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Six Lessons From Six Sugar Babies


Six Lessons From Six Sugar Babies

Indulging in the world of Sugar is definitely the key to a sweeter life. Living the lifestyle doesn’t come easy, and there are many lessons to learn along the way. Every Sugar Baby walks a different path, so the possibilities are endless. We reached out to the SeekingArrangement community to gather insight from Sugar Babies who have learned valuable lessons from Sugar.

Never settle for less!

You joined the site for the finer things in life, so why would you settle for something you can easily access offline? Never mistake high expectations with being a gold digger either. Generous men joined the site for a reason, and if they aren’t here to spoil you, then they should log off and try soul searching at the grocery store. I promised myself that I would never date a broke boy again. I wanted an upgrade, and that is exactly what I got. In the world of Sugar it is so important to stand your ground. Know exactly what you want, and go get it. Do not settle for young broke men, you leverage your own success in this world, and you must refuse to be complacent. Especially if you are a broke college student .

-Bradie IG: @scaryprettyy

Patience is a Virtue

In order to get the allowance of your dreams, you must be patient. You can’t just expect a wealthy man to eat dinner with you one time, and then fly you and your friends around in a private jet. It doesn’t work like that. I worked hard for my arrangement, I spent countless hours on the phone, diligently checked my emails, and even facetimed when it was inconvenient for me. I made a long term investment, and it paid off.

I travel around the world in first class, and take my friends who have never left the country before. I put in time and effort, and now I am being rewarded. Daddies want your companionship, love, and support. They also crave your presence and time. Show them that you are in it for the long run, and trust me you will reap the benefits. I didn’t get a lot at first, but I was grateful for what I did receive. Most importantly, I never asked for more. As time went on my Sugar Daddy started to develop genuine feelings for me. He grew to have unconditional love and compassion for me too. All of this lead to us having an open relationship. But remember, it didn’t happen over night. We worked on it over a span of two years. Patience is a virtue for a reason.

– Nawai

Set your feelings aside

You really have to learn to put your feelings at bay sometimes. Not all daddies are going to be able to devote all of their love, money, and attention to you. (A girl can dream right?) We all wish they could fulfill our every need at any given moment, but that’s just unrealistic. Avoid having expectations that are too high. You will only set yourself up for failure and leave disappointed. Save yourself the grief and be as understanding as possible. Finding a solid arrangement is tough, so when you do meet the special one, really cherish what he has to offer.  Please don’t take advantage of his kindness because he will spot your true motives fast!

-Gwen Stacy

Positively Sugar

One of the biggest and most important lessons I have learned from Sugar is that the world is yours if you have the right attitude. A cheerful and positive outlook on life will get you anything you want. Positivity is key. Plus, no one wants to deal with a ‘Debbie downer’.

Relationships can be more than beneficial as long as you focus on the positive. Also, do not let the fear of rejection make you afraid to go after what you want. Put yourself out there and most importantly, be confident! You will miss out on so much if you let your fears get in the way. Sugar is a unique lifestyle and it takes true confidence to become successful. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

-Jordan Versace

Know Your Self Worth

I think the most important thing to remember when being a Sugar Baby is to know your self worth. Don’t settle for less or compromise your morals. There are going to be a lot of guys trying to get the most out of you for as little as they can. You have to hold your ground and build a relationship with someone who is going to respect your boundaries.

Remember that being a Sugar Baby is about meeting someone who wants to make you happy. Don’t sell yourself short for anything you’re not comfortable with.


The Art of Allowance

The biggest lesson I have learned is that sometimes the man who has less is the man who is more generous. From my experience, the Daddies with a $50 million net worth are less likely to give you the high allowance you desire. But the man who makes a comfortable living and who is content with his income is more likely to dish out more. Even if his income isn’t quite one million. High status men with a lot of wealth tend to treat money like an object,  they also try to use their high net worth to control you like a puppet. So, be careful!

The lower caliber Daddies are the ones who tend to give more gifts, travel more, and overall have a more generous connection. If you were to ask me why, I would say I don’t know. But my theory is, the rich get richer, and get more greedy. The investment bankers on Wall Street would rather invest your monthly allowance in your name than give it to you to spend. However, one could say they’re smarter about their money and that’s probably why they are more successful.  I don’t mind a smart, rich man, but I refuse to settle for a stingy man. If you want to be showered with nice things, go for the underdog.

-Matt IG: @xmattchungx

Sugar Experts

Anyone can become a Sugar expert, it just takes the right amount of effort and practice. These Sugar Babies have learned various lessons through the trials and tribulations of Sugar. As you move forward with your own relationships, remember there’s  always a lesson to be learned. Try giving Sugar a fair shot!

We love hearing from you, so please don’t be afraid to share your stories. Your feedback is valued because your experiences are as real as it gets. Remember to always be cautious, and never allow Sugar to get the best of you.

What have you learned along the way?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there anyone on this site that does NOT have an STD?!?

  2. Help says:

    I need help writing my headland for sugar daddy please help !!!!

  3. soubrette says:

    total newbie here.. I would like to get into the bowl but maybe am too cautious. here in Europe, sugaring is not as common as in the US ..so, I’d like to keep it a secret from friends and family.
    may I ask how you protect your identity? do you invent a different name and maybe also biography for your sugar daddy? I’m not sure if this will work because after all, one wants to stay authentic and wants to bring the advantages that one has to the table.. and those are of course linked with schooling, university one goes to, course of studies one selects.. so I should stay as honest as possible, right?
    thanks for helping me!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Feels a bit weird to reply to an old post, but just in case…

      I’m a European SD. Sugaring is actually much more common here than you’d think. It’s just more low-key. A big difference to America is that because of legal prostitution, there are much less escorts on SA in Europe, and conversely, less “sugar daddies” who are just looking for escorts. As a student, you very much fit the profile of a typical SB here.

      As for the privacy issue, you don’t need to reveal your identity just for meeting. However, if after meeting you decide to pursue an arrangement, your SD will need to know your name for booking plane tickets, for example.

      I hope you will go for it and find some good people! In contrast to reading these forums, I have actually had very good experiences from SA. Perhaps the situation in Europe is better than in America.

  4. Looking.for older.guy.who.wants.another.guy.for.companenship

  5. allison says:

    What does it mean when a SD says are you hosting or me?

  6. louisea says:

    I’m a new sugar baby and have an ongoing arrangement. Was wondering if it’s weird for SD to ask for your online banking access for mobile deposits? I’ve had this happen to me twice and I don’t know what to do. Please help

  7. Anonymous says:

    My question is, how easy/difficult is to build a relationship while trying to get out of a current one?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am a lesbian SB, are there many lesbian SM’s on this site or should I look elsewhere?

  9. Cammy says:

    I’m trying to make my profile right now, what does a good headline consist of?

    • Cammy says:

      Also how do I set a pic for my profile pic? Do I have to wait for my in review pics to be added? I’m not seeing an option unless im just overlooking it.

  10. Kait says:

    As I’m just reading all I can about being a sugarbaby, I’m really not a sugarbaby. I’d really like to try my hand at becoming one. I have some questions that would maybe suggest that what I’m looking for isn’t a, “real” sugar relationship. But, who knows, like a lot of people have already said, everyone is different and has different ideas of what they want.

  11. Curios says:

    I have POT SD,he says he’s gonna pay me first time by meet after that we will do monthly. And My budget says highin the site. I dont know what to do

  12. ByebyebiSB says:

    I do not have a site and am considering starting off and exploring these opportunities. But I am curious to know how does a bisexual woman find an SM? I am equally attracted to both and genuinely would like to explore both genders as options.

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Leslie says:

    First SB date tomorrow any advice

  14. Dave says:

    I am glad that I learn about sugar babies. I am not looking for myself but as a trusted person of another man who is so busy with work; I was looking for some arrangement for hi. But I don’t know where to and how it work. At least it is some information that I can relay to him and let him decide if he is okay with all the things.
    Before then, where is how to find the real and not rip off arrangements? There are too many places that I found are all scams or gold diggers.
    If I have to give email; I will.

  15. Holly says:

    Ok, so I have a POT SD…. he says he wants to deposit money into my account so I can buy a nice outfit for our 2nd date, I never gave him my real name. If I give him my routing number can he track me through it and find out my real identity?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have a potential sd and he says he’s going to deposit $300.00 to my account daily. It sounds nice but I’m a bit skeptical because he wants not only my routing and checking account number, but my username and password for the online banking site. Is that usual? I’m new to this but I told him I don’t feel comfortable disclosing that information and that i’d make a paypal account instead; but he claims he needs an acutal bank account. How does that sound?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m new to this and I’m not really looking for a mentor just a confidant who knows the lifestyle.

  18. Anonymous says:

    How do I know if I can trust my new sd. Like how do u know he’s not makeing up who he is? I’ve been talking and skyping with him for a week or two now. We have not talked about allowances or anything because I don’t like to rush it but he talks like he is financially well off. The problem is he lives far from me and whenever we talk about who never offers to fly me out or even come out to see me. He always say I should drive to see him and I told him that that’s pretty much impossible because I’m in school. Then he just brushes over it and says something like “we’ll figure it out”.

  19. Marolincat says:

    I would love for experienced and successful users to go over my profile and tell me how to enhance it. Also is it ok for a sb to message a sd first or do I just sit and wait? Much thanks! xx

    • Anonymous says:

      You need a full body pic.
      Your “What I’m looking for” section is 90% negative. Get rid of the what I don’t want and turn it into want I want. We all have to deal with the undesirables.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pompous people and assholes don’t realize they are assholes/pompous…

  20. AlieK. says:

    1.) Can a nerdy girl be a sugar baby?
    2.) If so, are there any experienced sugar babies out there who would be willing to help me?

  21. Marsha says:

    What if he wants you to send nudes

  22. Kay says:

    How do u become a sugar baby?

  23. Esperanza says:

    What is the best way to start being a sugar baby? I have a profile, have my bio and a couple selfies. What is the best way to attract on a site like this?

  24. Mike LaTorres says:

    It’s epidemic……. profiles look like nice girls looking for a generous mentor or secret friend, but then ask for money to meet “just to make sure you’re serious”. I have never agreed to this, but my friends who have all tell me the same thing: either the girl is not the one in the picture or she shows up, asks for $300, then asks for 500 more to go do it in your car or hotel room. I even heard of one who drives a van for this reason. This site does little if anything to deter hookers from posing as nice girls. In Wade’s defense, these hustlers are pretty crafty.

    I screen prospects by talking about “easing into support and intimacy gradually” and talk about paying bills with a company checkbook to write it off….. well, you get the idea.

    also, remind ladies that paying cash for certain activities has several names, most of which are distasteful so we stay away from that.

    • Nene says:

      Is it common for a sugar daddy to want your bank info to send you money weekly?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am not a sb or small, however, I agree with Mike. If you plan to become a sb, the money situation should most definitely not be the first thing out of your mouth. Take time, actually get to know the person you’re talking to and meeting. Not only is it a huge turn off, but I think someone asking to have the 300.00 as soon as they meet is disrespectful. If you want to find out if the person you meet is really who they say they are, try asking to see the dl or id,for your safety.

    • exposed says:

      Mike LaTorres=salt

  25. Hazelnutt says:

    I have no problem finding new friends! Love this site!!

  26. Hello, I’ve been on this site for 3 weeks now and I haven’t got a message from any SD other than whoever profile I viewed, viewed mine back. That’s all I get. I am wondering if it’s the structure of my profile or my location. I am really confused as to what is it I need to fix. Oh another thing I ‘favorite’ two guys but they haven’t message me. I guess I should have message them but I still need advice please.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Are you in Jamaica? If yes, then I have seen your profile and it sucks. You might as well have a blank profile. You have no pictures other then the one of your eyes. The way it is now you’ll continue to have no luck.

  27. Miss Island Girl says:

    Hello, I’ve been on this site for 3 weeks now and I haven’t got a msg from any SD other than whoever profile I viewed, viewed mine back. That’s all I get. I am wondering if it’s the structure of my profile or my location. I am really confused as to what is it I need to fix. Advice please

    • THEATLSD says:

      You don’t have a link to your profile. So this is an educated guess.
      A. Your narrative sucks
      B. Your pictures suck
      C. You have High or Substantial checked.
      D. All of the Above

      • Patusia says:

        I just Signed up and so far no luck. I could use a second opinion. Could you please look over my profile? Unfortunately I couldnt log into my account since it says comments are closed 🙁

  28. Am a new SB,no luck in finding a SD. .can someone check my profile, Andrew advice

    • I meant and advice. .seems like my profile is a bit dull. .plz help

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Your profile sucks. A lot of useless information. It’s all about you and what you want and nothing about why a SD should choose you. What makes you different/special from all the other women on this site? What do you bring to the table that would be beneficial to a SD? Also your pictures are very unflattering.

  29. Emily says:

    How can u become one ?

  30. Leyla1016 says:

    Hello. I am new to this and would love to meet someone that can mentor and grow with me. And also have fun doing it. Check out my profile and message me if you like what you see 🙂

    • Mike LaTorres says:

      Leyla, you are obese.
      You do have exquisite facial bone structure, but you’re really fat.
      Drop your bodyweight to 100 pounds plus five pounds for every inch over.
      At 5’5″, you should be 125 pounds.
      You look like you’re WAY over.

      Also Leyla, your profile rambles like a third grader’s “what I did last summer” report. Try to be concise about who you are and what you want.
      I would pass over a thin girl with your terrible written profile.

      Now was I cruel or would the real cruelty be to let you keep your unreal expectations?

      • earthangelsoul says:

        Yeah, you were cruel man! Some guys are into plus sized ladies and not cocky pieces of shite like yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        not all men have to like obese women

        tough shit, deal with it

      • Anonymous says:

        Very few guys like obese women. Don’t be in denial. Fat acceptance is a feminist agenda. It doesn’t represent normal peoples’ viewpoint.

      • Anonymous says:

        Very few men like obese women. Fat acceptance is ridiculous idea not shared by normal people.

  31. Savannah says:

    hey everyone,

    I am a new SB as well here and I am looking for any advice that could be helpful. I havent completed my profile yet but i soon will. Any advice?

  32. Sweet Kisses21 says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am a newbie! I have yet to have a successful SB/SD relationship? I don’t know if my profile to plain. A few men contact me demanding me to list my expectations and my allowance amount? I don’t know what to say? Any advice?

    • Thomas B69 says:

      IMHO, yes your profile it too plain. I think men want to find some common ground, and your profile mostly talks about talking and listening. Nothing about what you like to do for fun (besides talk and listen) Talking typically is not a mans strong suit, so I think your are not making yourself relate-able. You say you have an amazing personality, so find a way to put that to paper (or internet website as the case may be). WRITE about your amazing personality, how does that amazing personality live itself out in your life on a daily basis.
      Your pictures look good, GREAT smile, but lets be honest, one of the main components of a SD/SB relationship is the intimacy, and you are not showing much skin. Maybe have some private photos that show more, and some men may at lest ask to see your photos, which will break the ice and spark the conversation.
      Also I recommend you be VERY available. If you respond quickly to a SD’s interest, it shows him you care about him, you are interested in him, and you are available for him. AND you get him and the conversation going, before his attention has turned to the next pretty face.
      Sincerely, Thomas

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hi Everyone:
    I haven’t had any success lately, I have yet to meet anyone and I honestly don’t know what to do? I really would like to have a successful relationship where we are both understanding.

  34. Sky says:

    I’ve recently agreed to a sugar relationship, I’m meeting him with my best friend tonight (As I’m only 18, turning 19 in about week). I’m nervous but excited but that’s to be expected. The arrangements we have are beneficial to the both of us and I’m pretty excited about the whole situation

    • Kore says:

      Cool that you’re staying safe. 🙂

    • Jaybird923 says:

      If you showed up to a first meet with a friend I would next you. I’d have no issue with meeting you at a place of your choosing so you’d feel comfortable. The first meet is about the two of you getting no each other a little bit and seeing if there is enough chemistry to move forward. Unless the friend is part of the deal she shouldn’t be there. The sugar bowl is for adults if you can’t meet a POT alone then you aren’t ready to be here.

      • THEATLSD says:

        Well stated Jaybird. I’m pretty sure a few of my Pots had a friend nearby which didn’t bother me. But at the same table…NEXT.

  35. Anonymous says:

    When your a neew guy SB just finding out this site is mainly for women????? 30mins wasted??

  36. gracy1 says:

    Newbie SB here too. Could someone have a look at my profile and let me know who to make it more appealing. I dont have an issue with the kind of response as most SD have been lovely who have emailed me. I am just never sure if i should contact a POT SD first. I am pretty open to offers but i have a fair idea as to what i would like i just dont seem to get them.


    • gracy1 says:

      *How to make it more appealing.

    • Mike LaTorres says:

      Gracy1, as of now (12/23) you seem to be doing everything right. Perhaps you got some help between when you asked for help and now, perhaps you just asked for help to draw attention to yourself, but either way your photos show a beautiful girl, seem to be genuinely looking to be a pleasing consort to an accomplished guy. If you were close by, I’d meet you for coffee in a heartbeat.

  37. Valerie M. says:

    Can someone help me with this increasingly annoying problem I have with men thinking they can come at me like I am a hooker of some sort? I don’t talk arrangements to early, or have any sort of talk of sex to early, but for some reason I keep running into men that will ask me if such amount of money is good to see me per meeting…and it’s an insultingly low amount of money. Once that happens I just ignore them. I’m just tired of getting that sort of response and also running into so many men wanting me to go above and beyond the call of duty to prove to them that I am not a gold digger. It’s ridiculous, I’m starting to thin it has to do with the fact that I am a woman of color and these men think that they can treat me any kind of why and get a positive outcome from it. It’s been two years and all I run into is men thinking they can treat me like a hooker, too many bullshit messages, or the best one of all when it starts to go right and we get to the point where he brings up arrangements and allowances, that my number is way to high, which is a minimum of 3,000 a month. That number includes travel if it is long distance. I just don’t get it.

    • cheep daddy says:

      Well Valerie ,

      You ARE asking for substantial amount of money in return for something for him -right ?

      Asking for a per meet arrangement is not automatically escort treatment-it is just the way many of us SDs choose to reimburse our babies . What’s the diff ?

      As to the “cheap” offers,this is a marketplace where the price is set by what you are able to get for your services. Obviously you do not command the high value you have placed on your company .

      Lower your offer until you get a taker -or get out of the bowl,go on POF,and get a job.

    • Kore13 says:

      @Valerie Yeah, I can give you a tip: Try to earn that amount of money yourself through work and then consider paying someone 3000 just for hanging out with you.

      Maybe that will make you understand that this might not be about color. If I were a man, I wouldn’t have sex with you if you paid me.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Valerie Well, I’d consider it only in one case: You give me all the money you earn for the rest of your life, because I’m not a gold digger or a hooker. My personality and looks are too awesome for a measly 3000… If you refuse, I think it could only be because I’m dark skinned.

    • Marolincat says:


      Your profile needs to attract the desire of a man. There is no mystery just negativity. SDs don’t want drama so leave your boyfriend out of it and don’t mention sex on your profile. It makes you look easy. Add more positivity and mystery to your descriptions so you can draw SDs in. You are asking for a lot of money, I would ask for less moderate or practical. Don’t even talk money until after a coffee date to initially meet, then on the second date negotiate the things you both want. Do some research and practice.

      Best wishes!

  38. Sugar Baby says:

    Hi, I’m new to the sugar world. Can anyone check out my page and give me some tips. I am trying to improve my page. https://www.seekingarrangement.com/member/ee1e8e311/view

  39. Anonymous says:

    Post on the newest blog page. The regulars hang out on the newest blog.

  40. Kate says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to this whole thing and really would love advise and/or mentorship however the site does not allow me to message any fellow SB on here, I am wondering how I can get in touch with anyone?
    If there are any experienced sugar babies on here who would be willing and able to provide some advise please reach out to me 🙂

  41. PassportySpice says:

    I’m grateful for these blogs, and its encouraging to see so many supportive sugar babies. I’m new to this as well, and I’m here to learn! I’ve submitted several personalized messages to men, and the drop off seems to happen when they request my private pics, which are PG but of my actual face. On normal dating site the pics have fared me well, but I’m wondering if either my words or my private pics are deterring people.

  42. Frejyax says:

    Hi, I’m completely new to this. Only a week in with already some bad experiences. A SD has asked me to travel to Spain to see him for 3 days and has asked me to list my terms, he has mentioned an allowance but I’m not sure what is reasonable to ask for. Can anyone help me with what their usual terms are and how much they would expect for this type of trip? I am having to arrange childcare and short notice time off work. Thank you in advance x

    • Mami says:

      @frejyax I would go on the ts blog or one of the newer blogs to seek input. Just be safe dear.

    • Anonymous says:

      Watch the movie “Taken” several times. If you still decide to go, make sure that you make long-term arrangement for your child, just in case you don’t make it back in time or EVER…maybe purchase life/kidnapping insurance.

  43. Annabella says:

    I love that there is a way for SB’s to communicate with other SB’s!
    I am incredibly new to this, and quite frankly don’t have a clue what I am doing..
    I do have one question, looking at most of the SB’s that commented on this i noticed most of you don’t show your face in your main photo.. Is this supposed to be better so that they have to request to see it?
    Just curious..
    If you have any advice for me, I’ll gladly listen..
    I don’t think I am having too much of an issue so far… It’s my first day and I have received 30 messages..(hopefully that is good)

    Goodluck to you all

    • Annabelle R says:

      I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in

    • Kate says:

      hey girl, I am new to this also, would love if we could go through this journey together, also we live very close by! If you’re interested let me know and I can comment my email!

      xo- fellow sugar baby

      • Scarlett says:

        Hey there, I’ll love to be a part of your journey as well, I’m brand new and any tips would be nice. It’s quite a scary place on your own and it’ll be great to have SB friends xx

  44. Malonec90 says:

    The man I met on this site was nice initially. When we had our first encounter he practically raped me and never paid me. His name here was Jeremy18 then he deleted his profile

  45. Josh says:

    Regular bloggers hang out on the new blog page. Those seeking advice in the next few days need to post on this page


  46. Melanie says:

    Hello. I’m completely new to this so I will welcome and appreciate any advice anybody has about being a sugar baby. Anything I need to change on my profile or just advice would be nice. Thanks.

  47. Here4u2 says:

    I’m new the whole SD/SB dating scene. I’m not sure of what I’m doing wrong. I messaged a lot of guys on this site and only received a few replies. The replies that I do get never really go anywhere, we exchange one or two messages and suddenly the person stops replying. Some even wanted what I had to offer but they still don’t reply. I’m very curious to know what it is I’m doing wrong.

  48. Jay says:

    I’m a gay SB and was wondering on how effective it is to find a gay SD relationship/arrangement?..

  49. AngiesDREAMS says:

    Hi you all
    i have been on this site for several months and i still do not manage to find a real sugar daddy.
    I am wondering what i do wrong? I sent several messages, i´d say half of them reply, some even continue and ask me to meet or to skypecall but once i reply “yes” either they disappear and do not reply anymore or ( a couple of them) say they “actually have already someone and are not interested in sugar babes). I deduced that a good percentage of profiles here are fakes!
    What is your take on fake daddies? What should i do better to get the right one?
    thanks a lot

    • zito says:

      I can see after reading your profile, that your profile is not helping you get a real sd….lose the negativity in your profile, you are actually very beautiful, but maybe a few better pics would be helpful as well

    • Traveling Man says:

      Yes Angie as Zito says, lose the negativity. Save negativity for the guy who is actually behaving poorly, you could use some more photos and always remember, the SD’s have alot of candidates, make sure you standout and are exciting to the ones you like, good luck! Mi piace Italia!

  50. Bhavik Shah says:

    I send messages to many of the Sugar Mommy’s, but none of them do reply…It seems everyone is here for socializing..Please HELP ME !!!

  51. Hope says:

    M a new to this site and ur advices are highly appreciated by me

  52. Anonymous says:

    Reading through this advice has made me realize I don’t have it in me to use someone’s loneliness or desire to have companionship for my financial gain.

  53. Venere Milanese says:

    I’m kind of grossed out, seems like reading youtube comments

  54. dr paul says:

    I feel in love with the woman I met here, she is young smart beautiful and everything I always wanted in life
    she though cant commit and I am so depressed I wonder If I ever should have come on the site, I gave her the world and now feel empty

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Sorry you’re going through that. The feelings never really go away but it gets easier to bear each day that goes by. Concentrate on the good times and the positive ways she’s enhanced your life instead of the way it ended. I wish you the best

  55. OC_Sofía says:

    Great article. Would love to get any advice/tips on my profile. Thanks!!

  56. Princess Bria says:

    I don’t know if it’s my profile . I’ll message sugar daddies and they never respond . is it cause I say hi . I’m not sure . I’m new to the sd/sb world . Any advice on anything is appreciated.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Use the latest blog Lessons from Married SD’s for advice, we don’t really blog on the older ones.

      One of your biggest problems profile wise is your sending mixed signals you say you’re a Princess which is a red flag right there but then you say you are drama free and low maintenance, which one is it? They contradict.

      • Princess Bria says:

        it says I want low maintenance in a SD . &okay

      • SD says:

        ok so Josh talks a lot, and that is his view…what is yours…I Like your profile, I cant into the whole thing, It really!does not come up here in simple old england.

    • Sweet'Jasmine says:

      Hi, I’m Jasmine and I too am new to this world. But the one thing I can say is every time I send a msg I always get a response, but the one thing I was told be a SD was when you msg these guys don’t be too nice because most of them may consider you as a push over, or that you are not serious about what you want. Although I’m not sure if that’s completely true, I took that advise for a run and it actually worked. I thought I’d share that with you!

    • Josh says:

      It appears that along with thousands upon thousands of SBs you have no clue what being an SB is all about. It is NOT about you. It’s about HIM.

    • Josh says:

      @Princess Bria,

      Is your father a king?

    • Sugar Baby says:

      hey i completely feel you – i don’t know either… and i’m super new to it as well

    • Traveling Man says:

      Bria, you are a beauty, so that’s not an issue. Don’t speak in 1 word sentences, i have dropped many a discussion with beautiful candidates, cause i don’t want to take the time to ask an interesting and interested question and get a clipped answer, too boring, tedious and conversation is over, being flirty is fun with a lot of guys and engaging in responding directky to their comments in a fun, clever way

    • MissTy_100 says:

      I’ve been experiencing the same thing, but i suppose serious sd’s are just skeptical,which i can understand. None of us want to rush into a catastrophe you know? Haha, good things come to those who wait! Good luck lady 🙂

  57. bria says:

    How do I attract the sugar daddies towards me ? this is all new to me . i need help asap

  58. Sugar Baby says:

    Definitely open to and curious about tips regarding my profile
    This is all very new to me

    • IHF2030 says:

      Sugar Baby…You are very pretty and your profile is okay but I think your green hair, piercings and numerous tattoos might be unappealing to some older guys. Of course, you can’t do anything about the tats but maybe take a picture with your natural blonde hair and minus the nose piercing.

    • AnonSD says:

      Your profile sounds no different from a girl your age on a regular dating site who would normally be dating guys in their 20’s. Guys in their 20’s are not likely to give you money, so if you want $1000 to $3000/month, you either need to find older men sexually attractive or be willing to have sex with men you don’t find sexually attractive (which I don’t recommend). Whichever of these options applies, you should state it in your profile. (I am an older guy and find nothing wrong with the green hair. I find the nose ring disgusting however. Not fond of tattoos either, but not nearly so bad as that nose ring.)

      • Sugar Baby says:

        I’m not needy, or a gold digger. I don’t “need” that much money. Life is just a little tough when you’re a full time student, supporting yourself.
        And yeah I can’t do much about the tattoos, I put that up just as a full disclosure. And the nose ring, that’s perfectly fine if you don’t like it. My father hates it too. But It’s gold and diamonds, and I worked very hard for it. It’s my equivalent to women wearing gold and diamond earrings or necklaces. I’m very clean and well groomed, maybe body jewelery isn’t your thing, and that’s fine. But the nose ring stays. I feel like a Persian princess with it.

  59. Kato says:

    Is it wrong of me to just want to have a friend, and be spoiled? I dont want to have sex, I dont want to send nudes…I just want to be spoiled for once and get some things in my life in order, and have a close friendly companion.

    I also am overly stressed about family issues where I am living where some people just aren’t kind to others, and am wanting someone I can possibly move in with EVEN IF its just to be roommates and I pay my portion of the bills after getting a job..

    • zito says:

      It is certainly not wrong to want what you want, we all do….a better word for it may be unrealistic, but it is certainly not wrong, I would say the vast majority of sd on here want an arrangement that involves sex…it is what it is

      • Kato says:

        What should I do then? I just am not ready for any type of sexual thing, yes I am 19, But I am christian and happily a virgin.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Kato-What should you do? Get a job, save your money and spoil yourself. So sick of this entitlement attitude. If you want a friend then find one, he shouldn’t have to pay you to be your friend.

      • zito says:

        I had to good way of retorting @cryptic…thanks lol

    • Josh says:

      Get a job. Save yourself for the ONE. This is not a place for virgins.

    • Josh says:

      Are you a real virgin or a pick-n-choose virgin? 😉

    • Kato says:


      Already in the making of getting a job and starting my career in selling stuff, Im asking about what I should do concerning this site. I am new to this site, and am just trying to find new things.
      And entitlement attitude? No. Never have I been spoiled, And I KNOW I am not entitled to shit.
      I do believe you mis-read what all I said, or you just flatout took it the wrong way.
      This site is for sugar daddies mommys and babies,
      I have another site I go on for just plain friends, so dont go and talk crap to me like you just did. I’m alot smarter than you think.
      Im only asking about what I could do concerning this site.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Kato-This is not the site for you then. You want money and have made it clear that it is all about you. The SD will want something in return in 99% of the cases.

        Yes it does come across as an entitlement complex, you have to remember some members have been here a while and have seen and spoken with many SB’s.

      • zito says:

        heres what you should do concerning this site kato….get off this site, this site will do nothing but frustrate you and annoy you, and quite honestly leave you susceptible to scammers, and wolves, so do yourself a favor, get off sa, this pipe dream you have a someone paying you to be their friend is unrealistic and is not going to happen

      • Sugar daddy dream says:


        These guys on here are the losers you need to avoid on the site! I will tell you from my own personal experience that I have had sugar daddies pay me thousands of dollars and I didn’t have to sleep with them. I had one guy who would give me $1000 every time we went to dinner for the evening. I just had to look beautiful, be fun, and carry on intelligent conversation. So go after what you want. Don’t let stupid guys try to play mind games with you and make you feel like what you desire from the site, isn’t possible.

    • Josh says:

      Again, this site is not for you. I am sure that there are other sites suited for your needs.

      • Kato says:

        You’re the only person here who has responded who’s actually talked to me kindly, and maturely, and I greatly appreciate it, and for you warning me that this isnt the best site for me, I hope you have a great night, and again, Thank you.

        And for the others who responded, I didn’t word myself very well and I am sorry for that.

      • Elaine says:

        @ Dear and naive Kato,

        What on earth did make you turn to this site?

        If it was SA marketing, even though I don’t agree with it, I have to admit it has been amazingly effective!

        Attracting Christian virgins, who cherish their virginity and keep it for their future husband, to a site where most of the, married, older men are seeking for a SB mainly to have sex with.

        Now THAT is a f*cking genial marketing genius!
        If there was a Nobel price for Marketing……

        But serious now, please do as the others adviced you, leave this site.
        It is not going to bring you any good!

    • SouthernSB says:


  60. 50 Shades of Bri says:

    So I am very new to the SB scene and I would definitely like some feedback as to how I can improve my profile to make it more attractive to possible SD. Can someone please view my profile and give me some feedback? Thanks in advance

  61. Nicole says:

    I’ve met with a SD recently and all he wants is sex in exchange for money. What do I do? I feel like that’s not what I signed up for at all? He barely knows me.

    • Lxlita says:

      He wants an escort, not a sugar baby. If you don’t want to and don’t feel comfortable, say no.
      But in the end you need to weigh your pros and con – just remember how closely you step on that line between legal and illegal.

      • lovelynyours says:

        Lxlita, this is not about “weighing your pros and cons”. Nobody on this site should be exchanging money for sex like that. Period. This is the kind of trash that gives true SBs a bad name.

    • lovelynyours says:

      Don’t do it. Block him and report him to SA. It’s illegal, and frankly, gross. You’re better than that.

  62. SD On Chat says:

    ADVICE NEEDED: Sugar Baby Fear / Trust Issues
    Have been chatting with a SB a few times over several days. She’s new, young 20’s, cautious but not shy, seems to be in it mostly for the experience. We talked and are in agreement about everything. I live in a residence and area that’s like a tropical resort. She’s all excited and ready to come visit. I’m checking the airlines to book her… flight dates and times are great. I ask her for her full name as it appears on her ID to book the airline reservation and she goes silent on text.

    What to do?

  63. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone check out my page and give me some tips. I am trying to improve my page.

  64. Madi32 says:

    I’m finding trouble finding a SD. I don’t feel like I fit “stereotypical” SB should be. I’m not tall, blonde, skinny nor do I wear makeup. I’m very outdoorsy and nature loving person. I like camping, fishing and hunting. I grew up on a farm. I finding that men want a barbie doll thing, which is fine if thats what you like. S how can I find a SD who appreciates my liking for nature and adventure?

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @Madi32 – I took a look at your profile…you might want to scan through the blogs to see some other advice to profiles…treat it like a resume (make sure no typos, grammar and punctuation are proper – or at least conversational, etc.)

      Remember, guys are visual, make him “see” you when he reads the “About Me” Section…then…make him “see” him in your “Looking for” Section! Your AM section doesn’t give me ANY pictures of you or what you’re bringing to the arrangement (just don’t get sexual)…your Looking for section doesn’t tell me ANYTHING about what kind of guy you want (age issues, fit issues, race issues, etc.)

      You’ll continue to be disappointed until you fix your profile…

      Also, you need more and better pics…at least one full length, well lit, standing picture so the pot can see YOU…then probably two or three of you outdoors (since that’s what you’re emphasizing)…maybe staking down a tent, sitting by a fire roasting a marshmallow, hiking boots on the side of a mountain trail…that kind of stuff so now he reads you like to be outdoors and he sees you in that environment!

    • MsFoxxF says:

      Hey Madi. I dunno if you can see my contact info, but if you do you can, feel free to contact me. I just got started maybe a little over 10 months ago, so probably closer to a year ago. I’m sorta like you in many ways. I ran into all the same barriers and problems you did. I was actually really stubborn about changing anything at first. I got no hits, negative messages, or turned down everywhere on SA. Now I’ve currently got one client and another potential. I couldn’t be happier.

      Girl I’m gonna have to break it to you, you’ve got the potential and you can be attractive, but you Really have to turn your market strategy around, just like OnlineNewbieSD said.
      Your grammar looks good now, but your profile is SKIN and BONE. Your AM isn’t bad, but could use a slight tweak of more words: why’re you there? What’s your ethnic background? Do you have any specialized Skills??/Interests??/Hobbies?? Your ‘AbtME’ will seem bland and in fact “Average” to anyone without any substance. You say you’re not the Avg girl, but there’s nothing to back that statement up, if you don’t give reasons.

      Your “What I’m looking for” needs a 2nd Spell Check. And a Triple Check. As the other replier said, what are you even looking for in a guy? You don’t have to state things like particular race, ethnicity, or age if that’s not a factor. But if it is, beware, or be square- and just lay your cards out. If you don’t prefer men over oh,say 60 or 70, you need to state it, or be prepared to otherwise take older clients. I’m sure you know this is about “arrangements” by now. Not just “dinner” and a “hike”. You need something to impress.

      Your dress style….And that profile pic… I’d make that disappear. It’s neither flattering nor eye-catching… more of an ‘eye sore’. Personally, the random scarf, mismatched dress of hideous shapes, and even more confusing boots probably does you no justice. It doesn’t bring out the definition in your curves, figure, and femininity, what most men here want. These are guys spending LOTS of money on any particular girl, do you think they’ll stop and seriously consider a girl who can’t make good style judgement and take care of herself? No, these guys aren’t gonna wanna be seen in public with that. I’m saying this cause as a SB to another, who’s met the SAME struggle- (And mind you I’m a War Veteran-plenty rough and rugged on the inside, and a total tomboy at heart)- I want to see others succeed and get what they want.

      And more pictures. Maybe something slightly sexy. Revealing. But never entirely revealing. Don’t give them the whole cake, just show a sample. Live a little. You might THINK you don’t wanna be like ‘those cliche chicks’ but there’s a reason they’re making bank. But “T-Shirt and Chucks” is not gonna win you a date. This isn’t OKC or POF. And you don’t have to make yourself a “Cookie-Cutter” version of those bimbos. But It may behoove to learn something. Self-Care. Dress nice, but add in your own flavor and be unique. You don’t have to be high-maintenance to look good. I can tell you have a great shape, so use it to your advantage. Give that different approach a few months and see what happens then.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if this site is good for lesbian Sugar Babies, looking for Sugar Mamas?

    • MsFoxxF says:

      Hey there! I heard it is getting a little better with that. It’s worth a try. There may not be as many, and it may not be as strong as gay male SB and SD’s, but I did get an email mentioning the LGBT community and allies are growing on this site.

  66. Savannah M123 says:

    What do you guys think about sending naked body shots via text if that is what a potential sugar daddy is asking

    • NC Gent says:

      I think it is a bad idea. Wait until you have an arrangement setup and some benefits in hand. Put him off by saying something like…. that is a gift best unwrapped in person. good luck

      • Savannah M123 says:

        thank you so much,, I feel like I am losing out in a way,if i don’t

      • Savannah M123 says:

        I sent exactly that,, thx again

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        you’re not losing out until you’ve got an allowance flowing…until there’s an allowance flowing, you’re not missing anything, because there’s nothing to miss…make sense?

      • SD On Chat says:

        Guy that makes nude photos a deal breaker before meeting is a RED FLAG!
        (Note, this different from a guy that just advances the photo conversation when you open the door.)

  67. Carl says:

    Hi Dear I like writing skills in your content just keep writing for the information. I’ll be following you always.

  68. Andrea says:

    I keep getting my profile viewed but no one even bothers to send me a message. So I end up being the one who initiates a conversation but nobody responds. There was one guy, but when I turned him down because his allowance offer was too low ($200 every 2 weeks) he sent me a message basically calling me fat which really kinda hurt. So what’s going on here? Is it my profile? I’m starting to give up on this site but at other sites, the guys there are either flakes or pigs. Here’s the url link to my profile:
    If anyone can figure out what’s wrong please let me know. Thanks

  69. Victoria says:

    ” I spent countless hours on the phone, diligently checked my emails, and even facetimed when it was inconvenient for me. I made a long term investment, and it paid off.”

    May I ask Nawai what her advice would have been if it had not paid off??

    While I agree whole-heartedly with the notion of patience, I hope he appreciated that you were inconveniencing yourself for him and going over and above, and I really, really hope (and suspect) that he showed you his appreciation at this time.
    If not it he was taking advantage of you and by some fluke it turned around and this is not an advisable position for SB’s to be in.

  70. Anonymous says:

    I am extremely new to this site and even to the concept of being a SB. Any tips or information you guys and gals can offer? Accepting critique of my profile as well. Thanks in advance!

    And yes, I am currently reading through the comments of this blog. Didn’t even know there were blogs on this site until about an hour ago! Lol.

    • lovelynyours says:

      Please provide your ID, not your username. It’s the ID in the URL when you click to view your own profile.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Hi Ashley, your profile is pretty good but what it lacks is what you are willing to provide, what you can offer and what it might be like to spend time with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      @lovely ea9e80ef is that what you were asking for?

      @cryptic Thank you for your feedback. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m new to all this so I’m not exactly sure what to offer.

      • missashley_55 says:

        Hah! Figured out how to login for this. 😛

      • lovelynyours says:

        Yes, thanks.

        1. You’ll want to add some pictures. Your profile pic is a bit darker than is ideal. Try for some full body or 3/4 pictures, as well as pictures that show your entire face.

        2. You should have more in the section on what you’re looking for. Try writing to conjure up how he’s feel being with you, envision things you’d do together, and what you would bring to the table.

        3. Think about what type of SD you’re looking for (there are a number of different types who are looking for a number of different types of SBs), and then craft your profile to speak to him.

        Good luck!

  71. Elle P. says:

    The SBs who contributed to this made some excellent points, but I found none of them to be new. Does anyone have any other gems of wisdom to offer?

  72. Chicagobaby says:

    My theme song… Veronica Vega -pay me. YouTube it

  73. hototrot1 says:

    “I have a question for all the SBs and SDs out there. How do you feel about intimacy with married men? I myself do not like the idea of disrespecting marriage. But there are many married men on this site and sometimes that is all of the traffic that I get. What do you think?”

    This is an issue I am presently facing. I have been the married party who cheated, but I’ve never cheated with a married man. My current guy is married with children. We haven’t had sex yet. I’m still uneasy about it. At first, I thought he just had one child who was in college because I Googled him and that’s what I found. However, on our first date, he informed me that he had 4 kids total. My mind was blown! I could deal with an adult kid. He and his wife are in their mid-50’s. I was thinking they were living separate lives or something. Also, because he attends so many functions alone. Wrong! He’s a very hands on parent to young children and very much involved in his marriage. Dilemma, Dilemma. He’s the best guy I’ve met in a long time. Sucks.

    I really have no real advice. I’m currently winging it. Still putting off sex. From a money stand point, I think married SDs are the best. What else do they have to offer? But, if you’re looking for romance/future, it’s a bit dicey.

    • MsFoxxF says:

      That’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself. Money? Or Morals? I don’t personally expect to be a SB for the rest of my life. And I’m not looking for a romance/future. Whatever gift/money arrangement I get from it, I don’t expect to last forever. That would be foolish. This isn’t per-say, OKC or Match.com. Feelings will get you hurt here, and there’s no room for that. I don’t worry about married men’s wives, and to live the lavish, fortunate lives they do, many do consider and realize their husbands won’t be faithful, and therefore, in exchange for the ring, house, car, money, etc., they look the other way. They know other women are going to talk to the guy/husband because he has money. It’s nice to know if they are married or have kids, but I don’t let that plague me. That’s a choice I make when I agree to arrangements, but I stay SAFE and make sure he wraps it before it ‘taps it’. No glove, no love. Hope that helps.

  74. Kayefi says:

    Hello everyone, Im K and here’s my profile https://www.seekingarrangement.com/member/ed1a180d/view . I’d appreciate comments and opinions from anyone who views it. Please tell me what I can do to improve it, and what I can correct in it. I have multiple stories to tell about my experience on this site and I look forward to commenting in the blogs more often.

  75. crypticanomaly says:

    @Jay-I used a pen name, I will email you and let you know.

  76. MissLady says:

    New blog

  77. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic Did you submit them anonymously or under your Username? I’m really looking forward to reading what you guys come up with.

  78. crypticanomaly says:

    @Goddess-Unless the SB was actually in the Playboy it’s not something that would appeal to me but it is still a nice gift if that is what he likes.

    @Jay-I have submitted a couple of articles, not sure about the others, I think in some respects Sugar is a limited discussion topic unless the focus switches to personal experiences and interests.

  79. Jaybird923 says:

    I thought now that we have members writing that we would get new articles quicker. Maybe enough people aren’t participating or the quality of the articles aren’t that great.

  80. Goddess says:

    Ha one of my sweet friends I met on a sugar dating site got a signed Playboy from his SB. I rolled my eyes when I saw it but that spoke so much to his personality, she knew exactly what to get him, haha.

  81. Goddess says:

    Or I should say my Quebecois does. Perhaps because he is foreign no one cares?

  82. crypticanomaly says:

    @GAPeach-All of those “Old Fashioned” types of manners and courtesies go a long way, I like your idea of telling the staff that your meeting is special for you, it probably makes their jobs seem a little more interesting as well.

    I have never received a gift on first meeting before from a SB, it was a small box of dark chocolate. I guess anything you think will appeal to your SD, or something you think will make remind you of him.

  83. Goddess says:

    Oh the requirement to tax gifts tripled, thanks Obama. But you are incorrect about the $2k transfers and spending @ONSD. I spend that kind of money regularly and no one seems bothered by it thus far.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      It’s on wire transfers between individuals…charges and expenses wouldn’t fall into that…it’s a new money laundering emphasis…you may have been demonstrating a history and upon investigation (without your knowledge) you’ve proven non-laundering…but…it IS there, trust me!

  84. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    I usually try to arrive a bit early, especially if it’s a dinner or lunch date and let the staff know I’m there to meet a gent for the first time. Most love that and will accommodate my wishes when possible. I ask for a table or booth in a quiet location so we can actually talk without interruptions, etc. The staff usually passes the word along and we’re not bothered by waiter/waitress asking a lot of questions, etc. and the service has usually been very good, with some “winks” my way or such. Seems to help, since I’m also usually quite nervous. LOL I hadn’t thought about a small gift, but I like that idea. Will have to remember that – any suggestions, Sir?

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @GP – it’s a bit easier to do when your age difference isn’t considerable…if an 18-22yo showed up and said, “I’m meeting someone special for the first time” and a 40-60yo showed up, there’d probably be awkward looks and possibly even a police officer waiting on standby!

      • Maxwell89 says:

        Can u give me some advice also on my profile if u don’t mind I mean I can get there attention but it seems like from my perspective they loose interest in 2 months

  85. crypticanomaly says:

    @Jay- I am fussy when it comes to being on time. I met one SB twice last year and both times she was late, really frustrating as we were meeting on my lunch break which she knew. It doesn’t take much to impress me but at the same time it doesn’t take much to put me off either.

    If a SB sees a Pot SD as a client they want to secure a deal with then she should do what the one I met with did, little things that set her apart from the herd and make the SD feel special and see her as special. So yes your drink idea is also perfect.

    @Reb- Well yeah it did feel that way but was a great feeling too.

  86. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic I agree it is a smart move and it works. Another good move is to arrive a couple of minutes earlier than him and have his favorite drink waiting. But all that requires that you actually do your research and ask the right questions before the meet.

    • SD On Chat says:

      My type of SB. When interviewing personal assistants I actually requested that they do the same before I arrived at a restaurant.

    • maxwell89 says:

      Hi can you please give me some advice on how to make my profile better from you’re perspective

      • Jaybird923 says:

        1)You need better pictures.

        2)You have some grammatical errors that need to be fixed.

        3) you say a lot about what you hope to get out of this arrangement and not enough about what plan to bring to the arrangement. How are you going to enhance his life.

        4) What I’m looking for section is very vague. What type of arrangement are you looking for, how often do you want to meet, what type of personality should your SD have, etc.

        Try to infuse a little more personality into your profile. hope this helps good luck

  87. Reb. says:

    Maybe she is confused and wants to be your sugar momma? 😉

  88. crypticanomaly says:

    @Reb-Why the LOL? A pretty smart move on her part really.

  89. Reb. says:

    “Just came back from meeting a Pot SB, went quite well with some surprises. She greeted me with a small gift and insisted on paying for our coffees.”

  90. FlyBoy says:

    “Hey if Caitlyn can do it….” Haha @SouthernSB.

    He should do it!!! Go girl lol..

    Oh, I recommend the name Sissy! It will fit perfectly.

    Cheers 🙂

  91. SouthernSB says:

    @FlyBoy-Hey if Caitlyn can do it….

  92. crypticanomaly says:

    @S2S-Thanks x

  93. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    Congrats :).

  94. crypticanomaly says:

    @Lavender-Grace – I found your profile. I got a lot of sadness from your profile, where you write that you lost a lot I would either get rid of that or expand on it to explain what and how you lost as leaving it to the reader will lead them to making all sorts of assumptions.

    Also put up some casual pics of yourself, yours look like professional shots which in turn makes me at least think you are less than genuine. Casual pics create a much more personal tone.

    • Lavender-grace says:

      @cryptic my profile name is lavender-grace.
      With having lost a lot, I mean that the last 3 months have been the worst I’ve ever had. I was in the hospital, then I couldn’t work with a broken leg now I’m fit and healthy. I have debts and am soon going to loose my apartment.

  95. MissLady says:

    LOL, sorry @ONSD I got a visual of you being led out of the hotel on camera with a coat over the handcuffs. ..

    But yes, it would be another risk that’s not worth it, even if you have nothing to hide.

  96. FlyBoy says:

    Just came back from meeting a Pot SB, went quite well with some surprises. She greeted me with a small gift and insisted on paying for our coffees. Small gestures can go a long way and certainly made me see her differently to some of the self entitled types who inhabit this site. And yes she is young and beautiful, nice chat and company, will see what happens.

    Eureka!!! I have figured out why Josh hate women so much. He desperately wants to be one, which of course he can’t. Ergo, the hatred.

    Cheers 🙂

  97. cryptic anomaly says:

    I was thinking of compiling a list of words and phrases that create a Red Flag type reaction on profiles. If anyone wants to add words and phrases that put them off someone then please list them here, especially if you are a SB as I am not that aware of what SD profiles are like.

  98. Jaybird923 says:

    ” I’m talking under Patriot Act, and new money laundering guidance”

    @Online thanks for the heads up I’ll look into that

  99. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Miss – It’s not that I even have a problem with recreational marijuana…however, it’s STILL illegal for my state, so I NEED to avoid it to keep myself out of ANOTHER crosshair.

    You’re right though, there are a number of SD profiles that list the 420 friendly issue…however…it’s probably a chicken-and-egg argument for which prompted which (and might even include who started the listings)…

    I’ve ended Sugar because of 420, even though she never smoked with me, it’s just too much heat that could come to my life if she’s investigated…can’t deal with that at all.

  100. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I’m talking under Patriot Act, and new money laundering guidance…which will eventually filter back to the IRS…the wire (of which PayPal is struggling NOT to be combined with) of money over $2,000 can raise enough red flags to imply an audit on an individual…

  101. MissLady says:

    How to Marry a Millionaire (old movie), ahhh the original sugar baby movie. Love this movie lol

  102. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @cryptic & @Jay – I actually see multiple profile names with some iteration of maryjane as well…can’t believe there are that many with given names that tragic…

  103. MissLady says:

    @ONSD (and I can’t believe the number of SB profiles listing “420 friendly” in the text still)

    There are a lot of guys that say that they 420 friendly is ok in their profile.

  104. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online Has of right now paypal is only required to report gross sales or payments received for businesses that make over $20,000 a year or have more than 200 separate payments in a year. IRS code 6050W if I’m not mistaken. I haven’t heard anything about individuals yet but correct me if I’m wrong.

  105. cryptic anomaly says:

    @ONSD- Thanks for that, makes more sense now. And yes there is a push in most developed countries to kill off the middle class, the good ol’ socialists want everyone rich or poor. Makes it easier to control people that way. I also get put off by the 420 friendly girls on here.

  106. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Jay-Admittedly it’s probably a homosexual thing, I don’t want to use the term homophobia as such because I don’t think it is accurate here. But to try and explain there is an ick factor knowing that she might spend my money or give my money to her boyfriend or husband. Would I care if she spent my money on drugs or gambling? I wouldn’t get involved with a drug user anyway and gambling well I don’t gamble but if she wanted to then that is her decision no different to spending it on anything else that isn’t sensible.

    • MsFoxxF says:

      @cryptic – What the heck does it matter what a SB does with the money you give her AFTER you’ve given it to her?…. Seriously? “Homophobia”? a “homosexual thing”?? What on earth has that to do with anything. What does that even mean? That’s so 5th century to be honest. “Ick factor?” You’re not gonna get COOTIES if she (GASP) spends what she earns on another guy!!! Oh MY! (shrieks). Are you one of those creepers that freaks out and makes immmature faces when you see two guys kissing in a restaurant? For real? It’s 2015. Not 3 AD.
      Seriously, If you’re paying a SB to take the time out of her day, work schedule, relationship quest or establishment, or anything else in her life that involves giving her attention, love, care or body to you, and you Don’t plan to marry her, you shouldn’t give half a horse’s *ss where it goes after the $$ leaves your hands. Because she’s probably already not expecting you to keep her forever, with all the money you have to see as many women as you please. Realistic expectations. Get used to it.

  107. zito says:

    drugs and gambling cant get a job and support the woman…lol

  108. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Miss – be careful with your supplementary materials from home…I can already see your child(ren) failing a test because they’ve read something from home that is CONTRARY to what is in the text at school!

  109. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – we’ve had the drugs discussion so much in the past…the gambling is a fine line, since there are times a SD might TAKE a SB to the casino or to Vegas…tough to yell about that when it might be a mutual activity 😉

    Drugs though, are something akin to the disease/infection discussion…if she’s on drugs (and I can’t believe the number of SB profiles listing “420 friendly” in the text still) I’m done…that’s ANOTHER thing that could blow up in the face of a SD, that’s a bit too much scrutiny to bring upon yourself!

  110. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Cryptic – taxes in America are really “self-reported” until you’re audited…then the proof is required to be provided…however…with the Affordable Care Act and tax subsidies for the premiums due under the program, the IRS is required to verify income eligibility for the subsidy (which is in the form of a tax credit)…so…any large deposits (now being flagged when consistently over $2,000) will earn a look from the IRS moving into the future…but…they are also looking into online tax payments and such as well, so if you’re an SB and spending online with Pay Pal or other online options, you’re likely to be flagged as well.

    There is a real movement to cripple the Middle Class further with this kind of regulatory bullshit…gifting is something that probably SHOULD be tracked better by SDs, but it can impact the estate tax exemption their family would normally receive when they die…it’s convoluted and subject to significant lobbying efforts…

  111. Josh says:

    Yes some men like to play around, but based on the number of married men on this site, my guess is that their wives are not respecting their marriages by refusing to put out and/or making him feel less of a man.

    Are you attempting to be more royal than the queen?

  112. Jaybird923 says:

    I find it so amusing that so many of you guys have a problem with the SB spending HER allowance on another man. But no one ever says I don’t want my money being spent on drugs, gambling, etc.

    • MsFoxxF says:

      Agree in full. Drugs though, are not a good path to follow though.

      It makes no sense to freak out about what a girl wants to do with her money, as long as it doesn’t hurt her or degrade her health (ie drugs).
      If a SD is making stink about her spending her own earnings on a guy, I’d say that is kinda borderline if not quite clearly homophobic. Personally, I have no room for nonacceptance/intolerance. This is 2015. lol. Not 5 A.D. Live and Let Live.

  113. MissLady says:

    Yes, I read that foolishness about the textbooks, but I’ve always enhanced whatever was written in social studies books anyway at home anyway. And apparently this board who decided on these books do have far reaching influence, I remember it being a big deal back in 2010 when they adopted this standard to begin with.

  114. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Goddess and any other American who wants to answer – In regards to cash gifts being taxable how is that enforced exactly? How would the IRS know if you are given money or not? Or are you referring to money deposited into accounts?

    @HyHeels – No worries, good that you appreciated the advice, most do but every now and again you get a SB who wants advice and then gets butthurt over what she is told.

    @Lavender Grace – What is your profile name? Would be happy to give you a critique.

    @Rum – The nature of NSA whether it be for money or not pretty much suggests people who are attached or just want some fun without the hassles so you might be reducing your pool of SD’s if you don’t want married ones. Many SB’s are also married/attached. Personally I don’t like the idea of getting involved with a married or attached SB as I don’t want to risk any possible drama of their partner finding out etc and also not keen on my Sugar dollars being used to support their partner. Not that if they lied I would know anyway, but ignorance is bliss.

  115. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rum if it’s not for you then it’s not for you. It makes no difference what any of us think. It’s your life and you’re the one who has to live with the decisions you make.

  116. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Rum – there are a lot of married men in the Sugar Bowl…some of whom do not even list they are married…if you do not want to disrespect marriage, sugar might not be for you…

  117. Rum says:

    I have a question for all the SBs and SDs out there. How do you feel about intimacy with married men? I myself do not like the idea of disrespecting marriage. But there are many married men on this site and sometimes that is all of the traffic that I get. What do you think?

  118. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    worse than that @Jay – the buying power of the state may mean kids in other states are forced to use books drafted by this interest group…just blasphemy!

    Oh, and they will say that MOSES had a significant impact on the foundation of our country…theocratic nonsense…maybe it’s time to move!

  119. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online That’s no big surprise the school books in Texas aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

  120. flyR says:

    and Lavender how would we find your profile

  121. flyR says:

    Hy -You might try to include a picture showing how you would dress for a casual date

    Your great smile is 75% of winning

  122. Lavender-grace says:

    Could someone a comment/critic about my profile.

    @ vixen happy belated birthday, just had my birthday on the 2 July.

  123. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Speaking of politics and Texas…hope you don’t have kids in school in TX, since an INTEREST GROUP just successfully petitioned to have slavery minimized in the Civil War section of history…omitted the KKK and Jim Crow from the curriculum…I just can’t believe it…we truly are hitting a low for culture in this country…

  124. HyHeelSocialite says:

    Too many people to mention or tag but thank you EVERYONE for your sound advice. Trust me I definitely read it and took it as constructive criticism. I will definitely be making some changes. Great points! You’re right I need to lose the negativity and create a better presentation.

    Thanks for checking my spelling errors as well 😉

  125. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Goddess – your figure for gift tax in the US is well off the mark…it’s actually 14.5k annually…but even that is a figure you can ‘fudge’ and really only impacts the inheritance of the SD, since it is removed from the exemption allowed at death.

  126. flyR says:

    @ Southern – That’s the beauty of the Sugar tent, it’s large enough to hold a lot of different folks. There are some so called men who get off on being humiliated – Pretty tragic in the eyes of most of us , but then there’s the freshly scrubbed darling whose mere smile would justify a 5 digit allowance but she’s hooked up with a tranny, granny biker

  127. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – I’m just as disillusioned with the welfare/dole party as I am with the theocratic/corporate party…BOTH of them are way to entrenched to WANT to do anything at this point in time…they’ve read Atlas Shrugged for pointers rather than warning signs

  128. SouthernSB says:

    Goddess..I actually took up your offer and looked it up. I don’t understand it, but more power to you if you can get men to give you money and gifts just because you demand it of them. Sounds awfully “Dragon Lady” to me, hope you aren’t offended, but that’s just what it reminds me of. I’m a child of the 70’s and I get the picture of you sitting on a throne with extra long nails, garish makeup, rubbing your hands together while men come to you on their knees paying you tribune of designer dresses, shoes, diamond jewelry and lots and lots of money while you laugh maniacally. 🙂

  129. Josh says:

    Madame @flyR is dyed in wool supporter of the stupid party, and like to take clueless jabs at the politicians belonging to the welfare/dole party.

  130. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Just the mention of Prayer Breakfast had my stomach churning….talk about telling the “truth”

  131. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Just the mention of Prayer Breakfast had my stomach churning….

  132. Jaybird923 says:

    Ben Carson?!? Come on, that’s like me telling you to take Donald Trump seriously…..

    @Lady Thanks for saving me the trouble. My thoughts exactly.

  133. Goddess says:

    $5k and over is subject to a “gift tax”.

  134. Goddess says:

    *Unless you are not into sex you have indeed sold yourself to your SD ,if you’ve had one . Your service boy ? Are you an SM ?*
    LMAO, I think you’re extraordinarily confused and leave it at that.
    @ONSD such a good point. Larger allowances do cause complications tax wise.

  135. flyR says:

    @ Miss – My perception is that most SB relationships in the larger metro areas fall into th e$1,500 – $3,000 per month variety . $18,000 – $36,000 per year. Add to that the potential to have more than one SD and the potential goes to $72,000 per year.

    It is ironic that the IRS has gone after a few less than $10,000 transactions but is not concerned about hundreds of millions of cash going to “foundations” . One of the issues with the cash is that banks are required to report all over $10 K ( with some businesses exempt ) and any pattern which shows or could show intent to evade . It includes electronic transfers.

  136. MissLady says:

    Ben Carson?!? Come on, that’s like me telling you to take Donald Trump seriously…..

    dangit Flyr lol, I said no politics

  137. flyR says:

    I would just like to see Obama held accountable for telling the truth. If you are having trouble with the concept watch Dr Ben Carson talking about leadership at the national prayer breakfast with Obama squirming in the background. My money goes to Carson and CJ Pierson (I’ll have to wait another 23 years )

  138. sugar baby monkey says:

    I’m sorry whether some persons are thinking, i’m getting old. I’ll be here more time.

  139. MissLady says:

    what are you talking about @Jay, no SB’s are earning that kind of money, hasn’t it been established that those types of SD’s don’t exist?? She’s at most getting $500 cash in hand a month and those are going to bills directly, not banks…..

  140. MissLady says:

    @ONSD and SHOULD have SBs worried about those audits!

    but ONSD, why should SB’s be worried about $200 here or there for visits?? That’s not enough to make an economic impact to a persons tax rate..

    *removes halo and tongue from cheek*

  141. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online never mind the ACA. What SBs really have to concerned about when it comes to the IRS is the “Structuring law” that allows the IRS to seize your funds whether you’ve been charged with a crime or not if you make to many deposits under $10,000.

  142. Josh says:

    I wrote a sarcastic piece on Affirmative Action Sugar a few months ago and SBs thought that it was a misogynistic ccomment. 😉

  143. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady LOL that’s not enough if you want real change. You start a petition and I’ll organize the march. One state at a time we’ll make sure sugar babies suffer no more under Obama’s Tyranny.

  144. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I’m on my tablet today, may not get my gravatar for some reason…

    The other mpact of Obama on Sugar is the ACA…it now has the IRS with a hardon to track EVERY PENNY by EVERYONE because of the subsidy program…may have some SDs a bit worried about audits, and SHOULD have SBs worried about those audits!

  145. Josh says:

    Where are women whinning now?

  146. MissLady says:

    @flyr Unfortunately race has become a more significant issue in recent years, largely due to Obama’s deliberate actions and that actions of a number of groups. I really don’t care about the race or political orientation of my SB unless it is made an issue in the relationship.

    Really?!? lol. Sorry honey but race has always been an issue, it’s just that having a black president has exacerbated the issue and brought currents to the surface from both sides. But I won’t turn this into a political discussion and will just say that I disagree with that assessment.

    @Jay, LOL yes, that’s why I can’t function properly in the state of TX as a SB….I’m writing my congressman.

  147. Jaybird923 says:

    Poor Obama. Now the man is being blamed because women can’t find sugar daddies. LOL What’s next? Is someone going to hold him responsible because they didn’t get a high enough allowance?

  148. gentleman soul says:

    @sugar baby monkey
    Buy me a banana please
    You’re bananas SBM -you don’t monkey around!

    ” I have never sold sex for cash, ever. LOL, Are you kidding? Seriously do speak for yourself and whatever niche of sugar you’re into which is very obviously not what I’m into at all.”

    Unless you are not into sex you have indeed sold yourself to your SD ,if you’ve had one . Your service boy ? Are you an SM ?

  149. flyR says:

    @ hy heel I don’t think the name helps your effort.

  150. flyR says:

    @ HyHeel
    You received a lot of good comments. Your profile sends a lot of mixed messages including he negative beginning.

    Some additional issues
    I do not get the feeling that you have thought through how you want to compete with other women here . What the the strengths?

    50 shades – not sure how you are exploiting or what you are offering . Or are you telling us you are high mileage. Are you looking for a dom or sub (both specialty sugars although the subs seem to hang out in cities like DC/ SF/ NY / LA

    Once you decide what you are targeting look for some new pictures

    Job – arranges meetings is a job function

    Unfortunately race has become a more significant issue in recent years, largely due to Obama’s deliberate actions and that actions of a number of groups. I really don’t care about the race or political orientation of my SB unless it is made an issue in the relationship. I think you’ll do a whole lot better, especially in Texas if you simply present yourself as a great woman.

  151. Goddess says:

    @Josh wow, I guess you really just have no idea, huh? Also you post 4 times in a row to yourself and accuse others of abusing the blog which is cute. I’m not even going to play this childish game. Google “the asian goddess” and get informed, k? Don’t ask me questions and then accuse me of bragging when you don’t like the answer. Because if I divulge any further then you’ll really hate em and who wants that? 🙂

  152. Goddess says:

    @Josh wow, I guess you really just have no idea, huh? Google “the asian goddess” and get informed, k? 🙂

  153. Josh says:

    Ditto dat, @cryptic

  154. Elaine says:


    Now THAT sounds like a keeper! 🙂

    Good luck!

  155. Josh says:


    “@Josh, I don’t think it’s a good idea to express this but I do have a service boy in Quebec cublig?ly. We never see each other though, he just does my errands/tasks as requested.”

    So do many other women, as part of their friend zone.

    How long do you plan to post you nonsense on the blog?

  156. crypticanomaly says:

    @Jay – thanks xx

  157. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic I’l keep my fingers crossed that this one works out well for you. :-))

  158. cryptic anomaly says:

    Just came back from meeting a Pot SB, went quite well with some surprises. She greeted me with a small gift and insisted on paying for our coffees. Small gestures can go a long way and certainly made me see her differently to some of the self entitled types who inhabit this site. And yes she is young and beautiful, nice chat and company, will see what happens.

  159. Jaybird923 says:

    @HyHeel You’ve already received some good advice from everyone So I won’t go into details what I will say is that I think what is hindering your success is a poorly executed profile and not your race or location. If you do some research you’ll find that Texas has one of the highest percentage of interracial dating/marriages in the country.

    There are obvious exception of course. If you’re in small town in Texas you probably won’t have as much luck. Revamp your profile, take some better pictures and keep the bitterness and inferiority complex out of your profile.

  160. Josh says:


    “put me in my place when the time is needed.”

    Hmm, are you a strong, independent woman?

  161. ss1959 says:

    @HyHeelSocialite: Get rid of the first paragraph in your profile. I understand you’re frustrated, but venting that frustration as the very first impression you make on a POT SD is not a good idea. If you’re comfortable with all races then just say “comfortable with all races” or something like that.

    You meant “stern”, not “stearn”

    Be consistent in your use of punctuation. (Yes, it matters.)

    Be patient, your SD is out there somewhere, but don’t be passive! Find profiles that interest you, and message them. And when you message them, take a few minutes and write something interesting that picks up on something that will both show him you actually read his profile, and provide an opening to start a conversation.

  162. crypticanomaly says:

    These banana’s are making me thirsty!

    Ok enough, all this monkeying around is becoming a catch-22….

  163. Curious George says:

    I agree with @cryptic Please, no more monkey business on the blog.

  164. crypticanomaly says:

    This baby monkey thing is getting old.

  165. The Real sugar baby monkey says:

    The fake sugar baby monkey has to be @Josh. Angry. Humorless. Insults. Name calling. So totally @Josh. Where can I report her/him for identity theft?

  166. sugar baby monkey says:


    Ok, you’re right, surely is the racist location. yes, she has to change her location.

    anyone can tell me how i can register my name because this hispanic pig is very annoying

    the real monkey, it’s me

  167. The Real sugar baby monkey says:

    I think the fake sugar baby monkey is a proxy of @Josh. They seem to share the same humorless anger.

  168. lovelynyours says:


    *are nothing short of

    That’s what I get for typing too fast and not proofreading!

  169. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Socialite-Don’t start a profile with any type of negative especially if you are basically attacking others for not liking you.

    Why do you like 50 Shades? If there is an interesting reason then expand on it otherwise it just makes you sound like many other women. Imagine if a SD said he likes beer.

    That part about wanting a man to be dominant but not overtly aggressive, as a man I see that and to use a Josh term it is mind rapey. Men are on here to avoid Female games and double talk as much as possible, reading that just does my head in.

  170. lovelynyours says:

    Sorry, Josh. Just saw your post. Will keep it short going forward on this blog post.

  171. lovelynyours says:

    MyHeel – I agree with Goddess – your profile starts right off the bat about complaining about race. It’s a turn off that creates a self-fulfilling prophecy for you. Ditch it. You also need more pictures, including one that’s at least 3/4 of your body, in my mind. It also sounds like you’re trying to attract everyone. Be specific about what you want and what you bring to the table. Find your voice, so to speak.

    The 50 Shades thing – if that’s true, keep it I suppose. If it’s just there to be used as a way to allude that you’re a sexual being, toss it. It’s been done and any man who’s truly into BDSM will likely roll his eyes at the fact that you included that here, since it’s considered so off-base in the BDSM community. You may come off more as a suburban housewife wannabe than a kinky seductress.

    You also spelled stern wrong. Be sure your grammar, stylistic approach, and spelling is nothing short of impeccable. And yes, talk about what you’re bringing to the table.

  172. Amber B. says:

    @Sugarbaby, I remember there was another black woman who appeared on the blog a few days ago asking for profile critiques. She also lived in Texas and, surprisingly enough, her profile was awfully similar to @HyHeel’s. Also, I told my friend about this site last summer, she also lives in Texas.. same experience. She actually attends SMU and tells me horror stories of the racism she has encountered.. So, I truly believe it’s the location.. Unless these are just three coincidences.

  173. sugar baby monkey says:


    hi, maybe you should try with african american guys because they won’t hate their same race. i think black people is very cool, but you know there are many stupid persons

  174. sugar baby monkey says:

    Amber it’s not about the location. It’s about the sd and sb

  175. sugar baby monkey says:

    I bet the fake monkey is the hispanic pig, “chiquita”, you should get a life idiot

  176. Goddess says:

    LOL, Josh seems to bring out the best in people Catcher22, call it a gift. 🙂
    MyHeelSocialite, I love your name, profile is another story. Your profile honestly seems very self-doubting, it hints at “playing the race card” though not intended and there is a lot of what you want rather than what you can offer him. You are applying for a position in this man’s life, instead of making demands on how he should act/be, express how you envision making his life better. Also I dislike saying this but I think you need better photos. The one with no makeup is nice, most models probably don’t look as pretty without but their “sans makeup” pictures are not what holds people’s attention. Highlight your beauty,though I’m sure you look very pretty in the morning. 😉
    On a typical dating site it would work but here you need to be polished in your approach and your look. This is my opinion of course. Good luck!

  177. Amber B. says:

    I think it has more to do with your location than the SD community as a whole. Try looking for men in diverse cities, NY… or LA. Living in NY, I don’t have a hard time attracting SDs from the tri-state area. Plus, you’re a beautiful woman.. I’m sure there are plenty of men who are interested.

  178. Catcher 22 says:

    OMG! Now we have a case of feuding monkeys! Just what has happened to this blog?

  179. HyHeelSocialite says:

    So any tips on sticking with it when it seems the majority of the SD community are into your race or culture? How do I get past the rejection and not take it personal and continue searching? Anyone who is African American or different ethnicity that has had any luck?

  180. sugar baby monkey says:

    Hey, Just WHO is calling WHO a fake?

  181. Chiquita says:

    @Ms. Temptation: Just be sure to sterilize it before use. You gotta know where it has been:-)

  182. Chiquita says:

    @Ms Temptation: Ask @Josh if you can borrow his well-used dildo. It is long and sensuously shaped, like a ripe banana.

  183. sugar baby monkey says:

    @Josh. Hey baby! Where did you go? It’s swing time!

    it wasn’t me. It was the fake monkey

  184. Goddess says:

    @Josh, I don’t think it’s a good idea to express this but I do have a service boy in Quebec currently. We never see each other though, he just does my errands/tasks as requested.

  185. Josh says:

    For those who like to write long-ass comments, please keep in mind that the longer each individual post the longer it takes to load the blog page on cell phone. So please do everyone a favor and keep individual comments short. If you’re into writing chapters of your book here, please write them elsewhere and provide links here. Thanks

  186. Josh says:

    @Ms Temptation,

    Do you already have a nice, firm dildo or are you in need of one?

  187. Josh says:


    How many arrangements on- or off-SA have you had so far?

  188. Josh says:

    Why o why are we “blessed” with a bunch of rinsers/escorts, or at least escort/rinser wanna be, who like to write long-ass senseless comments NONSTOP?

  189. Goddess says:

    @zito, I also had a sub who had a thing for me stomping on his precious car collection. 🙂

  190. zito says:

    @goddess is right…I knew a sb who would get paid 500$ from a sd for crushing bugs in the dirt with her bare fett

  191. Goddess says:

    *Even in large cities, though, the vast majority ask for a lot less.*
    That wouldn’t work for me since I am industrious enough to work smart and not hard. And I make a decent income as is doing very little.
    *I think Sugaring is the “New” Prostitution. No offense intended to any or all participants(including me). Now SDs only need enough Money to establish a regular routine that an SB can count on .


    I haven’t had sex in a year and a half so clearly I would be the laziest hooker who ever living.

    Well ,certainly the brokest .*
    I don’t know what kind of girls you have been dealing with and literally have no idea how things are on the SD side apart from snippets on the blog but I have never sold sex for cash, ever. LOL, Are you kidding? Seriously do speak for yourself and whatever niche of sugar you’re into which is very obviously not what I’m into at all. Again platonic sugars exist as do alternative forms of companionship. It’s NOT all about the sex for some of us.
    @Sebastien’s Friend, it’s best if you bring up the allowance before she does and your expectations of sugar. Once she knows what you expect she knows if it works with her schedule/for her.

  192. zito says:

    i may misspell a word because i hit the wrong key…..but…except and weather is just ignorant

  193. lovelynyours says:

    @Zito: Christ. I honestly don’t get it.

    Reminds me of the ones I used to see from American men who supposedly had a net worth of $50 or 100 million a year but had dreadful grammar and couldn’t spell basic words. Doubtful. Even if it had been true, if I can’t get through an exchange with you without mentally correcting your email or text, we’re not going to get along. Period. I need to be able to admire the guy I’m with, and that’s just going to ruin it for me.

    Add a bad attitude or entitled mentality on top of it and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

  194. Jaybird923 says:

    True he does a horrible job talking to the media. I don’t think he should be talking to the media at all he needs to keep the site out of the press. It’s never positive

  195. Josh says:

    Feminists understand that complaining and whinning is more important than breathing, drinking or eating for a good number of women. So feminists don’t give a shit about women’s complaints unless such complaints need to be pooled together cashed in as legislation against men.

    The complaints that they are getting only $200 of free money instead of $5000 of free money does not have currency in the common law.

  196. Josh says:

    Brandon needs train in how to talk to the media.

    Journalist is like a policeman. Neither is your friend. Both get their Brownie points from their respective employers by making a criminal out of you.

  197. Jaybird923 says:

    It’s time for a new blog this one is taking to long to load

  198. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Josh- Perhaps, but there does seem to be a lot of women complaining as well. But I get the idea of trying to maintain the front that the women set their own prices etc in some sort of pseudo Feminist manner to keep away the Feds.

  199. zito says:

    my new favorite profile….college educated of course….
    I’m looking for a classy, successful gentlemen to spoil me. An actual connection is super important to me. I love people who can make me laugh & prefer guys with nice cars. I love nice cars and it’s one of my favorite topics of conversation. 🙂 as a general rule if I have to open a door at all in a date you aren’t the one for me! I do except some type of allowance weather that be gifts or money or whatever we decide works.

  200. Jaybird923 says:

    @Sugar Nazi Awww Man! I really wanted some sugar lol

  201. Josh says:

    I kinda see why Brandon runs SA the way he does. If he operated an ho eat to goodness sugar service, there will be too many happy men and the women collective will gang up against it to shut it down.

    Operating it as an online bar keeps the women collective at happy distance as SBs are making money by swindling men. They then brag about it.

    Complaining men is the secret sauce that will keep Brandon out of Feds’ crosshair.

  202. Sugar Nazi says:

    @Cryptic lol No problem. I find this nut more amusing than the one who was randomly quoting Seinfeld. 🙂

    @Jaybird: NO sugar for YOU!

  203. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Jay- Yeah I remember him being called a Pimp. As I have mentioned before Sugar is a niche thing, if you try and make it mainstream you get 50 Shades of Grey a film/story that is meant to be about BDSM but gets it all wrong and doesn’t look into the subject beyond the surface.

    You will never have this socially acceptable as such, trying to make it be that way will just make it look worse and worse as we saw with Brandon being called a pimp.

  204. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic It wasn’t great for Brandon either. He always ends up looking like a clown. They had some self righteous former federal prosecutor on there calling him an MIT educated pimp

  205. cryptic anomaly says:

    @IHF- Sounds like she saw the Dr Phil Sugar baby episode.

  206. IHF2030 says:

    Amazing, I just had a young woman favorite my profile, and under what I’k looking for she had the following:

    I would love for someone to spoil me and my bank account aswell as I love company. I love sending kinky photos but it’s going to cost you. You won’t regret it 🙂

  207. cryptic anomaly says:

    @IHF- Like any business model or culture the original members will be very strict about what they do and how it all works. As the culture/business grows it will attract people who are not interested in the nuances and just want to exploit the benefits as quickly as they can, that is what I am seeing with many of the SB’s now and I am sure the SD’s are very much about P4P as well.

    @Jay-LOL Yeah these cashews are making me thirsty, I remember that poster! Yep, the SB’s who go on TV are not a great advertisement for this site. See comment above to IHF.

  208. Ms. Temptation says:

    So after reading the blog over the last few days my suggestion would be for those who live on the blog to either take a very long vacation, do some volunteer work or find something something else productive to do. Many great bloggers have left just in case you have not noticed. SA should impose a limit to the number of comments one can post in a 24 hour period. People would get to the point and stay on topic then.

  209. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online I think you’re right the women on the show are in their late 20s to mid 30s.

    And your avatar isn’t showing up.

  210. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – I think there is a growing trend in the most recent signups that shows a willingness to “work” for things, which is not just sex, but includes messaging and actually proofing profile text and such…but I also see more in the 27-35 age range…that will probably change with fall orientations and class registration happening soon…only time will tell.

  211. sugar baby monkey says:

    @Josh. Hey baby! Where did you go? It’s swing time!

  212. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic I finally watched that episode of Dr Phil you were telling me about. I agree with you this might be the worst batch yet. At least they didn’t lie about not having sex with the SDs.

  213. IHF2030 says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there are too many hard-up guys on this site who just encourage sugarbabies to behave badly. And that dynamic is even more pronounced on other sites.

  214. sugar baby monkey says:

    the spanish pig is ruining this blog

  215. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic lol No problem. I find this nut more amusing than the one who was randomly quoting Seinfeld. 🙂

  216. crypticanomaly says:

    @Jay- Man in Yellow Hat was me, couldn’t resist.

  217. Jaybird923 says:

    LMAO I really should stop interacting with you. But I find you amusing. One more character and then I’ll ignore you like everyone else.

  218. Chiquita says:

    There is nothing like a long, sensuosly curved ripe banana!

    I like them in bunches


  219. Jaybird923 says:

    LMAO yes I did. Curious George and his monkey friend is causing mischief on the blog. Can you see if you can get them to behave?

  220. Man in Yellow Hat says:

    @Jay – You called?

  221. sugar baby monkey says:

    @Curious George

    You really know

  222. Jaybird923 says:

    LMAO Someone has way too much time on their hands. When is the man in the yellow hat going to make an appearance?

  223. Curious George says:

    Monkey love. Its for the chosen few.
    Monkey love. Its come for our Guru.

  224. sugar baby monkey says:

    @nc gent
    You’re so porn. i’m a pure monkey



  225. Anonymous says:

    If you do not feed the monkey, it will go away.
    If you give it bananas, it will stick around to entertain itself.
    As an entertainment source I would prefer DamnVixen any day…

  226. MissLady says:

    LOL @ NCGent!

  227. Jaybird923 says:

    @NCGent lol

  228. NC Gent says:

    @SB Monkey – do you prefer bananas that are straight or curved?

  229. sugar baby monkey says:


    i can’t believe josh is breaking my heart

  230. sugar baby monkey says:

    This monkey will give you much pleasure, josh, you just have to give me banana

  231. Josh says:

    This is how it works…

    The idiot side is desperate in finding a man, woman, woman posting as man to stand up to the Guru. So every time a new idiot shows up all the existing idiots cheer him, her, himer in the dwindling hope that the new idiot just may be able to stand up to the Guru.

    Never say never. 😉

  232. Catcher 22 says:

    @Josh: Monkey see. Monkey do. Monkey want to talk to you 🙂

  233. Josh says:

    After week’s of being ignored as she did not have much interesting stuff to say, @Catcher 22 learned that she gets quite a bit of attention when she hurls insults at the Guru. It is what it is.

  234. sugar baby monkey says:

    @catcher 22

    oh god, really???? a shopping cart overflowing with bananas???? clearly Josh wants to marry me


    yes, sunshine, i thought this site was needing a clown so i came here. yay.

  235. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Sunshine – There really isn’t a great deal of difference between an Escort and a SB. An Escort in it’s classic form is a woman hired to accompany a man to dinners and functions etc. I knew a woman who used to do this type of work for an agency all non sexual unless she wanted it to be.

    Perhaps in some cases the SB might actually have feelings for the SD whereas as an escort most likely would separate her feelings from the job. I don’t know, I think overall it there are lots of crossovers and also how many SD’s a SB has and wants to have maybe.

    A SB can take many different forms, there is the hired girlfriend type, the P4P, and whatever else that the SD might like.

  236. Jaybird923 says:

    @Catcher Still poking the bear? lol

  237. zito says:

    @sunshine….I was just trying to paint a picture of anyone who works for a living is an excort….it shouldnt matter if your job is sex or a lawyer….in your analogy,,,,lawyers are escorts…..just cause its money for sex when you get down to it, doesnt mean to me it should have this stigma…again…thats why im not a fan of labels

  238. Catcher 22 says:

    Hey, wasn’t that @Josh I just saw at the Whole Foods checkout line with a shopping cart overflowing with bananas?

  239. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    Welcome back :).

    I suppose. To me being an escort implies that you don’t care who gives you money – to me I’m selective so I do care very much. However I am getting a gift/ accepting money for my company and if that makes me an escort so be it :p.

  240. zito says:

    not all escorts have an agency…so theres no difference

  241. Jaybird923 says:

    I have a hard time working out how the latter are not escorts :/

    @Sunshine they are escorts the only difference is that they don’t have to split their profits with an agency

  242. zito says:

    @sunshine…remember we are ALL escorts,whores, hookers, prostitutes…any term you like…..if my job doesnt pay me, I dont show up…..thats why im not big on the label thing…but thats just me

  243. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    @Sugar baby monkey
    You crack me up lol

    I think the celebrity escorts are women who have done porn that kind of thing or are working as models. I’m only going off one website though. I didn’t do an indepth check as I was just curious to see what the going rates were :O.

    Also there is a broad range. Some people have a full on relationship type arrangement, others like to have two or three SDs and others like to skip dinner/intimacy and go full sex for money. I have a hard time working out how the latter are not escorts :/.

  244. sugar baby monkey says:


    Buy me a banana please

  245. sugar baby monkey says:

    if a sugar daddy buys me a banana. I go with him to a room hotel

  246. Jaybird923 says:

    @Cryptic Like always it comes down to what you’re looking to for. My advice is almost always geared towards the SB who wants an arrangement with a little more depth. A Long term traditional SD/SB arrangement.

    If what you’re looking for is to have a Rolodex of SDs that you see for an hour or two and then pocket your money and leave until next time, than obviously it doesn’t matter what other attributes you have besides beauty and youth. You won’t be in their company long enough for it to matter if you’re not charming.

    I don’t give advice to that crowd because I have no experience with it and I can’t relate to it. I would be of no help to them. :-))

  247. Josh says:

    @sugar baby monkey

    Are you into flinging turd?

  248. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Sebastian’s Friend – Whatever suits you and your SB is the best way to handle the transfer. Some are ok with the money being handed to the, others like a deposit to a Pay Pal account, some just want bills paid. Whatever works for you two.

  249. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady I don’t drink coffee either. I’m a tea girl myself. I went with coffee because I figured more people drink it than tea. And I most definitely am not going to pay $100 for a cup of tea.

  250. sugar baby monkey says:

    i’m a female monkey. hello everyone, i’m new!

  251. sugar monkey says:


    your photo excites my monkey body

  252. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Jay – The whole “What am I worth” discussion is an interesting one. To a large degree it depends on what the SD wants and is willing to spend. A SD who just wants a night of fun isn’t going to care if the SB is a great conversationalist or caring or whatever else, it will come down to her looks and willingness. This type of SD won’t pay too much as what he wants is readily available.

    As with a SD who wants something ongoing, a smart SD who is careful with his money regardless of how wealthy he is also going to want value. How much a SB gets or what he is willing to pay will depend on how often he wants to see her, for $10k a month I would want to be seeing her at least 3 times a week, but do I even want to see her that often, that would verge on being an actual relationship. Also how much do the extras factor into the price, dinners, drinks, gifts, does she still expect an allowance as well on top of all of that? What about a weekend away, does she expect an allowance on top of being taken somewhere for free?

    There are a lot more factors than just looks alone and as you mention the site is full of attractive women. What many of the women on here lack is the ability to actually be charming, to be more than just a pretty face. And that is where you might start to be able to generate a better deal for yourself, when you are able to make the man feel special outside of your looks and sex.

    At the end of the day Sugar is not a necessity, so a SB needs to make herself as appealing as possible.

  253. MissLady says:

    @Online well it’s something that almost every one can relate to since they drink and buy coffee

    Hmmm, how does that relate to the soft drink or tea market?? Not a coffee drinker…

  254. Sebastian's Friend says:

    Hi SA Blog,

    Do SBs prefer to know allowance $$ (low end of moderate $) and dating frequency expectation (couple time per week) in the 1st or 2nd SA message ?

    What is the best way of handling the $$ transfer?
    I’ve typically just provided a weekly amount up front, placed in a wad of cash into a bag/purse. Said minimal about it. Is that o.k.?

  255. Finesse says:

    @Jaybird923: The site is full of young attractive women with hot bodies. And some of them are asking for way less.

    @OnlineNewbieSD: most though… too smart in business to OVERPAY

    Right. There are definitely some girls who receive $5K or more a month, but those are the ones who look like models and/or (usually and) have other things in addition to looks to offer. I think @DamnVixen would be receiving that kind of allowance in my city. Even in large cities, though, the vast majority ask for a lot less.

  256. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – EXACTLY!

  257. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online well it’s something that almost every one can relate to since they drink and buy coffee. And I feel I should clarify a bit before someone accuses me of saying no SB is worth $10,000. If when you write your profile and the only thing you have going for you or you can offer an SD is that you’re young, pretty, and have a hot body.

    Then you don’t have much going for you. The site is full of young attractive women with hot bodies. And some of them are asking for way less. So you have to bring some extras to the table to justify why they should choose you at the higher asking price.

  258. Jj says:

    @IHF Is this for real???? ” lmsgao!!!! ” just ask’n…!!!

  259. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – oh, no, you didn’t bring up price of coffee 😉

    It’s a valid argument about price and the market for sugar…there are some SDs would would find it a mark of distinction they’re paying $10k a month (or weekend I guess) for their lover…most though…too smart in business to OVERPAY for the service being provided…kind of like the lawyer fee argument. If you’re being sued, unless it’s a specialty case, why pay thousands per hour for something the $300-500 attorney should be able to handle…

  260. Jaybird923 says:

    Southern brought up a very important point. Just because a man can afford $10,000 a month doesn’t mean you’re worth it or that he’s willing to pay it. That’s why it’s important to do your research and be realistic when setting an allowance range.

    If you walked into Starbucks today and they started charging $100 for your favorite cup of coffee, I’m pretty sure you would walk out. Yes you have $100 but what’s so special about this cup of coffee that would induce you to pay that much for it, when you can get a cup for less that does the exact thing.

    That’s something to keep in mind when SBs are writing their profile. Why are you worth your asking price?

  261. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @gentleman – you have a point to the pricing “game” in Sugar and Escorting…the higher profile the SD, the higher “price” to keep discretion?

    Of course, the higher the ongoing allowance or recurring visit fee there’s also the higher meal ticket seen by the woman to hold over the high profile man’s head…double-edged sword, for sure!

  262. SouthernSB says:

    A Pot that I was having a conversation with once told me that a Pot SB gave him a figure of 10,000 for a weekend, and that didn’t include the price for the airfare. Although he could afford it he didn’t take up the offer. He said he was smarter with his money than that. It didn’t work out between us because of distance.

  263. gentleman soul says:

    I think Sugaring is the “New” Prostitution. No offense intended to any or all participants(including me). Now SDs only need enough Money to establish a regular routine that an SB can count on .


    I haven’t had sex in a year and a half so clearly I would be the laziest hooker who ever living.

    Well ,certainly the brokest .

  264. Jaybird923 says:

    Thank you @Online and @Goddess for the explanation

  265. gentleman soul says:

    Remember Gov Spitzer from NYNY ? His escort cost him $5K for an overnight. Her pic was circulating at that time and I thought she was homely. If he only knew about SA at that time -but I guess it wasn’t conceived at that time . Rich and /or famous clients probably paid big bucks for the “safety” of an upper class ,lower volume agency.

  266. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Goddess – okay I’ll give you the extra on reality tv as a #3…although, there’s been some racy stuff on Big Brother in past seasons that was borderline porn…besides, I feel anyone whoring themselves out to the reality tv world is creating their own brand of porn, whether there’s penetration or not…

    I’m not sure who your post about the distinctions between sugar and prostitution was directed at. I’ll just say, in response, if you read the posts about hourly rates, they are blurring that distinction…regardless of intercourse, if you’re “charging” by the hour, to me, you’re on the side of the escort…

  267. Goddess says:

    LOL @ONSD touche! We forgot 4- she was an extra on a reality TV show, haha. She was entering the store at the same time as Honey Boo Boo. 🙂

  268. Goddess says:

    There are clear distinctions between sugar relationships and prostitution in my opinion. For example I haven’t had sex in a year and a half so clearly I would be the laziest hooker who ever lived.

  269. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Goddess – your #3 falls into my #1…because if she’s been “servicing” those celebs, I’ll bet there are sex tapes out there for sale of said “service” which is porn as far as I’m concerned…

  270. Goddess says:

    or 3. been an extra in several music videos and had the pleasure of servicing said celebs. Pretty well known those music video girls do, LOL.
    I’m very sex positive, don’t get me wrong. But prostitution simply isn’t for me. It’s not worth the numerous risks unless of course you’re one of the 1%ers in that industry. Even then, not for me. More for someone who is very polyamorous.

  271. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – probably one of two things…

    1. she has sold enough porn that people ask for her to visit a local club

    2. she has been able to repeatedly ask for larger amounts and receive it, creating her own “celebrity” status

  272. Jaybird923 says:

    What makes someone a celebrity escort?

  273. Goddess says:

    Probably per night Sunshine, i can hardly imagine it being *picked up in limo, NSA in limo and leaves*. They probably attend functions, red carpet events, that sort of thing.

  274. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    Agreed – 5k for an escort for an hour sounds crazy. Mind you it is the states…

    Here where that kind of thing is legal the maximum I’ve seen listed on a website is $1000 for a “celebrity” escort. I’ve only looked at a few sites though so I don’t know if it goes higher.

    Maybe it’s supposed to mean 5000 per night?

  275. Goddess says:

    @Sunshine that was my experience as well or they were horrible with money. Totally clueless about financial management. Also @Josh no idea for escorts. I only know for prodommes because I give advice to lifestylers on message boards regularly.

  276. Goddess says:

    I know for prodommes they make $250/hr typically Josh without fluid exchange. They do spend to become the leather clad Barbarella of the gentleman’s dreams. One rubber suit costs thousands.

  277. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Oh, I meant escorts…of course, there will be those SBs who continue to compare their earnings to the escort, so I guess oranges and mandarin oranges?

  278. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Josh – you might be a bit low on the average figure for an attorney, but maybe it’s up because of inflation?

    Your point is correct though…the percentage charging significantly over that “standard” figure is very low, and typically a factor of location and/or specialty…which…when drawn to the Sugar Bowl…would mean…

    SBs in major metros, or having special niche markets, could charge more than the “typical” or “average” SB…what is that? Someone a post or two ago said it was like $1,200 a month in allowance?

  279. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @southern – I would easily avoid that crowd…I’m not big on makeup, lipstick, etc because I’m married and want to avoid the cliche like the plague…I’m also not a fan of the KimK body type and think it’s unhealthy the way it’s being imitated, and IMHO mocked, by the “larger” woman crowd.

    There are SDs out there, I’m sure that go for that look and attitude, but not me…

  280. Josh says:

    “Also escorts can get up to $5k for an hour”

    Do you have any ballpark figure as to how many escorts in the world can command that kind of money on a regular basis with reasonable number of clientele?

    Let’s compare escorts with attorneys. A typical attorney charges $250/hr. Good ones charge upto $400/hr. Some specialty attorneys charge up to $1000/hr. I am sure that there are attorneys charging $5000/hr or $10000/hr but how many such attorneys exist in this world?

    Pulling numbers out of nether regions is very easy. I think it is a side benefit of having a vagina for many women.

  281. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    On the twisted view of relationships…
    My opinions about them have changed since I joined but I’d argue is more about a different view than it being twisted or harmful.
    I’m finally meeting the men that I’ve always wanted. Smart, intelligent guys who interact with my ideas rather than dismiss them. Affectionate, gentlemanly and really good in the bedroom. I wish I had known about the site earlier but at the same time I don’t think I was ready. In the sense that there are some pretty awful people on here as well as some amazing people and you have to be ready to handle that kind of nonsense.

    I don’t however view it as being paid for sex because after the first meet, if I know I like a guy, what he chooses to give me is optional. It’s a gift that I can use to move on some of my goals but the important part is that I get to spend time with some amazing people.

    Before SRs I was very much over regular relationships. Guys my age IN GENERAL tend to be intimated by my ideas, have no clue in the bedroom (it’s funny how you can tell the guys that have been brought up on porn and those who have had their experiences with women), and don’t appreciate the things I like to do when I care for someone. I ended up giving and giving and giving and not getting appreciated at all. Bake my BF a cake each time I came over – oh thanks/chuck it in the fridge. Do his washing – where are my favourite pants??!??! With an SD I find they appreciate that kind of thing (except I’m not washing any clothes lol). Generally they gift because they can’t have a traditional relationship because of work or having a wife or whatever but they recognise that relationships involve both giving and taking. Money for them acts as a stand in for what they can’t give me.

    I suppose the biggest change for me was that it finally tipped the edge between polyamory and monogamy. I love my independence and I love not having a traditional relationship where it’s like oh you’re committed to each other you can both give up on having to please each other. The relationship lasts for however long it was meant to last without ask the formal bullshit causing either of us agony because we were meant to be with that person forever. It doesn’t mean I don’t get attached our a case if the feels but it does mean that I’m less likely to if I am also seeing someone else. All that said, I’m very upfront about that and it does rely on the honesty of all parties involved, practising safe sex and getting regularly tested.

    Sorry I know it’s a very long post!

  282. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Goddess – people who don’t have phones LOCKED down still amaze me! I have programs locked down inside my phone…it takes me minutes to do tasks others do in seconds, but if my phone is stolen, they’re not getting ANYTHING from it…

  283. Goddess says:

    I know a famous SD and SB who gotten married and well, their lifestyle was pretty over the top. He got himself into trouble during their divorce with someone shady and honestly there is so much drama over there, too much drama. But a part of it is his need for attention, even negative. He not only got blackmailed, he had his phone stolen and the creepy person called my # from his phone. Smh! LOL

  284. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Goddess – discretion is NOT something that goes hand-in-had with sugar…there are singles in Sugar that do not hide their relationship (although they may not be wearing t-shirts that say “I’m his Arm Candy” and “I’m her pocketbook”, it can be obvious with the age discrepancy that there is something “different” about their relationship to onlookers.

    @lovely has it right…I’ve been cyberstalked by someone from SA (it’s NOT okay to send Facebook Friend Requests to someone without discussing it first!)…and…it’s probably true there is a higher likelihood of a married being taken advantage of because of the situation…

  285. SouthernSB says:

    I don’t know how anyone can mistake the industrial debutantes over on instagram and tumblr for real SB anyway. I go to tumblr for laughs and to look at fashion, and one thing I have learned is all those girls look exactly alike. They have the same makeup the same clothes the same pumped up butts, the same extensions in their hair (regardless of ethnicity) and the same collagen filled lips. How anyone could mistaken them for college girls or your average single mother is totally amazing to me. I know men are visual but really? Either every man wants to secretly date Kim Kardashian or standards have fallen to toilet levels. I can’t see it, I really just can’t see it.

  286. lovelynyours says:

    They don’t always. I’ve heard stories from POT SDs about getting into arrangements and later getting blackmailed by shady SBs. It happens. My guess is it may happen more often to married SDs than single ones, though.

  287. Goddess says:

    To my knowlede discretion and Arrangements go hand in hand though. That requires some maturity and good faith I understand but when we are talking girls who are getting their first credit card, I mean, just know practicality may not be a part of the equation for someone that young. I personally have never exposed anyone but that’s because integrity is important to me. I don’t want to be a scumbag, LOL.

  288. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Goddess – re: exposure – I don’t think SA is concerned with SB exposure, since that is not the significant part of the revenue stream…if they’re NOT concerned with exposure for the SD life, they’re going to lose more SDs…especially the married, or high publicity ones that want or need to keep Sugar OUT of the spotlight!

  289. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    last comment was for @Goddess…but referenced a couple of things with @Elaine as well…

  290. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Elaine – I reserve the escort name for those SBs who continue to talk about “time” together and how much she “earns” per hour…if you are content “dating” through Sugar, being spoiled, eating at the top restaurants, staying at 5-star hotels, the pampering at the spa, the cherry red mercedes, etc. you’re not an escort…if you’re complaining that all the SDs on the site are cheap johns because they won’t offer more than $200 for a 4-hour meeting, you’re quacking like a hooker…

    As I’ve said before, I got trapped in the comparisons to BP “rates” because I was inundated with messages from people with costs per meet and limits on the time spent together…I did some research on the numbers (yeah, surprising coming from me, right?) and saw that for about $100 I could pump a dumpster if I wanted…repeatedly…for half that I could tickle some tonsils…so…when someone on SA approaches me and wants no more than two hours in one meeting a week for $500, it didn’t add up…especially when it was clear she’s probably juggling more men…

    I’ve changed my view on things though…because I’m NOT looking for that hourly worker, I’m looking for a valued part of my life…and I’m willing to give her a salary to play that role for me…it has other fringe benefits as well, with gifting, dining, some travel, etc…but it’s not a weekly roll in a hotel…

    I have chosen to base that salary on the cost of living locally…$1,000 a month would cover most of the local university expenses, or an apartment and utilities and light groceries…that’s a GREAT starting point for an arrangement in my mind…if she proves herself worthy of further investment, she’ll get a “raise”…if she proves she isn’t worth of further investment, the arrangement is terminated and she can find someone else that might fit her desires and needs more closely!

  291. Goddess says:

    I think the attraction for you Elaine is more about the power than the cash. Power can be intoxicating.

  292. Goddess says:

    Aside from this site I am on a couple of kinky ones also actively seeking but have found vanilla sites like SA reap better rewards in regards to finding lifestylers who are willing to follow your lead. I have yet to click with anyone and taking my time while condo shopping.

  293. ss1959 says:

    Yeah, that makes sense too @Goddess. The SB’s I meet and talk to are pretty much self-selecting in that I’m not a jetsetter and not offering to shower anyone with thousands and thousands of dollars in cash every month and cars and expensive trinkets.

  294. Goddess says:

    Elaine despite being an SB I am a highly independent person. Truth be told my greatest flaw is my difficulty in asking for help or wearing my heart on my sleeve. I am not attached to the idea of only sugar dating and I do enjoy and love men. However I am very picky about the type of man I sleep with, it is definitely more about the man than the cash.

  295. Goddess says:

    @ss1959 different people are seeking different things. Some are more practical, some just want a jetsetter, neither is wrong in my book. But like someone else said (anon) you have to bring a lot to the table to get the high rollers’ attention.

  296. ss1959 says:

    …thinks that’s all…


  297. Elaine says:


    Maybe I didn’t made myself clear enough.
    What I was trying to say had not anything to do with hight of allowance, gifts, age gap, feeling abused, or whatever.

    It has to do with the association that unconsciously gets stuck in your mind when sugaring.
    The link between your company & sex, and money & gifts.
    If you are used to stay in 5* hotels, to dine in top restaurants, getting spoiled with nice things, and get an allowance in exchange for what seems to be a relationship, but in reality is an arrangement.

    Then will it ever be possible to return back to a “normal” life, with a “normal” man, with a “normal” income, and start a “normal” family?

    You all can now judge me for this, but I personally think I could’t anymore.
    Call me an escort if you want, but I have lost my interest in dating outside sugar.

    So I was wondering, if this happened at my age, ending up -in a certain way- “conditioned”, what then for young women with less experience?
    “How will they mature?” to use DV’s words.

    THAT was what I ment when saying “Sugarlife is creating a twisted view on relationship and men”.

    I would be very interested though to hear from other SBs how they look upon that?
    I mean, maybe it is only me?

  298. ss1959 says:

    Yes @JayBird, I see your point.

    It’s really kind of demeaning if SA thinks that all the SD’s have to offer our SB’s. I know my SB’s wouldn’t be seeing me if I wasn’t giving them an allowance and gifts, but that doesn’t mean that’s all I’m giving them or that it’s the ONLY reason they’re seeing me.

    And it does help explain some of the attitudes I see in profiles and sometimes here on the blog.

  299. Goddess says:

    I once met an SD and he was an ex felon and self made. He bought his SB a cherry red Mercedes and she somehow left him for her bf. It made no sense because aside from being two inches taller than him he was a good looking guy.
    Unfortunately too jaded from that experience to be a good SD though so we parted ways quickly thereafter. He was not interested in hearing my business plans.

  300. Goddess says:

    Wow, this took an ugly turn. TBH @ONSD I don’t care about exposure. I know who I am and I am an awesome person and NO ONE needs to take my word for it. I would just prefer my privacy. People love to be very intrusive into my life uninvitedly and meddle. I am not needy in regards to people, maybe when I was younger but not anymore. I think it’s weird when people latch onto ideas or theories about things that don’t affect them in anyway, just my nature.
    Discussing them is fine, latching onto them means they really need to get a life or therapy.
    I don’t understand why all the venom to the site or other sugars though honestly blatant criminal behavior on the site and if it is used for that purpose should be addressed. I totally agree about that. Also when I was 20 I did buy highly expensive designer clothes. Blame it on youth.

  301. gentleman soul says:

    @Gentleman Even though I rarely agree with your views/practices, I really do respect that you don’t make excuses and that you own what you do.

    Thanks Jay . I think a lot of people say what they want others to believe -putting them in a better light . I have been “in love” and I have been a pump and dumpster . I prefer the former .But the reality of having an SB to wine and dine is difficult,especially for a married man . I think it is important for SBs to know that the latter probably constitutes the majority of SDs out there. The dream guy who wants more of a mistress is a Unicorn.

  302. Anon says:

    @gentleman soul: One of our popular blogettes before you came ended up marrying her SD billionaire. She hit the Lottery, but she brought a lot to the table besides youth and beauty.

    Wow, who was that?

  303. lovelynyours says:

    I disagree, Cuc. It should absolutely be their job, for no other reason than to avoid the kind of press in that article Jay just linked. Not all underaged kids are going to rob people, of course, but it reflects very poorly on SA when court cases come about that have to reference where these people met one another.

    I agree that people should check IDs to cover their behinds, but SA should absolutely be putting in the work to ensure that their members are all 18+.

  304. Jaybird923 says:

    @SS Now you see what I mean. Why wouldn’t that be appealing to a 16 year old? She can get designer shoes, clothes, purses and cash all for being pretty and going to dinner. They are cultivating an unrealistic perception of sugar dating.

  305. CucumberOnLids says:

    You’d think they’d be interested in making sure people don’t end up in jail for inadvertently messing with underage kiddos, no?
    ————————————————————————————No it’s really not their job. If a child gets into the site then it’s on the shoulders of the adult they connect with the make sure not to be considered a “sexual predator”. Problem is since so many are lying about age ( as adults) you can’t really figure out who’s doing the same as a child.

  306. ss1959 says:

    I just looked at SA’s Instagram. That’s just pathetic. Really, a fan of twenty dollar bills?

    I’ve never had an SB shallow enough to believe a pair of Louboutins would actually make her life better. I don’t know what I would ever talk about with someone that did, since that’s just so opposite to all of my values.

  307. CucumberOnLids says:

    They will end up with a completey twisted view on men and relationships.

    Sugar can be very damaging, and it will be hard for them to not getting conditioned “Sex = Money” for the fest of their lives.
    It will be so easy for them to get jaded.
    I mean, how normal is it for a 22y/o to have sex with a 60y/o?
    Not being paid for sex per hour by a “sugargranddad” taking advantage of your youth.

    ————————————————————————————I think if the allowance is decent they’ll probably feel that the experience was worth it. If they realize that this same man pays an escort $500 an hour and yet provided her with $600 a month then I think that’s when the resentment will kick in.

    Realistically when you look at it, why are so many young college students struggling in the first place? I let others think about that one for a moment.

    I mean just look at backpage and you’ll see 18-21 year olds all up and down the site and wonder how crappy being an American really is. I don’t think escorting is the problem but the average minimum wage job can’t even really cover basic expenses let alone rent in a decent neighborhood. (Depending on your state)

    Really hope NC Gent comes back so I can find out more on what it’s like to live in NC. I’m still in awe of the cost of living there. $600 for a 3 bedroom by the ocean? I mean really? Ok so they’ve had their 8th shark attack this week but how stupid does one have to be to hang out in shark prone waters?

  308. Jaybird923 says:

    Sorry He was 85 Here’s the link to the story


  309. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    YES, verify age before exchanging gifts/money or bodily fluids!

    However, be ready for her to ask to see YOUR identification as well…

    This is one reason I used to like meeting for “drinks”…I could meet at a bar and the door would check ID…if she couldn’t get into the bar, no dice on the meet!

  310. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lovely it happened in new york 70+ year old man meet a 17 year old on SA Invited her to hs home for dinner she showed up with her twin sister. they tied him down to the coffee table and robbed him. One of his friends found him like that in the morning. It was in the newspapers the guy totally humiliated the blasted his face all over the place.If I were him I wouldn’t have reported it. Not worth the notoriety

  311. Jaybird923 says:

    @SS A lot of those young girls are on instagram and they keep seeing all the loot SA and the other sugar babies on there keep flaunting. And they keep hearing how easy it is and how no sex is required. A lot of them are going to be tempted to try it. I would ask for ID from anyone claiming to be 18-21 years old just to cover my ass. The last thing I would want is to end up being prosecuted because someone decided to lie about their age.

  312. lovelynyours says:

    I haven’t heard of any of those cases, ONSD and Jay. I’d google “tie down twins”, but I’m in the office and I’m afraid of what I’d find…

  313. ss1959 says:

    I had naively assumed there was some kind of age verification in place, right up until the day I figured out one of the POT SB’s I was messaging was really only 16 years old. Yikes!

    Now I have only rather generic conversations with an SB until I get to see her ID and verify she’s old enough to be here. Basically I guess I have to do the work I’m paying SA to do.

  314. Jaybird923 says:

    I remember the tie down twins. They were under age at the time

  315. lovelynyours says:

    @Elaine – seriously? What kind of creeptastic tomfoolery is this? This is what I mean when I say it’s becoming increasingly clear that SA doesn’t have its members’ interests at heart AT ALL. You’d think they’d be interested in making sure people don’t end up in jail for inadvertently messing with underage kiddos, no?


  316. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Elaine – if there are more women who report him, SA will have no choice but to remove the profile, even if it is a paying member…with all the bad publicity that has happened with a murderous SB, the tied-down-twins, the televised courtroom bullshit…it’s all building to a major litigation issue for SA…they don’t need someone naming the company in more lawsuits that will scare away the paying SDs…and they continue to get the paying SDs because of a good ratio of QUALITY SBs…

  317. Goddess says:

    @ONSD makes sense. I had a very bizarre email once from someone I had never talked to and then he blocked me. It was entirely strange. I did report him but it didn’t really bother me aside from wondering what crawled up his shorts. Maybe having a bad day but yea, just why? Anywho I reported him and he’s still there but at least aware he’s a creep.

  318. Elaine says:


    Even WITH prove it is very hard to get a (paying) SD blocked.
    Some years ago I have reported a 16y/o “SD”, pretending to be 26.

    I had all prove , was asked to send copies of messages etc.
    Sent all they asked for, and? He is still on SA.
    Ok, now he is legal, but c’mon…

  319. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Reb – that’s a possibility, since it is usually the SD profiles that are paying members…she might have had a better response if she was a paying member…this is why making it completely free and “easy” for the SB can cause problems! There needs to be a way to be unbiased in the review of the situation to make sure the proper person is reprimanded and blocked!

    If she had messages, there should have been an easy fix to things with PROOF…

  320. Reb. says:

    Anyways, just wanted to share my messages.

  321. Reb. says:

    “why you didn’t tell him: “please don’t write me, because i’m not interested”?”

    Each of his messages went down within a very short time span and I wasn’t checking my messages. He was having a conversation with himself as if I was responding lol. I think the entire conversation was in 30 minutes, a message every 5 minutes.

    OnlineNewbieSD: Reporting accounts doesn’t really do anything and if you do report, it could backfire on you. My friend reported a SD who was acting like a true John, not a SD. He ended up reporting HER for “talking like a prostitute” and her account was deleted, but there was no proof in the messages. It was a bizarre situation. That scared me off from reporting ever again.

  322. Elaine says:

    Forgot to add;
    Not ANY radical group should dictate laws.

  323. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @All SBs – If you’re going to use a professional picture, it is best NOT to use the one with the photographer’s watermark, or logo emblazoned on the picture…it makes it easy for a SD to do research on you before even contacting you…it’s NICE that it can “prove” you’re real, but that’s a bit much to have a PUBLIC information on your profile…you don’t want someone to see that and find you and expose you IRL, without warning!

  324. Elaine says:


    Yep, I agree on that.
    Sugar is a niche and radical feminism is a niche.
    So biggest part of women don’t get influenced by either one. 🙂

    And radical feminism should indeed NOT dictate laws, agree on that too.

  325. Josh says:


    Cause and effect analysis is a good thing when discussing shit with the Guru. 😉

    Sugar is not influencing or dictating laws yetand only a fraction of jaded women in the world are/will be affected by sugar.

  326. Elaine says:


    “Re: Twisted view on men and relationships?
    Correct. But the source is not sugar, but feminism”

    It can be Sugar, it can be Feminism, it can be all extremes.
    Both, sugar- and (radical) feminism can create twisted views on what is overal considered to be a “normal” relationship between two people.

    Doesn’t really make a difference if girls are conditioned “sex = money” or “man = enemy”, it is both unhealthy views that will keep them from forming normal expectations of relationships and eventual forming a familiy.

  327. lovelynyours says:

    It WAS, Jay! Folks critiquing or referencing profiles and I had no idea what they were talking about! Missed out on all the fun. Lol.

  328. lovelynyours says:

    Goddess – I actually wouldn’t mind if she tagged along on vacations, as long as she was hot and I knew she wasn’t all over town. Right, wrong, or indifferent, I’m very picky about my women – much more so than my guys. I have a very specific type. But that’s the thing; a third, whether her and I meet or not, introduces a whole level of complications around safety concerns. Not being in an exclusive situation means I have to be concerned with who else the other one(s) are fooling around with.

    Anyone think I’m asking for trouble by asking for periodic STD tests? I like this guy. Even if he wasn’t as successful as he was, we’d have a ton of fun together wherever we went. But I need to be safe. Given the dark side of the sugarbowl – that seem to be rife with escorts pretending to be SBs – being safe is really important to me. If someone asked you for that, SDs, how would you feel about it?

  329. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lovely LOL I know curiosity was killing you :-)) And I agree with you I wouldn’t keep the money either.

  330. lovelynyours says:

    Yeah, I will, Jay. Glad to get some perspective on here. Thanks. The only thing I know for certain right now is that if I decide to end it, I’ll give the allowance back. I wouldn’t feel right keeping that kind of cash… In the meantime, at least now I’ll get to check out the profiles people have been talking about over the past several days. 😉

  331. Goddess says:

    not be*

  332. Goddess says:

    I would say try to compromise or walk away @Lovely. Especially if your concern is his making this girl tag along on dates and vacations. It would be a bad experience for everyone if suddenly you seem like you’re not being honest about your feelings/desires. Giving the entire allowance upfront and then telling you he wishes to be NSA might mean that you’re the “July” girl so I get it. Communication is a big deal but please keep in mind a lot of times there can be communication drops depending on how busy he gets. You should keep yourself available in my opinion (just in case).
    I also agree with ss1959, try to stand out by not being afraid to be generic
    @Ivory. Personally I liked your pics.

  333. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Trying to catch up…
    @RookieSD (July 5, 2015 at 5:30 pm)
    “@Georgia The next time it’s ass week, will you post a pick of your honey?”

    Sure Sweetheart. Just let me know when the next “Ass Week” is scheduled and I’ll do my best to provide you with your very own ASS photo. 😉

  334. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lovely Got it. Well take some time and think about it. Do what’s best for you… whatever’s going to make you happiest in the long run. Good luck with everything Lovely

  335. Josh says:

    Re: Twisted view on men and relationships?

    Correct. But the source is not sugar, but feminism. Sugar is the antidote for the men who are in the proactive (single men) or reactive (married men) mode.

  336. lovelynyours says:

    I know, Jay! But it didn’t feel right to me to take the allowance he gave me (all upfront for the month before we even got intimate, which surprised the hell out of me since so many SDs seem to be against that entirely) without deactivating and taking myself off the market. He offered that up the day after you advised I not deactivate til I knew it was set in stone, so I figured it was definitely happening. Got thrown for a loop, I suppose. Lesson learned!

    That’s a good point, @rem, and from that perspective, I suppose it makes sense not to be exclusive off the bat. I think what’s MOST important, should I decide to agree to this, is to make sure I don’t allow myself to get too emotionally attached until we are exclusive. That’s just a function of knowing myself well enough to know that eventually I’m going to resent putting my all into an arrangement when he’s spreading his out with X number of SBs. And our arrangement will suffer as a result.
    I don’t want to go into it assuming I’ll be able to change his mind later; that’s the easiest way to create problems, especially if it never goes that route.

    @Online, those questions seem like ones I might ask if we were months in, no? We met a couple weeks ago and got into an arrangement last week. I think he may have had this in his mind from the get go and perhaps wanted to clarify his position. It’s just odd since it seems counter to what he’s alluded to before. But I suppose that’s why he wanted to clarify. I don’t want to overanalyze it, though. You guys are right, I only have two options.

  337. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Hahahahahaha – just saw a new profile in my Search this morning…clicked through…this 34yo SB uses terms like buttafly and vacay, but says the first meet is a promo and the second one would be about the details of her NDA…seriously?

  338. Jaybird923 says:

    @Gentleman Even though I rarely agree with your views/practices, I really do respect that you don’t make excuses and that you own what you do.

  339. rembodler says:

    It is something that both of you have to have firm agreement on.
    If you like the arrangement otherwise and it is a safe sex deal, u may want to just let it go.
    I do not like exclusive arrangements from the getgo as they are impossible to validate. I see u a few times a month, how do I really know if this is exclusive?
    Once the trust develops, you can renegotiate for exclusive if that is what u want.

  340. gentleman soul says:

    “I really SHUDDER to think what these 18-22 year old girls are going to mature into after their experience on this site.”

    They will end up with a completey twisted view on men and relationships.

    Sugar can be very damaging, and it will be hard for them to not getting conditioned “Sex = Money” for the fest of their lives.
    It will be so easy for them to get jaded.
    I mean, how normal is it for a 22y/o to have sex with a 60y/o?
    Not being paid for sex per hour by a “sugargranddad” taking advantage of your youth.

    Truth ! Girls should not be selling themselves to the highest bidder ,but us Methuselahs appreciate it

  341. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @lovely – there are two ways to go about this…you either accept the conditions as amended, or you seek to change them. You should understand that seeking to change them could mean the end of your arrangement.

    If you would like to amend things, the first thing I would do is ask something like, “Is there something wrong with what we have?” Followed with something like, “Is there something I’m NOT doing that makes you want someone else?”

    Be ready for his brutal answers…you might not want to hear them!

    However, you’ve only been in an arrangement for A WEEK! It sounds like he popped this issue on you after six months or a year…if he’s already working around some things you hold close, it might be better to just leave him and look for someone else!

  342. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lovely Even if he told you he wanted to be exclusive there was no guarantee that he would’ve held his end of the bargain. Because he’s upfront about it you can make wise and informed decision about protecting yourself. Or if you really only want to do an exclusive arrangement end it and start the process again. I did warn you not to deactivate your profile until you were sure it was going to work out. Sorry you had this obstacle thrown in your way. Hopefully you’re able to work everything out in a way that you’re comfortable with.

  343. gentleman soul says:

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. Catching up so I apologise if the discussion has moved on .
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh man this blog is full of John cheapos!!!! Nice try!!!

    And our SBs are also laughing all the way to the bank. How are you doing in the SD search ?

    EXACTLY what all the men who make about $250k and below say: they want to “date” regular.
    Gee, I must be an exception then. Taste is what it is. Like I said,some guys like older ,experienced women . I don’t.
    @DV “I came on the blogs to interact with real members on the site to get a feel for how things work – And I’m thinking that I’ve learned all there is to know from the “low-end” SD crowd.

    Truth hurts sometimes. Reality is here . Fantasy is just that . And people do win the Lotto ,so hang in there !

    One of our popular blogettes before you came ended up marrying her SD billionaire. She hit the Lottery, but she brought a lot to the table besides youth and beauty . She worked on Wall Street in a high paying job,had advanced degrees and an understanding of the business world ,and perhaps best of all ,had an amazing attitude with no anger or bitterness involved . Just sayin ‘

  344. lovelynyours says:

    Hey everyone – so my SD told me the other day that he’d like us to be non-exclusive. I appreciate his honesty, but am kicking myself for not making that a part of our initial discussion before getting into the arrangement, since I ass-u-me’d we were exclusive given things both he and I would say on occasion. It’s still early, we’ve only been in an arrangement for less than a week, but I sort of feel like an idiot for deactivating my profile. :/

    I’m pretty sure I truly don’t have time for more than one SD (sounds exhausting – at least it would be if I was being the best SB I can be), and I’ve thought about it quite a bit and I’m just not sure how I’d feel about it even if I did. The idea that I’m spending quality time with a guy who’s been deep in god-knows-who skeezes me out. Maybe that’s not fair, but it’s a health, safety thing for me. How do you all feel about having an SB or SD who’s got others in queue?

  345. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Ivory – @ss has it right…your profile shouldn’t be mass marketing, it should be targeted marketing.

    Think of it this way…would you rather be a McDonalds or Walmart marketing to the masses and open to all for business, or would you rather be something like Bakon Vodka, Anybots or Dirty Rotten Flowers?

    The first two make a shit-ton of money, but fall victim to the fact they try to do business with EVERYONE (kind of like the escort-type SB)…the latter three cater to a specific demographic (well, Bakon Vodka could probably be the cross-over of the two groups, because what could be better than the bacon-vodka combination for a bloody mary – hahahaha) and make great money within that specific target demographic.

  346. ss1959 says:

    @IvoryStars: Your profile is really generic It looks just like a thousand other profiles here.

    In my opinion you shouldn’t be afraid to be specific about who you are and what you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to say something about yourself even if it might eliminate half the SD’s on the site. You don’t want all the SD’s, just the one that’s right for you.

    Tell us what’s different and special about you.

  347. Josh says:

    “I try twenty different ways of asking what do they like to do in their spare time/hobbies/interests etc and I get random “scripts” back.”

    I am a bit unclear…so your cut-off point is…20th or 21st time?

  348. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    Haha sounds like the girl version of some “SDs”. I try twenty different ways of asking what do they like to do in their spare time/hobbies/interests etc and I get random “scripts” back. Cool he likes to eat food and drink wine, sounds like pretty much everyone. Not even specific it’s like why waste time ._.

  349. cryptic anomaly says:

    Reported my first scammer the other day. This SB tells me that she has entered a webcam strip contest and that she would give me a pass code so I could watch her on the condition I rate her 5 out of 5. Sounded shady to begin with but out of curiosity I kept up the chat and then she tells me that she will just need my email address to email me the pass code.. yeah, no dice scammer.

  350. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    Good idea! I report anyone who is overly rude (dude who said I looked like burns victim in the first message I’m looking at you). Or anyone who seems like a scammer/dangerous (guy who kept messaging me telling me to text some number and speak to some lady to make 1500 no sex LOL).
    I did have one bad experience with an SD – very creepy and very dangerous. I wanted to report him on the site because I worry that other girls will meet him but at the same time it occurred off site so I don’t think they’d care/do anything.

  351. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Reb – if those messages are on the SA site, you need to contact SA’s administrators by reporting the profile through the links available, tell the Administrators about the harassment you received from the profile…they can track the messages and begin to remove the profile…THIS is the only way we’ll remove the douchebag SDs from the site. If SA will NOT remove the profiles (because they are a revenue stream) then there really is no reason for a quality SB to join the site…if there are no quality SBs on the site, there is no real reason for a “real” SD to (re)join the site…which puts them out of business…

    I’ve decided to be a part of the transition of SA…I’ll be reporting every indecent profile that doesn’t match what the site is supposed to be about (meaning every escort-ish profile that contacts me will be reported)…and encouraging every SB profile to do the same.

    This doesn’t mean if a guy who has his Expectations set at Minimum doesn’t respond that he’ll pay you the 10k a month, he gets reported…this means if a guy is a douchebag and abuses you or harasses you, report him, he deserves to lose his membership fee and be removed from the site!

  352. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Ivory – Try to write your About you section WITHOUT “I” in it at all…the fewer of them in that part, the more it will be read as about the arrangement, rather than about you…much more attractive to the SD!

    When you write the Looking For section, try not to use anything that describes you…don’t make it anything about escorting/hourly/etc…this section needs to focus on the guy you want…things like “your salt and pepper hair will demonstrate your confidence without you saying a word”…”when you’re on the dance floor, I’ll know you’re in control of everything”…these types of statements show that you’re looking for more than the key to his wallet, and you want more than an expectation to be in the hotel room on your back and legs spread…

  353. CucumberOnLids says:

    Ohh that was painful to read @Reb. He tried to be nice and couldn’t hold up his mask long enough. lol

  354. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Reb – When I get language like that from SB’s, really slick and spiel like I tend to walk away, it reeks of game playing to me. Just my opinion on your SD.

  355. cryptic anomaly says:

    @First Time SB – I’m 41, I have had one woman who ended up skipping the SB part and just preferred being my girlfriend instead. So if you really do like this man then perhaps let the Sugar games go and just enjoy being with him, he may be moving interstate but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to come back from time to time or fly you to him. On the other hand you could just keep up the Sugar arrangement in which case when it ends he may think that he is never to contact you again.

    Let’s put it this way if he is 53 and you are 25 then I doubt he will see your attraction to him as a bad thing.

  356. sad says:


    why you didn’t tell him: “please don’t write me, because i’m not interested”?

    That was annoying

  357. rembodler says:

    Could be a. creeper.
    Or someone who thinks you are messing with him and trying – ok, very sheepishly – to deal with that.
    If I were to get your two replies, my response would be “ok, whatever”.
    All I am saying, the guy might be a newbie, not necessarily a creep. While it is ok to equate the two, they are not necessarily the same.

  358. Reb. says:

    Just encountered a creeper. I only responded 2 times.

    First message: I have avoided you for sooo long as I cannot afford your requirements. Well, I am respectful and I can only afford $1,000 per month. However, I have been there before and am amazed at how shallow the competition is. I relish being the SD that everyone loves to be with. That is not egotistical. Ladies are comfortable with me after 5 minutes. I seek 2 dates per month….fine dining, comedy clubs, wine tasting, plays, cultural tours, etc Chemistry is a must…Honesty and comfort should be one of your prerequisites!! Just throwing it out there. Physically, you are a 10. Intellectually, I have no idea and I do not seek a bimbo !!! Answer or don’t….your call???

    Me: Are you asking for platonic dates?

    His 2nd message: NSA is what I seek…2 dates per month…Frankly, your sexuality is worth more than I can offer…just being real…However, I do not seek a bimbo, so I hope you do not fall in that category.. How would you like to proceed to vet each other??

    Me: NSA platonic dates?

    3rd message: Yes…is there a question?? I want to be a friend but our lives are separate. Respectful mutual fun!!! Is that your question??

    4th, 5th, 6th message: And your answer??

    7th message: You get the idea that I can be of mutual assistance?? You are hesitant…I understand…. 5 minutes with me, you melt….Can you handle that?? Maybe not?? Grow some ovaries!! Sorry!!

    8th message: Really…just saying…come out of your cocoon…Please…I am safe….Really!!

    9th message: How would you like to experience things as a friend and not a sex object? I seek mutual appreciation in a relationship…..two people who discover common interests and have fun together. How does that sound???

    10th message: Come’on…I know I have struck a nerve…..Please speak to me…..

    11th message: Oh…you are a hard one…. Very defensive?/ But wanting someone who can protect you??? I understand… Talk???

    12th message: You are interesting indeed….Please do not push your “APEAL” beyond reasonable…..it will wear off too soon…personal experience…. Bottom line: Are you are who you say you are? Answer??

    13th: No response… Uggh..my misfortune or yours?? I am not sure….Good luck..Take care!!!

  359. flyR says:

    @first time SB – Not at all unnatural that you are so comfortable with each other. I get a couple early am messages a week just thinking about how much I enjoy being with you.

    We were talking the other evening and realized that after seeing each other almost every week for 11 months that we have never had the TV on , even on the overnight weekends. We learn a lot and share a lot. Due to the age gap there’s no pretending there is a long term. There will come a time when she needs to step back into IRL , continue her career, get married and have babies . My goal is that when we both look back in 10 years that we both think it was the right thing, that we both benefited.

  360. Reb. says:

    FirstTimeSB.. this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I can imagine you crying over the phone and dialing him at all hours of the night for not returning a text (sorry). I’d remind yourself it is an arrangement and you didn’t meet of Match. If he wanted a real girlfriend, he would bring it up. If you tell him how crazy you are about him, he’ll probably stop giving allowance thinking his attention is enough. It’s your call.

  361. rembodler says:

    That is all you have to say, comment on my gravatar? Oh boy. Not only r u a golddigger, u r a really dumb one…
    Sugar, trust me, you will have hard time making it here. I hope u r very pretty, for your own sake.

  362. Mister Completely says:

    @Justin Sider: A big welcome to the blog to you, sir 🙂

  363. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Justin – I found ZERO SM profiles within 1000 miles of my location when I did some research…good luck…you have an uphill struggle!

  364. FirstTimeSB says:

    Hi all,

    I have recently begun my first SD/SB arrangement and I’m really enjoying the experience so far. I am 25, my SD is 53. I was really worried about the age difference, as I’ve never been with an older man, but I’m surprised by how little it matters and how generous he is in the bedroom!

    My only issue is that I can’t stop thinking about him. I’m not thinking about him in an “omg, I think I’m falling for him” kind of way. I just want to lay in bed naked with him all day. Is this something that other people have experienced? Going into this, I thought a big part of it was the sex for me but I’m realizing now that the intimacy is what I can’t stop thinking about. It’s not just the sex, but the play, talking, and laughing that takes place afterwards.

    This will be a finite relationship, as he will be moving out of state by the end of the year. I really just want to enjoy it while it lasts, but I wish I wasn’t so preoccupied thinking about him.

    Anyways, just wondering if others have experienced anything similar.

  365. Justin Sider says:

    Is there a “market” for a 37yo man to find a sugar mamma?

  366. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Ivory – your About you section should make the pot SD picture himself WITH you in a non sexual way…your Looking for section should be more about the traits you want in an SD, height, activity, adventure, etc…men are almost completely visual, make him close his eyes and see himself in the mirror!

  367. ElaineB says:

    @Josh: No sponge for YOU!

  368. ElaineB says:

    @rembodler: Kindly do all the blog ladies a major favor and go back to the generic lazy G gravatar. It is much more appealing than the blurry police blotter mug shot you currently use.

  369. sad says:


    ok i think i won’t leave this site, anyway lol

  370. Josh says:


    This is a sugar dating site. As Tina Turner would say, “What’s love got to with it?”

  371. Jaybird923 says:

    I think Josh has a new admirer. Will she be the one to soften his heart or will he destroy hers. Stick around folks to see what happens next lol

  372. sad says:


    ok sorry. now, i would be glad to know, why you say “we don’t fall in love here”? maybe that will help me to leave this site lol

  373. MissLady says:

    lol @Jay

  374. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh It doesn’t matter if she’s 19 or not she’s hot. :-))

  375. Josh says:


    I never called you a loser. The L word reference was for Love.

  376. Jaybird923 says:

    @Ivory you’re welcome. You should always use what makes you different from the pack to your advantage instead of trying to mold yourself to fit in with the pack.

  377. Josh says:

    1. Who belives IvoryStars is 19?

    2. Who belives IvoryStars is not an escort?

  378. sad says:

    Anyone can explain me why josh is calling me “loser” after i said “i fell in love? And, why he said “we don’t fall in love here”?

  379. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie LMAO That would be a long wrestling match if we’re both trying to be the one who ends up pinned down :-))

  380. IvoryStars says:

    thanks guys, grew up feeling big considered to all my other asian friends who are extremely slim. i’ll find some others hah

  381. RookieSD says:

    Oh I wasn’t referring to Jaybird specifically, just some of these other steaming mad SB’s on here. My picture of Jay is someone I could have a wrestling match naked with and I’d let her win by getting pinned down while she straddled me.

  382. IvoryStars says:

    @flyR interesting haha, I thought those would be my better photos too, im not familiar with the bathroom rule? thanks for the advice.

  383. Jaybird923 says:

    @IvoryStar I agree with Flyr. You have a great figure and those pictures aren’t doing it justice.

  384. Jaybird923 says:

    @Goddess Of course! It would part of the fun for me also… why else would I purposely challenge him LOL

  385. IvoryStars says:

    But I am, Kylie Jenner is 18……. and she looks older than me. :l

  386. Josh says:


    You are not 19. Why did you pick that age for the profile?

  387. Goddess says:

    @Jaybird, I can imagine subduing you would be part of the fun. 😉

  388. IvoryStars says:

    @Goddess, haha awe, thanks, what a confident message lol maybe one day

  389. Goddess says:

    @Josh, they do. There is a blonde bombshell millionairess in LA who does quite well as a madame. I read that about her girls who all look like playboy playmates. Just saying, this is about simplifying the girlfriend experience in a reasonable way for all parties involved and to keep it happy, fun and light. Not where sex or money is an ongoing dilemma.

  390. Jaybird923 says:

    @Goddess LOL I could only be submissive to someone who’s will/personality was stronger than mines. And even then I would occasionally challenge him. To much fight and spirit to completely submit.

  391. flyR says:

    ivory stars

    your primary picture does not do you justice……. and the second shot violates the bathroom rule.

    the problem with the first is that you in black on the black couch , your posture, and the background does not do you justice.

    Not sure if you doubled the bathroom image or that is the mirrors but it does not do justice to your figure and smile.

    Hope this helps.

    You sound classy your profile should exude that class and intellect along with sensuality.

  392. Goddess says:

    “empathic, kind and trustworthy” are lighter words than generous that gives him an idea to BE a gentleman and that is what you deserve @Ivory. I also love your offer about giving advice about women, shows that you’re not jealous or clingy and someone they can confide in which might be additional for some SDs. One wonderful man /i met and I didn’t greenlight because he had MAJOR issues with an ex. It was unfortunate he was going through it and she sounded a little uhm…wacko.

  393. Josh says:

    Is it just me or has this blog now turned into an asinine repetition of “I am not an escort but escorts make thousands of dollars per hour”?

  394. Goddess says:

    sex with condoms* dang it. Apologies for my typos and failure to proofread. Also RookieSD, I think Jay would be an amazing submissive. She knows it, I told her I’d snag her had I been an SD. 😉

  395. rembodler says:

    CucumberOnLids says: You’re a married man looking for young cheap lays…

    Cucumber… I am blogging anonymously…No one can claim what I am about – you least of all.
    If you want to bet $10,000 you just earned on your back – PLEASE choose someone on the blog you trust to serve as a referee, I can send that person my credentials, that I am single.

    Until you are willing to do that, maybe – shut up?

  396. Goddess says:

    rembodler I even had sex while in a committed relationship. Safe sex is just a good policy to have unless you get tested weekly and present your medical exam to her on the first date. Just my opinion. Unprotected sex with someone you barely know is asking a lot, especially for $200. But again, depends on what you are seeking and if you don’t really care about these things and what is agreed upon and shared beforehand.
    @IvoryStars you are gorgeous and I love your profile but you still have o be proactive on this site vs others. It is not uncommon to browse and find someone who does capture your eye and send them a cute, funny or witty message. If someone is hot I send them something like “oh my, what does it take to get a man like you in the same room with a woman like me?” 🙂
    And typically I mean it. 🙂

  397. flyR says:

    ivory stars continued

    generous can have many meanings you might find a different word.

  398. IvoryStars says:

    Hi Cucumber!

    Thanks for responding 🙂 oh gosh, that’s so….. ugh. Smh. I hope that sugar baby stopped seeing him..

  399. flyR says:

    @ ivory stars

    couple of suggestions – rather than say I like to go to the gym why not say something like I like to stay in shape and going to the gym is enjoyable.

    Liking to go to the gym is about you
    Staying in shape is about his benefits

    (your description should focus on the benefits to him your intellect, sensuality etc)

    What you are looking for
    I think some fine tuning is in order

    looking for a man to support you may have the inference that you are looking for a man to provide 100% ,

    Personal preference is asking someone for assistance in reaching a worthy goal – both financial and mentor.

    good luck

  400. IHF2030 says:

    IvoryStars…Just remember there are probably ten women for every guy on this site. There is lots of competition so make yourself stand out.

  401. flyR says:

    joshie expounded “I know that my presence on the blog has cost some of your girls easy rinsing business, but unfortunately SA does not recognize escorts, let alone their Madame. Sorry about that. :(”

    Unfortunately Josh has had the opposite of his declared intended effect with many of the newbie SB’s wandering in and frequently exiting out of the blog in horror with his approach to sugaring. If he understood supply side economics he would understand that the more genuine SB’s participating in the bowl the more competition would exist. SA realizes that , the world recognizes that. Every time you drive up to the gas pump you are reintroduced to supply and demand.

    Every sugar relationship is a unique arrangement. One of the benefits of this site is to help expose folks of both sexes to the various dimensions of the relationships and encourage them to THINK about what THEY are looking for , what’s essential , what’s wanted badly and what’s optional. How misunderstandings get started, how to spot red flags, how to be more valuable. But when the conversation is dominated by toxicity the communication ends.

    The toxic effect of toxic (often psychotic) posters is creates an illusion that the average sugar relationship is highly dysfunctional, damaging and demeaning. This is not to say that warnings on both sides are not well founded and extremely helpful.

    I’m as strong an advocate as there is to discouraging making advance payments ( payments made in advance of the actual consumption of the sugar arrangement) . Some people compare man made rules with those of physics , which they most certainly are not. But kiddies let’s grow up and man up, risks are relative. What we need to do is make intelligent decisions, recognizing the risks.

    Speaking of risks – in the next year and a few months most of us will need to decide for whom we will vote. – If you are in the US everything you own, will earn in the future, your share of $20+ trillion of debt and every right you think you may have , will rest on that vote. For the rest of the world it will also have immense consequences as in imagining what would happen if the US ceased to be a world power and withdrew.

  402. CucumberOnLids says:

    In other news…

    Hi Ivory! So glad to see a new posted.

    Sigh, finding it hard to find a SD.
    I do like to believe that I’m a sweet, young girl, and I do get called cute a lot. who likes to make people happy. Not too sure what’s wrong with my profile and I’m certainly not looking to be an escort as I have people messaging me offering $400 for a few hours which is NOT what I’m looking for like.. what the :/

    I only had one real SD the rest of the men contact me with weird hooker or escort offers yet complain about the escorts that keep sending them “rates per hour”.

    If you do your research you’ll find the the vast majority are men that see escorts and come here to get 1 hr escort rate for 8 hours of a SBs time. I remember reading one john’s post about how he convinced a SB to accept $600 per month. He was laughing his ass off as he bragged to the other johns. His next plan of course was to demand unprotected sex.

  403. Goddess says:

    Ha it is easier to maintain is what I meant. I was doing three things at once, oops. 🙂

  404. CucumberOnLids says:

    You’ll never be a boyfriend stop trying to change your blog image. You’re a married man looking for young cheap lays. That’s all. Now stop responding to me. You’re “not getting tested” attitude grosses me out. ( Read past blogs for anyone that wants to see what rem is really about)

  405. rembodler says:

    @ Cucumber…you are a funny bunny and soooo confused.
    Let’s see… Just because I like unprotected sex, this makes me a John?
    Cucumber… I am just wondering, you ever, had this thing, you know… the rest of the womanhood calls “my man”, “a lover”, ” a boo” , ” a boyfriend”? Because it sounds like that you never did.
    Johns NEVER ask for unprotected sex, boyfriends do. But since you probably NEVER had a man in you life who did not pay you… I am truly very sorry. We probably will never understand each other.

  406. IvoryStars says:

    Sigh, finding it hard to find a SD.
    I do like to believe that I’m a sweet, young girl, and I do get called cute a lot. who likes to make people happy. Not too sure what’s wrong with my profile and I’m certainly not looking to be an escort as I have people messaging me offering $400 for a few hours which is NOT what I’m looking for like.. what the :/

  407. Goddess says:

    @rembodler, you’re sweet hun. You think I’m high class and so many other adjectives I am not, aw. <3
    Kidding. I can get gussied up when the occasion calls for it but just as comfortable in a dive bar. I'm a business owner yes, but it is a start up. If I was filthy rich I wouldn't be here. My mother's money is not my own and she'll likely outlive me so I'm not waiting on an inheritance either haha. I think i've told her to take me off her will a few times as well and I meant it. I rather have my father's house anyway.
    Also escorts can get up to $5k for an hour and then it will start making escort service more appealing than sugar dating. Sugar dating even with 5k a month is REALLY more economical for the high end gents. I think we need to keep sugar dating in proper context. I also said "if she is pretty and LIKABLE" then it is easy. Maintaining that image for a short time is harder than building relationships for months and years where normal blokes are more than willing to spend hundreds on you for simply breathing.

  408. CucumberOnLids says:


    Everyone from blogs past knows you’re a john which is why you demand unprotected sex from SBs as escorts would refuse.

  409. CucumberOnLids says:


    Not interested in engaging.

  410. sad says:


    what? Are you calling me loser? what do you mean when you say “we don’t fall in love here”?

  411. CucumberOnLids says:

    That very same principle could be applied to women who are well off and have careers etc that still want to be taken care off and spoiled. They don’t need the money/spoils but they want it anyway.

    ————————————————————————————There are many SDs that prefer the “she has money and doesn’t need mine” SB. This allows them to feel wanted not needed.

  412. Josh says:

    Ah the L word. Sorry again. Move on. We don’t fall in love here.

  413. CucumberOnLids says:


    I agree. I’ve talked to more fakes and johns on this site that all complain about escorts yet want you to be their personal escort for $45 an hour or less. One pot lied and said he closed his SA account due to the constant ” offers” from escorts. Sure enough he’s like ohh I offer $250 per meet. My face just drained of color at that moment. Then of course I looked on the site and there he was logged in with his profile in full bloom. Right of course you’re honest cheating on your wife.

    Like what was I thinking?

  414. RookieSD says:

    I’m sensing that Ava isn’t the only one posting on this blog who needs her hair pulled. What’s your opinion?

  415. sad says:

    yes but i fell in love lol

    but ok, it’s over, i guess.

  416. Josh says:


    Aww. Sorry to hear that…there’s always another one. 😉

  417. sad says:


    i think the best of this site is this blog lol. it’s not a joke. i’m sad because of my last sd

  418. Eloquence says:

    Carry on the insults as you see fit as usual. You can have the SA board and any other space you choose to voice your insults that you chose to make into some sort of personal vendetta to to someone you know not personally. I have no further desire to defend my coherent thoughts on any matter because in doing so, you are a pattern that does not fit in my world.

  419. Josh says:


    I am hoping that someone will translate that in English for me.

  420. rembodler says:


    look, Cucumber.
    Normally, I would just dismiss you as an escort who cannot get over “My hourly rate is $200 per hour. So if I spend 12 hours with a guy, I want 12×200=2400”.
    Ok, let’s forget that. let’s pretend this is a real argument.

    The SB is not escort. She gets to see the guy before she puts out. She gets to decide whether he is “cute”. She – if both parties are honest about it – will see him a few times. She will have – at least – dinners. And most likely gifts, travel, experience and conversations. And maybe, just maybe – spending the time with someone she genuinely likes. Sorry, Cucumber – have you EVER spend the time with the guy you liked?
    Cucumber, not everyone is like you – just doing it for money. Not all of us, guys, are Johns – sorry, if that is all you experienced in your life. Some of us are simply, well…men. If you hate men, that is OK. But do not just keep going on, assuming everyone else does or should.

  421. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh

    The only convoluted thoughts i see taking up air space are yours. The only cruel joke apparent is your thought process. You determine upon what things your attention shall be fixed. It is flagrantly obvious that inspiration will cause people to rise out of their misery and impressions spread like wildfire. Your charity of thought demonstrates a smoldering of wretched entertainment as you compete with yourself throwing a ladder down to climb up as you mentally try to keep others down. Where as a man who inspires others opens up a way while thousands willingly follow and emulate effortlessly.

  422. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Cucumber – “This isn’t really the issue. It’s the abuse surrounding that $200. Whoever this “SD” is he’s not so down on his luck that $200 is all he can afford. What he’s doing is trying to see if he can abuse someone in an economic situation. This is the point. Sure if you’re in NC or SC $200 may do something. I don’t know maybe pay for some groceries or maybe an insurance payment?

    The real issue is it’s incredibly low for anyone calling themselves a Sugar Daddy.

    Still it’s neither here nor there because that’s really why most of the males are on the site to turn women into the cheapest escort they can find.”


    That very same principle could be applied to women who are well off and have careers etc that still want to be taken care off and spoiled. They don’t need the money/spoils but they want it anyway.

    Same could also be said about women who say that some men are happy to pay the X amount of big dollars, if some women are happier with less than why should that be the problem? Is that not the same exact principle.

    It goes back to what Josh said a couple of posts ago and what has been stated here many many times. Regardless of what a SB thinks she may be worth it will come down to what the SD is willing to pay. If the SB feels the price is too low she can walk away, likewise the SD can walk away if he feels the price is too high or if she is just not going to be pleasant company.

    Everyone makes the decision that is right for them.

  423. Josh says:


    When you are in the mood to write, go ahead and write why it makes you sad.

    I know it makes me sad that there is so much potential to properly serve the paying male members by attracting fewer quality SBs instead of running this site as a bar by attracting delusional women, and inducing additional delusion once they are here.

  424. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie LOL Or maybe I’m just 45 pretending to be 28 🙂 Seriously though I need to brush up on some of them I’m so out of the loop

  425. sad says:

    i wasn’t talking about the blog, specifically. i was talking about the site in general.

  426. RookieSD says:

    You must be hanging around old people too much, little out of touch with your acronyms, lol.

  427. CucumberOnLids says:


    That is fine. If you do not need $200, don’t take it. As soon as you do not discourage others.
    I am just a tiny bit upset with the “I do not WANT to eat it, so you CANNOT either” attitude I keep seeing here.
    You stated on numerous occasions you are extremely well off, rich, High class, business woman, whatever. Ok, I believe you.
    Now, is everyone like you? No!
    So just leave the rest of the women who are not like you to live a little…is this ok?


    This isn’t really the issue. It’s the abuse surrounding that $200. Whoever this “SD” is he’s not so down on his luck that $200 is all he can afford. What he’s doing is trying to see if he can abuse someone in an economic situation. This is the point. Sure if you’re in NC or SC $200 may do something. I don’t know maybe pay for some groceries or maybe an insurance payment?

    The real issue is it’s incredibly low for anyone calling themselves a Sugar Daddy.

    Still it’s neither here nor there because that’s really why most of the males are on the site to turn women into the cheapest escort they can find.

  428. Jaybird923 says:

    @Josh lol That’s what my niece told me I thought she was messing with me. And it didn’t come up when I did the search I kept getting results for lmfao instead. Now I have to go apologize to my niece.

  429. RookieSD says:


  430. RookieSD says:

    The next time it’s ass week, will you post a pick of your honey?

  431. Josh says:

    lmsgao = laughing my stupid gay ass off

    Why did you not use Urban Dictionary?

  432. Josh says:

    @The Ass-man

    @Eloquence does not really know what she writes. Her choice of blog monkier “Eloquence” is a cruel joke at newcomers’ expense.

    She should change her moniker to “convoluted thoughts” or “incoherence” or something similar.

  433. Jaybird923 says:

    @IHF2030 I tried to find out on my own. I asked my nieces and they don’t know. So what does lmsgao stand for.

  434. Josh says:

    @GeorgiaPeach12 is correct. That is indeed @Struggle’s fine rear end. 😉

  435. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Sad – Sorry if you are feeling down. The thing with the blog is it’s best to not be taken that seriously. More like a lot of stirring and most of us chat off this blog as well.

  436. Josh says:


    Why is that?

  437. sad says:

    this site depress me more than i am right now.

  438. Josh says:


    Take your sponge out of your vagina and shove it up your ass. This blog has gorgeous women but the Guru has no interest in hooking up with ANY of them as a matter of policy.

    And until a woman posts her profile link, we tend to assume that she is liposuction-worthy, massive plastic surgery-worthy AND and wall-worthy. There…those are original words and phrases freshly coined just for you.

    Now stop using my favorite female comedian’s name and lines. You ain’t funny.

  439. Kramer says:

    These cashews are making me THIRSTY!

  440. The Ass-man says:

    @Georgia. Thank you dear lady! You have restored my faith in the sanctity of the blog. I will revert to believing everything I read and see here. 🙂

  441. IHF2030 says:

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa, DV has shaved ten years off her real age on the other site, too! But, hey, at least she is consistent! lmsgao!!!!

  442. IHF2030 says:

    Good thing I stocked up on Guinness and cashews.

  443. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    @The Ass-man
    “WHAT! That was in reality NOT @Struggles’ sexy bottom I have been yearning for all this time? Tell me it is not so. I am so disillusioned.”

    Sir, be “disillusioned” no more. Ms. Struggled stated some time ago that the aforementioned gravatar was indeed her “sexy bottom” and she elaborated as to precisely how she herself took the photo. I believe the question was posed by young Promise and Struggles responded. Struggles has since changed her gravatar due to her new relationship with GB. 🙂 Just thought I’d help you out a bit. We don’t need our SD’s disillusioned more than they are now. 🙂

  444. Josh says:

    “You profess to be one who enjoys a good actress in your selection criteria along with a lady who can keep you on your toes.”

    I like good actresses…absolutely. But I have no interest in a lady to keep me on my toes. Sounds like female euphemism for mind rape to me. I never professed that. It is figment of your convoluted imagination

  445. The Ass-man says:

    @Eloquence says: “Considering no one uses their real face or body pictures (for the most part) in their Gravatar’s upon this blog….”
    WHAT! That was in reality NOT @Struggles’ sexy bottom I have been yearning for all this time? Tell me it is not so. I am so disillusioned.

  446. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh

    Fantasy writing is relevant. Considering no one uses their real face or body pictures(for the most part)in their Gravatar’s upon this blog then you also are a contributor to what you are coining as “fantasy writing.”

    If all the books to purchase were non-fiction (and we know the ones that are non-fiction are based upon one’s OWN interpretation of events) then my, how the selection would dwindle and back to burying our heads in the sand from boredom we would go.

    You profess to be one who enjoys a good actress in your selection criteria along with a lady who can keep you on your toes.

  447. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @flyR – about your list…here’s the issue…this is an ANONYMOUS blog…ONE PERSON could use a significant number of email addresses to bust through and cause someone to be blocked or “booted” off if it were the Survivor style you mentioned…the same for almost anything, because even if someone was blocked, they could still use a different email address to reappear on blog. Even the IP blocking can be circumvented by someone just changing the isp, using their phone or a directly connected tablet, the neighbor’s connection, a different coffee shop, etc.

    It’s funny how lopsided the “vote” was when they tried Disqus, which DID have some of that oversight, and there were people “censured” because of too many down votes…but we still didn’t have enough traction to stay there according to the vote.

    If we had a forum, you could contribute to those topics you found interesting..for me, profile help, better communication, first meeting success, etc…hopefully, those topics will have moderators where they can keep things on THAT specific topic, keeping these “problem” posters in check for you, if you wanted to listen in on things…

    Hopefully, after the launch of the forum, SA will have some focused topics, or just random stories shared by members (the random stories from members might make for better marketing on their part for members)…and moderators can direct the questions about profile frustration and such to the appropriate forum, and keep those comments from distracting things on the actual blog…Of course, we could always go the route of starting our own blogs about our sugar existence, providing our own outlet for sugar research by SBs and SDs and hope that someone latches on to the “traditional” more than the “fantasy”/”rinser”/”scams” that are the instagram crowd…

  448. rembodler says:

    That is fine. If you do not need $200, don’t take it. As soon as you do not discourage others.
    I am just a tiny bit upset with the “I do not WANT to eat it, so you CANNOT either” attitude I keep seeing here.
    You stated on numerous occasions you are extremely well off, rich, High class, business woman, whatever. Ok, I believe you.
    Now, is everyone like you? No!
    So just leave the rest of the women who are not like you to live a little…is this ok?

  449. Jaybird923 says:

    @Online sent you an email summary of what’s been going on

  450. rembodler says:

    Most men would proudly wear a “I am not sponge-worthy!” sticker. Not necessarily because they are poor. Mostly because they aren’t fools.
    You have to work a bit harder, my dear. What’s between your legs… isn’t all that unique. Most women have that. Keep that in mind, sugar.

  451. ElaineB says:

    Yuck! So many SD posters are patently not sponge worthy! Now that @DaBomb has thankfully imploded and gone back into the sewer from which he briefly emerged, the prime examples seem to be @Josh and @rembodler.

  452. Goddess says:

    Speaking of Vegas, a few billionaires are at war over the demise of Caesar’s palace. I love reading Forbes. 🙂

  453. Goddess says:

    I don’t see many fantasists on the blog thus far rembodler. I have to say though some of the guys (unmentioned) do sound like the middle class “gotcha” blokes. If I wanted a guy to give me $200 right now I could easily but I don’t need it for anything I can think of but a GPS for my bike. When you’re pretty and likable that kind of cash is easy. DamnVixen still seems believable in my book though I would expect to see internet trolls when fiddling with my nerd hobbies online. Not on a blog like this one, haha. You learn something new everyday.

  454. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Looks like I missed LOT with more family over the holiday weekend!

    @Jay – anything that warrants my attention?

  455. LadySage says:

    Happy belated 4th to all. I’m still recovery from a weekend of revelry.

  456. rembodler says:

    There isn’t anything wrong with ppl living their fantasy on the blog. As soon as it is believable, consistent and entertaining. Not aggressive and not demeaning for anybody. And the poster is willing to defend their fantasy without becoming a moron.

  457. Elaine says:


    I am NOBODIES fan.
    Before the whole Pirate drama began, named blogger was giving very good advice and has been of great help to a lot of new SBs. I simply liked her postings and her sugar experiences.
    That’s all.

    Things between the two of you ran out of hand and that was where you BOTH started insults and blogfights.

    I was on this blog before you and the situation you are describing about “fantasywriters” is not something I recognize or can relate to.
    Au contraire!
    When some REAL psychopath fantasywriters started posting and I tried to reveal their inconsistencies and BS because it was very bad example for new SBs, you joined them instead.

    And we both know why dear 😉

  458. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie LOL One of my favorite comedies of all time. And it would make for good role playing. Especially the scene where Semmi must be thoroughly bathed as part of his punishment. Or maybe the scene where Akeem meets his fiance for the first time and she does everything he tells her to do.

  459. RookieSD says:

    As I sit here staring at your Gravatar(for obvious reasons), the thought just came to me that it reminds of those flower girls in Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America”. Come to think of it, that also sounds like a fantastic role playing idea.

  460. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie Oh Okay 🙂 I’ll keep that in mind. Sorry about getting a bit defensive with you. xoxo

  461. FunSugarCouple says:

    Hey everyone, hope you all had a good 4th of July! This is my first time posting here so if I am out of line or off topic just let me know.

    This is kind of a shot in the dark but we have a room for rent and would like to find a fellow SB or sugar-friendly roommate. We can’t think of another resource to look for one and we don’t really want to post on sketchy craigslist. We are in the Eugene Oregon area and available for move in right now.

    Once again, if this is too far off topic, just let me know. Any suggestions on where we could find a suitable roommate would be great too!

    Thanks for reading!

  462. RookieSD says:

    “@Rookie How is that a Jab?”

    Mommy I love your style of sarcasm, therefore I try to encourage or complement you when the opportunity presents.

  463. RookieSD says:

    That’s exactly why I have Audi as my daily driver. It’s pretty fast, handles well(in the real world), has enough high tech gadgets to keep me entertained, and doesn’t stand out in the crowd. Perfect sleeper car.

  464. IHF2030 says:

    I used to drive only high end European cars but women seem to really like my Mustang GT.

  465. Goddess says:

    PS run away if you have to sit in horror that you’re marrying his credit and it’ll ruin yours 🙂

  466. Goddess says:

    I once budgeted the entire household for my ex because he made 6 figure salaried yet was just SO BAD with money. Total lost cause there. I was too nice. He would give his condo away if he could, so he says. 🙂

  467. SD On Chat says:

    I’ve had many hot and exotic cars… none of which ever got me laid.
    Now an airplane however might be a good aphrodisiac!

  468. Goddess says:

    *Yep, Miami is like that. It used to be one of my favorite stomping spots in the early 90’s. The posers there out number the real deals. The best part is when they buy a “bottle” for 3 times the price, so they can sit there and show off, “look I bought a $40.00 bottle for $150, now come suck my manliness.”*
    Yup, Miami is like that. They also rent Lamborghinis for a week. I remember I was so excited to meet this italian bodybuilder who had been chatting with me on facebook and had exquisite pictures only to discover him in a shoebox efficiency apt in Miami. He would make a great male SB, LOL. Most Miami people spend themselves into projecting in a certain light and bad credit. 🙂
    Unsee is right @MissLady. Been there, done that. 😉

  469. Josh says:

    *individually as well as collectively…

  470. SD On Chat says:

    Stick around. Your comments are appreciated by many.
    A few of your one-liners really capture the truth of the Sugar Scene.

  471. Josh says:


    A bit of blog history if you are nit familiar already…

    Up until 15 months ago, we used to have an obnoxious 30-something psychopath controlling the blog. She was a dom and @flyR’s act was that of her lap dog.

    I had a lot of fun with the psychopath. She was kinda like @DamnVixen but really really pottymouth and resilient.

    Not only @flyR but also @Elaine, @LadyScarlet, @SouthernSB and @Eloquence were/are her fans.

    There were some other, primarily female, bloggers who were psychopath’s fans and used to take turns attacking me individually. When @flyR refers to me driving “successful SBs” out he is referring to that group of fantasy writers.

  472. Josh says:

    Madame @flyR

    I know that my presence on the blog has cost some of your girls easy rinsing business, but unfortunately SA does not recognize escorts, let alone their Madame. Sorry about that. 🙁

  473. rembodler says:


    “…has been to drive many of the very successful SB’s off the blog, thereby depriving others of…”
    I have now been here awhile, I have not seen Josh doing that.
    While I certainly do not share Guru’s heavy dose of misogyny – I love women, some of his comments are spot on.
    And, flyR, as someone so dismissive of him, you surely spend a good deal of time on attacking.
    I do not believe you are a girl, by the way, so I will bet against Josh on that one, sorry Guru…:)).

  474. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie How is that a Jab? These are her exact words from 3 days ago. My comment is an accurate observation.

    “I don’t normally “cave” to the opinions of others … but just as a little “social experiment” … I’ll go ahead tonight and change my profile to reflect my REAL age … and we’ll see if that effects the volume or quality of email.”

  475. GeorgiaPeach12 says:

    Biting my tongue… Biting my tongue. LOL
    So difficult, but I’m not going to say it.

  476. Jaybird923 says:

    @Flyr It’s unfortunate but it works.

  477. RookieSD says:

    “Well, DV has gone back to shaving 10 years off her true age, again”

    Well that was a very short lived social experiment.”

    You keep throwing those jabs, girl.

  478. RookieSD says:

    “There are a number of youtube movies ( presumably real) of guys offering women a ride in the exotic car so they can go have sex and the women accepting. Pretty sad.”

    I think most of these are gold digger prank videos.

  479. flyR says:

    “”@LAdy Scarlett yes I’ve seen those profiles. I don’t care if the car is yours or not it’s a turn off for me. I find Self confidence incredibly sexy. If taking pictures with your “toys” is your go to to get women instead of who you are then you have a problem.””

    There are a number of youtube movies ( presumably real) of guys offering women a ride in the exotic car so they can go have sex and the women accepting. Pretty sad.

  480. Jaybird923 says:

    “Well, DV has gone back to shaving 10 years off her true age, again”

    Well that was a very short lived social experiment.

  481. MissLady says:

    Vegas flossing is at it’s finest during AllStar or a fight weekend…I still have stuff I can’t unsee

  482. THEATLSD says:

    yep I have seen that in action. High limit table has some beautiful women toiling around and pretending to play also. I almost exclusively play BlackJack and end up with a 60 year old Chinese lady next to me. “you pray blackjack good young man”.

    “It’s lost most of the magic for me other than occasional business meetings. But is attracts an incredible collection of women from 18YO runaways to sorority girls to girls parties”

    Holy craps, the number of bachelorette party’s was crazy but so are the women. There are stores dedicated to them. Damn smart people out there.
    I believe the movie Hangover changed a lot of things, everyone wants to wake up with a tiger in their room and Mike Tyson looking for them. F..ing Hollywood always wrecking a good thing.

  483. LadyScarlett says:

    @jay, yes-agreed!…the best are the humble and confident…the ones where you have to practically pry the information from, to which many others would brag. The humble quiet nerd type is so lovely to be around…

  484. flyR says:

    ATL – Vegas is interesting . A couple of nights when things have been going well on the craps table ( I am an infrequent visitor) after a while you’ll often find a very attractive woman at your elbow. Most of the casinos and pit bosses have the names of a lot of girls from LA who like to come to Vegas for the weekend and be introduced to high rollers. Sort of a derivative of sugar in that the women get a fancy weekend , to do Vegas first class and presumably some gifts and the high roller is happy and so he stays at the hotel and plays the house tables.

    It’s lost most of the magic for me other than occasional business meetings. But is attracts an incredible collection of women from 18YO runaways to sorority girls to girls parties

  485. Jaybird923 says:

    @LAdy Scarlett yes I’ve seen those profiles. I don’t care if the car is yours or not it’s a turn off for me. I find Self confidence incredibly sexy. If taking pictures with your “toys” is your go to to get women instead of who you are then you have a problem.

  486. Goddess says:

    Best sugar experience is $5k for a weekend. It was fun, met his friends and wanted to see him again but he was an F in communication unfortunately. Hate when that happens. Everything right but being able to properly communicate.
    30’s is chALLENGING as a sugar YES. ESPECIALLY if you neglect your upkeep. You should start getting something going before that happens and you should be able to easily adapt to any circumstance.
    I recently fired my friend of 5 years for example. Being a boss I’d say makes me entirely more empathetic to the men on here and the WHY behind the mindset sometimes.
    But guys you REALLY need to seperate business and sugar. I know micromanaging people is tough and you come to always expect people to fail (as a way of achieving success in business) but you also have to know that some people will follow through and for a lot of these girls, they just don’t know what to expect. If you have made a lot of mistakes with people, reevaluate what makes you green light or red light someone into your life. I think the warnings the site gives are good. I also think that sometimes communication DROPS with someone who might be AMAZING had it not.
    If you have good depth perception, you have NOTHING to worry about no matter what is in an SB’s profile.
    Just my opine guys. 🙂
    I am doing work related things on a Sunday and decided to timeout after feeling like I needed an escape. 😉

  487. Promise says:

    “now come suck my manliness” I laughed to hard at this.

  488. rembodler says:

    I always find it entertaining how someone like LScarlett – who thrives off cowardly personal jabs below the belt gets all highclassy poutylipped and offended when anyone responds to her in kind…
    Such a hypocrite..

  489. IHF2030 says:

    Well, DV has gone back to shaving 10 years off her true age, again! lmsgao!!

  490. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL You should go back you’ll have good time. I’m going later this month and probably again in September or October. And I love the VIP Guys 8 dudes sharing 1 bottle of liquor all night long.

  491. LadyScarlett says:

    Oh yes, Atlanta, there certainly are some odd arranged pairings in Vegas, hehe…

    Atlanta, I still have never looked at any of the Instagram or tumbler SBs, as I dislike most social media sites, but can only imagine….

    @jay, agree. Have you seen some of the SD profiles where they try and take their picture in front of an expensive car, and one you could tell it was in display at the mall or at a valet where the nicer cars are parked by the door, hehe…

  492. flyR says:

    Josh – I hope you understand that your “I get all the sex I can handle” comment has a tragic , vacuous ring. Unfortunately the only partner you have with a smile is the vinyl face on your doll.

    My guess is that you hate women for the power they hold over you and your inability to relate. Polluting the blog with endless diatribes born of fantasy to drive away those whose sensible comments trigger your fear is not productive and hurts the conversation. The bully in the sandbox prevents others from enjoying the sandbox until someone does aways with the bully . The internet simply allows wannabe bullies to operate in the safety of mom’s basement, not having to expose themselves to reality.

    If the SA monitors care for the blog they need to do one of the following

    a) allow selective ignore functions which will simply allow a user to not display posts of user X . However this would probably have you appearing in one or more of your aliases .

    b) set a daily or better yet rolling 7 day maximum on number of posts and number of lines

    c) exercise editorial discretion

    d) adopt the Survivor mode where SATC can vote members off the blog

    What Josh’s incessant attacks has accomplished has been to drive many of the very successful SB’s off the blog, thereby depriving others of their experiences and suggestions. That’s a very self centered and selfish agenda, typical of the silver spoon schoolyard bully who depends on Mommy for protection. A true guru seldom attacks others because he has the confidence to place his ideas, analysis and recommendations on the table along with those of others to have them judged for personal relevance by other participants. A true guru never gives himself the title or even solicits it , rather he or she earns it through the quality of the comments and contributions.

    Josh , my suggestion is that you limit yourself to 5 posts a day and show us the quality of your comments, not the quantity or angst that prevails.

    You have accused me of not being an SD and of other assorted things . I have on multiple occasions suggested we each put up say $10 K and let a couple of the SB’s decide who is being truthful based on the facts. You have borrowed from the president’s notes on hiding and called the offer mean-spirited. A real SD has a minimum of $10K to invest in sugar and a real man is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

  493. Josh says:

    I find it interesting that those who advise others to ignore certain bloggers cannot do it for themselves.

    I agree with one of the female bloggers…30-something is VERY challenging decade of their lives for women in the West it seems.

  494. THEATLSD says:


    Yep, Miami is like that. It used to be one of my favorite stomping spots in the early 90’s. The posers there out number the real deals. The best part is when they buy a “bottle” for 3 times the price, so they can sit there and show off, “look I bought a $40.00 bottle for $150, now come suck my manliness.” I probably will be going there in October, it been a while. Lots of Brazilian women there now. yummy

  495. Reb says:

    “One of the things of value an older SD can give to a young SB is a very different sexual experience that an 18-33 year old normally experiences.”

    That is true. The more “mature” SDs (like over 60) are obsessed with going down. My current SD wants to be down there for an hour+. We don’t have intercourse though. I don’t think he wants to use Viagra.

  496. Promise says:

    @ATL I would’ve liked to see your comments.

  497. Jaybird923 says:

    @Promise I didn’t think about that. Good idea.

  498. THEATLSD says:

    @I hump females
    “This site sure does like to encourage bad behavior from the sugarbabies”

    No sh*t Sherlock, we have been ranting and pontificating about the for months. It’s part of the SA marketing machine.
    That’s why I was blocked from SA instagram, I speaketh the truth, SA speaketh with fork tounge.

    In the end it is their business, GO CAPITALISM!!

  499. Promise says:

    @Jay I’m hitting the Ferrari dealership.

  500. Jaybird923 says:

    @Promise I saw that contest may I should go to Bergdorf Goodman and take some pictures of designer clothes and shoes and send them in. 🙂

  501. IHF2030 says:

    This site sure does like to encourage bad behavior from the sugarbabies.

  502. Jaybird923 says:

    @ATL That’s the same way it is in Miami. A group of friends come down pool their money together to rent a car from the exotic car rental place and a room in a nice hotel. Then they drive around Ocean Drive pretending to be high rollers. It never fails the poor delusional women always fall for it. But I never feel sorry for them. If the deciding factor for whether you sleep with a man is what car he drives then you need to get higher standards.

  503. THEATLSD says:

    “Was that your first time in Vegas, AtlantaSD?”

    No, about my millionth time there, but first time since I entered the Sugarbowl. I was in a SD frame of mine, I had a whole new outlook and saw things in a different light. Thus my observation. Even the boss noticed a few odd pairings and asked me if I thought that was an arranged date. (My response; oh I have no clue.)

    Vegas has changed dramatically since my first trip, which was a week after I turned 21.

  504. Promise says:

    IDK if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I checked out SA’s Instagram today, and saw that they’re holding another show off contest to win an iPad.

  505. Jaybird923 says:

    “Such information can be obtained from medical websites.”

    @Josh I have no problem doing a little research. I’ll need some background info though. How old are you? And how would you describe your libido level? Average? Above average? :-))

  506. LadyScarlett says:

    Was that your first time in Vegas, AtlantaSD?

  507. LadyScarlett says:

    To those new to blog…I used to get irritated with Josh, and even tried emailing with him for a short while because I saw he was a very lonely individual, but now I just tease him or feel sorry for him even more, really, as he is NOT mentally stable, so I hope others do not let him run them off blog….he can be very mean, crazy and manipulative, but realize it is attention and entertainment(at others’ expense most of the time that he craves most). The sad thing is, trolls already have enough problems with their lives, that’s why they’re trolls. The only place they can find anything resembling power or have anyone pay attention to them is a virtual world where they hide behind a pseudonym. His persona(s) on blog do not really exist. Trolls like him are imaginary characters that are extensions of some loser’s feeling of powerlessness. Leave them to their misery and ignore them. Ignore him most of the time, and he might go away or at least take a break to wipe off the cheese doodle powder dust from his keyboard that he brags about using like a ‘weapon’, lol? I think that speaks volumes…unfortunately…

  508. Jaybird923 says:

    @LadyScarlett LMAO

  509. Josh says:


    What I have learned on this blog is that every time I mention specifics one of the females pretending to be male would come up with some insult. Such information can be obtained from medical websites. 😉

  510. THEATLSD says:

    General observation #34:
    Thoughts from my trip to Vegas. I most definitely saw some Sugaring going on including a Sugar Momma.
    But what I really observed was the wannabes. The hot 20 something year olds dressed to kill. The women wearing heels 😉 with dress’ so short they could not bend over or for that matter lean back. The guys they were with dressed to impress with clothes they probably had to take a loan out for. Which brings me to the point, the guys are all acting like “players” and “high rollers” when in fact they could probably barely afford the trip in the first place. They rack up debt on their credit card or empty their bank account all to impress the girls they are with taking months to pay off the trip. I saw so many young dudes going overboard trying to impress, to be young and naïve. I too was once there and did that. I could not help to think I wish I knew then what I know now.

  511. LadyScarlett says:

    Hey Atlanta, how was your trip?

    Hey flyR, guess whose picture I found on the internet, since he is always looking for others, thought it would share his? Very fitting, wouldn’t you say, to our resident crazy mad troll who thinks he is the blog moderator? Hehehe!


  512. Josh says:

    Pretending to be a man on blogs is easy. Getting rid of cognitive dissonance is not.

  513. Jaybird923 says:

    “I am getting as much sex as I can handle at my age and libido level”

    I must admit that this statement has peaked my curiosity. I wonder what that translates to in actual numbers

  514. Jaybird923 says:

    @Atl I think you have to click the follow button at the top of the page.

  515. THEATLSD says:

    “@ ATL
    Hey that would be interesting to read, you have a link?”

    No I don’t my dear. I barely know how to use instagram. I keep losing posts I like. I’ll figure it out one day. Meanwhile I’m continuing my quest to knock down the delusional sugar thoughts of most of these young brains full of mush.

  516. Josh says:

    “Thanks” for your yet another rant.

    Also “thanks for your concern about my sexual aactivities. I am getting as much sex as I can handle at my age and libido level. Any more sex would require chemicals and I don’t like to take chemicals.

    That said go back and read @Ava’s posts. I am surprised that she has not yet been branded as one of my proxies by one of the females posting as men.

  517. flyR says:

    Josh – Believe it or not but I AGREE with your assessment of how women act ….. with a small modifier.

    “””””he only time a woman provides sex for “free” is when she is in one-night frame of mind. The rest of “free sex” is marketing samples to to eventually extract her man’s resources and/or the exclusive rights to rape his mind.” Thus spake the Guru.”

    Yes Josh that’s exactly how a woman acts when she’s dealing with a self centered, whinny , clueless guy.

    If you got some good counseling , crawled out of your ebola suit and were a decent partner in sexual adventures you would find women who love sex, the more the better. But don’t expect that when you feel any woman who would have sex with you must be a looser or a grifter.

    But do yourself and the blog a great favor and listen more and talk less. You have probably posted 10,000 posts in the last 15 months. How many time’s have you had great sex as in great for both partners? 1/ 10,000 posts , 1/ 1,000 posts. , never.

    One of the things of value an older SD can give to a young SB is a very different sexual experience that an 18-33 year old normally experiences. If instead she’s treated like a sperm dumpster it’s probably a damaging relationship and the SD is missing much of the benefits, unless the SD is psychologically confined to damaging relationships.

  518. Josh says:

    Does anyone have links to @DamnVixen’s other web presence? I prefer that she sticks around and plays attorney-attorney. 😉

  519. IHF2030 says:

    Attention seeking bottomless pits and melodrama queens can be very entertaining, I must say.

  520. Josh says:

    “I’ve been “propositioned” by a couple of the male bloggers here and then attacked on the blogs when I turned them down”

    Ah the age-old, oft-repeated shaming approach.

  521. rembodler says:

    “…expensive dinner date with $600 in hand. I’ve been “propositioned” …
    I think if I see that $600 again, I will have to paint over my contact lenses with nail polish.

  522. Josh says:

    “The only time a woman provides sex for “free” is when she is in one-night frame of mind. The rest of “free sex” is marketing samples to to eventually extract her man’s resources and/or the exclusive rights to rape his mind.” Thus spake the Guru.

  523. Josh says:

    “Women normally DO provide sex for nothing dear!
    All the time.
    To men they feel attracted to (for whatever reason).
    But indeed, not in Sugar world.
    That is the “deal” here remember?”

    See if you can write a corresponding statement as to why men are here.;)

  524. Josh says:

    @Elaine, I was NOT responding to any of your posts above. It was in response to yet another of Madame @flyR’s idiotic rants.

    There are female bloggers here, including yourself, whose enrichment by their respective SDs don’t bother me a bit as you’ll make your respective SDs happy in their lives, and speak of them in a respectable manner.

  525. Elaine says:


    “honest sharing of experiences, thoughts and suggestions” has be used as euphemism for fantasy writing where men shower money for nothing to women primarily in their 30s and 40s?”
    If you want to quote my words, then please be so kind as to tell me where EVER I have said -or even suggested!- that men should shower money for nothing to any woman?
    No, and it was you (in the past) who was always telling new SBs to follow my advice for putting their SD in the center of their attention.
    I have ALWAYS told newbies to not consider sugar as easy money, and treat it as any serious “job” you get paid for.

    And please share why you now suddenly seem to think I am a “fantasywriter” where you, of all!, know very well I am not, and yourself having stated this several times on blog?

    That is VERY inconsistent Josh!

    “How come there are not enough “honest sharing of experiences, thoughts and suggestions” where women provide sex for nothing? Does it not happen in this world?”
    Women normally DO provide sex for nothing dear!
    All the time.
    To men they feel attracted to (for whatever reason).
    But indeed, not in Sugar world.
    That is the “deal” here remember?
    It is not a “normal” relationship situation, and so it doesn’t follow the “normal” rules.

    And THAT is exactly where I was refferring to when I previously posted that “For, especially, young women Sugar creates a twisted view on men and relationships.”
    If you get used to being “paid” for sex, or company , it will be hard to separate them after.
    Pavlov reaction….

  526. Josh says:

    Women’s whinning on the blog is going to continue unless “you’re a john unless you provide free money to fat, ugly old women” is established as a default position to start with for SDs.

  527. Josh says:


    Yours is indeed a cool gravatar. 🙂

  528. Josh says:

    “honest sharing of experiences, tthoughts and suggestions” has be used as euphemism for fantasy writing where men shower money for nothing to women primarily in their 30s and 40s?

    How come there are not enough “honest sharing of experiences, thoughts and suggestions” where women provide sex for nothing? Does it not happen in this world?

    For several months I have been posting quite less and women have been posting 70-80% of comments. But these insecure control freaks–who claim this blog to be an obscure place–want total freedom to write fantasy and bash men on the blog.

    Not gonna happen. 😉

  529. flyR says:

    It is so sad that the blog is filled with toxic losers who are committed to prevent any honest sharing of experiences , thoughts or suggestions . Those safe in mommy’s basement pretending to have real insight but with the real mission of driving all contrary opinions out of the discussion.

    Most don’t need an SB or SD for that would lead to another failure, they need a skilled shrink.

  530. Josh says:

    Aww…I missed that post. Me so sad to see him go. 🙁

  531. Josh says:

    *How do you respond to THAT @zito? LOL!

  532. Josh says:

    “@Zito Give it up dude. She’s just not into you. And you’ve been on this blog everyday since you first appeared making your crass little comments and jokes. When exactly haven’t you responded?”

    How do you respond to the @zito? LOL!

  533. Josh says:

    Let’s see if he makes his appearance or not. 😉

  534. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    You sound like you’re summoning a genie. Are you sure you’re rubbing his magic lamp correctly? o_O

  535. Josh says:

    Third post to summon FB. He must make his appearance now.

  536. Tommy says:

    Mom always liked YOU best!

  537. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie LMAO:)

  538. Josh says:

    Second post to summon @FB.

  539. Josh says:


    What type of attorney are you?

  540. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    I have no idea how the fireworks work over there. All I know is if I lived there I would get free fireworks on my birthday :p.

    However being an SD you could become an inventor and create a barbeque that releases safe but awesome fireworks for when your food is cooked :p. However then guys would have no excuse to congregate around the barbie lol.

    Lots of schadenfreude going on here or at least people trying to create it.

    What did I do yesterday for my birthday? Had a lovely first meet with gentleman.

    Seeing as this blog can’t do without drama and something to get angry about I’ll stir the pot for you. I’m looking for more than one SD although once I know someone is reliable I’m happy to be exclusive.

    I don’t believe in marriage or monogamy and I’m upfront about it on my profile.

    Thing is I’m relatively new and I’m just enjoying meeting all these amazing people who have such different lives and seeing their perspective on things. I’m learning so much it’s lots of fun.

    Let the fun commence :p. I’m off to meet a Pot.

  541. RookieSD says:

    I’m hydrated now and you are being true to your word cause it’s alive mommy it’s alive…

  542. Jaybird923 says:

    @Catcher What’s so funny? You didn’t know I was a miracle worker. I’ve been known to bring men back from the dead. 🙂

  543. Jaybird923 says:

    “I looked at Zito’s profile … as a licensed attorney for 20 years, my earning capacity is greater than his. He isn’t my target demographic. I understand why he would have a “get a job” attitude towards a woman my age. He doesn’t HAVE that much disposable income, by comparison, to spend on the Sugar.”

    “@Zito – thanks, you seem great. But if we dated, I’d end up the SugarMomma. ”

    @Zito Give it up dude. She’s just not into you. And you’ve been on this blog everyday since you first appeared making your crass little comments and jokes. When exactly haven’t you responded?

  544. IHF2030 says:

    And here comes zito, the White Kinght to the rescue.

  545. zito says:

    what a douchebag you are IHF…hiding with no pic for the rest of us to laugh at….you should get a life

  546. IHF2030 says:

    Hey, DV, is it time for another botox shot?

  547. Catcher 22 says:

    Jaybird923 says:

    “@Rookie LOL Sorry. Stick around I’ll see what I can do about bringing it back to life :-))”
    @Jay: LMAO 🙂

  548. zito says:

    @damnvixen…do what i do…dont check the blog….people are sadly negative everywhere….they love to feel better by tearing others down….which is why i dont respond much here

  549. DamnVixen says:

    Since every other post I written has been deleted … let’s try this one last time, and then I’m done (enjoyed meeting the other women, you can reach me at [email protected]_).

    It’s irrelevant to me whether anyone believes anything about what I’ve revealed about myself. If my identity is found (which has occurred through my blog, including nude photos) – it is also irrelevant. I am self-employed. I’m never running for political office. There’s nothing in either my profile or interactions with members here that anyone can blackmail me with. I’m not doing anything illegal. I highly doubt that my “safety” is in jeopardy if someone learns my name.

    I came to the site to check things out – puttered around with my profile to see what affect it had on emails and proposals. I came to the blogs to see what other member experiences are like. I believe I’ve been here a grand total of 12 days. I’ve encountered a few nice people here, but for the most part … the SDs (with a few exceptions) behave like a bunch of “poo-throwing monkeys.”

    And I never “lied” or claimed I didn’t go on any other sites. I joined another the day before this one, it was trashy, and I couldn’t delete my profile so I deleted my pictures, changed the text, and moved the location to CA and abandoned it. I’m one of the few people here with face pictures and a link to my profile and an open attitude, and yet I’m questioned and attacked from all angles … usually the worst by “Anonymous” members. It’s really a joke.

    I live in a small town in the Florida panhandle, the dating pool is shallow. I won’t be moving for another year. I am single. If I have the opportunity to meet some wealthier local single men through this site (which has occurred), then I’m open to regular dating. And for the fun of it, I’m open to meeting a “whale” who is willing to cover my bills so I can travel/take off from working … then I am ALL FOR THAT. And I wouldn’t even be remotely embarrassed for anyone to know that I used this site for that to occur. (I’ve already recommended it to two girlfriends for that purpose.)

    I would think this would all be quite simple to comprehend. Apparently it isn’t.

    Apparently the mindset around here is that female members must be 18-22 years old, desperate, and willing to have sex with old men for $200/day. Women my age aren’t desired by the men here.

    Well – I’ve told you guys a dozen times that isn’t true. In less than – what – 5 days here I walked away from an expensive dinner date with $600 in hand. I’ve been “propositioned” by a couple of the male bloggers here and then attacked on the blogs when I turned them down.

    Y’all (mean-spirited SDs) are sad, really. Your hatred for women is so transparent. I came here for “fun.” And as I said in previous posts, which the moderator deleted, my time is much better spent talking to POTs then bickering with y’all.

  550. Josh says:

    That too but @Lainey was keeping distance from such exchanges. On the other hand, @FB doesn’t give a shit.

  551. RookieSD says:

    Lol I thought about that last night. I would have liked to heard from Lainey too.

  552. Josh says:

    Where’s FatB? I would have loved to see an exchange between him and @DamnVixen.

  553. Josh says:


    Don’t be sad, get glad.

  554. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie LOL Sorry. Stick around I’ll see what I can do about bringing it back to life :-))

  555. RookieSD says:

    You really know how to kill a guy’s libido…

  556. Jaybird923 says:

    “she certainly is an interesting and erudite character”

    @Remmy yes she is :-)) she’s also a very good sport.

  557. Jaybird923 says:

    I was on a Tumblr blog and they said this was the official Sugar baby anthem. I thought I would share it with everyone :-)) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhEPLCF-SHg]

  558. rembodler says:

    And what you said, about Ms.Goddess using everything as a platform to talk in great detail about herself, is an absolute winner.
    No harm in that, she certainly is an interesting and erudite character…:))).

  559. rembodler says:

    I am not sure I know a job a 20 year old can do where she will make 300 in a day, post tax. If you are organized, you can cram for your exam and have a bit of fun. Maybe you forgot. And no, you are probably not going to make 100k straight out of pharmacy school in the US. think you mean pharmacy school and a couple of years residence.
    That is why I prefer the demographics I prefer. Many ppl in that age bracket still want to have fun and not worry so much all the time about fattening (or, as the Show SB said, “feeding”) the purse

  560. JSugarless says:

    Especially the part about travelling the world in first class with your best friends.

    -Debbie downer

  561. JSugarless says:

    This blog just made me sad

  562. Eloquence says:

    “Lust” of power…and everything “they” touch…and not all sugar relationships are “in a mad scramble to be above the common heard, or other person.”

  563. Eloquence says:

    @ DVixen …”A former blogger stated once: Sugar is full of damaged people damaging other damaged people. And I think there is a lot of truth in that statement.”

    Nothing is so un-pleasant as seeing a person or people exercise power or dominion over others to gain only more power for themselves inspired by list of power to lay someone else in waste and not for a collective common good.

    The desire to rule for selfish gratification is a curse of insidious temptation to lay burdens on the backs of others based on the skewed interior motive.

    It is not at all necessary to fall into this struggle. Not all sugar relationships are in and scramble to be above the common herd by stepping on others in the process.

    There still exists the ones who have purpose, gratitude, and faith formulated that everything try touch is left better than what they found it, inspired, rejuvenated, and the lavish display is evident by what each person brought to the table and carried out with great success making the entire arrangemt one of advancemt for each other.

    Quoting the late Jones of Toledo’s “Golden Rule”…”What I want for myself, I want for everybody.”

  564. Elaine says:

    @ ATL

    Hey that would be interesting to read, you have a link?

    Yes, I have been talking about the mistress reality several times, mostly to give counterweight to the p4p and the “Hey, wanna have sex with me for $200?” situations that seem so common in US, if we must believe some resident SDs.

    And, just for the record;
    NOT because I want other SBs to think they are “cheap” when accepting $200.
    (I have always stated that you should accept what you both feel comfortable with)

    Accept what you like, if you “do” 5 “SDs” per day, as some SA “rolemodels”, you make a lot of
    money! 🙂 But please don’t call that Sugar, that is escorting.

    I only want to make clear, that this is NOT the norm, and that some “SDs” only offer this because it is cheaper as going to a pro.
    BTW. bumped upon a blog some time ago where Pro’s were making fun of SA.
    They had a point though.

    So no judgements, no belitteling, just something to think over for newbies.

  565. Josh says:

    “Hi ATL, yes, posting again, obviously I am not very busy at the moment, did you notice?”

    The practice of simultaneously taking the blog seriously and claiming not to take it seriously is one of the most fascinating things here. LOL!

  566. THEATLSD says:

    @Elaine The blog is a good time suck and mind suck for the most part.
    “once you asked if one of the blog SBs had visited your profile.”
    Yes I remember that, that person was on the other side of the pond 😉
    Very Classy and well done profile from that person.

    I know what Lady Scarlett’s SA profile pic looks like. (Though much to my angst I do not know what she looks like.)

    The instagram SB were talking about the difference of sugar baby’s on this side and the European side. Their discussion made me think of you and what the perception is over there. Basically they are more considered mistress’ which I believe you have stated that many times here.

  567. Elaine says:

    @ THEATLSD says:
    July 4, 2015 at 7:30 am

    “@Elaine…good to see the original SB back posting.
    Btw if I had to peg a gravatar on Lady Scarlett I would think
    yours would fit her well.”

    Hi ATL, yes, posting again, obviously I am not very busy at the moment, did you notice? 😉

    About the gravatar, funny you mention it, because once you asked if one of the blog SBs had visited your profile.
    You were talking about someone wearing a “cowboyhad”, remember?
    And no, that was not Scarlett 😉

  568. lovelynyours says:

    My fourth doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be as much fun as anticipated. :/ It will NOT stop raining over here. I swear, this place is worse than Seattle…been like this for weeks. Gonna have to bring it indoors!

  569. Goddess says:

    maybe lovelynyours but simply how it was translated to me. Immanuel Kant comes to mind. What are you guys doing for the fourth? 🙂 I should start getting stuff together. Enjoy everyone!

  570. Jaybird923 says:

    @Goddess XOXO Thanks for explaining but I disagree that I took jabs. I have no reason too.

  571. MissLady says:

    LOL I see now I should’ve just argued with you…..lol

  572. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady Sorry I’ll take of it….

    @Everyone please disregard my prior post about Miss Lady I was just being sarcastic. She post the most inane comments that I’ve ever read.

  573. lovelynyours says:

    I think you’ve missed a number of points entirely, Goddess. But I’m not venturing further; I’ve already expressed my views on the matter, and that’s all I really wanted to do on that front.

  574. MissLady says:

    @Jay, don’t say that too loud, then people will try to find ways to tear apart everything that I say…lol

  575. Goddess says:

    JayBird well you know how I feel about you darlin’. 😉
    Well flaming hmmm…is synonymous with “taking jabs”. C’est ca 🙂

  576. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lady I only speak the truth. You do say many clever things that I enjoy reading.

  577. Goddess says:

    She might be a bit of a misfit or a gypsy like I was in my 20’s. It’s not terribly unusual for young ladies to have a deep desire to break away from stifling familial obligations. Many SBs might desire such an escape. It totally makes sense in theory. Rich (which she claims her family is) does not equate to good or generous or nice or understanding etc. She’s very open about her lifestyle, who knows what the story is and we shouldn’t venture further into it imo. I was just giving my opine of why. She might be open about it because yea, it has all the tell tale signs of throwing care into the wind. At least about her personal choices and I feel weird discussing them, haha.

  578. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie sorry you won’t be getting your jollies from Goddess and I. We don’t fight I just like to poke every once in a while because she usually finds a creative way to tell me off 🙂

  579. MissLady says:

    @Rocky Which exchange? I say so many clever things. you’re going to have to be more specific.(so does misslady) lol

    I see what you did there Jay….lol thanks??

  580. Jaybird923 says:

    @Goddess lol I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to you. I know what the outcome is going to be anytime I engage you but I do it anyway. 🙂 I’ll ignore the rest of your post but what exactly does flaming someone mean?

  581. Goddess says:

    As I refrain from yet another dirty joke. Le sigh, it was a good one.

  582. lovelynyours says:

    Goddess – there’s nothing impossible about her comments if you look at them alone, it’s the contradictions her comments and behavior created and the fact that she’d even mention the types of specifics she mentioned at all – ones that could easily reveal her real identity to someone with a bit of time on his/her hands. IF they were true, that is. No one with that kind of background or intelligence would put so much specific intel out there if that intel represented who they truly were. I can’t speak to the other websites since I don’t know anything about that, but there was apparently something elsewhere as well that raised red flags.

    @Jay, I agree with your point on personas, but will take it a step further – I believe you run into trouble when you create a persona at all. The world would be an easier place if people would just be themselves. Behind the computer or otherwise.

  583. RookieSD says:

    Getting my morning glory on thanks to Jay & Goddess.

  584. Goddess says:

    oh you still had some jabs in you after flaming a perfect stranger Jaybird? Oh good, you’ll have enough pep in your step for the Birthday celebration and fireworks today. I’m in a good mood. 🙂
    And I didn’t boast about myself. REALLY. That was a small episode in a very full life.

  585. Goddess says:

    ONSD is right. Blog dating is a no, clearly, LOL.

  586. Jaybird923 says:

    @Goddess I’ve never seen some one take every comment posted and turn it into a platform to boast about themselves as much as you do. What exactly does everything you had to say after this sentence ” I see nothing about @DamnVixen’s claims that cannot be legitimate” have to the with that subject?

  587. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lovely When you create to elaborate of a persona. You run into trouble.

  588. Goddess says:

    I see nothing about @DamnVixen’s claims that cannot be legitimate. No one in my family even knows I was broadcasted to 12 million households, just saying. Also I would NEVER ask my family for money (no, neither parent owns a jet). If anything my siblings see me as the matriarch. :)I can tell you all there is to know about the Conventional Forces of Europe Treaty or the IAEA’s issues with Pyongyang. But WHO in their right mind would want that in the context of FUN? So yea, I won’t be highlighting those things to an SD unless he inquires. It was something I did out of what I felt was necessity.

  589. Jaybird923 says:

    Sorry I mean @Rookie not @Rocky Just saw the trailer for the newest Rocky spin off Creed (can’t wait to see it) so the name was stuck in my head.

  590. Goddess says:

    “We will call it your thought dyslexia and move on.”
    @Josh you’re right, for all I know you might be a reincarnate of Napoleon Bonaparte. Just as likely a scenario. 🙂
    Thanks for the tip @NC Gent. 😉

  591. lovelynyours says:

    Gotcha, Jay. Yeah, I agree – that doesn’t jibe either. I had my suspicions, but didn’t say anything until it became quite clear that her presence was taking a divisive, unproductive turn here. I usually wouldn’t care either, except when one’s taking up that much blog real estate and other people are becoming embroiled in conflict. Then I feel like it’s a kindness to bring it up. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to waste my time or energy arguing with an imaginary friend, so to speak; I assumed most people would feel the same so I went ahead and put it out there.

    Websites? Hm. I didn’t know about any other websites; I haven’t looked her up or anything. Wasn’t interested enough. I just know that an accomplished, well-connected, successful individual’s not going to risk being outed IRL by someone in her illustrious social circle who happens to come across this blog – simply to prove some random blog commenters wrong or to be well-liked on some random forum. And yes, she’s given conflicting info.

    This is what I mean, though, when I say that someone who lies about their age is likely lying about other things. She does in fact have an SA profile, and I imagine men are contacting her. I doubt her stories about her dates are true, but her photo is cute so I bet she’s met or will be meeting at least one or two SDs. So there are men who are being led to believe X,Y, and Z when they may not even be true. There’s a possibility that people IRL are being misled out of their money. That’s what’s so dangerous about giving people a pass who lie about any aspect of themselves – the implications are not just confined to an online forum and people can get hurt.

  592. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rocky Which exchange? I say so many clever things. you’re going to have to be more specific.(so does misslady) lol

  593. THEATLSD says:

    Hello everyone, good to see nothing going on here.
    @Elaine…good to see the original SB back posting.
    Btw if I had to peg a gravatar on Lady Scarlett I would think
    yours would fit her well.

    @RookieSD nice looking gravater bro. Is that you, if so what cigar are you smoking.

    @RussianSB no more dreams with you in it babe. Much to my dismay.

    @Sunhine You hit the nail on the head on this blog and the previous blog on two items.

    @Damvixen you are quite the interesting person. If your post are being deleted it is probably flagged for certain words not the whole post. I believe SA has some automation on the blog that looks for certain words, not sure which ones because we have posted some saucy stuff on here.

    @All So I decided to infiltrate instagram after reading SouthernSB and few others speak of grand delusions over there. I really don’t get instagram but maybe its my age. So I started posting pithy little comments to bring these SB back to reality. I did so well that SA blocked me from their Instagram account. Though I still follow the very lovely and sometimes blogger Ms. Brook. (who is the one that probably blocked me) I would love to meet her someday, and pick her evil marketing brain over a glass of wine.

    The not so successful SB posting on Instagram all have the same issues we see here. Horsepoopoo profiles, unrealistic expectations especially in smaller towns.

    Also, in the last blog the lovely Ms Jaybird linked to the news paper article on the Sugar summit. The “mixed” girl lives in THE ATL and I found her profile on SA. She is looking for “High” and very nonchalantly states “no sex”. hahahahahaha fell off my chair laughing and she wonders why she can not get a SD.

  594. Josh says:

    As Forrest Gump’s sage mother used to say:

    “Stupid is what stupid does”,

    Or in the current context:

    “@NC Gent is what @NC Gent does.”

  595. RookieSD says:

    Yeah that’s right, you were getting a little heat earlier and then went silent for a bit. By the way I thought that was a clever exchange between you and @Misslady.

  596. Josh says:

    @NC Gent oozes idiocy. He does not need to explicitly declare it. His posts are sufficient to make it plain.

  597. Josh says:


    “@DamnVixen, I noticed the bias on the blog early but don’t worry, pretty sure it’s because they left Josh in charge of it all and he was driven mad with the power long ago, LOL.”

    We will call it your thought dyslexia and move on.

  598. Jaybird923 says:

    @Rookie I was here. Yes I post a lot on here but I only comment on things I have experience with, can relate to, or if I have a question about someone else’s experience or prospective. I’m not a middle age SB so I can’t comment on what they experience I’m not an SD in the market for an SB, so I can’t comment on what they look for.

    Any one who voices opinions on subjects they have no knowledge of is an idiot. I’ve been called many things but the one thing no one has ever been able to call is stupid. 🙂

    Besides I really didn’t care enough about the subject or Vixen for that matter and I really wanted to see how long it took the rest of you to catch on.

  599. RookieSD says:

    Figured that is why you were noticeably absent during this latest saga.

  600. Goddess says:

    Sunshine definitely! Saw some last night and they were great. It was nice to lay my bare legs against the cold pavement and watch them sound off 🙂
    Today should be more of the fun and merriment. I might also go to a dive bar I got randomly invited to while riding my motorbike (which isn’t a hog, hehe). Happy Birthday America! What about yourself?

  601. Jaybird923 says:

    @Lovely I agree with you I noticed the red flags early on. I’ve mentioned them privately when asked my opinion but didn’t see a reason to voice them on the blog. I’ve known about the other websites for days. When she said she was a writer I tried to see if I could find any of her work and the other sites popped up instead.

    And the saying over and over about how this was an experiment/bet with your friend but being so focused on catching the big whale just didn’t correlate. She wasn’t bothering me and I didn’t care enough about it, so there was no point in saying anything. I decided to watch and see what happens. People use the internet to play make believe all the time and besides if I would’ve said anything I’d probably get accused of being jealous. Because that’s the only reason a woman can voice a criticism about another woman.

  602. Goddess says:

    Can we just clone this guy and call it a day? 🙂
    ss1959 says:
    July 4, 2015 at 5:32 am

    All this anger and talk of using one another is really ugly to read. Why make sugar so difficult? Find somebody you like and treat them well.

    This is supposed to be fun.

  603. NC Gent says:

    @Goddess – just an fyi.Josh is the self anointed Guru and not in charge. He just likes to think so.

  604. ss1959 says:

    “Yum BBQ. Will you see fireworks?”

    That would have to be some really good BBQ!

  605. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    Yum BBQ. Will you see fireworks?

  606. Goddess says:

    I hope the gods of moderation are aware I’m dyslexic so the typos will happen depending on how much I have on my mind, hehe. Also @DamnVixen, I noticed the bias on the blog early but don’t worry, pretty sure it’s because they left Josh in charge of it all and he was driven mad with the power long ago, LOL. And yea, the names she was called were not necessary.

  607. Sunshine2Serenity says:


    I worked out through those experiences what exactly I was looking for from an arrangement and through playing with my expectation level I’ve found different guys message me. I’m looking for an older, intelligent, educated gentleman and I’ve found putting my profile on moderate leads them to message me. Whether they choose to go ahead with that is upto them and what they feel comfortable with.

    As long as both sides are happy then I think it has worked out as everybody is getting what they want and more :).

  608. Goddess says:

    rembodler, I believe the ladies were discussing 5k per month vs $200 per date. Some elaborated further to say the date would cost more than $200 for detracting from work/business. I would say an SB getting her doctorate in pharmacy like one of the young ladies of my family plans to should put her studies first because $200 per date vs 100k a year right after graduation. As far as studies go, I disagree with not cramming for the MCAT for a trip to Berbuda. I have been all over the weswtern hemisphere, it’s fun with GOOD COMPANY. Otherwise, never. There is no way someone should jeopardize their long term planning for short term gratification but you know, humans and all. 🙂
    I have to say personally ignoring work is a refreshing change for me. Either going to the river or the pool today. My gym might have a BBQ.

  609. Sunshine2Serenity says:

    I’d that is what they are looking for and they are happy then that is fantastic and they should be congratulated on finding an arrangement that suits them.

    I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum I guess. Before my current SD I met a man off SA who I was dating, no allowance or gifts. The idea was that it would be a relationship. However it wasn’t turning into one so it ended.

    Another “arrangement” I had was to give a guy a tour of my city. There was no sex, although there was intimacy, and I was happy to accompany him and was thrilled with the luggage tag I got (finally a way to carry that pesky Myki card without having to open my purse.

  610. lovelynyours says:

    Late to the party, since I only pop in now and again lately. Sorry. But Vixen – honestly, either 1) you’re making most or all of this up, or 2) you’re divulging way too much about yourself. With all of the information you’ve given us about yourself over the past X days, anyone with some time on their hands and reasonable intelligence could figure out who you really were with a little research. Should you choose to come visit the blog again in the future, I’d advise that you pull back a bit on all that – with all your eagerness to prove yourself, or prove yourself right, whichever it is – you’re divulging an awful lot of intel. If this intel is indeed true. Consider this a PSA.

    I can’t yet tell if you’re entirely full of it or not and I have neither the time nor the inclination to do the work to find out, because – well, you’re a stranger and thus completely inconsequential to any aspect of my life – but my BS radar has picked up a few blips. But then, I got a red flag the moment you mentioned being a writer or blogger or some sort and using this site as a social experiment… feels like we’re going to see an article on HuffPost Women or something about this in a few weeks. I truly don’t mean to be a jerk; I just can’t shake that feeling. For someone so allegedly accomplished and well-connected, you just seem to care way too much about asserting yourself here and you seem excessively interested in spending all this time trying to convince or convert some of these people. That you’ve never met. Via a blog’s comment thread. I try not to make assumptions about someone I don’t know; all I do know is that as someone who’s silently observed and perhaps has a more objective view than those here who actively entertain your discussions and engage, something doesn’t seem right.

    I think some got the impression that you weren’t here to “learn a few things from the members” inasmuch as you were here to chat about yourself and convince people that you’re awesome and right. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ve got spunk and your persona has certainly added a level of energy to the blog, and I agree with some of your views in the abstract. But let’s call it what it is. Your credibility is shot in my eyes at this point, but you, as should anyone who comes across this blog, should feel free to continue to learn from its commenters as you wish. Best of luck to you, and I truly wish you well, whoever you may be and whatever your goals are.

  611. Jaybird923 says:

    The practice of continually belittling people based on how much they are willing to accept/give is something that we need to agree as a whole to stop doing. To you $200 a week is not worth your time but to another it can make the biggest difference.

    If you’re working some crappy minimum wage job $200 is over 20 hours of work. Everyone has different needs. Shaming someone because they can provide more than you or because they are willing to accept less is just ridiculous. Do what works for you and let others do the same.

  612. Elaine says:

    “Where we reading the same blog?”

    The point is; when people would actually READ what others wrote, instead of twisting the contest up to their own believing , this blog would be a much nicer place. 🙂

    Add a little respect for others believings and experiences and postings, stop calling names and this blog would become what it is supposed to be; an informative meetingplace for Sugars of all kinds.

  613. ss1959 says:

    All this anger and talk of using one another is really ugly to read. Why make sugar so difficult? Find somebody you like and treat them well.

    This is supposed to be fun.

  614. rembodler says:

    I absolutely agree. Who would want to be open in this environment…certainly not an a young attractive SB who is happy to get 250. Cuz the norm apparently is that you are over 35, you get $600 for your first date, just to show up and you reluctantly agree for 5k/date, with gifts and travel extra. Anything lower than that means u r a dumb cheap ho.
    Where we reading the same blog?

  615. Josh says:


    This blog is one of the least moderated I have seen in years.

    You may send your moderated comments to me and I will post them verbatim on your behalf.

  616. Jaybird923 says:

    @DamnVixen Well that’s not true they took down DaBombs post from the other day. You’re not the first to be called out on inconsistencies on the blog. When you post you open yourself up to scrutiny. Just let it go and move on. there’s no point in rehashing the situation. You want to participate on the blog continue. If you’re here to clear your good name don’t even bother we’re just a group of strangers. Just concentrate on the website and on finding the arrangement you’re looking for. That’s the reason you’re here. The blog isn’t important.

  617. crypticanomaly says:

    @Sunshine – Regarding the “C” word post. I brought that up when I saw it and it has now been removed. That was beyond the usual level of bitchiness on here.

    @Vixen – As I mentioned, I am not the Anonymous you were arguing with. Also the Lady Blogger you mentioned before your post was deleted, we simply came to an impasse. These things happen and a disagreement off this site and disagreements or debates on this blog don’t mean they are connected. As I mentioned earlier sometimes disagreements in text can come across as meaner than if they are spoken. I sometimes feel that as well from others.

    I think we all have to learn to take a breath sometimes.

    @Elaine – I don’t know about your photos. When I first joined there wasn’t any nude pictures that I saw anyway. I thought they were against the rules. I have noticed recently that has changed. I too have seen close ups of naked breasts so I don’t get why your photos might have been an issue.

    In general a disagreement doesn’t mean anything personal or hatred/trolling. It is just a disagreement. As mentioned we should all calm down sometimes and if we think someone is attacking us we should ask for clarification rather than assume the worst. I speak for myself on this as well.

  618. Elaine says:

    @ Sunshine

    Yes me too saw Vixens posts.

    SA tends to be very unselective when they should, and very selective when they shouldn’t.

    Also with profiles.
    Several times my profile or foto’s suddenly disappeared out of the blue, ( after YEARS!) and I was send messages that it contained “inappropriate content”
    Wahaha, WTF?
    SA are you kidding me??
    There is nothing “inappropiate” in it, as the bloggers who have seen my profile can confirm.
    And believe me, I did my research, there is a LOT of really inappropiate profiles up!
    Even girls publicing “rates” I have heard. Go figure!

    Then they started to randomly take my pics down, being “extreme close ups”, I should be “recognizable” on the profile pic.
    Sure SA, and all those unrecognizable close up pics of boobs and stomachs?

    It is like now and then they suddenly wake up and want to make a statement. 😉

  619. DamnVixen says:

    While the guys can say any nasty thing about me or to me and their posts stay up.

  620. DamnVixen says:

    It’s really interesting how ALL my posts keep getting flagged for moderation and deleted.

  621. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Elaine – You posted at 7:18am July 3rd, you directed the comment at myself and Rem. No biggie really. I was just responding.

    @Vixen – I didn’t read all of your rant. I will say though that you are 100% wrong about me being the anonymous you argued with earlier. All the best.

  622. Elaine says:

    Anonymous (cryptic) says:
    July 3, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    “@Vixen & Elaine – Elaine, you have no idea what I search for, what I seek goes far beyond age and looks alone.”

    Uhm…., no indeed!
    I don’t .
    Happy to hear it goes beyond age and looks though. 🙂

    But did I mention somewhere I did?
    Seems the new sport here; adressing and putting (never spoken) words in others mouths.
    And when you ask to be explained “where exactly did I say such thing”, deadly silence is the answer. Right @Rembodler? 😉

    Unfortunally then the harm is already done, because you are portrayed in a certain, incorrect, way with the sole purpose of destroying your credibility and make you look silly, arrogant, cheap, entitled, a liar, jealous etc etc.

  623. SD On Chat says:

    … and thanks to the good folks on this blog that help provide perspective and insight!

  624. SD On Chat says:

    Let’s put a positive spin on the blog!
    What were your most positive experiences on SA.
    1) A great week with a new SB that I flew in… we weren’t 100% compatible at all times but overall a great mutual experience on many levels… lifestyle, activities, perspectives, a few good times, etc.
    2) A 3-day meet up with a SB that drove in… fantastic SB that was repeated with.
    3) Three good local SB’s with a flexible schedules for those “What are you doing today?” messages that work both ways.
    4) An amazimg meetup while traveling. Would love to see this SB again.
    5) An outstanding evening and location for which I drove quite some distance. Repeat expected to happen.

    Rember the good meetups, especially the repeats which mean that everyone was happy and could perhaps lead to a long-term arrangement. Thanks SA!

  625. Goddess says:

    Ha Sunshine, they know better. I’m actually still awake, happy 4th! Just did a video verification for a site. Also heard from a REALLY old friend/ SD who’s meeting me to discuss my business ideas so hopefully I can get some helpful ideas. Also 90% of my sugar relationships were platonic. I don’t have to ask it. I also don’t have to cam, take a picture or get naked for $200. $200 is not hard to get, not for me anyway. I should stop talking though as a Domme. 🙂

  626. cryptic says:

    @Sunshine Serenity – As a SD I feel like I have had my fair share of arguments on here as well. It seems no matter how many times I have stated my case and what I would like I still at times get shot down for it. I don’t think there is anyone on here who hasn’t been shot down. A lot of what I say on here I feel is rather honest and open not to mention helpful but some still choose to take offence.

    Perhaps it is the nature of communication via text, you don’t see facial expressions and hear tone of voice, I don’t know.

    By the way Vixen just sent me an abusive Private Message even though I don’t feel I ever said anything abusive to her.

  627. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Who would want to be open about anything in this environment. Sh*t anyone who says they get a significant allowance gets shot down even though the other party is more than happy to pay that much. I think the only way you’ll not get shot down as an SB is if you say that you took $50 for an intimate monthly arrangement and then you’ll probably just get called cheap and a whore lol. Point is if you’re an SB on this blog you’ll get shot down no matter what you do and the more fight you put up the more fight you’ll get back. Hence why many people just leave, you come to share your success and end up getting called names because people don’t like it. For a bunch of adults there’s a lot of childish behavior on here and it sucks because its one of the few places that we can all share our experiences hopefully without judgement that we’re all involved in sugar in one way or another. Bit of positivity and congrats to others on their successful arrangements would be much nicer but it feels like that’s asking more than being an SB on SA asking for High lol.

    You actually leave on certain days…some others seems like they’re just here eternally O_O.

  628. SD On Chat says:

    @RussianSB: says “I translate platonic into “I want to find rich old fool, but noway I am going to sleep with him, no !”, of course, she don’t think about HIS benefits, be ause youth is selfish. Instead she will bang her BF, pretending innocent creature before potential SD eyes.”

    Exactly! I once met with a newbie “platonic” SB just to talk with her about SA. She was oh so innocent about SA but banging her boyfriend at home. Her attitude was sweet, but beneath that she must have been, “How do I get money without banging anyone besides my boyfriend.”

    Platonic = Run for the hills (unless that is what you are looking for)

  629. cryptic anomaly says:

    The blog is worthless if people can’t be open about how they view Sugar Arrangements and what they are looking for. Vixen was open about what she was looking for which is fair enough, however it seems there are people on here who saw inconsistencies in her story.

    There are many liars and game players on this site both male and female, SB & SD alike. I don’t see it as trolling to express ourselves, you may not always like what someone has to say or agree with them but that doesn’t mean they are “Trolling” meaning to incite trouble either.

    If anything Vixen and lying about her age falls into the Troll category.

    How do we find time to be on here and blog? I’m the boss Serenity, I do what I want, that is how.

  630. Sunshine2serenity says:

    Wow things really blew up. Don’t blame Vixen one bit for leaving and the more people show the kind of attitudes that have been coming out and are prevalent here the less people will be contributing. It brings back memories of high school. Why on earth waste your time, after the first attempts of nobody listening its like well might as well go do something productive.

    Seems pretty obvious that there are a fair few trolls given how often people are able to post. I’m on holidays, I have no idea how you guys are working full time and posting constantly O_o.

  631. flyR says:

    @Damn Vixen – Sadly the blog is overpopulated with bitter folks with toxic attitudes towards others. Somehow they can’t understand the essence of success in the sugar world…… define your goals and limits , communicate, screen and decide if you have found what you want.

    I would like to find a 3,000 beach house on the water in Malibu for less that $2mil but I am not dumb enough to spend much time trying or hanging out on a blog winning about the sellers being unrealistic.

    There’s a lot of positive wisdom to be shared but it is buried under a pile of whimpering and occasionally arrogant or dumb diatribe.

    Makes me wish there was a moderated blog focused on successful sugaring

  632. cryptic anomaly says:

    @vixen – It also makes me doubt your story and background. A well off attorney who is now seeking wealthy men for dates and money? Come on. You have already lied about your age so your credibility is shot with me. I agree with Josh.

  633. cryptic anomaly says:

    oops, above Anonymous was from me.

  634. Anonymous says:

    @Vixen & Elaine – Elaine, you have no idea what I search for, what I seek goes far beyond age and looks alone.

    Vixen, if you are that well off and earn more than some SD’s then you just come off as greedy and self entitled to me. I find that to be a turn off whether the woman is a lawyer such as yourself or an 18 year old who works a minimum wage job. I know we won’t see eye to eye on this but regardless it is something that turns me off more than anything else.

  635. Reb says:

    I have had platonic SDs, but I never sought them out. One of them wanted to be friends first, so no intimacy on my first trip. On our next trip, he wanted more, but it never came to be. I was across the country. Had guys give online gift cards without ever meeting.. again, I don’t ask for it. If I did, I don’t think I would have gotten it.

  636. RussianSB says:

    You can accept all kind of drama, including platonic drama from woman, you are madly in love with. Young girls thinking they ARE that woman 🙂

  637. RussianSB says:

    SD on chat – but relationship isn’t easy , you know that. I thought, girls put platonic – if some friends, or relatives run into their profile. But, after viewing 100 of such profiles ( all girls arround 20), I translate platonic into “I want to find rich old fool, but noway I am going to sleep with him, no !”, of course, she don’t think about HIS benefits, be ause youth is selfish. Instead she will bang her BF, pretending innocent creature before potential SD eyes.

  638. rembodler says:

    it is a bit of a compromise. Time and money.
    If you have plenty of money, you just need enough time to take her clothes off, do the deed, have small talk and be on your way.
    If you do not have that much money, but have time to take her to places, concerts, shows and events, you can have very high quality young women. The thing about young women, they want that experience, they want to see a Broadway show. They want to go on a cruise. They want to go to Louvre, have lunch, get on a 8pm train and have a breakfast in Rome.
    And if they do not come home with thousands of dollars, they are not really care…:))).

  639. SD On Chat says:

    Traditional dating is so dysfunctional for both guys and girls.
    Seeking Arrangement just works so much better… people can just say what they want and make it happen. The gifting is a motivator and common denominator but actually just a minor part of the overall relationship. All relationships should be that easy.

  640. SD On Chat says:

    So is “seeking platonic relationship only” real or just to cut down on indecent messages?
    In my experience it means dysfunctional and/or overvalued and/or PITA SB.

    One SB had “platonic” on her profile, said, “Oh no problem it was just to keep the creeps away,”
    She assured me that she was capable and open to a relationship on all levels.
    After coordinating airfare and transportation to meet her in person I found out that she had major personal issues and she changed her story to “maybe” and then “I thought I could but I can’t.”

    Never again.

  641. RussianSB says:

    But, I really do believe blog SD having young girls and for free. Everyone can – if you put some efforts and plenty of time . Lack of time – that is the only reason why successful guys join SA. They also don’t mind to find someone without condition of financial arrangement – but women run away from them, blaming rich BFs in being too busy, too tired, too workaholic.

  642. Josh says:

    “It is why young ladies declare in their profiles – I am looking for platonic only connection. They try their best !”

    @RussianSB is no attorney, but she’s as strong with her wit as ever. 😉

  643. Josh says:

    C’mon @DamnVixen

    You started pretty strong…

    Don’t tell me that you worked as a form-filling “attorney” for 20 years and can’t handle some stupid proxies on this piddly, obscure blog?

    After beating litigation attorneys by making them do all the case law research work, and having fun with the judges at the same time, I know how litigation attorneys roll.

    You don’t seem to be one of them. 😉

  644. RussianSB says:

    Yup, Elaine !
    “I mean, how normal is it for a 22y/o to have sex with a 60y/o?
    NORMAL at that age is: thinking everybody above age 35 is as old as Metusalem, and growing up and have sex with your peers.
    Not being paid for sex per hour by a “sugargranddad” taking advantage of your youth.”
    It is why young ladies declare in their profiles – I am looking for platonic only connection. They try their best !

  645. RussianSB says:

    Damn Vixen, if you ask men nudes pictures, I withdraw all hypocricy accusations towards you. Congratulations on your sugar start. Be kind to SD, who can only spend 600 on monthly allowance, we don’t want to shock them. Be more modest 🙂

  646. RussianSB says:

    Ava – welcome to lady tea-room, you will not find sugardaddies here, because , they very busy making $$$$$ for spending their time in the blog, in fact, they even don’t know the blog exist.
    Thank you for your scientific approach into sugar world ! We are joking in Russia, that before ( Russian women become equal to men in 1917) feminists fight to achieve men jobs, today – we are fighting – not to do these jobs anymore.

  647. Anonymous says:

    But I am Josh, am a big coward & my work is very important.

  648. zito says:

    personally, I dont pay attention to anything said from a person going anonymous….have the balls the put your name on what you say, man or woman….dont hide….cowards hide

  649. Anonymous says:

    I realize there were many people using the anonymous moniker today but don’t give Josh credit for my work. He was to enamored with vixen to call her out on her bullshit. she doesn’t have to leave the blog just wanted to end the pretense

  650. zito says:

    @ihf…how do you know my exwife?…lol

  651. Anonymous says:

    Josh plays a good anonymous.

  652. IHF2030 says:

    Attention seeking bottomless pits are just so appealing, I must say.

  653. Anonymous says:

    3. Sometimes people will use another ID to instigate when they don’t want to do it under their own font to maintain their ‘rep’, so in all actuality you’re not arguing with several people most times.

    She means me, Josh.