    When blog goes into la la land FB is missed for reality check. LOL!

  406. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Sexy – Hugs from as close as I can get today…let me know if you need to talk!

  407. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – why summon?

    @Kenna – be careful with the workplace contact…it may be a shared secret to be here, but it’s a complicating factor you may not want for the direction you’re taking right now. Have a wonderful time in England!

  408. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @kenna. Agree. Come on guys. Kenna is gir real. Please share my email with Kenna, Thx.

  409. StruggleIsReal says:

    *Whoops hit submit accidentally*

    … What on earth would @Kenna have to gain from lying or scamming or whatever on here. Advice about caution for her own safety is appreciated but no doesn’t need to go any further.
    @Kenna don’t go, and if you do at least ask the blog gods to let us swap emails so we can stay in touch. I think you’re legit and cool.

  410. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @SexyRockstar. Sending a great big hug from the chilly midwest. Stick to your plan, have fun, and don’t stress too much about this situation.

  411. StruggleIsReal says:

    You guys lighten up. What on earth [email protected] have to gain from

  412. KennaKenna says:

    Anyways, I’m out.

    You guys have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  413. Josh says:

    @Fatbastard, where are you?

    There I have asked for you three times and you must make an appearance. 😉

  414. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh no, it’s not a week- it’s actually been almost 2 years I’ve been building my relationship with my SD.

    The ED issue brought me here, we’ve been transitioning for a while and he isn’t married nor does he have kids so I have never been a secret. The issue was that I wasn’t public enough about our relationship not him.

  415. KennaKenna says:

    @Elaine you are right but not for the reasons you think. It was not an easily recognizable photo and I kinda distorted the face.

    Yes, I have shared personal information on here but nothing traceable or public knowledge that could lead to me. My SD would probably be mad I discussed his ED and other issues on a blog but as I said nothing that leads back to him well unless my colleague comes back here and tie the knots together.

    He is an associate, if he says I was on the website then he’d have to explain he was here too, which I doubt he would ever and no one would believe his story.

    Wall Street isn’t like typical Corporate America, once you’re exceptional at what you do, and make the fund money- they could care less what you do once it doesn’t fall back on them or their business.

    And lastly, my SD and I are now in a very public relationship. Everyone at work can do a quick google search and find out his age and when they do the math, they’re not naive- they can put 2 and 2 together.

    So even before I open my mouth or hold his hand in public, the regular Americans judge me and think he must be my SD and I his little plaything but I don’t care- I am his, he is mine so fuck how people see our relationship.

    There is always risks involved, I was wrong but hey, I don’t think I’ve made myself or him vulnerable.

  416. Josh says:


    As I said earlier, @Kenna has gone through a lot in the last week. 😉

  417. Josh says:


    Read up on Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages. Assess his love languages. If gift receiving is his thing then get him something. Otherwise play it by ear.

  418. Elaine says:

    Hmmm, I remember how hell brooke loose here when I once mentioned to have shared a (not public, non traceable!) picture of my SD with a friend, another very trusted SB.
    It was an “intrusion on his privacy”, and “didn’t I know how his picture would remain in her computer forever and how dangerous that was with all this face recognizing software?”

    I have always tried to avoid mentioning anything personal about my SDs on blog.
    Even if I doubt they will ever read this, I just don’t want anything personal about them out here.

    So I am a little surprised why @Kenna, who seems to be an intelligent, high class SB, shares so much information about her SD, together with recognizable avater pics?
    An SD who gives away 1,2 mill. costing condo’s, must be a very high net worth individual, I cannot immagine he would like his ED and Viagra stories and other very intimate and private matters, to be discussed on a public blog!?

    I don’t know if you do realize @Kenna, but you are easy traceable and make yourself and your SD vulnerable, the first one who knows already everything about your arrangement is your colleague! Aren’t you afraid this can bounce back in your face, business and carreerwise?

    Maybe you are just very naive, which I find hard to immagine for such succesful Ivy league educated carreer woman …
    But being linked to SA is not really well accepted in society and lately even often associated with prostitution.

  419. StruggleIsReal says:

    If all goes well and he starts you on an allowance, yes I think you should get him something. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy but just something thoughtful that shows you think if him and value him, especially at this time of the year.

  420. hockeychick18 says:

    I have a question, i’m about to meet my new sugar daddy in a few days. He’s flying me out to his place. Anyway we have been talking for a few weeks now, but if all goes good am I expected to get him something for Christmas?

  421. SexyRockstar says:

    I will post right before I see him. I’m going to need motivation. I will also need a big fuckn hug. So @Online and @MidWest, get your asses here and cheer me the FUCK up….unless any of you else are near me 🙁

  422. KennaKenna says:

    Goodnight @Struggle! Rock his socks off tomorrow! @Sexy

  423. SexyRockstar says:

    Good girl. UUghhh, I need a glass of wine. I thought about going out tonight, or at least a POT date from here, but I am not ready. Too much SHIT going on.

    I stayed in and finally finished “How I Met Your Mother” I think I cried like 100 times in the last 4 episodes

  424. StruggleIsReal says:

    Goodnight blog lovelies. @Kenna Thanks for the laughs. Whew!
    @Sexy I’m on pins & needles for you tomorrow!

  425. KennaKenna says:

    @Sexy was a temporary pic, Josh was accusing me of lying. And we are public anyways.
    But yes, bad judgement.. thank you

  426. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Kenna is trying to transition into normal relationship mode. Maybe give her tips. She’s a newbie to that. 😉

  427. StruggleIsReal says:

    You never know. But for sure, you’re gonna have all you want and more.

  428. SexyRockstar says:


    I love you dear, but why are you posting your gravatar with your SDs face on it? Come one babe.

  429. SexyRockstar says:

    While working in the restaurant industry, there is his sexy ass man who always in on every Friday with his daughter who is adorable. I’ve worked there for 7 years, and theyve been coming for as long as I can remember.

    he’s married, but I have hopes of running into him on here someday.

  430. StruggleIsReal says:

    Stop being paranoid. We’re all just having a laugh over this. Nothing more

  431. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh what?? I have no reason to lie to people I have never met. Look at my gravatar- that is me and my SD!

  432. Josh says:


    It seems that you have “achieved” in one week and reported on the blog what other SBs would kill to achieve in many lifetimes.

    Sweetheart, we like you but keep it real. 😉

  433. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh I am not WestCoastDaddy.

    Why the fuck would I post as someone else?

    I just said I was posting on this blog and the “name” and “email” portion was already filled in on this computer. I didn’t realize it until after I had posted.

  434. StruggleIsReal says:

    He’ll never know about all this. He came to get insight on you. Too funny.

  435. Josh says:

    When you posted as WestCoastDaddy there was no way postings you did not know who you were posting as.

    What are you trying to do with this WestCoastDaddy id?

  436. Josh says:

    What are you cooking now Kenna?

  437. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle I’ve searched other blog posts, seems like “WestCoast” only came on here to ask that one question and then disappeared. I doubt he even follows this blog.

  438. StruggleIsReal says:

    Definitely girl!!
    I posted earlier today about completely randomly running across a nasty post on a gossip site complete with pictures and personal info of a former POT! Poor guy. He is extremely depressed about it. I am literally talking with him tonight just to try to pick him up. People can be nuts. We have to be smart.

  439. KennaKenna says:

    Your boss could be on SA, your brother, your father, your cousins or your colleagues.

  440. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle this is a reminder that you need to be careful putting a face pic on your SA public profile as people you know maybe searching and find you.

  441. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahahaha this is TOO much!
    @Kenna you’re a fucking riot and @WestCoastDaddy you have a lot to answer for buddy! It’s ok we’re all nice here, but you’ve been outed so better be nice to our princess Kenna from here on out! Haha

  442. KennaKenna says:

    If he ever comes back here, he will know exactly who I am! SO @WestCoastDaddy I want to know why do you constantly give me a hard time and tell me I’m dating a “grandpa” when you know you’re on SA?

  443. StruggleIsReal says:

    OMG. Don’t play your cards just yet @Kenna! Don’t let him know. Just watch and observe. You never know what you’ll be able to pick up by quiet observation. I am so astounded that that you accidentally posted from him acct! I mean Facebook is one thing…!! This…. Haha!

  444. KennaKenna says:


    As white as they come! I never thought of him as the SD type. I guess SDs are all around us, wow. AHHHHHH!

  445. StruggleIsReal says:


  446. StruggleIsReal says:

    And I’m going to go out on a very study limb here and say … Yeah, your that black girl. LoL oh man Kenna.

  447. KennaKenna says:


    He is youngish and has a more senior position than me(i.e. thinks he is my “supervisor”, I wonder too. I need to email him.

  448. StruggleIsReal says:

    Oh my gaaaah hahahaha. Lmaooooooo. Dying dead deceased.
    Oh man oh man.
    He’s white I am assuming ?

  449. StruggleIsReal says:

    Omg that is effing hilarious. Wow. The luck!!
    Would you have ever have guessed him to be here? I wonder if he’s a legit SD?! Haha wow.

  450. KennaKenna says:

    Westcoast Daddy says:
    December 3, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    I’m wondering if any of you white SDs have ever had a “non-white” SB?
    Was there a difference between the white and “non-white” SBs?
    I have always been curious about being with a black woman so I’m just wondering. I can’t stop having these interracial fantasies.

    This is the only post I found, wait am I that black girl? LOL

  451. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle I’m at the office working on a model that the Associate was supposed to do but didn’t because he is sick. I’m using his work station because the file is on his computer, logged into the blog, wrote a comment and it posted as him.

    I didn’t realize the email was different until after I posted.

  452. Lainey says:

    I’m going to search his posts. Lol

  453. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna oh. Yea I’m really light like with a filter I’m still super light. Lol. I get into arguments with my daughter because she doesn’t believe I’m black. She’s a little jerk. She called me delusional last time we got into it. Lol

  454. KennaKenna says:

    Finding out that he has been on this site was worth the all-nighter! @Struggle

    I’m so tempted to send an email to him telling him I know.

  455. StruggleIsReal says:

    Your colleague? Please explain.

  456. StruggleIsReal says:

    Yep! Check mate!

  457. KennaKenna says:

    I just realized that guy came on here asking about black girls. WTF!

  458. StruggleIsReal says:

    Omg. Hahahah I just had to refresh because I was like ummmm I’m pretty sure that was Kenna talking but in west coast daddy’s post???
    Omg so funny!!

  459. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey agreed, you’re absolutely right but the passing of cash rubs me the wrong way.

  460. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey, that was me. Holy shit! I’m on my colleague’s work computer, looks like he was on this blog….

  461. Westcoast Daddy says:

    @Lainey I’m kinda “light bright”… That’s a dark pic with a filter on it. Thank you, a little curves, not nearly as much as you lol.

  462. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna that is a very nice avi. I see those curves! Based on previous pics I thought you were light bright like me though. 🙁

  463. Lainey says:

    @StruggleIsReal yes a smart woman knows how to keep her emotions in check AND use them to her advantage when needed. Lol.

  464. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna I’ve never had an actual P4P arrangement. I’m just fucking my ex SD while I’m waiting to lock another one in but I REFUSE to do it for free. I don’t ask for money but he knows me well enough to know that my conversation isn’t even free. So he writes a check and places it in my purse. I have no idea when he does it probably when he runs to get a drink while I’m relaxing in bed, but it works for us until I cut him off again.

    I’m his addiction/fetish, if you will, but he knows I’ll never “date” him and he’s at a point where he may want to start a family soon so he is “traditional” dating. It’s so funny because he scribbles when he writes so I can NEVER deposit his checks, I have to cash them at his bank. His banker smiles like she’s trying to contain laughter when I walk in. Then she gets on his case about scribbling. She’s sweet though. I think she likes him. Lol.

    But yea the way I look at it is its all the same. It’s just a matter of one’s self esteem. I’ve said it before, we’re all exchanging mind, body and time in exchange for something. You can either accept it or trick yourself into believing its something different because your transactions are simply processed indirectly.

    It’s like a retailer going through a 3rd party processor. It doesn’t make it any less of a purchase.

  465. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hot gravatar!
    And your boss is lucky to have you!

  466. KennaKenna says:

    @ONSD thankfully that never happened to me. I can spot frauds from a distance. I just don’t get a p2p arrangement, does he give you the money before or after he sleeps with you?

    I’m fucked up but it doesn’t work for me because I don’t want a SD to pay me to fuck me. I want a SD who I want as much as he wants me and he likes me so much that he wants to spoil me.

    But I may not be the best person to take advice from on this as I gave my current SD a blowjob and let him do unspeakable things to me before any sugar passed. But that was my call, and he showed his appreciation shortly after.

  467. StruggleIsReal says:

    LMAO!! One thing I fucking love about you/these/us SBs… Not dumbasses! I am sure you have an idea of how many girlfriends I have relentlessly counseled on how to deal with guys, and they NEVER listen and it ALWAYS turns out as me withholding the “told ya so”. Makes me nuts because I see it coming. Listen I’m absolutely fallible myself but man, that’s one of the things I love about truly genuine kind-hearted but strong SBs… take no shit but give no shit!
    Honestly Lainey, I think you’re in a sweet spot. He sounds smoking hot and hello yeah, we have needs too! But yeah, keep that brain right and those feelings in check. Smart girl.

  468. Lainey says:

    @StruggleIsReal that’s how I looked at it and we miss each other but he’s been having “regular” relationships and I’m not having that. I’m actually glad I stood my ground and we split because if we hadn’t I wouldn’t be walking away with decent checks once a month. Except it stops when I enter another arrangement.

    I was single for a while before my last SD and my ex would call me once or twice a month to spend the night. I’m a Woman with needs and he’s so sexy I can’t say no. 48, 6’3, in shape. Patrick Dempsey hair, Chilean and Italian so he has beautiful olive skin.. YUUUMMM!

    I feel asleep on his chest when I was there and thought “sigh i miss this” then I said to myself “SELF! Snap the fuck out of it!” Lmao.. I always vow to never revisit past relationships, only past dick. LMAO

  469. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – I know a SB in it for the pay day and disappearing once she’s collected, hard to believe 😉

    I know there are guys just as bad, promising an allowance at the end of the week and disappearing, or giving a small p2p payment and flaking on the remainder of the arrangement, so I’m trying to find my groove.

  470. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle working on a model my boss needs for a meeting tomorrow. This is actually the Associate’s job but of course he is sick with “the flu” so of course my boss calls me.

  471. KennaKenna says:

    I can’t handle a p4p arrangement, I hate talking about money and sex in the same sentence so it doesn’t work for me. Everything needs to feel natural for me and not transactional.

  472. StruggleIsReal says:

    What on earth are you back in the office for right now?! Ouch.

  473. StruggleIsReal says:

    P2P, P4P whatever it is… Initially I will do it for one time just to prove we are both here and on point… from then on, I’m not so much into it, unless there are extraneous circumstances (major geographical obstacles etc.).
    However I could get into being with an ex and walking with some cash. I mean you have a pre-existing relationship so it’s not like a new thing…

  474. KennaKenna says:

    I’m back in the office right now, ugh I want to strangle my fucking boss!

    @ONSD a SB bolted? Geez, I really should clone myself and send it your way.

  475. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey haha! Lol

  476. Lainey says:

    Oooooo @SexyRockstar the “Im Sorry” gift. Like wtf? Don’t buy me a gift to say I’m sorry when you can’t even address what you’re sorry for

  477. Lainey says:

    “I just can’t keep doing p2p more then a handful of times because it makes me feel like a cheep whore.”

    @SexyRockstar I did p4p this weekend with an ex SD. We’ve done this a few times and I always walk with what most girls would get for a monthly allowance. So I may be a whore, but never cheap. LMAO

  478. SexyRockstar says:

    LOL, I still have a Galaxy S 3. I like Android. He just wants to buy me something in order to make up for his fuck up. I think he thinks I will stay with him.

  479. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @Kenna. You are very welcome. I like the fact based discussions that have permeated in this thread.

    @SexyRockstar. I am glad that we talked. Th sugar bowl can be lonely but it is nice to have some sexy friends. Let’s call her hot sb, lol. She is a definite candidate to be with me. Lol.

  480. Lainey says:

    I just got in from switching over my old phones to the Duos my POT bought me. Best effing phone EVER! recommend it for anyone that hates carrying 2 phones

  481. Lainey says:

    @SexyRockstar what phone do you have now that’s making him so pushy about the iphone?

  482. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Sorry, was interrupted by wife…

    I like to stay with a WEEKLY allowance rather than a monthly. If she doesn’t communicate I’m out a week rather than a month…and by the end of the first month I can feel more confident about a transition to monthly. Only once have I transitioned to monthly and had someone bolt. Now I set the expectation of six to eight weeks, knowing that after the first month I would plan on the transition as a reward…

  483. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Midwest – I like to start with an allowance philosophy, it shows me if she’s up for the communications between playtimes that I desire. If she doesn’t communicate after the first encounter, it’s in essence a p4p arrangement, but if she proves she’s into the arrangement as I desire, it’s an opportunity to she extra appreciation.

  484. KennaKenna says:

    @MidWest thank you :-)!

  485. SexyRockstar says:

    I enjoy our conversations more then you know! You helped me out through my decisions as well. I really hope ((we need to give that one chick a nick name)) but you know who I am talking about….anyways, I hope you two continue on a good path.

    I always thought a few pay to play arrangements then move to allowance works best. I just can’t keep doing p2p more then a handful of times because it makes me feel like a cheep whore.

  486. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    One big suggestion. After talking for a bit, you have to move to a face to face meeting soon. Endless messaging and waffling is a time waster for everyone. About 12 girls that I did not meet face to face failed this test.

    Some looked like good options, but I will not be meeting them unless they are still here and learn the game if my options do not pan out.

  487. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @SexyRockstar. Good luck with everything tomorrow. I think you are making the right decision. With the Vegas thing coming up, you will have bigger and better things to focus on comming up soon.

    In other news, i would suggest that sugar daddies go with a pay for play to start It is fair to both parties. This keeps the sb motivated to stay true to the agreement. After a month or two, you can move to an allowance.

    The rapid increase in girls have made it harder to find someone reliable. Plus, a lot of sugar babies are trying to rinse people and making all of the good sugar babies look even more rare. I am pretty picky. I offer a good pay per play with progress to an allowance, I am attractive, and younger than most daddies in my area. But it has been harder for me to find someone this time around. I have messaged 52 potentials last month. I am looking only at slim or athletic women. I got 24 responses. I talked with most of them. I have been able to meet 5 people face to face. Two were very good, one had old pictures and was overweight, but cute. One other one was way worse than her pics in person. The final one was good, but not great.

    So I will make a leap with one of the good ones next week. It is a lot of work and the escorts, rinsers, and clueless college girls are clogging up my searches. Big thanks to SexyRockstar for being a realistic sounding board for me this week. She is a great girl and will make some lucky sugar daddy really happy.

    @Kenna, I have also enjoyed reading your comments and advice. You are another awesome sugar baby who is keeping it real.

  488. StruggleIsReal says:

    Ummm I’ll subscribe.

  489. SexyRockstar says:

    My cousin said I should try doing hair tutorials on youtube ((I have a comedy channel already)) because when it comes to doing shit real fast, I got it. She always asks how the hell I get my hair ready so fast and all this other stuff.

    I have tricks on:
    -how to make it look like you actually curled your hair
    -how to make it look like you actually straightened your hair
    -beach waves to last for-fuckn-ever
    -braids for when you didn’t wash your hair

    stuff like that. HAHA

  490. StruggleIsReal says:

    I’ve definitely done the salt on the coaster hack! So damn simple that we can do it on our shoes. I wiped my ass out on some black ice in NYC once… never again! LMAO! haha

  491. SexyRockstar says:

    You can also use this trick at the bar. We’ve all had picked up our glass/bottle and the coaster sticks to the bottom of it, or worse..the napkin sticks to the bottle/glass and gets all over the fuckn place. Throw some salt on the coaster/napkin and boom! You’re Gucci.

    I have a bucket of salt on my patio. Right before I walk out ((I have a town home and I have like 5 stairs after my door to get to my driveway..and I don’t need to be falling down the stairs)) so I legit scoop up the salt. Throw it on the patio and drag my shoes across it.

    Payless sells the stickers for like a dollar. You get two. One for each shoe. Just slap that shit on. It’s easy. There are also “non slip” shoes you can buy, but they are geared towards restaurant industry people so the shoes are not cute. HAHA, i do have a pair of chucks that I bought from there that look cute 🙂

  492. StruggleIsReal says:

    No words can describe my gratitude!! I literally just screenshot that and I’m on it! Genius about the non-slip stickers and salt!! How do you make the salt stick to your shoes?

  493. SexyRockstar says:

    Oh, another thing. We’ve all had to rush the fuck outta the door because we are running late and just HAD to shower. If you don’t dry your hair and walk out of the house with wet hair while its freezing balls…your hair will get frozen..maybe snap off, or really damaged. So, for the “fuck I gotta go like 10 minuets ago” days. I throw some product in my hair, and wrap it up super tight in a high bun. Throw on a hat. I will look bald, but who fuckn cares? I am warm. Then once you arrive at your destination, undo the bun. BOOM! Beach waves. :)Your hair will dry eventually because its up-top on your head, heat will rise to it ((think of how your roots get when you color your hair)) and due to the hat, it will dry a tad faster, plus you save your hair from damage.

  494. SexyRockstar says:

    Dec 17.

    I love pairing leggings/tights with ANYTHING long. Long tight sweater dresses with some thigh high boots 🙂

    Also, life hack, for those cute jeans with the rips in them. Wear a crazy/bold colored tights or leggings underneath them. Warm and stylish.

    I am also a huge fan of low cut/scoop neck dresses that are short with long sleeves. LIFE HACK: Snow sucks, so go to payless shoes and ask for the non slip stickers you can stick underneath the heels of your shoes. Also, I put a bunch of salt on the bottom of my shoes to prevent from slipping on patches of ice.

    Color coordinating your hat/scarf/and gloves ALWAYS looks amazing. Have some in a few different shades/colors so you can match them with another part of your outfit. I have these thermal tights I wear that are grey in color, so I have hat/scarf/gloves I wear to match with them.

  495. ATLSD says:

    My profile says I’m a big teddy bear type. and I like to hug.
    So sending you a BIG OLE BEAR HUG.

  496. StruggleIsReal says:

    Make sure to take a pic of yourself! You’re gonna have to send to me somehow! OMG. LAST date is WAY more excruciating when it comes to the presentation than first date!

    I have a lunch date with a rather promising POT tomorrow and I’ve got my outfit ready. It’s at a conservative nice restaurant that I go to a lot, and it’s cold out, so it’s like all these hurdles. Gotta look attractive and sexy yet understated and ladylike. Also I want to show my true self but my true self would be in a sundress near a warm beach! LOL! I seriously hate dressing for the cold. You could probably give me some pointers. Next time I will solicit your winter date outfit advice. LoL I think I pulled this one out of my ass and it’s all set.

    Get your top 2-3 looks together for tomorrow then try them in the morning and see what is fitting your mood.

    Hold the phone… when are you going to be in Vegas? I’m going to be there after NYE.

  497. SexyRockstar says:

    Thanks babe. I changed what I wanted to wear like 100000 times. You know, when you get ready for your first date with a POT you can seriously spend all day trying to figure out what to wear. I went shopping, bought some things, and now I can’t decide. UGH

  498. StruggleIsReal says:

    You’ve TOTALLY got this!! Just keep in your mind to leave him with the very best version of yourself (the version you always are, duh). I’m not worried about you at all, but I’m actually like feeling the anxiety a bit myself. Just because I know you are genuine and have a good heart and are feeling all of it in a very real way.

    And yeah, “My Humps”! Definitely! Haha I’ll never look at it the same! 🙂

  499. Xero says:

    @StruggleIsReal “You put your profile back to an arrangement type as opposed to what ?” ”
    There are sites for that. I don’t get it. What other sites are good?”

    As opposed to a dating site profile. I’ve asked what other sites are good but so far no replies.

    @SouthernSB I believe you when you say it’s not just the SBs who think it’s a dating site. I’ve heard that from a few ladies I’ve spoken to. “The site is overexposed and now there is a bad element that is on it.”

    You got it.

    “Frankly, it would have been better if it had stayed a small site that we would have heard about via word of mouth and in college, like it use to be.”


  500. SexyRockstar says:

    OH, you know how Santa Baby was a song about being a sugar baby…in a sense…last blog post. What about “My Humps” by Black Eye Peas. Yeah, it’s an ode to being hot and having men spend money on you and make sure you’re dressed in the best clothes.

  501. SexyRockstar says:

    My stomach is churning. I feel sick. I think he knows I am going to end it. I got into an odd argument over why I don’t want a fucking IPhone.

    FUCK. UGH. I can do this. I got this. Love is blind…but bitch I am wearing fuckn 400 dollar pair of sunglasses so I can see through the sun. *snaps fingers* mmhmm

  502. ATLSD says:

    One of my goals everyday is to make someone laugh. Check that off.

  503. StruggleIsReal says:


    I was just about to ask you if tomorrow is the day. I’m sending you badass vibes! You must have so many different feelings going on right now.

  504. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATL – hahahahaha, you give me too much credit!

  505. SexyRockstar says:

    I forgot who asked…about some people posting late at night on here…I have the strangest sleep schedule in the world.

    My ex has the kids tonight due to me seeing my SD tomorrow. He just left with them 🙁
    I told him I have a huge meeting with someone in regards to my Vegas show.

    And placing bets on my sugar relationship…come on guys. Really? BET HIGHER I WANT A PERCENTAGE OF IT bawahahaha. I do love him, but he broke my trust. Trust is huge in ANY relationship…but in sugar. Oh baby. Yeah, it’s not happening. And no, I won’t grill him on why he’s on there. Why? I already know the answer. Why keep kicking a dead horse?

  506. Josh says:

    Read my posts above outlining my hypotheses and terminologies I work with. I have no interest in igniting others’ feelings.

  507. Josh says:


    Women should lead happy, independent lives without trapping men in “long-term” relationships.

  508. StruggleIsReal says:

    Omg bahahahaha Dying over here at the comment about @Online!!! Lmao!!

    As you may have noticed I am not big on marriage either. Of all the marriages I have observed in my life, there have been ohhhh maybe two that I’ve thought, “Now there’s a relationship I’d sign up for.” There are many reasons for this and I see fault in both parties usually. Sometimes yes there is tilt towards one or the other but all in all, I feel that both men and women are fairly equally responsible for the lame relationships. Of course I have never been married so I can’t speak from personal experience but this is something I have been closely watching since I was in middle school. I remember sitting there telling my mom way back then that I would probably never get married and that I didn’t a particularly believe in the institution.
    Anyways, I am legitimately wondering, do you really feel that women are to blame for the deterioration of most marriages? I’m not contesting your thoughts on that (if that is indeed what they are), but simply wanting to understand if the bias against wives that seems to be woven throughout many of your posts is indeed indicative of your true beliefs (and not simply a playful stance to ignite others’ feelings).

  509. ATLSD says:

    I keep spelling your name wrong. Sorry about that.
    Glad to her your going out. That was a large slice of sarcasm. Can’t help myself

  510. Josh says:


    “I thought @ONSB PISSED SA off.”


  511. Josh says:

    @OnlineNewbieSD’s post on December 8, 2014 at 6:03 am and @ATLSD’s post on December 8, 2014 at 1:17 pm demonstrate real life examples of what’s going on in marriages in the Western countries. There’s just no reason to get married anymore unless you are willing to carry on with such existence.

    Women and their Matrix continue to blame men for such phenomenon, and men continue to try to keep their women happy, which is not really possible to start off with.

  512. ATLSD says:

    @josh I’ve been having issues also. The SA site actually said comments turned off for this blog. I thought @ONSB PISSED SA off.

  513. Josh says:

    All day I could not post anything on my cell phone.

  514. KennaKenna says:

    @ATLSD I spent a part of my childhood living in London so I know the weather is always shitty.

    Of course, I’m going to leave the hotel… He’ll be working Friday and I plan to shop all day, I’ve decided to get him many presents instead of one big gift so I’ll be busy. 🙂

  515. KennaKenna says:

    @ATLSD a lot of women like Cash allowances though but my first SD who was married gave me cash but explained that gifts were easier to hide so I ended up getting more gifts than cash.

    I have no real need for cash but other SBs are different.

  516. ATLSD says:

    Double thumbs up for Keena
    Temps low over weekend low 30’s
    Highs upper 40’s
    Rain chance low. So bring a good coat and sweater if happen to actually leave your hotel room:)

  517. ATLSD says:

    I couldn’t post and lost my big reply to you guys

    That is what I m more like a gift giver and mentor type. I was planning on taking them to places they never heard of or could afford. My first SB I gave gift to nice women’s stores she never shopped in and needed some business clothes. I was trying to up here game.
    My mom never asked for much. And that’s what she got 🙁

    GREAT philosophy I’m adapting that. I’ll buy @sexy a new Batman outfit!!
    Also like Keene had the ante upped over time as things progressed I could see me doing that.

    @southern. Thanks. Not sure which golf sucking town you are in but if that avatar is you I wish you were here also 😉

  518. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – have fun!

  519. StruggleIsReal says:

    Nailed it 🙂 Better start packing!

  520. KennaKenna says:


    London and Harrod’s here I come. SD also thinks it was his idea and feels bad for making me fly 6 hours all by myself, that’s why he didn’t suggest it earlier.

    Ahhh, I miss him. 🙁

  521. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I want to know where SA has been targeting that has sparked a NEW trend in my search results today…there are three transgender profiles that were not in results previously. This also raises some of the same questions/issues/possibilities as our past race discussions, if someone communicates with me because I visited a profile, and I decline, am I going to be called a bigot?

    I’m sure the “double your pleasure” crowd was from some afternoon talk show with a couple of roommates at some west coast school that had it work with some “arm candy SD”…but my experience with the LGBT community for work has been a much more closed community and active on sub-culture sites, rather than mainstream.

    It’s an interesting development, since we occasionally hear from those SBs looking for same-sex relationships and the difficulty with finding a connection…hopefully someone from the site can enlighten the blog on the audience for a trans member!

  522. KennaKenna says:

    @ONSD Thank you.

    I’ll be here, will come to you for advice as “traditional relationships” are new territory for me and I’m sure I will have questions.

    But even if I don’t, I’ll still be here- I enjoy the banter on this blog.

  523. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Here’s an interesting line I just saw in another “new” profile:

    I have never applied for anything like this but I am available to do any position.

    With other comments in the profile about being submissive…there’s being submissive and there’s being empowered and letting go (more like what I hear from @Kenna, @Lainey, @Sexy and others above)

  524. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – I do wish you all the best, and hope you stay active on blog, even as you transition to a MORE traditional relationship with your man…you have insight that should be taken seriously by SBs on this site, and you’re a welcome burst of life for this SD 😉

  525. KennaKenna says:

    @ONSD hahahaha lol. You know how to make a girl blush. 😉

  526. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Southern – yeah, the result of a marketing machine not focused on the target market (the paying member SDs)…but…I guess if they are also getting more paid SD members from the increased marketing, SA really doesn’t care.

    It’s kind of like the automotive unions…if they truly represent their CURRENT membership, they need to fight for more retiree benefits, rather than worker benefits…if SA currently has more “john” members, they are building the right machine for the escorts to build a stable income 😉

  527. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – I agree…that’s why I hope my meeting this week is a good one…then I can abandon my membership on this site…six months of sifting is too long. I also choose to cast a wide net (I have a sort for each expectation classification with a specific mileage from my location), with only the top two body types excluded…I used to break it down by body type further and by age as well, but I wasn’t getting anything but escorts, so I expanded my search to a much wider net. I don’t send many messages (but I WILL reach out to make sure I don’t miss out on a woman who likes to be chased)…

    My hiring comment was meant to distinguish if I met someone in the sugar bowl like you, in the business, that would probably be my only further foray into hiring sugar related connections…so, yeah, I’d hire you…I’d hire the hell out of you 😉 hahaha

  528. SouthernSB says:

    @KennaKenna-I beginning to think they don’t screen anymore.

  529. SouthernSB says:

    @ONSD-She saw found out about the site on one of the talk shows or MTV. All the teenagers watch the talk shows, and “reality TV.” Then they make themselves a profile thinking they can land themselves a “sexy” 25 year old SD who will spoil them and buy them Coach bags and BeBe clothes so they can show them off to their friends. The marketing has really gotten out of control when high schoolers are trying to get into the bowl. Unfortunately, someone will take her up on her offer and she’ll probably be the next news headline.

  530. KennaKenna says:

    @ONSD what is the purpose of screening if they approve profiles like that?

  531. KennaKenna says:

    Oh @Online you’d hire me?
    I’m flattered.

    I actually have a third interview tomorrow for a full-time position(No help from SD this time), smaller firm but bigger base and will work out being almost double what I make now. I just need to decide if I want to put my PhD program on hold.

    I’m thinking not yet though but maybe in 6 months time, I will go and let them fall all over me and beg me to come work for them.

  532. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Just going through my local search after a long day…found another new 18yo where the profile says, “I’ll graduate from high school in the spring” — are you kidding me? I don’t care if the age of consent is 15 (it’s not in Michigan)…still a high school student is WAY too young to have found this site, looked at being active on this site, especially when there’s “We can see what we both want, just tell me and we can likely work something out.” ends the profile!

  533. KennaKenna says:

    I watched my mom get whatever she wanted from my Dad without nagging or pressuring him and making him think it was all his idea.

    I do the same thing, never had a problem and always works out more than the expected. I rather be spoiled than have an “exact figure” allowance.

  534. SouthernSB says:

    @ATLSD-Geez I wish I lived closer to the ATL and I wasn’t stuck in this soul sucking golf course of a town. Wish I had a car too, but whatever.

  535. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – Don’t get scared…I turned it into an aspiration, rather than a deterrent!

    No better motivator than the SBs posting on this blog to push me to build my business and branch out to possibly be available to TAKE @Sexy to Vegas for her shows, or to trustingly hand @Lainey a card without worry for her spree while I handled a business meeting, or any of the other ideas we’ve heard from them…

    In the past, I had a relationship (it was from an IRL meet, not from a SA connection) where she lost her job and I actually hired her to work for me…it made it easier to see each other, easier to “move Money” when I could pay her for the work she did, and a tax deduction because of the wages…but…that one did NOT end well, too much trust on the business end and not enough verify about the work that should have been done. Will NOT cross that bridge again (unless @Kenna decides she wants to ditch the high-end hedge fund pool and get back to basics with a boutique firm)

  536. KennaKenna says:

    @Online @ATLSD it all depends on the SB and the SD. I have never asked a SD for money or told him an amount I wanted.

    I’ve never agreed a specific amount but im also a SB that doesn’t need cash and realized sometimes you can get “gifts” that are worth more than the cash allowance.

    Also, I wasn’t super spoiled by my SDs in the first 6-8 weeks, that usually comes after you prove yourself. I can’t hide my feelings or act so they can see I’m really genuine after a while and don’t mind splurging at all.

    I’ve found when you don’t ask or don’t make it about money, you ultimately get more. As much as you don’t want to be treated like an escort, he doesn’t want to feel like he is paying for it. He wants to feel wanted, and the gifts/allowance are just a bonus for you.

  537. ATLSD says:

    Yes makes perfect sense. In fact you and I are very similar in circumstances. If had to post a reason why I’m doing this I could copy and paste your post from earlier I would add one thing to it. My second to last Pot SB was just like the your example. I kept a straight face and politely told I will not be going to an ATM and pulling out $3000 “right now” for you. She was young and doesn’t understand money or net worth. Plus like you, being married I have to move money around without suspicion. I call myself a pickup truck millionaire most the girls don’t get that. I think I got scared when I saw the numbers the local SB here were throwing out.

  538. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – Update on the “double your pleasure” profiles I had locally…

    I started talking to one of the pairs, to the point I asked “the hot one” if she was the primary contact, or if I should focus on coordinating coffee with the other one…I got a “we are always on together” message back…

    We had coffee scheduled, but the morning of, I got a “need to reschedule” text from “the hot one” and the other one started blowing up my text with questions…turns out they really want to be ‘eye candy’, because I asked about intimacy with the two of them, or if it would be with one of them at a time and the response was “we’re not interested in focusing on sex, we want a SD that cares for us and wants to be able to show us off” — rinsers!

    I went back to look at pics…they HAVE to be at least 7-8 years older than their stated ages…and the outfits they picked for private pics make them look more “Pretty Woman” than discreet girlfriend!

  539. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – I met one older SB (she was 43) who took my “what do you NEED?” question to heart and said something like “I really just need a couple hundred a month, to feel like I have some money to spend…if you could do $100 a week, I’d be up for playtime with you almost every day”

    If I had been attracted to her, it might have worked, but her pictures didn’t represent her when she got to the meeting…I was actually hoping she had serious issues she was looking to “fix” so I could use her demands as a reason NOT to continue the conversation…blew up in this case…but even the hug/peck good-bye didn’t have any passion behind it, felt like a good friend, not a lover.

  540. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATLSD – I think we’re all going to default back to the “the right amount is what’s comfortable with the SB and affordable for the SD”

    I know I’m not dropping $79k on a shopping trip…or jetting off to Europe…or buying a condo…does that make me a pauper SD, probably in some SB eyes! But, I’m also married and need to make sure things stay under the radar!

    At my last first meeting coffee, I asked what she was looking for (she was “Practical” on the site)…she gave me a figure and I did my best “consideration” face before responding with something like, “I’m really more comfortable here…at least for the first month or two” She did push back with her reasons for wanting basically exactly what she wanted. I responded with, “after we put the hotel, entertainment and everything else in the mix, I’m going to be right where you want to be. For the first month or so, I’d like to keep my total expenditure at where you want…when I feel you’re committed, I have no problem getting you to where you want to be and probably even more.”

    By the way, @Kenna shared a story about an SD that used a similar tactic with her…I liked it and used it to what I hope will be success…but…it’s all about both people understanding the perspective, the timing, the commitment and the expectations, the SD not feeling like an ATM and the SB not feeling like a doormat or escort.

    Does that make sense?

  541. ATLSD says:

    Ok back to our schedule program.
    Other then the stellar SB here Lainey, Keena, Sexy, Struggle. What is the norm if you will for the “practical” SB as far as $$. After reading what SB are getting I feel like a peasant SD.
    My first was very open and was a “whatever” type person. Also do all dinners, lunches, drinks, non sex stuff count towards the arrangement.
    I’m sure it’s different in each city. NYC is obviously different then “The ATL”

  542. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @Helen. You sound like a scammer yourself. No mention of this website, hmmmmmm. Post the url and show some proof of what you are saying.

    I agree with the recent increase in sugar babies and daddies, the quality of both have gone down. I have met some nice girls, but a lot of crazy people are messaging me, too.

  543. Josh says:


    You DON’T post anyone’s phone numbers here. Contact SA support and take it up with them and provide whatever information you have on other members.


  544. Helen says:

    I have his phone number and his profile I d and all the text .

  545. Josh says:

    @Helen appears to be just another drama queen chit chatter.

  546. Helen says:

    I only joined a few days. I got posted because men wanted to know what I was all about prior to meeting me .

  547. Josh says:


    What you’re saying does not make much sense.
    Bring proof of what you’re saying by providing link or I will ask the admins to consider banning you. 🙁

  548. StruggleIsReal says:

    Do you know of anyone who you may have pissed off?
    Do you have any friendly SD allies that might be able to help you find out info?

  549. Helen says:

    I feel like I am being online bullied by them . I don’t know the url itself. After this posting I noticed all my contacts started drilling me for face photos and dropping out of meeting me. Turning into total douche bags .

  550. Ladyscarlett says:

    “Helen says:
    December 8, 2014 at 11:03 am
    to me it sounds like these men are way to involved and they seem like the scammers . how can you be real if you are that deep into it to sit around and gossip about what people do on dates with others. it seems wrong to post peoples profiles from one site onto another. anyone can say anything.”

    You are very right. These men are in no way shape or form, ‘sugar daddies’. They are gamers/players/Johns, apparently, who use sugar dating sites to scam women out of their league, or just for fun, due to the potential of manipulation of the site and what it can offer.

    Could you get this guy to send you the link to the site he claims you are being gossiped about on? Then, you should send a complaint to SA that these men are violating privacy terms. What they seem
    to being doing, or trying to do, is make a ‘ranking’ site similar to Eros or something of that nature, used for escorts. There might be more of this going on than we realize…I have actually wondered if something like this existed, due to some emails.

  551. flyR says:

    There’s little doubt that the relentless publicity seeking campaign of SA and its generally low class approach to sugar has brought in too many marginal to trash SD and SB’s

    That does not mean there any less of the serious, responsible and quality SB and SD it just means they are harder to find…….. thankfully i hit the jackpot ….

    I think what does help is a rapid, critical screen. If there is a worry forget it and move on. Same for the first conversation and first meeting. Manage expectations and when in doubt, dump. the prospect ….

  552. StruggleIsReal says:

    I have no experience with What’s Your Price and also have myself wondered about that disclaimer notice that some people have on their profiles. I figure it probably can’t hurt to have one more obstacle to overcome if it was ever needed, but that it probably doesn’t hold much water in reality. But I honestly have no idea.

  553. ATLSD says:

    No way a real SD that understands this and what “discreet” would do that. They are probably trying to go the easy route. Or maybe this guy is full of SH:$ and trying to score points with you.
    I have never seen any gossip sites like that. J would be curious to see it. Maybe it’s on one of the review sites.

  554. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Hey, anyone have experience with WYP (What’s Your Price), the sister site to SA?

    Could @Helen be misunderstanding something that happens on WYP? Is there a blog commentary on that site where things could be getting out of hand?

    When @Helen mentioned WMP, my first reaction was What’s My Price…but I could be completely off…

    @Struggle has a good point about internet rights and issues with enforcing commentary online…which also brings up another thing…

    I am interested to hear from folks about the “Privacy Notice” I see on some profiles…I have read on more than one legal site that those “You are not authorized to use my pictures or profile information for anything, including research” notices are bogus, because the TOS for the site reigns over the declaration of specific rights (Facebook is also infamous for running through these Privacy Notice waves)…any thoughts?

  555. Helen says:

    to me it sounds like these men are way to involved and they seem like the scammers . how can you be real if you are that deep into it to sit around and gossip about what people do on dates with others. it seems wrong to post peoples profiles from one site onto another. anyone can say anything.

  556. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – perfect attitude…I just wanted you to remember, family can spread gossip quicker than anything! If cousins weren’t aware of your desire for older men and called mom&dad, just wanted you to be ready. I know you’ve reengaged and are happy, I would hate for your family to “create” some issues for you!

  557. StruggleIsReal says:

    Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that! Did this person direct you to the website? You might be able to contact the moderator explaining that it is blasphemous slander (I’m assuming that it is.). If that doesn’t work you could have a lawyer contact them to throw a little more weight around. It’s 50/50 whether they’ll remove it or but. Is your real name and/or personal info, photos etc. attached to the post(s)?
    Completely coincidentally, I recently came across a post about a POT SD who I have messaged with a bit on a trash gossip site. Soon after I saw this, he messaged me to see if I wanted to meet. I took this opportunity to gently let him know about the post. I didn’t know if he already knew about it or was in the dark. I just knew that if it was me, I would want to know. I wasn’t judging at all. In fact, I felt terribly for him, as the post included his full name, a mirror photo in undies he had obviously sent to whoever sent the piece to the website, as well as his location and business information, and it mentioned his kids in a way no kid should ever have to see. I had never been to not heard of this website, so I was completely shocked to see him posted on there. There were plenty of ugly comments but honestly I couldn’t quite understand what the person was ratting him out for… basically for using the SA site as any of us do. Still though, it was such a slanderous mean-spirited post that none of us would ever want out there about ourselves. Seems like it was some scorned lover or just a bitter person who has it out for him. He didn’t know about the post and thanked me immensely for letting him know and is pursuing legal action, although the wide-world of the interwebs is largely unregulated so who knows if he’ll have any success having it removed. I really hope so. He seems like a nice man who doesn’t deserve that at all. He was having a hard time trying to figure out who would have done such a thing, as well. Some people are just so crummy.

    It was really an eye-opener to me and I have been much more careful since, even though I was very cautious before.

    Let this be a warning to us all!

  558. KennaKenna says:

    @ONSD I’ve told my folks I prefer to date older men, even though they probably think 5-10 years older.

    I’ve never took a guy home so if they find out, this will be huge but somehow I’m approaching 25 and not bothered by that. I’m happy, this weekend was amazing, I’ve fallen back in love with him and his cock so if they find out, oh well.

  559. Helen says:

    He called it WMP ( said they are talking about me ) he was trying to get my face photos so he could post them up and was digging for information onme. He was saying ” no one has met you yet ” the bad thing is that I have met two guys and who ever these so called men are . How would they know who I dated ? they just believe it as the truth ?

  560. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Helen – I am not aware of any gossip sites where you can “look up” people from this site to “save time and money”

    If you look back through this and other blog post comment threads, we will often “complain” about a profile, or communication we’ve received (both sides as SBs and SDs) copying some text from the profile or the message and citing reasons why people should not use specific language or what that type of language conveys to the other commenters on here.

    But, I hate to say this, if there was a gossip site where men could research women on the factual nature of claims, I’m sure there would be a following because of the recent trends the contributing SDs have had with finding what they want!

    AND…I’m sure there would be a corresponding site where SBs could go to look up the SDs on here and see if they are a “pump-and-dump” or whatever else…

  561. SouthernSB says:

    @Helen-Do you know the URL to this website? I would hate for something like that to happen to anyone. It’s terrible that that happened to you.

  562. SouthernSB says:

    @Xero-Oh for crying out loud!! SA is not a regular dating site. What don’t these girls understand about this? It’s not just the SBs though, it’s the SDs too. A lot of them think that they can get away with just taking a SB out for dinner and a movie and that’s being a SD, or they can give a SB an allowence that is the same as your average “lady on the streets” and the SB should just be happy with that. It’s not easy for us SBs either.
    I think what messed up the site is all the marketing and press. The site is overexposed and now there is a bad element that is on it. A bunch of girls who think they can get a “substantial” or “high” allowance for just showing up. SBs who think they don’t have to keep up their part of the arrangements and still get their allowances and men who think all the SBs here are escorts. Frankly, it would have been better if it had stayed a small site that we would have heard about via word of mouth and in college, like it use to be. I learned of this site in my Sociology class.

  563. Helen says:

    I have a problem not sure what to do about. a man told me I was posted on a gossip site where guys can exchange information on girls . im really upset they are doing this to me . they say it saves the guys time and money . I am new to this . I am very hurt by this .

  564. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – I think the enticement of meeting some of your family would put him over the moon from what you’ve posted here…obviously, you have some tact (it takes a special relationship to have the ED discussion — especially when he has something that isn’t working) so the hint that it’s your favorite city and nearby some family you’d like him to meet would be HUGE (in my opinion)…but…be prepared! When he starts to meet family, he may want to be “all in” with your family…also, how much do those cousins talk to the rest of your family? Do you need to get your folks into a loop about your dating life before a cousin from overseas calls them to talk about your “older” boyfriend?

  565. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Xero – That was what I read when I researched GreenDot…which is why I wanted to ask about other options, and if anyone had experience with the AmEx Serve. I’m not a big fan of AmEx, but I know they have good service to cardholders…wondered about the Serve platform.

    @Kenna – thanks for confirmation I could just buy the refill and text info to her so she could “pull” the money from my purchase…yes…I am VERY excited to see her. I wish this last weekend was not as busy as it was, because she sent me an email answering some more detailed questions I had about likes/tastes/allergies/etc as I am still wrapping up plans for our encounter and all I could muster was a “thanks, very busy weekend, I’ll catch up on Monday” response! I’ve since sent more…we’ll see how things develop between now and then, and where things hit when we’re back together!

  566. StruggleIsReal says:

    Ah gotcha. Sounds to me like you’re golden.

  567. KennaKenna says:

    @flyr I didn’t push but put the idea out there.

    This weekend he told me he wants me to be more vocal about things I want because I just give, give, give and never say no to him but then I don’t ask for anything and he never knows what to get or do for me(which I found strange because he already does a lot for me).

  568. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle I wasn’t talking about financially, the money is not a problem. I meant i didn’t want to come across demanding, he’s in flight now but I texted him being tactful but hinted about me coming to join him. Now I just have to wait until he lands to respond.

  569. flyR says:

    @kenna – Would not push. Suggest that it happen sometime in the future.

  570. StruggleIsReal says:

    You put your profile back to an arrangement type as opposed to what ?
    Yeah, I’ve had several interactions that definitely reflected someone who just wanted a girlfriend. Annoying. There are sites for that. I don’t get it. What other sites are good?

  571. Xero says:

    Found this profile last night:

    I didn’t make this because I want money or dick.
    I’m making it in life so far with what I have.
    I’m a football fan like no other!
    I’m a down to earth I don’t need you telling me about the finer things in life(: I’m country I don’t mind getting dirty I know how to work on cars to a point!
    Once again I don’t need a SD but thanks anyways!!!

    Thought that was entertaining.

  572. Xero says:

    @ONSD Had a very bad experience with Green Dot a few years ago. Too much time and stress getting a a couple of K back from them that mysteriously disappeared out of the account. I will never deal with them again.

    @All Put my profile back to an arrangement type of profile last night. While I was getting a LOT more views and msgs it didn’t sit well in my gut. I think I just rather go down fighting lol. Add it up to an experiment for confirmation though.

    CONFIRMED – they think this is a dating site now (probably confirmed already for everyone else on the blog but I had to confirm it for myself)

  573. StruggleIsReal says:

    Only you can really say what you think he’d really be comfortable with financially, but according to my understanding of him/ your relationship from your posts, I would say that shouldn’t be out of bounds, especially considering you two already have an “all about Kenna” weekend planned. Sounds like a perfect opportunity and the added bonus of him meeting your cousins should only sweeten the pot! That said, if he seems at reluctant, give him an easy out.

  574. KennaKenna says:

    My SD is going to London for a few days and I can’t go because I actually have a job and have to work.

    I don’t work on Fridays, and we are supposed to be having a “all about Kenna” weekend getaway this weekend. Is it too much to suggest maybe I leave Thursday night after work and join him in London for the weekend as that’s one of my favorite citys? I’ll even add in he can meet a couple of my cousins there as he’s been constantly asking about meeting my family.

    He’s been super kind, loving and generous this weekend and I don’t want to push him but I really do want to go. Should I suggest?

  575. KennaKenna says:

    Hi there @ONSD- missed you this weekend.

    Ummm, what Josh said. Get her a green dot debit card or have her sign up for Amex serve. Then buy green dot reloadable cards with cash and text her the info on the card so she can add the money on the card.

    Are you excited to see her?

  576. StruggleIsReal says:

    Oh @Joshy 😉 You turd. LoL

  577. Josh says:


    There’s no tracking of who’s buying the cards if you pay cash. They only track who is withdrawing.

  578. Josh says:


    One off of your bucket list. Now you will not have the regret that you could’ve asked Josh Guru his age and did not. 😉

  579. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – makes sense…although even the GreenDot site said you have to scan the card to make cash deposits on the account…how would you reload the card with the next amount?

    It looks like, on the AmEx site, you can transfer money to another AmEx card holder (and the $1 monthly fee is waived when you deposit at least $500 a month on the account) at any time and without fee…they even list using it as an allowance or paying the babysitter 😉

  580. Josh says:

    *and get a debit card.

  581. Josh says:


    In her name.

    If I wanted in my name then I would just create a bank account and a debit card.

  582. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – I thought it was GreenDot…did a search on it earlier this morning…BAD stuff with money disappearing from accounts and identity theft possibilities, most comments seem to guess an inside job, as cards were in possession at all times, but withdrawals and charges were reported in multiple states, etc.

    I saw something for an AmEx Serve card, was cheaper than the GreenDot monthly and loading can even be done with MoneyPack.

    In your post, did you encourage SB to get card in HER name, or would it be in MY name and just give her the card?

  583. StruggleIsReal says:

    How old are you?
    LMAO 🙂

  584. Josh says:


    You certainly may. 😉

  585. StruggleIsReal says:

    May I ask yours?

  586. StruggleIsReal says:

    28. No kids, never married. Was engaged once but called that off due to red flags I saw that went unresolved.

  587. Josh says:


    I wrote a long-ass response but this blog’s software ate it.

    Check out Green Dot by PayPal available at Walgreens.

  588. Josh says:


    How old are you?

  589. StruggleIsReal says:

    Yep, thanks! I sincerely can’t imagine staying in a relationship where such a need was continuously not being met. To me, that is unloving. I would feel unloved and not be able to stay even for the kids , assets etc. But to each his/her own. I hope I am never in hat position because I simply am the worst liar on the face of the planet. LoL I just can’t do it.

    Nah, I can sleep when I’m dead! Haha JK I was up intermittently all night with a sick doggie. Poor thing.

  590. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @All – I can’t find the part of the thread (or even which post it was attached to) that discussed the options for non-cash money payments.

    I know @Kenna has mentioned giving bank details (I’m not comfortable asking, especially locally with the sweetheart swindler in the news)…I had a SB in the past that used a refillable pre-paid card, but I can’t remember how it worked and it’s been at least 3-4 years ago (rules might have changed by now too).

    With my meeting this week looking to confirm a new arrangement, I’d like to have some details ready…her experience has been a per visit arrangement and a monthly “on-call” arrangement, both of which she said felt transactional, she liked our discussion because I wanted to avoid that feeling as well.

    Thanks all!

  591. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Struggle – I hope the above two answers clarify enough from your post

    Man I missed a TON with a busy weekend!

  592. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Elaine – I hope my longer winded answer to flytR above gives more background on my specifics…additionally…I am a romantic and try to surprise my wife randomly with gifts, attention, messages, etc. to match what I did during dating. It has not reignited anything.

    Oh, and I’m still hot for her too…there have been a couple of occasions where I was out with a SB and came home to a horny wife and never had an issue making her feel she was the focus of my sexual life.

  593. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @flytR – I expected a slight deterioration in intimacy, as SHOULD almost every man when the relationship has been “locked in” by marriage…there is an element of stress that does that…but to go from someone very intimate and eager to be intimate to someone with little or no interest in intimacy is too much for my urges to handle…I do love her, and cannot imagine my life without her…I just miss the intimacy.

    As an example for the list and my attempts to combat things…she listed reasons she was not feeling the urge: house work, yard work, “honey do” list…I hired a cleaning company to come through the house (we had a family gathering we were hosting) and clean, took care of the yard issues myself and brought a handyman in to accomplish the “honey do” things I wasn’t comfortable with…I continued to keep things clean, keep the outside squared away and tackled any other “honey do” items that came up immediately…after a month of this, I asked where the lovin’ was since there was nothing on the list anymore…she came back with another list that included stress over what I spent on the cleaning crew and the handyman…I looked at her and asked if there was someone else, knowing there wasn’t…I hinted over the next six months about the fact that I couldn’t do it myself all the time, with no change in behavior…I then hinted if she wasn’t going to help, I would have to find someone would, with no change in behavior…I am not open with her about being in the Sugar Bowl, but, if I’m in an arrangement, she doesn’t get pressure from me to be more active.

    That’s, again, why I say…if she starts to get active, I’m out…it’s also why I can confidently say…if I find an arrangement that meets my needs, I’m exclusive with her (and the 1-2 times per year with the wife) and I would hope to have a SB that is also exclusive to me (outside of any IRL committed relationship she was in originally) — if my SB was “single” when we started, I would have the conversation about this being extra…if she wants to pursue something IRL, she needs to talk to me, because I may be fine with things, I may not, but it is a change in the status of the arrangement.

    That’s WAY too much for your question, but I finally get to scroll up and reply to some things…

  594. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – you are welcome for the help…I’m just glad, as @Josh has said, you happened upon this blog when there are great conversations and support to help you where you need it!

  595. Dazed-SD says:

    @Josh I’m not trying to make her upset. I too think she’s awesome, and I like her sense of humor/wit, it’s awesome ! I also think she has a wonderful heart, which is also an awesome trait. I guess what I’m trying to do (yes probably in a weird way) have her think more about her feeling, she loves this guy, and sometimes us men just fuck up.

  596. Josh says:


    @Sexy is a great catch. I prefer not to interfere with her feelings for him and her hurt ego. And I definitely prefer not to bet on the blog. Let her deal with the situation with cool temper.

    “Maybe” just maybe he will have a good reason to be on the site just like she had a good reason to be there.

  597. Dazed-SD says:

    @sexy,, and by the way,, men have been lieing to women for centuries to get sex. 😉

  598. Dazed-SD says:

    @Josh,,I say @sexy will not break up with him,, she loves him ! He fucked up
    Yes, but she loves him, and she’s willing to give him break up last time sex, but they have great chemistry,,my guess is they will not break up,,,ask Kenna, look how upset she was…LOL

  599. @Josh- I love dogs, just not the human variety. Haha
    @Struggle- I hear ya. I just can’t with the ear or face. Anywhere else a well-timed lick or bite is appreciated.

  600. KennaKenna says:

    @ATL I just got back to NY and have to be at work in 3 hours. If I go to sleep, I’ll never get up so I’m up working too.

  601. ATLSD says:

    Your up??
    Not much. I work a LOT and I’m all over the clock.
    You guys are totally enthralling me. 😉

  602. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle, @Sexy and @ATLSD don’t you guys sleep? Lol

  603. SexyRockstar says:

    Batman is the shit. And, thank you.

    Goodnight my loves. Kids are sleeping and 6 am comes fast. xoxo <3

  604. ATLSD says:

    I cheated and checked your profile too hope I didn’t break any protocols.

    Wow I really need to buy a cloning machine.
    Go batman!!

    You are gorgeous!!

  605. SexyRockstar says:

    I am not getting the color like that…I pay too much money to keep it blonde. Just styled as such

  606. StruggleIsReal says:

    Googled it. I think it would be super hot on you. Do it!

  607. SexyRockstar says:

    She typically styles my hair to be very ‘Britney” like.

    So we will see.

  608. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hmmm what kind if style does she have ? Ok have to google it 🙂

  609. SexyRockstar says:

    When I booked my hair appointment, she asked me if she can try to Ariana Grande hair thing. She says she had someone ask to do that, but her hair is nowhere near as thick as mine.

    I said if I like it we can keep it. I typically do get super sexed up to see him, but, I never had my make up done professionally to go see him. HAHA

  610. StruggleIsReal says:

    Does he have any idea that you’re gonna can him? It seems like he doesn’t. How are you going to let him down? I’m loving your plan to turn yourself out to the nines !

  611. StruggleIsReal says:

    If I’m really into the sex we’re having, I’ll take a tongue just about anywhere! But if it’s not natural and seems intrusive and forced, or if I’m just not digging his style much… Yack!

  612. Josh says:


    Are you telling me that you don’t love dogs, THE most adorable creatures? 🙁

  613. Josh says:


    “the FIRST time a SB talks about “issues” could require Viagra, the second time could render that drug useless!”

    That’s a good one. Hahahaha!

  614. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding, family life was busy this weekend!

    @Josh I was talking about the last of reasons a woman uses to avoid sex, which included some of those mentioned by (I think) @Elaine. Issue has always been, if X, Y and Z were eliminated Q, R, S, T, U, V and W reared their ugly head!

    That’s why ANY SB found that can leave the drama somewhere else is worth her weight in gold! I’m not a “project” seeker, and the FIRST time a SB talks about “issues” could require Viagra, the second time could render that drug useless!

    I also agree with the cloning project for the GREAT blog SBs…may their advice help spread the good word of great sugar to the masses 😉

  615. Okay…I’m cool with licking too…just not above the decollete. Lol

  616. Haha apparently! I’m cool with most things, but not the licking.

  617. Josh says:

    Haven’t you heard? Ear wax fetish is all the rage among older men. 😉

  618. Vent – For the love of all that’s holy, keep your tongue in your mouth when kissing my ears! What is up with guys thinking it’s hot to stick their tongues in your ear when making out? Like I really want a f– wet willy while things are heating up. *BARF* Does anyone else have this issue? I don’t know where these guys are getting these ideas in their heads that it’s sexy. haha

    Woooo….feels good to get that off my chest!

  619. SexyRockstar says:


    I have a few days til I see him. I’ll be okay. I will keep you updated

  620. SexyRockstar says:

    I was playing kinda loud, my neighbor requested songs. HAHAHAHA. When I play guitar by myself…I am such a dork sometimes.

    I will dress like a rockstar. Pretend I’m famous.

  621. Josh says:


    I like to believe that Josh Guru has method to his madness…

    I want @Sexy to get anger out of her system before she meets her SD, who goofed up big time.

  622. SexyRockstar says:

    Yes. thats me. You found me. Congrats. You win a high five.

  623. Jerzey Guy says:

    Thanks Josh. And btw – where do you come up with this stuff – your anger question out of the clear blue. Great question, kinda outta left field but I look forward to her reply.

  624. SexyRockstar says:

    Play guitar. I went out for a walk. Called my brother, told him to come over and we played guitar.

    Then I watched South Park and Sex In The City.

  625. Josh says:


    What do you do to get anger out of your system?

  626. SexyRockstar says:

    I’m your sweetest sin

    try that

  627. Jerzey Guy says:

    I have no idea how to use that to find you….. I did a member text search and that is not the way.

  628. Josh says:

    POT = POTential SB or SD.

  629. SexyRockstar says:

    Computer stuff is easy, HAHAHA.


    Thats my profile ID

  630. Jerzey Guy says:

    How do I find your profile?

  631. Jerzey Guy says:

    I think I followed Gingers advice and did the URL thing correctly – I have IT people that know this stuff. I rely on them, I know how to manage my segment of our business which supports the rest of the process. These post are more productive than the profile and responses I am getting.

  632. SexyRockstar says:

    I also include a body shot in my profile. I love my body. I show it off every chance I get. It’s not often a white girl gets a butt like mine. Ha. Ahh.

  633. Jerzey Guy says:

    Damn Rockstar – that’s the kinda input I need. MUCH appreciated – truly!

  634. SexyRockstar says:


    My profile says I am average. Even tho My body is fantastic. I have a round ass. But Curvy in internet terms teams fat. I always thought when men ask for a full body picture…it just comes off…rude.

    Ask them this instead:
    -What do you like most about your body?
    -What do people compliment you on most, physically?

    Ask them to send a picture along with that. And add “But, please, have clothes on. Don’t want my co worker going through my phone like he always does and have him see a naked beautiful girl on my phone”

    You know, be coy.

  635. SexyRockstar says:

    He texted me:
    “We just have to hit a few stores then we can go wherever you want. You do need a new phone because it sucks, so we will do that when we go to Verizon”

    I say:
    “I like my phone 🙁 ”

    He says:
    You’re a bad liar. Did you get your oil changed?

    I Say:
    I did it myself this morning. I almost forgot.

    He says:
    Dork. I love you. See you in two days

  636. Jerzey Guy says:

    @Ginger – I really appreciate your taking the time to respond to my comments and questions. It helps validate my belief that being honest and humble is the proper formula. And for the record I have not and will not request any type of picture other than the ones you would post on a public site. I agree with others that I see the description “slim” used and when permitted to view the private pics I see they are not slim at all. For me this is relevant, I desire only petite women and make that clear from the start. Since I have only been on here for 10 days I need to sit back and wait for others to express interest. If I have requested to view private images I have always sent a personal note also. Last thing, somebody tell me what a POT is please. And JOSH – I am following your words which have a high % of accuracy in my book – weigh in please, I need the input from those that have been on here longer than I have been, this is my forts time ever pursuing this direction.

  637. SexyRockstar says:

    I just said I would Joshy. LOL. I don’t do bad break ups

  638. Josh says:

    Forget about money or gifts…if you do love him then be super cool about the breakup thing…OK?

  639. SexyRockstar says:

    As I said before, I am not going to be mean to him. I don’t do cattiness. He will get me looking at my super best and everything. But, I will not take stupid jabs at him. Not my style. I do love him, and I am not going to flip out on him. He will get mind blowing sex, but, like i said, I probably won’t let him buy me anything.

  640. Josh says:

    Men do stupid things. If you do love him then you might want to take the break up thing with a cool head. That’s all dear.

  641. SexyRockstar says:

    Why else would anyone be on AM? I don’t care. HE was the one that wanted to be exclusive. HE was the one that wanted me back after I was slowly getting back into the sugar world. HE told me he loved me.

    I am hurt. I don’t want to continue an arrangement with him. I don’t want to ask, mainly because I really don’t want to hear what else he was doing. Shit, I may not even let him buy me anything. I will give him one last hoorah, but thats because I love him. Break up sex is one of the best forms of sex. I miss him like hell, and I am so hurt. But, we broke my trust. There is no turning back.

  642. Josh says:


    I know that you have made up your mind, are you going to make him fess up why the heck he was on AM after all? Again…only curious.

  643. Josh says:

    OK dear. Be well and be prosperous on your own terms. You deserve it.

  644. SexyRockstar says:

    I am way to hot to be treated like that. He doesn’t deserve me. He fucked up, thats not my problem. No Sugar in the world he can do it make me forgive him. I cannot be bought.

  645. Josh says:


    Maybe just keep him condom-clad and around? Just a thought…

  646. ATLSD says:

    I’m sure glad I found this Blog. The learning and entertainment is worth the cover charge.

  647. SexyRockstar says:

    Of course. He may be a total asshole and disrespected me. But, he have great sex. But, I will make him wear a condom. He no longer gets to fuck me bare back. I don’t know where he’s been now.

    And I will look my absolute greatest. Rub it in his face. If I am going out, I am going out in STYLE. I already booked makeup and hair appointments, going shopping tomorrow with my best friend and I am getting my nails done ((as a guitar player, its hard to keep them pretty fuck fuck this))

    Sorry, I am still mad. But, I promise ill be nice to him. I don’t do catty comments.

  648. Josh says:



  649. Josh says:


    Curious…does he get parting sex as well? 😉

  650. “Josh says:
    December 7, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    “We need to clone @Keena and @Lainey. Have at least one clone in every major city.”


    And don’t forget @SexyRockstar.

    @Elaine and @ScarletLady too.

    @yougottabekiddingme could be a good one but she is too much into saving her pussy from foreign elements.”

    Ha. Didn’t know this was the Sugar Grammys, but thanks for the honorable mention.

    First and foremost…Id like to give thanks to my rack. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today…accepting this fine award with vagina laced fingers. Creamy.

    Special thanks to everyone else who has supported me as well…particularly, bra manufacturers.

    Anyone I forgot to mention, please know that you are in my heart…no matter how far beneath my rack that might be.

    If anyone would like photos or autographs…You can find me in the green room playing the harp. And sure…of course you can smell my fingers.

  651. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey I know those type of “girlfriends”. I had one just like that who’d always want to borrow money, and always have a major crisis… Emphasis on HAD!

  652. SexyRockstar says:

    Text message from douche bag SD:

    Ill be in town Tuesday, I need a new phone. Ready for a new IPhone? Guitar Center is having some sales.

    Psshh, you can’t say sorry by giving me gifts. He Can, however, give me a parting gift. 😀

  653. Xero says:

    @Lainey “there are better sites out there babe. The site is polluted.”

    Yes that’s why I’ll be leaving when time’s up and hopefully I can find those better sites you speak of.

  654. SexyRockstar says:

    For the ‘damsels in distress’

    There is something an SB can say EVERY NOW N THEN to their SD. Where he SD can “swoop in and save the day” if they are into that type of thing.

    SD: Whats up
    SB: ((sigh)) I’m “stressed”
    SD: Why
    SB: list on three things that are currently stressing you out, i.e.:bills

    There, the SB gets a bill or two paid and the SD saves the day. But this shouldn’t be used a lot. If an SD sees an SB is always stressed…thats DRAMA. He will dip out.

  655. Lainey says:

    @Xero there are better sites out there babe. The site is polluted.

  656. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna EXACTLY buuutt there are some men that just can’t resist a damsel in distress. I’ve cut off a lot of GFs for being “damsels”. It was either not be their friend or be their friend and lecture them constantly; I already have a child. Lol

  657. Ray says:

    “I don’t want undesirables so your point escapes me. The whole point here is this site has changed. That’s just how it is. So I either change with it or move on. I’ll be moving on once my membership expires.”

    Well, that is true. Is that time if the month, so was rude to you earlier, due to that. I can be that way on here. I can’t with an SD, so I have to let the bitch out other places.

    You are very correct. Am not sure what your definition is of an undesirable, but mine is an SD that is not really SD material. A fake, if you will. When I was previously on site from before, I too found a man very quickly, who was a legitimate SD. Then, after him, once again, found one pretty quickly. Now, the site is flooded with fakes and johns because so many escorts have joined the site now. So, I very much agree with your assessment.

  658. flyR says:

    @Lainey – I think sugar relationships come with many different personal relationship types. Some have more sharing and others less. It becomes very much what’s appropriate for your relationship and what you want it to be/become.

  659. KennaKenna says:

    I think the better SBs maybe the ones who don’t see sugar-dating as their occupation and can support themselves financially without you.

    Yes, these SBs are more picky but when they actually take an interest in you is because they want you and not that they need you.

    The whole process with all my SDs has been very natural and there has always been one initial conversation about money as I explicitly explain on the first date that I wouldn’t be able to do it if it felt transactional. The allowance is always just a bonus for me when dealing with a successful man, it’s never a necessity or I don’t see it as my meal ticket.

  660. Josh says:


    “a lot of these young ladies have a warped idea that sex is completely off the table.”

    Personally, I have no problem with those SBs as long as they are “riot” of a company.

    But alas many of them are neither fun nor interested in sex…all they have is a pretty body and/or pretty face they want to use as someone’s “eye candy.” 🙁

  661. Xero says:

    I know Josh but thanks.

  662. Xero says:

    @KennaKenna “you’ll find a great SB soon. Don’t give up- they’re out there.”

    On this site? I don’t know, but I’m here until my membership expires at least.

    @Josh “For a week or two, you might want to give something like: “if sex is the best thing you have to offer then don’t contact me” a try.”

    The only two things I didn’t remove from my profile when I changed it were both along those lines. What I meant by never mention sex was graphic sexual language indicating what I was interested in.

    I left it clear that I’m looking for more than just sex. The reason I left those words was because a lot of these young ladies have a warped idea that sex is completely off the table. It keeps those types away (also).

  663. Josh says:


    “Can I make money without having sex with old men”, “all these old men want from me is sex”, etc., is so prevalent chatter with younger SBs on SA that a statement similar to the above works like a charm.

    It does not have to be exactly the above, but something to the effect should work. As a matter of fact, don’t use the exact same sentence. If too many people use it then it would lose its effect.

  664. Josh says:


    “And never mention sex. That’s a given and besides I’m here for a lot more than just sex.”

    I disagree here. For a week or two, you might want to give something like: “if sex is the best thing you have to offer then don’t contact me” a try. 😉

  665. KennaKenna says:

    @Xero you’ll find a great SB soon. Don’t give up- they’re out there.

  666. Josh says:


    “We need to clone @Keena and @Lainey. Have at least one clone in every major city.”


    And don’t forget @SexyRockstar.

    @Elaine and @ScarletLady too. 😉

    @yougottabekiddingme could be a good one but she is too much into saving her pussy from foreign elements.

  667. KennaKenna says:

    @StruggleIsReal thank you :-).

  668. KennaKenna says:

    “You are very much in tune to making your man happy. Good for you… ”

    @Josh thank you, trying my best.

  669. Josh says:


    I did not want to respond to your post, but then I read it again and found it fit for slapping you around. 😉

    “read a couple hundred of your posts. There’s a recurring message that holds women responsible for the relationship problems.”

    I am glad that you realized that. That’s EXACTLY what I am saying.

    “If you are running a business and all your employees are lazy, nonproductive, drug snorting loosers the chances are the problem lies in the recruiting or worse yet, the leadership.”

    I don’t consider women as my employees. So that analogy does not apply.

    “Yes there is an industry that runs on blaming other people for the shattered lives of losers. you see them on CNN and NBC/CBS on a nightly basis.”

    And, gender-wise, most of them are?

    “The second secret is to not act in a way that converts good people to bad people.”

    I “marvel” your comprehension skills even after reading a couple hundred of my posts. Sabotage, blaming men, not able to enjoy the moment, undertaking projects, etc., goes under the rubrics of “being a woman” and “relating to men.” I don’t consider sabotaging women as “bad people” and non-sabotaging women as “good people.” They are what they are. I am interested in empirical analysis of what is out there.

    “It happens between the sexes and many other places.”

    My area of interest is “between the sexes.” I am sure that there are other dynamics related to “other places.”

    “Our client gets a bill from the structural engineer with $10,000 for additional services , The young MBA instantly whines they are needlessly charging us for extras without any real knowledge of what happened.”

    I don’t know who pays you any money for your dayjob. You are an idiot. Your analogies are utterly useless. As far as the above useless analogy, they should have hired an MBA with related engineering background I guess. What else can I say…

  670. Xero says:

    @Ray “Great attitude there, lol. If you can get ‘for free’ then stop complaining and do that.”

    I don’t want undesirables so your point escapes me. The whole point here is this site has changed. That’s just how it is. So I either change with it or move on. I’ll be moving on once my membership expires.

    “Or, perhaps, the ‘more desirables’ do not find you all that interesting or desirable”

    Not very likely. Like I said site’s changed.

    “Why make and model your profile like a non-sugar dating site profile? This is not okcupid.”

    It works like a dating site now. That’s why.

    @KennaKenna It sounds like you understand how this site is supposed to work.
    “Xero I love when a SD has a well written profile and explicitly states what he’s looking for without using sexual words.”

    That’s how my profile always was. The only thing I never list on my profile is exact allowance amount. I do list when and how it will be dispersed though. And never mention sex. That’s a given and besides I’m here for a lot more than just sex. If I wanted sex only I would just hit the clubs or hire an escort.

  671. StruggleIsReal says:

    For what it’s worth, there is a healthy mix of voices on the blog right now, with the SDs largely bookended by @Josh and @flyR. I often can understand and identify with what both of you say and regardless of how idiotic either of you feels the other is, it’s a healthy volley between the two of you. And all the SDs in between who comment… Thanks for all the input. 🙂

  672. ATLSD says:

    We need to clone @Keena and @Lainey. Have at least one clone in every major city.

  673. StruggleIsReal says:

    For the record, I don’t think @Kenna was self-sabotaging. I think she was being genuine with her very valid feelings, fairly so, and also was showing that she means what she says when in negotiation mode. This was a smart move that will carry through her relationship as long as it lasts. Kudos @Kenna.

  674. Josh says:


    You are very much in tune to making your man happy. Good for you… 🙂

    I think that sports are great way to unwind for many men….more power to them.

    My interest in sports is limited to pretty much playoffs and above, and if anything is on when I am in front of TV.

  675. Josh says:


    Not really dear. I don’t let my guard down as a response to something. However, I may let my guard down, organically, over a period of time.

  676. Lainey says:

    Question: Do you ever feel obligated to let your guard down when SD/SB shares something super personal?

  677. Lainey says:

    @KennaKenna you’re welcome sugarfoot. That’s what all of us are here for. Sugar support group? Lol

  678. KennaKenna says:

    Thanks @JOsh.

    Were you guys watching football?

    My SD watches football all day every Sunday. There is just something about a man who is passionate about sports and his teams that just turns me on so much. I don’t know why women complain about this.

  679. Josh says:


    Sweetheart, there was a time when @flyR and his Matrix cronies controlled this blog with their idiotic “advice.” If you had come here at that time, then you would be advised very differently.

    So praise the Lord (whichever one you believe in), keep your man happy, be happy yourself and prosper. 😉

  680. KennaKenna says:

    You’re right. Big thank yous to @Lainey, @Josh and @ONSD.

    As I said, I came here for advice as it was new territory for me. I appreciate all the constructive criticism I have gotten on this blog.

  681. Josh says:

    @fltyR, save it. I don’t need your idiotic advice of any kind. But if you felt better by writing that idiotic post, then hey post away… 😉

  682. Josh says:


    You saved yourself from the sabotage because you got advice from the best among us, that is, @Josh Guru and @Lainey. @Josh Guru advised you on Viagra and also on getting a property in your name. @Lainey helped you to snap out of your “tussle” with your SD.

    On the other hand, @flyR whose mind works like Matrix advised you to find a boytoy instead of working through the ED issues of YOUR MAN instead.

    So you got saved by laser-focused sugar advice.

  683. fltyR says:


    You got one right

    A fun woman is worth her weight in gold……

    As to the other9 points you ought to step back , take your fingers off the keyboard and read a couple hundred of your posts. There’s a recurring message that holds women responsible for the relationship problems.

    If you are running a business and all your employees are lazy, nonproductive, drug snorting loosers the chances are the problem lies in the recruiting or worse yet, the leadership.

    Yes there is an industry that runs on blaming other people for the shattered lives of losers. you see them on CNN and NBC/CBS on a nightly basis. The secret is to avoid the types.

    The second secret is to not act in a way that converts good people to bad people. It happens between the sexes and many other places. Our client gets a bill from the structural engineer with $10,000 for additional services , The young MBA instantly whines they are needlessly charging us for extras without any real knowledge of what happened.

  684. KennaKenna says:

    @Tyler Thank you. The bars/lounges Wall Street guys hang out at- Wall and Water and Cipriani downtown. In Midtown lounges in the 50s on the east side are popular with hedge funders- like Lavo, Tao, anything in that area.

  685. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh @Lainey I thought we were talking about SB/SD relationships. And since I never want to make the same mistake twice, how did I sabotage? By ignoring his FB request? Or by suggesting he get ED meds?

    And if I did temporarily sabotage, it worked out in my favor- bump in allowance, new ED meds and talks of buying me a condo.

  686. tyler says:

    @kennakenna .. @jane an SB group would be pretty dope @kenna learned so much just reading a few of your comments, are there any places you’d suggest to meet a potential SD irl in manhattan? i prefer a more natural meetup.

  687. Josh says:


    “@Lainey yes, I admit that…”

    My apologies. The denial part does not apply to you then as you are a fun SB as per #7 of Josh Guru above. 😉

  688. Josh says:


    “Wow, that was a boring read.”

    Hmmm, what was boring read dear? 😉

  689. Josh says:


    “Although I am beautiful, intelligent, quirky, logical, witty and a dirty little slut.. I am still a mother and could never hide that part of me.”

    It is 1000 times better than saying “I am a mother to a X year-old who means more to me than anything else in the world.” A POT SD is like, “who would I be in your life then…chopped liver?”

  690. Ray says:

    Wow, that was a boring read.

  691. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey yes, I admit that but it’s because the “situationship” at which I found myself in was completely new to me. If it were to stay as a regular “sugar relationship”, there would have been no sabotage on my part.

    He changed the terms, I just needed time to think and decide if I was okay with the new terms of our relationship.

  692. Josh says:


    “Lol. @KennaKenna but unbeknownst to you, you were in the beginning stages of sabotage until everyone opened your eyes to it. Soooo maybe not all, but MOST.”

    14. Deniel is the river that flows fast and furious in women (even the most intelligent among them) leading up to #1…blame the men. 😉

  693. Lainey says:

    LMAO @FlyR. Would you send a message if you came across that? LOL

  694. Lainey says:

    I would edit my post but FUCK IT! You guys know what it’s supposed to say. Lmao. As much as I hate this swype keyboard, the lazy b*tch in me can’t seem to stop using it.

  695. fltyR says:

    One line profile

    Although I am beautiful, intelligent, quirky, logical, witty and a dirty little slut.. I am still a mother and could never hide that part of me.

  696. Lainey says:

    Lol. @KennaKenna but unbeknownst to you, you were in the beginning stages of sabotage until everyone opened your eyes to it. Soooo maybe not all, but MOST.

  697. Lainey says:

    Hello loverbunnies,

    I see I missed a lot. Had a dinner date with an SD in his late 60s. Actually attractive in person. Lol. But he kept bringing up or age even though he pursued me for nearly a month.

    Another SD that I’ve talked texted Skyped with for nearly a year talked to me about having kids under “contract”. He’s not the first.

    I had a late night bootycall with ex SD and walked away with a pretty little coin. Whorish, I know. Lol

    And lastly I’ve been hanging out with one of my POT almost every other night this week. Dinner, movies, he bought my daughter some gifts and I’ll be seeing him tonight too. He spoils me like crazy. Not just with money but with time and sweet gestures But because of his line of work he knows I’m not going to do looking for a more permanent SD. Although, I’m sure I’ll miss the massages by the fireplace and breakfast in bed. Lol

    On the typical of SBs with kids: All of my POT and past SDs thought it was hot. They always day in hot when I go into mommy-mode but it may have something to due with my philosophies on parenthood. They talk about their kids also. I think the fact that we’ve shared everything with one another makes them feel closer to me and makes our relationships feel like normal relationships. MINUS the drama.

    Although I am beautiful, intelligent, quirky, logical, witty and a dirty little slut.. I am still a mother and could never hide that part of me. When I share it they are shocked that I’m not this scorned bitch, that I have no negative words about my ex and that its the one thing I’m most passionate about. It allows them to see a softer yet serious side of me.

  698. Josh says:


    “@Josh not all SBs sabotage. Not all SBs keep asking for more.”

    Asking for more and sabotage are two distinct phenomena. Asking for more of a man with means may not upset him at all if it is done in a tactful manner.

    However, asking for more “could” be part of the sabotage but there are other ways to sabotage an arrangement. 😉

  699. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh not all SBs sabotage. Not all SBs keep asking for more.

  700. Josh says:

    13. Take that money and find a nice sugar baby, until she starts sabotaging the arrangement. 😉

  701. Josh says:

    11. Therefore, it is better to stay within your budget and do smaller things for her on a regular basis instead of going all out and quickly be reset to NOTHING.

    12. Once sabotage sets in, stop doing anything at all. It is instantly going to reset to NOTHING anyway.

  702. Josh says:

    New formulations… 😉

    10. If you don’t have a woman from #7 above, it is very difficult–if not impossible–to keep her happy past the next love-making session. So whatever the man did for her before the more recent love-making session is reset to NOTHING. Brace yourself for the “what have you done for me lately” whine anytime.

  703. KennaKenna says:

    Few sexy photos that same night.(2nd day)*

  704. Josh says:


    I won’t be able to respond until I see your public photos to see why they are asking for private photos.

    If you have decent photos in the public section, then there is no need to see your private photos until some interaction has happened.

    If you have shitty photos in the public section, then men want to see your private photos to determine if you are worth pursuing.

  705. ATLSD says:


    U got that right. My $$ is going somewhere, at least I can do is make it fruitful.

  706. KennaKenna says:

    @GingerCharms I usually don’t send sexy photos but I did one time with my last SD. We spent an entire day texting/talking. The chemistry was insane(I would’ve taken him minus the sugar) and the next day ended up having phone sex and a few sexy photos the next time. I knew his real name, where he worked, etc.

    We went on a first date, had even more insane chemistry and an intense make out session. When I got home, he texted me asking for my bank details and couple days later he deposited 5000 in my bank account to show he was serious. I didn’t end up sleeping with him until the 4th date.

    So I say, go with whatever feels natural. I wouldn’t send photos to a guy who automatically request more pics but if I really liked him, verified him and we had a great connection and chemistry, I totally would!

  707. Dazed-SD says:

    @GingerCharms,, I agree totally with what @josh said about pictures. It would make it easier for all. I made the mistake of believeing “slim” on her profile, and only neck and shoulders pictures. When we met, she was bigger than me,,so now I require a full body shot,,doesn’t have to be to sexy just something that shows her shape. You would be shocked how many don’t want to send them,, if they won’t we don’t meet.

  708. Josh says:

    For new bloggers. Here are some of Josh Guru’s hypotheses and often-used terms:

    1. All women have inalienable right to blame a man, a group of men or the whole MANkind for what does or does not happen to her.

    2. Sabotage: Most women proactive self-sabotage relationships and squarely blame men for the same.

    3. Projects: Women enjoy taking on projects all through their lives. Sometimes these projects are men. Other times they are stepping stone to their life-long projects; children.

    4. Women don’t give a shit about sex. They use sex to attract–and give birth to–projects. The smarter ones use sex to attract benefactors.

    5. Unlike men, most women’s mind is not wired to enjoy the moment. Some do learn to enjoy the moment, and they can be a great company for men.

    6. Women are typically lousy company for men. Men tolerate them because men are fucked due to their libido for most of their young(ish) lives.

    7. A fun woman is worth her weight in gold and then some.

    8. Matrix: A support group consisting of women and manginas to exact revenge on men.

    9. Most men are fucked…due to their libido…and their willingness to be pussy wacked.

    Urban Dictionary:
    Pussy whacked- A man or a woman who has fallen incredibly in love and will sacrifice all diginity, pride, self respect and happiness for a woman who is undeserving of the love.

  709. SouthernSB says:

    @BellaSB-Picture collectors and time wasters. Don’t bother responding.

  710. BellaSB says:

    Hey guys, I hope you all are having a great weekend. I would like advice on something. I’ve gotten lots of views and some requests from men to view my private images but they aren’t sending any messages with the requests…. What are your thoughts on this? I don’t understand why they can’t at least say hello unless they’re only interested in my pics. These aren’t local men by the way.

  711. Josh says:


    I did that after being frustrated for years. Gave some nice bling, I upgraded our trips/travel, car. Didn’t work for me. I think her BF even got on her for not responding appropriately.”

    As I said above, such gestures don’t work in the West. The Law allows women just too many rights to sabotage their relationships.

    Case in point…try cutting her off from money…The law will step in and half of YOUR hard-earned money is hers.

    Case in point…try having sex with her against her wishes…The Law will step in, your sorry ass would be in jail for “marital rape” and only God knows how much of your hard-earned money would be hers as part of the “settlement.”

  712. SexyRockstar says:


    Sorry for the delayed response. Got busy last night..then fell asleep.

    What I meant was, you said:
    PROVIDING sex ???
    But really!?
    You make it sound like a household chore, like preparing food, ironing or hoovering!

    About Elaines post.

    I was being sarcastic and saying I am sure at one point in your life you ‘provided’ and SB (not wife) cash or something.

    We’ve all done stuff that we feel like we had to do. So instead of wanting to help out an SB and the actual want, you slept with some chick, felt bad and was like “well, uh here” hence making it seemed forced, as a wife would to a husband. Make sense?

    It was supposed to be a sarcastic joke. Guess it didn’t read through. HAHA

  713. Josh says:


    “Problem with the messaging is it starts with lots of promise then ends in some guy trying to get a ton of sexy pictures. Never ever send sexy pictures till after I meet a guy. If he asks, I immediately shoot him down. If it’s a problem then too bad. What are your thoughts on these guys?”

    Block such men and move on. There are enough serious guys here to appreciate you if you are worthy of appreciation. If the best you have to offer is sex, then…

    However, you need to have enough photos on the site between the public and private for a guy to completely see what you look like as a desirable woman. Don’t just have a mug shot and expect a man to be happy with that.

    You need 3-5 really good photos with great lighting. AT LEAST one of them should be a full length shot. The skin exposure should be the same level as you would feel comfortable putting on FaceBook. Anything more is NOT NECESSARY.

  714. Josh says:

    Oh no…@flyR is back with his warm toilet seat statistics. 🙁

  715. fltyR says:

    ONSD “”I didn’t even get laid (or blowjob, or even handjob) on my birthday overnight trip to brewery and hotel without kids!”””

    And the same before you were married?

    Rule 1 for Marriage (and sugar)

    Sex is going to improve (quantity and quality) p0erhap 20%30% of the time and stay the same or deteriorate 80%.

    The 20% are hard to ID but they are there. It’s also about you.

  716. GingerCharms says:


    To clarify my strategy. I’m not the one to demand we talk on the phone or else. I offer. Most men respect me for it + I’m dating 45 and up. Texting, emailing etc. isn’t necessarily the majority’s most comfortable form of communicating.

    I agree completely that the SDs are in control here and I like it that way. Not in it for only money/gifts, it’s also about ego. The more smart and successful the man, the more confident I feel. I learn a lot, get advice and am in awe of his life experiences. If he helps me, it’s a bonus. If not he shouldn’t expect anything back.

    Problem with the messaging is it starts with lots of promise then ends in some guy trying to get a ton of sexy pictures. Never ever send sexy pictures till after I meet a guy. If he asks, I immediately shoot him down. If it’s a problem then too bad. What are your thoughts on these guys?

  717. ATLSD says:

    Thanks for the URL tip. I was wondering what that website box was for.

    Dude, You are so right on the money on your post. Too bad they don’t have a “like” button

  718. Josh says:


    Good post. I am glad that the strategy has worked for you.

    Personally, I like to stay on SA messaging until we have established that we are interested in each other AND SA messaging allows me to see if an SB has read my message. If she has read my message and is not responding, then that is a dead give-away that she is not interested. I am not going to bother with her anymore.

    Spoiled from other dating sites, many women on SA like to believe that they are in control of the arrangement. Some, who have a lot to offer, are indeed in control but most are not. SDs finance this site by paying Brandon monthly fees, and SDs are pretty much in control of which SB gets what.

  719. GingerCharms says:

    darn html!!

    That was suppose to say:
    If you copy paste your profile’s url in the website box it makes your user name become a link to your profile page. Click my name and see my profile.

    I’d added some characters that caused my previous post to eliminate words, ooops. I’d forgotten about character entity codes

  720. Ray says:

    “Josh says:
    December 7, 2014 at 9:50 am

    I am not sure who started the “arm candy” rumor. Most men here are married who prefer discrete, sex-oriented arrangements.”

    I was referring to the diamond SDs. Have noticed that many of these guys are single, or at least listed as single. They write about how they want a model or even have pictures with models(aka, arm candy). There are the subset of men on here who want a harem of arm candy. I could show you some of these profiles. One man, in particular, is quite old but has so much fake tan or a liver disorder that he looks to be a carrot. He specifically states in over 10 paragraphs what level of arm candy perfection he seeks to complement him and his sunset complexion.

  721. GingerCharms says:

    If you copy paste your profile’s url in the box it makes your become a link to your profile page.

  722. GingerCharms says:

    Five+ years ago the first SD I met did this. We exchanged maybe 3 quick messages. The where do you live? When are you available? Face picture for picture exchange. Then abruptly he says “I want to call you and talk right now.” My shyness made me resistant to the idea. He says “don’t waste my time and stop messaging me, or give me your number.” It seemed rude. I figured what’s the worst thing that could happen. So I gave him my number and it was a great thing I did. This guy gave me the run down on strategy and what to expect from men, as well as his experiences. Since then I’ve used the tactic of; let’s talk within the first couple messages and meet for coffee within the week. You can use an application such as google-voice to make a fake number to protect your identity. Online dating in general is a throw away society. It sucks and I hate it. I stay in touch with almost every friend I’ve made from sites. Because we are always friends first and lovers second.

  723. Josh says:

    I wrote earlier…

    “Write in your own words somewhere in your profile…“if sex is the best thing you have to offer then don’t contact me.” then you will screen escorts out. 😉

    Actually not only you will screen escorts out escorts but also “escortish” women who may not be pros in real life but approach sugar as some kind of single-shot money-for-sex deal. They want to meet for “couple of hours”, “as soon as possible” and have no personality other than carriers of a live, sometimes wet vagina.

  724. Josh says:


    I am not sure who started the “arm candy” rumor. Most men here are married who prefer discrete, sex-oriented arrangements.

  725. Ray says:

    Well, @Josh, there are plenty of showy rich men who might very well be real diamond SDs, but am thinking they probably like the Barbie or arm candy airhead, and view their SB as a very replaceable commodity, if they are sending out messages of how lucky the lady is that he chose to contact her(like at Kenna). Unless, he is joking, do not know many who are turned on by arrogant men. Confidence and rude arrogance are two different things.

  726. Josh says:

    *demonstrate the difference between

  727. Josh says:

    There are many reason why I believe what @Kenna writes and pretty much nothing of what @Chitchat aka @Rebecca writes.

    The above posts by the two demonstrate @Chitchat’s wishful thinking posts and @Kenna’s realistic posts.

  728. Ray says:

    Oh, also agreed, Kenna. Most of diamond SD’s I have encountered are indeed a tad, well, ‘full of it’. Whether just full of themselves, sh**, or both.

    That is why I look for men with not only well-written profiles, but also sincere. I love a humble but confidant man. And, you make a point that a confidant and humble man does not need to be verified through SA, since he is verified by his accomplishments already.

  729. KennaKenna says:

    Full of Themselves*

  730. KennaKenna says:

    @Rebecca I could care less about Diamond SDs. When I was on the site looking, 5 of them contacted me.

    3 of them were so full of theirselves because they were listed as “diamond” and tried to explain to me I should feel lucky since they chose me and have so many options. I quickly dismissed them.

    I only had dinner with one of them, but the chemistry wasn’t that great, so I never went out with him. The other one was in his late 60s, so way too old for me.

    My current SD and last SD make more than some of those “diamond” SDs. They care about being verified on Forbes and in the WSJ not on a sugardaddy dating site. You either believe them or you don’t.

    Plus, I’m not into men that brag about how much money they have. My SDs both understated their net worth on that site.

    So yes, for those reasons I think Diamond SDs are a waste of time.

  731. Josh says:

    I read it in one profile and I have used it successfully in my profile.

    Write in your own words somewhere in your profile…“if sex is the best thing you have to offer then don’t contact me.” then you will screen escorts out. 😉

  732. Josh says:


    You’re correct. Like any successful marketer would do, you write the best “copy” and let the potential customers pursue you.

    The men who “chase” women here get the same kind of treatment the telemarketers get.

  733. Josh says:

    ‘I have talked to many guys who prefer to “chase”. ‘

    @Chit chat lives in a different world.

  734. Ray says:

    Oh yes, I agree with you, Kenna. I just meant I rarely approach a man on site, unless he is what I seek. I do not send out random blast emails to many men on site. It is very specific to what I am looking for, if I do send out a message. Many times, the scammers are the ones initiating mass emails all over and seeing who ‘bites’. That is why I look for a well-written and sincere profile(that is geared towards what I seek), whether the man messages me, first, or visa versa.

  735. KennaKenna says:

    @Xero I love when a SD has a well written profile and explicitly states what he’s looking for without using sexual words.

  736. KennaKenna says:

    I have to disagree with Ray and Rebecca. When I was on the site, I got about 10-12 messages a day in my inbox but my 2 SDs are the ones I approached and sent me a message.

    In fact, my last SD didn’t even favorite my profile, he just visited as he had never been with a non-white girl. My message quickly changed his mind though. We ended up being together for 21 months.

    Instead of sending generic messages, send one that is specific to him letting you know you read his profile throughly, also include some tease, wit and creativity,

    Almost every SD I’ve ever contacted got back to me and wanted to schdule a meet-up.

  737. Ray says:

    Great attitude there, lol. If you can get ‘for free’ then stop complaining and do that. Or, perhaps, the ‘more desirables’ do not find you all that interesting or desirable, so you must make a little effort.

    It appears you only shop by picture book, anyway, so what difference does it make if you initiate contact? I very rarely initiate contact with a man on site. Not because I am even close to the most desirable on here, but because I prefer men who know what they seek and find it. Or, if I do intimate contact, then it is with someone who is very close in what I seek.

    Why make and model your profile like a non-sugar dating site profile? This is not okcupid.

  738. Rebecca says:

    Xero: I rarely message a guy first. I have talked to many guys who prefer to “chase”. I get a better success rate when I favorite them and they message me first. That’s how I get diamond SDs, anyways. They get their inbox swamped, but if they leave their favorites notification on, they get an off-site email saying I favorited them (last time I heard?).

  739. Xero says:

    I could get less desirables for free. I have no desire to pay for what I could get for free.

  740. Josh says:


    That’s correct. However, since my interest in women is wide and varied I am doing fine so far.

  741. Xero says:

    Had a girl write me this morning, very attractive. The issue with her though was what she said in the msg. “Hi! OMG we’re in the same town!”

    Could be cute in the right lighting but she’s 3 states away lol.

  742. Xero says:

    @Josh I’ve never approached on this site and have zero intention of starting now. You’re right about the ones who approach being more eager but the problem with that now is only the less desirables seem to do it.

  743. Josh says:


    I used to approach women on this site but no more. Now I wait for them to aapproach me. The ones who approach me are ALWAYS more eager to get on with an arrangement. If I approach them along with 10s of other SDs, their minds go to 9th cloud and the demands go thru the 10th cloud.

    So if you like anyone check them out and/or favorite them AND WAIT… 😉

  744. Xero says:

    Ok I’ve completely changed my profile into something more like what I would put on a dating site profile. So far I’m getting a lot more views and a lot more women are setting me to favorites. The only problem is very few women are writing. I’ll assume that’s because they view this as a dating site now and expect the man to write first. I liked it the way it used to be where SBs used to do the approach. It saved a lot of time. That’s the reason I chose this lifestyle a couple of years ago in the first place. It saved me a lot of time and stress.

    Listen I hope it’s not against TOS but if this site doesn’t work as an arrangement site anymore how else can I meet POTs? All the arrangements I’ve been in have been with SBs I’ve met here. A heads up on this would be appreciated.

  745. Elaine says:

    @ ONSD

    Of course every situation is different.

    In my marriage there was just too much not working, for the sex to work.
    Unfortunally I had to leave first to realize this. After being told too often, I really started believing it was me; a frigid iceprincess.
    I have to admit I would have been perfectly ok if he would have found a mistress, I just didn’t care and would have been happy to have been released from this “task” and pressure.

    But then I met someone else and bangggg!!!!
    The lust was back, and BIG! 🙂

    And now I am with a married SD who is so attractive I cannot immagine his wife is not jumping his bones off.

    But I am also realistic and old enough to understand that she is not getting his same version I am getting.
    I am his mistress, and only get his best and he gets only my best.
    We are in a “fantasy” situation, but she is since 25 years in a “real” situation with him.

    So I am not finding excuses for wives having lost their sexdrive for whatever reason, or men cheating for not getting sex at home.
    I am not blaming neither men or women.
    I just told my story, having been on both sites, as probably not many here.

    As for myself; taking me for granted and complete lack of appreciation probably are the biggest lust killers.

    But I don’t know all the answers, it is far more complicated.
    It’s just my tale from the other side.

  746. Jane says:

    @kenna i love the idea of SB group. You seem to give good advice learning alot.

  747. ATLSD says:

    I did that after being frustrated for years. Gave some nice bling, I upgraded our trips/travel, car. Didn’t work for me. I think her BF even got on her for not responding appropriately.

  748. Josh says:


    If you are suggesting that if a man treated his wife as an SB then she may respond to sex better, then the answer is that a sub-segment of men in patriarchal societies do just that.

    The big BUT is that their marriages are not primarily based on the fleeting feeling of love/lust, men control family’s assets and the women get certain amounts aportioned to them periodically to keep them motivated.

    Cultural norms and religious teachings look down upon women who treat their husbands with disrespect, and in case of divorce women lose children and assets.
    When people get married on the love stupidity and women assume ownership of 1/2 the wealth “just because”, then the periodic reward system does not work as well.

  749. ATLSD says:

    I asked her upfront if she wanted the sitting fee or in allowance. It’s all same money in different buckets.
    Vegas for a comedian is huge. You will do
    great. Do you ever play Atlanta?

  750. Jerzey Guy says:

    @Kenna – the blue guy can help thanks.
    @Ginger – your suggesting fewer messages and moving the convo to phone? I am very new to this and selective but also hoping the right contact comes along sooner rather than later. Would you recommend 3 or 4 message exchanges before suggesting we exchange phone numbers? I have found that the one or two interesting local responses seem to share a few messages and disappear. My profile states I am married which is the truth, but as Someone mentioned it is one of those “stay for the kid” arrangements, we haven’t slept in same room for 10 years. I presume it is better to put it out there, so if the SB does not want a married SD she has the info up front. Thoughts?

  751. SexyRockstar says:


    Part of my allowance would go towards paying for that. But, it’s never mentioned.
    Otherwise, my allowance goes towards my travel expenses for my stand up gigs. Vegas is going to be expensive, but the exposure is WELL worth it. OMG guys. I am so excited. I am going to ddddiiiiieeeeee.

    Thinking about this chance is helping me deal with whats-his-face. Maybe i’ll find a SD IRL while I’m there. Convince him to visit me in Chicago.

  752. ATLSD says:

    They need to add a edit function on here. Hard to type on iPhone with big hands.

  753. Josh says:


    My apologies. I think I kinda understand your question, but not sure. 🙁

    You wanna restate it please?

  754. ATLSD says:

    @sexy. Good thoughts kids. My first had a kid and part of the arrangement was I paid fir the babysitter. Not a big deal. But we never talked about kids like u said this an Escape.

    Plus there are probably creepers on here that u don’t wang them seeing your kids.

  755. SexyRockstar says:


    Just to be a smart ass…and a sexy ass…

    Haven’t you ever provided someone with money? Kind of like they did a chore.

    You know, you slept with a POT, wasn’t amazing..so you just gave them some cash because you felt like you had to? I’ve never been married, but MAYBE a wife does this.

  756. Josh says:


    “PROVIDING sex!!!
    But really!?
    You make it sound like a household chore, like preparing food, ironing or hoovering!

    Isn’t sex a pleasant thing you do together because you both really want to?”

    1. Are you serious or just pulling my leg with these questions?

    2. Are these typical female circular “logic” questions that render male-female “communication” worthless?

    3. Did you read my post thoroughly or just skimmed through it?