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A Different Kind of Sugar


Although Caitlyn Jenner has increased awareness to the transgender community, not everyone is well versed about the community.

Transgender is the state of one’s gender identity not matching the gender one was assigned to at birth. This creates a common issue of transgender people feeling trapped in the wrong body, and they often seek to transition from male to female, or female to male.

The transgender community is on the rise, and the team at SeekingArrangement has noticed a strong presence of transgender Sugar Babies in the Sugar community. We have come up with a guide to help you understand these Sugar Babies a little better.

Pre-Op Vs. Post-Op

You may have come across profiles that list the terms pre-op and post-op. The terms might be unfamiliar, but they aren’t difficult to understand.

Pre-op means the individual has not undergone sexual reassignment surgery (SRS). Although sexual reassignment covers a wide range of procedures, it generally refers to genital reassignment. But it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that. Sexual reassignment can also consist of hormone replacement therapy. In which sex hormones, androgens for transgender men, and estrogens for transgender women are taken to synchronize a person’s secondary sexual characteristics with the gender they identify with.

Post-op means after surgery, generally speaking after the sexual reassignment has been completed. Some people identify as “post-op” transgender, but some simply identify as male or female because they’ve completed the surgical process that has fulfilled their transition.

Surgery isn’t always desired or necessary, and transgender people can identify many different ways regardless of surgery.

Transgender Terms to Know

While some Sugar Babies prefer to be more discreet, others include phrases and terms on their profiles that quickly identify them as transgender.

T Girl/ Boy: Short for transgender boy or girl. (This is a very popular term.)

TS: Transsexual

Trans: Short for transgender or transsexual. Some transgender Sugar Babies may refer to themselves as trans man or trans woman.

MTF: A person who transitions from “male-to-female,” meaning the individual was assigned male at birth, but identifies and lives as a female.

FTM: A person who transitions from “female-to-male,” meaning the individual was assigned female at birth, but identifies and lives as a male.

Transgender Discretion

As mentioned earlier, not every Sugar Baby feels comfortable being upfront in their profile. They don’t necessarily wish to keep it a secret, but prefer to disclose the information in a personal conversation instead. It takes a lot of courage for transgender Sugar Babies to be open and honest because of the high rejection they face, so be respectful if they choose to confide in you.

It it perfectly fine if you aren’t interested in transgender Sugar Babies. You should not feel guilty for not wanting to pursue an arrangement. Just be sure to express your true feelings in a respectful manner. The last thing you want to do is give a transgender Sugar Baby false hope. There is no reason to be harsh or rude about this topic, please refrain from using derogatory terms. It is very natural to feel frustrated, but remember how difficult it must be to disclose this particular information to a Sugar Daddy.

Curious about an Arrangement?

Perhaps, you aren’t turned off, but actually intrigued. Transgender Sugar Babies expect a lot of questions, and typically enjoy clearing up misconceptions and educating Daddies. Ease into your questions and be mindful of coming off too forward. Also keep in mind that there is no such thing as a dumb question. It’s a new world to you, and your ignorance will not be frowned upon.

Once you both are comfortable, you can eventually form an arrangement just like you would with any other Sugar Baby. In order to have a successful arrangement, you must keep an open mind. Transgender arrangements are not for everyone, and your Sugar Baby’s needs may differ from the needs that you’re used to fulfilling in other arrangements.

Transgender babies seek financial assistance too, but school and living expenses may not be their number one request. Transitioning is very expensive, and it’s not uncommon for them to seek a benefactor who is willing to help offset the hefty expenses. This could include hormone treatments, fillers, injections, breast augmentations, and of course the most expensive surgery, genital reassignment. Not all transgender Sugar Babies seek assistance with transitioning, but it is common.

Sugar For All

SeekingArrangement should be a safe environment for both Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies, the website does not discriminate against anyone. Because of this, the arrangement possibilities are endless. You are destined to find exactly what you are looking for, and who knows, you might just meet a very special Sugar Baby along the way.

What is your number one question for a transgender Sugar Baby?


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  1. Camille says:

    I feel if youre reaching your target audience with this article all though I would like to point out that Jenner a rich person is not relevant as to sugar babies. And don’t prompt cis people to ask questions about transition! This was a good example of getting over informed.

  2. Charli Foxx says:

    This article is such a breath of fresh air! As a crossdresser pursuing the MtF lifestyle, I face a lot of obstacles daily. An SD is such a welcome help for not only the financial burden but also to have someone to share the journey with and confide in.

    Be open to trying new things, daddies! You may find a much deeper sense of appreciation comes from your relationship with a trans baby.

  3. Seduction says:

    34 year old pre-op trans woman,,loves to laugh and have fun,very kinky and eager to please.

  4. Ryan says:

    Transmale sugar baby looking for sugar daddy pre op bottom post op top

  5. dj says:

    please help me to be a real man

  6. Summer Clearance says:

    Where the fuck is the “trans” option when creating a profile? Like, you’re seriously going to take the time to post this, but not be an inclusive site….

  7. Elliecarr says:

    I can never find someone who is serious about helping me since I’m trans, and it’s difficult! I’d love to meet someone and would do almost anything :/

  8. Anonymous says:

    I can never find someone who is serious about helping me since I’m trans, and it’s difficult! I’d love to meet someone and would do almost anything :/

  9. TSgirl4u says:

    Now if there are any Trans lovers out there who want a Tall beautiful Brazilian women in NYC please don’t hesitate to message me. I’m fun Sexy, classy, and everyone loves Natasha Curr..

  10. Anonymous says:

    This site is designed specifically for sugar DADDY and sugar baby FEMALES; as a sugar baby male, how does one find actual sugar mommas? The search engine for standard members groups moms and babes together….as a sugar baby MALE, it is a nightmare just to find an actual sugar momma on here, is there a better way to srearch for specifically mommas from the fellow babes? THanks for any feedback.

    • Muses' Darling says:

      The Sugar Mama side is atrociously disorganized. Most of the results are just female SBs who have signed up for the wrong half of the website.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Try Cougar dating sites and places older women tend to be, the gym is a good place to meet older women. They may or may not be wealthy though.

  11. Bill says:

    The problem is not discrimination, but there is definitely a problem of TG men saying they are women. They aren’t, and no amount of hormones or surgery will change that.

    Those who are TG need to say so right up top in big letters so time does not get wasted. A TG man will not convince a straight man that he is the same as a woman, and a man looking for a TG won’t be able to find him if he doesn’t say he is.

    It doesn’t matter what people do with themselves, but dishonesty is reprehensible.

    • TSgirl4u says:

      I believe you are wrong Bill. I myself am a TG women and look at me. I’m hotter than most of the women on this dumb site. I believe if a TG women has gone the full way to become a women she does not need to share any info with her new partner. A Vagina is a Vagina if im correct if its brand new that’s even better for the man shes with. Now if you are still packing in your panties that is a different subject and it should be listed in the profile.. So hopefully our not a hater and can appreciate a true beauty..

      • Jordyan says:

        I disagree with you! When you do not tell the men up front that you are a Transgender female then you are just as much of a lie as your body. No one likes to be deceived. Just in case you don’t know the true meaning of :de·ceive
        (of a person) cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage.
        synonyms: swindle, defraud, cheat, trick, hoodwink, hoax, dupe, take in, mislead, delude, fool, outwit, lead on, inveigle, beguile, double-cross, gull; More
        (of a thing) give a mistaken impression.
        fail to admit to oneself that something is true.
        And No a Vagina is not just a vagina. One GOD has given to you and another man. Bill you are absolutely right.

      • Cryptic Anomaly says:

        No you are not hotter than any woman actually. You look like Gene Simmons.

      • Anonymous says:

        and just an fyi…Gene Simmons is one ugly dude…lol

      • Just anot her says:

        Such trolling. No need to argue with these

  12. Anonymous says:

    i love my T-friends

    i met a young FTM a few years ago…. so lonely, depressed, such a lovely soul but in so many bad relationships (love/family/friends/work)

    she became my lil boy
    so bouncy and hyper and happy
    simple friendship and encouragement to tell the (bad side/stupid side of the) world to just fuck off and be and love yourself

    i am by no means a sugar mommy but i love deeply and help when i can
    helping to fund (along with a few other friends) binders to help him look more the way he feels

    i have helped guide him through tough times, different loves and watched how he grew with the help of the medications and exercise… his shapes changing and voice deepening

    i have watched the video blog he created to document the process and give courage to others….. he is very much one of my boys (i have 3 children ages 18, almost 14 and 8) and i am so proud of who he has become as a person… the confidence without arrogance, the kindness mixed with a rough edge, the intelligence and the happiness

    i have many people in my life and i know what it is like to suffer being different..
    to try to wear a smile when the world is trying to chip away at you for being you

    i am poor in money but rich in love, kindness, empathy, knowledge and experiences… i give what i can in the only ways i can

    my small part in trying to change the world for the better

    i am searching for someone to offer me kindness.. i know it is out there

    so i hope you T-Friends keep searching and find your kindness too

    lots of love

  13. Submissiveallie says:

    I’m trans, and looking for a sugar daddy, and this is hands down the best site there is for that, but i feel kind of limited being trans because there is no way to find who’s okay with that, and a lot of the guys here aren’t. quite a few people have been pretty rude, hopefully your site will implement some sort of process to help us feel safe here.

    • savorySB says:

      Keep looking! I’m also trans and there’s guys on here who are very nice as well. I actually haven’t personally gotten anyone rude at all. 🙂

    • TSgirl4u says:

      Girl I know what you mean. I get men messaging me who cant read a profile like a normal person and then when we are in deep conversation they finally read my profile and See TG and are out the door so fast.. Men can be straight up retards.. I think Seeking Arrangement if they were smart they would create a website for rich men who love the company of beautiful TGirls.. Do you agree Submissiveallie?

    • Mileena_Angel says:

      That is my concern aswell.
      I was actually surprised that Seeking offered to put the tag “trans-friendly” in my profile, to give me the opportunity to be honest about it. That’s nice!
      But then, we still don’t know if they are OK with us. Which also makes it a bit harder to approach them.

      I think many transwomen who are fortunate enough to look exactly as attractive women, have already come across situations where one moment you are complimented to great lengths, to all of a sudden get insulted and/or even threatened when revealing you are trans.
      I’m openly transgender, but it bothers me if I hear that we should disclose it from the moment they say “hi” and to be labeled “a waste of time”.

  14. Josh says:

    Cryptic posted this in a different blog page…

    “I am a woman and therefore will be treated like a woman, nothing less and you will be happy just to be in my presence.”

    She seems to be a “strong, independent” woman who wants to be spoilt with. “High” allowance by a man just because she breathes. Hmmmm…female delusion knows no bounds.

  15. Leigh X says:

    first off most people are insecure about something as you clearly are.
    secondly it is not a mental illness and even if it were would it make your comment any more acceptable
    And lastly but most importantly

    Nobody regardless of race, belief, sexual orientation or gender deserves to be called a whore for any reason

  16. Sunshine says:


    Thoughts everyone?

    • mami says:

      @sunshine I saw this and thought to myself well if a daddy wants a barbie then he wants a barbie but not every sd feels that way or look for those specific traits. It was an interesting read though, I have to say.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      That’s funny…see…this article is PROOF, it doesn’t matter if you have that “Privacy” disclosure on your profile, the TOS allows them to collect whatever data and use it however they want!

      See, there ARE some key takeaways from the article though…the “mature enough to understand the dynamic of an affair, but still young enough to have a youthful exuberance” is a HUGE key to the situation for a married guy…if she can’t handle being the “other woman” she isn’t fit to be with a married guy (and even then, it’s difficult to continue to handle being the “other woman” because of feelings that get confused!

      Also, this is the “majority” and part of search parameters and message text…this COULD be a self-fulfilling prophecy…meaning, if SBs are using that language in profiles and someone starts to look for similar profiles…if SBs are using the language and the SD is confirming the language in messages…not very specific in my “numbers” mind…

      Finally, I find it VERY interesting, because we’ve had SIGNIFICANT discussion on blog about the variety in “Athletic”…I’ve seen some profiles that must have felt if they weren’t winded getting off the couch and to the fridge, she’s athletic…

      YES — I KNOW — THE SDs are the SAME

      This was obviously a recruiting piece for the site in that location (I’ll bet if you looked at student population, you’d probably see a correlation to the “preferred type” and the student body (pun intended)

    • SonOfDragon7 says:

      First and foremost she must know how to please and submit!
      I’m not talking anything extreme but her priority is me.
      Girls think that they can be pampered and taken care of and just act selfish… NO THANKS I get that from dating already.

  17. SouthernSB says:

    A 24 yr. old just tried to make me his SM. Poor thing he kept coming on to me because he needed a better place to live. I gave him some good life advice and sent him on his way.

    • Josh says:

      Come again…was that IRL or on SA?

      • SouthernSB says:

        IRL, I was walking down the street and I made the mistake of asking his friend for the time. I keep forgetting that asking a man for the time translates to their friend that you want them move in with you. The last time I asked a man for the time I ended up married for ten years. Maybe it’s time I just bought a watch.

    • Josh says:

      That was a hilarious comment @SouthernSB. 🙂

  18. [http://www.popsugar.com/love/Prancing-Elites-Parade-Video-37334000]

  19. vainmerm says:

    Proud Trans&Beautiful!

  20. FunDude says:

    Let me just say that I am a big supporter of the trans community. I have a few suggestions for the community.

    1) I support male to female transitions. I don’t support half assed measures like Caitlyn Jenner who are doing it for publicity.

    Who wants the younger, tighter, hot women anyway? Just leave those women to “losers” such as myself.

    Fucking another dude and cutting your penis off while taking estrogen sounds like a much better route!

    2) All feminists should go from female to male transition. I suggest them walking around with a dildo. They can go fuck all the fat lesbians.

    I also support them dating all the BBW women so that they don’t get lonely and decide to ask for more SDs on this website. Taking them off this website and dating them would be a very honorable thing to do!

    Damn this trans thing is GREAT!!!!!

  21. Gatts says:

    i support trans girls but others not.boy vs boy is disgusting thing.i prefer sweet sugar girls:D

  22. Shiny_uk says:

    As a trans man who’s recently joined this site, I’m very plesently surprised to see such a respectful article about trans people on here! However I’m very sadly not surprised by some of the awful comments people are making about trans women in particular.

    Big love to all my trans sisters, brothers and others! Stay strong xx

  23. Josh says:

    Feminist: “Grow a pair!”

    Man: “I am not transgender.”

    Would the above be considered insensitive exchange to TG/TS?

  24. FunDude says:

    I support transgendered male to female transitions. I also support the men who date the transgendered “women”.

    I suggest they cut off their penis and get on estrogen ASAP.

    Leave the women to alpha males such as myself who will use their testosterone for good usage.

    Someone has to be left to service the ladies! Think of myself as a pubic servant.



    • mami says:

      @Fundude Why do you instant on repeating yourself over and over again? I think by now we have all rather tired of hearing how you are an Alpha and we are not anything you would pay for. I would prefer someone who can show me his an alpha than one who simply states that he is. @Elaine I could not agree more. Those who bash and bully feel the need to do so to fight their own insecurities.

    • SonOfDragon7 says:


  25. Kate says:

    Great post. 🙂 As a Trans girl, I support this. 🙂

    • FunDude says:

      I support it to.

      The more men who cut off their penises and take estrogen, the better.

      Just leave the ladies to the alpha males with high test who will use their penises for good measure.

      • FunDude says:

        Correction: I support it TOO.

      • Shiny_uk says:

        Your talking as if you feel like you need to prove yourself. Well done for letting us all know what a manly man you are!

      • Elaine says:


        NotSoFunDude is constantly trying to prove being an “Alpha”. male.
        He just cannot resist to jump upon every opportunity or topic to express his “manhood” and “testosteron level”.
        It is a little sad, I agree… Normal men grow over this “who has the biggest” phase after adolescence.
        But some don’t.
        And that being said, real Alpha’s don’t ever have to mention.
        People just recognize and know.

        Remember what Margaret Thatcher said?” If you have to tell people you are, you’re not.

        Now it was you his target.
        Normally his broken record got stuck at “fat”, “old” or “feminists”, but he now seems to have added “transgender” to his limited repertoire.

        Oh, and one more thing;
        Everybody here ask themselves what he is doing on this blog anyway, apart from annoying and bashing other people.
        He is not even an SD.

      • Catcher 22 says:

        @Elaine. Very well stated. I am sure many blog posters/viewers share your sentiments re. @NotSoFunDude and his chronic broken record syndrome. Exception, of course, being Miss Peach 🙂

      • FunDude says:


        Im very supportive of male to female trans changing. I suggest they cut off their penis and go the whole way.

        Just leave the younger, thinner women to me.


        I’m here to see if there are any decent prospects among the younger ladies. So far, I am not impressed enough to pay any money.

      • Fee says:

        The younger thinner women? OK so you honestly think trans women are all old and fat? Really?

        Lol god you’re as hopeless as you are undesirable.

  26. mike says:

    I agree with the comments you are commenting

  27. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous: Re: Transportation problem. It’s perfectly OK to ask him for a bit of help for a taxi or to rent a car. He will completely understand your situation. As long as it is reasonable, it should not be an issue. Good luck with the meeting!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys! I would love some advice on my current situation. Here it is:
    Even though I´ve been a member of the site for well over 5 months now, I have yet to score a date with SD. Mainly due to the lack of time I´ve spent on here. I just moved to a completely different country and had to settle in to a new home, job, language, culture, etc,. I finally clicked with a guy I genuinely would like to get to know. He´s flying into the country in the near future and wants to meet up. Unfortunately he will be staying on the opposite side of the island. I am obviously on this site because I don’t have the current means to facilitate comforts… like a new car. So since I don´t have a car atm, I have no clue how I´ll get to him. I don´t want him to pick me up on the first meeting. Nor do I want to seem like I´m asking for money/accommodations off the bat. I really do just want the opportunity to at least meet and probably have drinks. But how am I supposed to get to him if I have no transportation or place to stay once I get to where he´ll be?? How do I handle this?

  29. mami says:

    @style I am not trans but could always use some fashion advice and I think it is great that you help out the trans community. I commend any of you ladies that are trans it is hard to come out to everyone and especially on this site. I think that people should be who they believe they are on the inside. I just wanted to say that and as far as caitlyn jenner is concerned people were doing it way before her so they are just as much a hero.

  30. TiffanyD says:

    Also proud to be trans-gendered, represent.

  31. Mona Little says:


  32. Style Maven says:

    I am extremely supportive of the trans community, even going so far as to work pro bono for trans women who are early in their transition and need help with fashion and style (you’d be surprised how being treated as a man all your life makes you entirely ignorant to what looks good on women–go figure). That said, I had no clue there were so many trans SBs, here. To that, I say, good for you! On a site that pushes relationships that SHOULD be built on honesty, I know how hard it is for a trans person to disclose so early on and open themselves to violence. That said, I have one request from the men, here…

    Just because I have short hair, doesn’t mean I have a penis, can you stop asking if I’m a “tr*nny?”

  33. Lebanese Princess says:

    I just feel like Caitlyn Jenner brought the wrong light on the trans gender community. Everyone has a different walk of life and reasons for their being. Always Be Up Front. And thats with everything on a site like this.

    • Style Maven says:

      Trans women are murdered at a rate over ten times that of cis people. A trans woman of color’s chance of being murdered by a partner (whether he knew she was trans or not) is 1 in 8, and “trans panic” (“I didn’t know she was trans”) is still an acceptable legal defense in these murders in 49 states. No, trans women nor men don’t need to “always be up front.” Not when their literal lives are at stake.

      • Lebanese Princess says:

        I dont believe you read my comment fully. I said on a site such as this. I am transgender . So I dont need any schooling. Just two weeks ago a friend of mine , who was trans and of color was murder and left in the street after the murder has sex with her. So I know. And I personally dont go around screaming Im trans. But on THIS site it would be a smart thing

  34. Sugar Baby says:

    Hi, sugar world. I’m new to all of this, and I’m curious, as always, to be described by other people. What do you think of my profile? Am I doing this right?

    (Also, I am sorry to have hijacked an otherwise excellent article to ask self-absorbed questions)

  35. HipsterContrarian says:

    I wish that you all had been a little more sensitive in your terminology and how it may trigger individuals. Some of the terminology you defined in this post is very offensive.

  36. Sugar baby monkey says:

    @Josh. Monkey see. Monkey do. Monkey fall in love with you 🙂

  37. Sugar baby monkey says:

    Before they are the Diana, princess of wales

  38. Cam says:

    Is Ms. January seriously 20? What 20 year old looks like this?


  39. FunDude says:


    I am a STANDARD SD, which means I don’t pay for this website due to its low quality. Hopefully, it improves in the future.

    Therefore, I can’t see any messages or respond.

    If you got something to say, say it on this message board.

    Also, bodybuilding pictures of a tranny isn’t a particular turn on for me. Sorry to break the news.

    I like NATURAL vagina, no some juicehead who dresses like a female.

  40. Reb. says:

    Went on a date tonight and the guy kept bringing up how he wanted someone to be bi and have a threesome with him like his exes would. I straight up told him NO, not for me. He said, “Sd/Sb arrangements are a fantasy relationship and you should never say no.” Yeah, silly me for expecting someone to respect my boundaries as a human being. Money means I am a sex slave with no opinion. Next…

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      You should have asked for $20,000 per date then and told him if Sugar is about fantasy than you would fulfill his if he fulfilled yours.

    • flyR says:

      It’s always appropriate to say NO . A number of SB profiles make it clear that this is not on the table.

      • Reb. says:

        I even say I am strictly straight on my profile, but he kept saying, “You can be swayed! You never know in the moment.” Unless I am unknowingly drugged, I am never touching a girl lol.

    • hototrot1 says:


      This has been the request of the last several guys I’ve been with, but for the one I’m with now. I hate how the media makes it like bisexuality comes so naturally to all women. Whenever the request is made of me, I ask them if I can watch them with a man. It usually shuts the conversation down.

  41. cryptic anomaly says:

    Anyone else totally sick of hearing about Jenner?

    Also after some quality blogs from Guest Writers we are back to the Entitlement concept of “Sugar for all”. SD’s aren’t obligated to find a SB attractive and we reserve the right to choose SB’s based on our own personal preferences.

    Enough with the Politically Correct Lecturing it doesn’t do anyone any good and just pisses people off.

    • zito says:

      @ cryptic….Bruce? or Caitlyn?

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        They are one in the same at the end of the day but both if you like. Being Aussie I had never heard of Bruce Jenner anyway before the Caitlyn saga.

        You can add being sick of Kardashian’s as well.

      • zito says:

        I remember Bruce on the wheeties box when I was a kid, he was a hell of an athlete…I wonder if Caitlyn runs as well …lol

    • lovelynyours says:

      I was, frankly, sick of it after the first few days of the story hitting the headlines. I completely understand, however, why it’s important to the transgender community since it raises awareness and encourages acceptance, but given Jenner is not even remotely the first person to come out, I found it difficult not to be reminded of the Kardashian’s vapid hunger for attention every time I saw another angle to the story – even though I know that at least this attention raises awareness that to some, is incredibly important.

    • Catcher 22 says:

      I too am sick of hearing about Jenner/Kardashians. I just do not get the public and media obsession with these people. Perhaps just another sign of the continuing decline of our culture.

    • flyR says:

      What you don’t hear much about is that Jenner just killed a woman in a traffic collision probably as the result of being distracted.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        I wasn’t aware of that story, I’m even more cynical about Jenner now and given Jenner’s links to the Kardashian’s it’s just highly suspicious.

      • zito says:

        I have no idea how the kardashians and jenners are linked…the only kardashian i remember is robert from the oj trial…lol

    • ThinTallBlond says:

      Yes I am so sick of hearing about the entire family in general.

  42. Hi Guys looking for holiday companions for multiple trips this year and next. 2 – 4 day long weekend. How much would you advise is reasonable for an SB companion.

    Plus how to choose the right lady from multiple prospects if you haven’t met them? is that ever a good idea?

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @Holiday – Seriously?

      • Very serious – why would you ask

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        Try Miss Travel (or whatever it is) or maybe What’s Your Price, since you’re looking for something more time specific and not lasting. You can always state in your profile here what you’re looking for and see what they ask for from you for compensation…but…I’m guessing you’ll have much better luck on the other sites.

    • flyR says:

      So I’m running this car rental agency , Cars for Stars, and this Holiday Companion guy wanders in and says how much should he pay for a car for the holidays. Does he want a Yugo or a Ferrari , is he a good or bad driver? Is he a big name actor, tycoon or or dirtbag. Will he return the car undamaged or a rolling wreck?

      The right financial arrangement is the result of a complex evaluation by two parties seeking to reach an agreement .

    • NorCal SD says:

      Call 1-888-ren-taho

    • Sugar baby monkey says:

      I’m desperate for that arrangement. How are you? Please

    • AffairOfTheHeart says:

      @HolidayCompanion, SBs really truly range in this regard–it’s a little like asking “what’s a reasonable charitable donation” or “how much does a painting cost.” I’ve taken a number of 2-night trips and been given gifts ranging from 2400-3000. 1500 would be my personal minimum for a 2-day trip. I know others may be more flexible, though!
      I think a magic phrase is “I’m so glad you’re interested in taking a trip with me–let’s talk through all the logistics so we both feel comfortable.” And then don’t be afraid to have a nitty-gritty not-sexy conversation about how you’re going to pay for her airfare, what you guys will do if you meet and don’t get along, etc.
      As for whether it’s a good IDEA, well…. I PERSONALLY wouldn’t travel with an SD unless we’d chatted a lot beforehand, and I’d definitely want his full name and to check him out online–which I would ask to do WITHOUT providing my own full name. People have been very obliging and the trips I’ve taken have generally been spectacular–I have very fond memories of one in particular!

  43. SD says:

    Transgender SBs no real appeal for me. I would still consider coitus with a post-op TS homosexual intercourse; flaccid territory. Must be hard to find a market for it in general let alone on here.

    Nothing against TSs…all just a bit too unusual for me.

  44. amandalithe says:

    Hi there. My name is Amandalithe and i thought I might weigh in on the topic as i am a Trans woman. My profile is there for all to see and I do not hide the fact that I am Transgender. As a Trans Woman, I understand from the get go that i am not everyone’s cup of tea and i have no problems with that whatsoever. As a woman of a certain age, I also understand that I am not everyone’s cup of tea. In my opinion, that’s the point. There are different types of Sugar Daddy’s with different interests. I offer no deception, just who i am. It either works or it doesn’t. No judgements. I wish you all well in your search for what works best for you.

    • THEATLSD says:

      Thanks for you honest input. The TG that hide it from their profile are really the issue. There seems to be a niche for just about everything now.

  45. Anonymous says:

    As @gentle suggested, who else is up for posting on the previous blog?

  46. SD On Chat says:

    Transgender should be clearly stated in the profile, then go ahead and present qualities, personality, etc. I don’t think the blowback from surprises are welcomed by TG members… I’ve seen a few profiles stating very clearly, upfront… “I AM TRANSGENDER”. It’s upfront and any following communications should be aware.

  47. Experience SDs I need some advice. How to organise an effective rotation of SBs, ideally I need two staple semi long term with a well balanced diet of supplementary nutrition.

    Please advise…

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @Help – I hope you’re not demanding exclusivity from any of these women…that you all are regularly tested…that none of the SBs decide to conspire together to wreak havoc in your life…and…that you enjoy your experience, and make sure each lover enjoys HER experience!

      • Sure I aim to please…otherwise would be a salt daddy.I am v clean always use protection. No havoc to be wreaked, unmarried uncomplicated existence. Only trusted SBs come to my main home and don’t introduce to friends or family etc..

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        You may find yourself bashed by some of the SB bloggers because of the juggling…as long as you’re not demanding exclusivity (which you didn’t answer) and you’re safe, more power to you!

        I have not juggled SBs before, so I’m not sure I’m the right person to give advice on juggling…however…I’m a very busy guy most of the time. Meets are typically scheduled AT LEAST a week ahead of time. But, there are times where a meeting will get rescheduled or postponed or cancelled and I end up with a gap of available time.

        If I had the time or inclination to juggle, I’d try to find a “regular” time with the long term SB(s) and fill those unplanned gaps with options for replacements to the long term SB, or p2p/p4p opportunities locally.

    • SD On Chat says:

      Unless you stated or implied exclusive relationship I don’t think it should be an issue. Many SD probably date several SB before ever asking for an exclusive. It’s not a marriage. It’s on your terms. If you don’t want to answer a question like “Are you seeing other people?” You can just say something like, “Well, I don’t kiss & tell.” You can joke. You can decline to comment. Or you can flat out answer the question. Just be honest and don’t lie.

      Let’s face it, logistics and conflicting schedules alone are enough to warrant multiple SBs. Even if you really only wanted to be with one it may not be possible.

      • Anonymous says:

        As a married SD, finding time for one SB is a struggle. I couldn’t imagine two or more.

    • NorCal SD says:

      @Help…are you serious? If you can’t figure this out on your own with regards to your respective schedules then you have no business doing it. It’s not rocket science. Now if your goal is to have them aware that they are part
      Of your stable then that is a mistake imo and will not end well. Secondly, it’s never a good idea to bring home sb’s to your personal residence, especially if you’re juggling multiples. Just a matter of time before one or both of these relationships go south and you’re wishing you never told her where you lived. I wish you luck.

      • SD On Chat says:

        I don’t see the problem for a SD to not be exclusive… as long as he doesn’t lie about it…. and also be sensitive about not being too blunt. The SB will quickly catch a vibe about SD being exclusive or not. If you are gifting enough in the arrangement you could ask her to be exclusive to you if you want, even if you don’t offer the same… as long as you are honest about it.

        To me it is fine to have SB at my residence… having a nice place to entertain I prefer it. A non-drama guy with a security system should never had a problem.

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        @SD – you’ve never heard Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”

        If you haven’t YouTube it…THAT’s why juggling SBs at YOUR place is a bad idea…

  48. Josh says:

    This article is clearly not sitting well with SDs.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @Josh – I think it goes to the whole argument we’ve had about trying to take Sugar mainstream…this is “pushing” the issue into the Sugar Bowl.

      My guess is that a few trans members of the site (paying or “free”) have been asking for more resources, so this blog was written, and “released” because of the national attention given the Jenner publicity.

      I’ve commented even months back that trans profiles were appearing in my search results (I think last count was 4 within 50 miles of my location).

      It’s a niche of a niche…I’m not saying they shouldn’t be members of this site, because I think there is an audience for everyone…I think this article was more “You should try/accept/promote” rather than “Here’s how to find/respond/politely reject” within the community.

      This is something that should be a part of the profile narrative…as a trans SB/SD you should be talking about that, so there are no surprises…as a trans INTERESTED SB/SD you should be talking about that, so other members within the niche can easily identify “friendly” members.

      • ThinTallBlond says:

        Well since this article, NOW I am being questioned, am I a woman or a man. I am insulted to say the least. Before this article, It was not even asked or insinuated in the slighest. Thanks so much, Not.

  49. Sunshine says:

    Well I just got rejected for being too young at 26 :).

    • THEATLSD says:

      How did that make you feel? Surprised, angry, befuddled?

      • Sunshine says:

        I laughed because it made me quite happy. He was the George clooney look alike. So yes he was stunning but I understand he wants someone closer to his age who has a good understanding of those kind of issues.

        It’s good to see that getting older doesn’t mean the bowl is closed :).

    • lovelynyours says:

      Aw, I’m sorry. That’s happened to me a couple times; the SDs who do that are usually exactly up my alley, too. Great, captivating profiles, very well-established, come off as normal guys looking to try something new out of curiosity, not jaded by the idiots in the sugar bowl yet, very serious about a relationship, witty captain of industry types. They typically want a mature SB because they want a more fulfilling, robust experience without the stigma in their circles of dating a 20-something. And yes, there are some circles where that isn’t a good look for a guy. And they don’t always give you an opportunity to showcase your maturity or what you can bring to the table.

      There was actually a guy I encountered a few months back who gave me his number and asked me to promise him I’d give him a call once I turned 30 if I was single then. It’s counter to what you’d expect in sugar, but it does happen.

      It’s a bummer, but there are other fish in the sea. Don’t feel bad!

      • Bartolo says:

        As a married SD, I’m not looking for someone to take on ‘dates’ to public events. If I were, the age issue would be particularly important to me. I would not want to be “that guy” who, in his mid-50’s, shows up with a woman 30 years younger as his “date.” And even for what I look for and find, I have terrible luck with anyone much under 30 anyway.

    • SouthernSB says:

      Sunshine-Send him my way, I’m probably closer to his age. I get a lot of SDs who talk to me because they don’t want younger SBs.

  50. Josh says:

    I find it interesting how so many SBs want to be paid “friend”. I don’t need one but just in case I did, I would get a male friend. He would open his own door, carry stuff and help out with chores while we do platonic activities together.

    • lovelynyours says:


    • THEATLSD says:

      Plus we can burp and fart without impedance.

    • Anonymous says:

      AND…he will be happy with a fraction of the amount these women ate seeking. Heck, he may pretend to be my BFF even if I just covered his activity expenses, boarding and lodging.

      • SouthernSB says:

        Wouldn’t he just end up being a paid wingman? I offered to be a wingman for a guy because he lived to far away to be my SD. Now he writes me every few days and he sends me things like flowers. Heck I was going to help him vet SBs, but I kind of think I am in a long distance relationship e-mail relationship now. I’m not sure how that happened but at least I’m getting flowers?

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        @Southern – if you had said shoes, I would think you and @ATL were connecting 😉

  51. Josh says:


    Are you back or was it just a flyby?

  52. FatB'StardSA says:

    A quick scan shows that that asshole with the plane is still posting…I guess business must be bad this quarter as he has not been able to buy a picture of a bigger plane to use in his Gravatar.

  53. FatB'StardSA says:

    With the number of SB’s asking for $4k/month allowances from “Pay Pigs” on the rise and SD revenue falling like a stone, the SA marketing team decides to turn the tide by convincing new SD’s to give Transgender SB’s a chance…to be fair most of the current blog SD’s are vagina’ish so a dick might not be such a bad thing for them though…

    Why anyone is still using this site is beyond me…

    Have a nice day :-).

    • Anonymous says:

      There are zero profiles within a 100 mile radius of me that I would consider sending a message. Not becoming premium is a no-brainer.

  54. Anonymous says:

    This is a Transgender woman asking for “High” and she will be thankful, and thats it. SMH!

    “Hi sugar daddies I’m looking for a sugar daddie to relocate me to Tampa fl I’m a transsexual woman very feminine down to earth. I really want to move back there if anyone wants to help please itll mean the world to me thank you so much I can even be a great friend.”
    “I would love to relocate to Tampa fl and get all my bills paid I will treat you like a king. I really need to move to tampa as soon as possible ct isn’t working out its more of a struggling to find a job and pay rent here so please I hope someone surpasses me being a transwoman thank you.”

  55. Sunshine says:

    So uhhh I just saw an SD who totally looks like George Clooney (but is obviously not because he has a different chin) O_O.

  56. Jaybird923 says:

    Why couldn’t they wait until next week to release this article? The other one just came out.

    • FunDude says:

      They don’t like the last post. It was too pro sugar daddy and the “administrators” are hardcore feminists.

      Ergo, they decided to push some transgenderism that they learned at their local college in their “women’s studies” courses.

      ITS SCIENCE!!!!!

    • Sunshine says:

      I agree. It seems to be either feast or famine around here lol.

    • THEATLSD says:

      They were shamed into posting it. Especially since the last few Blogs were penned by real men.

    • gentleman soul says:

      Lets’ just use the last post to continue blogging on .

    • flyR says:

      They watch CBS and MSNBC and others and are infatuated with the prospect that they might get more press with articles on transgendered SB’s probably no more than .01% of SB’s .

  57. FunDude says:

    Although it is clear being “transgendered” is a psychological problem being promoted by our liberal media ( with backing from the APA) despite absolutely NO scientific evidence this is normal and/or healthy.

    Pumping male or female hormones into the opposite sex has never been “tested” under any scientific scrutiny. We all know that estogen replacement therapy turned out to be risky.

    How risk is giving testosterone at 10 times the normal level for a female?
    How about giving estogen to a biological male at far above his normal level while castrating/removing his testosterone levels?

    We can safely assume there will be negative consequences in changing the hormonal environment of a body that has been setup for one type of gender’s hormones while replacing it with another.

    Furthermore, I have never seen any convincing evidence that being “transgendered” is biologically constructed and born from “birth”. It is very clearly socially supported and propagated.


    Please cite the scientific studies that “prove” transgendered “have to be that way”. Give me the genetic origins of this assertion with clear twin studies at the VERY LEAST.

    I would prefer if you could isolate the “transgendered” alleles on the genotype that “confers this need to be transgendered”.

    With all that said, if someone wants to undertake this lifestyle, I won’t stop them or care much. I am libertarian on these issues.

    However, don’t try to pretend this is “normal” or “healthy”.

    • FunDude says:

      Changing hormones of a biological male/female to the opposite sexes hormonal structure is HIGHLY risky.

      Men with XY sex chromosomes have their cells literally “wired” through cell receptors to respond to testosterone. Men with far too little testosterone will have major problems with lethargy, muscle loss, cholesterol, etc. A male’s body and brain has been “designed” throughout life to have a strict hormonal range of testosterone.

      Females with XX chromosomes are NOT setup to have significantly higher dosages of testosterone in their bloodstream. Again, their receptors are setup different with different hormonal ranges. Female bodybuilders who abuse testosterone will often get enlarged clitorus, Adam’s apples, etc. This might be “desired” until we see the other CV health issues that arise from this. Testosterone placed in female’s at significantly higher than normal dosages than they normally produce can be easily shown to be very detrimental to their health noted in female bodybuilders.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe “the Doctor in the House” is getting a bit too dogmatic. XY and XX, while important, are only part of the story. Androgen (testosterone) receptor is on X chromosome, present in both sexes. Estrogen receptors are not even produced by either X or Y. This is undoubtedly part of the reason why sex change is so successful – the human somatic cells are not inherently wired to be male or female. And there is a lot more as to why a man could be trapped in a woman’s body than his/hers sex chromosomes.
        However, the Good Doctor is absolutely correct on his main account – treating adults with high doses of the OPPOSING sex hormone has never been tested in a large clinical trial. Even testosterone replacement therapy in aging males, which is supposedly giving a man a bit more of his own juice, is highly controversial.
        As Good Doctor says, ergo…

      • FunDude says:

        You clearly admit this has “never been tested” in any scientific study.

        The closest thing we can test with ten times the normal testosterone level are female bodybuilders.

        It is VERY CLEAR that is is EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY for them to take exogenous testosterone. They have increased risk for CV disease, cancer, blood clots, etc.

        Also, your comment about “somatic cells are not inherently wired to be male or female”, you are arguing a non sequitur. Somatic cells dont grow in a Petri dish in some weird lab experiment. They are exposed to CAREFULLY regulate endocrine feedback loops that start from GESTATION.

        Are you honestly trying to pretend there won’t be MAJOR adverse consequences on health from these endocrine changes?

        Bitch please.

      • Reality Check says:

        Dude, you are definitely NOT a doctor, or any other type of medical scientist. Do you even know what the Y chromosome does?? It’s obvious that you do not. I’ll educate you. It does 1 thing…and only once early in fetal development…it designates the gamete precursor cells to lower and shapes a baby boy…then it turns off and does nada.

        Somatic cells can indeed be grown in petri dishes…experiments are done on these tissues like all the time dude. Read some more. Not the Yahoo front page though.

        Stick to your crass alpha male claims, leave science alone. Next thing outta your mouth is going to be young earth creationism

    • Sunshine says:

      I’m curious. What do you think of oral contraceptives?

      • FunDude says:

        Oral Contraceptives over long periods of time can be considered risky. Look at how estrogen replacement therapy showed to increase DVT/stroke risk.

        However, oral contraceptives still only contain estrogen and/or progesterone. These are found normally in a female’s body at appreciable levels.

        Injecting testosterone in 10X excess of normal levels for a female is far more risky.

      • hototrot1 says:

        I have never taken birth control. Fear long term effects.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well ,risk of HRT was shown with one synthetic product only . The remainder of the world lit shows multiple benefits and few disadvantages of natural ,bioidentical Hormones

      • flyR says:

        But it’s true that the most reliable form or oral contraception is the swallow

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        @flyR – only for pregnancy prevention…doesn’t help much preventing disease/infection transmission…

  58. rembodler says:

    While I appreciate the SA’s desire to jump on a bandwagon for a politically correct blog post… Maybe they want to address some other “hot button” subjects?

    Like, for example:

    Another women’s issue, prostitution. I do not understand why prostitution is illegal. Why should prostitution be illegal? Selling is legal. Funcking is legal. Why isn’t selling funcking legal? You know, why should it be illegal to sell something that’s perfectly legal to give away? I can’t follow the logic on that at all. Of all the things you can do to a person, giving someone an orgasm is hardly the worst thing in the world. In the army they give you a medal for spraying napalm on people. Civilian life, you go to jail for giving someone an orgasm. Maybe I’m not supposed to understand it.
    George Carlin’s
Explicit Lyrics

    • Sunshine says:

      Come to Australia :D. The land of convicts and hos?

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @rem – try typing FUCK…it will NOT send your post to review…I’m not sure what “funking” is…I clearly understand what “fucking” is.

      Other than that frustration with posters, I agree…weed and pussy should be available and regulated by the government…I’m completing an application to be a tester for both industries 😉

      • lovelynyours says:

        There are plenty of testers for weed in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and a few other states, Online. I think you missed the boat on that one. 😉

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        @lovely – that’s fine…I’d be too new to know on that end…it was really the other audience I was most interested in 😉

    • Reb. says:

      Countries with legalized prostitution are associated with higher human trafficking inflows than countries where prostitution is prohibited.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s all based on trafficking. Consenting adults should be able to do what they want to with each other . Obviously forced labor and underage coercion are reprehensible ,but they are throwing the baby out with the bath water .

      A second reason is 50 % of the population(women) do not approve since 95% of Johns are male .No girl wants her husband spending their married funds banging Hos

      • SD On Chat says:

        Then just make ONLY the trafficking part illegal, and leave the consenting adults alone.

  59. VitesseSD says:

    When the hell did SA become a bastion of PC bullshit, who do they think they’re enticing?

    What’s the next article going to be politics and abortion debates? SA should wise up and avoid hot-button topics. No good can come of this.

    Maybe SA should do an article about how its unwise to irritate someone you want money from?

  60. Sunshine says:

    Sigh. Not that I expected any better but I love how everyone feels the need to say whether they would or wouldn’t have relations with a trans individual.
    They want it “natural”. What about someone who is born with both a penis and a vagina or two penises or two vaginas? Would you be with someone who has had a boob job or goes to the gym excessively?
    (I don’t really want an answer because I know what it’s going to be but please have a think about just what you mean when you say you want someone ” natural “.

    • THEATLSD says:

      @S2S. Since you don’t want an answer to this post. I just read your response to me in the last one. Thanks I’m to look that term up. Also, I like your new gravatar.

      • Sunshine says:

        Barbara Friedrickson is the one who came up with it. It’s well supported by gold standard experiments.

        Basically if you’re negative or in that mindset your body narrows its focus and attention – you’re on alert for danger.
        If you’re in a positive mindset then you’re body is looking for opportunities and has a chance to be creative and focus on the bigger picture.

        So the whole idea that

        Success ====> Happiness is wrong and it’s actually:

        Happiness ====> Success

        [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7dFDHzV36g] if you like videos :D. It sounds a little touchy feely but the science is there if you want to look it up :).

        Thank you 😀

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @Sunshine – I agree…live and let live…my issue is with someone who is not upfront about things on a site like this…If I were talking intimacy and someone did not say, “oh, by the way, so you’re not surprised or offended, I’m different than a ‘normal’ woman” and just left it up to he first time my hand when down her panties…things are not going to end positively. If she’s upfront, I may be interested to explore, I may decide I’m not interested…it goes back to the being truthful part of Sugar for me.

      • Sunshine says:

        Yeah I don’t think surprising anyone is going to end well. Most people I know will either mention it straight up on their profile, or will say something within a couple of messages.

        I did hear from one SD that a lady he met left it to the first meet and then got angry when he rejected her. I know that it’s tough but I think its poor form to surprise anyone that way.

        I think that goes for anything that you think will be deceptive to someone and that is relevant to the arrangement. I’m a size 12 (aus), 78kg. I put up several different body shots in my profile so that an SD can see how I look and isn’t going to be surprised when we meet. If I had any major scarring then I would find a way to show that before I met. However I do have a non-contagious chronic illness and that’s none of any of my SDs business until I choose to share that with them. I leave it out because it’s not going to change the time I spend with them and most likely it would be a downer. And nobody wants to be a debbie downer lol.

  61. hockeychick18 says:

    I’m glad to say that I have not had one contact me on here. And I would be quite made if I were to run into an SD and find out that they were trans. No offense to trans people but its personally just a turnoff for me. I like my men real and untouched!! 🙂

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      Glad to see you made sure no one would take offense by saying “no offense” first…kind of like, “I’m not phobic…but…”

  62. 90sAva says:

    I suppose transgender Sugar babies have a lucrative niche within the ‘sugar community’. I wonder how many transgendered people are on SA and I wonder what the response would be from most men or women upon finding out. Personally, I wouldn’t date/have an arrangement with a transgendered male and I think most heterosexual men wouldn’t either but there are some sexually fluid men who would love this.

    • flyR says:

      All this publicity and angst over the transgendered, the gay whales and such is so f’ing stupid. A critical diversion of the attention of the populace from the realities of the three horsemen of the modern apocalypse – an imploding society where too few work, a nation embracing economics which would be called irresponsible for a crackhouse and the rapidly emerging foundation of a new Caliphate stretching from Africa to the Chinese border.

      There’s one magnificent hedge against all of this chaos – the treasure of great sugar memories – great people, great times, great anticipation.

      • THAATLSD says:

        Ya know sometimes I read your post and feel as if Yoda is talking. You need to join ONSD and myself and create a Yoda gravatar. That will round out the Star Wars theme.

      • FunDude says:

        Wow FLYR, some good wisdom there.

  63. Reb. says:

    Ummm is this a bad thing to say?
    SDs I meet ask me what I look for in a guy (physically), especially if they are considerably older than me. I say I don’t care about age or how they look because I care more how they treat me. Does that come off as rude or make it sound like I don’t think they’re attractive? It’s the truth. I have had young and hot SD’s, but left them because a 70 year old SD treated me better emotionally.

  64. Anonymous says:

    This SB is a different kind of sugar!

    “I don’t like NYC, but it’s a good city for art lovers (Lincoln center is the only place I love) I feel really alienated from the world, but it’s good for my art. I’m misanthropic, but honest person. I’m not looking to sell myself, to say true I would prefer to jump from The Empire state building. Money is nothing, and has no power, but I need to get new brushes ( I sold my camera 2 months ago) to work. I’m into occultism and paganism, and I appreciate other world far better than our capitalistic “dream”. So as I said I’m not looking for some old or not too old man to have sex with ( and spend thousands of dollars on therapy after lol). Do you remember Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov? I’m not Grushenka, I’m more like Alyosha. I’m a little bit odd ( for normal people) and I have an idealistic nature. And a few years ago I was thinking about to become a Buddhist nun(but ironically it was way too expensive, these bastards want you to pay 30 000+ annually). After this I lost my faith in Buddha, they are same blood sucking thing as any other major religious institutions lol). I know that you love money (probably it’s the main treasure in your life), but if you want to have something like a catharsis (if you are a modern day Shylock). Yes, I know that it’s SO hard to become a millionaire ( sometimes you have to cheat, steal, hurt people and to do some more horrible things to humanity). Anyway if you don’t mind to spend 10 000 on charity, It will be great. I’m a quite talented artist ( arthouse film-maker), and fare better project than random orphans in Africa or some popular MTV charity bullshit. Help the artist, If you can. But if you really want to help, no need to fuck good people. just help and forget, I’ll remember. Thank you!:)”

  65. FunDude says:

    Sorry but heterosexual men aren’t into this stuff.

    Cutting off your penis and “making it into a vagina” is due to some psychological disorder.

    Despite our PC “psychologists” pretending this is “normal”.

    Crazy society.

    • flyR says:

      Could not agree more – topic is totally unrelated to all but the select few infected with
      TPC – It is a sad world when men are so desperate that the have to cut off their dicks

      • hockeychick18 says:

        100% AGREE!!!

      • FunDude says:

        Weird world when normal people being pathologized by our liberal “psychological” establishment that calls them “homophobes or transgenderphobe (?)” while men who cut off their penis are being called “normal”.

  66. Josh says:


    “I prefer to stick my penis in a natural, not surgically constructed, vagina. I suppose soon that will make me a bad person.”

    I does not matter what type of vagina you like to stick your penis in…as long as you are respectful to those who don’t have “natural” vagina and those who love them. Live and let live!!!

  67. FlyBoy says:

    Josh has a ladyboy proxy!!!!!!

    Hahahahaha x 1,000,000,000

    Cheers 🙂

    • Josh says:


      Here is @FlyBoy’s latest vitriol against our fellow TS/TG members. Please ensure an end to it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh please crying to the admin when u are one of the most disrespectful and nasty commenter on here to others Josh.

      • sugar baby monkey says:

        @Anonymous: Hey, don’t dis my sweet guru daddy, or I gonna give you a banana bopping upside you head.

  68. Josh says:


    Thanks for posting this article. Everyone deserves R E S P E C T.

    Please be mindful of @flyR’s and @FlyBoy’s insulting comments about trans and homo members, which you can find in past articles’ comments sections.

    • FunDude says:

      It matters to me and most heterosexual men.

      If someone wants to cut off their penis, more power to them.

      Just don’t pretend to be a female SB when you are still a biological male without a penis.

      I don’t want to date that.

    • Josh says:

      I don’t think that any TS/TG has tried to pass off as female here.

      • FunDude says:

        Ok then there is no problem.

        I don’t have to agree that this behavior is “normal” but I’m relatively libertarian.

        If a dude wants to chop off his penis, more power to him.

        Leave the rest of the ladies for me!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, EVERYONE does deserve respect. Let’s see you practice what you preach since you are extremely disrespectful to MANY here.

      Why don’t you start being more respectful by not calling flyboy and FlyR females as if that is an insult or manginas? It is very disrespectful. How about that AlexisSA? Josh often makes horrible comments to others here. What a hypocrite.

  69. LadyBoyRock says:

    The sad truth is that LadyBoys (the east asian term for transgenders) are a lot more sexually attractive in many respects to a OPEN-MINDED highly sexed heterosexual man than the typical western woman:

    * LadyBoys don’t let themselves get fat.
    * LadyBoys dress and act far more feminine than most women.
    * East asian LadyBoys have a more feminine body than many Caucasian women, other than the genitals of course, especially women past age 30. East asian Ladyboys tend to be small, lacking in body hair, small jaws. Compare with Germanic/Slavic woman, whose body often resembles a full-size refrigerator starting sometime past age 30: giant arms and legs, coarse facial features, rectangular torso.
    * LadyBoys don’t complain that men regard them as sex objects. They WANT to be regarded as sex objects.
    * LadyBoys understand that the sex is the primary reason men want them.
    * LadyBoys work hard to sexualize their interactions with the man outside the bedroom, so as to avoid boredom. Lots of sexual innuendoes, touching the man intimately, talking about other ladyboys and men to provoke a little jealousy, etc.
    * LadyBoys are not shy about giving oral.

    Obviously, if a man likes giving oral or really prefers vaginal to anal sex, he’s out of luck with a ladyboy. But otherwise, ladyboys are lot more fun than the typical western woman.

    • zito says:

      why is this?….because they are men…lol….I have no issue with transgenders, cant imagine what it must be like, but the smartest person ive ver known in my life is a transgender MD

    • FunDude says:

      Yeah no thanks.

      I still with real women.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where does one find a true east asian Lady Boy ? I have not seen any posting on SA .

      • Josh says:

        Over the months we have had some TG/TS members asking questions. I helped a couple of them. They were good sport.

    • AlexisSA says:

      Thank you for sharing this insight. It’s a very different point of view, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the topic. 🙂

    • Sunshine2Serenity says:

      Agreed. Watched a documentary here about the ladyboy pageant in Thailand. Miss international queen I believe. And wow! The lady who won that year was practically like a goddess she was so beautiful.

      Just look at Sirapassorn Atthayakorn or Nong Poy!

  70. uboat509 says:

    I disagree. When I begin to invest time and effort in a profile I am interested in, I really want to know that it is a genetic woman on the other side. If they do not disclose this, clearly, like the rest of us, man or woman, I believe it is completely deceitful and wrong intentioned. As if they want me to see her personality traits, etc., which maybe wonderful, but if I am seeking a genetic woman, I do not want a transformed woman, period.

    • Anonymous says:

      I prefer to stick my penis in a natural, not surgically constructed, vagina. I suppose soon that will make me a bad person.

  71. lovelynyours says:

    Huh. Well, would you look at that…

    • lovelynyours says:

      Is this that prevalent on SA? SDs, have you encountered any transgender profiles?

      • JamminJ2015 says:

        I’ve seen one or two. Trans is such a miniscule portion of the population”. I would think these individuals would have a very tough time securing a lasting sd/sb arrangement.

      • JamminJ2015 says:

        I guess I should clarify that I’ve seen one or two profiles on SA but never partaken personally. Lol! 😉

      • lovelynyours says:

        That’s my thought, as well. Is there even an option to select transgender as a gender? Seems somewhat disingenuous for SA to put out guidelines piggybacking off of Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out, yet has no real place for transgendered people on the site. That would probably make things a lot easier for them, I’d think.

        Ha, I figured that’s what you meant, Jammin. 🙂

      • pacifique says:

        On your comment further down (“Is there even an option to select transgender as a gender?”), please understand that transgender is not a gender. Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe those who do not identify as cisgender (cisgender is used to describe a person whose gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex all align). A trans* individual may identify as whatever gender they see fit.

        When you say, “Seems somewhat disingenuous for SA to put out guidelines piggybacking off of Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out, yet has no real place for transgendered people on the site”, please think of it from a broader view. Whether or not SA is piggybacking off of Caitlyn Jenner’s transition it is still a good thing for the trans* community to finally be given recognition from the general public. Regardless of what gender a person identifies with, or even if someone chooses not to identify with conventional gender distinctions at all (though this is different from being trans*), they still have just as much a place on this website as you or I or anyone else.

        Anyway, I find this article to be for the most part supportive of the trans* community though there are some faults. The entire bit about “Pre-Op/Post-Op” is problematic. There is so much emphasis in this article on a trans* person needing surgery in order to transition which is not true at all. The brief sentence saying “surgery is not always desired” is not enough to make up for the extreme emphasis this article places on it. I also don’t find the sentence near the end true at all – “There is no such thing as a dumb question”. Yes there is. Being new to something does not give you an excuse to be ignorant. Please be respectful when asking questions and use common sense. If it sounds like it could be taken offensively – more often than not it will be.

      • zito says:

        I truly think unless you have been born with a gender identity issue, than you have NO idea what it is like, I cant relate to it, but I understand theres far more people born with a gender issue than we are aware of….tolerance of others is whats needed, not just for the people who fit into our pretty little box of what we think people should be

      • lovelynyours says:

        Thanks for your thoughts, pacifique. I don’t know enough about this realm to have much to say on the subject, except I do encourage you not to shut down questions people may have. By saying there is a such thing as a dumb question and warning people against unintentionally being offensive instead of being patient with people who may be ignorant to this area, you’re discouraging members from openly asking questions to learn more, which I would think is counterintuitive to the blog post’s purpose: offering a space to discuss, learn, teach, and share.

      • pacifique says:

        I didn’t mean to come off as rude by saying that about asking questions. By all means, feel free to ask questions. I meant it more as that some questions (which might seem normal to a person who is curious and wants to learn about) could be taken offensively. You might not mean any harm by asking something but it could be taken the wrong way. For example, saying something like “when did you decide to be trans*?” might seem innocent to you but rude to him/her.

        There’s so much knowledge on the internet. It’s one of our greatest resources, that’s why it’s called the information highway after all. If you’re curious about the trans* community, google is a beautiful thing. Search about it, read about it, learn about it, and use what you find to help you understand more about the trans* community without risking ruining the chances you might have had with someone before you asked them a dumb question. That’s all I meant. You can ask questions, just don’t ask dumb ones.

        As for my comment being counter intuitive, I would disagree with you there. Look through the comments on this page, the negativity on the idea of a trans* person displayed just by a few strangers on a random webpage. Trans* individuals face people saying things like that every day. If you put yourself in their shoes and think about getting asked a question like “which bathroom do you use?”, how would you react? While some members of the trans* community might have the patience to answer your questions, most will think you’re just trying to ridicule them.

      • zito says:

        ignorance does not deserve patience…..this notion of being transgendered is a choice if absolutely laughable…..who would choose to be born a different gender in your mind than in your body?

      • Sunshine says:

        I wouldn’t know if I had. Yes some people are very obvious – others not so.
        I have agender and trans friends. Some of them you would be able to tell, some you would have no idea.

        I dislike all the fancy terminology that is used these days but sex is not binary. I prefer to see people not gender.

        Curiosity is fine but people should be tactful. Put yourself in their shoes would you like to talk about your genetalia to a random stranger?

        I tend to be extra careful until I know how someone identifies. A friend of mine is agender (I.e. doesn’t ascribe to any gender) and while having a beard also had the most amazing nail polish on. I wanted to ask when I first met what color/brand it was but I also didn’t feel like it was appropriate straight away.

        Nice to see a new face :). Welcome!!

      • THEATLSD says:

        There is about 5-6 that show up in searches in our little town and I’m not actually adding anything to the parameters. With the exception of 1 they all are up front who they are. There is one that does not let the “cat” out of the box until the last line of the profile.

      • hototrot1 says:


        Thank you for sharing your point of view. I know I have made some insensitive remarks in the past from ignorance and you really make me reflect on them. I’m glad you said what you said. For me, I get really agitated when people ask so-called “innocent” racially-tinged questions, knowing full well they mean harm, but act surprised when people react. Your answers help to illuminate that I might be doing the same thing. You made me really think. Thanks. And also glad to see a new face around these parts.

    • Sunshine says:

      I agree and like your approach 🙂

  72. cryptic anomaly says:

    New blog already?