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Top Cities to Seek a Sugar Daddy


The numbers are in, and SeekingArrangement has announced the top cities to find a quality Sugar Daddy! The popularity of arrangements is growing, with thousands of POTs joining every single day. Before we dive in, let’s take a look at the average North American Sugar Daddy today.

SA-SDCapitalsInfographic P1

Austin is not only the capital of Texas, but a capital place to land yourself a prime Sugar Daddy.  Atlanta holds down second place on the list, followed closely behind by Sin City.

SA-SDCapitalsInfographic P2


Generosity among Sugar Daddies is up with the average Sugar Daddy spending $4,252 per month on arrangements, compared to 2014 when that figures was at $4,183.

SA-SDCapitalsInfographic P3

Some cities are sweeter than others; don’t forget to head to Boston, Orlando, Dallas, Vancouver or Tampa if you you’re seeking an allowance above $4,000 a month.

Want to know more? See for yourself!

Where is your favorite city to go sugar seeking?

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599 Responses to “Top Cities to Seek a Sugar Daddy”

  1. Brittany says:

    Hello im 22 years old looking for a sugar daddy i can actually meet with in person and get to know on a personal level also who would help me with my med school and other things.

  2. SugDadGrow says:

    I should invest in some real estate at some of these places!

  3. Anonymous says:

    SB looking for SD
    832 263 3548

  4. Hola chicos y chicas, mi nombre es Nayeli Salinas y tengo 18 años, Busco un SD o a una SM Que realmente les guste divertirse. Yo como la mayoría de la gente soy de las personas que se mueve con dinero, entonces de igual manera no estaría mal llegar a un acuerdo… Si estas interesado (a) en escuchar mi acuerdo podrías mandarme mensaje sin ningún problema, te paso mi contacto y ya nos ponemos de acuerdo mas personalmente

  5. athletic sexy man says:

    Hi everyone
    I m a nice Man and cute as well, I love sport and I take care of myself love to travel around the world .
    I’m looking for a sugar Mummy around Hamburg area Germany or also in New York … :-)))
    don’t be shy and send to me a message to ” athletic sexy man”
    Looking forward to hearing from you ……

  6. athletic sexy man says:

    Hi everyone
    I m nice Man and cute as well love sport take of myself love to travel around the world .
    I’m looking for a sugar Mummy around Hamburg in Germany … :-)))
    don’t be shy and send to me a message to ” athletic sexy man”
    Looking forward to hearing from you ……

  7. Kelvin Obeng says:


  8. Linah says:

    I need man with a love

  9. Leave a Reply says:

    Left a Reply

  10. Girls Court says:

    Now this is something sugary portal!

  11. scott says:

    Looking for sugar daddy. I’m handsome educated. Would like to meet a wealthy handsome man.who needs citizenship

  12. SweetPeach23 says:

    Well,Dubai isn’t clearly the best place to find one

  13. Liyli says:

    Finding chemistry is not easy!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I lost my job end of October. I need loving caring sugar daddy to help me. Il take care of you WhatsApp me 0734678788 im in cosmo city randburg

  15. Lillian says:

    I want a suggar daddy around pretoria or Johannesburg my digits 072 3919705 whatsapp or live a massege

  16. WiseBeyondMyYrs says:

    LOL, this was a good read.

  17. Promise says:

    This ad made me cringe so hard.

  18. Anonymous says:

    why is it that i don’t seem to get a SD?

  19. noname11 says:

    Mikeyyy1 is not a SD he is a total fake!!! Watch out he will act like he’s going to offer you a nice allowance and then want to meet up with you and try to forcefully push himself onto you!!!

  20. duchess says:

    hi, am new. any sugar daddies in Africa ?

  21. Blinkereyes says:

    Very very interesting. I have SD then- for 6 years no special effort. Just kept getting him support me only…hehehehe

  22. EducatedCurvyLatina says:

    Very interesting

  23. Kirsten Rose says:

    I just love this section on this profile 😉

  24. sweeetpaula says:

    I’m in Tampa seeking only one arrangement but let me tell you, there is no way I’m getting 4k monthly from one SD hahaha or I’m doing something terribly wrong 😮

    • noname says:

      averages are deceiving some are getting more than that number and a lot more are getting less than that your very pretty paula

    • Anonymous says:

      Be happy with $1K-$2K per month per SD.

    • Anonymous says:

      These guys at SA like to embellish the numbers…from membership counts…to women-to-men ratio to the money women are getting.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol it’s very much possible…I met this guy back in May of this year, not on here though..but I guess you can say he was my “SD”..and he was giving me $1500 every week when we initially met…but now that he hasn’t gotten any sugar lol he’s cutting back 🙁

    • Scarrr says:

      lol it’s very much possible…I met this guy back in May of this year, not on here though..but I guess you can say he was my “SD”..and he was giving me $1500 every week when we initially met…but now that he hasn’t gotten any sugar lol, he’s cutting back 🙁

  25. Anonymous says:

    Houston lies!!! Or maybe they don’t like black women here .. I’ve been on here well over a year nothing.

    • noname says:

      maybe your asking for too much can’t tell whats wrong when i can’t see your profile

    • Anonymous says:

      Negative. I know plenty of black Houston sugarbabies that are doing very well here. Like the anon above said, you might need to look at your profile again….

    • Anonymous says:

      Since there are too many black escorts on this site, random black SBs don’t typically do well. Sorry…but it is what it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        right, cause the white girls don’t escort on this site *eyeroll*

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t compare yourself with the white girls. They can get away with a lot. It is what it is. And the number of white escorts is not disproportionately high. The number of obvious black ho’s is disproportionately high. Try to increase your odds in your own reality.

    • Attica M says:

      don’t expect easy success. you’re black and if you’re dark skin it’s going to be even harder.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s true,i am black and I’ve been on this site for more than eight months but nothing fruitful.I think they kinda discriminate black ladies

  26. reliast says:

    Girls, try out to adjust de fees or rates ?

  27. reliast says:

    The Girls, thay out yo adjust de fees or rates ?

  28. MsMissMrs says:

    Living in the Los Angles area I have not had one Sugar daddy approach me ( NOT ONE ). Where are they ? How can you tell rather or not they are a sugar daddy ? I have yet to have a success story to share while using this site. I am not going to give up Sugar Bowlers. Now that I am thinking about it, linking up with other sugar babies would be amazing, is that even possible ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Since there are too many black escorts on this site, random black SBs don’t typically do well. Sorry…but it is what it is.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Not True. If your profile is indistinguishable from the escorts you won’t do well because you’re one of many.

        If your profile is full of slang,Ebonics,and every picture posted looks like it could be another person you won’t do well because you’re one of many.

        If you have a well written profile, you’re articulate, have the right attitude for this lifestyle, physically attractive and have the pictures to prove it you’ll do well because you’re one of a few.

        There are plenty of black SBs that do well on this site and if you look at the profiles of the ones complaining about race 9 times out 10 there are glaring reasons why they are being overlooked and it has nothing to do with race.

      • THEATLSD says:

        She wants the SD to be Diamind or back ground certified. Thus eliminating 90% of the SD. Good luck wit dat

    • Scarrr says:

      lmao I thought they didn’t really exist either…until I met one in the bar of all places and was shelling out $1500 the next day in my bank account and every week after that…but that was in like May/June/July…I haven’t given him any sugar, so now he’s not cashing out on me like he initially was lol..but honestly, when I first met him, I would’ve never even thought he had a lot of money! He wasn’t flashy, nothing..just a regular looking older black man and this was in DC..I honestly don’t even know why I decided to actually text him..it was really God lol because he helped me to get out of some financial issues earlier this year. But I still refuse to sleep with him smh.

  29. Sophia says:

    I think Dubai, a city filled with escort, is probably one of the worst.

  30. N.87 says:

    I think I have to move to the USA, because I can’t find one here in Holland ?

  31. siya says:

    Single looking for something serious

  32. John says:

    ID: Barb87 is a criminal. She took my money and sneak out of the restaurant.
    She said she took the pic of me and used it to threaten me. Guys, be careful when a women ask money at front and going to use washroom.

  33. Tara says:

    Most of the SD are married, so there are already cheating. So how could they expect commitment from the SB

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      Easy…want to continue to receive your allowance? If yes, don’t fuck around…

      There is an easy double-standard here…if you want to swim in the bowl you’re going to have to deal with the options…

      It goes the same way back to the SD though…if he wants the pussy, tell him not to fuck around and when he does, drop him…

    • Anonymous says:

      1. The majority of SD’s are not married. In any case, whether you decide to pick a married SD or an unmarried SD is entirely up to you.

      2. Men’s commitment to women is not sexual access or exclusive sexual access, but commitment of resources. Women’s commitment to men is (exclusive) sexual access sexual access.

      The asymmetry in point #2 is biologically determined by the fact that raising children requires a lot of resources and only a woman can get pregnant; during her pregnancy and nursing time period, she is both vulnerable and less capable of securing resources for herself while having extra resource requirement due to the baby. A man is biologically driven to want exclusive sexual access because of historical uncertainty of paternity.

      Post modern feminism wants to make an infertile pseudo-man out of a woman; if by following that ideology, you prefer dating xbox-playing losers that you can be “equal” and symmetric with, sugaring may not be your cup of tea.

  34. Raine-Alexa L. says:

    I have a question, my experience on here hasn’t been that great, I live in Miami, FL I KNOW THERE are tons of SD’s around here but I’m wondering if it’s because I’m rarely online or I was being myself too much in my bio, lol.. or do I have to approach the men first?

  35. shakiyla says:

    kiaqtpie I sure need to know the answer to this,

  36. Attica M says:

    Yes, all the SD are places I dont want to live. ugh.

    I am so scared to live in big cities, I dont want to live anywhere in the south, and everything is expensive with too much traffic.

  37. Steffy says:

    Do daddies who are a few dates into a relationship with a potentially long term baby expect that baby to delete their SA account? Suppose the two of you really hit it off, you’ve been intimate, and you’ve discussed the potential for the great relationship…is checking to see if she’s still on SA a move you guys make?

    • noname says:

      steffy no i don’t expect a SB to delete her account if were in a arrangement but it would be nice if she removed her profile from the search option i don’t own her she’s free to do whatever she wishes and no i don’t check to see if she on the site when we were in a arrangement

    • SD says:

      IF my Sb is still active on the site I assume she is continuing to look for a better option. Therefore I will do the same.

      • noname says:

        SD if the sugar baby is still active on the site and giving you excuses for not seeing you i think we all know whats going on there don’t we

      • Tara says:

        Most of the SD are married, so there are already cheating. So how could they expect commitment from the SB

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem with staying active on the site-for either side -is that often more appealing partners pop up ,making it difficult not to shop and compare . I think it is better to be off the grid until the arrangement goes bust or at least the writing is on the wall.

      • noname says:

        thats a good point anon ive deleted my account with some arrangements because the SB was going to be exclusive so we both deleted our accounts but as long as she on the site so am i im not looking for other sugar babies when im in a arrangement i usually just shut off the search option so i stop getting emails if you can’t stop looking you might have to shut it down

    • Anonymous says:


      Be careful what you are doing. Women find men who have other options attractive; men do not work that way. A well-heeled man usually is willing to pay up generously for exclusive rights; but if it is a time-share, every man wants to pay the least among fellow “association members.”

      The fact that you have not thought about actively searching during these weeks that you have been with him, means that you are among the small percentage of SB’s who have found a genuine SD, who is both generous and sufficiently attractive to you. . . as you say “two of you really hit it off” “potential for the great relationship” . . . don’t ruin a good thing.

      If you are worried about your bills in case he dumps you down the road, ask politely now for a promise of post-breakup support, for a month or two, so you can find a different SD at that time. Meanwhile, keep your current good find as long as you can. As another former poster eloquently put, if not done right sugaring is “damaged people damaging others.” The slippery slope / continuum between sugaring dating vs. escorting is marked by numbers. Too many failed pair-bonding attempts ruins the woman’s ability to pair-bond. It is in your own best interest to keep the total count low before achieving your own career and/or life success, so you can either stand on your own feet or have a competent someone committed to support you for very long term.

      A smart SD can tell if you are shopping around without checking your profile status.

  38. Anonymous says:

    My only defense for women on the site would be my own. I’ve been assaulted by a sugar daddy but I know not everyone here is a bad apple. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to let me become 100% comfortable with a sugar daddy before entering anything sexual. I’m still giving him my company and my time, and I’m still devoting myself to him when we are together.

    I think there ARE men out there who respect me enough to understand that I’m not timid or scamming them, I just want to feel safe and comfortable. But again, the presentation of money does not equal an expectation to put out. We all know that, because it’s prostitution. We shouldn’t be expected to have sex in the first place until it is discussed with both parties.

    I also think both should just go about their terms of a relationship very upfront and honest, but still in a respectful way that doesn’t come off as degrading to the other. When you have a decent mindset it really is not difficult.

    • noname says:

      anon just because a lady receives a allowance doesn’t mean she has to put out for that is indeed prostitution and that goes against SA policy but many men are looking for a arrangement that includes intimacy if all they want is sex theres cheaper and better ways to get that you have the right to say no its just a matter of waiting for the right one

      • noname says:

        also it might be a good idea to tell a SD what happen to you so that he understands how you feel

      • Anonymous says:

        Out of all the women that I have slept with, only 3 ever told me they were previously victims of sexual violence. 2 out of 3 turned out to be scammers getting ready to take the money and run; the other was thinking of using the excuse and running, but then decided to stay, nevertheless more flaky than usual compared to other SB’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      a real sd will wait until you are comfortable in any way you need, no matter how long it takes, he just wont give you an allowance while you are in the waiting period, no matter what the other obvious hooker annon says

    • Confused says:

      If a woman is not comfortable sleeping with a man…there’s not wrong with that. She should take as long as it takes to make her decision.

      However, when she says that she is not “comfortable” sleeping with him but is very comfortable taking his money…then there’s something wrong with this scenario.

      • noname says:

        confused a sugar daddy shouldn’t have to pay more than entertament until she is ready thats only fair

      • Anonymous says:

        noname, you are on the wrong site, you belong back on blackpage

      • Anonymous says:

        If a girl is not ready to sleep with you after a couple full-length dates (not just meet and greet over coffee, but hour-plus dinners, etc.) in sugar context, chances of having a mutually rewarding relationship diminishes drastically.

        She is either not sufficiently attracted to you or impressed by you, or someone who treats her own sexual access with very high regard, in fact too high for you. Nothing wrong with that/her per se, but you are just not her knight in shining armor. Paying her or not for additional date is utterly besides the point. Chances are that you are just wasting your time, which hopefully is worth more than whatever little fee you would pay her for platonic first dates. Even if you eventually do buy your way or maneuver your way into access, probability of mutual disappointment later would be much higher than if you find someone else who is more welcoming of you to begin with.

      • noname says:

        anon a SB has the right to say no to intimacy and if thats what she wants she should say so ive had platonic arrangements but they don’t pay anything close to the allowances most ladies want i have no idea what black page is what is that

      • Anonymous says:

        Any woman who refers SDs to Backpage is actually a migrant from Backpage looking for greener pastures.

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course an SB has the right to say no to intimacy, on any date . . . just like an SD has the right to say no to further dates of any kind, at any time.

      • noname says:

        confused your right its ok for her to take as long as she needs to be comfortable sleeping with a man but its ok for us to wait until shes ready to pay a full allowance also its been my experience if shes not ready after the 2nd date im not counting the MG she never will be ready in this case i would pass on this arrangement it doesn’t sound like she would be much fun she doesn’t trust men so its best not to add more drama to your life

      • Liyli says:

        I have met some guys and told them I need to feel comfortable. They gave up after second date. I asked them if I did something wrong, but they told me they were busy. Men wants to have sex on first date. I wasnt looking for money, but money wasn’t issue for us. I wasted my time and energy on them ugh! people travel to meet me and then disappeared!

  39. CuteAsPi says:

    Of course where I live isn’t even on the map lol

  40. Chaser says:

    What is a reasonable age difference an older man can get with a sugar baby? Can someone in their fifties expect to expect to enjoy regular intimacy with a 22 year old? How about someone in their 60’s? If someone succeeds in this case, do they have to go for someone less attractive. Let’s be brutally honest here. I see men in their 50’s claiming to have had long term relationships with 20 somethings, but when you see their photos, they look unattractively middle aged or like a grandfather.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think unless the girl herself is highly consenting towards sex, it should not be expected. Some girls are into that, some honestly don’t know if the older man wants to have sex with them. I had an SD who was 71 and all he wanted was to take me to parties and for drinks, and I paid my rent that way.

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah, your old man sd of 71 is the exception, not the rule

      • IHF2030 says:

        Wrong, I think that sex is to be expected. But then, fat, bald, married, elderly guys might be hard up enough to pony up good cash for purely non-sexual arrangements.

      • Anonymous says:

        have fun going to dinner with a dude who is old enough to be your great grandpa. I am sure that isnt awkward.lol

    • noname says:

      chaser there’s a sugar daddy video on youtube thats shows a SD by the name of tommy and the SB name is monty she’s 21 he’s 63 thats a 41 year difference and she is beautiful your confusing regular dating with sugar dating you don’t have to be handsome all you have to be is a good person and generous if we have to look like brad pitt not many of us wouid be getting any and tommy having sex with her

  41. Lilya4ever says:

    Few SD in Austria/Central Europe.

  42. Riviera says:

    This blog is like so yesterday, the cool people are on the new one…

  43. The “Starting the Conversation” thread is turning weird already.

  44. SD says:

    Moderate: “I’m NOT looking for a cuddle buddy or anything futher. I am not interested if you are married or in a relationship. ”

    I want to actually talk to some of these chicks and get their perspective on their journey. She wants $3-5000/month to be a pal . Are there that many impotent old guys who pay the occasional platonista ?

  45. FlyBoy says:


    What do you guys think? A bunch of betas who can’t get laid or the beginning of a revolt against whoring!!

    Cheers 🙂

  46. Another Anonymous says:

    @ SB TVC15

    Ad asking directly – actually it is not rude at all. If an attorney, a surgeon or a climbing guide charge three times the market rate, it is absolutely ok to ask for their reasons. But very few people would accept “I know my worth, I have a school debt and you can afford it” as valid justification.

    Same logic for the pot SB, maybe she is a classically trained pianist with stellar personality, IQ of a MIT PhD in nuclear physics and supermodel looks. That would easily justify multitudes of a market price. 😉

  47. Layla says:

    well maybe thats why i havent had any luck. no sugar daddies her in ohio lol!!

  48. anonymously anonymous says:

    At least it’s upfront and honest; gotta give’m credit!!!

    20 5’6 slim (o photo)

    “I am a young woman going through school with little help paying. I am a high spirited kind human being, who is working hard to get through school.”

    “I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING SEXUAL. I just want someone who needs a friend, someone to listen to. I dont want to hold hands even. I just want someone well off to help me out with my college expenses who is kind, and wants a pretty face to look at on occasional outings.”

    • Anonymous says:

      and I would like a unicorn to ride through atlantis on

    • SD says:

      now there’s a blog topic for us ! A pretty face to look at and pay for. I’d rather go to the homeless shelter and adopt a Mom and her family to help.

    • Anonymous says:

      This woman comes from the tumblr crowd. You should read the posts over there. Their “bible” is a book called Ho Tactics. Its author is the supreme rinser. It basically teaches entitled bitches how to scam men out of thousands of dollars while giving nothing in return except their existence on earth.

      • Anonymous says:

        lets remember, you can only be scammed if you are stupid and lack common sense, and believe any bs told to you

  49. Riviera says:

    Why do girls offer to sell photos? Why would anyone want a virtual or online arrangement?

    • Riviera says:

      Search for profile “babypooja” and then ask yourself how was her photo approved?

      • Riviera says:

        I am going to have to leave SA, I just can’t take these heart wrenching stories of sorrow:

        Nicknamed the Goddess of Love. I’m Caucasian and English and I live in London. My mum died during childbirth to my other sister (who also suffers from autism), and my father is bed bound constantly. It is extremely difficult for me to support my family as I am the eldest and I need a sugar daddy to support me through this dark time xxx

        What I’m looking for

        This queen needs the ultimate sugar daddy to lavish me with their gifts and their dedication.

      • nooooo, Riviera! Dont gooooo!!! It’ll get better. Maybe. I think. Well…it depends. At least check out pooja and her friends first?

    • Attica M says:

      i have a model friend who does that.

      look, if there is a market for it, why not reach out and benefit from it?

  50. SD says:

    @ Jaybird

    If you meet an SD you like and would not mind spending time with and he offers you $2000 but you need $4000 don’t turn him down while you wait for the big fish who might never come.

    Regarding the “I know my worth” crowd ,Jay’s entry excerpted her should be read and memorized by all SBs. It should actually be a blog topic. Good job jay !

  51. Riviera says:

    What’s the point of profiles like this? Does begging online work?

    If everybody who viewed me could spare a minimal donation it would be awfully nice. Im just a normal everyday woman who has a family and kids to try and support and i am finding it hard at the moment and just need a little boost to get me back on track x

    Relationship Married But Looking

    What I’m looking for

    If everybody who viewed me could spare a minimal donation it would be awfully nice.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wrote a comment about it yesterday. Most women have no qualms about begging.

      Such blatant profiles must be denied and deleted.

    • SD says:

      If she offered to bang everyone who paid her she could pay her bills

    • Anonymous says:

      I have more respect for the women who work at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada than these entitled bitches who think they deserve thousands of dollars just so you can look at them. Hello? Online porn is free. Why the hell would pay you to look at your fully clothed body?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Who is the fucking starter of the “know your worth” nonsense amongst women?

  53. Another Anonymous says:

    @ flyR

    Very nicely put. And if I can ask a question aimed both at SDs and SBs. Let us assume that whole transcript was genuine. The pot SB likes the guy, allowance offered more than doubles her after tax income and sugar bowl being what it is, nothing would stop her from looking for the elusive unicorn. So why the refusal?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      As we repeatedly see demonstrated on the blog, for a lot of “SBs” amount of $ = self worth. Therefore if they are asking for $5,000 and offer $2,000 you are saying they are worth less and if they accept your offer they are agreeing they are worth less.

      The SBs that understands that your self worth and your worth in the market place are two completely separate things are usually more successful. Because they make decisions based in reality instead of fantasy

      • Bartolo says:

        You are so right, Jaybird. Unfortunately, “I know what I’m worth” from a 19-25 yr old here (although age is not a limiting factor) inevitably means, “I am seeking $XXXX per month and I feign being insulted and block you if you offer less.” Self-worth devolves to dollars per month “allowance.”

      • rembodler says:

        Every so often I get a “Hi, how are you” texts from the Moderate/Substantial SBs. I diligently and consistently reply that I am delighted to explore our compatibility, however, their requested allowance is outside of my range. However, if they consider the high end of practical, I would love to explore the possibility.
        Every single time, I never hear back.

      • Anonymous says:

        The “I know my worth” mantra is perpetuated by the tumblr and Instagram bitches. Over there, any pot SD who offers less than 10K/mo for a platonic arrangement is villified as “SALTY”. The posts over there crack me up so much but these idiots actually accept them as mantra.

      • Riviera says:

        Any links to Tumblr? Thanks.

      • Riviera says:

        Just googled some stuff, they want guys to pay for dinner instead of going Dutch. Cool, most nights are 2 for 1 with a taste card… Lol

  54. flyR says:

    Every SB should be asked “What do you have to offer”

    not by the potential SD but by herself BEFORE starting to write her profile. Sadly too many fail to stop and think about what might add value.

    the second value adding opportunity is to target the marketing to those who will offer her the most beneficial relationship….. not just the cash but the way she is treated, intellectual stimulation, new experiences.

    Done right being an SB can be a very positive experience ; done wrong it can be harmful. As one long gone bloody characterized the process damaged people damaging others

    • SB TVC15 says:

      I agree, but both should be asking themselves that question — the SB, to get better offers and relationships; and the SD, to make acceptance of his offers more likely.

  55. Another Anonymous says:

    @ SB TVC15

    Well “what do you have to offer” is a question nearly every POT SD is asked in some shape or form.

    • rembodler says:

      …only after I asked her that (“in some shape or form”) did she say she is not interested in an “older guy” over 40 unless I want to be a friend.
      Needless to say, we did not have much in a way of a conversation after that.

    • SB TVC15 says:

      It’s a question both parties ask themselves about each other before entering into any type of relationship.

      It’s aggressive and rude to ask it directly. If the other person’s value to you is that unclear, just politely move on.

      • anonymously anonymous says:

        Venture to guess that most, 90%+, SD are approached with the question quite early into a conversation

  56. Anonymous says:


    Very good questions you asked on wife/children vs. SB and generosity. I’m afraid the answer is more nuanced than you might think. A man’s generosity is influenced by at least two factors: what he wishes to do, and rational priorities imposed by existing conditions. Let me illustrate using myself as an example:

    I’m amicably divorced, and the ex-wife + children probably fits the wife/children paradigm in your question. I’m paying my ex-wife about $50k/yr for her to raise the child in a separate household, about double the divorce court mandate.

    I just spent close to $10k on the SB this past month despite having promised her only “up to $3k/mo.” The extra were mostly one-time expenses related to upgrading her living standard, new apartment, new furniture etc., plus some jewelry. Obviously, I would not volunteer expensive furniture and jewelry for the ex-wife on top of the 15x national average on child support.

    However, if for some reason my income dropped precipitously, the SB budget would be reduced before the ex-wife budget, simply because half of the ex-wife budget is mandated by court, and any cutting of even the other half would materially affect the living standard of my own child.

    I tend to prefer an SB who is open to being my GF for a year or two. After that, she is either ready to explore the possibility of becoming a reproductive partner (and subsequently getting a long-term care package like the ex-wife has, regardless how long the romantic aspect lasts) or get replaced.

    As you can see, there are two kinds of generosities: one related to a man’s desire (benefits the woman like a call options, the upside), the other related to a man’s obligation (like insurance, having a put option under-written by the man, protecting the woman from downside risk). These two are treated quite differently in different situations, not necessarily one being more generous than the other.

    Between steady GF-like SB’s, I did have an SB who preferred “cash-and-carry.” She was pleasant enough to be with after the initial sh*t tests. Besides paying her what she wanted P4P, I was generous enough to offer her full tuition paid going back to school to get a professional degree/license. I was disappointed by her reluctance to take up the offer; she was probably making too much from P4P to think about her own long term well being. I waited for over half a year before finally giving up on her. Then after two months of my refusing to see her, she finally got back to me with a yes on the back to school offer, but by then,

    I already found my current SB: a beautiful and highly intelligent girl mindful of her own long term well being, yet quit down to earth due to her working class upbringing; most of all, pleasant to get along with as a feminine companion in private setting, despite her high competitiveness and professional competence in her own chosen field as well as in social environment with friends. A real gem of a find. She was on SA for only a few days before I found her; arrangement amount negotiation took less than a minute at first date. The most remarkable thing is that, now that we have been together for a while, she intimates she’d be very appreciative even if allowance were only $1000/mo (and she has her own job and career with decent pay); whereas I had no qualms about spending nearly $10,000 on her this month. The massive overlap between two parties’ expectations/requirements makes for a happy relationship, for the time being 😉

    • Thank you very much for your detailed reply and for sharing your experience. I do think we are saying the same things, and I agree with your perspective on generosity. Are you the anonymous poster of the initial comment?

      Anonymous said:
      “Most Men are inherently selfish(cause). Everything else they do that is self serving is the (effect). Like how they only want to talk about what they want to talk about ect., or taking women(wife, gf) for granted, so then they must come to SA, and eventually take their SB’s for granted too. It all boils down to their cause.”

      yougottabekiddingme says:

      “People in general are inherently selfish. It’s [genetic]*. To be selfless is evolutionary social adaptation, and is oftentimes in direct conflict (both consciously and nonconsciously) with our innate drive for self preservation, procreation and self-gratification, advancement, interests etc…”

      *Thanks, again, for the correction regarding genes.

      The list of questions was intended to question seemingly common views here. In the anonymous example above, the poster infers that “if a and b, then c” or “c thus a and b”. Yes, the answers are quite nuanced. Another poster’s comments astutely address the nuance of worth, and how, not only some SBs erroneously calculate and internalize worth, but also how some SDs perpetuate the attitude in their demeaning regard and expressions of perceived worth at different monetary values.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was not the one who said “Most Men are inherently selfish . . .”

        I entered the conversation pointing out the evolutionary / genetic reasons why most men tend to be non-selfish towards sexual partners; likewise most women towards children (left unsaid was: this non-selfishness does not apply for women towards their male sexual partners; there was no evolutionary / genetic reason for women to be generous towards grown men).

        Yes, Richard Dawkins’ thesis very much applies here.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I’ve been following his debate between the two of you since yesterday and it made me think of Richard Hawkins “The Selfish Gene”. Have either of you read it? And if you haven’t would one of you volunteer to do so, So I can have someone to discuss it with? :-))

      • Yes, yes, Jay. I have two copies, actually :).

      • Jaybird923 says:

        lol No wonder I was picking up those Hawkins vibes 🙂

      • Yeah, “The Selfish Gene” is one of my favorites. I posted a link to it and a few other good reads some months back. There are some good TED talks on related topics as well. My perspective comes from multidisciplinary theory and research, and is much to do with my personal interest in understanding and navigating within the micro and macro realms…a foot in both worlds, if you will. These are concepts that are relevant in many contexts. There is plenty of literature and material out there that gives comprehensive understanding of some of topics discussed here on blog. It’s nice to be able to discuss things with people who have taken the initiative to have an informed perspective. So thank you both for that :).

    • anonymously anonymous says:

      Appears *Sunshinny…15 time national average is back in “town” ‘Good Grief’

    • Elaine says:

      “15x national average on child support.” ?

      If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck….

  57. Anonymous says:

    Bogus number – average allowance is $50,000….

    net worth 5 million….

    How many SD’s can really afford that much….

    • flyR says:

      As the fine print noted the numbers are not just allowance but claimed expenditure

      Expenditure $5,000 per month

      Hotel Rooms $1,000
      Dinners $1,000
      Entertainment $1,000
      Allowance $2,000

      The article was written by the same people who tell you that unemployment has ended and the economy is great

  58. Anonymous says:

    What if the SB doesn’t want sex? Just out of curiosity. I would be perfectly fine with cuddling and just being together, it’s more of an intimacy thing I’d crave. If a guy wants just sex then he can ever so proudly walk down the road and pick up some beauty and he’d be set. Ladies can do the same exact thing, I’m just asking what happens to the ladies who look for more and who are not as “beautiful” as the “damsels in distress” on here. Everything I’ve seen so far is of beautiful skinny ladies and I sit here hoping maybe one day this damn curvy girl can get someone.

    • flyr says:

      It may come as a surprise but the women who want more than a bundle of bills and who offer more than frictional sex are in pretty high demand ……. assuming

      they are reasonably good looking

      they are fun to be with

      they are intelligent

      they are interesting

      they enjoy sex with their SD

      they leave their entitlements, anger, and prior relationship problems at home………………
      Rule 1 – Don’t have sex with someone if you are not looking forward to seconds

    • Anonymous says:

      Neither you are willing to have sex nor you are as competitive in the looks department, but you’re complaining that no one is picking you out of all the option they have.

      The way you have used “curvy” leads me to believe that you are moderately or even seriously overweight. But since you have been drinking BBW KoolAide, you prefer that other people change their dating patterns instead of you cutting down your caloric intake.

    • Anonymous says:

      being a curvy girl, you better be able to suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, and be open to anal probing

      • Jaybird923 says:

        What difference would it make if she could? If BBWs aren’t your type you wouldn’t click on her profile to begin with. So you would never meet her and you would never sleep with her. So your comment is useless.

        @anon You’re going to have a hard if not impossible time finding an SD on this site. 1) If you are indeed a BBW there’s a very small market for that on SA 2) Your desire for a platonic arrangement significantly reduces that already very small market down further.

  59. Reb. says:

    *Sigh*… Just got a message from a guy offering an allowance of ~$87.50 per date a month after doing calculations. Lord, the site is going down in flames.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your pussy is wearing down with all the “arrangements” you’ve been making. Have you lined up a duffer to spend next 10 years of your life to milk him dry?

      • Reb. says:

        I don’t have intercourse with them. They are literally too old to keep it up and Viagra can only do so much. My vagina is still tight and perfect! Thx.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good strategy I guess. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Again, going after granpa or even better great granpa age SDs has its benefits. Many of them can’t get it up.

        Unfortunately, many SBs want to date an SDs in 30s and 40s, deny him sex and want to charge him gazillion dollars every month.

      • SD says:

        Well ,if you are not having sex $87.00 sounds like an over payment

  60. Anonymous says:


    SB – I really like you but your proposal of $2 thousand a month and meeting one night a week simply does not meet my needs. It sure sucks here on SA all these men unwilling to meet my needs. But I know what I am worth.

    SD – I see you feel pretty strongly about that. What else is happening in your life?

    SB – I hate my job at the mall; I have a graduate degree in women’s studies and I make $11/hour plus a little overtime and it’s almost $2k per month before the fucking government takes out all that crap and leaves me with $1,600.

    SD – Sorry to hear that, aren’t there other jobs you could get .

    SB – Not with my resume. $150grand for my degrees and I make less than someone who just came over the border. All the companies want people with science, math, business, planning degrees.

    SD – What are your choices and what makes sense.

    SB – I just need to find a REAL SD who appreciates what I have to offer.

    SD – What do you have to offer that differentiates you from the many women your age and younger who are thrilled with a $2K allowance and some nice dinners, who are happy, cheerful and love to please.

    SB- WHAT DO YOU MEAN what do I have to offer? Only an asshole would ask such a question.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell me that this is a made up dialog?

      • IHF2030 says:

        That exchange rings true to me.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        The stilted and unrealistic dialogue tells me it’s a moral tale, invented for the purpose of imparting instruction from the wise author to the deficient reader.

        What I take from it is that yes, only an asshole would ask another person what they “have to offer”. If you really can’t tell what somebody has to offer, just move on rather than harassing them with a snide comment disguised as a question.

      • SD says:

        @Another anonymous
        “What I take from it is that yes, only an asshole would ask another person what they “have to offer”

        That is a legit question. What makes her golden noni more valuable than the hundreds of others who are willing to take that deal.

      • uh huh…made up

        …though not completely based in fiction

        it’s a familiar story commonly spouted here.

        over and over and over and over and over and over again 🙂

    • stupidsd says:

      Yup, I can believe this dialog. If it is made up, there are many delusional SBs out there due to misinformation from shows such as Dr. Phil.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is just another person making something up to get attention.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Totally manufactured :-)) Too many talking points that are literally pulled off the blog.

      • Anonymous says:

        A – Yes “manufactured

        B – No not pulled from the blog, but rather from more than a decade of sugar hunting. Thankfully, the dialogue is representative of perhaps 25%- 40% of the profiles, although fewer now. Probably due to 7 years of a stumbling economy, more young grads with overwhelming student debt. That – coupled with “it’s all about me” useless degrees which offer no ability to contribute to society, but are coupled with an enhanced attitude of entitlement.

        Perhaps there are two SB camps – those who resent their participation in sugar dating and see it only as an economic necessity and those who find sugar dating to be emotionally, intellectually, economically and sensually more rewarding than IRL dating. It’s not two distinct camps but rather a continuum from those for which it is little different that hooking to those who would date older without the allowance benefits if none were available.

        When searching it’s important to know what you are looking for and what you are seeing. For the married guy who wants 2 hours a week in a hotel room those from the economically focused camp may be the better choice.

    • Anonymous says:

      only an asshole who has just rendered the sb speechless lol

    • no name says:

      anon i really don’t see the purpose of posting this as a SD im sure we all have had sugar babies that have turn down our offer’s as not generous enough thats their right to do so just as its our right not pay for something that we feel is not worth it just wish them well and move on

    • Anonymous says:

      Since I am not too found of idiotic stories concocted as moral lessons, I can pick out real happenings vs. concocted stories.

  61. Sbb says:

    I must be naive, but I just don’t understand the whole “young women using sex for money” type deal. I do understand that older men enjoy the finer (young gorgeous women) in life and that in the days now sex appeal is played all over. I will sound very naive when I say this, but what happened to the class? I’m still learning the ropes of this whole new world but, I don’t want to be looked at as an object if that’s ok of me to say here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you genuinely dumb in real life or are you pretending to be a dumb ass just to entertain us?

    • Anonymous says:

      The most important things a woman–as a woman–has got going is tight-ish pussy and healthy-ish womb. The reason is that men cannot compete in this specific space.

      If you think that you are being looked at as an “object” that provides pussy and womb, and that is supposed to be something to frown upon…then get your head examined.

    • flyR says:

      Many young women find that they are treated far more respectfully, are in a far more intellectually relationship and are with a far more caring and competent lover than the SB’s peer group, many of whom see the women around them as sperm dumpsters

    • Reb. says:

      You’re looked at as an object in regular dating with guys your own age, you just haven’t realized it yet, so why not get something out of it and date rich old guys instead? That’s how I view it.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I understand your desire to be seen as something more than an “object”. It’s one that I share. But initially we are all seen that way. The key is to be able to transform how you are viewed. Unfortunately that is a skill most don’t posses.

      If all you bring to the table is a pretty face and a hot body an “object” is what you’ll remain. But if you happen to be charming, funny, able to hold a decent conversation that isn’t about shopping, celebrities, or reality shows, smart, etc. In other words you’re able to engage and hold a man’s attention/interest outside the bedroom. … when you’re able to do that is when he no longer sees you as an “object” but as a “person”.

      Whether you’re an “object” or a “person” he’ll still want to fuck you:-))

  62. Anonymous says:


    A good number of women are persistent beggars…some are more sophisticated than the others.

    They beg based on men’s perceived ability to give. That’s all. 😉

    • Riviera says:

      At least fifty have emailed me due to forthcoming eviction, none of them have accepted my offer of free use of my spare master bedroom and I have never given any conditions as I am blocked long before that. Very ungrateful…

      • flyR says:

        Be happy one did not arrive with her drug dealing boyfriend.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Riviera It sounds a bit scary from the girl’s pov. It leaves you too much room to control her life… Basically that she will get kicked out in an instance if she can’t keep up with your demands, should they change.

    • Riviera says:

      My offer is I admit ingenuous, they are scammers and no one ever has inquired about any possible demands….

  63. Riviera says:

    My indexing by newest arrivals still doesn’t work after page3, database crash?

  64. Riviera says:

    The UK (sterling) expectation bands have been amended, Woo hoo…

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t see United Kingdom in the search? Is it a blessing in disguise?

      • Riviera says:

        It’s second from top rather than where it should be alphabetically.
        Your missing a few hundred Fin Dom’s, Princesses who are not apart of the Windsor clan, and some rough old birds…

      • Riviera says:

        They are nice and friendly:

        Do you come to London often or just drop generic message for the sake of it lol?

      • Anonymous says:

        I have had “pleasure” to go to London many, many times. It is the most despicable city on the face on earth, ironically blessed by “great” weather. Maybe if the weather was better then the people would be nicer.

        If they didn’t have museums filled with stolen stuff from all of the world, I would never go there. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      What have the modified? Changed it from sterling to dollar?

      • Riviera says:

        Nothing, they now appear as:

        Openly negotiable to any amount
        Up to £600 monthly
        Up to £1,800 monthly
        Up to £3,000 monthly
        Up to £6,000 monthly
        More than £6,000 monthly

        High is now higher than substantial, SA is falling apart lol.
        Some of the values have changed, Moderate was up to £6,000 monthly recently…

      • Anonymous says:

        I am still seeing in dollars. I checked ed9c55a11 and she is showing in dollars still.

      • Riviera says:

        It’s not about currencies but the changes in the values of the bands? Have any bands dropped in value? Is high higher than substantial?

      • Anonymous says:

        Band is till the same. Substantial to $10,000.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s still showing this for UK

        Openly negotiable to any amount
        Up to $1,000 monthly
        Up to $3,000 monthly
        Up to $5,000 monthly
        Up to $10,000 monthly
        More than $10,000 monthly

      • Anonymous says:

        Now I get it. If I change my location to the UK then the numbers change.

        So we still have the old structure in the US or those from the US.

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anon Exchange rate.

      • Kore13 says:

        In Euro:

        Openly negotiable to any amount
        Up to 800 € monthly
        Up to 2.400 € monthly
        Up to 4.000 € monthly
        Up to 8.000 € monthly
        More than 8.000 € monthly

  65. YOLO says:

    Over 3/4 the girls I meet like to have some kind of sexual contact on the first date (I’ve sucked a lot of tit) and about 30-50% I end up having first date sex. The most I’ve ever given is $500 and I’d say 1/4 were happy I just took them out and wanted nothing more (except the attention I gave them). So where does this guy come up with these numbers?

    • Anonymous says:

      “(I’ve sucked a lot of tit)”


    • Jaybird923 says:

      Very classy. Another example guys…

      1)I wonder who’s initiated the sexual contact? If it’s them then good for you! If it’s you (which I strongly believe) then get over yourself most likely the only reason they “like sexual contact” on the first date is because they think if they don’t they’ll miss their shot at securing an arrangement. They put out but there was never the possibility of an arrangement with you anyways. Be more selective ladies…

      2) Anytime someone gives that big of a range(30%-50%)I have a hard time believing what they are saying especially since you are the one who’s had the “first date sex”. Wouldn’t you have a more exact number? Or may you suffer from selective memory lost and can’t be sure how often it’s occurred…

      • chloewolf says:

        Agreed.. another fine example of “overstating” conquests.
        IF it is in fact true..then I am thinking it’s due to fishing in the desperate end of the pond..as Jaybird stated..Be more selective..and take some pride in yourself by realizing you have something that is desired..but not if you are just giving it away? You are NOT going to attract classy SD’s that way as you aren’t exactly selective in who or for what you are willing to give up the goods.

      • Anonymous says:

        For many girls “giveng it away” to broke ass losers already giving it to any class of SD is class upgrade. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Some women try to pretent that they are oh so fancy purveyor of class…

        For many girls who are “giving it away” to broke ass losers already…giving it to any class of SD is a class upgrade. 😉

    • Kore13 says:

      @YOLO Between 30 to 50 percent?

      Says it all.

    • Anonymous says:

      The comments to the ” reciprocated” made me die.

  66. Jaybird923 says:

    @Kore You’re right if I’m going to say your advice is stupid I should tell you why.

    What you and the majority of “SBs” fail to understand is that you have very little influence over this whole process. Sugar is a different realm from traditional dating. Very simple concept. If more of you understood and accepted it, it would make this process a lot simpler for you guys. The only real say you have as far as allowances are concerned is whether you accept an offer or decline it.

    It makes no difference to the SD whether the money is being handed to you, Jesus, or the financial aid department of your school. If he is budgeted for $2000 or if that is what he’s decided your value is to him then that is all he’s going to spend. Showing him your tuition bill is not going to help your negotiation. Do you really think that an SD looking to spend $1000 is suddenly going to spend $10,000 because you showed him a bill an asked him to pay it directly?

    Sure you can negotiate your allowance but chances are you won’t get him to go up more than a few hundred dollars if he doesn’t just next and move on to the next candidate. You can ask for whatever you like but if you’re consistently getting offered the same thing that’s what the market has determined you are value. You can either accept it or decline in the hopes that someone will come along who will think what you bring to his life is worth what you’re asking. That is why your advice to have the SD pay the school directly is stupid.

    On the other hand if she would’ve said that she had a one time emergency and wanted to know how to ask the SD for additional funds to cover tuition then your advice would make sense. Having him pay directly if he was willing to help would go a long way in proving that you’re not just making up emergencies to scam out of more money like some “SBs” do. Hope this help

    • Jaybird923 says:

      sorry posted in the wrong spot

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Jaybird aka Enry Iggins

      You will get moderated out of here very soon. Your last post is absolutely true but does not fit at all to business model of SA and the business model of vast proportion of SB wannabes.

    • Kore13 says:

      I haven’t said anything different, actually. Only (to very crudely put it) that is a ‘tactical advantage,’ for the SBs who have qualities that SDs seek and they should provide evidence of it.

    • uboat509 says:

      During a second date with a POT SB, the first was just a meet and greet, in which I compensated a small amount for her gas and time, we went to a restaurant for dinner, and at the end of our meal, during dessert — very appropriate by the way LOL — we began to discuss how a possible arrangement could work. She wanted $2,500 per month because she had to make apartment rent, car payments for her new recently acquired on credit car, tuition, and some baby sitting fees when her mother was not available to do so, and so that she could go out with me. She was going to show me her tuition paperwork for me to “verify” what she was saying was for real, but I stopped her. Just like you clearly mentioned about this tactic. I explained her, as politely as I could, that, regardless of her monetary “needs”, I had only about $2,000 for this activity per month, from which I had to pay for the room 4x per month, plus meals like the one we were having, and any other events or trip expenses we could incur in, so, while I was very sympathetic and understood where she was coming from, I was simply not able to provide her $2,500/month as an allowance. Her attitude was that of disbelief, almost insulted, because her impression was I did not think she was “worth it”, instead of this is the real budget I have for an allowance. I explained to her that she would receive about a $1,000 per month.

      She declined on the spot because she “needed” more, and we departed in good terms. I wished her best of luck in her search.

      A month and a half after that meeting, she messages me saying that she wanted to accept the offer (?). Unfortunately for her, I had already met with another SB who was more flexible in her needs and who accepted the offer, so we had just started the first meetings. I, again, politely messaged back with that information, and she did not even reply, classy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Courtesy and chivalry is reserved for men. 😉

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You bring up another interesting point. Ladies, if you are here because you have an immediate need for financial assistance and not just for shit and giggles then don’t pass up an opportunity to have steady cash coming in even if it’s less than what you were looking for.

        If you meet an SD you like and would not mind spending time with and he offers you $2000 but you need $4000 don’t turn him down while you wait for the big fish who might never come.

        You can always continue your search but in the meantime if it takes 6 months to catch the big fish you would’ve made $12,000 while you were looking. It may not cover all your debt but it will go a long way in helping to alleviate some of it.

        It makes no logical sense to turn down some one you like and make $0 if you truly are in need.

  67. gin says:

    NYC is number one?? I guess I’ll have to look for one on my own in the city that’s “#1” and get off SA…I’ve had no luck.

  68. Anonymous says:

    I guss I am looking in the wrong place for an SD. I am near Boston but have had no luck.

    • Anonymous says:

      According to SA, you should be easily bringing in $4k a month there — no way SA fabricated numbers!

      • ILikeOlives? says:

        I think you are misinterpreting the numbers. What it says is, “…average Sugar Daddy spending $4,252 per month on arrangements…” That doesn’t mean the average SB is MAKING that much on arrangements, it says that the average SD is SPENDING that much.

        If the SD has one and only one arrangement, and it goes entirely to a single SB, then yes, that SB is making over $4k per month. But if the SD is seeing two SBs, then each SB is making just over $2K per month, but the SD is still spending $4k a month.

        Now the “Net Worth” and “% Married” figures, those I am guessing you can raise a quizzical eyebrow at. (The former most likely being much smaller, and the latter much higher).

      • Anonymous says:

        Good one Anon ! And you should have an SD lined up within 2 weeks no sweat !

      • Love2 Laugh says:

        @ ILikeOlives?

        What you stated I truly believe is whats happening especially if living in big metro area. If A SD monthly allowance is in the practical range he might consider 3K on several girls per month rather than just 1.

    • Bartolo says:

      I too am near Boston . . . there are a LOT of women on here from the Boston area. Much competition. You posted anonymously, so I can’t see your profile. But I can tell you that the competition is stiff; lots of undergrads and grad students and post docs and so on.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Total gem portion of an email….

    “we can talk about intimacy after we have developed a close friendship over 2-3 months, but I need to know your anticipated financial contribution now”

    yougottabefuckingkiddingme right?

  70. Anonymous says:


    “If I place my fingers in between your legs and ask you to cough? what do you say?”

    I would say… “OK Doc…”

  71. Anonymous says:


    Your time is pretty much “worth” $8-15/hour depending on what kind of job you’re currently doing. I have met tens of POTs and had arrangements with a few. NONE of them made $15/hour before tax.

    It does NOT automatically become $100, $200, $300, $500 per hour without changing what the heck you would be doing.

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Ninja, please.

    • rembodler says:

      It does not…but it is oh so tempting to try…;-).

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve had several long term sugar relationships and I have never calculated the hourly rate of my SB. I doubt she ever calculated hers either. It would be offensive by either party. Such a comment doesn’t shock me anymore though.

      • SD says:

        Well ,I anointed my new SB this week and her hourly take went from $8/hr to $200. Not a bad business plan for having no more skills than a pleasant and available vagina.

      • Anonymous says:

        unbelievable if you ask me ! No wonder girls do this . The current generation looks at sex as a pleasant recreation anyway . Why not get paid to do something pleasant -and lucrative .

      • Anonymous says:

        yes, every young woman is simply dying to have sex with some old and out of shape delusional guy. That is why they are lining up without high financial compensation.

      • chloewolf says:

        Thank you for this.. it takes VERY little effort for you SD’s to spot class and maturity if you were actually looking for that I mean..but alteratively..it takes VERY little effort for us SB’s to seperate the class from the ass.
        thankfully there seems to be nearly an equal number of both on here. it’s still nice to see a SD defending his SB, so thank you for this post.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Well, these young women are perfectly entitled to fuck douchebag guys their own age, for free.

    • Anonymous says:

      An allowance can be anything and as long as neither party is calculating the hourly rate…there is no problem at all.

      The comment was related to SBs asserting that her “time is valuable” and she must get paid X amount for every hour spent with the SD.

      • rembodler says:

        …in particular, the hour she is dedicating to going to a first dinner date with you.
        I think a comment was totally appropriate. Yes, why is that you think it is appropriate for your retail job to pay you $8/h, but when you spend the same hour in a restaurant with an SD, it is suddenly $200? Why is that so onerous?

      • Anonymous says:

        I missed the part of the comment that said it was for the first meeting, and I am pretty sure I don’t need glasses.

      • Anonymous says:

        you may not need glasses but you sure do need cognitive skills.

      • Anonymous says:

        or you need to improve your writing skills so people don’t have to guess what you are trying to say

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s your lack of cognitive skills sweetheart. Think and grow rich, maybe. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        no cupcake — your writing skills suck.

        Have a nice day princess.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you donate $10 to your favorite charity and provide proof, I will prove that you’re cognitively challenged.

        If you proved that my writing skills suck then I will donate $10 to your favorite charity and provide proof.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is “if you prove that my writing skills…” not “if you proved” means that it would have already happened versus something I need to prove in the future.

        You can make a donation to Fight Illiteracy Now

  72. SB TVC15 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      that is probably another article written by AM. The blasted fake reviews and articles all over the internet — some were so steamy they could have been pornos

  73. SB TVC15 says:

    Definitely some new model modding going on and it’s making the system act differently.

    If you look at the “new comments” on this page, then go to the “Announcing Sugar Baby of the Year” page and check the “new comments”, they’re totally different. They’ve changed some things and haven’t worked the bugs out yet.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Project Minimal.

    Focus on Minimal girls and report your findings.

  75. Anonymous says:

    You’ll find the least drama with the Minimal girls.

    If she’s asking Minimal does not mean that you give her no more than $1,000/month. You would be so better off spending more on her.

    • rembodler says:

      I have never dated anyone who stated Minimal in their profile, although I admit, I did pay a minimal allowance a couple of times.
      It is probably true that quality AA SBs are sometimes overlooked and there are great deals available.
      I see nothing wrong with getting good deals and if she is a “keeper” I “tip”well, there are such things as bonuses. It is much easier to give bonuses than to increase a paycheck, every employer knows that…

      • SD says:

        Bonuses: Anyone who employs women also knows that bonuses are nice but they still want their raise regularly . Our logic is that it is the same thing at the end of the year. Womens -not so much

      • Traveling Man says:

        Rem, i have been with many great AA gals on SA, generalizing but most a lot of fun, friendly, reasonable, thankful and sexy as can be, not as stuck up usually

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s not for any specific ethnicity. There are Minimal girl in all shapes, forms, ages and colors. Give them a try, and DO tip will.

      You will be surprised by the shear lack of drama; which is the most important reason men come here for.

      • rembodler says:

        That was just my specific case. The only common trait was that both of them were AA. I tend to make conclusions even in cases where they might be misconstrued as non-PC. I do not regard them necessarily as general rules; I just see a pattern, call it for what it is and rationalize it. I agree that a sample of two is statistically insignificant.

    • SB TVC15 says:

      As an SB, it makes no sense to me to put down anything but Negotiable, because my allowance expectation inevitably depends on what the individual SD is seeking.

      For example, if the SD can only see me once or twice a month, it’s reasonable that my allowance will be lower than if he expects to see me three times a week. If he doesn’t want full-on sex or exclusivity, then I wouldn’t expect a high level of compensation either. IMO, except for Negotiable, the SA options don’t and can’t reflect the range of possibilities available here.

      • Kore13 says:

        @SB TVC15 I chose, ‘negotiable,’ for the same reason. SA could at least start by making an option for the number of meets and non/exclusivity for that budget.

      • Love2 Laugh says:

        That was my thinking as well when I had Negotiable listed. But I was getting so many messages some from out of town businessmen traveling to my area and some local. Then went on 5 coffee/lunch dates. My time is limited during the week so I’m not available on call for hours at a time I do work. My thinking was to meet someone once or twice during the week or 2 twice per month with some travel with advance notice. I feel like I was going to be in some SD rotation with my allowance at Negotiable.

      • Anonymous says:

        No worries, with such frame of reference you’ll end up as an escort, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • Love2 Laugh says:

        Not sure why i would end up as an escort or maybe that’s where some SD need to look.

      • Anonymous says:


        For most women, cause and effect are one and the same. So don’t you worry if the above statement does not seem cause/effect challenged to you. 😉

      • uboat509 says:

        I have the impression that framework of increasing or lowering the expected allowance, depending on the number of meeting times, and time spent together, parallels with the framework of escort work. Nothing wrong with that, but it is not the one of the SB, IMHO. Because it seems as if there is no need for a connection, and no need for a genuine friendship bond between the SD and SB, and it is just reduced to a payment by the number of hours spent with the person.

        I might be totally wrong, but I was under the impression these relationships were very similar to a bf/gf where the main focus was the actual forming and keeping a romantic like bond, and the allowance was one benefit.

      • Anonymous says:


        The beauty of the sugar space is that you get to see female nature pretty quickly. It may be a turn off for some, but it’s a great liberating experience for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      @SB TVC

      Of course, as an escort you need to charge by the bang. Nothing wrong with that. 😉

      A real SB goes by her needs and not by the number of bangs.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        OK, you win. I want $2K/mo, no matter what the SD’s expectations are. Now I’m not a whore. Yay!

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anon What needs would those be?

        There’s nothing wrong with SDs paying for the company of women either.

      • Kore13 says:

        @SB TVC15 😀 Good comeback.

      • Anonymous says:


        If your needs are $2k, and an SD finds it reasonable, then that’s fine as well.


        I am not sure what part of the response you’re complimenting @SB on. It sounds pretty reasonable to me.

        If her needs are $2000/month regardless of one bang/month or 20 bangs/month, then that’s not a whorish behavior.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Phew. Glad you approve.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am sure you’re a broke but strong, independent woman…so don’t mind my “approval”. 😉

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Are you kidding? Just like women should be, I’m desperate for approval from not only you, but every other troll on the blog.

      • Anonymous says:

        Broke or no broke, strong independent women don’t go for patriarchy.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        I’ll go for precisely what I want to, as long I’m not hurting anyone, and with absolutely no regard to the approval of people I don’t respect.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh I get it. So you respect me since you care for my approval? 😉

      • Kore13 says:

        @Anon “If her needs are $2000/month regardless of one bang/month or 20 bangs/month, then that’s not a whorish behavior.”

        Do you mean that a SB should meet you as often as she can for a fixed amount in order not to be considered a whore?

        “Whorish behaviour” to me is wanting to be paid for sex alone without any bias to the client.

      • Kore13 says:

        Client in this case. *

  76. Jaybird923 says:

    I see someone left the door to the asylum open again….

  77. flyR says:

    I thought folks were joking about the allowance including “other quantifiable” benefits .

    financial guidance not to mention oral excellence great cooking, gets to fly in the front seat, bodyguard. I’m a $100K SD if you count that way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Puuuurrrrr Daddy, purrrrrrrrr (rubbing against your leg gently in a fashion suited for one that longs for your adoration only to be as a cat that lies the warmth of its fr5ame and body upon the middle crest of your hips and one who nudges and rests their head in the warmth of your secrecy. Far below your diaphragm as you breathe to call for you to come forth once more and slumber, upon waiting for you to rise as their breathe lies wait for what is to come in the midst of youuur….

  78. Anonymous says:

    I feel like Will Ferrell in “Get Hard.”

  79. Anonymous says:

    If I place my fingers in between your legs and ask you to cough? what do you say? we can get as dirty as you like. I refrained until now, but babydoll, I am full blown grown to ask you – what do you have at this moment? Out of ALL the low ball comments, under the belt, ridiculed statements that add no value to the ones speaking nor the ones reading the commentary in which it resounds upon this blog in an uplifting manner…Flyer once again is a a tried and true gentleman in his speech. He may not use this speech as his operating technique when in motion, yet he has his mental linguistic ability to woo a woman into allowing herself to be succumb to his affliction in a manner in which few upon th4e blog have demonstrated to have “the female manufique” dropping her panties lest you…yeah, we are all on the same speed here. No need to slow my roll to know we are all well aware of what time it is.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Men lie, lie, lie about their age. lol, I so only skim a few years off as they remove a decade. Oh, what fun it is in Candyland. Oh, wait… is there a big: “fuck you” that is about to hit the screen? For I will forever be demeaned and unable to part with myself for the shame, the absolute shame upon my name. M*f’er, pah-lease.

  81. Still clueless about certain things... says:

    These dollar numbers make no real world sense. Seriously, 55K a year on average? Fellow dudes, please chime in with your experience. I’d say about 1/8th that amount.

    • SD says:

      Agreed @Still
      $55K is a fantasy -a made up number. As an average it is a total joke. I’m sure there are Unicorns out there who can -and do pay their girls that much . Shoot, the top number could be anything. One guy paying his SB/courtesan) $500K /yr will totally skew the data.

  82. 95 days until I leave Candyland. Neverland is not so bad and sugar daddies come in Los Suenos sometimes.

  83. I retract that statement. My life is still way better. I am free just in another way. Work is good for you.

  84. I used to think I was lucky until I saw this.

    I would be so happy with a $1500 a month allowance and a few vacations.

  85. Is anyone able to make out the small print next to the asterisks under the monthly allowance bar graph?

  86. Jaybird923 says:

    Hmm it looks like someone is actually moderating the blog. That post from the SB in Vegas Ambitiousonex was deleted. I wonder why she didn’t say anything offensive

  87. 305 Daddy says:

    I’m not completely doubting SA’s data. seems to come directly from profiles. As a lot of pot SBs have found out, Miami-Fort Lauderdale not fertile ground for them. Extreme imbalance, with just way, way more SBs than SDs.

    Since there’s no general topic forum, thought I would toss out a few requests to SA staff to improve the site. For profiles, we need:

    1. Body Weights. “Average” body type in the Midwest or Northeast is NOT “average” in Miami.

    2. Tattoos and piercings. This would save a lot of time in searches. Also prevents SBs from getting all huffy when you tell them it’s a turn off.

    3. Experience as a SB/SD. As a general rule, I typically wait for newbies to be on the site at least 3-4 months before reaching out to them. Tends to make initial interactions more productive, since they have a better feel for the market. I’m sure SBs will appreciate this, too.

    4. Ability to travel. Again, a useful screening tool to cut through the stack of pot SBs.

    That’s all for now.

    • Kore13 says:

      @305 Daddy. I agree.

    • Bill says:

      I tried using weight as a filter, but it was useless. 180 pounders were saying they are average and 115 pounders were saying they were overweight.

      A better way is to have them enter height and weight, and let a formula calculate it. People will still lie, but it should be ball park.

  88. rushingal says:

    Ha I can barely get them to make time, let alone be generous in helping out with an allowance. Most are not understanding on how much school, books, food, and other expenses really add up these days. If more did, and spent that avg on great sugar babies, they would be more happy then be so miserable in there awful marriages.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cause and effect does not bother women one bit. For most women, cause is equivalent to effect and vice versa.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most Men are inherently selfish(cause). Everything else they do that is self serving is the (effect). Like how they only want to talk about what they want to talk about ect., or taking women(wife, gf) for granted, so then they must come to SA, and eventually take their SB’s for granted too. It all boils down to their cause. 😉

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        People in general are inherently selfish. It’s a biological trait. To be selfless is evolutionary social adaptation, and is oftentimes in direct conflict (both consciously and nonconsciously) with our innate drive for self preservation, procreation and self-gratification, advancement, interests etc. Uh huh.

      • Anonymous says:

        Evolution does not work on the individual organism, but works on the gene. The individual organism, just like orgasm, is a gene’s way to produce more copies of itself.

        Reproduction is an external event to the male. Due to the high cost of human reproduction, male of the species are evolved to share and contribute to his sex/reproductive partner’s well being. The genes for being selfish towards his sex/reproductive partners were gradually eliminated due to low offspring survival rate. Consequently, most men alive today have a natural tendency towards helping/supplicating to women.

        Reproduction is an internal event to women. Maximizing for her own benefit also benefits her internal offspring. Women are evolved to be selfish when it comes to relationship with their sexual/reproductive partners. Not as selfish when it comes to minor children after births. Non-selfish women is a result of many years of social conditioning; it’s not easy for a woman to put herself in someone else’ shoes.

      • Yes, the gene. Thank you. To be selfless is evolutionary social adaptation, and is oftentimes in direct conflict (both consciously and nonconsciously) with our innate drive for self preservation, procreation and self-gratification, advancement, interests etc.

        Am not precisely sure which anonymous is responding. There seem to be some contradictions within the posts. The latter does not support the premise of the former, and the former is a flawed inference to begin with.

        As it applies to the SB/SD relationship, while self-interest and gratification may apply, I highly doubt that procreation is the motive for the SD. Further, while I find the behaviors and attitudes of some men regarding sugar relationships quite repulsive, one can only treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated. Now, how someone treats another or allows oneself to be treated may be predicated on ones own selfishness which may be subjective to need/desire/station etc. The sugar baby who allows herself to be treated poorly because she needs the money or desires the esteem, validation, social status, recognition etc, is acting just as selfishly as the SD who has secured a wife and children at home yet frolics about the site for minimal allowance sugarbabies for self-gratification simply because he wants to, and he can :).

        As for genetic and social evolution as it pertains to selfishness…

        Long live the modern man and all, but the human species is not so far removed from our primitive selves as we–as thinking, evolved beings–like to think we are. These primal strivings, despite our modern conditioning and constructs are ever present on a nonconscious level.

        I should differentiate that selfishness in this sense is not to be mistaken with or justify maltreatment, nor is it intended to imply morality.

        As it pertains to the SB who wishes to be regarded as more than a cheap, dispensable dumping hole, it is in her best interest to invest first in developing herself, and to take a patient, deliberate and selective approach in pursuing a man who not only appreciates her attributes, but also finds her “worth” his selfish/selfless? investment. Selflessness is a seemingly rare modern phenomenon. Selfishness and selflessness do shift along an impermanent spectrum. I think the most reward comes in finding balance in both. When it comes to selfishness regarding sharing between two people–despite the type of relationship–gratitude and benevolence go a long way to getting what you want.

      • Anonymous says:

        Regardless whether we intend to reproduce in a particular social context/interaction, we are all products of past reproduction, hence product of past evolution and carry genes that embody reproductive strategies that have been successful in the past.

        We are endowed with the sense of sexual attraction just like We are endowed with the sense of hunger, which drives us to eat and nourish our body so it can make more copies of the feeling hungry gene. Likewise, woman feel “loving” (willing to self-sacrifice for . . .) towards children, and men feel “loving” towards women are just evolutionary mechanisms for enhancing the chance of those genes perpetrating themselves.

        There is no reason to assume women and men are genetically identical aside from the genitals. Their brains can have just as different statistical distributions as their muscles and bones do, as a result of different evolutionary demands.

        As for selfish vs. selfless, there is only the selfish genes: each gene making use of the organism for its own perpetration.

        A woman being selfless and self-sacrificing towards her children is the result of the selfish gene making use of the woman to perpetrate itself.

        A man being selfless towards his woman and child is the result of the selfish gene making use of the man to perpetrate itself (via the woman he is inseminating or hoping to inseminate). Whether particular copulation is for the purpose of reproduction is irrelevant; he feels good about having sex and feels good about being generous towards her for the exact same reason: the selfish genes in him programmed for reproduction (at his expense).

      • I think we are saying much of the same thing. Do note, though, that it is not my position that men and women are identical aside from their genitals.

        “Whether particular copulation is for the purpose of reproduction is irrelevant; he feels good about having sex and feels good about being generous towards her for the exact same reason:”

        My comment to which I think you are referring was in reference to the comment that a man treats his wife or girlfriend selfishly thus comes to SA to find a SB to treat the same selfish way. This is to assume, one, that because a man treats his SB poorly or selfishly, he must also treat his wife or girlfriend the same way, and in contrast that a man will extend the same regard and investment to his SB–despite having no desire to reproduce with her–that he does to his wife.

        Do you support this position with your assertion that, “Whether particular copulation is for the purpose of reproduction is irrelevant; he feels good about having sex and feels good about being generous towards her for the exact same reason: the selfish genes in him programmed for reproduction (at his expense).”

        If so, do you have an explanation for the men who exhibit conflicting attitudes and demonstrate conflicting behavior both here on blog and as reported throughout the “sugar bowl”?

        Might it be relative to how one defines “generous”?

      • Anonymous says:

        Most men feel good about having sex, but also have sufficient self-control to avoid raping women; likewise, most men feel good about being generous towards intimate partner, but also have sufficient self-control to avoid pillaging his own bank account. There is a modern cognitive process capping impulsive behavior. I’m pretty sure every man would be infinitely generous to his woman if he had infinite resources.

        That’s why meeting in person to negotiate gives the SB a huge advantage compared to negotiating via email: bring out more of the male impulsive side.

        As for treating poorly vs. treating nice, a lot has to do with whether the desires of the two parties are complementary, and there is a difference between what we say we want vs. what we really want. For example, while women can intellectually recognize it is in her personal interest if her male partner is locked down exclusive for her (assuming a share of his resources is not more than 100% of anyone else she can find; an assumption correct for 90+% of the population but not necessarily the top 1%), her genes would however be better off if the male partner can give her male offspring the genetic desire to spread the their own (and consequently her) genes as widely as possible. That’s why women are often attracted to badboys that have the sexual approval of other women and complain at the same time! LOL

      • Do you believe men to be as generous with their SBs as they are with their wives?

        Do you think that a man is inclined to be equally generous with the woman he intends to marry and the SB who he respects but has designated her to a specific role, place, time in his life?

        Do you think that the woman to whom a man gives $1000 for unlimited bareback, anal, ass-to-mouth, facials and goldenshowers is regarded and treated as generously as the wife who is at home with the children with her legs ziplocked closed?

        When the wife at home with the kids no longer serves as the object of the man’s desire and copulation, does he become less generous with her?

        If a SB does not serve as an object of copulation, is a man less generous with her?

        If the wife at home allows a man unlimited bareback, anal, ass-to-mouth, facials and golden showers, is the man more generous with her?

        In the name of generosity for the sake of sexual satisfaction, are there no discriminatory or discretionary factors in the allocation and distribution of generosity?

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      It’s this attitude which is turning me away from Sugar, seeing women as they really are is not pleasant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Different strokes for different folks I guess. Being in sugar is the most lierating experience of my life. I wish I had been this active with sugar YEARS ago. 😉

    • flyR says:

      If you think you deserve sugar because you are needy STOP and google gumballs and immigration.

      There is no entitlement for sugar, it is received because you offer and then engage in a relationship which is valuable to the SD. OK there are some insecure SD’s who love to be humiliated, abuse and squeezed for cash. But they are in the minority.

      You go to a market and see that their prices are 20% higher than the place across the street. You start to leave and they ask you why and you laugh in their face , they are charging too much for what they deliver.

      The way to success in sugar is to make yourself valuable as a person to someone who has the resources and inclination to be in a relationship with you.
      You may think that you deserve $ 3K per month but decide to accept a lower proposal because you like the person and think it will last.

      • uboat509 says:

        Very good points. In fact, one of the long term SB I had was asking $3,000 per month initially. I asked her if she could meet, and we found there was a lot of chemistry among us, AND she liked me as far as character and attractiveness. I told her I could only do $1,000 per month for her allowance, and she accepted it. She was not in any desperate situation or anything like that.

      • flyR says:

        As Uboat notes when an SB lists her allowance range she’s probably set the top and for an average to subpar SD. Some is market, some is ego and some is need. The skill is in finding one where you can reach an agreement through a process that both find strengthens the relationship.

        What I am told annoys SB’s in when someone wants to open the conversation haggling about the allowance. For me if the conversation opens with haggling about the sensual limits (that are narrower than an IRL relationship , them I am out the door.

      • SB TVC15 says:

        I generally start with some small talk and flirting, but perhaps I’m old-fashioned.

      • Kore13 says:

        @flyR Good tip.

    • Kore13 says:

      @rushingal “Most are not understanding on how much school, books, food, and other expenses really add up these days.”

      If this is true and your take your educaiton seriously, ask a SD to pay for these things directly and use what cash you already have for personal expences.

      BTW, ‘than,’ is the comparison. ‘Then,’ refers to a point in time.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I always find it amusing when people call others out for gramatical errors with posts that contain gramatical errors

      • Jaybird923 says:

        That’s because your such a smart women YGTBKM lol

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You must of went to collage :-))

      • Still clueless about certain things... says:

        She deserves a break, she’s from Germany.

      • Kore13 says:

        I don’t mind if people correct my grammar. There’s nothing insulting about that and I didn’t mean it as an insult either…

        Did your education not provide you with a meaningful enough job? You seem to have plenty of time to troll uselessly around.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        1) I wasn’t correcting your grammar on a blog where most people are typing on a mobile device. Mistakes are easily made. I think it’s a very petty thing to do.

        2) The “collage” and “women” thing is an ongoing joke on the blog amongst the regulars

        3) Just because I point a finger at some of the nonsense you say doesn’t make me a troll. I’m not the one posting stupid advice about things I know nothing about. See your advice to rushingal if you need an example.

        4) My education did provide me with a meaningful job. Thank you for asking. And if all goes well by the end of the week I’ll be able to leave this meaningful job for a more lucrative one.

      • Kore13 says:

        1) You’re imagining insult where there is none (on someone else’s behalf, moreover). I find there’s nothing petty about correcting grammar. If you think that this could be from the use of a mobile, then you could just mention that without being rude.

        2) You know I couldn’t have known that as I’m new.

        3) If a POT SD was interested in helping fund a SB’s project, it’d be more convincing to suggest providing evidence of it rather than just saying you deserve more money because being a student/whatever is hard. If he doesn’t care what you do with the money, telling him that it’s for won’t make a difference.

        4) It was a rhetorical question.

      • Kore13 says:

        “Just because I point a finger at some of the nonsense you say doesn’t make me a troll.”

        You’re a troll if you keep replying to my posts with nothing much more constructive than, ‘this is nonsense,’ without an argument to back it. I could also spend my time insulting people for things I disagree with, but it’s not very useful or classy.

        “I’m not the one posting stupid advice about things I know nothing about.”

        How do you know what I don’t know about? Again, a pointless comment because it’s just an insult without any information to have a meaningful discussion.

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Rushingal

      “Most are not understanding on how much school, books, food, and other expenses really add up these days.”

      They actually understand it quite well, many of them are responsible for putting their own children through colleges and graduate schools. And maybe, just maybe, they wonder whether a “substantial” or “high” SB they met a week ago should get the level of support that is enough to put their own child through Harvard or Stanford.

    • Another Anonymous says:

      @ Anonymous

      On the other hand women in general and SBs in particular are inherently selfless. Got it. 🙂

  89. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    Today’s face palm moment her headline “Girls like me don’t talk to guys like you”

    I better not message her then.

  90. Riviera says:

    I must be Santa Claus
    No ones sent me any presents yet.. You can be my first if you like, how are you finding seeking

    Full of deluded Princesses and rinsers.

  91. Ambitiousonex says:


    I disagree with this. I am new to Las Vegas and I truly believe the quality of a woman is way below average here. The majority are well, prostitutes looking for a cell phone bill to be paid in order to meet someone or a gucci bag with nowhere to sleep at night and it’s quite sad.

    Because people are in and out, men, women and all things business, people are more so giving 1-night hookups and men have disposable income to do so. It’s very hard to find an older, quality man that wants someone who is consistent and wants to see her grow, mature finically and give him what he wants.

    I wish. Haha. Hopefully soon … being raised in the south, maybe I should search Austin. I also don’t believe it’s easy to weed out profiles on here. It would be nice to have profiles in rotation so men and women are being seen.

  92. flyR says:

    All I can say after looking at the alleged numbers is that whomever developing them must be working in a different universe.

    I have been involved in sugar since well before SA existed and as others have noted there’s an abundance of intelligent, attractive, sexy and sexually uninhibited young women happy with modest allowances PROVIDED they are treated well. For many of the young women it’s their first experience being with a man who really cared about their mind and their pleasure.

    The numbers may be relevant if you are an arrogant, self centered married attorney who takes joy in abusing all people, but decent human SD’s do a lot better.

    I think the article does a huge disservice to many young women who come here expecting a huge and continuing payoff for a minimal commitment. There’s also the economy which continues to deteriorate while both the government and other stuff sucks more cash out of the potential’s pockets.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      I also find it interesting there’s a new block on SA’s homepage from Brandon…stating how committed he is to privacy, security and guaranteeing there are no fake profiles on the site…I just went back to copy the exact text and it appears to have disappeared…interesting…

      • Anonymous says:

        To his credit, SA probably does not generate fake profiles like AM did. However, SA administrators have little ability preventing members putting in exaggerate numbers or fake info in their profiles. They might be taking down the guarantee statement to let the legal department work on the statement. LOL.

        Some of the manifest credulity on the part of SA (the company) in putting out those numbers is probably more wishful thinking / (perhaps willful) ignorance, rather than outright fraud or malice like Ashley Madison was doing.

      • Here it is:

        “”Unlike other dating websites, it’s my commitment to operate our business ethically. This means caring about your privacy, encrypting identifiable data, and never employing fake profiles or software bots. When we say there are more women than men, we guarantee it.”

      • Riviera says:

        Hmmm, but bringing them in on false pretenses…

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Fair enough. And the SB decides what is cheap or not for her, though I understand this is unpopular with the SD’s. 😀

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Sorry, hit the wrong reply button!

    • SB TVC15 says:

      The “government and other stuff” is sucking more cash out of the SB’s pocket as well, and she had less in there to begin with. So it’s right for SD’s to be prudent, but not cheap.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @ SB TVC15

        Ad government and other stuff – are you seriously implying that typical SBs and typical SDs are in the same income tax bracket? For that matter are you seriously implying that SBs tax their allowances? 🙂

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Nice straw man, AA.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        Well your straw woman was very nice as well. And I assume you are the arbiter of differences between prudent and cheap as well. 🙂

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Yes, I’m entitled to my opinion on that, just like you are.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @ SB TVC15

        Sure, everybody is entitled to an opinion. But the only opinion that counts is the opinion of the SD who makes the payment.

      • Anonymous says:


        At @SA you’re incorrect. SA does not give shit what SDs think.

      • Anonymous says:

        tax brackets are not the same in every country as they are in US. So, yes, AA, SB’s can be in similar tax brackets in some places. The US is not the only country for SA.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @ Anonymous

        Point taken re: tax brackets outside of the USA. But I still doubt that SBs tax their allowances. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        that was not part of the original point anyway. It was based on comparing their own personal income, outside of sugar.

        Do SD’s generally report and pay gift tax to contributions over $13,000 annually to one person, in the US you think?

      • SB TVC15 says:

        “the only opinion that counts is the opinion of the SD who makes the payment”

        You forgot the SB who turns down the payment. 😉

      • Another Anonymous says:

        Actually I did not. A SB has no real vote in deciding what is prudent or not for the SD. Yet I understand this concept is unpopular with SBs. 🙂

      • SB TVC15 says:

        Fair enough. And the SB decides what is cheap or not for her, though I understand this is unpopular with the SD’s. 😀

  93. Love2 Laugh says:

    Happy my city made the list kinda knew its more gentlemen here with with disposable income jobs are plentiful and the price of living is really great here. I don’t agree on the age the guys I’ve meet with are in the their 50’s which is what I prefer.

  94. S says:

    What’s the sex drive like for an early 50s male who is very active? Is once a week enough or twice is sufficient? Understand that it’s different case by case but just curious about what to expect…

    • VA Gent says:

      I recently cracked 50 and find that once or twice a week is perfectly fine for me. A relief, actually, compared to my younger days.

    • Anonymous says:

      Once a week my ass. 15 times a month is good. 20 times is better. That’s way down from 50-60 times a month in my 20s.

    • Another Anonymous says:


      Are you talking about sex only or a romantic evening together, that would include intimacy? For many guys in their 50s the limiting and deciding factor might not be libido but the amount of time available.

      • VA Gent says:

        I’m not really into the sex only thing, but it can be pretty hot on occasion in a longer term (semi)romantic dating context. That’s the whole point of sugaring, isn’t it? If it was just sex only, then you might as well go the cheaper and easier escort route

      • S says:

        I was asking about romantic, intimate encounters
        Thanks for the inputs

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a very good distinction @ Another Anon. When I responded, I was referring to libido, and frequency in a “regular relationship.”

      The number of encounters would be way lower in sugar due to logistical challenges.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @ VA gent

        Agree. I was more thinking about the logistical challenges. If it is say a week long vacation and there are no time constraints, then the libido only might easily support daily sex. But regardless of libido, I imagine meeting an SB for two full evenings a week is a challenge for many SDs just due to time constraints.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m over 60 and I consider twice to be a minimum.

      • Anonymous says:

        Way to go. 😉

        So all those SBs wanting SDs in 30s and 40s should brace themselves for a lot of action IF the SD has time availability. OR you may be his one of many SBs. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        THIS is why men in 60s are here…their wives in 60s may have long thrown in the towel, so to speak. 😉

      • ihf2030 says:

        A lot of married women become fat and/or frigid long before they hit their 60s.

  95. Riviera says:

    How can I believe this when they advertise that they have 4 million pay pigs and pay pets on this site!

  96. VA Gent says:

    Hmmm… I’ve been sugaring off and on for years and have never had any problem finding interesting/smart/beautiful/sexy ladies willing to sugar date for 1500-2000/mo average. This doesn’t count nice dinners, plays/movie dates, weekend trips. Most of these ladies have been fine with a ‘per date’ basis, but they know that we’ll see each other several times a month. I’m thinking of moving to a hybrid system–a modest allowance, a ‘retainer’, if you will, coupled with a modest per date contribution. Anyone else, SD or SB, worked with anything like that before?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Very interesting. There are some retail companies that do the same thing give an hourly wage and give a commission. From experience the companies I’ve worked for that had the hybrid system had more motivated employees than the hourly wage only establishment. And they had less issues and happier work environments than the commission only places.

      I’d be really interested to see how well it works in this context. If you do decide to try it I hope you come back and share how it worked out.

      • VA Gent says:

        Well, I TRY not to think of my sugar lady as my employee, but I suppose it sorta fits…sorta.
        I will say that I’ve been burned several times by paying in advance.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        So were you thinking of like $200-$500 per a meet and a $1000 retainer/bonus at the end of the month? Or something completely different?

      • Anonymous says:

        VA, How about giving her help and money sometimes when she is not intimate with you, and skipping sometimes when she is? Some unpredictability, then give her a proper accounting at the end of the month to prove that you are delivering in full / exceeding what you promised. The unpredictability reinforces classical conditioning even stronger, on top of breaking the uncomfortable formality of P4P. Whereas if you pay a monthly retainer, if the total outlay is unchanged, your subsequent per instance reward has to drop, which would adversely affect her perception of self-worth.

        An end of month accounting with her is a good idea, to make sure that you indeed deliver what you promised her, and to make sure she is not under-counting your contribution to her life. Girls can forget sometimes, and under-count how much they are “winning” LOL.

    • Anonymous says:

      In a woman’s mind any advance money is gift received, used and forgotten. Give it at your own peril. You will only see motivation if you’re giving at the end of the period or pay per.

    • SD says:

      Why upset the apple cart ? Unless you have a degree of history and trust with your current SB(s) .

    • Anonymous says:

      I have tried an allowance guaranteed per month for a minimum of X dates plus a top up at the end of the month for anything over X. The SB’s seem to appreciate the guaranteed amount and are ready to accept less per date.

  97. Anonymous says:


    $100M men are extremely rare even on SA. Assuming the 9 certified are accurate (doubtful; there is a reason why paper money only prints up to $100 and $500 Euro: too easy to forge paper documents), and there are additional 90 $100M men preferring not to disclose that info, The 99 men out of nearly 5 million SD’s is 1 out of 50,000. Most profiles claiming $100M assets are probably fakes/clowns. It is their ridiculous numbers and other inflated numbers that caused the inflated averages. The alleged average networth coming down by nearly 30% to $5M is a sign that the clown percentage has dropped somewhat; IMHO, the real average is probably less than half of $5M, but that does not mean half of SD’s are clowns: a single clown reporting $1M undoes the honesty of 50 honest SD’s reporting $2Mil.

    Networth > $100M (or even >$5M) are usually not the result of income but asset appreciation. In the US, the cut-off line for top 1% in income is around $350k; that of top 1% in asset is just over $1M. That means, the majority of those making the top 1% in income in one year frequently fall out of the top 1% in subsequent years, due to one-time sales of company/assets, bonus/commission or other accounting events.

    There are only about 4 million individuals in the US each with over $1M networth excluding the house they have to live in; most of them are old people of retirement age, not the prime age group for SA. It’s ridiculous to think SA can corral nearly 5 million people average over $5mil each. $5M x $5M = $25 Trillion. That is roughly 15% of the entire global financial assets (about $150 Trillion at last count, before the recent/current worldwide stock market crash).

    The good news is that, you only need a much lower number to make a substantial difference in your living standards and let you live much better than your peers. That goal is quite attainable on SA. Just avoid dreaming of running across headline-news worthy fortunes. 1 out 100 (compared to the general population) is attainable if you are in the top 20% in terms of attractiveness (an 8 on a 10-scale); looking for 1 out of 10,000 or 1 out 1 million would be setting yourself for failure and disappointment.

    • FunDude says:

      Very intelligent observation.

      Unfortunately, the average SB’s IQ is too low to comprehend the statistics.

      Ergo, they will just assume their “worth” despite facts.

      • Still clueless about certain things... says:

        If you’re in the $100MM neighborhood, you don’t need to fish in this pond. They come to you.

  98. Bill says:

    I can believe that is the number of men who say they are SDs and say they are married, but I don’t believe that is the number of proven SDs that are actually married. 75% I would believe.

    I meet the net worth. But there is no way I would waste that much money on allowances and expenses. Not even close. If a SB wants that much benefit, she would have to move in with us.

  99. Bruce Wayne says:

    This blog article reeks of desperation.

  100. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Nala

    Would you care to share your profile with us?

  101. Riviera says:

    I bet SB’s don’t have shit like this!
    Money turns me on Iike to rub it on my cliterous and my arse hole Don’t under estimate the power of my bitchyness

    What I’m looking for

    I will command you and in return expect you to command me on spending your money and letting me punish you for your filthy disgusting richness ! Your money will soak up my pussy juices as I rub £50 notes on my clit and fuck myself with notes for fun !

  102. Another Anonymous says:

    @ Jay

    Sure, 9 members with net worth of 100M. But income of 100M yearly?

  103. Nala says:

    I don’t know whats wrong with me but these numbers are a huge Sh*t!!! I am 23 years now, been on this for 2 years and have met several guys- both short-term as well as long-term arrangements….. Even the most generous guy who bought me chanel purses just gave 1000 $ in Cash additional……..

    Most of these “daddies” are just looking for cheap prostitutes….

    • SD says:

      Basically ,most of us are looking for a 22 yr old to relive our youth with -no doubt. Saddle up ,admit it to yourselves ladies ,and enjoy the money .

      • Anonymous says:

        Old men sucking your youth, which is priceless and they know exactly how precious time it is. NEVER settle for an arrangement you are not happy with. You cannot put a price tag on youth or doing something you do not really want to do.

  104. FunDude says:

    Brandon Wade is looking like a bigger con man every time he does one of these bullshit “survey” listings.

    The guy is a joke.

  105. Another Anonymous says:

    @ hockeychick18

    Actually I seriously doubt there is even one man on this site making 100 million a year. 🙂

    • Jaybird923 says:

      There are 9 certified diamond members with a net worth of 100 million or more.

      • FunDude says:

        9 out of how many SDs total?

        Also, how often do these guys even use the website? Might be a few brandon wade friends that are being added to make the place look “fancier”.

        Just like his SB “models” that aren’t really SBs but created accounts 3 weeks before.

      • no name says:

        jaybird it doesn’t matter what their net worth is most high net worth people have their wealth tied up in property one is not going to sell a house to provide a allowance for a SB the proper way to look at this is to look at their income thats the true way of judgeing if they can afford a SB

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @fundude 9 out of 75 diamond members worldwide

        @noname I’m aware. :-)) My comment was just general information. Most of us with a modicum of intelligence know conducting searches based on net worth or income is a waste of time.

        1)Most lie about it (some exaggerate, some down play)

        2)How much money you make/have is not an indicator of how generous the person is willing to be.

      • no name says:

        yes jaybird i realize you were pointing out that are sugar daddies with net worth’s of 100 million and for those’s of you who think it can’t be done it can be all you need is time and money it takes a long time to aquire great wealth

      • FunDude says:

        @ No Name

        Yeah man, acquiring 100 million is really simple.

        Just make a business, accumulate wealth and presto 100 million.

        Shit’s simple.

      • no name says:

        fun dude i didn’t say it’s easy i just said it could be done it takes a lifetime of hard work to build great wealth thats why i laugh at these clowns that think they will be rich by the time their 30

      • SB TVC15 says:

        lol @ Fundude

  106. Finkelstein says:

    I find the whole budget structure offered here laughable. Continuously, I need to remind myself that thousands of dollars is only “practical” and “moderate” exceeds the average household income. But the allure is the same and misleads potential SBs. Yes, there are cases of largesse IRL. But most SBs who sign on for the 5000K a month gig or higher find themselves prorated and out on their butts in a jiffy. And could have had a stable income at 1500 for years.

  107. Anonymous says:

    There was no survey people.

    They simply used the data submitted by the SD’s

  108. Andy says:

    $50K SB allowance? Where do they get this shit? I pay mine a max of $1K per month and they let me fuck them bareback, anal, come in mouth whatever and are excited to see me again!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh the cheap john fantasy writing never ends!

    • Jaybird923 says:

      For those of you wondering why most SBs want a high allowance it’s because of idiots like this who brag about how cheap a “whore” they get for $1000. No woman reading that comment is going to jump at the chance to receive $1000 a month. It’s the men who are the problem in this case.

      You never see SDs who pay higher allowance on blogs and message boards making statements of this nature. It’s always these types that brag about how stupid the SB is and how much he was able to do to her so cheaply. How much cheaper than an escort she is, etc. If you keep reading comments like this than accepting the lower allowances becomes associated with being less than an escort.

      He could have easily said I pay my SBs $1000 a month max and treat them with respect. We have a great time in bed and they are always happy with our arrangement.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Jay is right. Buzz off @Andy.

    • no name says:

      andy its a average some will pay more others less

    • Anonymous says:

      @Andy could be paying $500/month or even less…that’s NOT the point.

      The point is that regardless of the allowance, you show some decency in referring toward the person involved.

    • SD says:

      I just signed another SB to my team. A Lovely college age girl who said that my offer of $1000/month will change her life and she’s so excited. I like having a hungry and grateful SB .I’ll take a grateful 22 yr old 7/9 in looks and personality rather than a 10/5 beauty queen. The average girls are more grateful and in the dark it’s hard to tell that she isn’t a 10.

  109. Anonymous says:

    An SB says that she masturbated thinking of me before we have had intercourse but after we had made out a couple of times…does that mean she’s into me?

  110. IHF2030 says:

    I have to say I’m surprised that the percentage of married guys on this site is so low.

  111. FunDude says:

    Where did this bullshit survey come from?

    I would like to see the actual way this survey was conducted.

    Probable issues with this “survey” include:

    1) Response bias/Confirmation Bias where only men with arrangements/high income/assets respond to the survey. Possibly only 10% of people responded but those people were of higher income/assets/arrangement numbers.

    2) Mostly lying without any real confirmation of assets/income/arrangements

    3) Too small sample size to make any real conclusions

    4) False data provided by SA to hype of the website

    Probably a combination of these.

  112. Amber B. says:

    This is clearly a lie… when did they survey us?
    Unless they’re just looking at profile information…. which is usually a lie..
    Now that I think of it, even a survey could be unrepresentative as well.. self-report measures are usually faulty.. especially given these circumstances… ugh SA

    • Anonymous says:

      The only way that this survey could be true would be if it was only Diamond Daddies. and SA doesn’t have enough Diamond Daddies on the site to have this sort of Data.

  113. Anonymous says:


    “I wonder if more lower middle class men are joining and the richer are leaving.”

    This is not meant to be a criticism of you, but your comment is reflective of the perspective problem that celebrity news and SA marketing is having on the younger generation:

    Having $5mil networth is not anywhere close to “lower middle class.” The average American household networth is less than $80k; for every $5mil person, there have to be 60+ American households at Zero networth, in order to reach that $80k average! Then the people in between. A $5Mil networth makes the person well within the top 1%, perhaps top 0.2%, as there are only 4 million individuals in the US with networth over $1mil (excluding equity on the house living in), making the cut-off line for top 1% at just over $1Mil networth. That is why I think even the $5mil average cited in the article is result of a few clowns feeding them ridiculous self-reported data like $100M. Because they are using Average, which weighs the high data points more heavily, each clown reporting $100M negates the honesty of 50 honest SD’s reporting $2Mil each.

    The average American household makes only $40-45k/yr pre-tax, about $29k for average man and $25k for average woman. Each $1M represents 34-40 years of average pre-tax wage! or nearly life-time earnings, and the average wage earning person has to avoid eating, drinking, clothing or paying rent, for life, in order to save up that $1mil! $5mil is equivalent to 5 people’s life-time earnings! before tax! not just life-time savings.

    Celebrity millions make news because it’s the man-bite-dog story not the everyday average dog-bite-man story, which doesn’t make news.

    • hockeychick18 says:

      Okay well I more or less thought of it in the way that the average was brought down…. I understand that even making a million would be a great goal one day. But there are men on here who do make 100 million and by the average going down by 2.5 million shows that probably more people who just claim that they make 100,000 or 50,000 are on this site and not as many top 1% anymore.
      Someone who makes 100 million would skew the number up by more than someone who makes 50,000 where the number wouldn’t change as much.

      • SD says:

        Actually, guys who make that kind of money have chicks flocking to them –and they have handlers who provide access to the big guy . I seriously doubt that there are any over $10 million income guys on here . Most everyone here probably makes $100,000 to 1Mill /year -period .

      • Anonymous says:

        But there are over 100 mil net worth men on here. That does not mean what they offer is real. Scam artists come in all shape, sizes income and net worth.

  114. Anonymous says:

    @SA 1: “I like men that are tall, easy on the eyes, and in good shape. Sorry my “Full/Overweight” Daddies. I’m not the girl for you. Just because you have money is not an excuse to let yourself go.”

    I totally dig it.

    I like women that are tall, easy on the eyes, and in good shape. Sorry my “Full/Overweight” Babbies. I’m not the guy for you. Just because you don’t have money is not an excuse to let yourself go.

  115. Anonymous says:

    With totally fabricated data like this, no wonder we get so many like this 19-yr old: “My time is valuable and I don’t waste it on men who aren’t ambitious and aren’t going to spoil me like I deserve.”

  116. rembodler says:

    Thanks God, I have not seen these stats when I joined. I never would have…
    However, if 50k refers to the SD spending that is not so outrageous. If it refers to SB-take home, it is probably laughable.
    The guy spending 50k provably has 3 or 4 SBs in rotation. That is about right.

  117. Anonymous says:

    @SA 1

    “I enjoy being around men who aren’t afraid to show me their cards because I’m not afraid to show you mine.”

    Are you afraid to show your boobs?

  118. Riviera says:

    How many of you were asked to provide any information?

  119. no name says:

    i quess we will see a mass migration of sugar babies to austin texas

    • IHF2030 says:

      There are a lot of hard-up, effeminate, liberal girlyman, hipster type dudes in Austin so yeah; it’s a great place for sugarbabies.

  120. hockeychick18 says:

    Yeah it really surprised me that the net worth went down by so much. Not only am I sure the number of men has increased within the year but also the economy hasn’t gone down much within the last year. I wonder if more lower middle class men are joining and the richer are leaving.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Actually, the economy has deteriorated significantly over the past year.

    • SA 1 of a Kind says:

      With the popularity of “You can be a sugar daddy/sugar baby and you can be a sugar daddy/sugar baby” promoted by SA, CNN, etc… you also have to take into consideration the quality has gone down greatly as well. So I’m sure the more wealthy of SDs have left due to the lack of quality women. Now any guy that thinks because he has 50,000 in his bank account he can be a sugar daddy too.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “Now any guy that thinks because he has 50,000 in his bank account he can be a sugar daddy too.”

        OMG! I know right? $50,000? That’s chump change. How much money do you have in your bank account?

      • SA 1 of a Kind says:

        Lols @Jaybird923 You know what I meant!

      • Anonymous says:

        I can’t speak for @Jay, but I know exactly what you meant.

        That is, as talking about sports is men’s favorite small talk, dissing men is how women bind together.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        The sugar bowl is filled with all types of people seeking different types of arrangements. While the guy who only has $50,000 in his bank account is an object of ridicule for you, he may be a god send to the woman who makes less than $400 a week working full time at a crappy minimum wage job.

        It’s your prerogative to seek those who are more affluent but it’s unnecessary to disparage the lower net worth guy. He has as much right to try his luck as you do.

      • SA 1 of a Kind says:

        Now if
        I had posted 10,000 what then?

      • SA 1 of a Kind says:

        Someone would’ve still jumped down my throat.

      • Anonymous says:

        @SA1 is the type who will be hanging on SA for a year, waiting for someone to pay her “Substantial”. No harm there… One can dream and “know her worth”. She strikes me as a strong independent woman.

      • Riviera says:

        No, she is negotiable. But she is seeking a handsome stud which seems fruitless on SA…

      • SA 1 of a Kind says:

        Lols. yes exactly. You know me oh so well.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You could’ve said $10,000 or $100 and my response would’ve been the same. The same way I don’t mock girls who post on here that they are looking for $10,000 a month, I don’t mock the SDs who have less. Everyone has a right to try their luck.

        SA has a way of weeding people out. So if what is being offered or asked for is undesirable you’ll eventually find out. Which you should know first hand… isn’t that why you’ve stooped to looking for SDs on the blog? :-))

      • SA 1 of a Kind says:

        Lols. I don’t have to look for SDs on the blog @Jaybird923. I’m content with how I find them now. But thanks.

      • Riviera says:

        Her photo doesn’t link to a profile, yours does so how is she using the blog?

      • IHF2030 says:

        Time for some Guinness and cashew.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “Who wants to rescue me from the non existance of real Sugar Daddies in Pittsburgh”

        Oh dear! Please accept my apology. I’m not too bright I must have misinterpreted this comment

      • Another Anonymous says:

        @SA 1

        Is 50k in the bank account even a meaningful number? What can you read from it? A multimillionaire fully invested in other assets? An inprudent guy making and spending millions? a middle class prudent guy who can easily spend 2k a month on a SB?

      • SA 1 of a Kind says:

        This whole conversation is becoming increasingly irrelevant to me.

      • Riviera says:

        Bye 🙂

      • SD says:

        An SD is any guy who can pay an allowance to an SB-from $10 /month to $1 Mill.

        In between is any number

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps there are less (percentage of) clowns claiming to have $100mil.

      The new SB is going to learn the common statistical concepts quickly, such as Average vs. Median, and self-selection bias in self-reported data.

      According to World Wealth Report, there are about 10mil High Net Worth Individuals in the entire world each with a minimum of $1Mil net worth besides primary residence. In aggregate, they hold about $50 Trillion in assets. In other words, $5mil per person on average; the median is much lower, and if the top range the 2000 billionaires and the 200,000 >$30mil are under-represented due to privacy and security concerns the average of the remainder would be much lower than $5mil as well. I doubt half of all of the world’s HNWI’s are on SA.

      But, it’s fun to dream, like Cinderella going to the ball.

      • FormerAnon says:

        The video stated “average allowance” $3,300. I would say that is not completely out of line especially if it includes “gifts”, but lets do some quick algebra.

        We have “allowance pro says” and “allowance more realistic” and “SA average”

        (A(APS) + B(AMR)) / (A+B) = SAA

        A is the number claimed for APS and B is the number claimed for AMR

        We will have APS = $10,000 and AMR = $2,000 (I am not stating that $2,000 is a “great” allowance just more realistic for many)

        (1($10,000) + 1($2,000)) / 2 = $6,000 average

        (1($10,000) + 3($2,000)) / 4 = $4,000 average

        (1($10,000) + 5($2,000)) / 6 = $3,333 average

        so we can see that even if it is true that one SB is getting $10,000 per month allowance and the average allowance is $3,300 that would mean that 5 other SBs are getting $2,000 per month

        we can look at it like this as well (1($8,000) + 5($2,300)) / 6 = $3,250 average

        so even a single SB is getting $8,000 and 5 others were getting $2,300 that would be right at the average of $2,300 ($2,250)

        so one outlier skews the average for 5 others

      • FormerAnon says:

        opps need to change the averages in the last statement to the $3,000 range not the $2,000 range

        so even a single SB is getting $8,000 and 5 others were getting $2,300 that would be right at the average of $3,300 ($3,250)

        so one outlier skews the average for 5 others

      • Anonymous says:


        Exactly, the difference between Average and Median.

        Average (10k, 2k, 2k, 2k, 2k) = $3.6k

        Median (10k, 2k, 2k, 2k, 2k) = $2k

        It gets worse than that: the $2k/mo SD’s and SB’s may have steady relationship for years; whereas the $10k SB may got an SD for one or two month in 5 yrs but would never lower her asking from $10k. Hence that number is gleaned by SA’s number cruncher. Heck, for all we know, it could be just using the asking price in profiles (from the 10-20% or so who specify them), instead of any survey at all.

    • Riviera says:

      They have just made everything up lol….

      • Anonymous says:

        In statistics, they call it GIGO (“Garbage In, Garbage Out”). Every clown feeding them erroneous $100Mil wipes out 20 honest SD’s reporting $5mil each, or 100 honest SD’s reporting $1mil each. They should use Median instead of Average, but Average makes for better marketing material. Can’t fault them.

        Similarly with sugar average. As far as I can tell, some 80-90% on both sides indicate “Negotiable,” so they must be relying on the other 10-20% to calculate Average. Of course those numbers face severe self-selection bias or even fakes.

      • SD says:

        GIGO is correct. The reality is more like $800/month. Of course SA won’t attract a boatload of girls at that realistic number .Now if they see an average of $3000+ they are salivating . There is a reporting bias .

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I sincerely doubt that the average is $800. We have no way of knowing what the average is. You’re all doing the same exact thing as SA.. pulling numbers out of thin air. The only thing we do know for sure is what’s average for us. Debating this issue is futile

  121. IHF2030 says:

    I read somewhere that the University of Toronto provides a goodly number of sugarbabies.

    • SA 1 of a Kind says:

      Not that Montreal is super close to Toronto. But I will have to say that Canadian girls have such natural beauty. Its disgusting. I’m jealous.

      • SA 1 of a Kind says:

        The girls in Montreal.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I’ve spent lots of time living on both sides of the border and American women are generally more easy going, down to earth and nicer than Canadian women. Sadly, it’s been my experience that Canadian women are much more likely to display signs of princess-diva-bitch-cunts syndrome.

      • Anonymous says:

        it could be that YOU are bringing out their syndrome. If you see a pattern, follow the source.

  122. SA 1 of a Kind says:


  123. THEATLSD says:

    It’s interesting that all the numbers went up except Net Worth. Could be an indicator on the economy.

    The video is good for a few laughs.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      LMAO well it’s a step up from the norm. At least there’s “intimacy” in this video. Then again that might only be because this one is geared towards the men…

  124. THEATLSD says:

    The ATL is Nbr 2. I need to go recruit more SD.

  125. Jaybird923 says:

    I’m first for once