The best part of the SeekingArrangement experience is all the fun you share with other members within the community. While some stories are best kept between the sheets, there are tons of juicy advice that fellow Sugar Daddy members of the community would love to read!

Envision our blog becoming the close friend you chat with while exchanging stories over a drink. Some stories will make you laugh, others will make you cry. Yet at the end of the night, you walk away with the satisfaction of finding advice and comfort from kindred spirits.

Visit the guest blog here: Tell Us Your Story

Revamping the SA Blog

Based on your requests for a more “involved” blog, we are offering open guest blog submissions. We want to make sure Sugar Daddy members have a stronger say in the content that’s posted for discussions.

This means you can now submit as many stories as you’d like, as often as you’d like, to be published on our blog. Submissions will briefly be reviewed for quality, then posted in the order received. Stories that are extremely lewd or inconsistent with the tone of the SA community will not be posted.

Our hope is that a cleaned-up SA blog, and topics that are user-derived will ring relevant to your interests sparking positive conversations.

Community Etiquette

Sugar carries into lifestyle choices, sexuality, and networking decisions. Members are drawn to our site from a variety of life’s circumstances.

All that we ask from contributing members are these two things: 1) that you share the newly improved SeekingArrangement blog with your friends via social media and page shares, and 2) that conversations remain respectful and open for dialogue amongst members.

We recently posted a survey for active SeekingArrangement members who might be interested in becoming Blog Moderators. After reviewing an overwhelming number of responses, we have selected members of differing backgrounds and varied levels of sugar experience to lead the voice of our community.

Our blog will exist as an outlet both written by site members, and lead by site members.


What are your thoughts on our new Guest Blogging feature?