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Sugar Daddy Discretion Apps
  • Posted Jun 25, 2016


Whether you’re having a discreet affair or you’re a frivolous Hugh Hefner type, some level of discretion in Sugar arrangements is required. Especially before trust is established, maintaining some anonymity can be in your best interest. Here are some Sugar Daddy discretion apps to help you in your quest for Sugar.


If you haven’t heard of it, you might be living under a rock. This messaging and picture messaging app lets you send messages to the contacts in your phone. The only schtick is the fact that they have a time limit. You can set your pictures to appear on the receiver’s phone for 1-10 seconds, and after that it disappears. This can be a great asset for obvious reasons.


Have you ever wanted to leave someone a message without making their phone ring? Look no further. Avoid awkward conversations and bail with ease with this app that allows you to bypass a Sugar Baby’s incoming calls and go straight to her voicemail.


Giving out your real phone number might not be an option, or maybe you just want an extra layer of privacy before you meet someone. Sideline gives you an additional number to text and make calls from. The number is disposable, and you can easily get a new one or switch it out and prevent people from contacting you on an old number.


Transferring funds has never been easier than the PayPal app. All you need is the person’s email address. However, this will appear on your billing cycle with the receiver’s name. Great for on the go gifting, not so great if your wife checks your statements.


Being safe isn’t just something women should be concerned about. It’s always better to over prepare than regret a situation that could have been prevented. Guardly helps you do just that by allowing you to alert someone or the police of your whereabouts and condition with just a few taps.


Similar to the disappearing message function of Snapchat, Wickr allows you to send messages that expire after a certain amount of time. You can set a message to self destruct in 1-10 seconds, upon which it is lost and deleted forever.

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324 Responses to “Sugar Daddy Discretion Apps”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think, it’s no different than a regular dating site or any dating scene….
    I’ve dated a lot in my life, in this world, women always have to be careful, doesn’t matter escort or not. Personally, I love this site, I’ve met so many great people on here, and one from them is my husband now. Good luck to all of you! Just be kind, sincere and honest. XOXO

  2. dollar rate says:

    Am 33yrs old single man looking for a honest mature dude

  3. Hans says:

    Am 33yrs old single man looking for a honest mature dude from anywhere in the world willing to settle down for a honest mature serious relationship and marriage

    • Parth says:

      I am looking for an honest man who is man of his words, respect humanity and gives helping hands to those who are in need, I kind person is what I am looking for.
      I know this too much to ask for it.

  4. SexyBiBarbie says:

    Hi All,

    Any SD’s in Southern California (LA county or North OC County) on here.? Let’s talk. My SA account-SexyBiBarbie. I’m not rude nor mean. I can communicate very well, honest,smart and I have some talents. Not your average SB. Hope to talk soon

  5. Down2Earth90 says:

    I’ve been trying to find a page best suited to warn other SBs about dodgy/ fake SDs but I can’t find one so posted here! SBs post here if you have any “sugar daddies” to warn about! Also have a Skype account without your real name as your username and ask your POT to Skype just for a minute if you doubt their photo, I’ve found you don’t hear back from most as soon as you say this so it quickly wheedles out the catfish! X

  6. Down2Earth90 says:

    Oh also avoid bt_6789 he wants to “pay you £200/300 per intimate meeting”! Seriously!

  7. Down2Earth90 says:

    Just to warn any sugar babies on SA, “Charming Fellow” is fake. Firstly, anyone that says “I spend most my time in high powered business meetings” does not really spend their time in “high powered business meetings”! Secondly, if you reverse Google his photo it’s from a photography website! Just to warn you ladies! X

  8. Emma says:

    Hey there looking for a really nice sugar daddy to take care of me!

  9. caterqueen25 says:

    I’ve been on here 10 months all i want is ice cream and a few discrepancies dealt with (Finances spelled with a B) and a good time here and there you have SB’s requesting 1000 a date or hour my needs and wants are minuscule compared not saying i am not worth it i do value myself enough to know this pretty face wont last if i work too hard my biggest regret is to grow old feeling like i worked my life not live it like come on im not looking for love and neither are you so whats the problem non crazys messege CaterQueen25

  10. kia says:

    its crazy how these men on here are so rich and so dumb and valueless … i mean they just want escorts so why not go to a cheap slutty website ,this is for professional arrangements sugarbaby/sugardaddy …

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. So many of them are getting it confused between SB and escort. For some reason I don’t blame them. I have seen these girls willing to do anything to just get money posting nude pictures..etc. SD enough with “i want no drama, supper beautiful, blah blah blah…because you are really missing out someone who is will so listen to you when you don’t have anyone to listen because escorts don’t give a sh!t about you at the end she will ask you money for calling her at midnight “1k for listing to me” sh!t. Also, treat people like you would like to be treated. I have been using this site for 3 months and some days I just want to delete it. Find me and you wouldn’t regret it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Besides using discretion, ladies I would encourage carrying pepper spray, also taking basic self defense classes in all honesty you never know who you could be meeting with

  12. NYCSugarLady says:

    Some of these comments are sad and truly represent the state of this dating lifestyle today. Most of you just need to go find an escort and drop some cash on the dresser after because a true SD/SB relationship is far from what you seek.

    • Price says:

      You mean give the cash before no prosti is going for the giving it after ??

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh I have bought into that, and have given advances already in three or four experiences. I have been burned at the proverbial stake. A SB will provide emotional attachment, cushion, friendship, companionship, sex, romance, passion and commitment to our relationship. An escort is not interested in more than providing a good service (if at all), and getting her money, period. No attachment, no romance, no nothing. So no, many SDs seek SBs not prostitutes, and the allowance is provided once the panties hit the floor, not before.

  13. carmel says:

    I have been on this site a few months .. meetup with a few guys no sex as what they put on sa is different of what they want to give ..if you need sex guys get a call girl ..stop wasting decent women times by promising this and that on your profiles ..

  14. Colombia-24 says:

    Hi, i’d like to meet a SD to have a relationship, just contact me, im thin 24 guy.

  15. Nicole says:

    I start to wonder how men who can make so much money from business, are unable to read the women they sit down and have dinner with, and ultimately, get into bed with? How do you not know that an immature 18 or 19 year old is going to bribe you? Don’t you people hire people for your businesses? Treat it like finding an employee but also like finding a life partner. NOT TO SAY that you’re trying to marry whoever you meet, but if you take a bit more seriously, maybe you wouldn’t have to go through all the hoops and BS to find a decent human being. Stop looking for “Oh shes pretty and good enough,” and start taking the people you let into your life a little more seriously. (especially if this is an affair! Jesus Christ!). NSA, no drama, or casual, doesn’t have to mean careless and sloppy.

    • Anonymous says:

      18 and 19 year olds I’ve met on SA were a lot more reliable and reasonable than a 30+ crowd. Hands down.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m appalled by some of the things on here and I’m a 20 yr old sugar baby

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am new SD in here.What is the average allowance for a SB in Atlanta. I know it depends on the SB but I met couple of SB’s and they were asking for an high allowance which I dont think is reasonable. What I wanted to know is the average allowance for the market in Atlanta.

    • Anonymous says:

      $200-$300 should get you a decent SB. If you want a knockout…spend a bit more.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some of these comments are sad and truly represent the state of this dating lifestyle today. Most of you just need to go find an escort and drop some cash on the dresser after because a true SD/SB relationship is far from what you seek.

    • Anonymous says:

      At $200-$300 you are not the only one she is a SB for. If you want that fine. If you want exclusive $2-3k/month

  18. Walker says:

    I was bribed by a 18 year old sugar baby. I bought her some alcohol and things did not work out between us so I ended the arrangement. She texted me and said if I did not leave 1000 bucks for her she was going to go to the cops and turn me in.
    Beware of the little cuties that are under 21.

  19. I have never tried this before and after the reviews it sounds darker. The problem is no one understands what the definition of “arrangement” means. I would make them show up before I put anything in motion. And for the lame SB’s going to the higher bidder you are why people are hesitant and flaky. Everyone is so shell shocked why even be on here ???

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey Guys. I am relatively new here and I am not getting a lot of messages. Can anyone take a look at my profile and see what might be doing wrong? My user name is “Dear Beautiful”

  21. Nuke says:

    Haven’t been around for about 6 months. Came for a quick check to see if things have improved, but I see it’s still the same on here. Too bad! I really miss this place and all it used to offer.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The SDs whining about teens and 20s girls behaving certain way…please have some perspective.

    Play the field, enjoy the shenanigans by the female kind, and maybe feels like in your twenties again. 😉

    Give them some break. They are not bad people. They are merely young women who get hit on every single waking moments of their lives.

    If I get hit on every single waking moment of my life I would be dealing with women differently as well.

  23. Indy SD says:

    Every time I try to enter into a pay-per-meet arrangement, it turns into more (excessive texting, wanting to grab a dinner, asking for $ to cover speeding tickets, concert tickets, to hang out etc…)

    Maybe it’s just the way it is, but I was truly hoping to find someone who I would spend time with once a week or so, and aside form an occasional text, I would not have my private life disturbed. I understand if she has an emergency but most of these arrangements become very “smothering” and I have to cut them off.

    Anyone experience this, and how do you deal with it? I am as blunt as possible but maybe I am just running into SB’s who don’t get the NSA concept.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t respond to such texts. It doesn’t even cost them 1/1000th of a penny to ask. So they ask hoping you would give in at least sometimes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only respond to texts that are within the realm of the negotiated and agreed upon terms.

      Women typically don’t have shame when it comes to harassing the man who is playing with their pussy.

    • Anonymous says:

      One of them used to call me to order food delivery for her. I did it one time then…

    • Anonymous says:

      That has not been my experience at all. In fact, sometimes I would like a bit of a chat, but all they want, is some texting to set a date up.
      The problem are the ones that want to chat b4 M&G, but cannot meet for some reason right away(out of town or exams). That could waste enormous amount of time when suddenly when there is time to meet, they quit. But keep logging on SA.

      • NC_HUSTLER says:

        yeah, I am a busy guy and work 50-60 hrs a week and can find 30 minutes for a M&G and I’ve encountered so many of these “babies” that will text you and then there is a barrage of excuses, like “I can only meet this weekend, maybe” “tomorrow I am hanging out with friends” “the car is in shop” – I mean, if you want sugar enough, you will make time, but apparently their desire for sugar is nos strong enough to overcome their general “fears” about getting into this. I think women are programmed to say NO even when they want to say YES. They are always looking for reasons to NOT do things, the young ones at least … they can be such pain the the arse, and, yes, most come back here and hang out on the site 24/7.

        I always tease them by telling them: “I have sugar, and the only thing you need to do is bring your spoon, simple enough huh?”

    • Anonymous says:

      Get an escort you can f*#k her not have to hear from her until you want to get laid again. The whole reason to have a SB is for the connection if all you want is to have sex then this probably not the right arena for you. NSA does not equal treat her like a hooker it just means she should have no expectations of the husband, white picket fence, and the 2.5 kids.

    • Sorry to hear that. Some take it to far.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The thing I hate – is when they cancel at the last possible moment. Like 30 minutes before they are supposed to be at the door. After they confirmed with you 5 times during the day.
    And then she asks cheerfully: “Are you free tomorrow?”

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for sharing brother…and I had thought that I was the only “special” and “understanding” kind of SD many of them expect me to be. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      And I had thought that I was the lucky one. 🙂

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      she’s so hot she’s getting better offers. Don’t be jelly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Looks like Vanity Fair used your jelly with their whine. They left no one out in the mix and mingeled affair of flair. An over saturated market leaves me wanting far above and beyond the ‘girlfriend experience’ by all genders including transgender after reading sex is just sex. Smh.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think it is just bad time management.
        On the positive side, I can afford to do a few M&G per week, so by the time she is asking me that question, I have another one, ready to go. So I can answer: “No, darling. Tomorrow I am busy. Very very busy”.
        God bless Brandon Wade!

      • Anonymous_SSSD says:

        You always need a minimum of 2 Sb’s for when they flake on you. And sometimes not even that is enough. One of mine this week texted me on Tuesday and wanted to meet Thursday. I booked a hotel room and Thursday morning at 6am and asked to reschedule for Friday. When I informed her that the room was already booked and non refundable and asked why the reschedule? She replied that she has her visit from aunt flo. Well if she just got her visit, then she’ll still have it the next day. Not a bright excuse from that one. I didn’t even respond to her and will not see her again. 2nd time she flaked. Next!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s called booking multiple guys for the same time slot and go with the highest bidder.

    • NC_HUSTLER says:

      Brandon Wade is going to hell if there is hell 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        For what? Creating a pussy heaven?

      • NC_HUSTLER says:

        For facilitating corruption of young female minds who down the road will most likely have many psychological issues requiring therapy. I know I am enabling this as well, but let’s face the truth: many women who think these “arrangements” are not prostitution, are wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        Prostitution is a word. Not that long ago people would say “a cripple”. Or “retard”. Or “colored”. These are words that reflect a certain attitude. Lose that word and you would feel better.

      • Anonymous says:

        Women are not worth wifing up anymore. You just hook up…whether it takes money , charm or both.

        If you want to get in women’s panties without money, charm or both…you’re dreaming.

      • Anonymous says:

        What percentage of women are being “corrupted” by SDs and what percentage are being “corrupted” by other men in their lives?

    • Anonymous says:

      That really does screw things up. It happenned to me last week, I ended up driving 500 miles for nothing.

  25. Anonomnomnom says:

    I wonder if current racial tensions are keeping me from getting a SD. Not that I was rolling in the old peen, but shit. I got turned down by a nerd! (also only i can say the nerd word. cuz i am one.)

    • Anonymous says:

      With that logic please go ahead and say “dumb” as well. 🙂

    • sd with open eyes says:

      I wouldn’t even try to blame racial tensions. I would look in the mirror first. You got turned down by someone that you consider a “nerd” and by implication someone that you feel superior to since you feel lighted that he turned you down. Don’t you think that your attitude would have been pretty transparent to the potential sugar daddy?

    • Anonymous says:

      Many women here continue to believe that they have the upper hand in arrangements just like they do in the regular relationships. They continue to reduce their odds, and leave empty handed.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I respect the desire of the transsexual person to be treated as their aspired gender. There’s nothing wrong with that and in time people will come around.

    However I get a kick out of the “supporters” of the same who literally demand that the society should come around with the snap of their fingers.

  27. N. O. Nemuss says:

    Oh, joy. Another “SB” has contacted me out of the blue and expects me to send money because, well, just because.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey don’t be a salt daddy. Send princess the money because she has a pussy and a potential baby machine.

      • Anonomnomnom says:

        Is a pussy and baby machine different to you? I am confused.

      • Anonymous says:

        You probably were asleep during your sex ed classes. Baby making machine requires uterus and ovaries.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am more specific than most people. Pussy is a gateway to the baby machine. Pussy is an enticement by nature to get sperm in the baby machine. Alternatively turkey baster could be used to impregnate the baby machine.

        I sometimes wonder if men were not so interested in pussy what would the reproduction levels be in the world. I guess humanity would not have survived for this long?

      • Anonomnomnom says:

        some people use them interchangeably.

      • Anonymous says:


      • GreenEyes says:

        Your comment made my day 😀
        Are there realy SD’s who are specifically looking for a potential baby machine? They’re not putting that in their profile. I’m 24 years old and find the nick-name quite funny and adorable. And let’s face it. If men and women weren’t interesting in making the baby-machine working than we would all come from one-child-families. That would be such a shame having nog brothers or sisters to grow up with.

  28. FedUpAnon says:

    I would appreciate money or gifts in return for a life long friend and companion to share my life and experiences with. I’m looking in particular for a French speaking gentleman, to help me improve my french.

  29. igor says:

    A bit off topic, but does anyone have advice in spotting profiles with pics that someone just lifted off another site. I’ve come across a few like that so far. The ones where their faces are hidden I would assume to be more likely legitimate, but I don’t want to accidentally favorite or email someone that I may know. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      You could try to screen shot the picture and see if Google images recognizes it.

    • Anon says:

      Yeah, you can always use google to reverse image search. Open the image in a new tab by right clicking it and selecting “Open in New Tab”. Then, go to images.google.com and click the camera right next to the magnifying glass. It should pop up with “Paste Image URL”. Copy and paste the image url and Google will crawl and attempt to find images that it can find that are similar to that one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask them to show their face before you show yours.

      • Anonymous says:

        Try Tineye. It often shows if the photo was used elsewhere, usually by someone more famous or an actress/model/porn star. If you make it a browser addon you can just right click on the photo and search using Tineye.

        Any Tineye hits don’t necessarily mean the photo is not of the poster however. For example one SB I dated had genuine pictures of herself on Model Mayhem and they showed up as Tineye hits.

    • sbforsplenda says:

      Check out tineye. You can look up photos and see if they’ve been uploaded on other publically accessible sites.

  30. FedUpAnon says:

    Okay, I give up. I am going for the transgender platonic that doesn’t want to meet but will send me pics via email.

    • NC_HUSTLER says:

      You have issues with having SB’s meet? What area of country do you live in?

    • NC_HUSTLER says:

      If you are anywhere close to London, that places must be full of sugar babies in need of cash money. What is the issue? 😉

      • FedUpAnon says:

        Why must it?

      • NC_HUSTLER says:

        Cause it’s an expensive ass place like NYC and especially with Eastern Europeans living in London, I don’t see a reason why there should be a shortage of pussy willing to do p4p. Heck I just did a search on London and I am liking what I am seeking … very comparable to NYC. And I have never had issues meeting a SB from NYC on a short notice.

        If you can’t get a SB in London, you are doing something wrong. Unless you are trying to low ball them. 300-500 dollars per play will get me a hot ass SB in NYC in under 24 hours!

      • Anonymous says:

        Very true. I can can any woman I want for $200-$300 per meet. I am just a cheap ads and stick with girls under $200.

        I even had a long term arrangement with a nymph for under $500/month. She would have done it for free but wanted to know more about me if she went for free.

        Learn to appreciate women with RESPECT. They will ensure you free/cheap pussy. That’s why playboys do.

        We just need to pay enough to work through the age difference, which would be a challenge in a free situation.

  31. FedUpAnon says:


  32. Anonymous says:


  33. mrnono says:

    I have a question. How can I view the profiles of others who post here? For example, how are some of you able to search for specific names that are left here for viewing. Every time I type in a name it says “not found”. I would like to view some of the profiles as well. Also, how can I see who has viewed my profile?

  34. sd with open eyes says:

    I am seeing a lot of fake sugar baby messages recently. Here are some signs for spotting a message from a fake sugar baby:

    1) They say that your profile caught their eye, but there is no record of them having looked at it.

    2) Even if there is a record of them looking at your profile they mention no details at all from the profile.

    3) On the very first message they give you their email and phone number.

    4) The message is worded to seem like they are replying to your message when it is obvious that you have never sent them a message. Also, multiple messages that look like they are replies to a conversation, and you have never sent a single message.

    These are all signs that these are messages generated by bot. I would report these types of messages immediately and not respond to them.

    • N. O. Nemuss says:

      5. They’re not consistent about their first names or where they are located.

      6. They guess wrongly at your first name.

      • sbforsplenda says:

        7. Their message could be copied and pasted to 500 people and still make sense; there’s nothing specific to YOU about it. Women are often victim of this stupid nonsense on typical dating sites; I’m confident the scammer- and desperate types have utilized this same method in trying to hook SDs here. Just ask yourself: “if this message were copied and pasted to some other Joe Blow, would it still make sense?” Did they even so much as bother to add your name/username, a tidbit about your profile, a tidbit about your pictures, even so much as a tidbit about where you’re from? If not, be very very leery. At the very best, you have a non-scam artist who isn’t interested in putting in the effort to write a genuine message.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hello. I am relatively new here. My user name is “Skydancer”
    I am not getting a lot of messages. Can anyone take a look at my profile and see what might be wrong?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Hi. I will assume you are Skydancer from NC. If not, then my apologies.

      “I get so many messages a day I do not have time to respond to everyone.” Is this reverse psychology?

      “I have had very rude salty messages accusing me of being a fake profile and wasting everyone’s time. Don’t be that guy. No one gets anywhere in life with a bad attitude or picking on a younger girl who’s using this as a last resort.” This statement will cause 99% of most Sugar Daddies to run not walk to the nearest exit. Not only do you plant the idea that you are a fake in everyone’s mind but you also advertise that you are a money pit.

      Suggestion: Put the cleavage shots in private and just make the innocent shots public.

      Suggestion: Sentence fragments. Not good.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would any self-respecting SD provide an iota of advice to such loser of an SB?

    • Anonymous 27 says:


      “High” expectations?

      Hot blondes who may have modeled needing help with school are plentiful here…

      You need to realize that a) you are not getting an allowance for an online arrangement, b) You are not in the top 1% of the ladies here, and c) You will have to put out…

      Have you really checked to see how many hot coeds are looking for money to start school right now?

      Sorry honey, best wishes regardless…

    • Anonymous says:

      There are so many parts of your profile that scream, “Stay away.”

      “Respected model.” Telling others that you are “respected” is a bad sign.

      “Not on here to sell myself.” Again, very defensive.

      This profile screams, “drama will ensue.”

    • Anonymous says:

      There is nothing in your profile that will bring any SD to you other than those that want to hit it and quit it.

      Your entire profile is nothing but “me, me, me”. Not a single bit of what you can offer to another person, let alone a SD. It seems you do not understand that this is a buyers market (SDs). Nothing you have/show is unique or special. Frankly your profile is a dime a dozen on SA. If you are not willing to put in work, as your profile seems to suggest, then you are either going to get stuck with the “hit it and quit it” or get nothing.

      Don’t demand or have a sense of entitlement. You also may wish to look up some actual non tumbler advice.

  36. BOB says:

    I’ve been on this site for 2 months now, have met 3 women off of here, had a pay per meet arrangements with all three of them. These were in the 21-25 age ranage and relatively attractive (nothing extraordinary) They all wanted no less than $400. But I spend way too much time texting these women and 2 of them cancelled on me and rescheduled to meet. My point is, what is the advantage of this site, when I can call up a hot eskort, won’t have to text back and forth and do lunch/drink meetups and will cost me around the same. I go to Vegas frequently and last night got a drop dead gorgeous eskort, she came to my hotel in 15 minutes, I paid her $350 for 2 hours and she was a WAY better lay than these “sugar babies.” I am just curious to hear opinions here. thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Getting a taxi compared to uber. Some people like the former the others like the latter.

    • Anonymous says:

      You get more time for your money, better connection and low mileage. If you know what you are doing and have a bit of money…a lot lower mileage. And you can get a great connection. Which leads to a lot more fun in the bedroom.
      Do not get me wrong, there are some escorts out there who are pretty close and throw you a good party. Depends also on where you live. Different strokes different folks…

    • TVC15 says:

      You should definitely stick to esc*rts. You think they are hot and a bargain. And you don’t seem interested in being a real sugar daddy – getting to know a woman, providing her with regular financial assistance, maybe some mentoring – so why bother sugar babies? Stick to esc*rts, everyone will be happier that way.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do you always feel the need to comment on something you have absolutely no experience with. Just regurgitating what you read elsewhere and sprinkling your feminazy crap on top is useless for most people.

      • Brooklyn says:

        I love that a guy got so butthurt about your opinion that he couldn’t even spell “feminazi” right. As if feminists are even sort of comparable to nazis and it’s some sort of feminist statement to tell a guy he’s not cut out for this site. The butthurt is so strong with this one. XD

      • Anonymous says:


        Why is that e$corts always come here to post and pretend being sugarbabies?
        Yu know that e$corts are explicitly prohibited to post on SA?
        If anyone is not cut out for this site, is you.
        Have a nice day in your Day’s Inn hotel room. Hope your phone is ringing.

      • Anonymous says:

        She is just butthurt her business is hurting.

      • Anonymous says:

        She’s literally butthurt because due to the sugar baby phenomenon now her clients demands anal at base BP prices without the extra she used to be able to charge in the past.

    • immortal walker says:

      You do not develop a relationship with an escort. An arrangement is supposed to be deeper than the transaction with an escort. $350 for two hours sounds good, taking into account that some posters state an escort charges $300-$500 per hour, and she is gone.
      Some SB’s here are just after the money, and could care less about any relationship, has been my experience. Hence the $400 and up, per meet, and they are watching their clocks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Reread what you wrote and hopefully that will make sense to you.

  37. Shel says:

    Is this only for Americans or can I use it in the U.K?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Out of these i definitely recommend Snapchat! I get so many messages all of which ask for my phone number which can be frustrating continuously giving it out, therefore by exchanging snapchat usernames appears to be more effortless, and has the feature to video chat and call which comes in handy 😉

  39. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for

    Quiznos jsjziabah shhahavahah bag ahaha a ahhahaha sh gahahababa hahabaha

  40. angolanbaby says:

    I know that everyone says this but I’ve had my account for about a month now and I haven’t gotten many replies or messages. Can someone tell me what’s wrong? My username is angolanbaby

    • NC_HUSTLER says:

      Perhaps upload a picture showing your face and another one of you in a bikini, make them private and you can share them with whoever you want. Men usually will start asking to see those private pictures.

      • Anonymous says:

        And you don’t always grant their wishes. What’s up with that and where are the manners?

    • Anonymous says:

      That won’t work.

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason is that certain ethnicity of women don’t do too well here in general.

      • NC_HUSTLER says:

        Yes, MOST SD’s go for while, latin, asian or mixed, black … in that order. It’s just the reality. And as I said before, showing a full body shot in a bikini DOES help. I come across so many profiles where a woman will only show her face or is fully clothed and I don’t like playing guessing games.

        Most SD’s here are wanting to “play” so keep that in mind while designing your profile.

        If someone’s profile looks like it’s tinder or match.com I usually don’t bother; these types are here for an ego boost, or simply don’t understand how things work in the SA realm.

    • Bill says:

      That is a good question. Maybe your short hair?

      I will be in Southern California next month. I’m interested.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that your profile, and photos, are just fine. I would not hesitate to contact you if I were in your area.

  41. Anonymous says:

    A hot young 19 year-old recently proved me wrong that women who cancel dates multiple times will actually show up. She cancelled a couple of times but showed up for the date.

    Tonight I got stood up by an older woman who cancelled 2-3 times and assured me that she’s not going to stand me up.

    Oh well…

    • NC_HUSTLER says:

      If a SB cancel on me more than once, she is out. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but there is got to be a limit. Same with texting. If I text her and she won’t respond, and I give her another shot, if she fks up again, bye! Remember, there are 8 babies per SD, no need to waste efforts on irresponsible babies. You are the one providing sugar, so the least they can do is show up with a spoon!

    • Whatever SB says:

      Its one thing to actually get a Meet & Greet. I have had zero luck in the past year.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bring your allowance expectations and loathing for men down. You will be successful soon.

  42. FedUpAnon says:

    I found the perfect potential SB, and then – I can’t talk right now babe I’m in a sticky situation I need to pay my landlord or he’s going to serve me with a eviction notice and I can’t do that and I’m £300 short and he’s coming for it in a hour.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahaha! Very common scam indeed.

    • NC_HUSTLER says:

      Haha, back in the day when I was very new to this, I would actually engage these scammers. I remember there was one about 80 miles away from my town and we texted back and forth, everything seemed normal and then she brought up a rent issue. She even sent me a picture of some notice (probably a fake one) that if she did not pay $400 in 2 days, she would be kicked out. Then she started telling me that she was waiting for her car accident claim money to come in mail and until then she only had $75 dollars to live off. I told her if she could get to me, I would give her $250 and then she started asking if I could somehow send her money for gas …

  43. Anonymous says:

    Also recommend Bluebird. It’s an extremely convenient way to transfer money instantly while maintaining control of the transfers. Much more convenient and effective than Paypal, and you can fund it with cash at Walmart. The “downside” compared to Paypal is that you have to request and give the recipient a card. But in practice you can just keep a spare card around with a fake name on it.

  44. quebecoisebaby says:

    Ahh…cash is king. It makes things much easier to keep it on the down low when putting money into the back…putting smaller amounts in every so often rather than massive cheques, etc.

    As for amount of allowance…I think it really varies. It depends on what your daddy is comfortable with and can comfortably afford (his lifestyle is important as well), as well as the babies needs.

    I think gifts are sweet when well thought out because it shows that you have a connection on a deeper level, that they listen to what you like. I think it’s also important to show your daddy you care, we can’t just expect things!! Try to put some effort in so that it is a healthy exchange, always. It’s okay to just hangout and not have expectations sometimes, take part in a hobby he has and vice versa!

    (This all sounds well and good to me and yet finding a decent daddy has yet to happen, LOL!)

    • NC_HUSTLER says:

      You sound like a reasonable baby. I get to deal with bunch of unreasonable and selfish amateurs in my area with very little to offer.

    • mythical eternal says:

      I like and agree with the idea of gifts, but the SD has to be very careful. I, for instance, have given relatively expensive gifts (i.e. jewelry, smartphone, clothes) and then wait for the SB to be quite grateful beyond a ‘thank you’. I expect more time from, increased passion, really showing that deeper level of connection, but alas!, sometimes does not materialize. She becomes too busy, and prefer not to be touched in public? So the gifting seems to backfire or she is just ungrateful.

      • NC_HUSTLER says:

        Unfortunately, no amount of gifts or nice gestures will affect an ungrateful, self-entitled person. I like humble women who are pleasers by nature and I have no problem gifting them or taking care of them beyond what we have agreed upon.

      • quebecoisebaby says:

        The touching in public part…I mean, I don’t necessarily think that’s always unreasonable. Often we are here with intent of discretion, as are the majority of you daddies (from what I’ve seen, though I am quite new here). The rest…totally. You can’t make a spoiled girl appreciate being spoiled until shes stripped of it and slowly given it back! Lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds awful, apologies you went through that. Mannerism seems to be dead these days.

      • immortal walker says:

        The same has to be said regarding advances. On SB I was dating just two years ago, began having money issues (i.e. not enough for rent, electricity about to be disconnected, etc.), and despite the fact that we were already having some incompatibilities in the bedroom, I shelled out $1000 in an advance of next month, which she gladly took with a great smile and a thank you. This was NOT an extra gift, and I mentioned that to her. Regardless, for the next three weeks, she became unavailable to meet, after her work, because of so many things to do, she was super busy. Her weekends were her part-time co-parenting, so that was out as well. I felt so stupid, but I understood, it was most probably my fault for how I handled the situation. I should have been more aggressive when discussing the money issues and expectations. So caveat emptor and be watchful.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe she doesn’t like PDA

  45. Anonymous says:

    You get banded for shit talking but they won’t band a girl for jacking you for gas money, (don’t send gas money. Lol)
    and then if you make a fake girls profile with her pics warning other guys. to get back at her, they will
    band your profile and delete it.
    Dosen’t make sence to me. But we all well learn the game or get burned twice. Lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Women have the power to say no and they use it to their benefit.

      This is pussy heaven. Learn to play the game. You will not have to get into “regular” relationships to be jerked around by women.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude it’s gas money. How petty if the lost is having such a negative impact on your finances you shouldn’t be in the bowl. What exactly are as SA supposed to do about it? No one made you send it. It was your own stupid mistake. You just learned lesson number 1 never send money to strangers you haven’t met.

    • Anonymous says:

      As long as you keep saying banded, I think it’s right for them to keep ‘banding’ you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t make ‘sence’?

      Neither does your spelling! And character, for that matter.

  46. FedUpAnon says:

    That’s fine as long as you are not expecting an allowance for a platonic meet and greet.

    That’s fine as long as you are not expecting me to put time and effort into getting to know you for nothing in return.

    I wish you luck in finding the arrangement you are looking for, however I don’t believe that you will find this with me.


  47. FedUpAnon says:

    When my membership expires I am never renewing again after 10 years. It’s another AM I am sure.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t say.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do not be ridiculous. It is a pussy Heaven. Yes, you have to do some work. Yes, it is worth it.

      • Cali Dan says:

        Pussy Heaven is what I think too. It’s not healthy for me though, its like a kid in a candy store.. I’m starting to get a stomach ache.

    • Anon from NC says:

      Mine is expired right now, and the SB’s that were ignoring me, I can see they have message me. For all I know it could be something like: “We only do platonic arrangements” I guess the only way to find out is to shell out another $70 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t renew just for that. They may just be the phantom members responding to get you to rejioin.

        Wait for a few weeks or couple of months, depending on the size of your town.

        You can then renew to engage with fresh girls. You can then respond to the ones who messaged you.

      • Catcher 22 says:

        If you can ill afford to “shell out” $70 for SA membership, you are really in no position to be any kind of SD, other than a fake or pretend wannabee SD.

      • Anon from NC says:

        Thank you for your input Catcher 22. 😉

    • SweetSB says:

      Cali Dan, what is your profile name, I want to check it out. I am in San Francisco area 🙂

      • Cali Dan says:

        Not in Cali anymore.

      • SweetSB says:

        Can you fly me to your city? I’ve read you are quite generous with SB’s, giving them $100-$150 for p4p arrangements 😉

      • Calli Dan says:

        I suppose I could pay for a bus ticket… pack your bags sweetheart, you are about to live large. All the Newports and McDoubles you can handle.

    • Another anonymous says:

      My personal experience is different. If anything, it works a bit too good.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        It’s all scammers and platonics, and then two small towns supply a lot of new members with both having a lot of 19 year old accountants rather than the previous receptionists. Odd.

      • Cali Dan says:

        Which really screws with your head when you think about it. The implications are dumbfounding. I mean, we always “knew” what women wanted.. but now we KNOW what women want. It’s refreshingly honest and brutally honest all at the same time.. on both sides of the equation really. Get broke? Good luck. Get fat/old/ugly/kids .. Good luck. Brutal.

  48. Football player says:

    It is easy to sit on the sidelines and call a counter part “cuvy”, a.k.a. Unworthy. No different than “a-me”, if I never pay a dime nor get in the game. Restoration comes when a solid foundation surfaces to respect thee who are bold enough to get in the game; regardless if your sanctitification approval-ism is give. O not. There is your greatest asset. If there where no complaints…then there would be no gain to solve a problem; for one would not exist to solve.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone, I have an idea about using wingpersons or advisers for SD/SB matchups.

    I think every prospective SD and SB should have a wingperson of the same gender when dating. The wings wouldn’t necessarily have to go along on the dates, but they should be available to meet and discuss the progress of the relationship. They could help negotiate an arrangement and sniff out BS and/or rein in unrealistic expectations on either side.

    If necessary the wings could also be paid a percentage for their efforts.

    What do you guys think?

  50. Anonymous says:

    So now all these fat women who used to go by “a few extra pounds” (if they tried to be honest) are going to become “curvy”. Wow…major help in profile search, thanks SA!

    • N. O. Nemuss says:

      Having seen what passes for athletic on this site, I’ll pass on the curvy ones.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most “athletic” women on SA seem to be sumo wrestlers or American football players. LOL!

      • Football player says:

        Football players my a**. Have you ever heard of “get in the game”?

        I never have met a woman who was being served properly become “curvy” because she felt like the robostness added to the equation. This is where you should hone in and keep your fat comments aside. Just like a stock market crash gives an investment incentive to buyers. Copy that?

      • Anonymous says:

        Why do (fat) women always feel they should post here as a man?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Use an app called Cash.
    It directly deposits and the user can either request a certain amount to a phone number, or receive a direct deposit into your account.

    There is only a 2% fee for credit cards, and free for debit.

  52. Anonymous says:

    If you guys don’t want the sick and *uck counterparts that are only seeking your wallet…then get is your problem I the girls are fat or slim. Make up your minds.

    Oh yeah, that right. You want perfection with a bow on a naked body for ‘slim to none’ in the financial category, and then the figure-est category of biological make up and then zero to none on the asking questions category to leve with you with a picture-esc graph of the picture perfect SB. Well, duhhhh.

    As would we SB’s desire a 22-31 year old SD, hung to the brim of perfection to his erogenous zone. You know, mentally and physically. This te rink of exhaustion of orgasmic satisfaction if necessary. Oh wait; I am a fantasy writer.

    I am tinker bell looking for Peter Pan my own size. Gotcha. (Winkle, wink). The most interesting man in the world liquor commercial eccentric.
    It is all the same request, regardless of packaging. I am all ears…tell me a story. I am snuggled up in my blankie on the floor…I am awaiting daddie to either excite me or put me to sleep. Come on Faddie…where did he go? H is no different. Smh. Shame on me 😉

  53. The Good Girls says:

    I think that the SB’s that are willing to take $100-$250 per date are naive and don’t realize that they are being taken advantage of. I am an SB with my friend on SA and when we negotiate, we are getting at least $800 EACH(1600) per date and negotiate monthly allowances based on that. We find it disrespectful when a SD offers anything south of that. We live in SF so $250 won’t take care of much. NYC SD’s are actually more generous than SF but its just the culture, SF is full of young guys and new money( Technology) NYC is old money ( Finance, etc.). Yah, definitely not waiting on a low budget SD for $100. Also, how much he’s willing to spend says alot about his character. The guys spending lower amounts as you can tell by reading through this thread tend to brag more, which is such a turn off..

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do hookers always feel the need to post here as SBs?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are selling yourself short. I get 5,000 per date. And I do not have to do anything sexual. Just go to dinner and look pretty.

    • OP says:

      You sound like someone who looked at my salary/net worth and tried to guilt me into offering her ONLY $350 per meet (Implying I was cheap given my monetary/financial situation.) Guess what, as hot as she is, she is on SA 24/7. I am not saying there are no SD’s willing to splurge that kind of money but why would anyone in their right mind do that, when they can, even if they are completely clueless, still get 2 hot girls to come play with him for 700-800 dollars total.

      Yes, me NOT willing to spend $100 on a burger speaks poorly about my character, given that I make so much money, it totally makes sense that I should be paying more for a burger than someone who only makes $20,000/year.


      • Anon says:

        I am not saying there are no SD’s willing to splurge that kind of money but why would anyone in their right mind do that, when they can, even if they are completely clueless, still get 2 hot girls to come play with him for 700-800 dollars total.

        Next time you imply that this site isn’t a hooker site or BP, just take a look at what you wrote.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, SDs believe the SBs try to guilt them, SBs feel taken advantage of. Downward spiral. I get 800 per meet. I am not a Pro and I simply don’t need to accept less. Probably it all depends on what you are looking for since there is 1. a market for everything and 2. you usually get what you pay for.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sugar bowl is a non-transparent market, where price and quality do not correlate very well. I have met a wife of a cop asking for $10k/mo. Before the M&G, she didn’t say she was married to a cop or even married at all, nor the $10k/mo expectation. I suppose the two of them were casing for blackmail.

      • Anonymous says:

        I get young, girl next door types all the times for $100-$200.

        If I paid anything north of $500, I expect 20 year-old versions of Elizabeth Taylor or Sofia Vergara, et. al.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whenever someone says” “I only take 800″…they might be honest or simply lie. But that is probably one in a thousand – if she is honest.
        How many will come here and say: “I take 250 a date and it is a great help!”?
        The answer is – none. Although that is 99.9999999999999% of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hookers come here and talk all kinds of numbers so that regular girls don’t get into arrangements at reasonable rates. This way they hope that the desperate SDs will come to them.

      Think of taxi service trying to mess with Uber/Lyft phenomenon.

    • immortal walker says:

      $800 per date with four times per month makes $38400 a year of discretionary income. Even for SF area “new money guys”; it sounds to me there are not enough SD in that capacity in the area to sustain that.

      • NC_HUSTLER says:

        Well, I was rebuked for offering $500 per meet to a local SB, granted she was attractive, but she said she could not even afford to buy a Gucci bag with that money. 😉 I guess she wanted $1500 per meet, and even then she probably would have done it reluctantly…

        She was on SA for three short weeks. R.I.P

      • Anonymous says:

        SA does a great job of injecting delusions into SB. The gap is filled by hookers and rinsers in the blog space.

    • Bill says:

      SF says a lot.

      I read somewhere, and find it reasonably accurate, that a typical allowance is the price of a one bedroom apartment. So, where you are, that would be about $3,000 to $3,500 a month. That seems to match your $800 pay per play figure. If you are in Tampa, Florida expect about $1,000 per month.

      The point is, you are very wrong about applying SF prices to the rest of the country. Not everyone is dumb enough to live somewhere that cost so much.

    • Anonymous says:

      I call BS

  54. Anonymous says:

    So now all these fat women who used to go by “a few extra pounds” (if they tried to be honest) are going to become “curvy”. Wow…major help in profile search, thanks SA!

    • Anonymous says:


      • No Name says:

        Curvy, a few extra pounds, Rubenesque, BBW, whatever. You can call it what you want. At the end of the day, fat is fat.

      • Synonymous says:

        When a girl checks off “a few extra pounds” she is truly effing huge. I learned that one night when the girls shows up and she is like 200 lbs for 5’1″. Was the same girl as the pic, but that must have been 6 years and 70 lbs ago. She kept asking me to take her upstairs…then flashed her rack…after finishing the bottle of wine, it was oh what the hell. Not my proudest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sick with slim and athletic and you would be fine. From time to time look into average to pick out the honest average women.

    • Anonymous says:

      *Stick with…

    • Anonomomomom says:

      Like you aren’t fat yourself….it’s not like you can call yourself curvy. Stop being so sensitive.

      • Anonomomomom says:


      • Anonymous says:

        I have to pay you cuz I am fat. But if you are fat, I do not have to pay you. You have nothing to offer besides your fat body. I have something to offer besides your fat body. So stop being so sensitive and hit the gym regularly. No one will laugh at you. Fat women should go to gym; problem is they don’t . Too sensitive.

      • Anonymous says:

        Like there is nothing fat on your body but your bottom lip Mr. SD. Uh huh, sho you’re righhtttt.

    • Anonymous says:

      The best ones are in the 19-25 age group, slim or athletic, between 5’3″ and 5’8″, with 0 children and with minimal/practical/negotiable expectations. Usually the big metro cities or places with large co-ed population have no shortage of such SB’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bingo +1

      • Lather says:

        Outdoor freedom at its best! Bingo was her name-o

      • Anonymous says:

        +2. If you can pay the high end of practical, you can have two of these above.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bingo + 2

      • OP says:

        Right, $3,000 should be able to fetch you 2 high end SB’s where you get to see both once a week (8 Play Times a month AT A MINIMUM.) And even then I believe you are being generous.

      • Anonymous says:

        When you get two women, you don’t get 100% + 100% = 200% loving. You get 50% + 50% = 100% of the loving still. So more than one woman is usually not a good deal.

      • Anonymous says:

        Humpy dumpy @ 4:00pm- wowsers-ignorance at it best! You go bro.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your math is off. With one woman you get 1% of loving a week. With 2 it gets to be two. 168 hours is a100 %.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe my teachers were jacking with my mind by giving me A’s in math all through my life. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Nothing wrong with your teachers. It is probably women and loving, they are a problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        Women’s love is for blood relations, who don’t play with their lady bits.

        Those who play with their lady bits are not to be loved but used for resources.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I tried to submit a comment, and I received a pop up message that said I’m blogging too fast. Now our typing speed is being monitored?

  56. Anonymous says:

    If you let women led you to believe that they are getting hundred of dollars per meet then they will take you to cleaners.

    If you let men led you to believe that other women are giving it up for free then they will take you for a ride.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I am interesteded to hear what the other SD think are reasonable allowances? Particularly interested in major cities like London, NYC or SF with the understanding elsewhere is lower

    • Anonymous says:

      Since I don’t play in NYC or SF I cannot guide you but as someone mentioned in one of the previous blogs, a month’s rent for a one bedroom apartment is a good indication of what they would want to make per month from sugar.

      It’s not personal at all. They are making money for the landlord. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly, I have the same question. I’m in Geneva, Switzerland and I was given about $1500 for spending a night with a gentleman from SA. He just gave me an envelope, I didn’t ask for this amount, it was his decision. However, now I have no idea what should we agree upon if I decide to “be with him”. Reading the blog, I think it is rather a high amount for a night? How much would you suggest I ask for a month?

      • OP says:

        Geneva is flush in cash, so ask for at least 1k and don’t settle for less than $700. I am glad I am not in Geneva, cause Swiss women are ugly and the presence of rich Bankers complicates things even more for men. I have been to Zurich and seen Russian/Ukrainian SB’s driving Benz’s and BMW’s off of SD’s money. Good for you!

      • anna says:

        Don’t ask for less than what he gave you that first time.

    • Bill says:

      I go with the rule of thumb: For a college girl, a good amount per month is whatever it costs where she is for a 1 bedroom apartment. That takes care of the cost of living disparity and seems to work well. That wasn’t my idea, but it seems to work to weed out the hookers and you are left with the really nice young ladies.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Approach women and chat with them with RESPECT and see the allowance drop to very manageable. 😉

  59. Synonymous says:

    Another weekend of fun courtesy of SA! Met one girl for coffee. She looks nervous the entire time. I’m thinking, oh crap, she just wants out of here! So when we leave, I ask her if she wants to go to my house (there was no indication it was headed there). She replies, “well, maybe we could get together tomorrow.” So next day I pick her up at a rendez-vous spot, take her home and we have some wine. I proceed to make a pass and then it’s off to the races. Second girl I had been texting for a week. Had a bizarre dinner date with a different SB, but I thought I’d text this one– except I’m suggesting meeting up at 11pm. She says yes! So she’s there on the curb waiting for me, mind you I never sent her a pic, we get back to my place, one sip of Scotch, and then it’s time for fun:). I never brought up the issue of sex with either girl– we just did it. And you twenty year olds: where did you learn to give blow jobs like that? OMG, to be a 20 yo male nowadays– must be as if living like a rabbit. BTW, I’m almost triple these girls ages.

    • Anonymous says:

      nice fantasy writing

      • Synonymous says:

        Oh, no, quite real. I didn’t write about the other 4 dates that sucked. And no, no sucking invovled.

      • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

        It sounds quite plausible…..each girl was basically a call girl…that pretty much poses as sugar babies….nothing unreal about this….if you find a girl desperate enough…anything is possible….notice they choose girls who are shy, probably naive and just looking for a quick dollar. No substance….but probably cheaper than paying an escort.

      • Synonymous says:

        @Phoenix You women are a hoot! Always putting down someone else that infringes on your sensibilities! Nope, most definitely not hooker/escort types. Quite sweet, pleasant girls. I don’t think it’s me, I think it’s the girls or maybe societal standards for 18-22 yo now (my guess is you’re way older). #1 was kinda shy– I don’t think she cared for dating and wanted to have sex. I was the right guy at the right time, perhaps. #2 had kinda messed up home life (this is a common theme on SA). I think she definitely liked sex and wanted to get some c*ck. I did not mention perhaps the most annoying date in my entire lifetime, nay, perhaps the most annoying person ever. I walked out on her. One quick sample: she found my watch annoying because it kept going on when I turned my wrist.

      • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

        NO on is infringing on my sensibilities……..I wouldn’t agree to what they agree to and then complain about it later. And yes I am older…..lucky for me when I was her age or the age you just mentioned….I was self sufficient for that age and didn’t have to get low balled because I needed my rent paid….I had a job….and still managed to be a sugar baby in my spare time. And seeing as you tend to pick young girls with messed up back grounds….that comes off as a bit predator like…..and as I said…it does appear that a lot of men here like to choose women that they can get over on for one reason or another.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep. It belongs in the same genre of $10,000 per month for platonic dates. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a simple SD. I don’t even like a bj. All I want is some juicy and sexy SB I can pound and give multiple orgasms to. I had one SB ask if she could “demonstrate” her cock-sucking techniques and she end up doing it as if she was licking an ice cream cone. Let’s just stick to the basics. 😉

    • Anon says:

      I guess I have learned from bj-only arrangements. Those really perfect my skills.

      Oh and by the way, we don’t blow 20 year old males!

    • Anonymous says:

      So what do you do to/for the 20 year-old males?

    • Anonymous says:

      20 years old ? They jerk off …we old fart get the hot ones

    • NCDC says:

      The questions is what was the financial damage for both of these babies.

    • Anon from NC says:

      How much did both cost you?

  60. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with the post blocks. Do they just randomly block posting?

  61. Anonymous says:

    I use text free by pinger. Works good and I don’t not connect it to my phones contacts.
    I memerize the phone numbers in case if I have to delete the app.
    I do not like any app that has to connect to your phones contacts.
    Do not need any drunk accidents.

  62. Anonymous says:

    I am a 37 year old SD, new to this site. I want to hear SB’s opinion? What are the pros and cons of a relatively young SD? I am also single if that matters. I just don’t like to date/spend money on women my age, especially the ones wanting to marry, and most of the ones I have dated recently DO want to get married.

    I also have no problem spoiling a girl, but I wonder if due to my age and relationship status, I maybe be perceived as someone who is not serious or someone who just wants to get laid for free or minimal cash investment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Won’t your money clear that confusion right up?

    • Tony says:

      Young doesn’t matter because most SB’s are under 30 years old anyway, and if you’re the SD you’re The Bank, The CEO, and are in charge.

      The first date is just a cafe meet & greet to see if the girl is good enough for you, then starting from the 2nd date going forward offer the girl any where between $100-$250 per date depending on your income level. Most dates should last around 4-hours or so….anything beyond that add an extra $50.

      • huh? says:

        I haven’t heard of anyone (worth meeting with) accepting less than $350 a meet.

      • Anonymous number 27 says:


        I have met and dated multiple 20-somethings for 200-300 per meet for years.

        None ugly, none fat, and yes every date included a wide variety of sexual escapades.

        I realize this is in the Midwest, but truthfully offering around $1500 month will get you 95% of the women on this site, they just don’t want to admit it.

        More fun for me!

      • Anonymous says:

        She obviously means platonic/rinsing

      • Anonymous says:

        @ Anon # 27: I am the OP, thanks for your input. Something tells me it is best to avoid discussing $ over the internet and get them to meet you. Having said that, how do you generally approach SB’s? I know many SD’s are contacted by SB’s but in either situation, I have heard that many want to discuss $ in the initial first few e-mails.

        I even had 2 message me back and ask what my monthly allowance was.

        I don’t know how to answer this b/c firstly, I am not sure if we are going to have chemistry, secondly, I do not know how often we are going to hang out.

        How do you go about answering these types of questions without scaring them off. I feel I’d have more leverage negotiating this in person, but the key is to get them to meet you in person.

        I also see $400 and $500 get thrown around here often by SB’s and while I understand they would be flexible on this, I feel like haggling over the internet/messaging is probably not the best way to go about this.


      • Synonymous says:

        @anonymous number 27– What part of the country are you in? $200 used to be good here in SF, but now have to move northward of $300.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am in my 50s. Educated, dress well, decent looking and decent health. I get SBs in 20s and early 30s all the times for $100 per meet.

      • Anonymous says:


        At your age you gotta be watchful of sperm hijacker more than anything else. If you are in decent shape and have confidence to talk to these women you should not be paying anything more than $200 per meet in larger cities and $100 per meet in smaller cities and towns.

      • Anonymous number 27 says:

        To the OP who asked…

        I am not sure what the best approach should be, but I tend to bring the money up early during the “messaging” stage. It saves me so much time and hassle later.

        I pay a monthly allowance of 1200-1600 paid weekly until we have dated for a month or two.

        If I am available, I expect two dates per week so I average seeing a SB around 6-7 times per month.

        The dates should last 4-5 hours. Sex before and after is expected.

        Safe sex is important, but after a month I expect the lady to be tested (at my expense) to eliminate condom usage. If this is not your preference, no problem.

        In addition to the allowance, I tend to average around 400/month in “emergencies” or “car repairs” Typically this results in the lady bringing a friend to say “thank you”

        The ladies get a small gift at the first meeting, but there is only ONE “lets get to know one another” meeting. After that, “the allowance is on the table, and she is bent over the table” as one lady joked to me!

        You may not believe me, but I am incredibly courteous to these ladies and they are treated well. I have just developed a limited tolerance to the female BS and fantasyland on this site, so starting the discussions off bluntly saves me a lot of headaches.

        Best of luck with whatever your plan is…

      • sbforsplenda says:


        regarding your issues with messaging (actual SB here again, to clarify), here’s what insight I have:

        Surely you’ve noticed already in your short time here, but there are a TON of scammers on this site. Do not EVER send cash/gifts/whatever-besides-texts-and-maybe-pictures to anyone up-front. No matter how hot she is. Don’t do it. Every person I’ve met with has told me about the huge myriad of scam artists they encountered before getting to the occasional “real girl who doesn’t want $1k a meet or $3k a month” like myself.

        As for allowance amounts, I assume your profile says “negotiable,” as many do. Nothing wrong with that. It’s definitely bad manners to start asking questions like that up-front. On one hand, you eventually have to ask/tell, but you’ve also got to play smart, y’anno? You never know who’s really on the other end. What I would suggest when dealing with these types (if you think they’re at all worth your time at that point) is telling them that you like the way things are headed, but would like to meet them for lunch/coffee/whatever (if she’s not some hoity toity priss than a 30 minute/$25 bill would be perfectly fine) so that you can discuss budget and expectations to see if you really click. If she doesn’t have a car/means to get to Starbucks, move along. If she would have to bring her kids with her (hopefully she doesn’t have any in the first place lol), move along. If she’s not willing to invest 30 minutes in an in-person meeting so that you can both, be comfortable and more confident in the likelihood that neither of you is a cop/bad guy or otherwise has illegal intentions, move along. And needless to say, if she won’t give up on getting a written dollar amount before agreeing to coffee, despite you agreeing to what she’s said on her profile, MOVE ALONG.

        —by the same token, catfishing is wrong and you’ll be deservedly called out if you do it. This includes financially speaking. Be honest and up-front on your profile about what you intend to invest in this lifestyle/hobby/whatever-you-wanna-call-it. Don’t mislead your potential dates about what you have to offer the right candidate(s). The easiest way to do this is to list your budget as “negotiable” like 75% of guys do.

      • immortal walker says:

        This is correct, in my opinion as well. From $100 to $250 tops because I am also paying for hotel room, meals, and events (i.e. wine tasting, trips), with 4-8 hours, depending on activities and how far we have to travel, etc., and some overnights as well.
        I have had this type of arrangement myself with two previous 20’s and attractive SBs, both of them students. I also give some gifts like clothing, shoes, etc.

      • Anon says:

        Immortal walker and your nerdy virgin minions, are you all done with your fantasy writing already?

      • Anonymous says:

        These numbers are no more fantasy-talk compared to $500 platonic meets some women talk about here. Everyone’s mileage varies based on what landlords charge rents in various cities.

        I don’t expect girls lining up for SDs for $100 in NYC, and I don’t expect SDs lining up with $500 bills in their hands to meet girls in No Name City, USA.

      • Anonymous says:

        How the hell Orlando showed up in my message? It was supposed to be “girls”.

      • OP says:

        OP Here again: Thanks Anon 27. Seems like you are averaging around 200-250 per date, which is a great deal, especially if a lady is spending 4-5 hours with you and intimacy is part of the date.

        I am all for being blunt, however, a friend of mine who uses this site has told me that from his experience, asking SB’s that sex is expected as part of the arrangement has resulted in many not responding back, however, according to him, if he gets a chance to meet them face to face, they become more flexible in terms of both, what they will be willing to do and how much they will be willing to accept.

        I understand a lot has to do with the location as well and the demographic you are targeting, but so far I have noticed that the SB’s that have recently joined are usually hesitant to meet or don’t even respond, single mothers are more likely to respond, and minorities are proactively reaching out to me.

        Unfortunately I live in a place where there are no known “party” schools. We have a few community colleges and I am in the Bible belt. I just go back from Boston and I actually did meet and hookup with a local 21 Yr old SB on a p4p meet basis and there were 3 others also willing to meet. I have yet to have any type of “arrangement” in my city. So far just a few phone numbers lot’s of “I can’t meet this week, b/c bla bla bla” …

        Not counting solicitations from pros.

      • OP says:

        @SBFORSPLENDA – OP Here, very good advice, you sound like you have your sh*t together. Most of the SB’s I run into and converse with are not NEARLY as level headed/clever/reasonable as you sound. LOL, and yes, many say their “car is broken” or some silly reason like that. With all due respect to single mom’s, I try to avoid them also.

        Just our of curiosity, what part of country are you from?

      • sbforsplenda says:

        @OP to answer your question, I’ve lived all over the US and around the world, but since joining SA I’ve lived in the Saint Louis MO metro area.

      • sbforsplenda says:

        @OP oh, and thanks! 😀

      • immortal walker says:

        @Anon, I’m glad I could provide some amusement. Nonetheless, I offered my opinion based on my own experiences here in the North West coast with at least a couple of successful arrangements in the past, and the present one. So, I am not here trying to convince anybody. Those numbers, $200-$300 per meet for 4-6 hours are the ones who work for me. I definitely cannot afford a princess seeking “substantial”, LOL!

    • sbforsplenda says:

      SB here with “minimal” expectations and great luck in the near-year I’ve been here. My profile states I’m only interested in men ages 40+. I’m 24, single, and child free. Here’s why:

      Firstly, I find that older men tend to be far more humble, down to earth, non-domineering, and I feel like I relate better to them. (and no, I’m no rinser or platonic or whatever the latest slang is–far from it, lol). I’m not into guys that flash their money all over the place, or are vain with fancy sport cars and all of that crap. I prefer the more down to earth type who doesn’t wear his money on his sleeve but lives a comfortable lifestyle nonetheless. Someone who’s easy going, relaxed, and greatly appreciative of me meeting his needs.

      …and I don’t tend to find that with younger men, so I made it a point to avoid them entirely. Is it fair to the younger guys? Not really, since I know there are exceptions to my rule, perhaps including yourself. Still, your time is precious, just like mine, and we all know what kind of demographics provide us with the best odds of finding what we seek.

      To continue answering your question, I suppose the one pro with younger men is that they tend to be easier on the eyes. There are plenty of guys on SA that I would say are hot, no doubt. The one guy I’ve hung onto over the last year who is under 40 not only met my “humbleness/humility” criteria above, he’s HOT, too, which is a bonus I don’t otherwise see.

      As for being young and single, the only stereotype I see (in addition to being flashy as mentioned above) is that you’re either often seeking a “lifetime partner,” or a Hot Tropic model to bang on the weekends. Hey, brownie points for being up-front so as to not waste each other’s time, but both proclamations are a turn off for me. I, too, am single and childfree (and want to keep it that way), if that offers any insight.

      Good luck and have fun! And…be humble! No matter what your demographics are, there is someone (if not a bunch of folks) on this site for EVERYONE.

  63. JK says:

    Are you allowed to be a transgender woman on this site? I find most places consider it foul 🙁 very disrespectful. Everyone should be able to decide on their own…

    • Anonomomomom says:

      Yas honey you’d be fine here. But also try back page. Please please be careful! Where ever you do sex work, have someone you trust look out for you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course you are “allowed” to be a transgender woman here. However, that does not equate to requiring that men should consider you equal to women. Most won’t.

      • Synonymous says:

        Please state that you’re a TS in your name or profile. I think it’s fair to let guys know who aren’t looking for that, but there are guys who want that…

      • Antonio says:

        Because they’re not. Otherwise why be a man in the first place lol

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s hard enough being accepted in the regular social scene, and they want SDs not to discriminate against them?

        Never say never but it’s a hard sell.

    • Anon says:

      Be safe, sweetheart. Don’t feel obligated to disclose that you’re trans on your profile, especially if you’re post-op/hormones. If you’re pre-op, I would advise letting anyone you plan to meet with before the initial meeting, more for your safety than anything else – the horror stories I’ve heard of fellow trans women being assaulted by men who claim they were “caught off guard”… terrifying. I’m sure you know that there are MANY who will view you as fetish material; if that type of dehumanization/objectification is something you can handle, it can be extremely profitable, but again… play smart, be safe. I worry for my sisters.

      • Ben says:

        Are you kidding me. Pre or post…declare.

      • Cali Dan says:

        Not disclosing is a good way to get assaulted.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s setting yourself up for a negative physical reaction. You must declare to give him that choice early on or he can enjoy taking your choices away. Seriously? Don’t even play like that. Men that are into trans women will contact trans women. That is all. I can’t even believe I just read that.

  64. .yougottabekiddingme says:

    It’s all fun and games until someone captures a screen shot.


    Thanks for the updated info regarding PayPal. And thanks for continuing to post topics to the blog. We do appreciate it despite that we complain. Is there any way, though, that you could kindly request removing the word “vagina” from the moderated list? Also, is there any way to kindly request that the blog gods grant, say, a reduced sentence of probation for the blog instead of indefinite, indiscriminate moderation prison? We’ll promise to be gooder.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I worry that the recipient can see some information about the sender with these things…especially PayPal, or gift cards from retailers, etc.

    How do you know for sure?

    • ... says:

      Nope! Paypal only shows you their email address and gift cards don’t give anything away.

      • Anonymous says:

        Uhmm…nope. PayPal shows the full name of the sender – as it appears on their PayPal account. Pretty sure that’s what the original questioner was alluding to. If an SD sends via PayPal, the SB immediately knows his real identity. It’s not always about “hiding (HER identity) from the wife.” Many times, people on both sides just wish to maintain their anonymity. That’s why Square Cash is vastly superior to PayPal. Completely anonymous. What appears on a bank statement is simply the self-chosen “handle” which can be any mix of random letters or phrase. Neither person sees the other’s name.

    • Anonymous says:

      There should be no good reason to do anything besides cash. However, if neither of you has much to lose, it makes simplifies things. I did WU with most of mine, when they were in a bind (and at some point or the other they all are).

  66. Anonymous says:

    Sideline? Cant find it

  67. Anonymous says:

    There are plenty of SB’s that do want sex. Just putting that out there- not everyone is a prude.

    • Whatever SB says:

      I have no problem with sex in an arrangement but for me to be physical with someone there has to be mutual chemistry both mental and physical or else an SD becomes an unwanted chore.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have no problem with paying money in the arrangement, but for me to do that a question of chemistry and intimacy has to be decided positively, or else it is a waste of time and money

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, so when a SB says that she wants an allowance and sex is a “possibility”, a proper answer to that should be: “you will get your allowance, WHEN you decided that sex is going to be part of the arrangement”
      I don’t mind taking a SB out a couple times on a date and buying her dinner/drinks. I can’t imagine there are many SD’s out there who are willing to shell out significant amount of money for a SB who has not slept with him yet. There are, I am sure, but few and far between.

      • Anon says:

        WHEN you decide that you wanna be a prostitute”.

      • Anonymous says:

        I just love this line of argument. Getting free money from random men is awesome but as soon as man starts talking about sex she turns into a prostitute.

        Let’s tease out this line og argument now. How about sleeping with him without money? 😉

      • Anon says:

        Well then that would be hooking up for free and being a slut.

        SEE, women can’t win.

      • Anonymous says:

        Interesting “logic” indeed. So hooking up for free is being a slut?

      • Anonymous says:

        If hooking up = being a slut the ALL women are slut?

        If not, then when is a woman not a slut?

      • AnonSB says:

        This is such awful logic… sugar relationships aren’t based on sex. We aren’t escorts. If all you want is sex, find one, instead of acting like we’re obligated to fuck anyone who gives us an allowance. Just like any other relationship, both parties have to be comfortable enough for sex. Your money doesn’t make us your toys.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, SA. We, stupid SDs, are indeed living under the rock. Are you going to cover Google and iPhone too?

  69. FedUpAnon says:

    I have been suspended again, I have only sent the odd email over the last few days. I was considering deleting the account.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was reported by SB’s for being “disrespectful.” I do tend to sarcastic from time to time and I am guessing many women on here get offended. Nothing worse than a prude SB and who does not get humor. Silly morons 😉

      • Anonomomomom says:

        I wouldn’t call it prude as more as geez is it really sarcasm that’s your personality or narcissism.

        I mean to each their own but some things don’t translate well. Just be frank till y’all meet and get comfortable.

        Y’all are supposed to be mature gentle men. Har har.

      • Who else? says:

        We know it’s you Josh

    • Calli Dan says:

      I didn’t know you could get banned for shit talking..heh ooops. guess I better watch it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would you shit talk these beautiful women. Show them RESPECT with self-confidence…with some cash of course and they will follow you around.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Virgin blog post.