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Starting the Conversation


As you might know by now, securing a Sugar Daddy is no simple matter, it takes time and effort, sometimes more so than finding a traditional partner. One of the most common qualms of Sugar Babies is the correct way to reach out and start a conversation with a potential Sugar Daddy.

First off, there are some things that are red flags and major turn offs for Sugar Daddies. Here is what not to do:

Don’t act entitled.

Sugar Babies come to the site with dollar signs in their eyes, and most think if they should state their desires for shopping sprees and $3,000 allowances in the first message. Ask, believe, receive, right? Wrong. The point of the site is to find someone you can build a relationship with who can also help you financially. Sugar Daddies want to help, but they only want to help Sugar Babies they like and respect. A woman who demands things before meeting someone is on the path to unsuccessful arrangements and wasted time.

Don’t skip over his profile.

The most important thing you can do is to actually read his profile and make sure he’s someone you’d really be interested in, and ensure that you somewhat fit the description of what he’s looking for too. People like what they like, and don’t be off-put if that isn’t you. There are a ton of treasures in his profile (if he took the time to write one) that can help you start with the perfect opener.

There are a few subtle tips and tricks you should use when you’re sending the first message. Ideally you want to catch his attention without seeming desperate.

Ask a question.

The key to getting him interested is to get him talking about himself. Everyone is an expert on themselves, so you can surely ask him something about his style or career that will quickly get the ball rolling.

Try starting off with a compliment like, “Wow I love that pink shirt in your default, it takes a real man to pull off salmon!” If he’s doing an activity like golfing, do a little research on courses near you and ask if he’s tried one out. There are plenty of little secrets hidden in his profile that show you cared enough to actually read his and say something that’s actually meaningful.

Take a break.

Whether you’re texting, messaging on the site, or talking on the phone, you always want to leave the conversation on a high note, and keep him wanting more. If you two just connected, chances are you aren’t going to go out that night. When you feel a lull in the conversation, let him know you have to go and that you’ll talk to him tomorrow, then maybe throw him a cute picture so he has something to think about until you do. This is key for maintaining interest. You aren’t just sitting around waiting for responses on SA, so act like you have an important life to attend to.

Make a suggestion.

Another thing you can try is to encourage a date idea. If he has a picture at a nice restaurant, ask if he’s tried the food at a certain bistro and then playfully suggest, “You should take me there sometime.” Giving him a subtle command is a great in-person trick too. You give him a chance easily ask you out, and if he doesn’t feel the same way you’ll know instantly.

No matter what, make sure to keep the conversation fun and light hearted. Flirting should make him want to get to know you more, and get him excited about the prospect of a date with you. In the first exchanges, remember you don’t want to bring up an allowance. If you two end up vibing, and going on a date, that’s when you can discuss an allowance.

Know what you want.

The site is meant to help you reach your dreams! If all you want is designer clothes, you’re doing it wrong. When he asks the initial “What are you looking for?” don’t start out by demanding funds. Just say you want to be spoiled, and if you end up hitting it off you’ll talk about it then. Never say I don’t know. He wants a girl who knows what she wants, so figure it out! Have a goal in mind, and let him help you achieve it.

With all that being said, you aren’t wasting your time if you don’t get the response you want. Count the experiences that don’t turn into an arrangement as practice… and we all know eventually practice leads to perfection.

What’s your go to conversation starter?

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  1. T says:

    Other blogs on this site say that you should ask directly for the exact arrangement you want towards the end of the first meeting. This one says you should shrug and say, “I wanna be spoiled!” (a phrase that truly grosses me out). So which is it? Is it directness or is it hair twirling?

  2. Kay says:

    Why is no one on this site real. I feel like it’s bunch of scammers asking for credit info to drop you some money :/

  3. K says:

    Hi! I’ve been in the site for 2 months already and I haven’t any luck yet. I’ve met someone who is nice but wants a per meet arrangement. Right now, I’m with him but I’d like to look for a guy that would provide like a monthly allowance. And I’ve massaged a lot of men already but most of them don’t reply. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY PROFILE.

  4. Jesse says:

    I have been a member for 2 years now and have absolutely no luck in finding a sugar daddy. I live in Houston, TX so I should have many options, In the 2 years I have gotten 2 messages and nothing came of them. I have messaged a good amount of men but none ever get back to me. I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Would someone be willing to take a look at my profile and tell me what you think, maybe give me some ways to be more appealing?

    My Username is: J_sugar94

  5. Jooni b says:

    I haven’t had any luck on here most likely I’ve been finding scams or men supposingly I have it all and doesn’t. Can someone please check my profile and let me know what are some things that I need to change in order to get some responses the right ones

  6. jMichelle says:

    Thoughts on my profile? I keep getting a lot of creeps messaging me. Also, there is this one SD that I really like and want to contact. I don’t want to seem too direct or like I don’t know what I want. Honestly I’m way to nervous about putting him off.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can someone review my profile? I’ve had no luck since I’ve been on the site.. It’s frustrating.

  8. John says:

    I don’t have premium i just have the basic free version of the app. Can I message people without having to pay for the premium ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone give me feedback on how my profile looks? Thanks

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  11. […] what you’re looking for in an arrangement, start reaching out to POT Daddies that fit the bill. Starting the conversation can be daunting, but also very rewarding in letting a Daddy know he’s just what you’re looking […]

  12. Sugar Baby says:

    Thanks for this! I’m sure these tips will come in handy!

  13. Kokko says:

    Hi Guys,

    Please give me an advice how to find the Daddy of my dreams!

    I’m an attractive and creative young guy. xx

    • Anonymous says:

      not gonna happen, goodbye

      • Kokko says:

        LOL #rude

      • Anonymous says:

        This site is primarily for heterosexual arrangements between white women and white+other men. Even white women trying to find white sugar momma is rare.

        NOTHING against other combinations but such arrangements materialize few and far between. So take it as a warning and alter your expectations accordingly.

      • T says:

        As a former dominatrix, I can assure you plenty of “straight” men with money would love to have their own private stud horse to emasculate them and make them get on their knees. Also, you know, real gay men exist and have money. It may not be the norm on this site, but when you’re in a niche, it means that you are a commodity to the people IN that niche–that’s a good place to be.

  14. Yasminblu says:

    Hey everyone(: I’ve been using this site for a little while now but I’ve had absolutely no luck! I haven’t recieved any messages, and I’ve sent numerous ones out but haven’t gotten any replies. Can someone give me some tips on how to become more successful on here? Thanks!

    • Attica M says:

      unfortunately black women, we aren’t very popular here.

      you know how Fox news only has “attractive” skinny blonde white girls as host that appeal to the audience? thats kinda the audience here. some men like light skin latinas or asians, but as black women we will not really be messaged.

      and as a girl that is a few extra pounds, its going to be even harder for you. you are lovely though. But success here on this site is rare for us.

      try whatsyourprice. good luck hun <3

      • black.sugar says:

        I wish I could message you both! I have gotten lots of messages, predominantly from white men (as they populate the site), but in my experience it has been lots of ppl on a “chocolate” kink/fetish tip. I have no time (or desire) to try and fit European standards of beauty to find a sugar daddy/mommy, so I often find myself in a position where I am fetishized as an “exotic African beauty”. It’s hard out here as black and brown sugar babes navigating racism and whiteness. Much love and many hugs to you both <3

      • Anonymous says:

        I find it hard to understand how racism comes up when you say you get messages from white guys. In any event, if I go to a bakery looking for a blueberry pie and they only have apple pies, if I don’t buy the apple does that mean I hate apple? Of course not. People just have their own tastes and if you aren’t it then it means nothing except just that. Do you refuse to compromise to appeal, but expect them to compromise their desires?
        I find it amusing as well that you see “whiteness” as a bad thing when you have “no time (or desire) to try and fit European standards of beauty” and insist on your “blackness”.

      • black.sugar says:

        There is a distinction between whiteness, and white people. It isn’t getting messages from white men that is bad it is whiteness as an institution that holds systemic power that is a bad thing. In the context of beauty it assumes that only people who fit within a certain norm (white, thin, straight hair etc.) are desirable. It assumes that anyone outside of that standard is not desirable and needs to work towards that…by wearing weave, relaxing hair, losing weight, bleaching skin or whatever. I am not suggesting that people can not have specific desires, but when desires are tooted in unexamined prejudice -of any kind- then it is a problem. Desires aren’t neutral, they are socialized in certain ways that are connected to histories of race, class, gender and on. That is what I am getting at. Black and Brown female sugar babes come up against that everyday in nuanced ways in the pursuit of an arrangement online.
        “Insisting on my blackness” as you call it is to reject that I have to somehow change myself to be desirable to anyone, and assume that it is my fault that whiteness is valued in particular ways.

      • Anonymous says:

        Indeed desires aren’t neutral, they are socialized. However that means any desire will be derived from some sort of “point of view” so everyone is programmed one way or another. Most of the SD’s on this site have a certain set of desires, as you well know.
        It seems to me that you have indeed insisted on your blackness, and I commend you on being true to yourself as the only way to eventual fulfillment, but also I see no reason to assume you have any connection to, or fault, or whatever to whiteness.
        My point is that anyone coming on this site has to deal with the set of desires on the other side of the arrangements. You shouldn’t be surprised, if your set of desires clash with others, to have little success. Perhaps you don’t feel surprised, but it seems certain you are at least frustrated. I have come across others who seem to be offended that this situation exists, which just makes me shake my head. However this has nothing to do with RACISM [as people generally tend to interpret the word nowadays.] This word just thrown about far too easily, and it is too nasty a charge to be flippant about.
        My good wishes until we engage in some good old fashioned class/gender/age/race/apple/blueberry warfare – then I’ll be seeing you in the trenches. Hope you like blueberry pie!

    • Attica M says:

      i like your profile though <3

    • Anonymous says:

      Decide if that juicy cake is better than an allowance…

      Lose weight and your chances will increase…

      Insist on fat acceptance and your chances will remain where they are…

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re a very pretty girl. Don’t let things like this lower your self esteem. xoxo-A.H

    • Nancymars says:

      I a black young female an already I have received soo many messages but they tend to want to want sex and that isn’t my interest so I have just ignored most. All I a saying is that white men and Asians love me and i am black!

  15. Liiaaa says:

    I am new to this and I haven’t had any luck. Can someone please give me some pointers?

    • noname says:

      Liliaaa don’t be in a rush take some time to talk and get to know your sugar daddy by focusing on someone your comfortable with you will get more out of a arrangement

    • Anonymous says:

      SA gives us the ability to search profiles based on ethnicity. Your profile will not show up in most searches. Yours will not show up in mine for sure. I will not even know you existed unless you viewed my profile or sent me a message. I hate to say this but this is a common theme/complaint/experience of black SB’s. Read the older blogs if you don’t believe me.

  16. Liza255 says:

    Been on here for a year still nothing, what am I possibly doing wrong here?

    • Anonymous says:

      You may have better luck on other sites…just sneak in money expectations when you meet them there.

      There are too many Black escorts on this site…so regular black women don’t do very well on this site due to stereotyping. So adjust your expectations accordingly, and hang in there if you have thick skin.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your competition is overwhelming. Sign on as a SD and look at the other SB profiles. Your profile will not even show up in 99% of the searches including mine, based on your color.

    • THEATLSD says:

      You don’t look 25. That could be one issue.

  17. SunshinesBetter says:

    I have 3 public photos on my profile and a few private ones … the private ones are because initially I only had private pictures, none of them are revealing or naked.

    What’s up with these guys who seeing I have public photos request the private ones without sharing their photos? Or worse, I reach out and request private sending them at least a few words, and they don’t even reply and request my private photo.

    Seriously… it seems they don’t know the basic of reciprocity.

    Can someone explain….

  18. Curious 22 says:

    I am very new to this. Is there any chance someone can review my profile?

  19. Anonymous says:

    No luck for me

  20. Raine-Alexa L. says:

    I’ve been doing it wrong, I was expecting it to be like any other dating site, sign up, write about yourself, post pictures, log off. *next day* “100 new messages.” sigh but it’s not about quantity more so QUALITY. Good article.

  21. Venus408 says:

    ive been on here for a couple of months but I haven’t had good luck so I was wondering if someone can check my profile 🙂

  22. Anon SD says:

    Jaybird923, LOVED your previous comment re secured credit card vs real credit card. Just perfect.

  23. CosminaM says:

    Hi, I’m new here if u want to check my profile! I like very much to talk with people and have some good conersations with u guys. kisses

  24. Lilya4ever says:

    New here

    Someone could give a look at my profile?

    • FlyR says:

      OK I looked at the profile……….

      What’s missing – any discussion of how you will improve the partner’s life . What special qualities you bring,

      Any information on how the potential SD should self select…….

      It also fails to display any serious effort in the presentation which as a potential SD I would translate to an impression that you want a large allowance for being what you are to yourself rather than what you do for the relationship………. There are those who just want to be abused by an SB who might be attracted.

      There are no hooks other than a pretty face. No visions of fun

    • Anonymous says:

      “I offer you inefable glimpses of my Essence.”


  25. Johnny244 says:


  26. Still clueless about certain things... says:

    Didn’t know where to ask this, so I thought I’d post here…I’ve met a few girls from SA and let’s just say thank you for the internet, I’m getting more than I ever did in my 20s. In contrast to my shy college years, and especially after the shot of testosterone that girls on this site have given me, I feel much more confident around women to the point where I frequently find girls (even those in their 20s) giving me signs of interest (laughing at my stupid comments, twirling their hair, touching me). So recently, I was in this advisory capacity and my advisee is a young cute blonde dressed casually (it’s hot so a low round neck t-shirt over a sports bra or something similar). We’re discussing her future for a bit and then she starts pulling on her bra strap, not once but many times. Then she starts snapping it several times, and a few times she starts pulling on the top of her cup (meaning she’s reaching inside her T-shirt). Any time a girl starts pulling on her bra, it causes a reflex in guys which I had to suppress because I’m an advisor! But what was she up to? It was a casual conversation and I don’t think I was making her nervous. Was she trying to hint something to me? Mind you, I didn’t flirt with her or say anything outside my advisory capacity. But this bra snapping, cup adjusting did go on for several minutes and if it had been any other situation I would have gone for it….what do you think ladies?

    • Elayah says:

      My answer is , she could’ve been itchy. Women all know bra’s are irritating as hell. Especially if it’s a sport bra (depending on the bra itself). I wouldn’t look too deep into it, besides her wearing the wrong bra to meet meet with you. haha
      That’s my best guess but the majority of women tend to have this struggle with bra’s every day lol

      • Still clueless says:

        Ok, good point. Except that her bra snapping and adjusting was really conspicuous. I mean it went beyond what you might consider polite maneuvering in public.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Still clueless

        This is the kind of dumb response you would expect to get from a woman.

        Billions of women wear bras everyday but not too many of them do what this girl did. What you need to do is to explore further in other settings what she’s up to.

    • The Prophet says:

      “If you don’t take the chance, she won’t get her bills paid.”

    • Hi i think that not only she was nervous but she is telling you
      that she likes you and is interested in you, if you know what i mean

  27. SugarAustria25 says:


  28. ayan says:

    m new here any lady wanna sex in india……..

  29. jheyar006 says:

    I am new to the site and I was just wondering if have a someone who will be my girlfriend. 30years old and above. i want an older than me to handle our relationship properly.

  30. Victoria says:

    I’m new to the website. I would like to know Do “Sugar Daddy” can be a business mentor? I don’t mind dating an older man. I’ve dated men twice my age (27) before. I’m not the type of person who takes advantage of anyone that’s out of my character.

  31. ShayDarling says:

    How is this website under the search of best website to meet lesbians sugar mommas? Im a lesbian sugar babe and I’d really like to attract a sugar momma instead of a strictly platonic sugar daddy… But where are they!?

  32. Lele says:

    Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong, like my profile? What do I need to add besides pictures?

    • Anonymous says:

      no, no profile help is available, go read older blogs to get help

    • Anon says:

      I’m not so rigid. Where is your profile and I’ll be happy to offer any insight.

    • FlyR says:

      you can link your profile to your avatar or list it but without one of those two we can only send you back to read the blogs or go to the store and think about how any value add product from name brand table salt to diamonds are marketed.

  33. Estephanya says:

    ICE BREAKERS! They aren’t merely a pack of mints you purchase impulsively at your nearest gas station. 🙂 Reading profiles is important to get an idea of what to say initially, for sure! Decent and fairly accurate article.

  34. cup123cake says:

    I am new to the site and I was just wondering if someone could give me a few pointers on my profile. What can I do to improve it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck you.

    • uboat509 says:

      At least three public pictures; one face like you have, another 3/4 as you have, and one more full body.

      Do not use negatives in your description. “I cannot…”, while you are trying to get understanding and empathy from readers — who happen to be POT SDs actually — you need to avoid drawing attention in a negative way. Focus on what you CAN do, and express it the best way you can.

      Do not tell people that if they have questions, then ask, as your main way to introduce yourself. You can be more subtle and leave that at the end of your introduction.

      And of course, if the current organization and presentation of your text is not giving you the results you want, with POT SDs writing you, expressing interest in getting to know you better, then by all means understand that it is not working the way it is, and you need to change, rewrite, and express things in a different way. Good luck.

    • Riviera says:

      Are you looking for a Pen Pal?

  35. cup123cake says:

    I was just wondering if someone could give me a few tips on my profile. What can I do to make it better?

  36. brandnewToSaNYC says:

    Hello everyone,

    i am a young man, who lives in NYC, i am educated, very respectable, and sociable, and i would say for the most part i am a decent looking person, i have been on this site for almost a year and have yet to meet 1 person!

    what am i doing wrong?

    ive messaged many many people, and about 1% have replied to date

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, I looked at your profile and I’m here to help. First impression? Muscle shirt, lips, mustache. The me…me…me…I don’t care about your B-Day and Have not learned much about you. Who you are…discrete, mature. I want to know your character and attitude, like travel? antiques? museums? what? laid back or go go style? Looking for?? you ask are we a match? How do I know because I don’t anything about you…and the woman thinks NEXT. Written by a guy on here a month with an accurate description of who I am, what I want to do with my SB companion and can provide…and the type of woman I’m seeking. Getting 8 or 10 conversations per week, I’m initiating some, others reaching out to me. Some scams, met a handful of good women on first dates and slowly figuring it out. Good Luck.

      • brandnewToSaNYC says:

        hi, thanks for your feed back, when i first got on this site i had a very look profile, and still did not spark up much interest i guess, because it was not generating conversations, so then i said maybe if its shorter and more to the point, it would be more appealing, i guess not. lol.

        i took your advice, if you can take a long and let me know what you think, thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck you.

    • anonymousSSSD says:

      What are you? Obviously not a Sd. Are you trying to be a gay sugar boy?

      • Kore13 says:

        @anonymousSSSD I don’t see anything wrong with that.

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        I never said anything was wrong with that. I was asking him a question & it was not even directed to you. Not sure why you’re even responding. Your
        comment adds no substance
        to the conversation. Stop trying to be the comment police and mind your own business unless you have something of value to add

      • Anonymous says:



      • brandnewToSaNYC says:

        why would i be on this forum if i was a suger daddy? you are very smart already. second im on this site as a Sugar baby, thats what this site is designed for, correct? thanks for no help, lmao

    • Kore13 says:

      @brandnewToSaNYC From a woman’s POV, I am much more attracted to an ‘honest’ smile than a cheeky one. A pair of tight pants also says more (and is less vulgar) than an arm close to the assets.
      I put my opinion in here, because I think that some gay men and other women must feel similarly.

  37. Still clueless about certain things... says:

    Didn’t know where to ask this, so I thought I’d post here…I’ve met a few girls from SA and let’s just say thank you for the internet, I’m getting more than I ever did in my 20s. In contrast to my shy college years, and especially after the shot of testosterone that girls on this site have given me, I feel much more confident around women to the point where I frequently find girls (even those in their 20s) giving me signs of interest (laughing at my stupid comments, twirling their hair, touching me). So recently, I was in this advisory capacity and my advisee is a young cute blonde dressed casually (it’s hot so a low round neck t-shirt over a sports bra or something similar). We’re discussing her future for a bit and then she starts pulling on her bra strap, not once but many times. Then she starts snapping it several times, and a few times she starts pulling on the top of her cup (meaning she’s reaching inside her T-shirt). Any time a girl starts pulling on her bra, it causes a reflex in guys which I had to suppress because I’m an advisor! But what was she up to? It was a casual conversation and I don’t think I was making her nervous. Was she trying to hint something to me? Mind you, I didn’t flirt with her or say anything outside my advisory capacity. But this bra snapping, cup adjusting did go on for several minutes and if it had been any other situation I would have gone for it….what do you think ladies?

    • Kore13 says:

      @Still clueless about certain things…

      She’s attracted to you, but I’d be careful in your position. If she’s with you for councelling, she thinks it’s a sign of intimacy and maybe she also has some issues – you know better than anyone else.

      For me, this is flirting.

      • Still clueless about certain things... says:

        Thanks for that input. More I think about it, it seems like she started the bra snapping when I wasn’t doing reacting to her previous “hints.” Thanks for that insight re: her feeling intimate because we were in a counseling session. I think I need to get out of being her advisor, lol!

        Pity I didn’t know about you when I was in Germany last time– you seem quite lovely:).

    • FlyR says:

      as a gentleman you could have asked if there was anything you could help with.

  38. Anonymous says:


    “so you are saying that the sb should sleep with you say on a monday, and trust you will give her an allowance on friday?”

    Women want monthly allowance in advance ALL THE TIMES because they don’t want to “feel like a prostitute.”

    However, when the tables are turned, women automagically but temporarily become logical.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      What do you mean by when the tables are turned?

      • Anonymous says:

        He means if you offer them to be paid at the end of the month, they will not be happy about it. As they would worry that they will never see THEIR money.
        An SD concern – that he will never see HIS money if they are paid upfront, women consider irrelevant.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is why PTP works folks. Put your prejudices aside about “escortism” and just accept that trust has to be established . Someone has to go first after all. A reasonable route is to meet for an intimate date ,do your thing ,and accept your allowance previously agreed on . An alternative is to demand payment up front -which is even more escort-like. I have been scammed several times -mostly advancing money for future services . But I have never had any SB demand $ up front . I have always paid as agreed at the conclusion of the date . Even my long term SB of 1 1/2 years received her allowance after the date -and she even booked the hotel on her own CC.

      • uboat509 says:

        I have been scammed already twice with “advances” for future meetings, in good faith, once they received it, they do not have time for me anymore, and then even disappeared from the site. I have reported them, of course, but the allowance is gone.

    • uboat509 says:

      In a per meeting arrangements as some of the ones I have had in the past, I place the allowance in a nice Hallmark card, and give it to her while dinning by simply extending it in the table just after the waiter took our drinks order. It is just a very obvious greeting card envelope, and it shouldn’t not make the woman feel like a prostitute. She is to receive the allowance at some point.

      It is also important, for the SD, to know that she is not going to bail out once she has received the allowance. I had that before. We have agreed on 4x per month meetings, and the allowance at the beginning of the month. The excuses came immediately; “cannot get a baby sitter”, “my family is visiting this week”, “I need to go and see my aunt who is sick, in another city”, just to give you a sample. Every situation is different, and the women are different, but this way has worked for me so far, and I do have the highest respect for the ladies I have had the opportunity to share time with.

  39. Niyaful says:

    Im still new to this. I created my profile last month and have yet to arrange a meeting yet. When someone messages me that the want to meet of the bat, I don’t know how to take that. Especially when we haven’t even exchanged one message yet. What are messages that you should watch out for? I’m leaning towards background verified profiles, or at least premium members mostly to maintain a degree of safety.
    I don’t have an interest to meet people who message me about meeting when their profiles are completely bare, and they haven’t messaged me once before.
    Does anyone have any advice? Is that how people normally message SB’s?

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      I like to meet as soon as possible, I do chat a little first of course and sometimes the meet can take longer than other times depending on schedules. My first meets are a simple coffee for an hour or so and we just chat and get an idea of what it is like to be with each other. I don’t pay for get to know you meets either nor do I expect any sex etc from the SB.

      If you were to do similar that would keep you pretty safe and always make sure you meet in public as well. Also making it clear to the person you are meeting as to your limits and what you are wanting from the first meet will drive off a lot of the fakes.

      In my case not paying for first meets drives off the scammers, in your case making it clear there won’t be sex will drive off the sleaze bags.

      The main group of bloggers hang out in the most recent blog so if you want advice you are best going to that one.

      • Niyaful says:

        I understand the meeting as soon as possible part. And I do believe that meeting over a simple coffee would be a wise choice. especially in a public place.

        And I do may a key point in my profile of my interests, and I will do similar in a meeting.

        If I don’t want to to something with an SD then I won’t. It won’t matter to me if he’s offering something he views as a tempting offer. I won’t adjust my level of comforts for another. So it’ll be right on to the next person for me.

        And if its meeting for the first date over coffee, I’d pay for myself, and even offer to pay for my meeting partner, if they don’t find that insulting. If they want to hand me an envelope full of cash as thank you for the first date, then thats fine with me, but I wont expect it or feel as though I’m entitled to compensation. We are both putting in valuable time in order to see if we’d care to invest more in the future.

  40. Niyaful says:

    Im still new to this. I created my profile last month and have yet to arrange a meeting yet. When someone messages me that the want to meet of the bat, I don’t know how to take that. Especially when we haven’t even exchanged one message yet. What are messages that you should watch out for? I’m leaning towards background verified profiles, or at least premium members mostly to maintain a degree of safety.
    I don’t have an interest to meet people who message me about meeting when their profiles are completely bare, and they haven’t messaged me once before.
    Does anyone have any advice? Is that how people normally message SB’s?

  41. noname says:

    make sure everything is confirmed you don’t want to use your own money to get out of a bad situation most people are ok but there are some bad apples forget getting a name if he’s married he won’t give it

  42. Kore13 says:

    Question about confirming identitiy:

    I can understand how an SD wants to remain anonymous, but what are the ways I can feel more secure?

    @Elaine – you suggested doing a background check, but what if the SD isn’t willing to reveal his name?

    I have two SDs that are interested in a first meeting. One straight away offered to book my hotel for me and told me that I don’t have to engage in anything I feel uncomfortable with. The other, I asked (perhaps naiively?) to confirm his identity by telling me his last name. He took this insultingly (because he is coming in from Switzerland for the meet), but he’d previously mentioned nothing to me about how he would prove that he’s going to book a 5star hotel, etc.. I asked him to send me a confirmation of this, but he replied saying that I was overthinking it and that he will call me once he’s booked hotel and flights.

    SD opinions also welcome.


    • Anonymous says:

      skype, facetime, seems reasonable, if they do not go for that, next them….your safety is most important

    • Kore13 says:

      Also, I would like to know from both SDs and SBs. Have you ever made an arrangement, went all the way and didn’t pay/get paid the allowance? If so, why?

      • Anonymous says:

        personally, no, this has never happened to me, the worst that has happened is having a girl cancel last minute

      • Anonymous says:

        Started an arrangement with 2 SBs at separate times . Advanced some allowance once –and flake city . Slow learner. There are just some crooks out there unfortunately

    • Elaine says:


      Sometimes I know their identity before they officially reveal it.
      Knowing his profession, cell phone number, emailadress, Skype name, company, age, city, random things he told me and of course reverse Google image search, can be very helpful. 😉

      As far as the pot’s:

      Did #1 give you his identity and do you have to travel to him?

      And #2, Does he come to your city to meet? In that case, why would you want to know about his confirmation in a 5* hotel ? Just wait for his call, meet in a public place and see how it goes.
      I wouldn’t travel to anyone who doesn’t give me his real name, but a coffee meet in your own city shouldn’t be a big risk. Maybe after having met you and decided to want to take things further, he feels more comfortable to give his identity?

      I don’t know what you’re exactly looking for, but if it is an arrangement with travelling involved, and where he expect you to trust him with your body, I would expect him to trust me with his identity in return.
      And indeed, no travelling before Skype!

      Never have travelled and not got allowance.
      Though the reverse did happen one time.

      I travelled very far to meet a pot with whom I had been talking on and off for already a year or so without finding the right opportunity to meet. We video Skyped, mailed, whatsapped etc. and we both found each other looking very attractive.
      So I arrived, he had booked me a beautiful hotel, picked me up for lunch and then …. nothing! No click, no chemistry, no attraction, just nothing!

      But he was a gentleman and the next day brought an enveloppe with allowance to the hotel without me having asked for anything.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Elaine Reverse searching doesn’t help all the time since it’s mostly colors that google takes into account.

        I will meet #1 this Saturday, but he’s legit – I found enough info online and saw his FB profile. He’s travelling twice the distance I am to get to Hamburg.

        #2 I was supposed to meet Thursday and Friday, but I called off last night. After two weeks of planning before he’d booked anything. First he wanted exclusivity and when I declined, he wanted to meet anyway. After a few days, I’d asked him to reschedule but he insisted on knowing if it was because of another SD. I told him it was and he’d held it against me since. I remained polite to keep it NSA, but he resorted to emotional blackmail. I let that go because I didn’t want drama, but that made him feel ‘high and mighty,’ forgetting that SA is an equal exchange. Finally, when I asked him for a video chat for more security, he said I was annoying and he didn’t want to discuss it.

        I felt guilty that he’d already hired others to fill his position in his absence.. But it’s the disrespectful attitude and drama potential that bothered me. If I were to meet him, it would mean sacrificing my mental wellbeing.

        He also told me from the start that he wanted to keep things natural, so we never spoke about an allowance.

        I don’t live in Hamburg, but over an hour away. To put it plainly, he was willing to ignore compatibility for sex and fun and I couldn’t for a 5* hotel, underwear shopping and a maybe allowance.

        Also, I’ve found no trace of him online.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kore , Married SDs generally maintain anonymity at least until trust has been earned. Perhaps out of country visits or even interstate liaisons are easier to expose our true identity,but I for one will not tell you who I am . I do realize your situation is different since a guy is travelling or you will be . But all of my Sugaring takes place locally ,and we can meet face to face first to get a feel for each other .

      • Kore13 says:

        Yes, I think it was a beginner’s mistake on my part – I didn’t think it through well enough before asking. He wasn’t married, but his job relied heavily on reputation. I did explain the reason for it and asked to be excused.

  43. TravelAddict says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve been here for a while now and have had a few successful arrangements in the past. However, since SA gaining more and more publicity, it has attracted quite a lot of new SBs that think that it’s an easy way to earn free money here. A few things I’ve encountered in the last few weeks:
    *. Saw this on a new profile today: “So I suppose what I am offering is a non sexual companionship, dinner dates, and shopping spree”
    *. Put Negotiable on the expectation but asking $1000/wk on the reply of my message (plus gifts and shopping trips)
    *. Got scammed over $1000 (my own mistake) after skyping and talking on the phone for a week. She lives in a rural area so I wanted to fly her to me but she wasn’t comfortable in giving me her full name for the plane ticket. So she asked me to send her the money to buy the ticket. Lo and behold, never heard back from her since she got the money. Tried to report her, but SA wants to see e-mail communications, which I got none because I did phone and skype.
    I start to wonder whether there are honest and genuine women out there…

    • Elaine says:

      There are Travel! Tdhere are, on’t loose hope 😉

      The last 2 years SA marketing is indeed attracting a lot of quantity instead of quality.
      Keep calm and weed out. 😉
      And don’t ever pay anything in advance!

      Someone who is supposed to fly over for to meet you should be comfortable enough to give her real name.
      Because really? She planned to travel to a man she doesn’t even trust enough to give him her name? Big red flag!

      Wish you success! 🙂

    • Elaine says:

      There are Travel! There are, don’t loose hope 😉

      The last 2 years SA marketing is indeed attracting a lot of quantity instead of quality.
      Keep calm and weed out. 😉
      And don’t ever pay anything in advance!

      Someone who is supposed to fly over for to meet you should be comfortable enough to give her real name.
      Because really? She planned to travel to a man she doesn’t even trust enough to give him her name? Big red flag!

      Wish you success! 🙂

    • Kore13 says:

      @TravelAddict I’m so sorry to hear that you got ripped off! I know that it can damage trust. I suggest that you don’t let this experience stop you from finding the right SB, but always make sure you on equal terms. At least until you get to know one another.

    • Anonymous says:

      you got scammed because you are lazy and lack common sense, a fool and his money are often parted….fly to them first, not them to you

      • TravelAddict says:

        Thank you for the reality check, mate. Due to my work, I don’t have much free time to fly around and visit SBs. But I sure have learnt my lesson

      • Anonymous says:

        See the real issue here is you have given validity to a scammer who thinks she will be able to do this again and again, this is why sa has the disclaimer of not sending money first, yes it is a lesson learned, but it is really just common sense, look at it as a lesson learned and never make this mistake again. Look for local girls, NEVER fly someone in for a first time visit. I am not totally against sending money, but start with pocket change, $100 or so, unless 1k is pocket change to you. as a sd you hold the upper hand, you have the $, so no matter what a sb says, she has to prove to you she is real, but if she does, you must keep your word and be reliable

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anonymous. Even with flying them in? Don’t people need first and last names for a flight ticket?.. I imagine that guves the SB a sense of responsiblity?

      • Anonymous says:

        @kore, yes, that is why you NEVER fly someone in, either fly to them, or find a more local sb

      • Anon says:

        For future reference, it’s “a fool and his money are *easily* parted”.

      • Anon says:

        For future reference genius, the expression is “a fool and his money are *easily* parted”.

      • Jose says:

        Actually, the saying is “a fool and his money are SOON parted.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Look at it as a 1k lesson, try to use common sense in the future and stop thinking with the little head

    • IHF2030 says:

      You should never front women money for any purpose. Instead, just offer to reimburse for airfare and any other expenses. A young woman is coming to visit from Germany next month and I told her I would reimburse for airfare and other expenses and she is fine with that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yet another case of scammer women. Interesting that when a man gets scammed people blame him but if a woman gets scammed they blame the man involved still.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The Charm Is The Third Time…I’m the new guy that got stood up by my first 2 dates, and asked for allowance advice after a successful lunch date ( my third SA attempt and first face to face ) set up a weekend together with the same woman. Friday and Saturday together were a good start for us in all ways. Ladies…Elaine and Jaybird923, well done for your insight of character, communication, and long term thinking. Guys, there are good honest woman out there, it’s a numbers game. We also have next weekend scheduled together and arranged a win win package.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      YAY! Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a long and successful arrangement. Thank you for keeping us updated 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Right on…The chemistry and laughter is hitting it off for us. Yes, early, an early beginning. Better than a quick ending or no show! What impressed me was her actions…prompt Q & A, showing up on time, interest in me and us, her class, beauty and self confidence standout humbly. One Day At A Time.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Actions speak louder than words if more SDs were in less of a rush to “seal the deal” they wouldn’t have as many negative experiences. You can keep up a facade for only so long before it begins to crack.

        For some reason wanting to take things slow is seen as a negative thing for most SDs(on the blog anyway)but if money isn’t exchanging hands why not go on 2-3 meets before moving forward?

      • Anonymous says:

        I think nothing is wrong with 2-3 dates for a quality SB. Anything beyond that is probably a waste of time. If the woman is still undecided after three dates…she does not like you. That is true for Okcupid and even more so on here.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        If anything I think it should be the SDs that are demanding that they take things slow. You are about to be investing a good sum of money into someone you should take the time to make sure they are a worthy investment.

        You wouldn’t invest thousands of dollars into a new business venture or stock just based off of a 30 minute conversation over coffee. You’d want time to do research to make sure it’s a sound investment with minimal/reasonable risk. SO why can’t you do that when looking for a SB?

      • Anonymous says:

        exactly jay, I am in no hurry for a woman to take my money, I need to be shown you are a good investment, this can be done through texting and casual meet ups, but the minute you are proven unreliable, I am done

      • Anonymous says:

        This is why P4P in the beginning makes total sense. We are both establishing our “credit-worthiness” and ability to keep promises.
        Anyone who has a credit history knows that it is established by being consistent. Are there are some people out there who can buy a castle and pay cash for it – absolutely.
        If you pay your SB a hefty allowance in advance, she may indeed decide she found a goldmine and stick with that SD as a glue. Or she might think that is all she is gonna get anyway and disappear with your money. It is up to SD to decide what is in that particular SB’s head and act accordingly.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        P4P does not establish “credit Worthiness” If any thing P4P is more like a secured credit card. A real credit card company extends you credit and trust that you will pay them back. If you only looking for short term than P4P is the perfect option. But if you’re looking to build something long term it just doesn’t make sense.

        Everything we do in life is a gamble sometimes we win sometimes we lose. If you want trust, you have to be willing to give it, and someone has to be willing to go first… And this goes for both sides of the sugar bowl, you have to decide if this person is worth taking the risk.

        If he/she is everything you were searching for and you’ve taken the time to get to know them,then take a leap of faith… the potential rewards far outweigh the risk.

        It’s either you lose a couple hundred dollars or you sleep with someone you liked and was attracted too. For the guys just think of it as betting on red at the roulette table… there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll win :-))

      • Anonymous says:


        No reasonable Credit Card company should give a hefty credit line to a person with no credit history…well, at least they should not have had. That is why we had 2009.
        Once you have a “good credit history” with me.. I will front you the money.
        Not before. As any “good faith” credit company I tried that…and I lost money.
        One learns.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Most Good credit card company don’t start you off with a high credit limit. They slowly increase your limit over time based on how well you handle your current limit. That’s why I’m a proponent of weekly and bi weekly allowances.

        I know many of the SBs would probably disagree with me but I don’t think you should hand someone you just met a lump sum of money.

        Weekly allows you to “build credit” But before you can get to that someone has to be willing to go first… either she sleeps with you and trust you’ll follow through with the allowance or you give the allowance and trust she’ll show up when she said she would. I have no idea why people make this more complicated than it needs to be. This is no different than traditional dating except that we’re more upfront and obvious about the “exchange” when it comes to sugar dating.

        You spend money on a date with no guarantee she’ll put out she sleeps with a guy that she has no guarantee she’ll ever hear from again it’s all a gamble…

      • Anonymous says:

        so you are saying that the sb should sleep with you say on a monday, and trust you will give her an allowance on friday?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        LOL whatever day you guys decide. It’s not such a foreign concept you go to work every week and trust that on Friday you’ll get paid.

        If you have a set date to meet fine but if you have a more organic arrangement, where you get together whenever you both are free than do that. Or you can deposit the money on the same day you meet whatever works for you guys. Just don’t hand her an envelope of cash after you guys have been intimate… it makes a difference to most women.

  45. Love2 Laugh says:

    It simply depends if we’re working in a big company separate and occasionally pass by by each other or have to communicate. If this was a job I was going to school for or in my field yes. I look for longevity and not someone wanting me around short term.

  46. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    Here is a SERIOUS question for the SBs on blog…I’ve been absent for a while, and lurking for a bit recently…now, I’m drowning in a business proposal that would mean needing a decent amount of new employees quickly…from the SB perspective, if a successful businessman approached you on SA and said he had a JOB for you, and he would want to have you as a lover (let’s just say he is either single or married, whatever you desired in a SD) in addition to the JOB, how would you react? would you be supportive of the concept?

    • SB TVC15 says:

      That would depend on how badly I wanted or needed it.

      If I were out of work, wanted to get out of my current gig, or it represented a good opportunity to improve my career, I’d like the idea.

      The risks are:
      * the working relationship might not be good and could ruin their personal dynamic
      * the SB could lose the job if she loses the SD
      * good chance other employees would figure out there’s a sexual relationship and then resent the SB

      So, if I had good, stable employment or excellent prospects elsewhere, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as attractive.

      But either way, I would be flattered by the offer!

    • IHF2030 says:

      you are setting yourself up for all kinds of trouble if you hire a sugarbaby to work in your business. And that is especially true if you are married.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Yes, it would be even more risky for the SD, especially where people are litigious and labour laws are strong.

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        I have mixed business and pleasure twice already…once was a complete success, the other was a complete failure (even though I guess since I’m still married and I still own the business it could be considered a success?)

        The first time, she lost her job while we were seeing each other…I was busy and didn’t see the “need” for an assistant, but wanted her to be taken care of, so I hired her as a contractor and “personal assistant”…she left for another job when she was done with her degree and we still connect for conversation only (and it’s been a decade sine we were physical)…

        Second time, I hired an assistant because I needed some help…we had a big deal close and she was a part of the support and timing to close the deal so I took her out…she ordered a second drink and I protested because I didn’t want to hit on her and ruin our work environment…she responded she wanted both…she eventually let the work slide, while still telling me she was keeping up and then left both parts of our situation with 2 hours notice and a complete mess of things at the business…but…no law suits and no publicity to our intimacy, so I guess it was a small victory?

        Oh, and both of these situations lasted at least two years in as sugar…

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Well, that’s the joy and pitfall of being an adult… you can know the risks and decide you want to do it anyway. 😉

    • Kore13 says:

      Not the best work relationship ethics, but I’m looking for exactly that, so I’d have to have a good reason to refuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very supportive.

      I would have fun at the job, gather as many EEOC/DOL/AA violations against you and if I failed to blackmail you, I will sue your ass in due time.

      Next question please.

    • gentle soul says:

      The SB would own you. You could never get rid of her.

      A better deal would be to set up an independent LLC that provides “Consulting” work .Then you could pay her separately and deduct the salary. She could consult horizontally

    • anonymousSSSD says:

      I’m amazed that someone would even think of doing this. Absolutely crazy! You’re just asking to be sued.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I wouldn’t do it with a stranger but I might consider it with an SD I already have an established arrangement with. Especially if it’s a field that I’m looking to get into and if I’ll actually get to do real work so I’m learning useful skills that will benefit me later on in my career.

    • IndianaSD says:

      Having done this on 2 occasions, here are my tips. First, there is nothing illegal about this sort of arrangement nor does it open you to harassment charges so long as the relationship is consensual and you don’t make employment contingent upon the relationship. Be very specific in defining work expectations (job description, duties, responsibilities and performance expectations) as this will lay the ground work when (not if) things go bad. Make this a contract position with a termination clause that allows for bringing duties “in house” at the business’ discretion. As long as you cover yourself, there is little risk involved. I know this because 1 of my arrangements went bad and I was threatened with lawsuits. Having done all the above, my attorney easily handled the complaint with no problems. Be smart on the front end and don’t let your little head over rule your big head.

    • Anonymous says:

      One of these times, when it doesn’t work out the scorned SB will have you before the state labor board, dept. of labor, or whatever it’s called in your state. She’ll allege facts sufficient to get her a hearing, and then you’ll be explaining it to your wife. “Don’t eat where you shit” is fine advice; you should take it.

    • Elaine says:


      Have you thought about yet another risk?
      Because this is what happened to me and my SD.

      We worked very close together. (I was not his employee but a partner)
      What happened is that even though there was a very strong sexual attraction, we lost that feeling when business related problems grew.
      We coop with that without problems, also because it was never an exclusive relationship so there is others to fullfill that needs. But it is still a pity, because we had great fun in the beginning and now it is all about business.
      The relationship has changed in time and I am not sure the sexual attraction will ever return.

      Don’t know about the labour laws in US, but if they are as favorable to women as divorce laws…I think it would be tricky.
      And what in case she falls in love with you, and wants you to leave your family?
      What if she starts talking to her colleagues?
      What if you want to finish it and she gets mad?

      So…not sure if it is a good idea.

    • Kore13 says:


      From everything people have said here, I think it’s obvious that you can’t rush into things like this.

    • brandnewToSaNYC says:

      it would depend on the person, and how you connect with that person, but i dont see why that wouldnt work, thats a win win situation for everyone

  47. L3135 says:

    Here’s a tip for this site and life in general. If someone invites you on a date and that date happens to need a ticket to attend, let the person know if you can’t make it. I thought this was an isolated incident, but it’s becoming a standard practice for some reason.

    “Yes, sounds fun…let me see if I can schedule a sitter.” Then crickets.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s a tip for this site. Don’t make plans that cost you upfront expense for her. Even if you have to fly her in book the ticket within 24 hours of flight. It might be more expensive but will be fully refundable if she stops responding right before the flight time.

      • L3135 says:

        Soooo, I ask her if she wants to go to a concert. She says yes. I wait until the day of concert to see if she is still in. She says yes, but tix are sold out. Not cool on my part. It’s about the principle, not the money.

      • Anonymous says:

        You pick your poison and live with the consequences.

    • IndianaSD says:

      Don’t offer anything that requires a commitment until she proves herself. Many of these girls are complete flakes and just looking for a quick score. I typically don’t offer anything other than local meetings until the POT/SB builds some trust.

    • Bartolo says:

      You’re definitely going “at risk” if you’re investing in tickets for a first date. Yes, we should all expect at least minimal respect which includes reasonable notice of having to cancel a date. “No shows” happen on dates; they happen on on-line dates. Plan accordingly. Even reserving a hotel room for a private date with a relatively new friend puts those funds at-risk.

  48. Anonymous says:

    SA has gone down hill rapidly. The search function doesn’t even work!!!

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      I too noticed the searches are fcked up — at first I thought they were trying to intersperse older profiles but I quickly realized something was amiss – not sure what they are trying to do.

      • Elaine says:

        To me it looks like it works normally?

      • Anonymous says:

        it works kind of, but the most recent login start for those that logged in like 3 days ago…. then every time you refresh the search you get wildly different results, and then sometimes it is normal — with the online profiles shown…. it is all over the map. My guess is they are trying to make it look like there are trying to make it appear like there are more recently logged in SBs, but it clearly isn’t working.

      • L3135 says:

        I noticed a few months ago that someone will be shown online, then I click on their profile and it says they were last logged in _____ hours ago. I emailed SA and was told “IT Dept is working on it and should be fixed in a month.” That was in May. I noticed the same thing in July, emailed again and was told the same thing. Shady shady.

      • Anonymous says:

        and maybe the search problem is just for SDs, Elaine.

    • SB TVC15 says:

      My search function stopped working a few months ago. They claimed they would fix it but never did. Maybe they don’t know how! I finally created a new profile and the search works fine on that one.

  49. northernsd says:

    Did SA recently do a push on their mobile app? I think that would explain why I am seeing so many new first time babies on the site. It kind of sucks as I have been talking to a pot for last few days and tried to start talking about a meet and she is leery as she told me she just downloaded the app to check it out and isn’t sure as she didn’t expect to find anyone right away at least.

  50. Love2 Laugh says:

    Thanks for the advice

    @Anonymous says
    I have updated my profile picture I actually had that picture at first then changed it. I really didn’t know of my pose as angry women never heard that before that was funny I was trying to flex my muscles. LOL I was making sure I wasn’t giving off a certain vibe because the gentlemen who I was meeting with was showing up with money in hand, if you know what I mean.

  51. fanceyface says:

    hi there!

    i have been registered a week ago but haven’t get any response nor anyone who is interested

  52. Anonymous says:

    It seems that too many SBs are holding out for “all or nothing” types of arrangements, and would rather leave the sugar bowl than to work it.

  53. Josh says:

    ‘Tis time for new blog.

  54. Love2 Laugh says:

    When i first sign on to this site I had my budget at negotiatable I was getting several messages a day went on at least 5 coffee dates in one month until i figured out what that particular listing meant. Then I added some new pictures and selected practial now nothing no messages what so ever, lots of views and a few have favorite me. now im thinking most dont think entitled to up to that amount.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try “Minimal” and see what happens. You don’t really have to accept any amount you don’t want to.

    • Cryptic says:

      Do you have already answered part of your question in your profile, most SD’s want white women. The other problem that really hit me straight up is your Diva pose in your main photo it’s hostile regardless of race.

      You also seek mentoring so as a SD I would consider that part of your sugar and you haven’t mentioned if you are only offering platonic or not.

      If you were having more luck at Neg. than perhaps that is better for you.

      • Cryptic says:

        P.s it’s also never a good idea to attack people, you mention wanting free spirited types after your race comment, that just makes you sound like you have a case of sour grapes. You will never appeal to everyone, just accept it and move on.

      • ILikeOlives? says:

        @Cryptic “most SD’s want white women”

        I think it would be fairer to say that most individuals are attracted to their own race, first and foremost. Since 70-80% of the SDs are Caucasian, whereas only 5-6% are African-American, Black SBs are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to distinguishing themselves from their peers.

        This is not fair or unfair, it’s just an individual’s personal preference and the demographics behind it. If the numbers were flipped, then you would most likely see the opposite occurring.

      • Cryptic Anomaly says:

        @Olives, that is true, I was on my phone when I typed my post and just went for the shorter more straight forward version.

    • IHF2030 says:

      What is it with black sugarbabies from Texas on here complaining about racial preferences?

      • SouthernSB says:

        I don’t know, I’m from GA and I never have any problem getting SDs to at least message me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Black SBs from Texas refuse to accept the fact that they are the least pick group of women on dating sites. People can give all kinds of “reasons”–from racist to realistic– for it, but that is the fact.

        There are notable exceptions…the man is into black women kink, or the black SBs stand out at par with other ethnicity…can be done, but easier said than done.

      • Anonymous says:

        so the only way to be into a black woman is a ‘kink’? or stand at par with another ethnicity as if that is so uncommon. You are an ignorant ass.

      • Anonymous says:

        More than 80% of the women who come here asking for advice are black. Prove that the trend on the dating sites is not what I say it is.

    • Elaine says:


      I think with your text is notting wrong.
      I only would cancel the mentioning of “moderate” if you list “practical”.
      “Minimal” might even be better…
      Then you can always negotiate. At the end the high end of “minimal” is not far apart from the low end of “practical” 😉

      Change your profile pic for the one in the black or bordeaux dress. The oactual ne in the red dress is nice, but cropped like this it doesn’t give the right impression.
      Ditch the one in the bar.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for all the advice I actually had the black dress as my profile picture but just decided to change it. Too funny at the angry woman pose never heard that before I was trying to flex my muscles. :)I just wanted to also add I haven’t had any bad experience but the gentlemen that I meet was looking for one date only. With money in there pocket in you know what I mean. I was making sure I wasn’t giving off that vibe.

    • Love2 Laugh says:

      Thanks for the advice I have updated my profile picture I actually had that picture at first then changed it. I really didn’t know of my pose as angry women never heard that before that was funny I was trying to flex my muscles. LOL I was making sure I wasn’t giving off a certain vibe because the gentlemen who I was meeting with was showing up with money in hand, if you know what I mean.

    • anonymous SD says:

      I like negotiable -which can mean anything from low to high . At least it means there is some flexibility

    • Bill says:

      Uh oh, you said the big red flag, “entitled”.

      If a potential SB thinks she is entitled to anything, then I will point her into the direction of the welfare office and she can discuss it with them.

      The amount of allowance is determined by how much the SD can part with, often without his wife catching on. It is a strong function of location, the quality of SD that can be attracted, and the competition. It is not decided by the SB, because that would be a price and a different kind of arrangement.

      The higher your expectations are, the smaller your SD pool for two reasons. One is that fewer SDs are able to shell out higher numbers, and two, that there are plenty of SBs willing to accept lower numbers. A lot of SDs won’t even bother with SBs that set anything higher than minimal.

      I don’t think you would have a problem now with your minimal. You are very nice looking and have some education and culture behind you. Your profile is good. It is just a matter of numbers, you can do well. 🙂

  55. Anonymous says:

    Let”s start a bonfire…Duck, Duck Goose and run around the circle and if I tag you, you are it. Catch me if you can. Can you catch me? I see dust, but where is my opponent?

    You can have money, for sure.

    But smoking, while not having a flame, renders you useless to me. What can you withdraw from me when you inhale? If all you are receiving is carbon filler and man-made chemicals that are inhaled by the lab made antidotes for a natural organic reaction…that is apparently not happening for you, then I suggest you go back to the lab with a pen and a pad and come back to me when you have deliberated or better yet, felt the inspiration that is so compelling that your feet moves you to a beat that no one else can hear. 2 step? 2 dub 2 step? ballroom dancing you say? Let’s see your fancy footwork and I will willingly bow in grace, to one worthy of dancing with.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Apparently it is “Go, Go Gadget Time.” You asked for it. Lick my finger and press it to the sky to detect its flow…. And here we go… This is not re-run central. Lets get with it fellows. Good game brings a flame. The lame, stays the same.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Show a decent opponent and chess we will not play but “starting the conversation” is where we will go. Come on, seriously??

  58. Young and Sophisticated says:

    Hi there!

    I’m new to the site two weeks in and NO WAY NO HOW has anyone replied to any of my messages, haha. It is just cricket central in my inbox. I take time to put effort in my (brief to lengthy messages) but no replies. The quality of my writing is great, I’m hot, funny, sweet, sane, positive and much more …BUT?

    I have changed my pictures many times as well as attempt to spice up my bio. It was suggested not bore anyone with the typical bio. I have checked out a few other SBs hoping to gain a golden nugget and idk. Do I need professional photos? Should I blur my face? Demand what I want? Maybe lie? I am open to constructive criticism that does not fall in the lines of ignorance.


    • Anonymous says:

      The only way to know why you are not getting any responses is to see your profile and sampling of your messages.

    • Anonymous says:

      That said, if you’re a non-White, you will have to up your game.

      • Young and Sophisticated says:

        Well after spending a few minutes replying all was deleted. In short it is evident the quality I represent and what I have to offer aligns with much of what the SDs are seeking. I was hoping it was not due to my admirable complexion :).I am more intelligent, attractive, appreciative and offering more than many of the SBs who are not of color on this site. If a man can not see my potential than he is a man of no taste. Then again everyone has the right to be selective. Thank you for replying.


    • IHF2030 says:

      Time to break out the Guinness and cashews.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Admirable complexion you say? bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • Young and Sophisticated says:

        bwhhhaaaaahhhhaaaaaaaa! I guess wherever there’s protection, right? I hope you have better days of delight, joy and love and find your life worth much more than a slob behind a computer. You are great no matter how much you tell yourself that you are pathetic. You are a person who matters!! You matter in someone’s life who doesn’t speak negative towards other’s. You matter in someone’s life who is fulfilling their dreams. You matter in someone’s life that isn’t an instigator. You should never have suicidal thoughts of killing yourself because you rather spend hrs on here not giving nor receiving the sugar. If you like please stay in contact with me my friend and inbox me at any time. I hate to know I could’ve prevented you from killing yourself.

        Your Friend,
        xxxo LuvlyGal

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @IHF You remind me of a recovering alcoholic who goes to the bar every week and orders a drink he can’t/won’t have.

    • Kore13 says:

      One reason I just found out the other day – the SD doesn’t have premium and can’t read or reply to your messages!

    • Anonymous says:

      I give you two solid reasons why you’re not going to succeed here, straight from the horse’s mouth:
      1. “The quality of my writing is great, I’m hot, funny, sweet, sane, positive and much more.”
      2. “I am more intelligent, attractive, appreciative and offering more than many of the SBs who are not of color on this site. If a man can not see my potential than he is a man of no taste.”

  59. Anonymous says:

    @SB TVC15

    “he’s always badmouthing women in general, and women who have sex in particular.”

    As promised, here is my response to your yet another idiotic assertion [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7QE62FDn08]

  60. Sugar baby monkey says:

    I mean it’s my first day here again and the first thing I see is a vulgar photo of jay. It’s not fair.

  61. Sugar baby monkey says:

    Jaybird can’t be more vulgar.

    Oh I’m here again =)

  62. SB TVC15 says:


    • FunDude says:

      Ok. Don’t see the point of this on a sugar website though lol

    • Cryptic says:

      I always think of that movie “What women want” where Mel Gibson just starts hearing women’s thoughts and he can hear one woman thinking about how she would like to be picked up so he tries that and she shoots him down.
      Women want whatever it is that isn’t possible at the time.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        He probably missed the part where she was thinking, “by just about anybody other than Mel Gibson”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol! So true. He is such a creep.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I happen to know Mel Gibson, and he is a great guy. Unlike most celebrities he is very unpretentious and a down to earth, just plain nice guy.

      • SB TVC15 says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Oh yes what a swell guy! A man who goes on raging drunk and not so drunk racist tirades about ‘how everything is the Jews fault’. He also used the n-word and spoke of killing his ex. Someone can be a nice ‘down to earth’ guy outwardly but still a racist and anti-Semite creep. I have met several celebrities but he is one who I would not want to even shake hands with, tyvm.

      • DucatiSD says:

        OMG, the South Park episode on Mel Gibson. A Classic and hilarious!

      • Anonymous says:

        classic jewish propaganda since Mel is not up the ass of the Hollywood financiers like everybody else is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Uh huh sure! I heard the same thing and saw the actual video. The video I SAW with him saying those exact words and acting a drunk fool. Nice to see antisemitism alive and well on the internet. He even made a movie that was antisemetic, lol. Of course he would not be on the good side of Jews in Hollywood. smh

      • IHF2030 says:

        Years ago I worked as an armed bodyguard for high profile clients so I got to encounter a lot of celebrities and all of them were pretentious assholes except for Mel Gibson and Tom Selleck.

      • Anonymous says:

        being unpretentious is a good thing. no one above said he was not nice or unpretentious. being unpretentious or socially nice to you has nothing to do with his words and actions, which have shown him to be a racist, drunk racist who spews hateful things sometimes and an anti-Semite.

        these are all of the reasons many people do not care for him. sometimes socially ‘nice and unpretentious’ people have also said or done not so nice things to people bc of their race or religion throughout history.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Women want whatever it is that isn’t possible at the time.”

      Bingo!!! Perfect excuse to not do it until sun, moon, stars, galaxies are perfectly aligned. And of course it is the man’s fault that they are not perfectly aligned.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sugar life bypasses this necessity. You pay to play. SBs might not be Emotionally involved but can not help themselves when the magic gets going . An Orgasm generator creates a lot of emotional attachment

  63. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    “Not a Princess, but a Queen”

    Oh how my heart skipped a beat when I read the Not a Princess part and then sunk when I read Queen. I thought she was going to be different.

  64. northernsd says:

    It seems the environment on the site is a lot different as well. Lot of women who are new and never had arrangements before. Not A good thing for me as I never had any luck at all with that.

  65. northernsd says:

    Been a while since I have been on the forum. Lot different than a couple years ago.

  66. Kore13 says:

    Question: How do you react/handle it when an SD asks you if you are seeing another SD?

    The two SDs interested in me want very different things. One is NSA and the other wants something more, but they have one thing in common: when I tell them that I am busy at a certain time, their first question is if it’s because of another SD.

    • Kore13 says:

      Also, what does it mean if a SD favorites you? I favorite them because I think I’d like to come back to their profile when I have more time on my hands to organize arrangements.

      Do they feel the same about me, or is it how they say that they expect me to write to them?

      • Kore13 says:

        Yet another: I just read that if a SD doesn’t have premium, he can’t read my messages??

      • Elaine says:


        No, only premium male members can read and respond to your messages.

        As far as favoriting, I think most SDs use that in the same way you do.
        To come back to it later.

        But if you see someone really interesting favoriting you, better not wait and contact him yourself, before someone else does! 😉

      • Kore13 says:

        @Elaine. That explains so much! Was wondering how that many men weren’t replying. 😀
        Thanks for the tip with favorites – I was just going to wait, haha! 🙂

      • ILikeOlives? says:

        @Kore13 Pretty sure that most people Favorite as an equivalent to a “Wink”, although it also makes sense, as Elaine says, that it is an easy way to organize who you are interesting in knowing better.

        You probably won’t run into this that often, but is also used by scammers to target SDs into contacting them. You can tell this is the case when someone has “Favorited” you, but actually hasn’t “Viewed” your profile. My belief is scammers just throw up a profile, do a search, and then start clicking hearts down the side of the results to see if they can get anyone to take the bait.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      He asks about other SD’s because he wants to know how many others he is sharing you with. It’s a territorial thing. He may also want to know how available you are to suit his schedule.

      People favorite for all sorts of reasons, sometimes for the same reasons you do, some may also wonder if you will make the first contact. Some just might be non Premium members who are collecting photos.

      and non Premium members can’t message you but they can see that they have been messaged by you even though they can’t read your message. So there is a chance if they like you enough they might upload a pic so they can read that message and respond to it or buy a membership so they can send you a message with contact details.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Thank you for the info on favoriting, that’s extremely helpful. I’d always assumed it just meant a guy liked my profile, but not enough to actually do anything about it.

      • Cryptic says:

        @sbtvc. I get women favouriting me all the time it is confusing as not many of them will message so I can only assume they want me to make contact first, SA used to have a wink option but they got rid of that as it just annoys people but it’s not a bad way of showing interest.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        I think you’re right, Cryptic, they’re hoping you will message them. Women are trained from birth not to chase men, so even just taking the initiative to favourite a guy first would be nerve-wracking for many.

    • SD anon says:

      Many of us desire low volume girls -if not exclusive. We don’t want to be swapping secretions with multiple others . I would think most girls would prefer the same -no ? And I demand bareback -so it is a safety factor for me.

    • zito says:

      jealousy, she is an ugly beast. do your best to stay away from the ones who will demand you do this or that. Sugar as in life is a two way street, that is why I told you to follow your instincts, from reading what you post, you seem to have good instincts, follow them

      • Cryptic says:

        In the end it is something you can’t control especially if you are only seeing your SB/SD once or twice s week you don’t know if they are seeing others or not and given it’s an arrangement rather than a relationship it shouldn’t matter anyway. I think unsafe sex is too risky even with a non sugar partner.

  67. flyR says:

    F Bouy

    “Verily, If we took all manliness in the world, distilled into a vile, loaded on a syringe then injected it into a BETAs veins, he will piss it all the next morning before coming to the blog to tell us about the imaginary SBs that stole his money.”

    There are explanations
    There was no real meeting of the mind prior to POF . The SB knew she was not coming back because the guy was a jerk

    There was a meeting of the mind but after POF things went bad for any number of reasons

    The SD has perfected a selection process that picks the 5% of the population which are losers, 95% of the time. This is a 6/1,000 talent but totally unrepresentative of the population of the sugar bowl. And then runs to fill the blog with statements about the entire population.

  68. FlyBoy says:


    Can someone explain me the logic behind a SB that would take the money and run while there is such good match?
    The possibility to enter a long term arrangement with a great guy, and be assured of a long term, steady monthly allowance?

    Instead she takes 2 weeks allowance and run?!
    In a “market” where there is (supposed) 8 SB for every 1 SD?
    Where often is mentioned real SDs are so scarse?

    I can explain it to you! The poster claiming that SBs took the money and run every time he gave it to them upfront is simply lying! Furthermore, he is so stupid that he can’t understand how comically transparent his lies are.

    Most SBs are like most people, honest by default. They would be horrified by the thought of stealing from anyone for any reason. The stories the poster keeps on telling are just that, fantasy.

    Last, how do I know the poster is a liar? Well look at his solution to the ‘problem’. He wants to negotiate the ‘price’ he is willing to ‘pay’ and agree to a schedule of payments for a least the first month until trust is established. In other words, he wants to court a new woman by displaying the two most horrendously unattractive traits a man can posses: lack of confidence and cheapness.

    That’ll be the day lol

    Verily, If we took all manliness in the world, distilled into a vile, loaded on a syringe then injected it into a BETAs veins, he will piss it all the next morning before coming to the blog to tell us about the imaginary SBs that stole his money.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Elaine says:


      I don’t know if anybody is lying here.
      Even though I sometimes challenge people, I would never state they lie without or them being obviously contradicting themselves or having plain proof.
      But Hey! As I am Mrs. Bucket… 😉

      Anyway, the running SBs….
      I think it does happen, but it has more to to with not being selective enough in choosing your SB, and not willing to invest some time or effort.

      SDs here advice others to not court or invest time or effort in your SB as long as you bring your money. Well, that’s the theory.
      But maybe, to get better, more loyal SBs that don’t want to run away at the first possible occasion, you should invest a little more as money alone?
      Treat SBs as hookers paid for sex, and they will treat you like a John paying for sex.

      And I know this is not making me populair, but a real big age gap is also not helping to bind your SB to you.
      The idea to get money and run for a 20yo might be more appealing as having sex with a 60yo.

      I think you are right about the honesty by default of SBs and the unattractiveness of lack of confidence or being cheap for SDs. (and the latter not only financially!)

      • noname says:

        elaine you are right about the age gap but a 60 year old knows hes not attractive to a 20 year old it would be nice if SA would put the age range a sugar baby is interested in so the 60 year old man doesn’t have to waste his time on ladies that are not interested in him or waste her time as well

      • Elaine says:


        Well, does a 60yo SD chasing 20yo SBs really need to be protected against possible timewasting you think?

        Isn’t there something as common sense?
        I mean, we are talking mostly clever and successful businessmen, no?
        The ones that want to pursue girls their granddaughters age, just have to take the risk and pay the eventually price without complaining here.

        The risk that she is sexually “not that into you” is quite big.
        As is the risk of “hit ‘n run”, bumping into pro’s or being stood up.

    • noname says:

      im going to make a comment on this 8 to 1 ratio thats thrown out here theres sugar babies that have more than 1 sugar daddy then there’s the pro’s on here plus the ladies on here are also on other sites so their not as desparate as you would think

      • Elaine says:

        That is why I said ” the (supposed) ratio”

        The ratio quality SBs to quality SDs is more likely 1 to 1.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Not to mention, since SB’s don’t have to pay on SA, there are probably a lot more fake SB profiles. Just because there are 8 SB profiles for every SD profile, doesn’t mean there are 8 *real* SB’s for every *real* SD.

      • Elaine says:


        Some bloggers have done checks and the outcome was even worse as we thought!

        And that doesn’t have to do with paying or not, they just don’t remove abandoned profiles, not SDs not SBs.

        They don’t even remove your profile if you cancel it yourself, so go figure!

      • Elaine says:

        sorry, was for @TVC15

    • Anonymous says:


      Verily, If we took all manliness in the world, distilled into a vile, loaded on a syringe then injected it into a BETAs veins, he will piss it all the next morning before coming to the blog to tell us about the imaginary SBs that stole his money.


  69. Cryptic says:

    @jay. She is 27 and has a bachelors degree lol

  70. Cryptic says:

    @SBTVC please don’t post links to other people’s profiles.

  71. Cryptic says:

    I have no words….

    What I’m looking for

    age is not a discrimination…as long as you can make me happy and make me hot…. i just need u to use ur imagination to get on me…

  72. No, really…

    What the anonymous hell happened in here?

  73. Anonymous says:

    Yes, yes, yes! This is what I call penetrating every genre of music.

    Check out the way this song starts and ends. haha and you used to laugh at me. People say one person can’t make a difference. Yeah, well when we “band” together, we take over the air waves!

    My favorite song ever, like ever, ever, ever…Has ALWAYS been Carley Simon ” You’re So Vain” because it was always in a dear John letter when two lovers found each other scenario. And he included it in his chorus, about time music circled back.

    So how could you not love it when Trey Songz comes out with a song called “About you” that can cater to anyone.

    As he includes all genres of ladies, even the ones who take the bus. No discrimination, as long as the lover is called: “mine and a good girl.” Why cant life be so simple?

    Have the one that inspires you, ride with you, and pick you up without any questions asked at the end of the day, when the work is done. Sighhhhh.

    Isn’t this what we all look for?

  74. Josh says:

    I don’t know where some people learn how to debate. This is where they start:

    “I proved you wrong, now prove me that I didn’t prove your wrong.”

    Does the Guru fall for such shit? No way hose-B. 😉

  75. Anonymous says:

    Also known as, I will take the high road now and walk away “silently”, lmao. I will take my credit for trying and realize I wont try to hurt you back or say I never cared, I will just walk away from here. I will put my anger under lock and key and pack up my pride and go somewhere far. You just cant blame people for who they are. You cant find something if it is not there. Is my head high? Oh yes, because I have sex appeal. When it is drawn out, law’d have mercy, it has an angel on high that cries out “Let the Heavens Resound.” But with this man, he made not a peep, nor a sound. Yes sir. 🙂

  76. Anonymous says:

    Lets see, hmmmm. Tonight I put a guy to sleep via texting. # (yes, hashtag my fellow compadres) sexappealatitsbest.

  77. SB TVC15 says:

    Newsflash, guys, and I know this’ll come as a shock: the fact you aren’t into something yourself doesn’t mean that nobody else is!

    Just scrolling through some of my deleted messages:

    “communication via Skype Video could possibly be sexually stimulating, to the extent that I would want to transfer funds to your bank account via PayPal…”

    “Are you looking for an online dominant?”

    “We are a “bit” far but if you like we can have a very good conversation together 🙂 If you like we can talk on whatsapp or KiK, easier and faster :)”

    Think I’m making it up? Here are some profiles of guys looking for, or open to, online only:


    Those profiles are taken from just the first 2 pages of results I got when I searched for the word “online”.

    • zito says:

      At the risk of sounding redundant, I will say this again…..NO ONE CARES

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Zito, having called me a whore, please never address me again. Please continue to ignore me, as you said you would. I know I can’t make you do that, but I’m making a heartfelt and public promise right now to completely bypass without reading everything you post, from here on in.

      • zito says:

        I call ’em like I see ’em

      • Miss Manners says:

        Minus 10 points for you, Z. I call them AS i see ’em.

      • FunDude says:

        Wow Zito, growing some balls these days.

        Going to have to upgrade your beta status to beta normal from beta minus.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s assess your cognitive prowess…

      Summarize, in few keywords, the type of men those are, genius.

      If you can’t then I will do it for you. 😉

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Just can`t stand being proved wrong, eh? 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Take another pill, your ADHD is showing.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ Anon

        Oh, stop being bitter. We know you know, they are the ones who are traveling and would be more than happy to have a cheery eyed seductress that they could meet in person. Besides the cam girls that they will never meet unless they are daddy war bucks with a deep pocket and no self esteem. Duh, truckers like them too.

        The cam girls make really good money don’t they? Isn’t that akin to the 1-900- phone sex girls from the late 80’s-90’s? Hahaa, who are we kidding, you know the phone sex girls are still making money. They answer: “Why, helloooo there, I am Samantha Mak’in. Samantha Mak’in money.”

        Dag Nab it, I gotta get with the program around here. (Homer Simpson forehead smack.)

        Look at you, playing shy and coy with me. Good one!

    • Anonymous says:

      @SB TVC15 many of those guys are only looking for online chat attention and are not planning on gifting an allowance or any financial assistance to anyone n any way shape or form. They are time wasters. You know, the guys who only want cheap thrills and online chats bc they are not getting any attention anywhere else except from random folks on the internet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Amen brother.

        @ SB TVC15

        You have great truth in your findings and the reality of what does exsist, even if @ Zito has his Darth Vader mask on, Just tell him, @ Zito, “you are not my Father” in your coolest ever dark vader voice. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like one of my EX SD’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s amen sister. I think there are plenty of guys who will pay for cam girls, phone sex, cam sex ect. And there are guys who will pay for that on this site too. But there are also many time wasters who will not. Who has time to screen the difference? Unless they send money right away then chatting with some random on online, kik skype, whatsapp for many hours, days or weeks and sending endless pics with nothing in return but promises is a different thing and waste a time.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Thanks Anon, but it doesn’t really matter because I’ve always said no to it. It’s not my thing; anything involving photos/videos is a privacy nightmare; and I’d be terrible at it anyway. 😉

  78. Another Anonymous says:

    @ zito

    An Anonymous solved this problem few posts back. She sends you pictures of her assets, you send her pictures of your cash assets, she block you and you block her. Mutually beneficial relationship. 😉

  79. zito says:

    Almost had me, right up until the end of your run on sentence.
    “I’m looking for extra money to help pay the bills and have some money to treat myself in exchange for any desired interaction solely over the internet. “

  80. Anonymous says:

    Need advice on allowance transaction, my first encounter. Monday my potential SB and I initiated email, then phone call and Tuesday had a great 2 hour lunch together. Chemistry, Conversation, laughter, and SA discussion. We agreed to basic “K” terms per month and further details, deal breakers, and expectations discussed clearly. Smooth. I’m 56, she’s a college student 24. We meet Friday for what we both hope is the weekend, hotel, dinner, hanging out. My idea…This Friday give her September prorated, show her full October allowance “K” so she knows it’s possible, but do not give her October till what I / we hope is another date weekend the end of September, which would lead us both to believe we are onto something. Lunch, talking, her profile, etc I am comfortable we will have fun. Her allowance at first I thought was high, didn’t say anything thank goodness! and I thought about negotiating…Rethinking I thought, you knucklehead, who you are looking for is right in front of you and available, don’t blow this over pocket change. And I didn’t. I’m the guy who is new, had a no show 2 weeks ago, Monday traveled to meet my “2nd” SB date, she last minute emailed and no showed because she was getting back with her ex. Went to SA, emailed a favorite I had marked in same city…wallah. Allowance advise please.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stick with per meet until she proves she is worthy of monthly/prorated/etc.

      There’s 90% chance that she will bolt with “prorated” September allowance, which would be almost 50% of the monthly allowance.

      Regardless of what kind of morals these women talk about, 90% of them think in terms of $/ejaculation. If she bolts with 50% of the monthly allowance, she has essentially boosted her $/ejaculation rate.

      That said, if you are gutsy enough to lost 9 times before you find 1 good piece, allowance away as your heart desires. 😉

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        I never pay in advance at first. I’ve had a few ladies when I started, take the money and run. Trust should be earned not automatically given, and that should apply to both parties. Heard lots of horror stories from ladies about guys who promise to pay at the end of the month or deposit money in their account and the guy disappears after he gets sex. To many crooks out there. All my arrangements are pay per meet for first month. Take it or leave it. It may not be glamorous but it insures either party is not taken advantage of.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Thanks for your post, SSSD. I figured that must happen, but I hadn’t heard confirmation of it till now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks, I will go with this approach and report results.

      • Bartolo says:

        You are thinking with your penis, not the head on your shoulders. Do NOT pay her in advance. Take your time, and allow her to prove herself. Or just say f it, take the chance, and if she absconds with your funds chalk it up to experience.

    • Anonymous says:

      If she has been around the block, she knows you will likely get bored of her in a month anyway… So once you paid her a month in advance, she may as well bolt. She does not have to do anything and her time will be well spent finding another loser.

      • Anonymous says:

        That was harsh, you maybe right…I’ll let you know about the results.

      • Elaine says:

        Can someone explain me the logic behind a SB that would take the money and run while there is such good match?
        The possibility to enter a long term arrangement with a great guy, and be assured of a long term, steady monthly allowance?

        Instead she takes 2 weeks allowance and run?!
        In a “market” where there is (supposed) 8 SB for every 1 SD?
        Where often is mentioned real SDs are so scarse?

        Having to spend again time to message, chat, meet pot’s and go through the whole circus again, to find another pot that MIGHT pay her allowance in advance, and again take the money and run?

        That is just illogical.

        So it is either a bad selection proces from supposedly clever businessmen who are not dumb and should know better. as thinking with their small head.
        Or bad strategy from stupid girls, insecure of their ability to be fascinating enough to keep SD along for a long time.

        Or both are just having a Escort/John mentality, and then they just get what they are asking for.

      • Anonymous says:

        You read this and ask your dumb question anyway?

        “If she has been around the block, she knows you will likely get bored of her in a month anyway… So once you paid her a month in advance, she may as well bolt. She does not have to do anything and her time will be well spent finding another loser.”

      • Elaine says:


        I have read that dumb comment, yes.

        You and I are talking about completely different kinds of sugar, so my post was not for you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who is this ray of sunshine who obviously trades in his SBs every month? I can understand why girls RUN to the hills from you before or after a payment. You are the type that dirties up the sugar bowl with your salty attitude.

        @Elaine: I would not call what this person said as sugar. That was a mean spirited comment towards SBs and the SDs who the person above called ‘losers’.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Not everyone is looking to take the money and run…. If you connected with her that much and she seems to be on the up an up then don’t do P4P. She’s not a hooker don’t treat her like one.

      I know most of the guys think it’s semantics but there is a difference between a weekly allowance and being handed and envelope of cash after you “meet”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Walking a thin and risky line, money, disagreement, from feedback. I’m going to get her input when we meet Friday and give mine. Cards on the table, compromise, and reality at the moment. My glass is half full, carefully, and not a drop more.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I think that’s a good idea. I probably wouldn’t do monthly but a weekly or bi weekly allowance should be fine, especially in the beginning it gives both parties a chance to build trust.. She knows you’re reliable and will deliver what you promise on time and you know she’s not flaky and won’t take your money and run.

        P4P is a flawed concept in my opinion… she shows up only because she knows the cash is guaranteed. You bring the cash because you know sex is guaranteed. Doing that for a month or two doesn’t mean she won’t run when she does receive a full monthly allowance.

      • Elaine says:


        “P4P is a flawed concept in my opinion… she shows up only because she knows the cash is guaranteed. You bring the cash because you know sex is guaranteed”

        Would not even call that P4P….

        It is called prostitution which, don’t misunderstand me, I have no problems with.

        I DO have problems with the hypocrisy to call this sugar, just to make yourself feel better about it.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s me with the Friday date. If it goes badly, the men are right. I’m available and searching again. Elaine and Jaybird923 are thinking good guy, a woman who can see that and smart enough to think of the future. Both sides are speaking from experience, actual or wishful. I digress…The frustration, which sends a message, of 24 hour delays between messages on a SB part, being stood up like I have, and senseless chit chat, I do not see in this woman. Still, Hope for the best and assume the worst. Saying she and I have an opportunity here and we better both take it. Otherwise I’ll know she is not as claimed. I understand the women’s view of BS troller men with no money and no positive benefits scamming and wasting time. And I have a hardened approach from 2 short weeks with my experience, lesson learned at minimal cost. All this week I’ve emailed with a woman. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, let’s chat on phone now, didn’t call yesterday as promised..she’s slow to the point of not interested, sends me a bad vibe. The gal I’m seeing Friday has said and done ( meeting, emails, phone on time ) everything she’s told me she would do. Her actions are speaking.

      • cheep daddy says:

        PTP is the only way to keep each other honest . Sorry girls but receiving money in return for “your company” is what it is . Don’t get so hung up on a name .

        Elaine has it right . Why do these girls take a small amount of cash and bolt rather than ride the pony for w regular gig ? Stupid, petty,and short sighted . And larcenous. Many times I “forget” and advance money to a girl I thought was sweet and a keeper,only to be surprised again by the illogical behavior. The definition of insanity -right ?

      • Elaine says:


        “PTP is the only way to keep each other honest”

        Poor you, if it never comes up in your mind that some people might just be honest by nature?

        And FYI, I was not only talking about stupid girls, but also about the bad selections made by supposedly clever men…

      • cheep daddy says:

        Naw Elaine, don’t feel sorry for me . I have had wonderful trusting relationships through SA and some not so great. There are a lot of larcenous men and women here though . Trust must be earned. And PTP works for my cash flow ,so it isn’t always “PTP”. SBs must realize that their SD has to make it work financially and work with him without getting her back up. In the end it all adds up . Sure,Ideally it would be preferred for an SB to get a $3K deposit the 1st of each month. It happens but good luck with that .

      • Elaine says:

        If most men wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get laid as soon as possible, it would be very easy to weed the rinsers/hit ‘n runners out on beforehand.
        Invest some time and effort and you’ll find the reliable and honest SBs.

        Start reading their profiles and don’t only check the hot pic’s.
        Don’t try to get as much meets as possible, but concentrate on the real promising ones with a big probability of a potential match.
        Sometimes I get the impression that the most common strategy is that of the blindfolded huntsman, shooting around like a madman, hoping to catch something.

        And as long as some SDs think their money is the only only thing they have to bring to the table, they shouldn’t be surprised to attract the wrong kind of SBs.
        If money is all you have to offer, big chance you will be treated like an ATM.

        Because to hit ‘n run from a guy you really like and feel attracted to, is much less likely…

      • Elaine says:

        @Cheep daddy

        Yes trust must be earned.
        But there is a difference between starting from the idea that everybody is out to cheat you, or normal common sense.
        Giving a girl you have just met $5000 upfront is not trusting, that is plain stupid.

        And if it works better for your cashflow, and you would explain that it is easier to give it in smallere portions, I don’t think any SB would have problems with that.

        But again, there is a difference between being in an stable arrangement and paying a monthly allowance in agreed upon smaller portions, or paying for sex. (P4P)

      • cheep daddy says:

        Good advice Elaine. But it works both ways . The SB has to be patient as well and not expect her bank account to start filling up until the full on arrangement has started . Back to the ole adage “no romance no finance” Or vice versa. The mutual aspect of a relationship -right ?

      • Elaine says:


        Yes, right.

        That is why I ask, and get, my allowance afterwards.
        I would feel uncomfortable to ask it upfront.
        You wouldn’t ask your monthly salary upfront either, right?

        But ok, I am not the traditional SB….
        Maybe I would think different in that case.

      • kissmekrista says:

        I am at a loss… I just joined SA yesterday, and maybe its too soon for me to be on these blogs but WOW this stuff can get pretty grimey.
        I really just wanted to ask what the hell is “safe place” for one and for two I have a guy that’s asking me to email him pics of my self? Is this normal?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @kiss you’re listed as a few extra pounds and have no public body pictures up. Until you do you’ll keep getting that request

    • MisBehaved2 says:

      @Anonymous – there really are some good hearted ladies here.

      I’m seeing my SD, without the financial part of the arrangement for a while. And as crazy as it seems, I almost had to twist his arm to agree.. (he’s 18 years my senior, and we have a few months behind us). No, I won’t be reimbursed at a later time… my choice. I wanted to continue because: he opens his door to me every week, sometimes makes me dinner, we talk, laugh, have a great time together, and I must say…. the sex is AmAzInG!

      But more importantly, I want to continue without a break, because it’s not just about sex and money.
      I continually hear SDs talk about giving their money to SBs for some ‘unexpected’ expense. Well, SDs aren’t immune to those events either. Although, I think it’s safe to assume the vast majority of SBs ‘UNEXPECTED’ expenses are not necessary.

      Anyway….. I guess I’m attempting to show we aren’t only after wallets… we want sex too! 😉 Kidding… well, no I’m not. LoL

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think too many SDs are chasing you anyway. 😉

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        Think away… I don’t kiss and tell. Enjoy your evening Anon. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        So you “almost had to twist his arm to agree..” to a non-financial “arrangement”?

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        @Anon… Why are you so bitter? Just between you and me, SDs don’t want this type of drama… and yes you’re anonymous… but that type of bitterness comes through in a personality, beyond a computer.

        I wish you success. 🙂

  81. Josh says:

    @SB TVC15

    “As promised, I won’t be watching any videos you post.”

    If you understood my earlier posts, those videos were/are not for your consumption anyway.

    “Also Josh, I’m very sorry as I know I promised you some flamewar fun”

    As if I would have fallen for your flamwar “fun”? The Guru works under his own framework of “fun”.

    “but on reflection I think I should politely decline to respond to you in future. It’s not fair to the other posters if I keep feeding the troll.”

    I find it interesting that you did not ponder fairness to other posters until I started administrating Ritalin under my personal moniker. You were having too much ADHD style fun earlier at the expense of those who fed your troll.

    Do you think that I expect you to bend on your knees and accept defeat? Far from it. As long as you behave, you are free to post your idiotic as well as not so idiotic musings.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do not take the bait @SB TVC15. He is very bored and it irritates him very much that you decided to ignore him and not stoop to his level. 😉

    • Dr. Laura says:

      Dr. Laura is so proud of the new sweeter, mellower @Josh. You have made an amazing transformation since your happy, romantic coupling with your lovely bride, @LadyScarlett. We must continue to work together to keep the old nasty, misogynistic Josh in check. Remember, you remain a work in progress. My Couch will always be available to you for remedial shrinkage sessions.

      Truly, one of the triumphant success stories of Dr. Laura’s brilliant career.

      Dr. Laura
      Love Doctor to the Stars

    • Anonymous says:

      Good advice given above. Preserve your dignity. Otherwise, you’ll look sillier and sillier by the hour/day/week. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Now now Josh. Don’t try and be difficult. Do you not have anyone else to argue with today? Go see Dr. Laura when you feel that urge to push buttons on the blog. Who is the Guru anyway?

      • Anonymous says:

        @Jay, here is proof positive that posting as Josh attracts too many riffraffs. 🙁

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you think that I expect you to bend on your knees and accept defeat?



      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Josh You do seem to draw out the nuts :-))

    • Anonymous says:

      They do say “you attract what you are”.

  82. Josh says:

    As promised by the Guru, the ADHD kid is taking his Ritalin 😉 so there’s no need for the Guru to post under his name. Happy blogging.

  83. Anonymous says:

    “All I can currently offer is mutually beneficial correspondences, not an in-person relationship”

    Poser of the day . What is mutually beneficial about corresponding ? I already have a therapist-although talking to this chick might be cheaper and do me as much good .

  84. Anonymous says:

    Time for a toast.

    SA has reached a new milestone. They are expanding in the exciting country of Cameroon.

  85. Sugar Baby says:

    I seek an amiable SD I need good advice your hand if you please thank you .

  86. krine says:

    if you want to speak with me you can call me at 237670710275

  87. krine says:

    tell me how you do to be as sexy as that. say I kiss your expected response .

  88. krine says:

    men who understand are the best, those who know their spouses are charming and those who manage to support themselves are migions . I am mignione but could find out if he does not see me before . All this to tell you that women like men who listen and have good intentions .

  89. krine says:

    hi everyone I ‘m new and I do not know how do you have a SD . I need your help if you wish. I am looking for a man understandable , available , lovely and many other qualities also looking for a nice SB for him . thank you for your understanding and for your pleasure , kiss .

  90. ATXandPDX says:


    I’ve been on the site for about a month now. I’ve had great conversations with people, but have yet to meet anyone in person. I take initiative and send genuine messages to SDs whose profiles seem like we have something in common.

    One piece of advice I’ve gotten from someone is that about 90% of profiles on here–men and women–are fake, as in they are run by picture collectors or scam artists.

    Has anyone had experience with this? How do you put yourself out there while still protecting your identity and a modicum of privacy?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is probably BS.
      The vast majority here are genuine members.
      However, u r welcome to believe in whatever fantasy u feel works best for you. Say, most of the people here are Martians trying to abduct you.

    • SBaby says:

      How long did you talk to these ppl? How long were these conversations?
      Are you open to critique of your profile?

      • ATXandPDX says:

        I’m open! I’m new here, and I have a lot to learn. I’ve received some good advice from men in my interactions, and I’ve adjusted my profile accordingly.

        I usually exchange about 2 messages before I give access to my private photos followed by about 2 messages exchanged before I don’t hear from them again.

      • SBaby says:

        Thank you

        What I liked in your profile is you are obviously very hardworking and sensible, you like the outdoors and sports, that’s very impressive…
        But I feel like you could have 3 pics up.. I know I know, it’s a lot of work..
        But men are visual. And I love that you did the full body, but don’t forget a back shot.
        Do you have someone to snap some for you or can you maybe take some in the mirror at home?
        Also, Skype might be helpful so you can videochat with potentials in TX

        On the 90%. Its more like 25%Fakes and then you have the Penpals who want to waste your time chatting (this was my 1st thought when I read your post), Salt SDs who want to feel you up and run, and then you got the Genuine SDs who will make you forget all about the ugly fugly frogs you had to, ehem.. talk to, in order to meet him.

        On protecting yourself? Get a Burner App for calls, and make sure you know who they are before you tell them where you work.

        Keep at it and don’t let idiots ruin your day.

        It’s not all bad on SA. This is one of the better dating sites and #1 for sure for SD dating. There are great men on here.

    • SB TVC15 says:

      My face is not identifiable in any of my profile pics, yet they show enough to give a general idea of what I look like. If I start chatting with a man and there seems to be a possible connection, then I’ll send identifiable pics by email.

      • Kore13 says:

        @ATXandPDX I was the same way when I first joined. I didn’t put up a picture of my face until a SD told me that I was one of the few who didn’t. Discretion is important to me too – I live in Germany where people are generally more ‘paranoid’ (we don’t even have street view anymore).

        This is what I did: I pulled out my camera and set a timer. I then posed on my couch, haha, and selected the ones I liked best. These I edited so that you do not see me lightly clothed and showing my face at the same time. This only helps with the internet – everyone who lives in my ‘city’ will instantly recognize me through other markers and lack of others who look similarly. Luckily for me, most here don’t use SA. This probably won’t be the case for you since you live in the US, but I imagine it’s more anonymous there, especially if there are other Asian girls where you live. The rest is a question of how much private information you’re willing to reveal. If you don’t feel like telling them what firm you work for, say that instead of naming the firm. If you’re afraid of running into someone from the same firm, then ask them what firm they work for first.

        Otherwise, you don’t have to reveal information about what you do.

      • Elaine says:

        My face is in invisible in my public profile, don’t want it to be open to see for everyone.

        Think it makes pots read my profile better. Which to me is important.
        It might lower the quantity. But It for sure raises the quality!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have been on SA for over half a decade. In my experience, the overwhelming majority of active profiles are legit.

      No need to mention in profile the company you work for. It comes across as “humble brag” or lacking discretion. The probability of meeting someone who works for the same company is very low, and filtering can be accomplished by a simple question in the first couple emails.

      No need to over-emphasize in profile the relationship being arms-length. Any hint of an SB candidate being an escort or having a steady BF on the side (to be paid for by the sugar relationship) can be a turn-off for many legit SD’s.

      I have not seen your private photos. Make sure they show the most alluring side of you. Men are visual, at least initially. Your conversational and linguistic skills will matter after the first month of relationship.

      If you are getting sufficient initial responses to your profile, your profile is fine; if you are getting better than 70% retention rate after showing them your private photos, then your looks department is fine. Dropping off after 2 messages after showing them private photos might be due to what’s in those two messages. Email is not the best place to negotiate; you’d do much better over a coffee or lunch. Men are genetically programmed to dumb down in the physical presence of attractive women; take advantage of it. Likewise women are genetically programmed to prefer men who are more of a challenge (both programming due to the vast difference in base line cost of reproduction to male vs. female); refrain from projecting that preference onto men: men who prefer challenging and difficult women died out from the gene pool 100k+ years ago, along with men who were too selective and did not dumb down in the presence of attractive women.

      Before you have a sugar relationship, your focus is on marketing. Emphasize what is possible, not what is Verboten! Be light, playful (not challenging) and easy to get along with. You have nothing to lose by being accommodating in the initial emails. Getting to the first coffee or lunch date will help you hone your interview skills at counter-party expense, and it is fun and put you in a much better position for negotiating.

      Probability of someone in Austin seeing a profile located in Portland is near-zero. Indicating willingness to travel in general is sufficient. If you want first experimental sugarship in Austin, make your profile in Austin.

    • Kore13 says:

      @ATXandPDX Just ask the SD if he’s working for a firm in the field. He can answer with, “yes/no,” then without feeling the need to revel exact info.

      • krine says:

        hello I would like to know if you can help me find a man with whom we can develop certain affinities , which I admire you so sweet and nice but I always wonder how to please the men do you have conseils.si yes gives me kiss …

      • Kore13 says:

        @krine Men like most kinds of girls. Just be yourself and self confident.

    • ILikeOlives? says:

      @ATXandPDX That does not sound at all true. While there are definitely fake profiles on the site (I’m looking at you SBs who suddenly signed up to the site at the exact same time that the calendar finalists were announced), they are in the vast minority, especially in the U.S.

      Personally, one of the biggest red flags for me, is someone who hides their identity in their profile. So if I had one suggestion to give you, it would be to have an identifiable photo in your profile. I can certainly understand wanting to protect your privacy, but anyone who comes across your profile is not really going to be in a position to cast stones.

      If you do want to keep yourself unidentifiable in your public photos, then I would expect to immediately grant access to your private photos to anyone you reach out to. For me, it is akin to someone knocking on your front door, and covering the peephole so that you can’t see who it is. You have to keep in mind that while the fakes are in the minority, they are still out there (especially on the SB side), and that is probably what SDs are most cautious about.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        ILO, I don’t want my friends, family or coworkers knowing I am on this site. I don’t care if I would win a stone-casting debate with them; I’d prefer to avoid that conversation entirely. To that end, I’m fully prepared to lose the SDs who aren’t intrigued enough to request pics over email.

    • Bill says:

      “90% of profiles on here–men and women–are fake” I think you are referring to a different site.

      I assure you, there are plenty of real people here. I have met more in person than I remember. There is reportedly many more women here than men, and I can believe it, so it may take a while to find someone you click with.

      I have only run across a few percent that are fake, in that they are trying to sell time on a website or something. I always report them and the profiles disappear quickly after report. It is more common for profiles to be made by people that are curious, then they abandon them. There are a few scammers of a different kind, such as professional prostitutes (women) or people who are not what they say they are (men who are not going to help an SB, but looking to trick someone into sleeping with him).

      For privacy, maintain separate domains. That means NOTHING is used or said on this site (or other dating sites) that shows up in your personal sites. Make sure your pictures here are not used anywhere else, make sure your username is different. That being said, once you find a suitable SD, then you have to trust each other. Be aware of your photos too, without spending more than 15 seconds, I would guess you have been to Greece?

      I love your profile, you seem like the ideal person to get to know. The only negative is the “practical” on the allowance amount. That tells people that you have a dollar figure in your head. Negotiable is the norm, and even then, keep an open mind to get to know the person. Would you turn down $200/week if you really enjoyed spending time with the guy?

      So, you visit Texas? Hmmm. I may have a talk with my current SB and see if she is ready to move on.

  91. noname says:

    seeing so many of our sugar babies on here are students i was wondering if we could have a discussion about student debt

    • SBaby says:

      Pls do. I’m interested.

      • noname says:

        yes students have jumbed in numbers from a quarter of the sugar babies on the site to 40 to 50 percent i don’t know if those are real numbers but thats what SA is claiming i don’t beleive all those ladies came here for clothes and shopping bags its likely the increased debt thats driving them here

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        I had 3 women write me for profile advice last week whose profile said student. They were hookers. Not everyone who says they’re a student is actually that.

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        And no, i did not help them. Lol! I told them to stick with hooking. They’ll make more money than from us salt daddy’s:-)

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I wonder why they chose to come to you for advice…

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        Because i offer that on my profile. I have an sb and not looking for one so why not help others who are less fortunate. Helps pass the time and I still have few weeks before my membership expires. 🙂

    • Cryptic says:

      Student debt in which regards?

      It’s been my observation that many young people they study subjects that are pointless and also stress about the debt too much. It might sound like a huge amount now but once you start working you will overcome it. I never went to college etc so when I used to hear about these debts I thought they were massive until I heard what they actually are.

      Second point: you don’t need a degree to succeed in life. I worked my way up from the bottom and have college grads working under me and so many just can’t think for themselves.

      • noname says:

        agreed cryptic theres many good paying jobs that don’t need a degree and you can always start a business i posted this commit because i want young people to think hard before they go into debt theres good debt and bad bebt make sure you know which it is

      • Cryptic says:

        @noname exactly right about good debt and bad debt. Same goes with being in a hurry to pay off a relatively small debt by doing things that perhaps put you in danger or that you just don’t want to do.

        A side note, a SB a few blogs ago wrote that she was sick spending on hairdressers, manicures etc to find a SD and she was never succesful. So it’s important to be careful to not increasings your debt by gambling on poor odds to fix your problems. And men don’t care about your manicure anyway lol

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Actually, many men are very fixated on female dress and grooming. I realize that you’re not, but quite a few I’ve dated have burbled on about my dress, shoes, manicure/pedicure, etc. In particular, lingerie, shoe and nail fetishes are very common. You won’t lose men by being well dressed and groomed, but you’ll certainly lose some if you’re not.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Having said that, don’t go into debt for it. You don’t need a massive wardrobe, just a few well chosen pieces. And it’s a lot faster, cheaper, and more sanitary to do your own mani/pedi at home.

      • Kore13 says:

        @SB TVC15 I am under the impression that men like healthy girls first and foremost. Grooming to doesn’t mean a mani- and pedicure. It means that I don’t looked like I crawled out the sewers.

        I suspect that men who compliment women on their fake nails are those who think they have to because you’ve shown interest in that.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Kore, where did I say my nails are fake? They are real, short and painted a pretty colour. When I said “well groomed” I didn’t mean “excessively groomed”. If you don’t have a mani/pedi then you have ragged, dirty, unpainted nails.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        And no, I never bring up the topic of my own grooming or dress with men. Why would I? When a man is interested in any of that he’ll start talking about it without any help from me.

      • Kore13 says:

        @SB TVC15 I didn’t mean you personally – I have no idea what your nails look like, except, maybe well taken care of since you’ve mentioned it.
        My mistake – for me manicures are the fake nails kind – if you can do the rest at home by yourself, it’s grooming.
        “Grooming to doesn’t mean a mani- and pedicure.”

      • Anonymous says:

        From the Oxford dictionary: “A cosmetic treatment of the hands involving shaping and often painting of the nails, removal of the cuticles, and softening of the skin.”

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Sorry that was me ^^

      • Kore13 says:

        @SB TVC15 I looked it up as well. ^^ But I wanted to remain stubborn – at least I’ll know better for the future.

    • Kore13 says:

      @noname I can’t see SB profile other than those who post here, but from what I heard, quite a few girls put emphasis on shopping and fine dining… Does that sound like student dept pushing them here. I’m not saying that there could not be more students turning towards sugar, just that it’s strange if a student with debt is focused on spending her money on luxury.

    • krine says:

      pourqoui not I wear my guarantor for it

  92. Kore13 says:

    I just had this:

    Hello *****. I hope you had a nice trip! I’m afraid I have to tell you that I am not interested in leaving Germany for an arrangement first. Apologies.

    1 hour ago ******
    Never mind you will seriously regret your decisión. Why? Time will tell you xxx

    1 hour ago ******
    In any case, I have discovered you have used faked fotos. I am not interested in the person behind the new ones

    I am losing hope.

    • Kore13 says:

      The, ‘I am losing hope,’ was from me…
      Between being in Germany, not having my status as ‘single,’ I have to deal with this. Any tips on what I can do to improve my chances? :/

      • zito says:

        @kore, you can use the single status even though you are divorced, I don’t see it as a lie, its almost like the…”prefer not to say” under children

      • SB TVC15 says:

        You could change your status to “separated”, if in fact you are.

        Also, keep Sturgeon’s Law in mind: 90% of everything is crud. Many of the guys who contact you will be hostile dopes, but eventually you’ll hear from a good one.

      • Cryptic says:

        41, been told I look younger quite often, well spoken, wealthy, succesful, romantic plus I’m on a site where women seek money yet I still have little luck between the flakes, fakes, hookers and women I wouldn’t even date for free.

        Not sure your location means much to be honest. It’s just not many seem to really get it.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Why do you think that being in Germany is hindering your chances of finding a sugardaddy?

      • zito says:

        I think she is right, being in Germany is no match for her being in say New York

      • Kore13 says:

        @IHF2030 Most people here don’t really even say they’re ‘seeing someone.’ They’re either in a relationship or not because alles muss ganz klar und deutlich sein. It’s just the culture – which I love, but isn’t ideal for some social things. Any POT will have to travel a couple hundred kms to reach Hamburg, minimal.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Kore13 r u looking on the site and finding SD’s that fit whut u want then sending messages? Travel is not a big deal in Europe (where I am) and have found daddys I travel with on work trips or they fly me to them. But u must know who they are and screen them very well before any travel.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anonymous Yes, I am making an effort. Maybe too much. I have a couple of leads. Let’s see how that plays out.

      • Elaine says:


        Change your status in devorced or separated if that is your actual situation.

        Furthermore accept that you will have to do some travelling if you are based in a geographical challenged location. Quality SD are very busy people, and if they are married and having a family that also requires their attention,he will not likely have time to travel to you for a first meeting.

        It has nothing to do with Germany, there is lot of great SD there. My ex SD was from Hamburg and my actual LT is German too.
        And no, I am not based in Germany.

        So it can be done, but it requires flexibility from your side!

      • Kore13 says:

        @Elaine Thanks Elaine.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Elaine. I am open to travel. I declined this particular person because he was very quick to ask me to come to Spain. He gave me his phone number and told me he’d book tickets in his second message. He’s polite, and like I’ve mentioned, might not have any ill intent, but it come across very shady. :/

        Bad tactice, but it doesn’t help now that he took so much insult – I don’t want to walk on eggshells 24/7 around anyone.

      • Elaine says:


        No! You are right, always be careful!

        I only travel after messaging a lot up and down, at least one Skype video conversation, having a copy of the hotel confirmation for my own room in my hands and having carefully checked his identity.

        But since you are a smart adult, I think you will have no problems with that.
        Would never advice a young naive girl to travel to a pot.

        The “Spanish” story sounds a bit familiar, @Reb(ecca) had a similar story some time ago..Maybe the same person?
        Also Thailand makes some bells ring, is that a guy in his twenties by any chance?

        I am along here already for some time, if you have doubts about anything or anyone, you can always contact me and I’ll be glad to help when I can.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Elaine Thank you! 🙂 I appreciate it.

        The Thailand PA guy listed as 31 but was clearly in his 40s (pictures).

        The Spanish thing was alright.. He tried to make some chitchat with me after giving me his number, but it wasn’t anything really personal.

        Thanks for the tip with the hotel! I don’t know why, but it didn’t occur to me that I could ask the SD for a hotel in his city!

      • Kore13 says:

        I also just realized that the Thailand PA guy had a picture of him looking very like a white person and he was clearly also not that in the picture he sent me…

        I will see if I can report him now, but his profile expired during our phonecall.

    • SBaby says:

      Oops sorry, was for person below

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Kore

      There are other SB’s out there known as (here) that are also extremely romantic and desire to leave a trace on a man. One of a passionate love letter that is drawn on each others body and has a perfumed scent. What one would imagine from the old days of sending a letter in the mail and anticipating the courtship that is attained within a pairing of like minds in a courtship where they both prevail even in the most unconventional statistical outline that is typically drawn by others opinions. There is an invisible line that exists where each person makes their own mark by tracing themselves in a passionate rendezvous that becomes exactly what they make it. Do I believe there are men here that romantically leave a lasting impression? Yes, I do. To one woman, that may be a trip to Malibu. To another it may simply be having a day where they delve into each others mind and explore what makes each other tick over a bottle of wine at a waterfall. Each of us has our own interpretation of what is the perfect arrangement. I suppose (pun intended there).

      Am I receiving 100 messages a day because I am with 0% body fat and look as sexually appealing as you in my photos, no dear, I am not. I am fortunate if my profile receives one person per month who messages me. I have not catered my profile to a decent representation of who I am and I have not added pictures either that would give a sense of who I am. Am I at fault to that degree? Yes, I am. I cannot find anyone of caliber as long as I sit on the sidelines and watch everyone pass me by. You are winning already by making attempts and asking questions while the blog is at a somewhat “slow to strike pace tonight.”

      Once this blog was a great space to share stories and insecurities (because we all have them) and ask for help with willing ears to heed the call. Even if it was not what the advisor of mentorship was seeking themselves, they still shared and gave the impression that they cared. At each defense mechanism at the turn of ones hand there is an equal and all too familiar face that simply seeks acceptance and acceptance sometimes is dimmed here and given to only the young and sexy people. Why? Because sex sells. However, place the same hot women after a few children or place the same young rich men on this site, after receiving an emotional blow that we all think we are immune to in life by someone we love (yeah, yeah, yeah, its a sugar site) Be that as it may be, money can buy many things. Eventually to me, that includes love as well because if he did not somehow have an affinity for the female he would not provide financially. Financial giving shows a discernment of compassion along with passion for the sexually high strung that has not had their fill.

      If it is done in a win/win scenario, even if each SD has 8 women that he calls “his.” Who am I to judge? If he can afford all 8 and is good to them, what difference is it to me or you? Shouldn’t we all have the open and honest, vulnerable opportunity to share, embrace the pain when and if it comes with these relationships as well as the successes? You have an opportunity and have since the site has been in operation to build a lasting impression of a community where your voices brand you and make you heard. What other blog has the same potential to have this much action and still function as a dysfunctional family?

  93. Anonymous says:

    This woman is 35, 3 kids and asking for High.

    “Im looking for a physical connection foremost! without that im not interested. I like over 180cm, in great shape and looks after their nutrition and not over 40. No smokers, big drinkers or drug users pls. I guess id be interested in a fairly decent renumeration for my time, as casual/part time is not the most desirable situation for a nice girl like me… it all depends on what I am wanted for …. ideally if it leads to a relationship that would be my desired outcome but infedility seems to be more common these days …. so no expectations. “

  94. SB TVC15 says:

    The world’s first sex robots are now commercially available!


  95. Josh says:

    SB TVC

    “If a woman likes sex she is a slut or a ho, but if she doesn’t, she’s a frigid bitch.”

    As promised, here is my response to your idiotic assertion [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7QE62FDn08]

    • SB TVC15 says:

      As promised, I won’t be watching any videos you post.

      Also Josh, I’m very sorry as I know I promised you some flamewar fun, but on reflection I think I should politely decline to respond to you in future. It’s not fair to the other posters if I keep feeding the troll. If you’d like to start your own blog, I’ll gladly come over there and beat you up some more, but I really shouldn’t do it here. Again, my apologies, and you have all my best wishes for improvement to your reading comprehension and debate skills!

  96. Sugar Baby says:

    Just created my account, and i’m not entirely sure how to get my point across on what i am looking for. I am not after money, i am after advice on my goals in life. A mentor, a friend.

    • Bill says:

      We can’t see your profile unless you login when you post the comment.

      If you are new, the first thing is to be aware that there is a broad range of categories of men and women here, looking for distinctly different types of arrangements. Don’t let the vulgar fringe scare you away; there are some nice gentlemen here too.

      As to how to get your point across, you just did. What kind of advice do you need? What is your occupation/major? The remaining question is whether you are looking for strictly platonic or FWB? Since you are not looking for financial support, the former is possible, but the competition will be tough, because most women here are looking for FWB, usually with support too.

    • Cryptic says:

      You need to be clear on what type of friendship you are looking for and what you are offering most men will want some form of entertainment on here in exchange for their knowledge although as you aren’t seeking money you might be able to get away without actual sex if thatbisbyour preference.

    • supersd says:


      Do you offer intimacy in exchange? Do you expect your SD to take you out to dinner/events? The relationship is mutually beneficial. What will you do for your SD?

  97. Cryptic says:

    On the topic of male sexuality, I wouldn’t want a platonic arrangement however that doesn’t mean I always want or need sex or that I would see my SB as a prostitute. The reason the sex is important to me is because sex for a man anyway is acceptance. The physical act itself is the woman accepting the man.

    I was told once that a man doesn’t feel loved until a woman has sex with him, for a woman she needs to know the man sees her as more than a booty call.

    So that is where you get the clash and where money, goods and services can be an acceptable exchange for a woman when she feels the love isn’t there.

    • Josh says:

      Well said…

      My take on it is that aside from incestuous situations, if a man shows interest in sex and the woman refuses, she does not respect him as a man.

      • Cryptic says:

        That is true and in the sense of Sugar Arrangements I don’t want to pay a woman to spend time with me who also rejects me on that level.

    • Kore13 says:

      @Cryptic @Josh It’s very sexy to hear that from a man. 🙂

      • Cryptic says:

        Thanks kore, which part?

      • Kore13 says:

        @Cryptic “The reason the sex is important to me is because sex for a man anyway is acceptance. The physical act itself is the woman accepting the man.”

        It’s definitely not the incest! 😀

      • Cryptic says:

        lol I didn’t think you meant the incest. But yeah sex is meant to be
        Sensual and romantic so it has a lot to do with acceptance on both sides.

  98. Anonymous says:

    “…So sex has been used by women to receive something that has more value, as we’re well aware that very same sex act can cost them so much more.”
    Or so much less – depending on the circumstances. If you have any doubts, see what happens to her if she sleeps with a 17 year old guy. Or what happens to him if he sleeps with a 17 year old woman.
    But I agree, women will always find some or other reason to whine about.

  99. SouthernSB says:

    Oh, good grief, this board is boring and everyone is talking about the same thing over and over again. I’m going back to tumblr, at least there I can look at pretty pictures of designer clothes, read over the top stories about trips and fancy restaurants (I don’t even care if half of it is lies),and at least see a bunch of people who pretend to support each other.

  100. gentle soul says:

    How about a restatement

    Women need a reason to have sex ,men just need a place.

  101. gentle soul says:

    Men need sex to be happy. Women use sex to get what they need to be happy.

    What do you all think ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Men need sex to be happy. Women RELUCTANTLY use sex to get what they need to be happy.

    • MisBehaved2 says:

      I’m happy with sex!

      If I need something else to make me happy, I keep it to myself and use my FAVORITE toy. But maybe I’m unique. LoL

    • SB TVC15 says:

      I need sex to be happy, but I need significantly less of it than men do.

    • Red Headed Wench says:

      I love sex but I think women need more of a bond of some sort with their partner than men do, generally speaking.

    • Anon 2x3nc says:

      Men and Women desire things based on what either makes them feel good,desired, valued, wanted etc.

      Men don’t necessarily need sex to be happy. Society tells them that if they aren’t getting sex from someone there is something wrong with them. So they seek out sex in more of a desire to be validated vs just “wanting to get off”. Getting off is easy. How many men sit and brag about sleeping with women that most may find unappealing? Not too many. It’s the validation and status that states to others or really their own ego ” I got it, I’ve arrived, Look how great I am”.

      Think about men that send dick pictures. Who is that really for? 99.2% of women never even ask for them. So what creates that need to send pictures that women don’t actually care to see? Validation, Acknowledgement. Even if it’s a bad reaction it’s still a reaction.

      Also sex from one person is “ooh that again” for another. I think that’s the point what kind of sex do both parties want and what kind of sex are they getting? Is the pleasure shared evenly ? Are the risks shared evenly? Are the costs shared evenly?

      So sex has been used by women to receive something that has more value, as we’re well aware that very same sex act can cost them so much more.

      Personally I don’t require sex to be happy. I require comfort. So if I was given a choice of

      1. You’ll never receive a pedicure again
      2. You’ll never have sex again

      I would be seriously disappointed about loosing option 1.
      Option 2. Would give me that “meh”…. I have great toys.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Anon 2x3nc

        Very interesting and nuanced comment. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        1. You’ll never receive a pedicure again
        2. You’ll never have sex again

        I would be seriously disappointed about loosing option 1.
        Option 2. Would give me that “meh”…. I have great toys.

        You proved the point stated above.

      • Cryptic says:

        For me it would be a good meal or affection with a woman over sex.

        What a lot of men especially young men don’t think about is do they want sex, as in a physical interaction with a woman or do they want an orgasm/masturbate with some one else’s body. If all they want is the orgasm/masturbation than they should wank and get on with their lives.

        Society does play an interesting game with men regarding sex, if a man likes sex he is a horny brainless dog, if he doesn’t like or have an urge for sex than he must be some kind of idiot or gay.

      • SB TVC says:

        If a woman likes sex she is a slut or a ho, but if she doesn’t, she’s a frigid bitch.

      • Anonymous says:

        nah, just a frigid ho

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anon 2x3nc “Men and Women desire things based on what either makes them feel good,desired, valued, wanted etc.”

        I can’t disagree, but I feel I couldn’t reduce sex to most other acts of pleasure. It’s the most intimate interaction, the least excercised and requires effort from both men and women. (Maybe not for bonobos.)

        Having sex can give people comfort, sure, but what about all the other things? What about feeling free, excited, challeneged, etc? I would never trade these things in for a toy. There’s no personality, no body, no warmth, no bonding.. Just nothing but the feeling of hollow satisfaction and some dreams of actual sex where the partner works to give you pleasure. Masturbation is temporary relief. It’s not just the physical act of sex I enjoy – everything depends on the partner. The story leading up to the sex is important as well.

        How do you substitute these in one act?

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Thank you for the clarification.

      • Kore13 says:

        any other act*

        @Cryptic Why not have some after sex coversation? What special about sharing a meal in particular?

  102. Another Anonymous says:

    @ SBseeking

    Personally I would be afraid of a lot of drama.

  103. SBSeeking says:

    How do SDs feel about married SBs? If a SBs profile says married or even “in a relationship”, is that generally a deal-breaker?

    • FormerAnon says:

      if you are married then put down that you are married and if you are dumb enough to not put it and it creates problems for you in the future then good you deserved them

      I would not be in an arrangement with a married SB or even one that is dating someone because that is just not for me if you cannot be faithful to the person you are married to then what will you be to me….I would not be in an arrangement with a SB that would be in an arrangement with a married person that is their choice to do so and it is my choice to avoid those that would.

      I understand that some marriages can be open and some can be more difficult to exit from for various legitimate and semi-legitimate reasons, but generally if you are not happy in your marriage get out and if you want to stray or help someone stray leave me out

      I have no interest in joey grecko from cheaters creeping up on me with your angry spouse or boyfriend and I have no need for discretion, but I have no need for drama either especially from the SB in the arrangement

    • Anonymous says:

      I generally avoid them because I worry about drama . I am married so I don’t need two spouses trying to catch us . One to dance around is enough .

    • Anonymous says:

      The majority of SBs are single, so why add another element of drama when there are so many other options . OTOH ,SBs would lessen their dating pool by 75% if they only saw singles .

    • anonymousSSD says:

      @formeranon..If your expectation is that your SB will be faithful to you, I think your delusional. But you keep burying your head in the sand if that helps you sleep at night.

      @Sbseeking…I stay far away from married sb’s. I’ve been involved with a few. Most are not very good about covering there tracks and I don’t need any drama when their hubby finds out. Secondly, married women cheat for reasons other than sex. More emotional reasons. There’s more risk of attachment which I don’t want. Lastly, because of these emotional reasons for cheating, you never know what they want out of an arrangement . The single sb’s are easy. They just want money. The married ones are on here for the most part for reasons other than financial. It’s a guessing game on how to make them happy. If I wanted to play that game, I would just stick to traditional dating.

      • Anonymous says:

        The single sb’s are easy. They just want money. The married ones are on here for the most part for reasons other than financial. It’s a guessing game on how to make them happy.

        That’s the best reason to avoid the married ones

      • Kore13 says:

        @anonymousSSD I couldn’t agree more with your first comment. I don’t think you can buy loyalty – especially if you don’t see the SB all througout the week.

        But I am unhappy with this notion you have about married women. I was married. We broke up because we had different goals in life. The last thing I want is commitment or to be in a similar situation with another man. I recognized where my emotions were being ‘disadvantageous’ and I decided to opt out and am not repeat my mistakes. These kinds are very costly.

        So, would you suggest that I put myself up as single and lie to the SD? How else is he going to see past these ideas and find out what I’m really like?

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Why don’t you say you’re separated (assuming that’s the case)?

      • zito says:

        I rarely notice marital status of a sb, it just doesnt matter to me, if she can meet what I am looking for, great, if not, her marital status means nothing, and we all make our own life choices, it isnt my place to judge anothers

      • Kore13 says:

        @SB TVC15 I did and it’s true. I was thinking about the impression it gives men that I was married at all. @Zito even asked me in the beginning how I was drama free after a failed marriage. I think it puts off some men and it’s something that irritates me, to be honest. I take pride in being me and not someon’s ex.

      • zito says:

        being separated or divorced doesn’t have to be accompanied by drama, if you have a child that can add drama to the equation, but it doesn’t have to. I am a sucker for a drama free woman, her marital status means much less to me, let us just have drama free fun together, that is all i ask, this really isn’t that difficult to me to understand

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Are you divorced, Kore? If not, maybe think about getting that divorce if you can? “Divorced” is a lot more single than “separated” is. Maybe some men are worried the ex is still in the picture somehow, or could come back, if you’re still legally married to him.

      • Kore13 says:

        @zito I know, it’s just that I think the others are right. They have their reasons for thinking the way they do, but it doens’t work in my favor or theirs if I am someone they’d want as a SB. I didn’t take it badly of you for asking – at least you did. I figure that most SBs just tick the ‘single’ box and bypass me altogether.

        @SB TVC15 I got married when I was 19. In retrospect, I consider the time we spent together as growing up. After the break up, I did the best I could to take care of him – it required staying in touch, but there’s no going back to an ex for me and there never will be. I am just not built that way. I think this is important to mention. If someone matters to you, you don’t just abandom them.. Well, I don’t. What was a faithful friend just sent me a message a few days ago saying he didn’t want to talk to me ever again. I know it’s because of his gf and a man’s gotta do what a man’s got to do. Divorce will take place now. I’ve just been concentrating on uni things, etc.

        I’m providing TMI for your entertainment.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Sorry you lost your friend, Kore. I’m good at staying friends with exes if there hasn’t been any wrongdoing, but some people just can’t do it.

      • Kore13 says:

        @SB TVC15 Thanks, that’s sweet of you, but it’s ok. I know him quite well and I doubt I’ve lost him for life, but either way, he had the best reason for doing this – the love for a woman. I don’t feel bad about it, just taken aback… His gf taught me how jealousy is a dangerous thing!!

        Yes, I think it’s harder for some when it comes to letting go. I think it has to do with upbringing.

    • noname says:

      i generally avoid married women not because they are married but because its difficult to find time to be together

      • formerly known as anonymous says:

        So avoid married SBs for the following reasons so far

        1)security risk
        2)unclear motivation
        3)time challenges
        4)spousal drama
        5)faithless hussies(morality issues)

      • Anonymous says:

        love me some married women, they are usually just looking for excitement, and are much more accommodating

    • Bill says:

      It is not a problem as long as she is honest about it. It is when women lie that there is a problem, because then wrong decisions get made because of the wrong information.

      Funny that all the married women I ever dated got married before they were 21, then five or six years later wonder why they want more out of life than their husband is capable of providing, when they used to think he was just super. Pay attention ladies… don’t even think about getting married until you are over 25, and 27 is better.

    • Anon 2x3nc says:

      I think what’s good for the goose. Actually I think two married individuals dating would be a better situation for both. Sure the timing and having to becareful but it seems like it would be much more passionate than the one sided single+ married person.

      There was only one pot that I considered but it bothered me far too much that I just couldn’t do it.

    • IHF2030 says:

      I want my sugarbaby to be single, and not in any relationship, at all.

  104. supersd says:

    If a SB says she offers companionship in exchange for financial compensation, would you say that’s an escort alert? Or do you think companionship means accompanying you to dinner and events?

  105. FunDude says:

    Learning something from Islamic culture everyday. They have very strict rules in terms of how to treat your wife. Very compassionate.


    • Anonymous says:

      You should move to Iran. No joke! I am sure many here will pitch in for your one way plane ticket. Iran is always looking for fake quack doctors. Be sure to tell the basij that you have much sex with hundreds women for free who are not your wife. They love that and are just like a big brah fraternity. 😉 they will love you!

  106. FunDude says:

    Any thoughts on this AR? Anyone know much about quality AR weaponry?


    • FormerAnon says:

      pretty good reputation although not a whole ton of feedback on them…..lot of quality features for the price in the past they were even less expensive for the features offered

    • anonymousSSD says:

      I’ve built a few ar’s. Seems to be a decent quality product. They’re just one of many manufacturers that have sprung up in the last several years. Pricing seems high to me for what you get. You can build the same thing for a lot cheaper. It’s not going to shoot any better than a $700-$800 ar. If that company is local to you and you like to support local then go for it. Me personally, I would stick with more well known manufacturers if buying a completed rifle off the shelf.

      • FunDude says:

        Which companies do you recommend? Do you have a specific model?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I think I’m going to have give some government agency an anonymous tip to keep a watch on you. First you make disparaging remarks about western societies, then you start posting Islamic videos, Now you’re looking for assault riffles…

      • Anonymous says:

        I had similar thoughts…short of reporting to anyone.

      • FormerAnon says:

        Bushmaster, Colt and Smith and Wesson all make a good product with S&W probably offering the best value and Colt being too expensive IMO….a friend that formerly owned a gun store in Las Vegas was a big fan of Rock River and they are quality guns, but I hear they have issues with the finish coming off, but you can always have it refinished, but why if you do not have to

        Colt, Bushmaster and S&W are all literally field tested with law enforcement all over the country

        as for the model it depends on what you want. but make sure it is mil spec components across the board and get the lined barrel or the stainless barrel especially if you are going to shoot a lot of cheaper ammo

        the ones you linked to had all of that and some other features to “tighten them up” a bit that others may or may not have

      • FunDude says:


        Stop the bullshit lol

        @ Anonymous

        Does the Colt have the same specs as the Barnes for a cheaper price point?

        Barnes is supposedly higher quality than a Colt rifle due to it being “free floating”, better bolt group, etc.

      • FormerAnon says:

        Colt on their site does not list out the specs all that well

        the Colt Colt LE6920 is about the same price as the one you first posted and it is slightly over a “starter” or field grade standard AR and I would bet it is a good gun, but it probably does not have the features you mentioned and I would bet to get those in a Colt you are probably looking at $1,600 or more id available

  107. THEATLSD says:

    good morning peeps. I’m at the airport last night waiting for my bag when up walks a middle aged, short, balding white guy. Next to him is a young, tall, skinny, fashionably dressed black woman. The were obviously together and pretty damn sure it was sugar. So as I stood next to them I started singing in a low voice “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archie’s. I crack myself up!

  108. Anonymous says:

    What about a person who is told she is supposed to be Aiken robot like everyone else and heartless. But the man is well endowed and she is just scared shitless from lack of real experience, since she keeps a relationship for years (whether it be attentive or non attentive due to fear of disease.) so when approached with a newbie that is attractive and well endowed, she freaks out and scares him away.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Unless he’s hung like they guy in that article that ATL posted the other day you should be fine just go slow and use some lube. And if you’re considering having sex with some one you should be comfortable enough to discuss these things with him. If you’re not you shouldn’t be having sex.

    • Kore13 says:

      Be romantic and irresistable. If your dick is so big that it’s scary, you have to compensate with gentleness. Same way you’d comfort a frightened horse. Kind of.

  109. crypticanomaly says:

    Getting back to the $10k a month chat Jay started, that is $2307.69 a week, $120,000 a year. That is just base salary, on top of that she would get dinners, entertainment, clothing, gifts, holidays so it could very well blow out to $150,000 plus a year.

    Would she still expect pay increases to align with inflation given she would already be on a huge pay as well as perks? Would she sign on for a contract say for 12 months? Just curious hypothetical.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      An interesting twist. .. good question for the SBs.

      • crypticanomaly says:

        And how many perks would she still want, car, bills paid, apartment? Interesting to know how much more they would try for on top of what is already an awesome pay packet.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        At that level of allowance I think there should be any extras beyond accompanying your SD on vacations dinners,etc. If he chooses to give you a gift that up to him but you shouldn’t be expecting it.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I Don’t think there should be any extras…..

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        I agree with Miss Jay…

        And in fact, she would hopefully be giving him gifts occasionally.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay-I don’t think there should be additional perks either outside of expenses paid while with me. But from the things I have read on this site, nothing would surprise me!

        I think an arrangement of this extent and if for an ongoing period would require a contract and any Diva like behaviour would render it null and void.

        MisBehaved-Yes, gifts would be nice, even if she would be using my money to buy them lol

      • Kore13 says:

        @Cryptic What kind of gifts?

    • MisBehaved2 says:

      Yeah, about that 10k… (speaking for myself only).

      If the SD wants to offer that to a SB that’s great. Personally, I’d feel guilty. Unless of course, it requires additional commitments such as: being the flirty (naked) maid in heels or the newest employee hired.

    • FunDude says:

      Actually, thats 10K post tax, which is over 200K in gross salary.

      Also, you have to pay gift tax on anything >13 K/year to one individual.

      Ergo, the expenses are far too low in terms of cost.

    • piwolf69 says:

      $10k per month …. Hmmm. According to my source, the SB who are on an allowance of $100k – $120k per year, are all FULL TIME Mistresses. They are on call by the SD/Benefactor/Patron, 24 x 7. They are also on a 5-year contract. No increases during that 5 year period.

      Of course, gifts & bonuses are at the discretion of the Benefactor. Travel is involved.

  110. Anonymous says:

    @ Cryptic

    Go find a blow up doll. You are not willing to invest in any sugar baby that finds you attractive or that is sexually interested or intrigued by you unless she is 12 years old. Go find a blow up a doll and screw her brains out or invest in your SB that can make your dreams come true. Or, after this post, bad mouth me like I have feelings and like I give a shit, on your response for entertainment. Please, indulge me for once. (for conversation sake) lets see what you got.

  111. cryptic anomaly says:

    Can the Politically Correct get any more stupid?

    Helen Mirren thinks it is a sign of ownership when a man puts his arm around his girlfriend. A world without affection, without admiration of beauty that is the aim.


    • Jaybird923 says:

      Of course it’s a sign of ownership he’s either marking his territory or being protective. Nothing wrong with that. ..

      • crypticanomaly says:

        It’s a criminal offence for some though. lol

        Of course if she puts her arm around him, that is just sweet and loving.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Some people create problems where there’s aren’t any. And there are always sheep who are willing to follow the advice of those people and ruin their own relationships in the process

      • crypticanomaly says:

        Political Correctness is an attack against critical thought so you are very right, trying to make everyone a robot while telling them they are individuals and special.

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        After reading the posts for a period of time now, I’m adding my two cents. 🙂

        I smile when I see a man showing affection in public.
        However, I dated a guy (briefly) who put his hand on my shoulder, THAT felt like ownership. LoL

      • crypticanomaly says:

        Hi MisBehaved, thanks for posting.

        I think being touched by someone you don’t like can feel that way and there are affectionate ways and nasty ways. This PC thing is just insane now.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Political correctness is evil. It must be my ethnic background but I am touchy feely by nature. If I am out with a woman I most always hold her hand or put my arm around her.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Thinking about all of this I would consider paying for someone’s dinner a far greater sign of ownership than hugging them.

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        When someone pays for another person, I think there should be some feeling of indebtedness. Not necessarily reciprocating equally in return, but something that conveys a sincere appreciation for their generosity. Like a HUG!! lol…

        Actually though, my paying for hugs was in reference to IHF saying he’s touchy feely.

      • Cryptic says:

        @missbehave I love affection and would find it difficult to be around s woman I like without polite physical contact.

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        Yep. If I can’t put my hands on him, I almost feel awkward. It’s possible… I might be far too affectionate.

    • SouthernSB says:

      I don’t know what’s going on with this stupid country. Men can’t even put their arm over their women’s shoulders without offending the great Helen Mirren? Well, I think she should just go back to her house find a big purple dildo and fuck herself with it, maybe then she will have a better attitude about romance and life in general.

      • zito says:

        Thinking about this, I have rarely ever put my arm around a woman, maybe sitting on a couch, but even in that instance I am more of a, “put your legs across my lap kind of guy”. I am tired of everything offending some people however, why can’t we go back to common sense and decorum, with some chivalry thrown in?

      • FunDude says:

        Betas gonna beta

      • Kore13 says:

        Haha, @Zito. I can understand what you mean. Half the the men I’ve had loved to cuddle, and during ONS, this can be awkward…
        I get up in the middle of the night to pee sometimes. When I do, some of them kind of pin me down a little, thinking that I want to sneak out and not return, ha. 😀

        I think this situation can be awkward for a guy if the girl has a slightly nasty side to her. You should definitely get a cuddly woman. It’s good for your health.

    • Kore13 says:

      @Cryptic It’s not just about that. When a guy puts his arm around my shoulders, sometimes I feel embarrassed, even when it’s my boyfriend. It might not be a nasty way at all, but I feel like a trophy sometimes. If he’s touching me to show me affection, that’s alright, but he can show other people our relationship with doing this.

      @I don’t like the ownership idea – I don’t own anyone and no one owns me. I make efforts to give my partner freedom and I expect it back. If my partner loves me, he will return to me. I shouldn’t have to stop him from doing what he wants. If he doesn’t return to me, it’s for the best – I can find someone else who will.

      • Kore13 says:


        Also, I am very affectionate in private… But I’ve been treated like a trophy girl in the past and I don’t want to be viewed as something other than myself.

  112. Anonymous says:

    A 10.000 SB
    I do not have that much money to fill out.
    However, this is totally missing the point.
    I had a SB who was totally worth that – if I had it. I was keeping her at the high end of practical-moderate and was devastated when she was gone.
    The “10,000 $” SB does not need 10,000 dollars. The SB that wants 10,000 is likely not worth 1/10 of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      ***doll out

    • Jaybird923 says:

      What made her worth it if you had it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahaha…you have to have a connection, a bond, emotional, mental, sexual. Money in this case is just a reminder that you cannot keep her.

      • SouthernSB says:

        I don’t know if’s all the fault of the SA marketing machine, the IG and tumblr girls or even the SDs, but obviously something is going very wrong here. I’ve watched the talkshows and although the women aren’t model types they aren’t total dogs either, and it isn’t like they actually say they are getting 10,000 a month. Even SA says that the average SB only makes, what is it, 3,000 a month? And as for the tumblr set, I’d say that 80% of them are high class escorts, and for the ones that are SBs less than one percent are even getting 5,000 a month, more less 10,000. Not only that these newbies must not be actually reading their blogs, because these women have multiple SDs, look like Kim Kardashin and save every penny they get. The IG and tumblr girls do sleep with their SDs and the ones who don’t have been doing this so long and are so beautiful and charming that they have entertained kings. And guys some of this is your fault too. You are not going to get a Karlie Kloss or a Chanel Iman look a like for a minimum allowance. To me it seems like everybody is a little delusional around here, and everyone needs to just get over themselves. Both this blog and the bowl would be a happier place if we did.

  113. cryptic anomaly says:

    That SB I mentioned earlier who was trying to get me to take her to a movie as a first meet rather than what I suggested which was a low key coffee meet has responded, she seems to have bumped her price up as well to Substantial and is only offering platonic.

    “You have failed to see my light hearted flirtation. I am looking for someone who treats me as an equal and doesn’t expect me to be a submissive puppet and it seems you want a vapid doll. I’m only interested in people who can take ownership for their own triggers without blaming others for them”.

    Ummm… suggesting something that the SD didn’t offer is not flirtation and if you think it is then you need flirt school. Submissive puppet? All because I declined?

    There is that word “Equal” again, equals don’t ask the other to pay for their company.

    Women can’t handle rejection. Calling Salt Baby on this one.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Wow, a delusional woman, infected with a terminal case of princess-diva-bitch-cunt syndrome, on this site? Oh well, NEXT!!!!

    • IHF2030 says:

      I still do wonder if these women behave in similarly nasty ways when dealing with guys their own age?

      • Anonymous says:

        YES…unless they have hots for someone so they will tone it down a bit…temporarily. Viva la feminista!!!

      • FormerAnon says:

        I would say most of the time they do not get the chance. They are both blind drunk when they meet for the last 30 minutes of closing time at the club. The 18 minutes and 45 seconds they spend “being romantic” quickly turns into both of them passing out after all that “passion” and then a couple of hours later he is careful not to awaken her when he climbs out of bed, takes $40 from her purse, tinkles in her laundry basket mistaking it for the toilet because he kept the lights off and eats the last of the food she has in the refrigerator before he high tails it out of there.

        Or the alternative is one of them shoots over the 1:45 am WRUD txt and he comes over to her place, they have 22 minutes and 43 seconds of “the best sex ever” before her cats start acting up because another creature is in their lair besides her and she rushes him out the door so the kitties will calm down.

      • FormerAnon says:

        She then spends another 45 minutes to an hour getting her cuddling from the kitties and 3/4 on a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Green Tea Ice Cream and fretting over if she is getting too fat to land a serious boyfriend. He whips through the fast food establishment and goes home and watches sports center and sends out a txt blast to all the other girls he knows asking “whaz up” hoping he can pull the “double” for the night.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Former Those are very detailed descriptions… are you speaking from personal experience?

      • FormerAnon says:

        “Hit and run” is not my thing I prefer a relationship to that. I did however know some girls and some guys that have had the laundry basket and or closet mistaken for the bathroom. I did know some girls that would wake up to the guy cooking her food in the morning and sadly I knew a few that would go out and shop and come home and cook for him while he laid around until he ate and then hit the door. I did know a girl that had cats that would hiss at her and any guy in bed, but she would put the cats in another room. The $40 dollars missing is something I have read several times on the WWW (where of course everything is true), but these stories were most likely very true and in one cause it was the girl that took the guys money as she gently rolled out of bed and crept from his apartment and she was an athlete on the swimming team at the local university so she was easy to find and easier to WWW shame. So those were a composite of many of the lesser “romantic” experiences of both my youth and the current younger generation that is now much worse at all things relationship related.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this the one with “certain events have found me in a position where my outgoing expenses are surpassing my incoming finances”?

    • Anon 2x3nc says:

      She was obviously trying to have a bit of fun with you and thought a movie would do just that. Again not sure how old she is but coffee dates in general are pretty boring when two people really don’t have much in common. Flirtation while watching a movie? That I can see. Dark room, some hand holding , glances, pushing up that arm rest dividing you two?

      Her response was probably a reaction to other pots talking to her like a dog. So she felt “here we go again”. I wouldn’t consider her Salt as I honestly believe she really wanted to have fun with a SD not feel like a trained monkey.

    • I once recommended a movie for a final date. The guy just rubbed me in all the wrong ways…literally and figuratively. It was a courtesy date, but he didnt know it. I was far too nice…or stupid, perhaps. Wanted to give him “closure” but didnt really want to talk to him…or look at him. So, yep, the movie worked perfectly. Except for the sounds he made while eating popcorn and guzzling Mountain Dew. Whodve known a human could produce such sounds?


      Have since learned to drop ’em like a sack of bricks…off of a twenty-story building…or over a bridge…into a raging river. Gets the job done right…no clean up.

      Joking, of course. Am quite cordial–pleasant, even–in my severances and departures.

      But a movie for a first date? Bad idea, in my opinion. Unless, of course, it’s at the drive-in movies…in the back up a pick-up truck. Might even let him slip in the tip…but just the tip…and no one would know…except for Google Earth. That’d be hot. Put that pussy on the map. Gotta dream big.

  114. Anonymous says:

    Good for you do not chase anyone

  115. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Uboat- It was kind of satire, but more a creative attempt at making my point. Some SB’s want the world but can’t even manage the absolute basics of being charming via messages let alone anything else.

    I do agree that the women who are obsessed with money discount their chances of finding a man who will actually appreciate them and will end up getting used. Sugar to me comes in many forms not just cash and the more money a woman wants to me the less I should have to fuss over her in other ways.

    Again I agree, if a woman is not getting her asking price than some introspection is required.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      So if you gave a woman $10,000 a month what would you expect for it? What would that arrangement be like as far as behavior, meets, availability, communication, intimacy, etc.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        I chatted with one woman who wanted 10k a month, she was willing to meet me 3-4 times a week for it but do I even want that much time with a SB?

        For that kind of money she would have to be young, beautiful, charming, poetic in every way, never complains, indulges me. It would be like a film.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You guys are ruining my good deed. You’re always complaining about how unrealistic SBs are for asking for $10,000 when they are offering so little.

        This question was designed to give you guys a chance to let SBs know exactly what would be expected to receive that type of allowance. Instead of being specific you guys are giving me vague answers that serve no purpose.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        I don’t have a specific, she would have to be perfect, so for be that would someone like Deborah Ann Woll or Amy Adams in appearance, they would be perfect like one of their characters, no flaws, no complaining, they would always know what I wanted, would cater to my every whim and mood. Would be very responsive to my compliments, would entertain me, be great speakers but also know when to be silent.

        How is that for starters?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        It’s a start.. keep going. How available should she be? Sexual limitations? Clothing choice.. if you like dresses and heels is that all she’s allowed to wear when with you, etc. This is your chance guys be specific…

      • IHF2030 says:

        It isn’t just the 10k allowance as on top of that I would be shelling out for vacations, gifts and eating out regularly, as well. So, for that level of outlay I would expect her to be at my beck and call, literally. She would have to be a ten, in terms of looks and my type. Beyond that she would have to possess a high iq and a pleasant attitude and winning personality.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay- Sexually, I am pretty normal so no need to be a porn star in fact that would bore me. She would be affectionate. Yes, well dressed, heels and the type I like too, lingerie. Like with IHF for that amount of money plus all the perks she would be on call and also as I would adore her she would call me on her own accord as well, she would also seek time with me rather than wait for me to call her. She would be the perfect fantasy girlfriend.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        LOL Most SBs reading that are probably nodding their heads and saying “That sounds exactly like me..did he read my profile?” I’ll go…

        For $10,000 a month I would have to be your full time job. You have to be available whenever I call Morning, noon, night. Whatever you’re doing you stop and you show up when and where I tell you. I expect you to be dressed in a style that I find pleasing. You should be entertaining,able to make me laugh, and intelligent enough to hold a decent conversation.

        I don’t want to know about your personal problems keep them to yourself unless they are health related and I’m not talking about a headache or cramps. You should be into every kink that I’m into sexually which I will disclose in the beginning so you can make an educated decision.

        You should be an enthusiastic sexual partner. I shouldn’t have to initiate all sexual encounters. You will treat me with the same level of respect I treat you.I don’t mind the occasional disagreement but it shouldn’t be a habit. I’m not looking for a human puppet after all…

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay-Effectively what I want is the exact opposite of what women think men want, the opposite of what they think they have to be like to get a man. I am difficult and I know what I want. So a $10k SB would have really make me feel like she is mine when she is around me and maybe even when she isn’t.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Sorry the first part of last post was in response to IHF. Nothing wrong with what he’s looking for but I imagine a lot of women think the description fits them.

        And nothing wrong with what you’re looking for either… The illusion of the perfect girlfriend. Sounds like you want someone who cares about you :-))

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        lol or does a good job of making me think she does, but I don’t want to hear it, it’s all about actions for me.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I didn’t mention earlier but exclusivity should be a given at that level of support.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        exclusivity is a must… non negotiable

      • IHF2030 says:

        Also, I would want a women with goals and aspirations. A woman getting 10k per month would have it made. She could rent a nice apartment, and lease a nice car and still have a good amount left over. So, I would hope she would save some of that so someday she could start a business venture and be successful in her own right. But, I would take the mentorship part of the arrangement seriously. So, I would be less inclined to shell out a fat allowance to a women who would just fill her closet with ugly, over-priced shoes and bags.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        That’s a good one IHF

      • IHF2030 says:

        A shrewd sugarbaby should be planning for life after sugar.

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        IHF… One would hope.

        LOL I’m imagining the pivot table I’d create for Daddy… accounting for every dollar.

      • FormerAnon says:

        I agree with most of the comments here. For $10,000 a month I would expect at least 3 meets per week and that would be staying over because I find less than fulfilling to wake up to an empty bed after a night of fun. I would expect to not hear much of any of her problems not that I don’t care about her at all, but the money has to be a trade for something doesn’t it. I mean really if her car is breaking down, her rent is due, her credit cards are behind or her tuition is coming up and she is getting $10,000 per month (even with taxes paid much less without) I would be wondering what loser she is supporting or when the inside of her nose will start to fall out in pieces.

        I would expect that she could do better than “faking it” and as others have stated I would expect that she might from time to time actually want to spend time with me. She would take care of most of her shopping even if I was shopping with her.

        And most importantly as IHF stated I would not only expect, but demand that she be planning properly for her future there is nothing worse than reading some of those profiles and thinking that some of these girls think they will just ride their sugar baby career into their 50s with no hassles and no problems and possibly somewhere along the way they will find a guy that actually wants to settle down with them IF they decide they want that. There is nothing wrong if a girl wants to be a SB at an age well past 30, but I would expect that she would be coming out of a long marriage or relationship that was a bit “suffocating” and was looking for some fun while she moved past that. At some point when you have been a SB for 20+ years you probably need to look in the mirror at the neon light that says “pro” and come to grips with that. I have no interest in setting up a younger SB for that “future”.

        I would also expect she is either in school, has just left school with a degree or she has some other long term career path she is on even if a formal education is not needed. I would 100% expect exclusivity and if she was to meet someone she was interested in a traditional relationship with then I would expect immediate notification of this and an end to the arrangement not her “test driving’ a relationship with them before deciding if it was better than the arrangement or if he was “the one”. I would really expect that in any arrangement I was in not because I want to tell her how it will be, but because I would be attracted to a SB that felt that is how SHE wanted it to be and that was HER standard. If others are ok with something different well if that works for them great.

        I would gladly welcome her opinion on pretty much anything and everything (the money is not buying a sex robot that I have no interest in), but fortunately and unfortunately my BS does not change much so unless she is really convincing or can point to valid reasons why she is telling me I need to change my BS well I will probably be tuning that out and pointing to the visa money card, the cash filled envelope and possibly the check made out to her professional home chef company or cleaning service as to why I am not changing. But again expecting someone to be intelligent, educated, forward looking and lively and not expecting them to have an opinion and not giving at least a bit of thought to what they say is not realistic and hard headed even to me.

        So basically she would be like a GF without most of if not nearly all of the drama and BS and with the understanding that these ships will eventually pass further and further into the night unless they just collide and like it.

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        My SB for Dummies book was missing some chapters. S0 should I not be staying several hours at a time, having over-nights, multiple Os, sending a naughty text every so often, and being thoughtful enough to pick up his favorite bottle of scotch? Uh oh.. damn it.

      • noname says:

        assuming she was worth it the lady would be between 18 and 28 beautiful available to meet 1 to 2 times a week have clear cut goals that i can help her with if all shes interested in is shopping im moving on willing to use my generousity to build her own wealth and i would be happy to teach her how to it i would suggest following taylor b jones she gives great sugar baby advice

      • MisBehaved2 says:

        @noname – in the unlikely event you were speaking to my post..

        ‘i would suggest following taylor b jones she gives great sugar baby advice’

        My point is, not every lady is sitting with her hand out. I care about my SD(s) and want him to be happy. Of course I was starved for affection for a few decades, so I enjoy going above and beyond.

        Under promise and over deliver, words I live by. ?

    • Anonymous says:

      1. None of the women I have seen so far on SA are worth $10,000/month. Now, if some of these beautiful-er women meet me first instead of demanding upfront money to meet, I may spend few thousand dollars a month on them.

      2. I don’t think I would EVER give a woman $10,000/month not because I can’t afford it, but because I have limited utility of women in my life. If I gave $10,000/month, I would have to engage with her for lot more hours in a month than I am willing to spend in female company.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        My question was a hypothetical. Plus I didn’t specify where you met the woman. And you didn’t really answer it… but thanks for responding.

      • Anonymous says:

        Correct. $10,000/month to pay a woman is a non-starter for me.

        This is kinda like what would you expect a house to have if you were paying $10,000/month in mortgage payment? Again, a non-starter for me.

    • Anonymous says:


      All of your requests for 10 k are reasonable to any sane woman. No arguement, as there shouldn’t be to any man with the same.

  116. Josh says:

    Since the ADHD kid would not establish his demographics, I ass-u-me that he is a gay/TS teenager and his ethnicity is neither White nor Black nor Hispanic. I have an wild guess as to where he’s from, but I don’t want to speculate on it on the forum until I read more of his comments.

  117. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Cryptic

    Sure. But a random grey flying fox would do me in anyway. On the other hand I have survived the lunatic asylum without walls aka Cooktown, so there might be hope for me.

    And now if you please excuse me, it is 9 pm here and the game is on.

  118. Jaybird923 says:

    If you feed the beast it’ll keep coming back, the more you feed it the bigger it grows, the bigger it grows the harder it is to get rid of it… stop feeding the beast.

  119. Josh says:

    OK people. I will hang around for a little bit more.

    Not quite sure, but the ADHD kid “may” have calmed down. If not, I will promptly whoop his ass.

    When he’s finally calmed down, I want to go back to Anonymous…which is a lot more fun. 😉

  120. Josh says:

    Where is my friend @OnlineNewbieSD?

  121. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, can one of the moderators step in re that TVC person?

    They are not contributing anything at this point, and their unhealthy need to respond to every comment on the blog has grown more than tiresome. Give them a 24 hour timeout or something so conversation can resume.

  122. Josh says:

    “SB TVC15 says:
    September 14, 2015 at 5:58 pm
    Josh, you are a crude pig. Just an FYI.

    SB TVC15 says:
    September 14, 2015 at 6:01 pm
    Actually, I take that back. Pigs are intelligent and sensitive animals.”

    Everytime you post an idiotic comment like this I will post this video:

    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7QE62FDn08] for first idiotic comment
    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7QE62FDn08] for the second idiotic comment.

  123. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Cryptic

    Few friends of mine were in Algeria (out of all places) and tried to make 100 proof drink out of water melons. Everybody enjoyed it until one girl spilled it on her hands and it dissolved her nail
    polish. Of course I have my doubts, but it is at least a nicely made up story.

  124. Another Anonymous says:

    Yep, a note to self, do not try to outparty an Aussie miner. And it comes from a guy who managed to outdrink a Russian police officer.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      I knew a woman who went to the States and hung out with actual Hillbillies in Kentucky, they gave her some moonshine which was said to strip paint off the walls. She drank it and soon realized how much Aussies drink as it had no effect on her at all.

  125. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Zito – [[http://www.metermaids.com/]]

    We think of everything down here.

  126. cryptic anomaly says:

    How Aussies deal with conflict – [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm_niiQfeWc]]

  127. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Cryptic

    Well I was more thinking about the guys from mining companies partying hard in Sydney. They were an interesting crowd to meet. And proudly claiming to be cashed up bogans.

  128. Josh says:

    @SB TVC15

    “You can’t destroy what doesn’t exist.”

    I had asked a few questions, and they got drown in the Anonymous posts.

    1. How old are you?
    2. Are you TG/TS?
    3. What’s your national origin?

  129. Another Anonymous says:

    Welcome back Guru, please lead us again to triumphs. 🙂

  130. Josh says:

    @SB TVC15

    “Oh, lord. Josh vs. me would be the irresistible force vs. the immovable object. We’ll need our own blog.”

    Prove me wrong, but it will be over soon. 🙂

    “BTW, you’re still wrong.”

    If it makes you feel better, carry on. Never say never, but Guru is seldom wrong.

  131. Josh says:


    “@Josh-It’s about time you dropped that Anonymous shit.”

    Anonymous started as a “protest” but I kinda liked it because it kept @FlyGirl from posting her random, idotic rants against the Guru. Six of this…half dozen of the other.

    But when you have an ADHD kid running around in circles and destroying the decorum of the forum, Anonymous hits its limit.

  132. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Cryptic

    You are right, you got yourself a great country. If there is reincarnation, I want to come back as a cashed up bogan. 😉

  133. Josh says:


    “We tried doing talk shows here like they have in the States, no one said anything lol”

    What’s up with that @crypt?

  134. crypticanomaly says:

    Just saw a profile from a SB “Can you excite me?” now if she was wise she would have written “Can I excite you” but of course she thinks she is auditioning SD’s.

    Was chatting to another SB yesterday, she asks what sort of first date we will have, I explain to her that my first meetings are low key just a coffee and a chat, she comes back saying surely a film or lunch would be much better, I ask if she will be paying since it is her suggestion, she asks if I want to be a SB, I tell her that no I don’t, I’m just looking for a woman who won’t argue or push her own agenda.


    • zito says:

      why not meet her halfway? say brunch and a bj?…lol

      • crypticanomaly says:

        We have brothels here that offer a “Lunch Special” they will serve you lunch and a prostitute will give you a BJ under the table.

      • zito says:

        I hate America lol

      • crypticanomaly says:

        lol we also have topless hairdressers, topless bar maids, strippers in pubs….

      • zito says:

        I think I might like it there

      • crypticanomaly says:

        It’s a nice place and we weren’t founded by religious nutters so we are a lot more free than Americans seem to be. Our sense of humour is as rough as hell too.

        When I was with my American girlfriend she would always get upset at my humour especially as we can be self derogatory. She thought I was saying it seriously.

      • zito says:

        It sounds like the perfect place for me, I hate uptight serious people

      • crypticanomaly says:

        Australia is the way to go then. We tried doing talk shows here like they have in the States, no one said anything lol

        We just don’t give a shit.

      • zito says:

        Ive always wanted to go. maybe in 5 yrs when my kid is out of hs. shit, id go n never leave lol

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        In Queensland there are bikini metre maids who will feed car metres while you are at the beach. [[http://www.metermaids.com/]]

    • FormerAnon says:

      I can see where a film would not work because there is no chance to interact unless you want to be one of the boorish oafs that talk all during the movie. But what is wring with a lunch I mean you are going to eat anyway so there is not additional cost there and how long can you sit there and sip away on a cup of coffee. Also eating allows you to see if she has any manners and knows how to at least come close to properly holding her silverware or to not talk with her mouth full. And at coffee there is more of an excuse to whip out her stupid phone and answer all her meaningless txt from her friends and dude brah suitors while at lunch it would be more impolite and a sign of things to come.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        I don’t think Cryp’s concerned about whether a lunch or coffee is preferable. I think his point is that the SB should let the SD take the lead.

      • crypticanomaly says:

        My first meetings are usually low key for an hour, often during my lunch break, just a short meet, if we leave wanting more than good, if not all good, best of luck.

        Lunch is fine, it was more like SBTVC says it was the SB trying to dictate terms.

  135. Anonymous says:

    @SB TVC15

    “Why are you guys so obsessed with me?”

    Because you provide validation of the idiotic expectations many SBs maintain here, and they want to egg you on to get you to write more?

    I believe that @Red alluded to that as well elsewhere. 😉

  136. Jaybird923 says:

    lol I honestly can not believe one person has been able to make a whole group of people rephrase and restate the same comments over and over for this many hours. I guess no one has heard of agree to disagree. You can’t complain that she has monopolized the conversation on the blog when you respond to everything she post. :-))

    • crypticanomaly says:

      I think for a while we just enjoyed watching her flip flop around and try and get untangled in her own web. Like all things though it gets boring after a while.

      • zito says:

        which is the very foundation sa was created on, eliminating the boring and mundane

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I have to disagree I don’t think she flipflopped. she’s just been saying the same thing over and over and you guys have been repackaging your comments like “maybe if I say it this way she’ll get it” lol

      • crypticanomaly says:

        I feel like what she was doing was yes stating the same thing but then various others would point out why she was wrong or even why she was disproving her own point and she would say something that would disprove it even more.

        The problem is she won’t see why she is wrong and why it is no big deal anyway.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Why are you guys so obsessed with me? 😉

      • crypticanomaly says:

        We’re not anymore.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @SB Not obsessed, but I find the fact that you managed to “filibuster” the blog and stop any other subject from being discussed since last night very amusing LOL

  137. zito says:

    meanwhile back at the farm, i think i found my new religion{http://www.venganza.org/}

  138. Anonymous says:

    While I think SBTVC is the only one who does not understand how rude it is to completely monopolize the conversation, she is not doing anything wrong. She is just being socially inept.
    She should not be moderated, just discouraged and subtly ignored.

  139. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    @SBTVC- Yes I did read Elaine’s post, I responded to it. As I said unless you truly understand the forces involved it is unrealistic to say “We need a good moderator” it is simply not that easy or simple.

    You could go through this blog and probably delete or censor most of the posts, ban half the members, but then what? You have an empty blog where no one says anything and the conversation becomes false and sterile. Is that what you want?

    Be careful when you start talking about bringing in hardcore rules because you may find yourself on the bad side of them.

    And to repeat again, you do not understand the politics at play, so please do not insult me by making comment on things you do not know about.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      As I have mentioned time after time, myself and the other Mod have passed on Suggestions, Concerns, and Complaints from the blog members, we have both deleted many posts and intervened when needed.

      Again, don’t insult me by talking of things you know nothing about.

    • SB TVC15 says:

      Cryp, if you just deleted the obscene and sexual insults, you’d still be left with plenty of text. I really doubt there are unseen forces at play here that require women to be called whores, sluts, and three holes on two legs. Being mysterious doesn’t make it look justified. And I definitely wouldn’t find myself on the bad side of that rule — can you show me where I’ve insulted anyone like that?

      • Cryptic Anomaly says:

        As mentioned, if you want hardcore rules they would apply to you, some may feel you are “Trolling” for example. In other words deliberately trying to incite arguments.

        It’s all a matter of opinion and perspective. People have complained about you for example on this blog, do I ban you for that??

        Not trying to be mysterious either, being honest with you.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        All I am asking, and what I think Elaine was asking for as well, is that posts containing obscene and sexual insults be deleted. Now you have two posters who’ve made that request.

        I’m not asking for anyone to be banned. But I’d be totally fine with being banned, as long as you also ban everyone who’s used insults like that!

      • crypticanomaly says:

        @SBTVC- I think you have to bear in mind the culture of this blog, we all are pretty honest and rough at times on here. I have censored many comments in the past that have crossed the line. I even censored myself once and was criticized for that too!

        I have stepped down as Moderator as I mentioned last night in my response to Elaine’s comment.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        OK Cryp, thanks for letting me know. It must feel good to be off the hook. Can you tell me who the other moderator is? I’d like to make the same request of them.

      • crypticanomaly says:

        They have never outed themselves as Mod and haven’t been on the blog for 2 weeks at least.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Cryptic you should’ve done the same thing… never should have outed yourself

      • zito says:

        cryptic is out and proud

      • crypticanomaly says:

        Yeah big mistake, I kind of thought the other Mod did the same but was mistaken. Anyway, all good. Not worth the problems.

  140. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    Been thinking a lot about this concept of “I know my worth” I think it could work on a depreciating scale. For example lets say that every slim, attractive woman 18-25 starts off on $10,000 a month, the SD sees her is mesmerized but then of course he starts to talk to her and that is when the problems arise…

    So a system of penalty points..

    SB initiates contact with the SD by saying “Hey” or similar – $2,000

    SB communicates in one word/one line messages -$2,000

    SB fails to engage/keep the SD interested -$6,000

    SB starts to talk about allowances, presents an entitlement attitude -$5,000

    SB is plain boring, charmless, doesn’t seem at all interested but wants the money -$10,000

    SB has the following words in profile Queen, Princess, Goddess, I deserve, Spoil Me

    SB seems like too much work even during the messaging stage -$9,000

    SB only offering platonic -$10,000

    So as you can see depending on how many penalty points the Sb racks up she could be paying the SD.

    • zito says:

      I like it, maybe that should be in your profile…lol

    • uboat509 says:

      While I see that you probably made this comment as a satire, and good for that, it is also a question that has intrigued for some time. However, not all women on this site think of these arrangements in terms of “how much am I worth”. Nonetheless, many do. Just last month I received an inbox from one, after a inbox combo, finally stating “I am worth a lot more than that!”

      Important distinction I see here is, while there is the site seekingmillionaire.com and the like, this one states seekingarrangement. That is, the is no explicit focus on absolute wealth; therefore, opening the doors to a wide variety of possible arrangements.

      One such arrangement I participated was $300 a week with two meetings per week of several hours each meeting. I hosted, and took care of expenses, including the occasional unexpected gift, and the ‘mandatory’ birthday, Valentine’s, etc. This, of course, was only possible because the SB was not focused exclusively on the money. If the SB’s only motive is the money, then the high expectations get in the way of potentially meeting a great companion/sexual partner/confident/mentor, etc.

      So, a SB can assess her worth $3,000 per month, but if she is not getting the interviews, and not closing any deals, something is not up to par then with what she is asking, and it needs to be addressed. In the same way, if she really wants $5,000 per month, and she is able to get it, then perhaps she can even push for $8,000 and she what results she gets. But again, in that case, the main focus is the money, not so much the relationship.

      • Josh says:

        You can’t explain such intricate concepts to these women. They either want $5,000/month or will continue to harass men to give them that amount because “they are worth” that and then some.

      • Anonymous says:

        That was a fair assessment from a SD point of view and a simple explanation and very easy to understand. He admits that a very low allowance was made possible by the SB focusing on the relationship much more than the allowance. But, I can still like a relationship and focus on it just as much with $8,000 per month too! It is possible lol.

  141. Red Headed Wench says:

    Been reading comments in here for a couple of weeks now and can see from the majority of SB comments why so many SD’s are so cynical and cautious on here.

    • zito says:


    • zito says:

      we mostly weren’t born cynical and cautious, we had help getting there, and the entitlement generation isn’t helping with this, but they will grow up and be sorely disappointed

      • Red Headed Wench says:

        I understand that, I don’t think there are all that many “Salt Daddies” and a smart girl will sort them out well before meeting anyway.

        My theory on being scammed is this – People get scammed when they are expecting something for nothing or hoping for something that is too good to be true.

        Don’t be greedy, don’t think about the money and you’ll be surprised how well all of this can go.

      • Kore13 says:

        And check for background info! One POT wanted to fly my to Thailand to help with some PA chores and have a paid holiday.
        We got to the point where he tells me I’m on top of the list and we do voice confirmation. I should’ve just hung up on him, maybe, but we spoke for an hour at least. Everything he’d said didn’t invoke trust – on his profile, he’d lied about ethnicity, age, location and who knows what else. And he still lived with his mom and and family (he was older than 40). And he was initially telling me that I was fishy for not wanting to skype with him through my main account and making an extra email for SA purposes.

      • Kore13 says:

        Also, after he’d told me his whole name, I couldn’t find a trace of him online. He said his family used to be filthy rich and if only the separation didn’t cost them money, but they’ve remained so low profile.. There’s only one article about him on the internet and not to trust it (I didn’t feel like reading the 35th page of search results).

        I feel sorry for him because he might not have any ill intent and just be lonely, but… With that dodgy attitude, it’s pretty creepy!

      • zito says:

        @kore, is being over 40 bad?..lol. You will be fine on sa or wherever, you follow your instincts, and they seem sound, if it walks and talks like a duck, it is a duck. @red, yes, having expectations, especially unrealistic ones are not healthy for anyone, better to have no expectation, and be pleasantly surprised, I have built my life on this notion, I do not expect things from people

      • Red Headed Wench says:

        @Kore-Exactly, the situation you described sounds great on the surface but of course it’s too good to be true. Why would a man want to fly someone out that he hasn’t even met?

        The more you dug the more you saw that your instincts were correct. It’s not that hard to be cautious and keep yourself safe. I wouldn’t even do the research with an offer like that I think the chances of it being genuine would be 1% and it wouldn’t appeal to me anyway.

      • zito says:

        I agree with @red, I would fly to her the first time we met, mainly to show good faith on my part, I figure, I am a man, I can take those chances, I wouldn’t ask a woman I just met to take that chance, that isn’t common sense to me

      • SB TVC15 says:

        I’ve gotten several offers to be flown to different places. I simply respond that I don’t feel comfortable going to another country to meet a man I don’t know. If the guy is decent he will understand that.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I think that a woman would be nuts to fly half way around the country, or half way around the world to meet a guy, sight unseen. But then for some women it seems that their greed over takes their common sense.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Zito No, Zito, being 40 isn’t bad at all – but chopping off 10 to 15 years on your profile because ‘your mind’ is like that is. He was ashamed of absolutely everything.. We spent the 15 mins playing a guessing game of his ethnicity (which I guessed right from the first second I heard him, but he didn’t want to admit). Then he had to explain to me the preconceptions people have of the country he comes from. That he’s travelled the world and studied in the US… The list will surely take all the blog space if I wrote down what happened.
        I sure hope you’re right and I don’t run into a Crazy! Given my BMI at the moment, I don’t stand a very good chance even against most European girls.
        And yes, I think it’s nice to have the man put the effort into visiting me first. My first arrangement will be with someone who’s from a neighboring country. If it goes well, I will visit him the next time.

        @Red Yes, I think it’s important to be very careful! I’ve been taken advantage of in a strange city and it wasn’t nice. I’m lucky it wasn’t someone violent.

      • zito says:

        you ladys are crazy, why would you put yourself at such risk for a man in the US, let alone another country? @kore, I think you will be fine, you seem to have good instincts, the trick for people with good instincts to to ignore all the white noise around you and trust that good instinct, it is easier said than done, but gets easier with success and age

      • Kore13 says:

        @Zito Instinces don’t always save you, but you can’t let a bad experience dictate your future. When instincts fail, I can turn to age though. By the time I’m 40, I’ll probably be on the new SA, looking for hot younger men. 🙂

      • zito says:

        @kore, you are right, nothing is absolute. I just mean it is better to have good instincts than not.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Zito I haven’t had an arrangement yet and I don’t plan on ‘just’ travelling to another country where I don’t speak the language. This SD lives in Switzerland, where they speak German and English.. And I have so much of faith in the police here in Europe! I just wish you could do this a safer way. Like having a portable something to signal the police if you’re in a tight situation.

      • Kore13 says:

        Of course, Zito. Thanks! 🙂

      • zito says:

        @kore, why not keep it in a public setting until you feel a bit more comfortable?

      • Kore13 says:

        @Zito – Because of where I live, this would be difficult.. I have to travel over an hour to Hamburg (I put that as my location to stay anonymous on SA), and it wouldn’t be practical to do that every time for a cup of coffee. Besides that, I won’t try to put myself in danger.. So if that’s what it takes..

  142. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Kore

    women have had a history of being taken care of

    Sure. But then they demanded equality. So they got it and now they can enjoy it.

    • Red Headed Wench says:

      For a woman to be taken care of she has to be feminine and present herself a certain way. Simply screaming “SHOW ME THE MONEY” doesn’t work too well.

      Go figure.

    • Kore13 says:

      @Another Anon Haha, yes! But not everyone is as fast in adujusting for whatever reason.

      Imagine all of a sudden that every woman switched places with the man. Do you think every man would adjust just at the same speed into taking care of the children and cleaning the house? Nope..

  143. Another Anonymous says:

    @ SB TVC15

    Ad get the allowance first – and I assume p4p is degrading, so should it be the first month allowance? Or better the first year? 😉

  144. SB TVC15 says:

    SB’s, what’s your take on the “who goes first” question? Do you sleep with the SD first and trust the allowance will be paid? If so, have you ever been scammed this way?

    • Red Headed Wench says:

      Depends what sort of impression you want to give, whores get paid upfront for example. For me I don’t do anything unless I actually like the SD, that way if he does “rip me off”, which has never happened, it doesn’t matter as I enjoyed his company anyway and I wouldn’t feel cheated due to that.

    • Kore13 says:

      @SB TVC15 I haven’t had the experience, but I will be soon. I’m going to trust my judgement in character and faith in men. I wouldn’t ask him for the money. If he doesn’t pay me, then I got paid a nice holiday and had some sex with someone more interesting than the average college student. If I really weren’t happy, then I’d have a few beers and find a hot guy for the night and forget it happened.

      • zito says:

        and why is that @kore? because you must have confidence in your character assessment ability, and self esteem, it is not like you are meeting a guy where it is all about the money, this sets sb apart, putting her firmly in the escort category

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Thanks for the straight answer, Kore.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Zito, it’s interesting you think being cynical and cautious is totally appropriate for an SD, but it makes an SB a hooker.

    • Elaine says:


      I have always trusted my SDs to financially follow trough afterwards.
      Most of the times the amount of allowance was not even discussed before.
      They are gentleman, and I trusted them to treat me correctly.
      And they did.

      Of course it depends of the kind of relationship, but as mine are long term and build on mutual trust (in general my SDs have a lot to loose), I have no problems getting it afterwards.
      I just trust they will want to see me again. 🙂

      As I mentioned before, I strongly believe in the “1001 nights” approach.
      Don’t give him the chance to get bored, make him want to see you again, and again, and again …

      Only once I have been “scammed”, probably due to my inexperience in the matter then,
      it was my very first sugar experience.
      But he was young and attractive and we had a night of mindblowing sex, so it didn’t leave me feeling too bad.

      Since I only have sex with men I genuinely feel attracted to, the first time it is just a risk I take

  145. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit – has one retarded SB made herself the mouthpiece of the blog or something? Jeeeeeeeeezus. Every third comment is this twat.

    No wonder people don’t bother coming here anymore. Here’s a tip, dear: your thoughts are not interesting or insightful enough that you should feel particularly motivated to share them. You just look like a mouthy tween.

  146. inquisitivesd says:

    I’ve been reading alot of comments here. SBs think if there is attraction then they’ll be intimate with their SDs. SDs think that SBs receive allowance, so they should be willing to sleep with their SDs right away.

    I think they are both wrong. SBs who have no attractions to their SDs should leave their SDs right away. Some SBs are slow to warm up to, and SDs shouldn’t expect to be their SBs right away.

    • Anonymous says:

      take all the time you want to warm up, but do not expect an allowance while we wait

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Fair enough. And take all the time you want to offer an allowance, but don’t expect sex while we wait.

      • Anonymous says:

        the allowance will be offered at first meeting, but will not be actually given until the sb “warms up”

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Again — fair enough.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        But, as a fundamentally naive person with a history of getting ripped off, I’d have to get the allowance first before actually heading to the bedroom. Yes, I realize SDs get scammed too – but that’s a game of chicken I don’t think there’s a strictly fair answer to.

      • Anonymous says:

        next, men get scammed too, it is a risk we BOTH must take

      • SB TVC15 says:

        But that’s literally impossible. Only one person can go first.

      • Anonymous says:

        the sd doesn’t have to pay first, he has shown you at least a small part of good faith by taking you out and paying beforehand. This, pay me first from an sb is a scam perpetrated by the instagram crowd, and MOST sd’s do not fall for it, especially the ones who are confident and not socially inept

      • Anonymous says:

        also if you are out with a sd and are worried if he will bed you and stiff you, then maybe you need to reevaluate your ability to judge someones character

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Well, if you are out with an SB and are worried she will take the allowance and stiff you, maybe you need to reevaluate your ability to judge someone’s character.

      • Anonymous says:

        how can i put this as to not offend you @sb?….I have the money, I make the rules…it is that simple, you do not have to follow the rules, you can hate me for my rules, but like i said, this is pretty standard sd view

      • Kore13 says:

        You attach the money to his dick. Problem solved. 😀 Sorry, couldn’t resist!

      • Kore13 says:

        @SB TVC15 That was a good comeback, I have to admit.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        You may have the money, but you don’t make the rules until you start sharing it. And why do you feel the need to bolster your opinions by saying the other sd’s agree with you? Are you conducting polls?

    • inquisitivesd says:

      I might have to add….some SBs who are young and hot (and some not so young and hot) that, by showing up, have a dinner and conversation that they should get an allowance.

      Some SDs who bed the SBs for one time scram for the hills.

      I think both cases are bad.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you feel you need to pay them upfront, by all means, go for it, the VAST majority of the sd community DOES NOT feel this way

      • PinkLady47 says:

        I have NEVER expected Payment up front, or discussed it openly…that is THE BEST way to get involved in charges! Build trust in a potential. SD, don’t expect ANYTHING financial, hold your own and take care of you and yours! These conversations are tiresome! BE SMART!

    • crypticanomaly says:

      Unless the SD is purely in it for sex I think he will sense the SB isn’t into him and will walk away most times.

      Fair enough if a SB is slow to warm up but she shouldn’t expect an allowance during this stage as obviously it is open to abuse.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am done trying to make someone understand the way things work when they just refuse to understand how the game works

    • gentleman soul says:

      Here’s the way it works :
      1) M&G goes well
      2)a deal is struck
      3)The happy couple proceeds to the Hotel
      4)the relationship is consummated
      5)a white unmarked envelope is discretely placed in the lady’s purse
      6)they agree to meet again next week for dinner/drinks/bowling/hotel activities
      7)everybody is happy,happy,happy.

      An alternate is to insert the following before #3 (a white unmarked envelope is passed under the table to the Pot SB (now confirmed escort) and eliminate #5

      See how simple it is to differentiate escorts from SBs ?

  147. Another Anonymous says:

    @ SB TVC15

    Like, as like enough to consider you a romantic partner. That is the meaning we are talking about.

  148. Anonymous says:

    Just joined and reading these comments looks to be a lot of ANGER here… who the hell wants an angry bloke? Even with money. Why does beginning a conversation require instructions for this population? Has the money gone so far up your ass and through your corpus collosum that you fail at being able to engage with other human beings? I dont care what your so called budget or net worth is, if you cannot articulate on a spectrum of respect and decorum with me or see me as a whole person, eff off. I am willing to play the game to an extent, but would never want to give the impression that I was here to degrade myself for your money. I also do not appreciate how this article seems to give women (already caricatures void of trust from the opposite sex) – yet more ways to manipulate men into an exchange and rules to follow.

    They can see this article and I think the main reason why the male patriarchy is not working is simply due to the fact that women are constantly advised to be deceitful AND be themselves. lol i.e. “do not give the impression you are desperate”… have you ever seen a desperate person work hard not to give the impression that they are desperate?

    They end up looking pathetic. And it is still a TRICK. Which is why men ultimately do not respect women. They always think we are making something up. I am tired of dating men with no money, and I like to do fun things – period. That doesn’t make me any kind of ho, nor a desperado. But I do think men here can learn to get out of their own way. Perhaps try speaking up instead of lurking. You may be surprised to find out that you attraction is stronger and healthier when you act as the hunter instead of waiting for desperate women with professional pictures and plastic bodies to seek you out only to lose respect in the end.
    A dating site that encourages women to strike up the conversation and bait the men already tells me that this is for solicitous females – and with those kind of women – plain and simple guys – you get what you pay for.

  149. Another Anonymous says:

    @SB TVC15

    Oh no, not at all. No obligation at all. But I am aware of what Fundude calls SMP. So a lady in her thin, attractive college age lady can expect a good allowance from a guy in his 60s, but should strongly consider “providing” free sex to an attractive wealthy guy 5 years her senior. But mostly I am aware of the fact that the 60 y/o guy with significant bmi stands near to zero chance with an atteactive coed, if the allowance is not provided. Thus I consider the “I really, really like you as a person” talk a bit silly and insulting. How far would that “really like you” go, if the same guy was taking a bus to section 8 housing instead of
    driving a jaguar to a mansion?

    • SB TVC15 says:

      Reply posted below Kore’s, sorry!

    • Anonymous says:

      The same way a guy feels about a SB who lives in section 8 housing. He “likes” her enough to have sex with her but not enough to provide better for her.

      Now, if she was already a well off SB in a downtown flat and she made extremely good money by rinsing men for a living or even a high paid call girl, the SD would then give her anything she wanted.

      It is amazing to watch men on this blog bad mouth and down grade women who comes on this site and others to find men who know what beneficial mutual arrangements are. The men on SA and other sites are player up to be the cream of the crop with well educated business men who supposedly know right from wrong and can be a benefit to society in other realms. Amazingly, all women hear on this blog or see on these sites are wealthy men who want 12 SB’s for 10 cents a piece and educate other men how to get the most from women by pretending to be poorer than they are and then degrading women who are desperate or have hit hard times because they know this is the place to find them since the site is sourced as a place to find wealthy men.

      All I ever hear are stories where the men complain over and over about a SB wants more money than she is “worth.” If you were any caliber of men, you would be bragging about what you bought, gave and did for the woman or women you are seeing to make other men step up. Then you would be sharing just how good and often your SB or SB’s are excited to see you, have sex with you.

      The smart SB’s appear to be the pros who rinse and repeat. They live better, they are sought after and you will pay them better because you can see they invested money in their looks from all the men they screwed to be wealthy like you and they have a clientele. The dumb ones are the ones who care still in life, that live in section 8. They aren’t the fun ones because they are poor. If you get to close, the poor might rub off on you. So let’s just all tell Brandon his idea was dumb and shut the site down and all the men go see a professional. She doesn’t care about you or your life. She just wants to know your favorite position and that you brought her her money. You can’t insult her. Degrade her, demean her with your words and make fun of what she drives. She is heartless and a savy business woman.

  150. Another Anonymous says:

    @ SB TVC15

    Ad professional meeting full of women etc.

    Yes they are. Unfortunately women of my age and bmi, hence my presence in sugar bowl. 🙂

    • SB TVC15 says:

      Ah! So when you say women should provide sex for free to men they like, I presume you mean *younger, thinner* women should give it to YOU if they like you. Why should they, when they can easily get men who are younger and thinner, and who they ALSO like?

      When you say these women “should” provide you with free sex, don’t you really just mean that you would very much like it if they did?

      And if younger, thinner women really do have an obligation to give free sex to older, fatter men, don’t YOU have the same obligation to provide it to older, fatter women?

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL! Logic only makes sense to most men if it is logic that benefits them or is in their favour. 😉

      • Kore13 says:

        Well, most younger, thinner men don’t need older fatter women to pay for their shoes and hairgel.

        That being said. Sex should always be a choice.

      • Anonymous says:

        well, why do women need it @kore?

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Because women need more shoes and hair gel! Doye.

      • Anonymous says:

        then get an education and work for your $ like the men you seek

      • SB TVC15 says:

        May I politely suggest that if you don’t like sugarbabies, you go and spend your valuable time elsewhere?

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s marketing Kool-Aid

        Younger, thinner, prettier women are fine. There are two whopping exceptions of @FunDude and @cryptic.

        However, older, fatter, uglier women demand all kinds of allowances, who unlike a Toyota Camry, claim to know their worth almost as equally to younger, thinner, prettier women.

        That’s where the complaints from SDs come from.

      • Anonymous says:

        *There are two whopping exceptions of @FunDude and @cryptic, who maintain their specific idiosyncrasies.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        If you really think that’s the only thing SD’s complain about, you haven’t been paying very close attention.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anonymous I don’t know.. In life, I guess you take the most efficient way in getting what you want. Women have had a history of being taken care of.

      • Anonymous says:


        There’s absolutely no problem with that “efficient” approach. However claiming to be “equal, strong, independent” while asking to be supported gets to be comical. 😉

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anonymous Yes, it is comical, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that these women sometimes might need help. If they are working to become equal, strong and independent, then I would invest in them by supporting their path there. If they genuinely needed help, that is.

    • SB TVC15 says:

      Just because she wouldn’t sleep with you without the money, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like you without the money.

      You can’t expect women to have sex with everyone they like. We’d never get a chance to do anything else!

      • Anonymous says:

        The idea that the sb would sleep with MOST sd’s without the money is just laughable and not common sense, but not many people have common sense anymore

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anonymous – Because, as a rule, the SD is not only older and not so handsome, but sucks in bed and has a terrible personality?

        I have had sex, believe it or not, with someone who didn’t look very handome, was 18 years older than me and didn’t pay me a cent for it. Well, I got a free yoga lesson, but that doesn’t count. I can tell you, I was as wet as for any other guy because I liked his personality!

      • Kore13 says:

        would’ve been*

      • zito says:

        yoga+wet=yummy lol

  151. Anonymous says:


    You know nothing.

    A Toyota Camry DOES NOT know its worth. 😉

  152. FlyBoy says:

    Reading the blog I now realize that high quality SDs who are truly wealthy and generous are very rare, both on SA and IRL.

    Therefore, going forward, I am suspending the practice of giving allowance and buying stuff for SBs. Heck, I am even debating whether to go dutch when we eat outside.

    It’s a no brainier, they should be happy with a rare specimen of a wealthy and generous SD like me. Any SB that won’t quit demanding from me will be told: listen bitch I am RARE and you are a dime a dozen. That ought teach them a thing or two.

    Cheers 🙂

    Me | You
    Rare!!!! | $0.10 for one dozen

  153. Another Anonymous says:

    @ SB TVC15

    Women should provide sex for free etc.

    It is not what I said, but in a way yes. After all college dorms for young people and professional business meetings for middle age people perfectly fit this model and vast majority of participants of both genders have the fondest memories.

  154. gentleman soul says:

    Salt Baby is good. A moniker is born.

    Some SDs WILL hire an SB for salt only ,therefore it is a valid deal,since the Daddy involved isn’t complaining . Do SBs give it up to an SD for free ? Very few I would guess .

  155. FunDude says:


    Salt is a term that is far overly used by SBs. A man isn’t being “salty” if he decides that offering a woman 500 dollars/month for an allowance. He may HONESTLY believe that is her value depending on the attributes he values.

    The same SD might offer another SB 5000/month because she is younger/hotter/thinner/easier to get along with.

    Ergo, the “salt daddy” should ONLY be reserved for a man that is known to offer NOTHING for ANY SB on this website. Just because he didn’t want to give more money to a specific SB, doesn’t mean he won’t pay for others.

    A used toyota demanding Mercedes prices is usually the problem. Calling a rich person “cheap” or “salty” because they won’t spend 80K for a 2000 Toyota Camry isn’t an honest appraisal of the situation.

    The biggest problem is lack of introspection by the SB on the reason for a low offer.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘Ergo, the “salt daddy” should ONLY be reserved for a man that is known to offer NOTHING for ANY SB on this website.’

      You described yourself right there. LOL

      • FunDude says:

        Im not anything.

        I am dating someone and am uninterested in any SBs outside of curiosity of the SMP economics.

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘Im not anything.’

        U did it again. Good job u are on a roll today!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Whatever SMP economics is. That sounds like something a dork who never had game with females would say. A man who is in a happy relationship and is not interested in a SB would not spend so much time on a sugar blog for arrangements. it sounds like you are here to cause trouble and it shows.

    • SB TVC15 says:

      If a man doesn’t offer money to an SB but tries to have sex with her anyway, he is salt. Even if he would give $10K/month to a different girl, he is still salt for trying to get the first girl for nothing or next to nothing.

      If he thinks she’s not worth paying, he should leave her alone and direct his attention to the ones he thinks are worthy.