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Sugar Baby Swimsuit Calendar
  • Posted Aug 25, 2015


Move over Sports Illustrated! SeekingArrangement’s new swimsuit calendar has arrived, and it’s much sweeter. This month marks the beginning of the Sugar Baby Swimsuit Calendar contest, a chance for twelve hopeful Sugar Babies to earn the coveted title of Sugar Baby of the Year and her picture on the cover. You can vote everyday for your favorite here!

Sponsored by Redline Swimwear and Swim Like a Mermaid bikinis, this photoshoot brought the contestants to Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and poolside in sunny Vegas. The Sugar Babies each got to choose a bikini to fit their personality and show off each girl’s physique.

The contest features a dozen young women from around the country, each representing one month in the calendar. The best part? They’re all real Sugar Babies! Each one has a special story. Some are aspiring models, while others are soon to be college grads. These girls are all asking for your vote.

Do you like spicy Latinas? Or do you prefer an all-American blond bombshell? The calendar features someone for everyone, and each of them represent exactly what it means to be a Sugar Baby. Serena is a jet-setter who travels to Malaysia with her Sugar Daddy regularly, and Cat is an aspiring model attending college in the fall.

A print and desktop 2016 calendar will be available in our web-store after the contest wraps on September 18th. Be sure to vote everyday to support your favorite girl so she can become the first Sugar Baby of the Year.

Wondering how you can get a shot at being Sugar Baby of the Year and a spot in the calendar? We’re casting for the 2017 calendar and contest right now. Email your pictures and SA profile to [email protected] for a chance to be casted!

Press inquiries about the calendar, please email [email protected].

Who’s your favorite calendar girl?

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597 Responses to “Sugar Baby Swimsuit Calendar”

  1. YannaBaby says:

    I am new to this website and after reading some of the comments a little bit nervous to post. Some are way out there…Having said that, I am curious to hear your feedback about my profile. I have a realistic view of this whole process so I will be patient and see what happens. I still have pics to add. I just created my profile. Thank you.

    • YannaBaby says:

      Oh my word, I posted on the wrong blog. I’m so sorry.

    • Anonymous says:

      take out the text about your body type — no need to highlight that and apologize for that. You seem to have the right attitude, but you are going to have difficulty finding someone because of your age and body type — not impossible, but it will take a while. The longer you look the better your chances.

  2. R says:

    #bitchesbecrazy. Ladies, do not set your expectations so high, and gentleman please do not humor the women that think they deserve an athletic billionaire just because they are fairly attractive and sign their bio with “kiss”. We all need to be reasonable about what we want in life. I’m over the “set your bar high” philosophy. Set your bar in a realistic location where a normal human being can access it… Good Lord.

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  4. Viridiana GR *❤* says:

    hi :)

  5. krine says:

    If you want to talk , call me at the number below 237670710275

  6. Sugar Baby says:

    hello girls I am new and I do not know how to help me find it, good day to you kiss .

  7. Sugar Baby says:

    I think some time but can we do it against the just , tell us we will.

  8. Sugar Baby says:


  9. Susie says:

    aw.. i shouldve joined this calendar.

  10. alexisjj says:

    Hi :) How is everyone doing? I am well…more or less lol
    I’m here looking for advice, and to hopefully find any SD that are compatible with me. Myself, I am not picky nor do I discriminate :) I am simple an down to earth. I am seeking an allowance of $1000. monthly. All other needs such as dinners or lingerie etc., SD is responsible for.
    I am also seeking an a SD that is genuine. An is not into playing games…meaning sex, or sexual ‘favors’, in order to start our mutual agreement. I do believe we should meet, and communicate, and be honest about our needs. I just stated all of mine lol….except what I enjoy in the bedroom. But that’s for one on one.
    So I would luv some feedback, or even comments on my profile, and any real Daddies, drop me a line, ….I don’t bite…unless you want me too lol :)

    Hugs xxo
    J :)

  11. Lovely hazel00 says:

    Love to go for a swim

  12. FunDude says:


    No one is mad at you being in your 40s and “doing well”. Go for it feminista.

    If you can get a 20 year old SD that is ripped and a billionaire, go for it.

    Just don’t get all pissy about others comments due to your own insecurity. If you are so “successful”, my comments shouldn’t upset you in the least.

    Defensive much?

    • Elaine says:

      @ NotSoFun

      You are wrong again.

      Your posts upset me not because of my “insecurities”.
      Wahaha, go figure!

      I just can’t stand ignorant and shortvisioned small town boys, discussing things they have no knowledge about.

      And you happen to be one. :-)

      • FunDude says:

        People get upset by things that hit them personally.

        You don’t react as defensively when we speak about fat men or broke men, etc.

        Think about it.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Elaine says:


        No, indeed!
        Why would I?
        I am a woman.

        So yes, shortvisioned comments about women hit personal, comments about men not.
        You do understand the differences between men and women, right doc?

        You are also a bit short of memory, because I took up for men several times when you started you “Alpha” male bla bla bla…zzzzz….zzz..zz….zz

    • Anonymous says:


      Either @FunDude is putting you to sleep or crawling under your skin. It can’t be both. Which one is it?

    • Jessa89 says:

      Lol…FunDude is the best.

  13. THEATLSD says:

    This an interesting new lube.
    Supposedly blocks HPV. Some interesting stats on STD’s also.


  14. Elaine says:

    My dear @IHF, since you don’t know anything about my private life, my goals, reasons to be in sugar, or the kind of LT arrangements I have, I think it is a little bold to state I will seek sugar till I am 60.
    FYI: I will not.

    Furthermore I don’t see any resemblance between a girl in her 20ies dating 65+ men as Reb. or a “kept” woman like myself, in her 40 (still again without botox! 😉 ) having LT arrangements with men max 10 y. younger or older as herself and whom she finds physically attractive.

    I know that seems to piss of some men here because I am “old” and should be grateful for the unattractive and old SD leftovers but hey:

    Just because I can! 😉

    • FunDude says:

      Cool feminist story.

      • Elaine says:


        Finally got it?
        Toke you yome time, eh?
        To understand that I am not a feminist.
        That is; not what YOU consider to be a feminist, in your shortvisioned world.

        I am for equal rights, not more, not less, for neither parties.

        So as long as me and my SDs are both happy with what we both give and take, where exactly comes the feminist part in?

  15. Eloquence says:

    I know I am a female. I know At my heart I am sentimental, regardless of what is approved right or wrong in this lifestyle, I am voicing very vulnerably, if I was a man and I chose a SB and traveled, non stop, city to city, this is whithout a doubt, the sort of woman I would chose to meet to make absolute love to knowing I what would be reciprocated. Again, this Is a personal want as well as a manifestation of equisite companionship.

    YouTube; Brett Eldrige “mean to me”…and it’s the one that starts lonely in a city, as he is getting ready in a hotel. Though, I know the experience not, I imagine if I was a man, regardless of age, if a woman had this appeal, as a SD, who would not fall for her? Because that leads to me imagine she could also be the uniformed nurse, yet the one who still sexually arises the man in the morning and is more than a figment of his imagination, and greatly much more than an actor who vanishes at “cut.” If you get what you give…well, here you go. To the ones that give nothing, then I’m sure the men are correct in their own bitter right and riot.

  16. Reb says:

    I spent the weekend in the Hamptons with my SD. I was around a lot of young wealthy men who were married. I have to wonder how many of them are on the site haha. 😛
    My SD is ~65. I am in my 20’s. A friend of his came up to me and whispered to her husband, “Is that his daughter?” She then came up to me and asked for my name. She realized I was not his daughter and said, “You girls keep getting younger and prettier…” And walked off.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Women like you and Elaine will still be seeking sugar when you reach your 60’s. But, hey, even then you might be able to find hard-up 80-90 something sugardaddies.

      • Reb says:

        Let me tell you, I went to many parties this weekend filled with wealthy people. The new “girlfriends” of these older wealthy men had to be 40+ the majority of the time (with a lot of botox). A kept girlfriend doesn’t dry up at 25 like the blog thinks.

    • Reb says:

      Also, my SD told me his experience being on the site for a short period of time. He said 90% of his messages were from African American women which he said was shocking (and not interested in). He mostly got messages from black girls or women across the globe.

    • Sugar Baby says:

      and your SD etail it beautiful?

  17. Ben Lauden says:

    Curse of the Great Satan:

    At last by the grace of the Prophet I am taken to Paradise. And what do I find? My promised 72 so called “virgins” are ALL former members of Seeking Arrangement. And worse, NONE of them had “Platonic Only” on their profiles!

    I am truly Cursed!

  18. Jaybird923 says:

    It looks like the Instagram “SBs” have turned on SA after that GQ article. I still don’t understand why SA thinks all publicity is good publicity..

  19. i dont even make a thousand a month but i make péople have fun with me and love me and im going to get SA on aboard for Africa. and any other large corporations You guys gotta be a part of whats going to take place. My life has been amazing thus far and its only going to become more incredible as I change the world in small ways whether it takes 8 months or 5 years im doing this my brothers and sisters ONE LOVE

  20. IHF2030 says:

    This is my entry for profile of the day, enjoy.

    About Me

    Lavish life keeps this Goddess humming and glowing.

    What I’m looking for

    Your money is better off serving beauty than in your own hands… Your back makes a splendid stool more than it is able to support you. If you want to see more of me you’ll have to prove yourself worthy. You’re swine with a bank account. Get to work.

  21. Hey guys I was actually wondering now can I not only be December baby but also get paid for the modelling. The money will eventually go towards making a super dope video of me and some friends surfing and skating in Africa. Possibly. I am manifesting and praying on it. Its a dream for now.

    My company just went into a merger and we are entering temporada baja in Costa Rica. It means I automatically going to be skinnier because there is less food in the winter time.

  22. Promise says:

    Can’t we just get along?

  23. THEATLSD says:

    One more. This one is for the married guys from the real men of genius at AM.


  24. THEATLSD says:

    Here is one for the SB. Can one of you SB take one for the team.
    This dude needs to be a porn star.



    • Elaine says:


      OUCH!! :-(

      That looks like a painfull affair!
      Weird they haven’t asked him as a porn start indeed.

      • THEATLSD says:

        Must take a log of blood to get that monster roaring. He probably gets light head when it’s at full attention.

      • lovelynyours says:

        I’d get lightheaded just watching that process. Good lord. Terrifying.

      • Elaine says:


        Light head you said?
        I think he passes out!

        “God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same” -Robin Williams-

      • THEATLSD says:

        Just think how much Astroglide it would take to lube that snake.

        If I was in porn, I would find that dude, clean him up get him to the dentist and then let him go to town. It’s a win-win for both party’s.

      • Elaine says:


        Me too!
        Unbelievable nobody came to that idea yet!

        We are in the wrong businesses ATL!

    • Anonymous says:

      This guy wasted all his life worrying about disability. He could have made tons of money in porn.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Poor guy, I guess bigger isn’t always better. He should just get the reduction surgery.

  25. THEATLSD says:

    Speaking of Betas!!


    Ride em Cowboy.
    Enjoy :)

    • lovelynyours says:

      There’s a stark difference between betas and severe submissives (though some subs can be beta and some beta can also be subs), but I got a good laugh, nonetheless. I would have gotten PTSD, too…

      I wonder, though, if she was all for it the whole time, until he started this interest in his former boss. I mean, one’s sex life doesn’t escalate to those extreme levels without permission and active participation.

      • Elaine says:

        It is often the daily life Alpha’s who love to give over control at times and be submissive in the bedroom…
        But I think you know that. 😉

        Interesting story, thanks for sharing. 😉

    • Jaybird923 says:

      The wife should’ve kept her mouth shut. You want to divorce him, fine but don’t put his personal business out there like that. She was married to him for 17 years.

      He wasn’t “role playing” alone and I doubt he just woke up one morning and decided he wanted to pretend to be a horse and all the other stuff. Someone that kinky was probably that kinky from the very beginning which means she was an active participant.

      I’m not buying the PTSD… most likely a ploy to take him through the wringer.

      • THEATLSD says:

        She totally did that to screw him. Sad she felt the need to do that.
        I gotta get me a horse tail. NOT

  26. FunDude says:

    LOL Look at all the angry women around here that don’t like me dropping knowledge.

    Sorry ladies, it will continue!!!!!

    The smarter SBs around here will appreciate the information.

    • Anonymous says:

      if you don’t sugar date, why do you hangout on a sugar dating blog?

      why do you feel the need to try and convince everyone that you are right about women?

    • Anonymous says:

      p.s. if you read closely, I am actually agreeing with you. Single, attractive SDs in their 30s don’t have to pay a significant allowance. I am not angry about it, just my experience is the same as yours. What we disagree on is that they think they are SDs — they aren’t.

      • FunDude says:

        Anyone who pays ANYTHING is technically a “sugar daddy”.

        Who defines what a “sugar daddy” is? He could be a SD if he gives just gifts to the female or takes her on vacations as their “allowance”.

      • Anonymous says:

        so every boyfriend that doesn’t go Dutch is an SD, by your definition.

        Elaine is right about you.

    • Elaine says:


      1. We are not angry, because to be angry you first need to take someone for
      serious. And we don’t, because you are no SD. So why exactly should we be angry?
      2. You are NOT dropping knowledge, because you HAVE NO knowledge.
      3. The smarter SBs here think you are an idiot.

      And yes, please continue, so we SBs can have our regular good laughs about your ignorance. :-)

      Because we DO know! 😉

    • FunDude says:

      Yeah basically that is correct.

      What is the definition of a “sugar daddy”? There are HUGE variances of this.

      Types of SDs include:

      1) Ones who pay for dinners and local trips
      2) Ones who pay for the above and vacations to more exotic places
      3) P4P arrangements
      4) Actual monetary allowances

      The deals are dependent on the SMP value of the SD in question

      • Elaine says:

        Definition of a SD in my opinion, but I am not as arrogant as to state this as the absolute truth.
        It is just MY truth.

        1. Is a BF.
        2. Is a generous BF
        3. Is a John in disguise (exception in case it is an ongoing arrangement with
        weekly payments, then he could be an SD.)
        4. Is a SD.

      • THEATLSD says:

        Here is the true definition of a SD as brought to you by an IG SB. This is verbatim.

        “We should have expensive taste, were worth it. Someone who makes under 7 figures is a splenda daddy.” Id rather have no SD than settle.”

      • Elaine says:


        You really spend too much time on Instagram dear! 😉

      • THEATLSD says:

        I know sweet Ms Elaine. But someone has to fight for the sugar world.

      • Elaine says:


        I know, it feels very safe to know you are somewhere out there with your light saber to rescue us all from the feminists! 😉

      • Elaine says:


        You’ve got mail btw 😉

  27. Anonymous says:

    re: discussion of single, attractive SDs in their 30s… my findings when looking for an SD

    1) they are broke and pretending to be SDs
    2) they want to make you their gf not their SB
    3) they think Applebees and $100 for a night of fun is generous
    4) they think you should bang them for free

    I have an SD is his 40s. He is handsome, but we both know we wouldn’t date IRL.

  28. Sherlock says:

    Ah, Watson! I have solved the mystery of the missing @Josh. @Cryptic has moved into Josh’s basement and is auditioning to assume the role of the blog’s 24/7 peronna/shtick.

    Cryptic has much work to do to bring himself up to Josh’s standards for cleverness, insensitivity, rudeness, egocentricity, and Josh’s well deserved reputation for being nastier than a junkyard dog.

  29. rembodler says:

    As someone who simply adores the organized region as the most persuasive and dumb con, I enjoyed reading that… as well as the comments.
    My take on it – you should be HAPPY to find your pastor there on the list.
    At least it means he is a “regular folk” and not a garden variety of a pedophile…

  30. crypticanomaly says:

    @At the Anon who says she “Kinda Likes Me” I do wonder….

  31. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Eloquence – Thanks for the video, not sure how you knew I like women who play dress ups. Or if you really think I need a padded cell lol

  32. Anonymous says:

    Today’s oxymoronic profile quote:

    “I am an intellectual easy going girl and also very easy to conversate with.”

  33. cryptic anomaly says:

    Oh Goody just what I always wanted a woman who describes herself as “Androgynous lesbian Female (non gender descript)”

  34. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    @Lovely – You left out the most important type the “Outsider” this type doesn’t care about hierarchy, what society expects and doesn’t fit into any group neatly as they can be a complete wild card. Often the Outsider is a self made man, someone who drew up their own rule book and succeeded despite the odds, they can be of geeky appearance or rugged or athletic or anything else.

    The Outsider’s views towards women can vary, in the Sugar sense they want value and will provide value in return for the SB when they feel it is worthy. They can be difficult to deal with because they aren’t pussy chasers whether it be for money or free, so it takes a rather genuine and charming woman to convince them to part with their money as they are also very pragmatic. Often it is better for the woman to shut up and let him spend as he pleases on her rather than making demands.

    As the Outsider doesn’t like being told what to do.


    • DontlikeSDterm says:

      I like your outsider description, which might fit some here more than the alpha (often unsuccessful or jerks in reality) or betas. I think the women on here who are interesting area tired of the alphas.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        Thanks, to me an Alpha is still a slave to what others and society expects of him, he may be on top but he exerts a lot of time, effort and money to maintain that image. Often that is all it is too – an image. Beta’s also just want to knock the Alpha off so they are wasting lots of time.

        I have always been on the outside looking out and I like the view.

    • lovelynyours says:

      This doesn’t make sense to me. Both alphas and betas can be self-made men, can succeed despite the odds, be geeky, rugged, athletic, etc., and have views about women that vary from misohgynistic or bitter to optimistic and romantic or whatever else. Alphas don’t like being told what to do either.

      I don’t think this is a real category. There may be men who possess both alpha and beta traits of course (which is perfectly fine and in my case, preferable), but that doesn’t mean that they’re Outsiders – they just fit in more than one box, as do most people in different contexts these days.

      While I do believe Alphas are probably terrible SDs and should be avoided, I find true Alphas appealing for traditional relationships. But that said, men who claim to be alphas never really are. Way too many guys want to be alphas but can only mimic the shell of them or a caricature of what they believe an alpha is supposed to be, not realizing that a woman can sense an alpha from across an entire ballroom – and it has nothing to do with how he’s dressed or what he looks like. There’s nothing wrong with being beta or some other legit category as long as you can still articulate your needs and desires to a woman, and I think when guys are with other guys and thumping their chests, they tend to forget that.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        As mentioned there are Outsiders, I consider myself one. I don’t care about the game, what society expects, whatever the current trend is etc. I do my own thing how I want to do it.

        Alphas, Beta’s, Gamma’s Omega’s are all part of a herd structure, they play a part in it whether they are aware or not. An outsider is a loner who does what is right for them self.

        Sure Alpha’s can be successful, as can Beta’s and Omega’s, not saying they are losers by any means but they play the game.

        The reason why many men avoid marriage now days is oppressive divorce laws and also women have unrealistic expectations so even if a man is looking for marriage women will reject many men anyway. That is another conversation though.

        I agree that a woman can sense a true Alpha regardless of how he is dressed or how he acts etc just as some women exude a sense of sexuality and even if she is overweight or not that pretty she can command a room full of men just with her aura.

      • Elaine says:


        Spot on:

        “But that said, men who claim to be alphas never really are. Way too many guys want to be alphas but can only mimic the shell of them or a caricature of what they believe an alpha is supposed to be, not realizing that a woman can sense an alpha from across an entire ballroom – and it has nothing to do with how he’s dressed or what he looks like. ”

        Don’t want to sound a broken record, because I know I have said this before, but it is one of my favourite quotes of Margaret Thatcher:

        “Power is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t”

        So to all people who always have to tell how rich, Alpha, classy, intelligent etc. they are.
        Forget about it!
        Only insecure people are doing this.

        Because if you really are any of those things, people will just know.

  35. FunDude says:

    For clarification:

    A successful, fit white male in the 30s to 40s range will have very high expectations of SBs. They will be less likely to pay an allowance for any extended periods of time or at high rates. This is due to them being in high demand in the normal SMP.

    Their “gifts” to women are used to facilitate quicker “relationships” with little to no drama. They will also want women who are HIGH on the SMP in real life.

    Ergo, women need to stop being delusional about the type of SD they are going to get. If they want higher allowances, they will have to go with the older, less attractive males who need to increase the payment to get a “hot” female.

    Unattractive/fatter/older women need to lower their expectations for both allowances and “type” of SD. They can’t expect a mid 30s successful, fit SD that will give them gobs of money when they are in their 30s as well and not in particularly good shape.

    Just the reality of the game ladies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Beta dorks who never had game play the biology plus age card and they play it OFTEN. See proof above ^^^ it is hilarious to watch.

    • Elaine says:


      For clarification:

      Since all you know about sugar is what you find on the net and what you pick up on this blog (and even then only very selective what fits your prejudices) why don’t you just stop presenting your statements as “reality)?

      You have no f*cking clue about the reality of the game for us ladies!

      It is ridiculous, you make me think of a virgin “teaching” about sex on a sex workers blog…

  36. lovelynyours says:

    Here’s a take on alpha and beta males as sugardaddies. I’ll reserve my thoughts so as not to color the discussion off the bat.

    “Alpha men are men who are highly self-assured, erotically dominant with women, have multiple options for female companionship, and will therefore not be motivated or inclined to be financially generous with a sugarbaby. Alphas will not indulge themselves in a process of spoiling a woman and are most likely to hold mild to severe misogynistic beliefs about women who do seek to become sugarbabies, and sometimes even women in general.

    Beta males are men whose mothers, aunts, grandmothers have played a primary role in their lives and have taught them it’s their responsibility and duty to make sure women are left feeling happy and egotistically satisfied at all times. Betas can often find themselves in the friend zone traditionally and therefore find themselves yearning for female companionship by women who are on the ball and have a high degree of sex appeal. sugarbabies, beta males will always be your ideal candidates as sugardaddies because they will have no problem being there to cater to your needs as long as theirs are met, too. Alpha males do not typically perform well in genuine sugar relationships and if they DO decide to engage in sugar, find themselves being more like johns and having escort arrangements masked as sugar rather than actual sugar arrangements that are connection-driven.

    There are two sub-types who are most ideal for sugar:

    1. The kind of guy who is much older, has had only sons or no children at all, is looking for a woman’s undivided attention, wants her young, feminine energy to absorb, is seeking someone who will listen to them and look up to them. They tend to be the best sugardaddies. Some of them require sexual intimacy despite their desire to serve as a protective, mentoring father figure, but not all of them want/need that, particularly those who are 65+.

    2. Beta males who are married, engaged, or in long term relationship with a woman who is either a prude or a total major bitch are also ideal candidates. He’s looking for the type of sugar baby who will be a discreet mistress on the side. This type will require the most sexual attention because they have a woman but will need a woman who will provide a long-standing extramarital affair. This can be a little tricky for the SD/SB because she’ll find herself feeling more like a call girl or escort than a true sugarbaby (which is the truth), but that can be okay if she doesn’t mind labels. A sugardaddy, however, could find himself paranoid about blackmail or lack of discretion here – which can also complicate things…”

    • Jj anonymously again says:

      OOOH!!! SHYIET!!!!! Now ya started it!!!

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Why Lovely? You might as well picked up a phone and called Fundude.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds plausible. An alpha has no need for online dating in general and sugar-dating site in particular. Women will seek him out. It’s a garden variety of beta, gamma, zeta, theta, etc., who need such systems for fresh pussy.

      • lovelynyours says:

        Not all women seek out alphas. Not all women end up with alphas. A certain variety are likely more attracted to alphas, though, for better or worse.

        As an alpha female who prefers to be submissive in relationships, I prefer alphas in traditional settings. But it does seem plausible that alphas are dreadful for sugar, not because they aren’t as generous, but primarily because of how an insensitive alpha might make a woman feel as an SB. For sugar, I love men who are like me – alpha in business/public, beta in relationships – with one NOTABLE exception: I’m sexually submissive, and prefer a guy who’s dominant in that category.

    • lovelynyours says:

      I’ll be honest, I wasn’t even thinking of that guy when I posted – more often than not, I skip right over his posts. I just found it to be a curious take! Lol, sorry. I am interested in hearing the thoughts of SDs and SBs, however (people who are actually involved in the sugar lifestyle and have done so successfully).

    • rembodler says:

      On that subject. I remember reading about some chimpanzee studies. It turns out that most chimpanzee females are impregnated by gamma males.
      While alphas and betas are sorting out the pecking order, the gamma males are @it…

    • FunDude says:

      This is pretty accurate. Only betas will largely pay large allowances due to the above discussion.

      Alphas are more likely to avoid paying large sums of money due to their other options on the SMP.

      Its all proportionate to the male’s value on the SMP. High value men will be less likely to part with money and for shorter periods of time.

  37. JoyfulCompanion says:

    It’s funny how little Sugar Mommas there are. Or perhaps I’m being biased….then again, perhaps not!

  38. Anonymous says:

    @SDs, recall your successful dates in the past year and tell me if your SB owned an iPhone or Android phone? 😉

  39. Jaybird923 says:

    I was reading an article about what your favorite sexual position says about you. And when it came to missionary they said if that’s your favorite position it means you might be insecure, not very creative and unadventurous and dull.

    I don’t agree with their assessment of the position but it made me wonder if that’s what most people think. It’s my favorite but not for any of the reasons they mentioned.

    • lovelynyours says:

      I’ve heard that often. I do like missionary now and again in the right circumstances, but I do think it’s considered the most vanilla of positions by many.

    • Anonymous says:

      The effectiveness of a position depend on female’s understanding and cooperation pertaining to that position. The beauty of missionary is that you can do multiple things simultaneously, such as, deep kissing, sucking and/or playing with boobs, embracing, etc.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Very true. If your partner’s idea of missionary is to lay on her back and wait till it’s over… I can see why one would find it dull.

      • Anonymous says:

        The irony is that with such women missionary may just be the best position. Trying to do doggie with a woman who wants to get it over with is worse than doing missionary with the same. Cowgirl works better with them lean them forward and do the work while holding them in position. The best position with non motivated women is to lay them on their stomach, stick a pillow or wedge under their tummy to raise their butt and enter from the back.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        In that case why bother having sex at all. I don’t get having sex just for the sake of having sex. What’s the point when all the things that make sex great are missing. I think you’d be better off masturbating.

      • Anonymous says:

        Shhhh…entering one of female holes has a special place in a man’s psyche, which ensure that women get fed. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Face to face is the most romantic way to go, and allows the best angle to stimulate the clit as well as hit the G Spot .

        Rear entry is impersonal and just banging it out to an O . Although ,each girl has a fav position to hit the Right spot for her . Rear is also good if your partner has butt breath.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      I’ve found all these “Studies” have an agenda in mind and just make up answers to prove what they want to say. To me missionary is the most intimate position allowing various rhythms and the best position for Tantric sex as well. Any position can be boring and unadventurous if it becomes about “Hammering away” until the man orgasms and if the woman is a starfish type who sees her role as supplying her pussy only.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I think I know but I don’t want to make any assumptions. Starfish type?

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        A starfish is a woman who just lies there and lets the man do all the work. She is indifferent to the whole thing and just wants the man to orgasm so it’s over and done with ASAP.

      • zito says:

        I have never experienced a starfish to my knowledge

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Ok that’s what I thought it meant but I wanted make sure it wasn’t an Australian slang for something else :-))

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay- In Australia we do have the term “Chocolate Starfish” as well which means anus. lol

  40. Eloquence says:

    Wow, that is a first. My initial comment is awaiting moderation… come on – really? Can I offer you a really big tip (like tipping for dinner, valet, hair stylist),, no… It is o.k. I know what you own, no neeed to insult me idea of tipping and percentage based thought process, 10-6 (its 6) but, the idea is more like on a CB radio – 10*4 good buddy.

    • Eloquence says:

      Oh, the song goes out to @ Cryptic.. that is the comment still in moderation. Now, maybe the darn song will make sense. lol

    • THEATLSD says:

      If you put a link in your post to anything outside of SA it will go to moderation at not post. You have to put brackets on each end and it will work.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I think Visa card by Vanilla may work as it only requires a zip code to work for online as well as gas pump purchases.

  42. Eloquence says:

    dang it. “LOSE MY MIND”… hahaaha – representation (obvious, due to cashews and guiness) (winky, wink) :)

  43. Eloquence says:

    @ Cryptic

    Look for the Hot Nurse in the video

    Ah hummm, correction…..

    youtube: Brett Elderidge…” Loose my Mind” (official video)

  44. FlyBoy says:


    Of course, if you are a guy who is fat, bald, much older, married, non-White and otherwise unable to attract high quality women without offering financial inducement then this site is great. Conversely, if you are a fit, successful, attractive, 30-40 something White guy then you should be able to attract high quality women irl, and without having to pony up any “allowance”.

    Anyone who thinks that a 30-40 something fit successful white guy is enough to attract women IRL (quality or otherwise) is simply admitting that HE is a BETA loser who had no experience with women or know anything about them.

    Cheers :)

    • IHF2030 says:

      It’s obvious that you can’t attract women without offering financial incentives but that doesn’t apply to me.

    • IHF2030 says:

      You are just another hard up, desperate, ass-kissing sucker with no self-respect. And assholes like you enable women on this site to go into princess-diva-bitch-cunt mode. It’s little wonder that your wife doesn’t want to fuck you any longer.

    • FatB'StardSA says:


      “Anyone who thinks that a 30-40 something fit successful white guy is enough to attract women IRL…’

      The only value your post has is that we know you are not 30-40 something, fit, and a successful white guy.

    • FunDude says:

      This has got to the the dumbest post I have seen out of you yet.

      Successful, fit, white men in their 30s-40s aren’t in high demand? LOL

      Then who is in high demand? Morbidly obese and poor men? 65 year old men?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Something like this maybe the fear behind wanting platonic arrangements.


  46. Jaybird923 says:


    I don’t know why but I found this to be hilarious.

    • THEATLSD says:

      Nice find. Sounds like a guy I work with. 1 or 2 dates and the women are like WTF.

    • Eloquence says:

      This song makes me think of our blog.

      If we were all in cubicle farms and we could see each other, this is what I think a normal day would look like having our discussions at “work.” [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX-un4obyU0]

      • THEATLSD says:

        That was perfect. The blond would be Chrissy hands down. Too bad she is not hanging out her anymore.
        I think we can all imagine one of the bloggers fitting each one.

      • Anonymous says:

        He’s going to do most of her office work, for sure.

      • Promise says:

        @Eloquence I consider myself to be the Asian man in glasses. Also I recognize the black dwarf from “I Love New York” (a former VH1 reality show)

      • Eloquence says:

        @ Promise..

        I do not recognize the resemblance with the VH1 reality show. I am not keen on a great deal of reality TV or popular shows, possibly to my dismay, but it is the truth. I wish I understood what you mean. I tried to “youtube it” to no avail. I found everyo0one to be fantastic in the video. It was like an episode of the sitcome “The Office.” Yet, a blog version, lol. And to be truthful, from the “feel” at times, this is wat and how I summarize all of our relationships on the blog, regardless of time space continuum, and if few were next to each other on a day to day office environment. We are all so different and diverse. It presents itself to be fun and I truly wish I had the pleasure to meet you all face to face. I guess I will have to enlist in the “cool kids club” and be sent an e-mail or some form of “winning a sweepstakes” for it to happen.

        Yet and still, it does not diminish the relationship I have with each and every one of you virtually. However, I must say, I am not the constant “anonymous” that cryptic and so many may fashion the idea after and I too (as Josh) wish the Anonymous would be done away with, in all honesty.

        For the site, people have the ability to decipher between the differences of IP addresses, or they have full access to all, unless they are pinging off different IP addresses while having access to the blog or the site. No different than anyone who is experienced in the wide world of allusion and educated in the world of computer linguistics. Considering the creator of the site is an MIT graduate, no one should have to think very hard of the skillset and mindshare that he has access to. know what I mean jelly beans?

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this profile active still?

    • cryptic says:

      It is funny but he also makes a good point. He is probably sick of all the self entitled types who want money for nothing.

  47. Anonymous says:

    What is the best way to pay for SA without divulging the credit card information?

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      I believe they offer PayPal now that would be the easiest and safest option and they also offer MoneyGram.

      • Anonymous says:

        What about a prepaid card, obtained with fake information…

        I’m female, single, living in another country… Yet
        I got a prepaid SIM card
        Used it to open an e-mail account (remember they ask you for another email address or phone number for account recovery)
        That’s the email I use for this site.

        I should do the same if I were wanting to pay a credit card that I don’t tied to me. Which is why I don’t understand those guys on AM with their info on a cheating site. I call them idiots.

      • Anonymous says:

        You see Cryptic, a case of anonymity. I know the regular bloggers have a beef about people posting anonymously. Well I hardly ever post at all, though I read through the posts, it’s an education human relations in itself.

        Personally, I have this, for want of a better word I would call phobia, for posting with an identifiable moniker. Yes, it’s all anonymous and no one can identify you in real life based on the posts. Yet I kind of feel uncomfortable if a moniker can be identified to me. So I mostly keep quiet even when I have something I would have wanted to contribute to an ongoing discussion.

        Again there is this feeling that the postings are for eternity, never perhaps to be deleted. It kind of disturbs my equilibrium that whatever I said on here is potentially for posterity, so no, I don’t want an identifiable moniker. I would rather remain mute. One might argue that if everyone is to think or behave the same was that I do, then there would be no activity on the blog, aka BORING. So I’m grateful for all the bloggers and thank them for their time and generous contributions. It’s really beautiful that humans are diverse in their opinions, perceptions and actions.

        Finally why did I singly you out Cryptic. Simply, I have never seen your profile but from your contributions, I kinda like you, :D. And as per your moniker, Crypticanomaly, that I love. Doesn’t all of us has some kind of anomaly for being on the site in the first place? You captured it beautifully.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Cryptic, continuing on the sub-subject of kinda liking you. I meant your pragmatism, of being aware of what you want, aka, non acknowledgment of feelings from a sugar baby. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I get your point perfectly. It’s refreshing to meet someone who isn’t afraid to air their views without mincing words or seeking validation from any other, that I really like. But I’m more in tune with the views of Jay, Loveryn, Elaine. (Sorry ladies as I’m posting this anonymously). And OnlinenewbiewSD’s perspective was spot on. That would be my personal take too (He’s also someone I like from the blog).

        Personally, I don’t really want a sugar daddy relationship as such. Don’t get me wrong, I would explain (to anyone who is remotely interested and is still reading). What I prefer is someone that I really like, who is generous and would from time to present me with some gift or meeting specific financial need, without me having to ask him. That’s normal in my culture and that’s what I’ve been used to. Some may say it’s a kind of sugar relationship, and they are probably right. But that would work for me better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wouldn’t paypal’s email information/name be captured by SA?

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        Perhaps, you could ask Support to confirm. The best option would be the Moneygram option if you wanted complete anonymity.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Visa card by Vanilla may work as it only requires a zip code to work for online as well as gas pump purchases.

  48. Anonymous says:

    What are the safest sources to check AM profile and credit card data?

  49. So someone just walked into my little surf shop and (please shop with our brand) then I started talking about SA. He was on it too but turns out his friend who he was with is possibly buying a beach condo down here and was vibing with me. I hope he doesnt read this, but this just became real and we didnt meet online. It was more like facebook we found each other after the fact we both realized we were onSA

    and the guy I like isnt on SA and doesnt tell people about his 10 million dollar home in California. And he loves surfing.

    and he says he owes me a glass of wine because he is too picky and didnt like anything in the store

    GOOD feelings

  50. rembodler says:

    When I was signing up for the SA account a couple years ago, I was thinking it is the same thing as AM is now purported to be: a sausage factory, full of fake profiles and escorts positioning themselves to be amateurs.
    After being on SA awhile, I can earnestly say that it completely lived up to its billing as a pussy paradise. If you have a bit of cash to burn…there isn’t a reason to be elsewhere

    • IHF2030 says:

      Of course, if you are a guy who is fat, bald, much older, married, non-White and otherwise unable to attract high quality women without offering financial inducement then this site is great. Conversely, if you are a fit, successful, attractive, 30-40 something White guy then you should be able to attract high quality women irl, and without having to pony up any “allowance”.

      • rembodler says:

        IHF – you are a very funny guy….
        Truth be told, I am none of the “fat, bald, much older, married, non-White and otherwise…”. Literally – none. I am a former professional sportsman, single white guy in his 40s, with a full head of hair. In my heyday I was modeling for a…let’s just say, a still very popular brand. I could tell you my reasons for finding SA a very happy place, but let’s just say that I was able to secure a pretty modest allowances and bed women most men would consider a 10 +, who could (and did) get money for simply going to dinners.
        However, if you yourself are “fat, bald, much older, married, non-White and otherwise”, I completely understand your animosity towards me.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        If you should be able to attract high quality women in real life without having to pony up any allowance, why sign up for the site in the first place?

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay-It depends, I can attract beautiful young women without the Sugar and have done so in the past. However do I want the relationship? For me Sugar is as much about the fantasy of having a woman who is there when I want her to be and I get to dodge all the drama of a relationship or at least hope to!

        So reasons would vary as to why a man would pay as opposed to getting it for free.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a former professional sportsman, single white guy in his 40s, with a full head of hair. In my heyday I was modeling for a…let’s just say, a still very popular brand. I could tell you my reasons for finding SA a very happy place, but let’s just say that I was able to secure a pretty modest allowances and bed women most men would consider a 10 +, who could (and did) get money for simply going to dinners.

        The ”professional sportsman” must have been in fantasy football writer bc that is some good Friday night fantasy writing right there folks. LOL!!! A former model too, but of course!!! LMAO

      • rembodler says:

        For 20k I can offer to meet with third party and prove it.
        If you have 20K and third party you trust, that can be arranged.

      • Sunshine says:

        Plenty of attractive men with good social skills and under 40 on SA. Why? Because they want a relationship without the drama, one with someone who isn’t going to rage at them for going on yet another business trip or for spending most of their time working.

      • SouthernSB says:

        Really, IHF2030? Then all the profiles here must be fakes because all I see are fit, successful, attractive, 30-40 something, white guys on this site. They seem to outnumber the fat, baldy, non-white, broke dudes at least two to one, or at least that has been my experience in the bowl for the last three years. Frankly, for me myself I won’t even entertain a relationship with anyone under the age of 45 due to the fact that I am 51. Now of course, I don’t get many offers from the 30 to 40 set, but even now some of them will contact me, I just nicely turn them down and tell them they are not in my age range.

      • Curious G says:

        i use funky monkey money tooooo we take ur 20 k monopoly money and go buy bananas with it k ? ur funny money will only buy spoil bananas but that ok

    • rembodler says:

      @Jay – I thought we covered that.
      I have no access to the women in my favorite demographics and I have no interest whatsoever in the 30-year olds that I can find on the dating sites.

      • rembodler says:

        …and some dating sites (like POF) will not even let you search for dates that are twenty years younger. Why waste time?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Remmy Yes we did .. many times in fact. I’m well aware of your aversion to anything over 25 :-)) The question wasn’t directed at you it was in reference to IHF’s comment.

    • rembodler says:

      But than again… you are Anon.
      U do not even have the ovaries to post here as a consistent person. You are probably a fat old woman with stinky breath and feet.
      you having 20k… I could say I am Brad Pitt.

  51. DEAR SA,
    I would like to be December baby as I am a December baby. Smiles :)


  52. IHF2030 says:

    The following is my entry for profile of the day.

    About Me

    Hello guys, my name is destiny! I work at a massage spa (happy ending) I am 19 years old and Canadian. I’m 5’5, i weight approximately 125lbs. I have dirty blonde hair. I’m slim. I have been working as a massage attendant for about a year and just recently moved to a new spa so looking for new clients or sugar daddy.

    What I’m looking for

    I’m interested in a sugar daddy or clients for the spa that i work at for the days that i work. I do work at a happy ending spa giving hand jobs so any one that msgs me pls be serious enquires, do not waste my time. I

  53. actually its probably better u dont get in touch it might freak me out

  54. i took the best pretend ceo picture i have the best calendar idea ever!!!! SA u guys need to get in touch with me i have literally the best idea for the calendar you might even faint

  55. everybodywantstobeclosetome says:

    butterlover you could call yourself spare tire as a nickname

  56. everybodywantstobeclosetome says:

    im going to scare all you men with my big plaintain

    too bad i choked on it for breakfast

  57. everybodywantstobeclosetome says:

    butterlover i would change your username you sound like butthole lover which easily becomes butthole surfer and im gonna stick a big plaintain in your butthole HAHAHAHA

  58. everybodywantstobeclosetome says:

    So i am very open with my father and my real daddy says the police can take all my sugar, i was legally employed and i dont live even live in the usa. it came from one man helping me out while i went to college so i could focus on academics—thats bullshit right no body can touch my money

    and i dont have to pay taxes to the usa when i make my money with an international business based in another country!!cash money bitches ha ha ha ha na na na na

    guess who

  59. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    AM CEO is stepping down due to the fallout from the breach…

    did I miss any comments by blog Admins about SA security?

    • DontlikeSDterm says:

      If you can’t block IP’s from certain countries even after it’s reported, that suggests security isn’t a high priority. I’m not married and don’t feel that I have much to hide but it would be nice if someone could come in and say they’ve done something preemptively to wipe out any old profiles and get rid of payment information.

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        It’s difficult to be a global company and implement geo-blocking access…it likely boils down to an employee disgruntled, or a member upset at the fake profiles and lack of data delete after payment was made…it’s all a clusterfuck…and it worries me that SA has remained silent, especially when they have a GOLDEN opportunity to provide some comfort and support to members that may have been on both platforms and are freaking out at this point…and to differentiate themselves in the “adult” dating industry…

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Step up SA, now’s your chance.

      • DontlikeSDterm says:

        Well … I just got another email from a very attractive blonde living in Jacksonville Florida but who is logged in from Ghana is apparently looking for a beloved Christian man to have a family with. That suggests to me no one is paying attention … if I saw this from an Android or iPhone, I wouldn’t see they were logged in from Ghana.

  60. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I think some of the posters are missing the point of affection…here’s how I typically convey the message to a SB, when there are “feelings” involved:

    There is nothing wrong with the “L” word…as long as it is the CORRECT “L” word…I expect there to be LUST, it’s a problem with there’s LOVE.

    Intimacy and affection for someone can be based on physical attraction and connection just as much as it can be by emotional connection and attraction.

    I had a SB struggling with a health issue…I continued to pay her allowance, even though she struggled to keep communication flowing…she struggled seeing me…and there was no chance for intimacy because of the illness she was struggling with…because there was the connection, the physical connection…

    This is also why I liked clarifying the “if his business struggles, would you continue fucking him?” line of reason…I am looking for the unicorn that farts rainbows, when there’s the connection, she’ll have her allowance, but if the marketplace throws me a curve, I expect the same…

  61. Prospective SD says:

    I have messaged a number of women that I would like to meet up with. Here is my dilemma. although several have responded, not one of them has viewed my profile. What does this mean? Should I message back and say WTF, you don’t even care to see who it is you are meeting up with? Is this just more evidence of it’s all about the money? I am beginning to feel like a wallet and not much else and that is starting to feel very unattractive to me.

    • lovelynyours says:

      I wouldn’t even give them feedback – just block them and move on. They’re either fake profiles, or they’re women who don’t have the right mentality for sugar.

      Out of curiosity, do any of these women share commonalities? Certain age range, certain “look”?

    • lovelynyours says:

      I wouldn’t even give them feedback – just block them and move on. They’re either fake profiles, or they’re women who don’t have the right mentality for sugar.

      Out of curiosity, do any of these women share commonalities? Certain age range, certain “look”?

    • DontlikeSDterm says:

      I’ve seen this too where I get responses but no one looks at my profile. I think it’s a mix. Some are genuine (I can tell because their pictures are on IG or Facebook and obviously local) and are looking for something … in particular. Others, I question whether they are fakes but they have been active for a few weeks. For example, one has several pictures on her profile and a descriptive profile that had the ring of truth. I wrote to her, she responded shortly, and said let me send you some pictures and we can get together. Not sure why she needed to send pictures since she had several there and never looked at my profile. I presume she is a scammer looking for my number.

      Browse on here at your own risk. There doesn’t seem to be much, if any, fraud controls. There is a profile that is active who has written me a couple of times that is obviously a poor fraud … uses language from West Africa and briefly showed that she was logged in from the Philippines before they remembered to mask the IP. I reported it a week ago and she’s still there.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      If she hasn’t looked at your profile, it’s difficult to believe she found your initial message so revealing she felt compelled to move forward…unless you’re the guy a while back who would write an e-book as your initial message…if your profile picture is enough to get her interested, and your initial message was long enough to capture her attention, MAYBE she’s worth exploring…but that’s a stretch on this site from other SD experiences…

      I reconnected with someone I had a coffee meet a while back…she had deleted her profile shortly after our coffee meet and cancelled our second meet because “life got complicated”…I saw a new profile in my search results and reached out…she said, “we’ve met” in her response to my message…she never went to my profile page…my message and profile pic were enough for her to remember…she was very happy I was still around and looking…it does happen…it’s just VERY rare!

    • Anonymous says:

      from my experience, when they don’t look at your profile and message you back, close to 9 out of 10 times they are escorts.

    • SBaby says:

      Women generally need touching to be turned on and men need the visual- So I wouldn’t worry if she doesn’t look at you straight away… she’s listening for a deal.
      Just ask her out.

      You were going to go out and get coffee, lunch or whatever anyways, just enjoy the date and stop worrying if she’s after your wallet. You were after her body when you saw that profile, so let’s keep it 100.
      Good news is- You will win either way- You get a hot girl to have coffee with you so you can figure out if you want to pursue more with her. It’s $5-15..? dude…

      This is probably where you messed up:
      One liners ‘you are hot!’ or worse ‘Hi’ and benign ‘I like your profile, pls see mine,’ translates into : ‘please look at my profile because my ego needs to meet my 30 looks a day quota for me to sleep well tonight.’

      Many men just want their egos massaged and do little else than chat /msg..

      If you want her to look at you, you write: ‘Hello! Are you free to meet on Thursday at 3pm at _______(place)?’ Translates to : mmm hot and hard…
      I guarantee you she will look at your profile! and turn on to your directness !

      Also, here’s a big secret: most of us, -me and many women I speak to, – do not believe what you write in your profiles…It’s full of crap that you don’t even actually believe in yourselves. Usually it’s sparse and a list of what you don’t want, then you contradict yourselves when you start talking.
      Obviously old & fake pics. Here’s content that is laughable, too.

      ‘I will not to pay a woman for her company ’
      Truth: Dude, you are an SD on an SD website. Smart woman know you will be bitching, bitching all the way while driving her FINE ASS to Nordstroms if she’s it

      ‘I want a healthy, natural girl,’
      Truth: I don’t go to the gym- or mountain bike. I’m just naturally skinny and eat a lot of chocolate. All these hair extensions, push ups and my general female fatty lovely parts are what is attracting men, not 9% body fat or love of broccoli and wholefoods. You can be fat or skinny, implanted or not- that is not health or natural. You really don’t give a care or notice…. It’s either turning you on or its not.

      Classic one . ‘Personality is number one’-
      Truth: Heels, pushup bra and silence have been more effective tools for me while dating, than telling him about my rescue missions in Kenya. ASS is #1. All else is a bonus.

      My 2c: Ask & Go on dates, Get in front of the person- then decide if this is someone worth pursuing or not.

  62. Anonymous says:

    This woman gets right to the point.

    About Me…
    naughty fun girl who like to be your sugar baby..I need to you to fix something in my panties You will be able to touch me wherever you desire to There is some moist in my panties currently
    What I’m looking for…
    lets plan this..My goal is to make you end.. I need to you to fix something in my panties You will be able to touch me wherever you desire to There is some moist in my panties currently

  63. FunDude says:

    Great video on online dating and Ashley Madison:


    He basically explains why there are a ton of women on SA.

    Women are interested in “attention and money” but “not really sex”.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      It is interesting…here’s a marketing tactic for the online dating community…instead of talking about ratios and total members, why not talk about third-party certified profiles? not the diamond or the background check for purchase…hire a firm like Gizmodo that is analyzing the AM data and have them verify the ip addresses, the use of the account…talk about the verified activity, not just the accounts that are created and abandoned…very nice way to attract the “right” SD paying profile!

      Oh, and talk about the security you have established and safeguards in place for user privacy…

  64. lovelynyours says:

    SD and I have our third date this week on Saturday. During our talks about allowance and the like, we didn’t set a schedule in terms of frequency given the nature of his work. Had our 2nd date this week last night, and when I suggested we see each other again this weekend, his eyes lit up with a smile and he agreed. Our arrangement is allowance-based, not per-meet. Despite initially figuring it’d be more of a once a week or biweekly thing, I’m rather looking forward to it. We’re having so much fun thus far.

    Question: I wonder if I should be cautious about SB fatigue, though. I know it happens in relationships sometimes. Is that a thing when it comes to sugar?

    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely ! But just go with it as long as you are looking forward to and enjoying it . He will tire of the same ole eventually but milk it whilst you can

  65. FunDude says:

    How important are muscles for a man in terms of his sexual market place value?

    I am up in the air about this issue and would like a good debate on this topic lol

    • lovelynyours says:

      Depends on who you’re asking. That’s like asking how important is it for a woman to have a bubble butt? Some men find it very important because they’re butt guys, some men don’t as much because they’re boob or leg guys.

      Personally, muscles are not at all important. A really muscled guy, before he even opens his mouth, reminds me of a Jersey Shore douchebag or a Dude-Bro, both who tend to say really stupid things and have obnoxious, insufferable mentalities. Not sexy. That may not be fair, but that’s life.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Muscles are not important being in shape is. Though I admire the dedication and commitment it takes to achieve it,I don’t don’t like the buff look. I prefer lean and toned but as long as you’re HWP I’m okay.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        examples: This I find attractive


        This I don’t:


      • FunDude says:

        The pic didn’t come up.

        Probably some muscular ripped dude that you are saying isn’t muscular lol

    • gentleman soul says:

      This is obviously the ladies’ question but I will say -from a health point of view -who wouldn’t like a guy who is fit and in shape ? Are there women out there who prefer fat or soft guys ? Being fit also means more energy and stamina in the sexual arena ,so we would be better able to bring our Sugars to a rousing climax .

      • lovelynyours says:

        I like fit guys, but you can be fit and not beefed up. I like a guy who’s average build and toned. But I’ve dated guys who were soft, too (sugar and traditional) and they were still attractive. Not into outright fat guys, but some women are – just like some men like fat girls.

    • gentleman soul says:

      I can also say that I understand some people not particularly liking the beefed up gym rat look-I don’t in my women ,but I certainly prefer that over a tub of lard .

  66. Anon says:

    Is FunDude an MRA? For the longest time I thought that they were a satire of entitled, white bigots with a victim complex.

    • crypticanomaly says:

      How dare men stand up for themselves and question women.

    • FunDude says:

      Yeah, I would describe myself as an MRA. Someone needs to stand up for men’s rights considering the level of feminism in this society and the unfair advantages that have been granted for females.

      I don’t get where the “White bigot” stuff comes from though. Please enlighten us.

      Are you just one of those angry PRIVILEGED white females who tries to call everyone “racist” or “sexist” when they don’t agree with you?

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you just one of those angry PRIVILEGED white males who tries to call everyone “fat” or “feminist” when they don’t agree with you?

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        White Privilege is a joke of a concept created by the idiotic Left to try and shame White people.

      • Anonymous says:

        White privilege is not a joke “created” by anyone. It’s just been turned into a joke through relentless legislation.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Anon – That too but it is also a joke created by the Left it’s shaming language. If you went to Asia would you accuse Asians of having Asian privilege? You would be laughed at.

  67. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Jay- ” Would it be better to have quality over quantity on both sides? Yes it would, but it’s obvious that’s not what SA is looking accomplish. It is illogical but that is exactly what they are doing and the SDs are still signing up.

    Plus some of the platonic profiles don’t explicitly say no sex. Maybe it’s because they are smart enough to disguise their intentions or it could be because they actually believe the majority of guys are on here looking for a friend so they don’t have to mention it. who knows..”

    I agree that SA and Sugar in general is a “Niche” interest, SA keep trying to make it mainstream by trying to appeal to the wider community who neither understand it nor can afford it. So you have that problem right there Men who join who see this as a way of acquiring women for a night of fun and women who either supply that or the opposite who basically are offering a paid companionship which not many men care about at all.

    Are SD’s still signing up in the truest form which is actually paying for a membership? I guess they are in high enough numbers for the site to still operate however SA also offers high discounts for the memberships as well so that to me indicates that many men aren’t willing or able to pay the price or don’t see the value in it.

    It is possible that the platonic SB’s are hedging their bets and willing to provide sex if they feel like it but having chatted to many of them it does seem that they are totally against the idea of sex in general despite still expecting allowances that match that of women who are offering intimacy.

    Overall the way to run a concept like this would be as a Boutique Industry, high quality SD’s and SB’s all screened, even interviewed to ensure they understand what it is they want and what Sugar is all about.

    Revenue might be slightly lower but you would have a quality product.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      A quality product that would last rather than burn out when all your clients lose interest.

      • zito says:

        it is better to burn out, than fade away

      • gentleman soul says:

        Lower revenue for quality ? Fugeddaboudit.
        This model will never end unless the Feds figure out a way to shut it down, or the Moralista Hackers take over. If National Security servers can be hacked then we are all done anyway . Businesses will collapse and we will all go to the mattresses .

    • Anonymous says:

      If you read Brandon’s blog he is venturing in other businesses. This is merely a cash cow.

  68. FlyBoy says:


    Did the author (Taffy Brodesser-Akner) write this article as fiction/satire or real reporting. If it is the latter then she is a fraud, for the world she describes exist no where but her post wall, feminist and deranged imagination.

    Cheers :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Who dat?

    • THEATLSD says:

      That article was so bad that’s it good. Hard to believe that made it past her editor.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Scrooge McFuck, seriously?

      • FlyBoy says:

        It gets worse! A 33 y/o man with a 20 y/o woman is akin to a father/daughter relationship!!!! Because of the enormous age difference you see … WTF lol

        Cheers :)

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        I would say that a 20 y.o woman would be happy with a 33 y.o SD if she wanted a younger SD and that 13 years is an average age gap for a man and woman in general!

        I just skimmed through it the names of the “SD’s and SB’s” alone was enough to put me right off taking it seriously lol

      • FunDude says:

        What the fuck are you talking about flygirl?

        My girlfriend is 23 and I’m 35. There are ZERO issues with that.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Fundude If you read the article everyone is referring to, then you would know WTF Flyboy is talking about.

      • Elaine says:


        By now you should have known that NotSoFunDude will jump upon EVERY possible topic to start his broken record.

        Start a topic about, lets say ….whatever……, and finds a way to bend it back to his most popular subjects:

        a. His blonde,thin, model like, gorgeous 23 y/o GF (who f*cks him for free!)
        b. What kind of bald, fat or married losers real SDs are (who “have to pay” for it!)
        c. How the world is going to be destructed by feminists. (especially the FAT ones!)
        d. Boring calculations about the financial “worth” of SBs (none, because we are
        all worthless, greedy and delusional whores anyway.)

        If there is no possible way to make ANY connection with the original topic, he switches to his back up’s:

        e. He mentions he is travelling to:….wherever….. (So we all know he is a man of the
        world and NOT some country doctor!)
        f. He mentions he is an Alpha. (It is very important at least some strangers on blog
        believe that!)
        g. He mentions his car ( pfewwww, A Real Mercedes!!!!!)
        h. He mentions his muscles, or the gym he is so regularly visiting with subject A.
        (reinforces that statement with a internet pic he use as avatar.)

        He normally ends his brilliant posts with calling other male posters Beta’s (or the rest of the alphabet), “female” or “mangina”, and female posters fat, ugly or old.

        At first it is annoying, but once you start recognizing the pattern, it get’s hilarious.
        We should start a blog betting pool on him! 😉

  69. Anonymous says:

    Viciously criticized by the self-righteous blogger mob, the novice SB takes solace in the Tumblr land to exact Revenge on the sugarbowl.

  70. THEATLSD says:

    @Y’all. This will give you something to talk about. enjoy 😉


  71. Mal93 says:

    Can anyone give tips on my newly EDITED profile? I’ve gotten a lot of looks and a few messages so far…

    • maggie says:

      @Mel just curious did you had an epiphany about the platonic relationship ?

    • ss1959 says:

      Double check your grammar and punctuation. And avoid sentences like “We’re probs perf for each other! LOL AMA bc …”

      “We’re probably perfect for each other!”

      And I have no idea what AMA means.

      • Mal93 says:

        Lol it’s not grammar it’s abbreviations. I’m 20 and that’s the way my generation talks 😉

      • THEATLSD says:

        The generation you are trying to attract does not talk that way. You have to know your audience otherwise you will just be ” Nexted”.

    • Mal93 says:

      No I wasn’t talking about those blogs and trust me I’m not a scam artist. I’m sorry I came off that way to you :(. I’ve been scammed before and it sucks, I would definitely never do it to anyone. I was talking about the blogs where they talk about being a successful SB. I just came to realize that we are both looking for things in this relationship and if I have to compromise then I will.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      She deleted her profile. You guys ran another great SB off.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I had thought that many people had decided not to provide profile advice?

  73. butterlover says:

    Ok admin, i smell something fishy. You denied a photo of me skydiving. Claiming photos of cars, dogs etc are not allowed. How can you confuse a skydive photo of me to cars and dogs? Weird. Anyways, im out. Getting my refund. These sites are wacked. And according to others here i wont find anything worth a damn anyway. Bye ya’ll. Have fun.

  74. butterlover says:

    Holy craps, my profile has been approved. Now what? Lol

    • Anonymous says:

      You must have used magic words, phrases and sentences, such as, princess, “the princess that I am”, “I know my worth”, “I am ready to be spoiled”, etc. They work like a charm.

      Now wait for your 30-something prince charming to come along and sweep you off your feet. 😉

    • gentleman soul says:

      And doesn’t need or want sex don’t forget !

  75. FunDude says:

    I don’t think SA’s message of promoting this site as “desperate older guys” who want to give money to younger women for “friendship” is a good strategy.

    It is going to lead to both disgruntled SBs and SDs. Both sides won’t get the return they are looking for.

    Even if there are fewer SBs on this website, that would be fine. Having “8 times as many SBs compared to SDs” versus 2 to 1 doesn’t matter. If the 2 to 1 ratio had serious SBs that understand the real concept behind this site, it would be far better than the other 6 in that ratio that are wasting time.

    Also, both sexes need to be realistic about their SMP value. The biggest the discrepancy in value, the bigger the allowance.

    Hot younger 23 model females can entertain far higher allowances than post wall 37 year old BBWs.

    Older men in their 50s plus will have to pay more than men in their 30s and 40s. It is just the name of the game.

    Also men who are totally out of shape or very unattractive will have to pay more.

  76. Mal93 says:

    I just made a profile a couple days ago and I’d love any tips on anything I can add to attract more SD’s, thanks!

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I’ll give you one bit of advice. For your own safety never post where you work or go to school in your profile.

    • FunDude says:

      I don’t see what you are offering a SD in the profile. Its all about your wanting money for a “non sexual friendship”.

      You wil fail on this website lol

    • Anonymous says:

      “not looking for anything sexual, just a friendship. I would love to get an allowance.”

      How exactly did you learn about SeekingArrangement?

    • lovelynyours says:

      Mal – walk me through this. Would you give someone an allowance to be your friend?

      Now, pretend that you’re successful, wealthy, well-connected. You can do what you want, go where you like, etc. Would you give someone an allowance to be your friend?

      What could you possibly bring to the table as a friend that warrants being taken care of for it? Look, I’d give Elon Musk an allowance to be my friend because he’s got a great network and business acumen to leverage. Sofia Vergara because she’s gorgeous and seems like she’d be a lot of fun, Channing Tatum (because he’s great to look at and knows how to work a pole), Christopher Nolan (because he’s brilliant and I could pick his artistic brain for hours). But Mal93? Notsomuch.

      I don’t think you’re well-suited to the sugar bowl. Yes, there’s maybe 3% who might be interested in a platonic arrangement, but the chances that they’re in your area, would be interested in you, AND not already in an arrangement are rather slim. You’ll be waiting for quite some time for what you’re looking for. And even if you do find him – imagine the kind of guy you’ll be getting, who needs to offer financial security in order for someone to even want to be around him. That sounds like a nightmare.

      My tip – don’t get into sugar.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good one @lovely. 😉

    • gentleman soul says:

      I don’t see the platonic statement so it looks like you took it out . Good if you did . But make sure you believe that and are not hiding it to lure somebody in

    • lovelynyours says:

      Of course she doesn’t believe it, Gentleman. That’s not something you magically have a change of heart about. See, this is the b.s. I’m talking about. We never should have said anything at all – now she’s what, going to reel in someone and be a lackluster SB because she doesn’t even want a physical relationship but is only doing it because she wants to be taken care of? Or she’s going to spring it on him on the first date? Unreal…

      • IHF2030 says:

        A little knowledge can indeed be a dangerous thing. But, you people on here insist on “helping” these women with their profiles. Oh well, at least it provides quality entertainment. I just need to stock up on Guinness and cashews.

    • Rick says:

      No. There is nothing you can do, try porn or stripping. You are SMV 5, trying to compete with SMV 8 and 9.

    • Mal93 says:

      I asked this comment before my profile was approved, I have edited everything… Please look at the edited version and base it off that!

  77. Sunshine says:

    So seeing as it’s quite a heated topic and we ask seem to be taking past each other:

    When you say you care about someone what do you mean?

  78. Anonymous says:

    So SA has declined my profile three times now. I must not know what im doing. All well, ill just have to call my bank and get my money back.

    • Anonymous says:

      Post your profile and we can tell you what may be causing your profile to be denied. Profiles are approved by retards sitting in Eastern Europe so there must be some stupid thing they may be fixated on.

      • Anonymous says:

        I admit, its lame lol

        About me: im sweet and friendly. I love living in beautiful south florida, and i also love to travel.

        What im looking for: Go big or go home, right? Im seeking a sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationship.

        Pretty short and simple and to the point, no?

      • flyR says:

        I assume you mean post the text of the profile you can’t get them to accept

    • Anonymous says:

      Remove go big or go home bit and try again.

      It may be too short. Add something, such as, I like walk in the park type of stuff to increase number of sentences.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, if they dont approve it this time. I give up. No big deal

      • Jaybird923 says:

        It can’t be because it’s short unless they have a new policy. They let people post empty profiles with no text or pictures as long as they paid the membership fee.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm, well mine was declined three times. I dont think theyve even got to my photos yet. Supposedly that could take up to 48 hrs to approve.

      • Anonymous says:

        But jaybird, i have to admit, my photos arent nearly as sexy as your profile pic. But i do share a couple of swim suit photos. Close enough. Lol

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I’m sure your photos are just as sexy if not more so. :-))

  79. Mighty Mouse says:

    With Ashley Madison found to be hiring people to create fake women accounts to draw men in in the news, does anyone think Seeking Arrangement might do the same? Just curious of opinions out there. Google the Washington Post article about it. Really nice.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      SA does a pretty good job of getting tons of females to join the site by promising them all types of easily obtained riches. If they were going to make fake profiles it would be for SDs. They are in short supply.

    • Anonymous says:

      Making fake profiles for SDs does not make any sense because SA is not pushing memberships to SBs. The more real or fake SBs the steeper the ratio of women:men, and hence more SDs will join the site with real or proverbial dicks in their hands.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Very true. I have no idea what I was thinking. No fake profiles from handsome 30 somethings offering a high allowance for platonic friendships and arm candy. that wouldn’t help their cause at all.

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @Jay- SA entices females to join by plastering stories in newspapers and Social Media promoting the site as filled with wealthy men who are keen to give money to women for nothing.

        Of course then women join and freak out that no one wants to give them money for platonic company and many leave but they haven’t paid for a membership anyway so it’s no loss to them and they have increased the SB to SD ratio.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I understand the ratio thing helps drive the SD traffic to the site. Here’s the thing, if you read the comments posted on SA’s Instagram (and some others place) There are a lot of girls posting about how fake SA is and how there are no real SDs, and about how everyone wants sex, and the SDs aren’t offering real money.

        Social media being what it is once that message starts to spread it’ll be hard to counteract it. The easiest way to nip it in the bud would be to stop marketing the free money for arm candy thing but we all no they won’t.

        Creating fake profiles of the “Perfect SD” would be beneficial. It would be “proof” that they weren’t lying. Even if the girls aren’t getting responses from them at least they would see actual profiles and think that those types of SDs do exists on the site.

        At least that’s what I would do. I guess they could also make fake female profiles of super hot girls that are nymphos and aren’t looking for an allowance.

      • FunDude says:


        Getting more SBs onto the site that are asking for “platonic relationships” won’t increase the volume of paying SDs.

        It would probably be better to have fewer SBs but ones that understand the real concept behind this website.

        Women who play the “platonic” game usually don’t last and don’t get SDs to sign up.

        Considering the SDs are paying the bills, it is illogical for SA to get more SBs onto the site that are looking for platonic relationships. SDs will get the idea that the women are here just for money without anything in return.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Fundude Would it be better to have quality over quantity on both sides? Yes it would, but it’s obvious that’s not what SA is looking accomplish. It is illogical but that is exactly what they are doing and the SDs are still signing up.

        Plus some of the platonic profiles don’t explicitly say no sex. Maybe it’s because they are smart enough to disguise their intentions or it could be because they actually believe the majority of guys are on here looking for a friend so they don’t have to mention it. who knows..

    • Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous, @Jay, @Cryptic

      Good points from both sides.

  80. Anonymous says:

    If you want to get rid of a woman who is harassing you on SA, ask for nudes. It works most of the times.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stalking is more appropriate word I guess.

    • crypticanomaly says:

      I’ve found if she is really committed to stalking you then she sends the nudes. She tends to think it is a sign of interest. Best to tell her that you have lost all your money, works every time for any type of unwanted Female attention.

    • Retard #7 says:

      So ask for nudes first and then break the news about losing all the money?

      • crypticanomaly says:

        If you think you might want to see her naked first then yes. Otherwise just go with the losing all your money line.

        Disclaimer:If she is truly nuts she still might offer to help you find the lost money.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Men are a pain in the rear.

  82. FunDude says:

    Another story of a “wife” whose strategy is AF/BB.

    She won’t have sex or give oral to her husband. But she’s on Ashley Madison banging out tons of dudes.

    Chad Thundercock is banging the wife while the chump Beta Bucks pays the bills. Female imperative 101.


  83. FunDude says:


    Thats 100% correct. If a person “cares” about you, they will be there regardless of an allowance.

    If an “allowance” is needed for them to be around, they don’t really “care” about you on a personal level.

    The “care” they are displaying is AT BEST a professional level care.

    I take the opinion that is largely emotional manipulation in an attempt to increase allowances.

    • crypticanomaly says:

      Yep. I would expect that if the SB really does care then upon being handed her allowance she would look offended and hurt and decline it before explaining that the whole thing just didn’t feel right for her anymore as she has developed feelings. Thus prompting a conversation about where to go next. As mentioned I wouldn’t believe it if she is saying the words and still taking the cash.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you seeking a relationship or an arrangement? Im confused.

    • Anonymous says:

      I need to be sure to make it clear that he is paying me to care.

    • Anonymous says:

      I mean orherwise its not an arrangement, its love. And i dont need this site to find love.

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @Anon x3 – I’m seeking an arrangement, doesn’t mean it can’t be an honest and simple one. I am not looking for her to get clingy and carry on about how she cares for me while taking my money.

        I thought I have been really clear about all of that.

        If I wanted that I would get married. :-)

    • Anonymous says:

      Note to self: dont say you care and take his money. Just take his money. Lol

    • Anonymous says:


    • Rick says:

      Women “care” about resources that men can provide them. That is as far as a woman’s care for a man goes. All else is delusional BS.

      Women cannot think rationally, only emotionally, so of course it is emotional manipulation. That is how women operate.

  84. Another Anonymous says:

    @ jay

    OK. So less flexible schedule expectations, being excluded from some parts of life and interesting events, putting up with large degree of insecurity, frequently a need to hide the lifestyle, just to name a few.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Oh those are expected. I thinking more along the lines of respect, dignity, affection, etc. No SB should have a problem with the things you mentioned.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        Respect and dignity should be easy. It is hard to see why a multibillionaire cannot treat the janitor in her office with respect and dignity. The affection is a hard one. Once again I am with cryptic, money muddled things. Once the cash changes hands, it is much harder to believe the affection is real.

        Oh btw in the chef example ee have discussed, I know many places where both guests and the host might cook. Say hunting trip, sailing, remote ski chalet, trekking. If a professional chef still wants to get paid, he can hardly be an equal member of the party.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I don’t see why affection would be hard one. It’s not like asking to be loved. It’s could be as easy as holding hands, brushing your hair off your forehead, a kiss on the check. It’s just small gesture that require very little effort if you’re attracted to someone.

        The Chef thing… If he volunteers than he shouldn’t be paid. If he know in advance that it’s the type of dinner where all the guest prepare and cook the food together and he accepts he shouldn’t be paid. If you invite him over and he shows up expecting a nice meal but instead he has to cook the dinner you’re taking advantage and he should be compensated.

      • gentleman soul says:

        “I don’t see why affection would be hard one. It’s not like asking to be loved. It’s could be as easy as holding hands, brushing your hair off your forehead, a kiss on the check. It’s just small gesture that require very little effort if you’re attracted to someone.”

        Jay, I am totally with you . I agree that affection and caring is desirable in a sugar relationship. Some partners are incapable of forming that bond while still fulfilling the parameters of the arrangement . Sure ,allowance happens ,but so does sex . My new SB might not be into me sexually at first -I know that, but after getting to know each other I hope that she at least will feel some tenderness when we couple . There is something about exchanging body fluids that accelerates the bonding .

  85. Missy says:

    Do people even buy calendars these days?

  86. Anonymous says:

    Im not saying she’s a gold digger, but she aint messing with no broke, broke….

  87. Another Anonymous says:

    @ jay

    Of course one does forego certain ways to be treated once money is involved. Or do you know many places where unpaid volunteers and full time employees are treated equally and subject to same discipline?

  88. Another Anonymous says:

    @ jay and cryptic

    Nice conversation. Personally I would agree with cryptic. There are many ways to feel appreciated. I expect a smile from my nephew, pat on the back and few drinks from my sailing crew and admittedly a large check from my boss. Yet I do not see a reason to explain to them how much I care for them.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I think you might be mixing up his conversation with @Sunshine with mines. I don’t think anyone should have to explain how much they care. In fact I prefer it if people keep that to themselves. If you care for me I should be able to feel it by the way you treat me. For God’s sake I don’t want to discuss it.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        Actually I was responding to your discussion under amiaxoxo post. But if you do not want to discuss it, of course the discussion is over.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        lol I’m talking about not wanting to have discussion about feelings with people I’m involved with. :-)) Since you seem reasonable and intelligent, I’m perfectly okay discussing almost whatever topic you want.

  89. Retard #2 says:

    Too many retarded conversations. I feel right at home. 😉

  90. Promise says:

    SA, can you please stop with the swimsuit calendar emails?

  91. Sunshine says:

    Testy test test.

  92. Sunshine says:

    Gah. Wasn’t logged in :/.

  93. Jaybird923 says:

    Was there a new tumblr/instagram post about searching for SDs on the SA blog comment section?

  94. IHF2030 says:

    A lot of sugarbabies can’t even be honest with themselves so why would I expect them to be honest with me?

  95. amiaxoxo says:

    I’m new here and I just want someone that going to treat me right and make me fell appreciated and special and vice versa. located in Atlanta ga.

    • zito says:

      tall drink of water ain’t cha?

    • Another Anonymous says:

      Some more words with many meanings. What exactly do you mean by treating you right and making you feel appreciated?

      • crypticanomaly says:

        In short she wants money.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        IT’S A SUGAR DATING WEBSITE There is no need to state you’re looking for money it’s a given. The only time you have to clarify things is when you’re looking for something else. That’s like me signing up for date asian men .com and having some one say “I bet she looking for asian men” well duh

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @Jay- Exactly, that was my point. No matter what a woman says she wants on here, how she says she wants to be treated it all involves or centres around money.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Cryptic you’re starting to disappoint me. I’ve had many conversations with you on and off blog and I know for a fact that you are more intelligent than that last post would lead one to believe.

        I think by now everyone gets your view on the subject even if most don’t agree with you. There’s no need to stoop to what you just did because it proves no point, it had nothing to do with your point since we weren’t discussing whether she cares for her SD or not.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay-Now I’m really confused. It’s ok for a SB to say she wants money but not a SD? You even said it yourself, it’s a Sugar site money is what it is all about.

        Also disappointed how you felt the need to use so many insults but meh.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I used no insults. I said I know for a fact that you are intelligent. I didn’t think that post was worthy of the man that I’ve gotten to know.

        “No matter what a woman says she wants on here, how she says she wants to be treated it all involves or centres around money.”

        Maybe I missed something what exactly was the purpose of this statement? We all know money is the foundation of a majority of sugar arrangements. What does that have to do with how a person wants to be treated? Or does one forego the right to be treated a certain way if money is involved?

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @Jay- I think you read a lot more into my comment than what was there. She wants to be treated well, I don’t think she wants back rubs or to have a guy carry her books to class or buy her ice cream, to write her bad poetry etc.

        She wants a man to provide her with money and to probably also spend money on her in ways that appeal to her, as you say it’s Sugar site. I was actually agreeing with you hence my confusion at your response lol

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Well it’s a good thing we talked it out huh? :)

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @Jay- After all the time I have spent on this blog I am still amazed at the amount of arguments and mud flinging that ensues when people agree with each other.

    • Retard #3 says:

      Have you tried women’s basketball? It’s a PC good racket.

  96. SouthernSB says:

    Whatever happened to caring about a person just because they’re a human being? Jeez, I’ve been talking to a guy in another state for the past month and I care about the fact that he got sick and had to go to the hospital. I cared about the other guy I was talking to also because his daughter has CF and lost a chunk of her lung. I haven’t done more than talk to these men on-line and over the phone and the only thing I got was a bouquet of flowers, which was more than appreciated, are you saying that I don’t care because I’m working on starting an arrangement with one of them? That’s just stupid. I would start an arrangement with someone I wasn’t at least fond of, now if anyone has any advice on how I can tell this 35 yr. old bipolar, prosthetic wearing broke dude that I will not have sex with him, I’d really appreciate it. And no,I don’t care about the prosthesis,it’s the bipolar part.

    • SouthernSB says:

      *Wouldn’t start an arrangement*

    • Another Anonymous says:

      Caring is a word with many meanings. Does an investment advisor care for some of his long term clients? I am quite sure he does. Would he provide the services if the client refuses to pay?

    • crypticanomaly says:

      It’s hypocritical that is why. If you care then care without wanting/expecting/needing the cash. As I mentioned below, I realize that you are trying to come across as all humane and loving etc. It doesn’t resonate in me that way though, to me it sounds as cold as ice and manipulative.

      As AA above says, there are different levels and types of caring. If you only care because there is money etc involved than it is business only and the care is a professional one.

      • Anonymous says:

        What do you think of nannies?
        Do they not form any attachment to the children they care for?

      • zito says:

        hopefully theres no sex with the nanny

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @Anon – Are they hot nannies? Also the children aren’t paying the nanny and when the parents stop paying the nanny leaves regardless of any attachment. Business contract fulfilled.

        The more you try and prove me wrong the more I am proved correct.

      • Sunshine says:

        Going to stick my oar in :).

        If they form an attachment then they care. If the parents throw them out then they won’t stop caring. Or do you think that if money is involved it taints everything and there can be no real care/feelings?

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @Sunshine – I do believe money taints things as you put it. Or probably a better word is it diminishes things, as I mentioned somewhere else in this or the previous blog it probably is very different to the person being paid but for the one paying I question how much they really care as I know I’m paying them. I also question their motives in wanting me to know they care. I very cynical and I know that when the money stops the SB leaves.

        I like to keep things simple that is what arrangements are about simplicity and avoiding drama and games. So for me whether the SB actually cares or not is immaterial and neither increases or decreases her “Worth”.

        Although the SB trying to tell me she cares whilst still holding her hand out for money is what I consider drama and would end the arrangement for me.

      • Sunshine says:

        Fair enough :).

        I think that if she’s deliberately doing things and shoving it in your face then that’s bad. Or if she thinks she should get more because she cares that’s awful.

        From the SB point of view I think what we’ve been trying to say is that we do meet people on here where it may start out as one thing and end up another. I wouldn’t say that it’s the norm. Personally I’d love to divorce my feelings from Sugar because it would make things easier when an SD breaks up with me. But that’s not me. I do think it’s very hard to be an SD in regards to feelings as you can never really know who is genuine and who is not. I think a lot of it depends on your approach to how you view things. This is not a negative! Everyone has a different view on the world. Having spoken to you I think having a really lovely non-clingy/not-attached-at-the-hip GF is more your style as sugar seems to have a lot of games and illusions on both sides of the fence.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Sunshine – For me actions speak louder than words. If a SB truly cares about me and wants me to know that then she can always tell me that I don’t have to pay her for her company anymore.

      • Sunshine says:

        Only tangentially related as SDs pay; but if you cared for an SB would you tell her she doesn’t have to have sex with you?

      • Anonymous says:

        @Sunshine- If I cared about a SB I would wonder if I could be her Boyfriend yes. I have become attached a few times even just in the chatting phases and the reason I try and keep emotions separate from this is quite often despite me seeing them as a person they still view me as a wallet. So the mix doesn’t work.

        Sex in itself is not a motivating factor for me either.

    • Anonymous says:

      If its not the fake leg, then why bring it up? Sounds like you are judging him. Just move on. He will find someone more suited for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, i caught that also, crypt lol

  97. Anonymous says:

    Whats the difference between a diamond member and a premium member. When i joined it just asked what premium package do i choose, one month, three months or six months. (scratching head).

  98. Anonymous says:

    Some should read what an arrangement is. While others should read it again.

    • crypticanomaly says:

      Totally agree. The one paying gets what he wants. The one being paid provides. Business.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly. Glad to see im not the only one paying attention 😉

      • Anonymous says:


  99. Anonymous says:

    Man…if I didn’t come up with correlated ideas for you to ponder over as if I’m a lunatic, I wonder what you would talk about. Oh yeah, I remember now…How men are manginas and how women are ruining the world.

    Yet, Cryptic has somehow moved up into 2-1/2-3rd place position as a caring SD. This race is interesting folks…interesting indeed, as I stroke my beard. Ha!

  100. Anonymous says:

    I am seeking a ceo who can help me with a job. Thank you :)

  101. Ms.Princess123 says:

    I am seeking an arrangement in the Los Angeles California area but can travel ?

  102. Free says:

    As for all the illuminati sugar babes on her,

    Guess what kind of super chic, muy chevre designer bag I have?

    Its a hemp bag with a peace symbol sewn on…thats what I support. Get on my level bitches.


    mi casa es su casa
    when you are hungry i will feed you

    why are so many people lost when it comes to love.
    it seems like so many are getting over on each other, like how much can i get out of u? thats fear, thats u trying to gain on another person. man this world…these people… );

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Huh? Not confused about love at all. Love and Sugar are 2 different things. Simple. Not about getting one over on each other either. I don’t want to be manipulated nor do I want to manipulate anyone else. Again, simple.

      If Sugar develops into Love then fine but don’t tell me you Love Me when you still have your hand out wanting money. That is not my concept of emotional, romantic love. Again, simple.

      I have met a SB who wanted to be my Girlfriend instead. We skipped right past Sugar and had a relationship it was great. But I never paid her and she didn’t want payment. I knew she was genuine due to this.

  104. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Elaine-Disagreeing has nothing to do with a lack of comprehension. More shaming language and insults there too by the way. I can understand what you and the other SB’s are saying quite well. I just disagree. When you communicate with someone the way you sometimes think you are coming across is not always the way it sounds to the listener, this can be due to various factors such as gender, race, life experience, culture, age etc.

    As I have explained, I find it morally bereft to have a woman tell me she cares about me and yet still hold her hand out for an allowance. To me that is without any sort of honour whatsoever. In short it disgusts me. You don’t have to agree with that, but try and understand that as a sensitive, intelligent man it really offends me to my core. Now, before one of you say it, liking someone, getting along with them is different to caring about them. So for me Sugar remains a business deal, nothing more and as I no longer want long term arrangements I don’t care if she “cares” about me or not. I can’t respect someone who says they care and yet wants money as well to be around me. I hope that clears things up even if you still disagree. I just don’t fall for female manipulation.

    @Siren Says – It is possible that the SD wants the fantasy and to be indulged, but even so that needs to be made clear between you that that is all it is. Chances are he is also very emotionally vulnerable at the moment and it is better for both of you if you don’t string him along if he is truly believing that you care for him and want a romantic relationship.

    @Flower Girl – I think you are very beautiful but your profile left me flat, lots of negativity in it which dampened my enthusiasm. Thought you might appreciate the feedback.

  105. dang i said that all backwards and upside down

    my arrangement aint gone be some pay me for some sexy time biz

    nothing is business to me, all that exists on this planet are humans. not business. thats part of the human brain, and when that takes over youve become sick. youre not a bad person, just sick. your heart needs healing man. i hope the best for you. peace, j

  106. fat bastard you are a fat illuminati bastard indeed

    relationships are not business arrangements….
    OMFG you are so lost in life, God help you. God help all of you like that.

    I will say a prayer that peace and love will find a way into your heart someway, hopefully by some beautiful woman.

  107. HoneySurfer says:

    Mister Sigmund, how I agree with you? Although Sigmund freud did drugs too, but ones that governmental law prohibits.

    SHIT americans are obsessed with pharmaceutical drugs, that is whack! Why are you all you guys depressed and unhealthy! Gotta get on that love vibe, that pura vida vibe. Start living, get outside, breathe, movie your body! Get on my wavelength!! Todays your day to be happy remember that!

  108. Sigmund says:

    Data show that 25 percent of American women are on medication for mental illness or emotional instability.

    Ja! That is VERY scary.

    That means 75 percent of them are running around unmedicated.

  109. Flower Grrl says:

    Lol. Another calendar with your very typical, almost boring kind of beauties, being money and fame-thirsted whores. How original!

  110. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    The last paragraph in this blog just made me think of the “casting couch”…who gets to go through the “auditions”?

    • Rick says:

      You can bet a few of them will take the audition $$. Recently I have seen 2 SB profiles on here of women who shot scenes with backroom casting couch, HAHA. All Women can be bought for the right $$. AWALT. It took me until about age 35 to really get it. It is quite liberating when you fully understand how true it is.

  111. Avatar the Movie says:

    Potential Date gone awry…

    First text an hour before meeting..

    SD: Hello! How are you?

    Text from SB 3 hours after planned meeting

    SB: No where are you? Is everything ok?

    SD: Well you didn’t respond to my text an hour before we were supposed to meet, so I didn’t show up

    SB: well you should at least show some concern about me

    SD: yesterday we agreed on a time and place to meet, and you didn’t follow through. I don’t feel like I have done anything wrong.

    SB: You are just a player and you are getting what you deserve. I made two other fake profiles, and you were talking to other women when you were talking to me and planning to meet me

    SD: You didn’t need to make fake profiles to determine that. If you would have asked me if I was talking to other women, I would have told you I was.

    SB: and you think that is ok?

    SD: we are on a casual dating site, but I think that is ok on any dating site. Sane people don’t normally enter into exclusive relationships with people they have never met in person.

    SB: You are just like all the other players on that site. I am deleting my profile.

    SD: I think that is best, because I don’t think you are well suited for online dating of any type.

    I guess it didn’t cost me much to find out about her. She did delete her account. What a flipping wacko! (I edited the convo to protect the innocent)

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      I’ve been there, too many times to count…However…Without the full history (since you edited to protect innocent)…I have always texted more than just the once as confirmation to leave for the meet…I would text again about half-way between the confirmation and the agreed time…I would text again about 5-15 minutes AFTER the agreed time, this one a “hope you’re alive” type text…if she doesn’t respond to that one for a couple of hours, she’s done…this is the ultimate in giving trust in my mind…

      I’ve still gotten texts back a few days later, “sorry, I was out of town at a family funeral and couldn’t respond”…I’m sorry, but when you heard there was a death and you were going to HEAD out of town, a normal person will cancel plans BEFORE leaving, or even in transit…not doing it!

      • Avatar the Movie says:

        I would normally do the “hope you are alive” text also but I had a bad feeling. I also had a suspicion on the two fake profiles, that are also deleted today. We had been texting back and forth about two weeks. I had a really good vibe at first, but the longer we talked, the worse I was feeling about it. In retrospect, I should have never scheduled a date, but I felt obligated after all the time she spent talking to me.

      • gentleman soul says:

        That’s the thing about these millenials-their phone is an extension of their hand at all times . There is NO(ZERO) excuse for an SB not to take 20 msec to type out a “something came up ” message . It is just the polite thing to do .

    • Rick says:

      Way too much texting. Always set up first meeting at a bar or restaurant 5 min from your place. Do a confirmation 3 hours before meeting, and tell her to send you a text when she is 5 min away from meeting site. If she gets caught up in traffic or is running late, she can let you know this. If not, she is absolutely worthless. Next.

  112. FatB'StardSA says:

    Too many retards on the blog…

    A SB who would stick around without an allowance is as rare as a SD who wants a platonic arrangement.

    It is good to know so many SB’s “care” about their SD’s though!

    • Avatar the Movie says:

      you make “retard” sound like a bad thing. Almost all the retards I know are very happy, including me!

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @Fat – that’s what I’m trying to get at…yeah, the “job” question was a bit telling, but there wasn’t a story that correlated well with sugar, IMHO…because there are many who would look to the opportunity to work for a business in a time of struggle to get further ahead than they were. I was looking for that from the SBs…if the SD had been hit by something that meant no money for a period of time, would she continue and negotiate something at the other end of the situation? would she drop him like a rock and run to the next pocketbook?

      I certainly don’t think the SB would be fucking him for free, just like the worker wouldn’t work for the failing business for “free”…

      I’m not sure the line of questioning/conversation is cause for your ire though…it is a situation that may impact more than you think, especially with hackers trying to gain any advantage in many industries!

      • lovelynyours says:

        ONSD – I answered your question, before you asked it, in the previous blog yesterday. I can’t and won’t speak for Jay, but as I told someone yesterday in my post, if we’d been together long enough to form a bond, I’d stick with him – he was there for me in his way when things were good for him, I’d be there for him in my way when things aren’t going as well.

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        @lovely – thanks…I wasn’t going to go back through the old post conversations…

      • lovelynyours says:

        Sure thing. Nor would I expect you to – hence why I mentioned it here.

      • FatB'StardSA says:


        Arrangements are a business relationship at best.

        What is interesting is that Bolt-on Boobs and Elaine seem to think that caring for a SD makes a SB equivalent to Mother Teresa or something.

      • SouthernSB says:

        @ONSD-I’m with @Jay, if the SD I was seeing was going through a hard patch and we had a real bond between us I would take a cut in my allowance or even see him for free with the knowledge that when things get better my allowance will go back to what it was or perhaps, as a reward for sticking it out, even get higher.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Too many retards on the blog…

      I definitely agree. You tipped the scales when you decided to start posting again. What happened to you being done withe blog?

      • FatB'StardSA says:

        Tipping the scales implies an equal quantity of retarded and non retarded blog posters.

        If you want to maintain the retard balance then I recommend that you stop posting on the blog until I leave.

        Have a nice day :-)

      • Jaybird923 says:

        LOL well done!

  113. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    @Jay – as a SB, do you let your emotions become involved in your sugar? I know you’re one of the unicorns in that you don’t “need” sugar, so here’s a scenario for you…

    What if you were with a SD…he doesn’t want to be with a financially needy SB, he appreciates your ability to take care of yourself, while still enjoying spoiling you with gifts and he’s always been on time with agreed upon allowance…you had a major car issue and he even come through with some help to make sure you weren’t burdened by the issue (that help totaled an additional two allowance payments)…you’re together, “celebrating” six months of the arrangement, and you can tell he’s got something else on his mind…as you reflect back, it’s been there for at least the last two or three “dates” you’ve had…you ask and he explains there was a huge issue in his industry or his business was hit with a huge audit or an employee was embezzling, whatever it was his business is in trouble…he’s dumping personal assets in to save it and keep things going…he’s not sure he can stay as reliable as he’s been because of the issue, but he wants to continue things…how do you react? would being together for a year instead of six months make a difference?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I can’t answer for anyone else but in my case it would make no difference. I would still continue to see him. My priority has always been finding someone I like as a person and someone I’m sexually compatible with for a long term arrangement.

      I’m to picky to do the casual sex/tinder thing and I have no desire to deal with the emotions and games of a traditional relationship. That’s why I’m here.

      So if I found someone who had all the qualities I was looking for I wouldn’t walk away from him because he could no longer provide an allowance. Especially in my case where it’s a bonus not a necessity.

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        That’s exactly how I thought you’d answer it…that’s also why I look for a SB who doesn’t NEED the sugar, even if it means a LOT of looking…when sugar is a need, there are too many things that can make it turn sour!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I understand that need is the driving force for why many on both sides of the sugar bowl seek out arrangements. SD: looking for companionship intimacy SB: financial assistance, mentorship.

        There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Where the issue arises is when one side chooses to abuse/exploit that need. To many are in a rush to just be in an arrangement and fail to properly screen who they’ll be in an arrangement with.

        I do think it’s more than possible to have an arrangement with someone who “needs” sugar and have it be successful if that person has the right attitude and mentality. you just have to do a little extra work to find them.

  114. FatB'StardSA says:

    @Elaine & Bolt-on Boobs

    The SD’s have no problem comprehending your deep ideas, we just think you are both full of shit.

    Have a nice day :-).

  115. HoneySurfer says:

    Hey blog authors and everyone else reading this. Buenas dias and pura vida!

    Beautiful girls on the cover…

    I would love to be a part of the calendar next year. Whens the best time to submit photos for consideration? And if we do not have professional photos, could that be a problem!! Might just send you guys some pics of me ripping up the waves in Costa Rica! Come do the shoot down here!}

    Well anyway



    • Bruce Wayne says:

      You need to submit pictures to the blog SDs and we narrow them down for selection. Clothing is optional in the pictures :)

      • everybodywantstobeclosetome says:

        are you trying to get me to send u naked pictures

        i play jokes on people too…
        i know how this goes

  116. Anonymous says:

    In * UN-qualified* SD’s

  117. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Jay

    Let’s say you have a job you absolutely love. You and your boss have become more friends than employer/employee. One day he calls you into his office and tell you his company is having financial problems and he can’t afford to pay your salary. But he thinks in a years time he’ll be afloat again. He then proceeds to ask you would you continue to work for him without your salary until things turn around.

    Another great question. I assume he is the owner of the company and already he is working for free. I actually might consider staying without an immediately paid salary, if I believe the prospects are really great. But there will have to be be a contract about futures and/or part ownership of the company. But the personal friendship and feelings are not going to be part of it. I will definitely NOT work for him for free because last year we had good time skiing together and he is fun to play tennis with.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Again My point exactly. Yes the SB can genuinely care for her SD but if the reason she was here was because she was having financial trouble, caring about you won’t help her with that. Out of necessity she will have to move on even though she cared for you.

      Just as you liking your boss will not induce you to work for free for him. You still need a paycheck. you still have bills to pay. I am well aware this does not apply to to a majority of SBs but it does apply to some.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        On the other hand, being on friendly terms and playing tennis with the boss will play trivial role while talking about a pay increase. I will get (about) my market value. That, I am afraid, is a very unpopular concept for many SBs.


      • Anonymous says:

        The greatest and dumbest tricks in qualified SD’s always pull are the “I miss you” tactics (when no one else will fuck them or give them attention, so they start going down their Rolodex list to see who will respond. Then they pull the “no one answered, so I couldn’t pay your bill for you.” Then, they had an alternate SB respond (bc she too is in rotation by her SO or another SD) and the first SB (who didn’t get her bill paid) gets a “Fuck off” text. Let me remind you gentlemen, that this is why your face, your information and everything they can gather on you by secret operatives and other means are exploited and placed on blogs, Twitter and anywhere they can before you can sneeze. Either clean up your act or watch others mop the floor with you. If you cannot care about others, then why should they “care” if you can’t get your dick up, can’t get laid, can’t get any from your wife (if you are married) who is most likely bored with the same tacky tactics you pull on others but different scenarios.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would negotiate an equity-based arrangement and stay on if the prospects are good.

    • FunDude says:


      Caring doesn’t change the market value of the SB. Her value on the market is largely dependent on youth/age/attractiveness/ easy to get along with.

  118. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Jay

    Say that after 10 years of marriage he leaves her for his secretary. Because they had a prenup she gets nothing and is left to fend for herself. Would you be as empathetic/sympathetic to her?

    I am not Fundude but the question is interesting.

    How did she spend those 10 years? If she was raising children and discontinued her career, then I would be very sympathetic. If she was Being married, no children and continued her career, well she will fend for herself like anybody else. If she was a stay at home housewife with no kids and no career, well the gravy train stopped, but I see no need for sympath(and alimony).

  119. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever tried normal dating after a while full of sugar?

  120. Proxy #1 says:

    yeah — I am going to order a calendar for my office so everyone knows I am sugar dating — brilliant idea!

  121. maggie says:

    I dont get this all emotionally and caring stuff you people are talking about.
    I for example will not ever tell a man I care for him or I will ever listen to bs things in a conversation that I am not genuine interested in.
    Life is so short and there is no money in the world to make me sit in a conversation that I have absolutely nothing to gain. ( now, I am not know it all but I have been there ).
    Last weekend I had a dinner with a POT that flew specially in my country to meet me although I have never asked him that or either said I will meet him.
    Regardless to say he is a wealthy guy, not bad looking,single, but his fortune was about one time luck. He had nothing to share, nothing to say about his travels around the world, an absolute boring and lame guy.Money didn’t help him in this life, probably only to get pussy.
    By the end of the dinner, which I wanted to finish as soon as possible he made a very interesting proposal regarding an high allowance .
    I politely declined and told him the truth about what I think about him, what he should do with his life, what books to read and so on in a very respectfully manner. he thanked me and now he is email me how and what changes he starts doing. We are friends but I don’t have time for new friends unfortunately.
    I moved on in a second thought that be lower myself for money.
    Why on Earth would you tell a guy you like him and care for him when you don’t ? Money? God. How low can you sell yourself ?
    Fake and false people and personalities do that I think and it´s a shame selling feelings for money .
    My SD are perfectly aware I am not wither fake and definitely don´t expect me to be.
    That´s what I have to say about the subject.

    • lovelynyours says:

      Except you’ve missed the subject entirely. Nobody here is talking about caring about someone you don’t care about, or pretending to be engaged in conversations that you’re not interested in. Go back to the previous blog and check out the actual conversation thread – it’s about SBs who genuinely like an SD that they’ve gotten into an arrangement with. Some believe that’s not possible to like someone you’re in an arrangement with since money is often involved, others beg to differ.

    • Anonymous says:

      What! Faking emotions to get paid by the millions of movie viewers is ok, but it is not ok to fake emotions and get paid by one SD?

  122. FunDude says:

    The dual female sexual strategy with open hypergamy. DON’T BE THE BETA fellas!


    Women like Elaine will use emotionally charged terms and shaming language to attempt betas to accept this type of arrangement.

    Don’t be stupid. Most of these “caring” SBs are just there to manipulate the situation.

    If she ain’t at a minimum fucking you, she needs to get the BOOT.

    • Elaine says:


      Doctor! Doctor!
      There is something wrong with your broken record!
      It skipped a very important part!

      And as you know now how I need securities in life, can you please fix that?

      Please, just call me a fat, unattractive, old, hardcore feminist again, and everything will be back again in it’s same old routine!

      Thanks a lot in advance Doc, your efforts mean a lot to me.
      Gosh… immagine! Such a funny hunk dude in shorts, talking to ME!

  123. FunDude says:


    The “emotional” component is just manipulation of beta males to give them money and get a better deal than they could objectively attain based upon looks/age.

    Women will use terms like “love” or “caring” to get men to overlook the female’s inferior status in looks/age/etc so that he gives her a better financial deal.

    There is no true “love” or “caring”. When men try to use “caring” or “loving” for women, they laug at the men because they know its a worthless statement used to manipulate.

    • Elaine says:


      It took you some time to come up with the “Beta” males crap this time, what is wrong?
      Sure you are ok “Doc” ?

      Already started to miss it, it is reassuring to know there is always some fundamental certainties you can count on in this uncertain world!
      One of the most constant is @NotSoFunDude’s broken record to pop up. :-)

      As it is also a big privilege to read the interesting observations of someone who is not even an sugar daddy on a Sugar blog.!

      • FunDude says:


        There are tons of beta doctors that got taken advantage of.

        I have a partner who married a “good looking female” in church. She was a “great wife” according to him. The dude is the biggest beta nerd out there.

        10 years into the marriage, she cheats on him with her HS boyfriend. She takes the house, lifetime alimony, child support, etc. since she never worked.

        This chump bought her a Range Rover and all kinds of shit with expensive houses.

        I see these type of situations constantly these days.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @fundude Let’s say the situation was reversed. That after 10 years of marriage he leaves her for his secretary. Because they had a prenup she gets nothing and is left to fend for herself. She was a good wife (whatever that means to you) faithful, treated him with respect etc. Would you be as empathetic/sympathetic to her? For once I’m genuinely curious about your thoughts on something.

      • FunDude says:


        The stats for that are very rare. The normal issue is the opposite.

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        The divorce laws in the US are archaic. They were written when there were significantly less opportunities for women to take care of themselves. They need a major rewrite, but given that women vote more than men, I don’t see it happening any time soon.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I got my answer. If you believe something is wrong, it should be wrong for everyone. And it’s only been a rare occurrence in the last couple of decades.

        It use to happen to women all the time which is why a lot of these laws were created in the first place. But instead of protecting women it’s created an opportunity for abuse for the unscrupulous.

      • FunDude says:


        Women don’t need “protection” these days. They are supposed to be equal in 2015.

        Doesn’t make sense anymore.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “Supposed” is the operative word in that statement. You didn’t say women ARE equals did you? Even if a woman is highly educated and have as great a career (sometimes better) as her partner/husband she is the one that is expected to sacrifice what she worked for to stay at home and take care of the off-springs. Under those circumstances she does need to be protected because she is not earning an income of her own.

        Now that being said does she deserve to get half of the assets? Sure,if she contributed financially or invested has much effort as you did to help build the business/gain the assets.

        Does she deserve alimony until she decides to marry again? No that’s ridiculous you’re an adult get a job and take care of your self. Alimony shouldn’t be given for more than a year. That’s more than enough time to get back on your feet.

        Yes I’m well aware that there are a few men who choose to stay at home and take care of the children. They would deserve the same protection as the women in that situation. Please not that I am not referring to the women who choose to stay at home and be socialites.

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        I worked my ass off the last 20 years while my wife lived the country club life. In the last 5 years or so, she decided she was no longer interested in having sex with me. If I divorce her, she gets more than half of everything – half of everything at the time of divorce plus about another $1 million in alimony over the next 5 years. She has a graduate degree from a reputable university so she should be able to support herself. She decides she doesn’t want to have sex anymore, and I am the one who pays for that decision — where is the justice in that?

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        p.s. while I am on a roll, think of that before you judgemental people say — just get a divorce if you are unhappy.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Bruce No justice at all. It’s unfair. There needs to be serious reform in the marriage laws.

      • lovelynyours says:

        Bruce: Perspectives are interesting, aren’t they? I can’t imagine just deciding out of the blue that I wasn’t going to have sex with my husband, for no reason. Surely there’s more to the story than that – something’s awry in the marriage, whether you know what it is or not.

        That said, is it something you should have to pay for? Haven’t the faintest idea. I don’t know your situation and it seems perhaps you don’t know the extent of your situation, either, if you truly believe a woman would simply decide not to sleep with you for no reason whatsoever. Maybe she’s cheating, maybe she thinks you’re an asshole, maybe she’s on meds or is so old that she’s dried up down there, maybe she believes you were cheating, maybe she was raped and didn’t tell you – who knows.

        Circumstances such as these, as well as whether she raised kids, had a hand in your business, etc. dictate whether it’s fair for you to have to pay out, in my opinion. I don’t know what they are so I don’t know if it’s just or not.

    • FunDude says:


      AF/BB. She is probably banging the pool boy.

      Your role is just to provide the dollars. Now that she has you by the balls, you’re toast.

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        fair enough — I am probably an asshole Lovely. Or maybe she decided that having sex with me was a chore…. or maybe she is just a bitch that is selfish. who knows… I tried. I bang hot 20-somethings for way less than a divorce costs, and they don’t nag me. Life is good!

      • lovelynyours says:

        Then there ya go. As long as life’s good. :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh geez. What is this, group therapy?

      • atlantabebe says:

        @Bruce – Do you live in a community property state? Divorce laws very so much state-by-state. I assume that you talked to a few divorce attorneys about your situation.

        At least you are happy now.

  124. Elaine says:


    “For the side paying though and knowing that the woman is really only there for the money as you have admitted”

    Either there is something terribly wrong with my English skills, or there is with your reading comprehension….
    Which is a bit inconvenient being a moderator of this blog

    So let me spell it out again: Yes, I have admitted that I am in sugar ALSO for the allowance.
    But other things play an evenly important role.
    And as long as my SDs know it is not all about money with me, and appreciate me for that, I really don’t feel to explain that again here.
    Important is what they think, not some bloggers I don’t even know.

    As far as the Linked guy, he contacted me with an obvious purpose, which has nothing to do with my professional skills, as he soon admitted.
    Since he is 15 years younger as I am, he obviously is not after someone he wants to introduce to his parents. And his network or eventual professional help is not of any value to my business.
    I really doubt we have a lot in common, or to talk about.
    The age gap is just too big for that sort of connection.
    So it is sex he is after.
    Fair enough.

    But fact is; I can have sex with this kind of guys whenever I want, without having to travel 4 hours up and 4 hours down and having to leave my business.

    So if no sugar is involved, what on earth would be the advantage for me to meet him?

    • Anonymous says:

      You continue to beat around the bush but you are in for men’s “resources”…money is one part of it. Most women are after men’s resources, whether they are in the sugarbowl or not. 😉

      • Elaine says:


        Now we finally seem to come to a conclusion:

        “Most women are after men’s resources”. Whatever they may be.
        So then what is it that most men are after?
        Not after women’s “resources”?

        And what is wrong with aiming for a balance in this exchange?
        And why can true emotions not be part of that exchange?

      • Elaine says:

        Oh sorry @Cryptic, it was another Anon who posted this.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no problem with women going after men’s resources. They have been doing that for eons. It is what it is. I have problem with the denials, especially with the use of feminist lingo.

      The fair exchange is pussy/womb with resources. The problem with the ascent of feminism is that women want full control of their pussies and wombs along with men’s resources.

      Most men are idiots, and are unable to see through the game they have been subjected to through the organized feminism.

      When they try to protest it they use wrong terminology to fall right into feminist social/legal traps.

      • Elaine says:

        So good we have the “Choosen few” here on blog, to announce to the world the “Female danger”!

        Manhood would be lost without the wisdom of those visionaires, who can so clearly see through the worldwide female conspiracy!

        But wait….
        Maybe men don’t need women to ruin the world, they are perfectly capable of doing that without our help… 😉

        After all, it is women who have all the power, who start wars, causing financial crisises etc.etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go on tangents all you want. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        elaine is right and that is why u could not come back with an answer any better than accusing her of ‘tangents’, when most of the ‘tangents’ here are by men who can’t get no action without financial incentive for the woman to be around them, and are bitter from their women leaving them for whatever reason. 😉

  125. SirenSays says:

    @cryptic that’s the thing, though. I have told him from the very first meet that I am not after that for either of us. I do think that he does need some attention and he said mine was the only profile that interested him, so I would feel bad for dropping him so abruptly, not to mention my own need for fincial support. Have any of you other SBs dealt with anything like this?

    • gentleman soul says:

      Just go along with his need -be an actress. That’s what he wants . And the money will flow in a torrent if he thinks you are playing along with his scenario. Do a little role playing . Be a “beautiful vixen falling madly in love with the debonair swain”

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        I agree – reality will catch up to him in time — help him enjoy the fantasy.

      • FormerAnon says:

        I 100% disagree with the advice to keep stringing him along and “acting” and I agree with the advice to tell him you are not looking for the relationship to get more serious

        I have no issues with a girl wanting to be taken care of and in fact I cringe when I see otherwise nice girls with a kid by some loser or with a kid that has been abandoned by some loser

        the male IMO is 100% the loser in that case, but she should have been more careful about who she let that happen with

        I state this to make clear I see no issue with a girl being taken care of while she is in an arrangement (or dating) a guy

        but what I see here is IMO a major reason I am a proponent of girls taking their allowance and doing sensible things with it no matter how large or small it is because you never know when all of your “acting” suddenly gets you into a position where a guy is extremely emotionally attached to you and if that is not what you want and you are sticking in that situation for the money well you are compromising yourself IMO for the sake of the money

        you should not allow yourself to be in that position and you should not let your arrangement turn from something you both enjoy to something where one of you is on edge all the time leading a guy further on and the other is probably on the verge of doing something stupid like “surprising you” with his newly filed divorce

        my advice is try and walk him back slowly at first and gauge his reaction, save 100% of the next allowance you get and if he cannot handle or does not respond well to the slow walk back then if you want to “go easy” on him let him know that a “change” is coming in your life with a job offer, advancement at work, more hours at school ect and you are finding you will have less time for an arrangement and hit him with that pretty solidly

        that is again if just sitting him down and letting him know that you enjoy his company, you are flattered about what he says to you, but that you and he are in different places in your lives and you do not want him to do anything rash like suddenly believe you are a long term real GF is too straight forward for you

        either way you need clarity and you need him to respond to that set limit or you need to move on

        it is already weighing on YOU as it is now and you seem unsure how much he really means it VS just saying things so why have it weigh even more ON YOU if you continue to act it out and string it on….that is not healthy for YOU

  126. FatB'StardSA says:

    These SB’s are better looking than most on the site.

    It is interesting that none are over 25 years old…they are probably missing out on the “quality” SD’s :-).

  127. SirenSays says:

    Hello all. I have not posted any comments in a long time but I might need some help here. I have connected with a new SD recently and he’s been saying things like “I really could fall in love with you,” and such. That is sooo not what I want. I like him as a person but the emotional drama that would involve is absolutely not what I’m after. Anyway, anyone have any tips on navigating these delicate matters? It’s obvious to me that he has been so starved for attention/affection from his wife that he is transfering onto me, but whatever the case, I don’t want to be the cause for any pain to him. He’s a really nice guy and I think I could help him, but this “love” talk no d of puts me in guard.

    • SirenSays says:

      *kind of* puts me *on* guard.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        If that is what you really want to avoid then just tell him straight up that you do not want that level/intensity of affection and that you are not the right woman for him.

        If he is rational he will calm down and either go to a plan B option with you or he will decline outright. The longer you string him along and leave him in the dark the more hurt he will eventually be when the truth comes out.

    • Prospective SD says:

      @ Siren

      You could also tell him that for the times that you are together that he can be totally in love with you but outside of those times, you have an arrangement. I really like that dynamic, fills his need to feel loved but puts parameters around it that makes it clear it is limited to those times.

  128. Anonymous says:


    “@ Cryptic

    Is saying “You must be hurt by women” considered “shaming language”?
    But really?!”

    Feminist babble is so pervasive that even those who claim to not be wacko feminists use their formulations.


    • cryptic anomaly says:

      LOL I was going to quote some from the link but far too many have been used on these blogs against men it would have been too long!

    • Elaine says:


      Thank you for sharing this intelligently written and studious brilliant piece of journalism.
      I have studied it carefully.

      Very interesting how much doublecrossing you find if you just change the genders. :-)
      What I have learned from this journalistic gem it is that men and women use exactly the same “shaming” language.
      Anyway, could find nothing related to “being hurt” ……


      A fat, old, ugly, bitter, angry, negative, whiny, immature, scary, right wing, misogynist, man hating, mamma loving, unstable, materialistic, greedy, shallow, cynical and extreme hardcore feminist with attitude and in need of therapy. :-)

  129. Anonymous says:

    All swimsuit models’ names should be Anonymous. That would be great fun.

    Who did @FunDude vote for?


    Who did @Cryptic vote for?


    Who did @Josh vote for?


    And everyone lives anonymously happy ever after.

  130. Anonymous says:

    Rubbing salt on @cryptic’s wounds…

    “I only sugar date a man who I would fuck for free, if I met him in real life.”

    Go figure!!! 😉

  131. Yet Another Fucking Totally Anonymously Anonymous says:

    Hola peeps.

  132. FunDude says:

    How come its not a nude magazine. No one cares only about bikinis.

  133. flyR says:

    Sounds like the Waaa Waaaaa Waaaaa endless hours. If you are an SB unhappy with the SD population or and SD winning about the SB’s either change your marketing or play in a different sandbox…………………

    Life is generally unfair …… get over it….

  134. IHF2030 says:

    Dang, and here I just ran out of cashews!

  135. FunDude says:

    Bill Burr on women and relationships.


    Great comedy ensues.

  136. FunDude says:

    Imagine if sugar babies actually looked this good? That would be CRAZY.

    Also, crytic anomaly, keep up the logical work. These bitches are attempting to fool you with their feminist/female imperative and straw man arguments.

    Can’t take their arguments seriously. Its all emotional manipulation that women have perfected over the years due to their physical weakness.

    • crypticanomaly says:

      They aren’t fooling anyone, no matter what it comes back to money every single time. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that either, that is what gets me. I just want them to be honest about it. I don’t appreciate the half arsed games.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      You’re so detestable. This discussion has been going on for hours and you are the only one who had to stoop to calling people disrespectful names. You’re a fucking bitch.

      And you seem to be laboring under the misconception that you are some how God’s gift to women when you’re not. I know what you look like and you’re a 5 at best. Maybe a 6 if the woman happens to be into the muscle head look. Get over yourself!

      • FunDude says:

        Jay, nice titties.

        Now calm down, its not that serious lol

      • Jaybird923 says:

        It is that serious. You can disagree all you want, express your opinions even though mostly everyone wishes you would keep them to yourself. But how did disrespecting a whole group of people help your argument? Especially when it was unprovoked.

        And why are trying to distract me with facts? I know they’re really nice. :-)) No stop being a jerk and behave.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        “Detestable”. Good word, you don’t hear it much. Precise and appropriate use, too. Very nice.

      • FatB'StardSA says:

        Those titties look like bolt on additions to me.

        Two thumbs down!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “Two tumbs down”

        @fat Yay for you! It must be refreshing to finally get to say that to someone else, after having so many women say it to you whenever you take off your pants. :-))

    • FunDude says:

      Bitches is the term that rappers use to describe women. Dr. Dre, 50 cent, etc all have taught me to use that word when discussing women.

      Do you have a problem with hip hop? Sounding kinda racist to me. Im getting worried about you Jay.

      And yes they look nice Jay.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I do have a problem with the majority of rap music. It’s garbage. I rarely listen to it and when I do it’s stuff from 90’s.

        thank you. And I was a little harsh you’re not a 5…. you’re a solid 6 for sure 7 if you like muscles :-))

      • lovelynyours says:

        Don’t. Just. Fucking. Don’t.

      • FunDude says:


        I appreciate that comment. I was very sad before that and was having a mental breakdown.

        Thanks for being so caring and understanding Jay.

        Nice titties are very important for seeking arrangement. Keep up the good work.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Shoulda stuck with “detestable”.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        LOL I’m sorry I made you sad. I glad I rectified the situation so quickly.I know how fragile your mental state is. I shudder to think about the unhinged rantings we’d be forced to read if you had a mental breakdown.

  137. Anonymous says:

    @ cryptic

    You work for money. This is a SD/SB site. They work for your money. There is no other discussion needed. Either pay them for their time or get it off te site.

  138. Anonymous says:

    this blog just gets dumber and dumber by the cynical people of the world. We should all become escorts, including the men and throw the b.s out the window. Make everyone pay for attention and sex so no one will have anything else to complain about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps if people used a moniker instead of trolling behind Anonymous? It would certainly be more eloquent anyway 😉

  139. Anonymous says:

    Elaine brings a great deal of sense for the women who do care. Decent SD’s understand way more than the price factor involved in an arrangement that is not just sex alone, but if you are that dense, then it leaves nothing to the imagination except you are trying to get as much play as you can on women who you can manipulate and you wahoos need to go jump.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Elaine plays a good game, I will give her that. If you think women care though you are fooling yourself. It’s a business transaction when the cash stops the SB leaves. End of story. You would be a “Wahoo” to believe that you can pay someone to genuinely care about you, care about your money, what you can do for them, sure, but not pay to care about you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then all married men who financially take care of their wives because they “care” about them should get divorced. You make so much sense. Women should stop marrying men who can provide for them and run to the Xbox players fast since by your standards, only men without money can truly care.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        I’m not married and never will be, the divorce laws are oppressive towards males. Taking care of a spouse is very different to taking care of a stranger. Also I thought the genders were equal? Why does a man have to financially take care of a woman and why does a woman still seek that in 2015?

        More Feminist hypocrisy geared to women’s advantage and to screw men over. According to you only by spending money a man can care. I guess that makes sense in a woman’s mind.

      • Anonymous says:

        Already corrected the situation. If both sexes pay, then only the rich people are reproducing because the poor people can’t afford to pay for it. That’s what we are moving toward. With the men screaming feminism, they are working their ideas to only have the higher bread winners to afford to reproduce and make everyone pay for their bitterness and blame the women for the whole situation. No wonder women run when the money runs out, your attitude sucks to be around without it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes it’s all men’s fault as per usual. Not women’s never ending hatred and greed pushing men away. And it is men walking away from women in droves.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Cryptic Let’s say you have a job you absolutely love. You and your boss have become more friends than employer/employee. You go golfing together, met each others families, have dinner at each others home, etc. You genuinely like and care for him.

        One day he calls you into his office and tell you his company is having financial problems and he can’t afford to pay your salary. But he thinks in a years time he’ll be afloat again. He then proceeds to ask you would you continue to work for him with out your salary until things turn around.

        Do you continue to work for him without getting paid?

        Does the fact that he can no longer pay you change how you felt about him, does he stop being a friend?

        Was the fact that he signed your paycheck the only reason you enjoyed his company outside of work?

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay- You keep proving my point!! I work for money. So if the boss tells me that he can no longer pay me I look for another job, he can call me when he can start paying me again!

        I also don’t play golf or socialize with work colleagues even if they are higher up than me. I am the real deal, a self made man and I like it that way.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Lol I see you avoided answering all the other questions that you couldn’t twist to prove your point. GOOD JOB! And your comment about not golfing and being a self made man is ridiculous since clearly this was a hypothetical question. I expect this nonsense from fundude but not from you. And no I’m not talking about your opinion on the subject, but your inability to accept that just because you can’t/won’t allow yourself to feel anything in a sugar relationship other people can.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay-I believe that the SB cares a great deal because she is ensuring her meal ticket. Much the same way the stray cat nuzzles me in the morning because I tend to feed it. However if I stop feeding it, it will stop turning up.

        @SBTV- I’m just being very brutally honest about this, it’s the SB’s that keep trying to make it seem like it something genuine. It just isn’t. Anyway, this discussion and the whole Sugar topic is really depressing for me.

        Good luck all, I’m out of here.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Good choice. No point going to the beach and then complaining because there’s sand everywhere.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Of course the cat will go elsewhere. No matter how much it likes you, it still needs to eat to survive. The same way no matter how much you liked your boss you would have to leave because you still need to pay your bills.

        Am I saying all SBs care about their SDs? No. What I am saying is that some do. Will the ones who care stay if the money run out? Probably not,but it doesn’t mean that what they felt wasn’t real. I think it’s a good decision to take a break and regroup. Good luck to you as well my friend.

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @Jay- Ok I’m really coming to the end of my rope on this now! If the “Feelings” only last as long as the money lasts then it was never real Jay. It’s like a man being really into a woman, pursuing her and then as soon as he beds her he loses interest the second he climaxes. It was never real, it was just a means to an end.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        After this I won’t comment anymore on this subject ….at least not with you. The feelings don’t go away, necessity forces you to move on. That’s the simplest way I can put it.

      • FatB'StardSA says:

        @Bolt on boobs (Jaybird923)

        Let me answer your questions:

        I assume that this “friend/boss” owns the company (otherwise your question is kind of dumb).

        “Do you continue to work for him without getting paid?”

        Not if he does not take a significant cut in pay.

        “Does the fact that he can no longer pay you change how you felt about him, does he stop being a friend?”

        If he does not take a significant cut in pay then he was never my friend to begin with.

        Was the fact that he signed your paycheck the only reason you enjoyed his company outside of work?

        No. But know I would know that I was wrong to think he was my friend.

        Only an mentally ill/conniving person would think that a SB really cares about her SD. Is it surprising so many SB’s claim they care about their SD’s :-).

        Have a nice day :-).

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Clearly you are one of the people here for whom reading comprehension is a problem. Since I clearly state in the second paragraph that it’s his company. So I guess we just figured out that the question isn’t dumb… but you just might be. Plus your answers are irrelevant since they are out of context, but thanks for contributing.

    • gentleman soul says:

      Caring happens in spite of ourselves . This is true of an SD/SB relationship or a marriage. It’s just that in a marriage the couple is bound by finances and eventually children/other family. There is a village to divorce and not just an underpaying guy.

      Sugar is so appealing because the cards are on the table up front . At first it is ALL about the money . In some arrangements affection happens and the couple has more of an investment in each other . But in the end ,if the money goes so does the Hoes.

  140. Anonymous says:

    @ fundudes comment on the other blog

    If you think all the SB’s are fat or too high priced for their looks, then stopped complaining about it and go to Eros where you can pick the woman based on her looks and her price is there for you also to see. No money, no play in the hay. Other than that, stop complaining. I would love to see the SB’s behave more like the Eros women in the sense that if they cut off the pussy and playtime without drawing their lines in the sand at the men, then the only complaining you will have to say is, you have to buckle down and shell out. Enough already.

  141. Jaybird923 says:

    Good. Just what we needed. Hopefully the non sense stays on the old blog.

  142. lovelynyours says:

    They’re really trying to squeeze every bit of mileage out of this, aren’t they? Jesus.

    • THEATLSD says:

      They are but its not really unexpected. SA has gone from a quiet niche site to full blown all out marketing site. The calendar fits nicely into the current thinking by the marketing staff. Though I would love to sit down with Brook have a glass of wine and pick her brain.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      It’s a shame the women in the calendar aren’t attractive.

  143. THEATLSD says:

    first; 1st; número uno