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A Sugar Baby’s Guide To Sophistication
  • Posted Apr 29, 2016


Embarking on a journey into the world of Sugar can often be a daunting experience. As a new Sugar Baby, not only are you learning to please Daddy and negotiate your allowance, but you are also likely being exposed to many new things. When faced with the unknown it is natural to feel out of place and intimidated, but if you want to be successful in the Sugar Bowl you will need to learn how to adapt to any situation you find yourself in. With a Sugar Baby’s guide to sophistication by your side you can rest assured that you will be able to blend in as the sophisticated Sugar Baby you were always meant to be.

Language Matters

Keep the cursing to an absolute minimum when you are spending time with Daddy. Most men, especially more mature ones, do not like to hear the woman they are with using foul language. Also, save the slang and trendy phrases for when you are hanging out with your girlfriends. Daddy will get tired of hearing things like  “OMG” and “WTF” very quickly. Additionally, if you are not sure of a word’s usage or pronunciation don’t use it.

Keep Yourself Well-Groomed

Not only must you act the part, you must also look the part. Obviously clothing is a big part of it. Be sure to wear clothing appropriate to the occasion. You don’t want to draw attention to you and Daddy for being dressed in an inappropriate fashion. It is also important to be well-groomed. This means maintaining your hair, skin and nails. If you are a new Sugar Baby you may not be able to afford fancy salon treatments, but there are plenty of ways to take care of these things inexpensively especially if you do it yourself.

Posture is Key

Whether you are sitting or standing it is important to maintain excellent posture. Sitting up straight and walking with your head held high are signs of confidence. Remember Sugar Daddies are attracted to confident women.

Educate Yourself

There are a number of ways that you can easily educate yourself on various topics that may be of interest to your Sugar Daddy. Keep yourself up to date on current news and events. You don’t have to become an expert, but you should have idea of what’s going on in the world around you. If you don’t have time to watch or read the news on a daily basis, download a news app on your phone and allow it to send you notifications of breaking news – try downloading the CNN, AP Mobile, or Yahoo News app to stay informed..

Have you ever wanted to learn how to speak a foreign language or play tennis? Take a class. Sign up for a beginners course to learn the basics. Once you find an activity you enjoy, learn more about it – having a special skill will only make you more impressive in the Sugar Bowl.

Expand Your Horizons

All of the above tips will be helpful in attracting a high-quality Sugar Daddy, but once you have secured him the real work begins. Successful long-term arrangements occur when both parties of the relationship are getting what they want and need. Many SDs get bored and restless when their SB has nothing more to offer than her looks. Learn about his interests. If he’s a wine lover ask him to teach you about it or go to a few wine tastings and then impress him with your newfound knowledge.

Remember mastering the art of sophistication won’t just come in handy in the Sugar world, a sophisticated woman holds the key to every door she approaches.

34 Responses to “A Sugar Baby’s Guide To Sophistication”

  1. NB says:

    I think my SD is scamming me. I’m new to this and I believe he took advantage of that. He refuses phone calls and video chats. He just wants pictures and my account information. I understand he may need my account number or Paypal but he’s asking for my online banking information. What do I do?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Manners are so important. I honestly don’t think they are emphasized enough. With that said, as a sugar baby, I expect to be respected in return. I feel that I am expected to carry much of the “class” in any of my arrangements, and in return I am treated as an object. I understand that in a large way this is transactional, however, be kind and be genuine. It’s not a lot to ask! Also, many men will put off giving an allowance until asked and asked again. Its entirely unfair to place it upon us to remind you. If there are any kind sugar daddies out there that are responsible and willing to wire me the money at the beginning of every month, on time, then feel free to contact me. Best wishes and luck to all of you on your current and future endeavours!

  3. Chistyka says:

    Being a lady is allways key manners and morals how you walk and talk how you carry yourself should not be all about you but your eyes on him. Walking in heels heel toe heel toe head up back straight arms swaying my first Master taught me to better myself with manbers being a lady good to take it every where. Lady gives advice never judges or is bratty but kind and caring. Yes educating yourself is best going to school taking a class or Master a degree in somthing. you can find manners books in book stores or local library hoe to be a lady. Best makeup artist book making faces helped me when I was modeling but very polished and clean looks.

    • Chistyka says:

      I ment manners not manber no ones perfect spell check in handy allways. Another tip if you slip just smile and dust yourself off.

      • Chistyka says:

        Allways put nakin in your lap keep elbows off table. Eat slow mouth closed. Put napkin in your seat as you enter powder room. Only fix make up and lip stick in power room. Keep flats in purse when feet swell or get cusion for heels. Dress classy make sure clothes are mended and not wrinkle for your meeting with him. You can find nice things in sales racks and good will if your looking for classy ware at first but wash before wearing. Wear clothes that fit the frame or invest in a body shaped or steal boned corset to be confident best to measure your waistline and bust if you have big bust get under bust corset even smell ones help lift breast. Making breast push up a over bush shelve bra help small breast and all kinds. Best to show little like slit in long skirt or little cleavage don’t over do to look like hooker but look like a class my lady o who’s that lady.

  4. Anonymous says:

    bunch of snooty people that are arrogant and full of themselves commenting here. must be why they have to pay women to be with them, lol. oh was my grammar ok for you, i think i did not capitalize some word. OMG, lololololol

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow what a first class SB catch you’ll make (that’s sarcasm in case you hadn’t go it).

  5. Sam I Am says:

    Within one or two messages or five minutes of conversation it is easy to tell if a SB is sophisticated and elegant or not. Whether that is important depends on the preferences of the SD, but I, for one, have been surprised even in major urban environments how poorly mannered so many SBs are. Which may be more acceptable behind closed doors but certainly not in the luxurious public environments they seem to crave: the three star restaurants, the luxury resorts, the A-list events, and so on.

    But to each his own.

    • Sam I Am says:

      Having said that, to me an attribute I truly adore in a woman is versatility and an ability to be a manner chameleon. It can be exciting, fun, sexy, … either conforming or thumbing ones nose at convention can make a relationship that more interesting. But the magic is to do it appropriately and together.

      Role playing ain’t bad either. 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    I disagree. I’d much prefer to be with a fun 20-something chic who enjoys being silly sometimes, listening to music and having fun and being herself, rather than a girl who looks like she spends all day at the beauty salon and takes care to filter what she says.

  7. green says:

    A question for fellow SDs and SBs:
    I don’t have public photos on my profile for obviously privacy reasons. Recently I have had two SBs initiating contacts and requesting to view my private photos and once I gave access to them they immediately blocked me, even though I haven’t written a single word to them. Anyone has similar experiences?

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe blocking removes you from future searches. I personally think the blocking feature should be used for people who are harassing you but since SA doesn’t provide a an alternative feature to help you keep track of people you’ve communicated with people use that instead

    • SB says:

      I simply block guys who I’m not physically attracted to.

  8. Common Cents says:

    An integral part of that sophistication is for the SeekingArrangement website to get their act together with the messaging component. Restricting communication to 1400 characters per message is ridiculous when you are trying to get to know someone. It’s almost to the point where your first message has to be “The messaging component on the site is not reliable, so email me at “. Totally unprofessional to impose the message restriction such that the messages have to be broken up so much, in essentially an email format.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I disagree. Half the fun of this for me is step into the ridiculous world of the 20 something. It beats the heck out of debating private school versus public school or gender roles in the workplace! Tell me all about rolling your Js, your stupid professor who expects you to think, where you sit on the sub-dom spectrum, etc. I’m sick of hanging out with grownups.

  10. Ronnie says:

    Ladies, in addition to what is mentioned above keep in mind that some of us SD’s work and live in a world of standards. For example, I date a SB who will take a bite of food, politely chew it a couple of times, and then start conversing while chewing. Did your mama teach you, “Don’t talk with your mouth full” when you were a child? If so, follow her advice. If not, follow mine and keep lips together while chewing.

    Another symptom of our collapsing society which I see is poor grammar. I’m not referring to the ‘cursing’ discussed in the blog–I’m a former sailor and spent a couple of years in a combat area, so I can swear professionally. No, it’s the improper use of grammar which grinds on me…statements like, “She don’t ever …” The proper verb in that case is “doesn’t” as in “She doesn’t ever…” If that’s too difficult for you then kindly look for a non-professional SD.

    Finally, as the Fruitcake Lady who appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” said in one of her more popular appearances, “…keep miss puss clean.” The men who want to give oral pleasure to a woman with one or two day old puss are few and far between.


    • yougottabeanonymous says:

      xo! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s one thing to have specific preferences and standards, but to blame the “collapse of society” on unconventional, or what you consider “improper” grammar is a bit of a stretch. Language is extremely complex, and someone with a different linguistic culture or upbringing from yours should not be considered inferior for it. What we call and teach “standard English” is only one culture’s standards of this particular language. English, specifically, is unique in its exposure to dozens and dozens of different cultures, many which may impart on it the rules and customs of their own native tongue.

      Again, if you PREFER standard English, that’s one thing, but to ascribe a positive or negative evaluation on an entire person or even society based on this and this alone is narrowminded at best and utterly extremist at worst.

      • Randi says:

        You can’t be serious. I am a seasoned SB, and I know people from all walks of life.
        Phrases such as “he don’t never” are ALWAYS used by those who are not properly educated.
        The income bracket you are born into is not your choice… But it doesn’t take money to learn to speak and behave like a lady.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was new to this website and this kind of relationship, i had to admit that sugar hunting was really a daunting experience. Even i speak 3 languages, Look good. it was a long way to deal with guys on this website.

  12. Anonymous says:

    LOL, sophistication my butt. I have very “sophisticated” SB’s messaging me asking me how much money I can give them and had one got into an accident while driving to meet me, only to start texting me again next day asking me to pay her speeding tickets FML! 🙂

    • mas says:

      yeah there are way too many scammers on this site.. and there scam stories are sophisticated, indeed. My rule is no money for any reason, never, before the first date. I even put it in my profile 🙂

      • Anon says:

        Asking to pay speeding tickets is ridiculous, but I think in all fairness if you say on your profile bedroom activities will be an expectation then it should be acceptable for the SB to inquire as to what allowance you had in mind..

  13. Getrizzeal says:

    To be a good sb you just need to know how to do a couple things well :p, these posts are a joke.

  14. ks says:

    The content of this article is very apt. Even pros know how to dress appropriately and discreetly for a rendezvous at social places better than some SB…Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for stripper dresses and fuck me heels and that tends to be a strip bar or the bedroom…

  15. Black barbie365 says:

    It looks like I am a perfect match to be daddys sugar baby

  16. Anonymous says:

    When we use to need blogs every week, we never got them now that there only a 100 post they put one out every every 3-4 days

  17. Anonymous says: