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Tips For Getting A Live-In Sugar Baby
  • Posted Apr 13, 2016


The convenience and benefits of a live-in arrangement are most appealing to the always-busy Sugar Daddy and the ambitious, free-spirited Sugar Baby. Finding each other organically is somewhat of an improbable task, but luckily, SeekingArrangement is the perfect platform for such a request. Here are some tips for getting a live-in Sugar Baby.

Make It Clear

Be as thorough as possible when drafting your profile by listing exactly what you’re looking for in this arrangement. Leave little room for ambiguity, so when you start interacting with a Baby, you’ll know she’s keen on the live-in situation.

Pace Yourself

Don’t ask her to move in on the first date or first messages. One: it may scare her away, two: she might be crazy. Seriously, would you accept an offer to live with someone you’ve only know for a few hours? While your dates are anticipatory for a living situation, you still need to learn as much as you can about each other prior to making the move. It’s acceptable to discuss or hint at during conversations, but don’t make this the focal point of your first date.  

Meet Multiple Times

To echo the previous statement, meeting a Sugar Baby multiple times before officially moving her in is highly suggested. While a live-in arrangement may be the ideal situation for you both, you two may not be a good match. Meet two or three times before sealing the deal. We’ve heard horror stories where a SD and SB rushed into things and the outcome was all but disastrous due to lack of chemistry, unrealistic expectations and lack of understanding.

Terms of Agreement

We recommend some contractual, legal document where the terms of your living arrangement are spelled out, e.g. expectations, term, allowance. As this is a living situation, you need to both be protected should things not work out.

Give Her Space

She is not a prisoner so be mindful of her accommodations. A live-in Sugar Baby should have her own room (while sex may be something you’ve mutually agreed upon, she should have the option to sleep alone), car and the ability to be independent. It’s understood with a live-in arrangement that your Sugar Baby should be available and considerate of your personal schedule, but again, she’s not under house-arrest and needs to have her own life.

128 Responses to “Tips For Getting A Live-In Sugar Baby”

  1. David says:

    As the article presents I would be extremely careful with any ” live in ” scenario , and would be ultra cautious , things can go wrong very quickly . Better to have a scenario where you set out the relevant days .
    I have had a baby want to change to ” move in ” but I saw far too many negatives ,
    I have also had ” move in for a month ” , and believe me , I was happy when that month had come to an end . Im just saying , be extremely careful .

  2. Bob says:

    Being a SD that favors the idea of a “live-in” SB I wish SA would offer some way to search for like minded SBs. You can search for the term “live in” on the site but so far I’ve gotten thousands of profiles that talk about how they “live in” a certain city. I’ve never found one yet that mentions it in the context I’m looking for. And if you try to search for “live-in” their search engine strips the dash out so you’re back at the first problem.

    Maybe SA needs to come up with a “term” or acronym for SBs that are interested in a live in situation and then five years for now I can search for that. 😉

  3. Kitty says:

    Unless you go long term with the person there single then you sleep in the same room. But married ones will just get you a condo but a single one will want you full time. In the bdsm lifestyle more like marriage.

  4. Kitty says:

    I been a live in but they single Daddys we hit it off just no hoe be lady and think about your self respect others and now hoe to have passion. Be polished and clean have manners you will get this act like a 1950s wife.

  5. Chistyka says:

    I have been a live in long term before but all it takes being a lady having passion.

  6. Becks says:

    This seems like a article of 50 Shades of Grey.

    Unless you have something that needs to be legally kept quiet, a contract really is not necessary.

    I’d be happy to be challenged on this.

  7. kk says:

    can anybody guide me? how to won a sugar mommy? how to get her? a nice one? even without financial benefits, just need a sugar mommy for relation. not for money. and anybody from Pakistan?

  8. Anonymous says:

    can anyone please help me upgrade my acount

  9. WTF says:

    hello everyone hope all is well and lets get this blog going .

  10. larry courtney says:

    As far as SD’s go…fat and nasty gets you paid, hot and sexy gets you laid. Period!

  11. Anonymous says:

    The SD who does not understand hints about financial help is not a SD. This is a very simple concept understood even by SBs who are not the sharpest tools. A man making money with his gray matter certainly can conceptualize the notion. Not that he necessarily wants to.

  12. FedUpAnon says:

    I just moved to London, and everyone is virtual or platonic. Still fed up 🙁

  13. Poor sugarbaby says:

    How do you get him want to help you financially, I mean I found a very nice guy on SA and he seems to be interested in me but he doesn’t get my hints about financial help. I even paid my tickets to his city thinking he would refund, he doesn’t seem to understand that. He is charming and interesting but would I date with him without benefits? No. This is why I use SA to find a date and not another website.
    So how can I make it obvious I am interested in getting financial benefits?
    I won’t have sex with him unless I see something beneficial coming. But how to make him understand he has to help without sounding bitchy?

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      Tell him you joined SA for fun and financial support. You enjoy hanging out with him, but you need him to cover your expenses to see him as well as provide an allowance. Tell him the allowance range you have in mind, and tell him how you arrived at that. If/when he goes for the lower number, negotiate the number of times you will see him downward. Never be afraid to ask for what is your end of the bargain. IMHO, I highly doubt he is an SD and you have wasted some time and learned. If he was an SD, he would have reimbursed you for your expenses without you having to ask.

      • Kitty says:

        Best to meet for dinner talk tell him what your looking for and you wants needs and desires. You need guidence and help willing to cater and please.

    • tee vee see says:

      He’s probably one of many, many scammers who use SA to try to get free sex. I know, I know.

      You have two choices:

      (1) Ask him how much allowance he was planning on giving you;
      (2) Date him a few times without having sex, then dump him if he doesn’t mention an allowance.

      Personally, I always choose #2. It’s a time waster, but I firmly believe the SB should not have to be the one to broach the topic.

      These guys know perfectly well why women sign up here instead of Match or POF – they just like to play dumb, and hope women will be so uncomfortable with the money angle we’ll sleep with them for nothing. Whichever option you choose, don’t let them get away with it.

    • Irkalla says:

      I’d say something along the lines of ‘I’d really like an arrangement with you, because you are (insert a compliment or two here that isn’t ‘really rich’). My needs in an arrange would be $X amount per month to cover my basic expenses, and then I also really enjoy receiving gifts such as (blank). Is this a workable situation for you?’

      If he doesn’t want to cough up the dough. He’s not even a Splenda Daddy, just bail.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      “How do you get him want to help you financially”

      Good question. In the sugar game the sugar daddies have the advantage since all they have to do make a lot of money. The sugar babies have the hard part, making the daddies want to give that money to the babies.

      There are various ways a sugar baby can make a sugar daddy want to open his wallet:

      * Empathy: make the sugar daddy feel that you are his type of girl, a girl that he will want to see do well.

      * Sympathy: make the sugar daddy feel sorry for you, but not so sorry that he feels that you would be a bottomless money pit that is beyond helping.

      * Sex appeal: make the sugar daddy want a little something something from you, but if you do give him some make him believe that he has only seen a small glimpse of what you can do.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to let him know specifically what you expect. Do you just want an allowance? Do you want an open ended arrangement or do you prefer your allowance for each date? Or, do you have a specific need like a car payment or help with rent that you would like taken care of by your SD. Let him know that sugar flows both ways and if his sugar isn’t coming to you, then your sugar won’t be flowing to him. However, do not make your relationship purely transactional in nature. If you SD starts to think he is nothing more than an ATM, he will cut you off in a heart-beat. This is a relationship, so maybe do the unexpected for you prospective SD. Then once you are established with him, maybe you take him out or do something special for him. If you give to him, he will definitely return the favor several times over.

    • Andre P says:

      Tell your potential SD that you expect him to fund all or some of your expenses. Be upfront and clear and ask them to be the same with you on what he/she expects in return.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How can you make a SD obvious that you are interested in getting financial aid even if you like him.
    I mean I don’t think I would be on this site if I said need some financial help but he doesn’t get my hints. On the other hand, he is really interested in me. But hey! I travelled his city thinking he would refund my tickets but he only takes me out, ok really nice places but I mean come on I am a poor student who really needs the help 🙁

  15. TVC15 says:

    Seriously, stop posting crap fake TVC. This is my name here, and in other communities. People will always be able to recognize me through my wit anyways, stop trolling.

  16. TVC15 says:

    I can always think of another name. It’s not really mine anyway, it’s just the song that was playing in my head when I started posting here.

  17. sd with open eyes says:

    Here is a suggestion for SA:

    On the search tool allow the user to enter the exact search radius. This way if you only want to include certain cities you can cut off the search a few miles outside the farthest one’s city limits.

  18. ph1shtaco says:

    Glad to see you’ve toned down your behavior and are back posting TVC, welcome back.

  19. TVC faker says:

    If your name is TVC u dont get blocked. I miss the old openn forum where we all bickered. this will get blocked too, otherwise we could all picket for fair wage rates and freedom if speech.

    All our necks are choked out in voice. YouTube: Hasley-Castle (The Huntsman: Winters War Version)

    I miss the oldies. Called J, JJ, FD, E, Fly, u know who u are. But u won’t know BC u won’t get to read this, brilliance.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety – any time I try to post that, it bans me.

    • TVC faker says:

      Every immigrant who has ever reached out land. Every white Protestant that hugged our shores and breathed. Along with the already ever-present constituents to throw their delegated vote, feel as the immigrants do. If we were not/ already are a wealthy contribution to the elected of a blog, a business, an electoral vote for the who the house, they are facing “liberty it death.” Give me liberty it give nor death. The fight for freedom if speech. sure as he** did not start with a blog. but is just a shame that an avenue that was supposed to build bridges, had built a computerized facade and hides behind but.

    • o says:

      If fighting for liberty freed s person from harm. Then the fight supercedes the fight. To win or to die is liberty (freedom) ad long as the fight for freedom in the long run was bit in vain. Unfortunately, but takes decades s and (lifetimes of offspring) to see the victory.

      No different than a Grandfather starting an empire that is inherited by a “successor”; called a “beneficiary.”

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. TVC15 says:

    Honestly SA, you should really just ban the TVC15 nick. It’s mine and I like it, but that’s the only way I can think of to get rid of FD once and for all.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I had a live-in arrangement with a SB, but it took a semester for us to move in together. When I describe the details to pots, they say that what that SB had sounds like a sweet deal.

  24. sd with open eyes says:

    I have realized that I have something going against me in terms of finding a SB who does not live 2 hours away from me: math. Specifically, suppose I look within a 100 mile radius for a sugar baby. That is an area that covers approximately 7854 square miles. Even if I assume that sugar babies are evenly distributed then the chance that they will live within 10 miles of where I live (an area of approximately 78.54 square miles) is only one percent. So, 99% of all sugar babies in a 100 mile radius will live farther away from me than 10 miles. Bummer.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I used to have a live-in SB who was a photography student. It was fun (for both of us, as far as the evidence shows) while it lasted, which was until graduation. When I describe what we had to pots, they say that it sounds appealing.

  26. Anonymous says:

    …still as dead as a doornail.

  27. I’ve been waiting for Seeking arrangements to update my profile. Please update. I’m still waiting.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Even my “Roger that Batman” ;ab-libing of course”, was banned.

    What kind of real prospects does the site now wish to hone in on, but there own?

    Granted…selection or rather, “selectism” is equally important in branding. How be it…hello fellas, ya’lls branding has be m all across the board for eons now. Who put their foot down now?

    Oh my, King Kong? Big foot? Oprah?

  29. Josh says:

    It seems they are moderating my posts.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I think the idea of a live-in sb is wonderful. Where are the the sd’s that want this type of arrangement?

  31. Belle says:

    I think the men on here should be very mindful of this article. I have had quite a few encounters with those who lack patience.

    Trust me Daddy’s, patience is key with someone like me, your perfect companion.

    xo B

  32. Jen says:

    I wouldn’t think it would be that difficult… I’m definitely open to that sort of arrangement.

  33. WTF says:

    hellooooo and where is everybody ? the fights have really stopped every one is getting along in here a new look to the blog lol

  34. sd with open eyes says:

    There was a depressing crop of newer SB in my search today (100 miles): mostly moms and virtual-only’s. One girl is an aspiring writer who wants someone to write her often and pay for the privilege. Another one wants to jump start her modeling career (although if she jump started anything her fat body would break the floor).

  35. this isnt serious? says:

    Is this for real?….thats called a wife….had that dont want it…unless you can pull it off like Hew Hefner, then this is quite ridiculous…the blogs being written by a woman to benefit women…this is silly….

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have found that the younger SB’s in their 20’s and pursuing a degree are very open to the live in arrangement. they don’t want to pay any bills, still get a (reduced) allowance, and have sex with you like a regular boyfriend who they were living with.
    if the chemistry is good enough and the communication good enough, it could be a very nice situation for several years.
    but like Chris Rock, I like to turn old pussy into new pussy; stay with one woman. If a guy feels the need to mingle and play, the live in situation is going to explode and soon.

  37. Anvimurthy says:

    Great Blog and thanks for updating this useful tips..

  38. Joan says:

    And why is almost everyone posting anonymously? Things have really changed….

  39. Joan says:

    It’s been a while since I checked the blog and I’m just wondering where everyone went? Josh and all the other guys?

  40. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if SA will just keep posting these new blogs and pretend it is “business as usual” or at some point they will acknowledge it is SNAFUed and do something about it…

  41. Anon is the new nick says:

    Live-in? Whoa – that’s perverting the idea of sugar… (sb perspective).

  42. TVC15 says:

    Don’t think it’s a bot, sd. Seems like a new kind of poetry to me.

  43. Fixee says:

    If the article’s author cannot spell “independent,” just how much credibility shall we assign to his advice?

  44. sd with open eyes says:

    I wish people would stop using AI bots to generate random incoherent posts on this blog.

  45. Edwood says:

    Seeking a free spirit loving romantic lady to enjoy life travel together.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Kissing ass is nothing new to the “artists”. finding a new one worth kissing these days, proves to be a talent that no one has yet achieved.

  47. Anonymous says:

    anyone notice that the sorting function is not working properly? its been two days already and i can’t sort by “last active” … it’s a mess

    • Anonymous says:

      You need mental assistance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Over the intercom, we hear: “Mental assistance needed on aisle 4, mental assistance needed on aisle 4. Thank you for shopping at seeking arrangement.

      We appreciate your
      business. Remember to ask for paper or plastic before you leave!” 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks, “Mental assistance.”

      All my posts are blocked now. You win the award of killing the blog. Even though for 3 years. Any decent looking man or woman was subjected to the bottom of the barrel speech that in no way reflected any ideal close to a traditional SD. All the women were constantly in conversation to validate respect for themselves. While men continued to speak of women in worth at a 3 cent value, lower than a back page ad or a street walker.

      Ironically, SA’s Facebook page and SA’s marketing material is the opposite of what has been projected here for eons. That tells me that no one has card about the blog until now. Or, u guys are paying off the right people, just like politicians.

  48. Noob_sd says:

    Quick question: I am finding that after the latest update the “search” sucks. I keep getting the same results for a while …. despite setting “recently active”. Anyone else finding the same issue?

  49. Another anonymous says:

    @ Contract

    Having a lady living in, giving her enough personal space, signing an enforceable contract to support her, but intimacy in not guaranteed. That sounds like modern marriage.

    • AnonMatureSB says:

      Actually, I met a pot SD that had a live-in SB. I thought that was odd. He said that she is bi and gets her own room, since she needed a place and he happened to have a spare room. So, they fool around here and there and sometimes he watches her and her GF. But, hey if it floats your boat, go for it. But, when you think about it, I wouldn’t mind that sort of arrangement, if I needed a place to stay…rent alone is $1800/mo (on the cheap end) for a 1 bedroom anyways and I work full-time.

  50. Anonymous says:

    lol the comments on these blogs are life. lmbo Ya’ll are to much. haahaha.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t a live-in defeat the whole purpose of the SD/SB relationship?

  52. Anonymous says:

    I don’t even know why you are posting that, FunDouche.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Wow 240 Male Members blocked on SA.

  54. beijaflora says:

    Live in sugar babies? Yikes! That honestly doesn’t sound to appealing at all, nothing I would ever do but to each their own. I’m interested though would it be like having a friend as roommate or bf/gf kind of situation ..

  55. RussianSB says:

    Live-in SB sound like a nightmare. Especially, I can imagine that process of brake-up with live-in SB .

  56. Anonymous says:

    This is what it has come to huh? Live in SBs?

  57. FedUpAnon says:

    Potential SB of the day:

    The kind of man I’m looking for should be comfortable supporting my London lifestyle. I can give you updates on what I’ve been doing and can send you more photos of what I do, but only if you deserve them.

  58. FedUpAnon says:

    There were two spammers on SA trying to sell or getting you to click links to PD Passes. Reported and quickly deleted for once 😉

  59. FedUpAnon says:

    Is there still a block feature, or has it been combined with the account inactive feature?

    • Anonymous says:

      The block feature will tell you they are no longer active not that you are blocked! Damn, I thought I was getting rid of rinsers…

    • sd with open eyes says:

      If you go to the profile and click on the gear icon there will be an option to block someone. I don’t know if it still works though, I have not had to block someone.

  60. FedUpAnon says:

    First, second and third!

  61. FedUpAnon says:

    You can have sex with SB’s? You sure? I mean really? That’s so naughties 😉

    • TVC15 says:

      Not with me, and likely not with anyone in possession of more than two functioning brain cells.

      • Anonymous says:

        No one can have sex with at TVC. She simply lacks…a required orifice.

      • TVC15 says:

        TVC doesn’t exist anymore, she’s become a collective. Kind of a shame, I really liked her. On the other hand, extremely flattering.

      • Anonymous says:

        @TVC. Confessing to be in love with yourself – “I really like her/me” – is normally described as Onanism. You must be an expert…

      • Anonymous says:

        Onanism was coined “masterbation”, all the way back to the biblical era. So, if TVC likes to play with herself then more power to her. At least it shows a healthy sexual appetite that is not ashamed of desiring sex. She just appears to desire more than the average Joe blow as the rest do on this site and become dissinterested all-together, based on the yoddling of the blog.

        Men, you don’t want a female who is all talk and no action. Guess what? Neither do women!

  62. FedUpAnon says:

    I am first and second 🙂

  63. FedUpAnon says:

    I could be first? I could be last!