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First Dinner Date Dos & Don’ts


Any first date is loaded with pressure. Should you order the garden salad or opt for a cup of the pungent french onion soup? Do you go in for a kiss, or end with a hug? You never quite know how to make things progress 100 percent smoothly, but you can do your best to ensure the date is survivable. We’ve thrown together our top five suggestions to ensure your potential Sugar Baby (or Daddy) see’s the light of a second date.

DO Tell him if there’s lettuce in his teeth/ lipstick on her teeth


Everyone holds the potential of one shot for a first impression. No one wants to ever feel like they appear messy or disheveled. Sugar Daddy’s, please let your Sugar Baby know if there’s a little something in —or on, her teeth. It’s way less embarrassing to make the comment rather than to let her continue smiling broadly with a not-so-presentable grill. We all hate pointing out an awkward flaw but if you’re honest from the start, that’s a great way to build trust with each other. Sugar Babies, if you notice your Sugar Daddy has a friendly reminder of your first course salad, be a doll and let your guy know. This demonstrates maturity and honesty.

DON’T Go over your limit


The first dinner date is not the time to drink and party like you did in college. This is a meal that is to be shared between two mature adults. Sugar Babies, remain aware of your alcohol intake. If your Daddy orders a bottle of wine, try sticking to two glasses tops. Sugar Daddies, avoid any behaviors that could incite an argument if you clearly see that your date is getting a bit tipsy. Do not keep the drinks coming if your date is an obvious lightweight. Be respectful, order a cab for her, and reconnect when she’s back to her usual self. The last thing either party should want to do is say or do anything that could prevent a good thing from happening before it’s even started.

DO Go for a mid-price selection


Pay attention Sugar Babies. The first meal can tell a lot about you. The wine you opt for, the main course you prefer, etc. If you find that what you desire eating is on the lower rung of the pricing tier, I’m sure your Sugar Daddy will not mind this. Actually, he may pull a “Is that all you’re having?” as a hint to order something more filling. If you’re a Sugar Baby who has no shame in her food selection game, try sticking to something mid-range in price point. The meal is meant to compliment the date activity, not interrupt the flow of what’s happening. Realistically you are determining if the Sugar Daddy seated across from you can offer what you’re interested in for an arrangement. Don’t forget – the Sugar Daddy is measuring you up as well to see if you’re worth his investment.

DON’T Engage in Digital Dysfunction


There is nothing worse than a date that’s interrupted by the distraction of a phone call. Daddies, it only takes one phone call from your assistant to press your buttons and totally change the mood of the date. Your Sugar Baby should be your focus of the evening. She’s likely been looking forward to meeting with you all day and you couldn’t imagine the disappointment of finding your 1.5 hour date shrinks down to twenty-minutes of real interaction. Until the parameters of your arrangement have been agreed upon, you’ll want to make sure that any and every chance you have to keep digital distractions to a minimum are executed. Sugar Babies, this also includes being so drawn to what’s happening on Facebook that you forget that a potential well-heeled Sugar Daddy is seated right in front of you.

DO End With A “Thank You”


Mind your manners and never forget to thank your Sugar Daddy (or Mommy) after a date. They carved time from their busy schedule to spend time with you. The least you can do is express your appreciation. If the date becomes a monthly ritual including the exchange of your monthly allowance, you definitely want to avoid neglecting this action. Make a habit of it now. Sugar Daddies, if you find the lady you’ve just spent the evening with was an absolute delight, thank her for her time and inquire about a follow-up date to let her know that you’re interested and would like to share time again. If you find your potential Sugar Baby was less than ideal, be a gentleman. Walk her to her car and part ways knowing you’ve treated her as any respectable gentleman would.

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  1. Alex says:

    Seems like you are trying to window dress one of the oldest professions in the world. Hookers be bookers. This is too much ado about nothing. I don’t even understand why any guy would bother taking s hooker out for dinner. Most hookers have no education and are particularly not too entertaining. Why bother?

  2. DebieG7 says:

    I can’t believe a woman would ditch you like that. Some of the stories i hear are incredible. Makes me feel like SD’S are more guarded pn first meetings and it makes the situation a bit tense.

  3. Josh says:


    “not the first time shes done the grab the money n run, is this a normal occurance ?”

    Are you saying that the same girl has done this to you more than one time?

  4. Josh says:


    I think that you did not read this of my comments.


    Josh says:
    March 10, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    “ALL” is a dangerous word. Even the 32 year-old was wise enough to use “literally all”

    Those are not my words. I posted the comment verbatim. I should have put quotes.

  5. BabySB says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m new here, I haven’t had a SD yet, but I’m looking for the one. I’ve always been a bit scared about online dating but I really want to be a SB. I just had a date with a nice guy, with whom I won’t have an arrangement, but he seemed a nice guy and helped me to be more open and less afraid of this online dating thing. I’m meeting men online who invite me to their country, and it sounds really exciting but it’s still a bit risky. Has any of you had the experience of meeting a SD or SB for the first time in a different country? How did you guys solve all the security issues? I’ve met this man I really like, he lives in a whole different country, very far away, and there is no way he could come to mine. I think we could have the chemistry, but still i don’t want to put myself at risk. Do you have any ideas? Thank you!!

  6. Marcecil says:

    I would just like to comment when you called that “all women are sluts”. If that is the case then your mother, sister and all your relatives(women) are sluts too…Please do not forget where you came from and be aware of your words. I am just new in this site, I just joined out of curiosity but I guess I am not fit here…But I just want to leave a comment before i will be off.God bless everyone and thanks..

  7. scott says:


    Its not happened to me, but on some ‘dates’ if a Sb has asked for finance at a first or second meeting AFTER initially emailing that their not interested in a pay per meet arrangement I end the date! yes there are some ‘chancers’ out there, but as one SB said to me, it takes a 100 dates to find the one, but just one date to find the ONE…(it made sense at the time!)

  8. john says:

    I had a date with a SB a couple of months ago,she wanted money up front which i was more than happy to ordered dinner,drinks came she excused herself and never came back haha not the first time shes done the grab the money n run, is this a normal occurance ?

  9. AmazingSkillsSD says:


    *DON’T Engage in Digital Dysfunction

    This should become a mantra for sg who can’t take their eyes off their smart phones. It’s just so rude and appalling I called off the arrangement after 2 days of being together at an expensive resort. I was simply not being there for her. Even when intimate she would text everyone on the planet about her adventure (or maybe texting upcoming sd)

  10. AmazingSkillsSD says:

    ON’T Engage in Digital Dysfunction

    This should become a mantra for sg who cant’t their eyes off their smart phones. It’s just so rude and appalling I called off the arrangement after 2 days of being together at an expensive resort.

  11. Muscovado says:

    Do: Ask for a gift on first date, to know he’s real.

  12. Allison says:

    If a Sugar Daddy you just met always goes away for work often and he tells you to call him in two weeks , does that mean he really does want to hear from you?

  13. DarkHorseSD says:

    Melanye, was it to be presented during the meeting and contingent on you being as advertised?

    Bri, the point is to ATTAIN good manners to improve your prospects and ongoing better future.

  14. melanye says:

    I asked a potential SD for train fare to go meet him as I dont drive and he was quite far away- he said he could’nt do it? was I out of line by asking? The train fare was nearly 60 quid xx

  15. Bri says:

    disagree with much of what has been said. Prefer the gentleman to just be himself and I do the same. No point acting- I would rather know he has a busy phone or drinks a lot on a first date so I can make an honest judgement, then commit to going forward and find out later.

  16. Editman says:

    If I take my SB to dinner, she is allowed to have ANY Sub at Subway!

  17. Editman says:

    Perhaps a coffee date in the afternoon, would be a better choice for a first meeting. I would also add, that a potential Sugar Baby should actually show up for the date, or when making plans for the date, just don’t disappear off the face of the earth two days before the date, as has happened to me. This is real life, not a Lifetime movie!

  18. Josh says:

    Candice says:
    March 13, 2015 at 6:34 am
    “DO Go for a mid-price selection”

    SA cant be serious. In true sugar daddy/baby fashion- I can order whatever I want, no matter the price. Unless this site is promoting budget friendly arrangements. OH wait, it does.”

    Of course dear. Free money/food/gifts from random men is an inalienable right every woman possesses. They provide instant validation. The higher the amount the better. 😉

  19. Candice says:

    “DO Go for a mid-price selection”

    SA cant be serious. In true sugar daddy/baby fashion- I can order whatever I want, no matter the price. Unless this site is promoting budget friendly arrangements. OH wait, it does.

  20. Josh says:


    You’re right.

    If you restart dating young, broke guys, you will not have to worry about that. He may not even carry a phone.

    But don’t be surprised when he asks to borrow your phone to call his mum to pick him up. 😉

  21. Keo says:

    @Josh @Dark… you two are a mess!

  22. spectra4 says:

    Sugar Daddies always seem to be on their phone… kids are texting to a client call is pending. It annoys the heck out of me! I just sit quietly across from them and slowly enjoy my dinner even though I am just as tempted to check on my phone. Daddies please be aware of the time you’re spending on calls. I’m understanding to an extent, but if I see the guy constantly on his phone I will literally turn right around because obviously your interest isn’t there. I can’t be the the cup of tea for everyone.

  23. Josh says:

    Turkey baster would work as well.

  24. DarkHorseSD says:

    It’s enough to be there for the insemination.

  25. Keo says:

    Actually he didn’t attend the first one,The 12wk one, my amniocentesis, or 20wk one. Lol

  26. Keo says:

    @Josh. It was definitely a causal comment based on my professional experience. My husband didn’t attend mines and it was no big deal.

  27. Josh says:


    “Your making more of the comment than what is actually implied.”

    I don’t think so. But I do acknowledge that it was just a casual comment for you AND if she had asked him to come, it was just an innocent wish. The single-goal focus of women’s autopilot and the Matrix is to keep male captives in line. No biggie. 😉

    “Stop acting like a woman! Hehe”

    Good one!

  28. DarkHorseSD says:

    I’m sure if the fiancée doesn’t make it she feels so sorry for him she cooks breakfast in bed the next morning.

    * yes, I meant cooks breakfast in bed 😉 with him in it.

  29. Keo says:

    @Josh..Please explain how I was egging her on by hoping he got a chance to see his baby at this stage of development? Did I say it would suck if he didn’t attend? That she would be disappointed? No I didn’t. I merely said I hope he could make it. Your making more of the comment than what is actually implied. Stop acting like a woman! Hehe

  30. Josh says:


    Sweetheart, men have bonded with their offspring alright for million of years (six thousand years if you follow certain religious traditions).

    The overt narcissism of women is pretty recent phenomenon. Again, if he’s accompanying her, more power to him and the couple. If he was not going to do it, then the Matrix must not egg the preggo on.

  31. Keo says:

    @Josh. Because men have a harder time bonding during pregnancy than women. We ( women) tend to think of the baby’s as ours from the first two blue stripes on a stick. But once a couple see’s that baby moving, kicking, flipping and if your lucky sucking his thumb it makes it more real to them. Especially men since they aren’t going through the body changes. Plus the baby look like a real baby and not a blob of cells with a heart beat. I will say 95% of the time the man is in absolute amazement over what they can see.

    @Kenna that’s awesome. Change your gravi to the ultrasound picture for that day. Lol

    Are you finding out gender or being surprised?

  32. KennaKenna says:

    @Keo @Josh

    It’s on Monday morning so he’ll be there. 🙂

  33. Josh says:


    “I hope your fiance can make it to that appointment.”

    If he wants to come, then more power to him. If he does not come then @Kenna’s autopilot will take over to give him shit.

    But why on earth you would hope that her fiance be there? WHY? This is how Matrix eggs women on, and they are clueless as to what they did.

  34. Keo says:

    @Kenna oh okay. Well the fetus actually looks more like a baby anyway. I hope your fiance can make it to that appointment.

  35. KennaKenna says:

    @Keo No, I don’t see the baby every time. The next time I see the baby will be my 12 week appointment. And my insurance is okay, I still pay out of pocket costs though.

  36. Keo says:

    Do you see the baby every time? You must have great insurance. Lol

  37. Josh says:

    “Only one out of my 20 or so male friends (25+ years old, all of them) is married, and he is miserable.”

    If the rest of them get married, only one may be happy and 19 would be miserable. The “happy” one basically would have given up his freedom and would be under the Stockholm syndrome.

    However, if you tell this to women, they would be dumbfounded.

  38. KennaKenna says:

    @Melissa Oh no, hope you stop itching soon!

    @Keo ultrasound? Yes! Since I’m high risk with the epilepsy, I’ll be in the doctor’s office almost once every 2 weeks, sometimes once a week.

  39. Keo says:

    @Kenna Have you seen your baby yet?
    @Melissa haaaahaaa… you ain’t about that life.. lol

  40. Melissa says:

    Could be better. Woke up this morning covered in a rash..like all over. Took some Benadryl and its cleared up a quite a bit but it still itches ugh!

    Honestly, I just googled chicken head lol!

  41. KennaKenna says:


    Awwww. Mine is in Cali until Friday, I honestly cannot wait to move- long distance even during the week is so hard. But on the bright side, 4 more days until I’m out of first trimester.

  42. Keo says:

    @Kenna blah. Every time my SD can talk, I can’t and vice versa. Counting down the days til I can see him

    @Melissa it’s the equivalent of calling someone a chicken head. Please tell me you know what that means. Lol

  43. KennaKenna says:

    @FunDude @Josh

    I hear y’all on marriage but I think sometimes it can be slightly different when the man is twice your age, has made his money and gives you an iron clad prenup but is also generous.

    My SD recently told one of his younger colleagues, don’t get married and if you do, get a iron-clad prenup OR you’ll have to give up half of everything when you get divorced.
    He replied “Well I have nothing so no prenup is required”.
    SD said “Exactly my point, what is half of nothing? Imagine giving up half of the nothing you have? And correction, you have nothing now- in 10-15 years, you will have something and she will take half or more if you split.”

    Ironically, he asked me to marry me. But although he loves me, he is no fool- he is generous but will still have most of what he earned if we split. I get a set amount if we split despite how much he makes now and going forward.

    And if I cheat, forget about it. Also, the longer we stay together, the more I’d get if we had to split.

    I personally don’t think we’d split just because I understand him and learned a lot from the blog and my dad about sabotaging.

    And really, he is simple. Besides feed him, fuck him, leave him alone, he just wants to:
    – attend all Patriots games (both home and away)
    – attend all Stanford college home games
    – attend 75% of all his hockey team games
    – take about 4 weekend baseball trips every year with his friends

    He is just an insane sports guy and his biggest complain is that past Gfs did not understand this and would force him to watch network TV when a big game was on or worse get upset if he wanted to take a weekend trip to see games.

  44. FunDude says:

    Damn great article to read today for lunch at work! Back to my fun day

  45. KennaKenna says:

    Hahahaha lol

    @Keo @Melissa you guys are right, I should have ignored. Anyways, how are you gals today?

  46. FunDude says:

    Rovagug • 9 hours ago
    I can understand men who decide to go their own way, especially men from the US. The family laws in USA are hostile to men; most of my friends from the US are either unmarried or divorced. Only one out of my 20 or so male friends (25+ years old, all of them) is married, and he is miserable.

    I’ve had a lot of success with women (and I don’t only mean short lived sexual encounters) and even though I would happily spend the rest of my life with my current girlfriend, we both find no reason to get married. Marriage is a restricting commitment in a society that advocates “changes of heart” (that women benefit from), and has nothing to offer to a healthy relationship.

    And that’s the problem. Marriage has no upsides for men and women who do not intent to abuse divorce laws. It offers financial safety for non-working women, and it should; a “housewife” who decided to dedicate her life to her family, that relies on her husband to bring the bread should be able to survive if they divorced, but in the current state of “ultrafeminism”, that includes all women. It makes marriage a profitable endeavour for women. And so women enter marriage risk-free; if they don’t like it they can break it off, and might even earn money doing it.
    And on the opposite side, a “househusband” that relies on his wife’s income 75% of the time gets no financial support afterwards. (do not quote me on that statistic, found it some time ago online).

    As a man, marriage is something that has nothing to offer me, save ease of doing the taxes and an easier time recognising my child, should I have one (where I live, recognising a child born outside of wedlock is a lengthy process). It legally binds me, and my financial assets, to a romantic relationship without reassurance that it won’t end. It is a bet I make with my life savings that a woman and I will be happy with one another for life.

    The only reason to get married is to bind myself and my chosen partner under the eyes of god and church. And this is an issue that also contributes on the low marriage percentage: most young people are not religious, or are atheists, thus eliminating the original reason to get married: divine licence to have sex to procreate. In modern society we do not need said licence to have sex, so it rests with our individual beliefs.

  47. Melissa says:

    Serious question: what does it mean when you call a woman a bird? I heard it on tv one day and I never understood what it meant lol

  48. Keo says:

    Some one made the comment about arguing on the internet and comparing it to winning the special Olympic. . They were right on @Kenna what’s the point.

  49. Keo says:

    @Josh..whew I doubted you for a minute.

    Ho HoT…who gives a f#ck. Bye Bird.

  50. HoToTrot says:

    Thanks for the input HOs (so clever with your play on my name lol Brainy Gals, gotta love em!) Peace. And peace to you to Josh.

  51. HoToTrot says:

    And I picked up my current guy, who I’ve been a 6 months relationship through a charity event. He’s a patron of the arts. And I appreciate art. A great match. Would like to see a cool article on freestyling, but that would defeat the purpose of SA I guess. I think WOC do better in real life.

  52. Keo says:

    @Kenna why engage?

    @Ho Good luck to you. .

  53. Josh says:


    Sweetheart. @Guru has method to his madness. The reason I had asked you to apologize to @KannaKenna aka princess was to see how you react to the request.

    I think you can go on your merry way. I doubt that either anyone can help you OR you would appreciate if anyone tried anyway.

  54. KennaKenna says:


    I do not suck and fuck old MEN for money. I simply have had a generous partner for the last 2 years and we’re starting to build a life together. He is amazing. 🙂

  55. HoToTrot says:

    @Josh I’ll listen to your opinion as long its not shaded by my having disturbed the resident snowflake.

    Anyhoo: I’m a cute lady who needs to work on her body. I know that. I like men above 60, so my age isn’t an issue. I currently have an sd who is a powerful midtown lawyer who’s 72. I’m just looking to see what else is out there. No desperation here. I’ve gone on two dates. I do well in real life. I’m not much of an internet dater, so the sugar bowl is something fun and interesting. And that’s that.

  56. HoToTrot says:

    It’s Ok to post from time to time, but every time? Good golly gosh, find a new hobby. Do what you want, it just looks loserish. I’ll get off. Some of this conversation could be had over brunch with girlfriends (if you have any) who understand your plight of being a special classy snowflake who sucks and fucks old men for money.

  57. KennaKenna says:


    I know right.


    She thinks people who post on the blog everyday are not “successful and content”

  58. HoToTrot says:

    I live in a democracy. No princesses where I live.

  59. HoToTrot says:

    I don’t apologize for being smart.

  60. KennaKenna says:

    There’s a difference between permanent residency and legal residency.

    I came here for education, your government offered me the residency option as they did not want a brain drain- foreign people coming here pursuing advanced degrees and then leaving and not looking back.

  61. Josh says:

    If you apologize to our princess then I may give you some pointers.

    Trust me when I say this. You will need a LOT of help and even then it is not going to be easy.

    So I would suggest that you tread lightly.

  62. HoToTrot says:

    I’m ignorant about the world of SUGAR and would like to know more. I’m receptive. But, I have a definite point of view about things outside of the bowl. (:

  63. Josh says:


    “@john So no one can see info or pics until its verified?? #bummer”

    Correct. Buy you can post the profile id. When your profile is visible we will look at it and provide our opinions on it.

  64. Josh says:


    I saw on one of the previous article’s page that you were looking for opinions on your profile.

    Sweetheart, you don’t need anyone’s opinion. YOU are the opinionmaker dear. 😉

  65. Melissa says:

    I don’t even know why you’re bothering to reply her. Some people just can’t be reasoned with

  66. HoToTrot says:

    I thought your weren’t an immigrant? Re-read your old posts before you post new ones. Keep the lies linear.

  67. KennaKenna says:

    @HoToTrot actually I don’t have a visa anymore, thanks to Obama I’m a legal US resident for the past 4 years.

  68. HeavenlyGoddess says:

    @john So no one can see info or pics until its verified?? #bummer

  69. KennaKenna says:

    Anyways, new blog topic up!

  70. HoToTrot says:

    Playing the school card. I hope you haven’t overstayed your visa. Good luck.

  71. KennaKenna says:


  72. KennaKenna says:

    @hoToTrot I also live in Manhattan so yes, I know about NY. Barbados is about the size of Brooklyn so it cannot be compared to NY.

    We make our money on tourism, sugar and rum and we’re doing pretty well.

    You can’t compare the two, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. But if we were comparing, the average Barbadian had a better quality of life than the average New Yorker and is also more educated.

    We usually come here to shop, vacation and leave or in my case, go to school!

  73. HoToTrot says:

    Yet New York is a city that also PRODUCES. The service industry is but one sector. I live in Manhattan, I should know. It’s the center of the world for many reasons in addition to tourism. Barbados? When I think of Barbados, not much comes to mind. Sugarcane, beaches, Rihanna… scratches head. Good going with your false superiority complex. Adios.

  74. KennaKenna says:

    Life is not cheap in Barbados. And labor, it all depends- our minimum wage people make more than the ones here but your CEOs makes more.

  75. HoToTrot says:

    I didn’t say the products were cheap. I said labor and life was cheap.

  76. KennaKenna says:

    New York is also a service city that caters to outsiders. It’s called tourism!!!

  77. HoToTrot says:

    A country that imports everything is not a success dear. Heartbreaking I know.

  78. KennaKenna says:

    The average Barbadian is living better than the average American and in speaking about averages and not the top 2%

  79. KennaKenna says:

    Does my money translate to the states?

    Everything in Barbados is times more expensive because they import almost everything. A regular car that sells for 35k here sells for at least triple that there.

    Yet, the average household has 2 cars.

    And your opinion is just that- your opinion.

  80. HoToTrot says:

    Your country is still a service country that caters to outsiders. Maybe a higher grade, but same thing.

  81. HoToTrot says:

    And I’m aware Barbados is doing better than Jamaica and that they are separate entities, but it’s easy to look good compared to the majority of other Caribbean countries. That doesn’t mean your life is comparable to the majority of the Western world.

  82. KennaKenna says:

    No one comes to Barbados and sleep with children, my dear. Please do not speak about what you don’t know.

    I did not come here for a better life, I came here for my education. My SD wants to live in Barbados in 10 years when he retires… This is a man that could live anywhere in the world.

    And he visited Barbados even before we got together. The average American goes to Jamaica, Aruba, etc. because they simply cannot afford a 600/night hotel in Barbados. Dining out is more expensive than NYC and taxi prices are double.

  83. HoToTrot says:

    Does your money translate in the States? Easy to be “rich” where the cost of labor is very cheap and life even cheaper. You sound very middle class to me. Not upper-crust like you want to project. Much too class conscious. That’s what outsiders do– seriously you’re a try hard. Classy people just are. Don’t have to pull out credentials at every turn. You’re exhausting and sad. I read these boards for info from time to time, but you’re always on here. A truly successful, content girl wouldn’t be here so much. Sad

  84. KennaKenna says:

    Barbados is actually the island where everyone in the Caribbean flocks to for a better life. It’s also where the wealthy retire and live out their old age.

  85. KennaKenna says:

    And I am not an immigrant either lol.

  86. KennaKenna says:

    Yes, the poverty in Jamaica is really bad but Barbados is not the same. My family and friends don’t understand why I chose to live her versus there. Almost everyone that leaves the island to study abroad returns home. Bajans do not flock to the U.S. for a better life.

    We are not Jamaicans, do your research!

  87. KennaKenna says:

    @HoToTrot not to burst your bubble but disease, war, famine, rape, poverty are not rampant on the island I came from. If you do research, you will see that Barbados is one of the most literate countries in the world, 80% of the adult population OWNS a 3+ bedroom home and not renting and it’s the playground for millionaires/billionaires.

  88. HoToTrot says:

    Every African/West Indian immigrant I have ever known has the “I was wealthy back home” spiel. Lol. I studied abroad in Jamaica in college. Rich folks stay put and vacation elsewhere. Broke folks can’t wait to get out.

  89. HoToTrot says:

    And Americans and Westerners go to those countries and use those countries and like toilets, doing things there with the locals they’d never do in their home countries. Like sleeping with children and the like. But a big hand clap for most of you ladies telling these fantasies, you actually found an audience dumb enough to lend you an ear. Not much intelligence in the sugar bowl I see. Like playing basketball with midgets. lol Looking @ you kennakenna hehe

  90. KennaKenna says:

    @Melissa I knew I wasn’t the only one. 🙂

  91. HoToTrot says:

    I love when people from 3rd world countries, where disease, war, famine, rape, poverty etc are rampant, talk about the high morality and the superior standards of their culture. GTFOHWTBS And on a blog dedicated to sleeping with rich men for money. No matter how you dress it up, it’s uncouth in lots of people’s eyes. You can’t have it both ways people. A slut with an Ivy league education is still a slut. Deal.

  92. Melissa says:

    Oh and divorce is not an option either 🙁

  93. Melissa says:

    I totally understand! I thought I was the only one. My parents are African. Abortion is a no-no and if you sleep around you’re a slut..simple as that, my mom basically drummed those points into my brain. I mean I’m all for people having the choice to get an abortion if they want but I’m wouldn’t which is why I’m a birth control nazi and the number of guys I’ve slept with is still under 5.

  94. Josh says:


    I would not know until I see your profile text and photos.

    @Gregg does have good pointers in the “Our Next Party” comments. And @ONSD has good pointers in the previous article’s comments.

  95. HeavenlyGoddess says:

    @josh. Hey!! 🙂 my profile and pics are in the verification stage.. Any pointers on how I can edit it to optimize my SB potential??

  96. Josh says:

    Hmmm. So there are 6 women to 1 man in your home island?

    Does Brandon have something to do with it?

  97. KennaKenna says:

    @Latin I didn’t have a perfect job, I had a great job but nowhere near perfect, I resigned so currently I have no job.

    For me, wealthy is relative. I would not say my family is wealthy- I would say they’re well-to-do. They have a brand and a monopoly so their assets are worth a whole lot, but they would never sell. They own lots of land where they grow sugarcane and then the rum distillery.

    But they does not equal my mother and father. They equals my whole family, which is pretty huge.

    So no I’ve never really lacked for anything and although I already own 3 acres of land in my island, a gift from my grandparents, I was thought to work for everything I want.

    My grandmother is in her late 70s and still works 6 days per week, not because she needs to but because she wants to and she enjoys it. My grandfather lost one of his legs and that’s the only reason he no longer works.

    And with good, there is bad. I left high school a virgin because no one wanted to date the girl who was constantly having seizures- same thing in college. Guys in my age range only started pursuing me senior year of college/grad school.

    So if my first SD had not pursued me, I probably would have been a virgin until senior year at least. Plus on top of all of that, my education was my main focus- that came first and I did not want to meet a boy, fall in love and change my plans because of love.

    But I’m this way because of my upbringing. I love going home and not one guy can point their finger at me and say “Yes, I fucked her.”

  98. peeps says:

    Met second POT SD yesterday…got an offer from a really good one (third), who seems to be a good match…the offer is very reasonable I might take it, but will keep meeting…I like it when men make offers that are numerical instead of putting the burden on me to bring it up…like, yeah, HELLO I am so going to have an affair with a married person for no reason…NOT…now that I have at least one offer and maybe 5 more people to meet, I have a sense of “market” conditions.

  99. KennaKenna says:

    And again I grew up in a place where abortions are not popular, because although doctors do not talk- their nurses and receptionists do so again the whole island knows.

    My family is anti-abortion, abortion is like murder of an innocent child to us.

  100. KennaKenna says:

    Well my sister and mother are more like a unicorn than me because they both married the first guy they slept with.

    My fear of sleeping around has a lot to do with the fact that I grew up on a small island where everyone knows everyone. The ratio of women to men there is 6 to 1.

    So yes very few guys, and when they sleep with you- they talk and then everyone knows. The guys who sleep with more men that they can count on their fingers seldom get married and are still single.

    My dad also engrained into me that everytime you sleep with a man- you lose a part of yourself and although now I know that’s BS, it really stuck with me.

    I have made out and got a but physical with more than 4 guys but I have only actually slept with 4 men and about 5 girls. I will only sleep with a man if I can sense a long term commitment/arrangement and following my instincts has been right so far.

    So that’s 4 men in the last 6 years, which means an average relationship of 1.5 years, some lasted a bit longer, some lasted a bit less- that’s not even that great to me.

    I know a girl who is a year younger than me and has had the same SD turned BF for the last 5 years.

  101. SouthernSB says:

    @Latin-Appluse!!! Bravo!! Thank you, thank you…there are all kinds of reasons women are single mothers and many of them are NOT because they are just raging sluts living off of the government. Not to mention there are reasons that women are on welfare that has nothing to do with them being freeloaders. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is that no one should put down anyone until they know their story.

  102. a latin opinion says:

    @laney yes and is even worse, a lot of them don’t go to clinics, they just take the right pills or intakes to provoke the abortion.

    Plus the double standards American society in wich for example a lot of people look me down and tell me they are sorry about me being a single mom. When the true is that my kid wasn’t an oooopsss! Lol It took me 3 years of trying different medicines, doctors, feel lost in the process and a lot of pain and faith to have my kid.

    So there is so many different cases, the professional who decided to have a kid on her own, the ex wife raising the kids alone, the widow of an American military, is sad but is also a product of the “new world” in wich will all live.

    Btw, there is a lot of single fathers too (I personally know more than one who have fought their rights on court, and win over vicious mothers) personally I think they look SUPER sexyyyy lol

  103. FunDude says:


    Don’t see how I have been “fooled” considering I haven’t “manned up and married that slut”

  104. Josh says:


    I don’t recall responding to your military comment, but if I did, I wouldn’t call it ballistic. @SexyRockstar did make strong comment gainst it.

    Also, I agree with your abortion comments. Men don’t have a way of knowing.

    Personally I am more concerned with MY mind and financial rape in a relationship than what the woman was up to prior to me.

  105. Lainey says:

    @Latin you’re on a roll! I applaud you especially for that comment about single mothers. I know WAY TOO MANY chicks that probably have abortion clinic punch cards. “Have 5 abortions, get one free” LOL

  106. a latin opinion says:

    She help SB around HERE*

  107. a latin opinion says:

    @keo lol is funny but that’s is what I like about this blog is like they said yesterday, is like a big disfuntional family but it work. I have learn a lot from here and they have helped me a lot in a variety of things. Good night everyone.

  108. a latin opinion says:

    @keo yes she is, but she is cool. I see the good in every one, she helps SB’s around her. (-:

    @fd you are nagging about single mom all the time. Let me tell you how bitches do it, they ride the dick carousel you are talking about and went they get pregnant they abort and go and ride the carousel again until they found a naive guy and told them they have sleep just with 2 guys before him.

    Abortion is always an option, so I PERSONALLY respect all SINGLE MOTHERS that decided to do better, and the majority of them are doing whatever it takes to get their child a better future, all by their selfs.

    Btw if you read the posts of single mom wannabe SB they always feel bad of just saying they don’t have kids.

  109. Keo says:

    @Latin. Everything you said… my thoughts exactly. Lol

  110. a latin opinion says:

    And @josh when I said “women shouldn’t go to war, they are week and they are most probably to die” you also said I was wrong. Dont you?

    I talk for my self, I’m a woman, biologicaly weeker than a man and I’m totally ok with that. I’m totally ok with my role as the mother who stayed at home and wait for his husband to return from war and in the worst escenario help repopulate the country but you also went ballistic and say I was wrong.

    So Josh my question is do women are the same as men?

  111. Keo says:

    @Latin..Kenna is a unicorn. Hahahahaha

  112. a latin opinion says:

    @fd you have said that you could maybe have a SD/SB relationship become something serious. How does that apply to your comments about not wanting a woman who had sleep with a lot of guys?

    Or do you really believe that SB in their 20’s have all kind of degrees, work experience, perfect jobs, are good looking, came from wealthy families, and although have been in sugar all their sex life just had sleep with 4 guys?

    Baby you are soooo young and naive lol that’s just Kenna, she is a princess from a far far away land. (-:

  113. DarkHorseSD says:

    I’m sure most of the SB Summit will focus on retraining women to provide value to men to achieve SB success.

  114. FunDude says:

    pocketspock • a day ago
    After reading this article I feel so badly for cheating some poor woman out of the divorce and accompanying cash and prizes that she feels entitled to.

    Loudly and repeatedly for the last few decades women have been saying that they don’t need men. Now that men have adjusted themselves to this the complaint is that the men aren’t “manning up” and it is interesting to note that when I read articles like this there is never any mention of women changing to meet the needs of men. Nope. Nothing. Men are supposed to put up with loud women, angry women, career women, tattooed women, women who’ve ridden the cock carousel for a decade, single mothers, fat women, crazy women and women past their prime who have eggs that are about to fall over dead. All collectively whinging ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone?’ and if these women don’t get what they want it’s the fault of men? Nope. Not buying that nonsense anymore.

    Finally, if you’re a man understand what the phrases manchild or perpetual adolescence really mean. This is a code for a man who isn’t doing what women and society deem necessary for him to show provider status to the women around him. It means that he’s not meeting the standard that women set. In short it’s bullshit. You’re over 21. Go vote you’re an adult. Go fight in a war. You’re an adult. Go to the bar get drunk. Go ahead, you’re an adult. Decide that you’re going to stick to yourself, pay your bills rent and entertain yourself in ways that you see fit? The response from women? YOU’RE A CHILD!!!! GROW UP!!!!

    Bottom line, you can ignore all of this nonsense because the secret is that it only work if you let it. If you don’t care there’s nothing that woman can do to force you to give a damn.


  115. FunDude says:

    Going to bed in 10 mins myself

    Shows there is a big social movement brewing among men in their 20s and 30s

    they are waking up FAST

  116. FunDude says:

    Amaryllis • a day ago
    ‘Perpetual adolescence.’ This thought lies at the root of a lot of these gender entitlement issues. For decades, we’ve been hearing the tireless nugget “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” It’s an obnoxious phrase, but it’s very good for getting across its unsaid message, even to the layest of laypersons: ‘women don’t need men.’ I won’t employ psychological or sociological studies, or philosophy, or anecdotes to refute this. Let’s just take it at face value. Women don’t need men. To some extent, this seems to be true (although if they couldn’t substitute govt for men, they might have more of a problem…but that’s another discussion). Great! Women are free! Chase your career! Engage in all manner of (legal) depravity! Follow all your dreams!

    The problem is that now they are looking back. At first, they were really giddy about all these slogans and opportunities, and govt support. But when you look back and you really examine the mantra, it turns out that a bicycle doesn’t really need a fish either. Women wanted what they wanted, but they expected men to continue behaving in exactly the same way. They should still be breaking their bodies/minds tirelessly in service of their family…even though family is close approaching being an outdated word. They wanted to benefit from their efforts AND a man’s efforts, with no reciprocal benefit for him (in fact, the noose has only gotten tighter over the years). You can’t expect people, given an opportunity, to not be inherently selfish. But there was a severe oversight (or simple lack of understanding) in the way human minds work. When a man (or woman even) has no incentive left to do something, they no longer do it. If you shopped at a grocery store, but became deathly ill every time you ate anything from there, you’d quickly learn to stop going. The entire point of going out and ‘being a man’ was to earn respect and prove your worthiness to have and provide for a family. One of those doesn’t exist without community, and the other hardly exists at all.

    The problem with this essay’s premise, and similar ones that get written on SJW sites every time there’s a downturn in site traffic, is that women still feel entitled to define what it means to ‘be a man.’ This is the most perfect representation of the kind of hubris and narcissism we’re dealing with. “Being a woman is whatever I say it is and you’re a MYSOGYNIST PIG if you disagree or try to tell me how to live…being a MAN means going out and PROVIDING FOR A WOMAN.”

    And the truly sad thing? This will end up being considered one of the more ‘compassionate’ takes on this whole issue. It certainly isn’t calling guys ‘sh*tbags’ like rawstory or jezebel! But in reality it’s just as poisonous, a more subtle form of shaming now that outright social opprobrium and endless outrage are beginning to lose traction as more and more people see through the haze to the ugliness beneath.

    I know there are good women out there, but it’s becoming so dangerous to try and find them that sifting through all the grains of sand on the beach is getting harder and harder to justify.

  117. Josh says:

    That was a good find @FunDude. Made my night. Now I have to hit the sack. I start my day early.

  118. FunDude says:

    Rafael • a day ago
    Why are we labeled as “eternal adolescents” if we choose not to marry? I own a successful construction business, a big house and live a healthy lifestyle. I choose not to marry as women today have zero obligations and duties in a marriage. We, on the other hand, have nothing but duties and obligations. Even if a woman cheats, she is awarded full custody of children, alimony, the family house etc. Not only that, but feminism has turned women into men, there is no femininity anymore, no caring, no empathy, only sexual experience.

    I can get sex everywhere, why would I choose to marry someone only to give her the power to nag me eternally, ask a myriad of things of me, demand material things, attention and love while not even be willing to have sex with me after one year of marriage? Finally… don´t get me started on the cheating!

  119. Josh says:

    This part takes the cake:

    “-also the fear that at any moment your wife can decide she’s unhappy and leave you (and take your kids)

    actually the list of reasons go on and on. It’s just not a good deal anymore. Actually it’s a very very bad one at this point. For MEN. For women, it’s a hell of a deal. You get a sucker who will finance your domestic fantasy, buy you a house, you can leave him eventually when it’s expedient, you have no obligation to have sex with him, you don’t even have to give him your youth, etc etc. You can be 30 years old, all banged out by tons of dudes and you still get this slave? Shiit if I were a woman I’d be all for marriage”

  120. FunDude says:

    Josh must have thousands of proxies on the CNS article lol

    They all sound like my proxies actually lol

  121. FunDude says:

    Big Ern • a day ago
    Well, walk around outside. How many women here in the USA in 2015 are actually not obese and even resemble the female form? The few women left who aren’t disgustingly fat are in such demand you’ll have to compete with 500 other dudes probably better than you in every way for her attentions.

    There are other reasons:
    -promiscuity of women- men don’t want to be the sucker who puts a ring on the finger of the town slut
    -proliferation of porn as a viable substitute
    -women themselves waiting too long and then discovering men can’t fall for a 30 year old woman like he can for an 18 year old girl
    -also the fear that at any moment your wife can decide she’s unhappy and leave you (and take your kids)

    actually the list of reasons go on and on. It’s just not a good deal anymore. Actually it’s a very very bad one at this point. For MEN. For women, it’s a hell of a deal. You get a sucker who will finance your domestic fantasy, buy you a house, you can leave him eventually when it’s expedient, you have no obligation to have sex with him, you don’t even have to give him your youth, etc etc. You can be 30 years old, all banged out by tons of dudes and you still get this slave? Shiit if I were a woman I’d be all for marriage

  122. Josh says:


    Can you please explain any you directed the “slow clap” about this article at me ?”

    Why not? Did you invent @FunDude = @Josh with my permission? 😉

  123. Josh says:

    Simone is da bomb. 😉

  124. StruggleIsReal says:


  125. StruggleIsReal says:

    Can you please explain any you directed the “slow clap” about this article at me ?

  126. FunDude says:

    James Bond Simone • 14 hours ago
    How about the phrase, “40 is the new 30” or “sexy at 50.” Yeah right, what guy in his right mind would find middle aged women attractive? I know women in their 40’s and 50’s who still think they look like they are in their 20’s. These women are truly delusional.

  127. FunDude says:

    Fucking awesome comments lol

  128. FunDude says:

    Simone • 18 hours ago
    There are two factors not discussed above that need to be mentioned:

    First, supposedly enlightened feminists who purport to believe in equality *do not marry down*. Male doctors still marry nurses. Male pilots still marry flight attendants. But female doctors and pilots? Think they’re keeping their end of the “equality” deal? Hell, no. They’re all using the leg up they got from “equality” to search for even higher status men. Not only is this mathematically futile in a population with limited successful men, it’s a recipe for both unhappy men and women.

    Second, the concept of marriage was radically reinvented by feminism. So let’s talk about what men *used* to get: A young (ie: still beautiful) wife, who would cook, clean and raise the kids. Men bore the burden of working in the “field” and financing the household. Now, granted, women didn’t like that deal so much. Actually, millions did like that deal much more than working in a cubicle, but elite white women kept making arguments about “CEO’s” and legions of working women just nodded their heads and signed up for their new lives as laborers.

    But there’s one question that nobody ever asked: Will men still want to “play ball”, so to speak? A couple generations later, and men have wised up. They’re picking up their balls and leaving the field. Contrary to feminist propaganda, men do not want a “successful” wife. Nor are they looking for a “challenge”. Nor do they particularly want to marry and reproduce with a thirty-plus woman whose looks faded long ago. (Cue the delusional legions of women who believe women are still beautiful after 30).

  129. Josh says:

    “some broads concentration camp.”

    Slow laugh again…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  130. Josh says:


    “Was that your proxy posting on that website Josh?”

    WTF!!! Now my alleged proxy is accusing me of posting shit under other names??? C’mon man. I am not into prostitutes. That shit is crazy.

  131. FunDude says:

    Shit man, the alpha dogs are all over the article.

    MGTOW baby

  132. Keo says:

    @DarkHorse I got the first part. I didn’t understand the second part.
    Rooftop . yeah pretty stupid idea. Lol

  133. FunDude says:

    Im A Ram • 12 hours ago
    Haha why should we get married when there’s nothing in it for us!

    I’m just fine getting pussy without the commitment, playing video games and doing shit I like instead of being in some broads concentration camp.

    With the rampant amount of single motherhood don’t expect this trend to change…you think we’re assholes, wait till these kids now hit 25-30.

  134. DarkHorseSD says:

    K E O –

    It’s on a rooftop. We are SDs. We can afford to have our drones fly over and observe, giving Wikileaks a whole new connotation.

    Then we drop money on tickets to the evening. Offer SBs cab fare home after spending the night.

  135. FunDude says:

    • Reply•Share ›
    Anti-Authoritarian Janet Wilkinson • 6 hours ago
    All women benefit from Feminism. We all know this very well.

    Escorts and running “Sugar Daddy game” is CHEAPER than the whole dating game.

    Relationships are a joke. Just find for yourself a HONEST woman – a prostitute.

    Was that your proxy posting on that website Josh?

  136. Keo says:

    Lol @DarkHorse. WHY?!

  137. DarkHorseSD says:

    I may leave ny for the SB summit.

  138. FunDude says:



  139. Josh says:


    What was the name of the “holding hands” SD?

  140. Keo says:

    Is anyone going to NY for the SB/SD summit?

  141. FunDude says:


    Josh summed it up earlier. If a woman wants to “settle down” with a SUCCESSFUL man, she should do so in her early to mid 20s before riding the cock carousel.

    I don’t want the riders trying to hit me up at 35 for a “nice guy”. I keep getting setup with these types of women lol.

    Thanks but NO THANKS. Where’s the benefit for me?

  142. Keo says:

    @Josh, @FunDude has said he would.

  143. Josh says:

    Clarity of thinking is a beautiful thing…

  144. Josh says:


    “@Josh.. Got it. So SB’s who have slept with several SD’s don’t count because they were trying to upgrade their lifestyle?”

    Sweetheart we don’t want SBs to get married, do we? 😉

  145. Josh says:


    “I highly doubt every comment on that website are “proxies” as well lol”

    MGTOW and its variations are spreading like a wildfire. The mainstream media is scared to accommodate them as women make too many of the buying decisions.

  146. Keo says:

    @Josh.. Got it. So SB’s who have slept with several SD’s don’t count because they were trying to upgrade their lifestyle?

  147. Josh says:


    “I’m confused. All these women were good enough to sleep with but after you slept with them they are now whores with no morals?”

    I think that you have missed what @FunDude has repeated multiple times. Please allow me to repeat. According to him, if a woman wants to settle down in her early 20s with a decent “provider” guy, he is fine with that.

    What he is not good with is that she spends her 20s with “bad boys”, riding cock carousel, and when she hits her 30s, all of a sudden she wants to “settle down” with a provider man.

  148. FunDude says:


    You can’t turn a whore into a housewife.

    That simple

  149. Keo says:

    If sleeping around is the criteria?

  150. FunDude says:


    Not one dude writing on that article supported marriage. I thought there might be a few married dudes on there lol.

    Men are literally running from marriage.

    I highly doubt every comment on that website are “proxies” as well lol

  151. DarkHorseSD says:

    I hope FunDude meant he wouldn’t commit more than 24 hours IN ADVANCE to a quick bite and a quickie.

  152. Josh says:


    “What if you want to go on vacation with them or something?”

    Fuck that shit. Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t want tow no fucking woman with me on vacation. I will be her personal porter, tour guide, masseuse, ATM, mind rapee and God knows what.

    Thanks to Mama Brandon, you become travelling daddy. 😉

  153. Keo says:

    I’m confused. All these women were good enough to sleep with but after you slept with them they are now whores with no morals?

    @Josh..sorry I didn’t read the article. Can’t access links on here

    @FunDude.. but you would consider marrying a SB that has probably had several SD’s prior to you? Isn’t an SB also a woman with no morals?

  154. Josh says:

    Hail Mama Brandon!!!

  155. Josh says:


    You are correct. Everyone of these fellows has an assessment pretty close to what you and I have been writing about independently. However, it seems that every time someone brings such sentiments in front of women, they are dumbfounded.

    They assert that “this poor guy” got jacked up with a bitch, and if he finds a nice woman, he would be whole.

    THAT was the MAIN reason for calling you my proxy…to assert that @Josh was a lone ranger and what he wrote was an isolated case AND that he was writing as @FunDude to get some validation.

    It seems that women are very poor in detecting societal changes.

  156. DarkHorseSD says:

    Josh, say what you want, but thank goodness Brandon’s mother foresaw all this and nagged him into creating SA.

  157. FunDude says:


    What if you want to go on vacation with them or something?

    Short term relationships are sometimes fun.

  158. Josh says:


    The report is badly written. The juice is in the data and comments. 😉

    If it were an honestly written report, it would have mentioned how men are screwed in divorce, and would have cited that as one of the reasons for men to have wised up.

  159. Josh says:


    “However, until women start acting like women again, there is no commitment coming from me for more than 24 hours.”

    This guy is generous. My “commitment” is for few hours at a time, with an occasional weekend as a treat. 😉

  160. DarkHorseSD says:

    If, as the article says, marriage is being replaced comensuartely with cohabitation, how is that eroding the rate of two parent families?

  161. Josh says:


    “ALL” is a dangerous word. Even the 32 year-old was wise enough to use “literally all” 😉

    Those are not my words. I posted the comment verbatim. I should have put quotes.

  162. FunDude says:

    TX_Man • 4 hours ago
    As an unmarried guy at 29 let me tell you why we aren’t getting married.

    There aren’t good women out there to marry. Simple as that.

    It would be great to live like my grandfather or uncle and meet someone who you can be partners with for life. However women now are too loose. In grad school there was a group of women lamenting about their inability to find a good man. So they collectively decided to all sleep around with a few men and send rankings of their sexual performance to one another. Every weekend it was another bar, another sex act with random guy. Who the hell wants a woman like that! Then all of the sudden when they hit 28, 29 and then the big 30 they pretend like their early and mid 20s never happened? Hah!

    Plus look at the benefits of marriage for men. None. If I were to get married and have children there is a high probability that divorce happens and not only does the wife get the children, but she gets a cash award on top of that. Not to mention the risk of having her trying to pass off some random guys child as mine. Regrettably for women the five most important words in a man’s language “I demand a DNA test” is my first statement after hearing any surprise news.

    How about this. I live my life; work, play, sex, travel, learn, experience, grow and thrive. I build my retirement, I stay financially solvent (easier without baggage weighing you down) and if I happen to meet a woman; one who isn’t one of the 99% who spent her college days hoping from one random guy to the next, while racking up tens of thousands in student loans, who magically “changes” when she realizes she is aging and her bioclock is ticking, then I might consider giving marriage a chance.

    However, until women start acting like women again, there is no commitment coming from me for more than 24 hours.

  163. FunDude says:


    Almost sounds like I wrote that shit lol

    Every comment from the dudes is the same as that.

  164. Keo says:

    @Josh… ALL women are sluts?!

  165. Keo says:

    @DarkHorse.. you are on a role! Lol

  166. Josh says:

    Here is one of the comments from the report…Following is one of the reasons why single men choose to be sugar daddies instead of husbands, and husbands get their fix instead of losing 1/2 of their hard-earned net worth.

    Im a 32 year old male. Educated, great career, starting a new side business, have family money, private game ranch in a state with country girls that love hunting, six pack abs, 6’2, blah, blah, blah. Id love to have a wife and live the american deam like my parents and grandparents but you can forget it.

    This has nothing to do with men with peter pan syndrome. This has nothing to do with a fear over growing up.


    1. Literally all women are sluts these days. The last 5 chicks I went out with…I found out escorted at one time. Im not committing to a woman with no morals.

    2. Women are addicted to social media like a loser guy that is addicted to porn. Its sickening how empty women are. How they need constant validation and gratification from 100 people they dont hang out with…daily.

    3. Smart phone addiction. I am tired of doing photo shoots on every date. Im tired of recreating a funny thing that just happend for a lame status pic. I dont want to facebook post, snapchat, instagram, and vine your ass. Ladies, Life isnt about the pictures you take so you can compete with your girlfriends.

    4. Women have serious ego problems. When a woman get 50 likes for every worthless thought on facebook, when shes told by losers all day how great she is, when she is spoiled by her parents…she is just not worth it. Even average shaped women do fake photoshoots and claim to be models these days.

    5. Fat chicks…why the hell is it when you go to a club 1/2 of all women are fat? My father said he never saw fat chicks growing up.

    6. Marraige is a bad financial decision. I might as well liquidate all my assets and bet on black on a roulette table.

  167. StruggleIsReal says:

    Apparently you’re going to have to laugh even slower, because I really don’t get what your comment is alluding to.
    I read the article. I get it.
    Feel free to make an actual point. (The article made quite a few. I am not going to assume I know what you are talking about.)

  168. DarkHorseSD says:

    What cns didn’t report is that about 3500 women – all members of SA – are providing approximately 73% of all sex in America.

  169. Keo says:

    @JL..#7..what do you mean, you flake?

  170. Josh says:


    Here is my slow laugh so that you can understand how happy I am to read the report posted by @FunDude.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  171. FunDude says:


    Men appear to avoid marriage these days.

    Damn men are smartening up lol

    Of course the feminists who wrote this nonsense is saying that men are being “immature”

  172. flyR says:

    @Asia – Banks are required to report cash deposits over $10K or a pattern of deposits which indicate that someone is trying to stay under that amount. (this is a pretty general summary) .

    Some of us are starting to feel like the last taxpayer…… in LA 40% of those working are working for cash .

  173. JL Knight says:

    Brain drain, typo with your and you’re.. oops!

  174. JL Knight says:

    1. Since most men try to impress a woman, let them do most of the talking, which should be relatively easy. Older gents like myself, like a woman to act reserved,

    2. Act interested, unless you are bored to tears, in which case get your friend to call you about an hour into the rendezvous.

    3. Keep real and reasonable with who you are and your expectations. Anything that comes easy leaves just as easy.

    4. Be chill and try to control your emotions.

    6. Read about what’s going on in the world, so that you can let him know that your more than a pretty face.

    7. Don’t give it up no matter what. Personally, this happens to me quite a bit…I flake.

    8. Avoid unhappy/depressing conversations, and don’t talk about sex. Test him! If he brings it up first watch out.

  175. GeorgiaPeach says:

    Thanks for the update. Yes, you are right, but some folks seem to just prefer putting their hard earned “cash” in a banking account, though not sure why with the little rate of interest these days. Better to just put in the mattress or the safe deposit box. 😉

    Damn Daylight Saving Time. First couple weeks drives me completely nuts!
    So, early night here. Sweet Dreams to all.

  176. Josh says:


    Good girl! 🙂

    Clarification: As I said before, unfortunately, most girls who rape their men’s minds don’t even know that they are doing that. It’s not the Devil who makes them do it, it’s either unconscious, mindless activity or their Matrix causes them to do such things.

  177. obesience says:

    @GeorgiaPeach: re: As an FYI about the $$ deposits, the banks/Fed Govt/Reserve, whomever you want to call it, will usually allow up to about $9k cash deposit into a bank, credit union, etc without the customer having to complete a multitude of forms, documents where the $$ originated. Providing of course that you state that the $$ did not come from your creative drug pushing or $$ laundry events and you state that your late Aunt Myrtle gave you the money as a gift, you should be ok.

    that use to be the case in the 1980s and 1990s. Things have changed a hell of a lot (especially since 911). Surely you may still deposit up to $9000 each month without filling out paper works. However behind the scene your account WILL BE RED FLAGGED and monitored (and possibly reported to IRS for further scrutiny). Think about it: if normally your bank account had an average monthly balance of $500 and then suddenly you are making $3000 dollars to $5000 dollars deposits that will get someones attention. To remain under the radar one should either buy a home safe and store your loot there or open a safety deposit. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. Be smart.

  178. GeorgiaPeach says:

    Thank for the enlightenment, Oh Master Guru.

  179. Josh says:


    “why is she asking for $$?”

    She breathes gold dust, pees liquid gold and shits golden nuggets. That’s why. 🙂

  180. Lainey says:

    “The problem is that they cannot see their man minding his own business. They have to needle him for no good reason until he shows reaction. Repeated occurrence of the same ruins man’s life. And women don’t even know that they are raping his mind all this time.”

    @Josh I love when he minds his business because I’m always minding mine. We had a convo a few weeks back where I had to explain to him that all I want is someone I can coexist with. I don’t need daily affirmations, kisses or hugs that if he wants or needs them I will always be sure to read that and provide them but never ask me what’s wrong because nothing will ever be wrong, I’m just minding my own business. On the rare occasion something is bothering me I will have no problem addressing it as it occurs, resolve it and drop it for eternity!

  181. GeorgiaPeach says:

    So, maybe she prefers “toes” and not “heels”. LOL
    Question would be, then why is she asking for $$? Shoes?

  182. Josh says:

    How about this one?

    “There would be absolutely no sex involved in our relationship. The closest we’ll get to that would be the bottom of my heel in your mouth.”

  183. GeorgiaPeach says:

    @Josh @DarkHorseSD
    You two are on quite the roll this evening. Cute.
    As an FYI about the $$ deposits, the banks/Fed Govt/Reserve, whomever you want to call it, will usually allow up to about $9k cash deposit into a bank, credit union, etc without the customer having to complete a multitude of forms, documents where the $$ originated. Providing of course that you state that the $$ did not come from your creative drug pushing or $$ laundry events and you state that your late Aunt Myrtle gave you the money as a gift, you should be ok. You could also only deposit into your account in smaller amounts, which would create even less notice, hopefully. Then again, how close are you to the bank employees, etc. You can google for more info.

  184. Josh says:


    Good questions answer…It’s all relative sweetheart. 🙂

  185. DarkHorseSD says:

    There is a NYC girl offering “absolutely NO SEX” dates for $3000 minimum.

    If I unblock her, I could write and ask how she deals with those bank concerns.

  186. Keo says:

    @Josh your libido is declining with age? How old are you?!

  187. Keo says:

    @DarkHorse. lol

  188. DarkHorseSD says:

    “Where is this relationship going?”

    Into the bedroom right after the game.

  189. obesience says:

    @asiajonessb: due to recent regulations passed by congress banks have become more mindful of money laundering and tax evasion. the best thing to do is to open a safety deposit with your bank and placed it all in your safety deposit box. Make withdrawal as needed.

  190. Josh says:

    This Indonesian House Is for Sale and Comes With a Pond, a Backyard and … a Wife

  191. Josh says:


    As I said before @LadyScarlet is an expert in getting those kinds of monies, and can share some pointers with you.

    There is another character called @Rebecca aka @chit chat, she may have some hypothetical ideas in the works.

  192. asiajonessb says:

    @josh lololol I ment would they freeze or stop the account a n d investigate if you put large amount

  193. Josh says:

    I try not to make comments about SBs’ looks, unless I can say something positive. Most of the times I say things like, “I would not work. Best of luck.”

    But this one was so obnoxious I made sure to tell her:

    “You are not hot enough for that amount. Maybe you want to re-calibrate your expectations to get more traction. :)”

  194. SouthernSB says:

    😀 Good one @Josh!! Hahaha!!

  195. Josh says:


    Sorry I goofed up. I should’ve said…

    When you deposit money in the bank make sure to check the box in the deposit slip that reads, “Do not store my money in the freezer.”

  196. KennaKenna says:


    “When you deposit money in the bank make sure not to check the box in the deposit slip that reads, “Do not store my money in the freezer.”


  197. Josh says:


    “If I put a large amount in my bank account wouldn’t they freeze it ?”

    When you deposit money in the bank make sure not to check the box in the deposit slip that reads, “Do not store my money in the freezer.”

  198. Josh says:

    Re: 19 Ways to Successfully Rape Your Man’s Mind.

    Can we put together a Cosmopolitan-ish list. 🙂

    Can this be a mind rape candidate: “Where is this relationship going?” [The man is usually thinking…dunno…don’t care.]

    How about this: “Do you know what Kelly’s boyfriend did?” [The man is usually thinking…dunno…don’t care.]

    And one of the classics: “Do I look fat in this?” [The man is usually thinking…yes, but leave me alone.]

  199. asiajonessb says:

    Sorry guys I have another question ? So how do you give/receive allowence from/to your sb/sd ? If I put a large amount in my bank account wouldn’t they freeze it ?

  200. Josh says:


    “Also you seems like a nice dude, in my humble opinion you should just find a good woman, unicorn whatever you want to call it.”

    I am beyond that point dear. My libido is on decline with age, and I cannot say that I am unhappy about it. Female company was a necessary evil when my libido was way high. I don’t care for longer-term company with the same female anymore. Sans sexual desire, I would rather spend time in my own company, which is excellent if I may say so. 🙂

    “The thing is do you think you will be able to recognize one if you see her?”

    I do recognize nice women. Some of them are better than the others. The problem is not that women are evil or even bad human beings. The problem is that they cannot see their man minding his own business. They have to needle him for no good reason until he shows reaction. Repeated occurrence of the same ruins man’s life. And women don’t even know that they are raping his mind all this time.

  201. Keo says:

    @Gentlemen I think women are curious. It’s looked on as hot for women to be together.

  202. Josh says:

    I hope that $69.95 does the trick for you in the city. My neck of the woods is filled with fantasyland dwellers lately.

  203. asiajonessb says:

    Thanks guys !! I’ll make sure I come back and update. Hopefully I get lucky 🙂

  204. DarkHorseSD says:

    Hey Josh, I’m only back for $69.95, so don’t get attached. 😉

  205. PI Wolf says:


    Interesting that you brought up balut. It is a high octane food (e.g. red bull) and more than two in one sitting can cause nosebleed. You must have some Filipino friends to know this item.


    $5k per month for 1 or 2 meetings. Hmmmm. Does sound too good to be true – unless he wants to do a Test Drive beforehand? The old Razzle Dazzle Trick?


    Apparently POT SB does not understand the word VALUE. It is a very important item of note, in our daily lives. Of course, making $30k/year and spends her extra money on $1k iPhone shows whether one understands VALUE. LOL.

  206. a latin opinion says:

    @josh so do you think I can use the thing I sent you as it is? (don’t need corrections?)

    Also you seems like a nice dude, in my humble opinion you should just find a good woman, unicorn whatever you want to call it. The thing is do you think you will be able to recognize one if you see her?

    @keo I see you lol, I also like guys who look like A MAN! like when I touch his hands to do be too soft, Im more than ok with imperfections like a little bit of belly, I LOVE grey hair, etc my perfect guy was Tommy Lee Jones, then Josh Hartnett and now Josh Brolin ohhh my gosh! so masculines and sexys lol (also if a see Sean Connery or Sean Penn I will ask to kiss them at least lol)

    @struggles thank you girl, yesterday got busy but I finished, you are the coolest.

    @FD 300 and Spartacus, at home, not in the couch in the floor just to help set the mood, plenty of there for both too see lol

    @Laney @Josh I enjoy strip clubs (males and females) the ones with high quality, I went a couple of times with my ex and I used to paid for lap dances for him as gifts, I always enjoyed it as long as all the “action” was on front of me (-:

    @Gentleman, thank you queridito, (-;

    @DarkHorse if you like the girl and she sounds real, I will send her another message telling her… I understand don’t having enough time, working hard is how I build my business, career, etc but if you can show me that you will be able to gave me high quality instead of quantity we can work something out. My humble pinion, she can maybe a good one, and depending of what she answer you will see.

  207. Josh says:

    Nice to see you back @DarkHorseSD.

  208. gentleman soul says:

    DarkHorseSD says:

    A sugar baby prospect sent an answer explaining how little time she had to offer and asked what I’m lookin for.

    I would have said “enough time to give you $100 worth “

  209. DarkHorseSD says:

    “I also wouldn’t ask, “Is that all you’re having?” The SB could be on a diet; also, the other person’s choice of food should not be a topic of conversation, let alone of debate.”

    Does that include asking, “Wouldn’t you prefer tap water?”

  210. DarkHorseSD says:

    A sugar baby prospect sent an answer explaining how little time she had to offer and asked what I’m lookin for.

    I answered with one word, “value.”

    I didn’t hear back.

    Am I a crude mannerless ape?

  211. Josh says:


    Don’t listen to cheap SD’s. @LadyScarlet gets that kind of money all the times.

  212. gentleman soul says:


    “$5000 monthly allowance. It just sounds to good to be true ”

    Yes ,it does . Go anyway and see if there is a 3rd Unicorn in the Sugar world . The ladies of the blog seem to be on a Uni Roll.

  213. D79NJ says:

    @asiajonessb Yes. While we may have money as SD’s the key to us staying that way is being smart with it. Offering up $5k without a meeting, knowing anything about you, etc. Either he’s trying to live out a fantasy and will flake on you, or he’s really bad with money and will end up broke. Or you could have just found someone who has that kind of money hanging around. Our of the three I’d guess the first two.

  214. VA Gent says:

    @gentleman soul I’ve had FMF sessions with 4 different setups. The best was with a pair of bi-roommates who were seriously into each other. We saw each other and tore each other UP once or twice a month for about 6 months (FMF,FFM, MFF, MF-F, F-FM, M-FF). The other 3 were just one-offs. In 2 of them, it was a pair of straight friends sharing me–a little bit of incidental contact between them, and maybe one on my tool and one on my tongue. The 4th was kind of weird–2 friends, but one was gay and one was straight. The straight one was into doing me. The gay one wasn’t really all that into me doing her, but she was trying to do her friend–who really wasn’t into that.

  215. UncommonSB says:

    @Josh “Well some couples may just want to fool around but stay together for the sake of children or assets, who knows…”

    And some just genuinely like to share each other. I don’t get it and it’s not my style at all, but some couples really do prefer and agree to swing with other couples, have an open and/or polyamorous relationship.

    Anyone who’s married and cheating is technically in a one-sided open relationship, since they obviously are no longer committed to monogamy. It’s just that their partner was not given the respect to choose consent or separation.

  216. asiajonessb says:

    I go on my first date Friday but I’m so paranoid.We exchanged messages and I asked could he call me later and he said sure he would love to chat . He travels a lot so I will only be seeing him once or twice a month . Ok now back to the point, the first message he sent me was that he’s looking for an arrangement where we would spend time with each other twice a month as well as a $5000 monthly allowence. It just sounds to good to be true .I’ve tried researching him but his whole name isn’t on his profile. Do you think I’m just over thinking?

  217. SouthernSB says:

    @gentleman soul-I kind of see threesomes the same way I see eating a really, really exotic food. Now I’m not talking mildly exotic like rattlesnake or gator tails, I’m talking outright over the top, like kegogi or balut. I’d have to be really drunk and I’d have to have my have both people really, really encouraging me to do it, frat style. Then and only then, would I be able to try a threesome and then I’d probably ruin the mood because I’d be giggling like a Japanese schoolgirl the entire time.
    Now I’m pretty open minded and I like fantasies as much as the next girl, but that’s one I think I’d just like to keep on the screen and in my head.

  218. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – my fake SB profile got the email invitation now…same picture as my SD profile received…darn…I was actually hoping to see the SA machine pitching the picture to the specific profile…not as much fun knowing it’s the same pitch to both audiences.

  219. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @gentleman – YES…it is a fun experience to be with two ladies that are into each other and mutually into you as the guy.

    I will also say, it is a lot of fun to share a woman with another straight guy.

    I will also say, there is not enough viagra on this planet to keep me hard with a curious guy.

  220. gentleman soul says:

    RE: Open Minded Launch

    A lot of SBs in my area want a man or woman. I think women tend to be bi-curious . Is that a fact ladies ? I must tell you ,no guys I know from my school days ever admitted to being the slightest bit curious about that.

    I had a threesome experience but it was basically a serial screwing . It would be fun in bed with 2 gorgeous ladies who were into each other and mutually into me . Anybody had that experience?

  221. gentleman soul says:

    a latin opinion says:

    hey guys is this correct?: “People who have been doing it for months with few or non progress” I’m translating something and don’t know if it’s a correct expression.

    It’s “making little or no progress ” Querida

    The topic:
    1)DO Tell him if there’s lettuce in his teeth/ lipstick on her teeth

    What about her Donald duck pajama bottoms ? should I tell her that doesn’t work for a 9 Pm dinner date ?

    2)DON’T Go over your limit

    How many cokes are too many for my 18 yr old Pot ?

    3)DO Go for a mid-price selection

    Hmmm -is the taco salad too much the 1st date ?

    4)DON’T Engage in Digital Dysfunction

    should I worry if I can see 911 in her call screen ?

    5)DO End With A “Thank You”

    Is “eat shit and die” a millennial saying for ” Thanks Daddy” ?

  222. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @onesimus – I actually had a pot ask me, “is it okay if I get _____?” I had to keep myself from laughing out loud…I just kept thinking, “if I wasn’t willing to accept WHATEVER you wanted to order, I wouldn’t have brought you to this restaurant” but simply replied, “you may order whatever you would like my dear…I appreciate you asking”

  223. onesimus says:

    This one should go without saying, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. Don’t keep changing your mind; doing so says something about your level of stability and reliability.

    I also wouldn’t ask, “Is that all you’re having?” The SB could be on a diet; also, the other person’s choice of food should not be a topic of conversation, let alone of debate.

  224. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Josh – I KNOW I had used the phrase I was more than ready to provide a hand up, I was just sick of feeling like I was giving a hand out…

  225. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Funny thing…I created a SD profile so I can view SB profiles without having my active profile appear in the “Interests”…within 5 minutes, I had a view on my profile from a SB at a significant distance and matching every definition of “undesirable” in my searches…there is no picture, I chose the shortest height, largest size, lowest asset, lowest income, lowest education and I STILL had a SB profile viewing me from a significant distance within 5 minutes…bad form…bad form…

    BTW – where is everyone this morning? usually there’s at least SOME activity!

  226. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    That…to me…is the mutually agreed “needs” argument…the partner is not providing for the attraction and physical needs, they agree to allow the other to have those needs met elsewhere…although…I guess you could make the same argument it’s a FAYW situation in that case. Guess that would be arguing the same side of the coin.

  227. Josh says:

    Well some couples may just want to fool around but stay together for the sake of children or assets, who knows…

  228. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – the picture in the email was a guy laying in bed with a woman on each side of him, cuddling his chest under covers…maybe because I’m a guy I got that picture…maybe a SB gets a picture with a woman in the middle and two guys cuddling her in bed?…maybe is a woman with a man on one side and a woman on the other?…I understand two people acknowledging there are specific “needs” on a physical level one of the partners is not willing to provide and the agreement being seek someone for THAT need…I don’t understand the truly “fuck as you will” Open relationships…then it’s not really “dating” it’s just being promiscuous, right?

  229. Josh says:

    * I just don’t get it.

  230. Josh says:


    I am sure people get totally open relationships but I don’t.

    Women are not into intimacy, so it “may” work to have open relationship from the man’s side, OR the man is impotent and she wants some action, but both parties engaging in multiple partners??? I dont

  231. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @ALL – did anyone else get an email from SA announcing their new site OpenMinded?

    it claims to be for those living or interested in Open Relationships…interesting…

  232. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Wow…one comment…I better refresh!

  233. flyR says:

    A little less dysfunctional than most topic intros. Probably the best is to think of it as a job interview for both.