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What Her Drink of Choice Says About Her


There is nothing more attractive than a Sugar Baby who knows what she wants. Arguably, that may be the reason some of you joined SeekingArrangement in the first place. But before you are able to learn her dreams, aspirations, college goals, etc., it’s important to look for subtle clues. Noticing the way she orders her drink is a perfect start. Here is what her drink of choice says about her.

Who doesn’t love a lush? Just ask the housewives who ritually indulge in this beverage of choice. This Sugar Baby most likely knows a thing or two about class. She knows how to pronounce “Pinot Noir” and may even have knowledge behind the grape variety. She’s high maintenance and most likely not the type you take to a sports bar. She wants you to see she knows how to handle her life, and her man. After all, red wine can leave a nasty stain if mishandled, therefore she’s careful and calculated. Her mannerisms and her speech might just be as velvety and smooth as the liquid in her glass. Take caution with this one, she’s not for the beginner SD.

James Bond isn’t the only one who knows how to order a martini. A Sugar Baby who knows exactly how to instruct her bartender is going to be an aggressor in the sheets, and full of mystery. She’ll intrigue your interests — she’s educated, well-travelled, and not afraid to be strong in her values and opinion. Much like the drink itself, she’s willing to be straight up with you. A martini-drinking Sugar Baby most likely knows her limits, so don’t push her.

Vodka Cranberry or Shots
Gentlemen, meet the rookie. She’s either not a drinker, just turned 21, or needs you to save her asap. While there is nothing wrong with throwing back shots, these SBs could use some direction. *Cue the Sugar Daddy.* She most likely isn’t around company that can aid in developing her palate for finer spirits. There is a time and place for drinks like these, and she hasn’t quite mastered that knowledge yet. On the flip side, she may be playing it safe by ordering something basic. She might not want to come across as a heavy drinker or snobby. Feel this Sugar Baby out first before making too many judgements.

Whiskey & Scotch
Hold on Daddies, it’s gonna be a wild ride. This Sugar Baby is up for the next adventure and isn’t one to take “no” for an answer. She can hang with the boys and isn’t afraid of friendly competition. If you want someone you can relax with, be silly with and laugh all the way to the bank with–a whiskey drinker is your type of girl. And no ladies, Fireball does not count. Sugar Babies who drink whiskey fall into one of two categories: Either they just like it, probably because of their dads, or they drink whiskey to prove the point that they can.

A Sugar Baby with a beer in her hand is the down home type, probably more humble than most. While she may look stunning in a pair of heels, she’s just as comfortable in a pair of sneakers. She’s the type who will look great dining with you at a five-star steakhouse and just as attractive in a jersey on your couch, watching the Superbowl. Beer drinking SBs work hard and simply enjoy the fruits of their labor with a cold one. Pay her bar tab, you’ll make her day.

What does your go-to drink say about you?

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  1. CC says:

    I can’t agree with this. I may as well judge someone based on their passed and their life choices.

    I am a light weight. When I am at hooters I drink the lightest drink they have which is a Non-Virgin Pina Colada. At the bar I order a buttery nipple (no more than two). At other restaurants if I am feeling good I will order a Mint Mojito (which consist of white rum). Beer taste gross to me…it taste like condense water. Wine I’ve only had once so I can’t even voice an opinion. I think that maybe focusing on the NUMBER of drinks is more necessary for attention than the TYPE of drink.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I can’t digest Wine, beer and any other sorts of whisky or scotch.The only thing that I can take in pretty well without feeling sick is VODKA but I am not a heavy drinker just as it says in the post. I used to drink when I was heartbroken but after 1 and half year without touching any alcohol, the first time I went to my first and last SD’s home, I took some Vodka that he bought for me as I asked him to because I was so nervous for playing the role of SB for the first time in my life.
    I always considered physical relationship comes later when you’re in LOVE but this SD, he kissed me in a way that added extra toxic to the Vodka effects in my head. I never knew kissing a stranger would give me this kind of feeling or may be it was just HIM. Anyways all thanks to the SD and the Vodka for giving me the confidence of walking into the life I am encountering. I am learning to enjoy life and it feels great. I am not into any arrangement now because I have been going out with a guy to explore Adelaide and my friend told me I need to go out with many guys to learn life and how to enjoy. I am trying that… I just wander in SA to watch him for a while. It gives me weird peace in heart though I know he isn’t the Mr. Right. Cheers to SA. TA

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t Champagne on the list?

  4. Chanelllllll says:

    I love it all lol but wine is my favorite!

  5. Gigi_92 says:

    I always go for red wine

  6. Anonymous says:

    i went out with a guy on here (first one I have met) and he gave me herpes from kissing! Be warned! I will give user name if anyone wants to know who it was! Is there a place to report these dangers?

  7. Sugar Baby says:

    making assumptions about people you don’t know is kinda dumb, I agree. It leads to stereotypes, so no, I don’t think judging by what a woman drinks, you can tell who she is and if she’s comfortable in heels. Is a man comfortable in heels based on the fact that he prefers a cab instead of a Heineken? Better idea: why don’t you just ask a woman what she prefers and likes, and just maybe she’ll tell you and you will know.

  8. This is dumb I drink wine and beer…but I guess I don’t count cause I am more of a 420 girl

  9. leana says:

    I like St. Germaine cocktails. Mulled wine on a cold night. Drinking hot wine out of a plastic cup with your nose and ears freezing off in the wind = <3

  10. EgoCentricBrat says:

    Johnny Walker//Green Label <3

  11. Cutie says:

    Pinot Noir gets me through 20 page research papers, vodka cranberry allows me to talk to a guy without acknowledging his looks…. Hennessy and apple cider though is basically saying “Netflix and Chill”

  12. Anonymous says:

    An Old Fashioned made with Lagavulin. So smooth.

  13. Shailynns21 says:

    A nice white Riesling is always first choice 😉

  14. ruby says:

    southern comfort and lemonade with ice!

  15. Elegantly Fun says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t list champagne! What else is there?!! #PleasureAddict

  16. Sunbby says:

    i like anything lol

  17. Anonymous says:

    white wine 🙂

  18. Sven says:

    For once we have loads of comments from women, thanks to the topic…

  19. Thelovelydani says:

    I love Johnny walker blue. A glass of wine with dinner. A Cosmo or margarita on the beach, Some tequila and a vodka cranberry at a hole in the wall bar. A good hefeweizen or ipa at a brewery. Mimosas at brunch. Or just some Fiji! So yeahhhh,,,party on

  20. Mistress LaBelle says:

    I may want a Sweet Red one night and whiskey shots the next. Is that really predictive of who I am?

  21. Sugar Baby says:

    I love my shots and beer. I’m a newbie to all this so I guess that’s true.

  22. Laura says:

    I love beer and whiskey. Woot woot! Out of all the wine tastings I’ve been. Red is not a favorite of mine, If needed I will drink white. I’m usually the only gal who brings white wine to a party, and is always gone before all the Reds.

  23. Candy says:

    I love the comment about wine. That’s all I drink, and I’m definitely not for the beginner SD! withsomesugarontop.com

  24. Sugar Baby says:

    All my fav cocktails are not on the list:(
    I guess I can just order additional glass of wine;)

  25. SweetYoungNatalia says:

    What if I don’t drink alcohol? Hmmmmm. I feel left out.

  26. sugar newbie says:

    I like my gin and tonic (Larios and tonic water with grapefruit or orange wheel) though I drink all of the above suggested drinks. I’m well-versed in alcohol because I was once a hospitality student. I certainly don’t drink mild drinks though I’m a lightweight. It really bugs me that people profile people according to what they drink. This is just so one-sided that it really bugs me so much, plus there is so much more to drink than just those.

  27. Sugar Mama says:

    You missed out the The Strawberry Daiquiri!!

  28. Crypt Keeper says:

    Like always 2t, like always

  29. 2tfruty says:

    Red wine And a little Gin with a dash of lemonade. The odd occasion I may indulge in Amaretto on the rocks. But I must say what a woman drinks should not make her measure; seems a like a rather bias article written by a novice. ¬_¬

  30. Sugar Baby says:

    Whiskey, red wine and a DosXX or two are my preferred!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Strawberry Bellini’s or porn star martini’s please!

  32. Ananda44 says:

    Oh, I disagree entirely. But that could be just me. In my case the situation dictates the drink. Red wine with steak, scotch in the evening, beer at the game, martini at happy hour, and mixed fruity at the cabana.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Double shot of Jack Fire neat is the way to go for me!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Attention passengers. We are flying high, solo, on a drunken stouper, and nothing is working. No one wants to be a part of the group that is not paid as part of the expert “in crowd”. Oh well, move on and find a way to afford to fit in, at a later date. This way, every sees the amber rose light at the end of the tunnel. As of right now, no one likes the BBW on the blog. I will refine myself like a white washed version and come out clean as a whistle and not a barn version that roams in the field. I will reconvein in 2 months. Hola.

  35. GenuineBrunette says:

    Sounds pretty spot on. A beer every now and then is all I need. 😉

  36. IntelligentMuse says:

    Accurate. I love wine and am quite the ‘handful’. 😉 Not for rookies! Yet I’m a rookie!

  37. walkingdeadfan says:

    lol! what if the girl (or guy, as in me) is straight-edge and doesn’t drink alcohol at all? 😛

  38. yoursweetbaby11 says:

    Lol…Im a bad girll.. Cognac…..

  39. vianka35 says:

    message me 😉

  40. viankasweet says:

    lol… I’m not extreme drinker but like all; whiskey, vodka, tequila and rum course of my country “Cane flower”, but as they say, it all depends on the place and person.

    “The only thing it does not hurt too much, is happiness.” 😉

  41. slim says:

    What about hennessy cognac????

  42. Mescia says:

    Love my martini’s for after work, love my red wine with dinner, love tequila shots when it’s time to dance with the girls, love my GJ on the rocks when I’m enjoying a cigar, & there’s also nothing better than a cold beach while on the beach! Time & place for everything! xo – M

  43. SouthernSB says:

    Coconut Malibu on ice straight up or a martini shaken not stirred.

  44. purplexo says:

    Depending on the setting, I don’t see anything wrong with having an appreciation for a bit of anything!

  45. MGMoxie says:

    Whiskey sour – oh, yes.

  46. elaine says:

    Ok, I promised to translate some parts of an article in a newspaper over here, based upon a SA pressrelease, enjoy!

    “Seeking Arrangement is a site for rich people, VERY rich people!
    So rich they can even afford a full time mistress, for whom they pay everything, from rent to private university tutions.”

    “to reach a financial stability by meeting “experienced” men, that know how to court a lady, cuddling and spoiling her, giving her everything she desires, from the most expensive dinners to holidays in the most exciting and excotic places.”

    “According to CNN the medium allowance is $3000. What they get in return from their Sugarbabied depends of the kind of arrangement they have agreed upon at the beginning of the relationship.
    Sure, some of them only want to take her out for dinner, others simply want somebody to spend time with
    but sex is not a topic that is banned. The contrary, if a girl agrees upon having also a sexual relationship with her “mentor” most probably she will have even more economic benefits, because the benefactor will be very motivated to be extra generous with her.”


    • noname says:

      elaine looks like they wrote that for you

      • elaine says:


        Well, what was first.
        Chicken or the egg?
        I am probably used to a certain ambience. 😉

        My first benefactor is probably one of the richest guys on SA and has introduced me to the sugarbowl at an extremely high level, so then you tend to think that is normal and you act accordingly and stick to this high standard.
        This has worked out to become a selffulfilling prophecy with my other SDs.

        Would my first experiences have been with offers of $200 p4p “SD” (apart from the fact that I would have turned them down), I probably would have had another vision and approach to it.

        Would I have read the blog about “old” SBs at that time, I would not even have made a profile …

      • noname says:

        elaine good point we are all shaped by our experiences im glad it worked out so well for you i would say to any new SB or SD don’t read the blog before entering the sugar bowl i know if i had read the blog before becoming a sugar daddy i would not have become one i wish you continued success with your SD thanks or sharing this

  47. Sugar Baby says:

    I prefer top shelf tequila with sugar and lime. What does that say? I don’t throw them back as some would do but that’s my preference.

  48. Looking but no luck says:

    Hahaha! I like whiskey but it scares men. Martinis are cute for first dates (and go well with dinner)

    • ATLSD says:

      After reading your profile I can why you have no luck. This also solidifies that having a good profile is important. You are a beautiful girl but that gets lost in your narrative.

    • Bridgett says:

      I agree with ATLSD. I don’t think the wonderful woman you probably are is shining through your profile. There are only about three paragraphs that are intriguing. Most of the others are fairly negative. Try putting less focus on what’s gone wrong.

  49. Anonymous says:

    also i see the comment sections haven’t changed.


  50. Anonymous says:

    doesnt say anything about what type of beer. but whatever i dont usually mind hanging out with IPA or Pilsner types. but they better not shy away from a brown/porter/stout.

  51. InkedKitten says:

    Leaves out so many options how silly lol, what about rum? Ales? I’m more of a spiced rum kind of girl, I can handle whiskey and scotch but it’s not my drink of choice. Some of us just have a sweet tooth.

  52. Kuz says:

    Kuz is not Fundude ladies. But why should it matter what we say. All you mid-forties, BBW, single moms are getting 5K allowance from 35 year old CEOs with a six pack, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      that’s right. my SD just handed me $6,000 in CASH for making his bed

    • Fundude says:

      Welcome back brah.

      These bitches are getting nothing lol

      • anonymous says:

        And you ain’t getting nothing, bruh. “Bitches” really? What are you, five? Do you get tingly when you post a swear word to the internet? Oh, I bet your mom is so proud of you. Strutting around in your underwear – bet you’re the kind of hypocritical dudebro who yells at women who do the same thing. Who do you think you are? Certainly not a gentleman and certainly undeserving a lady’s time. I’m willing to bet you’re mad even hookers turn you down. You aren’t the prize you think you are, hotshot.

      • Anonymous says:

        Meanwhile…….. back at the ranch

  53. rembodler says:

    A certain amount of horseplay and name calling is to be expected… No reason to get knickers in a twist. You do not have to read it, do not have to reply, do not have to be here. And yes, some useful and interesting discussions could be easily diluted by idiocy, but such is life. If you do not believe me, look out of the window.

  54. blairsugar07 says:

    Where is tea? Lol..

  55. With a Bow on Top says:

    I think we just all need to remember we all have our own opinions. Once we can respect and accept someone’s views on something whether we agree or not this forum would be a lot better. I personally get tired of reading the blog when all I see is constant arguing and childish behaviour. Everyone’s view of sugar is different whether you want to accept 100/month or 4000/month it’s not anyone’s business. BBW, skinny, etc… Who cares. Whether you’re 21 or 45 and you’re choosing to sugar isn’t anyone’s business. Again no one needs to prove anything to anyone how you go about your success as a SD or a SB is yours to do with as you see fit.

    • HoustonGirlForFun says:

      I could not agree more. I have been reading this blog and a couple of the others lately and it amazes me how childish some can be.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Nose in the air and gracefully steps off her soap box … :-))

    • Anonymous says:


      Unfortunately, you are making too much sense—they don’t like that kind of thing around here!

    • ks says:

      Considering there are tens of thousands SB/SD its quite surprising only a few post here on the blog. Granted more will lurk and read rather than participate, which is their choice. But everyone has opinions. Its probably just time and interest that limits participation.

    • ks says:

      Or maybe people suffer from doxaphobia…

      • With a Bow on Top says:

        @ks that wouldn’t surprise me. They probably view the blog then go… Last thing I need is to be ripped to shreds

      • ks says:

        Maybe a week on the blog is hell week for SB in order to emotionally harden them up for the SB/SD dynamic. At least they are not subject to conscription…yet…

      • Anonymous says:


        Did you mean “doxophobia”? We know you are not good at distinguishing the male form -o vs. the female form -a.

      • ks says:

        Yes that’s what I meant. Apologies for my spelling. However I remain excellent at distinguishing male from female.

    • Dash says:

      Disagreeing is fine but it’s just unreadable nonsense that makes my eyes glaze over.

      I mean I’ll be honest, I used to be this guy:

      But I mean really.

      Worse yet are anonymous fools popping in to say someone is old or ugly, a hooker or a john or whatever else.

      • Anonymous says:

        And do not forget calling a male contributor posting as a male but is really a female and visa versa other such nonsense.

  56. rembodler says:

    Have you ever considered that things you or Vixen says make “blood boil” for some of us?
    And we would also want to rub our sugar reality in your face? The one where great finds do not require thousands upon thousands? And that we honestly – honestly – do not understand why a healthy sane men will beg a 45 year old woman who rejected him to take 600 dollars? Not because we do not believe men exist that have a lot of money, but simply because it is rather…foolish?
    Just sayin.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor thing. That must be very hard on you to have older women make you look silly and cheap. However do you deal with it? therapy?

    • elaine says:


      We all say things that others might not like because it doesn’t fit in their view on how things should be.
      I think it is a sign of narrowmindness to not accept other realities, and with all due respect, I don’t think I don’t accept other sugar realities. Do I try to put some counterweight to some realities? Yes I do.

      I don’t think I have ever attacked someone who has not attacked me first and I never put words in their mouths to push my own aganda. Neither do I ever use vulgarities. When people ask me something or call me out, I answer.
      That’s why I think my blood boil factor to other bloggers shouldn’t be that high, only maybe for people who’s nerves I have hit. and you seem to be one of those.
      No idea why btw. but I must have hurt your feelings somewhere.

      You’re not dumb, so please don’t play stupid now and close your eyes for the constant sucking and baiting our resident Dumbo is doing to get my attention.

      And everything Vixen writes something, it is at her account.
      Sometimes I agree, sometimes it amuses me and sometimes I don’t agree, but there is no reason to always name us together in one sentence, only because we have the same age and are both reasonable succesful in our own ways.

      She has her vision on sugar, I have mine, and sometimes they come together.

      Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂

      • Fundude says:

        So I guess you accept that SugarD is banging young hotties for minimal money while in his 70s since we are to all accept everyone’s “reality”.

        Right? Or does that only extend to older SBs who want to whine and bitch on here.?

    • Fundude says:

      Angry feminists don’t really care about insulting men or their petty “feelings”. Insulting them is normal and natural.

      The only issue we have to worry about SOLEY above all other criteria is NOT to upset older feminist SBs.

      It is our duty in life to serve them as men.

    • Isla80 says:

      I happen to know Vixen – she is a classy, successful woman who’s figured out how to get the extra’s she wants in life. We live in the same city and everything she says is true. Whether it makes your “blood boil” or not, she knows what she’s doing. She has even invited me to meet one of her daddies. I’m still on the fence about the whole SD/SB thing but I do know SHE IS the real deal.

  57. HoustonGirlForFun says:

    My go to drink is whiskey, not because of my dad or just to prove I can, but because I genuinely enjoy it. I also wouldn’t consider drinking whiskey a “hipster” thing.

  58. elaine says:

    “Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”

    “Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”

    “Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”

    “Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”

    “Never argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience”

    Repeating this often enough for me is more effective as counting to 10! 🙂

  59. Fundude says:

    Its amusing to watch the older SBs get their panties in a wad about my comments. Remember, they were the first to start the insults when I stated my SMP perspective about older SBs, BBWs, etc. They took it personally and went on a typical feminist tirade.

    These feminist women are used to insulting men without being hit back. They frequently insulted other blog SDs or posters they disagreed with (newest example is SugarD).

    Aww poor babies, kinda sucks when we hit back these days right?

    Men are getting tired of this feminist double standard bullshit.

  60. elaine says:

    Hypothetical question:

    What is best to do when your nagging toddler throws itself in public on the floor, begging, shouting and crying for attention?

    We all know how annoying those kids are, desperately seeking attention, ANY kind of attention will do even if it’s negative.

    Most kids grow over this around the age of 6, when they start to understand this kind of behaviour is making them look silly and it’s contra productive.

    What went wrong in a kids life when he still exposes this behaviour at age 35?

  61. DamnVixen says:

    OH DAMN!
    My SD called, needs me to come over ASAP for 24 HOURS! (This is why we get paid the big-bucks, boys. Self-employed. Make our own hours.)

    Tennis stuff
    Nice dress for dinner
    Formal attire required

    What shall I do? Argue with trolls, or earn my money?

    Anyone agreeing with @FunDude and thinking I’m a “Kenna” can drop by my blog later to see the photos. I’ll even hold up a little piece of paper in each saying: “FUCK YOU, FUNDUDE!”

    Either I have an SD with a $6 million house … or I have a very close male friend, willing to get naked with me, in his $6 million house … I’ll create a separate AFF account and blog for that purpose.

    Then maybe we can put all these ugly accusations against me being a “fake” to rest.
    (Probably not, because it’s going to chap these guys’ asses that I have a multi-millionaire SD.)

    • Fundude says:

      Yes I would love to see pics of you with your SD in the 6 million dollar house. We are all waiting to see this reality.

      Furthermore, show us the checks in writing/cashed from your sugar daddy in the thousands of dollars to prove he is actually paying you anything substantial.

      We can all make our own decisions based upon it.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      @Vixen why do you feel the need to prove anything to Fundude or anybody else? We are a bunch of strangers on a blog. Their acceptence has no impact on your life. I find your lack of discretion off putting. Hopefully your SD is aware and ok with you putting details about his sexual preferences and pictures of his home up online for validation from strangers.

      • DamnVixen says:

        As I’ve explained before … my SD relationship isn’t a secret, not anything either of us are hiding. Spoke to him, and he finds it highly entertaining.

        We are both single. This is all “legal” – nothing to hide.

        @FunDude – cash troll, cash

        I would like to see how FunDude and the other trolls react to being faced with a reality that they don’t want to accept.

        Let’s call it a little “social experiment.”

      • With a Bow on Top says:

        @Jaybird shes not like you or @Elaine she doesn’t get it. She’ll never get it. She just wants attention. Real sugarbabies don’t need to prove their worth to anyone but their SD. It’s all for attention.

      • Fundude says:

        There is no reality.

        Anyone can take pictures with some random dude with a nice house.

        Doesn’t prove he’s giving big money to you.

      • With a Bow on Top says:

        I agree @Fundude.

      • elaine says:


        You are right, nobody has to prove anything to @Fundouche.

        But I have too admit he makes my blood boil too, and sometimes me too feels the urge to slam my sugar realities in his stupid face.

        It is highly irritating to always be called a liar, and you have to admit that he is trying to bait us in every single of his posts.
        Putting words in our mouth, mentioning “old SBs” in every second sentence he is posting.

        I have decided to ignore him, as I would do with the earlier mentioned little kid, even though it requires a lot of my selfcontrol.
        Others decide to confront him with his stupidity.

        It is like confessing a crime you have not committed, only to let the officers stop questioning you because they drive you crazy.

        We all know this is only a blog with strangers, but you too get so irritated you cannot stop answering him.

        We are only human, and turning the other cheek when you get attacked or bullied, even if it is only on-line, is just not easy.

      • Fundude says:


        I wish the older SBs would ignore me. I am not speaking to them but mostly to the SDs and younger SBs.

      • Fundude says:


        Posting pictures doesn’t prove she gets big allowances from some rich dude.

        The younger SBs aren’t fooled by this bluff

      • Anonymous says:

        When someone calls you a liar and you are not lying, then it can be annoying, frustrating of course. But that is the point of a troll–to anger and cause trouble.

        To defend yourself against lies and get defensive about things that are not true, it can make you look weak to others as if you are not secure or are guilty of lying. He is no complete dummy and knows how to manipulate people and the conversation to what he wants which is either turmoil or something he is interested in. He knows exactly what he is doing. It is a game for him to anger you and frustrate. Feel sorry for him bc he must be a miserable person but please IGNORE the troll.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Elaine yes I can understand the frustration of continually being called a liar and wanting to prove that you aren’t… but not by sacrificing the privacy of your SD.

        Vixen reveals way to much info about a man who did not choose to participate on this blog. Yes I understand they are both single but people were able to track Vixen and discover other information about her that she did not reveal on the blog. So it might not be that hard to discover who he is either.

        She has no idea who’s lurking on this site. While it might not be a secret that they are seeing each other, he might just might have a problem with his acquaintances knowing he enjoys being anally probed with a prostate massager for instance. But then again who knows I might be wrong….

      • Fundude says:


        Most billionaire dudes are happy to speak about paying substantial allowances to 45 year plus old single moms to get anally probed with prostate massages.

        Why would he care? Nothing wrong with it.

  62. elaine says:


    “I’ll also reiterate that only the guys who pay minimal comes on blogs and talk about the SBs in such degrading fashions which further advances the belief if something is cheap it holds no value.”

    Yes, the ones who are paying more are too busy making money, they don’t bother slipping out of the boardroom to the toilet to check this blog and brag about “how cheap they can get the young girls”.

    Heck! I am sure my (ex) SDs and Pot’s don’t even KNOW about it’s existence!

    • Anonymous says:

      Cheap men need sexual outlets too. 🙂

      • elaine says:

        Sure, I have no problems with that, everybody should do what is within his or her possibilities.

        Only thing I am saying is that most SDs blogging here are not representative and at the low end of sugar.

        PS. And yes, I know! Also the SBs blogging here (including myself) are not representative.
        Most of the younger SBs hang out on Tumblr, IG and the “Talk about” blog.

      • DamnVixen says:

        “Cheap” (in any manner, sexual or otherwise) = Disrespect

        Bang the guy within minutes of meeting him, he texts all his friends and blogs about it on the internet.

        The locker-room of the Third Millennium.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, I meant fantasy sexual outlets.

      • DamnVixen says:

        The younger SBs hang out on IG and Tumbler because they are posting the profiles and pictures of the SDs that contact them and are mocking them.

        I went over and read some of them the other day … the comments and insults were both cringe-worthy and hilarious.

      • Anonymous says:


        You are correct. The Tumblrites are scammers, either trying to scam fellow Tumblrites for a subscription fee or trying to scam SD’s (probably failing despite their brags and fantasy stories). A legit SB getting good support from an SD would not be bitter and posting pictures of her SD for ridicule.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      My problem isn’t that they are on the blogs. there are several SDs who post and have posted in the past that don’t pay minimal.My point was those SDs have never come on here and talk about their SBs or the SBs they have been with in a degrading fashion. They don’t come here and describe the intimate acts that they share. They seem to have more respect for them. Maybe the Tumblr girls were right no one should be accepting minimal

      • Anonymous says:

        The quality has dropped so fast, it’s almost as low as shit.

      • Anonymous says:

        There were some great SD contributors back then who totally agreed with the sentiment that minimal girls were usually too cheap, escort like, so it’s not only SB’s who are thinking that.

      • @FunDude says:


        The Tumblr girls will take minimal in the end…it is inevitable…

        The ugly truth is that even the salty, broke, minimal SD is still about one to two standard deviations higher in salary and/or IQ than the typical SB (or her future partner) and is desires a lifestyle reserves for beautiful women.

        The only path available to the Tumblr crowd is to queue up and get ready for the FatB’Stard pubic jungle adventure ride.

        Have a nice day :-).

      • FatB'StardSA says:

        Was that me or @FunDude?

        We need detective @Vixen to figure it out!

      • Fundude says:


        Most of the TUMBRL women are angry because they have been spit out of SA mostly after getting far less than they expected.

        Many BBWs post on the TUMBLR blog bitching about how they aren’t getting substantial allowances.

        In the end, the market will dictate prices.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        What does the FatB’Stard pubic jungle adventure ride consist of? Please describe the experience for those of us who’s never had the pleasure…

      • Anonymous says:

        “Tumblr girls” are escorts, wannabe escorts and scammers who want to charge a fee for teaching wannabe escorts how to be escorts. Escorts come in all prices, and it is in their professional interest to maintain high prices for others (then each one undercuts whatever is publicly promoted as the norm).

        The sugar bowl used to be much smaller a few years ago. Now there are much more girls, while the number of legit SD’s who can afford to sustain long term sugar has not changed much or has declined due to the declining economy. For many girls around 20, even $1000 per month makes a significant difference in their lives that have jobs paying only $1000-2000 per month after tax depending on working part time as a student or full time. Take whatever your current after-tax income is, think what a 50% – 100% increase can do for you. It’s a no-brainer for the non-escort girl who is not doing it as a profession like an escort.

      • FatB'StardSA says:


        Located in the valley between belly mountain and the meaty thigh mountain range the pubic jungle hides the mythical obelisk located between the great spheres of B’Stard.

        Great ritches await those brave enough to make the journey, but beware the danger of bunghole cavern…known to erupt and cover the whole vally with poison gas when you least expect it…

      • Jaybird923 says:

        LMAO I won’t be purchasing tickets for that ride. 🙂

      • ks says:

        So its a lot like frakking?

  63. Anonymous says:

    There’s an influx of delusional SD’s coming here these last few days along with obviously fake profile of some SB’s. Entertaining indeed.

  64. DamnVixen says:

    Nice, short article Sugar Babies should read on how to snag a SD. In sum: “Find his missing piece and become it.” True for the two SD’s I’ve had. You have to figure out what he’s missing or needs, and fulfill that need. Keep in mind, it’s rarely as simple as “sex” or “good conversation.”


  65. Dash says:

    @FatBastardSD help me out I know you were here back 2-3 years ago. Did everyone posting then just leave the bowl or what?

    I think I missed the whole Pastor Dave thing or I’m just not remembering it. Flyer was one, NewbieSD or something similar. Spicey something, the girl in Utah, Jersey, lil_tm. Zach, sweetie, and others I would know if I saw the names but I’m just drawing a blank.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually FB has started trolling himself recently. Most of the true and real bloggers have been chased away by these pricks. It’s unfortunate.

      • DamnVixen says:

        Just scroll down the page to the “@Fundude” and “FatBastard” posts with the “ATM” logo to the left of them for proof of the trolling behavior. Both are FatBastard.

      • Fundude says:

        Im fatbastard too? Im getting confused.

        I thought I was Kuz and monkey dude. Or the guy who said ergo under anonymous?

      • DamnVixen says:

        @The Reading Impaired
        -FatBastard was using your name next to his avatar to troll and create controversy. As he later posted and admitted.

        Scroll down and read.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kuz said ergo, not anyone under anonymous. Monkey is a she (but recently somebody is using her moniker I suspect).

      • Anonymous says:

        Kuz did not say “Ergo,” and that anonymous was not FD.

        Your device did not change between 7:02 am and 7:05 am today.

      • Anonymous says:

        The fact you are arguing about who said what, when and who is who saying what on a blog–is sad. Don’t worry bout’ it.

    • FatB'StardSA says:


      I know some still use the site but do not blog anymore.

      It seems all of us old timers have been replaced with the new and improved versions of ourselves though…

      • Fundude says:

        Actually, when I first started on this blog, things seemed much more “normal”.

        The regular SDs and SBs seemed realistic and normal.

        I believed Kenna as well. WTF happened with all the delusional crazies that have come here these days?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Since you’re one of the delusional crazies why don’t you tell us why you’re here…

      • Anonymous says:

        No, seriously WHY ARE YOU HERE AND HAVE BEEN FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS? You are not in the sugar bowl, have nothing valuable to contribute or discuss. Why the hell would you stay for so long on a blog arguing with SB’s?

      • DamnVixen says:

        What kind of guy who isn’t in the sugar-dating lifestyle or paying member of the site, comes on to a sugar-dating blog, day after day, to post political articles and videos??

        Crazy person = FunDude

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol even the real sugar participants like Sexy and ONSD have left, yet he is still here. Something tells me he is here because he has no life. Logical, no?

      • FatB'StardSA says:


        There have ALWAYS been crazy bloggers here as far as I remember.

      • FatB'StardSA says:


        I am sure you all believe the world revolves around you so this may come as a shock to you…

        @FumDude’s comments are very valuable to younger POT SD’s thinking of joining the site. Feel free to have another sex ed class or discussion about rape culture amongst yourselves though…

        Have a nice day :-).

      • Anonymous says:


        This blog has so much testosterone it is, it is reking of old sweaty balls. Without us, it would collapse. Show some respect, at least we are entitled to contribute because we have been or currently are in arrangements.

        An OUTSIDER with no intention to be a SD or a SB cannot give valuable advice because he/she is not speaking from experience.

      • DamnVixen says:

        Then maybe FunDude should just go create his own website/blog to give advice to new SDs? Then he doesn’t have to come on here daily and repeat himself for two years.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Fat How is the post of a man who is not a SD and have never been a SD valuable to young SDs?

        I spent almost two months arguing with the fake fuck that was impersonating you. Telling him I knew he was a fake because he wasn’t as clever or witty as you. Now I feel like a fool your post are no better than his. Get it together

      • Fundude says:


        Younger SDs would be wise to take my advice. Its the most logical stuff on this blog.

        Furthermore, it will anger the older SBs/BBW SBs due to my discussions on SMP.

        Ergo, the anger and controversy that has caused the blog to devolve. Apparently, men aren’t allowed preferences according to many less desirable women.

      • FatB'StardSA says:


        Allow me to educate you…

        One can be a SD and still think that SA sucks and decide not to use SA.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Fat Yes one can but HE is not a SD and has no intention of being a SD.

      • FatB'StardSA says:


        I believe @FunDude’s GF is much younger than he is and he spends a fair bit of money on her.

        Does that count as a SD/SB relationship?

      • Anon says:

        That seems an unfair question. We don’t even know if they are related…

      • Fundude says:


        11 years younger. Nothing too crazy.

        I buy her some stuff, nothing too crazy. Definitely wouldn’t spend “substantial” allowances on women.

        Being forced to spend too much money confirms a woman is a gold digger.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Fundude does not have a girlfriend. That ended sometime after his Mexico vacation. Seeing him once a week was bearable but I guess having to spend several days in his company is what did him in. He should know by now he’s only tolerable in small doses.

        And no it wouldn’t count as a SD/SB arrangement.

      • FatB'StardSA says:


        That is why your view is valuable…

        I was surprised when a blog SD claimed a very rich 45 year old surgeon should be happy a 45 year old woman with 4 children giveschim the time of day IRL!

        @Jaybird thinks all arrangements need to have cash allowances in the thousands per month.

        Older blog SB’s talk about younger SD’s chasing after them.

        Many new SD’s with low self esteem and big bank accounts read the blogs and believe this is the only reality. A false reality that the rinsers on the blog want to perpetuate…

        New SD’s need your posts, don’t believe the bloggets who say otherwise!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @FAT No Jaybird doesn’t. Try again 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      The women probably aged out of the bowl. As for the men, “he chose poorly”:


      Such is the risk to a man who let a pretty woman pick the expensive-looking chalice for him. Notice, after her boss/colleague Donovan dies, she clings to Indy.

      • SSSD says:

        He who chooses a woman over his empire, shall have neither.

      • JosephF SD says:

        And with sound this time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Correction: “aged out” might be a little harsh. SugarySpicey once said the bowl in the long run is “damaged people damaging other people,” so I think there is some truth to the sugar bowl being emotionally and psychologically damaging to young women in the long run. You know, that sweet innocent girl with bright eyes turning into “a thousand cock stare” after too many rounds riding on the cock carousel. The sugar bowl with its mercenary aspect could be potentially worse if it is entirely about high dollars knocking down the young lady’s haughty walls.

        That’s why I suggest the SD’s make longer commitment to girls and help them solve whatever is the problem bringing them to the bowl, and the SB’s pick legit and realistic long-term offers and get out of the bowl after the problem is solved (at least taking some breaks) instead of making life dependent on sugar for too long or making it into some kind of validation device over other girls. It should not be a profession for most girls.

        Men are sexually pluralistic and resilient, so pace yourselves, gents. Women are biologically programmed to seek long term security in exchange for sex; too many failed attempts can cause PTSD.

      • DamnVixen says:

        @Anonymous 8:06
        That is actually a correct observation, sugar-dating is damaging.

        And it’s not just damaging to young girls, it’s damaging even to older women who might already be “jaded” or “cynical.”

        Once you have entered into just ONE successful Arrangement, you no longer have the same perspective on relationships and sex.

        This was something Elaine warned me about when I first came on this site about 7 months ago, and she was right.

  66. SugarD says:

    Soda Pop

    Here is another reason to stick with barely legal SBs. A M&G can cost a lot with a hard drinking 20 something who has her drinking chops going . My 20 yr old is going to get a Coke or at most a Starbucks Latte. Cost =$10

    You big spenders squiring mature ladies will Pop 2 bottles of Vino, mixed drinks and appetizers. Cost $100

    The bedroom activities 1 hour later will be the similar but not the same
    Legal Teen=Notel Motel $38 ,no condoms,no lube needed ,bottled water #$0.38 == $38.38+$10=$48.38
    Mature Mom=Omni $120 ,Lube $14 ,condoms $8 pack,room service $50==$192+$100 =$292

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, hi there, wanna buy my land in Nigeria which has lots of oil resources?

      • DamnVixen says:


        “Mature SB” agrees with you. Ergo @Fundude’s SMV Theory disproved.

        Mature SBs cost more money because they aren’t that fucking stupid.

        “Mature SB” is grateful to not be a 20 year old SB, who has 75+ year old SugarD pursuing her with this kind of mentality.

      • elaine says:

        So happy I don’t have to deal with these kind of “SD’s”…

      • elaine says:

        Especially the “no lube needed” part is hilarious!

        I am sure any 20 something will slip of her chair when seeing granddad’s saggy balls dangling.


      • DamnVixen says:

        Me too.

        Further proof of why I’d rather have my 18 year old daughter go to “drunken frat parties” and “have sex with the dude from the local bar” than be subjected to the behavior of “SOME” of the men on this site.

        (Note Sugar Daddies – I wrote SOME … not ALL – so there’s no need to get your knickers all in a twist claiming you don’t behave like that and treat your 18 year old SBs well.)

      • DamnVixen says:

        ROFLMAO!!! —>
        Especially the “no lube needed” part is hilarious!

        I am sure any 20 something will slip of her chair when seeing granddad’s saggy balls dangling.

      • Fundude says:

        Sounds more realistic than the old 50 year old single mom who has HPV that gets substantial allowances from guys million dollar houses because she is “fabulous” and routinely turns down supermodel SDs that give her 600 dollars for a 15 min conversation

      • Fundude says:

        Correction: 6 million dollar house

      • DamnVixen says:


        So I’m now …
        Have a venereal disease
        Get a substantial allowance
        Routinely turn down supermodel SDs
        Receive $600 for a 15 minute conversation

        FunDude has completely lost his mind. A man claiming to be a doctor comes on to this site to make this stuff up about me?

        FunDude – leave it alone already. Your obsession with me is making you look bat-shit-crazy.

      • Fundude says:

        Didn’t you admit to having HPV?
        Are you not getting close to 50?
        Are you not a single mother?
        Did you not claim you got 600 dollars from a “younger fit SD” that was desperate to get with you over a 15 min conversation?

    • Anonymous says:

      So all young lady’s above 20 are mature moms to you?

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think there is any sort of legit correlation between age and maturity. The general public reels when it is revealed that an adult man had sex with an underage girl yet don’t bat an eye when she has turned 18 because in the eyes of the law she is an adult.

        I’ve known 15 year olds that were good to go and I’ve dated and thrown back 19 year olds because it was obvious that they weren’t ready psychologically for sex.

        With deference to legality – don’t let age determine your morality.

    • Anonymous says:

      Disgusting pervert. Motel sex with no condoms. Seriously, your fantasies are fucked up even if they aren’t real.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Like I’ve said before you guys posting things like this just makes it harder for yourself. If I’m a new SB who was looking for minimal or was ok with a cheap motel and I’m reading this where basically a man thinks I’m a cheap whore who’ll fuck him with no condom for the least amount of money possible. How likely do you think it is that I’ll still be ok with accepting minimal? If you make it something negative that’s what it will be.

      I’ll also reiterate that only the guys who pay minimal comes on blogs and talk about the SBs in such degrading fashions which further advances the belief if something is cheap it holds no value.

      • Anonymous says:

        True Jay, I haven’t seen anyone ‘high or substantial’ coming here to brag about that, and I am sure they have something to brag about. Money cannot buy class, in the case of our fantasy writer SugarD.

    • Fundude says:

      SugarD is the gift that keeps on giving lol

      Welcome to the blog

      • Anonymous says:

        Hypocrite aren’t we?

      • Fundude says:


        I notice how DamnVixen doesn’t like her own medicine from SugarD.

        Got to love it.

        He literally is the inverse version of DamnVixen lol

      • Fundude says:


        Isn’t it amazing how insulting is “childish” and “wrong” until it comes to SBs insulting SDs.

        There has been no shortage of insults thrown at you from these SBs who are supposedly so enlightened with their discussions on this blog lol

    • FatB'StardSA says:


      Informative and entertaining post!

      • Anonymous says:

        More like a cheap fantasy novel.

      • SugarD says:

        “Mature SB” is grateful to not be a 20 year old SB, who has 75+ year old SugarD pursuing her with this kind of mentality.

        LOLOLOL Thanks all! Truth ! You can’t make this stuff up.
        So here’s where you are wrong girls . I LOVE my SBs ! There is nothing disrespectful about my budget-it is what it is =Reality. I require bareback and my Babies are in agreement with it . And they have no problem spending my allowance which I never fail to pay as agreed on .

        You ladies don’t want to hear the truth because it is threatening to you . The average SB is going to get a minimal to practical deal-get used to it . The exceptionally lucky or super special SBs might score higher. It happens .

        This is fun-take a look:
        – granddad’s saggy balls
        – degrading fashions
        – which bit is perverted – the motel or the condom (lack of)
        – Disgusting pervert. Motel sex with no condoms.
        – something is cheap it holds no value
        – I’d rather have my 18 year old daughter go to “drunken frat parties”

        Ahhh-Threatened much ladies ? Reality.
        – parties”
        – So happy I don’t have to deal with these kind of “SD’s”
        – wanna buy my land in Nigeria

      • Anonymous says:

        A cheap motel, no condom, balls that sag to the floor and a bottle of water.

        Thank you for the insight into the imaginative mind of a geriatric John. We can always use more cautionary tales of what is considered a nightmare hell for any young woman(even desperate and addicted to drugs). Your scary nightmare story is a better than any lecture for girls never to start down a path of drugs or arrangements.

    • Anon says:

      Peanuts. Dinner alone can be $300. Seems to me you are not in the bowl marked sugar, but the bowl marked desperation.

      • Anonymous says:

        $300 for dinner is a little high. $150 about covers a room service dinner for two (3 or 4 courses each) in a 4-star or 5-star hotel; a little less if the dinner takes place downstairs either in the hotel itself or at a nice restaurant nearby. Much beyond that, IMHO, would be money better spent on the SB herself.

        Speaking of myself, a $40 motel room would be too dirty and dingy for me to enjoy sex. Before finding Hotwire, I found even $100/night independent hotels/motels found on the car’s GPS and booked on walk-in to be a thorough turn-off. If SugarD can enjoy it and pass the savings to his SB’s, good for them.

        For the SB’s expecting $300 dinners (spent on the food and drinks) every time, a bigger risk is in spurning reasonably generous long term offers, then jump on a higher monthly number from a serial pumper-and-dumper, only to find it impossible to continue the bed hopping after a few of those, exhausting the local supply of “high rollers.” I suspect that’s how the globe-trotting professional SB’s came about.

    • gabbi says:

      No condoms????? Oh HELL no, idk what color the barn that you were raised in was but no condom = no sex. Not catching an STD today, tomorrow, or ever. Or if you think just because they’re young they’ll let you take them to any motel….. god ok ew I’m done goodbye bleh

      • SugarD says:

        The only STDs coming around would be from you Baby. Meanwhile your condom clad SD would be eating you out “bare tongued” passing all those nasty little critters down your genital tract. Or do you suit up with a dental dam ? That would be really fun !

  67. ks says:

    My experience is it depends where we meet and the ambience/time of the meeting place. In terms of SB most have ordered Champagne, or wine. Of those who ordered wine its equally split between those who order reds (cabernets as opposed to merlots or roses), or those who order whites (Chardonnay mainly or a dry). Those who drink martinis seem to choose whatever the bar tender says is the house specialty, I have had some change their tipple to whiskey in the belief there are less calories. None have chosen beer. I normally drink whatever they are drinking especially if it comes by bottle instead of by glass. I don’t believe the choice of drink says anything about the SB, its just a social convention to meet over a drink. Meeting over a coffee is also fine, preferably in a bistro or outdoor café if its not winter…I have no clue what wine is best, I seldom taste it, but let her choose the wine and taste if she has pretensions that she is a sommelier, or knows about wine. I have two opinions on wine, its nice so we drink it and we will have another bottle, its not nice, but I paid for it so I will drink it and try a bottle of something else…I readily admit in company that I know nothing about wine and they can choose….I can however tell the difference between diet coke and diet pepsi with unnerving accuracy…

    • Anonymous says:

      And, ks, you are a woman.

      • Anonymous says:

        It was expected. Stop trolling.

      • ks says:

        Thank you. You are wrong. Is there anything else you would like to be wrong about?

      • Anonymous says:

        ks, you know I’m correct and insightful. So what’s your personal pick? see post below at 6:42am

      • ks says:

        I don’t know that. Neither does anyone else by the sounds of it. If the delusions don’t go away, see a Doctor. One that is a proper Doctor that knows what he/she is doing.

        I read the 06:42 post. My personal pick as to which one is the most lame, idiotic and symbolizes the deranged mind of a simpleton is proving difficult. They are all so lame its hard to pick a winner. Do you have a personal favorite?

    • Elaine says:

      Haha @ KS, I love you’re down to earth approach towards wine. I think you’re very accurate; It is nice, or it is not , no need to make it more complicated. Cheers! ??

  68. Anonymous says:

    Minimum = a sorority sister doing a frat boy’s older brother instead of the frat boy

    Practical = a sorority sister doing the frat boy’s uncle

    Moderate = . . . doing the frat boy’s dad

    Substantial = . . . doing the frat boy’s grandpa

    High = a troupe of sorority sisters lining up to do the dying great grandpa or jumping his rigor mortis hard-on before he is buried.


    • Anonymous says:

      Adjust accordingly if you are not the sorority sister caliber, or thirstier than the frat boy’s clan.

    • Anonymous says:

      I pick the last one but I am sure he won’t have enough to entertain all the troupe of sorority sisters and will die which I have no interest in as I would like to continue the arrangement. Necrophilia really isn’t my thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      If only the more older SDs read this before trying to contact their grandson’s sorority sister for a p4p minimal offering. Ha

      • Anonymous says:

        Hint to the delusional SugarD down there. This blog has enough fakes without others coming to pollute here.

  69. DamnVixen says:

    Sugar Babies who want to get paid via Paypal to send picks and video chat:
    Member #: ed8ce8e31 Name: ulilbitch Age: 19

  70. Fundude says:

    Please show me any SDs that agreed to pay older SBs more money than younger SBs because they are “more experience” or “intellectual”.

    When I say “older SBs”, I am comparing them to the age of the SD.

    Ergo, SBs who are around the age of the SD rather than 10-20 plus years younger.

    Even that mangina Frankie wants far younger women lol. He just plays the nice guy act while demanding younger women.

    • DamnVixen says:


    • @FunDude says:


      It seems we had an argument because @DamnVixen (who has younger SD’s begging her to take $600 AFTER she turns them down) was upset an older SD claimed 20 year old SB’s enjoyed sex with him for no allowance.

      @DamnVixen=Kenna 3.0

      • Anonymous says:

        @Fundude lol

        No one is upset about anything. There was no discussion of this yesterday, we all argued about the allowances and fairy tales some like to write here.

      • Fundude says:

        Yeah I notice the older SBs get upset when older SD claim to be banging far younger women for minimal allowances lol

        The hypocrisy is obvious.

        Sugar D is the male version of DamnVixen.

      • DamnVixen says:

        @Trolls creating controversy.

        Of COURSE – we know that 20 year old SBs come on to Seeking Arrangement to have sex with 50 year old men FOR FREE, within less than TEN MINUTES of meeting them, with SUCH frequency that the 50 year old man can have sex with THREE such women in less than 48 hours.

        Totally believable story. There must be something wrong with all the SDs on the site who are having to pay allowances to girls then, huh?

      • Fundude says:

        SugarD sounds more believable than you DamnVixen

      • Anonymous says:


        I guess I agree with that sentiment. Delusional both ways.

      • @FunDude says:


        And we all know young SD’s come to the site looking for older women. These young SD’s then insist on giving $600 after a 15 minute conversation AFTER the older SB turns them down.

      • @FunDude says:

        There must be something wrong with all of these young SB’s who post asking help because they cannot get an allowance huh?

      • Anonymous says:

        They have a personality disorder. So, yes.

      • FatB'StardSA says:

        I thought I would give the blog conspiracy nuts an Easter egg to have fun with…

        Have a nice day :-).

      • DamnVixen says:


        Keep inventing things I’ve never written, just so you can argue among yourselves about it.

      • Fundude says:


        Your logic is impeccable as usual dear sir

  71. DamnVixen says:

    Fascinating how FunDude perceived the discussions in his absence yesterday as a “shitshow” and yet others felt the blog was better without him.


    • Fundude says:

      Who perceived that besides the older SBs and Frankie?

      Didn’t see any productive discussions lol

      • DamnVixen says:


      • Fundude says:

        LOL yet you show me no SD supporters here of your position.

        Please show me any SDs that are clamoring for SBs around their age rather than significantly younger AND believe they deserve HIGHER allowances

      • Jaybird923 says:

        It doesn’t matter if you think they’re productive because news flash… no one cares what you think. All that matters is that everyone else who chose to participate thought they were.

      • Fundude says:

        Yet no SDs have supported her positions either outside of myself. That is why I waited a day before commenting to see if her position was popular.

        It was clearly only popular among older SBs for obvious reasons lol

      • Anonymous says:

        @FD may be a pita but he’s correct – I certainly wouldn’t pay more for an older SB – mine is 33 years my junior and has a reasonable but not excessive allowance that she’s very happy with. When the time inevitably comes to part, I wouldn’t go her for anyone significantly older as there are plenty of others around her age who have a similar personality, intelligence and fit body that would also be happy with her level of allowance.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Are you really that stupid, just sad and pathetic or some combination of all three? There plenty of different conversation taking place yesterday that had nothing to sdo with older SBs. And continuing to repeat it here to try to steer the conversation in that direction isn’t going to work.

      • DamnVixen says:

        Sounds like a broken record, doesn’t it?
        I get the feeling someone set up a “FunDude” bot, and it’s programmed to keep posting the same information over and over.

      • DamnVixen says:

        @Anonymous says: 6:12
        Nobody else is discussing that subject except FunDude.
        He likes to pretend people are arguing with him.
        He likes to post that people wrote things they didn’t write, so he can create a debate.


      • Fundude says:


        Almost every single SD posting on here was demanding FAR younger women.

        SugarD being the newest one. Rem wanted younger.

        Even Frankie wants far younger women

      • Anonymous says:

        There was no debate about younger vs older sbs yesterday as I recall it.

      • DamnVixen says:

        Nor is there any debate over that taking place today, except in FunDude’s head.

      • Anonymous says:

        He is most definitely schizophrenic. Who are you talking to dude?

  72. Dash says:

    I used to read this blog a while back, there were always a few trolls but not remotely this bad. Was there some major change that turned it into what it is now?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it all started when Pastor Dave came and unleashed the trollness in FD and FB.

      • Fundude says:

        Notice how I was away for over 1 day and it remained a shithole lol.

        Didn’t see any substantive discussions. It most mostly DamnVixen giving her opinion and the vast majority of SDs disagreeing.

        I also saw most of them were asking for far younger women.

      • Anonymous says:

        What majority of sds disagreeing? I didn’t see anyone disagree with anything, and surely there aren’t many sds around here but if you know where to look by all means direct me there.

        Why don’t you go away for some time, like you did a few weeks ago? That would be fun. Consider it a ‘vacation’.

      • Fundude says:

        Go back and read the comments lol

        It was very clear.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        The blog did not remain a shithole actually. actual discussions took place and though some disagreed they did so civilly. At least until you decided to come on and post as kuz. Which one prove that without your prescence here, the blog is a much better place.

      • Anonymous says:

        Totally agree Jay. He can’t even hide in an anonymous profile. That is why he decided he won’t be coming back for a day. Yeah right

      • Fundude says:

        I get accused of being multiple personalities on here lol

        K uz wasn’t me and neither is that monkey something guy.

        There were zero productive conversations yesterday and I didn’t see any SDs agreeing with Vixen either.

        Even Frankie doesn’t want older SBs lol

      • Anonymous says:


        That Anonymous bantering with you and @T, gently suggesting you ladies to stay sweet, was not FD either, or Josh.

  73. Anonymous says:

    The very definition of dirty old man:


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for reposting, SA has moderated it away in the previous blog. Let’s see what happens now we are al aware, as this is a new blog. ? It proved they DO moderate if somethings is written they don’t like. For the rest you can confess rape on minors and call other bloggers most vulgar names, no problem! The don’t care the least ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Just a sec under UK (and US) law you’re innocent until proven guilty – could be they ‘moderated’ the link out because you’d get crass comments such as yours before a fair trial and jury decision

      • elaine says:

        Well if the worse thing that will happen to him will be being called “a perv”by me, I think he will be one very lucky man!

      • Anonymous says:

        Well @Elaine and all you other feminazis it’s just been announced that he has been found not guilty of all the charges – so don’t be so quick off the mark with your moralising fascist ‘lynch mob’ mentality in future.

      • ks says:

        He was found not guilty legally of having sex with a child. The moral issue is a different issue. We all have different morals or we would not be here seeking what we are seeking, but we have different thresholds. Some go yuk at the mere mention of prostate massage, others at the thought of a 50+ male with a “legal” 16 year old girl…People are allowed different thresholds, different kinks and to have different opinions. In the court of public opinion, he will be ostracized, even though legally not guilty. Everyone is allowed an opinion. You don’t get to decide who can and cannot have an opinion. Neither can I. [shrug]

      • Anonymous says:

        @ks feminazis think they do have the right to decide morals – that’s fascism

      • ks says:

        In my view anyone who believes they get to decide what others should think are fascists. Its not restricted to feminazis. The dilemma is the blurred line between hate speech and free speech, if we have free speech, then we should be allowed to offend others with our views and we should expect to be offended by the views of others. However, laws now classify certain views as hate speech so cannot be uttered in a “free society” and we also self-censor in an age of self-censorship due to political correctness. A version of a quote generally attributed to Orwell (but appears nowhere in his works or letters) states “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

  74. Anonymous says:

    SDs please make a worthwhile donation, pay a young lady’s tuition today:


    • Anonymous says:

      UNLV tuition is $7000/yr, that is less than $600/month, easily covered by a typical SD and still have enough funds left over for the two to do fun things together.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t most tuition’s require you to prepay and get a loan? I think we discussed this in the previous blog or the barely legal one. It was mentioned that it would have to be some type of a ‘loan’ to the student, but she still had to keep her part of the bargain.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most colleges now allow monthey paymenthe schedule.

        Even if paid per semester $3500 upfront for a semester is somewhat realistic if the SB can find a generous and trusting SD.

  75. Fundude says:

    Wow this place remained a shitshow in my absence. What a shocker lol

  76. DamnVixen says:

    Drink of choice: Michelob Ultra. (Can have as much as I want, never get drunk, never get a hang-over, go out and play tennis.) On special occasions: craft beer, usually a Belgian quad, Hefeweizen, German Alt, or other wheat beer.

  77. aletheia says:

    Spot on…

  78. Anonymous says:

    If an SB “choses” water?

  79. Anonymous says:

    What do the underage SBs drink? Milk?

  80. gabbi says:

    Whiskey Sour for a casual meet/hang out and Chardonnay for a more formal dinner. I didn’t realize whiskey was a “hipster thing” lmao I just like whiskey over tequila, vodka (I call it vodkill me now) or gin.

    • sugar baby monkey says:

      hmm i don’t think anything looks good next to a garbage like you

      • gabbi says:

        Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish but if you really think “a garbage” is an insult then I suggest you go back to 7th grade English class. If you still feel as if nothing would look good next to garbage like myself you could tell my SD (who I haven’t even kissed, lmao) that, he just sent me money to spend on flights for my trip this summer. 🙂

      • sugar baby monkey says:

        yeah there are perverts and your SD is one of them with a very weird taste! You know, some SDs like fat SBs and others ugly filthy rats like you!

        7th grade english? yeah yeah trying to show ignorance to “offend” like a typical pathetic low ugly filthy rat! sorry but i won’t answer you dirty comments anymore because i don’t use to discuss with rats!

      • gabbi says:

        “I don’t use to discuss with rats” – sugar baby monkey, PhD

      • Anonymous says:

        hi rat you’re trying to be smart due something mistyped, hmm that’s brainless! lol and yeah talking about “PhDs” i see you have one praying for charity because you hungry ugly rat can’t pay a trip, that’s sad really, so you need the charity of some weird dick!

      • sugar baby monkey says:

        the last comment was mine.

        @gabbi someone here saw your ugly face and body, and believe me you need surgery urgently, so pray for more charity!

      • gabbi says:

        I know that both comments were from that baby monkey because they like to go on anonymous and act like more than one person doesn’t like what I have to say. And mind you that the flights I am paying for are all international, 8 flights across the US, Europe, and Australia, happening within a 2 month time frame. Unless you can pay that without a SD (if you can then why the fuck are you on SA) then I applaud you but the likelihood is slim to none

      • gabbi says:

        Also notice that you keep trying to tear down my (anonymous) looks but you aren’t really progressing in an argument or proving a point so you just sound redundant and look dumb

  81. Isla80 says:

    I’m a beer girl. But i also like sweet red wines.

  82. MusicalGirl2233 says:

    I go through phases between wine and martinis. I’m currently in a martini phase. Wonder what that means? A lot, I’m sure!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are much older than 30.

      • sugar baby monkey says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Looks like a drug problem to me

      • gabbi says:

        “looks like a drug problem to me” Trivializing potential real issues says more about the /anonymous/ commenter than it does about the musical girl, just throwing it out there.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wasn’t trivializing it obviously just mentioning it. would’ve put an xD if I was joking. guess you do think it’s trivial though. shame on you

      • gabbi says:

        oh as-fucking-if, I’m the one standing up for the poor girl amongst these anonymous commenters. xD more like xDont homie. Saying she looks as if she has a drug problem based off of her looks is rude and does in fact trivialize others’s issues. I don’t expect you to understand where I’m coming from if you’re using xD in internet threads still, though. Lost cause.

      • Anonymous says:

        lame…… go choke to death

      • Anonymous says:

        Musical, no offense, but maybe Match or OKCupid or even OurTime?
        SA in your area may prove…disappointing.
        Good luck, hope it works for you.

      • Anonymous says:

        oh sorry that should be ….. go choke to death xD

      • sugar baby monkey says:

        gabbi sounds like a weirdo with dirty issues

      • Frank95 says:

        Don’t feed ’em gabbi.

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah sugar baby monkey she’s another piece of garbage that comes on here occassionally to spread her garbage. guess it gets too much for even her

      • gabbi says:

        sugar baby monkey literally went on anonymous to write a comment about me to try and seem as if they aren’t the only one who thinks i’m stupid yet their grammar is shit.. ha

      • Anonymous says:

        No gabbi I don’t think you’re stupid per se, I just think you’re unsophisticated and dirty.

    • Fundude says:

      Now now people. Be nice to her.

      Her profile doesn’t appear to be aggressively unrealistic or nasty like some of the other undesirable ones posted here.

      I don’t see why all the hostility towards her

      • Anonymous says:

        Because she’s not conventionally pretty, and looks much older. Thought you would were the one to claim the obvious.

      • Fundude says:

        I agree that she isn’t conventionally pretty but she hasn’t displayed an angry/entitled/bitchy attitude like the BBW below.

        If she had come on the blog stating “there are no real SDs on here” or some other iteration, then its all gloves off.

      • Anonymous says:

        What BBW below, Jillian isn’t one, and KK doesn’t seem either.

      • Anonymous says:

        Should we slam all those sd’s who come here with the ‘there are no good sb’s here’ attitute too?

      • Fundude says:

        We do slam sugar daddies with that attitude but the vast majority appear pretty reasonable when posting here.

        I don’t see 65 year old fat men demanding supermodels for minimal allowances.

        Its usually BBW women, old women, etc bitching about how there are no “real SDs”

      • Anonymous says:

        I haven’t seen anybody slam any SD who comes here with that attitude. It’s all: Keep looking, vet, yes quality has decreased and so on.
        SugarD is one of them, actually he offers an allowance lower than minimal which I didn’t know existed with his young barely legal babies, so you can easily understand it’s hard to believe that.
        Same with those who claim to get 20k for a platonic arrangement.

      • Fundude says:

        Yeah SugarD is like DamnVixen, just the male version. I wasn’t here yesterday when he posted but some of his stuff was fanciful how women in their 20s want to bang guys in their 70s normally.

      • Anonymous says:

        SugarD was not likely lying. There are many in-real-life sugar arrangement that run less than $1000/mo. Think about the $200/mo thing Southern had with her neighbor, or for that matter most marriages. When there is a modicum of mutual attraction, the barrier to exchange is not nearly as high as what SA has led many wannabe escorts to believe. SA simply popped a number that is high enough to sucker sorority sisters out of the frat houses to do the frat boys’ fathers, uncles and older brothers instead!

      • SugarD says:

        @FD ” some of his stuff was fanciful how women in their 20s want to bang guys in their 70s normally”

        I enjoy your contributions FD. I look like you only 30 yrs older. You’ll get there one day. I’m lucky that I have my health and am blessed with good things. So what I say is true about my experiences . Girls don’t want to believe that their sisters (and possibly them) fuck some 70 yr old for $1000 /month because they want to believe that they are going to score the big Kahuna of Sds and take home $10K/month. But it ain’t gonna happen for the majority of them .

        I’m sure @Frank scores well -he seems to have a gentle nature about him that girls like. And he probably has to pay more than I do . I also believe that @DV gets what she says she does . Good for her . Elderly SBs are not my thing but she looks great for a 50 yr old .

        So in the scheme of things ,I’m sure a 20 yr old doesn’t wake up saying “I can’t wait to find me a cute 70 yr old”. But when “better options” don’t pop up for her ,I look pretty good. So I get to bang an unlimited supply of 20 yr olds ,and these girls take home fond memories and a pocket full of cash. That’s what it is all about in the Sugar World .

      • SugarD says:

        Has zero chance of success at the levels she promotes.

        @MusicalGirl -she is cute and slim like I like them. I find that the cute but not modeliscious girls are much better and realistic SBs . I want love and affection for a reasonable allowance- and she looks very huggable .The 9-10s of the world usually are over impressed with their “value” and are much more spoiled and self absorbed . I can do without the attitude.

      • Fundude says:


        More power to you. It is definitely possible if you’re in good shape.

        I approve of your contributions to this blog. Its a perfect remedy to the DamnVixen’s of the blog.

        I enjoy stories of older SDs banging younger SBs for small allowances. I also approve this message

      • Anonymous says:

        SugarD stop lying, or continue with your fairytale blog life. Did I tell you I have a bridge to sell?

      • Anonymous says:

        I enjoy stories of older SDs banging younger SBs for small allowances. I also approve this message

        Of course you do. You’re cheap as [email protected]#!. Definitely not alpha material. And of course, we need you to approve this message because you are somehow a royalty in the sugarworld without ever having given an allowance or ever been a SD. LOL Shut the f up.

      • Fundude says:


        I fully agree. Most allowances are probably quite lower than minimal as defined by SA.

        I figure most are about 1K/month

      • Anonymous says:

        According to the SMP value SugarD has little possibilities or is lying. Now take your pick. You cannot say DV is lying but SugarD isn’t. Or maybe you’re biased.

      • Anonymous says:

        Keep dreaming, of course you figure that out on your own because you have had quite some arrangements under your belt, huh?

      • Fundude says:

        If DV is telling the truth, then I figure SugarD is telling the truth lol

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know about DV but she has linked her own profile to this blog so that makes her more believable. If only all bloggers did that, there wouldn’t be any trust issues here.

  83. Jillian Sugar Sparkle says:

    I know many regulars will be happy with a new blog being published. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally………….. she speaks

      • DamnVixen says:

        Her profile – minimum of high allowance = $10,000
        Up to 450 min a month.
        Emails = 15 min, whatsapp conversation, 10 msgs = 30 min.

        450 minutes = 7.5 hours = $1,334 per hour for texting/email.
        Minutes not used up by end of the month will not roll over to the following month.

        I am #nofun #intensedrama I seek #marriage

        -That has to be one of the funniest profiles I think I’ve ever seen.

      • Anonymous says:

        @FD on a wind-up?

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are we judging her profile if she never asked for it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Why not?

      • elaine says:

        Nobody forced her to connect her profile with her avatar, so it’s logical people click on it and feel free to comment.

        I even suspect a lot of those new or irregular posters to use it for generating traffic to their profiles.

      • Anonymous says:

        No it’s not logical Elaine. We have SD’s who come here to write but are we judging their profiles? I don’t think so.

      • Frank95 says:

        It’s probably Fundude or one of his anonymous aliases using a fake profile.

      • Fundude says:

        LOL I have no need to use any fake profiles

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Fundude isn’t clever/creative enough to make up a profile like that.

      • Elaine says:

        Well it happens SDs get critique on their profiles too when they connect them to blog. Ask @Frank …

      • DamnVixen says:

        Folks … the profile was OBVIOUSLY created as a JOKE or she asked someone who speaks English to write it for her, and they pranked her.

        Does anyone believe a SB is going to come on wanting more than $1,334 per hour for text-messaging? Over $10,000 a month for a total of 7.5 hours? Is her text-messaging skill that good? (Doubtful, since the English in the profile is barely comprehensible.)

        Her profile says:
        #no fun
        #intense drama
        #I seek marriage

        It’s OBVIOUSLY a joke/prank. Or SDs can contact her and see if she’s actually serious. (That would be interesting.)

      • Anonymous says:

        It would have been believable because she seems attractive from that blurry pic, without mentioning those tags and text minute calculations.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jillian: if you ever feel like sharing about your SDs, I really want to know!
      I recently came into a possession of a large amount of land in Nigeria that has oil fields. I am looking for generous men to invest… your SDs sound like a great match for my business. Please put me in contact, I will be very grateful.

    • Anonymous says:

      that is one cray cray profile damnnnnnnnnn

      • DamnVixen says:

        I have to agree. I’ve got to wonder if she had someone else write it for her, and they decided to prank her. It literally says:

        I am #nofun #intensedrama I seek #marriage

    • elaine says:

      Never seen such a confusing profile and such a bad profile picture.

      A high allowance, a minimal allowance, whatever it is, with this profile neither of it is going to happen I am afraid…

      • Frank95 says:

        I reckon it’s fundude. He took yesterday off to write it.

      • Fundude says:

        If I was going to make a fake profile, it would be of some old Australian pervert who tried to bribe younger men into having sex with their wives.

        I couldn’t make that shit up

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah but you did make Kuz up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why is Frank a pervert? For being on this site, for wanting younger women? I thought the a pervert would be categorized as that despicable SugarD character.

      • Frank95 says:

        Oh come on fundude, don’t be modest. Shucks, you’re making stuff up all the time.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Sleeping with other men’s wives = pervert

        Married SDs who cheat on their wives = perfectly fine

        If you can’t find something legitimate to hold against the man then leave him the fuck alone.

      • Frank95 says:

        Aw Jaybird, can’t I have any fun? *whiny tone*

        When someone cheers on guys who cheat desperate women as per elaine’s example in the kinks blog, yet condemns someone prepared to pay…LOLOLOL! Oh, and who is it that says women are illogical? *snort*

      • Fundude says:

        I will not hold him accountable when he doesn’t yap at me during my posts.

        Also, I don’t need to make myself into a Kuz or some other personality lol

      • Anonymous says:

        You were exposed FD, sorry but your ‘ergo’ go you out. Just like Kenna. You are a fraud, can’t even make an anonymous personality up without exposing yourself. Unfortunately, the most PROBABLE thing is you are a fat guy living at home with his parents, dissing older SD’s because they ruin your chances and contemplating about getting a SB when you manage to get enough money all the while writing a bullshit story and a fantasy life on this blog, much to our objections.

      • Fundude says:

        LOL some clowns have stolen my ergo line.

        Copying is the best form of flattery

      • Anonymous says:

        We could either believe you or believe the more logical option which is you creating a fake blog character. I think the latter is more believable than some dude coming here all of a sudden and stealing your famous ‘ergo’ line.

    • JosephF SD says:

      Me thinks somebody is tiny bit unrealistic, but I guess good on her if she can get it.

      • elaine says:

        We all know “high” as such is unrealistic, especially on longer terms.

        Will no SD spend such amounts on his SB?
        I am not saying that, he might do, but I expect it more to be in financing her study, her busyness, a condo etc.

        But plain cash 10 k. every month?
        I doubt it happens very often…

      • Anonymous says:

        High isn’t unrealistic, but I am sure it is to older SB’s. A perfect 9-10 22 year old SB is able to get that kind of allowance from a true successful SD (this word gets thrown around quite easily) be it a hedge fund manager or anyone else.
        Of course the ideal arrangement is tuition payment or a condo lease, business startup…and these are truly rare because the quality of men has gone down, but not impossible.

    • Fundude says:

      LOL ridiculous profile

    • Anonymous says:


  84. Anonymous says:

    My body is like that of the singer on the YouTube video: Jojo “Say Love” [acoustic]. And, the simple fact is, that I have thick thighs and no waist, still leaves me so self conscious in this self perfected world of sugar Dom.

    I gave the hoax up a long time ago, Ya’ll can bicker, argue and discuss it as usual, but it never changes. My knowledge and my thick thighs, never hold a candle to the skinny, cracked out looking chicks. I lose every time, based on looks of weight alone. Regardless if I show my face or not. I can read a lot, I can be brilliant, and yet my mind means nothing, only my body.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not true for everyone. Finding the right mind is more difficult than finding the right body.

      • rembodler says:

        Men are normally looking for the right mind in the right body.
        We normally do not succeed. But we keep trying.
        Thank you, Mr. Wade.

      • Anonymous says:

        Women keep trying to sell fantasy.

      • Anonymous says:

        If Brandon can make a small fortune selling fantansies, the women on the site certainly deserve their chance selling fantasies too 🙂

      • DamnVixen says:

        @Anonymous 6:46
        You’re confusing the body type wanted by GAY MEN for fashion modeling for the body types STRAIGHT MEN want for SEX. And a negative attitude about your body is what is likely driving men away.

        If you’re physically fit, thick thighs and a big ass are as popular of a body type, as big boobs and long skinny legs. Look up fitness guru Nicole Mejia (very thick thighs, tiny boobs) and keep in mind the popularity of the Kardashians (as models), Jennifer Lopez, Nicky Minaj, Coco (Ice-T’s wife), Amber Rose.

    • Fundude says:

      Men don’t like BBW women.

      Nothing new here.

      Get on a diet and stop whining.

      If you want to be loved for your “mind” only, then do something with your mind to make money. Don’t ask men for money on this website.

    • anon says:

      I have the same problem. I am built like that as well. I tell guys before meeting that I am thick, but not plus size big, and many suddenly decline despite loving my recent, realistic pictures that accurately show how I look.

  85. Styx says:

    What about mixed drinks? I’m partial to a White Russian myself.

  86. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    Next blog: Recipes from the Sugar Babies and what her preference in toilet paper quality says about her.

    I disagree on the beer one, it depends on how you drink it. To drink it straight from the bottle might be tempting but you create a lot of froth, better to drink it from a glass. And what about all the girlie drinks you see out there?

    Someone wasn’t interested in research when they wrote this one…..

  87. Anonymous says:

    YEAY, Drinking and writing. Ahh, his teeth could be a little cleaner, hers a little whiter, but when you know what you are looking for; white is tight and can be seen by the black block text on the page, for real. Anybody? Anybody at all? lol

    He is so handsome and his body has me touching myself in all the right ways based on his soeech on a page. I am in euphorics over his speech and I am drooling, no cumbersome here. I am in awe and I hang on to every word he says, awaiting him to perform in person and arrive in person, seeing the look on in his face that is NOT the: wham, bam, thank you Ma’am…BbUT INSTEAD, THE: OTHER TOPIC ON EVERYON’S LIPS GOES LIKE THIS: Who would believe such an ugly girL, could dare attract suitors, from when she first laid eyes on herself in the mirror. YET, she craves excitement and is willing to risk it all and she imputes your tantrums to jealousy. A slight stretch, yet.. When a woman is a man’s pleasure, more than her gown opening to the waist, that is.. it is much more. Yet, plenty of pounds can be found by allowing the hem to waist to be exposed to the needy… That is not what I speak. That is insufferable arrogance.

    If you can open your gown to the waist and lure with more than what the body can speak, and even without a word to be uttered and in pure affection of romance and sexual lure to speak for you, then we have a pure, seductive, uncontrollable dance that we will partake of and leave without either of us in lack.

    That fact above, is rare… To find, and few can play, for it is not to be played, but to be partaken of.

  88. Anonymous says:

    sexist much?

  89. Dash says:

    I see a lot of young women mentioning Whiskey lately. More than a handful specifically mention it. Is that some hipster thing or NY thing or what’s up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lols I think some girls mention it just to mention it because they think older men are into it. I don’t think half the girls know what the difference between what a whiskey and bourbon let alone what rye is.

    • gabbi says:

      I hate every other liquor besides tequila and whiskey, and I’m not gonna drink tequila on a sugar date unless we’ve met before and already got along really well because tequila=wild Gab

    • ks says:

      I was told less calories in whiskey than other drinks…[http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/calories-in-food/alcoholic-drinks/whiskey.htm] although Vodka also has less calories. So yes she changed from wine to whiskey so there would be less calories but becomes much more “adventurous” and less steady on her feet quicker…. true story…

  90. rembodler says:

    And on another note.
    You know, how sometimes the conversation takes an awkward turn…
    And then the host of the party says: “Say, what do you guys like to drink?”
    I would venture a guess some of you know exactly what I am talking about.

    • DamnVixen says:

      Yup, it’s the feeling I get when someone on the blog tries to bait everyone into an argument over SMP value.

  91. KitteKitte says:

    In theory, I like wine. My body thinks otherwise. Instant headaches and chest pains when I drink wine. I tend to go for beer over anything else, but I’m not exactly the “sports-jersey-watching-the-Super-Bowl” type. I just happen to like beer, lol. Beyond that, I like margaritas and LITs. Yeah, yeah, I like the girly fruity drinks, sue me.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Just read your profile out of curiosity… how’s SA working out for you so far?

      • Anonymous says:

        @Jay – do you really want to know?
        I understand if you were a meanie…but you are normally nice.
        Fundude, where art thou…;-)?

      • KitteKitte says:

        It’s been…interesting. Encountered one person who bluntly claims he is NOT a Sugar Daddy, thus why I have no idea why he’s on this site, and the first person to message me who laid out the longest paragraph I’ve ever read in my life. But so far so good I suppose!

      • Anonymous says:

        this girl is one mean biatch

      • Anonymous says:

        Share that non SD’s profile. We’ll show him a lesson.

      • Fundude says:

        Considering you’re not really a sugar baby, that is appropriate that mostly non SDs email you.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @Anonymous yes I really wanted to know. If I just wanted to make fun I would do it with out making her participate in her own ridicule.

      • KitteKitte says:

        How am I participating in my own ridicule?? I’m confused…did I say something wrong?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        no you didn’t someone implied that the only reason I asked was to make fun of you and I said if I wanted to make fun I just would I wouldn’t ask questions and have you answer them to do so. (participate in your ridicule)

    • ATLSD says:

      @kittiekittie you are probably allergic to sulfates that’s why you get the reaction to wine.
      When you described the Non-SD that contacted you I thought you lived in Grand Rapids. 🙂

      Lastly, most SB actually smile in their profile pic.

      Give it another week, if nothing happens chalk if up to a life lesson and move on.

      • KitteKitte says:

        Lol, I’ll make the expression I’m comfortable making in my profile picture, thank you. I don’t like pictures of myself smiling because I’m rather self-conscious about it. I prefer a neutral expression for pictures; it photographs better.

  92. rembodler says:

    I think it misses two most obvious:
    1. Champagne. Especially if she has to drive.
    2. Tequila. If she is versed in it, I go for top-shelf. If not, I make her Margaritas.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I like both Wine and Martini. For a quicker drunken-ess I will lean towards the latter. Guess I can be Bond Girl.

    • elaine says:

      Yeah, good idea to get drunk more quickly!

      Most SDs love drunken SBs!
      So exciting when she start vomitting and immediately falls asleep in bed! 🙂

      • DamnVixen says:

        I don’t want to troll, but I don’t think I recall any Bond girls getting drunk.

      • Anonymous says:

        She never specifies it would be with a sd Elaine, stop being such a prude about these things, life doesn’t revolve around sugar arrangements. Plus not all people puke or fall asleep when they are drunk, most just start babbling nonsense.

      • Elaine says:

        Ah thanks! I was thinking this was a sugar blog …. Silly me! ?

  94. Anonymous says:


  95. With a Bow on Top says:

    Thank god for a new blog

  96. Anonymous says:

    Lols really SA?