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Holidays Spark Sugar Bowl Seekers


The Sugar lifestyle incorporates a myriad of opportunities for mutual satisfaction amongst SeekingArrangement members, with as many different arrangements as there are couples to create them.

In some instances, allowances are agreed upon. Others seek weekly or monthly dinners, gift exchanges, or weekend-travel partners. In select cases, long-term relationships blossom between members who find that their interests venture far beyond an occasional monthly outing. These plans are made between the two parties and none is considered a standard for every arrangement.

We reviewed numbers for SeekingArrangement.com ranging from December 1, 2013 to mid-December 2014. They show a sharp rise in new Sugar arrangements during the year-end holidays.

By the end of  2013, our new registrations for SeekingArrangement numbered 25,045. By the end of business on December 17, 2014, we were up to 29,727. This represents an 18.69% increase before the month has even drawn to a close. Thanks to our community of amazing members, we see plenty of opportunity for continued growth in 2015.

In 2014, Sugar Baby registrations on the site jumped impressively. Site stats show that there are now roughly eight Sugar Babies for every Sugar Daddy. Sugar Babies prove to be who’s driving the traffic on SeekingArrangement.

Sugar Baby registration numbers were strong throughout the year. We ended 2013 with 18,423 new members. In 2014, we saw 39,364 new SB registrations in September; 39,162 in October; and an impressive 42,510 in November. New member counts just between October 1 and November 1 reflected an 8.5% increase.

The stereotypes exist that a Sugar Baby must be the alluring mistress of a millionaire or a much younger woman dating an older, affluent male. In some cases, this may be true. However, members’ stories alternately reflect that many of the arrangements sought through our site deal with more practical matters such as paying for an education, debt assistance, or simply providing companionship. These reasons suggest that our Generous members are interested in sharing their wealth with their arrangement partners.

Mark Twain said, “To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.”

We agree. Thus, the statistics we share are more than numbers on a screen. These numbers translate into the happiness of members who take advantage of our services. We are proud to support SeekingArrangement members who desire to live a more joyful life or seek a companion with whom they can share their world.

Happy Holidays!

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1,278 Responses to “Holidays Spark Sugar Bowl Seekers”

  1. It falls beautifully above your figure and tends to make you appear slimmer.

  2. iigth123 says:

    Am still looking for sugar mama, any one here ready for the ride , lets go …

  3. The word must be – “To get the full value of joy, you must have someone special to divide it with”.
    The tips, skills and techniques that I receive from the article, will put myself on top of the dating game.

  4. THEATLSD says:


  5. Alesso says:

    Looking for someone passionate and exciting to travel with! Hit me up if you’re looking for the same x

  6. Eloquence says:

    Take it in cupcake, thank goodness for bathroom excursions. * while I live life* miss the days of sugary’s updates in her intermissions to potty.

    Ignore me all you like Josh. Some are dearly missed from this blog.

    Hey beach!!

    Some of us are hungry for knowledge and also have the capacity to not belittle others opinions and existence in the process on a negative tone joshy

  7. Brandy says:

    Happy New Year all!

  8. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    Hello good people:-) is everyone looking forward to the new year? Any major plans?

  9. Josh says:


    I hope it’s not weird that I’m picturing you wearing buttplug…”

    Not at all dear. Picture away.

  10. Lainey says:

    Tried a butt plug for the first time last night. #YoureWelcome

  11. “ygbkm says:
    Please share, my dearest love…how does a man write?

    Also, is your aversion due your actual experiences, or merely spontaneous or presumptive phobia?

    In either case, maybe you could consider facing your reality or fears head on (Yes, dear… pun(s) intended). We can take it slow…ease you into it. Moist pleasantries.”

    “Josh says:
    December 30, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    I have pretty much no clue what you wrote above. That’s a partial answer to your question. ”

    It’s ok, dear. I love you still.

  12. Josh says:


    “I agree with Josh that it is surprising I do not get in trouble with HR ever.”

    I am not sure what you are agreeing with me about. Women talking sex-related topics at work are considered “liberated” and maybe “strong” women.

  13. Alex says:

    @Struggle THANKS =)

    New Blog folks!

  14. Josh says:


    I have pretty much no clue what you wrote above. That’s a partial answer to your question. 😉

  15. StruggleIsReal says:

    Awww I just love your heartfelt little blips here and there. So genuine. Real stuff. 🙂

    Hey chica! I was just wondering where you were. Good luck with the POT! Sounds promising!

  16. Josh says:


    why would you think that women are more flaky at this time of year ?”

    Care to introduce yourself first, your interest in this blog, and specifically my answer?

  17. marie says:

    why would you think that women are more flaky at this time of year ?

  18. ” Lainey says: Sometimes I read this fucking blog and wonder if some of you have friends in real life.”

    Lainey, I thought you all were my friends. You mean this isn’t real life?? Faaawk me!! 🙁

    “Josh says: @flyR

    My New Year wish for you is to start writing like a man AND more importantly to start writing interesting stuff OR to not write anything at all.”

    Geesh, babe.

    Please share, my dearest love…how does a man write?

    Also, is your aversion due your actual experiences, or merely spontaneous or presumptive phobia?

    In either case, maybe you could consider facing your reality or fears head on (Yes, dear… pun(s) intended). We can take it slow…ease you into it. Moist pleasantries.

  19. Josh says:

    *Great to hear…

  20. Josh says:


    Great to her, and make sure that he continues to deliver on his financial obligations.

  21. Alex says:

    Man this blog has been busy. Glad to see most of you guys enjoyed your holidays.

    I have a friday night dinner date with a bay area SD. This one is actually pretty young, 39, and quite attractive. He’s about an hour away, but that’s not bad at all and a LOT of my modeling gigs are in the area.

    Any exciting plans for the Eve of the New Year? I don’t think I’ll be doing a darn thing as I’m not a huge drinker and that’s pretty much the only thing to do where I live.

  22. Josh says:

    Good decision. Best of luck. 😉

  23. SexyRockstar says:

    I just got home from my night with Drummer.

    The passion, the love, the heartache of leaving him. He held me all night. He sang to me. I nearly died and went to heaven. I wound up wearing a dress anyway. We exchanged christmas gifts as well. He totally knows me, knows what I love and delivered that exactly.

  24. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @Josh I think you do enough damage to yourself with your posting all the time. Some are helpful but most of them are not really that insightful.

    We will leave the blogclogging to you. I’ll spend my time with my new sugar baby;)

  25. Jj says:

    Joshey… oh Joshy!!!! Doh!!!!! ‘Homer S.’

  26. Josh says:


    As far as “tit for tat” walk away with dignity OR think super long and hard before you go there. You might even want to brainstorm with @flyR and come up with a joint strategy. 😉

  27. Josh says:


    “@Josh. You could always try your companies EAP services.”

    What is it and how did it work out for you?

  28. FLYR says:

    Year end sugar hunting – were I in the market I would anticipate a lot of potential SB out there who would like to change the direction of their lives starting NOW …… I just do not see that many flakes were the recruitment process proceeds along at a reasonable pace after some intelligent screening
    pre contact, first contact, first call , prep for meeting

  29. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @Josh. You could always try your companies EAP services. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    @Fundude. Most of the sugar daddies on the blog have a lot more experience than you do. SA has been diluted in terms of both sugar babies and daddies. All of us are experienced in the art of obtaining a real, non platonic arrangement. It is getting harder to do this.

    Depending on your area, you should be able to get a real arrangement within 60 days if you have the money you say you have, along with your looks. My recent potentials took about 30 days to lock down.

    I always go with a pay per meet to start, then switch to allowance once we are both comfortable. I narrowed things down to 2 hot chicas and am currently in the beginning stages of an arrangement right now.

    Josh, we can go tit for tat on the blog, but I have been too busy screwing my sugar baby this week. At this rate, I’ll be tied up quite a bit. Good luck with your search;)

  30. Chrissy says:

    Me: “So . . seriously is your vagina gaping after having 8 kids?”
    Her: “Ha OMG You can ask my husband that! And I only delivered 3 of them.”
    Me: “Does that mean you will not be my surrogate? I was thinking they would practically just fall out at this point.” 😀 Luckily she was amused.

    I agree with Josh that it is surprising I do not get in trouble with HR ever.

  31. StruggleIsReal says:

    Omg hahahaha. Wait for real though, did you ask her that?! I actually could see you doing that. What was her response ??

  32. Chrissy says:

    Evidently it is not polite conversation to ask your coworker if her vagina is gaping after having 8 children 😐
    My stomach hurts after laughing though 🙂

  33. StruggleIsReal says:

    flyR writes like an SD who had a great time fucking his SB all weekend (which is what he did).
    You write like a broken record saying the same things over and over again. Hmmm who does that remind me of?? LoL

  34. FunDude says:

    I wouldn’t doubt that FLYR and others like him go out on dates with young women while paying them 2K/month.

    After going out on one “date” every two weeks to only talk about shopping, clothes, etc with the woman, he goes home alone to spank the monkey.

    His sugar baby then goes home to bang some broke bad boy after taking FLYRs dollars. She probably spends some of that money on the dude too.

    He considers this “arrangement” to be “gentlemanly”.

  35. FunDude says:

    FLYR appears to be the type of dude that just gives a woman money and doesn’t get anything in return but her “company on a date”.

    That is probably the dude she had as a SD before.

  36. FunDude says:


    Getting a lot of good arrangements being setup on here. A lot of the time it consists of minimal money (P4P without long term arrangement) and often just dating relationships.

    That being said, I had an “interesting” one yesterday. I had one that was 22 asking for an “arrangement”. Apparently, she had “arrangements” with two guys previously (one was 38 and the other was 45) where she would go “out on dates, travel, etc” for a monthly fee. These appeared to last 7-8 months. I quickly rejected such a ridiculous offer. I don’t pay to “hang out” with people. She told me to “hire an escort then”. I told her I don’t need to, got plenty of other offers on SA.

    Just find some of these women amusing. Fortunately, most of them know the deal that there better be some sexual component to these “arrangements”.

    I wonder how the women would react to: I think we should make an arrangement where I get to have sex with you during this period of time but I will only pay you money when I feel “chemistry”. I wonder how that would go over with these women.

    Yet you have a segment of these morons basically saying “pay me an arrangement to go out on dates but we will have to develop chemistry before consideration of sex”. What a joke. There better be “consideration of sex” right away determined from my pictures before we meet.

  37. Josh says:


    My New Year wish for you is to start writing like a man AND more importantly to start writing interesting stuff OR to not write anything at all.

  38. Elaine says:

    “As for latinoSD, I’m afraid that I am stuck with Caucasian Heat only”

    Don’t think in (US) stereotypes!
    Apart from some deep South regions, a lot of European Latina/o are Caucasian with fair skin and blue or green eyes! 😉

  39. FLYR says:

    @ Lainey “Sometimes I read this fucking blog and wonder if some of you have friends in real life.”

    An invoice for a new tequila proof keyboard will follow as this one is toast after reading your comment……..

  40. FLYR says:

    @Midwest Sd – probably the best advice of the year for Josh.

    @JOSH – MY new years wish for you is that you have the courage to go back and read each of your comments this last 7 days. Categorize each one
    Positive or negative
    Advanced the discussion in a positive way


    Actually reflects how you would like to feel about women

    How would a woman reading what you write feel about having a relationship, is this what you want? A truly great SB is many things usually including being a special friend. But to have a friend you have to be a friend. To have a hooker you only need a bundle of cash Try giving the advice to SBs’ that you would give to your sister were she involved in sugar. Most all of us here would love to have you see the light and enjoy the success.

  41. resop2 says:

    @domincanluvbetta: I will need your profile id or profile name to see your profile.

  42. Josh says:


    Along with @Misty, you’re fucking hilarious as well.

    Find a nice, firm dildo and fuck yourself on the New Year’s Eve. 😉

  43. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @Josh. You occasionally say some valuable things. But you often reduce your contributions to the blog by posting too much, attacking others, and lashing out at women.

    Take a good look at yourself for 2015. Maybe you can focus on improving yourself and getting yourself a sugar baby.

    I wish everyone the best for the upcoming new year. Even Josh. Let’s focus on things that can help improve the sugar lifestyle and community.

  44. Lainey says:

    Sometimes I read this fucking blog and wonder if some of you have friends in real life.

    I still have the platforms for you attention whores

  45. resop2 says:

    Depends on how fly they are.

  46. StruggleIsReal says:

    @resop should we tell him? I dunno. It’s pretty special ish. 😉

  47. Josh says:

    *What do the two of you do with the flies you catch? 😉

  48. Josh says:


    “@Struggle Good point! You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

    Who do the two of you do with the flies you catch? 😉

  49. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hey girl,
    What’s your profile ID? Or if you want you can send it or your new profile text to me at StruggleIsReal02 at gmail dot com . Happy to help doll. xo

  50. StruggleIsReal says:

    I don’t know what your previous profile read like, but I like the edit you did of your list. 🙂 It sets your immediate basic desires without coming off like a scowl. 🙂

  51. domincanluvbetta says:

    Hey Guys
    quick pop in
    @resop2 can u look at my profile n tell me what you think ?
    Ive been attracting everything i dont want to …lol
    do it seem like im looking for a bf?
    emails please or one the ladies pref
    struggle or kenna
    I edited my bio but i think it hasnt updated yet

  52. Josh says:

    ’tis the time for a new blog article.

  53. “Ladyscarlett says:
    December 29, 2014 at 1:39 pm
    @yougottabe…is this place for real? You asked before, but now I ask…is it real or a nightmare? Hehehe”

    Hahaha! This place is the twilight zone, for sure!

    “As for latinoSD, I’m afraid that I am stuck with Caucasian Heat only. You just can’t fake Latino Heat (or at least I can’t).”


  54. Josh says:


    Good luck with your profile enhancements. 😉

  55. Josh says:


    “@YGBKM not an engagement ring lol… A promise ring promising me that he would give us a real chance.”


  56. resop2 says:

    Okay, take 2:

    Some tips for aspiring SB’s who want to catch my eye:

    Before contacting me:

    *Make sure your profile reflects the real you, and is full of specific descriptions of what makes you special (not a bunch of bland generalities that are on the profiles of everyone else).

    *You take the time to make sure that your profile is free of spelling mistakes (no sugar daddy wants a girl who is in “collage”).

    *You make sure that your “about me” is well structured and has an appropriate amount of white space between the paragraphs? (If it is one long run on blob of words I will NOT read it.)

    *At least one of your profile pictures shows you smiling. (A SB who can only smile cannot offer much but a SB who cannot smile can offer even less.)

    You will want to confirm all of the above before contacting me.

    After contacting and before personal meet up:

    * Do you plan on answering my messages with more than one short sentence?

    * Do you plan on frequently asking me questions while messaging so I do not have to do all of the work keeping the conversation alive?

    *Do you plan on avoiding the subject of arrangements and allowances until after we meet?

    If so, give me a buzz.

  57. StruggleIsReal says:

    I think you’re wise to sit tight, stick with it. Let his friend’s words settle in over time and just chew them over as you will naturally. And keep in mind that you are different than most women. Most women would never consider sugar or anything of the sort. You already have a different head on your shoulders. Even if you and him end up in a “normal” relationship, you’re still from a different background than most. And he is doing a lot by making moves to show you he wants more than just you and your company, sugar etc. You two are looking at kiddos and such together. No wonder it’s scary to both of you. Remind yourself that it’s normal for it to be scary and try to stay as even as you can. (All of this is basically what it seems you are already doing ;))

  58. KennaKenna says:

    I fell asleep, pneumonia is kicking my tiny butt.

    @YGBKM not an engagement ring lol… A promise ring promising me that he would give us a real chance.

  59. StruggleIsReal says:

    hahah omg that just made me think of a funny meme I saw earlier today.

    “You can catch flies with honey,
    but you can catch more honeys bein fly.”

    🙂 hahahahaha

  60. resop2 says:

    @Struggle Good point! You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

  61. resop2 says:

    @josh “Too logical. Won’t work on/with women.

    Learn from latinoSD and the orgasms the blog SBs were getting every time he posted a comment.”

    For someone who uses the work logical a lot you sure make a lot of over-generalizations. lol. (Not that I would ever claim to be totally logical.)

    However, if you are right and this deters none of the wanna-be SB’s who want to rinse and repeat and give nothing, then at least I can feel superior when I message them “Didn’t you even READ my profile?”

    As for latinoSD, I’m afraid that I am stuck with Caucasian Heat only. You just can’t fake Latino Heat (or at least I can’t).

  62. StruggleIsReal says:


    From a female perspective, I feel that for the most part, keeping your statements descriptive yet in positive context is best. For instance, just flop it all:

    “Hello lovely SBs,
    Please contact me if:
    *Your profile is made up of your own thoughts & ideas, not some copied from the profiles of others.
    *You took the time to edit spelling & grammar mistakes.
    *Your “about me” description has decent format & punctuation, rather than existing as a big blob to hurt my brain.
    *At least one of your pictures shows you smiling 🙂

  63. Xero says:

    Blog has taken a strange turn. Good to see some love for Latinos though!

  64. StruggleIsReal says:

    I lust you. You lust me back. We are in lust. Back to gyrating your gravi while you hump mine 😉

  65. Chrissy says:

    I don’t have female friends. I just have females that I associate with that make me look better in comparison. I definitely do not look 21. I think my plan was much better. I know better than to ask inferior female’s opinions because they are trying to sabotage me more than they are trying to sabotage their own lives. 😉

  66. Josh says:


    Too logical. Won’t work on/with women.

    Learn from latinoSD and the orgasms the blog SBs were getting every time he posted a comment.

  67. resop2 says:

    I have decided to change the “desired arrangement” part of my profile to the following (it’s probably not approved yet):

    Some tips for aspiring SB’s who want to catch my eye:

    Your profile:

    *Is your profile a bunch of bland vague statements copied from the profile of someone else?

    *Did you enter your profile on a smartphone and did not bother to edit spelling mistakes?

    *Is your “about me” one long run on paragraph?

    *Do none of your pictures show you smiling?

    You will want to fix all of the above before contacting me.

    After contacting and before personal meet up:

    * Do you plan on answering my messages with one short sentence?

    * Do you plan on never asking me a single question while messaging and making me do all of the work keeping the conversation alive?

    *Do you plan on demanding information on what sort of money you will be receiving before we meet?

    If so, please stay away.

    What do you guys think?

  68. Josh says:


    “Papaguru can I start lying about my age, I want to be 25 again.”

    This is not how you do it.

    You tell your female friend that you are so worried about getting old. She will reassure you that you don’t look a day over 21. Then you change your age to 21. Problem solved.

  69. Chrissy says:

    I have a lust connection with you. That’s why I haven’t been on the blog as much. My genitals are sore from too much humping looking at your gravatar.

  70. StruggleIsReal says:

    Eeeeeeh It’s a lil lust connection with @Southern & @Latin !! Oh fun fun 🙂

  71. Chrissy says:

    Papaguru can I start lying about my age, I want to be 25 again. I am going to erase those 2 years I left sugaring and get them back! And then every year on my birthday I will keep resetting the year on my profile so I will not age. Maybe no one will notice 😐

  72. Josh says:


    It basically boils down to: Photos, profile, location, age, ethnicity, and body type.

    If you post your profile number I can tell you what might be up with your situation.

  73. Josh says:


    “he is scared of being fucked over in a marriage like many of his friends have been.

    He said women work so hard to get the ring and wedding and when they finally get it- they close their legs and stop working to keep you.”

    Are you sure that Josh did not send you the above text and asked you to post it? 😉

  74. SouthernSB says:

    latinoSD-Champagne on the beach? Count me in!!! As long as we can also have
    pupusas to go. My Spanish is rusty since my husband was deported. But seriously, I would love to visit Miami, and listen to sweet, Spanish nothings all day and all night. Then, I will ride you like a toro. OLE’!!
    dviv.dc at google dot com.

  75. Penny says:

    I don’t know why but maybe because I live in a small place I can’t seem to find many sugar daddies. Well at least ones that aren’t perverts…

  76. Ladyscarlett says:

    @yougottabe…is this place for real? You asked before, but now I ask…is it real or a nightmare? Hehehe

  77. *Her SD’s FRIEND’S wife was there. Not her SD’s wife. Her SD doesn’t have a wife yet.

    Geesh…SD’s wife would’ve brought about an interesting twist though.

  78. “Kenna says:

    because of the ring he gave me…”

    Saaaay what?!

    Can I be the flower girl?! Please, please, please?!?! I never get to be the flower girl :(.

    “After some thought, I think I’m going to continue to be with SD because what I have to gain by staying far outweighs what I have to lose by leaving.”

    That’s good to hear, Kenna :).


    Thanks for sticking around with les miserables. We love company :D.


    Her SDs wife was there. It wasn’t the two of them alone. But yes, different story had it been just the two of them, I think. Unless, of course, SD’s friend is Don Juan Daddy. In that case…Pico de gallo suave.

  79. latinoSD says:

    Josh if they are paying attention to what I say is just because you allow them dont you see they care for you? My men this is why a found this blog to be cool, you guys have made in here modern virtual family lol

    (But for more fun that you guys are I still dont have time neither energy for this lol)

    Ygbkm… baby you are special I just can imagine how it would be an encounter with you, you are a warrior baby, you know how to play the life game! A woman like is so confident with his body and know how to use it, I can see you are damn good in bed mami. The best in everything you do. And yes mami dont put your feelings and your investment in the same place. Dont fuck and eat in the same plate.bye all ya

  80. latinoSD says:

    And about his friend negrita bella, josh and YGTBK, help out and old pal, was this “friend” right on talking anything with his friend woman while he was sleeping?

  81. latinoSD says:

    Your legs wide open and when he get inside dont let it go! Lol

  82. Josh says:


    “Josh sorry I meant you can’t have two gallos in one corral”

    I think I understood that my friend. What I suggested was that ignore me and be the solamente gallo in this corral. You have the third blog SB vying for your attention now. 😉

  83. latinoSD says:

    Lol beautiful sexy shorts! Thats my men! He is how you call it? A good one! Keep

  84. CosmeticKitty says:

    @FLYR Thanks for the concern but I’m not worried about most things, I’m extremely determined so even if a sugar daddy didn’t want me I could work two jobs like I do now and support myself. Like I said, New York has always been my dream city and I plan to go there anyway. Just sugaring would help it out, it’s a lifestyle I’d like to live I think. I’ve gotten offers the few days I’ve been here and turned some of them down for different reasons, I’ve got a decent bullshit reader it think. Also Im not gonna lie I didn’t read any of that stuff on younger sugars really, I have no interest in taking part in it now either. I asked for tips on sugaring not on why I shouldn’t sugar. But I’m appreciative that people worry about others well being. Thanks again, but you know how it goes. Anyway, I’m gonna stay off the blog I think, so if you guys have anymore tips or anything you’d be so kind as to give me my email is littlekittykat098 at gmail, I’ve got snapchat and skype too.

    Thanks again for all the kindness and help. Happy sugaring <3

  85. KennaKenna says:

    @Latino I think you’re referring to me. His intention of the conversation was not for me to doubt my SD but to believe in him more because of the ring he gave me and because he has introduced me to his friends/family.

    After some thought, I think I’m going to continue to be with SD because what I have to gain by staying far outweighs what I have to lose by leaving.

    My SD is just a self-made man who enjoys his lifestyle now(traveling, ski trips, sports trips, buying what his heart desires) and has been a bachelor all his life. He just does not want a woman to come in, get comfortable and start to change his mojo. He wants kids, but kids usually come from marriage and he is scared of being fucked over in a marriage like many of his friends have been.

    He said women work so hard to get the ring and wedding and when they finally get it- they close their legs and stop working to keep you.

  86. “Just remember dont eat in the same place you fuck.”

    Damn it!

  87. latinoSD says:

    Josh sorry I meant you can’t have two gallos in one corral

  88. latinoSD says:

    I date an american flowers I will have in mind the things you have share. ladies about to close my profile, southern of course my reina how about you post here how to communicate with you and we can plan a lovely evening with some champagne in a nice beach under the stars while we make fun about how fouls we were when youngers! Lol you will be a plus because can also teach about american history. Son todas preciosas no dejen que nadie le diga lo contrario and he doesnt know it go and give your sweet sweet pussy to the next one (-:

    I dont remember your name baby but a bro never never even talk more than one sentence, with others woman, never. Whatever he did to make you doubt about you man, that right there is very bad.

    What you have to know is this beautiful princess: “love is a game in which the one who fall in love first lost it” (a saying we have in my country) so whatever you was thinking in doing before that chat with his “friend” do it. Just remember dont eat in the same place you fuck.

    Bye guys it was a lot of fun but im already tired to old for this shit lol

  89. Josh says:


    Don’t worry about being the second gallo in the corral. You can take all the gallinitas you want from here. I don’t try to hook up with any blog SBs.

    It seems that you have a couple ready to do you, ya. If you participate you may get more. You may not even have to sign up to SA. 😉

  90. latinoSD says:

    Well all you guys and beautiful principesas, yes what you all guys said is right, it work just in our countries and the queen southern said it work for her just because she got him fresh just getting out of the plane. Josh my men you are the gallo here and this are all your gallinitas. You can have two gallos in the same corral. Plus it won’t work Im to old for the game, but thank you for you words I have learned a lot from you. If one day

  91. StruggleIsReal says:

    Yes, either that or a little high on DayQuil. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

  92. Josh says:


    Are you feeling better now? 😉

  93. StruggleIsReal says:

    Dear Sugar Bloggies,

    I’m sorry I said I was leaving you. I did mean it at the time but with consideration, I realize I get more goodness from the great many of you than the annoyance caused by just one (or 2, or 1.proxy, whatever). Will you forgive me and take me back into your sugary, dysfunctional blog family? I promise to do better at focusing on that which is worthwhile.

    PS. Thanks to those who didn’t let me go without a fight 🙂


  94. Josh says:


    “And THAT^^^^^^Ladies and Gentlemen is the reason I stayed married to a Latin-American man who was fresh off the plane and didn’t speak a word of English for 11 years. Damn, I love Latin men!!! Hey, LatinSD, when are you coming back to the states? I have a flexible schedule and I’m only about a half hour from Miami by plane.”

    Don’t you worry sweetheart, I am sure that latinoSD will teach all of us his Don Juan game. 😉

  95. FLYR says:


    Have been off enjoying great sugar for a few days and missed most of the exchanges ——- a few thoughts

    You have heard a lot of pro and con comments about entering sugar at your age. Most of the cautions are well founded for both your physical and emotional well being . The sole argument in favor might be that most 18 year old guys are even less supporting than the typical SD. But I think it is still something to be avoided.

    If you are determined to proceed anyway that’s your decision. My advice would be to very heavily weigh the non financial aspects of the arrangement. Far too often for young women it is all about the money as long as there’s no real blood spilled, a serious mistake. If you want to simply be someone’s (think Josh) disposable sperm dumpster understand that working the streets of Hollywood may be more emotionally rewarding.

    From the vulnerability and lack of resources you seem to be burdened with moving to NY (while dependent on Sugar) is likely to have a very bad outcome. The NY culture is generally all about taking advantage vs a midwestern culture which is more balanced. Around the first of the month, when rent is due, there’s an army of desperate, generally young, SB’s looking for a way to have sugar pay the rent. It’s not a good situation and in NY or LA it is even worse. NY and LA are filled with attractive young women trying to find their way in modeling or movies while meeting day to day costs through sugar that’s very close to prostitution.

    Your age is likely to be attractive to predator SD’s

    You simply do not want to be in a situation where you are dependent on sugar to keep a roof over your head, especially in New York.

  96. Josh says:


    Thanks for elaboration.

    And please continue to post here on the blog even though you are not signed up on SA. 😉

    I like your posts better than @flyR who post similar stuff but is very boring because his posts are fake. Yours come across with genuine passion.

  97. SouthernSB says:

    latinoSD says-Still guys (just for man, principesas you are more than right all that you need is a sexy ass and a bigger brain and it seems you gal that post in here have it) a gardener, yes that latin guy that take care of your garden in your hugeee house lol he goes and talk to the little beautiful flowers, try to understand them, he become one with the flowers, take care of them the good and the bads of each plant. He treat them right and doesn’t think is better than the flowers he just fucking happy that beautiful rose open big and bright for him. He knows they are differents he is the gardener they are the beautiful flowers. The fact that he is just one and can choose what rose to take from the hundreds he has to his disposition doesnt meant that any of them is less beautiful or less important that the other one.

    You dont go and take some roses, and the others you flowers grow! Because there is a lot of you in here, no way! You treat each of them as you should you make them know they are all beautiful and special.

    And THAT^^^^^^Ladies and Gentlemen is the reason I stayed married to a Latin-American man who was fresh off the plane and didn’t speak a word of English for 11 years. Damn, I love Latin men!!! Hey, LatinSD, when are you coming back to the states? I have a flexible schedule and I’m only about a half hour from Miami by plane.

  98. Ladyscarlett says:

    Ricky Martin, whats up? Do you like the white women’s with a jLo booty? Hehe 😉

    I’m just teasing with you…except, for jlo booty part, ehehe!

    Come back anytime and safe travels.

  99. latinoSD says:

    Ah and guys not a “Don Juan” doesn’t have anything to be with being handsome, my father was short but still in the game when he was more than 80′ I used to ask him Dad how you do it lol and he will go like well son… my little friend doesn’t obey me any more but you see this hand with all those fingers they can work magic! Lol is all about make then feel as the principesas they are. A lot of times I feel so much pleasure watching those beautiful bodies contort for pleasure in my bed, made then scream and ask for more until they fall asleep and use the little strength they have left to try to get close to you before goin to her beautiful dreams.

  100. latinoSD says:

    And them believe me I will make her ride me like just she knows and telling her all the time I wouldn’t last a week with without her my beautiful amazon warrior (-:

  101. latinoSD says:

    Josh. Dude! Of course that’s “the game” what I gain arguing with her? I will start kissing her beautiful neck an telling her how right she is (because come on! I dont want to even think what I will do in a world without ass)

  102. latinoSD says:

    As a JOSH an YGTBK said, yes, different countries, different cultures. I dont see our way of doing it working in here because as already state; is a different Society.

    Ladies in my culture woman will never talk back to their man in front of others, not matter how wrong we are (they told you: we will talk at the house lol, and you know that means any sweet pussy until you manage to make them feel better again)

    Woman always word hard to look fucking hot, they wear those sexy high shoes even to go to the market, go to the gym all the time, get sexy huge breast implants lol they spent a lot of their own money in order to be sexier for us man. (It work for me but make feel bad about my daughters)

    What I mean is that everything is different and I dont meant by any means to say that here it should be like my country because come on remember! We are poor you have money lol. Something we are doing is wrong and something that you guys are doing is right lol.

    Still guys (just for man, principesas you are more than right all that you need is a sexy ass and a bigger brain and it seems you gal that post in here have it) a gardener, yes that latin guy that take care of your garden in your hugeee house lol he goes and talk to the little beautiful flowers, try to understand them, he become one with the flowers, take care of them the good and the bads of each plant. He treat them right and doesn’t think is better than the flowers he just fucking happy that beautiful rose open big and bright for him. He knows they are differents he is the gardener they are the beautiful flowers. The fact that he is just one and can choose what rose to take from the hundreds he has to his disposition doesnt meant that any of them is less beautiful or less important that the other one.

    You dont go and take some roses, and the others you flowers grow! Because there is a lot of you in here, no way! You treat each of them as you should you make them know they are all beautiful and special.

  103. flyR says:

    @Persian – the advice given by SBs is sound. The one exception you might consider is if it is his home and you are able to verify his information on google and you feel very comfortable with the person and your ability to manage the situation.

    However, the basic rule is NOT A GOOD IDEA

  104. latinoSD says:

    Hey guys and principesas! The comments in this blog are too long. The administrators should do something about it. I usually close my account every time I came back to my country so I will post for my last time today. Again, everybody here was extremely fun and cool. Good time to have meet your thoughts through this site. Gals you are the best.

  105. Ladyscarlett says:

    Persian delight…no- it is NOT right to have a first meeting at his place.

    You should meet at a very public place, like a coffee shop, for a first meet. Unless, he is an out of town SD, then you can bend the rules a bit, but you need to get experience, first, before you worry about long distance…

  106. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering, I’ve been contacted by a SD but he wants to meet at his place for the first meeting. Should I be worried? It doesn’t sound right to me.

  107. Ladyscarlett says:

    Balalala bamba! Hope that Ricky Martin guy comes back…he was kind of entertaining (: I have a hunger that only Latin man can provide..or, a trip to Los Reyes for lunch will do as well.

  108. @sexy

    Do it anyway!

    Have seen girls in Chicago with mini skirts in January winter windchill. I assumed they were wearing insulated vagina armor underneath.

  109. SexyRockstar says:

    Why the hell does it need to be so cold outside? I wanted to wear a cute dress today for Drummer. I am going to freeze my ass off 🙁

  110. “Josh says:
    December 29, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Hmmmm, I had thought that you’re super preoccupied with saving your pussy from foreign elements?”

    Pico de gallo

  111. “Josh says:
    December 29, 2014 at 8:27 am

    You will comprehend in time. ”

    Yes, I have it now.

    Sure, you will not find it anywhere, and it doesn’t work here :).

  112. Josh says:


    Hmmmm, I had thought that you’re super preoccupied with saving your pussy from foreign elements?

  113. “Josh says:
    December 29, 2014 at 8:18 am


    My experiences and observations re: Latin lovers mirrors @LatinSD and @Elaine.”

    Did you have those experiences and make those observations in a Latin country or with Latin men in the US?”

    Both. And within the states among first and second generationers of various ages in both integrated and Latin dense communities.

  114. “Josh says:
    December 29, 2014 at 8:18 am


    My experiences and observations re: Latin lovers mirrors @LatinSD and @Elaine.”

    Did you have those experiences and make those observations in a Latin country or with Latin men in the US?”

    Both. And within the states among first and second generationers of various ages

  115. Josh says:


    You will comprehend in time. 😉

    Your avatars is married to a specific email addresses. Your mega boobs avatar will show up on all wordpress affiliated blogs you sign up with that specific email address.

  116. “My “view”, if you want to call it, on the alpha phenomenon is that state is the alpha in the western reality. You would not find that “view” anywhere. ”

    Not sure if I’m too delirious to comprehend this, or if you’ve mistyped.

    Do you know, sweet guru papa love, if avatars appear on associated email correspondences?

  117. Josh says:



    My experiences and observations re: Latin lovers mirrors @LatinSD and @Elaine.”

    Did you have those experiences and make those observations in a Latin country or with Latin men in the US? 😉

  118. Josh says:

    I think that you and Fungi have a distorted view of this whole alpha thing.”

    Please don’t mix my positions/views with others’. I don’t know if I have a “view” at all on the “whole alpha thing”.

    My “view”, if you want to call it, on the alpha phenomenon is that state is the alpha in the western reality. You would not find that “view” anywhere. 😉

  119. @kenna

    I like Guru Daddy’s position.

    Real quick before I take a power nap, I have a question about avatar pictures.

    Is your avatar linked to the email you created it with? Like, can people I message with see my faux rack?

  120. @Josh

    My experiences and observations re: Latin lovers mirrors @LatinSD and @Elaine.

    I think that you and Fungi have a distorted view of this whole alpha thing.

    But don’t worry!!! I won’t post about it :).

    *That post is even longer than I thought. Sweeeeet insomnia. Gonna take a power nap now. Lol.

  121. Josh says:


    You have a good thing going. Play along with your SD and let things unfold as HE wants them to unfold.

    If he has the fetish of “regular relationship”, satisfy his fetish.

    If you think that you prefer “regular relationship” over sugar, you are fucked already.

  122. Josh says:

    “Communication” is one of the tools women use to sabotage their relationships of any kind. Women need to communicate, no-stop, men don’t.

    Why do women need to “communicate”? They like to hear their own voices, that’s why. 😉

  123. “Anyways, he was trying to reassure me to trust SD and let him lead. He told me the stuff about the exes, not to throw SD under the bus- but to reassure me that I am different and he has never seen SD happier in his life.”

    That’s what I meant by reassure.


    No, I don’t have a position. I don’t know all the factors that Kenna is pondering. The story unfolds differently than initially thought. Also, Kenna has shared a few different reasons why she’s uncertain. Only she knows why she is there, and why she THINKS she wants to stay or go. I’ve moved away from holding a decisive position and telling people what they should do. I think that I addressed both sides of the fence, but ultimately it’s her choice. Guru Daddy might think he knows what’s best for Kenna in a formulaic sense, but that doesn’t always directly apply or translate to relationships.

    The position I take is that Kenna should ask herself, “What is there to lose in staying, and what is there to gain in leaving?” I think that starting there will give her a lot of the answers she’s looking for.


    I’m glad his friend meant well. The preface to the story as you originally posted seemed a bit questionable. I did however share my experience as the best friend in contrast, in that his position might be similar to what mine was.

    Anyway, be selfish (good kind), and go for what you want.

  124. sugardoll says:

    Aweee…..Back to here sweetie pie, kind of missed u lol

  125. Josh says:

    @sugardoll, Mi Amor

    How’s life? I haven’t seen Alice for a long while now.

  126. sugardoll says:

    Whats happening…. Happy Holidays

    @Josh xoxo havent forget you, where is alice?

  127. CookieBot says:

    @YGKB – Good god, the last thing @Kenna should do is start talking with her commitment-phobic SD about his feelings on marriage. He values her because she is a good sub, and never or rarely pushes her own agenda. Next to shoe shopping, the serious relationship talk is the worst thing to put a guy through.

  128. KennaKenna says:

    SD’s bestfriend wife is 15 years younger, extremely submissive and lets him lead. I’m not sure if she holds out on sex but SD and I often hear her & her husband doing the nasty in the next room at 3am when we share a cabin together.

  129. Josh says:

    @y Mi Amor

    Why would you fill @Kenna’s mind with a long-ass write-up and then claim that you don’t have any position on her situation and that she should do what’s best for her?

    Do you think that @Kenna or any woman intentionally try to screw themselves over?

    You are one of the more intelligent one’s around here but when it comes to men, your mind is as convoluted as majority of women.

    The more women participate here with passion, the more they prove Guru’s theories right. 😉

  130. KennaKenna says:

    @YGBKM bestfriend was absolutely in no way trying to sleep with me. I haven’t just met him but have gone on trips with his wife/him almost a dozen times. His wife and I are very close as well. He is actually also related to SD.

    Anyways, he was trying to reassure me to trust SD and let him lead. He told me the stuff about the exes, not to throw SD under the bus- but to reassure me that I am different and he has never seen SD happier in his life.

    He wants SD and I to work, he was just advising me on things NOT to do that will cause SD to feel scared/pressured.

    I have never done any of the things he mentioned but he wanted to advise me before I messed up. Like Never do xyz because SD will run for the hills.

    And this whole conversation started because we were talking about the ring SD gave me for Christmas.

  131. CookieBot says:

    LatinoSD and Elaine are describing, accurately, how things work in a culture that understands and accepts what we call sugar. There are things that we could learn. And other things that wouldn’t apply. But having an open mind is the way to grow, gentlemen. Saying “that’s a myth” or your thoughts don’t fit into my categories is provincial.

  132. Josh says:


    I only go by the data available.

  133. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh I think you got wrong idea of SD’s bestfriend. He thinks similar to the type of stuff you post here, he told me he thinks I will mess up/stuff I do now that I shouldn’t do.

    He was trying to teach me how SD thinks and how not to mess it up- things that SD will never want so don’t ever try to push them on him. But it is possible his mind may change in a couple years and he may want the things that he never thought he needed.

    He is not a mangina and his wife actually disagreed with 80% of what he said. Wife told me she would never move in with a guy unless she had a ring and if I do want to get married- that’s my angle haha…

  134. “SexyRockstar says:
    December 29, 2014 at 1:03 am

    why you up so lateeeee”

    Woke up, and couldn’t get back to sleep :(.

  135. Ladyscarlett says:

    “So guys. If that fucking whore fuck you over let it go men. Think in that other beautiful good woman that was trying to hook up with you but you choose the one with the bigger ass.”

    Hehe, latinoman, that was pretty funny 😮

  136. @all

    Long post, sorries…feel free to skip 🙂


    Four bottles of wine with SD best friend while SD is asleep could be recipe for sticky happenings.

    Could SD best friend be sabotaging for his own ill motives, or does he genuinely have your best interest at heart? Maybe finds you lovely and genuine, a good catch, and doesn’t want to see you hurt?

    SD going through your phone (not to say it’s not invasive) might be his checks and balances/ weighs and means approach to ensuring that his investment is solid and not running SB rinser game on him. Definitely a matter of trust. Not necessarily distrust, but perhaps a matter of establishing trust through elimination of doubt. (No…doubt is too strong…what do I mean to say?) Maybe the difference in opening the oven to check that it’s empty before you turn it on, versus checking the oven after you’ve turned it on because you smell something burning. In the case of the former, you check, not necessarily because you think there is something in there, but because you want to make sure there’s not. If that makes any sense at all. Once you check and see nothing, you turn on the oven. And once you’ve established that there’s nothing there, you don’t keep checking and checking and checking, lest lose the hot air. I have been guilty of phone snooping before. In my last monogamous relationship, I suspected that my partner was being deceitful because he would lie about absolute truths in situations where I asked him (already knowing the answer) to give him an opportunity to be honest. Bold faced lies. I kissed him, apologized for questioning, and thanked him for being honest with me. A few skims through his phone confirmed my suspicions which he could no longer deny. So, I pardon my invasion to probable cause. Sometimes though, I think that people are unwarrantedly (is that a word?) suspicious and invasive. Perhaps due to insecurities, past experiences or suspicion due to their own shady doings. Am a bit removed from the secrecy and paranoia that plagues traditional relationships, but find privacy and personal space separate matters. I would find it problematic if this was happening on an every-opportunity basis.

    As for the best friend scenario…Two thoughts come to mind.

    My initial thought was that your SDs best friend is trying to sleep with you, and I think of the time when your best friend visited you and tried to steal away your SD. The other is my own experience as the best friend…which I suppose might be little different than your situation because my friend is a guy.

    A dear friend of mine (a guy I used to date), is in a long distance relationship with a significantly older woman. She is a very lovely lady, and has been very welcoming of my friendship with him (though she did tell me that he told her early on that to accept him was to accept me). I am very grateful to her as the relationship dynamic can be difficult or even impossible for some to welcome, based on my experiences with this guy and with previous partners–despite that we no longer sleep together.

    She and I live in the same city, and sometimes meet for lunch or drinks to deliver gifts that he sends for us from his travels. During our meets, I try to get a sense of what she wants out of their relationship, and if I think the two of them are compatible. The more Ive gotten to know her, the more apparent it’s become that they are not.

    I tried to talk to my friend about it a few times, but he got defensive and shut down the conversation. He is very warm and caring, but alpha type, and having conversations about sensitive topics requires a fine degree of delicacy. He knew that my concerns were valid, but he does care about her, and hesitates to let her go. He said the two of them would talk when he visited next.

    In the meantime, I felt conflicted in being the keeper of this knowledge in the face of this lovely lady. I felt it dutiful to redirect her else bear the burden of inaction. She is, afterall, a lady with not much time left to make the life and family she desires. To waste her fleeting time holding steady for a man who wasn’t quite there would be a disservice. For me to knowingly and idly watch on would be…I dunno…unforgivable, maybe.

    The last she and I met, we spent quite some time talking about a variety of topics. I didn’t tell her that he has companions in his city. I didn’t tell her that he secretly longs for his ex. Didn’t tell her that there is no way he would ever marry her if she was not open to extended visits to his home country. Nor that her very low and vanilla libido would not satiate him in a monogamous relationship. I did, however, aid her in navigating her thoughts through a series of open-ended questions, and sacrificial sharing of my own experiences in other relationships. She’s quite a bit older than me, but comparatively, inexperienced in relationships, I think. I don’t think that she knew that I was trying to help her save herself, but she seemed to have a pretty realistic attitude about moving forward or not with their relationship. We finished our seasonal drinks, hugged, and made tentative plans to hang before departing.

    When he came to town most recently, she dumped him. And she should have. And I was relieved. He messaged me immediately. Conflicted, he reasoned. [Maybe I should move back and make it work with her. She’s a good girl…lovely, loyal, caring, independent yet submissive. She deserves someone to adore her.] He didn’t know what to do, and wanted my advice. I told him that I would gladly share it if he allowed me to do so freely. He agreed. I acknowledged the ways and reasons he cares for her, and his conflict over the breakup. Then, I shared with him all the reasons why it was the best decision for both of them. Ultimately, he agreed. He thanked me for my pure intention in trying to help him see how his actions and inaction were hurtful to someone he cared about.

    We haven’t talked much about it since, but I think they are maybe going to try to be friends.

    I can’t be sure what your SD’s best friend’s motives were. Was he sharing these things to give you a better understanding of your SDs experiences in previous relationships as a way to reassure you, or scare you away? If you think that he was being genuine (despite throwing his best friend completely under the bus) then maybe you could figure out a way to bring up the topics with your SD. Maybe you could ask him about his previous relationships, if he’s ever been engaged, his thoughts on marriage. I don’t think it’s unusual for a man to get cold feet, nor to dread being trapped. And while being left at the alter might be terrible, I personally would rather it than being dragged through a miserable marriage. All the same, I don’t think that necessarily means that he will leave you there. It does appear, from what you’ve shared, that he’s trying to resolve some of these things. If you are both falling for each other, then perhaps just take it as it comes, and make good choices about your investments with the sugar he shares in the meantime.

    It seems that you and your SD are moving through the relationship transition fairly well, as you seem closer and happier as things move along. Kinks (not the likable kind) are to be expected. I suppose, Kenna, that you know your own intentions and desires best. Sometimes our intentions, our desires and our actions don’t always align as they can be hard to pin down all at once. We sometimes make selfless and sacrificial decisions when we should in fact be making selfish decisions (void of negative connotation). Selfish in the sense of making the decision most logical and sound for ourselves, removed from external desires, projections and imposition.

    As for you situation…I don’t guess I have any position really, but would say to ask yourself what you have to lose by staying, and what you have to gain by leaving. Ultimately, I hope that you are able to arrive at what’s best for you.

  137. Josh says:


    I can’t speak for @FunDude, but you CAN’T argue with me. So even don’t try it.

    Speak your mind and let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Let it beeeeeeeeeeee. 😉

  138. Josh says:


    If you accept the fact that there is 80+% probability that YOU will fuck up the rrlrelationship then you will not be as heartbroken.

    How will you fuck it up even though you love him today or may be in future? You will build a Matrix which will include manginas similar to your SDs “best” friend.

    Do you know who that two hours-long “advice” was for? It was NOT for your ears or for your benefit. You got used by the mangina to look “under control” of his own wife.

    I bet that she “rewarded” him good last night. Sheesh

  139. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh I could be with SD minus the sugar. In fact, our relationship has shifted and it’s llactually more like having a nice, generous BF than a SD now.

    I love him, I just don’t want to end up heartbroken and want us to be on the same page.

  140. KennaKenna says:

    @Dazed the bestfriend was not trying to get in my pants in anyway. I am 100% sure about that, plus his wife was there lol.

    I will have open, honest conversation with him about my feelings and we’ll see, I just want to wait until after NYE.

  141. CosmeticKitty says:

    Well that happened. Thanks again everyone who gave me tips on my profile they were very helpful. 🙂

  142. Elaine says:

    @Josh and NotSoFunDude

    I am not going to argue with you.
    I am living in my reality, you guys in yours.

    And you know what? I don’t really care about being wrong or right.
    Just try to see things from a different angle, sometimes agree to what you say, sometimes disagree.
    And sometimes I react sarcastic on bullshit or fantasywriting.

    But I will never say someone else is WRONG!
    Who the hell am I to say someone is wrong, only because I disagree?

    I have a high self esteem, but don’t think I am in a position to judge about others to be wrong or right. I am not that arrogant.
    I try to respect diverse points of view and think about them and accept when I think they made sense to me.
    Even if that means I have to change my original point of view.
    And honestly, I think that is more intelligent, and takes you further in life as stubbornly stick to your prejudices and idee fixes!

  143. Josh says:

    6. I don’t see women from Europe or anywhere else flocking to Italy, Spain or Portugal either. 😉

  144. Josh says:


    You are wrong again. 😉

    @FunDude beat me to it and has touched on your logical falasy briefly.

    I will give you specific examples as to how women’s fucked up “logic” works when reading the same piece of text…and how micro and macro facts don’t bother them a bit.

    1. “Don Juan” is basically a fictional Latin Casanova with his own style of “game.” You will not see an ugly-looking Don Juan in any of the depiction of the character.

    2. latinoSD is not living in a Western reality.

    3. Even when he visits Miami, he uses SA to “to look for Latinas from mostly my own country that haven’t live in here for long time and share a similar way of seeing this.

    4. On a broader scale, I don’t see women flocking to Latin countries to be Latin men’s women.

    5. “Tall, dark and handsome” tall male specimens from Latin countries do well in Western countries because they meet that criteria.

  145. Elaine says:


    I AM latina, living in a Latino country dude ….

    Latin America is not the only latin part of the world, it was only COLONIZED by latin countries!

    And even though I consider myself a feminist, I am ultra elegant and feminine. There is no need for me to try to be equal to men.
    We are different, but not inferior!

  146. Josh says:

    @Kenna is going to change her sugar outlook or fuck it all up soon.

    @Sexy had the talk with Drummer with the intention of breakup. She does not care about sugar. She cares about the man.

  147. FunDude says:


    You obviously know little about Latino culture and machismo. They have very clear and distinct gender roles in much of Latin America. Same as in Asia and most of the non Western world. Feminism is largely a Western construct.


    If one “leaves” because they are “unhappy” with debate on a blog, that is there problem. Sounds like you know there is truth being stated here but don’t want to deal with it.

  148. Dazed-SD says:

    PS,,@kenna,, ask @sexy what open honest dialog has done for her and drummer

  149. Dazed-SD says:

    @Kenna,,some very sound advise,,when your a hot woman, most men want to get in your pants,,never talk to your SD’s best friend after he’s been drinking !
    I think you may be doing what @Josh always say’s women do.
    If you have a problem with your SD, go to him directly. Tell him your concerns calmly and rationally. If you have the type of relationship you say you have, there shouldn’t be a problem discussing your feelings.

  150. Elaine says:


    Hola Latino, gracias por su comentario! 🙂

    Nice to see a comment from an SD who does have a healthy, non twisted vision on women and relationships!

    Because being Alpha or macho, doesn’t mean having to treat women like inferior, illogical beings to feel yourself THE MAN.
    Latin men are clever enough to court women to get the best out of them, instead of the silly PUA techniques wannabee Alpha’s try to master.

    They know that treating a woman as a queen pays back in being treated as king in return.:-)
    This is the reason Latin men always rank highest in “best lovers” and “most attractive men” !

    Though my 2 SDs are not Latins, I am sooooo happy to live amongst them gentleman in my real life. They open doors, carry your suitcases, take your coat and even the poorest male student feels offended when a woman offers to share a bill.
    They are not hypocrite about sex or extramarital affairs and are not judging women’s attractiveness on age only.

    And no, not because they are softies, but because they are the real Alpha’s! 🙂
    By nature and nurture..

  151. SexyRockstar says:

    Makes sense. Everything will be okay. After my talk to Drummer, him and I are closer then ever. We actually talk more NOW then we have.

  152. KennaKenna says:

    @Sexy I will after NYE. We’re on vacation now so when we get back to NYC.

  153. SexyRockstar says:

    Tell him how you feel. If you two have been together for that long, you should feel comfortable bringing it up to him.

  154. KennaKenna says:

    @sexy I can’t sleep either, just had a coughing fit 🙁

  155. KennaKenna says:

    @Sexy he says he’s in love with me and I’m what was missing from his life and it’s crazy we met on SA but he’s glad because it all worked out.

  156. SexyRockstar says:

    no no noooo stay up with me. I can’t sleep. IDK WTF is wrong with me 🙁

  157. KennaKenna says:

    Hasn’t done*

  158. SexyRockstar says:

    Have you ever asked him how he feels about you?

  159. KennaKenna says:

    I’m talking too much lol. Goodnight girls @ygbkm @sexy.

  160. KennaKenna says:

    I have asked those questions, moving in was his idea… I’m so confused right now, I think I need a break from him, sugar, everything just to figure out what I want. I have completely fallen in love with this guy, Moreso in the last couple of weeks and he has wrapped around his finger- in a way this is very scary for me because I’ve never felt close to what I feel for him.

    Sugar hasn’t stopped, and he hadn’t done anything wrong but my feelings are scaring me.

  161. SexyRockstar says:


    why you up so lateeeee

  162. SexyRockstar says:

    Moving in with him seems to be a long term type of thing. Have you ever asked him where he sees himself in 5 years? 10 years? Ask him, see what he says. Marriage isn’t for everyone. I mean look, I have 2 married SDs and that scares me for my future. I would hate to ever find out that marriage won’t work. I know it takes two people to make it work, but what if one person misses the chase of things?

  163. SexyRockstar says:

    Was living with him his idea?

  164. KennaKenna says:

    I had no idea SD checked my phone at night when I was asleep. His friends have the opinion that he wants to be long term but I don’t because I have my whole life ahead of me. :/

  165. KennaKenna says:

    @Sexy you said your SD thinks you look more beautiful without a lot of makeup, so just wear something that’s just you- not you all glamorized.

  166. KennaKenna says:

    We talked about his issues with commitment, his lifestyle and how he basically left two women at the altar, a lot I didn’t know.

    He wants deep down to be in an everlasting monogamous relationship but does not want to feel trapped.

    I was going to live with him in a new place after our 2 yr mark but now I’m rethinking that and wearing my heart on my sleeve. @Sexy

  167. SexyRockstar says:

    Kenna…what did you two talk about? What is making you think?

  168. SexyRockstar says:

    Online is pretty busy with family stuff. I miss him 🙁 LOL

    I will. I have NO idea what to wear tho 🙁

  169. KennaKenna says:

    *Wine was all them(not me) so I had a clear head and he said way more than he should have lol

  170. KennaKenna says:

    I just had a 2 hour long conversation with SD’s bestfriend(after 4 bottles of wine and SD went to bed) about SD.

    I’m beginning to reevaluate a lot about SD- sometimes a man’s take on somethings is golden. I am slightly confused and torn now about what I should do with SD going forward.

  171. KennaKenna says:

    @Sexy have fun tomorrow, sounds like you have a really great connection with Drummer.

  172. KennaKenna says:

    @Spoonful I’m here now, not a big snow lover/ski person plus I’m recovering from pneumonia so not ideal to ski right now; will definitely check out the places you listed.

    @Struggle no, don’t leave… Maybe take a break and come back?

    Btw where is @ONSD?

  173. SexyRockstar says:

    Ahhhh I can’t wait to see Drummer. I am legit going nuts. I have so much to tell him. I think we are doing our typical food and music night.

    Ninja had wanted to see me tomorrow, I told him no. We planned for next week.

    I hope I can honestly juggle having ninja. He is too wonderful not to see. But, my heart is with Drummer. Drummer gets all of my attention.

  174. Josh says:


    ’tis time for the new article please.

  175. Josh says:

    @Struggle is sick. So she should be resting instead of getting irritated by the Guru’s words of wisdom. 😉

  176. SexyRockstar says:

    Joshy, why are you upsetting struggle 🙁

  177. SexyRockstar says:

    That was super interesting. Good post Ricky Martin!

  178. Josh says:


    As to you beautiful ladies, as my beautiful wife always say…

    “Science have come to prove what we woman knew from the beginning, if you all guys die right now we will be in troubles but in a couple of years everything will be fine because with all the sperm that is in banks we woman we will be able to repopulate. But if we woman all die tomorrow in a week you all guys we will go mentally insane over not getting real pussy and wont have to worry about not having any way to repopulate because in a couple of years you will have kill each others”

    Keep your wife believing in the above. I don’t want to ruin it for you. If I responded to the above, and you ever slipped it out to your wife, she will create trouble for you.

    So it’s better, you listen to it however many times she wants to repeat it, nod your head in agreement every time she says the above, and bang her afterwards. 😉

  179. latinoSD says:

    Lol just new in here guys and just want to let you all guys and gals you are hilarious! Not from the US but have to be here often for business. You all are very smart and helpful with all those who had ask. Good blog and better bloggers if have to say. In my country an amante is the a thing more much common that here and of course complete socially accepted. We all know is there, we do it, we understand it we just don’t talk about it. In the other hand in here it seems everyone talks about it (I have heard, read and seems so much about this site on all kinds of media that I believe is almost like a fashionable thing right now) but is not socially accept it.

    That right there is the reason why here this thing is so different.

    Let me explain my self. We guys in my culture keep it symple, we call it “amante”: “that who loves” and is just something that happens. A older men like me (52) wants to enjoy some time with a woman younger than I well you have to make her happy. You have to make her wants to make YOU happy. So you do exactly the same you did to get your own wife fall in love with you with two big and important differences; from the beginning you let her know you are married or not looking for a “normal relationship”, or that she is just fucking hot and you have to have her, whatever your case is and of course that means you guys better dont get emotionally involved because this will most likely end very soon.

    There is when the magic happen. Is the woman and always the woman that will accept it and go foward if she really wants to.

    Here things are kind of the other way around for what I see. And sorry if Im misunderstanding the way you do things on here.

    We beelive that in order for a man to be happy his woman should be happy first. Of course the trick is to know how to detect a bad person (woman in this case) before putting your trust and money in her.

    Thanks good my father was what we call a Don Juan and told me to always see beauty in womans (it also help that he trained me to spent all my teenagers years with the non popular but smart ass girls). Those beautiful womans taught me so much. You just have to show them respect and appreciation and they will open as beautiful flowers to you and they will suck you harder and always lol they wont want to lose you! But as I said, different cultures, different countries, but something is always the same a good woman is a good woman here and in china.

    Do you guys know how to recognize the difference? Because most of the gals in here sound like they are but the guys sound like woman nagging and nagging about all the bad things woman are but all I hear is that you guys trusted in that hottie that shit over your love and trust. So guys yes it was as my men josh said your own fault. We guys also are very good in sabotaging our relationship (whatever kind of relationship you have with a woman) letting our small lower head (dick for you understanding pricipesas) direct our will over our own brain.

    So guys. If that fucking whore fuck you over let it go men. Think in that other beautiful good woman that was trying to hook up with you but you choose the one with the bigger ass.

    As to you beautiful ladies, as my beautiful wife always say…

    “Science have come to prove what we woman knew from the beginning, if you all guys die right now we will be in troubles but in a couple of years everything will be fine because with all the sperm that is in banks we woman we will be able to repopulate. But if we woman all die tomorrow in a week you all guys we will go mentally insane over not getting real pussy and wont have to worry about not having any way to repopulate because in a couple of years you will have kill each others”

    Love you ladies! Keep that pussy tie, masturbate a lot that keep you pussy sweet and tight for us plus make us love you even more! Have to get in my plane. See you next April. Happy New year!

    (My wife knows I have a second wife as you called it, if some of you are interested I travel often to the Miami area, Yes I have been in this site for around a year so still a newbie I supposed, When I came here have to follow an strict schedule so I use it to look for Latinas from mostly my own country that haven’t live in here for long time and share a similar way of seeing this.

    Best for all you guys. You are all terrific!

  180. Schatze Page says:

    @ Josh thank you. I will look for your tips, I must have missed it. I got caught up with the female SB/sugar reindeer’s posts, they are hilarious.

  181. @Kenna- It’s been a while since I’ve been to Aspen, but there was a GREAT climbing gym there. I think it might’ve closed, though. Theatre Aspen []theatreaspen.org[] is good. There are (obviously) lots of nature trails/views. Take a ride up the Silver Queen Gondola for lunch even if you’re not going to ski- []aspensnowmass.com/aspen-mountain/lift-status[]. The X Games will be there at the end of January. There are also several museums and a ballet. It really just depends on your tastes and what time of year you’ll be there. More to do in the summer if you’re not the snow-loving type.

  182. Josh says:

    Send me the photos you are rotating. I will send you the ones to keep and the ones to chuck. Then you will not have to rotate them.

  183. Josh says:


    Your photos are fine. Your location is fine. Your profile narrative sucks though. First of all, remove the talk about diamonds. Also remove the sentence that alludes that you are chubby. You look great.

    Read the sample profile I posted above with ten things that profile owner thought made her awesome. Don’t mimic her profile. Get some pointers and revamp yours.

    Go get some sugar.

  184. Josh says:


    “Myself, I try not to label people. Labeling is a crutch that people use to not listen to other people or consider their opinions.”

    I don’t know what that means. Anyone and everyone is free to post their opinion here, however moronic they are.

    @flyR is still posting, isn’t s/he? 😉

  185. Schatze Page says:

    @ Josh. I’ve been following you for months and your comments just provide loads of entertainment. I sometimes skip the article and just read the comments of you fellow bloggers. I hope you don’t mind but I have emailed you my id, if you would be so kind to help out a newbie sugar baby that would be great

  186. suitandtiestevie says:

    @Josh and ATLSD
    Thanks for taking time to comment on my words. I appreciate your input and will take it onboard. I am sometimes an idiot, always a gentleman but never a bull shitter.

  187. resop2 says:

    Myself, I try not to label people. Labeling is a crutch that people use to not listen to other people or consider their opinions.

  188. Josh says:


    “@struggleisreal don’t leave! Your the only non asshole here”


  189. Beach_Girl says:

    StruggleIsReal~ I hope you get better soon. You don’t have to leave because you don’t like some people, just ignore and move on… it’s still your choice, but i’m sure you bring insight for people here… 😀 just saying

  190. JenniLA says:

    I’m off to bed…zzzzzz

  191. Beach_Girl says:

    Jen~ 😀

  192. Finessejess says:

    @fundude question….isn’t alpha something your born into and not learned? Therefore a real alpha probably wouldn’t even know or identify with that term???

  193. StruggleIsReal says:

    Haha aw thanks hun!
    You’re more than welcome to email me at StruggleIsReal02 at gmail dot com . I’m still here for you girls and for the good guys. Just not into the hateful speak that happens so damn often here.

  194. JenniLA says:

    I love my Canadians…eh haha had to…

  195. Beach_Girl says:

    Jenni~ Montreal. but i’m a cali girl at heart! 😉

  196. Finessejess says:

    @struggleisreal don’t leave! Your the only non asshole here lol

  197. JenniLA says:

    FunDude, I wasn’t referring to every single member on this blog…anyyyyway…Beach_girl where are you located? I’m in California. 😉

  198. Beach_Girl says:

    Jenni~ I’ve been on and off for a bit, how have you been?

  199. Beach_Girl says:

    Josh~ People have changed, it’s not about making compromises anymore, it’s a trough away society now… If things don’t work now, people move on and don’t try to fix things… not sure it’s good or bad, but it seems to be the way things are now

  200. StruggleIsReal says:

    Bloggies, I really enjoyed getting to know some of you. But honestly the dynamics here blow. So I’m leaving. I am stoked to stay in touch with those of you I have cultivated outside relationships with. I wish all of you the best. Xo

  201. Beach_Girl says:

    FunDude~ I think it depends on the circumstances, I don’t think women have the power in a marriage, I think it should be balanced. I know most pre nups (*not sure how to write that… prenups maybe….) balance these things out, most people I know have them, protects them…

  202. FunDude says:

    Jenni, I have only been on SA for about a week.

    Doubt you saw me 2 years ago lol

  203. Josh says:


    “Everyone is different. Every situation is different.”

    If everyone was different and every situation was different, then most relationships would not be ending up in disaster.

    There is a systematic problem out there and most men continue to ignore that systematic problem by psyching themselves, “she is different.”


  204. StruggleIsReal says:

    Thanks. Haha yeah I’ve been laid up sick so have unfortunately been able to clearly see what ridiculousness is put forth here in very real time. It’s all good.

  205. JenniLA says:

    ahhh the same people on here from 2 years ago it seems…what’s new SBs?

  206. Beach_Girl says:

    StruggleIsReal~ Girl, it’s a blog… don’t let it get to you, if you don’t like what they type don’t read it. I know sometimes it’s hard not to let some things get to you, I’ve been there, but you just get up and leave the computer, iphone, ipad, for a while 😀

    Josh~ lol.. no crying on a blog lol. I think you like to push peoples buttons. You sometimes remind me of one of my ex SDs . You are probably a softy inside lol

  207. FunDude says:

    30s beach girl.

    Do you deny the asymmetrical power structure in the modern marriage contract for the richer person to the relationship?

  208. Josh says:


    “Josh~ you like the controversy and drama don’t you? lol…”

    I am not sure if I do. I do speak my mind, if I may?

    “you make me laugh!”

    That’s great. I can make you cry as well, if you feel like it. 😉

  209. StruggleIsReal says:

    You’re right. Everyone is different. Every situation is different. You make it work, or you don’t. Bitter ones like JOSH and FUNDUDE sit around and concoct asinine theories about how women are to blame for all of life’s problems then they go and find the most ridiculous self-supporting “literature” that supports their sick minds. I’ve sat and watched for a while now. It’s become gross.

  210. Beach_Girl says:

    I think real relationship and arrangements have their pros and cons… what ever works for one person might not work for another… all are good if both parties are happy.

  211. Beach_Girl says:

    Josh~ you like the controversy and drama don’t you? lol… you make me laugh!

    FunDude~ Women are illogical and marriage gives us power… really? not so sure about that… I think a lot of men are illogical, but that’s me.
    How old are you by the way? just curious

  212. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahahahahah @FunDude

  213. StruggleIsReal says:

    Josh, whose white knight are you? Curious.

  214. FunDude says:


    Real men are speaking here. Now go back to mangina land. Thanks.

  215. Josh says:

    Go to bed, sweetheart.

  216. StruggleIsReal says:

    I have no idea what you are even saying. Congrats.

  217. Josh says:


    “Oh Christ.
    Fun dude and Josh. Go cry yourselves a bloody fucking river. Little boys.”

    Of course, the white knight in the shinning armor does not contemplate such things. 😉

  218. StruggleIsReal says:

    Oh Christ.
    Fun dude and Josh. Go cry yourselves a bloody fucking river. Little boys.

  219. FunDude says:


    I read the return of the kings, dalrock.wordpress, etc.

    Good information about the gender dynamics on there.

    Female nature is so illogical these days that I am trying to get some kind of understanding concerning their mating tactics.

    I am coming to the conclusion that you don’t ever want to put yourself in a vulnerable position whereby they have power over you. Marriage gives them significant power, which is often used abusively.

  220. ATLSD says:

    @chrissy. You are so smart. If you knew that why didn’t you send me pics. 😉

  221. KennaKenna says:

    @spoonful in the Aspen area- what is there to do besides ski, shop and socialize?

  222. Josh says:


    ’tis the time for a new article.

  223. Josh says:

    None of the above constitutes having children out of wedlock. The first one is to get a surrogate child. The rest has to do with having children within wedlock.

  224. Josh says:

    If you want the redneck version, then here it is…


  225. Josh says:

    12 Days of Christmas…


  226. Ladyscarlett says:

    @Josh, Christmas is over, so why are you singing the twelve days of Xmas…oh WAIT, you meant the 12 days/ways of children out of wedlock…you forgot, ‘and a bastard in a property state pear tree!’.

    Some people are so jaded…hehehe

  227. @Kenna- not from CO, but familiar. Why do you ask?

  228. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!

  229. Josh says:


    I am curious. Why are you so pre-occupied with the alpha, beta stuff. Have you gone through a gaming course?

  230. Josh says:


    “The only question is how to have children? Out of wedlock?”

    Here are some options to explore, if you must…

    1. Engage surrogates,
    2. Live in a non-community property state,
    3. Hire and keep a bull-dog attorney who really understands how women roll,
    4. find a submissive woman,
    5. Get her to sign an iron-clad pre-nup,
    6. Bang out as many children as you want…quickly,
    7. Take good care of her as a the well-taken-care-of nanny,
    8. If she continues to put out, stay monogamous, but most likely she would not,
    9. Engage SBs,
    10. If wifey finds out, and tries to act funny, make an very amicable parting arrangement with her to raise your kids calmly,
    11. The amicable parting arrangement must dictate that you will approve the man/men she brings into your children’s lives,
    11. Live happily ever after,
    12. 😉

  231. FunDude says:


    Correct. Traditional relationships make the man vulnerable to significant asset loss regardless of his “alpha” behavior.

    You immediate become beta after married. She can hold you hostage and give you the boot at any point.

    This method of dating is working out better.

    The only question is how to have children? Out of wedlock?

  232. KennaKenna says:

    Anyone on the blog from Colorado or familiar with the area?

  233. KennaKenna says:

    Anyone on the blog from Colorado or familiar with it?

  234. KennaKenna says:

    @YGBKM two thumbs up, great post!

  235. Josh says:

    Devil is in the detail. Let’s clarify what is FUBAR…

    Traditional relationships under the current legal/societal structure in western countries is FUBAR.

    Modern relationship are just fine. For example:

    1. Sugar relationships for rich men.
    2. Men bouncing around from women to women; whereas state acts as the sugar daddy.
    3. Game.
    4. Any combination of the above.
    5. 😉

  236. StruggleIsReal says:

    Ew, I actually agree with @FunDude…. modern relationships are FUBAR.

  237. FunDude says:

    @ Josh

    You are correct about modern relationships. They are pretty FUBAR. Only the mangina dudes around here would disagree.

    This method appears to be more functional so far. I am enjoying it.

  238. Josh says:


    You are welcome. 😉

  239. StruggleIsReal says:

    Your mission and ability to connect even the most benign, positive comments to the shortcomings of women is simply astounding. Bravo.

  240. StruggleIsReal says:

    Great post. Anyone would be wise to give it a great deal of consideration.
    Now, do you have any gravy left? 😉

  241. Josh says:


    “The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence”

    Very true. But women continue to screw around and blame their failure to men. Case in point, as per Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk from December 2010:

    “A study in the last two years of people entering the workforce out of college showed that 57 percent of boys entering, or men, I guess, are negotiating their first salary, and only seven percent of women.”

    The remaining 93% of the women would take forever to catch up to their male counterparts in terms of salaries. Whose fault is that? Men’s of course…

  242. CosmeticKitty says:

    Thank you for the kind words, in any case, I’ve gotta paint my nails and all that jazz. I’m going to get some new nail polish colors from my gram and I think rose gold is really on trend and will look nice. :)))) Happy sugaring everyone.

  243. Chrissy says:

    I just knew you had a shoe fetish from the moment you told me you liked my boots. I think I have worn over 4 inch heels to every single meeting I’ve had with an SD even if they were shorter than me, ha!

  244. Ladyscarlett says:

    “The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence”

  245. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]

    Thanks for sharing your perspective and experiences. While I understand and navigate relationship dynamics pretty well, you all have experience that I can not apply to Blair’s and Cosmetic’s situation.

    What comes to mind, comparatively, is the debate of abstinence vs contraception/prophylaxis. If someone has already made up their mind, or is very likely to do something, then best they do so with information, safety and tools with which to navigate the process. Is abstinence most ideal? I think it depends on the situation, the person, as well as what exactly is the intended prevention or intervention.

    Blair and Cosmetic, both of you ladies seem lovely, are well spoken, seemingly well rounded in interests, with good heads on your shoulders. Ill say, though, that your positions and vulnerabilities put you at greater risk of being taken advantage of. Cosmetic, some of the things you’ve shared (brave of you, by the way) can be hard enough to come to terms with. I’m in no position to tell either of you what to do. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out the sugar bowl myself. I would say that it’s probably in your best interest to abstain until you feel well informed and equipped enough to engage. That’s the approach that I have taken. I have taken a very patient yet deliberate approach as I want to be sure that sugar is both enjoyable AND enriching for me beyond the monetary incentives, while taking care not to lose my sense of self in the process. The blog has been a valuable resource. There is absolutely always something to learn here, be it merely getting a sense of what not to do, or of what doesn’t appeal to you. I attribute some of my own growth and understanding in this realm to some of the lovely, seasoned ladies here, and it’d be foolish to regard them as old, washed up shrews with no place in sugar. There seems to be lots of “firsts” in sugar. Navigating these experiences can be tricky as there’s no one answer that will apply to every situation while yielding the results you want in a way that you feel good about. It’s a process, and in my short time here, Ive politely declined a handful of arrangements that perhaps others might’ve jumped on. I want what feels right for me, what still feels good when I take a moment to stop and face myself. For me, it’s more about value and quality in the things I find of importance. We all have our individual qualifiers. I think it’s important to come to terms with what those qualifiers are, being mindful that they will most definitely be challenged along the way.

    In Asian culture, even today, young ladies are taken into Ashrams where they live and learn the art of seduction, courtship, submission and versatility through a variety of acquired and applied talents. They are pruned, polished and refined, fine, well-rounded muses in the making. It’s generally an apprenticeship of 7-14 years.

    I mention this to say, that these things take time and development. I know that my post from yesterday was ranty, but that is what I meant when I said “Develop yourselves already.” If you want to attract a quality man of a certain caliber, you have to be dynamic, you have to be versatile, you have to set the stage, maintain it, and build upon it. You have to continue to improve yourself, and expand upon your perspective. This I have applied, and have seen the manifestation in my personal relationships. Id think this would apply to sugar, even more so. I have found that through my own conditioning, refinement and intention, the saying, “You attract most of what you want, and everything you need,” has held true for me.

    So yes, young is desirable. But youth, as they say, is also sometimes wasted on the young. The key is taking a proactive approach to figuring that out while you still have it. This has been my deliberate intention in my own development. These things must be cultivated. It’s not something that anyone else can write for you.

  246. KennaKenna says:

    @Cosmetic there are SDs out there who love curvy girls. One time I messaged a SD and he told me that I didn’t have enough meat on my bones. I’ve also had SDs tell me they’re not into black girls but slowly changed their mind.

    My point is there is someone for everyone And self-confidence is one of the greatest assets you can have.

  247. SexyRockstar says:


    I have curves. I have two SDs. I am beautiful. So are you. I am not fat, but I honestly thought before getting into this that men will only want girls that look like strippers.

    I am VERY comfortable with my body and I have a great personality. Both my SDs are married, so they are looking for more then just someone with good looks.

  248. CosmeticKitty says:

    Okay, thank you guys so much! I’m gonna jam out to the into the woods soundtrack and take a bath, I’ll be back~

  249. Josh says:


    Forget about weight then…

    Your profile is a good start. See if @Kenna or @yougottabekiddingme find any interest in helping improve it. But as it’s been said on this blog many times. Any improvement that does not come directly from you may not work in the long term because it is contrived, not original.

  250. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle glad you’re feeling better. I’m in and out of sleep, feeling a bit better but still coughing a lot.

  251. CosmeticKitty says:

    About the weight thing, I explained it. I haven’t been getting defensive about every little thing. But weight is something I simply don’t want to discuss. It’s a mental disorder. If I could change it by simply wishing it away, I would. It tortures me, and people just don’t understand. So just let’s not talk about it.

  252. Ladyscarlett says:

    Hehe, the maxi cap is kind of funny…

  253. CosmeticKitty says:

    Ah ok I was confused sorry

  254. Josh says:


    “Maxi cap? hmm….”

    As I said, I hear show’ers prefer it. An expandable Maxi cap would be nice for grow’ers, I guess.

  255. StruggleIsReal says:

    @LadyS wasn’t referring to you. She was talking about @Josh and/or @xero. @xero is right though hun, you need to be a little less defensive. Trust me, this isn’t the place to get all up in arms over every little thing.

  256. Josh says:


    “for the record I am pro-younger-sugaring-girls in this current society.”

    “Regular” relationship with women in this current society is the lost-before-you-started proposition for men. Sugar all the way…

    Therefore, I am for pro-sugaring for women of all demographics.

  257. Ladyscarlett says:

    @cosmetickitty…I was not talking about you…I was referring to Joshua’s Law(Josh advice, hehe). Sorry for misunderstanding, cosmetic.

  258. Ladyscarlett says:

    Maxi cap? hmm….

  259. Josh says:

    You might want to send a email to @flyR. He would know from first-hand experience.

  260. CosmeticKitty says:

    @ladyscarlett I have no idea what you are talking about I said nothing about an entire gender being wrong I mean what?
    @xero that’s rad because I am too.

  261. Josh says:


    “I wonder if a mangina uses a maxi pad or tampon, during that time of the month?”

    I have not seen one, I have heard that overall nanotampon seems to be fairly common among manginas. Show’ers typically use maxi cap. 😉

  262. StruggleIsReal says:

    How are you feeling @Kenna? I think my flu is breaking. Hallelujah

  263. Xero says:

    @CosmeticKitty “I know there is no conversation starting up between us, I’m talking about the one starting up about younger sugaring girls.”

    Ok, but for the record I am pro-younger-sugaring-girls in this current society.

  264. Ladyscarlett says:

    I wonder if a mangina uses a maxi pad or tampon, during that time of the month?

  265. Josh says:


    If all men suddenly developed ED for one whole year, and Viagra, et.al., were not available, methinks, most of the women in the world would go hungry.

  266. KennaKenna says:

    @ATL shorts that would make me blush? I’d love to see those, hehe 😉

  267. Ladyscarlett says:

    Xero is right, actually, cosmetic. We all have varying opinions here(no one person is right or wrong for everyone else’s situation)…and depending on what you seek and your situation, then take what applies to you and wish you only the best, whether you choose to have an arrangement or not. To say to disregard all SB’s advice(the women who actually have arrangements, and successful ones at that), or that a whole sex is wrong, is ridiculous(especially, if you are more attracted to women). Just take a minute to think of what you really want and go from there.

  268. CosmeticKitty says:

    Xero I know there is no conversation starting up between us, I’m talking about the one starting up about younger sugaring girls.

  269. Josh says:

    Marriage, the greatest welfare system for women for eons, is going to die soon, largely caused by ungrateful women themselves. 🙁

    Here is a quick glimpse into things to come. []http://omegavirginrevolt.wordpress.com/the-most-dangerous-idea-in-the-world-women-have-agency/[]

  270. Xero says:

    @Josh Add it up to the masochist in me lol.

  271. Xero says:

    CosmeticKitty That is fair. If you are a larger woman I see nothing wrong with that. There are many who enjoy larger women. I just did not wish for you to appear larger if you are not larger. It would have been a disservice to you.

    There is no conversation starting up here lol. You are taking offense when there is none. Try to work on this defensiveness because it will get in your way a lot in the sugar bowl. Be confident with who you are.

    Confidence does not mean defensiveness. Defensiveness means insecurity. Try to be more confident with your weight or it will come across as bitterness/defensiveness/jadedness.

  272. Josh says:

    @Elaine, you are wrong again… 😉

  273. Josh says:


    1. Until a woman can tell cause from the effect, it is useless to discuss logic or anything that requires logic.

    2. Until a woman accepts the cold, hard reality that most women proactively sabotage their relationships, it is useless to discuss causes of breakdown of relationships with them.

  274. CosmeticKitty says:

    @kennakenna oh, alright. I’ll keep that in mind then. Thank you very much

  275. CosmeticKitty says:

    @xero understand I have struggled with over eating/under eating/vomiting/laxative abuse and that I’m just so sick of weight being so important that I feel physically tired talking about it. In my head I’ll always be that chubby chick that wouldn’t stop organizing the teachers desk. I just feel like a few pounds over weight is about right for me. Which is good because I used to feel like a whale. But I’m getting there.

    Anyway I’m not going to get into the middle of this conversation starting up here

  276. Xero says:

    @Elaine I understand your POV, but I think it is way off from reality. Sex DOES equal money in our society. It has been this way for thousands of years. And let us hope it DOES ruin them for “normal” IRL relationships with guys their own age as those relationships often result in women being (voluntarily) used and abused.

  277. KennaKenna says:

    @Cosmetic I live in NYC, it’s very tough here but a lot of SDs who will help. The problem with NYC is they card hard and most of the restaurants turn into a 21+ over scene after 9.

    Personally, I’d stay away from Queens; brooklyn has some nice, safe areas. I also suggest thinking about Hoboken, closer to Manhattan than Brooklyn and nice, fun city.

    When I relocated from Chicago, I was long-distance with my SD

  278. Elaine says:


    No Josh, you disagree with me, and that is ok.
    But I am not WRONG, and you are not RIGHT.

    There is no wrong or right.
    I only see it from my female point of view, and you from a male one.

    And I post how I see and feel it, as an older and experienced SB.
    You are not of any competition to me, so girls, do with my comments whatever you like (or not like…)

    Hope you won’t get hurt and wish you wisdom to make the right decisions!

  279. Josh says:


    I have lived in Manhattan and Queens. It is largely safe, except when women do stupid things like jogging in Central Park during midnight. NYC has come a long way in terms of violent crimes from the 90s. I visited Brooklyn often. Much less so to the Bronx. So I can safely say that Mahattan, Queens and Brooklyn are safe. The Bronx I don’t know, and in Staten Island, Long Island, and neighboring Jersey towns, you will definitely need a car.

    1. Keep it simple,

    2. Save some money before you head out to NYC,

    3. Research and line up your money-saving options before you arrive in the City,

    3.”May” want to grow interest in men for sugar’s sake, and

    4. Not absolutely necessary, but try to lose weight to increase your options.

    5. Ignore SB’s advice here except what is related to personal safety.

  280. Xero says:

    @CosmeticKitty Yes but no reason to come across as fat if you are not fat. This was my point. You can calm down now lol.

  281. Ladyscarlett says:

    Elaine is not wrong, Josh. Go to a therapist(I don’t believe in them, but you do), and most will tell you that arrangements are not good, long term.

    You cannot say from a woman’s mind/perspective, as you do not fully understand it, even though you try to…or think you know. Sex means more to most women, unless you are void of emotion or feeling, which you can eventually do to yourself. Or, if you have always been that way.

    It takes a strong stomach and mind to be here, if you are serious, and not just scamming men. and, I would say, hypothetically, if you can find a one person, long term arrangement, like Kenna, then you are better off(when very young), however, how rare is this on the site anymore? But, she often wonders what life might be like with someone her own age, too(just going by what she wrote earlier). Maybe, the old Seeking arrangement…but the way SA is, lately, that seems to be more rare these days.

    I dunno, though…men were arguing about wanting to be with women who are 14 and up awhile back, so telling men that many sexual partners can harm really young girls falls on deaf ears many times…

    And Elaine, good point on the US with their rules of guns can be held, or sent to war as teens, but not a glass of wine. The hypocrisy is obvious to some of us for sure…

  282. CosmeticKitty says:

    18. 16 is when I started hahaha!

  283. CosmeticKitty says:

    @josh thank you! Great, great ideas! Is it safe I’m Queens/Brooklyn because that’s what I’m most worried about, my safety!

  284. Ladyscarlett says:

    Wait, cosmetic are you 16 or 18 now?

  285. Josh says:

    @Elaine, you are wrong… 😉

    I don’t feel like responding in detail right now but I will when I find time.

  286. Josh says:


    Good thinking…

    Since it does not cost anything to SBs, tinker around with SA until April 15, 2015 before you make the big move to NYC.

    The beauty of NYC is that you don’t need a car, and if you shared an apartment in its suburbs (Queens, Brooklyn preferred), and hooked up with food pantries, utilities support, United Way type clothing outlets, etc., you can cut down on your daily/monthly expenses to absolute minimum until sugar starts flowing.

  287. CosmeticKitty says:

    Are spas freaky? Like have you guys been to them before? Aren’t you self concious about people like, touching you?

  288. Elaine says:

    @Josh and Xero

    I know you don’t agree with me about teenage SBs because you like young girls, so you don’t think about the damage that will be done if a girl at this young age gets into sugar.

    But there is a reason why ALL seasoned SBs here tell them they are too young.
    We are women, we know how things feel and what sugar did and does to us, and as very often mentioned, that we find it hard to get back to “normal” relationships.
    Am I complaining? No, we are grown up women, knowing what we are doing!

    But sugar DOES cause a somewhat twisted view on relationships.
    And with more life experience it will be easier to balance that out.
    For less experienced girls it will cause a Pavlov reaction : sex = money.
    And it will ruin them for normal RL relationships with guys their own age.
    The ones older SDs prefer to all call dead beats and x box players…

    And yes, true that the US thinks teenagers are old enough to send to war, but is that a good thing? Why are they allowed to keep a gun in their hands, but not a glass of wine?
    And how do they return? IF they return?
    Most of them with PTS and ruined futures.
    So not really a good example.

    Also very curious to hear from 40 something SDs having had succesfull lt arrangements with teenage SBs?
    Find it hard to believe this works long term.
    So mostly it will be series of short term “arrangements” or p4p, aka …..

    I think the article LadyScarlett posted showed it very well from the young SBs point of view.
    Don’ t know the others, but I found it sad to read, and I think she has developed a very twisted view on men.

  289. Ladyscarlett says:

    Also, moving is not needed 100%.. Most of my SD’s(would say 50%) were out of town. So, they either flew me to them or came to my city. I actually prefer long distance SD’s….

  290. CosmeticKitty says:

    Yeah Scarlett I’ll like that a lot better, one time I dated this dude who had goddamn talons and I broke up with him because it just freaked me out. He feared cutting his finger off using nail clippers. Nasty

  291. CosmeticKitty says:

    Well it won’t be for a year anyway because I’ve got tax season coming up and I do secretary work that’s when I make a lot of cash. I’ll save as much as possible and head somewhere. It’s just been my dream, New York, for so long yknow?

  292. Ladyscarlett says:

    @cosmetic, I meant couples who just wanted the woman to be with another woman(their wife or girlfriend, not the man, too)…but, don’t know much about those, just the occasional offers I have had in past…it is probably good to start small and not make things complicated…

    Not many redneck men on the site…NYC will have men that are prissier than I am, and wear nice clothes with manicures 🙂

  293. Josh says:


    “You are contradicting yourself. If you are old enough to take a bullet for the country then you are most definitely old to go get some bananas and start practicing.”

    It can definitely happen from time to time, but it’s rare that contradict myself. So I suggest that you ass-u-me that you misunderstood me. 😉

    There are unlimited number of things you can suggest to a 18 year-old, and people do all the times to mislead them.

    However, in the overall scheme of sugar, suggesting that she should practice blow jobs (which can last for few minutes of her sugar time) instead of things that can engage the SDs for hours, if not days, is a disservice.

    If you had given the banana advice along with a laundry list of other things she should do, then I would not have any issue with that specific suggestion. She prefers to be a lesbian, and the use of a dental dam “may” have been more appropriate. 😉

  294. ATLSD says:

    “life anyway right? I’m pretty much all set with my non sensitive gag reflex”

    See you are way ahead of the game.
    You do need to move. NYC is tough when you have no money. I lived there for a while. You could try a bigger town but not too big it eats u up. Then add your profile to that city and let POT SD know you will ready for sugaring as soon as you arrive

  295. CosmeticKitty says:

    @ATLSD my entire wardrobe is mostly made of skirts and over the knee socks. I’ve got these pair of kitten heels that are cute but scuffed up. I should stop wearing them because I look like a girl and not a woman but at this point I’m broke so oh well.

    As for practicing on bananas I’m pretty sure everyone does that at one point in there life anyway right? I’m pretty much all set with my non sensitive gag reflex.

  296. ATLSD says:

    @josh quit F$$$ing with my fantasies. You are contradicting yourself. If you are old enough to take a bullet for the country then you are most definitely old to go get some bananas and start practicing.

    @cosmetic glad I jogged your memory on shoes. Not one single SB or POT SB has shown up in heels. Or a dress or skirt either. Which sucks because apparently I have a shoe fetish. I need some counseling from Chrissy on that subject.
    One SB showed up in shorts so short it Wud make Kenna blush.

  297. CosmeticKitty says:

    Honestly I really don’t care for men because I live in a redneck hick town where the high school around here is known for stds. Who wants to fuck a smelly guy with dirt underneath his nails? And honestly I’d love a sugar momma, but I feel like next to impossible because women don’t make as much as men. Like I said though, I’m sure my view on men would be a Little different if I met a clean one who dressed well. I like pretty things, and rednecks aren’t pretty. I don’t mind playing a third but I do t know how to ask if they’ve been checked for stds first because my health is really important to me.

  298. StruggleIsReal says:

    I don’t disagree with you.
    I have no problem with young women (18 etc) being in sugar. It is mind-set that concerns me. As you can see, I think @Cosmetic will be fine , because even despite her young age and the fact that she is a virgin to heterosexual sex, she displays a savvy that will serve her well. She has and has had jobs. She already has a backbone enough to have come out as bi to her parents who all bit disowned her and is now making her way accordingly. I applaud her and as you can also see, I will see to it that she gets the support she asks for.
    My concern for @Blair is that she says she is doing sugar because her parents can’t pay the school fees and they don’t want her to have a job. One should not make decisions about his/her sexuality and relational proceedings because of what others do or don’t want. I worry that if she doesn’t have enough gumption to get a job because it’s not favorable in her parents’ eyes, she won’t have the wherewithal to navigate the ins and outs of the sugar bowl. If she is here because it is truly what she wants to do and owns it as her decision, more power to her. Just don’t want this to bite her in the ass later. That’s all. If she sticks around and wants help, I would give her whatever help I can. I don’t want any of these chickadees to get hurt, just like I don’t want SDs being taken advantage of.

  299. Ladyscarlett says:

    Cosmetic, are you not sexually attracted to men? You said you have never been with a man sexually, right?

    You might can find a sugar mommy, or a young couple that is looking for a female playmate for the wife…not sure if that is ideal, but I have gotten offers from the couples before. Some just want to watch their wives or girlfriend play with another female, then go out to dinner/entertainment all together. Some are quite good looking, too…but, that might be too much, since you are so young.

  300. Ladyscarlett says:

    Cosmetic, are you not sexually attracted to men? You said you have never been with a man sexually, right?

  301. CosmeticKitty says:

    Haha, tell me about it! Wow she did a very good job! Although I personally find something sexy about sleepy girls in oversized sweaters and cute comfy undies but I guess that’s a personal thing.

  302. Josh says:

    Please allow me to make it a bit more comprehensive. 😉

    If you are old enough to vote old farts into offices, and die for the same old farts in four corners of the world, AND get kicked out of your cushy bed at your home, you are old enough for sugar.

  303. Josh says:

    I post the following from a profile from time to time for the SBs to learn from…

    Check it out. DON’T mimic her. Get ideas from her. Her profile is a nice balance of flirtiness, playfulness and sharing information about her specific self instead of writing generic personal ad sentences that don’t mean much.


    About Me

    The top 10 reasons I have been rated as amazing:

    10. I am a firm believer in the benefits of lingerie instead of “comfortable” underwear.

    9. I tend to not nag or complain because chances are I am oblivious to and really don’t care about the “small stuff”. Besides, complaining is hard work and chances are you won’t change so why waste my time and try your patience.

    8. You will be excited to take me out in public and your friends will probably be jealous, because yes I always should look put together or at least just rolled out of bed hot, which ironically takes more time than nonbedded hot.

    7. You will never have to compete with me…unless we go bowling and in which case, it’s on.

    6. You will be surprised when I kiss you unexpectedly, a little too passionately and more than likely in unexpected places, in front of unexpected people.

    5. You will never see me roll my eyes at you, because I respect you. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be wasting my time with you.

    4. You will see me smile and laugh far more often than I frown and definitely more often than I cry.

    3. You will find yourself thinking seriously about my observations on life and current events, random events and as always celebrity gossip, because I am well informed and intelligent.

    2. You will never hold my purse at the shoe store. You will never even be at a shoe store, unless you’ve determined my shoes are inappropriate and have decided to buy me new ones.

    1. You will never hear the most dreaded words ever, “I’m not in the mood”.

    Those are some of the top reasons I’ve been rated as amazing, I have references and am more than willing to present a portfolio. So go ahead send me a message, I don’t bite…unless you want me to.

    What I’m looking for

    The arrangement is open for negotiation depending on our individual wants and needs. I am a consultant for a XXXX company that serves the XXXX sector. I travel frequently to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and various parts of 8.

  304. Josh says:


    Men like all kinds of women. So when you are younger, you play the youth card. When you are older, you market yourself as more “experienced”, “comfortable with sex”, “classy” or whatever. 😉

  305. CosmeticKitty says:

    @josh that’s very interesting information, I thought older women were like classier and guys liked them a lot more because of it. In any case, I really hope I find someone who will at least be able to connect a little bit with me.

  306. Josh says:

    Now for both @Blair and @Cosmetic…

    I totally disagree with some SBs “advice” that the teen-agers should get off the site.

    If you are old enough to vote old farts into offices, and die for the same old farts in four corners of the world, you are old enough for sugar.

    Unless you are like Elizabeth Holmes (read up on her, you will be differently inspired), youth is one of the most important aspect of your life.

    Regardless of what the older SBs say, you have 18-30 (maybe 35 if you have good genes, and you take care of yourself well), to cash in the youth.

    Most women waste their youth on young males, whom I call their “projects.” With a 60+% of chance that you will be divorced, that is not a good route to waste your youth on. The 60+% divorce rate does not include the break-up of long-term non-marital relationships. If you include them, you may have the failure rates going into 80+% of all relationships.

    Invest in yourself to support yourself when you are in 30s and beyond. Again, regardless of what older SBs say, every single year is going to make you more and more irrelevant to men.

    Unless western laws change significantly, more and more provider-type men will opt for sugar instead of taking up wives. Therefore, entering sugar early on in your life is better than entering it later in life.

  307. Ladyscarlett says:

    “ATLSD says:
    December 28, 2014 at 9:03 am
    @Lady interesting article. UGA is in Athens and hour and change from “THE ATL”
    Its a small town and somewhat limited in SD types. But like most mid size to smaller southern towns there is always “old money” there. She probably traveled to ATL or the eastern suburbs. BTW the GA tech students would have field day with that article, GA Tech is where the Nuclear scientist come from.”

    @AtlSD, sorry, just noticed your comment…Hehe, I went on a couple dates with a guy from Paris, a few years back, who was going to Ga. Tech masters program to be a ‘Newclearer Engineeaar.!!!’, while saying that in his Parisian accent talking out of the side of his mouth, hehehe! Why do people from Paris talk out of the sides of their mouths, anyways? Lol, so funny..

  308. CosmeticKitty says:

    @josh, I’ll update photos but I am bigger I think and I don’t want to like lie to anyone or anything.

  309. CosmeticKitty says:

    @Josh thank you! That’s a wonderful idea!

    @xero my bio is taking time to update, and if sugar partners think I ‘m fat they can go on their merry way and look elsewhere. I’ll be updating photos anyway but I know I’m not the skinniest by any means and I’m sure people will think I am and that’s okay. There are some people who will like me and some people who won’t it’s life.

  310. Josh says:

    As @Xero suggested, either your photo is creatively hiding your “few extra pounds” or you are doing a disservice to yourself by using that body type. Post more headless or rear-view photos for us to advise which body type to use.

  311. Josh says:


    ‘@cosmetic….” What are things some sugar babies can offer”
    Go to the grocery store and by a dozen bananas and get practicing. ;)’

    Keep in mind that @ATLSD kids around a lot. THAT IS NOT the kinds of things you should be focusing on. That will come with time, and if a SD making arrangement with an 18 year-old is not sensitive to your lack of experience, then you should hit the next button.

  312. Xero says:

    @CosmeticKitty Your profile wreaks of someone who is trying to hide something. I do not know what it is but that may turn off some POTs.

    Also, between the “few extra pounds” and the pic, it can lend one to believe you are a chubby (or perhaps even fatty). If this is not the case, use a better pic. You do not wish to give the wrong impression of your body if that is not the case.

  313. Josh says:


    This is one of your value proposition:

    “I like culture, and all of the art, music, and history that goes along with it. Visiting museums, art galleries, and old parks with big statues, are my idea of daytime fun.”

    You may attract SDs who are into these things. Revisit whatever you have done in these areas in the recent past and be ready to communicate about them in minutest details. The level of details you get into will depend on the SD. If he is too much into them then you would go into minutest details, if he is not then you will talk at the level he is comfortable/interest in.

    Since you want to travel, read up on travel blogs and have specific things in specific locations you want to be able to do with him. Become his travel planner in addition to his travel companion.

    This is how you bring value to your SD’s life, and this is why he pays you.

  314. StruggleIsReal says:

    You actually covered a lot of that in the new text you pasted. Don’t feel like you must address all of the things I wrote. I was just giving you some springboards to go from of you needed to get the juices flowing.

  315. StruggleIsReal says:

    The new profile text you pasted is great!
    You’re on your way, young grasshopper 😉

    TV advice? LoL I wouldn’t know. I rarely watch TV. But yeah advice she needs to hear. She shouldn’t turn to sugar because her parents don’t want her to have a job. If she is still conceding to her parents in such a way, she is a child and does not need to be in sugar, for her own good.

  316. CosmeticKitty says:

    Thank you for writing that all out for me! Uh so much to think about.

  317. CosmeticKitty says:

    @thestruggle ack! So much information thank you! I’ll have to mull it over and look back into my bio. The past few days I’ve been fidgeting over it because I want to make myself look presentable. I’ll see how I can perfect my bio!

    @ATLSD I wasn’t think platforms but I would love a new pair of nice dress shoes in general, you just reminded me!

  318. ATLSD says:

    @cosmetic. I have not seen your profile yet mobile right now. And have a hard time finding profiles on my phone.
    I was kidding about the shoes unless you are in the bedroom.

    ” What are things some sugar babies can offer”
    Go to the grocery store and by a dozen bananas and get practicing. 😉

  319. StruggleIsReal says:

    I’m glad you are feeling the truly benevolent spirit that actually does unite *most* of this blog, *most* of the time.

    As far as what you’re looking for–
    Answer just that question firstly, what are you looking for? Consider the possibilities: long-term, short-term, NSA (no strings attached), exclusive, true chemistry or more of a transactional relationship. Also consider what kind of allowance / support you need/want. You don’t necessarily have to spell it out but it may help to say that due to where you are at in life at this young age, financial allowance is valued over other gifts, trips etc. Would having someone pay some bills or work towards tuition help? You can even note that you are saving to move for your career. Many great SDs love to support a young lady in achieving her dreams. Likewise many “white knights” love to swoop in to “save the day”. This could apply to you because you are in a little bit of a bind emotionally and financially. Be careful how you portray this though because you don’t want to come across as desperate or a leech. And be even more careful with the “white knights”. Many are truly kind and want to help, but many are sickos.
    Make note of what things are important to you. Privacy? Friendship? For you I would recommend SAFETY for sure. I would perhaps make note that you are aware that you are young so may be a target for some ill intentions so you will be on the lookout for such.
    Are you interested in or against engaging with married SDs….

    There’s a start 😉

  320. CosmeticKitty says:

    Energetic and a night owl, I love to be out and about. I’m a city girl at heart, but love new adventures. I like culture, and all of the art, music, and history that goes along with it. Visiting museums, art galleries, and old parks with big statues, are my idea of daytime fun. At night I love to dress up and go out to social gatherings, as I adore meeting new people. That being said, I am punctual and I always get my work, whether it be class work, cleaning, or running errands, done before fun. Lastly, I love to learn and teach, when I’m old and tired of traveling I hope to become an art teacher. This requires a level of compassion and an interest in learning that’s perfect for me.

    That is my current about me

    My “perfect arrangement” would be with a partner who was in New York, someone who would take me out to social gatherings and allow me to dress up and accompany them on trips. I’m looking to have a little fun, but mainly I’m down to earth and just really want to go to college and hopefully find a few friends along the way. As a wise person once said, “be stubborn with your goals, but flexible with how you reach them”. Don’t be afraid to drop me a message!

    That is my current what I want thing.

    @scarlett I could so do that! And flapper girl dresses are super in style right now because of great gatsby! Haha I love your attitude!

  321. Ladyscarlett says:


    Is so funny you mentioned that…have been looking online some, lately, on how to draw and paint some of those tall and thin, but very chic/colorful sketch pictures that they did around that time.

  322. CosmeticKitty says:

    I’ll keep my audience in mind, thank you Josh. 🙂 i hope to be positive company in whoever I SB for.

  323. Josh says:

    This is what we are currently seeing sweetheart:

    About Me

    Energetic and a night owl, I love to be out and about. I’m a city girl at heart, but love new adventures. Intelligent conversation is very important to me because I am a dreamer. I have many hobbies and adore travel, if you want to learn more just send me a message.

    What I’m looking for

    I’m open and flexible drop me a message, I don’t bite!

  324. Ladyscarlett says:

    “@ladyscarlett Oh yes I do! If there were past lives that was my thing! Jazz music is my favorite! 1920′s makeup is so bold and glamorous. Ugh. It’s just the essence of glamour.”

    Cosmetic, you might be able to put that sort of 1920’s image to use…have a profile that reflects you, and what type of girl you imagine a 1920’s seductress to be, and since you do makeup, you could update the look to modern day. There are some cool and current dresses and accessories that reflect that area, and look so chic. That is it, you need an SD to take you shopping in NYC 😉

  325. Josh says:


    The most important thing you need to focus on is to be a great company of whatever kind you are comfortable with.

    People take up SBs for a variety of reasons, such as:

    1. Married men who don’t have romance in their lives take up SBs to have some male-female time together, whether it means pure sex or sex plus spending quality time with a female.

    2. Single men who don’t want to give up too much time to their regular GFs.

    3. Men who want to bang as many women as possible before kicking the bucket.

    4. Men or women wanting role plays.

    5. Etc.

  326. CosmeticKitty says:

    Oh! Hey I’ve got a question, I fixed my bio like a few hours ago, but it says pending is it possible you guys are seeing my old bio?

  327. CosmeticKitty says:

    Thank you guys for helping me out, I really do appreciate it. If it’s alright with you guys I’m going to copy and paste some of the advice I’m given into a pages document so that I can look over and remember it. 🙂

  328. Josh says:


    “Get a job. You don’t have to listen to your parents. Enjoy relationships as a normal 18 yr old.”

    Hmmm, typical TV advice? 😉

  329. CosmeticKitty says:

    @ladyscarlett Oh yes I do! If there were past lives that was my thing! Jazz music is my favorite! 1920’s makeup is so bold and glamorous. Ugh. It’s just the essence of glamour.
    @josh Oh thank you Sir. That photo was taken yesterday or the day before I believe. I adore stories! But mine are all on folklore and astronomy and time theory. The boring stuff. Also, to be honest… I uh, I’ve never actually like, been with a guy. Not that I put any value on virginity, I mean I’ve been with plenty of girls! All my talents are kind of useless. Like I love cleaning, I’ve done it most of my life, but that’s weird to put on a profile. I also adore organizing. Like, appointments and secretary work? The best. I do my parents finances stuff and help them budget so that we don’t go broke with our stupid half a million dollar house they are struggling to pay for. What are things some sugar babies can offer

  330. Josh says:


    Another SB I met several times, we did a lot of horseplay but no intercourse. Either she did not want to do it with me, or wanted a lot more money than I was willing to give, or was waiting for a few more meetings, who knows…but she was riot of a company, especially, when she had a little wine into her.

    She is a master conversationalist…we meet once in a while because I cannot have an SB on a regular basis who would not put out.

  331. Ladyscarlett says:

    @cosmetic, generally, most people on here want to help and see you succeed. Life is hard enough without people being competitive, on SA. Most of us live in different areas, anyways, or are in another market(marketing to different types), so no need for cattiness or competition (:

  332. Josh says:

    *If your photo is recent, then you are NOT fat.

  333. CosmeticKitty says:

    @ATLSD I think I’ve got the makeup down! Haha, I don’t own a single stiletto! I just bought some decent clothes though, figure I’d invest. Also I’m growing out my hair again! Maybe in a few weeks I’ll get some new shoes too. :). I’m sure I’ll feel better once I dress up. It’s my favorite thing to do! Thank you for your kind words. I’m surprised people are so nice to be honest, I thought it was such a competitive type thing which is why I didn’t make an account at the end of summer.n

  334. Josh says:


    If your photo is recent, then you NOT fat. Whatever you need to do to get out of thinking such, do it. Yes, there are some SDs who are into bulimic girls, but many other SDs and I love all kinds of bodies and yours is just fine.

    Also, focus on what you have to offer to a man other than intimacy? An SB I dated was a master storyteller. I loved hearing her talk but she would soon run out of things to say and would just go pretty much quiet. So I had to space our meetings out for her to have stories to tell me about her life. 😉

    What she could do is to read up on stuff to come up with stories to tell me, but she did not. So her value to me was certain amount of stories and then intimacy.

  335. Ladyscarlett says:

    Cosmetickitty, do you have a affinity for the 1920’s? Just curious, since I do very much…

    Suitandtie, not sure if you are married, and not taking sides with the SB, but if you are married, then oftentimes, an SB that has been with a married SD before might be cautious about texting you? Some married SD’s do not want to be texted, unless they specifically tell their SB that it is safe? And, even some single SD’s do not want constant contact. It is so odd, but certain men want daily contact, while others want little to none. If they have been with more than one SD, chances are that they have seen various personalities,mans might not be sure of your preference.

    Have you expressed your desire to have more contact with her?

  336. ATLSD says:

    @cosmetic. Ok. Yeah Maine has lots of sugar. The maple kind.
    Now shit can the negative attitude about your body. Have a positive attitude and buy the right clothes and proper make up. If struggles give u advice on pictures listen to her. She knows what she is talking about.
    And if you need hooker platforms @lainey can help you. 😉

    Move to NY and use Kenna’s place she doesn’t seem to need it any more.

  337. CosmeticKitty says:

    @kennakenna Thank you so much! Three years of braces is magic! :p

  338. ATLSD says:

    You are. Not your

  339. Josh says:


    Free money is a potent drug for women. The more you throw at them the more they get addicted to it, and conveniently forget their end of the bargain. Why? Because free money leads them to believe that the “princess I am” they had been psyching themselves with was for real. Putting out disrupts the princesshood, and emotionally they don’t want to go there if they don’t have to.

    Buy the painting back from her by throwing some cash at her, and get your money’s worth by promising whatever you have to…show and tell…not give…before dropping anything more, if you can at all.

  340. ATLSD says:

    Not sure if your first story was BS or your an idiot. You never give that kind of money/stuff on first meet or first week. You said the money isn’t important, that’s your prerogative but that is not how one should go about starting a sugar relationship.
    As far communication Struggles is correct (again). That SB should have been all over you sending xo and shots of her in the new lingerie she bought with YOUR MONEY. That is a ROI.
    You have POT but need to pull your head out….

  341. KennaKenna says:

    @Cosmetic you have a gorgeous smile 🙂

  342. CosmeticKitty says:

    I respect your input Josh, as strangers shouldnt be trusted, but I really do appreciate the help I’m given. I’m sorry if I have given off an attitude that seems unappreciative.

  343. CosmeticKitty says:

    @struggleisreal Oh you are so kind! I’m nervous about the photos I have to take, body shots freak me out. I’m not fat, I know I’m not. But I suffered an eating disorder so long that I’m always terrified to look at my body, ugh. More through in my about me and what I’m looking for? Is there an example of questions I should answer in these? I’m afraid if they are too long people will get bored and not read them.
    @ATLSD No, I’ve travelled there with a past SD I live in Maine which is the worst possible state for sugaring because there is nothing here. At all. I’m trying to save up to move to New York in some kind of apartment, that way I’ll be able to do cosmetology. Yes I know, I’ve got to be careful. I keep a black book and all that jazz just in case too.

    @suitandtie so I went up and read a little on what’s going on and it’s kinda sketch, like Kenna has the right idea,

  344. Josh says:

    If the Guru were to predict, he would say that @Blair would be appreciative of the help she gets and @Cosmetic not so much.

    So anyone who wants to help either of one spend their time wisely.

  345. KennaKenna says:

    @SuitAndTie I am hoping this girl is not taking you for a ride but it sure sounds like it.

    I am one year older than her, and I’m in constant communication with my SD. Sometimes he is extremely busy but I always send a note letting him know he is in my thoughts and I’m excited about our next get-together.

    She has no excuse. Is she a newbie SB?

  346. ATLSD says:

    @cosmetic. Did you say you were in Michigan?
    We have few SD/SB in that area.
    Struggles is correct that you need to be careful at your age. So you don’t get into the wrong thing. You seem savvy but you need to have your radar turned on all the time.

  347. StruggleIsReal says:

    You look like Scarlett Johansson from the nose down… Definitely not a bad thing! Your profile does need help. You didn’t ask, but I would recommend being more thorough on your “about me” and basically you need to fill in your “what I’m looking for”.

  348. CosmeticKitty says:

    /e0eb741c/ is it that? It’s not really a number? My newest pictures haven’t been approved yet, the next couple days I’m gonna work on getting photos in different outfits with different shots and whatnot. I watched the SA youtube channel so I do know I need to fix my photos there

  349. StruggleIsReal says:

    No problem. I don’t like seeing anyone being taken advantage of. That’s what jades many people in this realm and messes things up for the good ones like you.

    Can you post your profile ID? It’s the number that is in the link to your profile.

  350. suitandtiestevie says:

    Wise words thanks. I am glad I shared my situation here as a newbie SD because you and KennaKenna have really helped me out.

  351. CosmeticKitty says:

    I Have two jobs but it’s a small amount of coin. I’ll keep my head afloat awhile until I can meet someone hopefully. I’m working on fitness and that kind of thing in the meantime too. I hope you find a nice older sugar baby for yourself Stevie.

    I have no fear of settling down because I never want children. I just want to travel and do makeup. Then again maybe it’s my age.

  352. StruggleIsReal says:

    You have already given greatly to this young lady. She should absolutely be giving you ample attention in whatever way you want it. I have a little bit of a funky feeling about her if she is getting all this from you and you are going to actually have to ask her to send texts to you reinforcing her thoughts of you. Don’t be fooled… Young people text like CRAZY and absolutely talk all day long via text to the people they think about and feel inclined to do so with.
    You absolutely should not have to go seek out her Instagram or whatever account in order to keep abreast of her goings-on and to get attention from her.

  353. KennaKenna says:

    My biggest fear as a youngish SB who has only ever been in sugar relationships is that I reach my 30s, I’m alone and have no prospects to start a family with.

    That’s why in a way, I like how things are transitioning with SD and I. I am becoming more open to living together but in a complete different place on my own terms. We’re still negotiating but he is open to my ideas.

  354. CosmeticKitty says:

    Well my parents make so much money that financial aid is worthless and no one will cosign for me to take out a loan.

  355. StruggleIsReal says:

    Ugh. I’m sorry to hear that.
    Do you have a regular job?
    And yes there are some good resources if you search online as you mentioned. Please do be careful as you are very young and are a target for that reason.

  356. suitandtiestevie says:

    My comment on communications holds true, in my opinion, in any relationship, partnership or good business transaction. Not sure about the other SD’s on the site but I own a couple of companies and my time, as I am sure yours is, is valuable. Personally I am figuring out my own needs from my relationship and next time I see my SB I will open up a discussion about my appreciation for little xo texts. Reflecting upon it, my SB is 23 and perhaps I don’t understand that one to one communication is not the norm; maybe I need to get on her instagram or twitter feed like all the other guys that are vying for her time and attention in here real life. LOL. I think I am going to restart my membership here just in case this one flops and look for someone in their 30’s. I have some fun travel on the calendar and I want to share that with someone.

  357. CosmeticKitty says:

    Yeah I just read a few choice and poorly made comments that made me a little disturbed. Normally I don’t put in my two cents especially if it’s a topic that many others probably know way more about. But it was just sad I guess and there are much better ways of discouraging sugar babies rather than insulting them

  358. KennaKenna says:

    @Cosmetic wow, it saddens me that your parents would be like that at your age.

    Is it possible that you can get student loans?

  359. StruggleIsReal says:

    *riled up

  360. StruggleIsReal says:

    I don’t think she was referring at all to you. If you remember way far up in the comments there was a period where a newbie came on with some choice opinions and language that got some rules up for a minute. The blog has since regained a semblance of peace. LoL

  361. CosmeticKitty says:

    Okay that works too. There is a tumblr blog that’s pretty good too with a huge mass post on all this information about sugaring safely and all that jazz.

  362. CosmeticKitty says:

    They were religious and they didn’t exactly kick me out but told me I had to buy my own food and get a job and I wasn’t allowed to go to church with them anymore and I was going to have to pay rent and all this crap. I moved out for a summer, I’m back here now because I can’t afford college, my last SD found another sugar baby that was a little bit closer and all that jazz. In the bible it says not to disown your own kids or whatever so they won’t not let me stay, it’s just hell I guess. They just like, emotionally dropped me.

  363. StruggleIsReal says:

    If you hang around the blog and have a realistic attitude, there are several blog SDs and SBs here who may offer good advice. That’s your best bet unless you have very specific personal questions.

  364. KennaKenna says:

    I wasn’t bashing anyone, I stated based on my experience in the sugar world.

    Personally, I wasn’t even thinking about sex/sugar when I was 16. I was a complete nerd(minus the glasses) and got broken out my shell by a married man at 19. Aside from what he gave me, he taught me a lot about the real world and myself.

    I have no regrets but sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I married one of the guys closer to my age like many of my college friends did.

  365. StruggleIsReal says:

    LoL No you completely misunderstood me. I’m not implying that at all.
    Gosh all you babies on here! When you say your parents dropped you, what do you mean?

  366. CosmeticKitty says:

    Ack. Sorry never mind, I misread a few words. I’ll be back in a few I think my blood sugar is getting low. 🙂
    Again if another sugar baby is willing to mentor I’d give out some quick contact info and maybe we could talk?

  367. CosmeticKitty says:

    Wait what individual? Are you saying I am pretending to be someone else? CosmeticKitty is my name here on Seeking Arrangement too you could check it out I guess? I used to be called KittyKatKisses too but it sounded way too porn star so I changed it if you are talking about that?

  368. CosmeticKitty says:

    Eighteen as of last April, my platonic sugaring started when I was sixteen. I came out as bi and my parents dropped me like a hot potato and a gay couple who bought land from us and comes here during winter met me at a small store, when I ranted to them they said they needed arm candy for the holidays so they flew me to Michigan and New York to their families home.

  369. StruggleIsReal says:

    There was a select new individual throwing around really base and rude language on here for a hot minute. The presiding forces moved things beyond that and even said individual has had a change of tone for the better. It happens.
    You make valid points. Welcome.

  370. KennaKenna says:

    @Cosmetic how old are you?

  371. CosmeticKitty says:

    Ouch some catty comments here. I think SA is still a business and they are going to want to grow it, and I’m sure they are glad it gets more users, As for the quality of SDs/SBs on this site I think the ones that aren’t so serious will weed themselves out. You need younger SBs to keep the SD/SB tradition going, you need older SBs to help mentor the younger ones. I don’t think bashing anyone helps anything. Earlier there was mention of platonic SD/SB relationships and “fatties” and “trash” and I think honestly there is a place for everyone to be honest. I’ve done platonic sugaring for a gay couple who wasn’t out, they’d bring me to family parties to pretend they were straight, and then take me out to social events. Afterwards I was with a guy for a short time who was just socially awkward and lonely and wanted someone to travel on the plane with him and help talk with others during parties so he didn’t have to tall to them. As for bigger women, I’m sure there are daddies who like curves and I’m sure there are daddies who don’t but just because it isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean that no woman over a certain weight isn’t allowed to sugar. Lastly “trash” which I think is referring to the “slutty” stereotyped women there are lots and lots of daddies just looking to blow a quick load and peace out, and I mean whatever. None of anyone else’s business.

    Anyway I haven’t read all the comments but I’ve noticed some of the bashing. Anyway, I could be biased because I’m the youngest I can be for the lifestyle and I’ve already been treated with some serious shade. But I was curious if maybe any of the older sugar babies here would be willing to add me on email or skype or anything and help a sister out? I figured the field was too competitive but there is no harm in asking, right?

  372. StruggleIsReal says:

    Yep, not the first time we have the thought alike and certainly not the last.
    And thanks to the gravatar hottie herself!

  373. KennaKenna says:

    There are*

  374. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle we think alike.

    Btw, that’s a hot gravatar!

  375. KennaKenna says:

    @lady thank you.

    They are women who look spectacular in their 30s/40s. My mom is in her late 40s and look younger than my cousins who is a couple years older than me.

    Last year I was out at a pub in London with Mom and as she went to the restroom, a guy in his 30s came up to me and asked me “where did my friend go, and is she single?” Hehe

  376. StruggleIsReal says:

    I was about to write almost verbatim the same thing you did about the young’uns just wanting the cash grab therefore a rather vacuous interaction. Usually those with a few more years on them have arrived here for greater reasons than just money.

  377. Ladyscarlett says:

    Yes, xero, I was surprised at the story he told because I assumed the same…maybe, she was just a fluke and really desperate for funds, but no excuse. Probably is less common the older you go, though. Am not sure. That is why a confidentiality agreement(and no blackmail clause, hehe)will be part of matchmaking service, if I ever do that with a friend, whose idea it was. It will take time to get that sorted, though.

  378. Ladyscarlett says:

    “KennaKenna says:
    December 28, 2014 at 9:08 am
    @Lady I think I look my best right now lol… When I was 19, I was a complete nerd, didn’t dress up much, didn’t wear makeup, but my SD liked that at that time- I guess it made me seem more innocent.

    However, about a year ago when I saw him last- he was completely amazed at how I look now compared to then.”

    Well, gosh, Kenna, I would say so if you look like your pictures…you are gorgeous…

  379. Xero says:

    @Ladyscarlett That guy was just an idiot. I get your point about older women scamming also though. I would not honestly know the rates on this as I mainly only stick to girls in the 18-23 age grouping. I guess I tend to think of older women who are here as being more serious. I realize this may not always be the case.

  380. KennaKenna says:

    I think the problem with a lot of the younger SBs are that they aren’t genuinely interested in the SD and just doing it for the money. SD picks that up and it turns into a very transactional process before he gets bored.

    This is why I think emotion is important in a SD/SB relationship. Emotion not drama!

  381. Ladyscarlett says:

    @kenna and struggles, most of my past SD’s were close to my age or younger. That makes some men on blog mad…hehe 😮

  382. KennaKenna says:

    Before me, my SD had about 5 or 6 young SBs and they all lasted 1-3 months- he got bored after 3 months.

    He said they lacked personality and after the excitement of being with someone new wore off, he lost interest. I find that so strange because when he met me I was 22 and almost 2 years in, he is so attached.

  383. StruggleIsReal says:

    @LadyS @xero
    Gah. I just hate hearing those stories. So lame.

  384. Ladyscarlett says:

    Xero, I hate to say it, but the scammers can be in any age group. There was a fellow I would chat with here and there, that I met, on SA. We were not really meant to be, but occasionally exchanged a few messages. He was interested in a matchmaking type thing that I am thinking of doing for men who get frustrated going through all the scammers and fakes…anyway, he found a woman older than me that he really like. A 40 something, recently divorced women, who had made a couple documentaries. He really liked that she was mature, and creative(so he thought). Anyway, he sent her $7,000, due to her asking for help with her divorce, since her husband had cut off her line of credit. This is before they met in person. What did he get for his kindness? She threatened to blackmail him, when he refused to send more before meeting. So, even the older ones can be scammers, but probably not as common as the younger ones, yes.

  385. Ladyscarlett says:

    Well, fundude, the fact is that I have pulled off some pretty decent allowance amounts(for my age). And, also know a few other girls who have as well. One is older, and she has received quite a lot. So much that it would probably anger you…That, is also a fact, not an assumption that you make. Your reality is not everyone’s reality. So, why hate on it? Be glad that sugar arrangements are not all the same in the tiny little box some think they should be arranged in…

    also, there are quite a few subs on site that are anything but alpha, and are alpha all day at work, so when sexy time comes around, they want to be subs. There is a whole other world out there than your alpha wannabe world, my dear 😉

  386. Xero says:

    I think this is a good time for older (25+) SBs on the site to move in for the kill. Most of the 18-21 age-group that is present here now is either delusional or into scamming, so those of us who normally approach that age-group are becoming cautious. Some of us are even considering moving to a higher age-group to avoid the stress.

  387. StruggleIsReal says:

    My concern is not about how much @Blair could make. My concern is that, at the very least, she will completely destroy any sense of what it means to make money in the real world and what it means to connect with someone in the real world. I’m afraid that would lend to her becoming quite jaded in this lifestyle and becoming very escortish.

    To me, someone that doesn’t have a backbone enough to get a job despite her parents saying they don’t want her to, does not have backbone enough to navigate these sharky waters without being eaten alive.

    Not to mention, this is a surefire way to completely screw your sexual development up. Yes women sexually develop massively from, I’d say, 17-26 (give or take depending on the person).

  388. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady I think I look my best right now lol… When I was 19, I was a complete nerd, didn’t dress up much, didn’t wear makeup, but my SD liked that at that time- I guess it made me seem more innocent.

    However, about a year ago when I saw him last- he was completely amazed at how I look now compared to then.

  389. Ladyscarlett says:

    The reason I posted the 20 year old’s experience above(not to be a Debbie downer), and, not sure how accurate that article was, or just a fear mongering article to keep students away…but, what she had to say was very sad. So sad that she cries at night about her experiences and is so ashamed? Why does she do this, or is forced to do this?…girls that naive and really hating what they do in arrangements, and view their SD’s as ‘clients’, or maybe, it is the SD’s that treat her like the escort, dunno…well, I do not think they should be on this site. This site is not good for everyone, obviously.

  390. FunDude says:


    Very few older women can pull off big dollars from SDs. That is just fact.

    Unless a woman in her mid 30s to 40s keeps in very good shape (ex.Sofia Vergara or however you spell her name), she will have a tough time competing with the early to mid 20s women.

    That is just fact. Men who pay a decent arrangement fee will be picky in who they chose.

    I don’t think this is rocket science. The good majority of SDs are looking for early to mid 20s women.

  391. Xero says:

    @KennaKenna I understand this as I always check ID to be certain they are 18+. I do not drink so 21+ has never been a requirement for me.

  392. ATLSD says:

    @Lady interesting article. UGA is in Athens and hour and change from “THE ATL”
    Its a small town and somewhat limited in SD types. But like most mid size to smaller southern towns there is always “old money” there. She probably traveled to ATL or the eastern suburbs. BTW the GA tech students would have field day with that article, GA Tech is where the Nuclear scientist come from.

  393. Ladyscarlett says:

    @xero, of course, if you are older, then you must be attractive and keep up with your looks/body. We all know there are hotter 40 year olds than some of the average unattractive 20 something’s we see daily. It really is case specific. Exception to a rule, well rules were meant to be broken, hehe. I have a much more open mind with sugar now, compared to what I used to. There are all kinds on this site…both men and women.

  394. Xero says:

    You know what I would like to see?

    Sugar speed dating lol.

  395. KennaKenna says:

    @Xero all my SDs wanted to check my ID make sure I was at least 21 when I met them. When I asked why, most of them said they want someone they can share a glass of wine with.

  396. Ladyscarlett says:

    No–don’t think it is her location, but what she ‘thinks’ or views how sugar is. She views it as client turnover, it seems. It depends on so much(we really know nothing about her, or what she offers, so hard to say)….I did think it was funny how she thinks sugar is over, after 25… Hehe, I was one of those women that was better looking at 26 or 28 than 19 or 20, though 😮 I remember thinking 30 was soooo old, when I was 20, too, lol.

  397. Xero says:

    “the older ones might be sought after less, but can be more sugar savvy”

    You do have a very good point here. It is still a numbers game though.

    Great point, however

  398. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady I agree, I like to find ONE wealthy SD that can do everything.

    Maybe she is only getting $500 because of location?

  399. Ladyscarlett says:

    Could be, I have not seen statistics on it…but, know of a few women over that age group who get higher allowances than some of the younger gals who post here and there, on blog, or articles I read….it really is case specific…the older ones might be sought after less, but can be more sugar savvy(not in every case, but I generalize, too)so end up with much higher allowances, even if less men are seeking that particular group..I go for quality over quantity, but that is just my thing. I would rather have one or two quality relationships, in sugar, with a very wealthy men,, than many men who are seeking my age group.
    Once again, that is personal preference. It really doesn’t matter how many, but the quality. I prefer appealing to a niche market, though, so go figure.

  400. Xero says:

    There is no point in blair “finishing Highschool first” as she is smart to secure her potential in advance. The fact that she is also in Highschool adds marketability to her as a SB for some SDs (not me, too conflicting).

  401. Xero says:

    @Ladyscarlett “That is not always true..it would be true for an SD only wanting that age group, but not true as a generalization.”

    I am just talking numbers here, nothing more. It is the most sought after age-group; therefore, it has the highest money-making potential of any.

  402. Ladyscarlett says:

    Sorry for the long article, but it was very sad if many girls that young are having that sort of experience…and, her ‘clients’, as she calls them only gift her $200-$500? She is basically an escort but being paid cheaper than one. This is not my idea of sugar, so hope the Uni was just trying to scare the girls from using the site and this is not the reality of many girls that young…es pitiably, since they are selling themselves very short(and cheaply).

  403. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle, @Atl and @Josh thank you. I’m forcing myself to eat and drink to keep my strength up- I am dreading taking the antibiotics again.

    I feel kinda bad I’m on vacation with SD and sick in bed, need to find someway to make this up to him.

  404. FunDude says:


    Good advice to the SBs on here. They need the truth. Someone has to give them the cold hard truth about things.

    @ SexyRockStar

    How is this blog going? I missed like half of your comments. Anything interesting that I have missed?


    How do you like Chicago? Do you live in the actual city?

  405. Ladyscarlett says:

    Sorry…didn’t post all the way..

    Student shares experiences as a sugar baby: Not all gifts, glamour
    Kendall Trammell @KendallTrammell | Updated 1 month ago

    It started off as a joke.

    But after exhausting several other options, becoming a sugar baby didn’t seem so bad for a 20-year-old girl trying to pay her way through college.

    “After my freshman year, I got really depressed,” she said. “Me and my boyfriend broke up. I lost [the HOPE Scholarship]. I was really afraid because my parents are super strict, so I couldn’t tell them.”

    Her next step was to find a way to make extra cash. She applied to local restaurants, but came up short since many places were already booked for the summer.

    And becoming involved with men that would pay her to be in relationships with them never crossed the University of Georgia student’s mind until a friend inspired the idea.

    “One of my friends made a joke saying, ‘You should just become a sugar baby,’” she said. “And I started thinking, ‘Wait, maybe I could do this.’”

    SeekingArrangement.com, one of the largest sugar daddy dating websites, was the first place she visited. She made an account, and after finishing it off with a profile picture of herself, hundreds of people began messaging her.

    She dates a variety of men — black, white, short, tall, young, old.

    But this isn’t a game to her. This is a job — one that’s helping her cover the costs of attending the flagship institution of the state of Georgia and pursuing her hopes of becoming a nurse.

    “I just have to keep telling myself, ‘There’s nothing wrong with you,’” she said. “‘You’re doing what you have to do. Right now, this is what you have to do to get through school.’”

    There are rules

    It’s not a crime to sugar date.

    Before the UGA student started her new lifestyle, she checked the activity’s legality and found nothing broke the law.

    Though sometimes it’s hard for others to see how the lines are drawn among other similar activities.

    “Strippers dance and take off their clothes,” she said. “The money they make is pretty good and all they have to do is take off their clothes. Prostitution runs close to being a stripper, but they want to be with you for just a minute. Right now, I could get a gift just for coming and getting coffee. They’re kind of like sisters.”

    Free will is one of the key differences with sugar dating.

    As for SeekingArrangement, the company requires background checks on its more than 3 million members. It checks for crimes related to violence, sex, domestic violence and individuals registered as sex offenders. The goal is to help its members date safely.

    In addition to SeekingArrangement’s efforts, sugar babies are encouraged to do their own research.

    “We discuss income,” she said. “I’ll ask, ‘Can you really do this? Can you support me?’ They’ll say, ‘Yeah,’ and they’ll usually show some sort of bill.”

    But knowing who she is in a relationship with is also important for her.

    “I research these people, you know, like pictures,” she said. “We have to Snapchat. We have to Skype. We have to communicate some way so I can see your face and I know who you are.”

    On day one, she makes it clear as to what she’s willing to do.

    “There are weird guys out there who want to do weird things to you,” she said. “One guy asked, ‘How do you feel about being urinated on?’ I’m like that’s weird, no. Tying you up, it’s like play, OK. Pain, I don’t do pain. You cause me pain, and that’s it. It’s over.”

    She works hard for the money.

    But even with an extra $200 from time to time from her clients, she still works two other jobs.

    “People think they give you thousands of dollars,” she said. “No, no they don’t. Some do, but those are the high-class New York, California, out-of-the-country kind of people.”

    And depending on what she is willing to do and who she will accept as clients, a sugar baby can estimate how much a sugar daddy is willing to spend.

    “It’s not like how it is in the movies, where you find a sugar daddy, and he buys you a car and pays for your school and all of this stuff,” she said. “It’s a process. There are girls with really rich sugar daddies who want Louis Vuitton girls, girls who can come live with them in California or New York. But I’m in school. I can’t leave.”

    The most she has ever received at a given time is $500.

    “At most, maybe we’ll have to do something — get coffee — and I may get a couple of hundreds thrown my way,” she said. “Some want weekly appointments, monthly or on an asked basis.”

    And she doesn’t have just one sugar daddy. Out of the 12 total clients she has engaged with, she’s actively talking to three. This way, if she isn’t satisfied, she always has a backup plan.

    “If I don’t like them, I’m not going to sugarcoat it,” she said. “If I’m not getting enough from them, I just say, ‘You’re not worth my time.’ If he’s not texting me or if I don’t feel something, I don’t even bother. If they say they’re your one and only and don’t do much, then why bother?”

    You can’t become attached

    She will never forget Texas.

    She agreed to meet a man between the age of 40 and 50 at a hotel for one night. There was not a single expense she had to worry about. He arranged for a driver to pick her up from campus to take her to the airport. The hotel room was booked and already paid for. He purchased the tickets the day before and made sure she would be able to return to Georgia that very same day.

    It came to almost $3,000.

    “That’s when I started thinking, I could just stop all of this stuff — school, drama, all of this — I could just go off with him and everything would be fine,” she said.

    These are actual relationships. Some are shorter than others, but she has to remind herself that she isn’t doing this for fun. She is doing this to pay for school.

    “They’re not as long as I’d like them to be,” she said. “I’ll have one extravagant time like the time in Texas. I had a great experience, but, now, we don’t even talk anymore.”

    Getting close to any of her clients is a concern for her because she knows her relationships aren’t everlasting.

    “Guys are paying a girl to be the girl he wants her to be,” she said. “I’m 20 now. When I get 25, this becomes really hard for me to even find guys because they want young girls. They want 20. They want 19-year-olds. Twenty-one’s are the best because you can go out and drink.”

    She has seen other girls mistakenly allow their emotions to get in between their sugar life.

    “I’ll have some friends who are like, ‘Oh, sign me up, sign them up,’” she said. “Then people start hitting them up, hitting them up and they can’t do it. You can’t be fragile. You have to be a strong person. You can get emotionally hurt. You should not be emotionally attached. You have to cut emotion. You have to cut mental.”

    And she isn’t just looking out for herself. When it’s time to end a relationship, some of her clients aren’t in the most stable places in their lives.

    Although she tries to keep an emotional connection to a minimum, there are some clients who want to the relationship to become more serious.

    “Some of them are decent guys,” she said.

    Her widowed client is one of them. He is in his 50s with a son close to her age.

    “He is just like the guy from ‘Up’,” she said. “He genuinely likes me, and that sometimes scares me.”

    But she can’t do this for the rest of her life. As much as some of her clients are interested in her at the moment, she knows it’s only temporary.

    “The chiller you are, the more chiller they are with you,” she said.

    She wishes she was in a genuine relationship because the stress would be far less.

    “It’s weird,” she said. “I’m scared to have any big moments with these guys because then it will all end up being nothing.”

    A secret some may never know about

    If her parents found out about her sugar life, she is almost sure they would disown her.

    So she’s kept it quiet from them along with a number of people that are close to her.

    “I act normal,” she said. “I’ve got this life. I’ve got that life.”

    From a very young age, she learned how to lie to her parents. For her, it doesn’t matter how she earns her money. Her degree from UGA is what matters the most.

    “To me it’s like I’m going to pay the loans,” she said. “My parents aren’t going to pay the loans. My parents put nothing into my school.”

    She only told one of her best friends in the beginning. As she became more comfortable with being a sugar baby, she opened up to more of her friends, allowing around 10 people in on her secret.

    And not everyone is as supportive of her decision.

    “You can sit here and bash it 24/7 and say, ‘You’re a sinner,’ ‘You’re a slut,’ but it really doesn’t bother me,” she said.

    She may not go to church as often as she was taught, but the sugar baby, who went to Catholic school for 14 years, still considers herself to be religious.

    “I pray,” she said. “I pray to God all of the time. I don’t just ask him for stuff. I just pray and say thank you for even letting me get through this year. A year ago today, I didn’t think I’d even make it. I never had my life breakdown as much.”

    She admits that she may come across some regret later in her life. Her first regret would be her study habits from freshman year.

    “The reason why I’m in this situation is because I didn’t crack down,” she said. “I always think, ‘What if I studied more my freshman year, would I be here now?’”

    This is her life. But when it’s her time to have children, she doesn’t want her child’s fate to be the same as hers.

    “Sometimes I’ll just lay there and look up at the ceiling and think about how much I want to cry,” she said.

    When she walks away from her sugar life, she will remember the effect it will have made on her character. That impression is as close of a glimpse others will get to see of her past.

    “I’ll let it go to my grave,” she said.

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    Photo Illustration by A.J. Archer

    One UGA student seeks the financial support of sugar daddies in order to pay her way through college.

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  406. KennaKenna says:

    Is it only me that thinks there’s a difference between ’18 in high school’ and ’18 in college’?

  407. Ladyscarlett says:

    An article from The Red and Black below…

    Anyway, I read it awhile back, and it made me very sad to read. I hope that UGA was just trying to discourage college students from the sugar lifestyle, since what she is doing is not sugar as I know it…just a student perspective, but hopefully, it is not a common theme…

    “She may not go to church as often as she was taught, but the sugar baby, who went to Catholic school for 14 years, still considers herself to be religious.

    “I pray,” she said. “I pray to God all of the time. I don’t just ask him for stuff. I just pray and say thank you for even letting me get through this year. A year ago today, I didn’t think I’d even make it. I never had my life breakdown as much.”

    She admits that she may come across some regret later in her life. Her first regret would be her study habits from freshman year.

    “The reason why I’m in this situation is because I didn’t crack down,” she said. “I always think, ‘What if I studied more my freshman year, would I be here now?’”

    This is her life. But when it’s her time to have children, she doesn’t want her child’s fate to be the same as hers.

    “Sometimes I’ll just lay there and look up at the ceiling and think about how much I want to cry,” she said.

    When she walks away from her sugar life, she will remember the effect it will have made on her character. That impression is as close of a glimpse others will get to see of her past.”

  408. KennaKenna says:

    It’s not the age that really bothers me, it’s the fact that she is still in high school. Finish high school first.

    I went to college at 16, had my first SD around 19 but I was more experienced in life than the average 19 year old. I could never imagine being in this world as a high school student!

  409. ATLSD says:

    @kenna go buy the kids pedilyte ice pops. They work wonders, even on adults. It works better then Gatorade. It will spunk you up.

    @Lainey: “Bought a surplus of clear triple platform heels for the attention whores on the blog”
    My first laugh of the morning, thank you, your hottness.

    @struggles – For someone that has the flu, damn girl you’ve been busy. (In more ways then one) Maybe you should get the flu more often.

    As far as the Blair project, there are lots of 18-19 years old in my area. There was a 19 year looking for a SD and stated, that “see already had previous experience with one.” WTF when, dang it just seems young but that what SA markets to. College girls trying to get some extra cash.

  410. Ladyscarlett says:

    ” The ages of 18-21 are the most profitable for a woman in sugar. Don’t give that up. Just be careful.”

    That is not always true..it would be true for an SD only wanting that age group, but not true as a generalization. Also, it depends on what allowance he is willing and able to gift–no matter what the age. It also depends on who you are, who you meet, and what they both offer. I have gotten more allowance than what some of the younger girls get in allowance, but again, depends on who you meet, and what type of SD you want, attract and keep.

  411. Xero says:

    I was going to post an update on my search for an SB (as I joined another site a couple of days ago), but I realize that I am so disgruntled with it that I do not even wish to type it out at this moment in time.

    Perhaps I will try again at a later time

  412. Xero says:

    @blairsugar07 I didn’t look at your profile (yet), but it sounds like you’re an 18-year old Asian female. You have potential to make a very good deal of money here. You are smart to be here at your age. The ages of 18-21 are the most profitable for a woman in sugar. Don’t give that up. Just be careful.

    As for your plan of choosing the place because of being able to make an emergency plan, this was very wise. Keep it this way; however, leave it out of the profile and do it subtly during planning to meet.

    Also, there are many SDs who appreciate younger SBs and will not “dispose of you like a handkerchief”. All of my SBs except one have been very young, and I have never “disposed” of any. In fact, it seems to be a common theme that the younger an SB is, the longer I can keep her in my life.

  413. Josh says:


    Kenna eat/drink the following if your stomach allows. Chicken soup, cod liver oil (heavy duty vitamin D), vitamin C.

  414. Lainey says:

    Bought a surplus of clear triple platform heels for the attention whores on the blog.

  415. resop2 says:

    As an update for midnight troller SB, this night she sent me a note a 4AM to come pick her up. I politely asked what all this was about and asked her to clarify her intentions. I expect another message in the middle of the night making vague demands.

  416. StruggleIsReal says:

    Ugh you poor thing! I feel you completely. I had to cook for and entertain 25 people on Christmas Day which was one of the worst days of my flu. It came off well but was difficult for me to get through. I had to take little breaks in between to get off my feet and lie down.
    I think a little extra ANYTHING will help. Vitamin C, rest, water…. I’ve never had pneumonia before so I don’t completely know what will help it.

    And PS. That was big of you to be honest about your own experience in sugar for @Blair. Not having had the same path, I can only guesstimate, but the pitfalls of which you spoke are one of the things I would be concerned about, however way worse than yours. I think very very few women could have navigated as well as you have and like you said, you started IRL. Quite different.

  417. KennaKenna says:

    SD is already up having breakfast and getting ready to go ski, I’ll be in bed all day trying to recover(woke up with a nastier cough than yesterday).

    I’m expected to make dinner on Tuesday for 16 people so I’m hoping and praying I get my energy back. Would extra Vitamin C help?

  418. KennaKenna says:

    @Blair I think you’re too young for this site.

    Yes, I started in the sugar world pretty young BUT I was in college and it was a real life situation. I never joined this site until I was 21 and had a bit of experience. @Struggle is on to something, I definitely would not have been mature/experienced enough to start in sugar when I was 19, men may try to trick you and make you feel special just to get what they want; I think a real SD will want someone who is at least 21.

    Lastly, I’ve never had a regular relationship in my life and a lot of times I see friends I went to college with getting married, and I wonder what if… My inexperience in regular relationships is sometimes a pitfall for me in my current relationship.

  419. StruggleIsReal says:

    Also, if your parents can’t pay the fees, and they don’t want you to hold a job, so you are turning to sugar to pay them, where are you telling them you obtained the money from? You’re telling me that either your parents know about this and are okay with it, or you are just doing it because you don’t feel like getting a job yourself.
    Something isn’t adding up here.

  420. StruggleIsReal says:

    Okay so it’s really early here and I’m going in and out of sleep and this just isn’t sitting well with me. You should not be here. Not right now.

    Get a job. You don’t have to listen to your parents. Enjoy relationships as a normal 18 yr old. You are going to ruin your understanding of relationships and capacity for intimacy forever if you do this at such a young age. You can always come back here later but please don’t build this as your foundation of relationships, for your own good. I was a very mature and smart 18 yr old and it pains me to even think of putting myself here at that age. No way.

  421. StruggleIsReal says:

    Fair enough. I appreciate your response. I still get a funny feeling in my stomach when I think of how young you are to be here but it is your prerogative after all. Just know that in order to not get steamrolled here you are going to have to be exponentially more shrewd than any of us does. Partially because you simply haven’t the life experience that comes with a little bit of age and also because of your very young age, you WILL be a direct target for some very sick individuals. Psychotic people know how to manipulate in order to get what they want, so you are somehow going to have to be able to decipher which ones have ill intentions.

    I understand about the costs of school and life. Also please don’t take offense, but from what I understand, something like this is more acceptable in Asian culture than it is in the west, isn’t it? I know you’re in Germany and also I could be wrong altogether, just a thought.

    Please be careful.

  422. StruggleIsReal says:

    Morning lil flaxen fawn 😉 Let’s nuzzle, it’s chilly.

  423. blairsugar07 says:

    @resop2 says:

    1) I answer quite much as I don’t like writing only one or two sentences, but I don’t only talke about myself. I also include questions.
    2) I didn’t even arrange a meeting yet and if, I wouldn’t talk about money initially. I’d leave it to him.
    Actually, we’ve talked about it and I stated clearly, that I don’t let myself put pressure on and he accepted.

    1. I want an arrangement.
    2. What do you mean?
    3. Yes, I’m a student but not white. I’m asian. I don’t know whether I’m slim but I’m not stout. Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?
    4. No, I’m not broke or aging or angry. I’m rarely angry because I’m a calm personality.

    Well, I know what I’m doing and I know what I want/don’t want. @yougottabekiddingme: That’s why I never post pictures showing my face at such sites. I’ve thought about the risks for a long time. I’m not a person who acts precipitately.

    I didn’t consider meeting with foreign people.

    Oh okay, I didn’t intend that. My hidden agenda was that if I knew the place, I could make up emergency plans. However, for the beginning I only plan meetings at public places like cafés.

    I know but I’ve thought about it at every angle until I decided to sign up. In Germany tuition fees are much lower than in the States but maintenance is still a lot. My parents earn too much money to be allowed for requesting a scholarship, on the other hand sustainment doesn’t allow them to pay my fees effortless (According to Forbes, Germany belongs to the countries with the highes taxes). Plus, they don’t want me to work.
    To my mind, age doesn’t justify how mature someone is. I know adults, who don’t deserve to be called “adults”.

  424. StruggleIsReal says:

    Your original post, about the prompt response and frequent contact… Was that just a general tip or were you feeling frustrated in your own situation ?

    As far as your SB goes, she would be wise to make sure you are more than satisfied, for you are being VERY generous with her already. If you have a good filter process and you feel she is genuine and really into it, more power to you. Just be cautious not to have the wool pulled over your eyes. I’m sure the SDs here will have some advice for you too… But only you can truly gauge your own situation. I hope it goes amazingly well for you!!

  425. Chrissy says:

    I didn’t sleep well last night without and SBs to cuddle with. Where are all my reindeer friends?!

  426. Elaine says:

    Well, what should I say to this…

    “The sugarbowl is full of damaged people, damaging other damaged people”
    Which was a very wise phrase of Sugary.

    Sugar is no childplay, minimum age should at least be > 21.
    It will ruin your view on “normal” relationships in the future.

    But if this is what you choose to do, who am I to say “Get your teen ass off this site and enjoy normal teenage pleasures and relationships, fitting to your age and experience level”?

    I don’t believe any serious, quality SD would want a long term relationship with a teenager. Discussing what? ?..One direction or other boybands, annoying teachers at school ?!

    So you will attract guys that want to bang teens, they will use you as a disposable handkerchief, maybe give you some money afterwards and you will practically be an escort. A cheap one….

  427. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahaha I just had this image of that list of blog SBs with you and Sexy added to it as Papaguru Josh’s reindeer LMAO!
    “On Elaine, On Scarlett, on Sugary, on Lainey…!” Hahaha

  428. StruggleIsReal says:

    Sweets, you are very young to be on this site. I will say that you are well-spoken/ written for your average 18 yr old, but I hesitate to give you advice on how to improve your profile simply because I really just don’t think this is the place for you at this time in your life. Can you explain what brings you here ? I don’t mean to be condescending at all. I respect that your reasons are as valid as anyone’s. I just don’t want you getting into something that has the potential to really take you down the wrong path at such a vulnerable phase in life. That said, if you are shrewd and smart, maybe it can turn out for the best….

  429. Elaine!







    (In order of blog appearance)


  430. Blair,

    Do not post public pictures that show your face.

    You are quite young and vulnerable, and I’m a bit concerned for you. I would say that being here is a bit risky for someone in your position.

  431. SexyRockstar says:


    You’re in high school. Get off this site. Don’t talk to any guy who lives out of the country. That’s stupid. They will pay you for sex once and never see you again.

    As a SB, I can’t see your hidden pictures, so that doesn’t do us any good in helping you with your profile. It wasn’t all bad until the last line : I choose the place (restaurant, shopping mall, café), where we can get to know each other personally and we’ll see, how it turns out.

    That “I CHOOSE THE PLACE” makes you sound like a bratty stuck up princess. Cut that shit out all together.

  432. You’re still in high school, Blair?

    Whoa, dear.

    Someone please advice her. Carefully, carefully.

  433. *Hehe placed out of intended sequence. Refesh the page, you…refresh the page.

  434. blairsugar07 says:

    @Josh: Oh, I might have sounded like a weirdo. I didn’t know the latest comments were posted on the bottom. Dolly is a member who has commented right underneath the article.

    @SexyRockstar: Well, I couldn’t have said to much wrong. There were only 2 or 3 messages with nothing too private, just common topics. Some were from foreign countries like Switzerland. I asked if they wouldn’t mind the huge distance from where I live and after that they didn’t reply anymore, but have read that message.

    Okay, where do I find this ID…I guess it’s this one?

    Please tell me what’s wrong. Any criticism is appreciated 🙂

  435. suitandtiestevie says:

    Point taken Kenna. Maybe I will need a do over or some one on one SD coaching yes. Stay tuned. Giving a Canadian a US geography lesson; I love it. Add gmail.com to my user name. I get through that city a few times a year. Night.

  436. KennaKenna says:

    @suitandtie you missed what I was trying to say. I was suggesting you should wait until a SB has proven herself before splurging but since money is no issue- go ahead and spend, spend, spend….

    I live in the most populous city in America.

  437. suitandtiestevie says:

    Thanks for asking and I am sure you don’t need to prove yourself you seem to be a winner. Yes I will have to update you and let you know how I make out. The next couple of weeks will prove me an idiot or that my instincts are sound. The money is no issue; I tend to go all in when it feels right. What part of the world are you in?

  438. KennaKenna says:

    Proved* lol

  439. KennaKenna says:

    Earned their generosity*. “Earned” meaning proving myself.

  440. KennaKenna says:

    @SuitAndTie hopefully SB is not taking you for a ride and you don’t learn the hard way. My past SDs have been generous with me, but I have always “earned” my generosity.

    Are you prepared to spend 15k+ per month? If you start with that in the first month, she will most likely expect that or more in the months following.
    You seem like one of those SDs who fall quickly.

  441. KennaKenna says:

    I’m assuming you’re a single SD right?

  442. suitandtiestevie says:

    @KennaKenna – yes. Am I blowing it already? lol

  443. KennaKenna says:

    @SuitAndTie quick question- is this your first SB?

  444. suitandtiestevie says:

    @kennakenna Thanks for the question. Prompt- as in reply quickly when I tell you I need to firm up my weekly schedule and are we good to meet on Monday. In general I want to feel that my texts or email matter and specifically, in my case, regardless of if we agreed to get together 2-4 times per month, a little note now and then that you are thinking about me puts a smile on my face. It also gets me thinking about what treat I can plan for us next….so it really is a win for the SB too.

  445. suitandtiestevie says:

    To answer the topic question: The Holidays are such a great time to be a SD. I joined SA in December to start 2015 off right. Met a couple of wonderful women here but one really stood out and we met for drinks, really hit it off and I gave her a high dollar gift certificate at the best salon in the city as a thank you for making time for me. She is intelligent, beautiful, interesting and fun. I feel like I got very lucky. We talked arrangement and at a nice fun lunch I thanked her in advance with 3K and an original painting from my collection worth about 3.5K now while the artist is still alive. I told her that she could hang it and enjoy it or sell it or keep it for a rainy day. I am in no hurry to be intimate with her and prefer to let the anticipation grow a little more. She is studying business and plans to launch a company; as a gift (yet to be given) I purchased domain names that match up with her chosen company name after considerable time and effort negotiating a price with the previous owner. So I am at least 15K deep in month one and for me I feel that doing it right on day one is going to see the most return on my investment. Wondering what the SB’s here think? Would you be feeling warm and fuzzy with that attention or would you be worried about the anticipated ROI on my part?

  446. KennaKenna says:

    @suitandtie prompt or frequent?

  447. suitandtiestevie says:

    Just a quick note to all of the SB’s that once you have an arrangement, prompt communication is not only polite it is appreciated. Funny when I first thought about communication I was thinking that a couple of how are you doing would be plenty, now I have come to realize I like a daily how are you doing, what’s going on luv note. Wondering what the other SD’s have to say?

  448. Josh says:

    I have never had a chicken biscuit as I am not a restaurant food fan. I will check out chick-fil-a next week as they are closed Sunday for religious reasons.

  449. Ladyscarlett says:

    “yougottabekiddingme says:
    December 27, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    I think what I hear you saying, is that you’d rather a test run. No problem, big swanga. Only requires a chicken biscuit and a $4,000 deposit. Call it “The Golden Goose” round.

    You in, papa?”

    I knew you were a chicken biscuit gal, hehhe!

  450. ATLSD says:

    @lady. “so that might be what you sense in my posts :-o”

    Im sensing all kinds of stuff tonight. Mostly on an epic scale.

  451. ATLSD says:

    I’m soooooooooo glad I bought those fur lined hand cuffs. (Crying inside)

  452. Well…it gives new meaning to “loose on the goose”.

    (Clean vid)


  453. Josh says:


    All I was trying to say was that “fuck, fuck, goose” sounded weird, and “fuck, fuck, loose” sounds more like it. 😉

  454. @Eloquence

    McDonald’s playhouse always works for me. The ball pit. BUBBLEZZZ!!!

  455. @Joshbabe

    I think what I hear you saying, is that you’d rather a test run. No problem, big swanga. Only requires a chicken biscuit and a $4,000 deposit. Call it “The Golden Goose” round.

    You in, papa?

  456. Josh says:


    Which collage did you attend where you mastered the art of writing run-on sentence?

  457. Eloquence says:

    So. Question for y’all. Does the 50 year old SD who is seeing a 21 her old female have sex in her twin bed in her parents house? Her dorm room? Or does he actually rationalize what/how he can add value to her life? (Random question)

  458. Josh says:

    I had thought that it was fuck, fuck, loose. 😉

  459. “Fuck, fuck, goose…”

    Hehe…that’s brilliant. Maybe a little foreplay to warm ’em up beforehand. A classic game of “Ring Around the Hoesies.”

    Ashes, ashes, we all go down!

  460. resop2 says:

    @StruggleIsReal: last night.

    @yougottabekiddingme: saved by being too tired and having too much common sense.

  461. StruggleIsReal says:

    We could play a fun game of “fuck, fuck, goose” to decide who gets the invites…. Hehe.

  462. @struggle

    I like the way you think. Can’t wait to do nipple stands over your pelvic inlet, and rub that gravy all around. Wonder which of the unsuspecting SDs will get a dinner invite. Eenie meenie miney mo, catch a daddy by his toe.

    What would make a good palate cleanser before dessert?

  463. StruggleIsReal says:

    I think we’re gonna need another @Chrissy!

    For the love of the sugar gods and all things sugary, please go watch this excerpt from one of the best shows ever. Anyone remember “Dinosaurs” ?? Anyways, puts my above statement into context.


  464. Chrissy says:

    I have a feeling I am going to have a HUGE mess to clean up after the chicken and biscuit and gravy wrestling match!

  465. @resop

    Im gonna say consider yourself lucky. You narrowly dodged a twilight twitching meth addict who might have likely robbed you of your chicken and biscuits. No bueno.

  466. StruggleIsReal says:

    [raises handcuffed hands in air… Faux Fur-lined thx to @ATL]

  467. StruggleIsReal says:

    Rub that gravy all over my tummy with that rack of yours and we can share the chicken n biscuits and unsuspecting SDs together 😉

  468. Lainey says:

    @YGBKM that’s like one of my daughter’s favorite songs. We’ll be in the store singing quietly till she busts out the “GALILEOOO” LMAO

  469. I think that Struggle is proposing a naked chicken and biscuit wrestling match at the next sugar ball!!!

    Who’s in?!?!?!

  470. Ummm…struggle? You have officially won any fight you’ll ever enter. Do chicken and biscuits come with that gravy?

    Holy smokes, lady! Hahaha!

  471. Hahaha!

    Just for you, Lainey.

    (Clean link)


  472. StruggleIsReal says:

    Was this tonight ?

  473. resop2 says:

    I just had a SB message me and say, “So, I guess you’re not interested? Good luck with your search.”

    Now this would be understandable if she wasn’t the one who blew off responding to my messages for six days.

    I also had a SB ask if I wanted to come over and see her tonight.

    Normally this would be a good thing, but depending on her location she was either one or three hours away and it was already 1AM.

    I had already gone to bed so I didn’t get to ponder this request closely.

  474. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Lainey @ygbkm

  475. StruggleIsReal says:

    Ill fight you for both @resop and @chickenbiscuit right in front of all our bloggie friends! 🙂

  476. resop2 says:

    You underestimate my negative charisma. It drives away all females, with the possible exception of supermodels.

    On the other hand, a blog meetup might be cool: no pressure, network, trade tips, stuff like that.

  477. Lainey says:

    @YGBKM I read “Galileo” and AUTOMATICALLY broke out into Bohemian Rhapsody

  478. “I don’t think that I would want to go to a SA ball. I would be the ugliest, oldest, shyest, and most uptype SD there. I would also think that all of the SB’s there would be way out of my budget. And, I don’t drink.”


    I will make you feel like the most gorgeous, youthful, vivacious, man in the room. The King that you are. And Id bang you for a chicken biscuit in front of all of our blog friends like any self-respecting bitch!


  479. resop2 says:

    I don’t think that I would want to go to a SA ball. I would be the ugliest, oldest, shyest, and most uptype SD there. I would also think that all of the SB’s there would be way out of my budget. And, I don’t drink.

  480. resop2 says:

    @SexyRockstar: I had problems logging in earlier. I could not get in through the main page because the login link was wrong. I was able to get in by clicking on one of the notices and that got me to the correct login page.

  481. StruggleIsReal says:

    Poor thing.
    EAT FOOD with the antibiotics. Crucial.

    I’ve been laid up in bed all day. Can only do an hour or two at a time on my feet. Body aches are immense.

    Hugs babe!

  482. KennaKenna says:

    Hey all,

    Just woke up from a short nap and feeling better. @YGBKM thanks for the advice. I haven’t been sick in many many years so I’m really feeling it.

    I’m dreading taking the antibiotics in a couple hours just because it makes my stomach hurt so bad.

    Thanks you @Sexy, @Struggle and everyone else for the well wishes.

    I’m in bed all night so will be following/catching up on blog.

  483. StruggleIsReal says:

    So true though!
    Anthropomorphism makes me crazy.

  484. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahahaha! Omg!!! Dying! Dead.

  485. SexyRockstar says:

    I say….CHICAGO!

  486. Excerpt from a book I recently skimmed. ‘The Weirdest Animal Sex’

    “If your dog had your brain and could speak, and you asked it what it thought of your sex life, you might be surprised by its response. It would be something like this:

    Those disgusting humans have sex any day of the month! Barbara proposes sex even when she knows perfectly well that she is not fertile–like just after her period. John is eager for sex all the time without caring if his efforts will result in a baby or not. But if you want to hear something really gross–Barbara and John kept on having sex while she was pregnant! That’s just as bad as all the times when John’s parents come to visit, and I can hear them having sex even though John’s mother already went through this thing they call menopause years ago. Now she can’t have babies anymore, but she still wants sex, and John’s father obliges her. What a waste of effort! Here’s the weirdest thing of all: John and Barbara, and John’s parents close the bedroom door, and have sex in private instead of doing it it front of their friends like any self-respecting dog!

    To understand where your dog is coming from, you need to remove yourself from your human-based perspective.”

  487. Ladyscarlett says:

    Hehe, no way, Atlanta! My SDs were much easier to deal with than the hound I had! In fact, have been pretty lucky with arrangements, except a bad rogue type experience that happened, after arrangement had ended, kind of…a grey area of sorts 😉 I love men…but, am interested in the sub/dom thing a little bit, just for fun and something new, so that might be what you sense in my posts 😮

    @ygbkm, the best fast food type chicken biscuits are from chick fil a, in my opinion…Have not had one in awhile, though. Am on a diet…boo! Hehehe

    @Josh, hehe, that is true!

  488. ATLSD says:

    @struggles thanks babe. I will!

  489. @ATL

    That’d kinda be like a reverse golden shower :(. If I were magic buff muff AKA Chrissy, Id suggest you clean up after your pissy bitch yourself :).

  490. Chrissy says:

    I am fine with just a SB blog party, don’t need any dogs drooling on me ruining my pristine boots.

  491. StruggleIsReal says:

    Gonna have to agree with @Josh.
    I made mention at some point in my dog posts that while there are similarities to be drawn, I wouldn’t insult dogs in such a way to say that men (or women) are quite like them! LoL!

  492. ATLSD says:

    Chrissy. Not Chrussy. Her evil twin sister.

  493. StruggleIsReal says:

    You are right about crate training. Yes @ATL, go back to the crate. Email me of you need tips.

    LMAO @ladyS & @Ygbkm
    “Men are like dogs women are like Venus goddesses”!
    “All that alpha beta theta betta poinsettia chat…” Hahahaha

  494. @Josh

    My dog doesn’t even ask before he humps he. Little red bullet.

  495. ATLSD says:

    Plus she pees on the hardwoods too. They are not shiny anymore. So when you are doing training I’ll hire Chrussy to BUFF the floor and door knobs.

  496. *Been craving chicken biscuits ever since SexyRock offered to lick [gravy] off of Fungi’s man boobs!

  497. Josh says:


    “Men are like dogs”

    More like dim-witted, retarded dogs, if you asked me.

    I have never seen a sane, healthy four-legged alpha, beta, omega, sigma ,theta, gamma or any kind of dog spend money on women yet. 😉

  498. ATLSD says:

    “@atlanta, wasn’t relating them to SDs, really.”
    Yea right. Your subconscious sure was 😉

    We tried crate training worked for a while then she regressed. Maybe do it again?

  499. “Ladyscarlett says:
    December 27, 2014 at 4:51 pm
    Do y’all have Zaxbys and chic fil a in Chicago yet? Ygbkm, your avatar looks like she would like chicken biscuits…”

    Been craving chicken biscuits ever since SexyRock offered to lick off of Fungi’s man boobs. So horny for it!

  500. Josh says:


    “I would only go if Josh and Fatbasard showed up.”


  501. “Ladyscarlett says:
    December 27, 2014 at 4:47 pm
    @ygbkm, haven’t you read that book? Men are like dogs, women are like Venus Goddesses before?”

    Oh yeah! Isn’t based one like 2000 years of behavioral research, and one week on blog? I do actually recall a Pavlov scenario that was text book in its unfolding. Lol classic!

    Will say though, that as evolved as the modern day human thinks itself, we are still relatively hard wired to our primal roots.

  502. Ladyscarlett says:

    @atlanta, wasn’t relating them to SDs, really. Just all that silly alpha, beta, theta, meta, netta, poinsettia, chat from yesterday…

  503. Ladyscarlett says:

    Do y’all have Zaxbys and chic fil a in Chicago yet? Ygbkm, your avatar looks like she would like chicken biscuits…

  504. “Josh says:
    December 27, 2014 at 4:44 pm
    Unless the party is within 1 hour of driving distance from me, I have no interest in attending SA parties of any type. I find it pointless to attend such parties.”

    Dear SA,

    Galileo was wrong, as is modern science. The world actually revolves around Big Suga Papa Guru. Please plan the next gathering accordingly.

    You’ll cum then, babe? You promise?!

  505. ATLSD says:

    @lady. I agree some of the topics get off tangent. Actually I like how you were relating the dogs to SD.

    @y. They had one in LA not to long ago. There is blog on it. I would only go if Josh and Fatbasard showed up.

  506. Ladyscarlett says:

    @ygbkm, haven’t your read that book? Men are like dogs, women are like Venus Goddess before?

  507. Ladyscarlett says:

    Have they had one of dem dare fancy part-tays in Miami before?

  508. Re: dog topic

    I enjoyed the comparative nature of dog and human behavior.

    What was the blog topic, anyway? Oh yeah,
    “Teenage membership skyrockets, alpha men unite to reclaim the jungle!”

    [Japanese girl giggle]

  509. Josh says:

    Unless the party is within 1 hour of driving distance from me, I have no interest in attending SA parties of any type. I find it pointless to attend such parties.

  510. @struggle, @chrissy

    I follow.

    Am thinking it could be a fun blogship gathering. The party is all in the party goers. Nah mean?

    Would feel uneasy, I think, about being mask less. Seems like people were without masks in some of the photos taken. Sure they were blurred, but still wouldn’t want to be in any photos. Perhaps, Id wear googly eyes glasses the whole time. Smack dat ass, daddy!

  511. Ladyscarlett says:

    ATLSD, The best thing is crate training for dogs who want to pee all over house(if they are not too old, that is).

  512. Ladyscarlett says:

    “And yeah true @LadyS. I told @ATL to go rescue the blog from me having turned it into something that would rival Cesar Milan’s forum on his website. LoL I can’t help myself something. Kind of like how @Chrissy can’t help but hump all the things.”

    Trust me, from someone who has been on blog awhile…the blog has veered off topic, mostly to much more uninteresting topics before, and for a much longer period of time, than a few posts on dogs. It is not a big deal 😉

  513. Chrissy says:

    I am logged in. Haven’t had any problems tonight.

    I would consider going if it was in Chicago. I too just wonder what it would be like and can imagine it just being lame and being filled with all the people who just can’t find someone otherwise?

  514. StruggleIsReal says:

    I’m wary of that for privacy reasons. Has anyone here been to one and had a good experience ?

  515. SexyRockstar says:

    Random question. Is anyone having trouble log gin in?

  516. @everyone

    Would you guys consider going to a sugar ball should it be in a desirable city? Do you think if we had enough voices rally behind say, Chicago, that SA might deliver?

    Whatdyas say?

  517. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Chrissy won’t stop until she can see her reflection in the hardwood like it’s a mirror! But then she sees her sexy self and gets turned on and then it’s all a mess again so… back to hump-cleaning it is! Hahaha Hot damn now that’s an SB earnin’ her keep!

  518. “I hump clean everything!. I buff and spit shine their wood so good you have no idea, my dear!”


  519. Chrissy says:

    Yes I “earn” my allowance by doubling as their maid. I hump clean everything!. I buff and spit shine their wood so good you have no idea, my dear!

  520. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahaha now there ya go! All the SDs talking about how SBs need to really “earn” their allowance… I’ll market myself as an SB who will also train your dog hahaha ! Now we’re talkin’!

    And yeah true @LadyS. I told @ATL to go rescue the blog from me having turned it into something that would rival Cesar Milan’s forum on his website. LoL I can’t help myself something. Kind of like how @Chrissy can’t help but hump all the things.

  521. ATLSD says:

    @spoonful says: “there will be those posers who screw it up for the genuine ones.”
    Hearing all the stuff the SB on here have been saying, seems to have increased.
    Like we all have been saying this site has changed. The marketing machine is in full force. I think Brandon found out that having a “wife” cost more then a SB. So he up the marketing to bring home the bacon. 🙂

  522. ATLSD says:

    @ygbkm There are no White Castles down here. We have Krystals. Waffle House is more where its at her though.

    @Josh @Sexy
    “Lmao I was wondering the same thing about “Dolly”. Wasn’t that the cloned sheep’s name?”
    Ditto that, I thought I was going nuts. I went thru lower half of blog twice.

    Looks like another “drive by” poster

    @lady – Maybe I was helping a damsel in distress. The only good part about the dog conversation was when Struggles started talking about “doggie style”
    BTW i need to hire you both, my stupid dog keep peeing over the house. Supposedly house broke…NOT.

  523. I am sometimes mistaken for Dolly. I hear we drive the same car. I’m not much of a Nashville chick, and I wouldn’t really consider myself a celebrity, but perhaps I could be her body double. And by that, I mean double her body size.

    @ATL and @Southern

    Could we really step it up a notch, and make reservations for three at White Castle’s white table cloth, candle light Valentine’s Day dinner? Wear our fanciest clothes?


    Drink plenty of water, and try to bring up secretions as you’re able. You’ll feel a little better in the morning with the antibiotic kicking in. You’ll also feel better, and breathe easier the more you get rid of the secretions. Try to avoid alcohol (do cheers to the New Year?) as it exacerbates immunosuppresed and opportunistic illnesses. Also, rest but do try and be somewhat active throughout the day as immobility can prolong your recovery. You’re young and healthy, so should spring back in no time :).

    I’m a 23rd generation plumber, and the eyes, nose, throat, lungs and heart are kinda like septic systems. Legend is that my family lineage goes back to the first plumbing systems in ancient Mesopotamia. Needless to say, I know a little bit about pneumonia. Not to mention, Ive had it before :).

    Hope you feel better.

  524. SexyRockstar says:

    I will. i am so excited to see him. He is making a special trip just to see me. AHHHH.

  525. Josh says:


    Fuck that guy, would you? 😉

  526. Josh says:

    “Have your SDs make you chicken noodle soup, and bring you flowers.”

    While you’re at it don’t forget to get your SD to bring you grocery, clean your bathroom, do dishes and laundry, and run your errands.

    Since @SouthernSB is SD-less, she is your acting Matrix on the blog. 🙁

  527. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    Happy sugary holidays to everyone. It was nice talking to some of you offline. Sugar can be slow this time of the year due to the holidays. I met with some potentials last month. Things went well with 2 people.

    I have decided to hang out with the girl that I am most comfortable with at this time. She is attractive, funny, and sexy as hell. The other girl was very nice and very attractive, but not a total fit. I feel pretty lucky, after seeing some of the struggles experienced by the sugar daddies on here.

    I would say that the quality is down on the site. If it doesn’t work out for me with this one, I will probably take a sb sabbatical. Communication, reliability, and allowance expectations are key for both parties.

    Fun guy, I’m not sure you get the whole sugar thing. Follow the blog and learn a little. This is a complicated game.

  528. Josh says:


    1. Are you here for female venting or getting an arrangement going?

    2. Do you have a thick skin or do you have PhD in getting insulted?

    3. Are you co-ed, white, slim and beautiful?

    4. Are you non-white and/or aging and/or dead broke and/or angry at the hand you have been dealt with?

  529. SexyRockstar says:

    I’m seeing drummer on monday 🙂

  530. SouthernSB says:

    @Kenna,@Struggle,@Sexy-Awwwwww…you all have the flu, and pneumonia!!! I hope you all get well soon!! I know how it sucks to get sick. Have your SDs make you chicken noodle soup, and bring you flowers. It won’t make get well any faster, but at least you’ll feel better.

  531. resop2 says:

    @Blairsugar07: Here are a couple of things that you may be doing wrong:

    1) When messaging back and forth with a potential SD do you ask him questions or do you give minimalistic answers? Most SD’s will interpret terse answers as you not being into them.
    2) Do you bring up money talk before the first meeting? If the SD has not brought up the subject of sex yet then your talking dollars and cents is a sure way to make a SD lose interest.

  532. Xero says:

    It could have been Dolly14 from some time back in the blog. It seems to be quite repetitively that one type of “Dolly” or another posts with a complaint about how she cannot find a SD.

    Maybe if she would stop changing her name….

  533. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Josh @Sexy
    Lmao I was wondering the same thing about “Dolly”. Wasn’t that the cloned sheep’s name?

    Haha High five, ass-smack 😉

    Oh girl I’m sorry! Feel better. I have the flu. Suffice it to say, my holidays have sucked. LoL Bring on 2015!

    Hope your ears stop hurting! Ouch! Glad you had fun though 🙂

  534. SexyRockstar says:

    Her made up friend?

  535. Josh says:

    Who is @Dolly that Blair is referring to?

  536. SexyRockstar says:


    Please POST your ID. We cannot help you unless we see your profile. It may be attracting the wrong type of men/fake SDs.

    Also, the messages back and forth to the guys are a lot to do with it.

    We are here to HELP. We can make your profile sound AMAZING, but at the end of the day, its how you talk to the men that we can’t fix.

  537. SexyRockstar says:


    My cousin was really sick with that around Thanksgiving. She was in the hospital for a few days. Rest will be your best friend dear. Get a humidifier/de humidifier and such. I like putting a cold washcloth onto of my chest. It helps me breathe easier. Orrrrr..ooh ohh, vicks vapor rub. That shit is amazing.

    I took something a few minuets ago. I went out for a bit last night to an open jam at the bar by my house. My ears are ringing. I had fun. Went out with my brother and his friends. I played with some people I never met before so it was very interesting. Butt oowwww my earssss

  538. SexyRockstar says:

    You should smile in your pictures.

    Few things. Your profile
    You say:II’m a goofy girl & I love being independent but sometimes a little help won’t hurt, right? Did I mention that i’m goofy?

    Should say: I am a goofy girl with a great sense of humor.
    WHY: Goofy and being independent has nothing to do with each other. Why put them in the same sentence. “sometimes a little help won’t hurt, right”…I think, oh god, this girl wants a hand out. NEXT. No need to be redundant hun with mentioning you’re goofy. Makes you come off as bratty and immature.

    You Say: I love sushi and anything that’s not American food. I also like American food haha I’m not too picky with food or anything really, which is probably why I’m ridiculously indecisive at times…..because I like everything!!!

    Should Say: I love exploring all types of food. I’d love to show you some of my favorite restaurants.
    WHY: Your profile is very back and forth. When I read it, I think of my 6 year old and how she talks when she goes on and on about her. Non stop. Saying your indecisive shows SDs that you have NO idea what you want in life…or you will attract the Salt SDs that only want sex. Will meet you, convince you to bang them, and you will never hear from them again.

    You Say: That’s the reasons why it’s so hard to write these things because I’m so versatile & I’m not easily described. But I’m a fun gal, any guy would be lucky to spend time with me……wherever I am, there is always fun.

    SHOULD say: I can’t sum myself up in a small ‘about me space’, so, go ahead, send me a message 😉
    WHY: for some reason, adding a wink face to things seems more playful? You have a shit ton of wording. Make it sweet and simple.

    You Say: In addition, i’m very sweet, maybe too sweet at times. I’m that girl who is “too nice” but what can I say, I have a big heart!

    Should Say: I am a sweet girl with a big heart.
    WHY: Again, your profile sounds like a 6 year old rambling on and on and being redundant.

    Your profile should speak to the SD you want. I personally don’t even like my changes, but it will tidy up your profile, make you sound less bratty and immature. You’re a cute girl. So am I. I don’t have playboy bunny looks, but I am super cool, and I let my profile speak that for itself.

  539. KennaKenna says:

    @Sexy did you take anything? Hope your headache goes away soon.

  540. KennaKenna says:

    @Sexy I’ve been coughing since last week a day after I got to Florida, it got really bad yesterday and couldn’t sleep last night.

    Finally went to doctor a couple hours ago, he diagnosed it as walking pneumonia and gave me antibiotics.

    I took the antibiotics and now feel worse than ever, my stomach is in so much pain- I was crying, SD suggested going to the hospital but I’m just in bed trying to see if I feel better. 🙁

  541. blairsugar07 says:

    Same situation here, Dolly. They keep contacting me and suddenly they abort for (to my mind) no reason.
    What am I doing wrong? It sounds a little bit strange but good to know, that I’m not the only one.

  542. SexyRockstar says:

    That sucks Kenna. My head hurts, if that makes you feel any better. Something you picked up while traveling?

  543. KennaKenna says:

    Walking pneumonia is no walk in the park. 🙁

  544. Ladyscarlett says:

    “ATLSD says:
    December 27, 2014 at 7:10 am
    Glad to see to blog recovered from being the “dog whisper blog””

    Oh, for f’ks sake, there were like three or four posts on doggies. More interesting than 80% of rubbish on here! ehehehehe 😮

  545. @ATL: Yeah, their idea of an SD is horrendous and they tend to be of the “get as many [out of my league] hot girls as I can” variety. I tend to search 40+, but have recently lowered my typical starting age to 35. If I wanted to date boys normally I’d go to a club or start using a normal dating site.

    As always, there will be those posers who screw it up for the genuine ones.

  546. Josh says:


    “My only regret is that I didn’t major in English.”

    Since I never regretted not majoring in English, I cannot really understand the gravity of the regret.

  547. SouthernSB says:

    My only regret is that I didn’t major in English.

  548. Josh says:


    “Yeah @Josh I know I need new pictures, the ones I have are terrible. But first I have to find a way to get one”

    As long as you are clear that it is your challenge–and not cosmos’–to rise above to get sugar at SA. 😉

  549. Josh says:


    “I know better than to give advice to other SBs. Papaguru Josh gave me strict instructions on my role here. It is to make nonsense, entertain, and hump things while ensuring not to make a mess.”

    Correct! 😉

  550. SouthernSB says:

    Yeah @Josh I know I need new pictures, the ones I have are terrible. But first I have to find a way to get one and manage to keep my grand daughter from underwater selfies of herself in the bathtub. She’s three and thinks she’s a computer expert.

  551. Chrissy says:

    Right right! My silly SB brain! Be desperate for money but not full of drama. A delicate balance an SB must possess.

    I know better than to give advice to other SBs. Papaguru Josh gave me strict instructions on my role here. It is to make nonsense, entertain, and hump things while ensuring not to make a mess.

  552. KennaKenna says:

    I agree with @Josh and @FatBastard on the writing profiles for others but @Struggle gave suggestions, she didn’t rewrite Her profile- which is helpful.

    I used to write cover/application letters for students as a side hustle and even though the letter got them to the interview process, a lot of them fumbled because they couldn’t deliver the sophistication/language/knowledge that was written in the letter. One student didn’t even read the letter and had no idea what five of the words meant lol.

  553. Josh says:


    That’s female delusional speak.

    A desperate woman is more SB-able than an articulate one. 😉

  554. Chrissy says:

    If Coleman was an SD wouldn’t he want the SBs to be articulate then. All these people go to college that shouldn’t be in college to begin with.

  555. Josh says:


    “We can likely expect to see a flourishing abundance of “collage” students in times to come.”

    I bet Coleman is an SD and wants to make sure that more dumb women go through collages to acquire ungodly amounts of loans to have to take up SDs. 😉

  556. Josh says:


    @FatB’StardSA has a valid point. If you cannot write a uniquely interesting profile without help, how are you going to interact with the SDs in an interesting fashion to keep him around.

    Women complain that men don’t stick around with them. If the best thing you have to offer is a pussy, then there are close to 3,500,000,000 pussies around.

  557. Chrissy says:

    I would totally use my nudie money to take you out for froyo!

    The essay portion of the SATs hasn’t even been around that long, like maybe 10 years?

  558. StruggleIsReal says:

    We can likely expect to see a flourishing abundance of “collage” students in times to come.

  559. Imperfectness says:

    It’s changed now with the help from @struggle! Thanks girl. Just waiting for it to be approved.

    & I don’t see why I’m being called stupid, I think it’s smart to have others proofread your work before finalizing the draft. & I don’t see anything wrong with taking advice from others who can easily relate to your situation

  560. Josh says:


    So as per David Coleman, president and chief executive officer of the College Board,
    “We’ve also been listening to students and their families for whom these tests are often mysterious and filled with unproductive anxiety. They are skeptical that either the SAT or the ACT allows them to show their best work.”

    I agree with the CEO of the College Board…busting a move, or throwing ball in the hoop, or scoring high on COD, or singing, getting a Phd in reality shows, etc., DO NOT require the SAT or the ACT “to show their best work.”

  561. StruggleIsReal says:

    Are you serious?! Wow. That’s a disgrace. Writing skills are so important, in my opinion. Just, wow.

  562. Josh says:

    Writing was one of the three sections in SAT along with math and critical reading.

    I hear that they are doing away with the writing part, as part of the dumbing down the requirements to go to admit students to collages.

  563. StruggleIsReal says:

    I received advice from some generous blog members and it helped me very much. I’m helping her with only the best of intentions. Why hating?

    Send me nudies! I got a dolla for each you send! I’ll be your virtual sugar momma. Haha You’ll have like, $10 by the end of it! Don’t spend it all in one place. 😉

  564. Chrissy says:

    I blocked my first person the other day after recurrent messages about money for naked pictures. Just seems odd that he still has me favorited, I guess he can continue to view my profile?

  565. resop2 says:

    Delusions, they are not just an island chain off the coast of Alaska…

    @Imperfectness: I didn’t even attempt to read your “About me”. White space is your friend. Five short paragraphs is infinitely better than one run on paragraph.

  566. Josh says:


    Blocking is the easiest way to get rid of annoying SDs. The reason is that if an SD has a different account, he needs to pay another monthly fee to communicate through that account. So, it is cost prohibitive for SDs to have multiple accounts.

    SBs can create multiple accounts because it does not cost them. But SBs cannot communicate with SBs.

  567. Josh says:


    The fact that you are stupid enough to change your profile based on advise from blog members is reason enough for you to not use the SA site.”


  568. Jj says:

    @real… as persistent as you say, he is very likely a creeper flake and likely has a duel profile as well… watch out as he’s thinking you’re naive!!!

  569. FatB'StardSA says:


    The fact that you are stupid enough to change your profile based on advise from blog members is reason enough for you to not use the SA site.

  570. Jj says:

    @Josh… sometimes “blocking” just doesn’t cut it… had a “byiatch” with a duel profile and gfriends attack!!!! Man, they can be vicious “byiatches”!! just say’n

  571. StruggleIsReal says:

    Haha you’re funny! That’s one way to do it, but honestly I’m almost sure he’d meet all my demands unless I just got silly… And maybe even then lol. I’ll just block. I kind of forgot I could do that. I don’t think I’ve blocked anyone before.

  572. Imperfectness says:

    Okay @strugglr I sent you an email

  573. Jj says:

    @real…. Sometimes you need to be blunt as it may just be a flake, flake, creeper, looking to push to get to you!!! If he for real in serious interest, suggest a meet for coffee to explain further and that you will need assistance in travel and expenses. That should bring out his “true colors”; likely to insult you, but it will be over!! Ignoring him appears, will not work. NOT RECOMMENDED for any situations to meet, but will draw him out as to his true reality!

  574. ATLSD says:

    @imperfect. “In Real Life”. Go to the upscale bars and restaurants. You can do the lunch cycle near the court house. Lawyers hang there. @lainey and @kenna can help with that part

    You need to listen to struggles about the pics. She REALLY knows what she is talking about.

  575. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Josh @ATL
    Got it. Haha Blocking

  576. ATLSD says:

    @struggles. Ask him if he likes to rubbed and covered with dog food. That will scare him away. (I think)

  577. Josh says:


    Block him and move on.

  578. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hmmm I think it has to go through the approval process because it is still showing up the same even when I refresh.
    If you’d like you can email me a screenshot or copy and paste your new text to me at StruggleIsReal02 at gmail dot com . I will be happy to check it out 🙂

  579. Imperfectness says:

    @atl what is IRL?

  580. Imperfectness says:

    @struggleideesl I took all of your advice & spiced up my text in my profile. Have a look?

  581. StruggleIsReal says:

    You guys, what is a tactful way to tell a very interested persistent SD that I’m just not into him. In this case it’s purely physical looks. He looks crazy to me. LoL I keep trying to let him down easy but he finds ways around it. He is hell bent that he will make it all work to meet whatever I want but I just really don’t like his look. I haven’t sent him pix or anything. I don’t want to be mean but want him to understand that no matter what hoops he thinks he is going to jump through to get to me, it just ain’t happening….

  582. ATLSD says:

    @imperfect. “I don’t see many profiles of men from Macon though, mostly from Carolina’s or ATL it seems”. Ok go for the southern suburbs of THEATL. McDonough, griffin, Hampton etc. Let POT SD you are willing to head up 75 at least half way. Don’t let the SD be a lazy ass. You can also do IRL sugar hunting.

  583. StruggleIsReal says:

    No problem hun, I received help here from some kind bloggies myself and I think you could have a nice response with a little sprucing up.

    At your upcoming boudoir shoot, also have the photographer take some natural looking photos with just a simple solid tank top in a color that flatters you with jeans, minimal makeup, hair down naturally how you wear it day to day. Also in a dress that you’d wear to a nice restaurant. Don’t just do all lingerie type photos. One or two tasteful ones but don’t focus on just that. You want some that you can share without being all bedtime vixen. That can send the wrong message. Save those for after communications have gone really well or maybe even after a successful first meet.

  584. Imperfectness says:

    @atlsd I don’t see many profiles of men from Macon though, mostly from Carolina’s or ATL it seems

  585. Josh says:


    If you are totally bought into looking younger than you really look, then it’s time for getting your profile photos changed, like imperfectness needs to change hers.

  586. Finessejess says:

    @flyr yes as I said a few comments back I’m going to revamp my profile, including new pics. Thanks 🙂

  587. StruggleIsReal says:

    For your profile text–
    You are redundant. You don’t need to repeat yourself about being goofy, loving sense of humor, or being sweet. Going on about how you are “indecisive” and “up for anything” and you “love everything” sends the wrong message that you have no personal backbone or ideas. To you, you make think it would seem like you’re super easy to get along with because you “love everything”, but in my opinion I think, “headache/ possibly a headcase” because you have no personal anchor. Don’t be afraid to be into certain things and not into others. And if you truly love all food, that is fine and state it eloquently but don’t let “I love everything” to pervade throughout your whole profile.
    Capitalize your “I”‘s and make singular “women” (“woman”) in your first sentence of your “What I’m looking for”.
    That’s a start for you.

    As far as the messages you are sending, that’s just way too cliche and cheesy and forward. It sounds desperate. Show interest in the SD by referencing something that sparks your interest from his profile and make actual conversation. And it’s a little self-important saying he hasn’t met the SB of his dreams because he hasn’t met you.
    Oh and on that note , in your profile, I dislike the last sentence of your “About me” section. Anyone would be lucky to spend time with you… Delete that.

  588. Imperfectness says:

    Thanks @struggleisreal’
    You’re a sweety! And I actually don’t mind the nerd thing because nerd=smart smart=awesome & I’ve gotten that before, I like it! I don’t wear contacts though because they cause my eyes lots of problems so I just stick to glasses. & I totally agree about the lighting, all of those pics were taken on my iPhone 4! & I’m def not a photographer. I will look into getting that done! I’m actually doing a boudoir photoshoot in a month or two after I reach my goal weight so maybe I can use some of those on my profile.

  589. Jj says:

    @Imperfect….. your “message” just told your potential pot that he is a loser and cannot find a sugar who will accept him!!! Doh!!!! ‘Homer S’ just say’n… sorry!!

  590. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-I KNOW I don’t get it either!!! I don’t have any delusions about my age and I don’t go around lying about it either. But time after time men and women are telling me how young I look. I keep saying to my family if I look like I’m in my late 20’s to early 30’s than the girls they are looking at must have really messed up their lives. I have never been in a hundred miles of Botox, a facelift or any fillers and still I get it. Yeah, like I look at young as my daughter. Suuurrrree…..

  591. flyR says:

    Finess – Wow you got a lot of comments and probably many that you want to dismiss, don’t do it if you are serious about being successful here on the site.

    Photos hurt you – top does not flatter you. Put some color into the pictures. Every photo should have a specific mission. Show diversity in dress, view etc.

    Show that you thought about who you are and how you can improve your SD’s life. Yes SA includes SEX 99% of the time, but make sex special in some way , subtle is usually better.

    Have a message if you search SB profiles you’ll see that they range from Mensa intelligence in a dancer’s body to world class soloist on the skinflute

    Patience is a virtue.

  592. StruggleIsReal says:

    I will start on the photos–
    I can actually see both sides of the fence here. I can see that you do have a very youthful looking face, “cherubic” if you will. I think what is throwing people off to think you look older is bad lighting, bad photos, and maybe the glasses. It isn’t doing anything for your skin and features. The orangey bad lighting is making your skin look old or something.

    Your profile pic in my opinion is cute and the glasses add a cutesy nerdy touch. Sorry, not saying you’re a nerd but you just don’t see every girl wearing eyeglasses. However I would get someone (an amateur photographer, student in photog school, even just a friend who has a knack for taking decent photos etc) to take some basic photos of you that aren’t selfies. Maybe lose the glasses and add a nice full body one, maybe in a nice flattering dress.

  593. ATLSD says:

    @southern. Oh yea I like double dates. But yu have to Pecan syrup!!!

    @impertfect. I just favorited you read my profile. And use that as guide as if you were responding.
    I’m not upgraded right now so I can not answer any messages you send me. SA wants my sugar money for that.

  594. SouthernSB says:

    @Imperfectness-You have to read their profiles and look at their pictures. I ran into a profile where the guy had a picture of himself with a camel. I asked him “How’s your dromedary?” See, funny and showing interest. Unfortunately, he was looking for someone local. My problem is more that I don’t live in a big city than anything else. If I lived in the closest city near here I am sure I would have gotten a SD by now. After all the big city that I live too far from is one of the “Housewives” franchises.

  595. Josh says:

    @SouthernSB, sounds like a plan sweetheart.

  596. Josh says:


    “IRL most people think look between 15 to 25 years younger than I am”

    Is there a word better than delusion to describe that phenomenon? 😉

  597. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-Maybe I should go to OurTime, and find myself a rich 90 year old. I’ll change his diapers and feed him with a spoon and wiggle my way into the will.

  598. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh geez! Haha!

  599. KennaKenna says:

    @Imperfectness that message is just too generic… Read the SD’s profile thoroughly and come up with an interesting/witty question to ask him.

  600. Josh says:


    “Well hello handsome! I suspect you haven’t found the SB of your dreams yet…because we haven’t met.”

    The best response you will get for such idiotic message is “how much for suck and fuck”? 😉

  601. Finessejess says:

    @josh not an attitude nazi, but as other people are saying I guess this is the way you guys interact on here. In other words thanks 🙂

  602. SouthernSB says:

    @Imperfectness-It’s OK and I know what you mean. IRL most people think look between 15 to 25 years younger than I am, but this time around on SA I only get look-sees and no messages. It’s pretty frustrating. I think you will be quite successful. Just remember don’t price yourself out of the market and you will be fine. Good luck and be safe. Southern.

  603. Finessejess says:

    @struggles yup definetly taking more pics, thanks

  604. Josh says:


    Sweetheart you might want to go to Match, POF. OK Cupid, eHarmony, etc., and try to secure a rich idiot.

    Sugar “may” not be for you, as it is not for the other attitude-nazi who asked for “feedback”. 😉

    From now on I will give a quick attitude quiz before wasting my time in trying to help ungrateful women on here.

    Holy Jesus Christ already!

  605. ATLSD says:

    @southern. Sweet SB mama with words of wisdom. Dysfunctional family is putting it mildly 😉

    @imperfect. You were insulted but changed your pics already. Good job. We want you to be successful and trust me when I tell there is a lot of old south money in the Macon area. You need to up the game and get a piece of the pie..;)

  606. Imperfectness says:

    “Well hello handsome! I suspect you haven’t found the SB of your dreams yet…because we haven’t met.”

    That’s one I sent with no reply

  607. KennaKenna says:

    @Imperfectness what are you saying in your messages to SDs? Is it a generic message?

  608. Finessejess says:

    @kennakenna yeah I figured I would revamp my profile with some new pics, thanks

  609. SouthernSB says:

    Hey ATLSD-Can I come along? I promise to put maple pancakes on my shapely ass and show up at the Waffle House, if you promise to make that date a double. I love the Waffle House.

  610. Imperfectness says:

    Thanks @southernSB!!

  611. Imperfectness says:

    What does 30 look like nowadays anyway?
    Okay so I took advice deleted those pics & waiting for the ones with full bod to be approved. I can’t get sd to respond to my messages either 🙁

  612. SouthernSB says:

    @Imperfectness-I know you feel more than a little bit insulted and quite taken aback but believe me the SDs and SBs on the blog are only trying to help you. I am an ancient SB (wayyyy over 40) and they have done nothing but help me and told me the hard, bleak truth. I’ve just learned that you have to take it as the reality it is and do your best to improve your profile and move on. For the most part, everyone here is friendly, if not a little dysfunctional and we treat each other like a nice platonic family.
    No one is here to intentionally hurt you, we are just here to help anyone who asks for it, even Josh, especially Josh. If he gets too blunt, you just have to forgive him for that and carry on.

  613. Imperfectness says:

    Oops meant @josh

  614. ATLSD says:

    @ygtbkm. You are my new hero. You are now cordially invited to “THEATL”. Since Chrissy and Struggles won’t move here. I’ll up the offer, your choice of Hyundai with pleather seats and a bluetooth connection. And our first date wil be at the Waffle House.

  615. Imperfectness says:

    I shouldn’t have to get photos taken to make me look make me look like anything, that’s just crazy. but of the 23 years in my life, this is the first I’ve gotten this so I’m not disappointed at all, just surprised & a little more insecure. If you saw me in person, you’d beg to differ. & @xero you’re theories don’t work on me because I never hear from a guy who “wants to get in my pants” and not much from girlfriends either.

  616. Josh says:


    “I feel so insulted never in my life has anyone told me I look like I’m in my 30′s!! NEVER”

    Why were you not “insulted” when you were told that you looked 18 or19?

    Count your blessings that we are giving time of day to help you succeed at SA.

    Otherwise we can always go back to our regularly scheduled programming and ignore ungrateful damsels in distress. Hahahaha!!!

  617. ATLSD says:

    @imperfect. Don’t be insulted. Disappointed but not insulted. We are here to help and you asked. We don’t sugar coat things. Except @Lainey(tounge in cheek).
    @struggles and the other SB will have good advise for you.

  618. Josh says:


    “I usually get that I look 18 or 19”

    Sweetheart, that’s how girls delude each other, and that’s how a gamer tries to get into your pants.

    If you ARE indeed 23 then you will have to get photos taken by a photographer who can make you look like 23. 😉

  619. ATLSD says:

    @imperfect. The real SD will not offer phone nbrs or money or ask for pics right away. If you get asked for pics or travel or out of town nbrs be suspect. A real SD will chat a little thru the SA then move to email and/ or ask to meet you for a coffee, drinks or quick lunch or dinner.
    There is another issue that you have to worry about due to the large military presence in your area they draw a lot of hookers. So you really need to be careful and if the POT SD is eluding to that, you to end it quick.

  620. Imperfectness says:

    I feel so insulted never in my life has anyone told me I look like I’m in my 30’s!! NEVER

  621. ATLSD says:

    @imperfec. Delete the flannel shirt pic. Where you are at the bar. Does nothing for you.

  622. ATLSD says:

    @imperfect. Yes you look older. You need to delete your profile pic and the other one with the hat. Like right now. Move pic Nbr as profile pic. Take some full body pics with a nice outfit a dress or skirt and dress work best. Classy looking not hookerish.

    You narrative is not to bad but could be cleaned up a bit.

    Location. Macon area should be your focus more then WR. WR is a transit military city. Macon has old south money and those are the SD you should be going for.

    One last thing the number of mixed/black SB in GA is very large. Probably close to 50% .. So you need to stand out. There are plenty of men that like mix girls. (i.e. like Chrissy she is half Swedish and half Norwegian.)

    Now go to work.

  623. Imperfectness says:


  624. StruggleIsReal says:

    It’s in the link to your profile. It’s after seeking arrangement then members then the letter “e”. After that should be the number that is your profile ID.

  625. StruggleIsReal says:

    Haha Don’t start with Alpha Beta talk again or I’ll go all doggie style on y’all again! Haha

    I think I can only search for SDs that way? I tried it and it brought up no results.

    LoL 🙂

  626. Imperfectness says:

    How do I find that? Is it the IP on my

  627. ATLSD says:

    @struggles click on profile text and a box will be there and Type her name. She should be the only one.

  628. ATLSD says:

    Glad to see to blog recovered from being the “dog whisper blog”

    @spoonful. Thanks babe for coming back during the holidays. I just needed a Mary Popins fix. Thanks for the stats, I have seen pics of really young dudes in the SA promotions. I know there is some young techie rich dudes but I would think most would not really know how to be a SD.

  629. StruggleIsReal says:

    What is your profile ID ?
    I don’t know how to search for SBs using the search function.

  630. StruggleIsReal says:

    I would lose all the photos except the one in the tie up top with the light going across your face (not the one where you are touching your chest). Do as the others have said and take a photo of you looking really classy in nice dress, maybe hair up in a simple updo. I might suggest also adding one where you are way less posed, way less makeup, simple casual outfit, more of a candid photo, perhaps where you are laughing a real laugh. Show a little youth and life in there.

    The text in your profile is just very generic. It is like a template of SB searching for SD ad and doesn’t really give me any sense of who you really are. Are you funny? What kind if sense of humor? What do you value in personality traits and character? What are you passionate about? Sports? Hobbies? What subjects are of particular interest to you? Doesn’t mean you have to be a pro in the fields but just gives and idea of you in general.
    Good luck.

  631. Imperfectness says:

    Yes, the one from GA is me, my username is the name on here. & your pointer about my age doesn’t work so well because I’m not lying! Please tell me you’re joking when you say I look older @xero! I usually get that I look 18 or 19 but I really am 23!

    Another problem I’m having is distinguishing between the phony SD and the real ones. Is it a red flat when the first message they send has their number or is that good??

    And again, yes I am 23! I hope you were joking

  632. KennaKenna says:

    And one last thing, use words that show you have in depth knowledge of the English Language and can form sophisticated, witty sentences. The use of some words can go a long way.

    SDs have written me saying “I know any woman who uses ——- in her profile has got to be interesting and at least worth a conversation”.

    My point is use stuff in your profile that a SD can reference when he sends you a message. I would delete, delete, delete and start over!
    Good luck!

  633. Josh says:


    Like anything, it takes some time to get a hang of. The SBs that come here early and get a no holds barred critique are a lot better off than those who waste time on their own first and then come here.

    I typically provide comprehensive feedback but last night I was on my way to bed when I responded to you briefly. However, you received boatload of feedback already…more than what I have seen in the recent months.

    If you truly came for feedback there’s no need for more. If you came for chit chat, then you are not doing a good job by snapping back.

    In any event, best of success on SA!

  634. KennaKenna says:

    And now I can totally see how ‘treat like a king’ can come across as ‘washed up hooker’ like @ygbkm said, so maybe if you’re submissive- you can allude to that without directly using that phrase.

  635. KennaKenna says:

    @fjess didn’t look at your profile last night when I gave you advice, it was just general profile writing advice.

    If what you say is true and you’re not an escort, I’d lose all those photos. There is a stigma associated with black women in this world and you’re playing into it. Take some photos where you’re dressed up for a night out, showing your legs but not showing too much.

    I love really high heels too, but I tend to stay away from platforms as I don’t want to look like a street walker. Yes, men like you in a short, tight dress BUT too short/too tight will make you stand out when sometimes you want to blend in.

  636. Finessejess says:

    @lainey beleive as you wish 🙂

  637. Lainey says:

    Lmao. TOTALLY sticking by what I said even more so after observing blog interaction.

  638. Finessejess says:

    @ SS thanks hun, yeah I was thinking I need to take a different approach with the pics and havea variety

  639. Chrissy says:

    All I can think about right now is crawling into bed with ygtbkm and using her bosom as a pillow. Mostly because my blonde brain has not read 75% of what has been posted on the blog either.
    In my profile I found it helpful to write a graphic erotic short story of what I would do to my perfect SD. That way he knows what to expect and can skip over those sometimes embarrassing questions like, “Will you put your foot in my mouth? Can I wear your panties and have them shoved in my mouth?” 😀

  640. Dazed-SD says:

    @finess, I understand. One thing I do also understand from the Blogs. Some of the people here can be very harsh, but in their weird way they try to help..LOL

  641. Dazed-SD says:

    @ss1959, great reply, We have the same preference in women.

  642. Finessejess says:

    @dazed Thanks for your compliments. I’m really not trying to argue though, I just don’t like when I ask a simple question and people reply like someone shit in their coffee or something lol

  643. resop2 says:

    I’ve noticed sort of a bug in SA. If you create a saved search that includes the number of children then when you reuse the search, all of the other restrictions will be there except for the number of children. Has anyone else had this problem?

  644. ss1959 says:

    @Finesejess: You are exactly my preferred SB type; a tall, slim Black woman. But I would want to see a picture of you dressed to go out for a nice dinner or lunch at a nice water-front restaurant on a summer afternoon. The little bikini top is sexy but I for the most part don’t want to walk down the street with a woman dressed like that.

    And echoing others’ comments; less “I like…” and more “let’s…” in your profile prose.

  645. Dazed-SD says:

    @finess, Pet peeve of mine, you come here and ask for advise, then argue.
    Ok, on to your question, I think your pictures are very nice, your a beautiful young women. I do however agree with others that the picture of you in the high heels is not flattering at all. I’m not going to call it what they did, but it does make your legs look off a little. Your profile writing is a little to much about you. Bottom line in a classy but sexy way, make me want to write to you.

  646. Finessejess says:

    Yeah @yougottobekiddingme you seem tired and worn out…sleep perhaps?? If you don’t like this blog or site it’s really just a click away to get off not much to it. My outfit isn’t really hookerish though, and as for the heels it’s called posing hun

  647. My first thought mirrors Lainey’s.

    Further (and I’m not taking a jab at anyone), I know that some have spouted their approach to showering the King on his throne, but “treat you like a King” in a profile reads like washed up hooker speak, in my tired of being diplomatic opinion.

    And why the single undone button? Seems like a hooker after thought. And if you’re gonna wear hooker heels, please know how to stand in them. Also, that bikini top does not flatter your breast. Another thing, “I LOVE older men so much that Im gonna type LOVE in ALL CAPS reeks of hooker. Your friend who helped you write your profile is looking through the hooker lens, as is your photographer. Your makeup is well done, and you have beautiful facial structure, but for the love of god, lower that raised eyebrow…it’s not sexy, it’s creepy.

    I apologize that Ive no nicer words at this moment. I think Ive mostly exhausted my tolerance mechanisms, and am growing more and more saddened, more so irritated by this place…more specifically, the mind sets here. People ask questions, but don’t really want to know the answers. Such a fantasy sink hole, it seems. One big desperate race for validation. One pathetic competition to keep up with what the fuck even. It amazes me how oblivious, how unwittingly lost people seem. How do you (generalized plural) navigate life wearing such embellished blinders? Fucking Christ. Develop yourselves already.

    Sure, pobody’s nerfect, and everyone develops at ones own pace, but development is not only in investing in oneself, in understanding and progressing oneself, but also in understanding the progression in both the micro and macro world around us.

    Finesse, you’re probably a lovely lady…one of several to fly through the blog as of late. This post is mostly a rant, and not directed at you in its entirety. I do, however, think some editing of your profile would be beneficial to you.

  648. Finessejess says:

    @sexyrock i have all the confidence in the word girl, but clearly it’s not bringing me messages lol

  649. Finessejess says:

    @lainey huh? I’m not an escort though so…..

  650. Lainey says:

    @FinessJess pretty much know an escort profile when I see it..

    Yeeeaa.. Im just going to sit that right there and walk away

  651. SexyRockstar says:


    You have a thinner body then I do, yet I have 2 SDs who are young and sexy. Confidence girl. I am 5’4 and I am a size 10. It’s all about how not only you sound and your messages, and a lot more then just looks. I even have another person wanting to meet me really really badly.

  652. KennaKenna says:

    @fjess think about what you can offer a SD that makes you unique, then write about it. Like @jj said, Write your profile as if you’re speaking to the Daddy.

    I also write and focus on one type of Daddy so it makes me seem somewhat selective and not everyone would have a chance. Some SDs like it more when they sense you turned down previous SDs but chose them(at least in my experience).

  653. flyR says:

    Fess – Understand that if you are newly on here SA may have had your picture on “featured” you’ll get a lot of looks from all over the world. Obviously few are real prospects.

    Too many similar photos. Pick a mission for each photo

    As others have noted use Word but before that write an outline.

  654. Jj says:

    No @fjess… you have a great array of photos to get you the “looks”, but your not delivering with your profile prose!!! Lose the “i”‘s and get your guy in the picture of how you’re going to improve and make his life more exciting and better and you will do great!! It’s just, as written, it is all about you. Try rewriting your profile off site to make multiple changes to avoid the approval process as much as possible and most everyone on here will provide you some great profile tips on how to turn the ‘lookers” into pots!! Yes there are some who are not open minded on “race”, but there are many, many more who are looking for you as a quality baby!!! For sure!!!

  655. Finessejess says:

    I also beleive SA men are really picky and certain types of girls win on this site more than ever. I do beleive most of these men want a stick skinny girl, which I’m not so that could be a reason to *shrugs*

  656. Jj says:

    @Fjess… if you wish to try to rewrite it on a word doc and share with me, mu toss out contact is b2bjj at ya hoo com… and I could offer suggestions from a gents point of view. @Kenna, @Alex, @Elane and others have some great advice for a great profile..

  657. Jj says:

    @Fjess.. girl ther are eleven “I” determinate pronouns in your profile prose and and not one you, your, him, he…. What are you offering to your pot daddy. other than you are “attracted” and “enjoy qualities”??? A successful gentleman has that offered to him everyday and he is seek something more specific. So Again what are you offering your daddy in the arrangement you seek!! Suggest you copy/past your profile prose to Word doc and try converting the “I”‘s to “you” and “him” about what it is you bring to the table in an mutually beneficial arrangement; he “is” part of the picture.
    “I like going out to enjoy myself such as going to the movies, dining and traveling.” Maybe!!! Out enjoying ourselves to a movie, fun dinning, and your pleasure of traveling…… Get “him” involved in the equation, or all your offering is “another pretty face” and “enjoying qualities” of a successful gent. just say’n

  658. Finessejess says:

    @josh from some of the profiles Ive read on here I thought mine was on point lol, any tips?

  659. ChicagoBaby says:


    You can email me and I will attach photos.
    yummychic17 at gmail

  660. Finessejess says:

    @jj I thought I did enough of that when I mentioned I like dating older men, and want someone I can treat like a king? Me and my friend specifically revised my profile to say that, because in the begging she said exactly what you said about the profile being about me

  661. Jj says:

    @Fjess… @Josh was a tad more direct, but he is correct in his determination of your profile!!!

  662. Jj says:

    @Fjess.. your photos are very tasteful and what’s getting you the “looks”, but your profile is geared to only you and what you want, and yu need to stear it toward the daddy and the experience you can offer him; without coming off “slutty”. I cannot see where you have mentioned anything but “make memories” that offers anything to the daddy you seek. Just say’n…

  663. Josh says:

    Your profile sucks. Everything else is fine. Put some YOU and passion into the narrative.

  664. Finessejess says:

    @josh 2039793

  665. Josh says:


    It basically boils down to

    Photos, profile, location, age and ethnicity.

    If you post your profile number I can tell youwhat mightbe up.

  666. Finessejess says:

    Can someone tell me why I may not be receiving much messages? I get a lot of views, but for some reason it’s not translating into inbox hits

  667. @ATL- I don’t really pay attention to who the new sign ups are, so no opinion there, but there are 278 SD members aged 18-30 within a 250 mile radius of my location and 4385 SD members of the same age range within 1000 miles. Of course, I didn’t look to see the activity of any so that probably cuts down quite a few.

  668. @ATL- Racks?! I’m back just for you sugar pie! 😉 I hope your Christmas went well!

  669. Josh says:

    There are 397 SBs 60 years or older. The oldest who recently joined is 81 years old and hails from Illinois.

    Some of them are expecting Substantial. I have not seen High yet but I am sure that they are out there.

  670. Beach_Girl says:

    Yes, I wish It was me, but, nope.. just love those shoes!!! they are beautiful!

  671. ATLSD says:

    Bummer. Well who ever owns those puppies is helping MANkind.

  672. Beach_Girl says:

    ATLSD~ nope, unfortunately… sorry…

  673. ATLSD says:

    We had been talking about the holiday Thing earlier. Seems the best shot is for single SD that might be in a town with no family.

    BTW are those your feet?

  674. Beach_Girl says:

    ATLSD~ HAHHA fire hydrant lol…
    I honestly haven’t been on the site in a few weeks. I work like crazy this time of year, so.. i’ll find out after the holidays

  675. ATLSD says:

    “stuggle. i’m sure lots of SDs here would love that type of photo here LOL Kim K’s ass style”

    Why yes they would. But I digress. I feel the need to go pee on a fire hydrant.

    How is the SD hunt. Did any you SB notice more SD signing up during the holidays. Also is there any real young dudes trying to be SD? Like in their 20’s?

  676. Beach_Girl says:

    I’m not sure this time of year , the holidays, is the best time to be looking for a SD… too many things going on

  677. ATLSD says:

    Woof woof.
    Welcome to Seeking Arrangement for dogs.
    Speaking of hounds. Another ash mad woman showed up here. She had this huge manifesto on AM About who she would see and Definitly could tell if you were full of shit beta type or true alpha type. Well now she wants a SD. Hmmmm how things change.

  678. Beach_Girl says:

    FunDude~ at the gym on boxing day…. I wish I had that dedication!

    Struggle~ I didn’t catch up so… nope, not broken!!! i’m sure lots of SDs here would love that type of photo here LOL Kim K’s ass style

  679. StruggleIsReal says:

    Thank God. I thought I had broken the sugar blogosphere, and I didn’t even show my ass. À la Kim K. LoL

  680. FunDude says:

    Done at the gym. Boring night in palm beach for me. Will be doing the comedy club, bar thing tomorrow with some interesting friends. So I guess its blog time for me now.


    Im not “obsessed” with Alpha, Beta, etc. I just know beta chump dudes that will get taken advantage of pretty easily. Xero and FLYR are clearly in that category.

    @ Xero

    Yes I feel very inadequate on this blog. Please give me some wonderful advice on how to obtain women from your vast experience.

    @Struggle Good insight into the alpha beta dynamic in dogs. Really informative.

  681. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars 😀
    Hope you all had a great Christmas

  682. StruggleIsReal says:

    You were wise to have found a great home for your strongly driven dog. I’m like you in that sense… I love a dog with a mind and a bit more of a “challenge”. Hounds are by no means unintelligent. Quite the opposite. Uninformed humans simply don’t respect the amazing traits that were specifically bred into them over many generations.
    I love Belgian Malinois! They are SO focused. Highly trainable dogs.

    Oh boy. I have successfully changed this sugar blog into a dog blog! Lmao! Such is my tendency! Sorry guys!

    I’d love it if you’d email me at StruggleIsReal02 at gmail . We can keep up the dog banter without boring or sugar peers to tears! LoL!

  683. Ladyscarlett says:

    Yes, very true. Many think hounds are not that smart, but he was so clever. Could open up closed wooden boxes and get out of any harness or obstacle course that I barricaded him in with. He would really look and observe things–even pictures that hung in the home. And, yes, without exercise, he would go bonkers and find things to entertain himself that were not so good for the yard or house :-/ They do not like to be left alone either…I love that breed, though, and will try again(female this time), when I get a place with more land and a fence. Re-homed him with a teen who has 50 acres and wanted a house and hunting pet.

    My sister only has one that she breeds, but they are good bloodline..she does Belgian malinois. That dog is a crazy working dog.

  684. StruggleIsReal says:

    You are spot on. Ever since I started learning the dynamics of it all it has actually oriented my eyes to dealing with people in a whole new way. We think we are so far removed but… I’d personally beg to differ.

    I have not personally trained hounds but I am aware of their SUPER high prey drive. They can be very difficult dogs to have as simple pets for the layman. They tend to need a “job” simply due to their innate tendencies, and if not an actual job at least an outlet for them to exercise their faculties. Otherwise they can become frustrating, albeit extremely sweet and loyal! I find breeding and characteristics incredibly interesting. It gives me so much respect for the animal. And a greater understanding.

  685. Ladyscarlett says:

    It is kind of like women, on SA, who always write about how classy/smart/fun they are. Same with alpha. If one has to always remind others ‘what’ they are, this and that, then they are not. It just goes without saying or telling, if one is…

  686. Ladyscarlett says:

    Haha, struggles, that is so true! And, what I meant, when you can sense it a mile away–with humans, anyways…

    I saw what you speak of, on the dog whisperer once, so that makes sense, as men who are play acting alpha are obvious to women and men who know better.

    @struggles, Do you train hounds ever? Had a treeing walker for awhile, and he was a naughty boy…but, so sweet and pretty fellow…

  687. StruggleIsReal says:

    Would you email me her profile? I’m just curious. Struggleisreal02 at gmail

  688. StruggleIsReal says:

    *humans to dogs

    Hello typos.

  689. StruggleIsReal says:

    *watch betas snark it out

  690. StruggleIsReal says:

    Re: alpha beat what-not

    I train “aggressive” dogs and have had the great pleasure to train under some of the great minds in the field of balanced training. While it may seem a stretch to compare this to humans, I have learned in fact it truly isn’t isn’t. A true “alpha” is actually so confident he is “aloof” i.e. Really could not care less about what is going on, so long as it does not disturb his kingdom on a direct level. Snarky happenings here and there do not bother him.
    A true alpha is so above it all he really won’t engage until he comes in to close shit down. The betas are the ones who have words and silly battles underneath him, always vying for that “next-to-alpha” position.
    I have a dog who is wise and calm. He is the true alpha. I have two others who most consider “killer-dogs”. They are betas. They will eat each other alive at times, but will NEVER even front to my alpha, who has literally never even given more than a tough glance towards either of them to keep them in check. Alpha is so damn cool, he’ll sit there and watch beats snark it out.

    And no, I’m not comparing men to dogs. Hans to dogs, for that matter. That would be far too kind 😉

  691. Eloquence says:

    Nothing like a nerd to get your holiday bell ringing. Falalal a laaaa LAlalalaaaa. Happy belated Christmas! Or Chrissymas

  692. Eloquence says:

    @ lady

    Amen 😉

  693. Ladyscarlett says:

    Oh nerds–gotta love some of them. oftentimes, they can be quite the pleasant surprise in bed…

  694. Xero says:

    Ok, POT 1 has created yet ANOTHER profile lol. Still very relieved I did not select her. She is a breathing disaster. :/

  695. Xero says:

    @FunDude Your insecurities are showing. Just letting you know “bro”.

  696. Eloquence says:

    I’m a nerd lover and proud to admit it! Puurrrrr.

  697. Ladyscarlett says:

    Bowww chica bow wowww..

    I like beta nerds who are cute but don’t quite know it, but still are secure enough to go after what they desire(who shower me with Benjamins helps, too! :-o). Men pretending to be alpha, or learning how to be alpha from some gaming class or groupon deal are not really true alphas. They are overcompensating for their insecurities, so they are the worst, if you really are into alphas. A true alpha is a different story and can sense the difference a mile away…with that being said, if there are men with self esteem issues who are able to get women to sleep with them, or give them the time of day, due to improving themselves socially, then go for it. I see nothing wrong with it.

  698. Eloquence says:

    Eye, eye, Cap-E-Taun 🙂

  699. Josh says:


    “You and Josh can look for an “Acting Alpha” class GroupOn deal!”

    It does not bother me what I am in terms of alpha, beta, gamma, etc. @FunDude is preoccupied with it, and he can take any classes he wants.

    That stuff may be required to game women, but in the sugar bowl Benjamin is mighty alpha already. 😉

  700. Josh says:


    ‘@ Josh
    “or has low enough self esteem to dump your sorry ass and move on. ” Huh? That does not make sense…’

    I did not expect this from the queen of run-on sentences. LOL!

    Please allow to elaborate. If she did not have low self esteem, she would have dumped his sorry ass long time ago. But that speculation is totally unwarranted, as I don’t know anything about her except what we have heard from the sorry ass gtt_envy.

    Again, the problem is not her, the problem is the sorry ass gtt_envy.

  701. FatB'StardSA says:


    “I pretend to act “alpha” to compensate for my inadequacies.”

    If that is the best you can do when “pretending” then you need to do a better job. You and Josh can look for an “Acting Alpha” class GroupOn deal!

  702. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh

    “or has low enough self esteem to dump your sorry ass and move on. ” Huh? That does not make sense…

    She has low self esteem so she dumps you?

    Aren’t You supposed to make the woman run backwards on a sofa or a chaise saying “OMG, OMG” because that’s all she can recall (in any language). 🙂

  703. Josh says:


    “@Imperfectness You have yourself listed as 23 years of age, but you look a lot older. Could this be part of the problem?”

    Someone in her Matrix told her that she does not look day older than 23, and she bought it. 😉

    The imperfectness from Georgia is in her thirties but thinks the men’s little head cannot tell a woman in her 30s from one in her 20s. 😉

  704. Josh says:


    “Joshy, showed up and took over the blog bashing, hitching, and proclaiming the evil ways of women everywhere.”

    You claim to have a good woman but still fuck around, and risk losing her. She either does not know what you do behind her back, or has low enough self esteem to dump your sorry ass and move on.

    I have enough grey matter to appreciate a decent woman. If I had a woman that you allegedly claim have, then I would not be in the sugar bowl.

    What seems to bother you about my presence is that you are not getting the whipping by some dom woman, who you liked so much getting whipped by.

    “He’s a catfish imo”

    You will never find out. So find a nice, hard dildo and fuck yourself.

  705. Jj says:

    @Sexy… you need to write a song!! ‘I luv this blog!!!’ just say’n

  706. ATLSD says:

    Looks like another “drive by” I need help poster. Hey &imperfectness it’s helps to hit the refresh button. If you really want an answer then stay for a while. If you are the one in GA then you need talk to the Alpha/Omega SD in
    GA, I’ll get you going on your way to wealth and richs.

    @ygtbkm. you know other people can can control that Bluetooth vibe. Even from “THE ATL”.

    @spoonful. Where are you?? We have nice convo about racks going and you and your rack are nowhere to be found???

  707. StruggleIsReal says:

    LMAO You guys and your food porn! haha

    @flyR Yes, great suggestion. When asked for Christmas gift desires for myself, unless there really is something I am truly wanting and/or need (not often at all), I ask for donations to a few charities of my personal liking, if anything at all. So this year just from gifts I was able to raise some decent funds for good causes.

    I was wonder what “succeseasucessafurple” meant haha

    You’re a little bit more than obsessed with this “alpha, beta, gamma, omega” stuff. You DO realize this is JUST a theory, right? You seem to worship it like it’s the holy grail. I’m not saying it is wrong, but my goodness, it’s a vast world and you really limit yourself pretty strongly by holding so fast to one set of ideas.

  708. SexyRockstar says:

    Well, at least you’re a little bit taller then me. I just won’t wear heels around you then.

    Will you roll me around onto of cookies, chips, and pizza. Please?

  709. FunDude says:


    LOL too funny. Guess the pressure is off of me then!

    I can come clean. I am about 5’5″, 300lbs with a 3 inch peen.

    Kinda sad. I pretend to act “alpha” to compensate for my inadequacies.

  710. SexyRockstar says:


    I love fat men. I like licking gravy off their bigger-than-my-tits. Plus, if you have a small penis, sex would be less scary on my end. Ill just make you do me from behind and i’ll just put my face in the pillow.

    And because you are fat and ugly, I would get away with a much higher allowance. That way I can continue living my super lovely lifestyle.

  711. FunDude says:


    You haven’t even seen my physique yet either

    I could be a fat bastard with a small penis. Never know!

  712. FunDude says:


    You are the beta guy on my nuts. I am doing quite well without your advice.

    How about we don’t give each other advice and compare notes how whose techniques work better?

    How does that sound?

    Still haven’t heard your stock picks since you are a rich billionaire investor. Help us lowly people out man!

  713. gtt_envy says:

    So much for replying from my phone geesh 🙁 fubarred that.

  714. gtt_envy says:

    @FB, because it reminds of interns just graduating college that have 1-2 summer projects under their belt and then act like they founded Microsoft.

    Joshy, showed up and took over the blog bashing, hitching, and proclaiming the evil ways of women everywhere.

    SucceSucceasfuple with real arrangements, skill sets aside from the gift of BS, hobbies, and ultimately a life don’t live on blogs.

    He’s a catfish imo 🙂

  715. SexyRockstar says:

    Now now guys. Things between Xero and I arint working out, so it’s my duty so let FunDude try to take a ride on the RockStar train. If he can’t handle it, then I will let you know. But I am dying to see what his face looks like…if he is attractive, I will allow him to degrade me and pay me on trident layers

  716. Xero says:

    @FunDude I do not give advice on this blog. Also, your fixation on me is only reaffirmation of the fact that you are a poser on this site. Remember, it goes back to the “Thou doth protesteth too much”. For this, you may wish to step it down. Or shall I just throw out another “carry on” so you feel “recognized” by me…..

    Carry on Oh Mighty Alfalfa, carry on!

  717. “FunDude says:

    …WTF dudes? Some of these guys are bigger manginas than I’ve seen in some time.”

    When was the last time you saw a mangina? Did you caress it? Slip it a finger or two?

  718. FunDude says:


    I was trying to figure out why the women in here have more masculine advice than you?

    Don’t you find that problematic for you and FLYR? Sounds pretty beta to men.

  719. FlyR says:

    One of the other options throughout the year but especially at Christmas is when someone asks about what you want suggest they join you in a gift for a worthy cause such as Fisher House or do as a group of. Young actresses in Hollywood do throw a party with a gift for toys for tots or another program as the admission ticket.

  720. Xero says:

    @SexyRockstar I hope the fantasies are appeasing some of your yearnings. 😉

  721. Xero says:

    FunDude is a SB in disguise? Only a woman would go on and on like this lol.

  722. KennaKenna says:

    I fell in love with my SD a little more couple days ago. We were in a toy store buying toys for his little cousins, and the woman in front of us at the register didn’t have enough for the stuff in her cart- SD walked up to her, told her to put the cash in her pocket and paid the entire bill.

    The woman jumped for joy, and kept hugging SD and wouldn’t let go. He’s always been nice to me but I had no idea he had such a big heart!

  723. FlyR says:

    @struggles- no offense taken.

  724. @Lainey

    Ah, gotcha…I missed your angle.


    Id tell you how my butterfly vibrator is treating me, but my teeth are chattering right now. Give me a min…

    “@ygbkm. With some of the racks you SB have. Gives new meaning to bumper cars.”

    “I think @ygbkm has an unfair advantage for a car-fight because she has built in air bags on her chest. However I wouldn’t mind getting bumped from behind right about now”

    Hahaha! What do you guys have against my rack? I can blow bubbles in them. Daddy likes when I blow bubbles in them. Uh huh…he does. One time I joked that I was gonna get a breast reduction, and he said, “Aw hellz to da nah, Bubblez! Not on my watch, you won’t!!”

    And that’s when I realized that my suga daddy was actually a pimp. He slapped some cents into me (he kept all the dollars), and I got right back to blowing bubbles.

    The struggle. Is. Real.

  725. SexyRockstar says:

    You didn’t complain about the tattoo on my butt. You said it was super cute and took a picture of it.

  726. FunDude says:


    Good job. You seem like a smart lady.

    We have some smarter SBs in here.

    Why are the SBs more alpha than Xero or FLYR? Don’t get it.

    WTF dudes? Some of these guys are bigger manginas than I’ve seen in some time.

  727. StruggleIsReal says:

    No surprise you’re a saint. I love you chicks raising your kids right. Really, gives me hope for future generations.

  728. StruggleIsReal says:

    That’s so awesome! Love seeing others doing good!! Hugs to you and SD for that!
    I do the same except I go through areas and find animals (usually dogs) who live outside (usually chained or in small pens) without fair insulation and shelter (although still considered “legal” psh) and drop off warm blankets to them, and report the ones who truly don’t have the bare minimum of legal shelter requirements (which they can still easily freeze to death in).

    Gosh you’re giving me the warm fuZzies 🙂

  729. SexyRockstar says:


    I do the same thing with my kids every Christmas. My oldest thinks it’s really fun to do it. On New Years eve…we watch the Disney Channel countdown. LOL.

    I volunteer every Monday at a Church and I bring the kids with me. They play with the other kids and such. I will not raise spoiled brats! LOL

  730. Xero says:

    @Imperfectness You have yourself listed as 23 years of age, but you look a lot older. Could this be part of the problem?

  731. Xero says:

    @SexyRockstar “You love me even tho I have tattoos. I also have a cute nose stud.”

    No, as I detest tattoos. Nose studs are the most tolerable piercing aside of ear piercings though.

    When I have a girl, (SB/GF) most of the time I will have her remove any piercings (aside of ears) if she does, in fact, have them. As for tatts, that is generally a no-go unless it is extremely small and in a very obscure location.

  732. FatB'StardSA says:


    I don’t understand why anyone cares how often Josh posts on the board. Does impact on your ability to find a SB on the site?

  733. Lainey says:

    @StruggleIsReal @ATLSD New Years Day we are drive around handing out food and blankets to the homeless

  734. Josh says:


    What SJosh Guru wants you to do is to quit whining and secure a nice SD for yourself.

    This way, you kill two birds with one stone. You prove me wrong and get a dick in your life. What say? 😉

  735. Jj says:

    HEY!! YGot……. friends indeed!! Happy Happy Ho! Ho! Ho!

  736. StruggleIsReal says:

    😉 hehe

  737. ATLSD says:

    What I miss. I was busy watching a video and trying to close a deal on a BMW.

  738. SexyRockstar says:

    Actually, I might of found you. Are you from Georiga?

  739. SexyRockstar says:


    It always starts with a profile. Please post your profile ID so we can look at it.

  740. Imperfectness says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get any responses and I haven’t found any POT yet on here 🙁 it’s depressing, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Any pointers??

  741. SexyRockstar says:


    You love me even tho I have tattoos. I also have a cute nose stud. I can’t get that “hey everyone I look like a fucking bull!” thing. It’s so silly. I mention my tattoos in my profile, and in my pictures, you clearly see the nose stud. I have such a young looking face, I think I would look so weird with a bunch of metal in my face. All my tattoos are beautiful, and I state on my profile only two tattoos are visible, but even then, they arint visible depending on the shirt I’m wearing.

  742. ATLSD says:

    In case anybody is wondering where @josh is.
    Santa brought him a life size blow up doll of Elizabeth Holmes. Need I say more.

  743. ATLSD says:

    @struggles. Thanks that’s a good idea. Start the new year off right. 😉

  744. StruggleIsReal says:

    You could make it a New Years thing.