Ladies (and gents) who embrace the #Sugar lifestyle all know that finding the right Sugar Daddy (or Momma) takes time. The process works something like an interview.

Is he active? Does he favor fashion? Is he the stay at home and watch a movie type- or does he prefer going out for lavish dinners?

Before searching for the right “match” you’ll want to review our list of tried-and-true Sugar Daddy types.

Mr. Suavecito

This guy is the epitome of Mr. Popularity. He’s a bit younger ranging anywhere from his late 20’s to mid 30’s. The world still has much he can demand of it, and his energy level is likely quite high.

His wealth can quickly be seen amongst his collection of material possessions including brightly colored fast cars, pricey toys, beachfront condo’s or his vast walk-in closets lined with the latest designer duds.

When you talk about the newest Louboutin pumps or Balenciaga goodies, he’s in tune to your fashion desires. He knows what’s-what regarding fashion trends. He likely has a personal shopper, and his taste in Sugar Babies includes top of the line, runway envying beauties that don’t mind sharing space on his arm. Your confidence level must be quite high with this guy- prepare to be on-the-go every week!


The CEO-type is the typical Sugar Daddy most imagine. He’s in his mid 30’s to early 50’s and he doesn’t necessarily have to be a CEO, he could be: a politician (cue Anthony Weiner), a lawyer, director of an advertising firm (MadMen’s Mr. Roger Sterling) – and the list goes on!

This Daddy worked his way up the corporate ladder and knows what it takes to live a life of luxury. He doesn’t flaunt like the younger Mr. Suavecito; he keeps it classy with refined taste and worldly knowledge. Instead of opting for the shiniest Ferrari on the lot, The CEO goes for a Maybach or Aston Martin. His clothing is always coordinated, and his timeliness is impeccable.

Sugar Babies, nothing upsets your dearest CEO more than showing up late for a date. He keeps a tight calendar, and he trusts that you will keep things punctual and clean-cut at all times. Besides, this guy brings a whole new meaning to taking care of business (if you catch my drift).

Silver Fox

The Silver Fox ranges anywhere from his mid 50’s and beyond. Sugar Babies, this guy needs nothing more than a pleasant day in your company. He’s likely gone through the woes of divorce, marriage(s), children, and jobs. A Sugar Baby becomes more than a piece of arm candy for this guy; a sense of endearment forms.

Of course there are exceptions to every archetype, but hear us out Babies. The Silver Fox is going to have a sense of confidence about him that is hard to find in younger guys. He may become a bit jealous if he catches you making eye contact with younger guys. But you have a sense of youth and a vitality that will draw him closer to you.

If there’s a gift you desire, he will treat you to it. If there’s a funny story you wish to tell, he will listen intently. Your time becomes extremely valuable to him. Some Sugar Babies actually transition from a Sugar arrangement to wife, so treat this Sugar Daddy type with care and respect.


Who’s your ideal Sugar Daddy?