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Sugar Daddy Discretion
  • Posted Oct 6, 2015


The perks of having an arrangement go without saying, but the stigmas require a level of Sugar Daddy discretion. In order to protect your privacy, here are some tips for remaining discreet.

Create a new email address.

Signing up and communicating with people can both be done from an alternate email address. We recommend using one that’s not your work email. Your information is completely safe and encrypted on the site, so there’s no concern for your privacy to be threatened. However, when you do start talking to someone new, your information remains private until you are comfortable with a POT, and are ready to share. 

Get a second bank account.

The monetary aspect of the relationship often calls for the most caution. Start off smart with an additional bank account with a set amount. That way you can manage your Sugar spending, and keep your real bank account protected. If an additional account isn’t in the cards, consider a prepaid credit card.

Use a prepaid credit card.

These can be purchased everywhere from Target to 7-11. A prepaid credit card can come from the provider of our choice, and automatically adopt your personal info once you purchase them. That means you’re safe to shop online and pay for items you’d rather not have appearing on your bank statement, which can be privy to other sets of eyes.

Use a burner app for texts and calls.

Smartphones open a world of password protected possibilities, and on apps like PhoneHub you can create secondary numbers that forward to your phone. With technology, you can have multiple numbers with the area codes of your choosing that can receive and make calls in addition to texting. Once your done with a number, simply delete it along with all the data.

Have private photos.

Not only does this entice women to see a bit more of you, this is also the safest way to have pictures on the site. The images are only viewable from accounts whose permission you have granted. If you ever decide against sharing them, simply un-share and that person can no longer see them.

Erase your Internet history.

Especially if using a shared computer or while on your phone, clearing your browser history and leaving passwords unsaved will save you from an awkward conversation. You can set your history to clear everyday, or not save at all. The last thing you want is a recently visited tab to pop up in a meeting with the SeekingArrangement logo staring coworkers in the face.

Be honest with your Sugar Baby.

Telling anyone you get involved with about your situation is vital to keeping things discreet. They need to know your availability, when to call, and when not to. If you are married, have kids, or have special circumstances, chances are they will be more than happy to accommodate.

Do you have any tips for staying discreet?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Even if you do private pictures, don’t put your corporate head shot. its easy to google image it and get your real name and place of employment.

  2. DrH says:

    I live in Michigan. There is a girl on this SA site who moved from Vegas to Michigan. She is never clear upfront and then drops a bomb. Very rude arrogant and never want to put out anything but wants all kind of gifts. This is just to warn the guys. She is a scammer.

  3. User says:

    Hard to have discretion when it’s not possible to delete messages on SA.

  4. Steve says:

    So leftinthecold, You are now leaving us in the cold. It has been two weeks. Any updates?

  5. Anonymous says:

    You don’t need to follow any of these rules (except perhaps the second bank account/credit card) unless your cheating on your spouse.

  6. Anonymous says:

    is there any way to communicate with other sugar babies , for advise and help. i’m brand new. i have alot of hits, but i don’t know where to turn or how to do things i barely know how to work the dame website. I’m calling out to the successful SB’s please contact me!

  7. El mejor CV es aquel que se hace pensando en el puesto al que se aspira. Los curriculum genéricos no sirven para nada.

  8. LeftintheCold says:

    I have been in a very discreet, very rewarding arrangement (my first) for 8 mos now and, to make it short and sweet, my SD has recently been very busy abroad with work and I have only seen him 3 times in the last two months, where we were seeing each other weekly, prior. Last month he shorted my monthly allowance by 25% and even though I saw him a week ago he hasn’t even addressed this months’ allowance which is normally given on the first, so I have gone without.

    I have been nothing but loving, sweet and understanding; I give him his space and he respects mine in turn. Honestly, I take take very good care of myself, I’ve been told I’m an “11” and am quite intelligent, emotionally secure, a firecracker in bed and demure on my feet. So… what gives?

    I can’t help but feel a little used and disregarded and he has made me feel additionally uncomfortable about discussing monetary requests in the past, truly I am at a loss pertaining how to handle this.

    I did not know where else to post this, so I appreciate any feedback.

    • Anonymous says:

      on the surface it sounds like you have been replaced by a new toy

      • LeftintheCold says:

        It is certainly possible, but he is very forthcoming about his work and I know has become extremely overwhelmed recently. Though, if that is the case though, fine, but to be honest, it’s a shitty & imprudent way of ending things.
        I feel like there should be some kind of closure (dare I say severance, considering we’ve still seen each other), but I hate to feel like I have a hand out.

      • Anonymous says:

        so this is totally out of the blue? he has been forthcoming and totally honest for the entire 8 months? or were there signs that you ignored?

      • LeftintheCold says:

        We have been very candid with each other. I have no issue with him wanting to see someone else, should he; so I do not believe that is the case. Something catastrophic happened at work 2 mos ago that pretty much took over every moment of his time while they try to clean up the mess, in that wake I’m left mostly ignored.

      • Anonymous says:

        he obviously needs compassion at this point, if a catastrophe happened at work, this would explain his change, sounds like you only care about you in this, if you are that hard up for money, mention it to him

      • LeftintheCold says:

        I don’t feel that way at all; I care about him a lot. I understand how it would seem that way, but I have been trying quite hard to be there for him and be supportive via text messages, picture messages and voicemail with little reciprocation. Two months in I’m feeling a little lost as to how to move forward.

      • Anonymous says:

        there doesnt appear to be much else you can do. Keep doing what you are doing for as long as you can, if he doesnt come around, move on, i’d give it another month tops

    • SD says:

      You need to have a conversation when together next -after sex . many men think of Sugar meets in per visit units ,even though he has been paying monthly . So his mindset is-he’s not getting his money’s worth . Hence the cut in pay. I agree he should extend you the courtesy of discussing his change in circumstances and the plan going forward . He could 1)be replacing you ,2)have financial stresses ,3) telling the truth, 4)other.

      As an SD 3 times /2 mos for an allowance designed for weekly visits would not be sustainable . He is readjusting the amount on his own volition. Expect further cuts to come . Be proactive and discuss it -soon.

      • LeftintheCold says:

        Thank you; that was the perspective I was looking for. I just want to go about this delicately; I care about him, I worry about his well-being and I really do want to be there for him but I do not want to lose sight of my own needs as well.

      • FormerAnon says:

        I am not saying this to be mean, but to be helpful. Your situation is why I feel it is important for a SB to put money away and to use the resources provided for the longer term. Perhaps you have been doing this already or perhaps you were “getting caught up” since it all started. The reality is though a HUGE % of the profiles on here both SB and SD say “NSA” and unless people discuss the meaning of NSA up front many people are going to take NSA (rightly or wrongly) to mean a “see ya” txt is an appropriate way to end it or perhaps just an ending of communications with no “see ya” even proffered. If “the money” is the main reason for the arrangement on the SB side it is my advice that “the money” be saved saved saved for situations just like this. It does sound as though you like him and like to be with him, but it also sounds like you either want or more so could use the money right now. Again not chastising simply offering advice. Do not use your “sugar” to amp up your CURRENT lifestyle or to drop your day job. Use it to make long term changes in your life and to have a few nice things that have no cost of ownership (IE some clothing VS a new expensive car). The tumblr girls will be along soon to call me “salty” and to tell you this is why you need to have 5-12 SDs at anyone time. Do not listen to that if that is not the “profession” you want to be a part of. I hope this works out for the best for you and he gets things squared away and gets back to spending time with you. You sound like someone that is nice to spend time with.

      • LeftintheCold says:

        Thank you Anon, I do not find your opinions or suggestions “salty” but prudent and wise; no, I am not hard up for cash. I am quite adept at saving, actually, and taking care of my finances, this has afforded me the ability to do so and invest outside of a full time job and night school.

        What I do dispute, though, is the alteration of any agreement (sounds cold yes, but it is a factor in this relationship and no, that does not make me greedy; that’s why it is an agreement, emotions aside) with no communication or notice and am curious how to gracefully and deftly approach that conversation.

      • Anonymous says:

        be as blunt as possible, at the end of the day, you atleast can say, well i was blunt and honest, and that is all that matters

      • FormerAnon says:

        I will agree with you that after what is a pretty established arrangement it would not seem right to me for him to suddenly prorate the allowance based on HIS inability to not meet. for me I would have concerns that I would be the one messing up a good thing I had going. I like a girl that likes to be taken care of provided she uses that for a future and not for piles of material goods so my inability to not meet would not change it to a “per visit’ rate. And I would like to think that if something was long term and established and something legitimate came up for HER I would not immediately want to move it to a per visit rate though it would be nice if she would offer that up for me to decline if I felt her reasons for missing arrangements was realistic and legitimate. And thank you for understanding what I was saying I hope it all works out for you and he comes back “worn out” and ready to “relax” with some nice gifts and you discuss things and clear the air.

      • SD says:

        A deal is a deal,however there is no long term guarantee or severance with my SBs. All deals are subject to termination or possibly renogotiation .

      • LeftintheCold says:

        I appreciate everybody’s input, thank you, truly, you have all been helpful with putting this in perspective 🙂

      • maineman2.0 says:

        Totally agree with the above statements…….

        Personally, I’ve had similar experiences with my SB and my business, the difference being I explained everything to her truthfully, and she accepted it whole heartedly.

        I feel it just depends on the individual.
        I’m fortunate to have found her.

    • noname says:

      leftinthecold if he’s still paying you something i wouldn’t dump him but its ok to look for better offers maybe he’s had a drop in income and he can’t afford to pay what he did in past or i think hes likey loseing interest so its best to prepare for a exit if he confronts you with this just be honest about how you feel about this if he truly wants you he will find a way to fix this problem and make it work

    • SailingIsFun says:

      It is never easy to break a relationship. But you have always to consider that neither of you might be exclusive.
      You should consider moving on seeking another SD and in case he comes back, just take it from there.

    • chloewolf says:

      Agree with some of these comments but disagree with most. You may care about him but there was an arrangement made here you didn’t meet off site I assume? So to put it bluntly.. You are being viewed as a financial investment or expenditure for entertainment..if your caring about him was part of the deal then fantastic but either way it is VERY unlikely he would approach his business in this manner and just discontinue contact with a business he was debtor to with a monthly payment arrangement? My advice is to respect that you are worth at LEAST being in the “loop” on any changes that are made to the original agreement regardless of the reason for the changes. Be honest and simply ASK him what the problem is and if his answer doesn’t work for you then YOU should terminate right then and there rather than continuing to see him when he is disrespecting you and the arrangement HE made with you.
      Good luck hon

    • Steve says:

      I provided the same comment above but maybe it is better here. Just as your SD has left you in the cold so too are you leaving us there. Any updates?

    • lilly$ says:

      Hi there…the very first thing to stand out to me is “Is emotionally secure” but if you really were then this would not derail you. Stay focused….Have fun with this…When one door closes, another one will open. Everytime a door closed for me, I learned to be grateful because obviously God could see down the road and I couldn’t so I decides to let HIM lead since he has the 20/20…count it all joy and keep it moving

    • Anon Baby says:

      I don’ necessarily think you’ve been replaced moreso that he intended to see others. In this situation he needs to give a correct allowance to someone new as shorting them would end an arrangement in its infancy stage. Since he’s given you a few excuses of “business issues” he can give you whatever he feels like handing over to you. I suggest to stop all contact and update your profile for someone new. An arrangement is an agreement and we both know he would never do anything of the sort in his day to day business dealings with clients. The beauty of arrangements is that if requires both parties to maintain their best foot forward desires. The minute one side decides they no longer want to then the arrangement is renegotiated or ends. Remember he’s not your longterm boyfriend where

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hushed sucks. I am sure that phonehub does too. Use hushed for calls and Kik for text.

  10. Anonymous says:


    Very insightful perspective and analysis on the difference between mistress and wife. A few thoughts:

    1. Such a good mistress, if she marries or breeds with someone else, wouldn’t my financial support be a form of cuckoldry? especially if I don’t get a genetic reward too out of the long term relationship?

    2. If such a good mistress, unicorn indeed, is never to marry or breed, wouldn’t the whole process be an exercise in perverse selection: eliminating good unicorns from the gene pool!

    3. IMHO, you make a good argument for polygamy. Perhaps the good unicorns ought to captured, bred and rotated on schedule in a stable, so each can take a break from her good behavior on days off, well rested and well supported/financed, ready to perform again next time when it is her turn.

    • I dont follow how you arrived at these points.

      • Anonymous says:

        Elaine made a valid point about being a mistress is more fun than being a wife. I was pondering the genetic viability of such a strain of good unicorns. Even her original post mentioned one of the requirements of such a good unicorn is not having a bf on the side.

      • Is this bait for an impending doctrine?

      • Anonymous says:

        No. Monogamy under Christianity was a religious doctrine. Other than that and Classical Greeks (due to the need for phalanx infantry; hence democracy and monogamy), most human history practiced polygamy. It’s interesting modern feminism is returning us to that.

        Women want men who are desired by other women.

    • elaine says:


      Well maybe the unicorn mistress has been married and has delivered her contribution in the gene pool already? 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:


    ‘Myth of Marilyn Monroe being “plus sized”.’

    Who knows she could have been considered “plus sized” in her days. But in the ocean of whales, from Atlantic to Pacific, she ain’t no “plus sized” now.

    • Anon Baby says:

      No she wasnt plus sized. Actually she would have been considered a size 4 today. She was the original curvy not what curvy is considered today..ie rolls anyone?

      • ShyDoll96 says:

        Yeah, Marilyn was absolutely tiny really. She had the perfect hourglass shape, and is the definition of curvy. When I tell people I’m curvy, I mean hourglass, not fat :’)

  12. Sugar Bliss says:

    Hi. Why are there so many profiles with no name and just an age? Even the bio is blank. I thought that profiles would not be published unless the bio was filled out?
    I am receiving many private photo requests and zero personality. Blank profiles should not even display on search.

    • Anonymous says:

      SA creates a lot of “ghost” profiles to give the illusion of strength in numbers. Maybe not as blatantly as Ashley Madison did but all dating sites are known for this including match.com or eHarmony. If people only knew what the real numbers of ACTUAL real live breathing members are they would be shocked.

    • Anonymous says:

      This thread will disappear as SA takes accusations of ghost profiles VERY seriously. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Well I get email stating that a member viewed me and favorited me or sent a message or something. As soon as you click on their profile, the page states “member no longer exists”. Plenty of profiles around with absolutely zero text in the About Me and What I Am Looking For sections. Lots of profiles with generic one sentences that could have been written by anyone.

  13. FunDude says:

    Myth of Marilyn Monroe being “plus sized”. She was truly CURVY!


    • Anonymous says:

      Fat and belly rolls like the Michelin Man are not “curvy”. Curvy means a small waist wist a bust and ass. A lot of American women who type themselves as curvy are really FAT. And FAT women are no longer fat. They call themselves now BBW. Yeah, keep lying to yourselves ladies.

      • FunDude says:

        They should just list body type as either:

        1) Thin
        2) Athletic
        3) Curvy
        4) Slightly Obese/ Overweight
        5) Moderately Obese
        6) Severely Obese

        Curvy must have defined proportions similar to Marilyn Monroe. Any woman with a BMI >27 is on the “overweight” scale.

      • Anonymous says:

        I dated a girl once who had undoubtedly had the best body I have ever seen on a girl. Definition of “tits on a stick”. About 5’6″ and 105 lbs. Absolutely no body fat, flattest stomach, small hips, cutest little butt, 22 inch waist, pencil like legs, but had these massive 34 D perky boobs that were perfect.

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        5’6″ and 105 pounds won’t be appealing to all men, including me.

      • Sugar Daddy says:

        i have been finding the same thing. this one i am talking with in ottawa canada looks ok. she is in her 40’s which is fine. they are more fun but i still cant really tell for sure.she says she has others from here but wont tell me. is there a way i could find out her rating. her user is CurvyMatureDecretion. there should be some way we can give them a grade so to speak so we know what we are getting into

      • Anonymous says:

        The “rating” stuff has been discussed many times. It’s not practical.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol- I completely agree.

    • I says:

      If you’re concerned, why not simply set up a meeting? Unless they’re a long way from local, in which case it seems not worth it to even discuss an arrangement (at least to me)

      • Anonymous says:

        i tried to meet up, turns out she is just an older prostitute trying to get by. she wanted money right off the bat for a “try out”. the amount she was asking im sure i could have gotten something a lot better, just need to be careful what you sign up for. it was a waste of my time.

  14. FunDude says:

    Women of the blog:

    What criteria do you use to evaluate a potential SBs “worth”? What do you think are reasonable standards that a SD should have in terms of investing his money into a woman?

    Many women feel they have a high “value” but never define the reality of this phrase. Please elaborate further on this issue.

    • No one is interested in arousing you with your favorite topic, FunDude.

      Cant we all just fuck and be merry?

      For a handsome young doctor with abs of titanium, a cock like a trojan horse, and a face chiseled by Michelangelo himself, you sure have quite a bit to gripe about. Pay up, or whack off already.

    • elaine says:

      Well this comes up in my mind if I were an SD, expected to give a high allowance:

      – Attractive, always shows up at her best. (and no, that has nothing to do with expensive mani-pedi’s!)
      – Interesting and pleasant company
      – Intelligent
      – Active, enthousiast and creative bedpartner
      – No drama, no future expectations
      – Discrete and reliable
      – Not clingy or jealous
      – Genuine mutual attraction
      – Not a golddigger only in for the money.
      – Representative, knows how to behave in public. Not dragging wrong sort of attention.
      – Using his financial support in a constructive way for her future.
      – No ink, ironworks, fake hair, fake nails, or fake bodyparts.
      – No drugs or STDs.
      – No boyfriend.

      But most of all, she must understand this is HIS party.

      He most likely is a very busy man. So flexibility to travel on short notice, willingness to work around his schedule, no nagging at his last moment cancellations.
      Not bother him with HER problems, but trying to relieve him from HIS stress.

      • Anonymous says:

        What you just described is the unicorn of SB’s. If I had that SB she wouldn’t be an SB for long. She would be my wife and the sole beneficiary to my assets and life insurance. LOL!

      • AnonymousSSSD says:

        How about “show up on time?” About half the ladies I had first meets with were late to the meeting. I give them one or two breaks on being late
        and then if they are late again…NEXT!

      • elaine says:

        Wrong, @ Anonymous!

        Only as a mistress you can be this fantasy unicorn.
        The time together is very limited and you only see the best of each other.
        You stay in great hotels, go to fine restaurants, always dressed up.
        The kid’s school problems are far away, as is the dirty laundry and nagging mother in law.

        As a wife you cannot be a fantasy, you become daily reality.
        Believe me, I have been on both sides!

        I very much enjoy spending some days with my SD in an exciting city somewhere, but after some days it get’s very tiring to keep up that “role”.
        So just in time to keep the illusion alive, we both return to our daily lives.

        In a “normal” relationship I would have other expectations, and would want it to be about “me” as much as about “him”.

        If he would want to eat French cuisine, but I wanted Japanese, I would try to convince him to go to the Japanese restaurant.
        In sugar I would just agree that French cuisine is the best thing ever.

        So that for me is the thing that justifies the higher allowances; to be his ultimate fantasy!


        Do you really think such type SB, who respects her SDs time and puts him on the first place as I have described, would not show up? Or show up late?
        Showing up late is the first red flag that she doesn’t give a sh*t about your time, and she will never turn out to be this unicorn.

        It is all about common sense and selection criteria my dears! 😉

      • Elaine has the right idea 🙂

      • Bruce Wayne says:

        I agree – prompt, reliable and honest should be added to that list.

        Elaine — I know English isn’t your first language and you write quite well…. a pet peeve of mine – it should be DISCREET not DISCRETE — one sees the latter misused in numerous profiles.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous SSSD. Here is a direct quote from one of the tumblr girls. Talk about flaky.
        “Mr. Sly guy, I also met on SA. He’s chilled, cool, but a boss apparently. I’ve flaked on a dinner or 2 with him but he’s giving me one last chance so I have to pull it together.”

      • CuriousSB says:

        While I agree with the greater majority of what defines a great SB, can the topic of hair be subject to debate? Some of us do not have hair personally blessed by God himself, so we use “extensions”, “wigs” or “weave” to be more attractive to potential SDs because they like LONG hair and our “pixie cuts” or “afros” (whichever we have) just don’t seem to cut it for them. I feel like hair should be the one thing that is allowed to be fake as long as it is secure enough not to blow away in the wind or come off/out while being pulled during bed activities.

      • Dmekboy says:

        Did it and ended it. I call it TRUE LOVE! The lonely nights are too much to bare.

    • Kore says:

      @Fundude Thought we went through this already.. Add a few hundred for everything nice about her, subtract for all the things that make her intolerable. 😛

      But seriously, I like the idea that the allowance is fixed and given based on the SD’s personal preference. I would find it cheap to put a price on personality from either SB or SD – as if it’s something that has any kind of monetary equivalence?? No one else finds this insulting?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I simply love it how women write these pseudo- intellectual whimsical profiles…u text them, with something intellectual. No reply. You try again – nada.
    You start talking about allowance…they text back.
    You suddenly got their undivided attention…

    • Anonymous says:

      Is 30K a month enough for an allowance? No intimacy involved. You just have to look pretty while we eat dinner. In fact, if you don’t want to show up, that’s ok too. Just send me a selfie while I eat alone.

    • cryptic says:

      Ahhh yes the Collage educated, double bachelors degree, strong independent Feminist who is well spoken and able to be “Diverse” in discussions and yet can’t string a sentence together and can’t spell to save herself.

      • VitesseSd says:

        But she’s able to talk about the patriarchal family unit, gender norms, fluidity of gender/sexuality, and how you’ve personally been oppressing everyone for thousands of years!

        What’s not to love?

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Vitesse – It’s like you have met her too!

      • Anon says:

        The college Women’s Studies curriculum is standardized nationwide. That’s why they all sound alike.

      • FunDude says:

        Its always amusing to see these “strong independent women” who don’t want gender norms deciding to go on SA to get a “sugar daddy” while bitching about the terrible men.

        American women in the 21st century are the biggest hypocrites in history lol

      • flyR says:

        The term Feminist in a profile translates to ” Yo, you of white male privilege , I am here to collect for all the sins of men back to the moment Adam stole the apple. “

      • Kore says:

        @flyR You’re making cheapness sound sexy…

      • Sugar Baby says:

        This made me laugh for the fact that it’s completely true. Well, more often than not.

    • noname says:

      anon money talks

    • I says:

      What intellectual topic would you like to talk about my dear? I would be happy to converse on anything from Chopin to Schopenhauer to Schrodinger. Not every woman here is vapid or money hungry, some of us are simply seeking to spend time with gentlemen who can keep up with *us* intellectually.

      • ShyDoll96 says:

        Yeah I don’t think it’s fair to tar us all with the same brush. It sounds like you’ve not met a honest, genuine woman on here, but we do exist.

  16. JuliaXO says:

    Hello! I just have a question that I haven’t really seen being asked and I figured a bit of insight might help me navigate my way through this experience! I’m trying to figure out if doing this with my natural hair (an afro) will help, hinder, or not affect either way my chances in the bowl. If some POT SDs wouldn’t mind letting me know how they would react, so I can get a gauge, that would be super helpful! Thank you 🙂

    My hair is very similar to this:


    • Anonymous says:

      You may want to read the Brown Sugar Baby Blog to get insights on your chances of success in the sugar bowl and SA in particular.

      • JuliaXO says:

        Thank you for the heads up 🙂
        There was A LOT to wade through on there and at this point most of the comments read like trolling. So I figured as the most recent article with a little bit less negativity, here would be a better shot at getting some clear answers (hopefully!).

    • cryptic says:

      If you think your hairstyle will make it or break it for you then…..

      • JuliaXO says:

        I ask because I did receive a message from someone that was less than polite about my hair, which I keep well groomed and neat. Some black women like blond hair the same way women from an assortment of racial backgrounds like trying out different hair colors (red,black, purple, teal) and styles (straightening, perming, braiding, extensions, very short, very long). It’s really no different.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Well, I’ve never seen a White woman walking around with a fake afro on her head.

      • cryptic says:

        You will never be able to please everyone, end of story. I like that hairstyle in your pic. But don’t dye your hair blonde, I think it looks pretty silly on black women.

    • IHF2030 says:

      For the life of me, I could never understand why so many black women desire to walk around with a head full of fake blonde hair.

    • SD says:

      Just be yourself julia and let the cards fall where they do. If white guys will only date black girls who look white-whats the point ?

  17. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Jay – “I play the trumpet (though I haven’t done so in the last couple of years) I could have my mom ship it to me. How much would you be willing to pay for fine entertainment of that nature?”

    If only you had of said the flute…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone wear g-string?

    Do you like the piece of cloth shove up your asshole?

  19. Sweetlia says:

    Hi! I’m just wondering how folks feel about SBs who’d rather not post pictures on our profiles but are completely open to skyping? I’m having difficulty getting a good gauge on how receptive POT SDs are to this. I feel like it’s a good way to ensure more discretion (especially in smaller towns or cities), see each other real time, and be able to speak with one another a bit more genuinely. However, I’m not sure how the proposal is coming off to POT SDs :/

    • Anonymous says:

      i ignore any profile that doesnt have a clear face and clear body

    • Anonymous says:

      Your profile will not even show up in most searches, including mine. I filter the search parameters to show only those with pics.

    • Anonymous says:

      You would have to message me and offer to send a photo. There are too many female members with the photo to waste time on someone who does not have one.

    • SBC TVC15 says:

      My face is indistinct or shielded in my pics, and I get mail.

      • Anon Baby says:

        Im not into pic sharing either. It’s either skype, kik or meet. I’ve already met a few 30 year old pics SDs..not fun. I’m not good at hiding disappointment.

    • flyR says:

      There are many profile pictures which are not personally recognizable but which are enticing, revealing and do the job.

      One of the best was a beach shot that showed the side of the face, shoulder, a bit of breast and an ass to die for . All connected by a lithe, tanned body .

      It is a potential problem in a small town. You are allowed to move your location a few miles down the road.

      The beauty of the photo was the art quality and the fact that you pretty much knew exactly what you were getting but without the last bit . OK her nose might have been funny.

    • SD says:

      Find a similar pic to you -yes pirate a pic. It has worked well for me for years . I’ve never had an issue or even a question from an SB . But make sure it doesn’t show up on Google search. And make sure it is a reasonable likeness to you -at least body shape and hair style . I am fine not seeing a clear face. That is what the M&G is for

    • elaine says:

      My profile pic is unrecognizable and a bit mysterious.
      It protects my privacy and it creates curiosity by the right targetgroup.

      It makes pot’s read my profile, instead of just reacting on a hot pic.
      And I get “nexted” by the type of SDs that I am not interested in anyway.

      Last but not least; it keeps my inbox tidy and timewasting limited to a minimum. No Johns, scams, picturecollectors, hardly cheap proposals.

      An pot who has read my profile will only contact me if he is really triggered by what he has read.
      So for me it worked as a good selection method so far. 🙂

      • This is my approach as well, Elaine.

        Though it is disappointing to be nexted when it’s someone you think would be ideal. I think that now and then even legitimately nice guys who are serious about sugar get hung up on the picture thing due to unpleasant experiences theyve had with women on the site.

      • elaine says:

        @ Ygbk

        Well, if you are really very interested in someone who has “nexted” you because of lack of pics, just send him a nice message and give access to your private pics?

        That’s what I do when I am attracted to a profile and feel I could be nexted because of prejudices about my age! 🙂

      • @Elaine

        Am open to skype, but if someone isnt open to that, I just lube-up, take the next like a champ, then hold myself ’til the hurt stops.

        The one time that was really disappointing was a guy who was annoyed with my preference to skype. He had sent an invite to his private photos in the first message, and wanted me to reciprocate with a face pic via email. Now that I think about it, I wonder if he might have thought that I was trying to trick him into a webcam-scam. Do you guys come across a lot of web-cam girls here?

        Anyway, different people have preferred methods of communication. For anon above, if the SB wont text or kik, she’s nexted. Was talking with a guy once, and at one point I was getting messages from him from Hush3d, Whatzapp, SA and email. Jeez.

        As for pic collectors, once on a traditional dating site, I was catfished by a guy who sent completely fake pictures…I mean like a completely different race, and two decades older. Pictures were of an older 30’s/early 40’s, handsome, olive/lightbrown skinned Italian man, but he turned out to be a 60-something year old different race man who was struggling with his sexuality following a divorce. How I came to know (not in person, fortunately) is eerie, and still makes my skin crawl…almost as much as the thought of him whacking it to my photos :(.

  20. Dazed-SD says:

    @kelly30,, dam I wished you lived in Michigan !

  21. SDProtocol says:

    What’s the proper etiquette for starting the discussion on a SD/SB thing? Should the SD share what he did for other SBs? I don’t think its fair for a POT SB to ask what the SD is offering before meeting. Or maybe she can ask but if the SD declines to answer, is that bad? Obviously, people want different things and nobody wants anyone to waste time, but I think tossing out a # right away is not a good move and leaves the SD open for problems. Or should the SD just arbitrarily have a number ready and required to share from the first 2 mins of the conversation?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      If she ask for an exact number turn the question around on her and ask her to give you a range of what she’s looking for. If it’s too high walk away. If it’s reasonable for you, tell her that the range is within your budget but the exact amount would depend on chemistry, availability, etc. And that you’d be happy to discuss it further after you meet.

      If you ask for a range then you haven’t committed yourself to an exact number and it gives you room to negotiate if you feel the need to.

      • SDProtocol says:

        Yeah, she wouldn’t give a number despite me asking. She kept pressing for what I would specifically offer and what I offered other SBs. Just seeing whats the best way to have that discussion. Your approach makes sense.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Then move on if they won’t give you a number. Too many women on this site who aren’t looking to play games and actually want an arrangement to waste your time trying to talk someone into telling you what they want.

      • flyR says:

        Totally unreasonable to ask for a firm number from the SD before meeting as there’s a lot that is unknown. However, very prudent for both to understand the broad range of what the other is looking for so as to avoid the situation where there is such a wide gap that there is no reason to meet.

        An exception is where an SB is willing to accept a very modest allowance PROVIDED that she is attracted and that there are other benefits, tangible or intangible.

        Over the years I have met several who only wanted enough to be sure that their modest rent was covered (typically someone just out of school or recently separated) .

  22. cryptic says:

    @Kore – You online??

  23. Anonymous says:

    I never had thought that I would be chatting with a girl from a far away place.

    The chat girl from South America is loads of fun. She’s already earned her some dollars from me, which she has not asked for yet but I will send anyway.

    I pay for entertainment of ANY kind.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I play the trumpet (though I haven’t done so in the last couple of years) I could have my mom ship it to me. How much would you be willing to pay for fine entertainment of that nature?

      • Anonymous says:

        Post a link to your trumpet recording. If you are good then I will contact you for personal trumpet session.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You said you’d pay for entertainment of ANY kind. Whether I’m good or not shouldn’t matter. Either you’ll be moved by the quality of the music or you’ll get a good laugh out of it. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the latter since I haven’t touched my trumpet in over 3 years. I most likely sound like crap. :-))

      • Anonymous says:

        I think that you are interpreting “any entertainment” very liberally.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        lol So I should leave my trumpet where it is huh? Maybe you should rephrase your sentence … very misleading. What about a game of hide n seek?

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re delving into “female logic” my dear.

        The words are clear…If ME, MYSELF and I find something entertaining I pay for it. ME, MYSELF and I am the arbiter of what is “entertaining” to ME and NOT someone who is peddling their wares or services as some kind of “entertainment.”

        If something is “entertaining” to ME, I will pay for it…whether that entertainment involves a pussy or not.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Well duh. While I’m smart enough to know that’s what you meant it’s not what you said. On two separate occasions you’ve said “I pay for entertainment of ANY kind.”

        Now if you would’ve said “I pay for any thing I find entertaining.” that would be different.

        Either way I probably still would have dragged this thread out since I’m bored and you keep responding. Which means you’re probably bored too :-))

      • Anonymous says:

        Drag away. You’re hot.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Thank you for indulging me :-)) Now, is that a no on the hide n seek? I think that can be very entertaining for adults depending on the rules you set in place.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t give out numbers of any kind on the blog.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Okay fine don’t give me a number … would it be worth my while to have it shipped? Also I play symphonic music does that increase or decrease my potential payout? :-))

      • Anonymous says:

        Depends how good you are. It’s catch-22 if you have no recordings to share to see if I even like it.

    • SD says:

      So ,how much do you pay for a text buddy ?

      • chloewolf says:

        Subjective.. Usually determined by the desired content and frequency.

      • THEATLSD says:

        0, nada, zero, zed. That’s not part of being a SD.

      • chloewolf says:

        Given that THIS site is called seeking an “arrangement” not seeking a SugarDaddy then if this is the “arrangement he is “seeking” his question is valid and deserved an honest answer .. Thank you however for your opinion and for displaying your knowledge of the various forms of identifying “nil”. “pats head”

      • Anonymous says:

        My SB fucks my brains out 2-3 times a month, and texts me about 5 days a week (including very sexy photos). The texting is free, the rest is not haha

        I wouldn’t pay a penny to text someone only.

  24. SouthernSB says:

    So this happened today.
    Got nexted because I don’t text.

    • Anonymous says:

      sounds right

    • Anonymous says:

      Get with it. Buy a used smart phone. Download Kik or Whatsapp. Got McD. You’re in business.

    • AnonymousSSSD says:

      I’ve had women who won’t text or talk on the phone. I just next em too. You’re showing your age Southern. Lol!

    • flyR says:

      I’m ok with no texting as long as there is voice communication. I think the first phone conversation is usually a lot more helpful than the profile in determining what kind of a person is behind the profile. Texting is fine for logistics and I assume for marrieds but voice can avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

    • Anonymous says:

      I will next someone who won’t text or kik

    • I think that texting is the worst for initial stages. I generally only text after getting to know him via email or phone call first.

      Once had a lost-in-tone/translation situation that really dampened the interaction. It was disappointing because it was something that would have been easily discerned or more comfortably shared over the phone. Communication tends to be short-circuited with texting. Not good when youve not established much foundation or rapport.

  25. Kelly30LikesOlderMen says:

    So much talk of blackmailing SD’s. That’s vicious. I think one way the guys can avoid this is to raise your standards and know the motives of the person you’re sleeping with. I personally would never ever even think of doing something so hurtful. Why in the world would you want to rue someones life, marriage, family? That’s horrible. I think the guys who get into situations like this are dating desperate women. Advice to woman considering that, don’t. Do you really want an enemy in this world? And you don’t know his wife. She could be crazy. At minimum you’re getting a subpoena to their divorce hearing. What a nightmare.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      It all comes back to being very cautious and thinning the herd. As I have mentioned before I don’t pay for first meets, I don’t pay until an arrangement has been consummated nor do the get to know you meets take place in expensive restaurants. I am genuine and patient. I no doubt meet far less Pot SB’s then others but I have never been ripped off or put in a precarious situation either.

      Also the warning signs usually come through online, usually on the profile itself. It’s pretty easy to reduce the risks if you don’t get obsessed with how hot the woman is etc etc there will be another one just like her online soon.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Strong, independent women make duck face to piss men off.

    The whole “strong, independent” franchise revolves around pissing men off through their lips and tongues.

  27. ScroogeMcF*ck says:

    I have struck GOLD! 😉

    My last arrangement was 300 a month in my pay pal and treats on meets xxx

  28. Anonymous says:

    “…What I often miss in the discussion about why a man would give allowance to a SB is what I think is one of the most important reasons, especially for married men: DISCRETION….”
    If you were high flying in real life as you are on the blog… You would know that a man with means will know how to punish you should you try to pull that. Blackmail is a felony on most countries. A man with means… Will make sure you spend time in jail and have that time (plenty of time) to think about your hasty attempt at being crafty…

    • Anonymous says:

      Blackmail is crime. Sharing “true” information about their liaison without threat of blackmail is not. Damage is done already.

      • elaine says:


        If you would have flewn less high, and had put on your reading glasses, you would have read what I wrote: I spoke about blackmail as an example, in the context to lack of DISCRETION.
        I just think it is an important issue, not often mentioned in the allowance discussions here. Though it is a concern that with a certain frequency is shared by SDs.

        Your colleague Anon puts the hammer on the head with his “sharing of true information” and damage.
        A married man of means is vulnerable.
        Sure, he can hit back hard, but damage will be already done.

        Here we are continuesly lectured about the “worth” of women, but not what utter discretion, reliability and the feeling of safety and confidence is “worth” to a married SD. That is all I wanted to point out.
        Not as “Give me a high allowance to keep my mouth shut about you”, but as
        “I appreciate her being discrete and integer, to me that is a part of the package that justifies a high allowance”.

      • Anonymous says:

        as most women you lack logic. It is ok.
        You equate a promise of discretion with discretion. U want to charge a man for your promise of being discreet, not for discretion itself. The man paying you SuperHigh allowance has no idea, whether you will be discreet once he cuts you off. You may or may not be, he still has to take the same chance on you as with any other woman….

      • Kelly30LikesOlderMen says:

        “as most women you lack logic”??? Really, then you’re surrounding yourself with the wrong women. It’s a good thing you listed yourself as anonymous because that’s very offensive and a big turn off to potential SB’s.

      • BorisBalkan says:

        It’s true, most women are indeed incapable of cold, rational, logical thinking.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Kelly, you lack logic as well…and I am not the same @Anon who called out @Elaine.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do u really think I am going to discuss or criticize the POT SB? You tell women what they want to hear, she does the same to you. She is not (if she has any sense) is going to tell you that you are an old wrinkled plum and she is just in it for the money… She will tell a man he is kind and has beautiful eyes. This is not logic, but rather a self-preservation instinct to do with a food source. I never said women are bad at that; many are simply brilliant…

      • BorisBalkan says:

        Women are great at lying and manipulating, so credit where credit is due.

      • Kore says:

        “U want to charge a man for your promise of being discreet, not for discretion itself. The man paying you SuperHigh allowance has no idea, whether you will be discreet once he cuts you off.”

        @Anon Most successful men are intelligent enough not to trust a deceitful person with sensitive information.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Kore is another fine example of women sleeping thru their Logic 101.
        Kore, my dear. A deceitful person is by definition, deceitful. If you can tell that in advance, she is not deceitful. If you can spot a deceitful person, they will not be able to device. The reason the deceitful person is successful at being deceitful is cuz, see, you think they are your most trustworthy friend and confidant…

      • Anonymous says:

        “@Kore is another fine example of women sleeping thru their Logic 101.”


      • Anonymous,

        You have clearly misread, misinterpreted or lack the experience to relate to Elaine’s post. Men who have livelihood to protect are not out scraping the bottom of the barrel for cheap fucks who have nothing to lose. Ya follow?

        Further…at no point did she say or suggest that such trust isnt fostered and earned. Ya follow some more?

      • elaine says:

        Thank you @YKBKM, for explaining what I meant.

        I was starting to think Anon’s misunderstanding was caused by my wracky English.
        But since you understood well, it must have been his reading glasses. 😉

        Of course trust has to grow, of course we don’t tell each other everything the first day. But if an SD carefully chooses an SB with an higher IQ as her shoesize, her own carreer or otherwise something to loose, and treats her fair and with respect even if things have to come to an end, the risk is MUCH lower.
        I am still on friendly base with my ex SDs. Who would want to scam a friend?

        A lot of it simply has to do with the kind of relationship, or arrangement, you are after.If you spend a lot of time together, how can you not start to talk about family and work? I do, my “SD” does. It develops naturally, and this is how trust grows.

        If my kind of relationships are called “flying high”, fine, I know my reality, and I feel comfortable in it, as do my “SD”s. And I will keep posting about it, just to show there is diverse niches of “sugar”.

        For those “flying low” and trying to stick ‘m in as many young and “thight” pussies as they can, bragging about how low a “price” they pay for it and how desperate the girls are, that might be your kind of sugar, but keep in mind that at the end you might even may pay a much higher price.

        ps. When I talked about “high” allowance in my other post, it was not ment like “10k per month high”, but just higher in general.

      • VitesseSD says:

        I just want a woman to be an element of the reals.

        Is that too much to ask?

      • Kore says:

        “A deceitful person is by definition, deceitful. If you can tell that in advance, she is not deceitful.”
        Knowing that a person is deceitful doesn’t make them less so because it doesn’t change what they do or who they are. You can either fall prey to their antics or not, but it’s their nature/attribute.

        With a little conversation, it’s not that hard to figure out how a person handles those they don’t like. If they like to bitch about others, if they’re vengeful, what their morals are like, etc.. If you care enough about not being betrayed, you will take the time to figure this out.

        To me, “I was caught completely off guard,” is just an excuse to not claim responsibility for a mistake.

  29. Riviera Undercover says:

    What is it with women and trout pouts!…

  30. ScroogeMcF*ck says:

    Hopefully not a scammer
    I am happy to meet you and I’m pretty open minded about the things you have suggested but I was looking for a monthly allowance.
    I offered 1,000,000.00 above?
    Hopefully not a scammer
    Yes but what I mean is that I’d like to receive it monthly. Not every time we meet.
    In arrears as with a salary? 😉

    • ScroogeMcF*ck says:

      Well so far a bit disappointing, but I decided not to take it too seriously, rather wait till I find a win/win arrangement for both sides
      What arrangement are you looking for?
      Very simple one. We meet once or twice a week, enjoy each other’s company, including intimacy and allowance per date.
      I do enjoy doing things together like dinner, theatre, etc. like normal fun dates, although I figured majority of guys on this website are not too interested in that. I love it though, but I’m flexible if dates don’t include that.
      Do you have an allowance in mind?
      500£ per meet would be perfect
      For how long for?
      All evening, i dont like staying overnight tho
      All evening is? Can you round it to hours?
      4hrs including dinner I would say.

      I guess I am bringing a few Big Macs to the hotel 😉

  31. The Writing Artist says:

    Stupid me decided last night to check out the sugar “blogs” on Tumblr. What a bad idea because I was left confused and appalled. I came across some of the most vile, immature, and downright materialistic girls. I felt like I was from another planet because I can’t understand how people like that exist.

    • Anonymous says:

      Skanky Hos on Tumblr

    • Anonymous says:

      Tumblr is schizophrenic. Half the bloggers encourage blatant escorting and full time sex work. The other half teach SB’s how to be rinsers. Nobody here takes Tumblr seriously.

    • FunDude says:

      Yes just imagine how bad it is for the men to deal with!

    • Anonymous says:

      There Are two types of tumblr girls…one on the blogging site Tumblr and the others who work for SA and spew there venom from inside. Those are far more dangerous

    • Kelly30LikesOlderMen says:

      It goes both ways, some of the men on the site are total creeps and from this comments section, it looks like a lot of them are hanging onto some ugly resentment. That’s a shame. Advice to the men, if she’s not into you, you got 2 choices a. fix yourself b. move the f on. You’re making the SD population look really bad when you jump on here and start slamming all women. I’m picturing you as an ugly little troll that no one loves and you are not even having success paying for attention so you take it out via comments section. That’s not a good look.

      • SBC TVC15 says:


      • FunDude says:

        LOL cool story.

        The SDs on here are basically bashing the constant barrage of fake SBs who want to get paid due to “knowing their value”.

        The big Mac analogy is appropriate. Even if a guy is worth millions, would he pay 500 for a Big Mac compared to 5.00 for the “average” person?

        Why do women have higher expectations due to his wealth? Its illogical. Her “value” is INDEPENDENT of his wealth. It doesn’t go up because the guy is wealthy.

      • Anon Baby says:


  32. Sexy C says:

    I think in the world we live in now men are making it a money thing anyway. If your rich you have money if you want something you will buy it if it’s pussy or not. If we give you are time and don’t ask for nothing your going to pay on that and use the women anyway. But if we come out front and tell you what we want we got to be after money? Like no we not we just not trying to give are body mind and soul up for someone thats know what they want and knows what they are willing to do to get what they want? I think it should be all laid out and if you guys are right thens its met to be

  33. Anonymous says:

    With so many people infected with them, most health agencies don’t test for HSV1, HSV2 or HPV.

    My question for STD conscious SBs and SDs is that if HSV1 and HSV2 are big concern for you?

    If yes, why?
    If no, why?

    • The Writing Artist says:

      Hella yes herpes and HPV are very big deals to me, but they are so easy to get that it’s hard to avoid. You can wear condoms are get those diseases. HPV is a big deal because you can get cancer from it. Herpes is a big deal because if you end up having an outbreak, it’s painful as hell and you’re much more likely to end up getting infected with the worst of the worst like HIV. Personally, I always insist on condoms. Every single time.

      • Anonymous says:

        STD’d are a risk in any dating, and not exclusive in the sugar world. Do you think the guy you pick up in a bar is safer than the SD you meet here? The only safe way is abstinence. i don’t even trust my own right hand.

    • Anonymous says:

      Practice hallway sex. You pass each other in the hallway and say “Fuck You!”

    • Anonymous says:

      STD’s ? What are you gonna do ? If you play in this field you takes your chances . HPV? we all have it. Just get your Pap tests and dental exams

      I have a latex allergy and will not touch a condom .

    • Anonymous says:

      I should have added…I am assuming that you are wearing condoms 100% of the times but HSV2 is through skin contact, and it’s more likely for woman to give it to man than the other way around even if he used a condom.

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      I agree, let’s abstain from sex and pay for platonic companionship 🙂

      Job done! …

    • Kelly30LikesOlderMen says:

      hahahaha did you really just ask if STD’s were a big deal? Seriously? At least you were smart enough to keep your identity anonymous.

  34. Anonymous says:


    “How is that being bad at it? I really don’t get the guys here. You’re stupid enough to pay for sex. Why don’t you get paid for your time? But because there are so many desperate men out there, it’s easy for us to get stuff for free and use you. If you’re being difficult with your money, good for you, we move on to the next one. If we really were interested in you, we wouldn’t want money for our time.
    And don’t be offended: you guys keep telling how “delusional” we are. But it’s really the other way around.
    I don’t want to have sex here with anyone, as I have a boyfriend. I want to get paid for my time.”

    Some may take offense with the above but not me. I appreciate the truth. Yes…there are many men who are desperate for pussy, attention and affection…and that creates perfect scenario for girls to abuse them because women don’t typically have such drive bad enough to be willing to pay for.

    One of the best ways to get cheaper and cheaper pussy is to get pussy on a regular basis by hooks and by crooks.

    As time passes the lack of desperation will cause women to lower their demands as you will be able to next them with ease.

    • Anonymous says:

      Regardless of what you tell them, men are going to screw themselves over for the possibility of getting pussy. Then they will also allow the pussy to screw themselves over even more.

    • Anonymous says:

      Men who have lots of disposable income will ALWAYS have pussy available to them. There are 3-4 BILLION pussies in this planet. If you are rich and can’t get pussy, there is something seriously wrong with you. Youth and beauty are temporary. Compounded interest is forever.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really glad to see some guys don’t take it in an offensive way. I was aiming to see if there are guys with some more brains and self worth. Thank you for making my day, showing that even on a superficial site like this, there’s intelligence.
        I guess it’s true that if you crave for something someone else has more that he/she does it for something you have, you have to pay extra. That must be annoying. Although, knowing it from my female perspective, I can’t imagine that if there’s mutual interest, there’s equal lust, as I never have said no for not feeling into it. And I know some girls who sleep around with pretty much anything and anyone so to speak.
        I also agree on the idea that women lower their demands when there’s a lack of desperation. It really should be more equal. Both parties wanting sex equally much and no one having to pay.

  35. Anonymous says:


    “I could ruin some of my (ex) suitors, could even blackmail them. With all I know about their families and companies I could do them a lot of harm!”

    This is exactly why you want to give them as little information about you as possible. Let them find out if you’re careless but never to volunteer.

    • elaine says:

      Well, I know it is an odd thing here… but our relationships are build upon confidence and trust.

      So I know a lot about them, they know a lot about me.

      My God, how can you have an intimate relationship with someone, trust your body with them, without trust?

      I accompany my suitors often on businesstrips, how can you be together that often, and not get information about each other?
      Should he hide his wallet in the hotelroom, or sleep with his telephone under his matrass?
      How will he book my tickets without my full data?

      This is the difference between long term arrangements, and pump and dump “arrangements” I guess…

      They don’t have to hide ANYTHING, because I will never abuse their trust.
      And that is big part of what they pay me an allowance for.

  36. Anonymous says:

    There really IS a wide variety here. In my east coast city, I have met mostly students, undergrads and graduate students. My current SB is just that, a grad student who goes to classes, studies, does an unpaid internship (to help her land a job post-degree) and works 15 hrs a week. She has no time for a BF, but loves sex. I get to sex her, she gets my career advice as well (I’m in the same field, 30 yrs ahead of her), and I make a reasonable donation to her finances. She doesn’t buy $90 lipsticks; she’s more of a jock, with a great body and huge sex drive.

    • TravelAddict says:

      She sounds like a keeper. I’ve met quite a variety here as well, from a stripper (who thinks she’s worth $10K/month) to a genuine student. Here in Australia, the girls are a bit more uptight and the majority don’t understand how SD/SB arrangement works.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good find @Anon.

  37. cryptic anomaly says:

    I disagree that the idea of Sugar is to have access to women you wouldn’t normally have access to. The idea of Sugar is to speed up the process, to reduce drama, to have the woman at her best and enjoy all the best parts of being with someone. I do not want to pay a woman and also have to woo her, to court her as many SB’s seem to want.

    A wealthy man has access to beautiful young women regardless of whether or not sites this exist. In many cases a wealthy older man can still attract younger women without even flashing the cash/wealth. For me what I want is to get to A-Z without having to worry about B-Y.

    Sunshine Serenity had the right idea, Sugar means men get her at her best, she makes it all about them. Without the sugar they would have to deal with her warts and all.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      If you are a reasonably attractive single man of a certain age then yes sugar is to speed through all the drama and games associated with regular dating. A wealthy man who is married, your father or grandfather’s age, out of shape, does not have access to a 20 year old hottie in real life either unless he’s willing to share the wealth.

      The same reason that would make her overlook all those things in real life is the reason she over looks them on SA. The fundamental reason for these pairings will always be to exchange wealth for beauty and youth.

      That being said, though that’s the initial reason for the pairing, how you treat the other person can change the dynamic from something transactional and superficial to something with more substance.

      Money/beauty is the lure. The respect, affection, consideration, that you show the other person is what keeps them there. Beauty alone won’t accomplish that nor will money. If your money alone should be enough then you get the type of girls for whom money alone is enough …

      • elaine says:

        What I often miss in the discussion about why a man would give allowance to a SB is what I think is one of the most important reasons, especially for married men: DISCRETION.

        I could ruin some of my (ex) suitors, could even blackmail them. With all I know about their families and companies I could do them a lot of harm!

        But I would never do, and they know and trust upon that.

        1. It is just not my nature to do harm to anybody.
        2. They have always treatened me with respect, so in return I treat them with
        3. I would never ever again be able to find a high quality suitor in case I
        would be recognized as being indiscrete. Rumours travel fast!
        4. They have always been good to me financially, and they never made me feel
        used, abused or cheap.
        5. Break ups were respectful and dramafree, we are still on friendly terms.

        So don’t think the level of allowance is only based upon “”youth”, “hard bodies”, “beauty”or a “thight pussies” at female side. and being “bald”, “fat”, “old” or “unattractive” at the male side.

        It is based upon a lot of other things too….

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        If you have suitors, do we have damsels? 😉 …

      • elaine says:


        I am not a damsel but the 45yo LT mistress of married men. You really think I should call my 40yo LT suitor/benefactor my “Sugar Daddy” ?! Or maybe the other one, the 51yo? 😉

        So if you, as a native English speaker, know a better word for it, please do tell me. 🙂

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        Monetary Fuck Buddy…

    • Kore says:

      @Cryptic The only things that can hurt us are the things we care about. When that happens between two people, regardless the type of relationship, letters B through Y will start showing up.

    • SD says:

      A wealthy man who is married, your father or grandfather’s age, out of shape, does not have access to a 20 year old hottie in real life either unless he’s willing to share the wealth.

      Leave out the “out of shape” part. The 60 yr old might be a Paul Newman look alike but he still has no exposure to 20 + Yr olds IRL. What ? Are you going to hit on your friend’s granddaughter ? Or pick up a young associate at work ? It “aint” happening with rare exceptions . Dating sites screen out your age group. How many girls on Match put age 25 to 70 ? I’d say zero unless she is a working girl .

      • Jaybird923 says:

        He’d still have access just a smaller pool to choose from. The sales girl , the waitress, the girl at gym, etc. A display of wealth and a willingness to share would most likely be necessary in order to get her attention

  38. Thomas B69 says:

    It really seems to bother me that a SB says she wants to get to know me, and we chat for a while, with me asking most of the questions, and then it gets to her asking what kind of compensation I am offering. I discuss what I am thinking, and then its lets meet. So we meet, and again, the conversation is all me asking about her, or choosing some story out of my life to share. She listens politely, but she never asks me about ME. At the end it seems very clear she was there to enjoy the food and then get the money. Getting to know me, or sleeping with me, seemed to be the painful requirement for the funds.
    Very sad.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      I never pay for time until an arrangement has been consummated. She can meet me as many times as she likes to get to know me but I won’t pay her for it nor will they be at expensive restaurants. Had more than enough of the entitlement attitude and this concept thins the herd very quickly.

      I have said this before but it just amazes me how bad women are at this, they want the money but wouldn’t have a clue how to engage a man or even be charming.

      Make them earn the right to get to know you and make them earn the money.

      • noname says:

        agreed that’s the way to do it

      • Anonymous says:

        How is that being bad at it? I really don’t get the guys here. You’re stupid enough to pay for sex. Why don’t you get paid for your time? But because there are so many desperate men out there, it’s easy for us girls to get stuff for free and use you. If you’re being difficult with your money, good for you, we move on to the next one. If we really were interested in you, we wouldn’t want money for our time.
        And don’t be offended: you guys keep telling how “delusional” we are. But it’s really the other way around.
        I don’t want to have sex here with anyone, as I have a boyfriend. I want to get paid for my time.

      • SD says:

        @Thomas -get over it . I used to be deluded but am cured now . Feelings can develop as I said below, but this cute young thing only wants your $$. Copy Anon post just below and paste it to your screen. We are both using each other . Actually, if the deal is done correctly we are engaging in a valid business transaction .

      • Thomas B69 says:

        @CA Wise advise. I kind of already had that approach but without the hard rules. Guess it is time to institute the hard rules.
        @anon It is bad because for me, I am not paying for sex. If I was I would get a prostitute. I am looking for a better class of woman. I want someone who wants to spend time with me both in and out of the bedroom.
        You said “If we really were interested in you, we wouldn’t want money for our time.” I disagree. Many woman’s profiles I see on here require chemistry for them to be willing to enter into a relationship with a potential SD. I agree with that, as that is what I want as well, but the SB’s seem to suck at investing anything into the chemistry they say they want.
        @SD If she only wants my money then we don’t click (chemistry), and we don’t enter into a SD/SB relationship. I agree that we are using each other, but I want more than to just be used, and so should she.

    • Kore says:

      Agreed. By default, you are also offering more than your money.

    • FunDude says:

      Betas gonna beta

  39. Anonymous says:

    Women are giving it away all the time.

    The amount of money you have to pay is directly related to their lack of interest in you.

    Keep that in mind before attempting to shell larger amounts upfront.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      The whole premise of this site is paying women who otherwise would not be interested in you to be interested in you. The lower your probability of getting them in real life the higher an allowance you’ll probably have to shell out.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        This is where women let themselves down though. That whole chemistry thing we keep hearing about. If I am expected to woo her and develop that chemistry than I start to wonder why I am paying at all if she likes spending time with me.

        So it works both ways.

      • noname says:

        yes thats true the premise of this site is to pay a lady to be interested in you that wouldn’t be interested in you the problem is she still won’t be interested in you shes now interested in your money a larger allowance doesn’t equal a better sugar experience if it did more sugar daddies would be willing to pay more to the sugar babies

      • Kore says:

        “The whole premise of this site is paying women who otherwise would not be interested in you to be interested in you.”

        I disagree. It makes it sounds like SBs don’t care about anything besides money and SDs don’t care about anything but looks.

      • SD says:

        The whole premise of this site is paying women who otherwise would not be interested in you to be interested in you. The lower your probability of getting them in real life the higher an allowance you’ll probably have to shell out.

        All true.. No(zero) 20 something will EVER look twice at a 50-60 + yr old for any reason other than money or support -period.That is why us older guys are here and not on Match ,etc. Once you open the door ,however ,the SB could certainly fall for her benefactor..

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “I disagree. It makes it sounds like SBs don’t care about anything besides money and SDs don’t care about anything but looks.”

        You disagree? So 60 year old man contacts you on the site tells you he’s not going to give you an allowance or gifts because he cares about more than your looks andyou look like the type of girl who cares about more than money, you’re telling me that you’d be down for an arrangement with him without out the financial component?

      • Kore says:

        You’re telling me that if you and a 60 year old found one another attractive, you still wouldn’t date him without an allowance?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Your refusal to answer the question is my answer. While some might take other things into consideration when choosing an SD, The money remains the motivating factor behind why you as an attractive 20 something would choose to date someone 3 times your age. So step off your soap box and save your nonsense for some one else.

      • Kore says:

        You’ve dodged my arguments enough times for me to always bother with one.
        Of course I wouldn’t date ‘just any’ 60/50/40/30 year old. If he’s the right man, it hardly makes a difference whether I meet him through SA or else wise.
        Successful men are attractive, but I take other things into consideration. If a gorgeous 30 year old who inherited his money, didn’t have a sense of earning and had a bad attitute, or was otherwise incompatible, I’d either reject him or bed once respectively.

        The allowance is nice, but what I’m after something that holds much greater personal value.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Kore is hot for sure…so is @Jay.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Kore I’m an idiot. Why do I keep expecting different results when interacting with you. That makes absolutely no sense and does not even come close to addressing the question.

        @Anonymous Thank you :-))

      • Kore says:

        @ Jay. You’ve sa

      • Kore says:

        You’ve said it, not me, but for different reasons.

        I’ve addressed your question. If it’s still so hard to understand:
        I won’t have an arrangement with someone I wouldn’t find attractive, even with an allowance, despite his age.
        I would have an arrangement with someone I did, without an allowance, despite his age.

        If you’re finding that hard to believe, it’s your own narrow mindedness to blame.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You did not address anything. The subject was never whether you would date someone you were attracted to without an allowance. You said you disagreed that the premise of the site was to exchange money for access to women who normally wouldn’t be interested in certain men.

        If an allowance isn’t necessary Why doesn’t your profile say you’re not looking for an allowance as long as you’re attracted to them?

        You’re an attractive woman. There are plenty of attractive 60+ men walking down the street in real life. I’m sure they would jump at the chance to date you if you approached them. Why aren’t you dating one of them or on a traditional website looking for an older man?

        While you might take other things into consideration when choosing an SD with out financial component you’re not choosing the 60 year old. While it’s hard for older men to get younger women in real life, it’s not hard for a young who’s interested in older men to get one.

    • Anonymous says:

      The fundamental premise is fine and dandy.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem arises when, instead of letting the market price determine the allowances, fake stories and expectations are floated to make it difficult for the arrangements to happen. It’s like when fake stories are floated in financial journals to artificially increase the value of a security.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Very true. The fake stories run rampant on both sides and create unrealistic expectations. From the guys claiming to get 10s for $500 a month to the girls claiming $10,000 a month just for being arm candy. Is there a possibility that these things happen? Sure, but if they do they are the exceptions not the norm.

      • Anonymous says:

        The market will eventually dictate the price. The laws of supply and demand will always prevail. If an SB is not getting any takers due to high price, she will lower her price. If an SD is a douchebag and is too fugly, he will have to raise the price. Fake stories will flame out.

      • Bartolo says:

        I see the market process at work here. The woman who wanted $1000 per platonic date has not signed on in 2 months.

      • TravelAddict says:

        I just don’t understand the concept of an arm candy only. For a $10,000/month just to become an arm candy, you could easily get a hot high class escort for half the price and you would get a lot more from her.
        I met this girl a few month back and she just wanted a platonic arrangement (dinner, movies, shopping trips) for $1000/wk. She told me she wouldn’t consider sex unless for $50,000. I just laughed and excused myself as my time was too valuable to be wasted with a delusional girl

      • Anonymous says:


        As per SA spin she’s so much success she doesn’t have time to log in here.

        Which version women are going to believe? LOL!

      • Anonymous says:

        High dollar “platonic relationships” is what SA has been perpetuating from the get go. It has been aided by several TV shows which featured these “arm candies” going on live on air telling the world how their SD’s buy them Bentleys and beachfront condos without giving them anything in return except being dinner comanions at high end restaurants which the men pay for also.

    • Kore says:

      @SD I’m 25. I look at older men, especially if they are handsome or well dressed. The same way I look at younger men. Hey, there are even some 20 year old kids that are very well built, which I look at despite not being attracted to.

      Older men are much sexier. They’re more experienced, can handle women better in general, are typically much more polite, etc.

  40. Anonymous says:

    This beautiful 20 year-old…from a far away country (in South America) has started chatting with me…she has been sending progressively provocative photos exactly the kind I ask her to…so she is not a guy sending stock photos. She’s not asked for any money yet, but she’s fun to talk to. I may send her some money and may sponsor her to visit USA in the near future.

    • THEATLSD says:

      And in the near future you will be ripped off. Stop now.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no aversion to paying for entertainment of any type.

    • SD says:

      “I may send her some money and may sponsor her to visit USA in the near future.”

      Say Buh bye to your money then. Tell her you will reimburse her when she gets here .

      • SBC TVC15 says:

        Oh yeah, I’d be rushing to buy my own ticket.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you have to go outside the USA to get SB pussy, you must look like Quasimodo’s really ugly cousin. 48 mainland states and not one of them is interested in you that you have to go to 3rd world countries? Hell, most of these women from Mexico and Asia are already living in Southern California……..

      • Anonymous says:

        First of all…I could be an SB making up stories, yes? So don’t get your panties in a bunch. 🙂

        That said…I got enough pussy I can handle locally…but entertainment with comes in all shapes and forms. Is there pussy involved in a ballgame? You still pay for it, right?

        I did not approach her because I am desperate. She approached me and has been playing her cards right so far. If she is entertaining, she is entertaining…

        What part of “I pay for entertainment of any type” do you not understand?

    • Anonymous says:

      it is morons like you that give these so called sb fuel to their fire when they say sd are suckers, are you really that pathetic and desperate? fucking loser

  41. cryptic anomaly says:

    “To me, when I see “negotiable” it means less than $1k. So if an SD is planning to spend $10k, then why not just be clear about it and put “substantial”, instead of putting “negotiable”.

    To be honest I have no idea what I am willing to spend until I talk to the SB, meet her and see what our chemistry is like. That is why I tend to terminate communication with a SB when she asks about allowances early on in the chatting online stage. I can be very generous but like anything I want value, it’s too easy to say “Sure, I’ll pay you xxx amount per month” and then she starts to fake or tries to fake the chemistry.

    Also a good SB will start with something realistic and try and build on it slowly without even mentioning money or allowances.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see your pain.

      Those who want to establish an allowance even before meeting are going the escort route. Nothing wrong with that as long as she is providing value to the SD, but those women have NEVER worked out with me.

      I like to meet…offer what I think is fair for what they have to offer and go from there.

      They either accept it because they like me enough to forgo some hypothetical “worth”, or they demand a higher amount based on their concocted “worth” as a penalty to me of their lack of interest in me.

  42. Anonymous says:

    The easiest way to become a millionaire on a middle class income is to save, save, save, and not take risks. It’s boring is hell…but it works. What that means is that you never, ever pay $90 for a Big Mac.

    • SBC TVC15 says:

      I’ll keep that in mind, and I’ll remember to be grateful for your advice once I’ve banked that first $1 million.

      (Damn, I’m gonna miss those $90 Big Macs, though. Mmmm, mmm.)

  43. Anonymous says:

    Most of the sugar is for the landlord and not for the woman’s company or even her pussy.

    That’s why the sugar allowances are higher in NYC, SF, LA, London, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      What my SB does with her money is none of my business. However, I would be sad to know if it went to support a lazy unemployed BF. Which then makes him her pimp. Technically.

    • Anonymous says:

      If an SB really lives in those cities, and is not just commuting then she won’t have much left to support a bf.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The average price of a Big Mac in America is $4.79…Let’s round it up to $5.

    If a broke ass man (say he’s worth $1000) has to pay $5 for a Big Mac then according to the female logic:

    A man worth a million dollars should pay $5,000 for the same Big Mac

    A man worth a billion dollars should pay $5,000,000 for the same Big Mac

    A man worth a trillion dollars should pay $5,000,000,000 for the same Big Mac

    • SouthernSB says:

      No here’s the real problem. Designer Christian Louboutin has convinced women that it is perfectly fine to pay 90 dollars for a lipstick just because he made the packaging. He has also convinced women that they need 50 dollar nail polishes. There is a type of genius in that. 90 dollar lipstick!!! I wish I had thought of that!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Those lipsticks and nail polishes are all made in China. LOL!

      • VA Gent says:

        I had a week-long (5 night) business trip to another (not-U.S.) city. I decided to see if there might be a lady who’d enjoy a one week fling with a visiting American gentleman. Sure enough, there were several interested. The interesting, smart, educated, beautiful, sexy young woman I chose was averse to cash payment. But we went to nice dinners every evening at restaurants of her choosing–all excellent and well-chosen–and spent the nights in my 4*+ hotel. She also spent an entire day being my tour guide, chauffeuring me in her car. The thing she most wanted was for me to bring her a 64gb iPhone 6 with a gold casing. She could get the same phone as an upgrade through her cell service for around $250–but only in gray. An unlocked gold one set me back $750…so we’re talking $500 for a chunk of gold plastic. But…hey…I had fun, she had fun, and she got her gold plastic phone.

      • Kore says:

        @VA Gent You must’ve been an early Christmas for her. 🙂 It’s kind of cute in a strange way – but only because she was nice to you.

      • Anonymous says:

        everything is plastic nowadays, have you seen a car accident recently? plastic everywhere

    • Anonymous says:


      There’s NOTHING wrong with selling lipstick for $90. If can’t afford it, then they can buy a $5 variety.

      Also, if they can get a sponsor to buy them a $90 lipstick then so be it.

      Now, if the woman’s worth is like a Big Mac to the man, then she is going to get $5 from him. She can then either buy a Big Mac or buy the $5 lipstick.

      In order for the man to pay for her $90 lipstick, she’d better be worth a Peter Lugar steak to him.

    • Anonymous says:

      The women do not have to have logic – why don’t we agree and move on.
      She can ask for whatever she wants, including the Moon, the Cartier diamonds and a Tiffany necklace.
      It is up to a man to decide whether this particular woman is worth it to him and he can afford it. Look at footballer’s wives. If I had his money, I would want his woman. Some women certainly are worth you money, your flesh, your life.
      It is just that I do not have his money. And maybe, just maybe – you are not a footballer’s wife material. Deal with it and check my profile once again…

  45. Riviera Undercover says:

    Let’s see…
    What I’m looking for

    Having found myself in a financially sticky situation, I am now quite simply looking to be in a position where I can pay my rent. I’ve recently become single, and facing eviction, and so many of my circumstances have now changed.

  46. Kyle says:

    I think a moderator should be deleting the posts that have PERSONAL and direct profile names/links listed. Bullying members of the website should not be allowed.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      How is people talking about their experiences bullying?

      • Kyle says:

        You can share stories, but listing links to their profile or their screen names is distasteful and rude.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        I’ve never posted profile ID’s. It’s a bit like this though, we get sick of women wanting to sponge off us and yet still wanting it all their own way. It’s amusing and also there are plenty of scammers on here so we are sharing information with each other.

        In terms of blog moderation? ROFLMAO

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Ok you heard it from one of the moderators himself. Posting profile IDs is just sharing information and amusing. So far it’s only been links to SB profile let’s start posting links to SD profiles. After all what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If both sides try hard enough we can turn this blog into one of those Tumblr/Instagram pages.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        lol I stepped down as moderator a month ago and I have never shared profile links. It is actually one of the few rules.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You fought the blog and the blog won lol I thought you were kidding about stepping down.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        Nope I was for real. I don’t mind putting in the hard yards but when it is pointless to even the people who wanted you to do the work than I tend to walk away.

    • Anonymous says:

      You gotta have thick skin to survive in the sugar world. Nobody is gonna breastfeed you here and change your diaper.

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      They are in our paid for domain, unlike on Tumblr where they post screenprints on Salty SD’s. Grow a pair….

    • Anonymous says:

      Grow a pair of logic is more like it.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      We did have an understanding about not posting people’s profile IDs on the blog, but no one seems to be adhering to that anymore.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s because we haven’t been making fun of the men yet….

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you @Jay. Posting profile ids and profile monikers should be discouraged. Quoting specific text from the profile should be the limit as it requires extra effort to find them that way.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hi all. I have a question, I see profiles of SD’s that say net worth is 5M or higher, but the budget is negotiable. What does this mean? If an SD is worth this much, shouldn’t the budget be moderate or higher?

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      I have found that women who ask for High or Substantial aren’t as easy to be with or drama free as their asking price should be, nor are they interesting or even as attractive as they should be.

      So paying more doesn’t mean a better product/service in the end. It just means you get a higher maintenance woman.

      To answer your question more directly, we are smarter than we are given credit for and to borrow a phrase from the SB’s we know our worth. If a SB gets a man who has 5 million plus than if she plays her cards right she will receive a lot more in pampering and also treated better than if she were to hook up with a guy who is worth substantially less but might be promising big bucks in return, but of course doesn’t follow through or pays once and dumps her.

      • anonymously anonymous says:

        Just because a gent has $money$ does not mean it is going to be thrown around. He has accumulated because he understand risk assessment, worth and value of how and where he invests it!!

      • SouthernSB says:

        Thank you for answering that. I always wanted to know why they did that. It didn’t make any sense to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        To me, when I see “negotiable” it means less than $1k. So if an SD is planning to spend $10k, then why not just be clear about it and put “substantial”, instead of putting “negotiable”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not a bad idea. You should put boob shot, ass shot and pussy shot in the private section as well so that he knows what he’s getting.

        Now don’t get me wrong…if you have other talents…for example, if you can sing or dance or cook…then instead of putting dumb and vague comments in your profile, you should include links to that in your profile so that he know what else he should expect from your company.

    • Anonymous says:

      If a man is worth a billion dollar, should he pay $500 for a Big Mac?

    • IndianaSB says:

      People don’t become wealthy by over-paying for things. Many of us are professional dealmakers, it’s what we do. To continue on the Big Mac analogy, would you pay $500 for a Big Mac just because that’s what McDonalds asked for?

    • Thomas B69 says:

      Also, IMHO, just because he is worth 5M does not mean he has that much liquid cash in his hands. He may have a company that he owns a piece of and is worth that much, but lives on much less on a month to month basis. For myself as an example, I put my net worth at a million, but half of that is my home I own, the other half is the business I have built with my own 2 hands. But monthly I only bring in 5 or 6 thousand, and I have all of my other bills to pay with that money, so I certainly can’t afford to give a SB 5K every month.

  48. GenuineSD says:

    Greetings all,
    It’s been a long time since I posted, but thought the advice given at the opening was accurate and important. The additional wisdom of not “burning your bridges” is especially valuable

  49. cryptic anomaly says:

    @Elaine- Sorry haven’t been on the blog for a couple of days and just saw your question. It’s pretty much gotten to the point where brothels are my preferred choice now, I would have liked a connection and have had that in the past with the 2 SB’s I did have and the one who preferred to be my girlfriend from the start, I believed she cared about me as she never asked for money.

    The problem is this site has changed a great deal, less and less girl next door types, more hookers and scammers. It would have been nice to be able to hang around with someone, do romantic things like walks in the park and dinners, chatting etc but so many women on here lack the ability to enchant a man and no, showing me your tits doesn’t cut it.

    That said, brothels can be cheaper, easier and drama free and again as Australian women seem oblivious about what they are competing with it looks like that is where my Sugar Money will be headed.

  50. cryptic anomaly says:

    Oh the irony. Over on the Brown Sugar blog where black women wonder why white men aren’t attracted to them a “Brown” SB has stated on her profile she does not want to hear from Arabic men because she isn’t attracted to them. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for people liking of disliking whatever they want, but lets afford everyone that same right.

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      As I have mentioned twice on that blog, she is seeking a non sexual arrangement so the Arab guys are being let off. And she wonders why she isn’t having any luck lol…

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        No, no, no, she’s not having any luck because she’s black and we’re all racists!

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        I am intelligent, and a bit sarcastic, so if your looking for an extremely submissive girl than that’s not me. I’m confident that time will be well spent with me due the fact that I can be diverse in any situation. I’m college so I expect you to be able to hold a conversation. I’m not looking for sex. I’m seeking a mentor minded kind of person…

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        I am attracted to any attractive woman, whether black, White, olive etc. But she’s no Beyonce or Naomi..

        And she won’t stop moaning when she won’t put out lol…

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        What the hell is being diverse in any situation? I don’t see having a college education as automatically making you interesting either, in fact the contrary. And why would I want to mentor anyone, to me that mentoring is your sugar, or am I expected to impart knowledge and pay you to listen to it while you not provide any sex?

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        She was a 3/10 from memory so fighting a losing battle anyway…

      • Anonymous says:

        She’s black, sarcastic, and platonic. What’s not to like? Sounds like the perfect dream sugar baby to me……LOL

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Saw that post last week. The tread wouldn’t allow more posts.

        Old blog topics turn to asylums after about week 4. Very odd things are posted.

    • Anonymous says:

      Affirmative Action does not play in the sugar world. The sooner these hoes realize that, the better it is for them. This is the Golden Rule of the sugar world: He Who Has The Gold, Makes The Rules.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which whiny black woman is it @cryptic?

    • SouthernSB says:

      It just boggles the mind. I on the other hand, am willing make arrangements to the entirety of the United Nations, if the chemistry is right, of course.

  51. cryptic anomaly says:

    The award for most Self Entitled goes to this woman…

    Her headline is “Need a Break”

    “Full-time student studying both IT and Business Administration. Find myself daydreaming too often… love to please. Enjoy good company and telling stories Don’t ask for more photos- it’s irritating”.

    “Need an escape, let me be yours if you can be mine Would love to talk on the phone instead of sending 5000 messages which is annoying so give me your number straight up if interested. ”

    She has one average photo, isn’t very attractive and then wonders why men ask for more photos. Then she seeks to get the guys number because she can’t bothered messaging. I feel like if she were given a million dollars she would bitch about the way in which it arrived.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually I like profiles like that. Not a time waster. Direct to the point. No endless emails. A connection will be made during the physical meet and greet anyway, not through endless sending of pictures. She also states that she loves to please. She wants a phone number so we can actually talk right away.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        True, to me though the mentioning of irritating and annoying implies she will be high maintenance and bossy.

      • Anonymous says:

        We are a product of our own experiences. Maybe she has had one too many picture collectors and time wasters before and it shows in her profile wording. That is why one needs to carefully craft their profiles and try to avoid anything negative that could effectively limit your target market.

    • Anonymous says:

      She’s no 20 year-old spring chicken.

      She’s at least 30+ years-old.

  52. THEATLSD says:

    Im nominating Shelly446 for best picture of the year.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Another Tumblr gem blog post today…..

    I need a sugar daddy that wants nothing in return for buying me things, just the knowing that I am happy. Apply within my Ask Box


  54. Anonymous says:

    This is what goes on in women’s minds when they think of men…no wonder they are not happy and walk out of relationships on variety of pretenses.


  55. Riviera Undercover says:

    This reminds me of Bruce Willis in Moonlighting:

    I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant, and no longer with the babys father so i’m struggling finacially and was just looking for a peer, a friend or a helping hand throughout my journey. I had a regular arrangement with a SD in London but had to stop meeting up as he moved away with family.

    The above isn’t on her profile…

    • anonymousSSSD says:

      Wow! Pregnant and looking for an sd? Good luck with that.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Some of these women are shameless.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Well there are some guys with pregnancy fetishes maybe she’ll luck out and find one of them.

      • Anonymous says:

        This one’s available in Newcastle. “I’ll be totally honest. I have 3 months old baby which wasn’t planned at all as I was on contraception that’s why I am on maternity leave at the mo”

    • Anonymous says:

      Sex with pregnant women is lots of fun…In second and especially third trimester their harmones stabilize and they are just too focused on the baby to nitpick on the man.

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      If’s she is genuine. I have never once yet met a potential SB who was facing eviction…

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t want those who are literally “facing eviction” but most who are facing eviction are scammers.

      • noname says:

        what about the ones that claim their already on the street with no where to go

      • Anonymous says:

        What about them?

      • Anonymous says:

        Would you “date” a woman, in non-sugar setup, who is “already on the street with no where to go”?

      • noname says:

        these are very effective ways to get money out of a SD play on his emotions to help and once they have the money run for the hills i once seen a lady that was getting evicted for a year on her profile i wonder how many men responded to that ad

      • IHF2030 says:

        I would feel that I would be taking advantage of a woman that far down on her luck. I would be more inclined to just give her a few hundred or a thousand bucks to help her out without any obligation or expectation.

      • noname says:

        your right anon why would you date these women but im sure new sugar daddies are getting sucked in with their captain save a hoe attidude

      • Anonymous says:


        You just raised you hand as the certified sucker these women are targeting.

      • IHF2030 says:

        If a an otherwise nice young women was really down on her luck then a one time gift to help out wouldn’t be out of order. But, I would make sure to find out if she were really in dire straights. I’ve helped out friends before and a few hundred bucks is no big deal.

      • Anonymous says:

        Friends+few hundred dollars are of course no big deal…

        But a random woman and any amount of money?

      • IHF2030 says:

        I often spend a few hundred or a thousand bucks or so on a single bottle of wine. So, if an otherwise nice, decent young woman was REALLY in dire straights I would help out on a one time only basis, with that sum of money.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bottle of wine? What a waste of money.

        Wine is liquid equivalent of diamonds. Wine sucks as diamonds does…but it’s YOUR money…do what you want with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        “facing eviction” and “out on the streets”….can’t believe people fall for that shit. They have no money but have time and resources to go online and troll for suckers. Get rid of your cell phone, laptop, and WiFi and then you will have money for rent.

    • Anonymous says:

      I love pregnant SBs . !) they are already pregnant so she can’t target me 2) she has fun boobs often full of tasty milk. After delivery the milk flows like a faucet 3)often their hormones are on turbocharge . One Pot told me she desires sex 5X/day. 4) needs to be creative so sex positions can be fun and challenging 5) have a natural ending -they are off the grid for a month or two once junior is here

      • Anonymous says:

        The thought of my dick pushing up against the baby’s head again and again possibly causing concussion does not seem sexy to me. What if the baby comes out brain damaged?

      • ABlackWoman'sDream says:

        Only if you have a 9+ incher.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is more like it.


    • Riviera Undercover says:

      Obviously I’m not up for any ‘naughty bedroom fun’ or anything intimate being pregnant. Please respect my decision.

      Oooooo a penpal or a Tumblr rinser…

      • Anonymous says:

        Please respect my decision not to give you any allowance. I have no problems with platonic relationships. But your allowance is ZERO K per month.

  56. Anonymous says:

    $200 in cash and a man in tow are two entirely different experiences.

    The little heads on the greenbacks cannot turn $200 into a higher amount.

    The little head on the man in tow can potentially turn $200 into $300 or even $400.

  57. Jaybird923 says:

    I think she used the colon as a comma and those are two separate items, she wants lavish gifts and to go on lavish trips. She’s safe. You don’t have to go shopping with her :-))

  58. Riviera Undercover says:

    What is a typical SD/SB arrangement to you?

    To me. It’s something along the lines of seeing each other 1/2 times a week. Keeping each other company um preferably an allowance and lavish gifts:trips. The norm I suppose

    Having once sat in a lingerie shop for over an hour, and went on a walk about for two hour’s whilst a lady friend was in a shoe store. Do SB’s really think SD’s or guy’s in general enjoy shopping trips?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Is your post supposed to be two separate statements? I don’t see where she mentions going shopping with you/SD.

      Most SBs probably have absolutely no desire to go shopping with the SD but you have the credit card/money. Since most guys probably won’t just hand over their card taking you along ensures they can get more out of you than if you just gave them spending money. Even if you set a budget they can probably tack on a few more items but if they only have $500 in cash they can’t spend more than that.

      Plus most women know men hate shopping and you’ll be more agreeable to giving her what she wants just so you can end your misery and leave.

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        Unless she meant holidays/vacations, I thought this was the reference:
        “and lavish gifts:trips”

    • Anonymous says:

      Many of these “SBs” have seen “Pretty Woman” and can see themselves in that role. Some billionaire handing over wads of cash and then wanting to marry her .

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. The Hollywood inspired fantasy of Pretty Woman and 50 Shades of Grey, plus the online delusion created by Tumblr and Tinder all have spawned an entire generation of entitled princesses.

  59. TravelAddict says:

    Very good tips from the article. I might be a bit paranoid, but I also have a separate apartment in the city central, where I could meet up with my SB regularly. Once the arrangement ends, I’d terminate the lease and move on to a different address.
    Anyway, just started chatting with a new possible SB and she demanded that I would pay an allowance for our first meet for coffee as her time is very valuable…lol. I could only shake my head and couldn’t be bothered to even reply and waste my time. Some of these young girls are just so unrealistic and have very high expectations that I find it very entertaining 🙂

    • IHF2030 says:

      Yes, these delusional young women on this site do provide much entertainment, I must say.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey hon. But why else than money would we date you? I don’t think it’s us being delusional. And well, if it doesn’t work on you, it does on others, as I’ve enjoyed quite some amount of gifts and money.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Well, I am sure there are some fat, bald, old, married hard-up guys who will pony up serious money for a first meet. But, women who expect that are indeed delusional.

  60. Anonymous says:


    ‘my advice is, get a job that pays your desired allowance, or “your worth”’

    ROTFLMAO!!! Brilliant indeed.

    • Anonymous says:

      A dog walker doesn’t get paid much.

    • Anonymous says:

      A server makes $8-$12/hour all day long…

      that is…$64-$96 B E F O R E F U C K I N G T A X after being on her feet for majority of the 8 hours…

      A Man comes along to meet to see if he wants to give her $X/month…

      Her “worth” goes up to $200-$300 merely to eat the food he buys for her and drinks he buys for her…to listen to the possibility of making several thousand dollars from him each month?

      • Anonymous says:

        But, but, but, I’m cute and really pretty. You can look at me as much as you like…….

      • Jaybird923 says:



      • [https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LtPwtRSvCUg/VGOVYgRosyI/AAAAAAAAAxs/DQ-oSYrUedA/s1600/understanding-women-logic.jpg]

      • SouthernSB says:

        Where? My daughter was a server and she only made 2.50 and hour plus tips, granted though the tips were fantastic, but she had to work her butt off. My mother’s husband’s daughter on the other hand is a server and gets the same 2.50 an hour and only takes home about 20 to 30 dollars a day in tips. But my daughter always worked in sportsbars and my mother’s husband’s daughter works in a family restaurant.

      • Anonymous says:


        I was being generous with my numbers as I knew that if I posted such numbers then some wise-ass woman would challenge the numbers and try take the discussion in a different direction.

        The more realistic numbers are $2.37/hour plus tips, which is typically closer to what you quoted above. These “know my worth” women are not making more than $15,000-$20,000/year after busting their (cute and not-so-cute) tushes all day long, almost every day of the year.

      • Anonymous says:

        Isn’t your mothers husband daughter your STEP-SISTER??

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are able to step on her…without getting in trouble…then she sure is.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Apparently, I keep coming across the “want to be” SD who refuse to meet my allowance request. Its quite frustrating wasting my time getting to know these men for them to tell me that im asking for too much. I only want one SD. What advice can anyone give me about obtaining my desired allowance?

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop meeting SDs on this site, and look somewhere else?

    • Anonymous says:

      if they all say your price is to high, guess what? it is. move on to scamming many men

    • Anonymous says:

      What is your allowance request? Are you one of the 10K/mo SB’s?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      If everyone is telling you that you are priced to high, then your market value has been determined and no one thinks what you bring to table is worth what you’re asking. You have two options.

      1)You can either accept that and lower your asking price and secure an arrangement with one of the “want to be SDs”.

      2) You can ignore it and sit on the “market” for months(earning nothing) while you wait for a “real SD” to come along and give you what you’re looking for.

      • Anonymous says:

        good luck with option 2, you will need it

      • Anonymous says:

        I would take the term “wanna be SD’s” with a grain of salt. Over at Tumblr, any guy offering less than 10K/mo for a platonic arrangement is called a SALT or fake SD. For all we know she could be one of those with totally unrealistic expectations.

    • Anonymous says:

      my advice is, get a job that pays your desired allowance, or “your worth”

  62. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had zero success on tinder. What’s your success/failure story on tinder?

    • Anonymous says:

      Drop your socks and grab your crotch. I have gay friends on tinder who get more dick picks and rear end shots than I’ve ever received on SA. And SA is vanilla comared to all the gay men and their Hastiness to get laid anywhere. So, it depends on what hole you want to play with.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm. Are you talking about Tinder or Grindr?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Tinder is superficiality at it’s best. You have to honest with yourself. If you don’t turn heads in real life you’re probably not going to do well on Tinder.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is totally about looks on Tinder. Virtual online meat market. Education, income, intelligence, or personality don’t count. If you are a 10, you would do real well over there.

    • Anonymous says:

      There you go. Thanks for the enlightenment @Jay.

  63. Riviera Undercover says:

    SB potential?
    I wish to find somebody, who will be my best friend, my husband, my love, good dad for our kids, somebody who will make me smile, somebody who i can help if he is in a bad mood, pray together. . if God wants, he will help us to meet each other, i believe.

  64. THEATLSD says:

    Bloggers, some good reading.
    Check. “Wannabeplaymate”

    Right up Josh’s and Fundude’s alley.

  65. FYI…

    Someone posted in “Lies We Tell to Get the Sugar We Want” under loan e mu dot com. Google yields several reports of fraud and spam. Dont let the emu getchu!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please don’t post scam sites here. Jeez

      • The poster’s name (which contained a direct link to the spam site) floated along the recent posts for a long while. I posted a message (that did not contain a direct link) so that others would avoid clicking on it. Not hard to do on a touch screen device. I do apologize for the curious minded who may have decided to type out the address into their browser, and visit the site anyway. For some, seeing is believing :).

  66. Anonymous says:

    The perceived “intelligence” of many women revolves around going in circles and their lack of ability to differentiate between cause and effect.

    Combine that with men’s love for pussy and their willingness to relent to these women to get access to pussy.

    The above turns a lot of women to act as if they are intelligent because men can’t/don’t call them out.

    • Jose says:

      After several emails, texts, and actual face to face conversation, I would know if a woman is intelligent or not. Reading the posts of some some female bloggers here convinced me of their intelligence. Very eloquent and insightful. A very pretty woman with intelligence is a formidable weapon because she has pussy and I want it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whatever you do, never ever say anything edgy in your SA messaging to a woman. Try to appear as benign and and boring as a piece of cardboard.
      If you try any attempt at humor, that will be misinterpreted and backfire; she will block you. Just talk about how much allowance she is gonna get – works all the time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Discussimg money before meeting has been a nonstarter for me. Once a woman meets you either she’s going to demand high dollars because she does not like you too much but will meet because of the money OR she’s going to go with your offer because she likes you.

      You only want to deal with women who like you.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is absolutely correct.
        AFTER you a) met her, b) paid a couple hundred dollars for the dinner at the posh place she only heard about and c) you KNOW she likes you – that is when you start negotiating.
        If you were paying attention when you were @Wharton – you should have little trouble explaining her why you are going to restructure your payments and offer additional bonuses and expect more dates for the X amount.
        If you cannot convince a 20 year old that she is getting an amazin deal – you should not be here…

  67. Anonymous says:

    Re: I am shy at first…

    How about you remain “shy” and keep your tongue in control forever?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      How many of you guys would actually enjoy spending time with a women who just agreed with everything you said, no opinions of her own, never challenged you in any way? (And I don’t mean a shrew who argues just for the sake of arguing)

      • Anonymous says:

        not me, nothing sounds more boring

      • Another Anonymous says:


        Interesting question. I personally would enjoy conversation where I would expect my friend not to agree with me and try to argue her position. But true there is a great difference between intelligent argument, unnecessary sarcasm and dumb bitching.

      • Anonymous says:

        i will agree with everything she says in a couple of hours as soon as we can do two-three rounds. She should not be talking much, anyway. Her mouth should be busy. And the rest of the time she should be moaning or saying “harder” anyway. I cannot agree more with that…

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I love a good intelligent debate it’s a huge turn on for me. Well, intelligence in general is a turn on for me. Nothing worse than someone who just agrees with everything you say.

        I also enjoy a good innuendo or double entendre. I like the challenge of trying to one up each other. It’s a fun way to flirt but most people aren’t intelligent enough to do it properly.

      • noname says:

        i wouldn’t know ive never seen one that agrees to even most of what i say i don’t think there’s such a women like that

      • Jaybird923 says:

        There are some. My brother’s ex wife was like that. It use to drive me nuts. We’d be having an argument about a football game or something and she’d jump in an agree or just repeat what he’d say. She eventually stopped getting involved in those discussions. I’d ask her specific questions that she couldn’t answer since she knows nothing about sports.

      • SD says:

        There’s a difference between shy ,agreeable,and stupid @Jay . I like smart but agreeable. I want my baby to do what I ask her to when asked . But our conversations can be laced with as many Bon mots as can fit into the allotted 10 minute discussion session before panties hit the floor . In all seriousness ,an SB is a TOTAL escape from reality for me . I have a wife and friends to discuss troubling life issues ,bills, world disasters. My baby is going to transport me to an alternate universe .

      • JadeXi says:

        I agree Jaybird. An intellectual debate is a huge turn on. I could not enjoy spending time with someone who never has an independent thought, never challenged me or added anything to the conversation. What’s the point? Intellectual stimulation is an important part of attraction for me – a good humored debate, double entendre, innuendo…yes, please. Words are powerful, and sexy. But the way you argue matters. Bitchiness, rudeness, ignorance and condescension are just as big a turn off as a yes-man/ma’am.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would be just fine.

    • Anonymous says:

      That said…it’s fun to engage in a playful banter…

      Also, an intelligent woman always agreeing with you is very different from a dumbo always agreeing with you.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Why? Because if an intelligent women always agrees with you it reinforces the fact that you are an intelligent man? :-))

      • Anonymous says:

        Nothing wrong with being shy at first. I would want someone who can actually engage with me. Pure sex just becomes boring after a while. Why not see an escort instead? It is profiles with feminazi attitudes that turn me off. Nothing more awkward than sitting across each other at a restaurant with both of us just staring at our food.

  68. Riviera Undercover says:

    Latest email:Shivon90
    24 / London , England – Greater London
    Delete Save

    8 hours ago Riviera
    Hi, how are you?

    2 hours ago Shivon90
    Hello darling, I am good thanks you

    2 hours ago Riviera
    I am fine too, thanks. How are you finding Seeking?

    2 hours ago Shivon90
    Good to hear, Seeking seems to be ok at moment. How is seeking going for you?

    56 minutes ago Riviera
    I recently rejoined. I haven’t met anyone yet in my current search. What arrangement are you looking for?

    2 minutes ago Shivon90
    im looking for an arrangement where we both can benefit so I am open to negotiating. Generally I’m looking for an arrangement where my companion would spoil me – clothes, pampering an allowance too. As you know women do like to hold up apprentices. Clothes include lingerie which I would be happy to model personally if it made you happy. It wouldn’t just be materialist, I am looking to spend time with someone, fine dining and day trips. I would like to make us both happy. I am very respectful and would like a mutual agreement based on honesty, communication and trust.

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      Oops, was only meant to be the last section lol…

      • Anonymous says:

        Her reply sounds fine to me. The fact that she mentioned lingerie and her modelling it for you if it made you happy actually sounds like flirting enough. I would date her. What part of her reply did you not like?

      • SD says:

        Offer the money shot and see what she does after that . My shot would be a 1″pile of 20s about -oh-1/2″ high -200 or so. If she wants to meet to model that JCPenny’s undie collection then you are in

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      Anyway for someone not materialist (sic), it’s all me me me. Do they not realise these self centred replies are a turn off?…

    • Anonymous says:

      @y would claim that she was being sarcastic…but the goal of the female collective–inside as well as outside of feminism–is to constantly remind men that they need to lower their eexpectations of women while insisting that it’s women’s inalienable right to continue to raise their expectations of men.

      This idiot SB does what many women do consciously or unconsciously. They claim to dress FOR YOU. They claim to eat FOR YOU. They claim to put makeup on FOR YOU. They even claim breathe FOR YOU.

      She is claiming to model the lingerie for you. It’s not that she’s going to wear the lingerie one time and gift it back to you. She’s going to “maybe” model it for you one time and will model it for every guy after you.

      • Dearest Anonymous,

        Please do not use @y to predicate your anti-feminist/anti-woman/anti-vagina/anti-estrogen clumping of the “female collective.”

        Im most certain that you echoed precisely what I said and intended. Im even more certain that you knew what I intended. No need to preface by attaching my name to your position on what appears to be deeply burdening views.

        “@y would claim that she was being sarcastic…but the goal of the female collective–inside as well as outside of feminism–is to constantly remind men that they need to lower their expectations of women while insisting that it’s women’s inalienable right to continue to raise their expectations of men.”

        I dont appreciate that, actually. There is nothing that Ive written that will support that this is my sentiment. Play fair, please. Oh wait…or would the mere suggestion make me a feminist? <—rhetorical question…no need to answer, but if youre insistent, Ill give you a hint. Im not a feminist. I do what I want. Golden ticket…what I want just happens to please Daddy.

        Another thing…I never attempt to have a man lower his expectations. I simply outsource those that are outside of my desires…like rectal prolapse, for example.

        One last thing…Ive no interest in engaging you in "discussions" that you start just for the purpose of stroking your own love-stick. If youre looking for a fight, youre gonna have to fight yourself, cowboy. Let me know who wins.

      • The Prophet says:

        @y. You said “fair”. <3 u

  69. Anonymous says:

    SA Blog and Tumblr girls.

    For a period of time it seemed at SA blog was run by the Tumblr girls. Then the guru came along…Tumblr girls and their clueless fans fought him tooth and nail…and he kicked them outta here.

    The Tumblr girls infiltrated within SA are still active and continuing to harm the sugar lifestyle by egging women on.

    • SD says:

      SDs will weed out the Tumblr crowd by refusing to their terms. If the money shooters cant get a date,then they will either have to sign up on BP and CL or actually start servicing their marks properly

  70. cryptic anomaly says:

    Another scammer this was her first message to me.

    “I read your profile and you seem very interesting and I think we are looking for the same thing so I’d love to meet. So I’ll tell you a bit about me if your interested..? I’m well educated and work full time and am looking for something relaxed,casual but also fun. I am very new to this sight and haven’t been in any arrangement before but am open and keen to trying and exploring new possibilities. Your actually one of the first people to contact me and the first I am writing back to! I would like to meet but although I’m new to all of this I have thought and decided that I am going to make some terms, particularly for the first date. I would like uthe first date to include some financial benefit, I would say $150 is fair unless of course you feel you would like to increase that and think my time is worth a little more then that, haha. I want to mention though that I am NOT an escort and sex on the first date is not on the table. The “benefit” and first date is to get to know each other a bit better and talk and see if there is chemistry and what we are both looking for. I really hope you agree and understand because if you do I feel this could be a really lovely arrangement! (And sorry for such a long msg, but I am a very straightforward person, I feel being open and honest is important). Look forward to hearing from you. M x”

    Getting more of and more of these down here lately.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Welcome back Cryptic. It seems like the Aussies have discovered Tumblr it was bound to happen

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Jay – yep the silly things don’t realize that for less than $150 I can get half an hour of sex and oral in a brothel. So expecting me to pay just to meet her is hardly enticing to me. Thanks for the welcome back too.

        @Anon – I laughed at the poor grammar too especially as she claims to be well edgimicated. Probably a Collage graduate.

        Do you think anyone actually uses What’s Your Price? Why pay to take someone out on a date plus pay again for the date itself?

        @Riviera – I should actually, I told a similar one who wasn’t asking for cash but had that whole take our time approach that we could take as much time as she wanted but I don’t pay until sex starts. She didn’t like that idea lol

      • Anonymous says:

        I have read some online reviews about WYP. A common theme is that a lot of fake profiles are created for you to unlock the offer which you pay for of course. Once the website collects the money from you, the profile magically disappears. The ones that are real and actually go on dates are serial first daters and do not go on second dates. Members complain that a lot of real female members are only looking for an SD and not a regular relationship.

    • Anonymous says:

      dat dhere is some fine grammer

    • Anonymous says:

      If they want to get paid for the first date they should join What’s Your Price.

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      Tell her that $150.00 is fine, and will she pay in cash?

    • noname says:

      crytic its the same every where they all want to be paid on the meet and greet

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        Until recently there weren’t too many doing that down here, not that I came across anyway. But I know it is quite common.

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        Just like the idiot tumblr girls on here that “don’t get it”., they’re are idiot sd’s on here with a wyp attitude who pay for first meets or in advance to show “they’re serious”. As long as these dumb and desperate for panocha sd’s exist, these scammer women will never leave.

    • elaine says:


      No offense, no attack, just genuinely wondering;

      You have stated several times you don’t want an emotional connection with a SB as long as you have to give her an allowance.
      You prefer to only pay allowances to SBs that provides sex without showing signs of getting emotional attached to you. You don’t care if they really like you or not.

      Brothels are legal and quite cheap in your country.
      And full of good looking girls, providing sex whenever you want, without hassle, no risk of getting emotionally involved with you.

      Why bother with sugar then?

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        Professional sexworkers are very conservative, maybe he likes kissing.
        Women on SA say you need a hooker, hooker’s say you need a girlfriend. It’s a paradox…

      • elaine says:


        Some escorts do offer GF experience and kissing…

        And I don’t say he needs a hooker, I am just wondering what he seeks in an SB that he cannot find in an escort.
        All based upon his previous postings about the matter..

        About the paradox;
        Some men here indeed would need a hooker, because that basically is what they seek. Others are really seeking for an SB.
        I guess the same with men visiting escorts, some are there only for sex, others might want to live in the fantasy of being with a “GF”.

        It’s a thin line…

      • noname says:

        elaine i can’t answer this fully only cryptic can answer that why would you become emotionally involved as soon as you pay a allowance it becomes a transaction doesn’t matter then if she likes you or not maybe he wants to help someone reach a goal and there’s other things to do in a arrangement besides sex and yes pro’s are cheaper but your only go to them for one thing thats the main difference

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        @elaine…I can’t speak for cryptic but I will tell you that my one and only experience with a hooker was not good. Her phone buzzing off the hook the entire time. I went to use the bathroom at her incall and there was a used condom in the toilet. Her next “client” was downstairs and kept texting her. While she was a nice lady, I left after 15 minutes without consummating the deed. I was not turned on in the least. I realized then I wanted a lady with a little less “mileage” on her. Sugar for me has been a happy medium between girlfriend and hooker.

      • Wow…makes me think of an experience someone shared that he once walked past kids and others in the front room, then down the basement to be serviced :/.

    • SD says:

      She is not an escort—well you are not a John and therefore cannot pay money for services rendered-even non sexual ones . We have our pride ya know !

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a SB scammer who agreed on $300 per meet at the hotel, and we went about it for four or five times. It almost seemed like an escort, then she had ‘money problems’, and she said she had to work like two jobs and barely could make ends meet. She needed money to pay for some things. I offered her $1000 for the next month’s allowance, which she accepted. Radio silence for about a month… I moved on, found another SB. Then the first contacts me again “sorry for delay, how are you?” I said “busy, have a nice day!” no more after that. Be careful out there!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Your aren’t a pay day loan service why are you advancing people money because they have trouble making ends meet. This may sound cruel but it’s not your problem. If you weren’t in the picture they would find a way.

        It’s one thing if someone you’ve been involved for a while has a one time emergency and you offer to help and quite another to give money to someone you just meet and have no history with. This is more a case of not using common sense than one of being scammed. You offered the $1,000.

      • Anonymous says:

        It takes a while before a given man understands that women generally have no respect for the men’s money; father, husband, bf, son, brother, neighbor, random guy.

  71. Anonymous says:

    OMFG check this out e4db2db11

    She calls herself 1spicycougar.

    How old do you think she is?

  72. Anonymous says:


    “female companionship makes travel better”

    How does female companionship makes travel better? Methinks it makes it worse unless you get lonely and like to have a pussy around.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can stay wherever the fuck I want…

      I can eat whatever the fuck I want…

      I can travel however the fuck I want…

      I can wear whatever/however the fuck I want…

      when I am by myself.

      A woman in tow is the last thing I like to do during my travel…I want to hear someone nag it me…I can nag myself as I can use the lotion myself.

    • FormerAnon says:

      I like the company of women and I would not travel with one that makes things enjoyable….if you know how they are about things you plan accordingly to deal with it

    • Anonymous says:

      What exactly do you like a woman for in travel if it’s not for pussy?

      • FormerAnon says:

        Well two males out all dressed up eating a nice romantic dinner seems a little barack and reggie like. Two males sitting close in the hot tub together after a day of skiing is definitely barack and reggiesque. There are a lot of things I would probably want to do first before going to museums all day or to an opera. play or symphony, but going to some of the major cities in the world and missing out on the cultural activities offered there seems a bit boorish. I would prefer the company of a female (especially one that I knew was really enjoying those activities) over that of a male. If I was at a really nice beach resort it would be nicer with a female VS two guys sitting around on the beach. I do not mind the “hunt” or “the chase” at all, but going around to nice places and then having to go around trying to weed through the nuts, VD, “professionals”, scammers, ripoff artist and generally having to go out every night and “look for it” is not something that appeals to me. I like what I like and do not need to have a new conquest nightly or weekly so when I find what I like I would prefer to spend some time with them VS going out nightly looking for something new and different.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now hunting and finding a pussy at the destination is lot of fun.

  73. Anonymous says:

    GeorgeousBabe, 26 from NY, NY is a cam scammer. I am reporting her.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I just got three women contacting me from China within few minutes. Two of them want me to go to gagahi.com to communicate with them. Is this a scam?

  75. Anonymous says:

    Amazingly, while I am posting a long fictional scenario based on true factional events as a “hypothetical” scenario of events. I watch as the computer screen clears itself after a screen shot is taken and I am not touching a keyboard nor the desk itself. I will say it must be because Hollow’s Eve is coming to make nonchalant/mild mannered on the matter itself.

    dotodoto,dotodoto) ET phone home.
    Follow the underwear rule and do not pull it to your navel, as the fashion forward men of the 1980’s presented a butt crack wedge that prevailed, while telekinesis pulled you high in the sky in a bike. Phone home dude… I am standing at the payphone that has been spray painted that is missing exception for the box itself, but my track phone is lifted high in the sky to get a signal from the satellites.

    My finger is glowing bro, my finger is glowing.

  76. THEATLSD says:

    @Misslady. I would like to chat with you off blog. I need help with something. Do you have a email I can send info.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I am looking for an SB to have sex with me for 2-3 months while I get comfortable with providing an allowance.

  78. Bgirl202 says:

    hope meeting a SD who’s willing to take things slowly,get to know me better and teach me lot of fun stuff together,my SD affection for me should always be respectful gentle and lovely,iam definitely sweet being around hopefully I’ll be comfortable with my SD ??

    • Anonymous says:

      slowly?…you mean you want to get an allowance without intimacy?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      There’s no hopefully about it. If you’re not comfortable with him he shouldn’t be your SD in the first place.

    • Anonymous says:

      While a pot SD may understand about taking things slowly, the SB also should then, understand that allowance has to also wait because while she may want to be cautious, how can the SD know if she is just have her own hidden agenda, and is going to take advantage? Allow me to please illustrate.
      I believe last year, I met a young and beautiful SB who, from the start, asked me to take things “slowly”, she meant the intimacy part of course. As the gentleman I wanted to be, I trusted she was just new to arrangements, and since I had only had one previous one I did not have too much experience. We had a coffee date, then a dinner date, and I gave her a small per meeting allowance for those dates. Then she stopped answering my texts messages for a week, and communicated, through SA, that her phone was stolen. She asked if I could help. I gave her an “advance” to help with purchase of a new phone. She then asked for more money because she had a family issue. I believed her, and gave her another advance. She then disappeared. Stopped all communications, and her SA profile deleted. I felt like a badly played violin.
      So, what is the best way to deal with let’s take it slowly scenarios?

      • Anonymous says:


      • Riviera Undercover says:

        You evil cruel bastard, but what an idiot…

      • Anonymous says:

        The “let’s take it slow scenario” should play out as if it was IRL vanilla dating world. Take as long as you both need. Once money comes into play, it is no longer vanilla world. It is now sugar world. Hence intimacy should begin as well. That’s why it is called MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL.

      • SD says:

        “So, what is the best way to deal with let’s take it slowly scenarios?”

        If you want to play her game just offer no(zero,nil, zilch) money until she is “comfortable”. You will quickly find out which SB is a rinser and which is truly a naif who could be trained into a wonderful Baby for you . Also do not wine and dine them ,because they might be playing you for a free meal wagon. Heck ! How nice for a broke college girl to eat ,drink ,and be merry on your dime ,only to go back to her dorm to suck off her loser BF later ,with her tummy full of Foie Gras and Cristal champagne.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @SD LMAO So If she sucks him off with a stomach full of chicken tenders and fries you’re okay with that?

      • SD says:

        Better Jay ,no paint in him whiffing good champagne on a Ripple wine budget

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a contrived post.

  79. Riviera Undercover says:

    From Tumblr:
    Platonic Babies! Don’t scare your Dream Daddy Away! It sounds better to say:
    I do not decline intimacy, however, I feel it should happen naturally between two consenting adults once settled comfortably in our arrangement/relationship. I don’t want my SD to feel as though he is paying for my affection, nor do I want to feel paid for sex. (via HoneyBrownSugarBee)


  80. ScroogeMcF*ck says:

    Her Profile
    Let’s do something we’ve never done before?
    Let’s do something we’ve never done before? Tattoo removal?
    Tattoo Girl
    Was that a bad joke, or an attempt to offend me?
    Have you had tattoo removal before?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is nothing sexier than clear unblemished skin. Tattoos are fucking retarded. Nothing ruins physical beauty faster than ink. It never adds—-only subtracts. If you were a 10 before and decide to irreparably ruin yourself by getting inked, then you must have an idiot loser BF who told you it was “sexy” and you believed him.

    • FormerAnon says:

      Hahahahahaha one of the best comments on here in a while. I just saw some “new SB” on here when I logged in that had one of those stupid pair of wings on her chest along with the other sundry of bad tats.

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      I just don’t get tattoos, especially if the girl is attractive. If you are a dawg then who cares…

      • Anonymous says:

        Tattoos are a surefire way to permanently mark the pretty girl by her pimp or BF as cattle. That is basically what you are to him–a cow. Pretty girls with ink and who also smoke are so fucking stupid. Beauty is such a temporary fleeting thing. Why hasten your demise with tats and carcinogens?

  81. SD says:

    So I finally went on Tumblr to see what the talk was about . What a wasteland ! “SBs” are laying around on a bed of cash money. Even escorts have more class than that. I feel sorry for the Pot Sbs getting their advice from trash talkers like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome to Rinsing 101. Those pictures are called “money shots” and boy the tumblr girls are so proud of them. Half the posters over there are full pledged escorts, while the other half are virginal platonic rinsers. So basically prostitutes and scammers. You will not find a true SB over there.

  82. MissLady says:

    Have you guys seen [letstalksugar.com]? I want to keep my fingers crossed, but it’s SA sanctioned. Looks to be a mix of the insta-tumblr/SA marketing forum/blog…..

    *goes to lurk mode again*

  83. Anonymous says:

    My SB wants me to do it in the sewer system but I am NOT looking forward to the smell. Strategies to cut down on the smell are highly appreciated.

  84. Word around the sugar-block is, “I’m not a prostitute neither so don’t ask me if I do Anal or if you can have a 4some with your Dogs.”

    Sorry, fellas.

  85. Anonymous says:

    I am a strong, independent woman = My tongue is fierce and independent of pesky constraints of logic.

  86. Bartolo says:

    This is Feminism in 2015:

    “I love thoughtfulness so much. I’m a very caring and thoughtful person myself that loves making people feel appreciated. I usually show my appreciation by baking special treats 🙂

    I’m a feminist so I want respect because I will respect you. Please treat me like a person.”

  87. Anonymous says:

    I had a SD once. He made house calls and for years he would show up like a first responder. He would give me mouth to mouth since my heart would palpate upon his entrance. He checked my vitals and my panties always hit the floor during my examination. He was such a good Dr. He took his time and never once rushed me due to his patient load and always gave me a sucker and made sure that I made an appointment to come back for more. 🙂

  88. Ha!

    you guys have to search “kasiandra”

    • Kore says:

      Has crazy written all over… Looks like we have to refer back to the hot/crazy chart?

    • Anonymous says:


      At least she’s honest to spell it out. Many you will have to explore over time.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      She probably did quite well on this site. Guys love crazy… especially when it comes in a really nice package.

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Uh huh…crazy or brilliant, one.

      Seems like the type who could siphon semen with her mere gaze.

      Angel1na Jol1e’s character in that one man-eater movie comes to mind.

      The boys just couldn’t get enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      She’s a black widow. 3 previous dead ex husbands already. She mates. She kills. Yikes.

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      What was the crazy/hot scale safe zone again?

    • Anonymous says:

      Her profile is fiction, for some kind of crazy effect.

    • FormerAnon says:

      she is one of those girls that just does nothing or me even though she is attractive

      I LOVE crazy, but she is not crazy as in a loon she is crazy as in manipulative which is pretty much what all overt crazies are

      her attitude is not feminine to me it is manipulative and man like…..I like crazy girls that are feminine and like to be females and are crazy

      I like tall girls 5-10 to 6-0 (I would not mind taller even though I am a little over 6’……tall girls to me always seem to have some crazy going on and I have a theory on that as well

      I am turned off by the 22-26yo (or older) that still is paying some fat guy with a camera to update their model mayhem portfolio…..even if you are really attractive listen live with it if “it” did not happen by the time you wear 14-19 or maybe 20yo you are not going to break into modeling big time and you better keep in shape for your last few years of car shows and liquor promos and keep the day job at the breastraunt and start taking school seriously

      she is pretty and I am sure there are plenty of guys for her, but I am not one of them

    • Kore says:

      Sure, crazy is a good thing when it isn’t bad. 😛

  89. IHF2030 says:

    Why do women put “prefer not to say” in the children category?

    • Anonymous says:

      Duh. Because it forces the opposing person to strike up an ongoing conversation which can set the tone. Or, one will notice that the “prefer not t say” is avoided all together.

      Prime example is, if you have a decent inquiry of a male or female, it gives the opposite party a starting base element of conversation that goes like this. “Hi there, I notice you have “prefer not to say” for children in your profile and I for one am also discreet in my dealings with others. Yet, I was drawn to your profile simply because I noticed you had very little to say and were evasive at best. However, if you are new in the sugar world, have children, and after reading my profile are interested in striking up a conversation and willing to meet me, I will be more than happy to pay for a sitter for your time away. So, how u children do you have. I have X, and Y children.”

      Gee fellas, that just gave you a beautiful, well scripted, long and wordy introduction of yourself that showed you were looking for more than (at least in your favor and a best foot forward to fake it till you make it, if you are not that suave) to break the ice, drop her defensive guard and actually sound genuine with credibility tipping the scales in your favor before she even has a chance to respond. Call me crazy, but that is why people list it. Not to be a liar (though some are by nature) but others list it to see if it will be noticed and used as an opportunity to be open in this venue. Again, that is me having a “moment” and thinking others see obstacles as an opportunity as I do. Crazy talk, eh?

      • Anonymous says:

        Grrr, on auto spell check. It was meant to say: “How many children do you have? I have x,y, children.”

      • Oh, oh…and someone else said that they list 0 kids because the person’s offspring is of no business of a sugarmate.

        When Ive talked with men who have children, I never inquire. If they share, then I listen. But even still, I feel like it’d be intrusive unless theyve opened up the conversation or our relationship in a way that I felt my inquiry or comment was requested, welcomed and appreciated.

    • This was discussed some months ago. I think that some people mean that they prefer not to say how many children they have. I think maybe because it’d be easier for someone they know to identify them in passing if their profile content matched up with how many children they listed? Even if they only had one kid, they might prefer not to say. Someone suggested changing that section to include options for grown children, or children who are out of the house. Someone else suggested removing it all together siting annoyance that it’s even a question.

      uh huh…from the archives

      • Anonymous says:

        Children and family ties as a whole are avoided here for the most part, a touchy debatable subject at best considering if the man or woman is not genuinely interested in deep engaging conversation at length. If Winkie Willie is only concerned with how long or how many dates it will take to have a party in your pants then regardless of what is shared or not shared, opening the doors to if you have or have not children is a toxicity to both parties.

        The key is deciphering from the first encounter of the first message and moving forward is if both parties are in stealth mode to get laid, just telling each other what the other wants to hear, and finall if by the time the two parties meet, are they sexually attracted to each other with “chemistry” or if both parties are seeking the same.

      • SouthernSB says:

        That’s what they truly need an option for children that are grown and out of the house. A lot of us do have children but they are grown children. I mean what do you say if you have children and they are all grown? They’re there but they don’t really affect your life that much, unless of course you run into them while you are on a date, something like that would be pretty awkward.

    • Anonymous says:


      Because it is nobodies business.

      I my world SDs are looking for a perfect mistress, a fantasy, a sex goddess, so where does upfront knowing about her eventual children fit in this frame?

      I will tell if he wants to know, but since it has nothing to do with my sugarlife, I don’t see any reasons to put it in my profile.

      • elaine says:

        That Anon was me.

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        That’s a fine position…as long as you’re not going to bitch at the coffee first meet that there’s no cash in your hand to pay for the babysitter he didn’t know you needed because your profile said “0” for kids. I REALLY like the message outlined above…what has this blog come to…suggestions for SDs?! WTF?! Hahahaha

      • IHF2030 says:

        Actually it is my business! That’s because, in addition to providing an allowance I will offer a woman LOTS of opportunity to travel. And often times I travel on very short notice so that might be problematic for women who have children.

      • In that case, you should probably be just as concerned with the SB who has pets as well.

        Have a friend who could never go anywhere because they didnt have a sitter for their pet rabbit. We dont travel together these days…i gave up…the rabbit won.

    • FormerAnon says:

      for me kids makes a difference because:

      1. there will ABSOLUTELY be a time when an emergency with a kid gets in the way of a meeting……but if one does not know there is kids involved from the start well these “emergencies” seem like flake outs and thus you move on

      2. I understand that some SBs want discretion as much or more than a SD (not an issue for me), but I would not want to meet the kids of a SB ever and I would expect a SB would not want her SD to meet the kids either…..I feel that people in traditional relationships should not be meeting kids until at least a couple of months in and even then depending on how serious and the age of the kids

      but if you do not know kids are in the mix and you are looking to pick her up at her place (after you have gotten comfortable with each other) and it is simply “no” well you start to think she is hiding a husband, futon flopping dude brah, lives at home, or any combination of the three…..if you know there are kids well it makes sense

      3. I do not like compensation based on “sex provided” or “per conquest” I like the concept of helping someone with life and getting them in a better place for the future…..actually really going to school for a decent major, having kids and kid expenses, being able to work instead of going out on a “meeting” for the arrangement (like a bartender that makes good money each night and can always pick up a shift) these are all reasons to me for an allowance to be higher than “I look good and I offer sex”…..so with kids there is the consideration of getting a sitter…..there is the consideration that time with me is time away from the kids and yes mommie needs “mommie time”, but mommie needs to make the kid #1 and mommie time #22 on the list and thus if she has a kid or kids…..is an otherwise great SB candidate, but her meetings are limited because of kid time well that could be a reason for what would average out to a higher “per meeting” average if one looks at it like that (or as I would look at it she has real responsibilities that I see as important)

      bottom line is kids are almost certainly going to bring in “drama” at a minimum in the form of an “emergency” during a meeting or a canceled meeting because of a flaky sitter or other issues……the SD/SB thing is not about drama and it is about being up front at the start…..so being up front on her part about something that is personal is part of the overall limiting of future drama and canceled/missed meetings

  90. Lola says:

    Oh duh. I thought I was already logged in…

    • Jaybird923 says:

      If you were having success finding SDs in real life why bother with SA?

      • SD says:

        @Lola Drop the expectation to Negotiable .OFf the top many guys will not contact someone who is at the Moderate and up level . There are just too many options at Minimal/negotiable

      • Lola says:

        Because I don’t have one right now lol! I’m in some sort of in between stage where career is important, a boyfriend is not my top priority, but a man who wants to pamper me is quite divine… I like to keep all my avenues open just in case, you never know where you’ll meet someone, no?

    • Lola…I really do think that you put a lot into writing your profile…youve got everything in there, but the kitchen sink. After reading your profile, I need a shot of whiskey and a nap. Good lord. You used 10 adjectives in one sentence, and used some variation of love 9 times. Youve been on the site for 5 years, and havent found someone? I dunno, Lola…either this is a drive-by profile drop, or youre doing it wrong. Come clean, Lola!

      • Anonymous says:

        “I love you long time…” said the Asians and Then Santa Claus wears a bright red costume and is obese and get away with I got everyone and saying “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

        Nothin classier in judgement and no, you just can’t make this kinda stuff up. Smh.

      • Lola says:

        hahahaha thanks. That’s a good point, I should clean it up since I created it so long ago, and then added some more to it quite some time ago, and haven’t looked it over since. 5 years ago I first came on here, I found someone and it worked for a little while. Then I got myself a boyfriend and forgot about this site and the sugar world. Now I am back. Should I just create a new profile so I don’t look strange being on here so long?
        Don’t judge me!
        lol j/k be honest with me…

    • Kore says:

      @Lola You have a very nice body and hair. What bothered be about your profile the most was this though, “I am interested in an arrangement, hence the website’s name.”
      Sounds like they named the website after your wishes. Did you inspire Brandon?.. 😉 I’ve overlooked the ‘spoil me, I am a princess’ bit since almost every girl writes that BS on her profile.

    • FormerAnon says:

      you have taken nice care of yourself and your hair looks very pullable (gently of course)

  91. Anonymous says:

    How old is she? ebe5249c

  92. Anonymous says:

    @Pink Barbie

    “when you come off as a young lady you rarely get any response.”

    Most of the times “young lady” wants tons of upfront money to string the old farts along while she bangs hot bods silly.

    • Anonymous says:

      How does one “come off as a young lady”? If you are really 36, how do you come off as a young lady? Either you are young or you are not. Your age is clearly stated in your profile. Enlighten us.

  93. Lola says:

    So, I have met a few SD’s in real life, naturally, without any discussion of a sugar relationship – it just flowed into one. However, on here, first of all, it is incredibly difficult to find an SD I’d actually like to meet. I look for intelligence, eloquence, etc – it says so much to me if a guy has spelling and grammar errors, if he can’t write complete sentences. How can you be a high powered man who doesn’t know how to communicate properly? I just don’t buy it. Then, after that, it gets difficult to even meet up with a guy. The back and forth, the no response, the cold feet, or the sudden strange responses/requests where the crazy comes out. Oh lord. Am I the only one having trouble here? It’s about as difficult as just finding a regular relationship irl.

    • Pink Barbie says:

      I can relate. These guys say they aren’t looking for any escorts or whatever but when you come off as a young lady you rarely get any response. But I bet if you come off offering sex in exchange for money these guys will begin responding…….. I’m just as lost as you are when it comes to trying to get an arrangement on this site.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm…is @Pink posting as @Lola now or did we just get doublucky?

    • Anonymous says:

      @Lola stick with IRL sugar relationships.

    • Lola…I really do think that you put a lot into writing your profile…youve got everything in there, but the kitchen sink. After reading your profile, I need a shot of whiskey and a nap. Good lord. You used 10 adjectives in one sentence, and used some variation of love 9 times. Youve been on the site for 5 years, and havent found someone? I dunno, Lola…either this is a drive-by profile drop, or youre doing it wrong. Come clean, Lola!

    • Bill says:

      It sounds like you are seeing the other side of the dating marketplace, where quality women outnumber quality men.

      There are definitely flakes, both men and women.

      One issue is your expectation of “moderate”. The amount of allowance is not set by the SB, but is a matter of how much the SD has available. This number is sometimes what can disappear without his wife catching on.

      By setting the figure, you are doing two things. You are filtering out anyone who does not have the intention or ability to give that much, even if he is perfect in every other way. You also getting into a competition with other women. If another SB is happy with $1,000/mo, then why would a SD even bother considering someone who is expecting three, four, five times more?

  94. Pink Barbie says:

    You guys are mean, lol. where are the gentlemen at?

  95. Pink Barbie says:

    Hi, I’m new to this site. And unfortunately, it seems like I’m chasing after a SD, although I have no problem going after someone that’s seems like they could take my interest. But…….. it sucks having to seek out an arrangement without getting a respond. I seriously need advice on how to get an arrangement. im starting to have doubts in this site because SD’s are acting like assholes by not responding. The least one can do is say that they aren’t interested. Feels like I’m chasing after a sugar daddy lol. I’m trying to experience something new but I guess Im just having bad luck and this isn’t the site for me. Sucks to be to me being that this is my first time ever using any site.

    • Anonymous says:

      yep, here the women chase the men, go back to tumblr if you dont like it

    • Anonymous says:

      The sugar world is the opposite of the dating world. Here, the SB’s pursue the SD’s because the numbers are in the SD’s favor. There are far more young cute gals than guys with lots of disposable income. If you like to be chased, there is always match.com or eHarmony. You could have the pick of the litter there.

      • Pink Barbie says:

        I’ll pass on those sites. Was just asking how to land an atrangement rather than be told an alternative option. Thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      Pick of the litter can, maybe?

    • Anonymous says:

      Aren’t most women pink where rubber meets the flesh?

      • Pink Barbie says:

        ??? OMG this is a funny site. But I don’t know are they? Can’t speak for no one but myself.

      • Anonymous says:

        you should do wonderful here, your grammar is atrocious

      • Jaybird923 says:

        LMAO she does fit right in with the collage students.

        @Pink Barbie You are in collage right?

      • Anonymous says:

        maybe she is in bueaty skewl?

      • Pink Barbie says:

        @jay yes I’m in college and what does that have to do with anything. Sounds like you guys have a problem with girls in college. I’m just here to have fun what difference does it make what my status is.

      • Pink Barbie says:

        Don’t let the typos tickle you guys pink.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Pink That’s better. It’s almost as if that last post was written by a completely different person :-)) I have no issue with college girls just the ones in collage

      • Anonymous says:

        The “collage” girls are in inside joke here. We make fun of the profiles which state the girl goes to “collage”. It is not a typo because the “a” and “e” are not next to each other on a keyboard. It is obvious the author does not know how to spell “college”

      • Kore says:

        @Pink Ignore Jay – for some reason, she’s mostly on the blog to fix her self-esteem. The same for everyone else who starts a ‘coversation,’ with an insult.

        Yes, we can’t help you unless you post logged in so we can view your profile, but for starters, it’s good not to come across as self-entitled.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Please ignore Kore she is just a nescient twit who for some reason comes on here and gives advice to others when she her self is struggling to find an SD. Her self -esteem must have taken a hit, When she discovered that just like in real life the men on here sees her as nothing more than a hot piece, who’s good enough to be arm candy and provide a quick tumble… and nothing more. Hence why she was on here yesterday asking for advice disguised as general inquiries.

        Now she’s decided to make herself feel better/more important by picking a target to take down a notch in the hopes that it will raise her up a notch. But what she’s to dull-witted to understand is that she’s picked the wrong opponent. And going up against this foe will yield the opposite of what she expected.

      • Kore says:

        Ah, you know me all to well, Jay! 😉

    • THEATLSD says:

      Your profile and pictures probably suck. Start there. Good luck

    • flyR says:

      Might be your profile is sending the wrong message

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      Well with all this talk of Gentlemen and Ladies, it’s sounds like walking in a park with a chaperon in the 19th Century…

    • Bill says:

      Without being able to see your profile, it is hard to give specific suggestions.

      The first thing to know is that there really are many more women here than men. What that does to finding a match can be a real shock for women who are used to the other way around.

      You have already discovered that there is a broad range of categories of men, some quite rude or vulgar, some looking for something else, some saying they are someone they are not, and a some who are the gentlemen you may be looking for.

      The competition can be tough too. My SB is about to get a PhD in chemistry. There are professional models, sorority girls, medical students, even real porn stars here, for those that go for that kind of thing.

      It comes down to numbers, filters, and expectations. Contact as many as you can, filter out the riff raff, and have expectations in check, meaning don’t worry about the money that may be involved, look for someone that you connect to.

  96. Just a Girl says:

    Very good advice, honesty between SD/SB is essential especially when you desire a mutually beneficial relationship.

  97. Anonymous says:

    hi there!

  98. SweetLia says:

    Hi! I would definitely recommend the “coverme” app. You do have to pay, but it has been super worth it since safety comes first and I’ve had a couple of run-ins with sketchy POTs. It helps me keep their numbers private with a secondary lock system that is numbers only. The only thing is sometimes the app won’t notify me when someone has messaged me so the icon won’t show up on my phone (which is a plus and a minus), but I’ve just gotten accustomed to checking it regularly! Ummm It can contact within the U.S. and Canada texting and phone call. Some spots out of the U.S. it allows for calls without any fees. The creators are now putting in a new feature where it will show up in your phone as just a news site. Just a heads up since I didn’t see anyone mention it 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  99. SD says:

    Rinsers are more prevalent it seems. A lot of profiles have nothing on them. One cute 18 yr old said “intimacy accepted” Maybe these are the new UTRs

  100. John says:

    ID: Barb87 is a criminal. She took my money and sneak out of the restaurant.
    She said she took the pic of me and used it to threaten me. Guys, be careful when a women ask money at front and going to use washroom.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to hear that but you have a very interesting moniker choice.

    • THEATLSD says:

      Stupid is as Stupid does.

    • her photo is fake, for sure

    • Anonymous says:

      a fool and his money…..dumbass

    • Jose says:

      How much did she rinse you for? Would you care to share?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I can’t find her profile she probably deleted it

      • It’s still up.

        The internet brings back this photo in several places.


    • Reb. says:

      I did that once, kind of. The SD randomly gave me an online gift card for $500 before we met. It was obvious he could tell I was getting cold feet (he kept insisting that I meet him at the hotel bar and I told him I only do dinner, so stop it). I arrived at the restaurant and he immediately started asking questions like, “Are you into role play?” “Do you like dressing up?” and going into random and awkward sexual stories. After the 3rd sexual comment/story, I left for the “bathroom” and never came back. First and only date I have walked out of.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Curious as to why you accepted the gift card when you knew you had cold feet.

      • Reb. says:

        You can’t get a refund on online gift cards.

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        Cause she gots to get paid!!! Seriously though, I have no issues with women doing this. If men are going to be so stupid as to pay money to someone they haven’t even met, they deserve to get burned.

        I’ve helped some ladies with their profiles and have heard back from a few of the hot ones that men are just giving them cash via paypal or online gift cards just to show they’re “serious”. These girls have never met them or even talked to them on the phone and these dipshit guys are blindly handing them money site unseen. Unbelievable!

        I think I’m going to make a fake sb profile and see what kind of gifts I can get. Lol!

      • Am not familiar with how that works. How do they send the gift card?

  101. Anonymous says:

    If a woman does “not want to feel like a prostitute”, she’s going for the upfront money, and most likely will disappear. They apparently have problem with feeling like a prostitute but no problem with acting like a thief.

    Feeling is a choice. Just don’t feel like a prostitute. It’s simple.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      That’s a great point…if you’re already uncomfortable with the situation, you may want to just stop the pursuit…if you’re comfortable with the way things are heading, there’s no reason to feel like a prostitute because you’ve been given a gift…although, the presentation of the “gift” might play a role as well…a SD who tosses an envelope of cash at her as she’s wiping her chin is going to have a tough time NOT feeling like a prostitute.

    • SD says:

      My current SB wants $ upfront. It makes me feel so Cheap -sniff !

  102. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I think you can tell a lot about a profile from the “Occupation” Section…

    Anything about the entertainment industry (dancer, model, entertainer) probably an escort, stripper or porn star…

    Independent Contractor – split between valid worker and above…

    Student – probably is or was recently…ask if part of allowance can be paid directly to school…if she freaks out, she’s probably not a student…oh, and check the major at the schools near her (I’ve seen a LOT of fashion merchandising majors and there are no programs locally…if she’s doing it at an online school, I’m just not interested in that headache)…

    Unemployed – desperation…probably doing anything with a couple bills…

    Nanny – probably watched too many Lifetime movies and saw that the nanny got the hot, younger dad to give her whatever she wanted…until it all blew up and somebody died…

    Teacher – check the age…I’ve seen many 18yo teachers…REAL teaching takes a 4-year degree or equivalent experience…sunday school shouldn’t count…

    Stay-at-home – if they say “Rather Not Say” for kids, they’ve probably got a half-dozen with at least that many guys…desperation (see above)…if she’s got a number of kids listed, it could be worth an inquiry (her job covers kids stuff, she wants a little “her” time rather than heavy allowance)…

    Okay enough for now…

  103. Pepper says:

    What’s up with the business men that travel sending out messages and what exactly do they look for? I received several messages stating Hey I visit your area all the time for business. What type of arrangement if any could come from this?

    • noname says:

      pepper a visit to his motel room is the most likely arrangement that will result from these messages

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Always ask how often they are in town if it’s not a couple of times a month then don’t bother,he’s most likely looking for an alternative to an escort. I had a POT that was in town 2-3 days a week every month. Someone like that is a viable option.

      • Anonymous says:

        why would distance matter in a relationship that two people only see each other 2 or 3 times a month anyway?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I should click refresh before replying to posts. I just repeated the sam advice everyone else just gave :-))

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        @Anonymous – you’re right…distance doesn’t matter…if the expectations are honest and met…I would tend to agree that most inquiries that resemble “hey, I’m in town often for work and would love to find someone to connect with when I’m there” are probably the guy headed to a conference and doesn’t like what he sees on BP or Eros. There ARE legit reasons someone would be in multiple places for business, and if that’s the case, more power to BOTH parties…it’s just not good when the offer is not legit.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Anonymous it’s not about the distance but the frequency. If someone’s in town once every couple of months that is not an arrangement. Unless he’s going to provide an allowance whether he see you or not… it’s a simply a transaction.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was with someone for two years in that type of situation. Ask him how often he visits.

    • Pepper says:

      @noname: Thats what I thought.
      @Anonymous: True I guess would get what his expectation are first.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      I agree…unless they can PROVE they are there regularly and would like more than the quickie…they’re probably looking for something one-and-done.

    • Anonymous says:

      In past years I have had some great relationships in an area where I have a cabin and visit occasionally. Very frank that it is limited time but fun (rafting, hiking etc) . Divided between students and working. The opportunity is immense.

      Agree that the business travel is most likely to be let’s meet at my hotel……

  104. Anonymous says:

    There ain’t no Tumblr girls in Minimal.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes but there are a lot of escorts – they put minimal because they want $250 to $350 for an hour

    • Anonymous says:

      I screen out escorts but I don’t have anything against escorts trying to make a a buck.

      I don’t want Tumblr girls and rinsers in my life.

    • noname says:

      says who their claiming 10k a month but their getting that off of 5 or 6 sugar daddies

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      I would say there ARE tumblr girls in Minimal…and when they post the pics of the wads of cash, they’ve gotten a monthly allowance and disappear on the SD…or they total up their week of multiple minimal meets to flash the cash…

      I find any profile that mentions they are “learning” about sugar or “studying” or “researching” sugar…watch out…that’s got tumblr written all over it and probably blackmail and everything else bad and sour about sugar!

  105. Kore says:

    Another question to SDs:

    How do you discuss the allowance with the SB? Or do you prefer not to talk about it? I remember one SD who posted that he prefers that the SB brings it up (‘working’ for it), but others think it’s pretty transactional. The POTs I’ve spoken with have been either pretty direct, and two didn’t want to mention it. One of these two, I’ve met and everything worked out great without having either of us bringing it up. The other was the one I called off (never met) because we didn’t fit. I don’t like discussing the allowance and I will never bargain, but it does help to have an idea so that I don’t end up using my time less effectively than I’d like.

    • Anonymous says:

      if you do not bargain, then you already have an amount in mind, why wouldnt you be upfront about that instead of possibly being lowballed?

      • Kore says:

        No, I don’t have an idea besides what they write in their profile. I also prefer staying polite and I can afford to since I am pretty selective with SDs. If I don’t like their personalities, I won’t consider meeting them.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have pretty much given up on everyone except Minimal. It is as much the amount as it is attitude.

      There are other salient reasons, which I may write about later.

      • Kore says:

        I selected ‘negotiable’ not because I want to negotiate, but because I’m open to at least considering whatever the SD might have to offer.

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        @Kore – You’re with about 80% or more of SB profiles…you’re probably getting lost in the search…if you don’t have a specific amount you desire as an allowance, you’re probably better off choosing Minimal and stating in your profile you hope that there is more to the arrangement than just the allowance…if you are looking for a specific allowance that exceeds Minimal, list as whatever you expect…otherwise you WILL be lost in the search criteria of a SD…or classified as a hooker/escort…or figured to be a rinser/scammer…

      • Kore says:

        @ONSD Thanks for the tip!

    • VA Gent says:

      I have in my profile a general range, but don’t like to discuss detail until after we’ve met for drinks or lunch for the first time (I’m a believer in offering a small amount of ‘honest money’ up front to show I’m for real). No sense in laying it out there if there’s no chemistry and/or the lady is clearly a flake (and there are LOTS of flakes), or there’s no sense of availability or frequency. If there IS mutual interest in the possibility of pursuing things further, I’ll ask (via email) if she has a specific figure/package in mind or, if she doesn’t, if she’d like me to lay out a scenario. As per previous posts, my general preference is to keep things on a per date basis, but if she wants an allowance, that only happens after several per dates and chemistry and trust are established.

      • VA Gent says:

        I also like to get things clearly understood so we don’t have to talk about it again. I’ve had a couple of ladies start niggling me for ‘extras’ or increases and have had to terminate. On the other hand, I’m not averse to the frequent flyer discount.

      • Kore says:

        @VA Gent. Thanks for the reply.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      I prefer to look at a profile that has chosen an Expectation Level within my sugar budget…then I know what she’s expecting already…I will not bring up any specific amount or frequency until we meet face to face, like @VAGent there are usually extenuating circumstances that would mean it’s a waste of time to talk about specifics.

      I am also a believer in something given at the first meet…but I don’t do cash unless she lists children in her profile and needs a sitter or is traveling to meet me…otherwise it’s usually a gift card to a shop or online shopping, nothing that makes her believe she’s hooked a whale just enough to let her know I’m serious about things…if I’m not feeling things initially at the first meet, or she lied about her profile or whatever, she’ll get the coffee/drink and that’s about it (had this happen just this past week!)

      Hope this helps!

    • noname says:

      kore i prefer having the allowance question settled before meeting having a lady say what she wants usally results in a allowance lower than a SD expected to pay i don’t use this tactic and the ones that don’t want to discuss it likely because they want intimacy but don’t want to feel like their paying for it these sugar daddies are the riskest ones for you to deal with it might work out or they might be trying to scam you so its 50 50 whether it will work out

    • flyr says:

      Couple of ways , you say that you never bargain. The easiest way to start it to include in the profile something to the effect that you are looking for something much more than just an allowance , x y and z are really important to you . However an allowance is part of an arrangement and if you are not willing to provide an allowance in the indicated range please do not call.

      The hoped for response is something like – I liked your pictures but what was really important to me is your commitment to save the gay whales. I understand an allowance is part of an arrangement and an allowance in the range works provided there is real chemistry and we are looking for the same things.

      An alternative response which also has a pretty high success rate. …… I really liked your pictures and profile . I also love that you are a physics major, I taught physics at Harvard before starting my consulting firm. Your allowance range is certainly appropriate. However, for me it is a bit imprudent given my involvement in a startup. An allowance in the mid practical range would work. Would love to hear from you but will understand and I appreciate your having made your aspirations clear.

      About 2/3 of the time the alternate response elicits a positive response. It is important for both to make sure the allowance does not become a value of the person issue……

      In the past I have also betrayed the Beta’s having told more than one young SB that her financial aspirations were too low. More common among women from the midwest.

  106. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    I clicked on the link for the recommended discreet phone referenced above…there’s a customer review on the homepage…”Scam, do not download!”…says the app wants access to the contacts on your phone, when granted it force stops, will not function, but keeps your contact information.

    I have used Hushed, with mostly success, for texting. Support for issues has been somewhat responsive. It asks for access to phone contacts, but will still function if you deny access to those contacts. It will store your app contacts with the app only so there’s no trace on your phone. It allows for a pin number lock so you can limit access to the app. About the only drawback is the fact it’s called “Hushed” and looks a bit suspicious as an app icon on the phone.

    I know we’ve talked about Google Voice and other services in past comment threads…I’m interested in any other experiences and apps…especially since I haven’t used Hushed as a conversation tool, just a text tool!

  107. Kore says:

    I was wondering, how often do you SDs see your SBs and close have you gotten with them?

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      My first arrangement which lasted two years involved meeting two weekends a month. My second varied, she lived 5 minutes away. It could have been several evenings, a Saturday, a whole weekend but generally the equivalent of two weekends. This lasted two and a half years. We went on a few cruises together too. I have also had a few PPM meetings as regular occurrences with around two SB’s. The one that lived 5 minutes away became friends with my Father behind my back, she even tried to find him a few dates. My Father had keys to my home for emergencies, and decided that some mail for me delivered to his address was an emergency and popped in and met my SB cooking dinner, I found out months later that they had met a few times…

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmmmm. Was she doing your father as well as you?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I don’t see why they would keep meeting a secret from you if nothing untoward was going on…

      • Kore says:

        Ah, @Rivi, you let her get too close! .. It must be weird if you bump into her at times?

        @ONSD Yes, makes sense. But I meant personally. I wonder if they’ve ever actually ended up becoming friends?

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        I have had house keepers, female chauffeurs, PA’s at my home, and girlfriends. My Father doesn’t get their names or even their positions right. My Father is just a nosey snooper who tells anyone his life story over a pot of Tea.

      • Riviera Undercover says:

        My Father shouldn’t have been there, if I had known I would have had the Housekeeper disinfect the whole property lol…

      • OnlineNewbieSD says:

        @Kore – I still communicate (we’re FB “friends”) with my first SB, but we knew each other before “sugar” and continued without allowance when she didn’t ‘need’ the money…it’s been at least a decade since we were intimate, but still keep in touch.

        When it’s good, and everyone just decides to move on with “life” it CAN end good…when someone fucks it up…it WILL end bad…

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      Every arrangement is different…to me it’s not so much about the frequency as the feel and connection and communication…

      If I have to think about the last time we were together, or “worry” about the next time we get to be together…I’m done!

      I’ve had SB in the past that went for a couple of months between meetings because of schedule conflicts…but…with daily emails, some sexy some “normal” conversation, I didn’t really think about the fact we hadn’t been together…and when we were finally able to get our schedules to sync, we might be together 3-4 times a week for a couple of weeks to “catch up” on things…

      When the arrangement is good, it doesn’t feel like a business deal…when an arrangement is bad, you wonder if you’re going to have to get an attorney involved…keep it good and you’ll be golden!

    • Anonymous says:


      I need 2 sperm lettings /week -preferably 2 different recipients of my largesse.

      I arrange for a weekly meeting with each one . We have drinks and dinner ,then go do the bang bang

  108. SD says:

    Profile turd of the day

    “there is to be no expectation of kissing or sex. If it happens, it happens, but it will only happen if I happen to like what’s happening with our mutual happenings.”

    A lot of happenings going on here

    • Anonymous says:

      She writes in happen tense. 🙂

      I just shows that level of “respect” these women have for older men here.

    • Jose says:

      My response to her would be:
      “there is to be no expectation of allowance, money or gifts. If it happens, it happens, but it will only happen if I happen to like what’s happening with our mutual happenings.” Shit happens.

  109. Bartolo says:

    “I am looking for someone who can help me though collage. I want a good education first and for most in life.”

    At least she knows what she’s lacking, first and for most.

    • Anonymous says:


      SA marketing is potent. Women from 18 to 88 pretend to be either an aspiring college student, college student or going-back-to-college student.

    • Anonymous says:

      “I can be your suger girl for any thing you would like. At this time with collage being so busy I will be unable to meet. So will be looking for a online arrangement, webcams videos chats what ever you would like I be your girl and I promise I can make you smile”

      She is a/e challanged.

  110. “Anonymous says:
    October 7, 2015 at 12:18 pm
    Of course YGBKM likes it. She writes similar nonsensical shit all the times and who knows that she’s the one who wrote this one too. LOL!”

    Oh no! Anonypuss is on to me!

  111. Anonymous says:

    Scammer: I’ve just given you access to my private photos, go to my profile to view them.

    Potential Scammee: I like nudes before I get interested in long-distance SBs. Send them at …

    Scammer: hi how are you ??im new on this site.. hope your having a great day 🙂 actually i perform stripteas dancing online, and im preparing for a free cam show now, can i invite you can you be my guest? can you give me good comments and five star ratings? after my show??

    Potential Scammee: ROTFLMAO. You’re the fourth woman to try this bit. Did you all attend some scammer seminar or are you reading Tumblr or Instagram?

    Scammer: well if you have a camera there you can set it up we can cam to cam on my room 🙂 im stacey by the way 🙂 ill give you my direct EVP LINK and access code so you can gain free access to my room ok BUT promise me that you will only go directly on my room ok, deal ?? i need ratings, can you do that

    Potential Scammee: I think that I am learning routine now. Next you are going to ask me to provide credit card information for age verification. LOL!!!

    Scammer: ok wanna see something that will definately will make you feel there is something about to burst out of your pants? 🙂 can i have an email you can use there so i can send my link there?? ill also send you some of my pics so you can have a look at the paCKAGE SEE IF YOU LIKE IT 🙂

    Potential Scammee: Send to ….

  112. Anonymous says:

    Scammer: I’ve just given you access to my private photos, go to my profile to view them.

    Potential Scammee: I like nudes before I get interested in long-distance SBs. Send them at [email protected]

    Scammer: hi how are you ??im new on this site.. hope your having a great day 🙂 actually i perform stripteas dancing online, and im preparing for a free cam show now, can i invite you can you be my guest? can you give me good comments and five star ratings? after my show??

    Potential Scammee: ROTFLMAO. You’re the fourth woman to try this bit. Did you all attend some scammer seminar or are you reading Tumblr or Instagram?

    Scammer: well if you have a camera there you can set it up we can cam to cam on my room 🙂 im stacey by the way 🙂 ill give you my direct EVP LINK and access code so you can gain free access to my room ok BUT promise me that you will only go directly on my room ok, deal ?? i need ratings, can you do that

    Potential Scammee: I think that I am learning routine now. Next you are going to ask me to provide credit card information for age verification. LOL!!!

    Scammer: ok wanna see something that will definately will make you feel there is something about to burst out of your pants? 🙂 can i have an email you can use there so i can send my link there?? ill also send you some of my pics so you can have a look at the paCKAGE SEE IF YOU LIKE IT 🙂

    Potential Scammee: Send to [email protected]

    Note: All four of them used pretty much the same language.

  113. Robson says:

    All suggar daddie here is hetero ?

  114. Anonymous says:

    Now I have the fourth cam scammer.

  115. Anonymous says:

    A Raining Chicks puzzle.

    You have a cool chick that agreed to an arrangement and you have a date with her on Monday, where she is going to show you a piece of a paradise.
    It took a while to get to this point and in the meantime, you met another cool chick for dinner, she said “Yes and Let’s meet on Tuesday, I will be yours”.
    And the really cool chick you really-really like, but was always “thising and thating” finally texted out of nowhere and swears on her life to meet for dinner on Wednesday.
    They all are top notch chicks (=at the top of your budget) and you can only afford to support one of them.
    What would you do?

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      choose the one that lets you fuck her ass

    • FormerAnon says:

      I hate “games” and these deals should be game free, but in this case it is pretty simple. Turn the tide on #1 and “this and that” her right back until after you have seen how things go with #2. You have offered up no reason why you would be interested in #1 over #2 (or the other way around) so if they are both “cool” and #2 seems game free well hell move on with that. If #1 for some reason appeals to you more well “this and that” her, but the only issue with that is then you have left “cool #2” in the lurch after you have already “been there done that” and really for me I would not be looking to do that to someone that has been “cool” and upfront and fun/easy to work an arrangement with.

      “This and that” #1 and hope that #2 is a lot of fun and then move on with her. If #2 is not going to work out after you “see how it goes” well it was not going to work out.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      What’s the difference between the Monday girl and the Tuesday girl?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Am I mistaken? I was under the impression that there were 3 women in that scenario the monday girl, the tuesday girl, and the wishy washy Wednesday girl.

      • Anonymous says:

        Monday girl is becomes available on Monday.Tuesday girl – on Tuesday. That is the main difference. Obviously, once one gets the taste, more differences could be discovered.

      • @Jay

        Monday girl is wishy washy, this and that, here and there. So, she sometimes becomes today’s girl tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow… Until eventually, Monday’s girl becomes Wednesday’s girl…or Saturday’s girl. But Tuesday’s girl…she’s solid. Like margarita night at your favorite bistro. Show up, and it’s on…garantizado!

        Tuesday’s girl is solid.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        If the only difference is what day they are available I guess the one you support depends on how “urgent” your need is and what you value more the “release” or the “connection”.

        If it’s the connection you’ll hold out for the Wednesday girl that you really really like. If it’s the release you pick the Monday or Tuesday girl. If your need is urgent then the Monday girl wins.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Okay I change my answer Monday girl wins because she took some time to get to know you before deciding to get intimate with you unlike the Tuesday girl and she didn’t play games like the Wednesday girl. She’s the lower risk investment

        I’m probably over thinking this :-))

    • rembodler says:

      Rabbit: Vinny, would you like condensed milk or honey on your bread?
      Vinny Pooh: Both. But never mind the bread.

      Borrow. Steal. Sell something. Donate blood.

    • Lie, cheat and steal! Then, “man the fuck up and tell the world that you are going to fuck whomever you fancy!!!!”


    • JugglerSD says:

      There is a way any situation will blow up in your face but you can try to juggle each of them!

      When you meet each of them the first time tell them each you want to start at something less than their expectation level, who cares what you tell them as the reason. Each will have an option to bitch slap you for the “insult”, let you pump and dump the first time for the quick cash, or continue and prove she wants you at her expectation level. Give her a timeline for when you want to get to her expectation level. Let each of them decide. Prepare to start your serch all over again.

      Tell each of them that there is another potential you’re meeting and all expectations are equal, but you can only have one SB at this expectation level. One may try to “Prove” why she’s the “one”, they all might say “you’re a dick for putting us against each other”. Be prepared to start your search all over again.

      Do any of the idiotic recommendations you’ve gotten already. Go into debt and watch your business or personal life fall apart. Sell your kidney, or your blood, but save your sperm donation, juggling three SB will probably have you too tired to make the deposit on your own. Be prepared to lose everything and start your job search over.

      Good luck (I think)

  116. Anonymous says:

    She was going to drive out of state to meet me. Then she communicated with a lot of jerks on SA and now is not sure if this lifestyle is for her. What to do?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Move on to the next or drive to her instead

    • Anonymous says:

      Driving to her is not an option.

    • FormerAnon says:

      While it sounds tempting to try and “salvage” this potential arrangement the head with the less powerful brain says “move on”. The simple fact is if she cannot deal with the jerks messaging her in this deal and that is a deal breaker for her and she is not willing to put in that VERY SMALL amount of “effort” to weed through that and give it a try. Well how committed is she to the whole process and to making it work with you. She pretty clearly expects “magic” to happen and a ton of younger, young looking, very attractive and most of all “quick with the cash” guys to endlessly contact her wanting to immediately agree to pretty much anything she ask for and when that did not happen she is looking for an exit plan hopefully with a few dollars for “first dates” in her clutch.

      I am not saying she is a full on scammer or set out to scam you or anyone else, but WTF is she new to the internet and just realized there are jerks on the web especially on any site that deals with relationships. Or is she just living in SA dreamland. No need to find out IMO move on.

      • Kore says:

        @FormerAnon I agree with you – the minimal commitment is important and just because one’s trust has been broken in the past doesn’t mean it will continue to be. But I can’t help but wonder if she ended up sleeping with someone and not received an allowance. Then it would be hard to take this risk for her especially because she has to leave town for it.

        You should find a way to pay for her transport if she means that much to you. Gas money won’t work, but maybe train or flight tickets if she’s being serious about meeting. Or you wait until some other SDs ‘help’ her regain faith.

        Otherwise, if she doesn’t put any effort into this, she doesn’t need to stay on the site and tell every POT she’s had a bad experience. She should just leave SA.

    • Bartolo says:

      This happens a lot here. I don’t beg – if the POT can’t see her way to execute — to actually get to the appointed meeting space for a cup of coffee and to talk — NEXT. You can spend much time and many words talking her into it, but if she is wavering, move on.

      I have had many conversations along the lines of, “Yeah I’ve been in the online world a while and there are way more jerks than truly nice guys.” It either works, or doesn’t. That’s the extent of effort I give in that situation.

  117. SouthernSB says:

    A guy I have been talking to since May just lost his entire business in the floods last week. We haven’t had a face to face date but we have been sending each other dirty stories and talking over the phone. Any advice?

    • Anonymous says:

      next, now he broke and cant take care of your needs

    • Anonymous says:

      Dump him…and move on.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I’m confused… advice about what?

      • SouthernSB says:

        Should I stick with him or dump him? I mean usually a man on top will come back from something a setback like that better than ever and ready to reward the people who stuck it out with them. So I’m just wondering should I take the risk?

      • Anonymous says:

        Dump him.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        But what risk are you taking? You’re not in an arrangement with him. You’ve been chatting and emailing for months and have yet to meet. Chances are he has no intention of doing so or he would’ve flown in to see you or flown you out to see him.

        At this point he’s just some guy you have long distance phone sex with. Unless knowing he’s broke makes it difficult for you to get turned on when exchanging stories then I don’t see how his financial situation affects you.

      • Kore says:

        @SouthernSB I also don’t understand what risk you mean. You think that if you meet him that you might not get an allowance because he lost his firm?

        If you like him, do what you think is right! How is the SB/SD relationship that alien to a regular one? If you invest in people, they might invest back in you. If you’re there for him when he ‘needs’ you and he’s not a jerk, he’ll probably give you your allowance when he can – if this is what concerns you.

      • Kore says:

        @Southern Ah, I just repeated what you mentioned yourself. 😛

        I think you should meet him at least once if you can ignore the allowance. If you focus on the allowance too much, you start to question these things. If you find him attractive and would go home with him had he lived close to you, then go for it? He’d be paying you to go meet him, so why should the allowance stop you? Just because he’s a SD doesn’t mean he’s also not a regular man.

    • Anonymous says:

      A POT SD who just lost his business due to a flood has bigger things to worry about than getting SB pussy. Geez. Tell this dude to rebuild his business first. He has a functioning right hand correct? I am assuming he is right handed. If I just lost my business, the last thing I would be doing is trolling on SA. SMH.

      • Anonymous says:

        he didn’t have any insurance? what kind of business person doesn’t have insurance against losing everything?

    • THEATLSD says:

      That’s why one should always have at least 2 or more business’ and sources of income. And a fall back job.

    • Anonymous says:

      he was always broke but finally had a good excuse to end it — he is bored and wanted to move on — he played you.

    • OnlineNewbieSD says:

      @Southern – If he’s been sending you something in exchange for the stories and conversation and he’s said it’ll be tough while he waits for the insurance to pay him and the time commitment to supervise the rebuild that’s one thing…it may be an opportunity to prove your interest and not be clingy or needy, but giving during this stressful part of his life…maybe even take some of what he’s given you and see if you can visit him for the face-to-face to show your interest in continuing things (it might just find some added cash or gift your way)…and when he’s recovered and back to “normal” you could see things superior to previous situation…

      If he’s not given you anything in exchange for the stories and conversation, you’ve got nothing in it, he’s got nothing in it…ask him what he wants to do…if he can’t man up and say “I’m going to be too busy, we’ll have to take a break” at that point, or come back with something more honest about things, you’re better off without him.

  118. Anonymous says:

    1st- be honest! There is so many girls here who are just for money- nothing more. There is also second group- who wanna much more than money – maybe not to be wife but more to be guided to have someone out there – ‘girl with Daddy issues’ (yeah I’m one of them). I can not even imagine that i will blackmail someone on any level. It should be some kind of friendship+sex+mentoring relation.
    So pls (to my future Daddy)- tell me at the very beginning do you wanna just fuck me or you wanna spend time with me, teach me smt and than fuck me- this is crucial question. So if are choosing 1st group and you have wife- well just pray- maybe she will be nice, clever girl- who will just take your money and on the street she will pretend that she don’t know you. If you are into 2nd group- just get divorce and have some fun with your SB.

    2nd rule- don’t be arrogant dick. You are nice-I’m nice- how simple it is?
    3rd rule-if she wanna smt more from you- for ex your wisdom- lets be honest it highly possible that she is clever- and you now what they say- girl who is curious can collect materials faster than CIA+FBI – so do you really wanna play the game of ‘hide and seek’? Just make the clear rules at the beginning- if she will not understand- well you have bad taste due to the fact that you choose stupid b. not valuable Woman.

  119. strugglingSD says:

    What should come first? Sex or allowance? It feels like that is what this all boils down to. Too many dates with girls that don’t have any interest in sex or staying over. It’s just not about the sex, but it’s just part of a ‘dating-esque relationship’. If there is no attraction one way or another, that is fine. But, if I offer up a deal, it’s done because I am interested in her; not every POT SB I have met gets an offer.

    If she accepts, that should be a ‘yes’ that she is interested in the same on a similar level. So, then give her money and nothing happens. Is it not enough? She says “I want it to happen when it naturally does”? Is it all just a scam to get money? Or if there is some or all of the promised allowance today, but no staying over, then the next date for sure, yes? And is she finds an excuse not to, then what? Do I get a refund?

    I just don’t see the difference. Girls go home with guys all the time, even guys they don’t like that much, and don’t get paid. So, if the girl goes with a guy she likes somewhat after a good night and gets paid, what’s the worst that can happen? In the first example, the guy can still blow the girl off and the girl has $0 to show for it. In the 2nd, guy can blow off the girl but at least she has money in her pocket.

    I can’t find much articles or advice online about this. All of the stuff seems to be aimed at the girl bringing up the allowance or how to handle a ‘low ball’ allowance offer and more.

    Any advice?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I’m all for people taking things slow and getting to know each other a bit, but if it’s not a platonic arrangement there should be no exchange of funds during this phase. When she makes up her mind an decides whether she likes/ have enough chemistry to move forward then you begin the allowance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Total male approach. The woman is not moving without money in her pocket. If the man is not offering, why should she bother. You people are sick. If you are not willing to offer money and state what you want and expect as a man, get off the site. This is the same crap ya’ll have been dishing out for years. Shut the blog down. It’s a broken record people. If you are not mature enough and confident enough to make a decision for yourself, then crawl back in your mums womb or go ask her if you can suck her tit.

      • FormerAnon says:

        Total whore answer. Not every girl spreads their legs at the first sign of cash. If that is your style well great head back over to backpage or craigslist (or the stroll) and “git ur monie gurl!” and then go fan it out on tumblr and pretend it all came from one guy that you seem once a month instead of three guys you saw in 9 hours and will never see again. Not every male is interested in a girl that will spread it for cash and fake it like a porn “actress”. If that is your “skill set” then good for you. Not every girl wants to have to close their eyes and pretend they are somewhere else while they “oh gurl git dat money honey u go gurl!!!” If that is what works for you great keep your “day job”, but don’t pretend as though everyone else wants it 100% about money and “work”.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        My approach is the male approach?

    • Anonymous says:

      “I want to take it slow but you will continue to pay me while I am deciding” are scammers.

      Those who want to take it slow but want to wait on the allowance are fine.

      • Anonymous says:

        A woman will know within the first 15 seconds of meeting you if she will sleep with you. The “let’s take it slow while you give me money” is rinsing you.

    • FormerAnon says:

      Here is how I view this. If she really values the “connection” and has something like thee “three date rule” for a traditional relationship well she should probably be able to figure out how she wants an arrangement in that same amount of time. In her “traditional relationship” what will she be getting for those “three dates”? Well she will NOT be getting an allowance and with todays dude brahs she will be lucky if she is getting a nice dinner and a nice show or other event. More than likely she will be getting in to a kegger free because she is a girl and he will not ask her to loan him $5 dollars for his cup/admissions and maybe he will buy her Taco Bell on the way home after the date.

      So any SB that is saying “their time is valuable” well clearly they are too important and too busy for me and really can’t the SD simply reply that his time (much less his money) are “too valuable” to be wasting time on dinner dates to see how things might work out in the future. It is a two way street or it is a one way street and the one way street leads in the direction away from me.

      The flip side is the SB that can pretty much decide she is ready to move forward after a first meeting and does not want things to be “transactional” and as an SD I would not actually be interested in that feeling as well. But at the same time I think two adults that have decided there is some chemistry can get past that “it feels transactional” at least for 3-4 dates before it moves to something more monthly. And again she will have the “well you can trust me and pay in advance and the reply to that is well you can trust me to pay at the end of the month at least for the first month…..because after all you are making this decision based on more than cash right?

      It comes down to the simple fact that you are both going to have to realize there is finances involved and you are both going to have to accept that means there will need to be trust built and if you both feel there is “chemistry” well the financial and “transactional” aspects to it should be something that you just ignore, build the trust and move forward. If one or both can’t get past “trust me no you trust me” well there is NO chemistry and probably no long term future for the arrangement move on. Same with the inability to get past “it feels transactioanl” to build trust with a per date payment setup for the first month. If one or the other can’t get past that then move on.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lmao. I bet You think you have sound advice to offer people. It is obvious you trust no one and you think no one can think for themselves with your crotchety sage (smells like a dying plant that is water logged and rotting) advice. It’s dying on the vine friend. Dying on the vine. Successful sugar doesn’t come to this blog anymore. They live it. They don’t come here to write on bathroom stall walls any longer.

      • FormerAnon says:

        And yet here you are on your knees in the mens room blowing another “SB” for $300 dollars. But hey it was a “high end” mens room right!

    • SD says:

      Lot’s of anger today -interesting . Here’s the deal-Jay actually has it right.

      Sugar is “mutual” -meaning guys want sex and girls want money. All the other stuff -like relationship ,mentoring,etc,is an extra benefit. Do not ever forget “no romance no finance” and vice versa. You need to discuss up front with the Pot SB 1)whether she wants an arrangement 2)how much the arrangement will cost ,and 3)when it will start.

      Do not ever pay while she is “getting comfortable” -ever ! Take her out ,woo her,whatever she needs to get comfortable ,but I would not let that drag on for more than 2 or 3 dates max. She is rinsing you for dates if she doesn’t get comfy after this. If you pay her an allowance then you are the sucker

  120. Anonymous says:

    SB changing age by 9 years back and forth to see which one works better demands total honesty.

    SB demands discreetness because she has a jealous boyfriend.

  121. VitesseSD says:

    How to deal with blackmail 101.

    Be discreet, only wear a wedding ring half the time.

    Ask her to text/call you on a prepaid flipphone.

    Refer to family obligations occasionally.

    Fall asleep after sex

    Wait for this to happen:

    Point out you’re not married, and actually single.


    But nobody uses ashley madison anymore so its harder to pull off now.

  122. Reb. says:

    My past SDs weren’t very mindful of their identity. One was going “separated”, but would tell me to call his office. His job was a COO of a well known company. He told me to say I was his niece when I’d call..

  123. Only one review for Ph0ne Hub…not finding anything else on G00gle.

    “Customer Reviews
    Scam, do not download !

    by [omitted]
    This app doesn’t work. It asks for access to your contacts and as soon as you allow access, it force closes and will not reopen !!!! It steals your contact info and sends spam , don’t download !!!”

  124. “Have private photos.

    If you ever decide against sharing them, simply un-share and that person can no longer see them.”


    • Riviera Undercover says:

      After they have downloaded them, searched the internet with Google Reverse Image or Tin-Eye…

    • Anonymous says:

      Genius…screenshot of photos with SA background is a problem. Photos using throwaway email account, which is not readily linkable to SA is a better option.

      Also, when SA does get hacked, the private photos and the associated email will go with it.

      Therefore, the email address used at SA should not be used to communicate with SBs. There should be no mention of SA in other communication.

    • Kore says:

      Yes, a bit of shit mixed in with other practical advice makes for controversy. 😛

  125. ScroogeMcF*ck says:

    Can you guess where this is going?
    I really need a sugar daddy to look after me virtually in exchange for companionship … Photos, webcaming, Skype/FaceTime

    Hi, are you seeking a virtual allowance?
    Hello, yes I am 🙂 X
    Do you have an amount in mind?
    I do 🙂 can you guess? X
    No idea, but money is no object with a virtual allowance…
    Sorry for the delay I have been to the gym. Ummm well how about £1000? X
    No problem, what notes would you like to see?
    Notes as in bank notes? X
    Yes, of course.
    I would love to see loads of £50 notes x
    What’s your email address?

    • You’ll need a can of Redbu11 for scale.

    • Anonymous says:

      The idiot probably thinks she’s actually getting real money. Boy will she be surprised when all she gets are pictures of money. Too funny.

    • Riviera Undercover says:

      This is funny, immature and possibly cruel, but very funny…

      • Anonymous says:

        What is so immature and cruel about it? A virtual SB deserves a virtual SD. A virtual arrangement deserves a virtual allowance. You reap what you sow. Why should an SD pay for Skype sessions. There are plenty of webcam girls online for $2.99/minute. SMH

    • Jaybird923 says:

      LMAO that’s hilarious she’s probably on Instagram now bragging about her new virtual allowance and how easy it was to get

      • Anonymous says:

        This is another brilliant post from one of the tumblr girls today:
        “How do I find a sugar daddy who will be okay with me sending him free porn/skype sessions instead of sucking his dick in real life?”

    • Anonymous says:

      You eliminated one step for her. If you had given her cash she would have to work so hard to take a photo of the cash to use on IG. By sending a photo, it is less work for her.

    • ScroogeMcF*ck says:

      She sent her email address. What is she thinking? It is too much hard work to get a load of fifties from the bank. I have a photo of twenties, do you think she will mind?

  126. OnePercenters says:

    I’ve spent a ton of time on the SA site as an SD (or trying to find and SB) and just got introduced to the various activity on Tumblr – wow. This goes down to a basic principle. There is much talk about the 1% or what not in politics – the top 1%. Most people are just getting by – very few have what it takes to succeed both in terms of natural talent and doing what it takes to succeed. So, in my mind, 99% of SBs don’t want to do what it takes to really be mega successful in terms of committing to the sugar lifestyle. It’s no different in business, sports or anything else. If SBs are blinded with delusions of getting 6 figure payouts and gifts in exchange for just existing, not gonna happen. For 99% trying to be SDs that don’t want to plunk down the cash or take the plunge to really put some time into the relationship, then that’s not gonna happen for the guy either. Rare gems and “1%” experiences are out there and do exist – just got to go after them, commit and really be 100% all-in to making that happen – and even that’s not a guarantee that will happen. I know exactly where I stand on the economic ladder – top 3% for sure in terms of annual income (not top 1%) and I’m just getting started and have a great chance to get to top 1%. Top 3% income buys you a lot of sugar for sure – but nothing like top 1% can. But, to get to that top 3%, it’s been a ton of hard work, late nights, personal sacrifices and more – and have to keep doing that to stay in the game to get to the top 1%. Everyone wants it to be easy. The tumblrs suggest that girls get mad about creep, fake SDs but in the girls’ world, they just want to show up to dinner, stare at their phones and get $5k a month from someone that doesn’t care about building something a little more genuine. Real, top 5% SBs, I’d say, don’t have time to gloat to their friends because they are busy in the gym, reading up on business stuff for her SD, aiming to be successful vs. showing off. Same with the top 5% SDs – too busy being successful, trying make the most of their quality time with someone that wants to be there and more. I think that’s just the reality of the whole landscape – not everyone wants to do what it takes to be successful. If you’re making $30k a year, you may say you want to make $1M, but once you start earning $100k, a lot of people just say “that’s good enough” and get out of the game. Got to always want more. And maybe I am full of it – if I am sooo top 3%, then I don’t have time to post this blog – but the other side, is that I am trying to learn as much as I can about this to be more successful at being a SD.

    • OnePercenters says:

      To add to this – I think it comes down to 99% of us are not top 1% (and that can be in terms of finances, success, status, etc. – it’s not exclusively $, but that is usually how its measured). So 98% of the POT SDs will never get to that top tier. Some of those 98% are trying really hard but just won’t get to the majors. 1% are genuinely there and 1% aren’t quite there yet but are working at and will get to the top 1%. Same with the girls. 98% of girls will never get to that place because they are just not top 1% material and/or don’t have the ambition, drive or tools to get there (and, it’s more than just looks – it’s a far more comprehensive package). 1% are there and the other 1% is working to get there and will make it happen. End of the day, it’s a lotto ticket – the ones that get 6 numbers right are few and far between but a few more might get 5 out of 6 numbers and that’s not a bad payout. But some girls and guys will toss out the 5 out of 6 ticket for the hopes of 6 out of 6 and will be disappointed. The lotto ticket here being girl gets $ and the guy gets to be with someone that is likely more attractive than he could get on his own accord or just make it easier to do so. Everyone wanting to play the lotto – and just hope for a miracle without any work – that works for some people for sure. But, to be successful, spend more time building your SD or SB skills vs. hoping for a hail mary.

      • Anonymous says:

        seriously, who gives a fuck about this droll

      • Anonymous says:

        God I hate long paragraphs. Can’t seem to go past the 3rd sentence.

      • anonymousSSSD says:

        Blah blah blah! You talk a lot about nothing. 🙁

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course YGBKM likes it. She writes similar nonsensical shit all the times and who knows that she’s the one who wrote this one too. LOL!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @OnePercenter A little wordy but sound advice that most won’t take the time to read. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

      • historicgal says:

        Well said OnePercenter. There is quality & potential here, but it takes time, dedication & heavens forbid, actual work, to find it. The benefit is that if you’ve put in the effort, the reward is that much sweeter.

      • Kore says:

        Ha. Interesting. That is the natural approach, for sure… But what makes you think that the SDs want to commit that much? Maybe to some, it’s a fleeting moment and they want to keep it that way? If they want it casual, it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Most of it for the SDs, from as far as what I can tell, is having a hot chick with an adequately genuine and down-to-earth personality for a good time. It seems reasonable enough considering the allowance.. But hey, there’s shaming and scamming all around. The question of any kind of bond/trust seems far-fetched for a few!
        This advice would work for the men who are willing and capable of investing, not for the rest.

      • VitesseSD says:

        Your tab and enter keys exist for a reason. Make paragraphs.

      • Kore says:

        @VitesseSD Can’t waste time on that if you’re going to be 1%. 😛

  127. MrLaughALot says:

    1. Have a burner phone that is attached to the gmail account you created. Have a google voice number with it also. Helps keep up the appearance and allows you to text via the web.
    2. Since you are living a secret life, have a separate believable name with legitimate address to go with it. Make sure that address is not in your city
    3. Register the gift cards with your SD address and zip
    4. Create a Western Union account with that SD address. You can send up to 1k with just the phone number
    5. If using hotels, put the room in her name, use a gift card to make the reservation and give it to her to check in with.
    6. Do not send any pics via any email app, etc. Google voice is email based for attachments. Only send via text
    7. If possible have first meetings at hotel restaurants, rarely will you run into anyone you know there.

  128. FlyBoy says:

    How about you man the fuck up and tell the world that you are going to fuck whomever you fancy!!!!

    Cheers 🙂

  129. THEATLSD says:

    Well now you tell me not to use the my company email. That must stem from the Ash Mad debacle a number of people on there used their company/university emails.
    I have been lucky in that all my SB understood the discreet part and had enough sense to know better then try and black mail someone. It could turn out really ugly for a SB to go down that road especially when most SD have money and resources.

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be very ugly for an SB if she tried to blackmail me. I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” agreement with my wife. If an SB attempts to blackmail a married SD, she has no idea of the agreement at home. Several of my friends have an open marriage, several are on a friendly basis until the kids graduate. Blackmail is not a venture without risk and a lengthy prison sentence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Until more men hire Johnny Cochran type of attorneys to put more women go to jail for blackmail, it would remain a serious problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        if the person being blackmailed is hiring an attorney like Johnny Cochran, that would be a civil suit and there is no jail time for civil suits. Also people that blackmail very like have little assets and are not worth suing civilly.

        For criminal suits, government prosecutors are used and the person blackmailed doesn’t have a say in that, other than via political favors.

      • Kenneth says:

        A SD can report a SB to the FBI for blackmailing/extorting him. This is not a civil matter. There are actually laws on the book that could get a SB in serious trouble. The act of extortion is considered a felony in most U.S. States, punishable by fine, incarceration, probation or parole; and restitution payable to the victim

      • Anonymous says:

        yes but you don’t get to pick the lawyer

      • flyR says:

        Most men get in trouble not over blackmail; but directly from stupidity and arrogance. Actually when you hired Cochran you got the Mayor of LA and the DA in the package. Cochran won the OJ trial when the prosecu