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Dealing with Flaky Sugar Babies
  • Posted Jul 11, 2016


Double booking, family emergencies, and meetings that run late happen sometimes, forcing a rain check on evening plans. Such is life. But the habitual offenders, the men and women who regularly bail last minute or are annoyingly late, tend to be much more hassle than they’re worth.

As Sugar Daddies, you’re not only investing money in an arrangement, but also your time which is equally valuable. Dealing with flaky Sugar Babies will cost you both, so below is guide to sift through the ones who are simply wasting your time.  

No Call, No Show

See ya! Considering it takes two seconds to send a text, there’s no excuse for getting stood up this day and age. If a Sugar Baby does a no call, no show, and sends some sketchy ‘Sorry, wanted to make sure you were serious’ text a day later, don’t respond and continue your search. The no call, no show is characteristic of a scam artist only interested in your wallet or playing games. There are plenty of Sugar Babies out there who will respect and value your time.

The Baby Who Won’t Commit

We’ve all seen it, the Baby who appears to be interested but refuses to commit to a meeting. They aren’t interested in traveling to meet you, they schedules are never clear, they ‘never get on this site anymore so just saw this message’ or they ‘just missed you’ when you are in town and ‘would love to meet up next time you’re here!’. For one reason or another, you two can never settle on a time or place to meet in person. They may go silent for weeks or months at a time, so you logically assume they’re not interested or have found someone else. Suddenly, they pop up asking if you’re still looking for an arrangement and the cycle repeats.

If you haven’t met by now, you’re not going to. This flaky Sugar Baby can’t decide if they’re actually interested or just playing games.

Three Strikes, And You’re Out

When time is money, there’s no such thing as fashionably late. Constantly having people wait on you is rude and sends the sign that you don’t really care. As the SD, it’s perfectly reasonable to apply a three limit rule here. As long as they send a courtesy text/call, you can give a Sugar Baby the benefit of the doubt up to three times. But after that, it may be time to cut her loose. The ‘traffic’ excuse only goes so far, because you made it on time, didn’t you?

Accommodate the Busy Bee

There are exceptions to every rule. If you have a career-driven Sugar Baby whose work schedule can be as demanding as yours, be patient. While there is a level of expectation in terms of availability for SBs (re: the benefits of an arrangement), you should appreciate the fact she’s got her priorities straight. If work or school is causing her to reschedule or postpone dates, cut her some slack. She’s worth the extra work. Try a lunch date or stick to weekend plans.


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  1. Dave says:

    Was flaked on by 3 women last night, I’ve been on the site for over 4 years and this has never happened. In the Past I would never have 3 women flake in one day never!

    I truly believe that women are treating this like a casual dating site now. They expect Money on the first M&G.

    Like I said a lot of these women are treating this like a regular dating app and you have amateur college girls who don’t understand the real concept of a SB/SD relationship and think that a rich daddy will put up with their poor behavior i.e. flaking, bad attitude, unreasonable expectations etc.

    The older women? my experience most women over 30 are basket cases. If they are not crazy with some lame sob story. Than they are jaded and bitter because of having been sugar babies so long or just life in general

    This site use to be fun now not so much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    happened to me twice this month. I am done and not renewing. Its just not the same anymore

  3. Lv99 says:

    Just had third straight no show. One said she was sorry but that guys make plans and never show up, so she didn’t take meeting me serious. One no show just blocked me after our missed date. One made plans to meet and is half an hour late. Also, didn’t sign in for the last three days.

    At the point of expecting this as the norm. I am thinking that not offering to exchange numbers or avoiding the topic is a warning that the SB has no intention of showing up. Why they do this, I don’t know. I’m avoiding anyone under 30 from now on.

    • Dave says:

      I have found that the Younger, the more irresponsible–as a broad generality. I try to video chat before meeting, and if they won’t do that I’m generally kind of suspicious.

  4. Kaydee says:

    I think this is mostly with sugar babies who are very young. I am late 20s, and i have found that the men are mostly very flaky. I remember when i was in my early to mid 20s, i didn’t even care much about regular young hot guys, let alone someone older than me who i may have felt at that time would be a CHORE to be with to make ends meet. I am hot, fun, funny, and well known so did promo gigs and got the same money without having to impress an older man and look weird in public. I think SDs need to be more realistic when they go after VERY YOUNG SBs. They really aren’t in it because they like older men, they may be in dire need and feel you are a chore. They’d rather just get a 2nd job. Also i didn’t start really enjoying and wanting to explore my sexuality FULLY until late 20s.

  5. Alan says:

    The flaking is getting really bad. Now the site it turning into a stupid waste of time. It’s like a confidence boost for the flakes and or they are simply looking for a free meal and to later try to scam you b/c “their car needs repair or their cell phone broke and they need a new one”.

    I got better things to do in life. It was fun for a while but that ship has sailed. I might as well just watch a porn.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It really can be hard figuring out some of the SB’s here, whether it is just irresponsibility, or lying just gets them off. That being said, it doesn’t happen too often. MissLeeH is the only one that has actually cost me money, ut that was because I drove 500 miles for nothing to (not) see her.

  7. flakey SD wannabe alert says:

    Rick P. (not screen name) from the Adrian/Battle Creek/Jackson, Michigan area is a fake. He just wants a free hookup.
    He gave our waiter less than an 8% tip. Said he didn’t have enough money for an arrangement, but that he would be coming into some money. I guess I was supposed to get excited because he was willing to cook me dinner. I would’ve been better off if he had stood me up.

  8. Zaria says:

    I’ll admit this used to be me. The reason I did this was because I was shy and under-confident as well as afraid the man I was talking to might also be dangerous to me. I had no issues sending pictures, but as soon as it was mentioned that we should meet somewhere, I panicked and usually blocked the person. I never took anyone’s money – no one was dumb enough to just send me cash for talking to me – but I always felt bad about it and it never got me anywhere. Advice for those who are the same way: (1) You’re not obligated to talk to anyone. If you’re not interested, you can look somewhere else, and you’re not expected to be with anyone you’re not equally attracted to. (2) You should figure out what you’re comfortable with first, then make sure your potential SD understands that right away so you’re not taking up anyone’s time. (3) Stick to what your plans are. If you agree to go somewhere, go. Make the meetings in public if you’re worried. If you have any issues while you’re out, then you can always leave. Usually once I figured these out, then it became much easier for me to be less “flaky”. Hope this helps for anyone else.

  9. Anonymous Guy says:

    Oh here’s one for you “highly opinionated” ladies who swear up and down that a monthly dollar allowance is the only thing that matters…….chew on this. I met a young lady on here not too long ago………mid twenties…….very pretty…….when I asked her how much she wanted for a monthly allowance, want to know her answer? $0!…….That’s right, she didn’t want a monthly dollar allowance. She said so long as her man hooks her up with manicures, pedicures, a nice dinner from time to time and a trinket here & there she’s satisfied.

    Now what would you label her? Stupid? Or maybe some of you should simply wrap your head around the idea that not every woman on here is seeking a monthly dollar allowance. The God that many of us pray to does still make women who place a high value on companionship & love, contrary to what many of you cynics think.

    Now you sit there and think about that next time you get stood up and no-showed on a date by an SD who promised to give you a $3,000 a month allowance.

    • Kaydee says:

      Either this story is not true or something was very wrong with her emotionally and mentally. No woman is on here for manis, pedis and a dinner. I’m sorry, this is a “sell you magic beans” story. LOL!! But there ARE SDs who are fair and understand arrangement, if you dont want arrangement, get off an ARRANGEMENT site, go to cragislist, POF, somewhere else. Or heck just meet them in person. I think its just selfish to come on a site that is meant for MUTUAL arrangement and expect some traditional hot young girlfriend. If she is like that, why is she single? Why would she be here? That makes no sense, lol

  10. Fetasy says:

    I feel like I’m here purely for entertainment, this site is a melting pot of window shoppers. I really like the perspectives I gather from reading the forms, however I do much better going out by myself.

  11. Ashlee says:

    It’s absolutely funny how men on this site set their expectations so high like okay you’re knocking at deaths door but want a 23 year old foreign or pretty looking girl. ANY GIRL is SICK at the idea of being intimate with a old ass man who probably can’t keep it up then wonder why they get stood up? I could never ever have an intimate relationship with a man who is old enough to be my PARENTS PARENT LIKE that is gross. Sorry but the truth hurts

    • Anonymous Guy says:

      I wouldn’t call that “the truth”………I would just call that “your truth”. Like the old sayiing, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Yeah it’s sick to you, but like I said before, it’s sexy to others. None of the women I’ve been intimate with on here found it sickening so if it bothers you, go find another site with men closer to your own age. The women who are dating on this site are doing just fine without having to seek your approval.

      • ababes says:

        yes agreed anonymous guy.
        I personally love older men and everything about them.
        and MAJORITY of the site is men in their late 40’s and 50’s so babygirl Ashlee you’re on the wrong website my dear if you’re so creeped out go elsewhere.

      • Kaydee says:

        I agree with the girl, sorry. I think the men are taking the fact that the young girls are in NEED as that they are HIGHLY wanted. No these girls NEED you for the MOMENT. But once through school, you’re toast and they will resent you because you aren’t helping them really, helping someone is getting NOTHING in return. Take the blinders off. I like older men, but only the ones who MAKE SENSE. I am shocked at the amount of older men on this site who are clueless. Just go be with your wives? Or why are you old and single? Have you seen the HOT MALE TAIL walking around and not all of them are crazy little boys. Why would a hot girl not just go for her equal? Lets understand our positions here.

    • Anonymous says:

      The why are you even here? You must be as dumb as a rock….

  12. L.A SB says:

    I cringe at both the $400 for 4 visits a month as much as I do the cynical SB who demean and berate older men.

    I’m a 40+ y/o gal who has had a handful of arrangements on and off for the past 9 years. All with men 50+. I have found the younger men who message me in their 20’s and 30’s, just want to hang out, something more casual. Never pursued that, ever. I prefer the intimacy to evolve organically, I would never get physically intimate with someone if I didn’t feel there wasn’t a connection, or that our arrangement would last less than 2 months. A first date there shouldn’t be any expectations, by the second date a per meet or allowance already talked about, sets things in motion. I’m a college educated worldly woman, who prefers the company of very smart sophisticated men. Mutual respect is paramount. Egomaniacs, and rudeness no matter what their purported wealth, I would say no to no matter how enticing the offer. And for a SD, a SB who doesn’t appreciate and value you beyond a monetary arrangement will very well backfire. It will be superficial, but that might be fine for both parties. Caveat Emptor.

    A young woman, single mother, someone on public assistance, that extra $400 may help, but that seems ridiculously low if there were no other perks, for meeting 3-4 X a month. *shakes head* Being used for sex may end up demeaning them in the long run. It also depends on where you live. L.A, S.F NYC. $400 will buy you lattes at Starbucks. My last arrangement I received 1k per visit. I’m more of an alpha female, so I don’t mind taking charge:)

    • Anonymous Guy says:

      Nahhhh……….it wasn’t $450 for 4 visits a month…..we would see each other 2-3 times a week……probably closer to 6-9 visits a month, with sex taking place damn near everytime we saw each other. These particular women had no problem with it so, what makes one woman cringe makes another woman satisfied. I don’t know what else to tell you people. You may not like it, but the women I’ve dealt with had no problem with that amount.

      I don’t understand why anybody would be bothered if the woman that accepts it doesn’t have a problem with it. You set your amount, let them set theirs.

  13. Salt Exposed says:

    Mathew0717 from Brighton/Howell, Michigan is salt and cannot afford to meet for dinner or be a SD. Angry religious hypocrite. Wants something for nothing. Worried he’s out there trying to scam/hurt women. If he’s harmed you and you need help reporting him, contact me for more personal information on him.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how the SD’s want the model type and they are average or less than average. When she flakes, they ask themselves why? Ugly people come in beautiful packages. Just the idea of being intimate with some of the men on this site makes me want to throw up. Old men wanting to hook up with girls just old enough to be their great granddaughters is disgusting. Just sick!

    • Anonymous says:

      The multi-generational tradition of early teens giving births in your family is sickening indeed!

      • Anonymous Guy says:

        Sick to some……sexy to others. It’s only in the United States, particularly during modern times where women have this “thing” about marrying or hooking up with a man their same age. I’ve been to Brazil many times and 50 year old men marrying a woman who is 30 or younger is “the norm” there. It’s also the norm in many other foreign countries. It used to be tradition in the U.S. back during the days of the Wild Wild West as well as back during the early 1900’s for men to marry women who were 20 or 30 years younger than them. And it was really tradition back during biblical times for men to marry women 20 or 30 years younger than they were. Hey, if it causes you that much angst and causes your stomach to turn, maybe you shouldn’t be on here.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      It’s also funny how some of the Sugar Babies think that they are going to get hooked up with a 21 year old billionaire super model guy who is going to agree to a platonic relationship and allow the sugar baby free access to his wallet. Young girls who think they are entitled to the world on a platter with absolutely nothing to offer except average looks and a lack of an effective education are embarrassing eyesores.

      • Anonymous Guy says:

        Well yeah, you definitely have “more than a few” of them on here who simply don’t understand that 97% of the men on here have a regular job and monthly bills that they have to pay. There’s no denying that there’s a mentality among a number of the Sugar Babies that you’re supposed to “replace” your monthly mortgage payment with their monthly allowance. And they come on here complaining because they can’t find a man to satisfy their financial expectations.

    • Shewalks says:

      What kills me is that they think you should feel honored to be with them. Most want pay per meet for $120-$200. There’s a 5% chance of finding a real arrangement on SA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then why are you on here if the men make you sick?

  15. La Bel says:

    Im not looking for money or shopping and bluh bluh. I just want to hav someone i would like enough to spend my time with and enjoy in as many ways as possible. No strings attached. Am i in a wrong site then or its ok? im confused alil

  16. Anonymous says:

    Lots of phony profiles cropping up with porn star or other famous people’s pics in them.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am curious how both men and women would feel about this. Your in what is suppose to be an exclusive arrangement. The sugar baby has received her monthly allowance plus. On one visit while lounging in bed she is on her phone. You figure just texting with her friends. The next day you see that she was on this site at that time she was in bed with you.

    • Anonymous Guy says:

      That’s pretty foul. Guess that’s why you have to really sitdown and talk about “what she really wants” and “what you really want” before getting involved. The unfortunate thing is the men and women who simply flat out “lie” when asked what they really want. But if she’s acting like that? If you can deal with her treating you like “a payment and nothing else” then stick around…..(as long as those panties keep dropping). If you don’t want to deal with it, cut her loose and “keep it moving”.

  18. Anonymous Guy says:

    One other thing to alert both the men & women on here to is that I’ve spotted several spam/phantom profiles on here as well. Although I’m only looking at women’s profiles, I don’t doubt if there are quite a few male phantom profiles too. You see them on ALL online dating websites as well as on Facebook and unfortunately Seeking Arrangement is no different. A lot of times there are misspelled words in the profile and more often than not, the profile is written attempting to make the woman sound like she’s from a foreign country. Many of the ones I’ve come across say that the woman is from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia or from China. Be on the lookout for those. And many times the person will write you an e-mail with several misspelled words attempting to make it sound like a foreign accent over e-mail (which is a dead giveaway). So what’s the best way to fight through the spam/phantom profiles? INSIST on talking over the phone! That right there separates the fake from the real. People can “fake it” until hell freezes over in a profile or in an e-mail…but there’s no faking it when you have to come up with a “live person” in order to talk on the phone. That cuts the spammers off at the knees.

    • SugarNSalt says:

      NOTORIOUS is the scam spam profile that this applies to and I have seen it myself since Arpanet and early dialup in the way of early hackers. It’s ever so childish of someone to steal photo’s and lie their way into your privacy and wallet. The MFkrs got no brains so they thieve. Just like tech suppression and government spies and thieves…it never ends and yeah another strategy is to tae their cell or email and look it up on a people finders site.

    • SugarNSalt says:

      Amen! I have seen them and it all and this is Biblical in truth! LOOK UP the profiler and if an individual is for real they will be listed as such by a tiny bit of intuition and a few bucks of invest you can tell by going to a people finder services and reverse phone or email looking them up! I’ve foiled more A-holes that way as well as reported many.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What about flakey sugar daddies =p

    • Anonymous says:

      yes what about those!

    • SugarNSalt says:

      You just need to find ONE GOOD ONE, (Like Me!)Never mind the rest…
      Ask for a bit of proof and do a background check…use your intuition but definitely DO NOT send money or agree to anything until you MEET with them in a public (safer) place. Get a ‘feel’ for them and get an agreement to an open ended option.

    • Anon says:

      Seriously. WHAT about flaky sugar daddies? It’s annoying to say the least, my time is valuable too.

  20. Hi iam looking for Sugar daddy for a sweet, simple girl who want to have fun but serious.

  21. finesugar says:

    I only had one SB flake on me and the reason why is because her best friend had already met with me. I was trying to have my cake and eat it too to the 2nd power…

    If you are good looking, have money and take the time to develop an honest relationship quickly over text and you are funny you will definitely meet every SB you want to meet. It sounds to me like some sugar daddies on here just want a call girl and there is no in between.

    SBs have feelings and want to be respected and romanticized.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, just had this happen to me. I tried to ask about his interests and the kinds of things he enjoyed doing. He just wouldn’t allow the conversation to e about anything other than “teasing” and “erotic release”. It’s frustrating and gross.

  22. tashatumbao says:

    I think there should be some kind of feedback mechanism like the one strikeups seems to have. We should be able to rate others on how much they match their profiles and if they honor their end of the agreement. SA could be the next Yelp of dating haha

    • Anonymous says:

      That sounds more like a recipe for disaster. I imagine it would result in lots of petty, vindictive entries. I’m sure I would be given negative feedback by some girls who have attempted to contact me, and I’ve turned them down when they have immediately asked for plane tickets and a hotel.

  23. Robert says:

    Yeah, I got flaked on my very first SA meeting (weekday lunch meeting). So message, no nothing. I sent her an SA message the day after just asking her if she was OK. Still no response. Does this kind of thing happen often to you guys?

    • anon16 says:

      happens about a third of the time…. confirm an hour before and if you don’t hear back, don’t go. The younger the SB, the more likely it is going to happen. Don’t take it personally.

      • Robert says:

        Good suggestion. I don’t take it personally. I’m just sort of surprised at the lack of manners. And she wasn’t that young: 29. Certainly old enough to know better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Happenned on my only “meet” on this site…so far, but I still think it is kind of rare. I have a date scheduled for friday, we will see how that goes.

  24. Anonymous Guy says:

    Is this not illegal. Money for sex? I mean if it’s that explicit.

    The authorities have yet to shut the website down. I’m quite sure they would have if what was going on here were truly met the burden of breaking any laws.

    • Anonymous Guy says:

      I’m done?? I don’t know about all that. From my experience, money makes a bald spot look like a “part” to a number of women out here. So if this guy has money, he’d have to look like Predator for them to go running in the other direction. So on how attractive the man may or may not be, not sure if that’s it. And as far as him not giving enough money, I told people on here I was giving an allowance of $400-$500 a month on here and I’ve found takers for that amount that some on here have alleged is “pathetically low”. From my experience? If she’s flaky, she’ll say flaky things in either her profile, and/or during your first phone conversation. If she says things like “I can only meetup once a month” or “I can only meetup once every other week” then I cut it off right then and there. You know based on what she’s saying that “flaky” is in her DNA. That’s been my experience. The women that are “real” on here will say “real things” when you get them on the phone like “Hey, let’s meetup the day after tomorrow”…….and then she’ll show.

      • Next says:

        @Anonymous Guy
        I’m in my fifties and am offered that per meet, so it’s no wonder to me that a younger woman would “flake” on that offer as well. So when she tells you she can only meet you once a month, she’s likely trying to express her expectation tactfully, not being flaky. Not being interested in your offer doesn’t equate flakiness. Besides, you say you’ve found some to accept your low offer, he thankful and spend time with them.

      • Next says:

        be thankful, not he thankful/

        Dear SA moderator:
        Wish there was an edit option.

      • Anonymous Guy says:

        @Next…..Did you really read what I said?? I haven’t had any problems with Sugar Babies flaking on me, even with what you consider my “low” offer. I was trying to respond to @Imdone who was advising this other Sugar Daddy that maybe he’s not that good-looking or maybe he’s not offering enough money. Never hurts to know what you’re talking about or who you’re talking to before you step forward and offer advice. Thank you.

      • Anonymous says:

        I started my 1st arrangement paying $250 per meeting and provided a luxury condo and car. I learned very quickly that women on the sight will accept $600 month and still meet you weekly. My current SB meets me 2x per week and provides fwb every-time. You can definite meet an amazing sb for much less than 3-4k per month.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s super low balling these girls, sounds like you want to take advantage of people. Just because they take it doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable, and it surely doesn’t mean it’s sugar.

    • Anonymous Guy says:

      Actually if they accept what you offer then it DOES mean that it’s “acceptable”, at least to the woman who accepts it. What is he supposed to do, call you to see if the offer this other woman accepts is acceptable to you?? You sound stupid. If a woman accepts $300 a month for an allowance THEN IT’S ACCEPTABLE TO HER……which makes it “acceptable”. Your opinion doesn’t factor into his negotiation with another woman. He’s not taking advantage of anybody.

  25. Frustrated says:

    I’ve let my premium expire because it’s seems like ALL of the SB are not really interested in an arrangement. Maybe they are nervous. Maybe they are playing games. I just know I had real offers and they would sting me along. Glad I only signed on for one month

  26. I'm done says:

    right it’s the sd’s. I have been on here for years and so far just salt. Anyone’s offering sugar lies I guess just to talk.

  27. I'm done says:

    Most likely it’s because you really not attractive or not giving enough.

  28. Jennie says:

    There is a site – strikeups that controls the flakes better. They put an emphasis on keeping the membership serious and keep out the fakes

  29. BellaNY says:

    The one who is “Flaky” is the sugar daddies. They don’t know what they want. I am a new SB and I haven’t even gotten a sugar daddy yet but the ones i message they just stop….there is no decent men on here thats for sure. They lie on their profiles when they meet you they only want sex, this isn’t beneficial

    • Jenae White says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Any guy that messaged me on here was looking strictly for sex, which is not what I signed up for. MY message to you, is to keep looking!! I just recently began an arrangement and he’s pretty great haha.

      • Robert says:

        I’m very new to SA, but I personally never bring up sex – except for an occasional playful double entendre – until if and when she does. But realize there are a lot of very thirsty guys on SA who probably have not had sex in years. I even had one woman say right out of the starting gate that sex was not on the table. I told her that if I was looking to support a woman without the opportunity of intimacy, I’d have stayed married … lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        True, some will ask about all their sexual wants before they even ask about you as a person. It’s so rude, you wouldn’t talk to someone at the bar or any other blind date like that. Why is it acceptable here?

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you serious???
      I am not on here for sex… that is a big shame! I am new as well and some seem disgusting but some seem ok as well.

      • Jeter says:

        “True, some will ask about all their sexual wants before they even ask about you as a person. It’s so rude, you wouldn’t talk to someone at the bar or any other blind date like that. Why is it acceptable here?”
        When your at a bar or on a blind date do you ask the guy for money in advance just to talk to you?
        Many women on this site feel a sense of entitlement to have money thrown at them because they have a profile on display.

        Ask a man or a woman that built a business from scratch or climbed the corporate ladder how they feel about that sense of entitlement.

        Try making an effort to learn something about the guy and show an interest in him. And NOT just his wallet. You will see how much more that wallet will open for you.
        When the first response he receives from a woman is HOW MUCH do I get and “prove your real…send me money” without trying to find out what he is seeking it does NOT make a favorable first impression.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The one who is “Flaky” is the sugar daddies. They don’t know what they want. I am a new SB and I haven’t even gotten a sugar daddy yet but the ones i message they just stop….there is no decent men on here thats for sure. They lie on their profiles when they meet you they only want sex, this isn’t beneficial

  31. SerenaWorld^ says:

    Oh wow… I’m new to all of this… and now reading this kind of steals my wind… I’m a new SB, totally new to this. Is it even possible to find any decent man in here or are they all salty after being ripped off by fake SBs?…

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. LeilaBun says:

    Love this!

  34. Anonymous Guy says:

    I don’t know….the main thing I can see from reading a number of the posts on here is that there quite a bit of dishonesty being used to get what people want out here…dishonesty being used by both men & women. That’s one of the main reasons why I try to be as honest as possible in the narrative of my profile, and I definitely respect the sugar babies that are very candid and honest about what they want in their profiles as well. Saves two people a hell of a lot of time that could be wasted. Like one of the ladies mentioned that one of the 2 types of guys on here is the down-to-earth Cool Cat to hangout with, treats you nice, takes you to nice places, makes good company, but is only able to give an allowance of $1,000 or less a month. That’s me right there. As a black man who is strictly into Sistas, I also let ’em know that I’m unwilling to pay any allowance until “after” intimacy. Not that I want a prostitute or anything like that, I have simply found based on experience that it’s best to do it that way. And doing it that way WORKS. She definitely gets her allowance after that takes place. Now what’s been the problem based on MY experience on here? The dishonesty……..dishonesty dishonesty dishonesty dishonesty dishonesty. I’ve had 2 sugar babies that once we agreed upon the monthly allowance, after intimacy they tried to come back and get either double, or significantly more than the agreed upon allowance. All I can say is, honesty is the best to go on here. Guys, if you’re already married? Keep it real. Ladies, if you want more than the agreed upon allowance? Keep it real. Don’t agree to a “lie” when the truth is going to come out later. Like Ray Charles’ momma used to tell him…….”Scratch a lie, find a thief”.

    • Here is a suggestion. Do not contact women. Write an honest, straight forward profile, and wait for women to contact you. It takes patience. When they contact you, observe the following. You have no problem with allowances, but during the first month it is likely to fizzle. True. That is why it is called “dating”, and it is just the reality. So, the first date is just coffee or cocktails. No expectations. The second date, if it gets that far, involves sex, and it is at $X per date if you have to get a hotel, and $X + (cost of a hotel) if she can host. You expect to meet, say, Y times per month. Let her do the math. After a month you are happy to discuss an allowance.

      I would also remove any expectations of exclusivity. Meaning it is fine with you if she has other sugar daddies.

      You both have an option to exit anytime in the first month.

      If she asks for more money at date 2, then what? Well, consider. You are offering $1000 per month after tax. But you are spending, say, $150-$200 per date in the trial month. In 12 months she would earn $12,000, and the pre-tax value of that would be substantially more (although she is unlikely to care what it takes to net $12,000). So, for a paltry $150-200 you have learned that she is not worth $12,000 of your hard earned money.

      Your root problem, my friend, is that you are not looking upon this as an audition. They are on a mission to land you, not the other way around. This is not the vanilla world, where they can expect, on a good night, dinner at White Castle. Equally important, you do not want to be grouped with the losers that have afflicted their lives since they were in 10th grade.

      The way you have set it up, of course they are going to test you. If they have your money, why wouldn’t they? They need to understand two things. (1) There is money in the well. (2) You will end it if it fizzles. What causes it to fizzle? How about changing the terms?

      • Katiebabyyy321 says:

        Being straight forwards is number one! I applaud both men and women for being honest. Im 19 and looking for a SD. A lot of people my age assume its fun and games and forget to be mature and respectful! Its not always allowance or sex, connecting with someone takes much more than that.
        Another thing with girls my age, it is often scary meeting up with a stranger. Often you hear about someone getting kidnapped or raped. Its important to look into the person before agreeing to meet up!

      • Anonymous Guy says:

        By the way, to the guy that runs this website? Never would hurt to put an “Edit” function on this message-board. I’ve got some grammatical errors in my original post that I would love to go back and cleanup. Unfortunately this message-board doesn’t allow for that.

        In the meantime, I don’t know about all that Chicago, you’re covering a ton of details there that in my opinion makes it much more complicated than it needs to be. I don’t find it necessary to have hard-n-fast rules about who contacts who. I’ve talked to women on here that I contacted, I’ve talked to women on here who have contacted me. That doesn’t really matter to me. Also, I’m just looking to date on here, not to crunch a bunch of numbers as if it’s a full-time job. I burn up enough mental energy on my regular 9-5. Most of the Sistas I’ve talked to on here say they need between $200-$600 a month. That falls right within my price range. The figure I’ve consistently heard from the “better looking” 19-26 year old black women is between $400-$500 a month, which for me is “perfect”. To me, after we agree to that flat fee though? It doesn’t need to get anymore complex. After I give you your $450 like I did with this one young lady? You better make that $450 work for the next 30 days. Don’t do like she did and come back to me for another $450 a week later. Once she pulled that bullshiggity I let her know immediately that we were done. So I have to re-pontificate my original statement…For the guys, if you’re already married? Be honest about it. For the women, don’t agree to $450 a month if you know that’s simply not going to cover what you need. If you have to continue your search until you find somebody who can pay you the $1,000…$1,500….$2,500 or $4,000 you need then continue searching until you find that. But be ultra cognizant of your looks and be ultra cognizant of your body-type too, cause I had a conversation with this one Sista who made it known that she was looking for $2,500 a month, and while I told her that was out of my range and let it go at that, what I REALLY wanted to tell her is that based on her looks, she’ll be lucky to get $500 a month. I didn’t say that…….(but I thought it).

        Now for you Katiebabyyy, I would tell you the same thing I would tell my nieces who are in their early 20’s. The thing to do is to ALWAYS have your 1st meetup in a public place. And once you all meet? You make it known that you plan to take a picture of him, his car and his license plate. If he refuses? Cut the date off right then & there, cause he’s either #1. Married or #2. A criminal fugitive running from that law. And while you may not care if he’s married (cause some women don’t), you definitely aren’t looking to get involved with a convicted felon. Just be advised that when I saw a commercial for this website that the female spokesperson for the company said that SA’s own background statistics show that 40-50% of the men on this website are already married. So there’s more than 1 reason why a man would refuse you taking his picture when you meet up face-to-face.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        $400-500 per month?

        You are out of your poor, flaccid mind.

        Gonna pray to someone’s god for you.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @anonymous guy

        I think you’re confusing their pay per meet amount with a monthly allowance… hence why yhe next week she wanted the same amount again to see you. No one especially the better looking ones are looking for $450-$600 a month

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        “I think you’re confusing their pay per meet amount with a monthly allowance… hence why yhe next week she wanted the same amount again to see you.”

        Makes sense, Jay.

      • Joe says:

        Is this not illegal. Money for sex? I mean if it’s that explicit.

      • Robert says:

        @Joe, you asked if it is illegal. Your “support” is not a quid-pro-quo for sex, so no. That might be a problem that a lot of misguided SDs have: that their support entitles them to something. As an aside, isn’t it strange that sex is something you can legally give away, but you cannot sell. I don’t think there is any other service like that. Is there?

    • I'm done says:

      I just commented that lol really what you offer isn’t enough in the end. Not really sugar

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep……..and while I’ve come across a few who have the same reaction you just had, there are a bunch of women on here who are like “Hey, I’ll take it”. All depends on your perspective. I’ve had more than a few women on here tell me “Hey, I don’t need $3,000 a month. My bills just aren’t that steep. What I need more than anything is a nice allowance every month, and some serious companionship”.

      • MO' says:


        I agree with yougottabekiddingme, except I’m not praying for the old fart. The women he meets with need the prayers. That amount is closer to a per meet rate. Lucky him if he can find someone to accept that much per month, but I feel bad for the women that are desperate enough to accept such a paltry offer.

        I do agree with him about an edit button though. Please give us an edit and delete button SA.

      • A says:

        Maybe you should ask what else he does for them. I currently have 2 sb and both get 600 per month. When we go out all expenses are paid and I buy them gifts, groceries, etc. I’ve also had an SB that I provided a home and car and covered the expenses. It depends on the closeness of the situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whelp……..some of y’all are knee-jerking about the $400-$500 a month I’ve been paying for an allowance, but like that saying on the street….”Don’t hate The Playa……hate The Game”. Some women simply don’t have the need for $2,000-$3,000 a month. And you want to hear something really crazy? I’ve even spoken with one woman I met on here who told me over the phone that she decided to lower her original asking allowance from $3,000 a month to below $1,000 simply because in her words “I just came to realize that men who have that kind of money makeup about 2-3% of the men on here. Men with that kind of money are in short supply”.

      At the end of the day, I think that some of you guys in particular may be copping an attitude because you’re figuring out that you’ve been getting “taken”. And to speak frankly, that’s not my fault.

    • Attention SA Newbie SB & SD says:

      Hell to the NO.

      Rule #1
      Ladies, get the money up front … do NOT trust these men.
      Once you’ve seen them a few times, and have established some trust, then maybe accept benefit afterward.

      Men, don’t send men before meeting potential SB in person and getting a feel for if she is trustworthy as well.

  35. Chris says:

    One of the biggest no-no’s I’ve seen repeatedly is people not being up front with their intentions. Speaking as a SD, what I look for may be different from other SDs out there, and likewise with SBs all looking for different things.

    Everyone’s different and has different wants, goals, etc. Making sure you are on the same page with your potential SB or SD is a major time saver for both parties. For example, a lot of SDs do want intimacy at some point – but if the SB isn’t willing to let things go in that direction, she’s just wasting the SDs time unless she tells them that up front. Be honest with your intentions – trust me, it’s a major time saver and is greatly appreciated.

    And guys – fellow SDs – for the love of god, don’t use this site to be a typical street-thug player. If you agree to an arrangement, then stick to it. None of the ladies here should be viewed as a piece of meat – I’ve met many who are willing to be “your little secret”, so to speak – but I’ve also heard many horror stories from other SBs I met in the past where the guy wanted to meet up at a motel after promising dinner, a movie, etc. The reason all of us serious SBs/SDs are here as opposed to Adult Friend Finder, OkCupid or any other dating site is because none of us have time to waste.

    Be honest, be real and don’t waste anyone’s time and you’ll have a great relationship with your SB/SD, whatever that relationship may consist of.

    As far as the topic – don’t be late consistently. As the article points out, time and money are equally invested by both parties – there is no such thing as “fashionably late” in the long run. Time wasters, liars, people who are unclear with what they want – those are not successful SBs/SDs. Remember, that door swings both ways for both parties, so if you’re thinking you can be “fashionably late” then you might find yourself all dressed up and nowhere to go in very short order.

  36. Lola says:

    I got worse , sugar daddies who are actually liars , say they will help finically , then after a while they just disappear , flake and go off. Then they wonder when sugar babies ask to pay first , there are sugar daddies out there who also do the same thing , either that or they are fake sugar daddies and just want to sleep around and NOT have a agreement.

    • Anonymous says:

      The golden rule is also forgotten more than it should be.
      “those with the gold make the rules” EOS

    • andre says:

      There definitely are a lot of SD who are like this, but then if it was easy to find the right SD/SB this site wouldn’t exist.

  37. Litalovegun says:

    I’ve been on this site over a year now. I’ve met ONE “sugar daddy”. Our first date went amazing. We had a delicious seafood dinner and had a cocktail after. Conversation was easy. We had a lot in common! He spent around $300 on dinner and gave me $80 for gas money. 2nd date, we did some wine tasting and decided to swing by his house and take his dogs for a walk. I even met his son!! Then we went out for steak and cocktails. Again he spent around $300 and gave me $80 after our date. 3rd date, we meet at sunset and go for a walk until our table was ready at this cafe I like along the lake. Everything was great and we shared a slightly awkward kiss at the end of our night. First kisses are always awkward especially if they didn’t come naturally! He spent $90 at dinner and gave me $100 gas money. After we exchanged hundreds of texts throughout our 3 date relationship, I decide to talk about our arrangement. I really wanted to get to know him before we talked business.. See if we click. We clicked! So we figure out a monthly allowance that works for both of us. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The conversation that is, and we agreed on $500 a week. Then it flat lined. He was my first, is he going to be my only? It’s not just sugar babies being flaky.. It’s the daddies too! I’ll admit, I have been flaky to a lot on here. Can you blame me? I get harassed by men on here who just want to have sex or just want to exchange messages or go on a date but don’t want to shell out any cash or any type of allowance.. I understand its tricky on both ends, but I think us babies, the real ones at least, deserve a little more respect! If I wanted to meet someone without the benefits I am looking for, I wouldn’t be on this site. I’d be on tinder!! Not really, but you know what I mean. Guys on here are flakes or fakes. I guess I don’t really know why I am posting this anymore. Maybe I’m hoping that a true daddy will find me. I’m not after a fee meal and gas money. I’m here to make a mutually beneficial relationship with someone I like being around. Is this real life?

    • Anonymous says:

      The very first M&G needs to be used to see if there is enough compatibility, between you two, so as to decide if more dates and intimacy are possible and welcomed. The SD will have an overhead on the expenses, of course, and $80 for gas and time on that M&G is adequate, most of the time. However, since this is not Tinder, things need to move along quickly, or it will be to the detriment of both parties. If the SD has no real intention to provide $500 per week (a bit too much of once a week meeting in certain towns and cities), he shouldn’t have agreed in the first place, but perhaps he made a mistake by agreeing, and then he had second thoughts. He did not want to admit or get into any arguments, and hence the ghosting.
      I would suggest to learn from this experience, and be more proactive when going out and seeking that $500 per week POT you want. Communicate with a POT within introductory messages that you ARE seeking an arrangement. Reply to their messages, introduce yourself, but at the end of the message, restate your objective. Friendship is good, but the allowance HAS to be there. See how that goes. It took me two years to find two POT SBs, and still not the completely what I am looking for, so this requires patience.

    • Sadly, you are dead right. The definition of the 1% is they are 1 out of 100. A site like this will attract of host of male flakes, fakes, and wanna-bes. I have heard it over and over again.

      Equally sadly, the site is motivated to attract oodles of under 25 women, preferably naive women in college, who know from experience their panties rule. Well, among broke under 25 men that is true. But surely that must apply to all men? Especially the 1%? Riiiight.

      So what happens is that the fakes, flakes, and wanna-bes waste the time of the naive college co-eds. With the occasional score.

      Ladies, why would the 1% chase you? They will never wink or send you an email. A few are on here, like me, but I am up to my eyeballs in panties already, with or without this website. I never contact anybody. I state clearly in my profile I do not contact women. So if you get a wink or an email from somebody claiming to offer fabulous sums, just delete it.

      Ah, but would the 2% to 5% chase you? Probably. They are not chased that often. They can afford you, sort-a, but they are drowned out by the myriad fakes, flakes, and wanna-bes.

      So, how does a girl distinguish between the men that can truly afford them and the imitators?

      Start with the math. Anybody that can afford you keeps roughly 60% of their gross income. What does that mean? For every $1000 they give you, they had to earn $1700.

      You are getting paid out of their disposable income. What is that? If they need $10,000/month to maintain their lifestyle (mortgage, kids, house, dog, college fund, etc.) it is anything above that. So for most men, disposable income is meager at best. Still, the 2% to 5% could afford you.

      When looking at a profile, if the guy leaves income and net worth blank, take a close look a the pictures. Any evidence of expensive toys? If so, apply every seductive tool in your kit to land this guy.

      Next, if the guy has enormous net worth, just run. If he was for real, he would never state his net worth. (Okay, maybe a newbie, but even then I am skeptical. )

      Next, the guy has a high income but a low net worth, he is probably the real deal. Answer his email.

      Always look at the pictures. Pictures can be posed, of course, but it is more difficult.

      Best of luck!

      • andre says:

        I like your post. 🙂 On the net worth some of us understate so that we don’t attract the gold diggers. I personally had a problem putting a net worth because I felt that if my annual salary was posted one could discern that I could afford a decent quality of life.

      • Anonymous says:

        My income and net worth that I’ve listed is about 20 percent of my actual. I suspect if we did an actual survey that those who are really part of the one percent on this site significantly understate their financials.

      • Kit says:

        Your math is wrong. For every $1000 a SD/M provides, he/she needs to earn $2,500 in order to keep 60% in gross income. $1k (40% of $2500) goes to baby and $1500 is kept (60% of $2,500). This is probably part of the problem.

        “Start with the math. Anybody that can afford you keeps roughly 60% of their gross income. What does that mean? For every $1000 they give you, they had to earn $1700.”

      • Anonymous says:

        He was talking about the tax burden: 40-50% for high income individuals. He only keeps 50-60% after tax. Then has to pay everyone and his own expenses out of after-tax income.

      • Sugainsf says:

        I have experienced your finding too often.
        I’m a SD in San Francisco. Some 20% of the population here is in the 1%, this is one of the richest cities in the world.
        I am barely in the 1% (that starts at 430k/year) and after California taxes and San Francisco rent, I can offer my baby 3k/mon. this is pretty average here.
        For this much I expect to meet weekly and describe our dates in detail, so there’s nothing left to expectations/imagination.

        I’m not into models and super hotties, just adorable young cuties. hot but not the hottest.
        I get a good response rate of around 20% and message-to-phone-number conversion of 10%.
        However, phone contact to 1st date conversion is a meager 10%. the rest are games games games. “ooh I forgot my phone in a cab” “ooh I feel asleep and didn’t charge my phone”. all said while being online and chatting with my fake account pretending to be effing batman.
        Because they’re hot, they’re simply used to playing games with guys all day long and forget this costs them 3k/mon in lost opportunity.
        I see those girls later online all the time. I search by “last active” and see them active daily for months and months. I wonder how many times they’ve given their burner twilio numbers just to feel “yay another guy is interested in ****ing me! and he’s rich and willing to pay! i’m so hot *giggles*”. I guess that’s the value they derive from seekingarrangement.

        All that said, I did have a few successful arrangements over the years.
        Interestingly, never with a San Francisco girl.
        A baby is more likely to drive 50 miles in California traffic for a 1st date and just gas money ($150), than walk 15 minutes to a coffee place downtown for “cab money” ($100).
        The urban hotties are so flaky they won’t even have coffee for $100. even after I made very clear I have no expectations and give the money immediately upon meeting. I do this every time to show I’m serious.

        The flakes and attention seekers have grown in numbers over the years, and they are mostly the younger, hotter urban babies.

  38. Purr says:

    SB who flaked probably got a better deal. SD who flaked probably got a better deal too, or got scared. A lot of nice married guys get panicked and cancel the last minute. My story – met a nice married guy, from the suburbs, 56, old-fashioned, not super rich. We met for a coffee and decided to meet up in a hotel in a few days. Every day he texted me cute and sexy messages, asking what I like (annoying). At the day of the meeting, he emailed me that his cat is feeling really sick and he is going to see a vet. Never heard back from him.
    I, personally, dont flake but if a guy offers me a terrible deal, like recently one Indian dude offered 1000k a month for 8(!) meetings, I would always choose a better one over him.

  39. RHCP says:

    Can we address the issue of the so called “online arrangements”? I’m tired of getting approached by, or reading profiles of jaded girls asking for sugar in return for chatting online or sending pictures or whatever. Either these behaviors needs to be discouraged, or we need a filter to be able to filter out these types of profiles. As premium members, we need to see more quality profiles and less of these clueless girls.

  40. ROB says:

    New here and seeing many profiles such as below. Are there Sugar daddies who actually take these type of deals or this woman is living in a fantasy land and lying her arse off?? 😉

    “I just moved to North Carolina from Texas. I’m 25 years old and I am an entertainer looking for a little extra security. I’m very easy to get along with and I like to have fun! I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’9” with a nice butt 😉 I’m willing to accept “gifts” for dinners, work functions, etc. basically what I do is appear places with you for compensation. Or, even if you just want to spend some time together to get drinks and or talk. I do not sale sexxual favors so please refrain from messaging me on the subject. I’ve been doing this for several years so I’m not out to get over on anyone and I’ve established some pretty incredible relationships with my clients. If you think you might be interested just send me a message ;)”

    • Rick says:

      I’d guess there are less than 1 in 5000 SDs that would go for this. And I feel that’s a conservative estimate.

      She’s an “Entertainer”, that too doesn’t sound promising. Singer, actress or even dancer would make me feel more comfortable. How do the rest of you translate this?

  41. SweetSammie says:

    I have a question- I was seeing someone for 6 months. Consisten, honest, he was everything and took great care of me. We talked couple times a week. End of June.. We spoke and he was mailing me a check (again) cause he couldn’t come out sooner than he thought. We talked few more days.. And then after July 4th I never heard from him. We developed a great relationship and just boggles my
    Mind someone would just leave after so many months!! Is this normal ?!? What should I do?

    • It sounds like his circumstances have changed and he is no longer available or things beyond his control have happened.
      He could be bedridden or worse but most likely he is either feeling guilty being with you due to another relationship or he has moved on. In this day and age communicating is easy. Telling you the truth of where you are at is reasonable and honest – unfortunately not everyone is like that.
      I suggest you let him know how you feel and move on. It may be there is a good reason however you will probably never know.

    • Anon says:

      He probably found another SB or his wife caught him or he died, etc, etc, etc … Find another SD.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly. Etc…etc…yatta, yatta, yatta…whay can I say? Nada. I miss the sincere people like Elaine and JayB. Sincerity can be direct and not what you want to hear just like more than you expected to hear in an aphrodisiac manner. Either way, if it is delivered authentically, then it is accepted as such. Silence and evasion feels more like an abrasion. Welcome to the wide, wide world of options. #sellyourself and make it worthwhile like Kim K.

      • andre says:

        LOL, if that happened he needs the money for his lawyers.

  42. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to believe some of the bitterness I read on here. Yes, I’ve been stood up after having invested effort and cleared my schedule. I just don’t respond any more, and I move on. There are no guarantees.

    • Dave says:

      The bitterness comes from the fact that for some us our time is valuable
      I work over 60 hours a week, a girl flaking on me is time i could spend making money or pursue someone else.

      It’s rude and poor etiquette plain and simple

  43. AnJ says:

    White Sb’s in the 18-21 range flake the most.
    Single mom’s, minorities and women above 35 get flaked on the most.
    Of course this is a generalization but, for the most part, it’s the truth.

    • andre says:

      I would say that the 18-21 envision finding a SD who is in his twenties, good looking and wealthy. What they get is a 30-60 year old, that is well off and wants a 18-21 year old as he already has the 30-60 year old wife and kids. So they back out and continue to hope they find that twenties good looking and wealthy SD.

    • Joe says:

      yeah and where are your sources for this truth

  44. Anonymous says:

    SA should make a post about flaky saltdaddies it’s just a joke sometimes. What’s the purpose of this site if half of the man on here are lying/fake or salt? I think maybe 5% of all the man here are really who they say they are it’s just sad and a pity.

    • Jane says:


      • Honesty is saying what you did – Integrity is doing what you say.
        Both qualities are rarer than they should be. I have cancelled at the last minute due to circumstances beyond my control or due to an SB not responding to my messages to confirm everything is still on. Many SBs or SDs are new to this and get flaky due to fear or because they are not in the real world. It takes time and patience to find a good fit – often way too much but this is no different to any regular dating site. Do as much as you can to prevent flaking – be clear when and where you are meeting, tell them you are going to confirm that day or a couple of hours before and be honest if you can’t or don’t want to be there. It is frustrating to make a lot of effort to meet someone who never shows and then never responds – it does get easier to deal with when its happened many times and you go in with low expectations. Puts you in a great mood when they do show – unless they are much bigger, older or otherwise not what they said they were .. the worst for me was when the young pretty SB I was expecting turned out to be an older guy in drag .. makes for a good story though ..

    • BabyMack says:

      I think they should make this website like an Airbnb type of deal where both parties have incentive to do the best they can for each other and then at the end you rate and review.

  45. robje says:

    I always go to the place a little before the guy shows up so I can see if the guy is really is who he says he is. But I have to be honest A LOT of men on this site doesn’t understand what a sugardaddy is when they wanna give you a allowance of $500 a month, when they earn like 7 figures a month, they almost always expect sex, why isn’t seekingarrangement more of the background checks? Can’t they just remove all the bloody saltdaddies? They are sooo annonying not even funny anymore. And believe me a SD flakes a lot. LESS salt MORE Sugar 😉 sorry for the bad sentences my phone isn’t working properly xxx

    • Anonymous says:

      This “SB” is an escort not a SB at all.

    • ridding SA of SD flakes says:

      If they increase the cost of a premium membership, it could help deter those SD wanna be’s that ruin it for the serious SDs.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        That might cost SA a lot of money. They make no money off of sugar babies, and if they set the membership cost too high they will lose most of the SD population. That might be good for sugar babies and serious sugar daddies but bad for the bottom line. It could also backfire on the sugar babies when they find out that their choices have been reduced by a very high percentage.

    • andre says:

      At 7 figures x,xxx,xxx I wouldn’t be on this site. Women in general are attracted to money as it makes them feel they will be taken care of and provided for. Hell at 7 figures I can afford the Charlie Sheen girlfriend experience.

  46. Larry says:

    I am an account holder. I am trying to leave a comment using my SA account. However, the
    “Login using your SA account” banner takes me to a nonsensical page that shows a post from Max from May of 2015.

    Can tech support please help with this?

  47. knightofcups says:

    I just experienced the no call, no show.

    Even texted that she was around the corner.

    Luckily I chose a place close to my house, just in case she would no show.

    Interacting with SBs on here has been a real eye opener.

  48. Anonymous says:

    There are no real sugar daddies, most of them are fake mellioniars.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a lie planted by a woman who tries to play men!
      I”m real and get accused of being salt by about half the girls I contact because I won’t give them $100-$400 “to prove i’m serious”.

      That’s the scam: hustler chicks taking $300 for dinner when they know they won’t ever go further.

  49. Anonymous says:

    There are flakes all around. I have 6 babies from SA and probably interviewed a couple dozen. no shows. ppl that like to play and waste time. I don’t know why ppl just can’t be honest and upfront. I make each potential baby do a budget before there is any talk about money. my gig is to help and have grow. the babies range in age for 19 to 40. believe it or not, a couple of the younger ones are more mature. with us its all about success. it all mutual. there has to be chemistry – with each one of the 6 there is. take ur time and work thru the flaks

    • GlobalClass says:

      Amazing points!

      I think you have the best outlook. The hard part is most SD’s only see SB’s as 18-24 blonde hair/blue eyed and overlook opportunities for amazing arrangements & connections with someone outside of the “box”.

      Once people look outside stereotypical boxes they will find flexibility and talent in people they never thought of. You need to school these SD’s or so called…

    • Lola says:

      My is the other way around flake sugar daddies.

  50. Jayda Kai says:

    Max Rodenberry ladies…

    Says he’s located in Tallahassee, lie. Has a cute, slim picture on his profile to get your attention…. He’s overweight and diabetic. Penis is the size of a dime and he wants it to have attention though admits he doesn’t get all the way hard. Will waste your time with $$ agreement, get you to use your resources to see him, & not deliver…

    Even STOLE my laptop from me! Met on another site NOW he’s on this one so FAIR WARNING!!!!!

  51. Lexxi says:

    What about flaking Sugar Daddies !!! The ones that just ask for pictures nonstop.. or swear they are so busy they can’t all on the phone??? or Swear you will be meeting within the week but never hear back??? Why on earth would a sugar baby Flake a potential man that is going to give her money!?? LOL !!! I read this in a sugar baby point of view not the other way around.

    • GlobalClass says:

      On any dating site if someone is against doing video chat such as Skype, HangOuts or FaceTime, I have no time for them. The internet has become a smoke screen for creeps and if someone isn’t willing to step through the smoke for 3-5 minutes for a quick video chat chances are they are a flake. I’ve had guys take offense to that request, which is an immediate red flag.

  52. Selena says:

    Asked out on Wed to go to dinner on Fri. Dead air & crickets Fri afternoon…stood up by a potential SD.

  53. Josh says:

    What about flaky sugar DADDIES?!? Sure, they’re usually more than willing to show up for the DATE, you might even get a nice dinner out of them…but at what point during the date do you bring up the sordid topic of coin?!? I’ve always upheld any date I’ve made on this site, even if it’s just long enough to say hi, but almost immediately come to the conclusion that we’re not compatible with each other. But on the OTHER spectrum of it, I’ve been misled and flat out LIED TO about their physical appearance, their financial status, what they’re wanting and what they’re offering! The problem with entering an arrangement such as this, is that they’re not “legally binding”. Either party could walk away at any given time, and assuming that you DO meet, there’s never a 100% guarantee that your sugar daddy is going to “pony up” at the end of the date! So essentially you may not get ANYTHING for your time at all, and there’s really nothing you and do about it! It’s such an awkward conversation to have! I mean…I”m not a prostitute!!! How exactly do you say…”OK, so how about that $2k we discussed? WHEN do you even bring it up?!?! It would be nice if the sugar daddies would just go ahead and offer it so you didn’t have to extract it from them like pulling teeth! Flakiness applies on both ends!

  54. GreenTeaTO says:

    Wow. Let me just start by saying that from the point of view of a “seasoned” sugar baby, bad experiences, flaky people, and rescheduling seem to be more abundant than reliable normal people.

    I have experienced Mr. Perfect who did everything exactly right, and the intimacy, chemistry, conversation, came so naturally, for him to just turn flaky, reschedule everything, and then up and disappear from the face of the earth due to his sick mother with no explanation. And then I had the totally reliable time-wise, clingy, bald, short, overcompensating, insecure, comparing himself to all my exes and previous arrangements, yet was the cheapest person alive, but still wanted all of my time and attention.

    There’s no winning, ever.

    I find the two main types are: super wealthy, egomaniacs, talk about themselves no stop, are P4P types, but want to think there’s something more. And give you accounting lessons on what a $3000 allowance means, before taxes, average salaries in the job market, and treat you like an employee without wanting to be treated like a chore or a job.

    Or you find the perfect, normal, down to earth, but can only do $1000 a month or less, which in the end, why wouldn’t I just find a boyfriend who is 20 years younger, hotter, and would spend that small amount money on me anyway?

    Lucky for me I have my own career, allowing me to be picky to keep searching.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ever stopped to think it might actually have something to do with you? Just this one message you wrote paints you as high maintenance, very demanding, and frankly, just not a very nice person. If your profile is anywhere near as negative as your post, then perhaps it’s not a small wonder that good potential SDs are staying away.

      • GreenTeaTO says:

        I have stopped and thought about that. Because just as critical as I can be of the people I’ve been in arrangements with, I am 10 times more critical of myself. So yes I have absolutely reflected on myself.
        My very crass and blunt way of laying down the mere “facts” of the people, their attitudes, and the experience I have had definitely goes against this “gentle, kind, charming” female that most men want women to be. But I assure you, when you’re sitting down with a man who you’ve been seeing for 3 months, who has a $40,000 cheque sitting on his fireplace that he just “hasn’t gotten around to cashing,” giving you a lecture on what a $2000 allowance means before taxes, meanwhile asking me to quite my career, and move into his home, you start to get a very objective and unfiltered way of thinking.
        I’m just simply stating the facts of my experiences and the men I’ve encountered. I don’t buy the double standard of men being able to casually point out women’s morals/values regarding these types of arrangements, often referring or insinuating that we are glorified prostitutes or escorts, being leeches of society, etc. But I also am allowed to point out the quality of these aging men, their height, when their cheap, and over-demanding, insecure and overcompensating. I mean can say whatever they like to degrade women who take part in these kinds of arrangements, but God forbid I remind you of your receding hairline, and that just makes me “not a nice person.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Truth ^^^

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah… the whole “20 yrs younger and hotter” comment was not very nice :/
        If you want 20 yrs younger, why are you looking for Daddies in the first place unless it’s purely about money? Which contradicts half of his comment! lol

      • Anonymous says:

        truth^^ And yet for your 2K demand… you are still here..humm

      • Joe says:

        Point proven!

    • knightofcups says:

      The median single income is $27k. I doubt most guys 20 years younger than you would have a spare $1k after tax lying around.

      • Anonymous says:

        Holy crap! Someone finally busted the 10k chicks O.O ^^^^^

      • andre says:

        ROFLMAO, I spend 1K a month on drinks and dinner with no problem. Of course I am not in my twenties and do have kids who have their own wants and college expenses.

    • Anonymous says:

      Schools are not doing a very good job teaching financial literacy. Neither are parents teaching the same.

    • MsHappyDays says:

      Thank you for sharing. I totally found your post helpful.

    • GreenTeaTO Admirer says:

      What state are you in?

  55. Anonist says:

    The perfect SB 😉
    “I’m looking for a companion that is interested in getting to know me, talking to me on the phone, and helping me when I’m in tough financial situations. I’m trying to pay for school, housing, and a car so sometimes life gets overwhelming! I’m not interested in anything sexual.”

  56. Anonymous says:

    From every 50 or so emails, there is one that makes all the trouble be worth it. I hear many complaints from sb about the type of guys, etc. The reality is that a lot of times, sb profiles are angry, or numerous other red flags which will discourage the good sd. You get what you cultivate.

    As for the unreliability, I use the flag system. If any flags pop up such as lack of response, or i proper response, I just avoid. And in the intial meeting any strikes or flags its an immediate no go. If I send an email and the response is not even a hi, but to see more pics of me, then thats a flag as well.

    Oh, i’ve been so busy to even write back, thats an immediate flag. When you see a flag, just vet the next one.

  57. Anonymous says:

    The time and patience I have found that it takes to personally meet a SB with potential is staggering. The messages I send out, half of which are not read 10 days later. The messages read and not even a sincere responsible thanks but no thanks answer…. dead air. A SB does answer, a few messages exchanged…vanishes ghosted. I’m selective, I’m a catch with a good picture, and articulate. 10% maybe by my estimate. I’m know the SB’s have the same complaint. I put this on SA’s shoulder for no screening process and us as a population of window shoppers seeking a cheap thrill. I think I’ll go to the local college bar and plunk down 2K on the bar to get things started. Come on people!

  58. Legitimate Baby says:

    I have found that there are SD that aren’t aware that they are SDs. They ant to meet, hang out and have fun but make it awkward when it is time to discuss the arrangement. While they may be nice, we met on a website that has a clear purpose so I am confused as to why it is this way. I just want to meet a SD that I can have a true arrangement with. I am definitely NOT flaky.

  59. dave says:

    Sb can contact anyone on eight six two and i’ll two contact three one them three back two and three will sometimes three end in contact

  60. Jaded Daddy says:

    In my experience most of the younger girls on here are complete flakes, lie, and just cant be trusted. Its a sad reality of that generation.

    • WADE_B says:

      In big cities like NYC and Boston, there are many young SB’s who are not flakes. 24-28 is the sweet spot though!

      • NSA says:

        And what about woman with children. And man who mail they immediately want to have sex with you and want to come over to your house. Off course I’m not stupid and didn’t gave him my address.

    • Selena Pettross says:

      Perhaps U should try a cougar/MILF? Don’t discount a class act, seasoned woman in her 40-50’s.

      • kenshinsh says:

        some of us are younger then that, why the hell would i pay a allowance to a 40-50 year old woman when i’m 32, it would have to be the other way around lol

  61. Anonymous says:

    Slim, dark haired, attractive 19 year old sugar baby with a B.A. who has flaked many times, delivered on few occasions. Men initiate contact, promise big, and disappoint. Or, they present an unrealistic goal. i.e. I want a wife/girlfriend, I want you to move in with me, You can work for me as a personal assistant. Or, they refuse to exist outside of their own sexual fantasies. Or, they insist that you are not worth more than $250 per meet, $1000 per month. If you need to pay for a woman’s touch and affection, because you are so old, bald, impotent, hairy, fat, or busy with work, you must understand you are playing the game “Would you have sex with X for Y amount of money? Well, how about this?”

    I don’t expect to be paid for a first meet, or even to talk about money on the first meet. But to have your hopes dashed when you receive that white envelope, with a mere $300 when your date reported an income in the millions is degrading. Buy an escort for $300 or less. I also work as a financial dominatrix, and have earned as much as $400 in a single session over skype video call and messenger online, without revealing my naked body. So, why then should I strip naked and let a near stranger– old and unappealing as he may be– heave himself on me, struggle to get erect, complain about his wife, have a microscopic penis, becoming essentially his lover, confidante, and therapist? You receive the kind of service, which is what sugar is, that you pay for. Sugar babies do not love you. They love your money. You pay us to pretend. We may start to like you in the mean time, but if we really liked you, we would not need white envelopes.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you don’t need to do any of that, you should go back to being financial dominatrix, if you can find another perverted sucker. By the way, can a victim of findom get all his money back by suing for mental incapacity therefore the contract having been invalid?

      “but if we really liked you, we would not need white envelopes.”

      Be careful there. By that logic the man making millions has every reason to go light on the envelope.

    • WADE_B says:

      For every SB on this site that won’t take 300 for pay for play, there are 4 others who will, just saying!

      • Daddy101 says:

        The range of pay between cities is enormous. Small midwestern city, $1000 buys you the entire weekend, anything over $250 for the evening and you are overpaying. Major financial centers, that’s cabfare.

      • TwistedWords says:

        In LA/OC $500 per meet will get you a nice SB.

      • Anon says:

        Pay for Play is not allowed on SA. We’re sugar babies, not escorts.

    • L.A SB says:

      I’m hearing guys who say they can get an arrangement for $400 a month, or ladies who berate the men for being older, implying that they’re losers. Both sides make me cringe.

      I’m a 40+ y/o gal who has had a handful of arrangements on and off for the past 9 years. All with men 50+. I have found the younger men who message me in their 20’s and 30’s, just want to hang out, something more casual. Never pursued that, ever. I prefer the intimacy to evolve organically, I would never get physically intimate with someone if I didn’t feel there wasn’t a connection, or that our arrangement would last less than 2 months. A first date there shouldn’t be any expectations, by the second date a per meet or allowance already talked about, sets things in motion. I’m a college educated worldly woman, who prefers the company of very smart sophisticated men. Mutual respect is paramount. Egomaniacs, and rudeness no matter what their purported wealth, I would say no to no matter how enticing the offer. And for a SD, a SB who doesn’t appreciate and value you beyond a monetary arrangement will very well backfire. It will be superficial, but that might be fine for both parties. Caveat Emptor.

      A young woman, single mother, someone on public assistance, that extra $400 may help, but that seems ridiculously low if there were no other perks, for meeting 3-4 X a month. *shakes head* Being used for sex may end up demeaning them in the long run. It also depends on where you live. L.A, S.F NYC. $400 will buy you lattes at Starbucks. My last arrangement I received 1k per visit. but then again I’m more of an alpha female, so I don’t mind taking charge:)

  62. Mandy says:

    Lol what?? Are we also forgetting SD also flake too? If anything, more than the SB? I feel like there’s no serious SD out there. For example, I went over this guy’s house to meet him and I wasn’t even there for 2 minutes and left because he straight up told me I looked like one of his cousin’s and it’s not going to work out? Are you effin’ kidding me? Did you NOT take a good look at the pictures I have up? I’m not taking this site seriously anymore after 3 months of searching and finding nothing but flakes and guys who act like fruit cakes.

  63. anonima says:

    muchos SD no quieres dar nada antes ni cortesias, ni regalos, y exigen fotos y tratos bonitos como que se hace en ese caso ?

  64. Megan says:

    I should apply this information to the SDs, myself.

  65. Anonymous says:

    What is up with men on the site sending messages to SBs asking for the credit card info? Can SA weed out the scammers? The profiles and the messages are always the same.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I received a message from a potential sugar daddy. He sent me a long message and expressed his desire to meet me ASAP. I work and go to school at the same time, but still made the effort and time to meet with this man at his convenience. He texted me hours later telling me he could not meet; he was preoccupied with work. I cut the guy some slack. We planned another day and time to meet, but that morning, told me he could not meet because he was out of the state. I got a little annoyed, but I still remained optimistic and understanding. The last time, he asked to meet over the weekend and I agreed. He then tells me he made plans to watch a soccer game. So I cut the guy loose. Now he has the audacity to message me saying, “We should have met!” Is he serious? AND he wants to look at my private photos? #boybye That is a definite no. Men on this site can be just as flaky, if not, worse.

    • Daddy101 says:

      That guy is probably exactly the same with his friends and work colleagues. They exist. They think the only time that is important is their time. I worked with a few of them. Egocentric does not even begin to cover that territory.

  67. Deutsch says:

    How about a post about FLAKY SUGARDADDIES??
    there are many of them!!!!

  68. Anonymous says:

    I have met perhaps a dozen women on SA and bedded half of them. Of these, I had a nice time with almost all. I have to say, however, that judging from the correspondence I have had with others, as well as from the profiles I have read and not contacted, that the overall quality is not what I would have hoped for.

    I have found that some judicious filtering helps. First, I look for at least one college degree and preferably more; second, I place great store on quality of writing.

    And third, I find that middle-aged European women are the best, though admittedly Berlin is a long way to go on a Saturday night. Fortunately I speak several foreign languages, which they find amazing in an American.

  69. Not experienced and not used to the idea of an SD, but I will respect whatever agreement we set. I have professional up bringing so I know what the simplest of respect for dates. Will respect you as a person not a wallet. I work very hard, and need help so I can grow not get more SD. I do modeling, and work full time at another job. I’ve done 8 years in the Army reserve. I do not need clothing, jewelry, or were makeup. I guarantee you will like me because i’m very down to earth and authentic. I will not blow up your phone or step out of what we agreed upon. I’m open to ethnicity and ages. But will only take one SD exclusively anything else is to nasty lol. I am a very sweet person and am told I have the looks, brains, and body.

  70. Briar Rose UK says:

    My profile contains my words, my photos are up to date and of me and yet I get accused of not being real. The SDs are way more flakier than the SBs because they really are only interested in the chase not the catch.

  71. gabby says:

    There are flaky SB but I’ve dealt with many flaky SD and I’m over it. There’s been times where a SD has promised me something or made offers and then never spoken to me again or taken it back after a couple meetings. There was a time when I made a great connection with a SD and we spoke over skype/text, he told me to buy a plane ticket and would reimburse me when I got there. I thought that sounded strange but I made such a great connection with him and I got stood up. Never got that money back. Yes there are some SB’s who flake, but then there are SB’s like me who just want proof the SD isn’t going to flake or go back on his word. It’s easy to tell when a SB isn’t going to meet you, but a SB that does want something serious is not going to offer nudes or cam shows, for money. I just think that these arrangements should be mutually beneficial even if you have to take the risk. But that’s just my opinion.

  72. Well If I was a SD I would think I would want SB to submit. Im trying out this SB and haven’t met anyone yet, but I would think if these guys are rich they would have a number of applicants to choose from. Start a real conversation that’s not about benefiting you and see where at goes. I just like the conversation and networking no gold digger.

  73. sdaddybj says:

    Why are there so many profiles which I consider “scams” where the baby wants you to send money to paypal or some other anonymous method prior to first meeting? It’s getting worse!

    • Anonymous says:

      Those are Tumblr girls. They learn all the wrong things from Tumblr. They think they are outsmarting the guys but they end up with no SD.

  74. matt says:

    More like dealing with flaky sugar daddies.
    They’re just a bunch of wankers.

  75. call_me_ginger says:

    I have a question. Seems to be a regular occurrence with me. A SD sends me permission to view his private photos. I always send a polite response back. Compliments cost nothing hey. But then nothing? They never speak to me again? What’s that about?

    It partly amuses me. For some reason it reminds me of a flasher. Not that I see any penis. Just need to clarify that.

    But it baffles me a little.

    Reasons purrrlease gentlemen?

    • Girl_GirlJO says:

      Girl yes omg. this happens to me too

      • Daddy101 says:

        There really is no excuse for it, but all I can say is I have days where threads get 10 and 20 deep…I do sometimes just have a thread or two get lost in the pile. Not a good excuse. Otherwise, its just some kid (mentally, physically or emotionally) having some fun with a fake profile and get some sort of weird rush by pretending to be a wealthy guy on SA

    • Deutsch says:

      it’s even more pathetic when they have zero communication skills.
      SD sends a line saying “love your profile, you seem exactly what I am looking for”, then shares his private pics”, you share yours and then there is silence.
      He doesn’t have the guts to send a polite one liner back saying ” thanks for sharing but you are not quite my type” ?
      seriously? takes 30 seconds to be a gentleman!

    • and says:

      Nothing more than a wanna be SD that can’t afford the relationship. But this happens both ways. I find that most women on this site originally joined because they thought it was something they wanted to do, but end up getting cold feet. It would be nice if they just removed their profiles as there are so many ghosts on the site that one can’t tell who is or isn’t real.

    • Purr says:

      To me too!)) Annoying

  76. Jane says:

    SD’s are definitely the ones that are flaky. It’s so rude. They get your hopes up and then crush them. It makes me so angry.

    • no says:

      I too am finding SD’s super flaky. I laughed when I read this article.

      • Deutsch says:

        SDS are more than flaky.
        They are arrogant, they think because they are the ones with money they can be the ones who set the rules-
        and they are the only ones entitled to discretion –
        no dear, without SBs, SDs would not be able to cheat on their wives, have an arrangement, have fun, a mutually beneficial relationship or even have fun (regardless of their marital status) LOL
        it takes two you know!
        if they only show a picture with super dark sunglasses where you can barely see WHO you are dealing with, do not expect women to show a full face picture!

      • Bellevue_Girl says:

        I agree. SD’s are extremely flakey and always cancel at the very last minute.

    • Rick says:

      Both sides are flaky. But it’s not much different from Match.com in terms of flakiness.

      Some simple rules for SBs, never spend your own money on a flight, never give it up until you’ve seen your allowance, require a polite and respectful SD.

      For SD, no allowance for first meetings, cross them off if the cancel out more than twice (generous here) and if you give them a monthly allowance in advance, don’t expect to see them again.

  77. Mike says:

    I am 25 year old bi SB who looks way younger than 25, people tell me I look 17, 18, 19. I’m from South America. I’m educated, independent, honest. I just joined SA, do you guys think I will have trouble finding SDs or SMs from the US?

  78. Just Wishing says:

    Just venting,

    I guess coming on SA I had this belief that as a bisexual man that I would be able to just speak and get to know someone even if they where in a different state. To my surprise your either blocked or aren’t even considered. Yet I see so many profiles that say I haven’t found what I’m looking for or that you just wont date outside of your race/culture. Which is so funny growing up in a system being raised by a caucasian mother and father. Maybe me looking for a companion on this site was a no go from the get go. I just simply want a fair chance at just being someones equal.

    I digress!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Some SD complaints here sound very strange.
    I find it fairly easy to keep two SBs happy at 1500 each. No one quit because of money and it was mostly me who wanted novelty and variety and replaced one or the other. Yes, some relocated or found irl love, but finding another one in the bowl was almost too easy.

    • Juni says:

      And what’s your funds disbursement method i.e monthly at once or pay per meet?

      • Anonymous says:

        It is pay per meet, but for a month. I always, always keep my word and never quit before the month is over.

      • Anonymous_SSSD says:

        So if you meet them once and they dead fish in bed on you, then you continue to see them 2-3 more times? I highly doubt it.

  80. sd with open eyes says:

    This might not be a sign of flakiness, but I cannot take seriously a Sugar Baby that alters her pic with the “app” that puts animal ears and nose on their face. It’s not cute and it’s an epidemic.

  81. Sweet SB says:

    I’m a sugar baby over 35 and a busy professional. It’s very tiring to have sugar daddies who blow hot and cold, blowing up my phone with calls and texts and then disappearing. Maybe they like the chase, but I am a busy professional who wouldn’t THINK of wasting their time.

    I understand how some sugar daddies are upset at not getting a response from sugar babies they’ve messaged, but when I have told someone I thought we were not compatible, they became very rude. So it’s easier to just not answer.

    • Bellevue_Girl says:

      I’m in a similar situation as you and completely agree. I’ll get all sorts of obnoxious calls and texts, and then they disappear right before the meet. I’m considering asking for some sort of deposit for my time at this point. Sounds awful, but the messages and calls take up way too much of my valuable time. Respect is a two-way street.

      • Purr says:

        Agree. They want to have this game, ask you want you like in bed, how you like it, what my fantasy is.. Probably jerking off reading this. I am at work, I can’t answer. If I dont answer I get a message ” I see that you are not open minded..bye”. I can only imagine if I started bothering them at 10pm when they are at home!
        Recently I started telling them, that Im not an entertainer and if he does want to hear about my fantasy, he can transfer me some funds to paypal. Oh, they get so offended!
        They all think that ALL we seek here is sex. Idiots. They think we stay at home and have nothing better to do than to wait for a SD text and talk about sex.

  82. Anonymous says:

    There are several factors that go into why an SB won’t respond. First, a lot of you that call yourselves “handsome” are indeed the opposite. If your income/net worth is low, I know you won’t be able to give a proper allowance, and there’s no polite way to say you’re too broke to even be on this site let alone message me. Also, SBs like to be compensated for their time, including a first meeting. Before all of you SDs attack, I’m 21, attractive, slim with big boobs, and receive high allowances.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a market here, on SA, for many levels of sugar. Great if have found, or easily find, SDs willing to give you high allowances. That is not the standard though, but the exception, in certain geo areas. In the Northern CA, for instance, I have found that $1,000 per month (four meets per month) is the more prevalent situation. As someone said in another post. Allowance increases depending on geo area, beauty, youth, availability of time, etc., and decreases accordingly based on the same criteria. The market is the one that gives the allowance amount per Geo area, not the SB.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is the same here in Southern CA. $1,000/month or about $250 to $300 per meeting. I’ve gone up to $500 or higher per meeting for truly exceptional women.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      The biggest reasons why a SB won’t respond:

      1) They are rarely on the site.
      2) The are flooded with booty call messages.
      3) They have already found a good sugar daddy.
      4) They are rude.
      5) The SD’s message was not acceptable to them.
      6) The SD’s profile was not acceptable to them.
      7) They are a fake profile.

      Similar reasons apply for Sugar Daddies.

      Any sugar baby and any sugar daddy have the right to not respond to a initial message, not just the “desirable” ones.

      • NC_HUSTLER says:

        I found that if I send out a message that is more than three sentences long, I rarely get a response back. I have a dummy SB account set up just to see what SD’s write, and some mofo’s send their entire autobiography and are copy/paste messages. DON’T DO THAT! I have learnt to send a short message, and preferably throw in a $ sign in there somewhere to catch their attention. Sometimes I will just say something like: “Are you ok with a practical allowance?” and then I will get them into conversation and the goal is to get them to meet and once they meet you and find out that you are not a monster and are normal, they become VERY flexible as far as what they are willing to do and how much allowance will they accept. I know this maybe not very honest, but sometimes you have to help sugar babies to get their arrangements. Spoon feed them sugar!!! 😉

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        A short message with a $ thrown… way to let her know you mean business. Do you also inquire as to how many roses she’d like?

    • kenshinsh says:

      that doesn’t matter because there are plenty of 21, attracive, slim girls with big boobs that are ok with not receiving a high allowance and that don’t expect to be compensated for the first meet and greet

  83. Anonymous says:

    and my babies tell me they have met several flake daddy want to be too. most seem to want a cheap lay – which this gig is not for the most part

  84. Anonymous says:

    flakes on both sides. younger girls never had the teaching not to be rude. Personally, I answer every msg. It is unbecoming not to. Ironically, I would say that I have met around a dozen babies, half were flakes, the other half are my babies. Although I have not made an official count, I would say less than 15% of the msgs that I send to babies get answered – and I always write a nice message …

    • SB Flower says:

      That’s ridiculous, especially knowing what you could get from this site. Don’t make a profile if you can’t commit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly, there is a lack of commitment from SD’s and SB’s. It’s hard to put a finger on it or screen better to avoid. Too much interest, teasing, window shopping and “favorite” crap going on. All talk, no action!

      • Anonymous says:

        As a SD I don’t know much about SDs flaking. I do know that SDs can be pretty flakey. When I first started using SA about 50% of potential SBs flaked on me. As in, you make plans and send a message to confirm the morning of the meeting and receive no response. It is a real problem for the real non-flakey SDs like me who may have cleared an afternoon or evening for a date. I have a friend and fellow SD who routinely double books his dates and if they both respond he flakes on one. That way is is virtually guaranteed not to be left with an empty afternoon/evening in an otherwise busy schedule.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Your friend, by the way, is a bumholeyo. Don’t be like him.

    • no says:

      I reply to every message I receive. Most of the time SD’s are one message wonders. I reply with thoughtful long replies and usually then don’t get another message.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        I cannot do that with SB’s. One, it’s unfair to lead them on if I have no interest and two, most of the SB messages are one or two words.

  85. Anonymous says:

    I deal with so many flaky Sugar Daddies! I put in so much time and effort and get nothing in return.

  86. Anonymous says:

    People like to collect “friends” on Facebook. SBs like to gauge SD interest. It’s better than Match for some…as in the thought of some random man potentially committing to spend money on them.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Some SD’s though don’t read profiles correctly. They are all sweet and innocent until you read what they want and its completely different! You point this out politely and they become so rude!
    We SB’s get a lot of time wasters too. I think its swings and roundabouts.

  88. Anonymous says:

    What about the Flaky Sugar Daddies? I mean I get tons of views and favorites and texts but nobody is really honestly and truly serious its fucking annoying like I’m just trying to make connections and have fun and nobody wants that

  89. SB Flower says:

    One SD I met told me that he once drove across town to pick up a potential SB for a first meetup (coffee date, lunch, etc that he would pay for) and when he pulled up to her house, she called him and said she wouldn’t come out unless he paid her a ridiculous sum of money for an initial meet up (mind you, our city doesn’t have the market for hundreds of dollars for the meet up to see if you both click). She never told him that before he drove up there! I was shocked.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Is it weird I’m actually having a problem with flaky sugar daddies? I get all excited and then they just stop talking to me?

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s your listed allowance expectations on your profile?

      • Alexis says:

        It’s practical but once we actually start talking we kinda negotiate a price so I don’t really go by that. I don’t flake either. Like, I’m more than happy to meet up because I need money so how else am I gonna get it?

  91. Anonymous says:

    Finally a way to vent. I’m the real deal SD, retired at age 57 and wealthy, not just rich, wealthy. I have a new search going this week and have sent a dozen polite in depth greeting messages to women in my area. 8 are read and 2 replies received. I do not request private pics on 1st message out of respect or them thinking me a pervert. 5 are not read and it’s been a week. So 6 read, no message or thank you or polite refusal…dead end dead air. Where are the manners and politeness to acknowledge an inquiry and interest? Then half of the messages that are started back and forth dead end in mid thought or reply by the SB. Tells me there are too many rude disrespectful young woman here and flake overload. I am one and done, messages or bs date cancellations. Too much effort for the result no more.

    • mrnono says:

      Maybe your profile isn’t detailed enough… A lot of people disregard profiles that have little to no information. Make sure you give at least a summary of yourself on your profile.

      • anonymous says:

        Make sure you’re writing to “premium” members or they will not receive your message, and of course you won’t receive a response.

        Also, if it helps, I’m an exceptional sugar baby so perhaps I’m biased but….. if you’re “wealthy, not just rich” I would definitely be wondering why your allowance is so low. I’ve never played mistress to a man for anything in the ballpark because it costs double that to comfortably support myself.

      • Anonymous says:

        My profile is detailed, articulate and catches interest, plus good photos. Thanks for your observation. The problem is men and women are window shopping as an internet trend, tire kickers, and the vast majority on both sides have no idea, no intention of an arrangement. My 2 cents from experience.

      • Anonymous says:

        Reply to SB “use premium SB” I think 3K a month and another 2 to 3K of living the lifestyle, with my money is pretty damn good. I get annoyed when a SB wants an allowance to be their income. I view an allowance as help with monthly bills and living a good lifestyle with a great guy. And( catch the flak here ), I want to see my money as an investment in the woman, not as a financial crutch. To each their own respectively.

    • Ashley Thomas says:

      awwe that really is rude

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s your allowance level?

      • Anonymous says:

        3k month, plus shopping, vacations, travel, good food and entertainment.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am surprised that you are seeing flakiness with that kind of spoiling.

        What part of country are you in?

        On a more personal note–if you cared to indulge–do you have some kind of personal “handicap”, such as, being fat, bald, ethnic background, or some other stuff young women don’t find attractive in general?

        Also, do you enjoy “playing the field”, are you flirty with them or are you just matter-of-fact?

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s me, wealthy from the Midwest, no handicaps, tall athletic handsome. A gentleman SD that this sight needs…jeez. Now let’s increase the true number of serious courteous responsible SB’s. I’m saying 90% of the woman here are irresponsible and poor communicators who answer my message for the thrill or tease and vanish. Or make a date and cancel. I’ve had a few good dates and SB’s, it’s rare and hard work to find them. I learned I don’t want to be involved with the others. I learned to ask the right questions and read between the lines. A true case of “it’s not me SD, it’s you SB.” I’m taking my toys and going home! Next.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s me, wealthy from the Midwest who “Vented” earlier. No handicaps my friend, just tall handsome athletic respectful and giving. I’ve had enough dates to know and a couple SB’s to be happy and experience how it should be. 90% of the women message, drop off, tease, make plans and cancel. Even a fair share of articulate responsible communicators that you think look good will dead air. A true case of “It’s not me SD, it’s you SB.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Flakiness usually does not lead to dates. It prevents them.

      • Anonymous says:

        No kidding. LOL!

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason I ask is that I know the major factor as to why my SBs flake. It’s mostly because I operate in the Minimal range of allowance.

      When I operated even in the lower practical range, the flakiness was lower.

      • Anonymous says:

        I disagree, I think the trend is now looking, not buying. Any decent guy with some allowance AND paying for all activities done together should be worthy of respect and continued attention, chemistry attraction from a SB.

    • Anonymous says:

      There seem to be robo SBs whose purpose of existence is to increase the women-to-men ratio and to read messages without ever responding to them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, if no one else is interested in you check my profile out Nikki Grey_ 🙂
      Maybe i’ll respond.

    • sbforsplenda says:

      SB here; are you sending the same or a similar message to each person? Are you including profile details for EACH person in EACH message? Is there any chance that the woman you’re contacting might think, “oh gee, he sent that same line of baloney to 15 different women; it’s so generic!”?

      Women experience this a LOT on standard dating sites, and Seeking Arrangement is no exception. I’m aware that this may not pertain to you, but just in case it does, make sure that each message is unique to each person you contact. I assure you, we can tell. Not only make sure each message is unique, but make sure it is specific to each person you contact. Talk about one of her photos, something she mentions on her page, how you guys are seeking the same kind of monogamous/nsa/whatever-you-want arrangement, etc. Otherwise, you’ll likely only wind up with responses from the green/naive, or those who are genuinely desperate for anyone who contacts them.

      Good luck!

    • Anonomomomom says:

      From the Midwest, OP? Like black chicks?

    • Anon says:

      One simple issue: Fear

      The Sugarbowl fantasy thought sound lovely but when someone wants to meet you really have to think ” This is real now”.

      When I met the real deal SD I was terrified. What happens if I fall for this man? How can I keep my usual bf/gf behavior at bay.

      I was probably a sloppy SB at first because I talked to my SD like a bf. He didn’t want to hear all of that and I thought hmm who am I without my normal complaints of things out of my control? Lol I love to vent and that’s not what most SDs want.

      Thankfully I met an online only SD that enjoys my witty banter and my venting:)

      • Anonomomomom says:

        That’s really insightful. I never had that issue. I love being single and alone. But I’d truly like one good person to spend time with and have fun sex with.

      • Anonymous says:

        Spot on. We messaged, talked, she sent me pictures of herself 30 minutes prior to meeting, she was excited…. then froze cold as I was her first SD meet ever and was older than her father, so she texts to apologize and cancel as I pull into the restaurant. I text to ask, then text to excuse her and say goodbye. The fantasy becomes reality blooper, happens with messages and meeting / ghosting on both sides. I’ve heard of guys showing up to scout the gal for a thrill, peaking from around the corner not planning to meet, no $$$ to fund the SB.

  92. Lauren says:

    Random, SA has no email to send suggestions to so I’ll post it here. To filter through all of the cheap guys who just want hookups and not arrangenebts, why doesn’t SA give guys a free 30 day trial and then tostay on the site you have to upgrade to a premium membership.

    • John S. says:

      That would severely damage the “reputation” of the site. Cheap guys would attempt to lure and manipulate SBs that truly want long arrangements; there is just too much risk involved. This would also cause a lot of SBs to leave the site and bring a TON of random, cheap men looking for a quick, cheap lay. There are plenty of other services and sites for those kinds of guys.

    • Anonymous says:

      In a way it already is like that: non-premium SD’s and SM’s can not send messages. You can filter your search to premium members only.

  93. Jim B says:

    the reason my profile says “I will not send money for any reason before our first meeting” is I don’t have time to keep up with all the fraudsters on this site that are like “I need half the money before our first date to prove you real. I need to get a baby sitter. I need gas money. My phone’s about to get shut off and I want to text you. Please buy me an airline ticket. I need a day in the spa so I’ll look good for you.” SA needs to do a far better job of weeding the scammers out. And these are all actual fraudulent pitches I’ve received (but never sent a dime for).

    And in my experience even the best sugar babies I’ve known have their flaky tendencies that have nothing to do with not showing up to a date on time. Mental issues (a sb after two years told me the pills weren’t working any more and she was quitting her therapist. I never knew she had a therapist!). They’re also immature at that age and have some growing up to do.

    That being said, I’ve met some delightful young ladies on here. For sure. You just have to be patient and don’t be stupid or you will be taken for an idiot.

    NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER send money before the first date. NEVER.. I don’t care what she promises you.

    • Jim B says:

      or their profile and pics look great but they’re really nasty in person…

    • immortal walker says:

      Never send money before meeting, and NEVER give advances for whatever reason. I had two SB already take me to the cleaners for doing that. That is why the pay-per-meet, although frown upon many POT SBs, is a good way to start. The SD does not know if she is going to ghost out after receiving a whole month of allowance and going after the next POT SD victim.

      • Chase says:

        The last two SB have both ghosted after getting a months allowance. I had met them first. Wine & dined them. Did a few per occurrence dates. Then the bigger money and bye bye. One just disappeared and the other just “happened” to be trying to reconcile with her husband she had supposedly divorced 15 years ago. Now the monthly allowance will go out automatically 1/52 of an annual amount every Tuesday. Goes from my auto bill pay at no cost.

        Their are a SBs out here that come across very nice until they she the money and then poof. Is there someway on SA to check the results others have had. At least with escorts there are websites for reporting experiences. If SA does not have a way it would be nice. Or some of us web savvy types could set up a companion site? Just the vanilla for free and the real deal info for $10.00 a month. I have just paid for a number of years of service LOL.

  94. GracefulJones says:

    Maybe it’s LA, but I find the men to fall into one of these categories more often than not, as well. Of course, we all have busy lives, but consistency seems to be impossible to come by. I find that now, if we don’t meet within a week of communication (barring travel) and don’t meet AGAIN within another week, it just won’t happen. And even then, it isn’t guaranteed. I’m glad I’m not in dire straits, or I might get a little jaded, ha.

  95. joe says:

    Its the same with the SB boys. Most are playing games as SA never monitors who joins. Sad for us paying SD and its not cheap.

  96. BrownSugar says:

    see and this is exactly why brown sugar is the healthier sugar, we dont give you grey hair 😉

  97. Anonymous says:

    There are tons of fake girls on here.

  98. Anonomnomnom says:

    ugh. SDs who just look at your private photos or just send you “sexy” text. ugh, put up or shut up. i can’t be indulging in your “fantasies” at your beck and call, i have pokemon to catch.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Great” attitude dear. You’ll surely be a “great” SB. Not!

    • Anonymous says:

      Every SB I’ve seen on here who only shows her face in private photos is usually unattractive which is the reason I stop messaging after I’ve seen private photos.

      • Anonomomomom says:

        My body is fire. I’m just not here for sexting or “phone sex”. I’m here to meet people.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s great, I’m talking face and the ones who don’t show it in public photos. Given up on even requesting private photos if they don’t have face pics in the public photos because they’re always ugly. I would rather see the body for the first time in person. To me it’s more exciting that way.

  99. Anne says:

    honestly.. i am just having the same thing from guys now and then. either they found a “cheaper” SB or like just today he came up with the whole arrangement, sounded pretty good, i putted effort in planning a nice evening .. and then he just ghosted me on the day we were supposed to meet up. its really frustraiting and i am angry that i wasted my time on such a flake

    • Anonymous says:

      How exactly you “putted” dear?

      • Anne says:

        checking tons for restaurants cause nothing was apparently good enough and its pretty hard to get a seat in a great restaurant two days before you are actually meeting up and serves his and your needs. i checked the restaurants cause he just came here for business (at least thats what he said). then canceling on my friend beforehand. it just sucks when ppl are unreliable – no matter if its on here or in “real life”. and what i don´t get is: you are an (apparently) successful business man but you can not manage to write a simple message with “sorry hun, i can´t make it tonight”?

      • Anne says:

        hmm i replied but it got never posted. the effort was to book a high standard restaurant two days before at a resonable time in a certain area. making lots of suggestions beforehand. if you ever tried that, you know it´s effort. and then it sucks if a “successful business man” is can not manage to send you a simple “sorry hun, can´t make it”

      • Anonymous says:

        You “putted” eh. The real issue at hand here, is that you’re illiterate. You can’t expect to be taken seriously speaking like that! lmfaoooo

      • Kidding? says:

        Oh you picked up a typo, you would be such a joy to be with

      • Nunyo says:

        Putted is no typo, it’s ignorance.

        Here’s the deal. Those of us who are real have money because of business acumen and we tend to be intelligent and can communicate well. Some are turned on by dumb women since they feel superior to the person they’re with. Most, however, prefer somebody they can talk to and communicate with which means they want intelligence and education.

        The constant misuse of your/you’re, were/we’re, etc., shows us a lack of education, intelligence, or both. Work on your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and you’ll have our interest.

  100. snorkel says:

    wow.. thats a surprise. i’m having a hard time just meeting a real SD that is actually legit

  101. azria says:

    ive had all..FROM GUYS!!!
    I’m always ready to meet up if you are serious..but this no call no text thing pisses me off…i don’t care how busy you are , it literally takes less than a minute to say you cant make it or something came up. It takes lots of time to get(and sometimes buy) an outfit, get ready, get a cab, and then for nothing.
    sigh, some these guys are the worst ever. If i met a serious one in teh lot i would be forever grateful, but apparently its a bunch of wannabes.

  102. Liz says:

    This definitely applies to SDs as well. The last 3 SDs I set up first dates with either canceled the day of the date, or just disappeared all together with no response AFTER an exact day and time was agreed upon. I’m not a fan of the SDs with cold feet.

  103. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had a number of successful SBs, but “The Baby Who Won’t Commit” happens ALL.THE.TIME. 90% of exchanges are as follows:
    SB: Oh yeah, I’m totally interested.
    Me: Great, let’s set up a meeting.
    SB: Radio Silence

    • alice says:

      and how many times a SB says: “ok good let’s meet up for a dinner first…”
      Ad SD ” radio silence” just because he is looking for one night prostitute?!??!

    • Anonymous says:

      From parents to Disney to media to government policies…these women are led to believe that they are princess.

      So you will have to play the field as best as you can depending on the charm and money you have to work with.

    • Anonymous says:

      One thing is for sure. Age of a man is not a deterrent unless he has…maybe…sagging skin. So bring you money and charm and date these young women away.

  104. anon says:

    Well I am a SB, and I had an “arrangement” with 2 guys, BOTH of them required intimacy before any allowance was paid, and then they BOTH blocked me and I never heard from them again…how has that been fair to me? and I can’t ask for money in advance because men are scared that women will just run off too, and I can’t not ask for them in case the next guy turns out to do the same thing, so what do I do…

    • Amused_SD says:

      Do it by the meeting or by the week until you both gather enough confidence in each other.

    • Tony says:

      Ask to be taken care of before you move into the bedroom. A true (or honest) SD WILL understand. There’s NOTHING wrong with a per-meeting allowance until trust is established.

  105. Anonymous says:

    I never block any woman. Sooner or later they come around unless they have received a better deal from someone else.

    • Anonymous_SSSD says:

      I do. Any profile I run across that says platonic or online only is immediately blocked. Has anyone else noticed that the platonic sb profiles have increased dramatically this year?

  106. Anonymous says:

    I never block any woman. Sooner or later they will need help.

    There’re a limited number of reasons they are not responding. Those who do respond cooperate.

    The biggest reason they don’t respond is that my allowance is in the Minimal range. 🙂

  107. Anonymous says:

    Do they randomly shut down the ability to post comments?

    Sometimes I can post and the other times I can’t.

  108. ThatTransGirl says:

    First and foremost, all of these work both ways. It is not just the babies who have these issues. It’s the daddies. I have first hand experienced all of these incidents.

    However, I am guilty of the second (the one who won’t commit) as of late, though this is his interpretation of it. The truth? I had salmonella. Bad, bad salmonella. At first I thought it was due to something else, but it wasn’t. It was due to eating bad eggs.

    We were supposed to meet last week, but I was much too sick to get out of bed. I agreed to try for the next day, hoping it was just the 24 hour flu. I let him know that I was still too sick, and again the next day.

    He is now no longer responding to my emails, letting him know that I am feeling better. Part of me feels as if he does not believe me. I know that people are notorious for being flakes, but I am not one of them. Perhaps he has now flaked out on me for assuming that I was a flake?


    The search continues.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Pay per VIEW.
    Sent 50% of agreed allowance by Pay Pal.The remainder was to be handed over at the meeting. Sugar baby never appeared.
    In another case, I sent 25% of the monthly allowance before requesting a face to face meeting. Sugar baby declined to meet.She kept the money.
    I decided that it is now PAY PER MEET.

    • SlizzyJ says:

      Awwww, Poor daddy. Sugar baby has been a bad bad girl. Sometimes i think we can tell when we are being played, our instincts scream at us but we refuse to listen. My advice would be 50% down-payment then the remaining 50 once u meet but i see that u have had bad luck even with that method. I guess there should be a blacklist created t protect both SBs and SDs. Escort services have those i don’t know why SA shouldn’t have one, that’s if they don’t already have one.

    • Anonymous says:

      NEVER SEND MONEY IN ADVANCE OF MEETING! Rule number one in the bowl. No good will come of it. You don’t need to prove you’re real in that manner. And her emergency is not your own.

      She needs rent or she’ll get evicted… you tell her “I’ll be happy to help once we met and determined we have enough chemistry to move forward”

      • N. O. Nemuss says:

        Didn’t you know that this is just another charity site? It’s GoFundMe for people who claim to be good-looking.

      • sbforsplenda says:

        YES! I am shocked by the number of stories I hear from guys who either were scammed or were nearly scammed. Jesus…if she sounds and looks too good to be true(ly interested in you), she probably is. Keep your head in the game, y’all. Be realistic with yourselves and what you have to offer.

        By the same token, ladies, don’t get taken by the “f*k and flee” guy who bounces on your allowance. Be classy about it, but ensure that you at least see your envelope before the panties drop. Of course, once you’ve regularly established yourself with someone, this shouldn’t be necessary after they’ve proven themselves a few times. I have only ever been screwed over once, after driving 2 hours no less, and it was enough to set me straight. “Oh, I’ll western union it to you tomorrow!” Bullsh……..

      • Anonymous says:


      • Tony says:

        100% correct. NEVER SEND MONEY IN ADVANCE. It is the number one rule. In 20 years, I’ve done it FIVE times. How many times was I screwed over? That would be FIVE.

  110. Anonymous says:

    waiting on a flake right now, too timely. always “i just need to get gas” or “i fell asleep”

    anyway that’s my stupidity for allowing. there are SO many available, there’s no reason to put up with it more than once really. it’ll totally clean up my contact list.

  111. NC_HUSTLER says:

    A “NO/MAYBE” girl will ALWAYS be a “NO/MAYBE” girl … If you don’t meet within the first 2 weeks of the initial contact/exchange, most likely it won’t happen or even if it does, they are going to be pain to deal with.

    Stick to “YES” girls!

  112. Anonymous says:

    This applies for SDs as well. Boys or men I can’t even tell these days… can be equally flaky and frustrating. Forget about three strikes, one strike you’re blocked. GTFOH.

    • SlizzyJ says:

      Most often than not, its boys that cancel on you without prior notice. They like to feel they are doing you some kind of favor.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure you complain a lot to your girlfriends that there aren’t any really men left for you. LOLa

    • sbforsplenda says:

      Yep. Or the guy who just wants to chat for weeks and weeks so that he can get free wank fodder and yet doesn’t have a plan for meeting up. NO thanks!

  113. Anonymous_SSSD says:

    Lets be real here. Most of the ladies in the bowl are flakes. If they could run their lives properly, follow schedules and meet obligations on a continual basis, they wouldn’t need to be sb’s and sell themselves for money. They would actually get an education, hold down a real job and be self sufficient.

    • Sweet SB says:

      So what does that say about your “purchasing” a sugar babies’ time and attention??? Not all of us are lazy. Some want to meet a better quality man and/or have a fun relationship.

    • Guest says:

      Let’s be equally real -you are here buying the company of these women. I will assume that’s because no real woman will date you. I’m quite capable of managing my own life. I also enjoy being paid for sex those two things are not mutual exclusively, Einstein.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. The whole thing is based on the fact that these women are crazy; and we are crazy for dealing with them. One thing I’ve noticed; when it is REALLY their first time on this site and you’ve have sex (having paid them a modest sum) they disappear. My take on it is that, having done this, they are quite confident that they can make much more money. Now, I’m not comfortable to go after really beautiful girls (what can I say; I have esteem issues 🙂 so I’m dating girls who REALLY have no business asking for $500 a date. Last nite, I met a first-timer. We had drinks, I thought it went well (I went down on her; she said she had’t that for a ten years–abusive husband, the usual crap.) She DID NOT ASK FOR MONEY. I was at the door; I kind of forced to accept $250 and she was FUCKING SHOCKED! Profuse thanks, gratudite, etc. S he was really into it; so much so that when I asked her last name, she told me–and that the wasn’t the her real name but her maiden name. She gave me both and her phone number. Then, when she got home, she the texted me with the number–said the she wanted to make sure that I had had a good time. This morning, I noticed the she was online; so I said that I really had a good time. Twice. No response.
      Women are crazy and not necessarily motivated by money.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t agree. That’s like me saying if you didn’t let yourself go, ignore the wife you can’t please in bed you wouldn’t need to be here trying to pay young women to overlook your ugliness.

      Kinda rude right?

      Let’s just chalk up their flakiness to fear of the unknown or fear of dangerous predators that lurk in the shadows and sometimes on the front page of SA.

      I”ll rephrase my assumption of you to a man that wants to enjoy the excitement of youth and plans to spoil accordingly.

      See much better.:)

  114. Anonymous says:

    I agree with anonymus July 11th

  115. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to tell who’s going to flake and who’s not, but I’ve found that the ones who don’t bother to reply to messages are the more habitual offenders. So if I see a girl’s read my message and doesn’t respond I block her and move on.

    • Anonymous says:

      That might be a bit too extreme. I found great arrangements with women who took some warm-up to get started. If you persist a bit, get them talking and gain their trust – there are some really great girls out there who would be most loyal and fun.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sometimes I read a message when I’m out and wait until I get home before replying. Doesn’t mean I plan to flake. You might be a bit overzealous… If you don’t get a response in 24 hours then go ahead and block.

    • Anonomomomom says:

      Three? I do two.

    • SlizzyJ says:

      Fair enough. Because it really doesnt take much to type a response. Anf if typing isnt your thing, make a quick call and say see there half an hour late or something. Be sure to communicate if you are running late or cancelling all together.

  116. Anonymous says:

    That is actually pretty good.
    I very much agree with a “three strikes” policy (no matter what their excuses are, I normally presume they are lying anyway). All that matters, if I know she can throw a good party once she shows up. But even that has its limits.

  117. Anonymous says:

    A pro SD post… nice

  118. FedUpAnon says:

    the Baby who appears to be interested but refuses to commit to a meeting. They aren’t interested in traveling to meet you, they schedules are never clear, they ‘never get on this site anymore so just saw this message’

    Wow. First time I empathise with a blog posting. Yeah, been there

  119. FedUpAnon says: