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Top 5 Sugar Baby Types


SeekingArrangement carries a wide community of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies alike. The main goal of exploring our site is finding particular matches who share your same level of expectations or relationship goals. For some, this comes with an interest of sharing knowledge, and for others there lies a simple desire for companionship. We are aware that there are several “types” who repeatedly exist within the Sugar realm. We’ve broken down the Top 5 Sugar Baby Types and have given you a sweet little snippet about what their Sugar needs entail.

College Baby

The best part about a Sugar Baby who needs help with college funding is that she’s willing to work hard and just needs a bit of assistance to cover school costs. There’s no single way to determine if a Sugar Baby is meant to excel, but if you recognize that a Sugar Baby holds potential to become the next great something, give her a chance! We know that for many of our Sugar Daddies, the arrangement process is all about making worthwhile investments. Daddies, this is a girl worth considering sharing time and resources with. The world still holds much knowledge, and if your interests align, you could become her next mentor.

Business Baby

Sugar Daddies, trust us when we say that there are Sugar Babies just as business-minded as you are! Many of these ladies have moved past the collegiate experience and wish to keep themselves progressive remaining on top of the latest business happenings and always willing to discuss business  over drinks. There’s no single way to peg this woman. The range includes the aspiring entrepreneur or a ladder-climbing exec with big goals. Take your time with this Sugar Baby type, she’s likely making her own income and her interests will sway towards mentorship, investments, or close-knit business connections to forge her own path towards success.

Small Town Baby

The “Small Town” Sugar Baby is often quite simple. What she says is sincere and her goals are usually aimed high. This is a girl who knows where she came from and is sure of what she wants in the future. She’s always keen to opportunities and can offer you humble advice when you’re over and done with days filled by endless meetings and politically-driven decisions. Pairing with this Sugar Baby, the hardest question will likely be “what can I fix you for dinner?” Her companionship is genuinre and even the smallest gifts mean the world in this lucky girls eyes as she’s likely not obsessed with brands or items of luxury. Daddies, this type is great for those who are new to sugaring, and need someone who’s okay with taking things slow.

The Mommy Baby

Being a single mother never gets easier. There’s always a bill waiting to pop up and kids seem to never stop growing out of clothing! Despite the headache of constantly trying to stay ahead of a child’s needs, the Single Mother puts one thing first – family. She’s looking to find a Daddy who appreciates a mother who would do anything for her children. Her needs can be as simple as assistance with bills, rent or transportation. She’s naturally a caretaker, as she’s going to do her best to support a  family while keeping you satisfied.

The Veteran Baby

This Sugar Baby type has the greatest amount of drive and can practically write the book on Sugaring. She makes it her job to know who’s-who in whichever industry she sets her sights upon. She holds the little black book for dating in-the-know millionaires, professional ball players, and maybe a politician — or two! If you find that you are a Daddy in a position of power or highly visible in the public eye, this Sugar Baby knows the ins and outs of discretion. She can keep your secrets, and isn’t opposed to that impromptu Maldives getaway!


What Sugar Baby archetypes would you add to our list?

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922 Responses to “Top 5 Sugar Baby Types”

  1. Dann says:

    College baby here in 2018!!!

  2. Gigi_92 says:

    College baby 🙂

  3. MixMami says:

    I’m a Mommy, Business, and College Baby.

  4. I think only five and not representative of all the circumstances, there are many exceptions aspects, such as personality, preferences, living environment, education, conversation and so on ……

  5. utopista says:

    College Baby here, from Brazil <3

    Mais alguém do Brasil por aqui?

  6. Duchess Moonbeam says:

    I’m my own type 😉 <3

  7. Small Forward says:

    Veteran business baby! very discreet & love a daddy in a position of power but also forging my own path to success!


    I am looking for Sugerbaby & SugerMomma investors
    Massage me if U can help or Call (417)770-4342.
    I have a few projects I need funding for to help our community.
    Mr Richard s Craig II

  9. Stephlove4real says:

    i joined this site for a particular purpose , which is to find the right man who would make me feel like the woman that i am.

  10. mami says:

    I am a mixture of a few types. I am college,mommy, but most of all small town sugar.

  11. body&brains says:

    College Baby ??

  12. Notlikeothergirls says:

    College Baby over here 😉

  13. drebung says:

    looking for fun mature goddesses.. what would that makeme….looking for sugar mommies….??

  14. Jay says:

    I’m not quite sure where to put this. But I’m sure I fit the small town baby. That being said more importantly are their sugar daddies/mommies who are open to trans men?
    Who are Pre T?

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  17. Anonymous says:

    I have the same problem as Kristi25- I send messages full of humour and insight and questions and I acknowledge what they wrote in their profile so it can be sort of an ongoing conversation… But yet nothing… Some even “favourite” me and still don’t send a message…
    I am plus sized-at the moment I am working hard not to be… But some guys do like that… And I try to make up for it with my personality and caring. Some have been honest and said I’m not their type-fine, others have said They’re busy with multiple sugar babies… But what about the rest??
    I know exactly what I’m looking for I think it’s clear in my profile. As well as what type of girl I am.

    • crypticanomaly says:

      Men aren’t obligated to find you attractive. You are not entitled to a Sugar Daddy just because you want one. The Self Entitlement attitude on this site is a huge turn off.

      If you aren’t getting messages then have a look at your profile and how you are coming across. Stop blaming others.

      Also are you messaging men or do you just sit back and wait for them to come to you?

  18. Kristi25 says:

    I know I’m not a 8,9, or 10 but I’m honest and kind and my personality adds points. Yet every time I try to reach out and talk to someone no one responds.. What do I have to do to get a response?

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Just messaged you x

    • Anonymous says:

      Changing your picture could possibly help attract someone. You are beautiful.

      • mami says:

        Don’t worry ladies not every daddy is the same. I too have weight and trying to lose it. You are all very beautiful , do not give up hope there is a daddy out there for you. Try other areas not just local you would be surprised. Best wishes to those extra lumps of sugar.

    • Stephlove4real says:

      worry no more , someone is here to talk to you. i am ready to make you a good friend

    • RICHARD S CRAIG II says:

      I am looking for Sugerbaby & SugerMomma investors
      Massage me if U can help or Call (417)770-4342.
      I have a few projects I need funding for to help our community.
      Mr Richard s Craig II

  19. J. Adams says:

    What about male sugar babies? Or do female sugar babies get all the attention?

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Google says:

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  22. Sugar Baby says:

    i don’t typically base my perception of myself on articles, but the first three surely did fit well!

  23. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Sindy – Writing “Treat me like a Queen/Princess/Goddess” is a sure fire way to bore men and put them off. Same as women who use one of those words in their screen name.

  24. Josh says:


    We regret to inform you that all of the queen spots are full. Should another queen position become available, we will promptly contact you. Best of luck in your search fir an idiot.

  25. Carl says:

    Great post. This blog is provide much attractive information for sugar baby types. Your blog post is just completely quality and informative. Thanks for sharing information.

  26. gamerchic says:

    uhh college tuitions for real though

  27. Sindy stax says:

    What am I doing wrong here??

  28. Anonymous says:

    What am I doing wrong here??

  29. Kallendria says:

    Hello 🙂 I’m a complete newbie having signed up a couple weeks ago but so far i’ve had no messages. I’m worried my profile might be too long? or crap? lol. I cant seem to sign in on here either which is strange. Any help and advice would be gratefully received.

  30. Bridget Tipperary says:

    This was an interesting article. I fit the Business Baby to a “T.” I recently was interviewing a potential SD, and a few days later I called him up with a lead on a possible acquisition target. Although I am not the type of Baby he is looking for, he was grateful that I kept him in mind, and we have become business friends. Sugar should go both ways…………

    • Elaine says:

      Maybe the girls here asking what they are doing wrong, should take a look at Bridget’s profile.
      This is how you write a profile that attracts the right attention and raises curiousity of quality SDs.

      Johns will not even bother messaging her, because they know she will immediately see through them.

      It speaks humour, class and intelligence, without her having to tell you.
      You just KNOW.

      And I am quite sure she is serious.
      I am quite sure this is a woman who knows what she wants, not entitled but self confident.

      Most probably not someone who will play childish games, or poof…
      Maybe because she is a woman, and not a kid?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been gone for a while and come back to forums now. Alright SA!

  32. SImply_Sweet says:

    @Josh gm to you ….. what part or why u think what i said is delusional .. lets break it down the STD part ? the most want 20 yr old part ? about not posting explicit pics putting ur self out there leaving something to imagination ? or what im looking for part ? you seem to make alot of negative comments on other peoples post sound bitter sometimes … i was just putting my point of view like u and everyone else that does not make for delusion dont have to agree just respect … sorry if my post offended

  33. Goddess says:

    Oh loving this blog though I’m late in the game. Bit of damage control this week. To the SBs who asked advice;
    No, race is not a hindrance in dating, it is lack of self awareness/ skipping small details. Lauren you should show your pretty smile rather than the side of your leg. I think your dazzling smile would get more of the right guys’ attention and you’re pretty, bring that to the forefront. Amber B. that is a gorgeous profile pic but I would glam up the shoes and background. It just isn’t flattering. I have classified as 3 out of those 5, including Business. 🙂

  34. yougottabekiddingme says:

    Wow! This thread…I wish I could pour it in without reading it all! Am gonna hop over to the next topic a bit prematurely.

    Jay, Online, FlyR, new folks…good stuff.

  35. flyR says:


    do your research
    is this her first
    what brought her here
    if she has had prior what worked well what not so well

    think of it as a job interview in some ways
    no expectations

    no show money – reimbursement for travel or babysitter OK mission is to make the evening
    revenue neutral for her. Both are investing time.

    I like to have an idea of her financial aspirations prior to meeting

    Work backwards from where you want to be at the end of the evening. Typically you’ll end the
    meet either saying nice to meet you but i do not think we are a good fit or l look forward to
    pursuing these discussions.

  36. Sarah_Rose says:

    The Business, The Small Town, AND The Mommy!
    Love it <3

  37. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    It tends to happen fairly organically.
    Generally keep the first meet about getting to know each other. I find the topic will come up whether you’ve had previous arrangements and what you are looking for. At that point if you feel comfortable and you think she is interested then you can bring it up.
    I always let the SD bring the discussions up because I don’t want to seem pushy.
    It does however tend to be generalities e.g. I’m looking around this range, I’d like to meet this many times a week and so on.
    The fine details (personally) I like to do through text because I feel like SDs are more comfortable saying exactly what they want when I’m not sitting right in front of them (and I want to make sure they are getting exactly want they want).

  38. LFdM says:

    @Promise You got the capitalization wrong. That’ll be ten whacks with a wet noodle.

  39. LFdM says:

    @ONSD Thanks, pretty much where I was going anyway. Though number 4 didn’t occur to me up front, but probably would have rather naturally. Definitely not P4P and the first meet up is in public and no expectations.

    @Josh Hm, okay. Sounds like a plan. Well, no. Up till that little rant, I actually liked most of what you had to say. Even watched your latest vid post and agreed with most of the analysis.

    And to Anon who mentioned Sydney in Eugene. Yeah, that profile screamed “don’t touch with 10 foot pole.”

    So there, yes, I’m basically real. Kinda looking for the non-obvious stuff on first meets. Keep it short and sweet from the get-go? Let it play out organically time wise? Discuss the nitty and the gritty right away, or let the first meeting be about the get to know you and follow up with mutual expectations. What’s worked in practice rather than theory, from those who have played in the sugar bowl rather than merely thought about it.

  40. Jaybird923 says:

    @Ana I agree with Online but will add that you have to infuse some self confidence into your text. Every sentence in your about me sections sounds like you doubt who you are. Never use “I’d like to think or I’d like to believe.” you either do or you don’t.

  41. Jj says:

    ALT, ONSD… new blog up for you to tell your fav story!!! just say’n

  42. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Ana – you can scroll up and read the comments by @Jaybird923 and @SexyRockstar…those types of issues are impacting your profile…

    In general:

    the “About Me” section is meant for you to tell the SD what you bring to the arrangement…let him close his eyes and SEE you relaxing at the beach…and make sure a picture highlights you at the beach…

    the “What I’m Looking For” section is meant to talk about the traits and characteristics you desire in a SD…make sure he “sees” himself in what you write…do you like tall, stocky, dark, athletic, boater, etc. How far are you willing to travel for a first meet or for an ongoing arrangement…things like that…

    if you have more than one “ideal” you can either write a book about it in your profile, or you can create more than one profile targeting each ideal SD…just be careful with your pictures and such, because a SD might not like the fact you have multiple profiles that he can see in his search!

  43. Ana says:

    Hi everyone, I could use a little guidance. I’ve been on the site for a few months and don’t get me wrong I get a good amount of messages but I feel like there from the wrong people. I’m sure it has something to do with my profile, however I’m not sure how to enhance it.

  44. Jaybird923 says:

    @ANON Also very clever Jaybird24/7 🙂

  45. Jaybird923 says:

    “@Jay could move her boring desk job into @Josh’s basement and they could sit in front of their screens 24/7 posting to the blog. The blog version of “Dueling Banjos”.

    @Anon LOL I like you:) And you’re not more sorry about the job than I am. Thank God it’s temporary. This is my first and last time working for a non for profit. But what would we call the show?

  46. Promise says:

    @LfdM is your name short for some kind of BDSM kink cause it kinda looks like it.

  47. Anon says:

    @LFdM. Are you meeting Sydney from Eugene OR ? If yes, be prepared to make a maximum amount withdrawal from your ATM on the way to the meet 🙂

  48. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – let’s ass-u-me that @LfdM is legit, that this is his first first meet from SA and that he has read some past blogs and is following the confirmation process you and I have discussed…he’s kept himself adequately protected from financial ruin by exposure from a litigious SB…he’s not a “john” and she’s not a “pro”…those are a LOT of things to have click, but let’s just ass-u-me and see if there is conversation, or if he’s a post and run profile…

  49. Anon says:

    @Josh and @Jay would make the perfect SD/SB match. They would be the poster couple for SA marketing.

    @Jay could move her boring desk job into @Josh’s basement and they could sit in front of their screens 24/7 posting to the blog. The blog version of “Dueling Banjos”.

    Bring in a camera crew and they would garner ratings undreamed of by the Kardashians.

    I write not with malice. But with reverence and respect 🙂

  50. Josh says:


    Buy a purse for at least $3000. Go to bank and cash $10,000. Take her to the fanciest restaurant in town. Give her the purse stuffed with a stack of crisp 100 $100 bills.

    Tell her that you want her to take her time to get to know you before you expect anything from her.

    If you repeat the above 10 times, you will have one great SB in no time. Don’t worry about the other nine who changed their phone numbers and blocked you on SA. Madame @flyR assures that she would be worth it.

  51. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @LFdM – welcome…you’ve probably heard some tips already, if you’ve really been reading.

    Here are MY three or four groundrules for a first meet:

    1. Make sure she understands it is a NO EXPECTATION first meet (unless you’ve already agreed to a P4P-type meet)
    2. Make sure it’s PUBLIC, for BOTH your safety (even if you’re single, there’s still significant risk to YOU in the first meet – there has been sex ring stings in my area recently…wouldn’t be good to get swept up in one of those if it was a P4P meet!)
    3. Be as open and/or honest as you can…but try to make sure she has a positive experience. She may NOT be right for you, but souring her to the sugar bowl could mean the disappointment of the SD that IS right for her!
    4. Always end with “assignments”…if it’s only identifying which of you is on the hook for expressing interest to move forward, don’t play games.

  52. LFdM says:

    Hi there everyone. Been following the blogs for a while but never posted. Meeting a potential SB for the first time tomorrow. Any tips for a first meeting from those here, either SDs or SBs?

  53. Josh says:


    Female is written all over Anon, FlyGirl and flyR’s posts.

  54. Josh says:


    “Josh is as wrong about my identity and gender as he is with FlyBoy and FlyR.”

    How would you know as a third person if I am right or wring ;)?

  55. Anon says:

    @jay. Sorry you have such a boring job. BTW you really were spot-on with your put-down of the guy whose SD profile rivaled a Dickens novel in length. I think you called him a verbose windbag or something to that effect .

    @Josh is as wrong about my identity and gender as he is with FlyBoy and FlyR.

  56. Promise says:

    @Temptation Good Luck.

  57. jaybird923 says:

    @Josh it’s not flyboy it’s not his style. This has female written all over it. fly boy doesn’t like you but he finds me amusing 🙂

  58. gentleman soul says:

    @ Jay
    To all the SDs encouraging temptation to show up to a meet with a guy who refuses to provide a picture, How many of you have done that?

    I have 2 pics on the site 1)full body and 2) slightly off focus face with sun glasses

    Many SBs want more and I will not give them -but they can see well enough what my general appearance is .

    I’m OK with the same treatment if SBs don’t have professional crystal clear pics .

  59. jaybird923 says:

    @Anon I do try to exceed expectations. Thanks for noticing . And as far as my presence is concern I work a boring desk job doing work that don’t take a lot my time. But I have two week s left and then I won’t be able to spend so much time with you. Hope I gave you something to look forward to.

  60. Josh says:


    Congratulations on almost being anointed as yet another @Josh proxy by @FlyGirl posting as @Anon. 😉

  61. hototrot1 says:

    Question for everybody: Do you find significant difference in the SUGAR you meet IRL vs than that found on SA? I do.

  62. Anon says:

    I had thought it impossible for anyone to match or exceed the blog presence of Josh. Jaybird24/7 took the challenge and proved me wrong.

  63. hototrot1 says:

    In other news, my birthday is coming up and me and my sugar have made up just in time! LOL. The sun is out and feeling great. Good productive week.

  64. hototrot1 says:

    “For many women talking about a date is more important than the date itself.”

    For once, I agree with you. That’s the really fun a part about being a woman. Loving and hating and other girls. Guys are just a distraction from the main course!

  65. jaybird923 says:

    @Anon 🙂

  66. Anon says:

    Jaybird = The New FunDude. Same Personna. Opposite Gender.

  67. hototrot1 says:


    If you’re still around, I LUV your advice. Cheeky, to-the-point, and informative with a bite! No mean-spiritedness disguised as wit. You show respect to the poster/question asker without too much hand holding. I like.

  68. Anon says:

    The name of this blog is clearly a misnomer. It should properly be renamed “The Rants and Insults of Josh and Jaybird, 24/7. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  69. hototrot1 says:

    “What @Jay said falls in the category of “no means no”. If a woman (or a man for that matter) does not want to addressed in a certain fashion, it should be respected. It’s common courtesy.”


  70. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – usually I would agree, but I consider it marketing a safe sugar experience…marketing takes time for recognition…

    As I’ve learned from my day job…advice is way too often ignored, even from those paying for it!

  71. Josh says:


    Free advice has unfortunate destiny of falling on deaf ears.

  72. Destiny says:

    GeorgiaPeach12 not sure how old you are but men are taught to address women of all ages as ma’am at least in SC where I live and even if the girls are in their 20s. I am often called maam and I am in my mid 20s. And women who are much older than I am will address me as ma’am too in public or in stores.

  73. Josh says:

    Madame @flyR

    “thank you for validating my point”

    Whatever that might have been.

  74. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online Of course I don’t have a problem with that. I think we bring that subject up on just about every blog article that’s posted. And I think we’ve more than adequately done that here also.

  75. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I agree with you about the help falling on deaf ears with Temptation…however…as someone who was reading long before you started posting…wouldn’t it be nice to hear OVER AND OVER the recommendations to trust your gut, to be safe (with what we would advocate for safety)…then, someone who hasn’t ALREADY made the decision to put herself in harm’s way might change her mind and move onto the next pot who isn’t so skeezy!

  76. Jaybird923 says:

    @Georgia Once again good for you! And if you’re becoming mellow with at age at this point you must be nearing a catatonic state. I could care less about your opinions of me. Just as I’m sure you could care less about mines. Wish you well also. 🙂

  77. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    I have no doubt that Josh can hold his own and yep, he was a little rough in the beginning, but you know what? I don’t care. So what? He’s more than made up since then. And I’m becoming more mellow as I get older too, less things bother me and I tend to see people for what they are, how they respond and how they act. Yes, Darlin. I have your number too. 🙂 Wish you well here.

  78. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh Thank you 🙂

  79. Jaybird923 says:

    @Georgia Well good for you! And the last time I checked Josh was perfectly capable of holding his own and defending him self. And he has not always been a nice guy to you. Maybe you should go back and read some of the comments he made to you when you first started on the blog. Like I said before, I may have recently started posting but I’ve been reading for a while.

  80. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online I agree with what you’re saying that’s not the bit that was hypocritical to me. It’s the a description should be good enough to meet someone part when I doubt they would do the same thing. I’m well aware she’s only looking for people to validate the decision she already made to proceed with the meet anyway. That’s why I stop offering advice she doesn’t really want or need it. she’s going to disregard everything we said anyway and do what she wants. which is her right but stop pretending and wasting every ones time.

  81. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    You don’t know Josh very well, do you?
    No matter. He is what he is… Your choice to take his comment(s) as you choose. I didn’t see it that way; but then, Josh has been a nice guy and a friend to me here and anything he wants to call me is fine. 🙂

  82. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Honey, I’m not disagreeing with you at all. It’s a matter of respect and certainly if Ms Jaybird is uncomfortable being called “sweetheart” then we should indeed call her by her name here or another name of her choice.

  83. Jaybird923 says:

    @Georgia You would have guessed wrong. I have no problem with any of the others. Babe is a favorite of mines in fact. But sweetheart is usually used when you’re being talked down to.

    If you pay attention you’ll notice that he only breaks it out when he thinks he’s putting you in your place or believes he’s imparting knowledge that you’re to dim to have gotten on your own.

    It wasn’t being used as a term of endearment. I’m smart enough to know when someone is being patronizing even if others aren’t.

  84. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    “Yes ma’am GeorgiaPeach”
    LOL. Now, not knowing WHO you are, how did you know that is the one salutation that does bother me a bit; but only because it makes me sound so old! My Momma was a “ma’am” – I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but if it makes you happy addressing me that way, go for it Darlin. 🙂

  85. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – my continued participation in the conversation is because of my blog experience…she is PROBABLY going to meet this guy…so…how can I best help prepare her for a HORRIBLE situation? Continued harping on the dangers and issues she will face, and continued preaching about the steps she COULD take to begin to protect herself…

    Would I meet a SB profile without ANY pictures? Probably not…it would make me wonder what she’s hiding as far as looks are concerned.

    I have one public picture and a couple of private pictures…I have met pots that did NOT request my private pics before meeting. I had enough from her public pics to know who to look for, she had the one public pic to judge my appearance.

    Sharing private pics is a matter of comfort…sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t…

    I also don’t ask for someone’s name…I ask, “what should I call you?”…when I’m asked “what’s your name?” I respond with “call me XXX for now…what should I call you when we meet?” In the conversation, as in my profile, I list as married and will say I’m discreet until I know we’re headed toward an arrangement…sometimes that’s at the end of the first meet, sometimes is between the first and second, sometimes, it’s at the end of the second…and…for those that aren’t moving past the second, there are some who only know me by the “call me XXX for now”…

    Preaching to @Temptation isn’t about being a hypocrite, it’s about trying to give someone who has already made up her mind the best tools available to be as safe as possible…and for all those lurkers reading…we’ve all told her NOT to go if she doesn’t get the right feel, but she’s looking for people to support her decision to meet him…not for advice about whether she SHOULD meet him, regardless of her wording!

  86. Josh says:


    What @Jay said falls in the category of “no means no”. If a woman (or a man for that matter) does not want to addressed in a certain fashion, it should be respected. It’s common courtesy.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Yes ma’am GeorgiaPeach

  88. Josh says:

    Noted. 😉

  89. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    So I’m guessing you don’t like being called “Honey” or “Darlin” or “Sweetie” either? All Southern terms of endearment, quite mannerly in fact, particularly when the “name caller” cannot remember or doesn’t know your REAL name. It simply amuses me now. They can call me most anything now, just call me. LOL! I’m just sayin…

  90. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh Also I detest being called sweetheart. It reeks of condescension.

  91. flyR says:

    “”””In 2015 “ladies first” is demeaning relic from patriarchy. Truly strong, independent women don’t need such shenanigans. And insisting on it shows your age and allegiance to the stupid political party””

    thank you for validating my point

  92. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh 1)I know it’s not a regular dating site.
    2) If your situation is so dire that you can’t send someone a picture you shouldn’t be on here. Why risk it. 3)Holding someone to one standard when you yourself don’t live up to it the very definition of hypocrisy
    4) I strongly believe whenever someone keeps bringing up the same problem that multiple solutions/advice have been given they are only doing it for attention. I agree that I would rather not hear about it anymore. But you guys keep feeding the beast.

  93. Josh says:

    To clarify, I am NOT encouraging Temptation to show up. I am encouraging Temptation to stop posting about her pre-date “chat chat” aka “communication.”

    She can swap email addresses from those who are interested in the yawner.

  94. Josh says:

    Sweetheart, this in NOT a regular dating site, and a good number of men here are married. So “hypocrisy” is not relevant.

  95. Jaybird923 says:

    To all the SDs encouraging temptation to show up to a meet with a guy who refuses to provide a picture, How many of you have done that? How many of you would actually even respond to a message from an SB who didn’t have a picture. Would her giving you a description be enough for you to show up for a meet with her? I sincerely doubt it. So cut the hypocrisy.

  96. Josh says:

    Madame @flyR

    In 2015 “ladies first” is demeaning relic from patriarchy. Truly strong, independent women don’t need such shenanigans. And insisting on it shows your age and allegiance to the stupid political party.

  97. Josh says:

    For many women talking about a date is more important than the date itself.

  98. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Temptation – @ss and @flyer and @ATL have it right…if you’re meeting someplace public, a good description should be enough for the two of you to find each other…just because you have a picture doesn’t mean he’s on the up-and-up…and even though I’m on all the major Social Media, I’m sure as hell NOT giving it to someone BEFORE I’ve met her face to face…as a married SD, I don’t give much “real” information before I meet someone face to face…it’s scary how bad it COULD be for people on both sides of the sugar first meet if things go wrong!

  99. ss1959 says:

    @Temptation, why this need to see his photo? What information would having his photo give you that simply asking him what he looks like wouldn’t convey? If he tells you he’s “5’10” with black hair, glasses and a small goatee and I’ll be wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and red tie,” isn’t that enough to recognize him when he walks in?

    Having his photo doesn’t guarantee he’s not a serial killer. That’s why you’re meeting in a public place and you’re driving yourself and arriving early so you’re already there when he arrives.

  100. Josh says:

    Women readily understand what Madame @flyR writes.

  101. THEATLSD says:

    Interesting predicament but sounds like he really wants to meet. One of you has to what the other looks like to make finding each other.
    I agree with Flyr’s post above on protecting yourself.

  102. Jaybird923 says:

    “and sometimes you are sitting on $1 mil in assets”

    @FlyR I couldn’t agree more 😉

  103. flyR says:

    temptation – middle of the day, meeting at a place of your choosing, make it look like casual business meeting with lots of people around. If they do not have valet parking take Uber from somewhere nearby so that you will not have to walk to your car.

    If it is bad excuse yourself to go to the ladies room and disappear.

  104. flyR says:

    The answer for the women who believes she is not being adequately paid is to go into a performance based compensation system such as commissions.

    There are some interesting allegations that the Obama Whitehouse is only paying women something like 70%

  105. flyR says:

    @ Jaybird “”@Josh My answer is for some having a vagina is still a handicap””

    and sometimes you are sitting on $1 mil in assets

  106. flyR says:

    The whole fiction of women only make 77% of what men make ignores some huge factors which bias the results.

    Very smart and successful women generally marry very smart and successful men. As far as I know only women have the capacity to have children. A very substantial number of these women voluntarily reduce their hours or drop out of the labor force to raise children, pass up promotions which require extensive travel.

    Even when the women with children work ” full time ” in executive positions they are generally working fewer hours and are less flexible to accommodate irregular schedules. It’s tough for them but they do a great job.

    One of the great equalizers is the internet for a couple of reasons. For many jobs a women can be at home part of the time and be equally or even more productive. Another beauty of the internet is that unless the person chooses to share the information , it is blind to race or sex.

    Other crazy stuff is happening . I sent a note to my marketing contact at a large general contractor wanting to know where our estimate was. The answer came back that George the estimator was out on maternity leave.

    Businesses get accused of being obsessed with profits and at the same time discriminating against women. Since labor is the largest budget item in many firm’s operating budget it is hard to believe that they will do anything for a profit other than hire women at 77% of the cost of men.

  107. flyR says:

    Josh since you don’t understand the significance of ladies first it means you would not understand the answer

  108. flyR says:

    temptation you might ask if he is on linked in , has company website etc.

    does he wear a monitoring device

  109. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh LOL Oh No! Not a misogynist. I’m just not blind or bias. Most women are horrible to other women. They are tougher on women than men. But these same women refuse to acknowledge that fact and decide to blame men and society for the un-level playing field. (Like always there are exceptions)

  110. Josh says:

    As per feminism you are a misogynist, my dear.

  111. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh LOL Touche. I was waiting for you to bring that up. But there are exceptions like finances the HR is usually done by men. But yes woman do out number men in that field. Now you see why I say the problem stem from women themselves.

  112. Josh says:


    “Women are also less likely to negotiate their starting pay. And hiring managers take advantage of that.”

    Is HR primarily a male or a female heavy department? 😉

  113. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh My answer is for some having a vagina is still a handicap

  114. sexyrockstar says:

    I have a whole bit about being a feminist.
    I say something along the lines of
    “I know way too many broke dudes. So no, I’m not going to take a pay cut.”

  115. Josh says:


    “A lot of the issues stem from the women themselves.”

    Hmmm, is that your answer to my question, “Is vagina (still) a handicap in 2015?”

  116. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh see above post. Also if they are hired at a lower rate it doesn’t matter if they have the same amount of experience he will always be making more. Even if they get the same amount in raises every year she’ll be making less.

    Women are also less likely to negotiate their starting pay. And hiring managers take advantage of that. The problem is deeper than men make more. A lot of the issues stem from the women themselves.

  117. rembodler says:

    I did not say they were not…compensated to be there. Sorry, i thought that was obvious.

  118. rembodler says:

    And since I do not recall any fat old women…you certainly were not invited to the same ones…

  119. Josh says:

    Screw the video. Do you really believe that a female ER doctor with 10 years of experience makes 23% less than a male ER doctor with 10 years of almost the same experience?

    If that were the case AND I were running a hospital, I would find ways to let the male doctors go and hire more female doctors until female doctors start demanding the same amount male doctors were.

    Feminist “data” works on dumb and illiterate.

  120. rembodler says:

    I would venture a guess you never been to such a party…


  121. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh lol I refuse to watch anymore of your youtube videos. Every time I watch they keep recommending more of them. The fields in which women make more are very limited. And I know that some of the reasons why is women are less likely to put in the hours that men are if they have a family. Women are also less likely to ask for a raise. There are many factors that effect the “average” But I was bored and hoping for some entertainment :-))

  122. Ms. Temptation says:

    you just made an assumption.
    Actually I am iust trying to consider this from various angles to ensure that I am actually being fair given some SDs desire/ need for privacy. Given what he told me he does he may be quite well known in the local community we both live in. Maybe I would be the idiot if he does need privacy and I refused to given it to him. Oh wait that could be my highly intelligent methodical brain working again.
    Josh do you remember me? Just wondering?

  123. Josh says:


    “Since women on average get paid 77 cents for every dollar a man earns for doing the same work.”

    Tsk, tsk…I had thought that you were a lot more intelligent to fall for the above nonsense. 😉

    You CANNOT “average” incomes. You compare teachers with teachers, engineers with engineers, janitors with janitors, etc. When you look at certain subgroups, women make more than men as well. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRfERVPq2VE]

  124. sexyrockstar says:

    I can’t wait to see drummer
    Tuesday can’t come fast enough

  125. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh 🙂 I’ll let the woman bit slide but no one should let the need for money supersede your safety

  126. Josh says:


    “@Temptation Why are you still debating this? I thought you had already made up your mind not to go through with the meet?”

    Because she is a woman AND she needs money?

  127. Jaybird923 says:

    Is vagina (still) a handicap in 2015?

    @Josh apparently it is. Since women on average get paid 77 cents for every dollar a man earns for doing the same work.

  128. Ms. Temptation says:

    I am second guessing myself.
    I really should stop that.
    still interested in ways to have SD verify self. This might be good to know down the road. Lol

  129. Josh says:

    Madame @flyR: “ladies first.”

    I DO understand children first, elderly first, sick first, physically/mentally challenged first, but “ladies first”?

    Is vagina (still) a handicap in 2015?

  130. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online thank you

  131. Jaybird923 says:

    @Temptation Why are you still debating this? I thought you had already made up your mind not to go through with the meet?

  132. sexyrockstar says:

    Thanks love.

    Let’s do lunch again. Does FunDude still post?

  133. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – very good comment…

  134. Jaybird923 says:

    @Kenya No one knows you better than you do. You’re the only one qualified to tell your readers what makes you a better choice. If you can’t do that you’ll get skipped over for the woman that can. Good luck with your profile.

  135. FlyBoy says:

    If these were… they also were pretty good at pretending to be college students…;-).
    I can only attest to pre-meds – these were genuine.

    You don’t explain, why would young hot college coeds attend a party where they are 5:1 and the 1 is an older man who is not a celebrity?!!!!!

    I agree with IHF2030, these parties are always maned (or should I say womened, lol) by prepaid whores!

    Cheers 🙂

  136. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Listen to the help you’re getting…it’s golden…especially @Sexy, she can be the profile guru!

  137. rembodler says:

    IHF2030 says:
    June 21, 2015 at 7:07 pm
    I’ve been to high end “eyes wide shut” style functions in the past and most of the women were high quality strippers.

    If these were… they also were pretty good at pretending to be college students…;-).
    I can only attest to pre-meds – these were genuine.

  138. sexyrockstar says:

    If you click on my user name, it will link you to my Tumblr.

    There’s stupid shit, but go through all of my post. There’s plenty of advice regarding sugar

  139. Kenya says:

    @Jaybird923 @sexyrockstar I have made all the writing changes, I will upload two body pictures of myself. I am not really good at selling myself. I have great qualities to offer but don’t know how to make it sound nice.

  140. sexyrockstar says:

    This way, it allows a POT to actually ask you questions.

    Example: My favorite band s is Guns n Roses, culture club, and black Sabbath.

    I gave too much away. Therefore it should say:
    I have a wide taste of music. Some say I was born in the wrong decade.

    This will give a POT a chance to engage conversation with me

  141. StruggleIsReal says:

    SB can always send and receive messages. With premium they can hide their log in and how long they have been on SA.
    I don’t see a reason for SB to buy the premium.
    @Struggles, back in the day, had a premium membership she can if I got it correct.”

    Yes that is correct Sir. Oh I sent the doggie pic 🙂

  142. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I agree with @Sexy…will do more when I get a chance tomorrow…

  143. Jaybird923 says:

    @Kenya i would probably get rid of the last section in the what I’m looking for section and replace it with something a little less desperate. Something like “I’m a hard working young woman and I’m looking for someone to invest their time, knowledge and resources in helping me accomplish my goal of being a surgeon.”

    Also you need to let them know what you are giving them in return for their assistance. You’ve told them how they will benefit you but how will you being in their lives benefit them?

  144. sexyrockstar says:

    Sorry for the typos.
    I’m on my phone

  145. sexyrockstar says:

    You have a lot of fat in your profile that no one cares about.
    Get rid of the whole opening section. Change it to
    “Hey! I’m currently in school, hoping to get into the medical field. I love taking care of people 🙂 ”

    This way, it’s fun and flirty

    Next sectionpute
    Don’t say “future sugar daddy” That’s tacky. Just say “I love the outdoors and do xyz. Id love to do those, and your hobbies with you”
    … remember, the about me section isn’t really about you. It’s what you can do for these men vs what the other girls say.

    Next. Just say “I love to laugh. I can’t wait to share laughter with you”

    Do me a favor and get rid of the next section and that whole thing of “don’t use my profile”
    ….. it’s the fucking internet. anything you put can be used for anything. It’s like that whole privacy B.S. people were doing on Facebook. It’s tacky.

    …. now, onto your what I’m looking for:
    I’m sure you’re not stuck up, but you sound stuck up. Remember, there are way more sugar babies then sugar daddies. Openly admitting you’re kinda picky will turn men off. Get rid of it. You can possibly lose out on some great guys. I know men who are HWP yet put ‘ extra pounds’ . You could be missing out. Get rid of the last section. It comes off as “waahh I work all these jobs, woe is me” don’t ‘re word it, get rid of it

    Get a new picture with better lighting. Smile with your teeth.
    Obviously I can’t see your other pictures

  146. Ms. Temptation says:

    Good question- I think his issue is sending things electronically. Once it is out there I guess it is out there.
    I am thinking ATL may he right with his theory about looks. Interestingly he did want to see a face pic of me with mo intention of sharing one.

  147. Sunshine2serenity says:

    It depends. Some women like to have more than one SD and not just for financial reasons.

    @Cryptic Anomaly
    Women can have a premium account if they pay or if they sign up with a .edu email address. Given that SBs get a lot of benefits as part of a normal account it doesn’t make much sense to pay and if you’re concerned about privacy signing up with your college email sounds a little nuts.

  148. Kenya says:

    @Jaybird923 Thanks for taking the time to critique my profile. Is there anything else I could change to the profile?

  149. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    “GeePeach I stick with SST”

    Ok, I’ll bite, said the Peach, what is “SST”? I can certainly think of several, but may not be what you’re thinking. LOL

  150. Jaybird923 says:

    @Kenya it’s to much of a close up and it’s crop weird and it has a mug shot quality to it. Use the one of you smiling. You should always have at least one body picture that is public

  151. Kenya says:

    @Jaybird923 Is it not flattering because I am smiling? I’ll have to take a day to dress up and post body pictures. I am not a big picture person, plus I have two jobs and am a full time student. I do have private pictures of my body.

  152. Jaybird923 says:

    @Temptation how is emailing you a picture the same as posting it online?

  153. flyR says:


    I stick with SST

  154. IHF2030 says:

    I’ve been to high end “eyes wide shut” style functions in the past and most of the women were high quality strippers.

  155. Ms. Temptation says:

    okay so pot SD is persisting with inviting me to a blind coffee date. Is there a question I sould ask to get him to verify self? I am thinking of trying this from another perspective. His excuse is that he does not post pictures on Internet
    what could or should I ask him?

  156. Jaybird923 says:

    @Kenya I think your profile is well written but you use the word sugar daddy way to much. Your primary photo is not flattering and the fact that you have 5 face pics and not one body pic is a red flag. And that line about preferring an athletic sugar daddy, if it’s not a deal breaker than don’t put it in there.

  157. sexyrockstar says:

    I’ll look in one minute, but just because someone views your profile, doesn’t mean they have an active profile.
    Make sure the word ‘premium’ appears next to their name once you view their profile.

  158. Kenya says:

    @Jaybird923 and @sexyrockstar it’s e01e975f

  159. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    @TheATLSD, ONSD, GentleSoul and all the other Dads/Fathers/Grandfathers (Sorry if I’ve left anyone out!)
    I hope you all had a pleasant Father’s Day. I wish you all the best from your kids too. 🙂

  160. Jaybird923 says:

    @Kenya you didn’t provide a link to your profile.

  161. sexyrockstar says:

    What is your profile ID?

  162. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL Catfishing only works if you have no intentions of meeting the person in real life. Otherwise it makes no sense. I’ve always said it doesn’t matter how great of a personalty you have If it comes in a package other than what the person was expecting they’re going to be pissed off. No one wants to be mislead in that fashion.

  163. Kenya says:

    Could someone help me with my profile? I have only received on message. Four people favored me but when I messaged one, he didn’t reply.

  164. rembodler says:

    Interesting. The women I talked to, all were ‘recruited’ at one or other venue in SoFl (mostly Miami) during the Spring break. Lol, I do not mean it to sound like some sort of “Eyes Wide Shut” party… That was in the hotel, they had a free bar, a spa, a masseuse. A couple of make-up artists. A DJ. A comedian. And they invited a rapper who was apparently well known. And, believe it or not, a tax (wo)man. Again, believe it or not, a couple of chicks actually had their $hit together, W-2s and such, and she was doing their tax returns. I felt kind of sorry for her as she was bored and had a lot less to do than was anticipated.
    My guess, the women there were under no obligation to do anything other than show up and follow some rules (like, not getting drunk and take off all clothes when going into a pool). However, with the ratio of 5:1 and the possibility of not being invited again…I can see why that would still work very well.

  165. THEATLSD says:

    That would be really sad if that happened. You are correct there are some that might do that.
    I’ve always shared a pic also. I guess one could say at least they will not be Catfished

  166. THEATLSD says:

    SB can always send and receive messages. With premium they can hide their log in and how long they have been on SA.
    I don’t see a reason for SB to buy the premium.
    @Struggles, back in the day, had a premium membership she can if I got it correct.

  167. Reb says:

    rembodler: I believe that. My ex-SD had a “personal assistant” contact me on SA. When he and I met, he actually had no idea about the site. He said the “personal assistant” (who is one of the many sugar babies he has) gets dates for him and even sets up parties with her attractive friends.

  168. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    *Yikes. SYT’s. LOL

  169. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Surely you jest Sir.
    Anything? My understanding is that you ONLY prefer SWT’s; not the older, mature, experienced ladies. LOL

  170. flyR says:

    SexyR – I would probably be drummed out of Chicago

    Anything to keep Peachy happy……. anything

  171. rembodler says:

    I was at a couple (=2) of parties through a friend of mine who makes in a day what I make in a month. There were tons of young hot chicks there. When I wondered how these come about, he said they have recruiters whose full-time job is to find and thoroughly screen female attendees.
    I doubt my buddy and his friends even know what SA is.

  172. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    You are so full of it. But amusing anyway. LOL
    Thanks for sharing here! 😉

  173. sexyrockstar says:

    When are you going to come visit me.
    I’m entitled to it? Haha

  174. flyR says:

    Rem – The reason I am here is the relative complication free nature of arrangements and the wonderful collection of intelligent, women, many considerably younger than I would normally come into contact with. Employment law has made relations with staff something like tinkering with nuclear weapons in the basement.

    Finally I have a strong preference for women without an entitlement complex

  175. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic I believe the premium account allows you to use the same features that the SDs use.

  176. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL I said possible public humiliation. As I’m sure you’re aware of not everyone possess the class nor sensitivity to not cause a scene. Would I do it … no. But then again I would not agree to meet anyone who wouldn’t provide a picture before hand.

  177. cryptic anomaly says:

    Hey Jay yeah pretty busy. Good to hear you are well. So what is the difference for SB’s between normal and premium membership? I think SB’s should pay some kind of fee though, just a sign of commitment.

  178. THEATLSD says:

    @Jaybird my luscious
    “@ATL That’s a bad strategy. The only things you’re going to gain from doing that is getting your feeling hurt face to face and the possibility of being publicly embarrassed.”

    Making sure I understand you. In this case The SB shows up and finds the SD and is so repulsed by his looks that she makes a scene and is loud enough that others here her calling out that he is fake and ugly…….
    I would hope people are better then that and just finish the meet and gracefully walk away.

    I had a blind date once in Galaxy far far away. She resembled Frankenstein but I stayed through it and a few days later told her she lived to far away. That date was set up by my Aunt who was a SB.

    Are you saying

  179. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic I’m doing well. How have things been with you? Keeping busy with work?

  180. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL she probably paid for the premium membership

  181. THEATLSD says:

    SB memberships never end you get free accounts. Only the SD have to pay.

  182. Candi says:

    I can relate to the College, Business, Small town Sugar Baby. I am a single mother but I don’t need sugar to help with support in that area. I take care of that myself.

  183. cryptic anomaly says:

    Hi jay, how you been?

  184. cryptic anomaly says:

    @IHF – Delusional profiles crack me up. Women who expect gifts on first meetings and actually state that, women who are rather average and yet expect substantial amounts of money. Saw one the other day a very average woman, mid 30’s who said she wanted a date with a man who wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with her. Honestly it broke my heart a little but at the same time if you can’t get a date for free what makes you think you will be able to charge for one?

    Some people need a reality check.

  185. Jaybird923 says:

    @Alicia I don’t think lots of them do. But some SBs do choose to juggle SDs.

  186. cryptic anomaly says:

    Hi Alicia – I think some SB’s like to have more than one SD they try and make it a career. Some prefer it to be more monogamous and have a relationship feel to it where they also like the SD to only have one SB. If you want to chat my email is crypticanomaly73 at g mail cot com

  187. alicia says:

    Do lots of sugar babies have more then one SD? I don’t know how I feel about this for me personally, as I worry about diseases. My membership is about to end in the next few days, and I haven’t found a SD yet.

  188. rembodler says:

    Reb says:
    “The younger ones are cocky and won’t give an allowance. However, I had a generous 35 year old SD, but he was worth 100 million and had money to spare…”

    A fine example of female logic. Regardless of it being real (or not).

  189. Reb says:

    I actually prefer the unattractive and older ones. The younger ones are cocky and won’t give an allowance. However, I had a generous 35 year old SD, but he was worth 100 million and had money to spare. My current SD is 71.

  190. MagicalGoddess Moxie says:

    Quoting @Josh

    @MagicalGoddess Moxie

    “She’s hooked on the rush of Tease and Denial as much as you are on riding the wave of enslaving arousal.”

    Find a nice dildo and fuck yourself, maybe?
    Goodness, I’d have to, with my submissive tied to the bed and locked in a chastity device… that’s called ‘orgasm control’. Some people find it highly erotic.

    As if penetrative sex were the end-all, be-all.

  191. Jaybird923 says:

    @IHF That’s the pipe dream that they are sold. You can’t really blame them. But most soon discover how delusional they are on their own.

  192. IHF2030 says:

    The most delusional sugarbabies of all are those who demand a sky high allowance AND demand that a sugardaddy be young(under 40) and very physically attractive. I really get a chuckle from them.

  193. Reb says:

    IHF2030: I have searched the local women.. and it makes me feel better. There are a lot of “duds” out there. Now if I lived in a city like Las Vegas, I’d feel different. I live next to corn fields. I really am a “small town SB” lol.

    And I always bring up allowance before meeting. I once assumed we were on the same page, only to find out he was giving “minimal” ($125 day), even though his profile listed “moderate”. All that time wasted.

  194. rembodler says:

    Sorry, it is a long post and you lost me.
    I am none of the above. The categories you describe historically have plenty of young fresh faces and bodies being ready to take advantage of without any allowance, they don’t need SA.
    SA was envisioned by its founder (I am not trying to pretend I am in on some big secret, that is public info) to be a tool for people who do not have these opportunities to be effective in securing pretty items.
    If you have access to pool parties with hot chicks, why waste time here?

  195. IHF2030 says:

    I sometimes wonder if many of the sugarbabies on here check out the competition? I think, perhaps not, as not so many would be so delusional if they did check out the competition.

  196. flyR says:

    @ Rem – To me it’s a lot like interviewing a potential employee. They are looking at other options and usually there is an employer who will pay them more. It’s one of the things I talk to grad school students about. There’s a lot of the same valuation issues in their first job after school , pay, office , title. Many of those who took the lower paying jobs ended up worth 10-100 times their average classmate after 10 years because they went for opportunity rather than max income.

    The SB/SD arrangement is multidimensional , allowance is just one dimension. If you are talking economic benefit then there is the reliability and duration. $1k/ meet may sound wonderful but if in reality there are 3 meetings over 6 months and a lot of cancelled meetings then that’s not much.

    Virtually all SB’s have been in what they considered good relationships where there has been sex and no allowance . If some of those benefits are brought to the sugar allowance there’s added value. You’ll see it in a number of the LA sugar posts……. they want entertainment industry contacts and influence, even if it is just opening doors. Others see value in being able to attend events. In racing there are what we affectionally knew as Pit Lizards, band groupies, women who love flying, boats, guns, wine, . There are a number of treasure being around politicians ( gag) and loved being taken to political events. This was wonderful because the politicians love having attractive women around ( makes donors happy) . What I am trying to convey is that if you are hunting with only your wallet you are leaving a lot on the table unless you are just looking for a commercial relationship. .

  197. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    I’m not disagreeing with you. That is what SA is all about, right? SD’s market here. And each SD and each SB have different features, colors, manual or automatic gear shifts, etc; some likely even have a sun/moon roof. LOL That’s what makes it important that the SB’s sell themselves in the appropriate manner and the SD’s see exactly what the SB is all about; figure out the worth of each, together.

  198. Jaybird923 says:

    @FlyR That’s an honorable and honest approach.

  199. rembodler says:

    I agree (that is what I meant by a “bottom line” number).
    I disagree on separating the allowance from her “worth issues”. If she has “worth issues” linked to her expectations, these normally are inseparable. Or, more like, not worth trying to separate.

  200. rembodler says:

    Well, why not? Isn’t that the whole point?
    I know, I know… all these allusions to stick shift etc.

  201. flyR says:

    @ rem – If an SB has an allowance higher than my max allocation I’ll establish that she is willing to look at a lower amount before meeting. A nice note prior to any real exchanges to the effect that I liked her profile , there are some reasons why we might be right for each other and a simple statement that while I could afford her it is beyond my max budget . If I think it is true I’ll also mention that I realize many men would not balk at her request. If there is interest in the x range we should talk. This a) represents an honest approach rather than leading her to expect her stated allowance and perhaps more importantly separates the allowance from her “worth” issues.

    My guess is that a lot of SB prospects build into their allowance various cushions to adjust for semi jerks, dealing with married who just want to go to the hotel room, those who don’t believe in ladies first.

  202. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy That’s very nice of you to be so concerned about the quality of the ride you provide. :-0)

  203. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    So your SB’s are simply taking you out for a “spin”? LOL

  204. rembodler says:

    sexyrockstar says:
    June 21, 2015 at 10:58 am
    “…There is a budget/expectation section in the profile. Why don’t people read it? Ha”

    I can only speak from a SD viewpoint. I do not read it because it does not mean very much. Many times, after I talked to her, it became patiently clear she has no idea what different categories stand for and she went for “Substantial” because other sections sound “cheap”.
    She also thought why on Earth will she say “Practical” cuz she is so hot and she does not want to sell herself short. I treat all of this as negotiable and time will tell.

    @Jay. A used car salesman will win because, after you gave him cash, he is done with you. I am the car I am selling and will have to be there if the engine fails. So while I am no longer a new car, I have to be fairly certain you enjoy your ride. The best way about it is to be honest about the clean record, the mileage and the warranty.

  205. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sexy I believe simply_sweet was referring to the mommy category from the blog article

  206. sexyrockstar says:

    I always found discussing allowances before meeting a bit tacky. If I don’t like someone, money means nothing. If they don’t like me, I’m looked at as an expense rather an added value in their life.

    There is a budget/expectation section in the profile. Why don’t people read it? Ha

  207. sexyrockstar says:

    @simply sweet
    No. You’re not a sugar mama. A sugar mama is a rich woman wanting to spoil.
    You’re just an older sugar baby.

    Now, we got that figured out….
    I don’t think your age is your issue.
    Perhaps your luck of grammar/punctuation.

  208. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy You’re such a bargain hunter. I would love to watch you go up against a used car salesman and see who wins. :-))

  209. rembodler says:

    I think the mistrust (paranoia) on both sides about SA dates is pretty common. I am always impressed the length married men have to go to, to get laid…
    This, however, gives someone who is less paranoid a great deal of an edge. Hence, if a guy is not bad to look at and not worried about being spotted with a hot bird who is not his wife, he should never have any detailed allowance discussions before a meeting. At most, ask her for a “bottom line” number.
    He should be able to get a better deal from the woman who is right for him after the meeting, rather than before.

  210. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL That’s a bad strategy. The only things you’re going to gain from doing that is getting your feeling hurt face to face and the possibility of being publicly embarrassed.

  211. Finesse says:

    @Temptation, did he say why he didn’t want to share his picture? Some people are so public that once you have his photo, and you do a reverse image search, you can easily get his full name, company, his wife’s name, etc. So there might be a legitimate reason. But as others have said, I would go with your gut.

  212. rembodler says:

    Talking about delusional…
    I sincerely hope this was just a Father’s Day joke!

  213. flyR says:

    @ sexy – Joshie is nice to you only because he knows you have the intellectual competence so send him in Bruce Jenner’s footsteps.

    @ sunshine- quoting joshie “An SB who considers herself a Small Town Baby is most likely a timid girl with self esteem issues.” You have to understand Josh’s failed world of pigmy manhood, preying on the weak and blaming others for his failures. His facts are fabricated and he is like the little dog hiding under the country porch, yapping like he is a real threat, but hiding so the big dogs don’t dismember him . The blog took an amazing upward trend a week or so ago when he was stuck in mom’s basement for a week or so and his posts nearly disappeared. Joshie carries the vacuous aggression that probably needs medical attention. The anonymity of the internet allows him to hurl assertions and crazy stuff that he is unwilling to backup in real life. A year of so ago I offered the proposal that each of us would put up $10K and allow two of the SB’s to decide where the truth lay. He whined that the proposition that he stand behind his “facts” was unfair.

    Small Town Babies exist and are precious. It’s the same in business, When hiring, midwest women go to the top of the list due to their self reliance, integrity, discipline, friendliness and lack of entitled attitude. Not surprising I have found the same works well with sugar. With more than a decade of experience ( having accidentally fallen into the bowl) when I look at the stars the small town or small town attitude made for a successful sugar relationship and for her later success in life. Like everything else in life there’s little certainty , only probability but the small town SB generally has the force going with her.

  214. Good afternoon let me 1st start off by saying HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all them daddys and mommies who played both parts hope u all have fabulous weekend.. I stumbled onto all these conversations from yeast infections to STDs to hmm what Sb and Sd want and dont want.. Im kind of new to all of this and i guess i would fall under the Mommy Category , Only been on here a few weeks and well i been told Im to OLD , Or there is so much competition out there , Not thin enough etc.. Seems that i found most Guys on here want the 20 yr olds which to each there own i say .. Its not been such a great experience so far for me but i hold out hope lol after all not getting any younger… Now as far as STD’s i would think that in todays day and age both being smart intelligent people that safety would be the priority espec at first.. I work for a lab and i am shocked on a daily bases how many people are out there with GC / Chlamydia and other STDS .. On the topic of Yeast men and women can transmit Yeast yes men can get yeast and it does not only come from sex or females there are other factors that cause yeast like Antibiotics yes u heard me it happens.. now no sex at first well as long as 2 consenting adults agree to this arrangement then hey why not.. I know there are many that are just seeking companionship and not sex.. As far as pics i would agree that putting to much of your self out there is never a good idea remember whats on the internet can be spread around you be surprised. Classy sexy leave to imagination i personally think is always a good way to go. As far as what im looking for well someone that loves to laugh laid back non judgmental enjoys good company easy going and easy to talk with must be able to laugh at your self and laugh generally speaking no strings attached at least maybe grow as friends as well someone that will spoil me for a change, i have always taken cared of people be nice to be taken cared of for a change … Well i think i have babbled enough lol have a great day again happy fathers day

  215. StruggleIsReal says:

    Happy Father’s Day to you daddios out there! I’m so lucky to have a great dad who works really hard and is always loving and supportive. I know many of you are the same. From a daughter, thank you for what you do for your families!

  216. sexyrockstar says:

    Josh doesn’t hate all women.
    He doesn’t hate me.

    He just can’t stand when women are crazy and sabotage relationships

  217. THEATLSD says:

    “If he really wants to meet me he should either produce a pic or verify who he is.”

    I understand the pic issues up until a meet, I always unlock my pics or email so they know what I look like. I don’t ever give my real name until we have an agreement and heading to the bedroom.
    My take is the guy is ugly and has to many meets cancelled because of a sending pic out. He wants to try and make a met so hopefully he can win you over with his personality.
    Ergo always meet in a very public place and only for coffee/tea.

    Good luck and plz keep us posted on your endeavors.

  218. THEATLSD says:

    “@ATL @ONSD
    I got my dog the cutest “chewbacca” harness today. I thought we got stopped a lot before because of how cute he is. Now, I can hardly walk him. I thought y’all would be proud :)”

    That’s fricking awesome. I luv it. That’s definitely a show stopper. Please email a picture I want to see what it looks like.

  219. Jaybird923 says:

    @IHF Got it.AT least someone find them entertaining. That should be a novel occurrence for them.

  220. IHF2030 says:

    Jaybird…It was a general comment, mostly. But that cucumber can be very entertaining, and hohohototrot can be as well, but she ain’t been around much, lately.

  221. Jaybird923 says:

    @IHF Referring to any one in particular or just a general comment?

  222. IHF2030 says:

    Delusional sugarbabies are plenty entertaining, and Zeus knows I do like to be entertained.

  223. Jaybird923 says:

    “Easiest way to get rid of a SB?”

    @Josh Is to simply get rid of an SB

  224. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Also given you seem to have a great deal of experience with this or a few experiences have been so burned into your mind that you keep rehashing them…haven’t you developed strategies in determining who will take the money and run?

  225. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Not to be rude, but you do realise the negativity your giving out is a signal to women who act that way.
    Say I’m a nice girl, a small town baby if you will, why on earth would I want to be around you if all you do is talk about how horrible other women are? Why wouldn’t I rather spend my time with someone who doesn’t have those kind of hang ups?

  226. Josh says:

    Easiest way to get rid of a SB?

    Lend her money against future time together. Never fails. 😉

  227. Josh says:

    It’s true. I do eventually read the article. LOL!

  228. Josh says:

    Re: Small Town Baby

    Such baby does not exist unless that town does not have a TV, does not have a grocery store that sells Cosmo, Ms, Seventeen, etc., and does not have the Internet connection.

    An SB who considers herself a Small Town Baby is most likely a timid girl with self esteem issues.

  229. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Cucumber – Now you know how guys feel on dating sites. There are lots of women on them who have no intention of meeting anyone but love the compliments and validation of having men throw themselves at them.

  230. flyR says:

    @ cucumber

    the default presentation of search results is newest profiles first an update counts as a new profile

    Also SA probably picked you for the batch of photos shown at signing with no location data

  231. CucumberOnLids says:

    Well this is an interesting twist. So I updated my profile and pictures. I’m getting a whole new group of SDs. The problem? I’m being used as “hot SD validation” assistance. I’m getting guys as far as TX. So all night it’s been “hey let’s get happy hour, hey let’s hang out”. No one is really requesting more photos but instead SDs are showing me their private photos before saying hello. I’m being used to validate them before leaving the house tonight? Isn’t that weird?

    They just want me to compliment them. These are the good looking “devil may care-living life to the fullest” younger under 45 SD group

  232. flyR says:


    You are much better at home wishing you were there than

    being there to meet, wishing you were home.

  233. Jaybird923 says:

    @Temptation Good for you. There will be others. No need to risk your safety. I think it’s unreasonable to not provide a picture.

  234. Ms. Temptation says:

    I think I will decline it just does not feel right to me.
    my gut has always been right in the past and I generally have very accurate read of people. If he really wants to meet me he should either produce a pic or verify who he is.

  235. sexyrockstar says:

    There are four comedians opening for me. Bawhaha

  236. Jaybird923 says:

    @Temptation Don’t let anyone talk you into going to this meet. All we can do is guess about his intentions, but you are the one who’s actually interacted with him. If your gut is telling you no or you noticed inconsistencies/red flags. Then trust your instincts

  237. Josh says:


    “we’re better then ever.”

    That’s great.

    “Oohhhh and I have a show next month that’s being filmed.”

    Is it exclusive or with other comedians?

  238. Ms. Temptation says:

    no this is not a revenge thing. I have lived a very private life up to now.
    good advice thanks

  239. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sexy Nice to meet you 🙂

  240. sexyrockstar says:

    Everything is fantastic. Drummer is doing well, we’re better then ever.
    Oohhhh and I have a show next month that’s being filmed.

  241. Jaybird923 says:

    @Red Do you seriously not see the problem with your profile? Your profile consist of two sentences. And that second picture sucks. You profile say you’re a girly girl who likes to dress up. Judging from the pictures no one is going to buy that. You didn’t give me much to work with this is all the insight I can offer. If you write an actual profile I’ll take a second look for you.

  242. sexyrockstar says:

    Well hello people.
    I’m SexyRockstar
    25 years old, single mama, sugar baby in Chicago.
    I’ve met a few blog members on here.
    My SD, I refer him as Drummer. We’ve been together forever.

    My career is taking off, so I haven’t posted in a million years. Nice to meet you.

  243. Josh says:

    Hey @Sexy. How goes it?

  244. Ms. Temptation says:

    if he turns out to be a serial killer, I am blamming you!

  245. flyR says:

    @ sexy R star miss you

    @ Temptation – Let him know that mystery man is not going to go anywhere beyond the public place until you know who he is , what his commitments are .

    The second question I would ask is there any prospect that you are being setup – anguished boyfriend getting even , jealous wife of someone who you took to the moon, etc.

  246. rembodler says:

    Let me ask you straight, did u get twenty invitations? Sounds like maybe not. Then, why contemplate and hesitate? Go, find out. What do u have to lose?

  247. Jaybird923 says:

    @sexy everyone still post on the blog except for kenna and laney

  248. sexyrockstar says:

    To see sugar babies asking for advice.
    There are so many new people here, My God. I used to do profiles non stop. I eventually just made a tumblr page.

    Where is @josh?

  249. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cucumber her post was at 1:26 am scroll up

  250. CucumberOnLids says:

    @Who is Sydney? I keep seeing that name posted and I can’t find it on the list of comments.

  251. CucumberOnLids says:

    @ Charlotte

    “He said he would still cover my expenses but would expect a natural relationship and as many meetings as we want. But all exclusive for both of us.”

    Eh I’d have to agree with everyone on this one. Red Flags here. Notice he didn’t say I just want to spend more time with you. Instead he said ” many meetings”. He’s still thinking “business” but it’s not to your advantage it’s to his. I would suggest that it may be time to look around and see what may be out there but continue with your current SD.

  252. Red says:

    @Jay Np! thanks.

  253. Sunshine2serenity says:

    To echo others, at that end you need to have top quality pictures. Your pictures for the most part be private and non-lingerie at that end of the scale. Your profile picture and the beach photo are spot on. To show off your body I suggest a high quality picture in a classy dress. Your pictures give a different impression to being discreet.

    Your profile while it should include your interests and hobbies and a brief note about what you are looking for – your first sentence in your “what I’m looking for section” is perfect. The majority of your profile should give the man an impression of how you are going to add to his life and what his experiences with you will be like. If you are aiming at the top end of town then you need to give the impression if not be someone who is “worth” that kind of money and that you are elite/exclusive/know how the whole mistress thing works.

  254. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sunshine It looks like it 🙂

  255. Jaybird923 says:

    @Red when I get to my computer I’ll take a look. If I can offer you some insight to help you I will.

  256. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Sounds like you might be starting a business soon helping with profiles 😛

    I politely disagree. It all depends on the person, however (I can’t believe I’m saying this) you only get one shot at life. Some people are risk adverse and want to go the “safe” route with a job that pays well but they dislike. Others are more bold and wish to do something they are passionate about with the understanding that they need to think on their feet, be open to different opportunities and be constantly improving their skills so that they can make the best of what they have.
    You can only get so far hating your job – would you rather hire someone who is passionate about what they do and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure everything is perfect or do you want someone who is out the door as soon as it’s no longer working hours, who begrudges every request you make?

    Fact is what is snore inducing in one person is another’s passion and other things being equal (big caveat I know), passion wins every time.

  257. Red says:

    @Jaybird923 Hi! I have read your advice with other profiles so please, give it to me straight doc. I feel like I am all views and no action. I would really appreciate it: e69c 6e7e. Anyone else can comment if they like.

  258. Ms. Temptation says:


  259. sexyrockstar says:

    Miss you, love you


    I think I’m going to ask drummer to fly me out to Boston to go see Culture Club. They haven’t released any dates for Chicago and I’m scared it’s not going to happen. I think I’m the only 25 year old who is concern with them not coming here.

  260. flyR says:

    Temptation – If you are meeting in a very public place it might be a reasonable investment of your time. If you are not getting a name I would want to know more about his expectations and confirmation that he is really looking for an SB rather than a MILF . Hopefully it is not a stalker x husband

  261. flyR says:

    @ Peach – I think there’s a lot of stress and opportunities to miscommunicate in sugar so for the most part an allowance or per meet works best for the foundation. If the relationship is good I’ll add gifts but not extravagant ones. Perhaps the greatest gift is simply being treated as one would treat a close friend. From a number I have met it is by no means common in sugar.

    The material gifts are the frosting on the cake. There’s also the gift of being able to make things happen ( taking a couple of days off and flying an SB to a remote place to see an ill family member)

    My practice is by no means the “right” way but rather a way that seems to work best for me.

    If the SD is Donald Sterling then it rains Mercedes, deeds to condos and probably lots of cash but without a specific agreement. I don’t have a lot of empirical evidence but my perception is that gift SD’s are prone to use the gifts as a control vehicle.

  262. Ms. Temptation says:

    I had thought about that. Suppose to meet him tomorrow. I asked him do you always meet women for blind coffee dates and his response was never actually. He has persistently pursued me with messages. He says he owns a couple of companies and he is significantly younger than me. I am an older SB.

  263. rembodler says:

    I did not miss your post. But I am glad you corrected it.
    As a (gentle)man I humbly accept that I completely misinterpreted your posting and, of course, it now means what you now say it means. No matter how hard for me to say it.

  264. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    @Ms. T.
    Go with your gut. It has saved my ass many times.
    Females seem to have a genuine sense of these things. No photo, no meet. His loss. You’re better off.

  265. sexyrockstar says:

    If he’s not pushing the pictures on your end, honestly, id go for it. You never know. What if he’s semi-high profile? Men are weird, just roll with it.

  266. Ms. Temptation says:

    @[email protected]
    Thank you for your responses.
    I just cannot see myself showing up for coffee in a public place blind to whom I am meeting. Seems unreasonable to me in this day and age of selfies.
    Agree he should at least be offering to email me a picture. Finding SDs to be very disappointing. Have very unreasonable expectations and do not read profile.

  267. sexyrockstar says:

    You missed my post dear. just like there are different sugar babies with different needs, there are different daddies with different needs.

    And no. I’m not one of those girls by ANY means. Trust me. My sugar relationship right now hasn’t been based on sugar for some time now.
    … it’s just a great, fantastic relationship. I’m a lucky gal.

  268. Promise says:

    @Temptation I say run.

  269. sexyrockstar says:

    Miss you tons

    If that’s the case, say you’re uncomfortable sending face pictures. If he’s still being annoying about it, then move on.

  270. rembodler says:

    sexyrockstar says:
    June 20, 2015 at 6:47 pm
    … I’ve seen the bowl take a shitty turn recently…..my god

    darling, with all due respect, listen to yourself.
    Do you really want to sound like “Where all the gentlemen gone?”
    And you saying “There’s men with 1k of disposable income, and men with so much more then that”…isn’t that kind of…snotty? Who are you, to despise or judge men with whatever income?
    I do not want to sound like a right wing republican, but I venture a guess some men ‘with disposable income of 1k” do not deserve your contempt, but a “thank you”. Yes, some of us are fortunate to have some extra cash, but please…do not make yourself sound ridiculous.

  271. sexyrockstar says:

    I don’t send my face pictures.
    Meet him for coffee or lunch at your favorite spot.
    If he’s unwilling to meet you in a public place first, then he can go fuck himself

  272. Ms. Temptation says:

    First name only has not verified anything. Wanted me to share my face picture. I refused if he was not willing to share a picture of himself.

  273. Jaybird923 says:

    @Temptation some guys don’t like to post their pics online but they’ll email them. If he’s refusing to share at all it’s up to you whether you want to move forward. Trust your instincts

  274. Promise says:

    @Ms. Temptation Did he give you his name?

  275. Ms. Temptation says:

    Need some advice a pot SD wants to meet for coffee but has no pictures posted and is refusing to share one wants me to meet with him. My gut is saying no. Your thoughts his excuse is he does not post pictures on internet. Advice please.

  276. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    So glad to see you back here. We’ve missed you! Hope things are going well for you – your career and SD, as well as your daughters. It’s been crazy here lately, lots of new faces and names. I also think things have shifted here.

  277. sexyrockstar says:

    There’s also the sugar babies who want gifts and travel, others who want a cash allowance.

    There’s men with 1k of disposable income, and men with so much more then that.

    Needless to say, so glad I don’t need to hunt for a sugar daddy. They just come up to me in real life now. I’ve seen the bowl take a shitty turn recently…..my god.

  278. Promise says:

    @ss1959 I feel bad for laughing.

  279. ss1959 says:

    I get such a kick out of reading random profiles. How’s this:

    “I am not a sugar baby”

  280. Josh says:

    Madame @flyR most everything you write is feminine and then you insist on being taken as a man. Interesting female behavior of “I am what I say I am.”

  281. StruggleIsReal says:

    Love your guts! I am bored out of my mind. Let’s hang like now.

  282. StruggleIsReal says:

    Am I actually delusional or did @Sexy just post?!

    I split on “ma’am”. I love the southern mannerliness of it, but don’t wish to make anyone feel older. I think in this day and age, it is just most polite to be honest, kind, and straight forward…. instead of adding in niceties.

    My dogs are pitbulls. I do a good bit of work with rescuing and rehabilitating them, and finding them new, loving homes. My current foster is a former fighting dog. I have done a great deal of work with him and he has really turned many behavioral corners recently. I am so very proud of him. Maybe I will change my gravatar to one of him for a short while so you can see how lovely he is 🙂

  283. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Now you have me curious. Which would you prefer? Paying an SB Cash or simply gifting her with things such as tickets to events (with you of course or perhaps her gfs); long or short vacations/trips; maybe jewelry once in a great while, etc. But not necessarily paying her bills.

  284. sexyrockstar says:

    Oh sssshhhiiitttt.
    Wanted to say hello to everyone.
    I’ll be back on here later tonight.

  285. flyR says:

    I am curious – for our resident SB’s how long was your longest sugar relationship and how long the current one

  286. flyR says:

    Joshie I think all the sticky towels down there in mommy’s basement are affecting your memory. There’s nobody on here more opposed to show money for a first meet ( other than paying parking or Uber) than me

  287. Jaybird923 says:

    @Madison you’re welcome et bonne chance mon amie

  288. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    “@ Struggle – Yep I have very few tasteful comebacks to the deposit thing.”
    Tasteful is no fun. I suspect there are more “Non” tasteful ones that would be much more applicable. LOL

  289. cryptic anomaly says:

    @ Struggle – Yep I have very few tasteful comebacks to the deposit thing.

  290. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    No apology necessary. I think you’re as old as you feel and act and I’m trying my best to get back in years a bit. LOL. (I really hate being called “Ma’am” LOL

    I’ll let my date know about my being a “proxy” – he’ll no doubt get a kick out that, especially since he’s already calling it “No Panties Monday.” Suspect he’ll figure it out right off if I’m “Josh.” LOL

    So, what kind of dog? And yes, very proud of you for trying walk your doggie, even though I suspect it’s not just the dog that is stopping folks. 🙂

  291. Josh says:

    Madame @flyR invented the concept of sugar deposit.

  292. Madison says:

    Merci cheri!

  293. StruggleIsReal says:

    $50 deposit. There are too many easy jokes to make about that. Lmao!

  294. StruggleIsReal says:

    @ATL @ONSD
    I got my dog the cutest “chewbacca” harness today. I thought we got stopped a lot before because of how cute he is. Now, I can hardly walk him. I thought y’all would be proud 🙂

  295. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Cucumber – Yeah I found the deposit thing really tacky and odd. Her “rates” were quite good actually but she derails herself with talking about $50 deposits. It’s usually something small isn’t it that puts you off.

  296. StruggleIsReal says:

    Well that’s what happens when you accidentally hit submit before finishing your thought.

    Please accept my apologies.
    Now that you have informed me of your desire to be addressed as such, I am relieved to be able to address you in a way I feel comfortable with, knowing it is your personal desire.

    I’m not so sure about @Promise. I’m more comfortable with Ms. Peach. Even if she is you, I’d like to keep her.

  297. StruggleIsReal says:

    Haha! Anyone’s rear could use makeup. Remember that Kim K ridiculous photo of her shiny heinie? Oil = makeup 🙂

    I actually have wondered how I should address you, to the point that I googled it. LoL! Seems you address a widow as her married form

  298. FInesse says:

    @Sydney, there are a lot of good comments here that you should listen to.

    I am giving an allowance of $5K to my SB, so perhaps I can speak from the perspective of someone you would consider a “real” SD in your parlance.

    First, you do need better photos. As @flyR said, $5K is top of the market for even large metropolitan areas, and even in those areas, the SBs who actually end up actually receiving a substantial allowances tend to be model-level looks or even better than that.

    Second, $5K allowance plus expenses/gifts add up to about $150K pretax income per year. Men with that kind of disposable income don’t need to be on SA unless they’re married, really out of shape, or really old.

    Third, if someone were married, the thing that would scream out from your profile (other than what other people have already mentioned) is r-i-s-k. For a married man, the most important thing even before looks and compatibility is discretion. You say discretion is “fine” but your profile gives off a sense of callous/slightly mean temperament that makes one think that you would be unpredictable, especially when upset.

  299. Jaybird923 says:

    @Madison you see how much interest it stirred on the blog. And even if they aren’t into it, they’ll at least know you’re not so vanilla and might be willing to explore and experiment. Which is almost always a plus 🙂

  300. CucumberOnLids says:

    @Anon- Pinch the big people? What are you talking about? Ohh I did chat with a former congressman but that’s a tad too powerful for me so I faded out of contact. He was married and I thought if he’s powerful just imagine who married him? Just no.

  301. Madison says:

    Sorry I didn’t get to reply quick to you guys, I was at work.

    I appreciate the feedback! And I’ll make sure to take that off. I guess I sound a bit too much of a beginner, but so far, the SDs I have talked to and met have been pretty genuine. I have yet to get one creepy message.

    I’m coming to understand all the fluff you mean but I guess I wrote all that hogwash just to make my profile seem light-hearted and let my personality be shown a little. And I do understand that my body type is not ideal for most, and while I’m working on it, I’m okay recieving the right people that accept it…for now. Also, that’s a great tip, I guess maybe I should expound on the ANR part? I just didn’t want it to be the forefront of any subject, however I don’t think it goes against my headline since an ANR is a very special relationship, it can include something wholesome and something sweet, pun intended. But thank you for such eye opening tips, I’ll try to add more pictures!

    @ATL – Now that you’re interested in ANR, explore. You can find so much satisfaction from it!

  302. Madison says:

    I appreciate the feedback! And I’ll make sure to take that off. I guess I sound a bit too beginner, but so far, the SDs I have talked to and met have been pretty genuine. I have yet to get one creepy message.

    I’m coming to understand all the fluff you mean but I guess I wrote all that hogwash just to make my profile seem light-hearted and let my personality be shown a little. And I do understand that my body type is not ideal for most, and while I’m working on it, I’m okay recieving the right people that accept it…for now. Also, that’s a great tip, I guess maybe I should expound on the ANR part? I just didn’t want it to be the forefront of any subject, however I don’t think it goes against my headline since an ANR is a very special relationship. But thank you for the tips, I’ll try to add more pictures!

    @ATL – Now that you’re interested in ANR, explore. You can find so much satisfaction from it!

  303. CucumberOnLids says:

    Hi cryptic! lol @ deposit. Who would even say something like that? It sounds like she’s rounding up clients for a big weekend.

  304. Anonymous says:

    the larger the narcissistic the harder the fall.


    how mother fucking stupid are you people? I

  305. SB TVC15 says:

    NVM, just figured it out. Thanks anyway!

  306. Anonymous says:

    Hello all. I cannot resist. Common method for my little organization to pinch the big dogs is to go through the sugar babies. Works 60% of all the time. Being people this insecure are pretty easy to manipulate for our endgame.

    and I know its a common tactic to my cohorts in 公安局 and to my boys in Brazil: Polícia Militar viva!

    Remember you are all on the bottom of the pyramid. 😉

  307. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh Are you mocking me 🙂 I have actually I’m no CEO. But I have been in charge of the operations of several retail locations that I’ve left with double digit increase in profit. So yes it is special

  308. flyR says:

    @vit ““A scientific study of those who were raised in the “express yourself” circles and the “we will whoop your little behinds if you don’t behave” circles will definitely reveal that the former takes substantially more mood altering drugs compared to the latter.”

    That’s because the be yourself, you can do anything crowd bought into a fantasy. There can only be so many Presidents of the US at once. Follow your dreams only works if you’re smart and hard working enough to make it happen.”

    there’s also the need for drugs brought upon by having to listen to your circle of acquaintances whose worlds revolve around I and the fantasy of the month.

  309. flyR says:

    Amber B – Based on your comment I would leave any mention of drugs out of your profile other than perhaps mentioning in your SD requirements that drugs are not acceptable. I think many today do not consider weed a ” real drug” . Perhaps keep the same wild girl attraction with something like sensually adventuresome.

    “try anything” may be read by a pot SD to include unprotected anal which will be an attraction for some and repulse others . My guess is the repulsed are those whom you would like to attract . Your greatest sexual attraction is probably your brain although you obviously have a rocking bod and a great attitude. Understand that your target may read things more conservatively.

    To be repetitive sell the sizzle not the heifer and the satisfaction not the beer…..

  310. Anonymous says:

    Don’t I was the first Chinese boy here?

  311. Anonymous says:

    Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive attention-seeking emotions, usually beginning in early adulthood, including inappropriately seductive behavior and an excessive need for approval. Histrionic people are lively, dramatic, vivacious, enthusiastic, and flirtatious.

  312. flyR says:

    Charlotte – Your story is very believable but I would be concerned about the behavior…… Would be tempted to write a list of possible foundations for his behavior so that you are sensitive to anything that might get dangerous……

  313. SB TVC15 says:

    Hi, everyone. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to block a member. Can someone explain, please?

  314. Josh says:


    I ass-u-me that you have accepted @Promise and @GeorgiaPeach as lovely, smart and independent ladies? 😉

  315. Josh says:


    “running multi million dollar businesses”

    Isn’t that special? 😉

  316. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Sent you an email. 😉

  317. Jaybird923 says:

    @Struggle to complex to explain on the blog here’s a link to a good article

  318. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Thanks, but I’m trying hard to return to MS. The lost of husband and my identity with him… well, I’m better going back to “singledom” for now. LOL
    I can also identify with having a honey gone for a while. I still find it difficult that late husb has been gone from me now for over 5 1/2 yrs. Wow! And how I have changed! LOL

    You might google the “exportation of Haitians” and see what you can find. If I have a min, I’ll chk for you and email you.

    Love life is going up and down. Had a fantastic meet a few wks ago, but now he’s telling me he is extremely busy, so I don’t know – don’t care. I’m moving on. LOL. I have another HOT date for Monday – early breakfast. It was re-scheduled from “late lunch.” LOL. He’s on business trip, due back late Sunday night. I’m very excited since we’ve been texting and chatting for over 2 wks now. (I was in VA, then he left on a trip, so no chance to meet yet)

    Yes, I miss @SexyRockStar too! I need to chk out her blog on Tumblr. LOL

    Just remember – Your GB will be back for you and that’s what matters!

  319. StruggleIsReal says:

    Why thank you my dear! I love seeing you here for an occasional smile as well! Always love your input and your positive attitude. All is well. I don’t love Chicago. Amazing city, love the people, but the weather just sucks, even now that it is “warmer”. It is SO moody! I’m like you- a southern girl- so I like the heat. I know winters are tough here, but didn’t realize that even when it’s “summer”, that doesn’t mean it’s consistently warm for a good while. GB is great, but away on work, and has been for a while. I am missing him hard. I might go meet him in Thailand, but it seems I will have work of my own coinciding with the the time frame, which would take me to the Dominican Republic. Speaking of which, I don’t know a lot about this exporting of the Haitians. Can someone learn me a bit on it before head over?
    Mrs. Peach, how is your love life going? It was sounding pretty spicy last I remember.
    I too miss @Kenna. I am going to email her now to check in. I also miss our little saucy fireball @SexyRockstar.

  320. Jaybird923 says:

    @Vitesse But if I had to do it over again I would skip the fashion degree lol

  321. VitesseSD says:


    True, in the end its all about the person not the education.

  322. Promise says:

    @ATL Sorry.
    @GP I miss Kenna too. 🙁

  323. Jaybird923 says:

    @Vitesse lol No he didn’t. But fortunately for me I had a business background. I went to a high school that had a business magnet program. So I Took a lot of classes Accounting, business principles, wriiting financial plans, etc. I worked as a bookkeeper my junior and senior year.

    Even though I’ve used my degree I was smart enough to realize that it limited me so when opportunities came up to learn and pick up new skills I did. So even with only a fashion degree I’ve been able to transition successfully from running multi million dollar businesses to managing patient relation for a healthcare group to doing HR for Non for profits. The only thing that can truly limit you is you.

  324. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    So how’s life? GB ok? It’s nice to see you here for our “fun” on occasion. You are so full of knowledge and experience for everyone, your comments are welcome any time!

    I’m missing Kenna though. She hasn’t been here in a while. I’m guess real life has caught up with her and her husb now. LOL

  325. Amber B. says:

    & I won’t put anything about race ATL… 🙂

  326. Promise says:

    @Amber Yes it should be consistent.

  327. Amber B. says:

    Btw I really love reading this thread you all have so much personality on here !!!! I’m pleasantly surprised … Sorry if I come off any kind of way I’m 21, please bear with me 🙁

  328. Amber B. says:

    I will edit that picture and make it black and white … I just love my face in that picture … Also, I have new pics I took yesterday … But I have long curly hair in that one.. Makes me look really exotic … If I have one pic with blond short hair and one pic with long curly …. Should I keep my profile consistent ? Or no ?

  329. THEATLSD says:

    @Struggles my sunshine.

    Just seeing if anybody is paying attention on this giddy Saturday morning 😉

    Official disclaimer @All
    In no way does Struggles beautiful ass need any make up.

  330. rembodler says:

    Someone is indeed on the wrong site, precious. It is you.

  331. VitesseSD says:


    That makes me cringe, I hope he talked you out of it?

  332. Jaybird923 says:

    @Vitesse Well said. The useless degree part makes me chuckle it reminds me of the fit my father had when I told him I didn’t want to study accounting anymore and was switching my major to Fashion design.

  333. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Drive upward and view the comments made by:
    “Jaybird923 says: June 20, 2015 at 6:35 am”

    She describes ANR very well apparently since it has seemed to set off ATLSD. LOL (Adult Nursing Relationship)

  334. THEATLSD says:

    No one said you were “useless”.
    I know Jaybird is Haitian but she has made a cornucopia of helpful and insightful posts.
    Also, you are in a similar situation as Madison even if you live in East Paducah. You have been on the blog for a while and assumed you were learning from the regulars. Even through osmosis you should have learned something from the blog. I handed you a golden opportunity on a silver platter and what did you do, “Whoa-is-me you are all mean”.
    If you are really that naive and sensitive then you will have tough time in life. If not then there is only one other conclusion that I can come to …

  335. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahahahaha What on earth are you talking about?!

  336. VitesseSD says:


    “A scientific study of those who were raised in the “express yourself” circles and the “we will whoop your little behinds if you don’t behave” circles will definitely reveal that the former takes substantially more mood altering drugs compared to the latter.”

    That’s because the be yourself, you can do anything crowd bought into a fantasy. There can only be so many Presidents of the US at once. Follow your dreams only works if you’re smart and hard working enough to make it happen.

    For every one good idea someone has they have 100 or more shit ideas. Unless you’re willing to try to tear your ideas and plans apart to see how they could fail, BEFORE you fail, you’ll never see potential disaster coming (piss poor planning leads to piss poor performance).

    That’s why the whole be positive crowd is doomed to failure, sticking your head in the sand is suicide. There are countless university students and grads who’ve majored in useless subjects, and more who’ve studied in crowded fields. People who could have reached some success opening one, two, then a chain of XYZ stores are under a mountain of debt and could never get a business loan. All because they never stopped to say, “I know I like bird watching, but maybe I shouldn’t put myself 1 house into debt for an ornithology degree”.

    Is it a shock they need to be medicated?

  337. THEATLSD says:

    @Amber and all newbies. We have been puking this for months SA has changed. So if you were successful a year ago or more you will have to adapt and learn to ignore the p4p escort crowd.

    As for race, I have always believed you are open to all, unless you specify your preferences SA is one big melting pot.

  338. THEATLSD says:

    Looks like you received some good advice even the ones you misinterpreted.
    Your “What I’m looking for” was more like what I don’t want. That is all negative of which were trying to present as a positive.

    You do have something to offer with all that schooling. ACCENT that.

    I agree with Jaybird(again) on your second picture with that blue eye shadow but the I’m not Max Factor so me giving advice on that subject is like Dr. Kevorkian giving medical advice.
    Though Struggles took my advice on ass make up. 😉

  339. Josh says:

    “This is me” nonsense.

    Ever since kindergarten little girls (and boys) are taught to “be themselves”, “express themselves”, etc. We have an army of millions who are obnoxious, rude and difficult to get along with…all in the name of “being themselves.”

    Reality check…in the practical life the “express yourself” crowd is neither more personally fulfilled nor economically/socially more productive than those who come to US as teenagers or adults.

    A scientific study of those who were raised in the “express yourself” circles and the “we will whoop your little behinds if you don’t behave” circles will definitely reveal that the former takes substantially more mood altering drugs compared to the latter.

  340. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL lol Go Quench your thirst my friend

  341. VitesseSD says:


    Brings a whole new meaning to thirsty.

  342. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh Very informative lol I’ll work on my method. I’m a horrible actress.

  343. THEATLSD says:

    I had a full day no time to back and lower the heat to simmer.
    You are doing a yeoman’s job on profiles today.

    I have to go search ANR SB in my area, I’m thirsty.

  344. Charlotte says:




    Josh, I don’t really care about the kissing up or anything.

    I ask for opinions, express my opinions and when I had a profile I had read your and some other’s opinions to improve it , it seems like it worked as I met with a very nice SD.

    And you and blog SDs understand the 40 something men’s expectations and values better than a 20 something girl. You have very valuable advice on the blog as comments.

    Not only you as person but everybody trying to give advice.


  345. Josh says:


    I like good actresses so real or fake does not matter to me if “method” is used. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCgEXxAFzWw]

  346. Jaybird923 says:

    @Charlotte kissing up means to pay false flattery to someone in order to get special attention or treatment

  347. Promise says:

    @Josh There’s nothing wrong with you saying “tinkle”. It’s just such a cute word I never expected you to use it.

  348. Charlotte says:


    Kissing up to the Guru?

  349. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    @Josh Darlin
    Yes, Dear, I know you know how to spell “tinkle.”
    I gave birth to an 8lb baby boy about 28+ yrs ago. I remember all about guys and “tinkle.” I also remember about those “twinkling” little stars. LOL
    You are just so cute, I could squeeze you! LOL

  350. Josh says:


    “I see you post less and less often which is sad as you always find some interesting point to make.

    Some SBs really need your advices, including myself.”

    Some may take it as kissing up to the Guru, but that is a smart thing to do. 😉

  351. Josh says:

    @Promise and @GeorgiaPeach

    My apologies ladies that the word caused you a bit of concern. The correct spelling is “tinkle” as in “tinkle tinkle little star.” 😉

  352. Jaybird923 says:

    @Amber Madame? oh no. Je préfère mademoiselle S’il vous plaît. 🙂 And I’m almost always right it just takes most people some time to accept it. Good luck with your profile.

  353. Charlotte says:


    It is all strange but he is really nice 🙁

  354. Josh says:

    @Sydney has a problem being taken as a cheap prostitute. She does not have much problem with decent pay for the same.

  355. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL You’re welcome I’m a veritable fount of information. Glad you’re back after stirring the pot yesterday and walking away lol

  356. THEATLSD says:

    RED FLAGS flying everywhere. Move on.

  357. THEATLSD says:

    You just saved me a trip to the Urban dictionary. ANR who knew?.

  358. THEATLSD says:


    The fact you have “substantial” is one issue. That limits you to about 3 available SD in your area. You are not LA or NYC. You may want to a ride on the reality train.
    Plus you have an amount in your headline. That’s a fail in my book.

  359. Jaybird923 says:

    @Madison Your profile is a bunch of fluff. You wax poetic through out the whole thing and manage to say very little of significance. The only section that has some redeeming quality to it is “This can be something discrete or open, whichever you prefer. What I’m looking for is a man, who is simply a man. Confident in who he is, loves to take the lead but knows how to appreciate a woman, a bit of charm, a bit of gruff, and a splash of humor to give it that kick.” Otherwise the rest is useless.

    I like your headline but it is false advertising if your reference to ANR is Adult nursing relationship. 🙂 If that’s your thing then play it up don’t just throw it in there like an after thought. This is a niche that can help you differentiate yourself from the pack.

    I’m going to be completely honest with you even with a well written profile you’re looking at an uphill battle. There are less men looking for the body type category that you fall into. You won’t be able to rest on your laurels. You’re going to have to put in a lot of work and most likely are going to have to be the one who initiate contact.

    Work on getting some quality pictures up. Pick outfits that flatter your figure. And use your kink to your advantage I’m sure there are guys on the site into that or curious about trying it. Good Luck

  360. Charlotte says:


    I asked if it was normal I told before I really liked him and it was strange every time we met it was a fly over on an interesting area. Yet no intimacy, it is very understandable you find it as some piece of “idiotic fiction” as it is the very opposite of what people complain generally.

    I see you post less and less often which is sad as you always find some interesting point to make.

    Some SBs really need your advices, including myself.


    Your explanation really makes sense, thank you for the insight.

  361. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    “@Josh I never pictured you to be the kinda person to use the word “tinckle”. Lol”

    Promise, I agree, that seems to be a weird word coming from the mouth of “THE Guru.” LOL. All that Cust Service stuff over the “appliance” he bought must be getting to him. LOL. That’s ok, Josh, we all know you had to “urinate” or simple “pee.” LOL

  362. VitesseSD says:


    Your profile screams me me me, I’m a bitch, run away. For somebody claiming that she’s not a prostitute you sure do never shut up about money. If your profile was a drinking game where someone had to do a shot when you said “I …” or some variant of money/wealth/dollars people reading your profile would die of alcohol poisoning before reaching the end.

  363. Promise says:

    @Josh I never pictured you to be the kinda person to use the word “tinckle”. Lol

  364. Josh says:

    There’s only one official Madame here…Madame @flyR who posts pretending to be a man.

  365. VitesseSD says:


    Wait has he been giving her money?

  366. VitesseSD says:


    His behavior makes perfect sense to me. Not pushing for intimacy before an arrangement is set is logical, especially if he is looking for an arrangement that is more than just sex.

    Having sex with a woman then saying “by the way I’m expecting a relationship now” would be odd behavior. By doing it this way he could be making sure you’re not an escort or a SB who juggles multiple SDs (an escort by another name). Nobody who’s serious about avoiding STDs would ever have sex with an escort, so its very reasonable.

    A real SB likes dinners, going out and doing things. Escorts get upset watching their per hour rate/pay go down.

  367. Josh says:

    @Charlotte, I don’t post as often lately so whatever. Everytime you post yet another idiotic piece of fiction about lack on intimacy, I will just give it a big yawn and both of us would be happy. What say? 😉

  368. SouthernSB says:

    @Madison-I don’t really give much advice about profiles because I’m not the best profile writer one earth, but the most obvious thing that just pops out at me is the fact that you put in your profile that you were naive. Never, ever say that you are naive in a profile, it’ll attract every creepier out there sending messages to your inbox. It’s OK to say you are sweet, but it isn’t OK to say you are naive because the johns and the freaks will see you coming and will be more than ready to take advantage of you. That’s just my two cents. I’m sure someone else will have more to say, but that’s just what pops right out at me.

  369. Amber B. says:

    What would I do without you Madame Jaybird!!!!! You’re absolutely right … I gotta revamp my entire profile now

  370. Josh says:


    I had decent sleep for almost 7 hours. Woke up one time to tinckle and also hit snooze 3-4 times….the usual for Saturday morning.

  371. Charlotte says:

    My idiotic fiction flies me overseas, assists me shopping even gives me ideas about my business.

    So I will keep on “dreaming” my idiotic fiction. I wish I could introduce some intimacy into this fiction though.

  372. Promise says:

    @Josh You didn’t get enough sleep either?

  373. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh glad I’m not the only one who thought that. I’ve just been ignoring the post

  374. Josh says:

    @Charlotte is going to continue her idiotic fiction for a while until she has received enough sympathy. Other SBs will continue their similarly idiotic musings on @Charlotte’s fiction.


  375. Sunshine2serenity says:

    That’s not too strange. It sounds like he likes you enough that he wants to have a full relationship with you.

  376. Madison says:

    @I talked with an SD for a weeks that acted the same way. When I finally confronted him about it, ge told me he has hsv-2. Not fun

  377. Charlotte says:


    You may be right.

    It is just getting more and more strange.

  378. Josh says:

    Real SDs have gone fishing with real men.

  379. Madison says:

    He may have something he’s not willing to tell you unless you grow close enough to him to accept it later. You should ask. I’m not saying there is, but there’s a chance.

  380. Charlotte says:

    Strange things happen.

    My sd told me he wanted me as a normal girl instead of an arrangement girl friend.

    He said he would still cover my expenses but would expect a natural relationship and as many meetings as we want. But all exclusive for both of us.

    Still not a single word of intimacy.

    I am happy it isn’t over but it is getting complicated.

  381. Madison says:

    Sorry, that above post was meant for you.

  382. Anonymous says:

    @I never thought of getting defensive. I’m very open to the criticism and want to edit my profile accordingly. So help me all you can!

  383. Jaybird923 says:

    Dear God what did I get myself into lol this is how I always end up with more responsibilities at work. I need to learn to keep my opinions to myself.

    @Madison my being Haitian doesn’t matter one bit actually. I’ll look at your profile if I can offer any advice that can help you I will. But don’t ask for my help and then get defensive I will not sugar coat my opinions to make them more palatable.

  384. Jaybird923 says:

    @FlyR I agree with your assessment of the Oregan profile.

  385. Jaybird923 says:

    “You know Caribbean women love to have fun”

    Don’t make these types of generalizations about a whole group of people. That’s how unsubstantiated stereotypes get formed. Especially when the word fun can be interpreted in so many unsavory ways. I know plenty of caribbean woman who are no fun at all and go out of their way to kill other peoples fun.

  386. Jaybird923 says:

    @Amber You’re getting messages from sleaze balls because the way your profile is written. You leave the impression that you are a party girl who’s down for anything and will try everything at least once. So why wouldn’t you be down for whatever they are asking for? Do you get me know when I say make your profile reflective of the person you are? Which is a smart premed student.

  387. Amber B. says:

    I find this really funny… I guess it’s a cultural thing… MY definition of hard drugs INCLUDES coke… The only non hard drug in my book is marijuana… Yea, I definitely will never ever try cocaine… That’s just straight foolishness in my books …

  388. Madison says:

    @Jay I am aware that I need to add more photos. I just really started at this and I did use some of the tips given to me earlier.

  389. Madison says:

    I’ve read most of your comments and pretty much admire your intellect. You seem to really help others with their profiles, I was hoping maybe you could help me? My profile id is e8d3c53e. Also, @promise said you were Haitian. I’m not sure that matters unless there was something special I may need to know 🙂

  390. flyR says:

    Amber plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

  391. flyR says:

    @ Sidney

    I have a summer cabin on the McKenzie and have met a number of Eugene based SB’s over the years while I was up there. A number of the relationships have lasted for several years but were primarily summer fun.

    I apologize if this seems a little strident


    Eugene has a lot of young, intelligent, very attractive, nice SB’s with very well done profiles who would be thrilled with $500 or even $300 per meet dates with quality SD’s or a $1.5K-$3K allowance . Your $5k is simply over the top of the market unless you are into very abusive sugar. Thats a pretty substantial allowance for SF , LA or NY

    All of this is not to say that there is not a Black Swan SD who will meet your aspirations but the odds are very much against it.

    Your pictures are spotty . You need fewer, better pictures featuring your best assets

    The profile reads entitled

    If you improve your profile and stick with your aspirations you are likely to be disappointed.

  392. flyR says:

    Amber B –

    You can restate the last portion of your profile in much classier language in lower case.

    Not sure if it was your profile which mentioned drugs. While I don’t have a problem with someone who smokes a little righteous weed or makes wonderful brownies, it is not something that helps you in a profile. When the line is extended out to everything but “hard drugs” I read coke is ok and that’s high risk behavior which as an SD potentially exposes me to a lot more risk of STD’s .

    not related to this profile

    I love the profiles which say no right wing, republican, conservative , fox news watching racists. It simply reads arrogant and stupid. I used to take the time to ask if they were familiar with the party affiliation of the leaders who a) lead the nation to civil war to end slavery b) first sent armed federal troops to confront a southern governor over school integration c) passed the civil rights bill over the opposition of the other party. Or ask them if they knew who said ” Of course you have to understand that in the south to be elected as ((my party)) you had to be a member of the KKK” ans Bill Clinton explaining the KKK membership of a democrat senator

  393. Sydneysydney says:

    First time in the blog! Oregon SUG BABE here! 🙂 Where is all the real sugar daddies at? I’m not having good experiences, I feel like I am constantly being solicited for prostitution :/ No I don’t want to meet up with you 3x a month for “intimacies” and 500 bucks a pop. I think some are on the wrong site! Anyone else?

  394. Amber B. says:

    I would just like to say, that I deleted the last part of my profile that was written in all caps … & almost instantaneously received a message from a SLEAZE BALL -___- …. I just really hate having to see that foolishness in my inbox

  395. Amber B. says:

    Josh, you clearly don’t know any Caribbean women… Because that would have resonated with you if you did.

  396. cryptic anomaly says:

    Hey all, late to the party on this one.

    Just chatted to one SB and I feel the need to share, she seems more like an escort or a P4P’er anyway she told me her rates but what cracked me up is she wants a $50 deposit.

    That was pretty much the end of that conversation, her rates were fair but the deposit thing just seems tacky to me.

    Thought I would throw it out there just in case that was the new trend SB’s were jumping on. Don’t do it.

  397. Josh says:

    “You know Caribbean women love to have fun”

    ALL women like to have fun…at men’s expense (pun intended)

  398. IHF2030 says:

    Well, for worse or better it is often true that perceptions become reality. That’s why I suggested to Amber that she state, on her profile, in subtle fashion that she’s open to men of all races, generally, if not white men, specifically.

  399. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady that’s what I thought

  400. Jaybird923 says:

    @IHF That’s unfortunate that they let assumptions keep them from pursuing someone they wanted. But I guess it work both ways the woman probably won’t make the first move because they assume they wouldn’t be into them. Nothing ventured ….

  401. MissLady says:

    Interesting IHF, you would think that if it was expressly stated that they prefer only a certain race, it would be understood that they must be open to all races…

    I never thought about having to state a preference

  402. IHF2030 says:

    Jaybird…Yes, a few white guys have told me that they were interested in black women but didn’t follow through as they ASSUMED that those women viewed them as countryclub going, fox news watching, conservative, teaparty, racist, republican types.

  403. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy I’m going to re-interpret your words to mean I am your inspiration. (I’m a woman it’s my prerogative to do so) LOL I am honored to be given some credit for the level of wit and brilliance you have exhibited in last couple days. :-))

  404. Jaybird923 says:

    @IHF2030 Oh I don’t doubt you. I just find it mind boggling. Did they have someone tell them that? Or do they just think it.. just because?

  405. Jaybird923 says:

    @Amber Go for it. I save the really good stuff for myself 🙂

  406. Amber B. says:

    I hope it’s not considered plagiarism if I take that line verbatim @JayBird haha

  407. IHF2030 says:

    Jaybird…It isn’t an assumption, quite a few white guys have told me what I related to Amber. But, yes, you don’t have to be over the top about it. Just make it known, in subtle fashion, if you are open to being with white men.

  408. Jaybird923 says:

    I still disagree with IHF2030 about mentioning specifics. But If you must make a generic comment like “I’m an equal opportunity SB” or “I’m looking for the perfect Sd for me. I don’t care what color the package is, I’m more concerned about what’s inside”

  409. Amber B. says:

    I think @IHF2030 is right… I dont think majority of white men have close contact with people of my race… Might base many of their ideas on whatever is portrayed in the media etc… I totally understand

  410. Amber B. says:

    So I really have to fake who I am to get the right kind of traffic on here =/ I seriously am a Pre Med student.. And I really am Double Majoring… its a stereotype to think that all people who sit throught years and years of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry have to type a certain way… Im truly just a fun kinda gal. I dont want to attract a boring 60 year old ex- Physics professor… who wants to sit down and discuss quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theories… I’m so lost … & I will take new pics in the morning. … & I will put that I am open to all races as well.

  411. Jaybird923 says:

    @IHF2030 What an assumption to make lol

  412. IHF2030 says:

    Amber, I have to double down on what I said previously, about race. Perception is everything, and many assume that young black women assume that wealthy, older white men are conservative-teaparty-republican-racist, etc., whatever. Now that’s mostly untrue but that is why many older white men are hesitant to interact with young black women unless they think that their overtures will be welcomed.

  413. Jaybird923 says:

    @Amber most people don’t. but since you’re in a receptive mood right now here’s another one. I’ve been holding it in all day. I hate that face picture. The make up is over the top especially the blue eye shadow it is distracting and drawing attention away from your best feature… your lips. Go for a more natural look and play up the lips.

    I think your body pic is fine(though I personally don’t care for the angle it’s taken from)But If you can add another one that’s a little more straight forward that would be great. And remember you are advertising yourself as a smart sophisticated pre med student make sure you text reflect that.

  414. rembodler says:

    Hahaha… Well, I think you and I have a bit of “I flatter you, you flatter me” thing going on :-).
    Nothing wrong with that. A bit of extra encouragement to be creative with wording and meaning. Otherwise it gets too dry and boring.

  415. Amber B. says:

    Thank you all !!! I really appreciate it… very knowledgeable.

  416. StruggleIsReal says:

    You seem lovely.
    A few notes:
    Your profile starts off a bit aggressive. Just delete the first part or restate it to be more positive.
    There’s no need for the “hardcore drugs” bit and the following parenthetical comment. It feels awkward to me.
    Just delete the bit about escort in all caps at the end. Then again, I don’t know what you are receiving. Just saying, it again comes across as quite agressive. You want to play more into your attractive femininity.

  417. Amber B. says:

    You’re right, I’ll work on it a bit more, I had to see it through a different perspective. I guess I dont take criticism very well

  418. Amber B. says:

    well, you ARE the expert… whether you’re admitting it or not. so i will heed your advice

  419. Jaybird923 says:

    LOL Amazing! No one offered advice? You felt like you were being attacked? Multiple people have told you your profile needed to be reworked instead of asking why, you tell us it’s working for you and you’re getting a decent amount of messages.

  420. Jaybird923 says:

    @Amber I disagree with mentioning specific races/ethnicity. Unless there is one in particular that you’re just not interested in being in an arrangement with.

  421. Amber B. says:

    Well said @rembodler .. Hmm okay I will redesign my profile to include more personality .. You’re absolutely right I do see a couple generic messages each day. You are absolutely right

  422. Amber B. says:

    Thank you IHF2030 !!!!! Sheesh felt like I was being attacked lol & no one was giving any advice

  423. Jaybird923 says:

    “Most of us are bargain hunters and why shouldn’t we be?
    However, if you want to attract at least some guys who can afford to shop upstairs, and not just in the basement, you have to package yourself accordingly.”

    @Remmy Dude You’re on a roll. Now I’m starting to think you’re showing off :)) Are you doing so for me? lol

  424. rembodler says:

    @Amber –
    Jaybird923 says: June 19, 2015 at 7:02 pm
    Amber, your goal should be quality not quantity…

    Amber, write that (above) down and repeat as a prayer before you go to bed.
    You are pretty, so no matter how badly you screw up your photos or your narration, people will message you. That is not the point. A generic SD messages everybody, to see what “comes through”. Most of us are bargain hunters and why shouldn’t we be?
    However, if you want to attract at least some guys who can afford to shop upstairs, and not just in the basement, you have to package yourself accordingly.

  425. IHF2030 says:

    Amber..I don’t think that your profile is that bad. But, get rid of the last part where you are basically shouting by typing in all caps with all those exclamation marks. Also, if you are so inclined, make mention of the fact that you are open to Caucasian men, as many might assume that you aren’t. Lastly, the fact that you are seeking a reasonable allowance should serve you well.

  426. Amber B. says:

    Well, I was just answering you when you asked what a decent amount is lol… & I really thought my profile was interesting … =[ I’m seriously a nerd … I guess I’ll fully expose my nerdy side

  427. Jaybird923 says:

    @Amber Your goal should be quality not quantity. Does it really matter how many message/views you get if most of them are coming from people you have no desire to meet? Take a look at your profile and imagine it came from an SD would you be interested in finding out more about him? If not why?

  428. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh You got customer service? What does that feel like? It’s been so long since I’ve experienced it 🙂

  429. Amber B. says:

    Well, I just came back on this site, literally like 2 days ago. I haven’t updated my profile since I made my account. The only thing I did was add a new profile picture that I took on Memorial Day. Before, when I had the one pic of my face, I received lots of creepy messages.. And I receive about 4/5 new messages a day and lots of profile views… prob about 5/6 faves … Quality… well I’m not sure at the moment.. This is the first time I’ve received so much traffic, I guess its the full body pic.

  430. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh Lol You should see their faces. They were really hoping they could walk into a store and walk out with a bigger rack.

  431. Josh says:


    ‘“you should probably marry him and stop trying to get money off him.”
    @Josh Bad analogy. She still wins. :-)) In fact she’s gotten an even bigger prize than the allowance lol’

    Good catch, and you’re correct about the existing version. It should’ve read “you should probably TRY TO marry him and stop trying to get money off him.” However, I got busy with customer service about an newly purchased appliance and wasted 39 minutes of my life on it before I could post the correction.

  432. Jaybird923 says:

    @Amber What do you consider a decent amount? And are the messages of the quality you’re looking for? Since you felt the need to mention you’re not an escort on your profile… I wonder if your profile is really working for you. If it is than ignore the unsolicited advice.

  433. Josh says:


    “They’re usually disappointed when I say it’s all me.”

    Isn’t that special? 😉

  434. Jaybird923 says:

    “you should probably marry him and stop trying to get money off him.”
    @Josh Bad analogy. She still wins. :-)) In fact she’s gotten an even bigger prize than the allowance lol

  435. Josh says:


    If you are “receiving a decent amount of messages each day” then ignore what I said. Best of luck!

  436. Sunshine2serenity says:

    @Amber B.
    He’s like that with everyone – he’s a tough cookie don’t worry 🙂

  437. Amber B. says:

    @ Josh, is that towards me? Because not to sound all cocky or anything.. but I am receiving a decent amount of messages each day… sheesh “sucks” thats a little harsh

  438. Josh says:

    I agree with @ATL your profile sucks. Get some help if any of the SBs or SDs are willing to provide you some.

  439. Amber B. says:

    & thank you @Sunshine2serenity & @Jaybird923 for the wise advice… ugh I scared off 3 pot SD already in like 2 days asking for video chat… my first .. well my one and only SD from 2 years ago was completely unconventional.. & we really hit it off.. I’m afraid I might not be so lucky next time .. which is why I considered video chats.

  440. Amber B. says:

    @TheATLSD… what “blows” about my what im looking for section.. what would you prefer to see there instead?

  441. Josh says:


    “If a girl honestly takes you for thousands of dollars and doesn’t deliver her end of the deal, you should probably hire her and stop trying to fuck her. She is clearly smarter than you, while you are richer than her. Pretty decent partnering indeed.”

    Let me see if YOU would have used “smarter” if the roles were reversed, as follows?

    “If a man honestly takes you for sex and doesn’t deliver his end of the deal, you should probably marry him and stop trying to get money off him. He is clearly smarter than you, while you are good-looking than him. Pretty decent partnering possibility indeed.”

  442. CucumberOnLids says:

    If a girl honestly takes you for thousands of dollars and doesn’t deliver her end of the deal, you should probably hire her and stop trying to fuck her. She is clearly smarter than you, while you are richer than her. Pretty decent partnering indeed.


    Hhaha @Struggle.

    Actually I don’t think she’s mooching really. He probably never asked her what she needed per month in the first place as an allowance probably puts him off. An arrangement with a Sugar Daddy shouldn’t be about begging him every few days for something unless of course he requires the “Daddy” part to take on a deeper meaning.

  443. StruggleIsReal says:

    I stand corrected. My apologies @Promise. But to reply to you Southern, I just just started thinking about would represent me decently and googled it. Dug around a bit and found something.

  444. SouthernSB says:

    @Struggle-It’s hard to find gravatars of AA women, or at least I had a hard time finding them. Where do you go? Your gravatar is fantastic, and I wouldn’t mind changing mine. I mean, although Misty Copeland is one of my heroes I wouldn’t mind putting up a sexy little curvy gravatar that more represents what I look like.

  445. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Jaybird killin’ it! LMAO

  446. Jaybird923 says:

    @Promise I’m glad you understand and you most definitely shouldn’t blow up. If you displayed so much personality people might not believe it’s really you 🙂

  447. StruggleIsReal says:

    I am curious, and please understand that I am honestly just asking a question and not judging you. I would like some insight into why you would use photos for your gravatar of a race that clearly isn’t your own. I completely understand if you do not want to use photos of yourself, but I find it odd that you would use one that is completely not exemplary to you. Do you have a problem with your skin color? There certainly are plenty of gravatars out there that would better represent you. It would be nice to get a better cartoon character idea of who you are.

  448. StruggleIsReal says:

    Oh I have no doubt that those types exist. They do. It’s not an opinion but a fact. I agree with your comment fully.

  449. Promise says:

    *I don’t like to let fester.

  450. Promise says:

    @Jay Ah. Ok I understand now. 🙂
    It came off as mean. When people say mean things to me I like to let it fester, and then blow up. I like to get it out of the way right away.

  451. rembodler says:

    Lol, Promise…
    Anyway, I think in your ripe age of 20 you should be OK to digest a more nuanced answer than a romantic “yes” or a romantic “no” to your question. A diamond mining business is not about finding “the diamond”, it is about finding a diamond, or better, diamonds. And know how to separate them from the glass trinkets.
    I would even go further, to say that if one finds “the diamond”, he is no longer in the diamond mining business.

  452. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy Look at you lately…casually dropping all these metaphors in your post. I like :-))

  453. Jaybird923 says:

    @Promise Technically I didn’t say anything mean to you I made a statement about myself. But that’s not important. What is important is why do you care so much about anything I have to say to you?

  454. Promise says:

    @rem Have you found your “diamond”?

  455. rembodler says:

    @Struggles and @Jay:
    To be honest to the OP, he did not really complained about the “moocher/scammer/sponge “sugar babies”. He just said that is one of the common types. Which it is.
    Having said that, I agree with your post completely. The gold diggers/scammers are absolutely necessary, they are the wolves that eat the weak animals and assist in the natural selection. People who do not have enough resources, skills or patience to find the real diamond deserve to either get stuck with a bad one or get out of the diamond mining business entirely.

  456. Promise says:

    @Jay Then why did you say something mean to me?
    @Josh o0o

  457. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh LoL

  458. Josh says:

    @MagicalGoddess Moxie

    “She’s hooked on the rush of Tease and Denial as much as you are on riding the wave of enslaving arousal.”

    Find a nice dildo and fuck yourself, maybe? 😉

  459. Jaybird923 says:

    @Flyboy I enjoyed that also. It needed to be said.

  460. FlyBoy says:

    StruggleIsReal slapping the little ones lol

    Cheers 🙂

  461. Jaybird923 says:

    @Flyboy what’s so funny? I want to laugh too

  462. flyR says:

    I got an unsolicited note of interest from one of the “I know my value” gang today

    I appreciate that you know your value , it makes the process much easier and more fun.

    Please send me a schedule of values , including credits for orgasms lasting more than 5 minutes

  463. FlyBoy says:


    Cheers 🙂

  464. Jaybird923 says:

    @Promise Not at all. I haven’t interacted with you in days.

  465. Anonymous says:

    I’m deffo a college SB 🙂

  466. Promise says:

    @Jay Did I do something to offend you?

  467. Jaybird923 says:

    @Struggles lol I’m afraid so

  468. StruggleIsReal says:

    Shit I’m the monkey. LoL

  469. Jaybird923 says:

    @Struggles I’m not sure if you can today. I was hoping that you would be part of the entertainment.

  470. Jaybird923 says:

    Lmao!! Smileys make everything alright…

    @Lady That’s what I have been led to believe. I would be deeply troubled to discover that it isn’t true.

  471. StruggleIsReal says:

    @Jay @Lady
    Can I join the popcorn club ? I like it with a lot of butter.

    Where is @Keke? I need spa recommendations for the downtown Chicago area. Anyone?

  472. Promise says:

    @Miss No….they don’t all the time.

  473. MissLady says:

    Lmao!! Smileys make everything alright…

  474. Promise says:

    You and @ATL are implying that I’m not of use. Everyone is useful in the world. Emoticons don’t magically make mean words nice.

  475. MissLady says:

    @struggle there’s an old (probably country) saying ‘a hit dog will holler’….*waits for the hollering*

    @jay I keep in on standby around here lol

  476. Jaybird923 says:

    @Promise How? There was a smiley face and everything

  477. Promise says:

    @Jay That’s very mean.

  478. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady I think you need to get the popcorn ready. Lol I think we’re going to need it.

  479. Jaybird923 says:

    @Promise But I’ve already made myself useful. 🙂

  480. flyR says:

    @ Struggles magnificent

    “”f a girl honestly takes you for thousands of dollars and doesn’t deliver her end of the deal, you should probably hire her and stop trying to fuck her. She is clearly smarter than you, while you are ((temporarily)) richer than her.””

  481. StruggleIsReal says:

    Haha!! “The natives”! Love that. And that could be true. I’ll be honest though… I don’t think most of the native guys here will have a problem with what I have said. I also would say the same to SBs who just can’t seem to figure it out. Hey, you get a few tries, then it’s like… hey if you’re actually still complaining, I think the problem is you. LoL

    For all of the people saying never discuss money or intimacy previous to a date, I have to say that I would be different. I am not looking so am not completely involved here, but I would prefer to get an idea for “here’s what I offer, here’s what you offer” first. I have no need to waste time. It worked out very well for me and wastes a lot less time.

  482. MissLady says:

    Lol @ATL and his all caps. Are you going to sign your blog so we know it’s you?

    @struggle you’re going to rile up the natives with that one lol!

  483. StruggleIsReal says:

    Takes bow. Falls on face. haha

  484. Promise says:

    @ATL I’ve never had an SD so what would I know? @Jay is also a Haitian from Florida. Also I’m from Florida, but don’t live there currently. I’ve said a bunch of times that I live in Massachusetts.

  485. Jaybird923 says:

    @Struggles Standing Ovation lol Take a bow :-))

  486. StruggleIsReal says:

    How do you men (“SDs” lmao) get along in business if you cannot help but complain about ALLLL the moocher/scammer/sponge “sugar babies” that you apparently come into close contact with?

    Those are not sugar babies. They are escorts, using a sugar baby’s resource, taking advantage of men who are unable to filter between the two. For a brand new prospective SD, I can understand if the learning curve takes a couple of experiences. Generally, it takes a time or two to get the hang of something. Only old, bitter, washed-up souls blame others for their own inability to succeed.

    If a girl honestly takes you for thousands of dollars and doesn’t deliver her end of the deal, you should probably hire her and stop trying to fuck her. She is clearly smarter than you, while you are richer than her. Pretty decent partnering indeed.

  487. StruggleIsReal says:

    LMAO. I see what you did there. hahahaha

  488. Paul says:

    You left out the Moocher-Sponge Sugar Baby, who treats SDs as ATMs, and delivers as little sugar as they can.

  489. MagicalGoddess Moxie says:


    She is the Queen of a woman who can drop a Conglomerate CEO to his knees with the flick of an eyelash. Not once have you seen Her open a door or carry a bag other than her shoulder purse – nor do you believe you ever will. If this type of woman is a turn-on, you can’t help but want to be near Her – you NEED to make this woman happy, to serve Her in every way – even if it’s just cleaning Her bathroom for 15 minutes during a 5-hour layover.

    She’s not a nun, but She’s no party girl, either – She knows how to engage your mind as well as your libido, and She lets you know in no uncertain terms what She expects – it’s up to you to find someone else, or to agree to Her demands. No promises of sex, just never-ending seduction. She’s done it before and, if not to you, She will surely do it again – She’s hooked on the rush of Tease and Denial as much as you are on riding the wave of enslaving arousal.

    I mean, since you ASKED… 😉

  490. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh You say potato … It’s amusing nonetheless

  491. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL LOL

  492. Josh says:


    There’s no “rivalry” per se. @FlyGirl likes to make shit up to get Guru’s attention.

  493. THEATLSD says:


  494. THEATLSD says:


    I message and/or email first to get a feel for the SB. Plus I have a few key questions I ask if all goes well I offer a coffee/happy hour meet. I don’t have a “Sugar Phone” or hushed/Google number so meeting is good plus I can really see what they look like.

  495. Jaybird923 says:

    @Flyboy @Josh You guys are so entertaining. I love this little rivalry

  496. flyR says:

    The ATL SD

    I really do not like to meet without talking first. There’s too much you can learn in a conversation- lowlife , anger, smoker ( who claims not to be) , whinny

    The sad thing is that it’s pretty certain that every phone conversation, text and unencrypted email is harvested , scanned and preserved.

  497. THEATLSD says:

    I just checked your profile. I agree with the other SB hot bod.
    Your “What I’m looking for” section blows I would next you after reading that.

  498. Josh says:


    “DirkPitt2? Scammers and addicts!!!

    So Josh, what persona have you constructed for DirkPitt2? I am curious”

    A persona that gets your pussy itching with frustration?

  499. THEATLSD says:

    @Miss lady thanks for pointing out the blog submission thing. I’m going to write one
    Thanks again beautiful.

  500. THEATLSD says:

    @Jaybird nailed. That’s what I was going to say. Plus SD are generally older and old school not tech school. They want to meet IRL. Just make a very public place.

    I had a Pot SB DEMANDED we talk on phone or Skype first. I reminded her who had the $$. Guess who won?
    There is thousands of SB and hundreds of SD.

  501. flyR says:

    @convo —- nice profile until the end

    convo is not a word

    I AM NOT A HOOKER in all caps creates the image that you are . Your thought is fine but a more sophisticated execution would help

  502. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy That is indeed a good reason to smile. And It was a pleasant surprise to wake up to a bit of Greek mythology and have it be so aptly used :-))

  503. rembodler says:

    No it was a “thank you” for appreciating my blurb.
    And, I am also smiling cuz I have a hot date tonite that will not be over till AM tomo…:-)).

  504. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy Are you happy I liked your reference or is your smile for something else :-))

  505. rembodler says:


  506. Jaybird923 says:

    “you seem soooo experienced.”

    @Amber I’m faking it but don’t tell anyone 🙂

    Here is the issue with those video Apps and why most men might be reluctant to use them. A lot of men on here are married or very well known in there fields. Those video apps are an unnecessary liability.

    While a picture can be easily explained away a video recording of yourself discussing cheating on your SO or giving “gifts” for companionship is a little harder to explain. You have no control on whether the other person is recording the conversation or not. If a POT SB decides to use it for something nefarious then you are screwed.

    Case in point look at Donald Sterling and his was only a voice recording imagine the field day the press would’ve had if it was a video. If he’s interested in skyping he’ll let you know. Otherwise it takes very little effort to meet for a cup of coffee somewhere.

  507. MissLady says:

    @promise at the top of the page in the banner where it says ‘tell us your story’, you can submit a blog (entire entry) there

  508. Sunshine2serenity says:

    @Amber B
    Wow Amber! Just have to say you have a smoking body!

    I think guys can get a little shy about being on video. They can get worried that it will be recorded and used for something else. I generally get a name and a picture and sometimes I’ll have a chat over the phone. I prefer to get a picture once a guy seems serious and the rest once they say they want to meet I mention that for safety reasons I would like to know who they are. Hope that might be of some help 🙂

  509. Amber B. says:

    @JayBird923 , you seem soooo experienced. I have logged in with my profile username. I would like to ask.. am I wrong for asking potential SD to facetime me before we meet? I usually do not get any replies after that. Even though, I’ve been favorited etc by a pot… very frustrating

  510. FlyBoy says:

    DirkPitt2? Scammers and addicts!!!

    So Josh, what persona have you constructed for DirkPitt2? I am curious!

    Cheers 🙂

  511. Sunshine2serenity says:

    The blog post is entitled “Top 5 Sugar Baby Types” – I don’t think addicts, scammers and desperate babies fall into the “top” category :P.

  512. Sunshine2serenity says:

    I was lucky it was just at the local store. I did go to a GP though, it was massive fun. A few girls but most were there with their boyfriends and not playing lol. I had to stop though because it got expensive. $40 for a Brimaz card sheesh. And that’s before even playing Modern or Legacy! I’ll just have to find an SD that supports my magic habit hehehe.

  513. DirkPitt2 says:

    You forgot the common drug addict sugar baby, the 3 kids with no baby daddy desperate sugar baby, the scammer sugar baby and the con artist sugar baby ……. Obviously this article is just an ad.

  514. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy Nice reference

  515. Promise says:

    @Jessica It’s not that serious. No need to yell.

  516. jessica says:


  517. Promise says:

    @SS1959 Thank you! Yeah I just don’t want to post a picture of myself as my gravatar. 🙂

  518. Finesse says:

    I doubt very many people were able to concentrate on their control, aggro, or whatever deck they were playing after that…

  519. Finesse says:

    @Sunshine2serenity, I don’t play, but I’ve taken my sons to MTG tournaments and it’s always 9,990 guys and 10 gals, of which one is always a stunner. You must have been the stunner, the one that everyone’s looking at while pretending they’re not. Then you go and projectile at a button from your bosom into someone’s eye at supersonic speed…

  520. ss1959 says:

    Don’t know why that double posted; it was completely unintentional.

  521. ss1959 says:

    Hey Promise, I love the new gravatar, but shouldn’t there be ebony skin peeking out the top of those stockings?

  522. ss1959 says:

    Hey Promise, I love the new gravatar, but shouldn’t there be ebony skin peeking out the top of those stockings?

  523. rembodler says:

    Why I am here…
    Simple: the tale of the King Midas and his barber. I need that hole, to talk about my secret life. But we must learn from the past, I would not ever want the King (or, in this case, a Princess, I suppose) to guess she is the one who has donkey’s ears… But the itch to tell someone is…overwhelming.

  524. Michael1125 says:

    Asking “for” advice…

  525. Michael1125 says:


    I don’t spend too much time in this board, but you were asking poor advice…

    Your profile is not bad, simply edit as the comments above indicated and for brevity.

    Also, I expect that you are sweet, stunning, and have an incredibly sexy body, but, absolutely none if your pics show this to be true…

    Guys (even gentlemen like myself) are so visible. We don’t want pics of your friends (unless they are hot) your dogs, your ex boyfriends, etc,,,

    You don’t have to post lingerie shots, but every profile should involve a LBD and heels!

    Plus your a freaking yoga instructor! Two or three photos of you in yoga pants are required:)

    This site can be a great place to meet guys who have their act together. I truly wish the best of luck,


  526. Jaybird923 says:

    @sunshine Thanks for the clarification. He’s probably lying and is one of those guys with a breeding fetish. I’d be wary of some one who would post that on a profile.

  527. Sunshine2serenity says:

    @Josh and JayBird
    Nothing at all. It was just like wow that sounds kind of risky to put that on your profile. I guess too because most guys are rightly terrified of the idea that an SB will turn up pregnant, its interesting to see the opposite approach. I guess I’m thinking that he will probably get inundated with the wrong sort of SB but if he’s good at filtering more power to him.

    You made me giggle :). Good work :).

    He didn’t call a judge but luckily everyone around was laughing too hard. He accepted my apology so it was all good. I can’t even remember if I won, all I remember is feeling like a giant red beacon because I was so embarrassed and blushing too much. I was playing U/W control so I needed to be on my game and playing complete attention. Nothing worse than missing a supreme verdict :(.

  528. Promise says:

    @Miss Submit it where?
    @Josh Sorry.

  529. Josh says:

    Just made blueberry margarita. What a waste of awesome blueberries. 🙁

  530. MissLady says:

    so, there’s a way for people to submit a blog. So for the guys that think we need more of a SD view, you can submit a blog using an ID like ‘executiveSD’…or SB’s

    didn’t know that and thought I would pass it on

  531. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL lol I find it’s better to concentrate on work and save the large assets for when you have time to pay them the proper attention they deserve.

  532. THEATLSD says:

    I’m always on roll
    Your sked change is Dully noted
    I was trying to send you an email today but
    I m at work and keep getting side tracked by work and other large assets.

  533. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    You are on a roll Sir.
    Keep at it. LMAO.
    BTW. My day in Decatur office got swapped. I’m there Wed next week, instead of Tues. 🙂

  534. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL lol

  535. THEATLSD says:


    I’m thinking. “I hump females”

  536. StruggleIsReal says:

    What does “IHF” stand for? I have an idea but of course it could be many things.

  537. THEATLSD says:

    Speaking of updates. Ms Temptation. Where is your coffee meet update????

  538. THEATLSD says:

    Thanks for the update those, pesky wives get in the way.

  539. IHF2030 says:

    I always enjoy the small town baby. That’s because it has been my experience that women who were raised in small towns and rural areas tend to be easy going down to earth and just plain nice. By contrast, women who were raised or who have spent a lot of time living in large urban areas are much more likely to contract princess-diva-bitch-cunt syndrome.

  540. SouthernSB says:

    @TheATLSD-Yes I did, but we kept getting obstacles thrown in our way. First he couldn’t get away,then I couldn’t get away, then he went on vacation, then I went on vacation, etc., etc. The millionaire two hours away is the same guy, I’m pretty surprised that he is still bothering with me after all that. We are going to meet up some time either over the weekend or next week. After all we have been through I think we must have some kind of kismet. He even tried to call me in Portland, but I didn’t answer because I was taking a nap because of the crazy jet lag. I talked to him a little bit yesterday, and we are going to get together as soon as he can get away from his wife.

  541. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Good Evening.
    Glad to see you’re back here.

  542. StruggleIsReal says:

    I hope your POT meets go great! I think you would make an amazing companion for a worthy man.

  543. THEATLSD says:

    Welcome back. I was wondering where you went. Sounds like you had fun.
    Didn’t you have a lunch meet with a POT about 3 weeks ago?

  544. MissLady says:

    @promise, strip club

  545. MissLady says:

    Hey southern, long time no see on the blog. Good luck with your pot’s!

  546. Promise says:

    @Southern What’s a gentleman’s club? Is it like a Host Club?

  547. SouthernSB says:

    I’m a Small town baby. I just want a SD because of the lack of intelligent men, who actually have good jobs in my town. Yes, I like the allowance and nice things, but for me having someone to talk about the issues of the day and even pop culture and having someone who realizes that dating is more than showing up at my “house” and hitting the bedroom means more to me than money ever could.
    I have two POT dates coming up in the next couple of weeks. One is with a millionaire who lives a couple of hours from me and the other is with a
    local prof. in my area. We’ve been talking over the phone and by mail for the last few weeks and I’m excited to meet them both. Wish me luck. I may find a new match.

  548. SouthernSB says:

    Hi @all I’m back after spending my time lurking on Tumblr. I can’t help it, I like looking at pretty things and hearing over the top stories of low class sugar babies, high class escorts and white collar criminals (which is why “American Greed” is my favorite show).
    I also went on vacation to visit my sister in Portland Ore. I was going to try to find a SD to show us the city, but after I wrote an announcement that I was going to Portland for the week I forgot to actually talk to anyone. DUH!! I’m kind of glad that I didn’t because me and my sister had a great time going all over the place all by ourselves. She took me everywhere!!! I LOVE Portland!! It’s way too cold though…I got to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean!!! I froze my feet off but who cares?? I was actually on the West Coast!! I also went to my first drag show…those ladies are so talented. I had the best time of my life!! Now all I have to do is go to a male strip show, a burlesque show and a gentleman’s club.

  549. Promise says:

    @SS1959 I’d call that one the SA Baby since she seems to be the type that they advertise for.

  550. Jaybird923 says:

    @SS1959 The optimistic Baby?

  551. ss1959 says:

    And what type is this?

    “I’d like a kind gentleman who will take me out for nothing in return.”

    At least she’s up-front about it!

  552. Jaybird923 says:

    @SD That is all that is required. I answer all my messages except for people who’s only contact with me is a request for private picture. They automatically get deleted. Other than that almost everyone gets some form of my rejection letter. (Thank you, sorry not a match, good luck)

    If I have to give you an email address to find out what you look like,I pass. If your profile says you’re open to all types of arrangements, I pass. If your profile is rude or disrespectful I pass. If your whole profile is about what you own, I pass.

    The only ones I actually send a genuine message to are the ones with a well written profile. Either he displayed a great sense of humor, had something interesting to say, or he was very clear about what he’s looking for.

    To stand out your profile has to be engaging and interesting. I should get a sense of who you are. It has to make me want to find out more about you. Some of the profiles are so similar it’s like everyone used the same template.

  553. MissLady says:

    Thank you ATL!

  554. THEATLSD says:

    Not sure if I said it. But I really like your new Gravatar and dress. It looks to fit your style very well.

  555. MissLady says:

    @SD 9 messages my first day, avg about 4 unique ones since. I didn’t count favorites cause most of the messages are from folks who favorite me

  556. SD On Chat says:

    @ Jay: It would take more than that. What you just described is just about every decent SD profile on here.

    What would be more creative?
    Something that would result in at least 10+ new messages a day from really good prospects?

  557. Madison says:

    @THEATLSD Thanks, I’ll consider her thoughts

  558. THEATLSD says:

    @ SA admin specifically Jamie. You sent me a pop up message but Im technologically challenged and closed the message window. I have no idea how to get it back or respond. Can you do it again or email me.

  559. Jaybird923 says:

    @SD Have a picture! And Actually take the time to write something in your profile that’s more than “If you want to know ask me” but less than Homer’s Odyssey

  560. SD On Chat says:

    So seriously, what would be the best way for a SD to have a HUGE amount of messages in his inbox from the most desirable SBs? LOL

  561. THEATLSD says:

    Your in luck Promise is from the same place. She should be able to help give some insight for you.

  562. Jaybird923 says:

    @SD Not counting favorites etc. My highest number was my first day on the site 7. It’s dwindled down. If it’s a day I log in I get maybe 2-3. If I haven’t logged on in a bit I’ll get an occasional profile view and maybe 1 message or a favorite.

  563. Madison says:

    @gentleman soul
    Did you type Madison93?

  564. Madison says:


  565. THEATLSD says:

    @Madison are you in Palm beach?

  566. gentleman soul says:

    @Madison , no member popped up under your user name ?

  567. Madison says:


  568. THEATLSD says:

    . Like, if in the fact an SD agreed to that particular arrangement, would it be okay to have a lesser allowance at the beginning, and when the arrangement itself escalated enough to include sex, that then the allowance would grow.

    I find that perfectly acceptable and almost. I think you will find many arrangements start that way and then once the SD feels comfortable he will up the ante.

  569. SD On Chat says:

    Any message… the number in the little red box at the top of the page.

  570. Jaybird923 says:

    @SD What are we including just straight messages or messages, favorites,and picture request.

  571. SD On Chat says:

    Poll (be honest LOL):
    What’s the highest number of messages you’ve ever had waiting on you SA account?
    What’s the average number?
    Please clearly identify yourself as either SB or SD.

  572. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @flyR had THE BEST advice and language I’ve seen for “waiting” for intimacy for the feeling!

    But, SBs should also see his second post…because a SD looking for an intimate outlet WILL continue to look until he finds the outlet he desires…some will continue to look for the NEXT intimate outlet even after that!

  573. Madison says:

    @SD on Chat and @flyR
    Those are really good tips. Thank you! I do plan to post more pictures, I just wanted to get a feel for the site a little more. I’m not exactly looking to meet anyone now. I just want to educate myself more until I’m fully confident in what I’m trying to achieve.

  574. flyR says:

    A side note for those who want an extended no sex prelude ( with or without cash) the sd is likely to continue to look …………. sometimes YES is the right answer so long as you are comfortable with it.


  575. Josh says:

    It took Madamm @flyR 1.5 years to learn to write from SD’s vantage point. Well done madame. 😉

  576. Madison says:

    @gentleman soul
    I apologize if I sound naive, but the terms you used [SO, Pot(I’m assuming is potential?)Unicorns], what do they refer to?
    Also, I figured you would want something different. You are right to say that the majority of SD’s do. I’m fairly new to this site, as well as to this lifestyle so please critique me. my user ID: Madison93

  577. flyR says:

    “Any pointers on new sugar baby on what type pictures will attract sugar daddies? what a good profile to attract sugar daddies to my profile not looking at me for sex”

    something like I love sex but am not prepared to jump into it after a quick meeting, I need to feel comfortable and want someone special . Please understand that I do NOT expect an allowance until we decide that we want to proceed and that I do not expect lavish entertainment but rather the opportunity to get to know you.

  578. SD On Chat says:

    @ Madison:
    Jeans and a T- Shirt… instead of shorty, short shorts, and cutoff top.
    Casual Dinner Dress to acompany a gentleman to an upscale restaurant… not a micro-mini with a glitzy cleavage showing top.
    Photos that show activities… athletics, arts, volunteering, that are part of their platonic qualities offered.

  579. gentleman soul says:


    IF you are open to intimacy but not right away then your profile should reflect the sexy ,smart, appealing girl that you are . I would like to see what you look like and I will visualize you as a sexual person . I am looking for a sex partner 1st ,who also appeals to me on other levels . I am not looking for an IRL GF, SO, confidant, or wife . You are looking for financial help as well as the other cool stuff that successful guys have to offer . SO —

    I would not ever pay an allowance for less than a full on arrangement , which means a sexual one . But if you are thinking long term and like the Pot enough to see him for a while (your comfort level ) ,then donate your time ,enjoy socializing with him ,and hope his patience is enough to wait you out . I would “date” an SB Pot for 2 -to 3 dates at most before pulling the trigger and moving on . I think most guys would agree with this . There are Unicorns however-maybe you can find one .

  580. Madison says:

    @gentleman soul
    That was actually going to be my next question. Like, if in the fact an SD agreed to that particular arrangement, would it be okay to have a lesser allowance at the beginning, and when the arrangement itself escalated enough to include sex, that then the allowance would grow.

  581. Madison says:

    SD on Chat
    Can you elaborate with what you mean by “a little restraint to match her text”?

  582. gentleman soul says:

    What if you had a SB that didn’t want sex at first, but later; and she could provide all those other qualities you mention. How would she go about portraying that? Hypothetically of course.

    Would that SB -hypothetically of course -like to have an allowance at first ? Or could that come later -perhaps along with the intimacy ?

  583. SD On Chat says:

    @ Madision: Perhaps tastefully, with a little restraint to match her text?

  584. gentleman soul says:

    Any pointers on new sugar baby on what type pictures will attract sugar daddies? what a good profile to attract sugar daddies to my profile not looking at me for sex

    definitely no skin showing. Get @Charlotte (posting above) to share her SD’s contact info . He is not interested in sex apparently. Otherwise you will not likely find someone who is not interested in sex . Actually @ Josh posted that someone who is entertaining to him will work without sex . If an SB posts “no sex” I am out !

  585. Madison says:

    SD on Chat
    What if you had a SB that didn’t want sex at first, but later; and she could provide all those other qualities you mention. How would she go about portraying that? Hypothetically of course.

  586. SD On Chat says:

    @ Miss Lady: THIS! “If you don’t want sex don’t advertise it by you pictures.”

    There’s nothing worse than some hot little cutie, advertising all of her goods in the most alluring and suggesting way… and then saying, “Oh I don’t want any intimacy… just your money, support, shopping, guidance, and any other extra things that you can give me.” WTF??

    If the SB does not want intimacy she should be promoting her other qualities… good girl, dressed nicely, arm candy for dinner, interesting person, excellent conversationalist, caring, good cook, etc. along with a pretty modest expectation.

    often the ones that ask for the most offer the least.

  587. SD On Chat says:

    @ Fly R: I think a lot of SB make that mistake… seeking a big $$$ per meet (catching a lot a scam dates in the process) and skipping over a decent, local, repeat SD that will offer a fair but lesser amount regurally.

    Re: First Meeting: I don’t think there should be any preconceptions about what a “first date” should be. It’s not a date. It’s not P4P either. It’s up the people meeting to see how well they click and decide how to move forward with it. Sometimes everything feels like it’s moving forward nicely. Other times it feels like that’s enough for now. Go with the flow is my motto.

  588. MissLady says:

    Bad case of the giggles after reading flyers comment!!

    But seriously anon, we’re pretty much a pro intimacy (when the time is right and there’s a connection) type group here. You will probably have to research elsewhere on how to find that unicorn, but the first rule will be if you don’t want sex then don’t advertise it by your pictures

  589. Jaybird923 says:

    @Struggles Thank you 🙂

  590. flyR says:

    SD on Chat

    The purpose of the first meet is for you to gather more information on what she will look like and feel like in bed for for her to gather info on how you will feel in her wallet.

    If the SB has high expectations and your have a modest budget there’s no purpose in meeting unless one of you makes a prior adjustment in their expectations.

    There are two components of the allowance that need to be addressed the SB’s real economic objective and the “valuation” element of the allowance or p4p . A key element is selling the non financial elements of the relationship in terms of what’s important to her.

    Most SB’s make the serious mistake of putting too much emphasis on the $ and not enough on the longevity. An economist would look at an uncoupled SB as suffering a weekly opportunity loss equal to the achievable sugar, It is lost forever…….. Like a sailboat the SB does not depreciate from going to sea with a good captain , rather sitting in the harbor causes more deterioration.

  591. StruggleIsReal says:

    Hahahahaha that was hilarious!

    You rock. Love your profile advice and your retort to @Matok.

  592. Madison says:

    @SD on Chat
    I’ve went through that scenario more than once myself. When I don’t tell them out in the open, the SD’s think I’m fake and don’t know what I really want, but I do, I just don’t know how to put the information out there without feeling uncomfortable about it.

  593. Jaybird923 says:

    @FlyR LMAO Oh my god Flyer that’s so f-ing hilarious

  594. flyR says:

    @ anon “”Any pointers on new sugar baby on what type pictures will attract sugar daddies? what a good profile to attract sugar daddies to my profile not looking at me for sex”

    This is a great question. It is also an opportunity to break the Real SB Rules Of Photos for a good cause. The mission of the photos is to give the potential SD a glimpse of what he can look forward to experiencing.

    You don’t state you expectations but lets imagine $3,000 per month.

    Get 30 $100 bills from the bank. Carefully float them in the toilet bowl and then capture the moment of the flush with your camera.

    It is important that the bowl be clean prior to the photo – not that the potential SD will notice but that you’ll probably grab for the soiled bills………

    Please let us know how this works

    Warmest personal regards FlyR

  595. SD On Chat says:

    @ Madison: thanks for the comment and insight. I think you really identified the issue.

  596. Jaybird923 says:

    @FlyR About what?

  597. flyR says:

    @ J bird – tell us how you really feel

  598. Jaybird923 says:

    @Matok Glad to see I wasn’t wrong. You’re not a worthy opponent you vainglorious blowhard. You had all day and that was the best you could do? I’ll refrain from engaging you further.

    At this point it would be cruel and inhumane to pit wits against someone of your caliber. If you post something worthy of my time I’ll respond otherwise good day to you.

  599. Madison says:

    @SD on Chat: That story makes a lot of sense. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one to feel uncomfortable about explaining their arrangement desires. To themselves, they may feel like a gold digger or a whore, even when they know that’s not the case, so they potentially feel bad about themselves and not ask or talk about it even when they really want to.

  600. Finesse says:

    @FlyBoy wrote: “On a more serious note; every women I met IRL tells me that she doesn’t care about money. When I asked my wealthy single friends, they report the same experience. I find this to be irritating and insulting!

    “First of all, it’s not true, so why say it. Second, it negates a substantial part of my life, work and achievements in an insulting way.”

    Right. What’s wrong with being attracted to money, so long as it’s self-made and not inherited? It’s a measure of success and ability, at least in the States (though admittedly an imperfect one). Why is it any different from looks (this of course is inherited), personality, or anything else?

  601. To the Anonymous Above says:

    I’m in the same boat as you. In reference to everyone else who’s experienced: any pointers?

  602. Finesse says:

    @Sunshine2serenity, did you win that MTG round? Didn’t get disqualified for using grossly unfair tactics? 🙂

  603. Jaybird923 says:

    @Pretty First I like your headline “less like Marilyn more like Jackie” but your pictures don’t match that. Jackie was not overtly sexy like Marilyn but she was sexy in her own way. She had an excellent sense of style. You on the other hand look frumpy and matronly. The picture next to the bear is not very flattering and your body language screams I’m uncomfortable with my body. Get yourself a nice classy Black sheath dress, pair of heels and the string of pearls and have someone take a picture of you. Think Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s but it doesn’t have to be a long dress.

    This is not a traditional dating website and the language you are using will scare most men away. Get rid of the loving bond and head of household stuff. Change long term relationship to arrangement. Take out the bit about loving to clean. They are not looking for a maid but for a companion.

    Also most guys are not looking to be your sole support and that line about quitting your job and enjoying you social life is a red flag. You can leave the sentence alone but take out the part after starting your own business.

    Good for you that you have high standards and believe you have a lot to offer the right man. Uummm what exactly are you offering? No where in your profile do you mention what those things are. That sentence is unnecessary just tell the reader what you bring to the table.

    So the only thing you want in an SD is that he’s dominant and take charge? If not tell the reader what you’re looking for. What personality? How often would you like to meet? Platonic or intimate arrangement etc. Hope this helps Good Luck

  604. Anonymous says:

    Any pointers on new sugar baby on what type pictures will attract sugar daddies? what a good profile to attract sugar daddies to my profile not looking at me for sex

  605. Matok says:

    I spotted you early as a troll.
    (And you looked thin and gaunt, so I figured I’d feed you.)

    It is indeed you vs others since your ideas and attitude are opposed by those who successfully use what you criticize.

    Shame on me for feeding the trolls, but I offer you a delicious dessert for your consideration: Wen one criticizes others, they are simply bringing up the very issues that they struggle with. So your use of the words “pompous” and “windbag” are quite appropriate as I notice that you are struggling with both. 😉

  606. SD On Chat says:

    @rem & all: It is really interesting how the subject of gifting comes up. Usually if a SB needs an advance agreement she will ask for it. Sometimes the answer can be approximate or implied… other times it can be explicitly agreed:

    Long Distance: Obviously if travel is involved the gifting topic will be discussed.

    Casual: Just meet up, no expectation, see what happens, go from there and gift accordingly. If everybody is happy you’ll meet again. I like this in reply to “What are your expectations?”… especially if the girl is new… just say “Nothing specific, no obligation, let’s just meet and see how it goes.” It tends to make everyone more comfortable. If she needs specifics she’ll ask.

    Business Baby: Great attitude but she talks business too. She knows how to balance both topics right.

    Salty Baby: “What’s in it for me?” comes first, foremost and repetitively ahead of all other topics.

    Interesting Story: I recently met an attractive SB with excellent communication, very polite text communication initiated by her on multiple days. She asked to meet with her driving some distance to meet me. She wasn’t shy, too young or new. When we got together it was sociable OK… but it felt like she didn’t really like me. It wasn’t like things were advanced too quickly or anything. Just that her body landguage said nothing positive, and she was almost sitting on the OTHER END of the sofa! LOL

    OK, So maybe I’m not her type or whatever. I gave her a modest gift to cover travel expenses and a bit of her time and that was it. Surprisingly she texted me upon arriving home, and again the next day.

    It turns out that she was just very uncomfortable because the topic of gifting and/or arrangement was not discussed… and she wants to meet again after we discussed specifics.

    I learned something from that… failing all other meeting social efforts, flat out ask, “Would you be more comfortable if we discussed a gift or arrangement?”

    Never had to do that before! LOL

  607. Jaybird923 says:

    @Pretty Since you asked so nicely I’ll gladly take a look. 🙂

  608. GreedyPrincess says:

    Oooh I wonder which one I am 🙂 hehehe

  609. Prettyltlyogini says:

    @Jaybird923 your comments and advice to other babies about there profile was great. If you don’t mind, would you please look at mine and see what I could improve to get more messages?

    Thank you!!

  610. MissLady says:

    Sadly these girls have thousands of followers on both sites, SA isn’t the only ones feeding into the misconceptions

  611. Jaybird923 says:

    @FLyBoy Oh dear! Of course I am so very sorry My friend for any damages I may have inadvertently caused to your possessions. 🙂

  612. FlyBoy says:


    @Matok It’s not me versus anyone. I have nothing personal against either of you. After I made my initial comments I moved on. To not do so would give the impression that you some how have some value in my life that would warrant me expending more energy on you. And I assure you don’t. I haven’t given you a second thought until I saw your most recent comment.

    I take exception to the insinuation that because I find You to be a pompous windbag that I somehow am not articulate, intelligent, or thoughtful. I would run circles around you and exert very little effort doing so. Trust me I’m not an opponent you want to take on. Better men than you have tried and failed.

    Jay, you owe me an apology!! I have coffee all over my keyboard. lol

    Cheers 🙂

  613. Jaybird923 says:

    @LAdy I really do hate that Instagram page. I find what they have done with it reprehensible. It’s designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. They are really doing a good job of taking something that should be exclusive and turning it into something quite pedestrian.

  614. rembodler says:

    I actually prefer something like “what are you going to gift me when we go for a date” comes up early.
    I suspect some of these women are being coached by their friends who introduced them to SA. In these cases not all is lost and it is possible to convince her that she has been badly advised and go from there.

  615. MissLady says:

    I guess I’m not surprised by the text after reading through Instagram and tumblr. No negotiations or any reference to quid pro quo huh? I guess I’ve always been leery of the something for nothing approach, there’s always another shoe…

  616. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Chat – I have had similar experiences…you just have to move past quickly and have more than one you’re communicating until you find “the one” that hits the most buttons!

    We’ve been on blog often saying that SA is not helping the entitlement issue with the blogs advocating juggling daddies, pushing closets full of shoes, bags, clothes, etc…the last two topics have been better…I have a feeling there will be more changes coming to this end 😉

  617. Matok says:

    It is simply a difference of approach. Erik and I have similar philosophies. 😉

    And for those who suggest that I “tighten” up my profile, I’ve considered it, but I’ve found that it is something without end, constant tweaking. Sometimes when it suffices, it is well enough to leave alone.

    Besides, since I created it, they’ve reduced the amount of text you can put in your profile, so I leave it as is. It works so why fix it?

  618. Jaybird923 says:

    @Matok It’s not me versus anyone. I have nothing personal against either of you. After I made my initial comments I moved on. To not do so would give the impression that you some how have some value in my life that would warrant me expending more energy on you. And I assure you don’t. I haven’t given you a second thought until I saw your most recent comment.

    I take exception to the insinuation that because I find You to be a pompous windbag that I somehow am not articulate, intelligent, or thoughtful. I would run circles around you and exert very little effort doing so. Trust me I’m not an opponent you want to take on. Better men than you have tried and failed.

  619. SD On Chat says:

    (Never met, previously exchanged texts, we were in disagreement on arrangement.
    Said she was having dinner with a much more generous SD that night…. Different SB from my previous post.)

    SB: Hello?
    SD: Good Morning (screename). How are you on this beautiful day?
    SB: I’m good. Can you help me today?
    SD: Sure. If I can. What do you need help with?
    SD: Are you looking to meet up?
    SB: I have a certain bill that I need to take care of…
    SD: I have a certain desire to enjoy this beautiful day over the pool, with a personable, entertaining, and compatible company… someone who truly enjoys and is capable of making a great and mutually beneficial day and an awesome relationship on all levels.
    SB: Okay nvm

    I think our media and culture provides such an infatuated ego and distorted message to young women that when reality sets in many just can’t handle it. What do some of these girls think? That they can be borderline or even outright rude, request money, while offering nothing whatsoever in return?

  620. Josh says:


    “He may just be shy or someone who is trying SA because he never learned how to get women without it.”

    If I were to do it all over again, I would only hook up with wome thru sugar.

  621. rembodler says:

    I would not be so…conceited, my friend. The advice you were given was actually pretty solid. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use. No one here is out to get you or undermine you. There is always some room for improvement.
    Just my .02.

  622. Matok says:

    @ Erik

    5-6 paragraphs is great!

    It lets a potential SB know you are willing to take the time and invest yourself (as long as the 5-6 don’t come across as cut & paste).

    You provide them with plenty of material to respond with. What you are doing is smart.

    And your comment “A conversation is a two-way street ladies. You have to give to get. Don’t treat these messages like text messages.” is spot on.

    I too have had success in finding the intelligent, thoughtful, articulate types by taking the time to write. (My profile is very long, and you’ll see certain types above complaining about it, of course.)

    It seem that it is guys like us vs Jaybird923. LOL

  623. Charlotte says:

    I understood who Gollum was but my sounding like him was a bit strange. I understand now 🙂

    No I am back to home for summer break. I will be back to France later in summer.

    I didn’t tell him but I showed him a lot of attention.
    I am too shy/ passive to tell him I wanted more.

  624. Joey says:

    @Charlotte, have you told this guy that? And that you want more?

    He may just be shy or someone who is trying SA because he never learned how to get women without it.

  625. THEATLSD says:

    @Charolette my precious. That was a reference to Lord of the Rings. You were speaking in the third person and called yourself stupid charolette. That’s what Gollum does.
    (PS in no way do I think you look like Gollum)

    Are you back in France my precious?

  626. Charlotte says:

    It isn’t sexlessness I complain and it isn’t because I really need it.

    I complain lack of affection, we only hug each other and I really like him physically and mentally. I would certainly date him even if there wasn’t any sugar.


  627. Promise says:

    Good morning~ Sweet Insomnia claimed my soul again last night. :’)
    @S2s What does he do with the SB’s?

  628. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh I agree. I don’t get why she’s at a loss for words

  629. Josh says:


    So what’s wrong with one million per baby IF he actually honors his claim? He could easily get a surrogate for lot less than that.

    Millions of women make babies with deadbeat men and then cost taxpayers billions in child support + enforcement.

  630. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Wow. Just wow. So I was reading an SD’s profile and he states that he offers women 1 million per baby they have with him. Lost for words…

  631. Joey says:

    @Charlotte, can you clarify? You are unhappy because your SD is NOT demanding sex? It’s usually the other way around.

  632. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – ditto – if you’re off to bed soon yourself 😉

  633. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online Goodnight and sweet dreams. 🙂

  634. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – yeah, it’s the idea that when someone bitches about something, and bitches about the result of something and then doesn’t want to hear anything different…just makes me scratch my head sometimes…definition of insanity I guess?!

  635. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Okay…off to bed…great event done and now an early morning tomorrow!

  636. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online I get you it’s a hard lesson to learn but after enough people throw your help back in your face you learn to be more selective about offering your assistance.

  637. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I should clarify…I know I can’t help everyone in my head, but I still need to teach my heart that lesson…

  638. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I know…and it’s something I need to continue to apply in business as well as sugar…

  639. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online You’re to nice for your own good. You can’t help everyone.

  640. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – Sorry..forgot I need to refresh…yeah…I’m learning that…sowly 😉

  641. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online I’m still here sometimes you just have to ignore people. Especially those with that defensive attitude

  642. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – you still around? I’m so glad our potential rabbit turned out to be a blip on the radar!

  643. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @S2S – I’m a redhead man…to a fault sometimes…but I want the personality of the redhead, whatever hair color you’ve got 😉

  644. BarbieSub says:

    I am totally the Small Town Baby. Although I am in college I have never taken out a loan, or have been given money for my courses. Im in the Sugar Bowl because I love the company of older people, any gift given to me is like a bonus to the amazing experiences I take part in when I get together with someone. Im honestly so simple and genuine. Proud baby checking in~ haha

  645. Sunshine2serenity says:

    How has she not broken her ankle yet?!

  646. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Hahahaha. I use the exact same analogy! For me its pony tail and big black framed glasses. Nobody notices me which is kind of nice.

    @SDs in general
    What seems to be the preference on hair colour? I change between red and blonde but I’m kind of thinking that most guys would prefer blonde?

  647. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady It was hilarious. There’s nothing sexy about that. It’s better to walk confidently in flats.

  648. MissLady says:

    @Sage I keep a resting bitch face

    LOL so me at work, and after they start talking to me ‘wow, I thought you were so mean’…

  649. THEATLSD says:

    @Lady sage
    I know exactly what your talking about. After the uniform went thru the dryer!!!

    @Reb why are you wasting time on the blog? Go hit that shit!!

  650. Jaybird923 says:

    @Ladysage We need to. We have so much in common. Mines are black frames too. And that’s why I go a little crazy here with the flirting saying hello to many times in real life translates to “she’s DTF.”

  651. MissLady says:

    lol @ the video, she should’ve just taken them off and walked barefoot, it’s a wonder she didn’t twist her ankle

  652. Jaybird923 says:

    @Reb You should’ve told him fine but you’ll only tuck him into bed for that. If he wants a bed time story it’ll cost him more.

  653. THEATLSD says:

    @Jay. Good job 😉

    @promise. I loved it also probably for different reasons. I drive by it a lot. I might just stop in for some sight seeing.

  654. LadySage says:

    @jay glasses do help. I get the black framed ones. I keep a resting bitch face. Just a smile and it’s a flirt. Girl we need to hang out.

    @atl imagine a service uniform. Seen that movie down periscope? What a mess.

  655. MissLady says:

    @atl, camera and a timer

  656. Reb says:

    Wow. Some guy just messaged me saying he’ll buy me dinner and pay me $150 if I go back to his room. He acted like he was going to pamper me with that allowance…

  657. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL I already did 🙂 And I really do love that name … richly satisfying to the senses or the mind. I think that fits me perfectly lol

  658. Promise says:

    @ATL I LOVED DOUBLE DIVAS! 😀 That show was fun.

  659. THEATLSD says:

    @Lady sage
    Seeing you in the that dress in your profile. I have a hard time imaging you in scrubs. So I could see how the opposite is true.

  660. THEATLSD says:

    “heels” are we talking? 2, 3, or 4 inches”

    @Jay my luscious, would you like to answer it

  661. Jaybird923 says:

    @Georgia anything umder 4 inches are just shoes 🙂

  662. Jaybird923 says:

    @Ladysage oh my god no one believes me when I tell them no one pays attention to me when I’m wearing my glasses. I’ve dubbed it the Clark Kent affect great minds lol

  663. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Thanks! I’ll have to check on them. The store is about 45 min from me!
    BTW, what size of “heels” are we talking? 2, 3, or 4 inches?

  664. LadySage says:

    Babies, I see I missed boob talk. I can relate. I’m a 36H 27 waist and round butt. Most of what fits well is pricey and still a lot of items require alterations. I’m also in a position that it hinders me to appear sexually appealing, but no matter what I wear I have that appeal. I don’t have a girl next door beauty.

    At work I wear my hair in a tight bun, glasses and turn up the nerd. I’ve shocked people during the mandatory holiday work functions in civilian clothes. I’m like Clark Kent and superman lol.

    It’s also easy for people to judge. People see my body and make assumptions. They are usually quite opposite of what really comprises me holistically.

    I think we are all guilty of stereotyping and biases. It’s human nature. I just try to be self aware enough to notice when I am exhibition a negative behavior and take action to improve.

  665. Jaybird923 says:

    How To NOT Walk In High Heels :): [http://youtu.be/VmZ7Do0gbCU]

  666. THEATLSD says:

    @Miss lady
    Is someone taking that picture of you??

  667. rembodler says:


    I somewhat disagree. My approach is to write a short sweet but relevant message in the beginning. 50% of women won’t even read it, 25% will read and not reply. Your target audience is among this 1/4 that actually ends up replying. I am saying “among” as most of these will give you a short “lol” or “Hi” or “Hi, Hun”.
    Why waste time – unless you are cuttin and pastin the same letter to all of them – and that is kind of…lame?

  668. Josh says:

    I do appreciate articulate SD participants.

  669. THEATLSD says:

    BTW I Received an Email last night from SA. That they have updated the site and app. So maybe that will fix some issues. Or not.
    I don’t use the app. I’m old school and use web browser. So 2010!!!

  670. THEATLSD says:

    “Heels do amazing things to the female form”
    Amen sister is too much to ask for a SB to wear heels. Spread the word.

    As for bras. There a place right in my hometown. Livie Rae. It was on TV.

  671. MissLady says:

    Ha! @Jay, I took some pictures and kept wondering why they weren’t looking right and then realized I had taken them with no shoes and put my heels on lol. Now I can’t get the bad walker visual out of my head lol..

  672. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady I can tell. Heels do amazing things to the female form. It puts all your best parts on display. Provided you know how to walk in them. Nothing worse than watching a woman stump down the street in a pair of shoes they can’t walk in.

  673. MissLady says:

    Thank Jay…and I’m standing in heels….lol

    So, we have two specialized approaches to sugar in one blog. @Erik I quit using the app after I realized that not everyone was even getting the original contact

  674. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online Yes Luv I’m very proud of you. lol

  675. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I’m not going down the rabbit hole this time…are you proud?

  676. Erik says:

    @Jaybird923 – 5 or 6 paragraphs is not a lot. Most babies i communicate with are thankful that i provide as much info as I do. A person would have to be awfully boring if 6 paragraphs covers everything about them.

  677. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady That dress is fabulous and the body’s not bad either. 🙂 You look great in it

  678. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sunshine I know! It’s ridiculous how much more expensive they make our bras! Like they are really using that much extra fabric. And since I only wear the pretty lace ones with no padding I have to search through a lot of websites to find them. Most of the stuff they make in the bigger sizes look like something a grandma would wear. They are so ugly. But I’ve found some go to sources.

  679. Erik says:

    @OnlineNebieSD – Please don’t tell me how to go about communicating. I do not have a problem with getting responses from those that can read my messages. My approach works very well for the type of Sugar Baby i’m interested in (intelligent, thoughtful, articulate types), but they have to be able to read the messages for that to happen. A 3 paragraph message is not enough to portray the information I need to stand out, as in my area Babies get upwards of 100 messages per day, more if they’re extremely interesting.

    Is it really too much to ask that the site actually work?

  680. MissLady says:

    Thanks Sunshine!

  681. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Erik – you sound like I did about a year ago…this isnt a dating site…I want that rapport as well, but if you’re writing a book in the first message, you’re the problem with the communication, I’m sorry to be a dick about it, but you are.

  682. MissLady says:

    @Jay, yes they tell me they would happily swap them with me sometimes and that I have it good and have some of the same issues, but between their boobs and my size, we manage to get happy hour rounds paid for, so it works.

    But in the midst of all this glorious boobage, I feel the need to cover up lol

  683. Jaybird923 says:

    @Erik 5 or 6 paragraphs? Good God why? I appreciate wanting to stand out but she doesn’t have to know everything about you in one message. Your first message should be an introduction.Tell her why you think you’d be a match/ or what you liked about her profile. Ask her to check out your profile and get in touch if she’s interested in moving forward.

  684. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Love your dress!

    Agreed. They may look nice but finding clothes that fit is hard. I’m a 32G ($&#$ at nature lol). If I want a bra that fits I have to shell out $120 minimum which being a student is like – I’m already eating 2 minute noodles there’s not many more expenses I can cut lol. If they grow anymore then I’m going to be heading out of the range of even the specialty brands here (I’m not states based). So they better stop or I’m going to have to reduce lol.

  685. Erik says:

    Sugar Babies – Here’s a bit of advice for you. When you respond to potential Daddies, don’t be stand-offish. Don’t be guarded. Don’t hedge your answers, and couch them with maybe’s. It’s a huge turn off, especially from someone that wants to have a rapport with you. It’s difficult to carry on a conversation with someone who isn’t enthusiastically a part of said conversation.

    Here’s an example of what NOT to do:

    “I’m interested in discussing things more, but it depends on chemistry”.

    I get that one a lot. I know it depends on chemistry, i’m not stupid. But by saying that, you’re putting up walls in the first conversation. What’s more, you’re telling me NOTHING about yourself, other than what may or may not have been in your profile (speaking of which, why are at least 50% of all profiles blank these days? another way the site is so broken.)

    A conversation is a two-way street ladies. You have to give to get. Don’t treat these messages like text messages.

  686. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I only agreed to the playtime to shut her up since we were buddies, he knew I was just fucking her and didn’t “want” her…it was also that I knew he didn’t want me either…

  687. Sunshine2serenity says:

    I was wondering how people were sending blank messages! I normally use the website on my phone without using the app and that seems to work best for me. That’s a pain that the app isn’t working :(.

    Yup its pretty much always women or guys that are “religiously oppressed?” Haha.

  688. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady the grass is always greener. They have there uses but are a pain in the ass when you’re trying to buy clothes. If it stretches it’s my friend. Buying a fitted dress off the rack is a mission. I’m a 36DDD and I have a 28 inch waist so I have to buy it a couple of sizes up and alter it. No last minute dress shopping for me.

  689. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Erik – 3 paragraphs are getting near too much for a first message…

    First paragraph something about why you’re interested.

    Second paragraph something about you that she might like.

    Third, ask for something…

    Done…don’t waste your time on the first message!

  690. Promise says:

    @ONSD Oh Lord…8-0

  691. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online Dibs or age based? If I was the tallest I would insist we do it by height. Everyone likes what they like I never understand the appeal of being with someone who’s a bitch. Maybe she treats him better than other people.

  692. Erik says:

    You know, I’m getting a little tired of how broken the site is.

    There’s been a bug with the mobile app for months. I’ve reported it several times to tech support, and they’re just clueless and can’t understand the issue. Apparently, they don’t speak english natively, or they’re just not paying attention.

    When I send messages to prospective babies, i tend to write a lot of information to give them a good idea of who I am. Apparently, the mobile app doesn’t like that and just displays a blank message to them. When I report this to tech support, they can’t get it through their heads that I am not the one who has a problem reading the email. I’ve tried to explain it multiple different ways, and they just don’t get it. It’s frustrating that probably half of all babies are using the mobile app, and it’s so broken that it can’t even deliver messages correctly.

    Could I write smaller messages? What’s the point? How does one stand out in a sea of hundreds of messages if you’re just going to write “How’s it going?”.

    I’m not talking novel length here.. just about 5 or 6 paragraphs.

  693. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Oh, a few years later the two of us had our way with her, as she had been begging him for it…they’re now married, still keep in touch through SM…good times 😉

  694. MissLady says:

    lol @ Jay and Sunshine I have some girlfriends that have are ‘blessed’ and I’m like why are you holding them back?? They always roll their eyes at me….

  695. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Back in the old days it was either dibs or age-based…I wasn’t interested in her, she was a bitch, but she had great tits!

  696. Jaybird923 says:

    @Oneline How do you guys decide who gets to take a shot at a woman if both of you are interested in her?

  697. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sunshine The disapproval come from women I never had a guy say anything negative. Every once in a while I’ll get a lady who wants to know if I’m wearing a special bra so they can get one too. They’re usually disappointed when I say it’s all me.

  698. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I was probably only comfortable because I WASN’T staring at her breasts and my buddy wanted her…otherwise I would have probably stammered…

  699. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online Good for you lol Knowing myself I’ll most likely lean forward too. They usually get all embarrassed and start stuttering “No no not all I was just looking at your um neckalace” or something similar 🙂

  700. Sunshine2serenity says:

    @JayBird Hahaha. Yeah so true. Plus there is the entertainment value when people do silly things because they’re distracted. The only thing I don’t like is when people are disapproving – I’m sorry but they grow on their own and just because they’re large doesn’t mean I’m trying to be a tart lol. But you can’t please everyone *shrug*

    I like my ex-bf’s boss’ approach he just straight up said that he couldn’t stop staring haha.

  701. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I have had that offer and said “yes”… When she leaned forward, I nodded acknowledgment and said ” thanks” with a big grin…then offered to buy her a drink…didn’t go any further, because my buddy was trying to hit on her and ended up with her (he wasn’t very forward)

  702. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sunshine Oh I know for sure that he could speak he did yell ouch when he hit the meter lol I don’t mind people looking. If I did I’d spend my whole life being upset. Just look and move it along.

    If they stare to long I usually ask them if they would like me to lean forward so they can get a better look. so far no ones taken me up on that I wonder what I’ll do if someone says yes.

  703. Sunshine2serenity says:

    :O! He should have said something. Maybe though he was just too tongue tied and couldn’t speak at all ;).

  704. Jaybird923 says:

    @Flyboy A breast man. I knew there was reason I liked you lol

  705. Jaybird923 says:

    @Flyboy Play on my friend. 🙂 There’s no reason to get married at all. You can have a perfectly satisfying relationship with out a marriage license.

  706. FlyBoy says:

    I love big boobies! lol

    Cheers 🙂

  707. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sunshine I’ve lost a few buttons in my time. I remember a couple years back seeing this guy walk into a parking meter and I couldn’t understand why he was so clumsy until I walked by a shop window and noticed my shirt was open lol He got more than an eye full. I hope it hurt when he hit the meter. He could have told me 🙂

  708. FlyBoy says:

    I don’t know jay, to be honest! I don’t want to say a virgin, because that will close the door on a lot of legitimate candidates. Be that as it may, she has to be a virgin or very close to it.

    Anyway, I am in my early forties, so marriage is not on my mind. I may just settle for a simple relationship with a decent woman that is somewhat ‘age appropriate’. Meanwhile, it’s full on #PlayBoyMode.

    Cheers 🙂

  709. Sunshine2serenity says:

    It’s completely unfair lol. Even wearing turtlenecks is bad because then its very Joan Holloway and people still stare lol. I did go the shirt route for a while until I was playing MTG and I had a button pop off and hit my opponent in the eye. It was very embarrassing but I suppose it makes for a good story (so many puns there on him getting an eyeful and me revealing my hand lol). Now I always carry safety pins and buy shirts that I’m drowning in elsewhere so they fit properly across the bust and then sew them up so I don’t look like I’m wearing a sheet.

    Completely agree on not wanting to be shackled to someone in that way.

    That’s why I kind of avoid the people who want to go the romantic route – I’m fine with it as an illusion and I’m happy to go for something longer term if things work out. That said the thing I dislike about conventional relationships is being told what I can and can’t do. The last thing I want is to find that in a SR.

    Quality takes time 🙂

  710. Promise says:

    @S2S I like it. ://)

  711. Jaybird923 says:

    “Fortunately it’s not low cut – its just that I’m rather substantial in that area. Unless I wear a turtleneck its going to look sinful which can be rather problematic at times :P.”

    @Sunshine I know right. I can wear the same exact shirt as my sister and I look like a harlot and see looks like the girl next door.

  712. Jaybird923 says:

    @FlyBoy LMAO Cock Carousel Another gem my friend. I’m going to have to borrow that one. And I agree with you everyone cares about money the only thing that’s different is the reason why they care about it.

    I don’t like people making plans for my future without my consent just because you’re ok for right now doesn’t mean I want to shackle myself to you for the long term. And yes you are indeed the prize my friend.

    Just out of curiosity what’s your cut off point. How long can she ride the Cock Carousel and still be considered as a candidate for matrimony?

  713. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    “We live in such a now world, going slow is a lost art.”
    Ah, but isn’t going slowly the “fun” part – enjoying every delicious second of the experience without rushing through the whole “process”? LOL

  714. THEATLSD says:

    I don’t find it problematic. 😉

    Welcome to the blog and off lurking status.
    I’m glad to see you get it. Your last sentence Stating you understand that it takes time. Sooo many SB and SD don’t understand that part.

    We live in such a now world, going slow is a lost art.

  715. DowntownLASD says:

    @ATLSD — The fact that there are SDs who have no problem for Mommy Babies is the great thing about the Sugar Bowl. There’s a partner for everyone.

  716. FlyBoy says:

    OMG, I am siding with FlyBoy…:-((
    Sad day indeed (Rem takes his pencil and pokes his eye out, slowly).

    Now that funny, right there lol

    Cheers 🙂

  717. FlyBoy says:

    Jaybird, thank you darlin 🙂

    On a more serious note; every women I met IRL tells me that she doesn’t care about money. When I asked my wealthy single friends, they report the same experience. I find this to be irritating and insulting!

    First of all, it’s not true, so why say it. Second, it negates a substantial part of my life, work and achievements in an insulting way. Last, I am bemused by the pathetic power grab on her part.

    Power grab?! Yes. By telling me she doesn’t care about the money, it can only mean that she has pigeon hole’d in a provider role. That she gets to decide my LTR. No honey pot, not so fast, you have a lot fucking and sucking and baking and texting sweet nothings to me for a few seasons until I decide whether you are good enough for LTR.

    I am the prize, not some women with an English Lit degree and a teaching job.

    That’s why I love SBs who are “delusional” enough to think they are worth an allowance. At least, they are far better than the seriously deluded who think I’m going to wife them up after their ten years on the cock carousel.

    Cheers 🙂

  718. Lilz says:

    Im the Last one 😀

  719. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Fortunately it’s not low cut – its just that I’m rather substantial in that area. Unless I wear a turtleneck its going to look sinful which can be rather problematic at times :P.

  720. Promise says:

    @rem Nooooooooo!

  721. OnlineNewbieSD says:


  722. THEATLSD says:

    “come across with a profile where a guy mentions what he likes e.g. ”

    I like low cut green dresses.

  723. rembodler says:

    OMG, I am siding with FlyBoy…:-((
    Sad day indeed (Rem takes his pencil and pokes his eye out, slowly).

  724. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Pilot & @Jay – my suggestion is to eliminate the “I” from a lot of what was written…but as stated…if it’s getting you what you like, keep it, if you want something different make changes…

  725. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy If you like the superficial ones who see you as a $ sign so much, why are you always giving Cucumber such a hard time?

  726. Sunshine2serenity says:

    @Promise and JayBird
    Thanks! 🙂

    @Pilot Boy
    To echo the others: I would prefer in your profile to know about you as a person. Its really exciting as an SB to come across with a profile where a guy mentions what he likes e.g. football, his favorite video games, books, movies, hobbies that kind of thing. I feel like lots of SD’s fall into the trap of only “selling the sizzle”. If you want a girl that is interested in you and not so much the wealth then we need to know a little about you!

    And if I may be so bold – you profile picture is really nice but your shirt and jacket don’t quite go together. I know I know its nitpicking but it just makes my fingers itch lol. It could be a good thing though if you’re looking for a girl who wants to take you shopping and get you dressed in clothes that are comfortable and look good though O_o.

  727. Jaybird923 says:

    The only SBs he’ll get with his profile is the type every one says they don’t want. The superficial ones who only see you as a dollar sign.

    @Flyboy I should revise that comment from everyone to most say they don’t want 🙂

  728. Jaybird923 says:

    @Flyboy ^ see the comment above.

  729. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy To each his own. If you want superficial go for it. I’m assuming he wants something with a bit more depth and if he doesn’t he can ignore my advice/suggestions.

  730. FlyBoy says:


    The only SBs he’ll get with his profile is the type every one says they don’t want. The superficial ones who only see you as a dollar sign.

    Not me! I love the “superficial” ones. Why wouldn’t I?

    Cheers 🙂

  731. Promise says:

    @Josh Thank you. :,)

  732. rembodler says:

    Nothing wrong with “superficial who see u as a $”, as soon as you have them aplenty.
    It is those of us who have $ in short supply have to waste time trying to dazzle them with with charm and intellect. And the prettiest ones are still a tough get…
    I am sure you heard the expression ” Throw money at the problem – and it will go away”…

  733. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Yay its working.

    Relatively new here so Hi everyone :). I’ve been a bit of a lurker lol so I feel like I know you all a little.

    College/Small Town baby here. Generally just looking for someone whose company I enjoy who doesn’t mind helping me out while I spoil him. I’m not so good at the cooking thing, except for sweets. Which is a little frustrating because I can’t get my guy little gifts if he’s married because it might cause problems >_< (After meeting with one guy I was chatting about how I make soap and I really want to give him some when we next meet but he has a partner). I'm aiming at having just one SD but it takes time to find the right guy :(.

  734. Josh says:

    @Promise, you’re fine. Don’t feel bad about anything.

    @Matok, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Best of success. Don’t change anything in your profile until I read it on a computer. It is intriguing. LOL!

    @ONSD and @Jay, keep up the good work.

  735. THEATLSD says:

    You could be “Transracial”.

  736. Promise says:

    I see your image.

  737. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sunshine Just refresh the page. your garvatar is up.

  738. I have a feeling I have to wait for it to update. For those familiar with it do I need to have the same name? I’m assuming my email is my gravitar one. Is there anything I need to put in the website section?

  739. Jaybird923 says:

    “No. And why wouldn’t we think it’s you. You post a picture of another girls sexy legs. That’s plagerism.”

    @ATL lol

  740. Testing out this gravatar contraption.

  741. Promise says:

    @ATL I’ve said I’m black numerous times.

  742. THEATLSD says:

    “@ONSD You know that’s not me in the picture right?”
    No. And why wouldn’t we think it’s you. You post a picture of another girls sexy legs. That’s plagerism.

  743. Jaybird923 says:

    @Remmy The only SBs he’ll get with his profile is the type every one says they don’t want. The superficial ones who only see you as a dollar sign.

  744. Jaybird923 says:

    @Pilot Nooo! Don’t do that lol then they’ll just accuse you of being a John disguised as an SD. Your profile doesn’t have to be romantic or erotic I wasn’t suggesting that. I just meant that the way you word things are important. I should read your profile and get a clear picture or at the very least a glimpse of who you are. What an arrangement with you would be like. For example:

    “I enjoy music of all kinds but I must admit that I’m especially fond of the love songs from the Motown era. There’s nothing I love more than holding a beautiful woman in my arms in dimly lit room and swaying to some of my favorites.”

    See what I mean? I now know what type of music you like and I can picture the two of us slow dancing together. And the fact that you mention a specific genre of music gives me something I can use to initiate contact with you.

    “hello Pilot I enjoyed reading your profile. I think some of the best music came out of the Motown era. One of my favorite songs of all time is Let’s just kiss and say good bye by The Manhattans. If we ever get a chance to dance together hopefully we just kiss but don’t say good-bye 😉 What’s your favorite song.”

  745. rembodler says:

    @Pilot Boy
    If all of these are real… U will have SBs coming out of your ears very soon.
    I would not worry about anything. Just sit back and relax, maybe send a few messages to a few best looking girls…
    Heh…I wish I had his problems…:/.

  746. Promise says:

    @Pilot Do you mean sex toys?

  747. Pilot Boy says:

    @Jaybird: Maybe I should replace my “toys” of cars and airplanes with toys of a more sensitive, stimulating and intimate nature?

  748. Pilot Boy says:

    @Jaybird: Prepare for my profile of erotic literature. LOL

  749. Jaybird923 says:

    @Pilot You are welcome. I’ll gladly take a second look at it for you once you’ve made the changes.

  750. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online I’m glad I could vocalize your feelings for you. And the ability to seduce with words is a valuable skill that all men should have. That’s why Erotic literature is more popular with women than porn.

  751. Pilot Boy says:

    @OnlineNewbieSD: Points taken… more romance in the profile. Thank you.

  752. Pilot Boy says:

    @Jaybird: Thank you for your comments. I’m sure that I will be making some changes related to them.

  753. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – DAMN GIRL…you hit it good…I think that’s why I lashed out about the “WARNING”…there just wasn’t ANYTHING there for me to feel decent about and it irritated me as a SD…

    @Pilot – You can read some of my comments recently on this and the just past blog post…they may sound like they are directed at SB, but you can certainly find tidbits to use as a SD. For instance, there is only 1 “I” in my “About You” section on my sugar profile…everything else is descriptive…women may not be as visual as men, but have you ever read a romance novel? you need to be eloquent and selective in your choice of words…they want to be transported somewhere when they read your profile…and there just wasn’t any of that

  754. Jaybird923 says:

    @Pilot Keep in mind these are only my reasons for why I wouldn’t contact you hopefully other SBs will offer their opinions.

    1) I don’t like the fact that you gathered all your toys together to take pictures of them. I find that a turn off

    2) I don’t like that the pictures weren’t enough and that you also felt the need to make mention of your possession in the text of your profile.

    3) The last picture of you isn’t very flattering makes you look unkempt and older than your listed age.

    4)Your profile is very generic. I don’t know what you like. What you don’t like.There is no hint of an actual personality.

    In conclusion by the end the impression I’m left with is of a person who brings nothing to the table but his material goods and he expects me to be shallow enough to be impressed and won over by that alone.

  755. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Pilot – it’s not that the “WARNING” is a ‘problem’ it’s just naive because anyone that has hired an attorney for anything in their life knows that posting that on your profile does NOTHING legally, because the Terms of Service for the site will trump that commentary…it’s one of those recurring things you see on Social Media about posting a specific statement to your profile to avoid something…bullshit…the TOS rules…

  756. Promise says:

    @ONSD Awww Thank you. 🙂

  757. Pilot Boy says:

    @OnlineNewbieSD & all: No offense taken. I welcome direct comments.
    Funny, I never thought the privacy warning was a problem at all.
    Will remove that at once.
    Further comments welcome.

  758. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Promise – no my dear…you are practically perfect in your own special way…that’s the thing I like best about you on here 😉

  759. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Pilot – sorry, that was a bit harsh…but…I would expect MORE from a SD with your profile’s pedigree…

  760. Promise says:

    @ONSD You think I should change it?

  761. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Pilot – dude…I’m only gonna say this ONCE…you checked that you agreed with the TOS for the site…your “WARNING” message on your profile only makes you look like an ignorant buffoon! The “low hanging fruit” of the SB pool will understand that as a sign THEY can control YOU with petty bullshit!

    THAT might be why you don’t get what you want reaching out to you…

    I’ve got to get out of the office for an event, I’ll try to comment from tablet later tonight…but that’s my first comment…

  762. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Promise…of course, my dear, but you’re still being more revealing/suggestive than what your over-protective bloggie-family would approve, don’t you think 😉

  763. Jaybird923 says:

    @Pilot Yeah! AN SD who wants help.

  764. Pilot Boy says:

    @Matock and replies on his profile: Most interesting.

    @All: Seeking comments of my profile. I don’t get a lot of SB contacting me first and wish that I did. Those that do contact me first are not usually what I’m looking for. When I seek and initiate contact the response result is mixed. I have met a few good SB though, with some mutually beneficial repeat dates, just not “the one” for the arrangement yet. Thanks!

  765. Promise says:

    @ONSD You know that’s not me in the picture right?

  766. Jaybird923 says:

    @LadySage Marriage is not something I grew up ever wanting. In the last couple of years I’ve augmented my view on the subject from never, to only under the right circumstances with the right person. If it happens it happens if it doesn’t I’m perfectly find with that. I refuse to do it just because it’s what’s expected of me.

  767. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @chat – yeah, probably went looking for “help” because she got a “cheapass” SD and found tumblr, which made her feel obligated to compensation for her time…

    Hopefully you’ve got separate sugar text/messaging options that don’t trace back to your identity?

  768. THEATLSD says:

    @Lady sage
    I feel like SPAM sometimes. Thanks for checking.

  769. LadySage says:

    @atl I’m writing to the manager, Gmail spammed you!

  770. THEATLSD says:

    The single mommy is where I differ with you. I have read your feelings on this on your blog and David’s blog but I lean towards David’s way of thinking. My first SB was a single mother. I gave her cash but mostly gift cards to nicer women’s stores. I was trying to upgrade her look and get her ready for the business world when she finished school. I did give her a gift card for ToysRus and I thought she was going to orgasm right there on my seat in the “pussy wagon”. No other SD had ever done that for her. Currently the potential IRL POT has a kid, but she works and seems to have her life in order plus she is smoking hot.
    And Lastly back to the Bitter Divorce SB aka “lots of baggage SB”. Many seem to have the “I’m tired of taking care of the guy, it’s my turn to be taken care of and spoiled.” My question is, At what point did you figure it out and why did you stay in the relationship?

  771. LadySage says:

    @atl I would never ignore you kind sir! Let me check spam!

  772. THEATLSD says:

    That was an insightful and interesting response. I had a feeling that you were going to respond with something similar to that. Even though I think your profile is way to verbose as ONSD stated, I never thought you were not able to find SB’s. There are always exceptions to the rules, and many SB will see you are genuine versus a “yo you wanna hook up tonight” SD. Also, as Jaybird stated some more prolific and literate SB will scan through your profile and catch key words or code words, especially in reference to the Dom life. The few that are interested probably have read the “War and peace” novel multiple times. I definitely believe that profile keeps away the undesirables and underdesirables. (just made that word up). I still think you could shorten and save some for the meets.

  773. LadySage says:

    @sdonchat that is a wild case of delusional entitlement. Block the number.

    On the flip I get some SDs that I’ve never even met that continue to text. Not anything vulgar. It’s almost like they need a therapist. I should start some text therapy business 😉

  774. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Lady…said perfectly…that’s a mom SB that would be wonderful (IME – In my experience)…

  775. THEATLSD says:

    @Lady sage
    THANKS for returning. I sent you an email a few weeks ago. Did you get it or are you just ignoring me.

  776. SD On Chat says:

    Here’s an interesting one… I text chatted at SB for maybe 15 minutes total over two days. We ended up not being not compatitible about an arrangement. No argument or drama though. Today I get a text, “I think I should get some money from you cause I was talking to you for a bit.”

  777. LadySage says:

    @jay I guess it was the standard @online is right, many women were hand fed it.

    I married very young, we had kids very young. One day we realized we had grown up and had such different expectations on what the future and values. We are still the best of friends. No wars. No bitterness. Since we both serve many just believe it is our careers that keep us apart so often. This works for me.

    Someday I may want to remarry. I become serious and I can safely say I can do so without baggage and hang ups.

    I had kids at an age where I will still be quite youthful of mind, body, and spirit. Then I can focus on my wants more vs their needs. I find it no sacrifice. I make enough to support them in a lovely fashion. As mentioned above I just cannot afford much after the basics of living. Especially not while in a top tier university. I used to pick up per diem nursing shifts and make a ton, but I’m just to tired to balance those additional shifts with an already full-time career and studies 🙂

  778. Madame Xellynoir says:

    How about Dominatrix Baby?

  779. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay & @Lady – because that’s all they hear from women from the time they are in elementary school and the “happily ever after” stories crammed down the throat through school “sharing time”

  780. Jaybird923 says:

    @LadySage I’m the marriage dodger too. Why do most men believe that’s every woman’s goal in life?

  781. Promise says:

    Even though I wasn’t born in a small town I consider myself a mix of College and Small Town Baby with a pinch of Business.

  782. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Miss – I think the “love fest” that has happened for the last couple of days is a lot of fun…it’s so nice to feel the love and have the negative energy disappear for a while 😉

  783. LadySage says:

    Almighty people of the page! Another blog that makes me say blah. Since I miss you all I will post a bit.

    I would consider myself a combo baby-established career baby, college baby-on my third degree, mommy baby (this really contributes to why I like arrangements, I don’t want to formally date in front of my girls). Plus I’m just plain busy, a boyfriend would feel neglected 🙂

    i already feel like many men naturally like to take care of women and I appreciate the level of honesty SA could potentially have. There is someone for everyone and this site always us to put our ideal out there without real risk.

    I am free to say..I want a sexy older man who won’t push matrimony, but will allow me to adore him while he watches me shine in life and through my achievements.

    Someone else could want something different and that’s ok. I am this honest in real life, but it seems my “man that is a friend” gets attached fast!
    I used to always see the stereotypes of men dodging marriage, but in my life it seems to be me!

    School has been great. I fly home soon. Yawn!

  784. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady lol My parents would’ve loved if I was the teacher pet I was the one questioning authority and getting sent to the principal’s office for defending other kids.

    And no worries you’re not the first to be jealous of the rack. At least you’re not making any snide remarks about me having a boob job. That always makes me laugh 🙂 Disclaimer they’re real

  785. MissLady says:

    @atl shoes and lotr, you’re on a roll

  786. MissLady says:

    @Online I am Happy to be a part of it. You guys allow me the freedom to be me. I don’t have to suppress parts of my personality or dumb down jokes. It’s a privilege to interact with you guys.

    Made me want to scream ‘teachers pet’ and throw popcorn! But you guys help break up the work monotony, so by all means continue!

    *disclaimer* I am in no way jealous (unless it’s of your rack), all comments are in fun and jest in case anyone misunderstands lol

  787. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL lol I haven’t taken the plunge yet.

  788. THEATLSD says:

    @Charolette. If I had the time I would fly over to HKG and make your trip better.

    BTW way you are kind of sounding like Gollum.

  789. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online I am Happy to be a part of it. You guys allow me the freedom to be me. I don’t have to suppress parts of my personality or dumb down jokes. It’s a privilege to interact with you guys.

  790. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    SDs – if you could choose JUST ONE TOPIC you’d like to see SA write about on blog, what would it be?

  791. THEATLSD says:

    @Jay. Glad to hear I’m expanding your horizons. You should read “Alaska” by Michener as your first one.

  792. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Promise…you’re being more revealing…be careful…we’ve tried to protect you, but shots like that make it difficult 😉

  793. Promise says:

    Is my new gravatar showing up yet?

  794. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – hahahaha…again, nice to have you as a part of conversation…

  795. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    So many of the concerns about interactions and problems finding the right person STILL boil down to the profile…

    Using “I” too much in your “About You” section could make the other person feel the arrangement table is tilted in one direction…if you can paint pictures of things you like to do (without using “I”) you will win this game!

    Using “want”/”need”/”deserve” in your “Looking for” section can cause the target viewers to again see there is a tilt to the arrangement from the beginning…instead…try to describe the “ideal” of the other person, characteristics, activity level, looks, etc….

  796. Jaybird923 says:

    “and get off without batteries”
    A goal every women should strive for and every man should work diligently to facilitate.

  797. OnlineNewbieSD says: