If you’ve been a Sugar Daddy, or Sugar Dating for any amount of time, you can tell a seasoned Sugar Baby from a  Sugar virgin pretty quickly. While some men would write off a Sugar newbie, here are some common “problems” and how they can be remedied.

The Problem: She doesn’t know what she’s looking for in the Sugar Bowl

Whether the case is that she isn’t’ sure what she’s looking to get out of Sugar Dating, or she thinks she does then realizes that she is mistaken, it can be quite frustrating to deal with uncertainty.  While this may not be a stand alone deal breaker for most, it can easily be remedied with settling on small servings of Sugar until she can commit to her goals. There’s no need to put too much time, or money into something that may be a waste if she decides to pursue other ventures, or decides this lifestyle isn’t for her.

The Problem: She makes you feel like a walking wallet

No Sugar Baby should make a man feel like a walking ATM. This is not only a fault of overly aggressive Sugar newbies, but of seasoned Sugar veterans that become too entitled. In many cases this is a deal breaker and time to seek out a Sugar virgin that will be more grateful and new to the wonders of a glamorous Sugar life that they have yet to experience. That definitely is a nice stroke to the ego, even if you won’t admit it.

The Problem: She is an obvious copy paste offender

Okay, so she can’t take the time to drum up a personal message or really browse your profile? More than likely you and every man in her city and surrounding cities have just received the same “Hey Handsome, your profile caught my eye” message. Throwing out that many lines, means she may be desperate and not worth your time. The best way to fix this problem is let someone else bite the copy paste bait.  Hopefully with experience she’ll learn about quality over quantity.


What are some other offenses that Sugar virgins often make?