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Sugar Lingo Translated


There are many aspects that go into having a successful Sugar arrangement, communication being key. It is desirable amongst Daddies to have intellectual conversations with their baby. Considering the drastic age difference in most Sugar relationships, certain words and phrases often get lost in translation.

Daddies, Let me lead you through the land of lingo. Let’s talk Sugar! Here is a list of terms specifically known in the Sugar community. Some words may sound familiar, but their definitions aren’t so typical.

Sugar Baby Lingo

POT — Potential Sugar Daddy or Mommy.

Freelance — When Babies take their search for a Sugar Daddy or Mommy offline.

Salty — We aren’t talking sodium levels here. Salty is actually someone who acts as a Sugar Daddy, without genuine backing. No Sugar, all salt!

Splenda — You won’t be adding this kind of Splenda to your coffee. In this context, Splenda refers to lower bracket Sugar Daddies who spend less on Sugar Babies.

Beyond the Sugar lingo, there are plenty of terms to get familiar with. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily have to use them. (Please don’t use them.)

More To Know

Can’t even — Can’t deal or can’t handle a particular situation or person.
“Can you believe he broke up with me? Like oh my gosh, I can’t even!”

Bae — A term of endearment used to refer to one’s significant other.
Also an acronym for Before Anything Else.
“This is Chris, my bae. I love him so much.”

I’m dead — The act of laughing uncontrollably when something is funny beyond belief.
“Did you see Jason trip down the stairs? I’m dead!”

PSL — Pumpkin Spice Latte.
“We absolutely have to go to Starbucks today. The PSL is back!”

Fleek — on point, or exact.
“I love your hair, your curls are on fleek, girl!”

Basic – An adjective used to describe a person, place, or thing involving predictable behavior, dress, or action.
“I hate when girls wear Ugg boots and leggings—it’s so basic.”

Cray cray – A shortened word for crazy.
“My mom gave me $500 for no reason—cray cray, right?”

Slang it on

There is no escaping the evolution of slang. Unfortunately, as much as you may despise hearing these terms… they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So embrace this list and their definitions. If you ever find yourself lost again, remember that Webster’s won’t do you any good. The Urban Dictionary is your best bet for defining slang.


Will you be ready the next time you hear slang?




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  1. Sjp says:

    What does a sticky one on one mean?

  2. sh1tz says:

    Will you click as well in person as you do online or on the phone.
    Again, remember these are first impressions – don’t scare them away with your written profile by getting too
    personal too quickly. When you make a long term association with a few
    targeted venues, you can negotiate better price terms and also obtain credit from the venue owners.

  3. BUCKLEY says:

    Lol, is this for real?

  4. @ALLSD What’s going on your world? I’d enjoy some conversation, and see where things go….who’s interested?.. : > <3

  5. THEATLSD says:

    @English. Yep. I actually said out loud at work. WTF. Co worker was ask me, What’s up? Not my dick anymore.

  6. THEATLSD says:

    Thanks Jenn that was nice of you to tell us.

  7. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    @ATL- I can literally image you crossing your legs

  8. KennaKenna says:

    @ONSD ouchhhh!

  9. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @English – no teeth please…still have scars from drunk college bitch dragging her teeth…not a good thing to do to someone!

  10. Lainey says:

    2 weeks with the new car and he already wants another. Sigh. “But I like my caaarrr” (in the brattiest voice ever)

  11. THEATLSD says:

    “gradually has become a teeth clenching reflex now. Lol”
    WAIT, WHAT, teeth. Is your name Lorena Bobbitt.

  12. **SB_UK** says:

    @ATL I know it’s 3am here, the joys of studying 🙁 OK the gravatar stay’s for now 😉

  13. THEATLSD says:

    “y! i can always changethe gravatar if you want LOL!”

    That 405 thing pops up for everyone. Its SA server issue.

    You are up late or early. It’s 0300 there!

  14. Chrissy says:

    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. 😉 A lady never wears another lady’s lingerie or kisses her man and tells.

  15. **SB_UK** says:

    Thank you 😉

  16. **SB_UK** says:


    Thank you 😉

    @AlT it’s not about the money! i can always changethe gravatar if you want LOL!

    Why do i keep getting 405 not allowed?

  17. THEATLSD says:

    ” at least THINK he was joking.”

    Knowing your history. I think not!

  18. THEATLSD says:


    Luv, This could be potential for some serious cash. You should tell him maybe for the right price. There are worst things out there.

    I finally was able to stand up at work. Then you updated your gravatar. Damn. I’m not complaining though. 😉

  19. KennaKenna says:


    That’s a HOTTT gravatar! 😉

  20. **SB_UK** says:

    @ Chrissy

    I actually laughed too, he’s also still messaging me lol

  21. Chrissy says:

    That literally made me burst out laughing!

    I had a guy once ask me if I would wear his wife’s lingerie in their bed but I at least THINK he was joking.

  22. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    @ATL- @english. FYI. The plumbing is turned off. Which means no little squirmy tailed guys in there. Should be easier to swallow. 😉

    You’re killing me….
    My only concern is I used to have a gag reflex to swallowing pills. Got over it but gradually has become a teeth clenching reflex now. Lol! Not too prudish for your taste I hope;-)

  23. **SB_UK** says:

    Latest message on SA

    “When was the last time you made love to a married man, wearing his wifes wedding dress”

  24. flyR says:

    Chrissy “I am a bad SB. I pretend to swallow and I just spit the cum on the hotel floor”

    Time to start packing my shower slippers when I travel to strange hotels.

  25. THEATLSD says:

    Shud be.
    Whatcha gonna do when they cum on you?

    Doris day kept a jar of it and rubbed it on her face every night before bed.

  26. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

    Well…rub it in like lotion, of course.

  27. THEATLSD says:

    Bad boys, bad boys whatcha going to do….

  28. StruggleIsReal says:

    Tease I shall 😉 Glad things are looking sweet for you dear! Keep it up!

    @Lainey, @Y, @Whoever else
    Oh man.
    I know my cycle very well and will still be uber careful around fertile times, but I don’t trust just that to keep my preggo free. My family has a history of being very, very fertile, so I don’t want to risk it. And I really do just absolutely love being full of cum, (especially as it leaks out a bit throughout the next few hours hehe) so I definitely am doing BC too.

    Naughty naughty tsk tsk! hehe

  29. THEATLSD says:

    Can I help you??

  30. Chrissy says:

    I do not have the cum cheesecake recipe yet. When I get it from my co-worker then I can start collecting specimen and make a special SD cum cheesecake and sell it at extortionate rates.

  31. SexyRockstar says:

    Yesss Parks <3 <3
    My future husband is on that show
    ((air humps))

  32. SouthernSB says:

    Hi girl!! Yes I saw both “Light Skin” and “Dark Skin” but I don’t want to discuss something so serious on the blog. The blog is for light and cheery conversation, creamy cum, and humping.
    But if you would like to send me some mail we can talk about it on the google. I’m at dviv dot dc at google.

  33. THEATLSD says:

    “I just spit the cum on the hotel floor :D”

    Wait. I thought you made cheesecake with it??

  34. Chrissy says:

    I am a bad SB. I pretend to swallow and I just spit the cum on the hotel floor 😀

  35. THEATLSD says:

    ” shift to “Pull-out and pray” method :/. ”

    My dearest. The correct term or lingo is “Vatican Roulette”. Been around for 2000 years.

    @Domican is probably horrified af you SB. Swallowing, pump and dump, no BC. WTH??

    @english. FYI. The plumbing is turned off. Which means no little squirmy tailed guys in there. Should be easier to swallow. 😉

  36. KennaKenna says:


    Hey hey! Missed ya! Hope you’re doing well and I am so glad everything is going great with your hottie SB. 🙂

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  37. Josh says:


    Aziz Ansari has been mentioned on this blog before. He is the only Indian (7-11 variety) @Sexy would ever blow.

  38. Lainey says:

    Being that I’m ANTI-CABLE and he loves it, I am now a watcher of network television. So, I find myself watching Parks and Recreation this morning and I’m disappointed in all of you for not telling me about this comedic GEM!

  39. Lainey says:

    Lmao @YGBKM you beat me to it. Hahahaha

  40. “@SirMix
    You’re a welcome addition to the blog, Sir. I feel like you and @YGBKM are meant for each other in blog-land. hah”

    If my booty was big enough, Id make it clap…round of applause, maybe. Meet me one blog over, Sir. Ya know…MixALittle bit ;p.


    Hello, Motherfucker. Lmao. Joking…Sorry, I had to. Welcome back! :). Glad to hear things are going well for you!

  41. colette says:

    Thank you for your advice–this would be a first time meeting with him. I guess that it’s not a good idea to do the Skype then. Thanks again.

  42. **SB_UK** says:

    @Alt Yes my gravatar is me 😉 I have offered to meet for coffee and I’m awaiting a reply lets see what the reply is

  43. My friend recently texted me that she needs to get off of BC. I asked why, and she answered, “It’s making me fat and crazy.”

    I tried BC once, a long time ago. Generally use condoms initially then shift to “Pull-out and pray” method :/. Really do enjoy the intimacy of having my partner finish inside of me. The thought of babies is scary though! No, gracias! I have a companion who had a vasectomy in his early twenties…had already decided he didn’t want kids. Too bad he doesn’t live in town anymore.

    I agree that knowing your body is key. I don’t keep track of any of that. I never know when my cycle is coming until it arrives, and I’m like (as Lainey might say), “Hello, Motherfucker.” Have a friend who has a diary app to track her cycles. Puts red hearts and swirlies here and there. Seem a little obsessive…especially for a single lady who borders on asexual. I suppose if I had sex frequently enough for it to be a consistent consideration, Id be more in tune. If I was to get knocked up today, it’d be by immaculate conception or cyber sex for sure.

  44. THEATLSD says:

    “@ ALT I thought it seems fishy”

    Really it is, because if that is you in the gravatar. Who the hell wouldn’t want to met you?? Seriously, about the 3rd message I would be coffee/tea/drink/Harrods??

    I know there is a lot of posers out there but I’m beginning to think there is a bunch of Asexual guys too. They sat around playing Xbox and watching reruns of Dr. Who too much and cut off the blood to their balls. IMHO

  45. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    Hi everyone! I hope everybody is having a great new year!

    @Struggle Your pics are really sexy! I love the current one. Keep teasing us:)

    @Kenna I am glad things are going well for you. You and your man have a good thing going there. Sugar is complex, but it looks like the next phase will work for you guys.

    @Sexy I am happy that you and drummer are having fun. I am pretty much in the exact same situation as he is. As a married SD, the reasons for being in this lifestyle can be complicated. I always feel more comfortable when there is a good relationship, along with the fun part of sugar. I am so glad that he is treating you well. If his wife still needs laid, I am available and on call. You have my number!

    My own sugar situation is going well at this time. Steady weekly or twice a week meetings, allowance in place, and lots of fun and laughter. I am probably heading out on a trip in the near future with her. She’s been awesome so far, but I really keep my expectations in check, since it has only been two months.

    As a side note, my work friend who is also on SA noted that registrations jumped up in our area. There are about 10% more sugar babies, at least on paper. He is seeing some decent candidates, but also a lot of college flake babies.

  46. THEATLSD says:

    ” I think it’s very important for a woman to know her body and ovulation cycle because birth control is not 100%.”

    There is a computer program that tracks your cycle and works very well once the women puts in the info. Even suggests what day is best to have sex if you are trying for boy. NO Shit. It worked. There is probably an app out now. Don’t know the name, you crazy SB can BING it.

  47. **SB_UK** says:

    @ ALT I thought it seems fishy, and i have also doubted the pictures are him. Ill keep use posted 🙂

  48. THEATLSD says:

    @colette. Be careful with the SKPE deal. How well is the relationship established?
    There are a lot of SKype scammers that record it and put it on other porn sites.
    So proceed with caution. This has been popping up on this blog lately.
    So far I would say all of them have been scams.
    Proceed with caution.

  49. Lainey says:


  50. Lainey says:

    Thanks @StruggleIsReal.

    I’m not on BC. Haven’t been on it since I was like 17. My mom put me on it because my older sister was a raging whore, not knowing I was still a Virgin. Then I got married so I didn’t feel as though I needed it.

    I haven’t had pregnancy scares. I’ve only been pregnant when “trying”. I think it’s very important for a woman to know her body and ovulation cycle because birth control is not 100%.

    I’m ovulating this week. Hence, the stories of cum everywhere besides my vag. Lol. It was all in my lashes last night but at least he didn’t get my hair. Lol

  51. THEATLSD says:

    “I’m not a prude but swallowing is one thing i can’t seem to do”

    My Dear, if you need practice I know a big, tall guy that is not only nice but super patient. I’m positive he would be willing to work with you and let you try as many times as needed plus a few extra just to perfect it. 😉
    Also, if you need guidance from another SB I’m sure he would be willing to pay all transportation costs for the other SB to act as a professional “mouth-on” instructor.
    Then take everybody shoe shopping!!

  52. Colette says:

    I am new to this and someone wants to start on skype–he asked what kind of allowance I would want for that..any suggestions?

  53. THEATLSD says:


    That sounds a little fishy. Or as you would say, “Not everything is cricket’ (something like that) We certainly have to keep some type of anonymity. Also, if it seems like a good POT, keep some interesting info for the meet so you have something to talk about don’t blow your load in emails and texts.

    I was about to say what @Sexy just did. Just say, “Ok Chap, I don’t want to get into endless emails, how about tea and at “Nigels tea bagger cafe.” Then you will find out quick if he is really in the game. Maybe those pics are not really him. Not that anybody lies about their pictures on here.

    Keep us posted, as much as possible 😉

  54. **SB_UK** says:

    @Sexy i have asked him if he wanted to meet for coffee and he asked how my studying was going rather than answer. Think i will just thank himn for his time and move on. Thank you for the advice.

  55. SexyRockstar says:

    Why don’t you just ask him if he’d like to meet up for coffee, and then get to know him in person. If he is still dodging your questions, thank him for his time, and move on. It’s simple. Always meet in a public place 🙂

  56. **SB_UK** says:

    @Sexy yes i have seen his pictures

  57. SexyRockstar says:

    ttthhhaaannnkkkk yyyoooouuu

  58. SexyRockstar says:

    Do you know what he looks like?

  59. **SB_UK** says:


    We are talking through E-mail, not SA. I was thinking i’m been over cautious with reading what everyone puts on this blogs.

    I just dont see how it could work if its all about me. How can it move forward, if hes going to avoid anything i ask.

  60. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @UK – I’m not sure it is a common issue for SDs on SA. But, that is one reason I REQUIRE at least ONE acceptable answer to a question I ask before I’ll schedule coffee with a pot. If she can’t answer ONE question, it makes me think it’s an automated profile!

  61. StruggleIsReal says:

’I just want to say @Struggle is super gorgeous, tall and hot! She reminds me of a VS model’
    That’s an understatement”
    Ah shucks babe. Thank you 🙂

    PS. I’m so stoked for you and your new development 😉

    You are so damn cute. I mean really, if anyone wants to see what Sexy looks like, just go look up “cute” in the dictionary. By the way, I think “cute” is one of the best compliments there is. It means something along the lines of, “Oh my gosh I must squeeze that immediately!”
    I hope your cuteness helps counteract your cold. 🙁
    And good catch on not self-sabotaging! @Josh’s drilling it into us that we tend to self-sabotage proves useful!

    “I like it when drummer fills my poon up. That gives me ANOTHER orgasum ”

    YES!! I’m starting back on birth control because I am planning on some of this in the near future. I don’t like taking it really but I love the feeling of being pumped full of nice fresh hot cum much more than I dislike taking meds so…. BC it is!!
    Speaking of which, other than condoms, what methods of BC are you ladies using? I’ve been off of it for over a year. Anyone have any advice on which one to take, side effects, etc? I can’t even remember the name of the pill I took before.

    You’re a welcome addition to the blog, Sir. I feel like you and @YGBKM are meant for each other in blog-land. hah

    OMG hahaha! How did you pass that off ? So glad you had an awesome date regardless!! Can we call your POT “Marlboro” ? Hot. LMAO at “FarmersOnly”!

    How exciting about your new developments and potential future developments! Get it girl 🙂

    Do as the other SBs have noted and take it in the back of your throat, if you can’t deal with the taste or texture. I usually don’t mind it personally, but that’s just me. But as with anything, don’t hold it in your mouth and think about it. The longer is stays in the mouth, the harder it is to swallow. It’s all in your head. You can do it! haha

  62. resop2 says:

    @sexy I don’t know. Either that she wasn’t the first owner of the profile or that she wanted to mess with my mind. I will report it though.

  63. **SB_UK** says:

    I have been talk ing to a POT for a few days, but i cant seem to get know anything about him at all. Everytime i ask him anything about himself or ask for his opinion on things, he seems to ignore and carry on talking/asking about me and my life. Is this a normal for SD on SA? I’ve never had a SD from SA before.

  64. FunDude says:

    @ Lainey

    Forget marriage bro. MGTOW all the way son.

    Are ethnic women better in bed than White women?

    What are the thoughts in here?

  65. @flyR

    I ignore all of the promotional offers I get from SA. Last one was for some calendar photo shoot. Possibly the one that recent fly-by SB was talking about re SA manipulating girls for their photos. I dunno.

  66. flyR says:

    Strange offer from SA a few weeks ago, appear with a SB (of their choice ) for an interview with GQ and receive a year diamond membership.

    Neither had any appeal as I keep a low profile and am very happy with current SB, but it they had offered Sexy or some of the others who have been discussing their appetites, talents and tastes it might have had a very different ending.

  67. SexyRockstar says:

    well, what did she mean by it?

  68. resop2 says:

    @sexy I don’t have proof. The SB just casually mentioned it in a message.

  69. Lainey says:

    @Sexy we’ve had the kid talk. I want more and he wants at least 3. But this would be after marriage. That talk came up when he asked if I’d move out of the country. I told him if he likes it that much than he better put a ring in it. LMAO

  70. SexyRockstar says:

    Report it. Fakkkeeee

  71. resop2 says:

    What is SA’s policy about a SB “transferring” her profile to another SB?

  72. SexyRockstar says:

    ((humps air))
    He is the only SD i’ll go bare back for and let him cum inside of me. I do not want any more kids andddd he shouldn’t be getting his mistress pregnant. That would NOT be good.

  73. Lainey says:

    @Sexy OMFG ME TOO!

  74. SexyRockstar says:

    I like it when drummer fills my poon up. That gives me ANOTHER orgasum 🙂

  75. THEATLSD says:


    I travel a lot if I head that way I’ll let u know. Always happy to meet up with any Blog SB. And of Course my treat and I’ll take you shoe shopping. 😉

    I towered over my POT yesterday. She was like five even.

  76. @Sexy

    Lol @easy cleanup!

    I don’t so much like the taste as much as I like having his cum in my mouth. It excites me, gives me an orgasm.

  77. Haha! Yes, English…just like Lainey said!

  78. THEATLSD says:

    @lainey. I read that gay guys drink a lot of grapefruit juice. It’s suppose to change the taste somehow. Might be BS.

  79. SexyRockstar says:

    I swallow because I like the taste/fetish almost. It’s much faster clean up vs having him cum else where and you gotta wash that stuff off.

  80. Lainey says:

    @English if it’s because you dislike the taste, try deep throating once he is about to cum it’ll slid right down your throat. Just swallow it as he cums and it won’t even hit your tongue.

  81. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    You are killing me. I get that in messages from around the country and world.
    “I wish I lived there your profile is perfect……” or “Why don’t you live here”
    Or If I have interest, they come back with; “It wont work you are a little far,lol”
    It’s just a big convoluted game we are playing.

    Well…if you happen to be near my hemisphere ( think Midwest) let me know and I’ll be more than happy to show up in some sexy heels;-) sorry chrissy I’m a sucker for tall men lol!

  82. THEATLSD says:


    “@ Blog SD’s- is it a deal breaker if an SB doesn’t swallow”

    No but at least tell me. my dry cleaning bill is big enough. last time I had ANYBODY swallow was at my cousins wedding about 19years ago.

  83. Lainey says:

    @YGBKM YES I’m going to fly out every other week. We’re buying another house locally within the year (looking now) but his job will be relocating him to Europe by then end of this year.

  84. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    @[email protected] FunDude no. It’s the same dick every night for me. Lol. If anyone cares after my shower last night I demanded I catch it, so I swallowed. Hate the feeling of slippery cum on my tits after I’m all squeaky clean.

    I’m not a prude but swallowing is one thing i can’t seem to do. Any tips for me Lainey:-)?

    @ Blog SD’s- is it a deal breaker if an SB doesn’t swallow?

  85. @Lainey

    Oh, yes yes…I remember. Are you going to be able to do the long distance thing?

  86. @Chrissy

    The placenta plate is where I draw the line. Would maybe try breast milk though, so long as I knew the source was a healthy person. Humans are the only species to consume milk after infancy…and that of another animal. So, I suppose human breast milk would be the closest thing to natural consumption.

    Besides…I hear it’s slightly sweet. Silky almond milk 😉

  87. SexyRockstar says:


    Being in Missouri was an eye opener. The accents…LOL, one guy at the gas station LOVED my “chicago accent” he kept asking me to say ‘Apple Jacks’ so then I out did him. I Said “I eat Apple Jacks while watching the Chicago Bears in my Apartment”. He nearly lost his shit.

    But, I then saw the types of men that would be on farmers only….yeah. No way in FUCK i’ll do that shit.

  88. Lainey says:

    @YGBKM dead ASS! I’m super excited about it all. I was searching for a replacement and he was aware but he pulled through so much that I know I won’t find anyone better even if he is leaving at the end of the month.

  89. Chrissy says:

    I meant cut not curled

  90. Chrissy says:

    Do you even need to ask if I am on Farmsonly. Those commercials are the worst. I have done none of those. I was once at a pig farm though and the screams of the pigs getting their tails curled will forever be imprinted in my memory.

  91. THEATLSD says:

    “but I found out he was coming from a business meeting so I opted for my heels”

    I can handle giving up credit if u put heels on. Lucky guy he probably had wood all night.
    Are you listed on Farmersonly also?
    Can you bail hay? shovel shit? Castrate pigs and gurus?

  92. SexyRockstar says:

    I am thinking of grabbing one of my gays and go ‘free styling’ tonight.

  93. @yougotta []watch?v=c7s2gW3lF-Q[] . . and you’re scaring the children btw lol

  94. Chrissy says:

    @ ygtbkm
    Does this mean you would also partake in the trendy dishes people are making from their own placentas?

  95. Dazed-SD says:

    @sexy,, tonight,, do you mean literally tonight Thursday,, shit I just got home from taking customer’s out to party,, dam I have a great life !!

  96. Chrissy says:

    Hate to disappoint you or rather excite you, but I found out he was coming from a business meeting so I opted for my heels 😀 I was a good 2 inches taller than him. Damn my amazonian legs!

  97. THEATLSD says:

    @Chrissy. Hell yeah. Woohoo. It’s all because of me I picked her boots out!!

  98. “THEATLSD says:
    January 22, 2015 at 5:03 pm
    @Y. They had a new blog up earlier. I was going to be the engine. But it disappeared. ????? Here we wait!!!”

    Sounds like a conspiracy to me. The Illuminati?

  99. THEATLSD says:

    “@no. It’s the same dick every night for me. Lol. ”
    Me too babe, except mines attached.

  100. @Chrissy

    You never let me down! Lmao

    It could have been curdled cum cheese cake. I have a friend who came to know that the yogurt she’d been eating at a gathering was made from the host’s breast milk. I totally would’ve tried it!

  101. THEATLSD says:

    @Y. They had a new blog up earlier. I was going to be the engine. But it disappeared. ????? Here we wait!!!

  102. @Lainey


  103. Chrissy says:

    The other day I had homemade cheesecake that a co-worker brought in and all I could think about while eating it was that it tasted like old chunky curdled cum. I of course swallowed it all like a good girl.

  104. In case none of you have noticed…

    This blog topic is modern day purgatory. We’re never going to get out of here. Only place to go from here is down. Which is only as good as the cum in your lashes. Wonder if it’s better to reign in hell, or rain in heaven…like the good little hos (angels?). But alas! There is no rhetoric, rhyme or reason in purgatory. Thus! I shall blow bubbles with the cum I am blessed with. Lots and lots of bubbles…buoyant bubbles of fanciful sorts :D.

    Speaking of bubbles…

    A girl I work with is dating a guy who she says has curdly bubbles. 🙁 Wanted to know if that is normal. Told her she should dump him regardless. No curdled bubbles in purgatory.


  105. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady where are you?

    @Southern did you see the “Light Girls” and “Dark Girls” documentary on OWN? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

  106. KennaKenna says:

    In flight bored, heading to Arizona- he’s sleeping! -_-

    Did you guys hear the Saudi King died?

  107. Chrissy says:

    He is the rugged cowboy to my city girl bleach blondeness. We had been emailing for a week while I was out of town and today was out first meeting for dinner. It was literally like every 5 mins someone was coming by the table to annoy us, a waitress or someone I knew. Didn’t even matter though, conversation was perfect and relaxed and at least he laughed about it. Already set our next date.

  108. SexyRockstar says:

    LOVE IT!!

  109. Lainey says:

    @YGBKM Yes we did.

  110. @Lainey

    Did you guys get a place together?

  111. “The @Guru might have forewarned you, and saved yourself from proactive self sabotage. THAT I am happy about and “love”.


    None of that mushy stuff, babe. You’re better than that.

  112. SexyRockstar says:

    ooohhh Chrissy!! Tell us about him and the date!

  113. Chrissy says:

    Best date ever! Despite a previous co-worker approaching the table and asking if it was my father 😐

  114. Lainey says:

    @FunDude no. It’s the same dick every night for me. Lol. If anyone cares after my shower last night I demanded I catch it, so I swallowed. Hate the feeling of slippery cum on my tits after I’m all squeaky clean.

  115. SexyRockstar says:

    You’re not too far from 4 Winds casino. Lets ggggooooo

  116. FunDude says:

    @lainey finding any nice guys to get freak with these days?

  117. FunDude says:

    LOL sexy thanks for getting me laid

  118. SexyRockstar says:

    Thank you love <3

  119. SexyRockstar says:

    You game? Meet myself and FunDude?
    I bet I can get all three of you laid tonight.

  120. SexyRockstar says:

    Seriously, I want to go. I love it.
    Lets go pick up some guys and girls. I’ll be your wing woman.

    SUIT UP!!!!

  121. FunDude says:

    sure sexyrockstar

    but only if we can streak through the pool

  122. SexyRockstar says:

    According to BTTF, the Cubs will win the World Series this year. It needs to happen. I lloooovvveeeee my cubbies!!!

  123. SexyRockstar says:

    Wanna go to the casino?!?!?!

  124. FunDude says:

    Im tired after work

    One of you motherfuckers in here need to entertain me ASAP lol

  125. @SR Seriously. Tt’s nuts, what are the odds that I’d have my two home teams playing in the SB? Even if my real home team did deflate their balls, geez

  126. SexyRockstar says:

    I love the Seahawks because they made the Packers lose. Eff the packers.

  127. Josh says:


    Those are great photos sweetheart. 🙂

  128. @SR Grew up different parts of New England (go Pats), lived in Melbourne Beach, FL for many years and now Seattle (go Hawks) lol.

  129. SexyRockstar says:

    Where are you from btw?

  130. SexyRockstar says:

    I sent you loves an email.

  131. Lainey says:

    Home early today. Just made us all the best Apple cinnamon crusted chicken SAMMICH! Now sitting here watching him add accessories to one of his gun. Oh boys and their toys.

  132. Duh . . EVERY time I type “thick” the auto send “think” . . ugghh

  133. Lainey says:

    @Sexy YAY to not sabotaging and YAY to the new gig but BOOOOO to the cold. Get better pookie

  134. Lainey says:

    @Sexy YAY to not sabotaging and YAY to the new gig

  135. @SexyRockstar Some guys like ’em think . . oh, and congrats on the gig. I just may have played with a few national acts at one time or another. Just sayin’

  136. SexyRockstar says:

    I used to post more sarcastic posts. I am well aware my posts will hopefully let SBs know that not every one is going to have an ‘arrangement’ like Kenna. No offense girl, but you seem to have it all. Many girls will think this is what every SD is like. Her SD obviously respects her.

    So, they know that I am happy because:
    -He respects me
    -He actually talks to me, not at me
    -He compliments MY life, not supports it
    -We have FUN. Like, real dates and shit
    -He’s married, and I can still have a mans heart
    -There will always be some type of ‘drama’ when you actually know your SB/SD. It’s how they benefit YOU that will make life easier.

    I am also not a skinny girl. Those girls who think they have to be playboy models in order to do this are wrong. I am NOT fat, I have curves. I am a size 10. I look beautiful every time I see him. I have a great mind and personality.

    OOOOHHHHHhhhhh, also, just landed a gig on Saturday. WhooHoo. GO me. (dances)

  137. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Sexy…get away from the blog while you’re in the illness induced bitchy mood 😉

    when I see that guitar, all I want to read is pleasantries and exploits, since I’m still not at the intimate stage with anyone…

  138. SexyRockstar says:

    UGH. I caught a cold. My nose is dripping like a coke addict. I am seriously sitting here with tissue stuffed up my nose. Maybe I should take a selfie and use that as my SA profile picture then bitch how no one sends me messages 🙁

  139. SexyRockstar says:

    “if your POT SB uses the term ‘Cray-Cray’. That is great news for you. Please, walk away.”
    “If your POT SD uses the term ‘Cray-Cray’. This is great news for you. He is really a 20 something year old, trying to scam you for naked pictures. Please, send him pictures of a women who is 4’3 and weighs 346 pounds.”

  140. Sally says:

    Hi Im new to the site. This blog is hillarious ^_^

  141. Bo Peep The Airhead says:

    Did you guys have a sugar baby write this article:

    Cray cray – A shortened word for crazy.
    “My mom gave me $500 for no reason—cray cray, right?”

    It is a ridiculous description. Cray cray is two words that have more letters than the “longer” English word. You should be writing articles teaching these women how to act in public so we are not embarrassed to bring them around our friends because they are so uncouth.

  142. Josh says:

    he thought I was a bit out of place to ever doubt what we have.”

    This happens ALL the times. Man is humming along in his relationship and his woman keep dropping the “we have a problem, Houston” bomb until the man snaps back with “what the fuck is wrong with you woman?”

  143. Josh says:


    “Josh would love this. I almost self-sabbatoged with Drummer. I ALMOST sent him pretty much my feelings towards him ignoring me.”

    The @Guru might have forewarned you, and saved yourself from proactive self sabotage. THAT I am happy about and “love”. 🙂

  144. SexyRockstar says:

    @Josh would love this. I almost self-sabbatoged with Drummer. I ALMOST sent him pretty much my feelings towards him ignoring me.

    He messaged me late that night/early next day. Grandma isn’t doing well, and other family members were really sick. He made sure I got to Missouri alright and was actually very very concerned for my friend and her family. I now feel like complete shit for basically bashing him. I told him how i was starting to feel that now his wife is trying to make a difference in their marriage, that now I am on the back burner. He told me how he feels kind of odd that he is more concerned with my well being vs. whats going on in his life. Sometimes, yes, sugar does get emotional, and he thought I was a bit out of place to ever doubt what we have.

    So, basically, I feel like a huge bitch. I did get to see him this week, and due to me traveling, I caught a bit of a cold. We went out for a Go-Kart race ((it’s a hobby of mine, and he had a lot of fun doing it)) and then I started to really not feel well. Traveling does take a toll on my body, and he rubbed my back, gave me some medicine, and really made me comfortable while I was sneezing and coughing. He sang to me even as I fell asleep.

    My friend and her family are taking grandma’s death pretty well. She lived a long, happy life. I had helped slowly pack up the house with them…we looked at old family photos, and enjoyed family time. Her and I are real close, so I am part of the family. Tears were shed, as her grandma was a fun old lady.

    Now I am playing catch up with work.

  145. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @YGBKM – You are on a STREAK! I actually startled the guy in the office next door with my outburst of laughter…

  146. “THEATLSD says:
    January 22, 2015 at 9:55 am
    Steak fry, perfect.

    Just no PB&J that’s my territory. ”

    Hmmm…Steak fry swinga, peanut butta luva…

    All that’s missing is the gravy. Wonder if there is any left over from that game of fuck-fuck goose.

  147. Looks like it’s raining hos, bros!

  148. THEATLSD says:

    That’s awesome. In the last few days there has been some good karma going around.

    “when it rains it pours…”
    Lets hope so Bro.

  149. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATL – “It’s just a big convoluted game we are playing.”

    You got that right bro!

    I’m not going to change my tune about profiles, fakes, flakes and pros on SA…but…in the last week, I’ve had TWO wonderful coffees. Two very different women, but both pushing my buttons (in a good way). It’s like the pendulum swung for me from NO ACTIVITY to TOO MUCH ACTIVITY overnight!

    I’ve got meet #2 scheduled with one for early next week, and meet #2 with the other pending, but a relative certainty from her messages since coffee (this morning).

    I guess it is true, when it rains it pours…when it isn’t raining, it feels like it might never again 😉

  150. THEATLSD says:

    Steak fry, perfect.

    Just no PB&J that’s my territory. 😉

  151. @THEATLSD So you’re saying that having a steak fry that Babe Ruth would be proud to swing with has some mileage eh? No french fries here lol

  152. THEATLSD says:

    “I just want to say @Struggle is super gorgeous, tall and hot! She reminds me of a VS model”

    That’s an understatement.

    “I love heels though, when a guy loves me in them :)” HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm

    Nice gravatar. I think I have seen a few Mr Potato Head porn movies. I think you can AMP up that gravater a little bit, if you get my drift. @Y will then be digging your sh*t bro. 😉

    @3rd language
    “I need to relocate to ATL:-) I find tall men very sexy.”

    You are killing me. I get that in messages from around the country and world.
    “I wish I lived there your profile is perfect……” or “Why don’t you live here”
    Or If I have interest, they come back with; “It wont work you are a little far,lol”
    It’s just a big convoluted game we are playing.

  153. THEATLSD says:

    “I should send ATL 20 pictures to help me choose. :D”

    I’m good with that. ;p

  154. @Sir

    []http://d2ws0xxnnorfdo.cloudfront.net/meme/301746[] 😉

  155. @yougotta []watch?v=3TKK6d3-h2U[] you know where 🙂

  156. “‘…have nothing but patience for those who are not yet where you are.'”


    Thanks for that, Sir.

  157. Josh says:


    Hey beautiful! Any word on Drummer and the toothache?”

    And don’t you skip the detailed account of his visit to the dentist. Does he floss every day? 😉

  158. Chrissy says:

    Sigh. I cannot decide what shoes to wear on my date tonight. I should send ATL 20 pictures to help me choose. 😀

  159. StruggleIsReal says:

    Dawwww fank you!! For that you get one booty shake right in yor face!

    Omg you guys, stop whatever you’re doing and go google “Griffin First Kiss” and watch this kid’s reaction to his first kiss. I just died. It’s sooooo adorable.

    Hey beautiful! Any word on Drummer and the toothache?

  160. Dazed-SD says:

    @Lainey,,with love, remember the chill pill. 😉

    @kenna, your existing life does sound a little unreal, roll with it. 🙂

    @struggles, not only a hot butt, a peace keeper,, nice ! 😉

  161. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle awww, you’re making me blush! ☺️

    Thanks doll.

  162. StruggleIsReal says:

    Gooooood morning friends!
    Awww @Kenna the love is mutual! I will absolutely vouch for you being not only real but stunningly so!! And you know I like my ladies with a functioning brain and a little bit feisty once in a while 😉

  163. resop2 says:

    Things have been stalling out a lot for me on the sugar scene. Lots of conversations have ended abruptly when I mention getting together and more have ended when the SB stops logging in.

    Any way to fix this?

  164. KennaKenna says:

    Yes, we’ve only had one “fight”. When I came to the blog, I had an issue but we never fought about it. I wanted advice, I spoke to him and he fixed it.

    I’m human, I get mad and sometimes say things I don’t mean and think I want to walk away but I calm down and realize that I don’t and I was just mad and drank too much wine.

    People have disagreements, even the happily married ones.

  165. KennaKenna says:

    @Launey have you never had a disagreement/difference of opinion with your lover? Geez

    I didn’t end it. We got upset like lovers do sometimes, I thought about it and made up the next day. Even my mom that had been married to my dad for almost 30 years gets upset and calls her friend and rant.

    I’m not perfect and yes once in a blue moon, we have a little argument and we both get upset but the makeup sex is always worth it. He is mine, all mine and I love him. He recently got an award and when he gave his speech to accept it, he looked at me and said in front of everyone first of all, I want to thank my soulmate because she motivates me, supports me and keeps me together. That melted me.

  166. @Lainey I get it, impetuousness is a dish often served with a large glass of youth. My mother said to me many years ago in a note she’d written on the inside of a book which she gave me that said “have nothing but patience for those who are not yet where you are”. It hit me where I lived at that time. She didn’t do much for me in the ways of life lessons but in her moments of clarity, her words were like pearls of wisdom that were worth far more. Dunno, maybe this blog is just a guilty pleasure at the moment. I know impetuous though 😉

  167. Lainey says:

    Goodnight Bloggies. Playing warden at the office tomorrow so have to catch some Zs. @Kenna I’ll be sure to response to any residual BS you post in the A.M.

  168. Lainey says:

    Yes if ending your relationship several times since entering the blog sounds like “security”. Oh but wait, this last fight was your “first fight ever”. I’m beginning to wonder how your foot tastes. Mind telling me?

  169. KennaKenna says:

    @SirMix my SD had that happen to him earlier in his life; business partner stole his idea, patented it and made several truck loads of money, and he forgave him after suing him, settling for way less than he deserved and calling a truce.

    But yes, he has thought me to move on from the past, live for the now and look forward to the future. I’m my happiest now and just try to make the most out of everyday.


  170. Lainey says:

    @Sir but a week ago she was willing to end their relationship over the kid/marriage debate. Lmao. “Roses really smell like poo-poo-oo”

  171. @ Kenna thx for sharing. Keep it all real though, as they say “Man (or woman in your case) plans and God laughs” ya know? I had a small empire in my 30’s that was ripped from my hands, kinda like the story of Job (the guy in the old testament that lost everything). I’ve been rebuilding for the past several years and the new empire is not far from Job’s tenfold increase (fingers crossed) and things look promising but ya gotta live in the now, which it sounds like you’re doing anyway. Gotta hop off and get back to it. Hugs

  172. KennaKenna says:

    I like the blog people that’s why I came back, and as I’ve said before my SD loves when I show him off, take pics and share them. WE ARE PUBLIC.

    Someone recently asked us how we met, and he td them SA and he said she was the one normal girl on that site that I could have a future with, the needle in the haystack.

    Plus, I sent out 500+ Christmas cards to all his “big shot” friends/business associates/acquaintances and I’m pretty sure most of them think I’m just his young black whore but we get a kick out of that and we’re comfortable and secure in our relationship.

  173. Lainey says:

    We’re all “REAL”. I breathe air, do you? But No one KNOWS if anyone on this blog is anything more than a “persona” until they meet them in person, credentials in hand.

    I’ve seen way too much Catfish. Lol

  174. KennaKenna says:

    @Sir at this point we’re more than a SD/SB, I’m not pregnant yet but that’s the plan. He’s 24 years older than me but acts like maybe ten years younger than that. He doesn’t believe in marriage, so never married and no kids. He spent his 20s and early 30s in the Bay Area working on startups and heavily focusing on his career so hot a late start to the dating world.

    He’s a big nerd, over achiever with a ton of crazy ideas that sometimes work so we have a lot in common.

    But most importantly, I love him dearly and am eager to take this next step with him. He’s an amazing guy and I think would be a wonderful father plus our genes mix together would produce a pretty brilliant/athletic/beautiful/handsome kid.

  175. Lainey says:

    Why is it that blog SBs love playing victim? CLEARLY a female trait! “Let me say something stupid or rude but throw a tivvy when someone responds to it..”

    I thought you were SOOOO busy with school and SD that you’d be gone for a few months lol. #AttentionWhore

    I ask that you stop announcing your departure from the blog and returning within 48hrs. It’ll spare us from witnessing your tantrum and you from looking like an idiot.

  176. Lainey says:

    Oh wait @Kenna, let’s not forget posting his personal intimate business on the blog whilst sending out pictures of him to STRANGERS. Smh.

  177. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey my SD knows I post on the blog so he could see if he wants to. My man is hot, brilliant and confident and has no problem with me posting on a blog, we are VERY public so I can share as many photos of us together as I want- he actually likes me showing him off.

    We are not into labels, he doesn’t care if I call him BF, SD, Hubby, Baby, Sir, anything- he knows I am his and that’s all that matters.

    He’s scared of marriage but his motto is “Never say never” so he’s like “you never know what could happen” but presently he still has his previous point of view.

    Stop attacking me, Various people on the blog know I’m very real. You’re the only one who seems to have a problem with me, just leave me already.

  178. @Kenna are you really having kids with a SD? What’s the age gap if you don’t mind my asking?

  179. Lainey says:

    @Kenna I’m sure tomorrow you’ll jump on the blog and tell us how he has changed his mind about marriage. Oh wait, you already did that the first time I called you out on it. What a coincidence that all you’re issues seem to “disappear”the moment the blog doesn’t side with you. Lmao. #BackpeddlerAwardOfTheYear

    How would your BF feel that you still refer to him as your SD and openly flirt with and email pics of yourself to blog SD as well as having an active SA account? #AttentionWhoreOfTheYear

    These are a few reasons why I can’t decide whether you’re a silly persona, proxy or have a high IQ with low common sense.

    No to mention the fake blog SD you created to boost the “appeal” of black SB. Where is @WestCoastSD. When will he be coming out to play again?

  180. KennaKenna says:

    @SirMix yes some people are career SBs and then some join SA because they just want to date a successful gentleman and be exposed to his world. My expectations aren’t low but I don’t need $$ every month, I don’t need a SD to survive or pay bills but I like nice things and SDs have seen how I dress/where I live/ how I carry myself so they step up without me even asking. I’ve said before I don’t want to be paid for my time but rewarded for being my SD’s sweet little companion/slut.

  181. KennaKenna says:

    @Lainey well he is about to close on a carriage house in NYC for his whore and future kids plus I got gifted a ton of Arista, Apple and Google stock so I kinda don’t mind being my man’s whore. In fact, I really like being his filthy whore, his dirty little slut and his sexy c*cksucking maid and intend to do it for a very very long time. My future kids will be loved and well taken care of, but their Mommy will be their Daddy’s whore. 🙂

  182. @Kenna all a matter of perspective then eh? People get ruffled, I know. Been on and off the site for about two years now but have only really been exposed to a certain “college SB type” with lower expectations. I wasn’t really thinking in terms of gals who truly rely on full sugar for their livelihood. Forgive any faux pas on my behalf. -Mr. Potato Head

  183. Lainey says:

    @Kenna maybe you’re just upset that you’ll be nothing more than your SD’s whore even after you pop out his kids. Lmao.

  184. KennaKenna says:

    @English omg I have to try that. I’m getting a manicure tomorrow afternoon so will ask.

    Yes, I did laser one time and was unbearable so I just wax, it’s quick and easy and my Russian lady gets every last piece of hair. I want to try laser under my arm though, heard it’s bearable.

  185. KennaKenna says:

    @SirMix I’m a nerd at heart, even though I don’t look it but yes I’m always the misfit/nerdy/girl who knows & talks too much and I’ve grown to like it especially since SA because there aren’t too many nerdy girls on SA, who are hot, insatiable, can converse on any level and willing to date guys almost twice their age. Nerdy girls usually have their shit together and sleep with you because they WANT you and they find you interesting and not because they NEED to pay their rent and feel like they’re doing you a favor.

    Screw the cool kids. Nerds Rock!

  186. FunDude says:

    Whats up with all this bullshit cat fighting.

    Women are pains in the ass lol. We need to put them under Burqas like in the Islamic world.

  187. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    @ kenna- if you’re a die-hard nail connoisseur like me, you should definitely try out the gel nail polish that changes colour with your temperature… Super cool:-)
    As for waxing, I had my first session of laser hair removal on my bikini area and believe me when I tell you I was not prepared for that pain! lol!

  188. KennaKenna says:


    These blogs are fun, I wouldn’t plan my day around them like some peeps but may I ask a question? and I realize I’m not one of the “cool kids” here but isn’t calling someone “ghetto” after posting details about how you’ve sucked someone off and then had the groceries delivered all over your “tits” kinda pot / kettlish? Dunno, just an observation. Don’t shot the messenger. I realize people need to have their beefs but there’s gotta be some impartiality to keep people even keel. Cheers”

    Hmmm, jealousy is tough and people don’t realize somethings are better left unsaid. At the end of the day, some people consider this allowance business very close to prostitution so if you’re putting out for a guy on a pay per play situation or NSA, how dare you have the audacity to call someone a ghetto ho especially when you curse/react the same way to others?

    Maybe someone is just upset the”Blog Bitch” title was taken from her lol.

  189. @Lainey @ FunDude Fair enough.

    @Kenna I guess everyone seems cool when you’re still really just a nerd.

    Thanks for the shouts 🙂

  190. Lainey says:

    It amazes me how one of the blog members tries to parallel much of what I say. #Flattered

  191. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady I always wore heels when meeting pots. I kinda feel too casual and not dressed up in flats plus I don’t have a big butt so heels do a lot for my legs and ass lol plus I just feel sexier and more feminine in them.

    I used to have a big problem with nail polish chipping and it drove me insane. Now I get gel manicures which don’t chip and lasts 2-3 weeks.

    Another thing, I almost always would wear a skirt just above my knee on dates with POTs so I’d only get the lower part of my legs waxed( no I’m not hairy at all but I would never sleep with someone for the first time of I wasn’t fully waxed and hairless all over) right before a meet with a POT to avoid the wine taking over and I getting too frisky,

  192. KennaKenna says:

    @SirMix who are the “cool kids” in your opinion?

  193. KennaKenna says:

    I have been cooking for the past couple weeks and tonight we finally had an impromptu/surprise evening out, did a fantastic tasting menu at the museum and shared 2 wonderful bottle of wine… Came home tipsy, and had some strange fun but now he’s passed out, long day today for him and same tomorrow so I’m up, buzzed and wired and watching The View. SD gags at the fact that I DVR The View(he tells me that’s housewife behavior) but I’m a fan of Nicole Wallace 🙂

  194. KennaKenna says:

    None of you guys answered my previous question.

    @FlyR and the other person who suggested Grand Canyon, I will definitely visit. Next week is full of football/Super Bowl stuff for SD so may have to do stuff on my own especially since he has been to Arizona tons of times but will enjoy the weather and make the most of it.

    I just want to say @Struggle is super gorgeous, tall and hot! She reminds me of a VS model and I’d be her sugar momma in another life even though we’d probably argue a lot on what we disagree on :-D… Definitely my new woman crush hehe

  195. flyR says:

    @Kenna “this weekend in Arizona (not much to do in Arizona right?”

    Arizona – Not just 20 million people living in Sheriff Joe’s little village.

    My recollection is that you live in a pretty cold place so the 80 degree weather, sitting outside watching the sunset with a glass of wine in shirtsleeves is pretty good. AZ is about a billion times the size of NY so there’s the Grand Canyon, Sedona, sailing and a bunch of other stuff .

    If you have visions of cleaning up the hood, an afternoon at the Scottsdale gun club firing fully automatic weapons will help get you in the spring cleaning spirit

  196. Lainey says:

    @SirMixALot if that’s your method of reason than every girl on the blog is “ghetto”. We’ve all spoken about our fun sexcapades.

    She carried herself like a loud ratchet stereotypical black ho yet she wonders why she’s failing at sugar. I suggest she sticks to the casino and picking up tricks at the bar. We all know the definition of ghetto here. Now had you used that logic as it referred to me calling her a “ho” then we’d be having a different exchange lol

  197. FunDude says:


    She likes to suck penises. Not a big deal.

  198. StruggleIsReal says:

    I’m coming over for the beauty sesh and some strawberry brownies. Hope SD doesn’t mind. hehe 😉

    I have the weirdest sense of humor. Your last comment has me rolling!!!

    @Heels Convo
    I am quite tall, so I generally don’t wear heels unless the guy is clearly taller than me, or makes it clear that he just loves a girl in heels regardless of height issues etc. I’m not into emasculation. I love heels though, when a guy loves me in them 🙂

    @ ATL
    She should hit you up first, in my opinion. It doesn’t hurt for you to either, but I say especially after you have already even given her a gift, she should be quite eager to, at the very least, thank you for your time and gift! Nice move with that. I’m interested to see how this works out!

  199. These blogs are fun, I wouldn’t plan my day around them like some peeps but may I ask a question? and I realize I’m not one of the “cool kids” here but isn’t calling someone “ghetto” after posting details about how you’ve sucked someone off and then had the groceries delivered all over your “tits” kinda pot / kettlish? Dunno, just an observation. Don’t shot the messenger. I realize people need to have their beefs but there’s gotta be some impartiality to keep people even keel. Cheers

  200. FunDude says:


    Just dropping the knowledge of the hypocrisy level of the women in the USA

  201. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    @ATL- that was meant for you btw.

  202. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    Height is not an issue for me. You would have to an Amazon women to be taller then me.
    Some SD must lie about height. I have had 2 SB comment “oh you really are tall or big”.

    I need to relocate to ATL:-) I find tall men very sexy.

  203. Lainey says:

    I’m getting used to this housewife lifestyle (ie working from home). Highlight of my day consisted of straightening my hair whilst starving due to the appliance swapout, shopping for new pots and preserves (I WAS SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS). Then making chicken Gyros and Tabbouleh for dindin. Now tinting my brows before making strawberry brownies. YUMMZY.

    His day was a lot more productive than mine. So I’ll let him lie there tonight while I do all the work.

  204. @yougotta Let’s make it an eBook. I so wanna edit your code. It’ll be one for the annals 😉

  205. @FunDude

    That was lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  206. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATL – Men will lie about almost anything, if they are shallow, egocentric, megalomaniac or just trying to get in someone’s pants on the cheap 😉

  207. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Lady – I remember reading those blog comments about the polish and such…I think that might make for a great topic to post again…New Year, Best Year – Looking spectacular for your first meet. Maybe some of the No Shows would learn you’re supposed to actually MEET people when you schedule something!

  208. THEATLSD says:

    Height is not an issue for me. You would have to an Amazon women to be taller then me.
    Some SD must lie about height. I have had 2 SB comment “oh you really are tall or big”. How cud u lie about height when you are going to meet people.

  209. FunDude says:


    Just read that garbage on dailymail.co.uk.

    The women are very “outraged” when men call women hot and say that American women are mostly fat slobs (which is a correct statement)

    However, these same women have no concerns when seeing a male celebrity to say things like “american men are fat and look like crap”, etc.

  210. Ladyscarlett says:

    That is weird none of your women wore heels, Atlanta. Remember when I first came on blog and most all of the women were preaching about how girls should almost always wear high heels on a first meet, and NO chipped nail polish.

  211. Ladyscarlett says:

    I will try not wear my very high heels, if the gentleman is not much taller than me…I met a man once who clearly lied about his height–and by quite a lot! I wore my heels that are pretty high that evening, and he looked up to me and said how good I looked, then it just came out, ‘oh, sorry about my heels, you are short’. That was so rude, but it just came out of the mouth…it was so awkward. It caught me off guard..

    I don’t think some men care if they are shorter, when their lady wears heels, though…

  212. Ladyscarlett says:

    Your first mistake is reading dailymail…and, the comments. This ‘paper’ is mostly just a picture book. With that being said, have seen very cruel comments made on other women’s bodies and body shapes before…and, quite a lot.

  213. THEATLSD says:

    “you really do have a shoe/foot fetish”

    Apparently, but it really came to light in last few years. But seriously,
    not one SB could show up in heels. Also, since I have conceded this info to
    my BFF’s here on the blog I feel so liberated. ;

  214. Josh says:

    @FunDude what is the link?

  215. FunDude says:

    I was reading some bitches comments on dailymail about some male celebrity. The bitches wrote comments like “all men should look like that”, “men are worthless and don’t look like that”, etc.

    Then I checked out a female celebrity. When comments were made in a similar manner to women about “not looking as good as the female celebrity”, the women went NUTS. They complaining and whined about the men saying such things.

    The level of female hypocrisy these days is UNBELIEVABLE

  216. Ladyscarlett says:

    Wow, @atlantasd, you really so have a shoe/ foot fetish, hehe! I had a serious ex-boyfriend a few years back..my Kazakh/Turk… and he was so into feet, toes and such. He was fun, though. never did understand the foot obsession, but to each their own (:

  217. Lainey says:

    @ss1959 No. I’m expecting lingerie and heels. Selfish gift.lol

  218. ss1959 says:

    More crazy-ass SB drivel: “Looking for my Christian Grey”… ” I’m not into contracts, or rules…”

    Now that’s funny!

  219. ss1959 says:

    @Lainey: So you’re expecting some new outfits perhaps? Man, I would NEVER try to buy clothed for my SB. The chance of me picking something she’d actually like must be infinitesimally small.

  220. Dazed-SD says:

    @online,, email sent..I love Ann Arbor and go there often.

  221. KennaKenna says:

    @YGBKM I’ll be in Scottsdale. I hope it’s warm, this winter weather is killing me!!

  222. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Amused – yeah, par for the course!

  223. AmusedSD says:

    About Me
    Hi there well I am a very attractive, confident, outgoing woman who knows what she wants out of life. That is to enjoy it to the fullest and enjoy the finer thing’s in life. I love to laugh and always up for new adventures.

    What I’m looking for
    I am really looking for someone who can realize that I deserve to be spoiled for a change. A man who enjoys chatting online or the phone, emails, sending pictures and if all goes well possibly meeting. However, until that time won’t mind spoiling me from a far so I don’t have to work my pretty ass to the bone…

    Substantial monetary request.

    Get it while it’s hot boys!!!

  224. Lainey says:

    “Yea except, I will have to learn to throw down some gang signs and wear the right colors just to get there.”


  225. THEATLSD says:

    @ Southern
    Thanks that’s what I thought. Except no phone calls for me. Nobody gets my number in this game. I guess I need a google nbr. As for the heels, I’m talking the almost 2 years I have been in this game.
    NOT ONCE. I’ll take boots, I luv the boots and riding boots the chicks wear in the winter. (Chrissy can confirm that)

    “start trolling Spellman College, cause I KNOW those girls are dressed!!”
    Yea except, I will have to learn to throw down some gang signs and wear the right colors just to get there.

    Thanks, she did email me. It was a curiosity question?

    “They never leave the house- they’re bedtime shoes that I liked to be F*cked silly in…”
    Yeah, that doesn’t help me in the least.

  226. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Lainey – hahaha…sorry you’re stuck in the holding pattern…NOTHING worse than having the food prepped and being unable to get things cooking (of course there are some parallels for the sexual world as well) 😉

  227. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATL – I will typically wait until the next day, if I haven’t heard from her after that coffee…most type me a message from the parking lot (I think, with how fast the message is received). But, the next day, I’ll send a message that basically thanks her for her time and the conversation, asking if she enjoyed the meet, and if she had fun shopping (since you’re giving her a gift card for shoes)…

  228. Lainey says:

    Lol @ONSD I’m home alone and my vibrator said it wasn’t in the mood. I’m talking Bobby Flay. I already thawed out and marinated my meats and now I won’t be able to cook for like another hr or so. All I wanted was a freakin SAMMICH!

  229. KennaKenna says:

    @ATL She should email/text back first. I gathered from your post that she emailed already?

    I always wear heels on dates/meets/everywhere… I live in heels lol… I even buy certain heels just to wear to bed. They never leave the house- they’re bedtime shoes that I liked to be F*cked silly in…

  230. SouthernSB says:

    @ATL-Oh defiantly the lady should make contact first after the meet and greet if she is interested and the date went well, especially if there was a gift exchanged. Saying “thank you” is only good manners. I would probably not only call to say thank you, I would probably look you up and send you a nice card. I love sending cards I think calling and e-mailing isn’t personal enough. I think I know why none of the ladies have worn heels. It’s winter and feet get cold. I’ve pretty much retired my heels until spring too. I know The ATL is the city and I live in AUG, but still….Maybe with luck you’ll be able to find one that has a nice pair of heeled boots. If you want to get a girl that wears heels in the winter you’ll have to start trolling Spellman College, cause I KNOW those girls are dressed!!

  231. KennaKenna says:

    I have a question:

    What do you guys do if your bestfriend’s wife invites you to a surprise 50th birthday for her husband but it’s the same day as your anniversary?

    I don’t want to get upset or make him choose but I made plans for our anni 🙁 Ugh…

  232. THEATLSD says:

    And I forgot. I played Bowies. Suffragette City when I left.

  233. THEATLSD says:

    @All I had a coffee POT meet this morning. Been a while, I felt off my game except I don’t really have a game. So working off @resop2 music theme, when I got close to the destination I played AC/DC Money Talks.
    (I live vicariously through music, and sometimes not so vicariously)

    I’m batting zero on the heels, NO heels, not one SB has wore heels to my first meet, not even some nice wedges. WTF???

    The meet went very nice, she is beautiful, time went fast. When I looked at my watch it was time for me to go.
    I gave my standard parting gift, which is now always a gift card to a shoe store. Yes really. I know there is no expectation on first meet but I guess the gentleman in me comes out.

    She emailed me back and already bought new shoes.Yeaaaaa

    Here is a question for y’all? Who should email/text/contact first after the meet. I’m of the thought since I paid and gifted, the SB should email back first. Just a simple “thank you” is all I want. What say you sexy bloggers?

  234. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Lainey – hahaha, the best laid plans…or is it the best plans of getting laid…or were you truly talking about like a Bobby Flay throw down? Now I’m hungry AND horny, that’s rude 😉

  235. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Are there any other SDs on blog close enough to Detroit to want to connect with someone who had taken some profile critique with class and dignity?

  236. Lainey says:

    That moment when you’re about to THROW DOWN for lunch and you get a knock at the door. New appliances arrived. -_- . UUUGH!

  237. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    It may be time for the blog gods to rebuke @CandyCoated007…there was ABSOLUTELY NO CALL for that outburst…

  238. Lainey says:

    Lol @Candy still behaving like a bitter ghetto black bitch I see.

  239. Lainey says:

    @ss1959 I’m as in the dark as you are. Lol. But being that he also asked my bra and shoe size I’m guessing the gift is a little more on the selfish side.

  240. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Dazed – if you’re still looking, and don’t mind AA, I think I may have found someone. She’s a bit naive, but in the couple of messages I’ve exchanged, she seems to have a better brain than most and she’s quite attractive!

    She’s also from AA, which is why I thought of you…if you are interested, email ONSDthrowaway at gmail and I’ll send along the id 😉

  241. CandyCoated007 says:

    Big saggy H boobs and a flabby XL size 16 or 2x, most likely.

    Don’t keep us hanging, like dem bunny ears, fat ass ho!

  242. ss1959 says:

    @Lainey: So…? Don’t keep us hanging!

  243. Lainey says:

    Nothing like waking up in the morning and hearing these words, “Baby, what size are you?”

  244. StruggleIsReal says:


  245. “StruggleIsReal says:
    January 21, 2015 at 4:54 am
    Haha my luva luva jiffy butta”

    Hahaha! Why does this come to mind??


    Oh it hurts!


    Please will you be my editor in mischief? You turn my pages, naughty boy.


    I missed you so many long time many time longing!


    Arizona is beautiful! Mountains and cacti! Lots of cutesie little cacti… Cacti here, cacti there, omg there are cacti EVERYWHERE! Theyre not really much for cuddling, though…or dancing…kinda stuck up. What city has the pleasure of your company?

  246. StruggleIsReal says:

    Have you done the Grand Canyon? It is a must. I’ve seen it from many vantage points several times and it just never gets old!

    Also, there is a meteor crater in the middle of nowhere that is the creepiest, coolest sight. I’m an oddball though so… LOL

  247. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – Practice for “the look” usually does not generate a better “look”

    In Arizona, most of the stuff to do is up by Sedona, unless you like the college scene 😉

  248. KennaKenna says:

    I’ve been at work trying the look all morning lol but not working at all. I get to leave at 1 today but have to go library 🙁

    I’m exhausted, had only a few hours of sleep last night but will catch up on my rest this weekend in Arizona (not much to do in Arizona right?)

    @Struggle emailed you back.

  249. FatB'StardSA says:

    Long time away from the blog for me!


    The blog was always a place for fantasy writers for the most part, no point asking about other peoples arrangements.

    I have a feeling you are actually using the site now as opposed to just posting on the blog.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  250. StruggleIsReal says:

    Returned in kind dear 😉
    Morning guys!

    “The look” hahahaha. Mine is either highly effective or highly hilarious. There is no in between here. LoL

  251. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – I’ve tried giving my lover “the look” before…it usually only results with laughs in return! I knew MY look was done when my daughter gave it right back to me at the dinner table!

  252. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle I emailed you.

    Good morning everyone! SD begged me to stay in bed with him longer this morning(it must be the hair), but I had to leave and go to work 🙁 and then we had the “Quit your job” talk again.

    My rebuttal was “I have to work now, make a name for myself so I can be your sugar momma when you’re 75. And he said “wait 75 isn’t that old, I’ll still be working”, then I gave him the “look”(kinda like this -_-) and then we both started laughing because I can never get that look pulled off.

    Do you guys ever give the look when your partner/friend say something ridiculous?

  253. StruggleIsReal says:

    Haha my luva luva jiffy butta,
    I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with my foot hurting (it broke, LoL). They don’t call me hottest early-bird gimp on the block fer nothing. Haha

  254. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – check your email! I know I’ll be watching for a reply 😉

  255. Please please please write a book @yougotta . . anything, will read.

  256. @Struggs

    Spread ’em ;-p

    Love ya back! Will email you indeed.

    Why are you awake right now? I thought I was the only one still awake. Now I dont have to cry myself to sleep. Struggs…thank you for making life bearable. Haha.

    I am a delirious mess. Off to bed for the sake of us all!

  257. StruggleIsReal says:

    Oh oh oh. Who needs self defense when I have you and this blog?! Haha love.

    I am putting out my mating call. Haha jk but on the real,
    @YGBKM & @Kenna will you ladies please email me at your convenience at
    StruggleIsReal02 at gmail
    Please 😉

    I have new pb&j spread options for you.
    Wanna see your pretty hairs 🙂

  258. @Hellen

    My face photo is a compromise that I do not make… under any circumstance(s?). Ever. Period. Fuck your millions.

    I have also met men who never shared a photo. They all turned out to be handsome men. Just came across a profile with a no photo disclaimer just today. Can send you the link if you want. Some men may have a legitimate reason for discretion that has nothing to do with sketchy intentions. Im just saying that I do not find it strange that someone prefers discretion in photo sharing. That, of course, in assuming that I, myself, am not strange…depends on who ya ask, I suppose :).


    You might consider more than just his photo in deciding if it’s a dealbreaker. If everything else appeals to you, meet in a public, well populated place where youre less likely to be chopped to pieces or thigh humped. Make it a short coffee, lunch or happy hour meet with a solid way out. If he’s horrid, enjoy your beverage, tell him it was nice meeting him, thank him for his time, get the hell outta there. Ya know…”Fake it ’til you make it…out alive.” If he insists on walking you to your car, tell him you hitchhiked there, but will take the city bus back home because every time you ride the bus it’s like a family reunion with your peeps from under the bridge. Holla! When he voices concern for your safety, tell him you have a can of pepper spray in your bra, a can of whoop ass in your purse, and razor blades in your vagina. And then motion your finger sliding across your neck.


    See? Easy as pie 😉

  259. K…Im back! 😀

    Your question, Guruflyguy, has absolootely nuffing to do wif my response to Hellen’s inquiry. I should point out that I offered my position to give Hellen perspective in that her potential may not feel an obligation to subscribe to her photo preference merely because she has shared. I wasnt advising her to take my preference as her own approach. Comprendre vous, mon petit chou?


    If you’d like to know how my preference is working for me…

    I’ll let you know tomorrow after my date with one of the most wonderful gentlemen Ive had the pleasure of meeting… on this site and elsewhere. Silky almond milk ;).

    Remember, sweets…I can afford to take my time in being selective. What I cant afford is to compromise my preference for discretion. Millionaire, schmillionaire. Dont hate the playa, hate the game, bruvva ;p.

  260. KennaKenna says:

    @Online email me

    I can’t seem to get the red to show in pics but will show you..

    Kennakenna267 @ gmail

  261. It’s interesting to see how languages evolve throughout the years, and it is true that not everyone can appreciate slang. Still, sharing this constantly changing words can help translators modernize their vocabulary and find a way to go around it when going around with their clients who are on a vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  262. @Josh

    Am currently watching a movie with 4 golden tip SugarDaddies. They call me Patsy.

    Give me a min…

  263. Ahh politics . . Hitler was quoted as saying “how fortunate for leaders that men do not think”.

  264. Josh says:


    Please allow me to ask again…

    How many arrangement(s) have you had through Seeking Arrangements, ever?

  265. Ladyscarlett says:

    What, not camouflage heels? Joni likes to castrate hogs…The guru cult master(Josh?) castrates 200 men…could that be a match made in heaven?

  266. Good lord…

    Someone please throw a rock through this woman’s TelePrompter. Geesh

  267. @Guru

    I’m more concerned with how I can fit bread bags over my light-up platforms in a rainy day. Joni Ernst inspires me.

  268. THEATLSD says:

    “Question of the week:”
    “Who is Guru?”

    There was a headline on Drudge last week. It said. “Cult master Guru has 200 males castrated.”
    I figured @Josh was trying to eliminate his competition.

  269. Josh says:


    How many arrangement(s) have you had through Seeking Arrangements, ever?

  270. Hellen says:

    OnlineNewbieSD says:
    January 20, 2015 at 2:21 pm
    @Hellen – Here is how I see private pictures…and EVERYONE is different about them, so this isn’t gospel, just opinion:

    I have a public photo without block or blur, I also have some private pics on my profile. If I request to view the private pics of a pot, I will request access, when I am forwarded to my message center, I will click the gear at the top by her profile and grant access to my private pics, then, I click below and send along a personalized message about her profile or her pics that indicates interest and the hope for a reciprocation of the access. Next time I login to my account and see that she’s READ my messages and has not responded to my request for access or to the personalized message, I will click the gear again and deny access to private pics, because she was obviously NOT interested.

    When I receive a request for access to my private pics, before granting that access, I always look at her profile and decide if I think I might be interested. If I am, the next thing to look at is HER pictures…If she does not have private pics, AND does not have clearly visible face pics public on her profile, I will send a message and let her know I have interest, but do not share private pics without having clear face pics available to me. If she has private pics, but nothing public with clear face, I will respond with a message letting her know that I have no problem giving access when I get access, as a common courtesy, since she initiated contact with me. If she has clear face pics public in her profile and I’m interested, I’ll grant access to my private pics and send a personalized message to her about something in her profile that caught my attention.

    I’ve gotten a response to my “common courtesy” message that the pot WENT OFF on me about having no interest in me, but wanting to see if my private pics were just as ugly as my public one…you’re going to get those dumbasses on this site…just say “Next” and move on!
    @Online- Thank you! I feel the same way about people that have access to your pictures and know how you look like but have issues sharing….
    @Josh- I wanted to hear what you guys thought;-)
    @ y- thank you for your input. Would you still refuse to share your pic even though the an SD has gone out of his way to give you his email?

  271. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @YGBKM – Now THAT is funny!

  272. It’s almost like he’s trying to smile and hold in gas simultaneously.

  273. How does Biden hold that expression for so long without breaking?

  274. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – I may need to see this hair color 😉

  275. KennaKenna says:

    Now I think about it, guys at work were probably hitting on me because my hair was down and not in the regular ponytail. And I almost look like a different person with my hair down.

    So maybe it was completely unrelated to my new hair color.

  276. KennaKenna says:

    Btw, I finally took your advice and got auburn/red highlights to blend in with my brown hair. I didn’t like it at first but SD loves it and now the guys at work are hitting on me lol…

    I just hope I don’t get tired of it too soon…

  277. KennaKenna says:

    @Online YAY! I’m so happy for you!!! 🙂

    *wiggles tiny butt and does happy dance*

  278. flyR says:


    Can we peons be granted relief from the blog topic and the industrial debutantes (probably eastern bloc) in the photos – Actually they have some truly beautiful women but these are not two of them.

  279. flyR says:

    @ online – CLICK OF DEATH

    Suggest you give them a few days to reply after looking. They may have been on the plane, in a meeting etc .

  280. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Next meeting scheduled for early next week! Her attitude seems to be like @Kenna and @Sexy have expressed…I asked if she had any expectations of me at this meeting and she said, “continue to be a gentleman and we’ll be fine”…uh, oh…she better not be trolling the blog 😉

  281. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Hellen – Here is how I see private pictures…and EVERYONE is different about them, so this isn’t gospel, just opinion:

    I have a public photo without block or blur, I also have some private pics on my profile. If I request to view the private pics of a pot, I will request access, when I am forwarded to my message center, I will click the gear at the top by her profile and grant access to my private pics, then, I click below and send along a personalized message about her profile or her pics that indicates interest and the hope for a reciprocation of the access. Next time I login to my account and see that she’s READ my messages and has not responded to my request for access or to the personalized message, I will click the gear again and deny access to private pics, because she was obviously NOT interested.

    When I receive a request for access to my private pics, before granting that access, I always look at her profile and decide if I think I might be interested. If I am, the next thing to look at is HER pictures…If she does not have private pics, AND does not have clearly visible face pics public on her profile, I will send a message and let her know I have interest, but do not share private pics without having clear face pics available to me. If she has private pics, but nothing public with clear face, I will respond with a message letting her know that I have no problem giving access when I get access, as a common courtesy, since she initiated contact with me. If she has clear face pics public in her profile and I’m interested, I’ll grant access to my private pics and send a personalized message to her about something in her profile that caught my attention.

    I’ve gotten a response to my “common courtesy” message that the pot WENT OFF on me about having no interest in me, but wanting to see if my private pics were just as ugly as my public one…you’re going to get those dumbasses on this site…just say “Next” and move on!

  282. StruggleIsReal says:

    Really??! Are you insinuating that you think he was trying to have you in her stead?? Eeeek

  283. @Hellen

    Please pardon Guru. He is the wisest of them all, and sometimes forgets that such supreme knowledge is an acquired state of which we mere mortals can only dream.

    This is why I worship him…on my knees…his cyber cock to my tonsils. Silky almond milk. Once, twice, three times a treat.

  284. @Hellen

    I have given similar responses to pots regarding my photo. Sometimes people assume/expect that because they share a photo, you should reciprocate. It’s a deal breaker for some.

    Not long ago had a pot message me that he’d shared his private photos with me, and would love to see more of me. I thanked his for the gesture, and explained that I was not comfortable sharing more photos. I had not viewed his photos, and told him that he was welcome to revoke the privilege. He left the photos open, and respected my wishes. Another respected my wishes, yet added more private photos for me to view.

    I realize that some are more comfortable with photo sharing, but it’s not a compromise that I make. Has costed me a few dates, and is frustrating, but it’s what Ive decided for myself.

  285. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-Maybe she’s curious?

  286. Josh says:


    Why are you asking this question?

  287. Hellen says:

    Hi guys. An SD contacted me on the site and asked if we could chat, and I responsed and asked him to share his photo and sent him my email….he emails me with this response…..”Thanks for the messages. For privacy reasons I’d prefer to hold of a bit on pictures until I get to know you.
    Hope you don’t mind.
    What do you guys think? He’s seen what I look like it’s only fair I see what he looks like, it’s not like I’m asking him for to tell me his real name.

  288. Chrissy says:

    Psh like I need any pale makeup with my porcelain complexion. I think his favorite thing about me though is that I am actually living. Although I did meet him on a fetish site, who knows what his true fetish was.

  289. SouthernSB says:

    @ATL-That was the funniest thing I have heard in the last week!!

  290. Josh says:


    “Did he make you lie on bed very still with a lily in hands across you chest and pale make up on?”


  291. THEATLSD says:


    Don’t want to hear AC/DC’s “The Jack”.

  292. THEATLSD says:


    “I was naive when an exSD told me I reminded me of his deceased wife and then he started gifting me vintage lingerie.”

    Did he make you lie on bed very still with a lily in hands across you chest and pale make up on?

  293. resop2 says:

    I found another song (besides “just my baby daddy”) that few SD’s want to hear: “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor” – Flight of the Conchords.

    Are there other songs like that? Or for that matter, songs that few SB’s want to hear?

  294. Question of the week:

    “Who is Guru?”

  295. Ladyscarlett says:

    Also, @dollface….I agree with what struggles said.

    “I am similar in that I am completely turned off if a guy dives right in getting all sexual. For me that has to develop organically, and the more I respect a gentleman, the more I usually surprise them with my own sexuality. I can answer basic questions about what I expect of him and what he expects of me, but getting all jiffy wid it too soon just ain’t happening.”

    Agreed. Any SD that was worth pursuing, or that I had an arrangement with, never ever mentioned sex right away(or, even hinted at it)…especially, when we first met, or if it was through SA, definitely not a first email, or three, or at the first date. We are adults here, and know what happens in adult relationships. The real sugar daddies do not need to mention this, just like they do not need to mention how much money they have because they are real. The fakes or scammers do mess up a lot and
    mention it quickly, or push for intimacy straight away, just like a child who cannot wait to get his hands in the cookie jar, and they act pushy or desperate because they are trying to get into your knickers ASAP before you figure them out, or they are just being honest about their intentions, so you know to avoid that type.

  296. **SB_UK** says:

    @ALT Thank you

  297. Chrissy says:

    I was naive when an exSD told me I reminded me of his deceased wife and then he started gifting me vintage lingerie.

  298. THEATLSD says:


    aaaaaaaaaaahhh yep! very nice!

  299. THEATLSD says:

    “Yeah, this is where sugar turns into a tooth ache.”

    Yes it sure does sister. There is always a perception of “whats going to happen next?”,”Is he/she thinking the same as me?”, “Could this really work?”, “Am I reading the messages, body language and tone right or is just wishful thinking?”
    There is the issue of becoming a little more then NSA, controlled still, but one really feels a connection. Then blam bitch slapped or kicked in the nuts (in a figurative way.) Knocks you back to f**king reality.

    Lastly, his response to the news or your friends grandmothers death news was very dis-obliging and egocentric, IMHO.

  300. **SB_UK** says:

    Just trying to see if Gavatar has worked for me

  301. Ladyscarlett says:

    Amongst all the other errors, lol.

  302. Ladyscarlett says:

    Gives* and feel free*

    No coffee yet is no bueno ):

  303. Ladyscarlett says:

    I meant, @dollface, my post is for you above…Josh had me confused when he was addressing both of them above, and I just had read his post, hehe.

  304. Ladyscarlett says:

    @candy, It is easy to record a conversation on skype…it actually gies you the option to record or take a photo, especially, easy, if you have an iPhone or ipad.

    I showed this the other day, and not to be a Debbie downer, but google usasexguide.info and look under the “Thread: “Sugarbabies” / “Arrangements” Amateurs or Not?”

    There are sites and blogs dedicated to showing cheap fake ‘sugar daddies’ how to scam girls who are new to seeking arrangement, or naive. They end up gifting them nothing or hardly anything, then go on the boards and brag about their tactics and how little they spend, on the SB. They also post pics from the girls profiles on the site or similar sites and talk about what they did sexually.

    Just be safe and savvy, and screen, scree, screen…and always fell free to ask questions here (:

  305. THEATLSD says:


    “Also how did you guys get avatars? What’s going on here?”

    Go to Gravatar dot com, create an account, find you self a good pic to upload. Hopefully one that we can get excited about.
    What ever email you use to sign up with on Gravatar, type that in the Email box on this page. Give it a minute and it will load automatically.
    If you have any issues ask @ONSD he is the expert. 🙂

  306. THEATLSD says:


  307. THEATLSD says:

    “@ATLSD That’s so gross. I hope he isn’t tech savvy enough to know how to record it gosh.”

    My dear in this “game” naivety will get you in trouble, take your game up a notch and think. Do not react.

  308. iigth123 says:

    Any Sugar mama here still looking to hook up with a clean guy ? am trying to post the comment it wont goes through lol

  309. iigth123 says:

    Any Sugar mama here still looking to hook up with a clean guy ???

  310. Josh says:


    We have @CandyCoated007 and @Dollface. Both black/AA/Other/etc., however they choose to define their ethnicity. Both showed up looking for “advice”.

    Both received similar feedback. One went to work and came back with an empowering profile, and is getting results already.

    The other showed her true colors and went HO on us.

    There’s method to @Guru’s madness. 😉

  311. Lainey says:

    @Candi get rid of the picture with Mike and the red thong pic

  312. THEATLSD says:

    I agree with Struggles. That is a much better picture and also I think you should take red thong booty pic off and save that for the next level. Gives something to look forwrd too.

  313. Lainey says:

    If you hear an old person over the speaker at Starbucks just move along to another location. #LaineysMorningWisdom Lol

  314. Dollface says:

    @ATLSD That’s so gross. I hope he isn’t tech savvy enough to know how to record it gosh.

    @Struggle Thank you. 🙂 Exactly! That’s how the majority of us females are. Being a gentleman pays off really. These little creepy experiences I’m having now will only make it better for the right one though. He’ll get it good. 😉 I’m not going to let these creeps give me a negative attitude. Coming into this I did my research. I already knew there were some weirdos I’d have to deal with.

  315. StruggleIsReal says:

    Good work on the profile! I love the profile pic you are using!!

  316. StruggleIsReal says:

    Your profile is awesome and so are your pics girl! I’m thrilled your getting good attention from the little changes! Good job chickadee!

    As for the creepy guy, and any future creepy guys, you’ll learn to let them go pretty quickly as soon as they rub you the wrong way. It just isn’t worth your time or energy. Usually your gut feeling is right, especially on here. Good job on paying attention to it and honoring your true feelings.
    I am similar in that I am completely turned off if a guy dives right in getting all sexual. For me that has to develop organically, and the more I respect a gentleman, the more I usually surprise them with my own sexuality. I can answer basic questions about what I expect of him and what he expects of me, but getting all jiffy wid it too soon just ain’t happening.

    That’s great hun! I look forward to hearing continued success for you!

  317. THEATLSD says:

    99% sure that was a scam. He was recording it either for himself or some porn site. The swallowing question on Skype that early on. Spider sense tingling. Run away from that one.

  318. ss1959 says:

    Sometimes I think it’s worth the price of admission on SA just for the entertainment value of some of the profiles. Just saw one SB profile that says she’s looking for someone that “likes kids” and “has your own car.”

  319. Dollface says:

    I meant to say gentleman in my last post.
    @SS1959 oh yeah my creepy bells were ringing. Trust me I’m pressing eject, and he wanted me to fly out to see him in Vegas Wednesday but he’s not even background checked. I asked him about it he says “I’m not comfortable with the site having my information”. First of all its a third party not the site. Second of all if you expect me to travel your ass better have a background check. I’m not risking my safety.

    However I’m talking to a few others that seem respectable enough. I’ll find the right one soon. 🙂

    @ATLSD All the best with coffee girl. I hope it works out. 🙂

  320. Dollface says:

    @Sexy You’re right. I need to nip this in the bud.
    @ONSD Yes that’s how a first meet is supposed to be. I am definitely talking to other pot SD’s and the one I’ve been talking to the longest has never even talked to melike that. He’s such a sweetie. an and gentle

  321. ss1959 says:

    @Dollface: Trust your gut. If he feels creepy to you, tell him thanks but no thanks, and move on.

  322. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Dollface – reread my celebration after coffee last night…there was NOTHING about sex or expectations or allowances on the first meet, just flowing conversation from topic to topic…and now I want her REAL BAD. When it’s all about sex and allowance on first meet, it seems to fizzle quickly!

    Now last night’s pot and I have discussed everything by message and email (like it sounds you have before the Skype)…I think @Sexy had it right…just let it go, especially if you have any other pot SDs you’re still talking to!

  323. sexyrockstar says:

    Never do anything that makes you uncomfortable.sex is important but on Skype he could easily be recording it.

    Don’t bother meeting him. You’re better off moving on my dear

  324. Dollface says:

    Oh gosh. Sorry about posting that twice. My phone is possessed LOL.

  325. Dollface says:

    @Josh haha for sure. 🙂
    @ATLSD Thank you.

    I have a concern and I would like to know from the SD’s (everyone whiwhat you think of this. I talked to this one potential for three days now.

    It bothered me tonight when we Skyped for the first time that he kept gearing the conversation to sex. It turned me off. Since we aren’t in the same state Skype is basically like our first date, and I felt it was unbecoming of him to have so many sexual requests such as “will you swallow for me from time to time” (even though I said I will not) when this was the first time we spoke face to face.

    He then asked me to show my ass in a thong when we weren’t even talking about anything like that. It was just gross to me. I’ve talked to men who were much more relaxed and not so thirsty. When a man isn’t thirsty it makes me want to give more and make him happy, because I am a very sexual person. When I feel like I’m viewed as a piece of meat it puts me off. To me it made him appear desperate and like he wanted more of a traveling personal sex toy. In my eyes its the same thing as a sugar daddy not wanting to feel like an ATM.

    I feel so turned off by this it just grossed me out that he was being like that. I like a gentleman. We did have a great conversation other wise and I can tell he really likes me, because I did stimulate him mentally, but I’m annoyed with him now.
    I do want to have great sex with the right SD. Because of how he was tonight any thought of being with him sexually makes me cringe.

    What do you men think? Am I being too hard on him?

    @Josh haha for sure. 🙂
    @ATLSD Thank you.

    I have a concern and I would like to know from the SD’s what you think of this. I talked to this one potential for three days now.

    It bothered me tonight when we Skyped for the first time that he kept gearing the conversation to sex. It turned me off. Since we aren’t in the same state Skype is basically like our first date, and I felt it was unbecoming of him to have so many sexual requests such as “will you swallow for me from time to time” (even though I said I will not) when this was the first time we spoke face to face.

    He then asked me to show my ass in a thong when we weren’t even talking about anything like that. It was just gross to me. I’ve talked to men who were much more relaxed and not so thirsty. When a man isn’t thirsty it makes me want to give more and make him happy, because I am a very sexual person. When I feel like I’m viewed as a piece of meat it puts me off. To me it made him appear desperate and like he wanted more of a traveling personal sex toy. In my eyes its the same thing as a sugar daddy not wanting to feel like an ATM.

    I feel so turned off by this it just grossed me out that he was being like that. I like a gentleman. We did have a great conversation other wise and I can tell he really likes me, because I did stimulate him mentally, but I’m annoyed with him now.
    I do want to have great sex with the right SD. Because of how he was tonight any thought of being with him sexually makes me cringe.

    What do you men think? Am I being too hard on him?

  326. sexyrockstar says:

    My bestie Told me “we have to go to a bar. The people here have no idea what a big city girl is like. They Will look at us like we are aliens”

  327. sexyrockstar says:

    Yeah, this is where sugar turns into a tooth ache.

    So drummer hasn’t been happy with his wife for awhile. The past two days he said she’s been super nice. I’m guessing she’s been super nice because I haven’t heard from since he said he will talk to me later.

    My best friends grandmother died today so her and i are driving to Missouri. I told drummer about this and all I got was “guess this makes our day this week off the table. Tell her I’m sorry”

    Normally him and I make our plans set for our time by now. I told him id be back on Wednesday. But due To him now being okay with his wife I’m not going to jump through hoops to see Him this week. I’m guessing sometime tomorrow he will say sorry for not getting back to me. I knew our days together would not last forever and I know wife will always be number one.

    But this drive hasn’t been that bad. I can’t believe how many stars I can see right now since I’m a way from city lights.

  328. Candi says:

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to thank everyone that gave me honest advice. I have three potential SD’s whom I have been talking to thanks to you guys. I love this blog!! Hope to make a decision soon on which one I am more compatible with.

  329. Josh says:


    Great job on the photos and the profile. Best of success at SA.

    Don’t forget to thank me for the thousands you will make in the near future. 😉

  330. THEATLSD says:

    @dollface. I just went to see the new profile. Awesome you took it upscale. And the pics. Are perfect. 180 degree turn.

  331. THEATLSD says:

    @Dollface. Excellent, way to go babe. The right profile helps a ton.

  332. THEATLSD says:

    @lainey. That’s funny right thar!!!

  333. HuntedUnicorn says:

    Also how did you guys get avatars? What’s going on here?

  334. HuntedUnicorn says:


    Yeah, ask her soon! Asking now for a date next week is perfect.

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but in sugar dating I LIKE a guy that’s very forward and eager to see me… kind of the opposite of what I go for in conventional dating. Any other SBs have thoughts on this?

  335. Dollface says:

    Thanks everyone for the profile tips. Since changing up my profile a little and having it approved today I’ve recieved more messages, profile views and favorites. Just by this evening I’m in contact with a plastic surgeon who gave me his contact info and also a man here in

  336. Lainey says:

    This is me when people “‘re”enter the blog:

  337. THEATLSD says:

    @ONSD. yea don’t seem to eager. She might try to up the ante.

    I have a coffee set up for Wednesday morning.

  338. KennaKenna says:

    @Online glad you found a good POT. Go ahead, ask for next meet 🙂

  339. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATL – thanks bro…I’m torn on the ask for next meet with her though. I want to “strike while the iron is hot” but don’t want to seem too eager…of course, asking for something after Friday would be mandatory at this point…

  340. THEATLSD says:

    Bro. Sending you magical good karma your way. Your turn to hit the jackpot.

  341. THEATLSD says:

    “May I be both the flower girl and the bride? I never get to be the flower girl :(. Oh! And please may I wear a different gown for each role??”

    Hell yes to both as long as I get to pick what’s on underneath and your shoes

    I’m on the sunglasses redunancy. Give me a day. 😉

  342. FunDude says:


    Some women like the fatty 28 y/o have ridiculous expectations lol

  343. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    *face, not fave

  344. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Struggle – thanks, yeah, so fast so good!

    Then, I’m brought back to reality of SA with messages in my inbox:

    1. Negotiable, 21yo, cute, willing to drive nearly 4 hours to meet me…really?

    2. Negotiable, 28yo, blurry body pic…second message states her prior paid all bills plus school expenses, allowance and gifts…Negotiable…really?

    Good thing I can’t get the smile off my fave from coffee tonight!

  345. @Josh

    But I wanna be the flower girl!


    Maybe I can just flower my way as I walk down the aisle.

  346. StruggleIsReal says:

    Yay!! Sounds promising babe!!

  347. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Well, good news after coffe tonight! She has already sent me a message thanking me for the coffee and asking about another meeting…maybe I’ve been too optimistic going into coffee meets before? This time I was expecting to be disappointed and there was 2 hours of conversation that wasn’t about the arrangement or details about expectations, just conversation that flowed pretty well from topic to topic, included some mentoring from my personal experience and ended with smiles and a hug. I’m going to keep my coffee for Friday, because I’m still paranoid about losing this pot before we get to agreement stage, but good potential!

  348. Josh says:


    You may un-wear different gown for each roll (in the hay).

  349. Dazed-SD says:

    @sexy,, sure send me her phone number ! LOL

  350. “THEATLSD says:
    January 19, 2015 at 4:36 pm
    @suzie That was a redundant redundancy.

    They did that to me too bastards. Apparently a picture of a guy in a suit with blurred face and photoshopped mask is all the rage and the sugar babies dig it.”

    Blurred face and a photoshopped mask? Now THAT is redundant redundancy. You should put on dark sunglasses on top of your mask. Please, please, please do it! Might just be my next avatar, actually. Teehee ;-p

  351. @ATL

    Well, it depends…

    May I be both the flower girl and the bride? I never get to be the flower girl :(. Oh! And please may I wear a different gown for each role??

  352. THEATLSD says:

    @y Glad you are back. Now will you marry me and we can move to Uzbekistan?

  353. THEATLSD says:

    @suzie That was a redundant redundancy.

    They did that to me too bastards. Apparently a picture of a guy in a suit with blurred face and photoshopped mask is all the rage and the sugar babies dig it.

  354. Indian

    Casino or 7-11?



    Beverly Hill or Appalachian Hills?



    Field or house?


    Swimmer or landscaper?

    Oh the choices! 😀

  355. THEATLSD says:

    OHH Boy. I can’t even get a good joke off to a comedienne.
    @sexy . That was a joke. You can use it free of charge.

    Your welcome 😉

  356. Suzie says:

    You manipulated and lied using photos of innocent college girls to advertise your site. Innocent girls who you manipulated and modified their photos and posted them into various sites. Take the photos down scumbags!!!

  357. StruggleIsReal says:

    LMAO @Sexy!! Hey feel free to copy me on the booty email to @Lainey. 😉 hehe

  358. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ATL – Now THAT’s funny!

    @Sexy…I think I will, but it hurt nonetheless 😉

  359. SexyRockstar says:

    He’s 7-11.

    Not interested.

  360. THEATLSD says:

    @sexy. That was awesome.
    When he told you he was Indian.
    You should have said.
    “Oh you are Indian. Casino or 7-11??”

  361. SexyRockstar says:

    New blog please!!!

  362. I was just sitting here catching up on the blog, when suddenly I thought to myself…

    “If only if could reach my face to my vagina…”

    Oh would life be grand!

  363. SexyRockstar says:

    This guy lists himself as “other” 40, live in a well-to-do area 15 min. away from me.

    POT: “Hey baby”
    Me: “girls say, girls say. hey baby hey baby hey! hey baby heeyyy baby”
    POT: I am not a girl
    Me: You listed yourself as other under ethnicity 🙂
    POT: You are beautiful. What are you looking for?
    Me: Someone I can quote No Doubt lyrics back and forth with
    POT: What about an allowance of 500 dollars each week
    Me: What is your ethnicity?
    POT: I am Indian
    Me: Why don’t you put that on your profile
    POT: Most women don’t like Indians
    Me: So you’re in Indian that can’t understand No Doubt lyrics
    POT: you live close to me
    Me: No Doubt
    POT: Do you have more pictures?
    Me: No doubt
    POT: can you email them to me
    Me: No doubt
    POT: I am looking for someone I can meet twice a month for 500 dollars each time
    Me: No doubt
    POT: Adult playtime is very important to me
    Me: No doubt is very important to me

  364. SouthernSB says:

    BTW @Josh, when I was in Jr. High I was only about 4’7″ myself.

  365. Lainey says:

    @ss1959 sometimes it’s hard for them to decipher a HO from a WHORE. Lol

  366. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-Actually it worked out pretty well for him, due to the fact that he was really, really cute and he was Latin. He had hot and cold running cheerleaders all over him.

  367. ss1959 says:

    Oh! Got it. I looked at her private photos she gave access to. Total hooker. Not even escort; hooker all the way. Right down to the fishnet body stocking and the cheap pink hooker heels.

    Doesn’t SA claim to filter out the pros?

  368. ss1959 says:

    Initial communication from SB: “Whats going on”

    No punctuation. No content. No effort. Oh, and she lists her expectation as Substantial. Next!

  369. Josh says:


    “but he liked tall blonde cheerleaders.”

    How did that work out for him?

  370. SexyRockstar says:

    Reach out…reach out!!
    ((starts dancing))
    I’ll be there. With a love to shelter youuuuu.
    iiillll be there with a love that will see you tthhhrrrooouuuggghhh

    four tops? anyone? no? Fuck it ((continues dancing and singing))

  371. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Sexy, I’m hurt…and you know why 😉

  372. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Off to coffee…she’s confirmed…will report back if there is any good news!

  373. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Southern – you’re only 5’0″ too?! Damn, maybe I do need to move 😉

  374. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-No when I was in my 20’s I did not date little people. I mostly dated military men and children of retired military men, so my dating pool wasn’t filled with little people. Although when I was in 8th grade there was this really hot little person that all the girls was crazy about. I wasted a lot of time running after him, but he liked tall blonde cheerleaders.

  375. Ladyscarlett says:

    Chrissy, you have the Scandinavian tall height (:

  376. RookieSD says:

    “totally give lap dances, it is one of my special skills along with simultaneous teeth cleanings”
    Me & ATLSD need to schedule a demonstration…

  377. Chrissy says:

    Being 5’10” I have no problem dating someone 5’7″ or 5’8″ but in my experience they’re then much more particular about my shoe choices which is a deal breaker because whether you are 6’5″ or 5’7″ I don’t want you to tell me what shoes to wear.

  378. RookieSD says:

    Are there any guys 4’8″ or shorter to date?

  379. SexyRockstar says:

    I just feel like, honestly, a lot of girls/escorts come on this blog, want our advice, then when we say “you’re pretty but more escortish” all of the sudden we get named called.

    I don’t like short guys only because I wear a lot of heels. I love wearing heels. I don’t want to be taller then him. I’m 5’4 so it’s easy for me to find a man who is taller then me.

  380. Josh says:


    In your 20’s, would you have dated a guy who was 4-8″ or shorter? 😉

  381. Lainey says:

    Lol. @Sexy I am NOT opposed to receiving some of those ass shots. You gots ma email! Lol

  382. Melly says:

    No. Just… no.

  383. SouthernSB says:


  384. Petite says:


  385. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-the shortest guy I ever dated was either 5’3″ or 5’4″ he was a sargent in the Army.

  386. SexyRockstar says:

    I can’t get an SD because I am ssssoooo fatttt.
    Why are these men such assholes.
    I only have pictures of me in bikinis and ass shots.
    Whats wrong with my profile? heeelllppp

  387. Lainey says:

    I dont understand the point of a SB instagram. Can you explain why you decided to make one @SBinParis?

  388. Lainey says:

    Lol @SexyRockstar I try to tell’em! You’re such a good thick though. Love it!

  389. ss1959 says:

    @SBinParis, I saw some BCBG Max Azria bags in your Instagram. I met Max Azria a couple of years ago; a total dick, though good at what he does. Talks to women like they’re idiots. Thought you might like to know when deciding where to spend your, or your SDs, money.

  390. Chrissy says:

    I totally give lap dances, it is one of my special skills along with simultaneous teeth cleanings.

  391. Petite says:

    What I’m saying is that I claim the remainder (everything over 14k) as income instead of trying to hide it. :).
    But I do have a legitimate business and have to pay estimated quarterly SE taxes, so I figure that amount into the estimate.

  392. Lainey says:

    Lol. @Petite you do realize there is NOT much difference from a sole proprietorship and claiming it as income.

  393. SexyRockstar says:

    My SD likes the smaller girls too. Then he met me. Some men just love a booty. HAHA. I’ve seen girls on SA who list themselves as ‘average’ like I do, but weigh a good 15-20 pounds heavier then me.

    I just want my pre-baby body back ONLY because it will give me motivation to stay active. I’ve been finding myself binge watching Netflicks.

    Drummer is also annoyed with his wife. He says she needs to get laid. Any takers?!?!?! @Dazed @FunDude @Online. LMFAO.
    …im only half kidding. 😛

  394. Petite says:

    Never said that wasn’t true– In fact I’m pretty sure I said the opposite. That I know girls who are indeed like that… Yeesh.
    I think looks reign when you don’t know the other person– When you know the other person, you learn that it’s really not as important. BUT THAT’S JUST MY OPINION. If you disagree, that’s totally okay.

    As far as my modelesque friend, they are both stunt doubles and met at work. In other words, they got to know each other and fell in love with who the other person was.. Not necessary what they looked like (although they are both dreamy IMO).

    Leg implants (like calf implants.. shudder) and lengthening surgeries freak me out… But then again, most cosmetic surgeries freak me out, so there’s that.

  395. RookieSD says:

    Funny this talk about short men, came across an article talking about men having cosmetic surgery to increase their height. Thought it was bogus, googled the term for the procedure called “leg-lengthing”. surgery, and it appears to legit. In fact seems to have been around for years. Who knew?

  396. FunDude says:

    @ Petite

    This is why you can’t have a rational discussion with women. They attempt to deny something that is clearly the truth.

    Go on any dating site or watch the 20/20 special. The vast majority of women place a very high importance on height.

    Giving “exceptions” doesn’t negate the rule. Women will flock after a 5’6″ celebrity male because he has status/money/facial aesthetics/physique. However, this isn’t common and is an exception for a reason.

    You model female example female must see status/money or some other benefit in the guy.

    I never see model looking women dating short guys that aren’t rich/high status. That simple

  397. Petite says:

    I don’t have an IG at all.. much less a “SB” one…
    I am way too nervous about tax repercussions so everything over the allowed 14k for gifts goes through my sole proprietorship. I have plenty of business deductions and the peace of mind is worth the tiny bit of extra work.

  398. Petite says:

    Shorter.. excuse me.

  399. Petite says:

    I’m ridiculously short so height doesn’t matter to me.
    I’ve dated from 5’2″ to 6’4″.

    But I know girls who simply will not date anyone short than them, and I know others who won’t date anyone shorter than 2″ taller than them.
    And then one of my friends is a model type (5’10”) and has a bf who is 5’7″.. so sometimes it really just depends on the person.

  400. SBinParis says:

    Hey guys, thanks for all the banking advice last week. After some more research seems cash is really the best option for keeping things on the hush!

    I have started an SB instagram this week… do any other SBs out there have one? find me @private_exploits

  401. RookieSD says:

    Do you give lap dances?

  402. Josh says:


    What’s the height of the shortest guy you have dated?

  403. SouthernSB says:

    Well, I don’t have problems with short guys, since I’m only 5 feet tall everyone is taller than I am.

  404. Chrissy says:

    I think I am starting to go a blind due to light sensitivity prone to my Nordic skin and eyes. This may help my gender’s predisposition towards being superficial and my need to date guys over 65 since I am a fatty and everyday getting closer to over my prime.
    Always looking for that silver lining. Now who has something for me to hump!

  405. Josh says:


    You post seems spot on…when a woman has free choice.

  406. FunDude says:

    Also, I have yet to see any argument against my statement that women are the more superficial of the sexes.

    Men are evaluated on:

    1) Height
    2) Looks
    3) Physique
    4) Social Dominance
    5) Status/Money

    A guy who isn’t as attractive will need to up other aspects such as Status/Money. Women take an overall evaluation based upon the above criteria. If you meet their cutoff, you can “date” her.

    Unfortunately, guys who are “too short” are often out of luck, regardless of their other qualities. This was documented on a 20/20 special where the short dude couldn’t compensate for this issue despite being listed as a physician, investment banker, rich playboy, etc. The women still took the taller men who had garbage jobs.

    Ergo, some level of physical unattractiveness is tolerated by women if the guy makes it up significantly in other aspects that are equally superficial. However, if the physical defect is too great, she will not be interested in the man regardless of other aspects.

  407. FunDude says:


    Checking this blog out during downtime at work lol. How crazy is that?

    She is one of many women who use this site for a fast cash ATM guy but have no expectation of mutual benefit for the SD. Some of these women attempt to “pretend” they are interested but aren’t very convincing. Not that complicated.

  408. flyR says:

    Online – Your error was in opening the request from someone listing substantial unless you were in the habit of burning money to show that you could

  409. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Fun – YES, I believe she was asking for bills paid AND the $1000…my question, after reading it and seeing her pics was if it was a monthly expectation or a per visit expectation, since she had “Significant” as her level of Expectation!

    Here’s the thing…the woman could have pics that made her look like THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS, but if her profile text comes off like a gold-digger, ghetto, princess, entitled, etc. there will be difficulty getting the arrangement to stick…that’s some of the problem (as expressed by many previously) with helping some of the SBs build their profiles…when they open their mouth in the conversation, a SD will see through the text for the underlying personality. Here is where there should be a SB School with instructors like @Kenna, @Sexy, @Struggle, @Lainey, @YGBKM and others…they UNDERSTAND the role, the attitude, the “business” of being a SB (before I hear it from someone else — I mean the projection of those personas through blog comments, okay?). Most who were caught up in the SA Marketing Machine are looking for a quick buck, without regard for an ongoing arrangement, a benefactor, a mentor, a lover…that’s what I miss about my longer-term arrangements!

  410. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Struggle – I do have two coffees (well a coffee and a lunch) scheduled this week.

    One is with a pot I think I’ve actually had coffee with before, but there was NO HISTORY in the profile messages, so either she looks a lot like someone else, she’s a flake that stole some pics, or she created another profile because of problems before and is reconsidering me after something that didn’t work. She’s of the younger generation on SA, so I’ve got low expectations for the meeting, but with the conversation we’ve had, I have hope she could be at least a short-term to mid-term fun distraction from the horrid searches on here…she’s petite and “real life average”, a favorite of mine 😉

    The other is with a career-oriented single mother…really cute, not as petite but still “real life average” build…she’s not had an arrangement before, but has said the right things during conversation about being with a married guy and not focused on the money, but the connection and the sex…

    Neither is a redhead, so there’s no bonus points 😉
    They are both listed in a specific Expectation level, instead of negotiable, which to me means they at least understand about expectations. Neither of them seem to be too demanding in those expectations either…

    Thanks for asking…I’ll share some positive news if there is any!

  411. ss1959 says:

    @StruggleIsReal: The future of that arrangement was in question anyway simply because of probable scheduling issues once she’s working her full-time internship, so I don’t see putting a lot of effort into salvaging it after she walked away. This makes a nice clean break.

  412. StruggleIsReal says:

    Oh, and happy MLK Jr day!

  413. StruggleIsReal says:

    Oh, I thought you must have been entertaining the idea of continuing/reassuming something with her. I didn’t mean be mean and petty, but to just poke fun at an obvious ridiculous moment. Nothing especially spiteful. But you are right. And I would be done too if I were you.

    On another note, any podiatrists in the house? I’m fairly certain I broke something in my foot last night. I slipped on water in a garage and smashed my foot into a ridge. Now it’s all swollen and blue and hurts like hell. I can’t put any pressure on it without searing pain. From what I have seen with friends’ foot injuries, the only thing that a doctor did for them was stick it in a brace/boot and give pain killers. I’m fine with pain and don’t like to take pain killers. I figure I just need to keep it stable right ? I really don’t want to go to the doctor.

  414. ss1959 says:

    @StruggleIsReal: I would never heckle; that’s just mean. People make choices which may be right or wrong, and have to live with the consequences of those choices, but that’s no reason to be intentionally mean and petty.

    But I’ve moved on. I thought we knew each other well enough that she could take criticism of a specific action and not interpret it as criticism of who she is, but apparently not. I think she just exposed how shallow her feelings and regard for me are.

  415. StruggleIsReal says:

    Yep, not surprising! What is she saying? I would have to heckle her for a good while for that pizza bit. LoL!

    Do you have any coffee meets on the docket? Or did the flakes blow through them all last week?

  416. ss1959 says:

    BTW The SB that dumped me when I said “No” to ordering pizza for her is having second thoughts now and trying to apologize.

  417. ss1959 says:

    Regarding the preferred ‘look’: If I were listing my preferences for an SB it would be a slim Black girl at least 5’10” in her early to mid-20’s. Yet I just met a new POT that is a 21-year old 5’1″ white girl who is slightly plump but she touches some primal part of my brain in a way nobody else has yet.

  418. FunDude says:

    Myth about women not “caring” about looks as much as men is nonsense. Women will ONLY overlook appearance when the man has significant status/wealth.

    Also, look up the 20/20 special where they had a short guy compared to a tall guy in terms of dating prospects with women.

    Even when the short guy was given status/wealth/prestigious jobs they still couldn’t get women. The tall men were give shit jobs that made little money, but they still go far more female attention. The only thing that could’ve made the women go for the short guy was for the “tall guys being serial killers”.

    This puts to rest the myth of females being less superficial lol

  419. FunDude says:

    Correction above:



  420. FunDude says:


    She wanted you to pay her car, rent, etc plus give her 1000 dollars?


  421. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    She was cute, but in no way did she project a woman who deserved that big an allowance.

  422. FunDude says:


    That opinion is only partially true.

    There is a definite large female element that significantly over values themselves on this website on an objective standpoint.

    The economics of the sexual marketplace are pretty apparent for men.

    The vast majority of SDs value appearance and youth above everything else, particularly for NSA. That is just the reality of the game.

  423. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @flyR – but last night, I got a private photo request from a profile local, losing “Substantial” expectation, with this:
    What I’m looking for

    It is all simple, I want a loyal sugar daddy who gives me what I want and I’ll do the same, I will not ask for ridiculous amounts of money, rent, phone bill, shopping money, and funds for my new car I expect no less then 1,000

  424. flyR says:

    Wow, in a way it is nice to see an intense discussion without the to common insults flying.

    Another set of datapoints.

    Some years ago I was running an operation for a client and hiring people. The leader seldom asked about what we were paying the very competent women we were hiring other that to ask if we were getting value . The controller was prone to whine and ask if we couldn’t get them for less. I would try to explain to him that yes, I could hire them for a bit less but I would do more damage than paying them what they were worth. A number of years on SA convinces me that the same holds true here . There are many who want far more than they are “worth” and a number who would accept less than they are worth because of their circumstances or their knowledge. However eventually they will know, and usually sooner than later.

    There’s not a lot of difference between negotiating sugar relationships and hiring contractors to build large buildings. There is a high correlation between a fair agreement and a successful outcome. When an army of NY attorneys are involved in getting the cheapest deal the outcome is usually pretty grim ditto in the less common situation where the owner is simply stupidly generous .

    For FD I think what’s right is a very personal decision. However , I think those who are fixated on only what they offer in in the form of an allowance often end up spending more for less. I think the statement that few women offer much of anything (other than sex) is pretty short sighted and not my experience here in in organic SB arrangements. Thankfully the quantity of SB’s is sufficient that there is someone for most everyone and in most cases multiple desirable partners.

    There are single mothers working on their Phd’s or MDs who are also lean , mean fuck your brains out machines who discuss intellectual topics over breakfast and have zero lust for trinkets and handbags. However, these characteristics are not always obvious to the formula bound SB seeker.

    So much of what people “believe” is make believe, unconsciously fabricated to make them feel secure and the more insecure they are the greater their fabricated reality is from reality

  425. RookieSD says:

    Amen to that

  426. Lainey says:

    Lol. I’m a Kim K/Amber Rose body double. Except my boobs are way bigger and legs way longer (5’10.5). And I will say men stare at me and approach me everywhere I go. I don’t think I’m their type, I just think they’d like a test drive.

    ALL of my past and current liked petite girls until they got with me. I personally like curvier girls NOT sloppy though. I can’t turn down a pair of big beautiful natural tits and nice hips!

  427. FunDude says:

    Women are more superficial than men. The fact that women “overlook” appearance for certain men is immaterial.

    Women grade men on multiple attributes. Men mostly grade women on youth and appearance.

    Women’s concerns in a man includes:

    1) Status/Job
    2) Income/Assets
    3) Appearance/ Physique
    4) Facial Aesthetics
    5) Social Standing/Celebrity Status

    If a man lacks in one area, he can make it up by upping other areas. However, he better have enough of the above attributes or she won’t want to deal with him.

  428. KennaKenna says:

    Yes 🙂 @Lady

  429. FunDude says:


    You must’ve had some small dick boyfriends if you are impressed by that.

    Women are the more superficial of the sexes. That is just fact.

    Women MIGHT overlook appearance if the man has ALOT of money.

    Money can overcome all with women.

  430. Ladyscarlett says:

    Only you know the answer to that, fundude, so I will not argue with that point..

    Yes, Kenna your guy looks tall and in pretty good shape, too (:

  431. FunDude says:


    His dick looked weird. Mine looks better lol

    Just that simple.

  432. FunDude says:


    Women are only “forgiving” in terms of looks if they guy has money.

    Don’t try to bullshit on this subject lol

  433. Ladyscarlett says:

    It is dirty and naughty but Fassbender has quite the ‘package’, if any girls are interested..let us just say he is not afraid of doing frontal nude scenes, in his movies, hehehe..

  434. Ladyscarlett says:

    Loyts of gals like a smaller body type than the magic Mike…women can be more forgiving than men, in the looks department, I think…

    The nerdy clark kent, without big muscles…scrawny clark kent….actually, a taller and skinnier Michael Fassbender…yummy (: oh, the fassy…

    Josh, I saw steven Tyler in a restaurant near where I live once…I thought it was an old woman with big lips, and would have not recognized, but my friend did and told me who it was, hahaha!

  435. Josh says:

    I just read in a news item, “he was arrested for resisting arrest.” 😉

  436. FunDude says:

    Some errors noted in my last post. Writing this stuff quickly.

  437. KennaKenna says:

    @Josh Ewwwww!

  438. FunDude says:

    Im 6 foot and approximately 210-215lbs. The dudes that are significant bigger than me are taking supplementation.

    Do I bitch about the “unfair” body types? No. I just mention they are likely on roids an move on. If a chick likes that dude, I am not going to bitch about it and make a “movement” against “shaming” men.

  439. RookieSD says:

    “lizards that swallow eggs”

  440. Josh says:

    I have a weird imagination of Sade and Steven Tyler kissing. 😉

  441. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady yes I don’t like super buff either. I like a man in shape- skinny, dorky guys are really hot.

    My SD is in shape, not skinny, not super buff- He can still bike 10 miles with me 🙂

  442. FunDude says:


    Channing Tatum isn’t “super big” in real life. Only in the movies.

    The guy looks like a fat pussy most of the time. Google his beach pics.

    But he is photoshopped to shit in the movies and the bitches are on his dick. This is true of most “celebrities”.

  443. RookieSD says:

    Sounds like you’re describing Clark Kent.

  444. KennaKenna says:


    Yes, I hope so. The women in my family have bounced back really good after having kids so I’m confident I’ll do the same plus I workout/ride/bike a lot, we tend to only carry the belly and look like lizards that swallow eggs when we’re pregnant.

    My sister just had a baby and she is all sexy again.

  445. Ladyscarlett says:

    Doesn’t Channing Tatum play for both teams, so to speak?

  446. Ladyscarlett says:

    I am tall, so prefer the really tall, lanky nerd look(think, the cute quirky guy who does not know he is cute)….glasses and thin guy..not too thin, just not the super buff type. Broad shoulders are nice, but not this magic Mike look? I’ve had a couple long term boyfriends with the ‘magic Mike’ look, but honestly, if we are just speaking looks and not the package, then I prefer tall nerd look, hehe….this is silly convo, but just saying, the super big workout dude is not everyone’s preferred choice…

  447. FunDude says:

    @ Josh

    Channing Tatum looks pretty fat most of the time when you see his “beach pics”, yet in the movies he looks cut.

    This is a product of temporary dieting, probably a cycle of roids and photoshopping.

    Yet I don’t bitch about it like women.

    Tired of the double standards of these fatties.

  448. RookieSD says:

    “It’s the eyes.”

  449. FunDude says:


    Just tired of the bullshit about “fat shaming” and all that nonsense.

    The guys physiques are just as photoshopped and enhanced through steroids. Ergo, they aren’t “natural” either.

  450. Josh says:


    True, I have never met a woman who does not like the Magic Mike look.

    I can’t blame women. They bitch about the female stereotype look because most don’t fit that stereotype and need to be fed.

    Men have the unfair advantage…, Magic Mike or not most men have more money as they get older, and women don’t. So they need to shame men into hooking up with non-stereotypes. Otherwise most women will go unfed.

  451. Layla321 says:

    What is this? Really running out of the creative juices huh?

  452. RookieSD says:

    See, your going to get better with age. Just don’t fall off that cliff…

  453. FunDude says:


    Tired of women bitching about being held to some “unrealistic standard” when the dudes on television are clearly on steroids.

    There is no more unrealistic standard than the “bodybuilder” for a natural male

  454. THEATLSD says:

    @rookie. It’s the eyes. Kenna and Sade have the same eyes.

    @petite. Your gravatar left me no option but to play NIN Closer. Yea baby.

  455. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @fun – I hear (read) the outrage in many messages from SBs on this site…expecting “Magic Mike” if she’s going to spread her legs, or because I’m NOT should be coughing up 10k each month, just because she THINKS she looks like KimK, when she’s really got more junk in her trunk than previously described!

  456. KennaKenna says:

    @Online I love looking back at old photos. My grandma was such a head turner and my mom is still a head turner lol…

    I look exactly like my Mom 20 years ago, except shorter… She is 5’10 and 135 (without working out) and still has a young face. I think it all comes down to genes though, some people are just bigger boned and their metabolism isn’t as great as others.

  457. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    *as, not add

  458. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Lady – I think that’s just as much a gift for the SD add for the SB 😉

    Kind of like giving lingerie or toys. It’s really about mutual enjoyment, which is the point of sugar for me!

  459. Ladyscarlett says:

    It could be many of the pictures are in black and white in the 20’s and 30’s onlineSD, hehe. Onlinesd, if you ever do find a nice girl, then you should get her to do the ‘pinup girl’ photo shoot. I did one of those last year(a very classy one) and it is so much fun, and a good gift for your SBs (:

  460. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie well thanks for the compliment, I think. 🙂

  461. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    The picture thing is hitting home as I help wife’s family sort through pictures for a funeral display…there were some hotties in her family back then, probably why she’s a hottie still to me and definitely a reason I married her!

  462. Ladyscarlett says:

    @fundude…well, I am not outraged? No, fundude…I don’t bitch about what others find attractive and instead just focus on being healthy..I used to teach spinning, other exercise classes and was a personal trainer, years back, while went to grad school…and, found the often the men that were in that business to be shallow meatheads many times…not all but many. I am not perfect, so do not expect perfection from others…being in shape is good, but actually prefer men without six packs.

    Josh, I was watching a couple movies from the 50’s the other week…the little gloves and hats. And, the men dressed more dapper, too. I love that look, or the 1920’s….The government didn’t use GMOs in our food back then, either….

  463. RookieSD says:


  464. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – however, when you look at the “throwback” pinup stuff around the interwebs, you’ll see that the body shape changes to today’s “Internet average” rather than those measurements. I absolutely love looking at photos from the 20’s to 50’s because the women seemed to be less “made up” and more ‘real’ to me. Could be completely wrong with my perception, but that’s my reality!

  465. RookieSD says:

    Sade was one of the rare women who actually got better with age( up until her forties, then shit went off the cliff after that). But yeah there are similarities between her and your gravitates.

  466. KennaKenna says:

    My SD is going to or neighbor’s house to celebrate the win and I’m staying home to do work! Yay me! ):

  467. FunDude says:

    @ Josh

    How come there is selective outrage about female physiques but not male physiques?

    I see no women complaining about “Magic Mike” and their “unrealistic body standards” for men.

  468. KennaKenna says:


    I just googled her, the younger version? Why do I remind you of her??

    😉 🙂

  469. Josh says:


    Hollywood or Madison Ave has a little to do with it.

    Blame McDonald’s, et.al. instead. Go back 50+ years, and find everyday women’s photos from that era. Most women would be fairly attractive.

  470. FunDude says:


    How often do you bitch about the “unfair” images of beauty displayed in the media concerning men?

    What about the false, steroid like physiques that are consistently portrayed?

    Or is your outrage selective?

  471. RookieSD says:

    No? Please explain?

  472. Ladyscarlett says:

    And, I think the media and Hollywood have more to do with the next ‘it’ girl, and telling us what we should find attractive, than the common everyday female housewife…but, that is just my little ol’ inferior female brain talking again 😉

  473. Josh says:

    When is the article on selfie sticks is going to be post?

  474. Josh says:


    You just gave me a thought, kept thinking of who Kenna reminds me of…Sade!”


  475. Ladyscarlett says:

    No way, I do not personally find Kim k’s body attractive…I like tall girls who are slim thick, as Josh described 😉 however, I will say that due to her height, the clothes she wears and her bum surgery, that she probably looks smaller, in person, than her pictures, yes?

  476. RookieSD says:

    You just gave me a thought, kept thinking of who Kenna reminds me of…Sade!

  477. Petite says:

    Oh stop, I’m blushing!! :))

  478. FunDude says:


    Men are described as “clueless” when they don’t accept a body type that women demand they accept.

    Its another form of female shaming language that is used to make the male “comply” to their desires.

  479. KennaKenna says:

    @Petite thank you ;-)…. I’m still staring at yours- THAT IS HOTTT!

  480. Josh says:


    “men are so clueless sometimes”

    Men oscillate between dumb and dumber. 😉

  481. FunDude says:


    Maybe some ethnic SDs would like that a plumper body type. However, I have no evidence for this assertion.

    White SDs definitely prefer the body types I have described.

  482. THEATLSD says:

    @rookie. Thanks for the ear worm dude. I was singing “Smooth operator” nonstop while making dinner. I had to fired up AWOL Nation to get it out.

  483. Ladyscarlett says:

    @kenna, someone had to say it…men are so clueless sometimes 😉

  484. FunDude says:


    Very accurate perception. I think that women want to “change” male sexuality and demand they “accept” female body types they find unattractive.

    The same women who demand men not “fat shame” women will demand a strict in shape body type for men plus a good job.

    Its pathetic hypocrisy

  485. RookieSD says:

    I must be in the minority then, cause I think KK has a nice “rack”. However, her blowjob skills from what I’ve seen leave something to be desired.

  486. Petite says:

    Nice new pic, Kenna!

  487. Petite says:

    I never liked lipstick.. it makes me feel/look like a little girl trying on “mommy’s makeup”.. Plus it dries out my lips…

  488. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady I think you have a point there hehe.

  489. Josh says:


    “forcing men to either “like” it or listen to them bitch when men voice opposition to it.”

    Astute observation indeed!!! This behavior is oft-repeated in various areas of life as well. 😉

  490. Ladyscarlett says:

    You guys do realise that Kim Kardashian’s body type is not for the average white man, yes? It often appeals to other men…many Latin men and other ethnicities/cultures prefer the curvy women or women with fuller figures…

  491. THEATLSD says:

    There is a difference between having a “fat” ass vs having a “sloppy fat ass” .”

    You guys should see the SB (using that losely)
    That favorited me. You heard the term “junk in the trunk”. Well she has the entire junk yard including the house.

  492. Ladyscarlett says:

    Is interesting to see what the ideal beauty is in other countries as well…like, how Koreans are very big into plastic surgery, and Brazilians as well…and, what the Japanese find attractive…very pale flawless skin is big in certain Asian countries. Skin lighteners are huge there.

    I don’t see how anyone can watch that vacuous show, except for the silliness of it, and how different it is to the average person’s life, hehe.

    Yes, onlineSD, I can understand that…and probably the women who do not douse themselves in perfume, either…

  493. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Fun – I’m convinced women like the body type because it’s a support for their own shape. Perpetuating the image and forcing men to either “like” it or listen to them bitch when men voice opposition to it.

  494. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Lady – as a married SD, I have a tendency to focus on women who need very little makeup, especially lipstick…don’t need the cliché dirty collar!

  495. FunDude says:


    The vast majority of males dislike her. Her show is popular with women.

  496. Ladyscarlett says:

    I have male friends who think Kim Kardashian and her body are pretty hot…I dunno. Is interesting to hear all the opinions and preferences…

  497. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Kenna – I also agree about the KimK body type. Not very attractive. Wife is hooked on the tv show. I think she’s fat and overly plastered with makeup. Plus, she’s WAY too self-focused and obnoxious. It’s no wonder she can’t keep a man

  498. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    There are two types of curvy…wait, three:

    1. When the woman stands in front of you, facing you, and there is definition between chest, hips and waist. @Kenna, this is your curvy, and @Petite a bit too.
    2. A woman standing in front of you, side facing you, and you can see the bulge of her breasts and her ass while the rest of her body is slim or tone.
    3. When a woman stands in front of you, regardless of direction, and you can’t tell where her boobs end, her belly rolls stop, her hips are, or her neck is. This is the type I see more of in the “average” and “a few extra pounds” on SA.

  499. FunDude says:

    @ Kenna

    Correct assessment

  500. RookieSD says:

    Don’t knock till you’ve tried it…

  501. Petite says:

    Haha how funny- I used to dye my hair red… Love red heads– so jealous of the natural ones :).
    LOL!! My city is pretty great, warm weather year round :).

  502. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie the colts didn’t stand a chance!!!! 😛

  503. KennaKenna says:

    So I’m too tall to be petite and too short to be considered “slim and tall”.

    I’m bi and when I choose my women for 3somes, I never pick the ones with fat asses- I like the cute tight butts or the small tight butts lol.

    A kardashian booty would just be too much for me. I think you can be curvy and skinny. I think I have a little bit of curve lol.

  504. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Petite – I SO wish you were local! Your description of yourself matches my “dream” SB…if you were a redhead, I might just move to your city 😉

  505. RookieSD says:

    Whatever, F*** them Patriots, lol.

  506. KennaKenna says:

    My Patriots did not disappoint!

    Guess who is going to Arizona? SD just decided he is going to both ProBowl and SuperBowl; I want to do both but will have to come back after ProBowl for work and then fly back out Thursday night before Super Bowl. I’m so excited!!!

    Go Patriots!!!

  507. FunDude says:


    Tall and thin women are in demand. I agree with that assessment.

  508. FunDude says:

    @ Petite

    You can disagree. However, the price structure of the sexual marketplace is pretty predictable.

    It isn’t difficult to determine the factors that are important for the sugar daddies.

  509. Petite says:

    Petite means small framed– this typically means 5’3″ or shorter.
    Skinny =/= Petite

  510. RookieSD says:

    There is a difference between having a “fat” ass vs having a “sloppy fat ass” .

  511. Petite says:

    Agree to disagree, then :). Everyone is looking for something. Not necessarily the same thing.

  512. FunDude says:

    @ Petite

    Men are interested in taller but petite women. “Curvy” women are in demand as well but truly “curvy” not the fat ones claiming such.

  513. FunDude says:


    Kim Kardashian is only popular with women mostly.

    @ Petite

    This isn’t just a mere “perception” of things. This is the reality of the sexual market place. There are exceptions in the SMP, but not many.

    @ Lady

    I never said all arrangements were the “same”. I am speaking about the general economics of the sexual marketplace. This is very similar to any product sold on an open market.

    If the demand for the product is low while the supply is high, the price will be adjusted DOWNWARD accordingly.

    If the demand is high and the supply is low, the price will go UP.

  514. Petite says:

    Haha I’m only in high demand to the men who like petite women. I see plenty of people who are only interested in taller ladies :).

  515. Ladyscarlett says:

    @kenna, men like all types, American and otherwise. When I was in London, men seemed to prefer the curvier types and not the uber thin, hollywood types…it just depends…

  516. Ladyscarlett says:

    That is NOT what I was saying…but, I feel like we are talking in circles. Your reality is not mine, and I never said I was an unattractive single mother? I am attractive enough, and have had some very good experiences, so that is all that matters. I did not say unattractive single mothers have an easy time finding an arrangement–did not mean that…am just saying, all arrangements are not painted with the same brush. That is all…

  517. KennaKenna says:

    Lol so @FunDude your theory is that skinny girls like Petite are high in demand?

    I thought Anerican men were into the fat ass Kim Kardashian types… Lol

  518. Petite says:

    No one is arguing with your perception of things, only that it isn’t everyone’s experience.

  519. FunDude says:


    The supply of overweight females is very high in the USA. The demand for these females is pretty low.

    The supply of well educated and wealthy men is low in the USA, The demand for these males is high among females.

    Ergo, the supply of overweight women far exceeds the demand by wealthy men.

    Kenna, you are an economist. This is simple supply and demand.

  520. FunDude says:


    Do you honestly believe the vast majority of sugar daddies are looking for not very attractive single moms as their sugar babies?

    Male sexuality is pretty transparent, particularly on a sugar website.

  521. KennaKenna says:

    @FunDude not every SD wants a skinny SB like me.

    Some like the fuller women.

  522. Ladyscarlett says:

    I did not say I was an exception, but apparently only to your views…your exceptions are not everyone’s or as common as you think…plus, you are speaking in very broad terms…

  523. Petite says:

    Message sent 🙂

  524. FunDude says:

    @ Kenna

    Every delusional female thinks they are going to be the “exception”. They seem to have a faulty grasp of statistics in terms of supply and demand.

    The supply of unattractive women and single mothers far exceeds the supply of sugar daddy males. Ergo, the vast majority will not be able to achieve a good sugar daddy relationship.

  525. FunDude says:


    Good luck if you’re an exception.

    A single mother that isn’t very attractive doesn’t appear to me as a “sugar baby”, regardless of her conversational abilities.

    I suspect this analysis is common among most men.

  526. KennaKenna says:

    @FunDude my SD always say
    “Most girls cannot pull of their attitude. They need to either get hotter or be nicer.”


  527. Ladyscarlett says:

    @fundude, I know the lost soul single mothers you are referring to, though….and agree with some of what you say…

  528. Ladyscarlett says:

    Hehe, I guess I am in, and know a couple other SBs who are full and have been full of your exceptions, hehe…so, it cannot be that rare, but then again, if someone is good at marketing themselves, and knows who/what to look for, in real life, or on SA, then that helps as well….

    It is not all about just looks, or has not been in my case. I’m not all that and consider myself more ‘cute’ or sweet, than ‘hot’.

    The men who don’t care about a woman being good company or good conversation are only looking for a one dimensional arrangement, without much conversation, which is fine for some and makes sense, but that is not for everyone.

    The math teacher that did not want to talk about investments with you…it might have been the way you brought it up or came across it in conversation?

    I disagree with the travel thing..I have more freedom to travel than some single women without kids because I can telework/telecommute from pretty much anywhere…so, it probably depends on their job as well…

  529. FunDude says:

    @ Petite

    Tons of single moms on this website instead of spending time with their children. It is just the way it is.

    It is hard to find a female in shape these days. Most women have at least some chub on them.

    5’5″ 110lb females aren’t common, even on a “sugar” website.

    I am getting older BBWs that decide to email me lol

  530. KennaKenna says:

    @Petite email me, I think we’d get along. 🙂

    Kennakenna267 at gmail

  531. Petite says:

    I agree with you there.
    I guess I am using the word “education” less about the institution of education and more about the active desire to learn and grow.

  532. KennaKenna says:

    @Petite no baby yet. I want to change my diet, hair products, everything before we even start trying lol.

    I also want to complete my dissertation before so working extra hard.

  533. Petite says:

    She was probably a 2nd grade math teacher and has been doing single digit additions so long that everything else is gibberish to her… Now that I’m thinking about it, I had a substitute history teacher once that tried to convince us that the bible was the best/most accurate history book we have. I reported him to the district… I never saw him again so I assume he wasn’t asked back… Oh middle school…

    I actually was surprised to find out there were so many women with children. I didn’t think that it would be such a large percentage….
    But then again, I’m thinking from the frame of reference of an older sister (I have a brother who is 12 years younger than me)… I guess I just assume that women with children spend so much time with their kids that there isn’t enough time to meet men. But I’ve been wrong before and I will be wrong again!

    Is it really that rare to find a woman who is in shape though?

  534. Lainey says:

    I have many Ivy degrees and I STILL believe that education means next to nothing as compared to intelligence.

    My grandfather never made it past 4th grade but is a very intelligent black card holder.

    My dad never went to college but owns a very successful architecture firm and is BY FAR the most intelligent person I know.

    I know plenty of educated idiots

  535. FunDude says:

    @ Kenna

    Unfortunately, the majority of women offer little to the man on SA. They also don’t treat it as a bf/gf situation. Just plain old ATM.

    Ergo, pay for meet is the only option for the vast majority of women on SA.

  536. FunDude says:

    @ Lady

    1) Most men who are seeking a NSA relationship don’t care about brains
    2) Single moms are lower in value for many reasons: can’t go on trips, be spontaneous, etc.
    3) Why would I give a shit about some random woman I don’t know being “entrepreneurial”. That has no benefit to me. If she was that good, I would invest in her IPO with startup capital.

    Although I am sure there are exceptions, they are EXCEPTIONS for a reason.

  537. KennaKenna says:

    @FunDude I stayed away from married men because I can’t do NSA. There are always feelings and emotions involved for me and they become more intense as time goes on.

    I was younger and didn’t want a relationship that would distract me from my studies but still I wanted someone. All my SDs except the first one consider me more of an exgf rather than a SB.

  538. Ladyscarlett says:

    It’s all so subjective…what if someone has a thing for quirky girls, who are good conversation and company? What if someone is seeking brains and beauty, over pure sex appeal? Single mothers are very capable of getting $3,000 or more, if they have something to offer someone who is willing to gift that, just like women without children…or, if SD wants an SB with an entrepreneurial spirit, and ‘gets off’ on seeing her succeed with his help..What if he prefers the girl next door look, and not the hottest girl he ‘could’ pay for. There are women who have been gifted much more than $3,000 a month, and some men on blog might not think they are worth it, but it happens, so why try and fit one standard in a box? Not everyone seeks the same in real life relationships, so why would it be any different for arrangements?

  539. Petite says:

    Which is DOUBLY important if there’s a baby on the way.
    Which you obviously know….

    Another thought: something can be NSA and fun and also be “meaningful”
    Just because you’re not clingy doesn’t mean the other person is meaningless 🙂

  540. FunDude says:

    @ Petite

    You’d be surprised. I’ve had “math teacher” women who have literally hung up the phone on me when I discussed the topic of stock valuations. I wanted to discuss a mathematical approach to valuations because she was a “math teacher”. That didn’t go over well.

    @ Kenna

    How many women in their 20s are 5’5″ and 107 lbs, without children and are educated are on this website?

    Yeah its not good numbers.

  541. Petite says:

    I was gonna say that doesn’t sound like too bad of a problem, but if it starts being a question of health then yeah.
    I had a friend in college who was like you and she ended up being really unhealthy (in the food that she ate), but since she was really skinny, she didn’t do anything about it until she started encountering some health problems. I hope that even though you don’t gain weight, you’re eating food that gives your body the nutrients it needs!! (I’m sure you do though, :))

  542. Petite says:

    Maybe that’s why education is such a big part of it for me, because I’m only interested in long term. That doesn’t mean a full-blown relationship (although on one occasion it did escalate to that)… It just means I want to know the person whose body I’m exploring :P. I want to know how I can make their day better and how to make them smile when things are going wrong in other areas of their life. I need my SD to be my friend. And I am still friends with my SDs even though we aren’t in an arrangement anymore. And I still provide that emotional support.. because… well, we’re friends.

    And yikes– if a woman is educated she should know something about something. I would be wary about someone who is ignorant on all of those topics…

  543. KennaKenna says:

    @Petite I have the opposite problem. I love to eat but can’t gain weight! I’ve been this same size for the last 10 years.

    The doctor actually said I’m underweight and I should gain 7-10 lbs so my medication works better but I just can’t. My metabolism is too crazy.

    Not as petite as you but 5’5 and 102-107 lbs.

  544. FunDude says:


    You are telling me that you are attracted to that. Furthermore, you appear to be forming a true long term relationship with this person.

    Ergo, your example doesn’t negate my assertion.

  545. Petite says:

    I’ve had two long term sugar arrangements- One was with a 33 y/o and the other with a 40 y/o.

  546. KennaKenna says:

    @FunDude my best asset is my brain and great conversation is my biggest turn on. I love a man that can challenge me in conversation.

    I’m very attracted to the super smart types, think MIT, Harvard, Stanford(my SD went to all 3 haha)… Those type of guys get me wet just talking… But I’m a nerd at heart and these guys actually love that I know what they’re talking about and not just nodding acting like I understand.

  547. FunDude says:


    You appear to be a higher caliber than 90% of the women on this website so far.

    However, men are only secondarily interested in education unless there is a long term situation that can develop.

    Education can be used to allow the female to make money for contribution to the family or educate children. However, a NSA relationship doesn’t require either.

    Furthermore, I find most women who are “educated” quite ignorant on politics, economics, science, etc.

  548. Petite says:

    🙂 It appears we do! (Although I’m not in the running for a phd!!)
    Haha thanks– Good ol’ mirror cellphone selfie :P.
    I started a new workout regimen and it’s giving me the abs I always wanted–
    I’m one of those people who can’t stop eating– I love food waaaay too much haha, so working out is necessary.. Even 5 pounds on a short frame make a biiiig difference.

  549. FunDude says:


    How old are the men you are interacting with as sugar daddies?

  550. KennaKenna says:

    @Petite we have a lot in common! 😉

    Btw, that gravatar is hot!!

  551. Petite says:

    I’m 22 and no… I don’t have kids.
    My education has helped me connect with my SDs on an intellectual level.
    Maybe that’s not a plus for you, but it has been for me in the past.
    My arrangements have involved long dinners– it’s nice to actually have something of value to say during them :).

  552. FunDude says:


    You appear to be transitioning into a genuine relationship that will involve children with your “sugar daddy”.

    Ergo, your situation is different. Furthermore, your education benefits the man in terms of children.

    However, education doesn’t really benefit a no strings attached sugar relationship.

  553. FunDude says:

    @ Petite

    Education takes a back seat to youth and appearance for a sugar daddy.

    How does your “education” benefit me? I can speak with educated people all the time.

  554. KennaKenna says:

    I want to add that with what I know now and what I’ve been exposed to, I probably would not be on SA if I were ever looking for a SD again.

    I’d use the circles I’m in and the events I attend to find an older companion. The city is full of generous older single men who are looking for younger women who would be genuinely interested in them. It helps a lot if you have your shit together and if you don’t, at least act like it.

  555. FunDude says:


    How old are you? Do you have any children?

  556. Petite says:

    It’s a lot more than being a pretty face. If it was just that, I’d agree with you.

    Just speaking for myself…
    In terms of beauty: I’m more “adorable” than I am “sexy”. I’m petite (5′, 90lbs). I’m probably around a 7 or an 8. I don’t think my attractiveness is my best asset, but it gets me in the door.

    In terms of education: I am college educated, 99th percentile in SATs, graduated with honors. I keep up to date in current events and I have knowledge in a variety of different areas. I kind find pretty much anything interesting. Which is nice when an SD has a job that not many people like to hear about.

    In terms of personality: I’m dorky and quirky with a love of comic books and math. I have strong opinions, but do not demand those opinions be matched. I am caring and loving and spend a lot of my time making sure the people I care about are taken care of. I am very low maintenance.

    In terms of safety: I’ve had very few sexual partners, am D&D free, and am on birth control.

    When I am with an SD, they are the world… and sometimes it’s nice to feel like you are important and needed and desired.

    Maybe that’s not worth 3k+ to you, but it’s worth that much to a lot of people.

  557. FunDude says:

    @ Sir

    I see no problem with a “cheap” arrangement depending on who you are dealing with. There are plenty of women who are either pay for meet or just a relationship where you pay for trips/dinner/etc.


    Sure, in the rare instance this can occur. However, I haven’t seen it yet.

  558. @FunDude couldn’t agree more compadre. I’ve found a high percentage of women here that are actually using the site to find men that simply have their sh!t together and aren’t even looking for classic SB/SD scenarios. I’m on the east side of Seattle which is pretty affluent and the locals for the most part are pretty hard digging for the gold but the outliers, much simpler gals seem to have had an over abundance of unmotivated jobless drunks for companions and they’re just looking for something different, basically a guy who can actually pay for dinner lol. It’s made being a lower echelon SD an easy task. Gotta love the ratios here too.

  559. KennaKenna says:

    @FunDude if you met a woman that was worth it, would you mind spending on her?

  560. FunDude says:


    What makes these women worth 3K/month of post tax money? I am being honest here.

  561. KennaKenna says:

    @Petite yes! I completely agree and that’s how my experience has been- the gifts and allowance are all secondary. I’ve only had one conversation about allowance and that’s it.

    They’re always more and more generous as things progress. I think SBs who just do it for the money will not be very successful or able to sustain long term arrangements.

  562. FunDude says:

    Also, I don’t think most of these women are worth anywhere near 3K/month.

  563. FunDude says:


    That is why I would never give these women money ahead of time unless I had some kind of long term relationship with them.

  564. Ladyscarlett says:

    Petite…totally agree..

  565. @ Fundude Your statement “Pay per meet is common because of all the flake SBs that I am sure rip off the SDs. How often do the SDs pay a full month’s worth of allowance with the SB just disappearing?” is spot on. This has happened to me like 3 times now. In all 3 cases, they had extended or permanent stay trips out of town already in the works and needed seed money to get there. Total bullshit. As I’ve said in previous posts, there are many differing motives for the users of this site. At the end of the day, the smart ones just figure out how to navigate and make it work for them. I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

  566. FunDude says:


    What percentage of women on SA are like you?

  567. Petite says:

    I’m in my early 20s and I prefer men in their mid 30s to early 40s because I’m more attracted to them, they are more comfortable with who they are, and they actually know what they’re doing in bed.

    Maybe it’s because I am genuinely interested in the men I pursue, but the limited experience I’ve had in the sugar world has been good. I’ve always felt like the gifting/intimate stuff was secondary to the great friendship we had. I’ve always cared about the people I get involved with and I’ve always felt like they cared about me and that’s where the really generous gifts came from. Maybe that sprouts out of treating the other person with respect, good screening process or just blind luck. I don’t know. But I think there’s something for everyone.

    The only time I get discouraged hearing stories are when it’s obvious someone is getting taken advantage of. I read some of the posts on the webpage that was posted and it was sickening. People giving advice on how to find people who are new and essentially scam them. I would be appalled to hear women speak this way as well. Sigh… Idk.

    I don’t care if someone is a prostitute and I don’t care if someone is a “john”. That’s a life choice and everyone has the right to live their life the way they want to live it. But tricking other people into doing things that they aren’t completely comfortable with is not okay… Whether that’s a woman taking a man’s money that was trusted to her and running with it or a man who promises the moon and leaves without so much as a goodbye.

    Just my 2cents.

  568. RookieSD says:

    Lol. You remind me of an ex Dominican girlfriend, she had no problem swallowing but if I pulled out an came on her ass, she’d freak out, telling me to “hurry up and wipe it off”.

  569. KennaKenna says:

    Their* money

  570. KennaKenna says:

    I’ve never had a problem with my approach but I understand what you both are saying.

    I take time before I get intimate with a SD to develop trust and comfort. I let them know I will not sleep with them until I trust them and I will not expect an allowance until they trust me.

    I also have 3 requirements: I need exclusivity, I need to know their real identity and I need proof that they’re STD free.
    I’m a bit much for a lot of SDs, but for the right ones I’m the perfect SB.

    Plus a POT SD can quickly Google my name and see I’m the real deal lol. They quickly realize I have my shit together, don’t need there money and hence don’t need to rip them off. I like older generous white men, that’s my type. I don’t have a bf or project- I give them ALL of me, whenever they want. I will drop what I’m doing and head over to their place so they can bend me over.

    So for those reasons I tell them I’m not interested in pay per meet. That’s something I won’t compromise on.

  571. RookieSD says:

    I agree with FunDude, I think your last SD was more the exception and not the rule.

  572. FunDude says:

    @ Lainey

    LOL good comment. You seem pretty funny.

  573. Lainey says:

    @FunDude @RookieSD he chose the tits. I had JUST gotten out of the shower, so trust me when I say I would’ve preferred to swallow

  574. FunDude says:

    Too many of the women on this website think they deserve a good looking man who isn’t much older than them who pays a ridiculous allowance for the female’s “company”.

  575. FunDude says:


    I have only used this website for 1 month. Found tons of fraudulent women so far.

    Fake pics, single moms that have “problems which I should pay for”, etc.

    I wouldn’t trust giving these types of women a month allowance in advance. Thats nuts lol

  576. Ladyscarlett says:

    I know…the frauds have ruined it, or at least, made it more difficult on both sides, if they seek the traditional type benefactor/SB dynamic…

    Screening on both sides has become more time consuming, I guess….but, there are still good ones on both sides out there (:

  577. FunDude says:


    Yes things are different. Not going to just pay some SB money to “make her life better”.

    There are tons of more unfortunate people out there.

  578. FunDude says:


    Pay per meet is common because of all the flake SBs that I am sure rip off the SDs.

    How often do the SDs pay a full month’s worth of allowance with the SB just disappearing?

  579. Ladyscarlett says:

    I guess, I have been spoiled in the past because my last SD was in my city for business, usually monthly, sometimes more and sometimes less….he would gift something even if I did not see him that month…or, not even seeing him for two months. We would talk daily, usually, because we cared about each other’s lives, though. He just assisted whether I saw him or not…that is the way an SD should be, in my opinion. Not paying, due to obligation or performance at a meeting, but because he wants to see you succeed or be in a better place than when he met you, or just make you happy. And, you should be there for him, and make your schedule to fit his and be very accommodating to his time…just my thoughts, but maybe, things are different on SA now, compared to a couple of years ago….

  580. FunDude says:


    Yeah I will determine the worth of the SB.

    I don’t fully disagree with those men on that other website.

    Kenna, your situation is far different than the VAST majority of women on this website.

    You are dating a guy in his late 40s while you’re in your 20s. You are:

    1) Educated with a pretty good pedigree. I am looking to get an executive MBA from Chicago.
    2) Have no children
    3) Significant age disparity between partners
    4) Content with partner

    How many women meet these criteria? Very very few.

    Ergo, they aren’t worth that much.

  581. Ladyscarlett says:

    My feelings on pay per meet…if the SD is long distance, and he comes to your city, on occasion, or has you travel to him, on a sporadic schedule, then I can understand a ‘pay per meet’, or a man that gifted an allowance depending on actually seeing you..I can understand that. But, have had the men, in the past, who were fine with my monthly allowance requirement, who lived in my city, but who were against gifting a monthly allowance amount before….they were fine, in a pay per meet, but not as an ‘investment’, in that much at once. I really think some of these men do not want to invest a monthly amount because they are bouncing around from one SB to the next, so why would they invest in only one, and gift as such? I tell those men that I do not want to be paid, on a per meet, or weekly basis…..I can even understand doing the pay per meet, in the first few weeks, just to build trust, but after awhile, if someone does not trust you enough to gift you in the way you feel most comfortable, then why should
    you feel comfortable sharing your body.

    Unfortunately, pay per meet seems to be more common than it used to be, though.

    I don’t know, to each their own or whatever makes them feel most comfortable, but I do not like that way either….

  582. KennaKenna says:

    @FunDude yes I’m aware there are a lot of SBs out there that “aren’t worth it” or “their expectations are too high”.

    But when you do find one that is, you should have no problem being generous to her.

  583. @Struggs You have the best $ugarbutt everrrrrrrrrr. These blog threads are addictive!

  584. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady yes the kids are soooo cute. 🙂

    SD is so excited about becoming a father, he can’t stop talking about it lol. It’s actually super cute, even though now I feel more like a housewife and not a SB lol.

  585. RookieSD says:

    They had a big mansion they just sold to Dr. Dre.

  586. FunDude says:


    A good amount of women on SA are only worth pay for meet (if they are even worth that).

    You have to determine the value on a case by case basis.

  587. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady hopefully the new SBs will be smart enough to pick up on the fakes and wannabe SDs. just another reason why I would’ve never done pay per meet.

  588. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-you have officially hurt my overly sensitive feelings. I don’t think I ungrateful, I’m not even spoiled. *sobs uncontrollably.*

  589. Ladyscarlett says:

    That is so true…they both seem like pretty nice people and met a guy that used to go to school with him, and said he was a nice guy as well…they have really pretty babies, too (:

  590. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady Tom Brady is hottt but his wife is hotter. I’d do her over him on anyday. 🙂

  591. Ladyscarlett says:

    There are frauds in both sides, and it agree that some of the women are fine with the cheap pump and dump John/hobbyists, but is still good to know about sites like this, if you do not know better as an SB or new girl to SA who wants to avoid this type of thing. Is good to be aware that it is out there and how to avoid it.

  592. KennaKenna says:

    @ATL I just saw what you said about traveling home to play softball- that’s some serious dedication!

    SD wants to go to every Patriots game next season, he wanted to this year but too much was going on with work. CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY even though its only 3.5 hour drive away for home games.

    Guys are crazy about their sports- I tell him all the time he loves the Patriots more than me lol.

  593. RookieSD says:

    “Lainey you should’ve swallowed.”
    Amen to that.

  594. FunDude says:


    They can target whichever women they want. I am sure there are a good amount of women that go for that arrangement.

    You can set whatever arrangement you want.

    There are bitches on this website that want 1000/week to “hang out”. Tons of fraud women.

    People can do whatever they want.

  595. Ladyscarlett says:

    I don’t know anything about the Patriots but that Tom Brady is not too hard on the eyes!

  596. FunDude says:


    Damn right I’m Fun!

    Lainey you should’ve swallowed.

  597. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie that was a different game though.

    Yes, a lot of time left; even though Luck is good, his offensive line sucks today!

    Go Patriots!!

  598. RookieSD says:

    But as you said earlier, there’s still a lot football to be played…

  599. Ladyscarlett says:

    Thank you, Kenna…

    Yes, @atlantasd, it is some version of the dark side on that site for sure….someone told me about it awhile back…and, just wanted to warn women, if they are new to SA, and might come into contact with an ‘SD’ like that. They will post pics of SBs, and talk about them, too, without their knowing. Of course, am sure there the women who are fine with those types of arrangements/rates, and the men and women deserve each other, in that they are looking for humps and dumps, but then some of the newbies and naive girls just might not know any better…

  600. Lainey says:

    @Candy If me sucking my mans cock makes be a ho, SO BE IT! Lol. At least I’m not living in a web woven from delusion.

  601. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie I love my Patriots!!! It’s looking like I’m going to the Super Bowl! Woohoo!

    The Colts suck!!!

  602. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey so youre admitting you’re the Ho and escort,?!!!!! You didn’t die yet weasel?

  603. Lainey says:

    @Candy I did not have a dick in my mouth this morning. However, I did a few moments ago. Fresh out of the shower and he cums on my boobs. RUDE!

  604. Lainey says:

    Lmao @FunDude. Or lack thereof

  605. RookieSD says:

    Oh I’m starting to get sick to my stomach watching this game

  606. Lainey says:

    @Candy The sooner you stop lying to yourself and accept your reality, the better you’ll be able to hide it.

  607. FunDude says:


    You better defend your honor girlfriend!

  608. Josh says:

    The next article should be on the proper use of selfie stick.

  609. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey you keep referring to the term “Ho” nut just woke up this morning with a dick in your mouth……..GTFOH

  610. Josh says:

    1. You’re ungrateful. That is, you keep on using “I hate to agree with Josh” and similar phrases.

    2. You’re not going to do what I waste my time in telling you any way.

    3. Why bother? 😉

  611. Lainey says:

    Lol @Candy your head hurts because this requires you to think instead of simply spreading your whore legs. #BrainPower

  612. SouthernSB says:

    Ohhhh, Joshy Guru, you know you’re the only one I trust to help me fix my profile.
    BTW, I haven’t watched football since the Superbowl post Katrina and I fell asleep on that. I guess I just have to see it at the stadium for it to be any fun.

  613. KennaKenna says:

    Go Patriots!!!!!

  614. RookieSD says:

    Andrew Luck and the Colts!

  615. RookieSD says:

    Got that brotha Russell Wilson in tears. His worst day just turned into a great one.

  616. KennaKenna says:

    Alright, whatever!

    My team is playing now! Go Patriots!

  617. THEATLSD says:

    Holy crap what a comeback. SEA going big!

  618. RookieSD says:

    What a come back! Best one I may have ever seen.

  619. KennaKenna says:


  620. Josh says:


    Sugar is not good for flys. Vinegar is innocuous. 😉

  621. KennaKenna says:

    Green Bay needs to win!

    And of course Seattle gets the ball first. 🙁

  622. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainet just STFU!!!! You’re so annoying and miserable! You give me a headache

  623. RookieSD says:


  624. THEATLSD says:

    @rookie. Thanks. Now if I could only get a SB to see that!

  625. Lainey says:

    Lmao you make fun of the pic with a Big Ang comment. Then post this:

    “At least I’m not hiding who the hell I am or what I look like!!! You hide behind an avatar of a chick that could never be you or look shit like you!!!”

    Then find out it IS me so it’s an “ugly Big Ang” pic again? LMAO. You’re more confused about your approach to debate than you are about your whorish approach to Sugar.

  626. KennaKenna says:

    Told you 5 minutes is a lot of time. Well let’s hope they can at least get a field goal.

  627. RookieSD says:

    I spoke too soon…

  628. KennaKenna says:


  629. RookieSD says:

    Damn Kenna!

  630. RookieSD says:

    I’m reading your last post and that Sade song “Smooth Operator” is playing in in my head, lol.

  631. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie I’m pissed. 🙁

  632. RookieSD says:

    This is getting good.

  633. KennaKenna says:

    Ugh! That onside kick!

  634. RookieSD says:

    Oh shit! They recovered the onside kick!

  635. THEATLSD says:

    @candy. Thanks.

    You get more flys with sugar then vinegar. Some people only know vinegar.
    It’s OK to take a breath maybe go hit that punching bag that’s in your pics.
    I’m sure you could imagine someones face on that bag.

  636. KennaKenna says:

    Shit! They still got the TD!

  637. RookieSD says:

    Now that was nice play…

  638. KennaKenna says:

    Can’t believe that TD was reversed.

  639. RookieSD says:

    Looks like his day just got a little better…maybe..

  640. KennaKenna says:


  641. CandyCoated007 says:

    Russell Williams obviously is having the worst day ever……

  642. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie I wrote the first part of my msg before that interception.

    Yessss! Woo hoo!

  643. CandyCoated007 says:

    @THEATLSD good for you!!! Hope everything works out:-))

  644. RookieSD says:

    That might be the game…

  645. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie that’s what I’m hoping for.
    5 mins is still a lot of time though.

    All the women here are sitting at our breakfast bar talking and I’m the only one focused on the game with the guys lol.

    Did you see that interception? Go Green Bay!

  646. THEATLSD says:

    @lady. I just went over there. Holy info overload. I’ve been living in a mushroom cave.

  647. CandyCoated007 says:

    @THEATLSD I came on here being nice and friendly to everyone!!! I wasn’t looking to have enemies my first day here. It’s really sad. I coukd understand whatever was said about my pics, but it’s not what u say it’s how u say it and then calling the person an escort is a fallacy claim. To think it is one thing, but to document in public is another and I will not stand by and have my integrity blackballed by low lives!!!! She has nothing of value to spew. She keeps coming for me I’m coming back harder, until she gets eaten by an alligator or attacked by her own species of Wild hyenas…….either way it’s all love from me if love is what’s given:-))

  648. RookieSD says:

    Looking more like Aaron Rogers is heading back to the Super Bowl.

  649. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey that’s your avatar and like I saig before its 5 years away from looking like “Big Ang” from mob wives!!! You still trolling and lurking twat pop?!?!

  650. KennaKenna says:

    @Lady pretty gravatar! 😉

  651. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie I’m screaming…. Arghhh!

    Green Bay!!!!

  652. THEATLSD says:

    “@Josh what do u look like sir?!?! We know it’s not ” ”

    It’s well established that @josh is really a 300lbs Carmelite Nun. Living in the basement of a 150yr old convent.

    @lady. I knew we had lurkers. But that’s a whole different level.
    Also. Finally got 1 and half POTS from here.

  653. Lainey says:

    Lmao @Candy that is me in my gravatar and that is my REAL name. #YoureWelcome Little Red Riding HOODRAT

  654. RookieSD says:

    Game changing play by the Seahawks. Now we got a game.

  655. Josh says:


    “Josh! I can’t put my naked ass online!! You know this you naughty fellow! I like that you tried to get me to though…. rarrrr.”

    Then email it to me?

  656. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Holy shit…blog drama BIG TIME!

    I’m thinking about the other blog that watches this one for research to AVOID the “better” SBs and collaborate on banging the cheap and innocent.

    It SHOULD be a sign to EVERY SB on this site. If you get advice about the language in your profile, you can avoid the bottom-feeder and fake and flake SDs.

    I’m up to my eyeballs in family this weekend due to a death in wife’s family, but I’m going to try to get a look at the two recent questions, mostly because input was that they were hotties 😉

    Good luck to everyone, I’ll try to keep in touch!

  657. RookieSD says:

    Bare butt would make it “rain up in here”.

  658. StruggleIsReal says:

    Walk the line 😉 yumminess.

  659. StruggleIsReal says:

    Josh! I can’t put my naked ass online!! You know this you naughty fellow! I like that you tried to get me to though…. rarrrr.

  660. RookieSD says:

    That line running down your back gives me goosebumps, lol.

  661. Josh says:

    I prefer bare-butt over bear-butt.

    If you removeed the bear and then zoomed in the butt, then this photo will do as well.

  662. StruggleIsReal says:

    Got it Sir Rook? Hehe
    I’m changing back now, and you can thank @Josh for it.

  663. CandyCoated007 says:

    *cute! Stupid ipad

  664. RookieSD says:


  665. StruggleIsReal says:

    You don’t like my bear-butt? ;-/

  666. CandyCoated007 says:

    @StruggleIsReal I think that avatar is cit’s and playful! I like all your avatars that I’ve seen actually

  667. StruggleIsReal says:

    I have two eager SDs? Don’t get me excited!!
    Give it a few min. I changed it to the one that @Rookie is referencing.
    You know I’m a slave to your desires though. It’s so damn annoying.

  668. Josh says:

    Now I remember what you meant.

    Not this one sweetheart. Please put the other one, with closeup.

  669. RookieSD says:

    “Okay for shiz and gigz, I’m going to change my gravatar to the one in question. It’s ridiculous. BUTT whatever.”
    And “jizz” too. Woo Hoo.

  670. Josh says:


    I have no clue what you are talking about dear. Would you put your cute ass avatar back please? You have two eager SDs to see that. 😉

  671. Ladyscarlett says:

    Thank you, struggles..now, some might understand my occasional naughty behavior, on the reddish hair temper–or not, hehe.

  672. StruggleIsReal says:

    Okay for shiz and gigz, I’m going to change my gravatar to the one in question. It’s ridiculous. BUTT whatever.

  673. StruggleIsReal says:

    Remember when I was changing my gravatar and you said that it did not do anything for me? It’s totally okay, I didn’t mean that as a slam. But I did remove it at your advice.

  674. Ladyscarlett says:

    I like struggle’s voyeur-esque pic, it is mysterious and sexy…but, am a woman, so….

  675. StruggleIsReal says:

    Always love seeing your name and especially now your visage (gravatar) pretty girl.

  676. Josh says:


    “Josh said that did nothing for me. Who knows.”

    I have no idea what you’re referring to what “did nothing” for you. I was the one who told you to put your cute ass as the avatar.

  677. Ladyscarlett says:

    Well, Josh…only if you get bored or unemployed/retired like all the hobbyist say we are on here 😉

  678. Ladyscarlett says:

    Hello, miss struggles 🙂

  679. Josh says:


    “Whoa Josh, I do not want any part of the fighting going on here…but, maybe we should focus on other things besides petty fights on here? Even the John/hobbyist site is making fun of us for always going off topic on here…”

    Awww, maybe I should read the long-ass cut-n-paste you posted above. 😉

  680. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Josh who the hell is Guru!!! I don’t have a problem with Guru!!! My problem is with u and Lainey!!! I won’t ever get a quality SD say who…….you because you’re a fucking SD scholar,lmao!!! I mean that’s the big dream to go after a man who gives me money for SEX……most people still consider it prostitution whatever way you want to slice it!!!! If I’m the HO you’re still a fucking trick reject…..roll eyes and goes back to jump squats!!! Don’t like the term “trick” suck it up and while you’re at it suck up that gut, carpet muncher

  681. StruggleIsReal says:

    LMAO! You guys!!!

    Thanks bud! Maybe I’ll make that my gravatar. Josh said that did nothing for me. Who knows.

    Welcome babes. xo

    Hi lovely 😉

  682. Ladyscarlett says:

    Whoa Josh, I do not want any part of the fighting going on here…but, maybe we should focus on other things besides petty fights on here? Even the John/hobbyist site is making fun of us for always going off topic on here….

  683. Ladyscarlett says:

    Here is their take on what allowances girls get…disgusting and they are obviously picking on very naive women /college girls, or women who are desperate…

    Originally Posted by JeezLizard [View Original Post]
    From the SA link mentioned on the site-university.

    “College Sugar Babies receive an average $3,000 per month allowances and gifts from Sugar Daddies”.

    No wonder so many of these girls have delusional expectations. Then again they don’t say on average how many SDs they juggle on average to achieve that income level.
    Well, in a way, I understand why SA is using that (likely made up) number. They are advertising, recruiting more SBs, keeping their business running. It’s not like they’d attract many SBs if they said “you’ll probably be offered $40 to come to some creepy old man’s hotel room!” or even “College Sugar Babies receive on average 100-300 a week”.

    $100 or $200 per week? Really, are some college SBs accepting this?? Really? These men are such creeps.

  684. CandyCoated007 says:

    @John yiur mother was a HO that was too stupid to swallow your ass when she had the chance

  685. RookieSD says:

    Ding, ding, ding. Round 3?

  686. Josh says:


    Regardless of your continuous use of ghetto language on the blog, the bottomline is that you are not going to get any sugar from a decent SD on SA. As far as johnish SD, as @Ladyscarlett comment about, go knock yourself out.

    Neither @Lainey, nor @Guru gives a fuck about your continuous ghetto-talk though!

    The only reason I respond to you is to demonstrate: What looks like a HO and continues to quack like a HO, then she IS a HO. 😉

  687. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey you claim to try to steer away from stereotypes when I FIRST OF ALL NEVER ASKED YOU OR JOSH TO critique my PAGE!!!! That’s where u seem to think that I cared about your invalid ass input!!! You were the first to call names because your feelings got hurt and you opened your tadpole ass mouth to say something me!!!! I am a BLACK WOMAN and I will always be that!!!! Pround, strong, feisty, and bold!! I’m supposed to change because of what the fuck you think! I have plenth of beautiful friends from all ethnicities that are educated and loving!!! Do u all really think I need you to help me get a SD?!?! It was an ice breaking question to engage in conversation!!! I get all the men you’re trying to get from your CEO, basketball and football players, pro boxers, to MJ’s former doctor before Conrad. You drop your names and I’ll drop mines……nope!!! Won’t do it in here, but I promise you are no comparison, bitch

  688. paige says:

    @StruggleIsReal: Thank you!

  689. RookieSD says:

    Like that avatar, but like the one with the bear that shows your whole backside even better.

  690. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey bitch go suck a bag of dicks!!!!! You wait till I’m clear off the blog to try to come back and talk shit!!!! GTFOH and go get shot. At least I’m not hiding who the hell I am or what I look like!!! You hide behind an avatar of a chick that could never be you or look shit like you!!! I’m me and whoever don’t fucking like it can lick the sweat from my ass after I leave the gym,lmao!!!! I’m supposed to give a fuck about what yiu losers think??? Do u got any money for me??? Are u going to lay my bills??? Are u going to be the one to make me squirt?!?? Newsflash: take your let me suck up to the not popular kids at school because I’m confused about where I BELONG young, thot ass down somewhere.

    @Josh what do u look like sir?!?! We know it’s not ” Tom Fucking Cruise?!!!!! Maybe more like Drew Carrey or some blubber body ass series porn fiend!!! You probably got every porn subscription there is because women WON’T FUCK YOU on your best day,lmao!!!! I’ll have you know haters I’m loved by many and hated by few!!!!

    As for whoever else got something to say about drama I don’t do drama, I beat bitches up!!!!

  691. Ladyscarlett says:

    Girls and guys who are interested…there is the ‘usasexguide.info’ under the subject, ‘Thread: “Sugarbabies” / “Arrangements” Amateurs or Not?

    This is the site I posted the other week, where the men post sugar babies pics, from the site, and add up how cheap their date was, actually, penny pinching and complaining about spending $50 on dinner, then they brag about spending as little as possible, on SBs. Many preach that they never pay more than $100-$200 per meet. They are all johns/hobbyists who look for ‘pump and dump’ SBs, or naive new SBs who they can scam and are just looking for a cheaper outlet than their ‘hobby’, so they get naive and pump and dump SBs to have sex with them for less than escort prices, then post their pics on their little hobbyist blog. They read our comments here, and know that we watch their blog…if anyone is interested, a recent post by them describing the blog…

    “About the GPS epidemic.

    There was a recent discussion on the SA blog, in which the women were expressing horror about the rash of other women discounting down to as low as $500 the meet. There was a bit of a booster session on keeping up the standards before it petered out to the usual generic crap.

    Most of these women are educated and well off. Sugaring for them, is to buy the expensive luxuries. So the $1000 price point AND they are doing us a favour makes sense to them. I see where they are coming from.

    However, there are plenty of women out there working in low paid dreary jobs, unemployed, in debt, who didn’t have the luck of being born in well off families. For someone with an empty fridge, with the fridge magnet stuffed full of overdue bills, the rent due in a couple of days, and no money in the bank, well their reality is that if they can get $200 overnight, it is a god send. And they are truly grateful.

    Many in that situation are quite smart, but never having had rich parents, find the daily grind and bleak prospects really depressing.

    So, which of those two groups would I rather help?

    Again, it is pretty cyclical, but I normally aim first for those in low paid or shitty jobs, and ignore the others. It’s just that sometimes my target demographic isn’t there. But when that happens, I never bother with the other rich kid profiles.”

    Regular Member

    Originally Posted by FredMoore [View Original Post]
    I followed this for a while and it is absolutely moronic. Look at it this way. Anyone (SD or SB) who has the time to keep up with the BS is either unemployed or retired and amusing themselves out of boredom. The girls are all GPS. Any “real life ” SD contributions I made for a while were scoffed at. So I was wasting a lot of time when I would be better served prospecting for Pots.

    SBs who know about and follow this blog (and we know some do since they have posted here before) can see where an SD is from, because we post it, and recognize themselves in our description. Maybe that is a stretch but a smart girl who reads it regularly can figure it out.

    A Pot I was talking to is an AA 10/10 who demands up front identification before she will even make a M&G appointment. She will have limited success but maybe a single guy will do that. I am seeing this “safety” demand increasingly. I get it but this is not Match or POF and traditional dating, is it?

    I agree 100% on your assessment of the SA blog. I am retired at 62, and sometimes bored. So, bullseye!

    The discussions start off on topic for a few posts, then descend into drivel. Every time.

    However, they do reflect what a considerable number of pots think. GPS pots.

    So why bother to read?

    Simply because of curiosity initially, and after a while, being able to look at a profile, and brush it aside if I see the key words and phrases being used. Looking at the SA blog, for me, is just a bit of background research.

    So, some time wasted looking at the blog, but less time wasted talking to pots and then finding out they are GPS.”

    I guess the ‘sexperts’ are offended because some of the girls on blog get a better allowance than their $200 pay per meet set up…what a bunch of slimy losers…

    Girls, be warned about the fake ‘sugar daddies’ on seekingarrangement, who are just poor johns who are too cheap to hire escorts.

  692. Josh says:


    I am not in the mood to advise you on your profile. Maybe others can help. 😉

  693. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-My profile, what’s wrong with my profile? I thought my only problems was with my pictures and the fact that there’s no such thing as a time machine.

  694. StruggleIsReal says:

    *Your text (I cannot stand grammar mistakes on my part.)

  695. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Lainey is right. I completely agree with her advice about your profile. You are quite modest in your photos (which is good!), however I might add one that is somewhat provocative… not slutty but just suggests sexuality. I think a perfect one would be you in a classy dress, heels, nice hair a makeup… getting ready to go to dinner etc.

    You have a very pretty face and smile! Good stuff girlie!

    You’re from Paris, so I immediately hate you a little bit. I’m JK. I immediately am in love with you. I love that damned place.

    You’re text needs definite elaboration. If you would like, I’ll be happy to show you my profile, which @Josh and @ATL helped me with, and I have had amazing results with it. If you’d like that, please email me at StruggleIsReal02 at gmail . xo

  696. StruggleIsReal says:

    I’ll definitely keep you slippery pretty lady. I might have to punish you a little bit too.. hehe 😉

  697. Josh says:


    You are getting good advise. Good luck!

  698. SouthernSB says:

    @Josh-Touche’ and you know I’m a glutton for punishment.

  699. Lainey says:

    @RookieSD on another note; I’m ALL FOR @Struggles taking part in the rubdown. YEAYUUHHH

  700. Lainey says:

    Lol @RookieSD I think she got SUPER offended because she thinks I’m white. I just have a light olive complexion but I’m mixed. I will speak for myself and possibly some black SBs on the blog when I say that it is very disheartening and disappointing when we see a young lady carrying herself like the stereotype we’ve worked so hard to overcome in the world of Sugar. I believe this is also where @SouthernSB is coming from in her post to @Candy

  701. Lainey says:

    Whoa just read my post. May the grammar police shoot me dead. Lmao

  702. Lainey says:

    @BeautéNoire love your face you look just like my bestie. She is Ghanaian. Where do you descend from?

    I love your pics they show culture and pride. I would add 2 more though. 5 is a good number to have.

    On your text: I think you need to say more. Not necessarily about yourself but you need to speak to the type of SD you’re searching for. When writing your profile you need to “visualize the SD, think like the SD, BEEE the SD.” Lol

  703. BeautéNoire says:

    @THEATLSD Thank you so much! Hopefully I will find someone soon with all your help! On a brighter note, you should really go to Machu Picchu! The view is definitely worth seeing!

    @StruggleIsReal I finally got it lol! Here it is: e8560f88 I am open to criticism so please do not hold back!

  704. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahahaha I am SO in! Except I think I want to help lube them up. Lmao.

  705. RookieSD says:

    I truly believe that this “black on black” crime should be discouraged, but… I’m gonna be like Don King and suggest we put Lainey and Candy in the ring for a oil wrestling match. Naturally I would referee and also be the one in charge of oiling up the two combatants. Struggles and Kenna would be the ring girls, while ATLSD, Josh and DazedSd could act as fight judges. Now in the words of Mills Lane, “Let’s get it on!”.

  706. StruggleIsReal says:

    I use every “woody” moment to my benefit.
    I can’t speak for every woman however.

  707. Josh says:


    Please allow me to turn it around and see how few “smart” women exist out there…

    It’s amazing what the slightest bit of empathy and understanding will do for a crappy woody moment. Smart women use this to their benefit. It’s quite simple really and can build a great wealth of connection and trust between willing partners.

  708. Josh says:


    You need to work on your profile and photos as well, AND you’re better off IRL también. Hahahahahaha!!!

  709. StruggleIsReal says:

    It’s amazing what the slightest bit of empathy and understanding will do for a crappy menstrual moment. Smart men use this to their benefit. It’s quite simple really and can build a great wealth of connection and trust between willing partners.

  710. SouthernSB says:

    whoops that’s “agree.” I was thinking so fast that I missed a word.

  711. SouthernSB says:

    I’m hardly ever on @Lainey and @Josh’s side, but in the case of @Candy I have to agree with them wholeheartedly. Josh and Lainey are both harsh and way over the top, but they are right, Candy’s photos scream “less than elegant.” They were just trying to give some good advice and then Candy came and went off the deep end. Candy men don’t like drama and you are overflowing with drama. Usually when Josh and Lainey (who just likes to poke at people)get into their moods I just ignore them. It’s really immature and silly to take their bait, but they really were trying to help, in their own little way. Candy you act like a stereotype, you look like one, and you sound like one, that is the reason you haven’t found a SD. This isn’t the forum for you, you need to go back to finding SDs IRL, because you are making it bad for everyone.

  712. Lainey says:

    Lmao @Josh! I could not have said it any better

  713. Josh says:


    “Well my question was for POT SD. What does it imply when a POT blocks you after visiting your page??? I had never been on his page or knew he even existed, until he visited me. I tried to contact him and it said he blocked me. I’m confused…”

    There’s no need to pretend to be confused anymore. He saw a HO and did not want to hear from a HO. So he blocked the HO he saw. 😉

  714. THEATLSD says:

    @Kenna @Rookies yes on 50 yd line. My boss is a huge Miami fan, he has season tickets and flys to Miami for every home game. CRAZY!!!

    I was even crazier or just really stupid, I use to fly home from NYC ever Wednesday just to play softball with my old team. In a bar league no less. Those were the good old days.

    Where is @Y she surely would be adding some delightful proclivities to this round of cat fights. She did such a great job of pulling the blog back to where it should be. Talking about submission, Japanese goggles and other urban jargon.

  715. Lainey says:

    As @FlyR predicted Lmao.

  716. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle yes I think you’re right about us being closer. I always avoid him like the plague on the first day of my time of the month because I’m in pain and moody.

    But he begged me to stay and was rubbing my tummy for me.
    He kept asking me if I needed anything and quickly went to get it… The next day when I was all better- he said the way you avoided me on the first day made me think it was so much more worse.

  717. Lainey says:

    @RookieSD I wasn’t “initiating” her. She asked why she wasn’t getting action on SA and I simply said she wasn’t getting responses because her profile seemed “escortish”. Being that she’s CLEARLY illiterate, she read it and went off the deep end like a cheap ghetto ho.

  718. Josh says:


    “@lainey bitch if I saw you in person I would round kick your face into a curb!!!!! You got the wrong one duck!!!! I’m not going to be a internet gangster on here, but keep getting out line and I promise it won’t end well for you!! You’re lonelybad hell LIVING on a blob trying to get a sugar daddy!!!! They’re all around me. When you’re mad because my body is “emarrassibg” yours. You WISH. I was an escort/tramp/or ratchet you miserable, earthworm Jim, sponge bob square pants, I’ll built cum swisher!!!! Go jump off a bridge, and live then get ran over by a dump truck,lmao!!!!!”

    As sage Forrest Gump would have said…“Ghetto is what Ghetto does…”

  719. Lainey says:

    @Candy Everyone else looked at your profile and saw the SAME thing @Josh and I did and got the SAME impression, they just sugarcoated their advice.

    “I’m ghetto because I’m black…” No HO! You’re ghetto because YOU ARE GHETTO! This is not the only time you’ve used race as a crutch. Its written all over your profile.

    A lot of the blog SBs are young so we use slang or profanity once in a while which can be perceived as ghetto but YOU my friend went straight to wanting to physically fight simply because you’re a HO and now everyone knows it.

    Furthermore, you are NOT a model. “Vixens” make chump change. Their REAL money comes from being WHORES or WHORES deguised as SB. NO man who knows that industry is going to be fooled by you.

  720. Lainey says:

    @Josh LMAO My point exactly. HOODRAT!

  721. Josh says:


    @Lainey as well as @Guru commented on the ghettoish and escortish nature of your photos and profile so you may un-ghetto and un-escort your profile.

    Instead, in gambling terminology, you showed your ghetto hands. Now you know why SDs avoid ghetto girls. 😉

  722. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookies yes on 50 yd line. My boss is a huge Miami fan, he has season tickets and flys to Miami for every home game. CRAZY!!!

  723. StruggleIsReal says:

    “Dickslapped” bahaha
    I don’t think I can claim official dickslappedness just yet but I am definitely headed in that direction if things keep going the way they are…. Slap me silly with a dick, pretty please with sugar on top : D! Hahaha And yes @Sexy is our resident dickslapped queen. @Kenna too.

    I know what you mean! I’m so happy that you and SD are going so strong!! I think that recent little bump in the road actually served to bring you two closer.

  724. RookieSD says:

    I hope he got box seats

  725. RookieSD says:

    I hope got box seats, can’t sit with the regular crowd at a game, the fans get to rowdy.
    I’m a Miami Dolphins fan and the Patriots are one of their arch rivals. Patriots have gotten the better of them for the past 15 years, so that explains my dislike.
    Funny thing is I’m from New York and the only sports team I route for there is the Yankees.

  726. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle he is sick of NY and hopes to move to Cali in a couple years, or at least be back and forth.

    It feels so good when he speaks about the future and include me in it. i love how he says “when” and not “if”. A slight change in prepositions can make a big difference.

  727. THEATLSD says:

    @candycoated Ok got you on occupation. Make sense, I would rather look at you then the old lady that hasn’t smiled in 20 years.

    @struggles.. @Sexy is also dickslapped based on her last few post.

  728. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie SD likes the Patriots, kinda why he wants GB to win so it’ll be easier. He thinks Patriots will have no problem beating the Colts today.

    Yes, I’m a big football fan because of him now. If Patriots win today, we’re going Super Bowl and his company is paying. I said we should go regardless but he’ll only go if they’re playing.

    Why do you dislike the Patriots?

  729. CandyCoated007 says:

    Baltimore Raven and Browns fan here!!! I’m from Cleveland and since Art Modell snuck our team out in the middle of the night and moved them to Baltimore, where they surprisingly won the super bowl the next year, I haven’t been quite able to let them go,lol!!!!

  730. CandyCoated007 says:

    I may end up watching football later, but I’m going to the pool @ marquee this afternoon. My friend has a daybed there so I’m going to have a great time and throw some drinks back!!!!

  731. RookieSD says:

    I was just about to ask if you and the SD watch the NFL games. I don’t care who wins just as long as it’s not the Patriots.

  732. StruggleIsReal says:

    Good morning beautiful! SD has the right idea. I hate the bitter cold and am definitely enjoying the warm weather down here! And amen on the coat dilemma! Brings to mind what my hairdresser says about hair:
    Pick 2:
    You can’t have all 3 (unless it is natural.)

    For coats it would be:
    3-?? What else?


  733. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Struggle lol!!!! I’m sure you look good doll!! @THEATLSD its supposed to say entertainer dealer! I deal cards in a party pit in the casino. Basically scantily, dressed women dealing to gamblers. I guess men were tired of ‘grandma’ types taking their money!!! It’s not my dream gig but it pays my bills, at least it did,lol!!!!

  734. KennaKenna says:

    On another note, who’s watching football today?

    I hope Green Bay wins, but not likely 🙁

  735. Dazed-SD says:

    @candy, no problem. All the best !

  736. KennaKenna says:

    @Struggle I’m jealous you can run on the beach. Weather sucks here in NYC.

    I’m cooking today for SD just to avoid going out to Brunch in this weather. My cute coat is not warm enough and my really warm coat is not cute lol.

    SD hates the winter too, he said next year we should go to the Caribbean or something for the entire month of January. Can it be Spring already?

  737. THEATLSD says:

    No backslidding. Damn girl you can do some serious backslidding on your bubble butt. There are whole websites and tumblr pages dedicated to Bubble butts. 😉
    Is “dealertainer” correct. I was thinking you spelled dealer trainer wrong. But I have been wrong about a lot things lately.

  738. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahahahaa I thought that’s why you were asking about “dick-strapped”!! Hahaha Mwah babe!!!

    Hahaha Yes the blog is on fire this morning! It’s certainly one not to miss!

    I would like to thank @Candy for inspiring me to not be lazy and to work out this morning! After reading those insults I got my ass into gear lest I end up fulfilling any of them! LOL A run on the beach sounds about right now. 😀

  739. KennaKenna says:

    @Rookie I decided to take a break from the blog and its drama lol.

    My birthday is in a couple of weeks so I’ve been planning my big shindig, and then 2 year anni is the following week- so a lot to do. And on top of that all, work is insane, I’m trying to complete my dissertation by the end of this year so been leaving SD’s place when he falls asleep around 11pm to go to the library for a few hours to put in some work.

    Running on 4-5 hours of sleep everyday is no fun :(.

  740. THEATLSD says:

    I just went to you profile. I read @struggles picture advice and she is 100 percent correct. Your profile screams what the others have said. You are in Vegas, you need to think a little different. I’m assuming you made changes to your narrative but has not posted yet. If not it totally has to be reworked. Make your self to be an eloquent and classy catch.
    As far a expectations, moderate is realistic in LAS but your narrative screams HIGH. Keep that part of it toned down. This game we are in, works better if you start low and then prove yourself to your SD. Once a SD see’s he is getting a ROI(return on investment) he will most likely up the game.
    Ok, continue the catfight. Like @rookie stated the SD are getting some Sunday morning wood 😉

  741. CandyCoated007 says:

    @THEATLSD lol!!! I’m being a backslidder today, but I did bring in the new year in church!!!

  742. CandyCoated007 says:

    @KennaKenna thanks Hun!!! I’ve changed the photos since then, but I’m waiting for them to be approved!!! I guess because those pics are in mags, online, and IG that it wouldn’t be a big deal to put on here also!!! I hear what everyone is saying and thank you to everyone who has been supportive and kind to me……HUGS AND KISSES!!!

  743. KennaKenna says:

    @Candy as a black SB hearing from other black SBs, I know it can be tough sometimes. Follow @Dazed and @Struggles’s advice.

    Personally, I would lose all the professional shots. Use everyday photos and you can show them this after. You are a sexy woman but you do not have to lead with your sexuality(does that make sense?) Use your profile to show them you’re more than what meets the eye, you’re more than the sexy video vixen.

    Good luck!

  744. ToddyVibeHigh says:

    Anyone a POT ? Would love to see who’s interested : >

  745. RookieSD says:

    I was surprised to see you weren’t actually in the mix of this latest skirmish.

  746. KennaKenna says:

    Someone just emailed me and told me to go see what’s happening on the blog now…

    Hahahahahaha, wow!

    Good morning @Struggle.

  747. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Dazed thank love!!! I am definitely working on the profile wording…..StruggleIsReal has been my ally with that!!! I will also water down my pics and post my lifetime photos!!! I didn’t think I was going to be labeled as an “escort, hood rat, ho, ghetto, ratchet, etc., claimed by cum depositor @Lainey!!!! Supposedly the QUEEN SUPREME of SA,lol!!!!

  748. THEATLSD says:

    Good morning all catfighers and Dick strappers. Good to see everybody woke up on the right side of the bed today. AND ITS SUNDAY. You people are a bunch of heathens now get to church.

    @Hershey I emailed @struggles your profile. You have been to Machu Pichu I see. I might be going there in March. I will say being im D.C. makes it interesting but there is a huge pool there. This blogs advise to the black girls is usually accurate. Not what you want to hear but it is true. So you need to make yourself standout in a good way. There is TONS of competition in that market.

    @candycoated and herhseys and all SB asking for help on their profile. It’s a little brutal here but I can say we have a pretty good track record of making successful changes. At minimum more traffic comes your way with messaging and I we have a couple SB basically hit the JACKPOT after some picture and narrative advice. And now they are “Dick strapped”.

    P.S. I have learned more terms in the comments section of this blog then the actual article.

  749. RookieSD says:

    You speak the truth.

  750. Dazed-SD says:

    @candy..Let me start by saying.. DAM ! you are a beautiful woman.
    I would change your profile writng though. It just sounds a little negitive to me. I would also take 1 or 2 (not all) of the the modeling photo’s out. (and beleieve me I’m a ass and leg man, and again your’s is super nice) You look beautiful in the other more elegantly dressed photo’s, and I would cut Mike out of the one photo. Your beautiful,, stay positive. 🙂

  751. RookieSD says:

    Catwoman! Why did you change your avatar?

  752. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey avatar pic looking 5 years from looking like “Big Ang” from Mob Wives,lmao!!!!

  753. StruggleIsReal says:

    Omg. I am dyyyying. You girls have got me laughing my ass off this morning!!! Thanks!!!

  754. CandyCoated007 says:

    @RookieSD please dish out the tea!!! I’m dying to hear more!!!!!

  755. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey your SD is laying beside you sleep because you suck and fuck like a 3rd grader!!! YOU REALLY THINK I want to see your zit faced, cold sore, varicose veins, having ass?!?! Bitch you are seriously delusional!!! I want you to come Planet Hollywood so I could put you in a body cast!!!! This over the Internet arguing isn’t my thing!! I lace up gloves and get to it. You should be up hitting the gym, but that’s what haters do, do absolutely nothing!!! All you keep screaming is “ghetto” because I’m black and shut your ass down. I’m the hoe but u just woke up with cum slob on the side of your face!!!! Did you even brush your teeth and wipe the crust bunnies out your eyes before your miserable ass hopped back on the blog??? Yeah right you laying next to a SD,lol!!! How do?? You’re still stalking a SD website so obviously you haven’t hit the big score yet, cum dumpster!!! I’ll be “ghetto” all day and you’ll still be wishing your body and smile looked as good as mine!!! If that your avatar you could use a better bra or get a lift for those bunny ears!!!

  756. RookieSD says:

    You have just been “initiated” into this blog. That seems to be Lainey’s speciality, happened to her too from what I’ve read.

  757. Lainey says:

    Lol. @Candy you debate like a 3rd grader. You make claims about my appearance,then ask me to meet you so you can see what I look , then make claims about my appearance again. Lol. And still I lay in bed as he snores laughing at your failed attempt to make me care about any of the hoodrat words that spew from your fingertips. Lol.

    You’re just a ghetto HO. Sorry sugarfoot. Once a man has fucked you 5 ways from Sunday your looks won’t be as mesmerizing and you’ll have NOTHING ELSE TO OFFER! Make as many jokes as you like but the joke is CLEARLY on YOU!

  758. CandyCoated007 says:

    @RookieSD I was getting bashed while I was away and thought I would come back to play,lol!!!

  759. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey and you’re racist!!!!! You are such a doll!!!! What SD’s do you have??? Please do tell. You’re on a blog every dam day so obviously your SD isn’t doing that much. SUCCESSFUL, lol but you’re on her too sweetheart!!! If so successful why waste time trying to find guys to enhance your life. From the looks of it, you must be envious of women that are “BAD” enough to be put in a magazine. No one knows you but I’m in thousands of men’s homes on their walls. You’re non-existent to say the least. The fact that I’m wasting my breath on you is making me dumber at this point!!! Maybe if you hit the gym more and punched sone faces you wouldn’t be so bitter!!! All that excess stomach has got to be getting to you!!! Maybe you should ask your SD to get you a personal trainer, a waist clincher, and a new attitude to go with your ‘not ready for the summer, but praying that I wiil be next year’ body!!!! 1,2,3,4 do those crunches like this,lmao!!!!

  760. RookieSD says:

    Oh I just love these cat fights. Gives me a “Hard-on”.

  761. Lainey says:

    @Candy Yes I’m jealous because I’m SUCCESSFUL in sugar and you’re asking for help. Yes I totally wish I needed to bust it wide open for a magazine, a man, a movie for some chump change. Idc what you try to say about my body to get a rise out of me, you have never seen me but I’ve seen you and you’re just a whore that’s mad she got called out. We can fix your profile for you a much as you like but somewhere down the line that ratchet ghetto bitter black HO side of you will fuck it all up anyway.

  762. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey where does the washed up stereotype come from??? Are you supposed to “the girl next door”…….GTFOH,lmao!!!! Wait…..youre a Jersey Shore chick, right?!!!! Lip injections, Botox, burnt tan!!! You talk a lot of smack behind a computer. Come to Planet Hollywood and say hi to me in person!!! I would love to see what you look like!!!

  763. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey you’re so damn ridiculous it’s insan!!!! You sound seriously jealous!!! Like if anyone were to believe you they would have to ve part of your brainwashing cult!!!! From pics you get I’m am “escort” or “hooker” imbecile??? Why do u even breathe?!?! Do you want to work out with me and tighten up those stretch marks and leftover baby fat?!!!! Be my friend and stop hating on me, lmao!!!! Want a hug?!!!!

  764. Lainey says:

    @Candy am I supposed to be upset by your outlandish claims. Lmao. Anyone can look at your profile and at least come to the conclusion that my claim has a foundation that is supported even further by your reaction. Just another washed up urban stereotype in Vegas. Don’t you already have a man that you call “daddy”? Your pimp?

  765. CandyCoated007 says:

    @lainey blown out vagina slut bucket

  766. CandyCoated007 says:

    my ipad types what it wants,lol!!!!!

  767. Lainey says:

    @Candy LMAO.. HO!

  768. CandyCoated007 says:

    @StruggleIsReal good morning love

  769. CandyCoated007 says:

    @Lainey ozone asked you for your advice. Struggle helped me out and that was all that was need to ve said. No one ASKED for you to take time our your miserable life to even view my profile. I’m a grown ass woman and don’t need YOU of all people to tell me anything!!!! You’re always saying some dumb, disrespectful, I’ll-willed, vile, hated to all the SB’s like you’re the QUEEN of SA!!!!! Sorry sweetheart, no one cares for you or about you. I will remain on here and post my question or concerns to those that are positive and uplifting. Don’t come for me and I won’t cone for you!!!!!

  770. StruggleIsReal says:

    Well, good morning! 😀

  771. CandyCoated007 says:

    @lainey bitch if I saw you in person I would round kick your face into a curb!!!!! You got the wrong one duck!!!! I’m not going to be a internet gangster on here, but keep getting out line and I promise it won’t end well for you!! You’re lonelybad hell LIVING on a blob trying to get a sugar daddy!!!! They’re all around me. When you’re mad because my body is “emarrassibg” yours. You WISH. I was an escort/tramp/or ratchet you miserable, earthworm Jim, sponge bob square pants, I’ll built cum swisher!!!! Go jump off a bridge, and live then get ran over by a dump truck,lmao!!!!!

  772. Lainey says:

    LMAO @Candy Now I officially believe that you’re a HO! Nice reaction to sound advice prosty.

    We said “escortish”. We were trying to give you insight on how POT SDs might be perceiving your profile. So put your ASS away “ratchet” tramp and try not to approach sugar dating like a hooker/John moneytree free for all.

  773. StruggleIsReal says:

    I’m happy to help you. Post your profile ID. If you go to your profile view page, then go up to the link, there is a number that has a couple of letters book casing it as well. Copy those letters and numbers. That’s your profile ID. 🙂

    Why are you wondering about “dick-strapped”? hehe

    If she enjoys “fine dinning”, perhaps she is an accomplished Screamo artist?

  774. CandyCoated007 says:

    Furthermore my discussion was between me and @struggle. Take your judgemental opinions and shove them. For the record I’m a blackjack and roulette dealer and I model and have been in movies. I live in Las Vegas so I guess that makes me an “escort” morons!!!! Get you some business and stay out of mines!!!!!!

  775. CandyCoated007 says:

    Wait one goddamn minute……..!!!!!! @lainey and @josh I’M NOT A DAMN ESCORT for the record. Who even asked any off you for your lame comments. First of all if you don’t know what a “vixen” or “urban model” is I suggest you expand your horizons. The photos that I have on here are photos that are in magazines and websites. Who the hell are you???? The reason I said what I said and I don’t have up bit my tongue for any of you. Sine you want to address the elephant in the room……..let’s discuss shall we???

  776. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    these women*

  777. BeautéNoire says:

    @THEATLSD Thank you so much! Where can I find my profile number? I am not really familiar with this website, my apologies!

  778. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    @Online. I was contacted by a profile just yesterday…she suggested we try to meet instead of misunderstand unemotional texts through the site or email…I got a bit excited, since I have had humor and sarcasm offend someone early in the process before…I suggested coffee and she suggested a place and right after work (6pm)…when I went to the site for the restaurant, it closes at 2:30, only breakfast and lunch…when I asked if she’s ever been there that late, she said she always goes there to unwind after work, that’s why she felt comfortable. I emailed the Contact Us link on the website…yeah, not open past 2:30pm…oh well…another one bites the dust! I guess it saved me from being excited about a potential meet and then not getting the confirmation message!

    I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong in the way you approach this women….my assumption is that most of these SB’s don’t look like their pictures and get the cold feet once a meeting has been set…

  779. Englishismy3rdlanguage says:

    THEATLSD says:
    January 17, 2015 at 9:33 pm
    @All. What is the female equivalent of “pussy whipped” ?
    Dick whipped? Lol

  780. flyR says:

    Kandi coated “”@flyR I assumed that too but will never know now. Hopefully he looks in his blocked users box and sees it, if not too many fish in the sea to concern myself with it any longer. Thank you for taking the time out to reply!!!

    have a girlfiend simple ask him if he intended to block you. Does not make sense if there is no other connection.

    I have accidentally done it in the past .

  781. THEATLSD says:

    @beaute. Struggles can’t search other SB. You have to post your profile number. In the address bar.

  782. THEATLSD says:

    Your narrative needs work. Get rid of the the last part about if you use this in a sentence. Does nothing. U need to sell yourself better

    I’ll leave the picture advise for @struggles

  783. BeautéNoire says:

    @StruggleIsReal Do you mind helping me with my profile? I go by “Hershey’s_1”

  784. THEATLSD says:

    You have to post your profile number or is your profile name same as blog name.

  785. BeautéNoire says:

    Can someone help me with my profile? I havent had any luck since I signed up on this website!

  786. THEATLSD says:

    @All. What is the female equivalent of “pussy whipped” ?

  787. THEATLSD says:

    Dude we all get that 405 thing. It’s just a glitch has nothing to do with what’s in your post. Just sucks when you type up a huge post i.e like @yougottabekiddingme has lately. Even though we luv Y.

    @lainey. If he leaves in a month. Put a few of his things out then after he leaves Screw it and
    do what you want.

  788. Josh says:

    If a white SB had the same type of photos, she’s going to get white+black+mixed+other johns lined up to do her. The problem is that black/mixed/other escorts don’t have as much demand, and black/mixed/other SDs are chasing white pussy to make things difficult for black/mixed/other SBs. Sorry kiddo. It is what it is.

  789. ss1959 says:

    Fine dinning. If an SB says she enjoys fine dinning, does that mean she likes to make noise?

  790. Lainey says:

    @Struggle Josh is completely right though and anyone who doesn’t agree is just trying to be “nice” about it

  791. StruggleIsReal says:

    She isn’t nearly as sour as you.

  792. Josh says:


    “Maybe I’m going about this all wrong”

    Yes, you are yet another escortish black/other/mixed SB who does not get it, and blames lack of response to racism. 🙁

  793. Lainey says:

    @Candy you’re not getting messages because you’re escortish. Also why it’s so easy for you to find men in person in Vegas.

  794. duh “not finding” . . I suck at blogging (firing myself now)

  795. Thanks @Strugs . . seems the system, although posed as a service geared towards matchmaking, at the end of the day is just designed to keep people seeking endlessly and hell-bent on seeing people find the real stuff. Sappy, somewhat nebulous and esoteric I realize but I guess we’re not allowed to say we really want to sometimes. Damn the MAN!

  796. StruggleIsReal says:

    Yes. If they have certain terms in them or if they have a link or email address, they will not be posted immediately. I believe you might see your post with an “awaiting moderation” notice attached to it.

  797. @anyone Do blog posts get scrubbed much? Think I was 405’d :/

  798. CandyCoated007 says:

    @sexy you’re hilarious!!! I’m definitely taking @struggleisreal advice. She’s awesome!!!!

  799. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahaaaaa Love ya @Sexy!! Have a blast hun!! You deserve it mama!

  800. SexyRockstar says:

    For some reason, I can’t view your profile. Struggle knows what she’s talking about. You’re more then welcome to email me at guitargoddess1989 at yahoo

    And, I just wanted to let everyone know, the word farting is now officially in my auto correct 🙂
    I think my phone and I are going to be getting along great. I’ll be silent for awhile tonight on here because my best friend is turning 33 today. Once the kiddies are asleep, I got a sitter coming over and then mama going to go out! This bar has Old Style, so I am excited. But I am only having 2 for the time I am there. I am the DD…plus coming home buzzed with sleeping kids isn’t something I do. They should never see me come home super late and start dancing to Culture Club at 4 am.

  801. StruggleIsReal says:

    If you go to any profile, and then click on the little “question mark” next to the indication listed in the “expectation” category, it will bring up a pop-up box that gives a ballpark generalization for what that means.