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Sugar Dating Discretion
  • Posted Jul 13, 2016


Sugar Dating discretion is a topic often discussed in the Sugar community. Discretion in Sugar relationships is very important for several reasons. Many people view mutually beneficial relationships as taboo and for that reason those involved in the lifestyle often choose to keep their involvement hidden. When entering a Sugar relationship it is paramount that both members understand the level of discretion that is expected.

There’s an app for that

If you are a Sugar Daddy who is married or in another serious relationship you will want to make sure you keep your communication with your Sugar Baby private and protected. Using a messaging app like Snapchat, which deletes messages after the recipient reads them, will keep your conversations with your Sugar Baby away from prying eyes.

If your Sugar Baby likes to send you photos download PhotoSafe. This app allows you to save those private photos in a password protected app. Remember if electronic privacy is of concern for you there are numerous apps to help ensure things that need to remain private can stay that way.

Keep your story straight

No matter how careful you are there is always a chance that you will run into someone you know when you are out and about with your Sugar Baby. Having a solid story prepared will protect you from having an awkward run in with colleagues or friends.

Your Sugar Baby should be involved with the creation of your back story so that she is also prepared if this situation occurs. There is no need for an elaborate tale, just something simple that makes sense and that you can both remember.

Location, location, location

Select locations for dates with your Sugar Baby very carefully. If you are married you will definitely want to avoid locations that your wife or other people in your circle frequent. If possible choose places in the next city over and pick smaller, more intimate settings so you can keep an eye on who is coming in and out. Splurge for a table in a private room to truly ensure privacy or plan a weekend rendezvous out of town so you can completely relax.

Keeping your Sugar discrete will allow you and your Sugar Baby to enjoy the best parts of being in a mutually beneficial relationship while leaving the stress behind.

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  1. Afraid2 says:

    This man its not a nice person. We had an arrangement which he never owed. He is also overweight but shows a decent pic about 10 years or so younger . He tells you big stories but he is grosse and dirty. If you are in such a need. Make sure he honor arrangement before hand. I suggest you walk away. I did. The online name is Dennis.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are there SDs who are interested in SBs who are Transgender-Females? Do SDs ever date SBs who are also “working girls”???

  3. Anonymous says:

    Discretion is always the key I think.
    I’m looking for a lovely older gentleman, one that knows what he wants and has the life experience to appreciate what I have to offer.

  4. Zennobia says:

    Hi all, i’m not here to ask anyone for anything like money or any gifts, i was just curious about this site and decided to make an account, the arrangements here are just new to me, im 25 yrs. old and i only have dated 2 people in my entire existence, well i just find it interesting to know more about people, if someone needs someone to talk to message me, i prefer someone who will talk with decency 🙂

  5. Angel says:

    Okay, This question is coming from a SB who was already established way before this became popular. Owned clothing stores and studios, was well off until something tragic happened. My question is why has the environment changed as far as sb and sd? I used to meet some great men, who were stand up guys we both were to the point and got along great now im coming across frauds, propositions, rudeness and just all out foolishness. What happened!

    • Derek_58 says:

      It’s called lack of upkeep by the site admins. I think if they cracked down a little bit harder and took certain types of reporting more seriously and perhaps started filtering IPs, then things would clean up a little.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can a Sugar “Dinosaur” look for a SD and find there is reasonable interest? I’m in my early 40s

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Depends on many factors. Ideally you would have to be young looking, in good shape, pretty, not married or separated, and have no dependent children. Being in a large urban area also helps.

      • older SB says:

        I agree that it depends on many factors.

        I’m in my late forties, but told but told by both men and women that I appear to be late 30s.

        I’ve changed it back and forth, but I have lied on my profile about my age. I’m tall, thin, pretty, educated, not married, and childless. Nobody has ever called me on the age, even when I’ve brought it up.

        My SD is generous and had no idea I was older than him.

        I would never refer to myself as a “dinosaur” though.

    • Anonymous says:

      IMHO, SB’s who are 35+ have really unrealistic expectations. They seem to have higher expectations than SB’s in their 20’s and bring a lot more baggage. Plus, when I meet someone from their early 40’s, I’m thinking more relationship material. So, if you’re looking for a generous boyfriend, this might work. If you’re looking for a substantial allowance, I think you’ll be looking for guys in their late 60’s or 70’s.

    • NSA says:

      When you have a great body, they will react, also of your own age, but only for a sex date, forget arrangement!

    • Derek_58 says:

      Depends on your definition of reasonable interest. As with everything else, it really boils down to a numbers game. I’ve played both ends of the spectrum and have had success both on the ‘high end’ (i.e., larger allowances) and the opposite side of the scale (no allowance whatsoever). Takes more effort to restrict allowances, but I’ve found that end of things to actually be much more rewarding in terms of making genuine connections.

    • older SB says:

      I agree that it depends on many factors.

      I am in my late forties, but told by men and women that I look late 30s. I go back and forth, but I have lied about my age on my profile. Nobody has called me on it, even when I’ve brought it up.

      My description is as follows: I’m tall, thin, pretty, educated, not married, and childless.

      My younger SD is generous and assumed I was younger than him.

      My point, it can happen.

  7. malyshevalyn says:

    hi im a sb, i want a sd for real, im sexy i have a nice body, i skpeak russian, english, and spanish.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Any real gay sugar daddies that want to spoil someone with goals?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can someone take me

  10. Tish says:

    I would love a older wise gentlemen. Fun exciting ready toooo have me ????

  11. Anonymous says:

    What could be offered to young and beautiful SB in her early 20’s by his SD (double her age) to entice her to settle down with a possible marriage offer some five years down the road? The world has and is changing, and women have earning power, and some want to travel, see the world, etc., so they do not “need” a man to support them entirely as the stereotypical role used to be. Some of these SB want to explore, see the world because they are young and no responsibilities yet to tie them down.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most women have a spending power that is proportional to her earning power, usually set at higher than 100%: the more she earns, the greater her deficit is, because as her earning rises, her circle of competition becomes more expensive too. What makes a woman happy is not a fixed goal, but a moving goal post: being better than her peers.

      The epiphany phase comes when the woman realizes her competition are subsidized by male supporters therefore she also needs subsidy to keep up with the competition, at about the same time when the baby rabies start to act up: the nesting instinct that would eventually make the woman miserable from then on if she doesn’t have children. For that angst-relieving baby project, almost all women do need help.

      It’s almost pointless to try inducing a young woman to settle down before she is ready. When it is time, she will try to settle down on her own volition. The current societal consensus is late 20’s and around 30. If you have been a generous SD in the sugar bowl for a few years, you have probably noticed past SB’s arriving in their late 20’s and the big 3-0 reaching out to you to see if they can lock you down!

      At some point, societal common sense will catch up with the longevity of human life in modern society: it’s almost pointless/hopeless to settle down for life; settling down for a few years to get the baby project accomplished is better done earlier than later, so there can be a continuous long career after raising children and therefore continually improving living standards and social standing for most of life. It will take time for the society to come around to that new consensus, especially since it’s in the tax collectors’ interest to turn young people into tax cattle working thankless nondescript jobs first without interruption.

      An associated question: what can the older man possibly get out of inducing her to settle down with him? It’s not as if marriage 2.0 carries a promise of unlimited sex or fidelity. Everything she can promise in a marriage vow is non-enforceable. What would the older man get even if she agrees to “settle down”?

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for your most interesting advice. I will have to read it several times to properly try to digest it.
        I really wanted to be with this SB I had, and wanted to offer something for her to go on a LTR with me. I offered as much as I could in allowance, but also in respect, romance, chivalry, dedication, attention and intimacy (I even had to learn how to properly satisfy her), but could not make her fall for me. What I couldn’t offer was youth, so I tried to compensate and find out what can that “compensate” with really meant. I understand the non-enforceable vows comment, but thought we could work together for our mutual happiness, and that is what I was offering, my best effort.

  12. Jack says:

    Watch out for sugar babies who treat SA like a dating site. They’ll waste your time. They have to learn that this is an ARRANGEMENT site, not some look for a potential husband, dating site.

  13. theunanonymous says:

    My question is why do SBs dread having sex with much older men? WHY. All of that discussion about seeking only platonic relationships boil down to SBs not wanting to be intimate or sexually involved with an old SDs, but WHY? Can someone share the reasonings. If the SBs dreads this, can the older SDs find women of their own age, perhaps they will be able to enjoy as many times as he wants, without having to shell out a penny.

    • Anonymous says:

      simple my dear….. SB cares about her image and is not likely to desire being seen in the company of an older man for the comments she will attract in public or God forbid she meets some one from her own circle to whom explanation would be difficult.

      also Older SD are seen to not have the necessary stamina in bed…

    • Shewalks says:

      But older SD do not want women their age. They want young,fresh spring chickens.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Im not looking for money or shopping and bluh bluh. I just want to hav someone i would like enough to spend my time with and enjoy in as many ways as possible. No strings attached. Am i in a wrong site then or its ok? im confused alil

  15. Kalii says:

    Are there any men at all that prefer to spoil ssbbw’s???

    • R R says:

      I have not seen many “super ghetto, pushy, tacky… shady” AA SBs at all. Most that have approached me have been the opposite. They have been intelligent, smart(not the same thing) and classy. I have had arrangements w/ a few and they were lovely experiences. Not “jungle fever,” either.

  16. your ultimate GFE says:

    All SD check out my account. I haven’t been on the site for a while and looking to get back in on the dating…

  17. memelou says:

    Why most Men on SA do not like african/black Women

  18. Bsn_Caliboy says:

    Discrete “Sugar Baby” (I guess? lol) So I’m in Vallejo, CA. No doubt ya’ll more, pocket endowed guys can make that work lol. So if you want a smart (genius in fact), sexy, young guy with a more than reasonable lifestyle, feel free to hit me up. I’ll unlock my private pics.. I’m 5’11, 140lbs, Caucasian, Slim, Brown hair (blond highlights)/Brown Eyes. Let’s do this man.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Looking for someone to have a good time with, or just someone who is available to talk to from time to time. Just having someones company is ideal. Not looking to jump into anything sexual because I have higher standards and sex is just sex unless its with someone who matters. Just looking for a real person. Is that so much to ask for?

    • Jack says:

      Sugar dating and looking for a soul mate are 2 very different things. Sugar dating doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual, but no real sugar daddy would ever pay just to hang out without at least something physical happening, even if it’s not in the bedroom.

    • Anonymous says:

      if you expect a SD to have a platonic relationship with you and pay you for the same…..dream on baby

  20. Anonymous says:

    hi everyOne and hi to my future sugar daddy. i’m looking for a real man who can be here for me… i’m a simple girl and my lifestyle is not so expensive but i love good thinks of course. If you are a gentleman sugar daddy and want a beautiful and young African girl,just text me.

  21. jackie says:

    Do you think any sugar daddies would be interested in girls that have small boobs? I know girls with big boobs are what men look for and I don’t plan on getting surgery to fix that. How difficult would it be to find someone who accepted that?

    • immortal walker says:

      Yes, of course, I had one SB for about five years, and she had small breasts. Just present yourself without any misrepresentation and among those SDs who see your profile as a genuine and honest there will be some who will like and love your body just as you are. Be sure of that, even if it is not the main trend. How difficult? We do not have sufficient data to answer that question, but I am sure not all men look for big boobs. There must be a subset of men who like small breasts.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a male and actually am a big fan of small boobs. Don’t change yourself for anyone. Fake boobs dont look natural. I am sure there are others who love small boobs too x

    • Anonymous says:

      I a male and actually am a big fan of small boobs. Don’t change yourself for anyone. Fake boobs dont look natural. I am sure there are others who love small boobs too x

    • Wertie says:

      I PREFER small boobs. One good thing about them they don’t droop as much as you age.

    • Guy says:

      Hi Jackie,
      I think its about the entire package. From a purely size perspective, I prefer small breasts. They fit in my hand and its very romantic during foreplay or sex. I think what you are asking may be a deeper question. In a culture which worships women with big breasts as goddess, would small breasts provide the same level of excitement, romance and oomph factor as a woman with large breasts? I think for most men, I personally believe that its more about the other tangibles and intangibles that makes a difference vs purely size of the breast. I like girl/woman with a cute face, great attitude, friendly smile, bubbly personality and a great conversationalist. If you notice none of this has anything remotely to the anatomy of a girl/woman. Its more to do with what she believes and projects as a person. I guess what I am trying to say is instead of worrying about small vs big breasts, it may be worth your while to being a pleasant and a good hearted person. I would anyday take good hearted girl with small breasts versus ill natured woman with big breasts. In a more fair comparison I would prefer small breasts girl vs big because I think good things come in small sizes!
      Hope this cheers you up 🙂

    • Shanged says:

      Tastes vary. I like small, pert little breasts – fried eggs – with sensitive nipples.

  22. cindy says:

    I am interested in more than just a date. Seeking Arrangemnetprovides avenue into opening new doorways in to the world of both erotica as well as relationships, and I am into both. I love to please just in transition now but free to travel to the gentleman whom seeks me!

  23. Anonymous says:

    i,m broke and cant text anyone … is there anyone intrested to meet me?

  24. Mr says:

    So there’s some girls on here that would agree on a pay per vist be a use of some guys that are not able to get free offten because of work or obviously reasons.
    Now with that being said, a date , dinner maybe some fun time hopefully.
    Get to know a girl, everything goes good, both enjoy there company together.
    Then later, maybe a couple days go by, the girl is in a bind and asking for some help.So u help her out, she stays in contact for a lil while, texting and stuff.
    Then she just quit contact, can’t get much info on what went wrong.But u know she just jacked you and wont tell you why?
    Why are there some girl that bite the hand off tgat feeds them for furture help.
    Tell me?

  25. StuckInaRut says:

    What would you do if you discover your SD has been lying about their identity and a partial but quite substantial aspect of their career?

    We have built up great chemistry and it’s something I don’t want to let go of, it’s rare to find this level of attraction, intelligence, etc. even in the real world for me… Thoughts?

    • Kitty91 says:

      Not sure exactly what you mean. You said you have great chemistry, and if you are having a good time and he honors the arrangement then I don’t see how that’s a problem. Sounds like he just wants to keep some stuff private to protect himself. He’s not your bf and you can’t hold him to that kind of expectation. Here is what some SBs and SDs don’t get. You’re not getting paid for sex (although sex is part of the relationship). You’re getting money to keep the relationship drama free and nsa. Obviously there are things you should not put up with, but some things you just need to let go.

    • A says:

      You haven’t shared enough information.

  26. NC_HUSTLER_33.3 says:

    I am one upping FedUpAnon

    “About Me
    I am a mother to a 2 year old boy and pregnant with another boy on the way, due dates October 20th. The father of my children doesn’t want to be in our lives anymore so I have no help. I need help supporting them and miss having someone to share those special moments with. I also do skype shows or sell pics for PayPal money.

    What I’m Looking for
    looking for something serious and long term preferably. I miss having a family and I really want that back. My children would be coming with me and spending a lot of time with us. Long term I’d like to get married and just be happy again.”

    • Anonymous says:

      She is looking for a husband replacement, nothing wrong with that, and has to be a great man that who takes an instant family (boy and baby) under his wing (or terribly stupid, depends on the perspective). The thing here is, is she a 9 close to a 10, then I am sure there will be SD candidates for that, if she is only 6 to 7, she is obviously in the wrong place. Again, a matter of perspectives.

      • Anonymous says:

        What a dumb thing to base everything on relationships and a future on some empirically vaccuous numerical childish made up rating system that is very subjective to all the different man children who use it, anyway.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I want an arrangement with no physical contact. Instead, I will send you nude pictures. This is a good deal because nude pictures are otherwise so hard to find on the Internet.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Someone told me that he was a gay SB who was trying without success to find a bottom SD because every gay SD he talked to was a top. How widespread do you think this is?

  29. Roxana says:

    Discretion is definitely needed by a sugardaddy, that’s understood. I think it’s important to acknowledge that many sugarbabies need it as well. Some of us are actually starting out/working in professions where it would be equally if not more detrimental to the sugarbaby professionally than the sugardaddy. We might be associate lawyers, or physicians, doctors maybe completing our residencies or just starting in private practice … I think sometimes sugardaddies forget that discretion is really needed on the sugarbaby end as well for some of us

    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely correct. That’s a common SB complaint in the Republic of Transylvania.

    • Anonymous says:

      Detrimental to the SB because she is seen with an older man having dinner? So, observers will immediately know she is a SB, associate that with prostitution, frown upon by co-workers and finally fired, under whatever pretense by the company she worked for. Godness forbbids if she French kisses the man in the parking lot right? What century did we say we were? So, only famous celebrities are allowed to have younger women by their side, and because of the heavy allowance involved, the SB could care less about discretion? Something seems to be wrong in that picture.

  30. Yoni Loves says:

    As I read this blog I realize that I have alot to learn about the Sugary lifestyle. However I must admit that I’m still intrigued.

  31. NC_HUSTLER says:

    @ FedUpAnon – I dare you to beat this one! 😉

    What I’m Looking for
    Looking for an older man who is willing to take me to dinner and buy me lots of makeup and clothes. Not looking for anyone who expects me to “return the favor”

    • Anonymous says:

      Today alone I’ve run into 4 profiles that specificy no sex or no intimacy. Who are these girls fooling. Maybe they’re just trying to stay safe from law enforcement. I don’t know.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        “I’m looking for that perfect, unrequited love. The stuff of dreams. The stuff of legends. Not too much to ask, is it?”

        Lifestyle Budget: Minimal

      • NC_HUSTLER says:

        These usually last for a week or two and then they disappear.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        Just to clarify…

        The snipet I posted above is an example of SD delusion. Perhaps he posted here before with complaints of SB’s unrealistic demands.

        Nope, they most certainly didn’t invent the selfie-stick for nuffin.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes my dear, it seems i agree but we are not all like that. Me i’m looking for a sugar daddy who can make me real woman…i mean make me love also, dinner and gifts will came naturally

      • Anonymous says:

        yes my dear, it seems i agree but we are not all like that. Me i’m looking for a sugar daddy who can make me real woman…i mean make me love also, dinner and gifts will came naturally

    • Reality Bites says:

      That is what you REAL daddy is for.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Not sure how this works I’m new. Gay 18 from Cornwall seeking rich daddy X

  33. SultrySB says:

    A comment to rant, so I apologise in advance.
    I am starting to get frustrated with, POT SDs, this is supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship, a combination of two fantasies, not you setting your allowance as ‘high’ and then offering me 1k for 6 full days a month. (my own is moderate) If you’re to be cheap (yes, I view this as cheap) then just own it, and I would not have to have a wasted time travelling to see you. Likewise, £10 to get a taxi home (knowing its more than a 25 minute taxi) is shocking. An SB should never be out of pocket, nor feel as have been chosen from the bargain bin, you should be her fantasy (normally monetarily) and she/he should be everything in their power to reciprocate yours.

    • TattooedSB says:

      There are lots of men who like women with tattoos and piercings. Just like there are men who like blondes only, thin girls, curvy girls, you name it. It’s all preference. Don’t like it? Don’t get an SB with these things. Simple. Write it in your heading. No one is forcing you to associate with us. I highly doubt you’re much to look at.

    • TattooedSB says:

      Oops, my apologies, my phone glitched and moved up so I responded to the wrong comment.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Piercings…then tattoos…then duck faces…now animal ears and noses? WTF is wrong with (primariry Western and Westernized) women?

    • Anonymous says:

      oh no! they are doing what they want! someone stop them! where’s a time machine when you need it Morty!?

    • Anonymous says:

      They’re delusional. Just like they have been for the past 10 yrs or so. They don’t understand what to do and what not to do. They have no common sense and think everything they do is “cute” or “golden”.

      • mouthySB says:

        You sir are delusional, apparently you are stuck in the past. Get off SA for a young female and go to the retirement home instead. If you do not understand the women of “the past 10 yrs or so” then there’s your sign.

    • Rick says:

      I like Piercings and Tattoos. Prefer an SB with both.

    • Juan de Marco says:

      duck faces are tiresome and invariably performed by dimwits with more tits than brains. unimaginative me-too wannabies without an ounce of originality.

      dog faces are done ostensibly by lobotomized teenagers too young to be on this site.

  35. barnie says:

    I’m seeking arangment for tonight

    • Kitty91 says:

      You’ll have better luck if you have an account and search for women on the website instead of here in the comments. I don’t think it’s likely you’re going to find someone for tonight, and more unlikely that she’d sleep with you right away. A prostitute or an escort is probably more of what you’re looking for

    • Anonymous says:

      we all are.

    • ROB says:

      I honestly would probably go the eskort route if I lived in Vegas. The quality of the backpage girls in Vegas is better than any other city. Sadly I live in a shitty state of NC where we don’t even have party universities that attract sexy and DTF co-eds.

  36. IndianaSD says:

    3 simple facts for wannabe SBs…

    1. Virtual arrangements are a myth
    2. The only thing more rare than a virtual arrangement is a platonic 1
    3. NSA does not mean No Sex Allowed

    The reality is that daddy’s are looking to date a young lady. Our idea of dating is no different than the last guy you dated. We want to go out and have some fun and finish the day with some intimacy. It doesn’t make us creeps, this is what we would do if dating women our age. And honestly, you’d be doing the same dating someone your age.

    I’d summarize with this, if you want to date an older man, you will have a great time on this site. You’ll find honest men who will meet your needs and show you some fun times along the way. In the end, it’s still a relationship regardless what you call it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good points. Many are also very confused as to how much allowance to ask. Some delusional SBs are advising the newer ones to ask what they are “worth”, and not sell themselves “low”, in the $3-5K or more per month regardless of the town or city they are in, and the real percentage of wealth SD who can afford those allowances. As a consequence, these new SB end up arrangementless, and they think it is because they do not know how to present themselves.
      The most accurate advice I have heard and began taking it myself and recommended, as a SD, is one month’s rent in the city where the SB lives, with that covering four dates in a month, several hours per date. While individual arrangements may vary depending on various factors, it is a good place to start.

    • Anonymous says:

      Correct. It is “dating” of a different type. If you have problem with dating older men. No problem at all. Go where you can date younger men.

  37. peeka says:

    hello im new to this however i would like to know if any one SD has ever offered to fly them to meet them and if so how was the experience? You can email me please help!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well it would help if I new what the fucj was going on

    • Anonymous says:


    • yep says:

      I’d recommend you to have some sort of back-up plan otherwise don’t go. My SD wanted fly me out from China to the US and I said yes to that but at the same time I had my own money to get a place and perhaps a flight ticket back to CN in case of things go wrong. (I ended up not going due to some issue regrading my visa) so there is my suggestion.

  38. Kitty91 says:

    Hi, I’m new to sugar dating and I’ve created an account but have not completed it yet. Not sure what kind of pictures to post, is it ok not to have pictures of my face? Also, not sure I want to put the exact city I live in because it’s a small town. I don’t know if that will be a problem

    • Anonymous says:

      As soon as you have your face pictures “ready to go” in your private box, is Ok. Just be prepared to deal with SDs who will not even talk to you b4 you show your face. You will probably lose most of these. If you do not want to put your town, do not waste ppl’s time by locating yourself in the town an hour drive away. If you are far, I want to know that before messaging you. Do not waste my time.

      • Kitty91 says:

        Thanks for the advice. I could put a nearby town and I don’t mind writing on my profile that i live in a different town however many minutes away.

      • Anonymous says:

        I limit my search by 50 miles from where I live. I have my profile hidden, so you cannot see me or message me.
        There will be a bunch of guys you will miss by trying to be secretive. You decide if this is worth it for you.

      • Kitty91 says:

        Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

    • immortal walker says:

      There is a filter, here on SA, for pictures, when doing a search. I certainly like to know with whom I am communicating with, as such, I have pictures of me in my profile. I dislike, due to several bad surprises in the past, not seeing the face of the POT SB I am contacting because, after all, I am very visual, and require attraction in order to begin the getting to know you part. As such, I do not even read profiles which have no pictures (my loss maybe I know), for I interpret them as a POT SB not serious about finding an arrangement, and while I understand the need for privacy, then use blurred face (not too much) and private pictures shared only with those POT SD you deem necessary, and only once you have established a certain level of comfort with the POT SD.
      That been said, a face picture, a three quarters, and a full body will be a great place to start, as pictures go. This is my opinion, and not established rules or anything of the sort.

      • Kitty91 says:

        Thanks. I can understand not wanting to bother looking at profiles with no pictures, but i also want to be careful as i’ve heard about people collecting photos. Not like i’m going to put any nudes or anything like that. I just want to be careful. Blurring the face for the profile pic seems like a good idea.

      • barnie says:

        Hi I would love to no you better but today is my anaversury being the 2 of the mouth and all I wanted was my wife but it looks like I will be by myself

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Why not just date?

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        lies and bullsquirt, I tell ya

      • Kitty91 says:

        Anonymous, are you asking me why I don’t just date?

    • Cpt. Sparrow says:

      For some of us, it’s ok if you don’t have pics of your face on the main. Have them in private though and have good body pics visible to all.

      As for the city, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to travel to wherever the POT is.

  39. Randi says:

    Need some advice. I’ve been on this site for a few months. Nothing consistent – I’ll activate my profile for a month, then find a steady SD and deactivate for a while.
    There is one POT that I’ve been chatting with since I first signed up, but have never met, as he lives about 4 hours away. He has yet to come up to see me or have me come see him (he’s married with children, and claims his schedule is tricky).
    I’ve never given him my number, but whenever I reactivated my profile he’s the first to message me to say “hi, where have you been?”. When I’m active on the site he likes to check in almost every day to say hi, ask how my job is going, flirt with me… You get the idea.
    I am starting to feel a little uncomfortable, because he is getting the thrill of a beautiful girl that he can message as a distraction, but there’s obviously been no allowance paid (since we’ve never even met).
    Any advice on how to handle this? I’m starting to feel as though I will never meet him, and I really don’t need a pen pal.

    • I FedUpAnon says:

      Wow, you want an allowance just to chat to this guy? Why not email him with your demands and offer your number? If you don’t meet up within a reasonable time cut him off.

      • Randi says:

        Easy there kiddo. All I am saying is that he shows NO INTEREST in meeting, so I am sort of wondering what to do with him. If he doesn’t ever want to meet… what are we doing?

      • FedUpAnon says:

        Most guy’s are juggling 4 to 6, even then you may never meet any as they are flakey. You could just be the 4th reserve he’s maintaining contact with.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every SD deals with it all the time. There is nothing more common than “a busy SB”. It is all up to you. If you have nothing else, keep playing. If you have something else, go silent on him. People who are here to genuinely find arrangements normally develop a sense of who is going to work out or who is just going to waste their time. You live you learn.

    • Anonymous says:

      I see this process as first meeting a SB, establishing an arrangement for a duration of time, and when it finishes, it may be great to remain in contact out of the friendship that was created during the arrangement. Arrangements is what this site facilitates; the meeting of people to exchange companionship for allowances correct? This POT is busy with his schedule, understandable, but after some weeks or a month, and still not able to meet, he clearly does not have any intention to do so, for a man will bend over a woman whom he is really interested in.

      Instead of playing the game, which is making you uncomfortable as you say, be blunt, clear and direct in your dialog with him. State that you are really interested in meeting, and that you are seeking a arrangement, that is why you are here, and while you appreciate his comments, concerns, and hellos, you are not really here looking for a pen pal, please do not take offense, but that is just what it is. The ball is in his court now. However, if you do not have any intention of meeting him (four hours travel time is a bit too much, and probably will not last anyway), then just wish him best of luck, and stop communications.

    • NCSD says:

      Stop wasting time and move on, seriously.

    • barnie says:

      So I am in sunnybank hills 4109 where r u again

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you realized yet that there’s a “Block” feature on the site?

  40. e1l9s9y4 says:

    Guys if really want SB who is good in the sex, easy going, drama free, in general a good one, just know more about her!!!
    -Ask about what exactly she wants!
    -Ask if she´s sure about meet to you (a lot of sugar sisters just are here ¨4 curious¨)
    -We are not scorts, just we are hot and enjoy hving sex.
    (sorry 4 my english, im working)
    Love you! have a wonderfull day. XOXO

  41. Anonymous says:

    Is there a blog where we can warn sugar babies about some sugar daddies. I’ve had a few bad experience I think other sbs in ny would like to know.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Coincidentally, I’m from Utah 🙂 In terms of how long, it depends! If you’require tatted and/or pierced, it will probably take longer. If you’re expecting a hot wealthy 30 year old, they have no reason to be here and you won’t find them.

    It also depends what you’re looking for … most women want a married guy and some want a guy who takes them out on dates.

    And on the puppy ears…consider those of us on here who are legit are probably not interested in that filter.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I see a lot of posting lately for women who want to be personal assistants. Obviously, it doesn’t work to bring someone you are in a relationship with to work … so what does that mean?

    • Anonymous says:

      Most women want to be strong and independent but want a man to be able to “handle” and mold them too. Most women are unfamiliar with the term cognitive dissonance.

      • Anonymous says:

        As soon as they are pretty, they have little use for that term. They will get fed anyways.
        It is the non-pretty ones who think that they are…they are in real trouble.

      • barnie says:

        See I’m married and today would have been my anaversury but as she kicked me to the curb I sit here in sunnybank HIlls waiting for her to come to me as I by LAWS can not go where she is

      • Anonymous says:

        you can have both. people are more than one dimensional.

  44. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    A respectful guy who is looking for classy female companionship. We are two fun, attractive girls who love to get naked and fulfill your ever desire! We like to stay in and have fun but we also love to go out and eat great food and party! Looking for one guy to spoil us rotten and treat us well in exchange for naughty, seductive times! No sexual contact. Just looking for respectful guys who are looking for a good time and some fun female company 🙂

  45. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    Looking for someone who can support my lavish and extravagant lifestyle, looking for an emotional connection not a physical one

  46. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    A genuine nice person I can have intellectual conversations with and hopefully someone I can talk to God about. I’d also like a wise man who can give me some guidance and life advice.

  47. Cali123 says:

    How does a SB go about establishing a virtual relationship?

    • Anonymous says:

      Anywhere but SA.
      If you are trying to do it on SA, plz make it very clear in your profile. Big block letters. Virtual. This way ppl are not wasting your time. And you are not wasting theirs, they can promptly block you and move on.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Write “I only want a virtual relationship.” on your profile.

      However, you’ll be competing with a lot of other sugar babies and will be of interest to only a few sugar daddies so you better have something that stands out.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean an online one? Just become a Cam Girl. Same thing.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      They don’t exist except on Tumblr, there is enough free smut on the Web already.

  48. Ongoing daddy says:

    If we are looking for discretion, why does every email from SA contain a web bug?

  49. SD On Chat says:

    Great meeting & having a fantastic time, then everuthing stops with SB saying “I want to get to know you better.” Does this mean: 1) I’m never going to be intimate with you. 2) It’s time to talk about the arrangement. 3) I really need some time to get to know you before arrangement.

    • NewSB says:

      If I were to say that to a potential SD, that would mean that I had fun, and am interested in continuing to see you. To me it means, she wants to go forward with a possible arrangement.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Yes, I agree.


        “ok, so, yes, let’s get to know each other better. What do you have in mind?”

        This ^ is a good followup.

        “You want this to initiate as a platonic relationship only? Because that is not what I am looking for, you know that, correct?”

        This^, I’d say, is a bit forward, and a tad much. The former allows her to share with you what is your ideal for her. This will give you a chance to respond with what is ideal for you. I’d advise against the latter suggestion. Stylistically, it might not be well received.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t you ask her these questions?

    • immortal walker says:

      This shouldn’t be a game of guessing and mind reading but a more straight forward process. I would recommend to reduce ambiguity, in the parts where you can, but simply asking.
      You are not supposed to be confused about this. If you allow this to happen, it will create frustration, and disappointment at some point. People can give you different interpretations for what that probably means, but the most appropriate and closer to the truth statement will come from your POT SB lips. I would ask her, “ok, so, yes, let’s get to know each other better. What do you have in mind? You want this to initiate as a platonic relationship only? Because that is not what I am looking for, you know that, correct?”
      Some SB might find that too straight, bold and even rude, but it will reduce wasted time in someone who may not have plans to be intimate with you, but just milk the SD for money (been there done that). And, yes, of course, if there is chemistry enough, and she gets a green light with no red flags, then discuss the arrangement right away. Again, no sense in going around the bushes (unless is hers), trying to guess what the other person things or not. If she is on 3 (time to get to know you) make it clear, as decent, subtle, and gentleman like as you can that, yes, you are open that getting to know each other, but there is no allowance until you both get intimate, period. If she is serious about this, she will get through the get to know you phase in the next two minutes.

    • Ivy Fairy Queen says:

      I would reccommend covering this before meeting. It’s always best not to waste time. I like to text/chat with potential dates for a few weeks before making plans for this reason. On one hand, I rarely get sexual on the first meeting but am a freak once I’m comfy, so you could be dealing with someone who is worth the wait. on the other, LOTS of girls here are totally FAKE, they will pretend to like you, pretend to have an interest in you for your mind, but will only keep you hopeful as long as they think they have something palpable to gain from the interaction (Source; I am in a live in relationship with a man I met here and since we are poly, I have been exposed to lots of his experience)
      News flash, some of us don’t need to be paid to show up (or not show up) on a date, and don’t need to tiptoe around our intentions, because some of us, (Only a few!!) aren’t escorts.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        🙂 I like it. Kudos to you and your partner.

        Makes me sad, too, some of the stories I hear.

  50. cocoa88 says:

    I’ve been scrolling through these comments, and I must say this… TO EACH HIS OWN! If you’ve never had an arrangement before, LEAVE THIS TAB! People’s misfortunes and horror stories will be very discouraging.

    I am currently on my 2nd SD. My first SD situation lasted 3 years. He lived in a mansion in Santa Barbara and I would get 4k per month to meet 3 times a month. He also covered dinners and dates. We were exclusive, and also never had sex. Before anyone comes on here with their bitterness about screwing everyone they’ve ever met, YES, sexless arrangements DO exist! Once again, to each his own! And don’t let these negative nancies trick you into thinking that you’re not going to realistically get more than 1.5K per month. That’s crazy. If you’re hot, intelligent, and a go-getter, men of value easily see that, and in turn they place a higher value on your friendship.

    Also, don’t be so desperate that you go on a date with any and everyone. Value your safety. Value YOURSELF. I’ve had one 3 year arrangement, previously mentioned, which ended in March due to his relocation outside of the states. I am currently seeking a new SD. While there are many compatible contenders who are respectful and kind, I have only gone one one date since March. You can’t send 3 messages and meet up with someone. If you give a person enough time, they’ll show themselves. The way they message you could easily indicate red flags of future harm, disrespect, etc. Don’t ever respond to guys whose initial message is “pay for play?” They are idiots who have no respect for elite arrangements and treat this as a prostitution ring, just like there are girls who do the same. If you value your body and yourself, you will treat the arrangement likewise.

    And remember, this is FUN! You’re supposed to become friends and learn from each other. I’m 23 and my SD helped me start my Roth IRA when I was 21. I have learned so much essential financial info, and in return, I’ve taught him how to be loved, and how to have someone to count on.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice fantasy writing. Dream on…

      • Anonymous says:

        He mad yo

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        Hi cocoa,

        Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree with some of what you’ve written regarding fostering an ideal companionship. Can you clarify…

        “I am currently on my 2nd SD.”

        “I am currently seeking a new SD.”

        Also, @Rick says, “Also, I’m confused, you were “exclusive”, but weren’t intimate. What was there to be “exclusive” about?”

        Can you share with us a little more about that?

        Exclusive in the sense that he was your only SD? Were you intimate with any one during those 3 years?

      • Anonymous says:

        Not really sure who is worse: the one who made up a completely bogus story or the one who takes it seriously…

      • Anonymous says:

        @y is too smart for that. She’s being facetious.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Girl…u sold yourself so short! 4K for three platonic dates? I get 12.5k for a platonic lunch!

      • cocoa88 says:

        I didn’t sell myself short at all. 4k per month PLUS financial advice that helped me to launch a business 2.5 months ago that rakes in a surplus of 7k per month (which is after expenses and inventory is paid). Sometimes less is more, but congrats on your large allowance. To each his own 🙂 <3

    • Anonymous says:

      It is insulting to be in the presence of a hot woman who is not interested in you intimately. It is a thousand times more insulting to know that even while you are paying her, she still is not interested in you intimately. The above^^^ never happened.

      • Anonymous says:

        I usually do not comment on these, basically a lurker. But you nailed it and I am going to use what you said from now on. Why would I want to spend the money I earned on a woman who is telling me I am not worthy of her intimacy. That is a big downer for sure. Thank you

      • Anonymous says:

        The bitter responses to her post are pretty hilarious but typical to the ‘johns’ who only want to throw down $300 after screwing someone literally and physically. ?

      • Anonymous says:

        The ^^^ above is bitter making multiple bitter posts.

      • Anonymous says:

        No worries. Everyone gets a prize.
        You just have to believe in yourself, baby girl! And you can be an astronaute…or something.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s for a moment consider that what you are saying is truth. How many super wealthy SDs are in Santa Barbara living in mansions and able to devote $4K per month to a SB relationship? Let’s say that number is N.
      In contrast, how many young and hot SBs are in the same town and around, let’s say M. Experience and data out there on the SD Internet boards tell us that the relationship is M << N. Therefore; there are simply not even nearly enough Ns for all the Ms who want to follow your advise even if they want to. Even if the Ns where open to have multiple Ms, still since it is a very small minority, there are not going to be enough.
      What is a young and hot SB to do then when she cannot find her $4K SD?

      Now, if the defacto standard is, one month's rent, in the geographical area where the SB lives, as a monthly allowance, wouldn't it be more intelligent and practical to start with that, and see how it begins to develop? Quite unfortunately, maybe, the SB will have to kiss some frogs before she finds her POT SD prince for these last ones do not have a label in the forehead to identify them.

    • Rick says:

      Hey, maybe this happened, it’s not impossible. But the number of SDs that would be interested in that have to be less than 1 in 5,000.

      Also, I’m confused, you were “exclusive”, but weren’t intimate. What was there to be “exclusive” about?

    • Anonymous says:

      3 years of mutual exclusivity and no sex. . . hmm, were you two married? Are you Anna Nicole Smith writing from beyond the grave?

      “If you’ve never had an arrangement before, LEAVE THIS TAB!”

      You should heed your own admonishment.

    • Anonymous says:

      He jacked off exclusively in front of her and she did not watch anyone jacking off during this period?

    • cocoa88 says:

      Hey everyone. This is a response to the ridiculous comments. The world is bigger than your itty bitty brains. Just because you haven’t experienced something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Don’t be so narrow minded. Everything I said is 100% true, and you denying my experience says more about you than it says about me. I’m only here stating facts. You can judge that if you wish, or you can expand your mind and be aware that there are sugarbaby situations other than what you’ve experienced, and perhaps with a slight change of attitude, you can have a pleasant long-lasting arrangement as I did.

      Since so many people ask about sex, yes we were exclusive AND non-intimate, simultaneously. He wasn’t sexually capable due to an accident he had in his 30s. Our arrangement was primarily emotion/care based rather than sexual. That’s what it was, and if you immediately assume I’m lying, that’s clearly a deflection from your insecurities about having to pay for sex from a woman or having to sleep with a man to get a allowance.

      I’m a very intelligent girl, and the people I meet sense that and respect me. I’m honest, direct, and enjoy life. I own a business now thanks to my allowance and business tips from my previous SD. I’m able to rake in 7k per month after only being launched for 2.5 months. However, I still want another arrangement. I’m lonely. I don’t really like guys my age. They think I’m too aggressive because I’m more accomplished than them and I know what I want and where I’m going. I’m even open to an arrangement without an allowance, since my income is solid and growing. Just something with someone successful who I can learn from. You guys have no idea how far wisdom can go. There are SD’s on this site who can really re-mold your perspective on life in a positive way and help you to be better. The other 95% are in these comments hating on a 22 year old girl.

      For the last time, I have no shame in having been a sugar baby. I’m 22, own an awesome business recently acknowledged on television by celebrities I scan here in Hollywood, have a Roth IRA, travel, help out my family, and get to indulge in my true passion…the arts, without starving while doing it… And if spending 3 years of my life with someone I grew to love and abstaining from sex out of respect for our agreement makes you dislike me, that’s because you dislike yourself. And that’s very unattractive.

      I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m about to do a session of rectal ozone and then a full on coffee enema. Haha, my house looks like a science lab. Be blessed!

      That’s all. Please refrain from further negative comments. Once again, my story is 100% true, so I’m actually flattered by the person who called this a fantasy.

      I’m only here sharing my story so that newbies don’t get discouraged by the negative people who had less than desirable arrangements, which was probably yielded by their attitudes and toxic way of thinking.

      Thanks to everyone who appreciated my story. Your positive words make me happy, and I hope you’re able to find an arrangements that suits you and your partner/friend.

      <3 <3 <3

      • Anonymous says:

        Fantasy writing 101.
        “How to get your 5 minutes of fame posting bogus unbelievable and unverifiable stories anonymously.”
        Now all of you girls are soooo jealous. And a 300 pound cocoa can continue on, chewing her Doritos…

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        Hey cocoa,

        Thanks for elaborating. It’s good to hear that you were able to make something good of your positive experience. I’d say that your story is a rarity. That said, my experiences with companionship, and those of ladies I’ve spoken with off blog also seem like rarities when considering the stated preferences and experiences of some of the men and women here.

        Id say that most men who are able to have sex would most certainly prefer to do so. I think when you consider the population of men who are unable to have sex due to an accident, who are also seeking platonic sugar relationships, it pales in comparison to the number of women seeking platonic sugar relationships.

        But there is new-found hope, according to a recent New York Times article, “Cancer Survivor Receives First Penis Transplant in the United States.” The procedure, called a penile implant, could also benefit men who’ve been injured in war, car accidents and by occupational and recreational hazards, the article notes. Another account of a penis transplant for a Scotland man yielded a farewell bid to his virginity by way of a sex worker, and a South African man was able to father a child by way of good old fashioned inoculation.

        Pretty cool. Interesting comments following the article, too.

        I’ve shared before that I have a friend who broke his penis doing the wild thing. Face down, ass up. No bueno when you come in contact with the sitz bone, apparently.

        I think his life flashed before his very eyes… saw the light and everything. But after a few stitches, a lil duct tape, and a couple tablespoons of peanut butter, he was a brand newish man.

        He and I had previously dated, so I agreed to test out his performance to compare to his baseline ….because, well, that’s what friends are for, said someone somewhere. He had the kind of penis that you hate-f**k because it’s so good. If only we weren’t better off as friends!

        Felt just fine to me, though it took some months for him to regain what he considered full strength. I’d taken one for the team, but I’m not really one for test drives…I mean…he wasn’t paying my tuition, afterall. So, he went on to testing the functionality of his new penis with other willing women.

        Before long, he was full-throttle. Face down, ass up, I imagine. With a little caution on the side…cushion for the pushin’, maybe.

        Speakin’ of cushion for the pushin’…would you have preferred a platonic relationship had your SD been without limitations due to his injury? Were you sexually attracted to each other? Did you share intimacy in other ways? Do you prefer a platonic arrangement for your next sugar relationship?

    • cocoa88 says:

      1 more thing loves. When I said I’m on my 2nd SD, I mean that I’m currently in PURSUIT of one. I don’t currently have a SD. Okay, gotta go. Time for rectal ozone 🙂 🙂 #alternativemedicine

      • TattooedSB says:

        I believe you! I know some girlies with similar stories and their SDs confirmed it. 🙂 They are just bitter men who lack respect. They want women to simply sleep with them and allow them to disrespect them while they shell out chump change. They WISH they had the character that would attract people to pay them for their platonic company.

        Personally, I don’t mind being intimate with an SD because I would want to have one and be long term(I’m not necessarily talking kids and marriage, but if I’m with one guy…you know). That being said, a lot of these blokes expect you to sleep with them for 300 bucks and when you meet them. They have no class or respect so they can’t begin to comprehend your situation. I have see SDs on here comment “the SBs get a win win cause they get money AND an orgasm. We only get the orgasm”. As if these young women they’re hovering over don’t fake it for the sake of the dollar.

    • cocoa88 says:

      *23 year old girl, not 22! Lol. I feel so old. Bday was a couple of weeks ago, so I apologize for any comments that say 22! I’m not used to it yet. I am 23.

    • kenshinsh says:

      On the flip side, i’ve met a lot of girls on SA already, and ended up in a relationship with the prettiest sb i’ve meet on this site and she’s a sweetheart with great personality, she waved off the any talks of a arrangement for a vanilla relationship instead =).

      So i guess extremes on both sides of the bowl does happen

  51. SD_980 says:

    Sort of new here.

    What makes a SD “desirable” other than his income?

    I make 250 K, I don’t list my net worth, I am also 38 years old and have an athletic build. Am bald but tall and decent looking. Is that “desirable”?
    Would being background verified make a SD more desirable or not necessarily?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are willing to put some effort into your searches and conversations, and allocate about 2-3k a month to this, you should be able to have two pretty and willing college students on the retainer in about a month.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Unfortunately, there are a large percentage of sugar babies who would consider you to be too old, not rich enough, and not good looking enough.

      Another factor to consider is where you live. If you live in the top neighborhood of one of the most expensive cities in the country the 250K might not be enough to afford a sugar baby.

      But, if your 250K is way more than enough to handle your needs, then as [email protected]:01 says, you should to well.

      As for Background Verified, it certainly wouldn’t hurt and would raise the confidence level of the sugar babies that your would want to spoil.

    • Ivy Fairy Queen says:

      This post is making me so sad, I guarantee there’s a girl who would love to date you for free, I don’t understand why someone your age would resort to paying girls to hang out with you. I realize it’s not always easy to find someone compatible but someone who pretends to be what she needs to be to get money without effort seems like she’d be incompatible with anyone who has a modicum of self respect

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        Cheer up, honeypie. There’s no one anywhere who wants to date anyone for free. Dated a bicycle mechanic once. Most certainly expected him to repair my bike if I needed it. Said he wanted to quit his job. Told him he’d still need to repair my bicycle, or I’d start blowing the guy at the Trek shop down the road. Promptly dumped my ass. Whatevs.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @YGTBKM LMAO good riddance who wants a guy with no sense of humor ?

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        @Jay Ha! Thanks for the moral support. I like to tell myself that I am the girl that got away. ;p

    • Kitty91 says:

      Yes, I would think that’s desirable.

      Ivy Fairy Queen, Yes he can find a girl to date him for free but there are many reasons a guy would pay a woman. Either because they are in a relationship and want something discreet on the side, not looking for a commitment, want something short term, or want a drama free relationship.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m like you, in my 30s, with decent looks, and a fair amount of disposable income without being a millionaire. I only recently created an account because I thought only millionaire CEOs in their 50s should bother. I’m glad I have been proven wrong. In the course of one month, I met 4 potential SBs. One of them led to an arrangement, another is looking like it will lead into one.

      There absolutely is demand for those like us. Plenty of SBs will be happy to be treated to luxurious things like vacations with fancy hotels and dinners, some won’t even ask for an allowance at all. The tradeoff for not having a really rich SD is to get someone younger and easier to relate to, and it’s a tradeoff some SBs have no problem with.

  52. frances says:

    Are there really men here who aren’t looking for anything sexual but rather to mentor/have companions on certain occassions? get rid of the loneliness?

    I have read some accounts wherein they didnt have sex at all but the only arrangement was they message each other and video call, and meet when the guy is in town. No sexual encounters at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to find men who have lost their marbles first.

      • Ivy Fairy Queen says:

        I think men who are turned on by girls who are only doing it for cash are crazier than guys who are willing to offer mentorship and knowledge for pictures

    • Easy says:

      You have to wonder why someone would pay money for that

    • Anonymous says:

      We are living in the information age, correct? Where not only time, but actually, information is a valued commodity. Ask any hedge fund manager, and he will tell you this is correct data. With that in mind, an experienced in life and successful SD will have, most probably, accumulated a great deal of knowledge, but practical, and theoretical in his journey to economic independence. Is that knowledge valuable? I would guess yes, of course. Then, if that SD were to mentor a POT SB, sharing all that knowledge, helping her get her 401K, IRA, and career choices, etc., so that she can align her life towards financial independence herself, why will then she still insist in an monetary allowance? Would she not be getting enough knowledge from the relationship? Yet, she will probably insist on money. In exchange for a virtual relationship were videos, emails and text messages are exchanged, and the occasional social event? His knowledge and the financial allowance still does not equate the value she is placing on sharing her body with this SD? Why is a sexual encounter so dreaded, but the monetary allowance so passionately sought after right?

      If there are any arrangements, where sex is not involved, but a monetary allowance is, let us understand that the SD REALLY and PROBABLY has already a couple of daughters he has to take care of, and whom demand that monthly allowance already. He needs now a SB who can be more of a girlfriend on the side (with sex involved of course).

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you not want to have sex with them?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      “I have read some accounts …”

      That is the root of your problem. Anyone can write an account and make it up from start to finish.

      I could, as a sugar daddy, write accounts of how sugar babies would go out with me, immediately have sex with me, and then pay me for the privilege of being with such a hot stud. There might even be guys out there who would believe it. But, it wouldn’t make it true.

    • Anonymous says:

      99.9% of those you have read, or be told, are straight lies.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      I have platonic company with my daughters and nieces, Xhamster for online fun. Sorted!

    • Anonymous says:

      Is Xhamster better than Youporn or Pornhub?

  53. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    NSA. No meet ups. Pics/Messages only. Phone calls can be arranged. Looking for some discreet fun and/or intellectual conversation.

  54. dave says:

    is there any SM honestly?

  55. MrMagic says:

    Haven’t been on this site in over 6 months. Is it still a waste of time, or has anything changed around here? No time to read through the blog or spend writing if nothing’s improved.


    • sugapleasebabe says:

      I’d say its still the same. You may be wasting time here. Who knows. I feel like Iam and I’m a sb. The sd is not what they used to be. They’re most cheapskates and wanting freebies when this is supposedly a deal for me and the other person. Usually, beneficial to the guy than for sb. Any true sd who can really take care of sb for both beneficial reasons???

      • MrMagic says:

        Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry to hear that, but it is what it is, I guess.

        Thank you again.

      • Ivy Fairy Queen says:

        consider the possibility that your company isn’t as beneficial as his money, or his own company for that matter. Girls who think their uneducated, ditzy, false attention is worth more than the time of someone who can afford to pay to meet her have a lot to learn, if they get so lucky.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure you’re super busy with your oh so uber job…or is it literally an Uber job? 😉

    • Rick says:

      I find the site to be very productive. Arrangements don’t seem to be aslong lasting as I would like, but I can find new SBs when I need to. Like any dating site, you need to send out a lot of messages to get many responses. But if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you should do fine.

  56. Caci says:

    so i am new to this site an wanted to know how easy it is to find a SD? im 19 blonde hair blue eyes 5”2 i live in utah. i am not a flake and can keep up with demands as long as mine are met.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is hard to say unless you state more specifically what your “demands” are. If you are ok with 1-2k/month, you should be in the arrangement within a month. If your demands are $500 to meet for coffee and a 1k each subsequent meet, the answer should be “probably never”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry. Pretty soon you will have some woman “advising” you to never lower your “standards” regardless of how long you have to stay arrangementless.

    • Anon from NC says:

      Yeah, based on your self-description, and granted you are slender/slim and fun in bed, I would be OKAY paying you a $1500-$2000 allowance per month, if we saw each other 6-8 times a month, and intimacy was part of the deal.

    • Anonymous says:

      While there are not necessarily written rules of thumb, per say, about this, I think you have started with a positive attitude by deciding not to be a flake, and been open about the “demands” as long as yours are met, herein is where the question will lay. If you come in with an entitled princess attitude, then you are probably going to wait for quite a bit of time. But you sound like you come with a more positive and open mind about it. Someone mentioned in a different post. What is the rent of a one bed apartment in your area? For that is a good place to start; four meetings per month, and see how that may work for you. Be courteous, punctual, great hygiene, no drama, and you’ll probably find that arrangement soon. Be mindful; however, that finding the correct one where there is mutual attraction, and a level of compatibility is the preferred arrangement. The very best of luck.

    • IndianaSD says:

      Best advice, have realistic expectations. Base your expectations off meeting your basic needs for an apartment, utilities and transportation (combined about 70% of living expenses). You can ask for $5-$10k/month, but it is as rare as a unicorn. If you truly like older men and want to enjoy the lifestyle, set realistic expectations and focus on a good relationship with your SD. He’ll enjoy showing you what life has to offer. It’s not a job, it’s life.

    • ROB says:

      If this is you (AngelLynn97) I STRONGLY suggest changing the profile picture. Those puppy ears are NOT cute.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I suggest you play nice here. You are not on re ddit, with overzealous female mods. If you are rude and obnoxious, you will promptly get it straight back in your face.

    • Anonymous says:

      If your idea of giving it back to her in her face are your sad attempts at threatening posts under ‘anonymous’ and failed witty comebacks, then I am sure she is ‘scared’ out of her wits. But then again, at least she has wits to begin with.

      • Anonymous says:

        Her “wits” consists of wasting her limited supply of youth on discussion groups instead of either finding a supportive man in sugar or in vanilla, or finding a real productive job.

        What will she become in a few years? Still empty-handed, but bitter, even less desirable than she is now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unless you are aging backwards then we can say the same for you except you are here way more than her and are already old and undesirable. I doubt money makes up for your bad attitude or you would have a SB, thus your reason for being on online discussions constantly.

    • Anonymous says:

      That anonymous means business! He ain’t playin’ better be careful tvc he might try his hand at attempting wit next post and one can only imagine how scary yet funny that will turn out.

      • Anonymous says:

        TVC is the ONE who likes to call men hooting apes and then whine about absence of chivalry…SMH

  58. AlmondRoses says:

    I would like to be a sugar baby but, I’m wondering are there any sugar daddies that actually like natural bodied women, natural beauty and a few imperfections? I have the assumption that sugar daddies want magazine models because they have the big bucks and wont settle. What about the girl with the beautiful face, smooth mocha skin, long hair and voluminous body? Not a BBW but certainly not skinny and works out daily. I don’t consider 5’5 175lbs to be FAT but hey, I’m not the sugar daddy. Input? Thoughts?

    • TVC says:

      You won’t get proper advice here, as this blog is dominated by hooting apes. Try red dit’s sug arlife styleforum.

      • Anonymous says:

        you can always count there on someone called TVC. She never had an arrangement in her life, but she dispenses her advice copiously…

      • Anonymous says:

        @anon 5:24pm

        You beat me to it on the critical informational disclosure that should be required to be attached to any “advice” from that character.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hooting monkeys who wish they were apes…good one and so true!

      • Anonymous says:

        ^^^ TVC posting as anonymous praising her own post

  59. Anonymous says:


    I wish women like you ruled the world love. Making love with your words and lighting a fire is what you do best. You and JayB are in your own right a unique sought after rarity. I find you both alluring and well missed.

  60. +SizeCollegeBaby says:

    So far I have met up with four guys on this site, and I’m hoping for more. I don’t mind being intimate with a SD as long as there is an attraction and he has already paid me.
    As a bigger girl, I do get passed up a lot (I understand some men aren’t attracted to bigger women, I’m not saying they are evil men if they aren’t). But with the men I visited, they have said I have so been the best experience they have had on this site. I never flaked, prompt with responses, and was straight forward with what I wanted (w/o changing my tune) and was willing to negotiate. I slept with two of them, and they both said that it was some of the best they have had.
    Be open on this site. You never know who will be best for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      All my SBs say that I am the best lover they had.
      I tell them them the same. Each of them, “You are the best I ever had”. Called courtesy, not to be mistaken for honesty.

  61. IndianaSD says:

    I’ve had a POT chasing me around for about 6 months. I met her through a previous SB, and to be honest, am ambivalent. I’ve thrown her a few $$ because she’s hot, but she’s not moving quick enough and I lose interest. She’s back again and now being much more sexual in her approach. In the process, she’s gone from moderate to $1500 plus expenses. Call me cheap, but in a small midwest town, $1500 covers rent and a car payment for a college girl. Throw in dinners, nights out, concerts/sporting events, etc., she’s living a decent life for a young lady. The moral of the story, don’t pay above market price for a commodity.

    • TVC says:

      I think the moral of the story is, a woman should immediately forget the existence of any guy who loses interest because she doesn’t “move quick enough”. After all, he probably thinks of her as a commodity.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a price-discovery process. The most desirable ones on both sides don’t stay on the market for long. The last time I was available (about a year ago), I was on the market for only 2 weeks; the two very attractive girls that I took off the market with me had been on it for 3 days and 4 days respectively before I contacted them. Dinner M&G took place within a week, and SR’s in place a few days after that . . . still on-going now.

    • ROB says:

      is $1500 for meeting up once a week?

      1 BR in a nice area where I live is in the 1200-1500 range. I know most University girls rent 2 BR apartments for 1600-1800 and split the rent, so would a monthly allowance of 1500 be reasonable? I would want to see them once a week at least, maybe 6 times a month but no more. And plus food/drinks. I do not have time for “dating” activities so these get together’s need to be private (take out dinner, watch a movie, drink, maybe smoke some weed and have sex.)

  62. sd with open eyes says:

    Things are really dead in my area. I’m not even getting friend-ed by ladies from the Philippines any more.

    I hope things pick up in August.

  63. no_joke_zone says:

    I recently decided to try a POT SB with “Substantial” requirements. I gave her a small amount of $ to cover gas, etc for the greet and meet.

    She wanted quite a bit if we were to go all the way but wants to spend platonic time before deciding (didn’t say how long, 1 week or 1 decade?). I offered her $X per meet. Then a few days later, she wanted 20% more. Mind you, $X is sufficient for a lower-tier SB allowance. I agreed. Then, she wanted some money for a make-over before the next meeting. Two strikes.

    I declined in the end. The POT was 7.5-8/10. She’s pretty but I am not that crazy about her. I get the drift that she’s going to squeeze as much cash as possible from me without providing anything in return. She just keep wanting to squeeze more and more allowance without going all the way.

    Why don’t I keep the money and use it for MY makeover?

    • The Feisty Kitten says:

      I believe you know when you are dating out of your league. As you state stated “tier”. Maybe you are considered “low tier” and have to produce more. Although I require chemistry, and “he” must be attractive to me. Some females are strictly out for the “coins” and you know what you advertised, so follow up. Or you can date someone in your league or stop complaining and use each other. I know its harsh.. but I see the plethora of money hungry females on this site. Many have no shame, or standards when it comes to what you have financially. So either you stop jumping on the supermodel bandwagon, or just do what you need to maintain your trophy.

    • Anon_from_NC says:

      Man, I would not pay anything until they hop in bed. Dinner and drink and gas money to visit you is more than enough. If they want to make money, they better bend over. Move on to another one!

      • The Feisty Kitten says:

        OK..let me get this straight.. you state you are not interested in pros, or escorts.. yet by the way you speak..it seems that’s what you really want. Make up your mind.

      • no_joke_zone says:

        @Anon_from_NC : I should thank her for being greedy. If she didn’t up her weekly allowance and ask for make over money, I’d played the platonic game for a month or so. I wasn’t thinking with my big head.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been telling men this forever! Get to the gym, sign up with a reputable trainer and enjoy the drop in allowance desires! Why give her money to overlook hideous lumps?

  64. The Feisty Kitten says:

    Ok.. so I met a POT.. wasn’t love at 1st sight. After spending time in conversation, & laughter. I saw more than meets the eye within him. I took a true liking to him. We agreed to move forward in an arrangement. I informed him that I needed assistance with life in general; to focus on my business. He liked it and felt good about being able to assist. Later that night I guess I kept my end of the bargain, and it was intensely passionate, and outright insatiable for both of us. I found it hard to speak of $$$ after such mind shattering sex. It just didn’t feel right. So I told him I prefer him to have my back when I needed him. Well, I am beginning to feel like he blew me off, he is new to this site, and has been overwhelmed with emails. I feel as though my mistake was to even consider an SD newbie. I am somewhat pissed, yet I realize I made the decision to partake of. I now know to state exactly what I need, yet I don’t want P/P. I am not a pro, just want to be treated the same way he wants to be treated. Why is that too much to expect?! These guys are financially successful. I am sure they did not renege on an agreement after sealing it in the boardroom.

    • TVC says:

      Your mistake was in giving him what he wanted before you got what you want.

      >I am sure they did not renege on an agreement after sealing it in the boardroom.

      Boardroom agreements are sealed with enforceable contracts, in the absence of which you had better get what you want before giving what he wants.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you two agree on a number before-hand? If it’s been only a day or two, give him a little more time. At the very beginning of a new sugar relationship, having an agreed number before any intimacy is a good idea; if he feels generous and treat you like a GF, he can always buy you gifts or whatever you like on top of the agreed number.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do not want p4p, but how else are you going to allow for a relationship to begin, trust to develop, and rapport to get established? In the beginning, this is like an extended interview, you are getting to know him, and he is getting to know you. A P4P allows the relationship to begin unfolding without compromise for you or him. You do not want to see this as a transaction, but in fact, in the end, it is. Your charming company for his, and the added bonus of the allowance right? Instead of your charming company in exchange for cold cash, you do not want that.
      Allow him some reasonable time, and he will probably call you to see you again, which will be very good. Once he does, SPEAK, tell him how much you really enjoyed his company, and would love to continue seeing him, BUT that you need to discuss the terms of the agreement now. And, basically, meet to do so. If he does not like that, he is a player, if he is serious, he will come to negotiate. Just discuss what you can accept, what amount of time you can dedicated to this, how many days per month, etc., and what amount of allowance is what you are seeking. It is not, and should not be difficult. Either he will take it, negotiate, or not. That is all. If he does not, take your “loss” as a lesson learned, and move on.

    • Whatever SB says:

      I agree with TVC here. You probably aren’t going to continue in a relationship with this man. He got sex and you got nothing because you felt like you were being “nice” don’t be nice. Some of the men aren’t going to be nice

    • Anon says:

      Yeah , I’m going to agree with some here. He already got what he wanted, so you might not hear from him again. Its sad, but true. It happened to me before when I was new to this.

  65. FedUpAnon says:

    I have a wish list filled with mainly makeup products, the product of art. if you want to make an impression message me and I’ll send it

    • Anonymous says:

      You find what you are looking for. These are to be ignored. Hopefully you have the profile below you can click on.
      If not, I suggest to expand your search to s larger area. Or move. Or fly them in.
      They are there. Trust me.

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      you don’t understand!

      Urban Decay and Nars is expensive!

      I’ll do ass to mouth for shopping at Ulta!

  66. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    I’ve always had this fantasy of someone transforming me into the girl they want me to be. I’m not looking for anything sexual

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      haha no way! lies!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anon_from_NC says:

      50% of these “platonics” are ready to be sexual if you get them to meet you.
      Once you are one on one with them and hopefully have established rapport and they are not viewing you as a potential murderer/rapist, you would be surprised how more flexible they become when and if presented with a good allowance. Again, not all will do, but one out of two have done this form my personal experience. One has told me that she intentionally puts platonic to weed out many men who are asking for p4p or just trying to get her to visit their hotel rooms.

      a lot of these women WILL BE INTIMATE if you meet them in person and establish a connection. take my word!

      • Anonymous says:

        I have wasted my time with a few. My ratio has been 0:many 🙁

        But I will keep that in mind for future.

      • Rick says:

        But why waste your time on meeting girls that are only 50% to begin with. When you add chemistry, schedule and any number of other potential issues, the potential for success really shrinks. Why not stick to SBs that are willing to play the game.

      • Anonymous says:

        think he does that because the best SBs are usually taken up pretty fast and won’t stay on the site for very long unless they have very specific requirements. So if you can find a good one that post platonic but is really up for intimacy, you have a decent chance at finding a rare gem of a sb thats not taken already, mainly because most of us SD would have ignored her and skipped past her profile.

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      They don’t want a shitty sexual experience. So just eat them out for like 5 mins and they would be happy with the choice they made.

    • Ann says:

      I’m a girl, and not even me believe that shit!

  67. Anonomnomnom says:

    So I don’t like blonde hair and light eyes. I seriously love dark features (eyes or hair) and darker skin(olive to “you’re probably from Africa”).
    But omg, this POT. Wow. blonde hair, green eyes, 6’7″ (I’m 6′ and have been with guys as short as 5’6 because I love short men)! And a nice ass. We are kinda smitten. I am pretty shocked at how well we get along. We only met twice but I think he is the SD I’ve been looking for.

    Can’t wait for my bank account and my kitty to be filled!

  68. Anonymous says:

    I knew that drug addiction was a huge problem in this country but I have been shocked to see how many young women there are, willing to have sex for no other reason but to get high. I have encountered women that have lost their jobs, lost their cars and even some that have been evicted and on the verge of being homeless. When I ask if these women require the use of condoms, some reply, “it’s up to you” but most of them reply “no”. This is scary! Any woman desperate enough to have sex for drug money is probably not going to let a condom stand in their way of getting high. Be careful out there Gentlemen, it’s truly a jungle!

  69. Anonymous says:

    I find it ridiculous when a POT says: “I do not do pay-per-meet!”. Of course she does. No one offers unlimited dates. What she means, she wants pay-per-meet, but get all the money in advance. This way she does not have to work hard for her money, they are already in her pocket…

    • Anonymous says:

      Some time ago, I found a SB here at SA. Attractive, young, had a child, and we had to work around her work schedule and her co-parenting. She also had other ‘requirements’, which I did not very much, but decided to give it a try. We started pay per meet, and it worked just fine for several weeks. Then she started to tell me she had to find a new place, she did not have funds for rent, etc., and I, stupidly in restrospective, advanced her a whole month of allowance in a lunch meeting where we did not even had sex. And, you guessed right, that was the last time I saw of her for she suddenly did not have time this week or the next or the next because this or that, etc., etc., I got the message.
      I really think it is a very bad idea to provide the entire allowance if the relationship has not had enough time to cement itself properly and verify if there is real commitment or just the money.

      • TwistedWords says:

        The monthly allowance I give my SB gets paid out in two payments per month. Works no different that the pay check she would get at a job. Limits the loss if they skate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not all of the POT sb are after just money. Meet 2 so far that where not after allowances or arrangements at all, 1st one i think initially joined the site for allowances, had a few arrangement before. But once we meet we clicked welled enough that she decided on her own to not have a arrangement and just date.
      2nd one is richer then most of the SDs on the site, think she just likes getting spoiled, apparently a friend of hers found her bf on the site, fun to talk to but we had no chemistry or physical attraction towards each other. She was pretty but i’m a bit weird like that hot girl doesn’t automatically trigger physical attraction from me towards them.

  70. Elaine says:

    I still find it surprising how adult people behave like little kids on a blog. My only messages were at 5.21 and 1.44.. Looks like few has changed here …

  71. Elaine says:

    I find it surprising that adult people behave like little kids on a blog. My own messages were at 5.21 and 1.44.. Looks like few has changed here …

  72. Elaine says:

    Thanks, I am fine, you guys?

  73. Kiss it says:

    Snoozes u you lose.way to go ummm…\gents\

  74. Anonymous says:

    Like a bandaid. Ummmmm. You guys truly need to enlists JayB and Elaine as official board members.

  75. Elaine says:

    Looks like I can post again. 🙂

  76. Elaine says:

    Just today stopped by this blog after months in whom I lurked now and then and saw a completely dead blog. But now I see some old names ? Hello Cryptic, Dazed, YGBK, Jay, Catcher and Elo, good to see you!

    • Anonymous says:

      What about Anonymous?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Hey Elaine!!! How’s it going

      • Anonymous says:

        Haven’t been on this site in about 6 months. Have the girls on here improved at all, or is it still a waste of time to be here?

        Don’t have time to dig through posts or participate in the site if so.

        Thanks in advance, appreciated!

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s going good! How are you?

      • Kiss it says:

        Yaaasss, like a madame.

        Fellas, kiss it better pah lease…so the ladeze come back.

        Transparent and I honor you ladies.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        Hi, Elaine! It’s always good to see you 🙂 . Hope you know that I appreciate the encouragement, mentorship and advice you’ve shared over my time here. You and Scarlett both 🙂

    • Catcher 22 says:

      Hi Elaine! Very good to see you drop in too?

    • Elaine says:

      I am fine, thanx! Still in my LT SR, with some ups and downs nearly 3 years now and about to enter in another one with a pot I have been talking to now and then for 2 years but we never found the right occasione to meet. Now we finally were in the same part of the world at the same time and we had a M&G that went very well. Agreed on the terms and next weekend I will visit him in his summer residence ? Only little obstacle; he wants exclusivity … ? So, what about you guys? On vacation? In a happy SR?

      • Anonymous says:

        Exclusivity from a 40-something woman?

      • Anonymous says:

        Anything is possible, among blog comments.

      • Elaine says:

        Yes, dears! ?Exclusivity from a 40 something, near death, geriatric corpse! Sorry for ruining your narrowminded prejudices even more, but his age is 40, highest income group , not bad looking. Oh, and did I mention my lifestyle expectation? That’s moderate FYI. ?

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Does it surprise you that many men want women to be exclusive regardless of the woman’s age?

        Get over yourselves some more.

      • Elaine says:

        Yes, well, not every man seems to think that every 40 something female equals a geriatric dead corpse. This 40yo, decent looking multi millionaire SD obviously doesn’t ? Oh and btw, are you the same Anonymous that was complaining here about clicking on profile pics of SBs, only to find out they were using false pictures to attract pot’s? And then it turned out they were using Jlo’s ( another geriatric and worthless 40 something ) ? Really nothing has changed here… Still the same old frustrated trolls. Enjoy guys, I have more fun things to do, ciaoooooo!! ?

  77. Anonymous says:

    I do not think women realize how easy it is to find someone in the bowl. I am not even talking about entitled princesses who want Substantial. I am talking about normal women at practical level. Every so often they would split with a guy over some minor issue. I can sense, they expect me to crawl back to them, because I am a fool and did not realize how good I had it with her. The truth is, after a couple weeks, I already found someone who is younger and blonder. Every so often (about the time rent is due) I would get a text (as if nothing had happened), Hey, want to meet? More often than not I had to politely decline her offer.

  78. Anonymous says:

    “Closet” Lmao. I meant “Cozey feeling”.

    Warm, wet, Cozey feeling. Yaaaassssss!!!

  79. Anonymous says:

    I think one of the reasons I do not like paying allowance is that you can get someone totally incompatible in bed. I pay bi-Monthly and at least I was only out 1/2. She was “uncomfortable” with everything I suggested (all very vanilla). Instead of being intimate I had to do talking, trying to figure out what, if anything, she likes to do. She kept saying:” I do not like that, but I guess it is fine”. She is not a rinser, so I am sure she would go along and do two more dates. But seriously, I would rather watch some porn, and that would be free.

  80. Abdul Traya says:

    I think there is too much taboo about this stuff. lots of women want a financially secure man in traditional and modern relationships. Some relationships should be discreet naturally however, what really is the different between a man taking a girl out to dinner and paying (like they always should) and this website? What am getting too is the stigma of “sugar” relationships is far fetched and the media sort of ruins it.

    In most natural relationships (even marriages) the man is the one funding it.

  81. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    I am looking for someone who does not mind having a long distance platonic relationship. Where we will communicate via email (with the possibility of phone calls in future).

    Is she really a guy?

    • Anonymous says:

      One wonders exactly what kind of mental patients these women attempting to victimize.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly. No different than the news these days where “normal” people walk off cliffs or hit police vehicles on the news and their excuse is they are playing “Pockemon Go”.

        I can’t make this ^^^^^^^kind of stuff up people.

        I would feel waaaayyyy better our environment as a whole is the guy or girl said they wrecked because someone was goong down on them while driving. That gives me a warm closet feeling vs.
        Society today. And you wonder why flakes are prevelent? Haha…beam us up Scottie! 🙂

      • Anonymous says:


    • Anon_from_NC says:

      Just when you think that you have seen everything …

      What I’m Looking for

      I currently need help buying items off my baby registry so that my son can have a safe car seat and other items. How I return your gratitude can be discussed over private message but if your interested please contact me id love to work something out. UPDATE: I can’t do more than online right now so please don’t even contact me if you are going to ask me to come see you or to come see me. Strictly online until late October. Also don’t leave me on read if you don’t even plan on talking to me don’t message me in the first place.

    • N. O. Nemuss says:

      [voice=Judy Tenuta] It could happen! [/voice]

  82. Anonomnomnom says:

    haha. No need for a mentor, just a co-signer.

  83. Anonomnomnom says:

    All these SDs like ” let me mentor you”
    or do you mean ” let me mold you to my perfect little submissive slut.”
    Which is fine, some women like that. It’s just not my thing.
    Don’t mentor me, co-sign me so I can get this car and go camping, jeez.

  84. Anonymous says:

    this site is not what i expected,u have to upgrade before responding to a message or before sending messages to someone….uh uh might be getting off soon

  85. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love how they say something nasty to you and block.
    All I wanted to say (if I was not blocked): “why, oh why you didn’t you do it 10, 15, 20 min before? I could’ve pressed the return arrow that much sooner…”

  86. Liz says:

    Hi Ladies. I am new to this site and so far it’s going well. I would like to meet up with some SBs in the New Haven, CT areas or nearby to share advice and opinions, like a group meet-up. Is anyone interested?

  87. Anon_from_NC says:

    Wow, I just got this warning today. Should we, SD’s, all roll over and start offering 5-10 K monthly allowance for platonic deals? Some delusional or platonic SB must have complained about me:

    “Dear Member,

    It has come to our attention that you are requesting or offering money on a per meet basis, per date basis, or by time/hour. Please note that we are not an eskort site. Requesting or offering money like this is no longer allowed on SeekingArrangement.

    Please consider this a warning. If we continue receiving complaints that you are requesting or offering money on a per meet basis, we will be forced to suspend and terminate your membership with us. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact customer support.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you sure this is from SA and not from a disgruntled SB?

    • Anon_from_NC says:

      I mean if a SB does not want to do a p4p, just say no or ignore me, why report someone? I never offended anyone. This is do idiotic! I hope whoever reported me never finds her arrangement! 😉

    • former SD says:

      anon from NC offer instead weekly allowances if the sb goes ghost or doesn’t fulfill your requirements you can end it quickly without costing a lot of money I’ve never had anyone refuse payment that way the idea is to pay at the same time as you receive your benefit

    • TO SD says:

      This could be quite handy actually. When a pot SB wants $ to just meet we can point this message out and say we can’t do that or SA will cut us off. Not that it will stop them but at least it will be a fun reply.

      • Anon_from_NC says:

        Exactly. The letter specifically indicates that $ for meet is discouraged, and this could be any type of meet, including, but not limited to a lunch date. But I am sure they meant $/per “sex” meeting. I will be sending this letter over to SB’s if they start haggling over $ or asking questions like “how much” … Need to get them to talk over text and I will cite this letter as reason for not willing to discuss the $ details over SA messaging.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are some SBs, who have posted in this blog, saying they will not meet with any POT, for M&G, unless he offers some allowance for that meeting. This is to filter the serial daters, time wasters, etc., and it is completely understandable.
      The SB has incurred in expenses and time to prepare herself (supposedly) to be very presentable for the meeting. Her time is valuable, and gas is not for free, neither are babysitters. So, it is understandable they would like some allowance for the meeting. As a gentleman, I have no problem with that. I have always given them a small cash allowance, not as payment, but as a token of appreciation for gas money and her time. It also shows that I am serious about finding an arrangement.
      This will also work for her, as, even if there is no chemistry, and therefore, no deal, she does not walk out of the M&G empty handed while still having to pay for gas, and overhead. So, both parties win.
      If there is chemistry, but not trust yet, as it should be, the pay per meet works fine UNTIL there has been established a mutual trust, and the arrangement is working, then, and only then, we can discuss monthly allowance. How could this be against policies enabled to protect both parties?

      • The Islander says:

        I think that actually makes the most sense. A lot of SDs (in my experience) want to go in several dates and not compensate or want to have sex first. I’m not into that at all.

    • TwistedWords says:

      Don’t discuss terms on SA. Use snap or text or in person for that. And, perhaps you’re being a bit too upfront.

  88. salt exposer says:

    Aaron Ford (Howell/Brighton) = no daddy, just SALT

  89. SB Flower says:

    POT SD need to understand that there are finances involved in these relationships, hence sugar. If you are not willing to give an allowance, then you need to find a different site, for this site is not for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course there are financials involved – by definition, a SD is looking to provide a SB things she can’t easily afford on her own. However, not all SBs are looking for an allowance. I have had enjoyable getaways with SBs who were perfectly happy to be treated to a luxurious vacation in fancy hotels and enjoying fine dinners and never asked for an allowance.

      That being said I am ready to provide an allowance if she asks.

    • mythical eternal says:

      But of course, and SBs have to be reasonable in their expectations without princess syndrome attitude. That will definitely increase their opportunities to find an arrangement, IMHO. But, if they come asking for $5000 per month or more, and “I can only see you once per month”. That is not going to work, for the most part.

    • Dazed-SD says:

      SB, and you need to understand, that trust respect and honesty should also be involved. Most SD’s didn’t get where they are by being stupid. So maybe once you earn his respect trust and be reliable (which most SB’s are not)
      he would give you an allowance and get off the Pay per.

    • Anonymous says:

      A woman can and should be demanding commensurate with her demand in a given marketplace. The reason is that as a “woman” she probably has 15 +/- years to make the proverbial hay.

    • Bill says:

      There are finances involved in any relationship. One of the most expensive is that relationship called marriage.

      Too many SBs have stars in their eyes and have no idea of what is realistic. Thousands of dollars per month is unrealistic unless one lives in a particularly high cost of living city. Furthermore, as soon as one passes the gift tax limit, then her name and social security number has to go on his tax form. That can be avoided if he writes a check directly to her school for tuition, but again, that leaves a paper trail of the two of their names together.

      The women who get a lot of money are doing the pay per meet and are are prostitutes, even if they don’t want to admit it.

  90. Doris says:

    i’ve been hurt but ever since i joined this site, i have been relieved of all the stress

  91. Anon says:

    I’ve had several successful SD/SB relationships in the past that I met here on the site. However this time the quality of SDs has gone down significantly. Most will love the pics , love chatting , then it comes time to make a date to actually meet in person and they POOF! Or in the rare case we get to the first date, they act like they expect a free test drive before we even discuss allowance. I would NEVER ask for any gift or allowance before meeting , so why do pot SDs now think they get to “make sure we work romatically” before even talking about allowance? In my experience before we’ve had the talk before anything has happened. Getting tired of this…

    • SB Flower says:

      I hate when I bring up the subject of pay per date or an allowance and they become all funny and ghost. Why would you join this site and not willing to give your SB money? This is a part of Sugar dating, hence sugar.
      I refuse to have sex with a pot SD if he isn’t paying. You get what you give. We can have a nice conversation at Starbucks if you’re going to be a salt daddy.

    • WADE_B says:

      I agree with you. I usually do a meet and greet and if a lady is not comfortable to jump into an arrangement right away (get intimate) I am OK with 1 or 2 more platonic dates. That is why I mostly do pay per meet arrangements. I hate the transactional nature of this but it works the best, for me at least. I do offer an allowance that is slightly less than what I would give if we decided to continue such an arrangement, but I have never asked anyone to “put out” before I give them allowance. If they have slept with me, it happened naturally and was mutually enjoyable, and even then, the ones who don’t ask allowance, I give them allowance anyways, sometimes they don’t take it though …

    • Daddy101 says:

      The quality of the SB’s has gone down to, and I think its related. I have twice given an allowance and once a “special payment” because she had a bill due, then never heard from them again. I think the site has been flooded due to advertising with coeds and others who are very, very tentative about doing this (I am being optimistic as to motive here), and the result is money going poof. I no longer pay for first meetings and no longer do an allowance until we have at last some decent history with each other. However, asking for a “free test drive” is way past ridiculous. I suspect there are also a group of people that for the monthly fee view this as online entertainment, pose as an SD or SB and just have fun with it. Anyway, I feel your pain.

      • Anon says:

        It is way past ridiculous. And he suggested the free test drive after our face to face meeting , so he said he’s attracted to me, but still wants to “test chemisrty” before any allowance talk. I’m happy to go on another date , but I’m sorry , I’m not going to be intimate until we’ve had the talk.

    • Anonymous_SSSD says:

      I’m having almost the exact same experience but from SB’s. I initiate a polite conversation exchange a msg or two and poof, they’re gone. Or it will move to txt and another few msgs and poof they’re gone. Yet they’re back on SA still looking. 95% of the time the conversation never even gets to specifics such as allowance or meeting. I’m not old, fat or ugly but most of these ladies aren’t serious. SA and media marketing has convinced a good chunk of these ladies that there are rich, socially inept men just waiting to hand them money for nothing but a smile. Hell, most of the ladies on here don’t even smile in their pics. Lol! Quality has gone down significantly and the rate of scammers wanting me to send them money to even talk has risen dramatically.

      • Anon says:

        I’ve never asked for an allowance to talk , or to even meet in person, and definitely not before I’ve met them . When I was new to this I was way too trusting and got used by Sds wanting to “sample” first. They had a great time and told me so , however I never heard from them again and no allowance was ever sent. Since then I’ve obviously wised up

      • Anon_from_NC says:

        Agreed 100%!!!! What a shame. I thought this was a geographic specific issue, but this seems be the norm across the board!

      • SB Flower says:

        That’s crazy. I hate when people don’t respond; it’s unprofessional and rude.
        I don’t understand why SB aren’t serious when they join this site.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is happening to me also. The process to view ,message, phone / text AND finally meet diminishes at each turn. Then after meeting it seems, for what ever reason, that the chances to continue drop significantly. It’s both SD and SB faults. Socially and culturally we are disrespectful, spoiled,and inconsiderate. Come on, dead air? vanish and ghost! not returning calls and messages? Speaks of 8th grade emotions. I cannot screen well enough to predict an outcome, learning and trying. The lengthy detailed articulate descriptions do offer hope,shows an effort. Back to the bowl for more punch!

    • Anonymous says:

      I will echo what others are saying about the drop in SB quality, although I would describe it as a drop in attitude and an increase in naivety. They are expecting way too much and become frustrated when men laugh at them, have no idea what they are doing, are unreliable, and disappear the second one tries to set up a meeting.

      • Buzz says:

        Young women are flighty. They have limited attention spans. A 19-23 yo SB is extremely volatile emotionally. You just can’t expect much. Take whatever you can get and be happy with it.

      • Anon says:

        It goes both ways. That seems to be when the SDs ghost as well. Everything is going well, pics are exchanged, interest is there , I ask when they are available to grab a drink or lunch and they’re GONE. at that point they won’t ever respond again.

  92. Synonymous says:

    Is this the new norm for dating? I’ve been on a couple of coffee/lunch dates where things go well enough, so I suggest sitting in my car to discuss particulars. Because I never really had any dating skills or moves in the first place, soon after we get in the car I’ll just smile, lean in and kiss the girl. 90% of the time this will lead to tongue action. 75% of the time the girl has no problem with me pulling out her tits and sucking on them, which is usually accompanied by fingering and sliding a finger up you know where. Much more rarely:(, they will offer to reciprocate on me. Mind you, I’m not offering any money for this. So is this the equivalent of a door buster (haha) to get me enticed, or is this how easy girls are nowadays?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      No it’s because they think your intentions are honorable since you’re intentionally misleading them by telling them you want to discuss the particulars of the arrangement. Stop being an asshole. You’re what’s wrong with the bowl now. If you’re not interested in an arrangement with them tell them goodbye and let them go home but don’t take advantage of them.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      You didn’t mention your age but I will assume you might be 40 plus as I am. Women are a lot more open and free to these things now days. Makes you wonder why so many are trying to sell it at high prices when other women are giving it away so easily.

      I think it is just how women are now, I met a 26 y.o woman last year and within 2 minutes we were kissing. For me I felt some level of responsibility to her, but then I realized this is just something she does. It’s not the big deal to her that it is to me.

    • MplsSA says:

      Hey man-dont be talking like that. You ll spoil the fun for the rest of us. Who knows-maybe its you thats so easy!!

    • TwistedWords says:

      What are you? 16?

  93. Cryptic Anomaly says:


  94. Anonymous says:

    Whenever I see a platonic ad, I wonder how naive a woman must be if she thinks a man will pay her thousands of dollars for her company. It is akward enough to think that the woman needs allowance to get sexual. The thought that, even if paid, she still thinks you unworthy…isn’t that a complete insult? How many men out there want to be humiliated? Ok, maybe a handful, but…really.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      Agreed. I chatted to a Platonic once on here. She seemed nice enough, I offered her dinners, movies etc as I thought she might be nice to be around but she was quite hooked on an allowance as well. I declined, I’m not taking someone out to dinners etc plus paying them on top of that. It is an insult and degrading.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      Agreed it is stupid. I also think these women come across as very greedy and egotistical. If they at least exuded charm in the messages I might understand to some degree, but they don’t at all.

      • Synonymoud says:

        Platonic???!!! How pathetic do women think some men are? Here’s another dudes must unite together against: women thinking some gift is in order just for the guy to meet them. How pathetic is that? Thinking I have to pay someone just to meet me. Or the thinking that she wasted her time to meet me– I’ve spent enough money on dinner/drinks for a fat chick or Instagram filter beauty and now she expects me to pay for the privilege of having met her?

      • Cryptic Anomaly says:

        @Syn – Yep exactly. I hate hearing the stories from some SD’s who talk about gifting on first meets etc. These women who want platonic are just playing the odds nothing more. Women don’t have to pay to join so they can mess around forever without any consequence at all. And yes, they need to invest some time in impressing us. They want the money, they need to impress.

        They seem to think we will jump through hoops just so we can give them money.

      • Dazed-SD says:

        I’ve had women ask for cash gifts on the first coffee/drink meet, and they say it shows I’m serious, and THEIR time is valuable. I always ask them, based on my income vs her income, who’s time is more valuable ? I never get a reply ! LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        Her time is very valuable…minimal wage at Burger King. But yes, when she is on a date…it is 10k.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Still not sure why you silly men think that women have no earning potential beyond minimum wage at a fast food restaurant.

        Get over yourselves already.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah the same tired straw man.

        Yes a good number of women do very well outside of SA. But most of the women on SA are waitresses, hairstylists, etc., and are here to supplement their meager incomes.

        Those who make more tend to want higher allowances. More power to those few if they can get their desired allowances.

        Again, most of the women are in low paying jobs and are here for such reasons. Nothing wrong with that either.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        Still not sure why you silly men think that hair dressers and waitresses earn the equivalent of minimum wage at a fastfood restaurant.

        You’d be surprised by how many of these schlong dong daddies earn less than the sugar babies they are trying to court.

        Do get over yourselves still.

    • immortal walker says:

      I think the SB ads who ask for online only or platonic only arrangements in exchange for very physical money (or electronic one as deposited to her bank or CC account) are really just like playing the lottery. Their investment is minimum in time, and I understand they do not have to pay for any SA subscription, so why not throw the bait? It does not mean they are getting any. I just ignore them myself, for that is not for me.

  95. Anonymous says:

    I soooo need to get laid. Time to join the SA.#truth and #no more wrinkles

  96. Anonymous says:

    No issue. What do you produce? What you produce is reflection of you.

    How you treat me…Bow you make love to me. How you allow me to lavish your body and how I am permitted to reciprocate- male or female.. tells me all I need to know prior to your income which has no effect unless you desire me to me all about your benjamins. If a gold digger is what you seek, then so shall you find. Search for a shy type and make her your golden goddess; so shall ye find. Not that hard to decipher.

  97. forced to be a Anonymous says:

    I am anonymon for a reason. I desire a man that takes care of himself and his lady.

    No chaos, I do not desire a man who wants to; “hit it and quit it”. Nor do I desire a man that asks me my ‘going rate’eat I ask him what the ladies are giving him at the moment before the market changes and can I cash him in as a security bond? Is worth his weight in the Tons of fake men too. Looks like it is no different than a family member. Promise you the world in 15 minutes and 3 hours laterpaper silver market yet? Lord, perhaps he has a guarantee of being minted as a rare coin?

    What say yee gents amoung you?

    I came here baring all that I was not ye cup of te on the public trade system known to man. If he be so kind and accommodating to extend yourself beyond the common blote, then we could be friends that are friends who understand that life has perfect moments to be beheld. Even if life i. The awestruck bubble is not perfection.

    Yet, me here is suppose’in to be beyond perfect while the mates here are still quote’n mere bag a bond pricin like this here is a thrift and dime. I will toss you a dime and tell you to get lost no different than you’se here be Tossin words as if females are not the focale point.

    If dames are not the green on your bill and the groom in your engine. Then the boys need to stop pretending to be women and grease their knuckles instead of their ass.

    Vulgar? No different than the coon who called the other a. “N” word and it was passed on blog the other day. If questionable comments are allowed still due to free speech… Last time I che led I wS called numerous names in this space and i still survived after the aftermath. Solo. Without finding a shoulder to cry on. The old me…when the night came to a close, his pretty ass would’ve been crying over my sexy ass not to leave. Such is life.

  98. Dazed-SD says:

    The words in the description that should NEVER go together but I see to frequently
    are,, Average and substantial.. Why would you pay 10K per month for average,, LOL

  99. FedUpAnon says:

    Potential SB: looking for some company. A companion for dinner or a movie.

    That’s fine. I charge £200.00 an evening, you also pay for all expenses.

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually had a couple of these – although they asked about $50 for “going to an event together”. They were not trying to rinse or anything – they simply thought that is what the arrangement is about. To their credit, a couple of them learned fast and happily jumped into the bed on their second date. Obviously, they were compensated accordingly.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ Anonymous

        Not to sound lude or innapropriate here (regardless of this being an anonymous blog) my friend. But, since you proposed the statement; I will propose the question. If $50.00 was the expectation and you were surprised with the outcome; At what value was your outcome to the recipient?

      • FedUpAnon says:

        No, my companionship rate is £200.00. I am cheap, but not easy.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        I know my worth.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      LOL yeah it’s like the ones who call themselves Princesses. I ask them if they will be paying for everything as they have the Royal credentials.

      • Anon from NC says:

        I like that. When I see the occupation “professional princess” – I will have to ask some of these if they would step up and cover the expenses 😉

      • FedUpAnon says:

        I ask them if they really want to be treated like a Princess? Most Princess’s were put up against a wall and shot in the twentieth century. Do they really want to be treated like Anastasia? 😉

      • Anonomnomnom says:

        i am not a princess. i am a waitress.

  100. annonnnn says:

    my new favorite reply:

    “Because of work and my baby, I only have time to get together once a month. I can probably get by with $5,000 a month.”

  101. Anonomomomom says:

    Do sb need to send you nudes before you meet? I’m not doing it. *Kanye shrug*

    • Anonymous says:

      They don’t ‘need’ to. Some may choose to. I wouldn’t! Especially for Kanye! 😉

    • Daddy101 says:

      I would think that an SD that insists on nudes is probably a pic collector. And if an SD isn’t insisting on it, then why do it? So, my advice would be don’t do it, although there is always the exception to prove the rule. If I think an SB might be hiding her appearance, I just ask for a bathing suit shot…that’s plenty good enough.

      • Anonomomomom says:

        I have body pics in my private photos as well. In my bikini and tight dresses.

      • Anonomnomnom says:

        I have pics of my body in a bikini and tight dresses on here. If a mofo wants nudes, here’s the internet.
        Ugh I hate my time being wasted. This is so annoying.
        So horny. So hungry.

    • Bill says:

      If she does send me nudes, that is the last contact we will have. I would only accept someone with class.

      I also ignore the women who have boob or butt shots. If that is what they think is the best part of themselves, then I sure don’t want to try talking to them. Let me see her smile and hear about her accomplishments.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ppl who request nudes are probably pic collections. Most ppl don’t really require nudes to be able to tell if they would be attracted to you or not.

  102. Anonymous says:

    What about the opposite? I’m a single SD so this is not an issue for me. However, I have been in contact with some SBs who are married. How would this work? Do their husbands know, or would the SD have to take extra steps to protect the SBs privacy?

    • former SD says:

      sometimes the husband knows they are in an open relationship where both can seek other partners but most of the time they don’t know if you’re single it’s not worth the hassle you will have to meet them when the husband is at work and be ready for lots of canceled dates

  103. Anonymous says:

    I love how they say “you cannot afford me, lol”. Maybe she imagines that I am gonna go in the woods and kill myself since I realized that I cannot have her?
    All I need to hear, is a yes or no. It it is a “no”, I will just click on the next profile down.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      Some women like to believe that we care what they think. I chatted to one woman and asked her what she would like as far as an allowance goes she responded “If you have to ask then you can’t afford it”.

      Seriously? NEXT!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Excuse me? You ‘don’t care what she thinks’?!? Believe it or not, a lot of SB’s have brains (Shocking!), and smarts, and degrees – and valuable things to say! If you don’t care what a lady you’re with has to say, that says a whole lot of crappy things about you, and imo you should just go and get a ‘happy ending’ at a massage parlor.

      • Anonymous says:

        The woman’s brains, smarts and degrees in “how to separate male fools from their money” are all in the cost column, not the benefit column, for the man.

        The man’s rains, smarts and degrees in “how to bring home/me more bacon” are in the benefit column, for the woman.

      • Cryptic Anomaly says:

        @ At the angry Anon – Then perhaps you should use some of those smarts and read my comment in context with the post I was commenting on.

  104. Anne says:

    Discreet, not discrete. Discrete means distinct/isolated. Discreet means inconspicuous/subtle.

    Many people don’t even know they are two homophones; people only think there is one “discrete”, most likely because of the spelling.

    Come on SA, do not perpetuate the usage of discrete, unless you actually use it correctly.

    • Odesseus says:

      Anne, very well said. It seems a lot of people on this site list higher degrees in their profiles but from reading their compositions they must be punching their smart phones while hiding someplace under a blanket.

  105. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    @Jay – I agree with you about the shy thing getting boring quickly. It is appealing and cute on the outset but after a while when I realize that no matter what I do. She is still just going to be a little wall flower who doesn’t speak and just gives one word answers to open ended questions etc and never lets me know what they are wanting then yeah it starts to feel exhausting.

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Good points, Jay. While a man may enjoying taking care of you, he doesnt particularly want to have to raise/train you. Yes, knowing your worth is not about $$$, but knowing that the investment that youve put into your own development and upkeep will yield you the caliber man you desire. Sure, no one can be the best at everything, but you can be the best at the thing that sets you apart while setting your intention on improving your overall package so as to continue to appeal to the man youd like to keep around.

      True thing that some dont understand the difference between confidence and conceit, confidence and arrogance, confidence and entitlement, confidence and possessiveness, and, sometimes, confidence and delusion.

      Re: Anonymous “Confidence is man’s best asset as well…”


      A confident man…ohmygasm.

      Nothing sexier than a companion who is confident in himself, confident in me, knows he has it, knows Im coming home with him, and is cool, calm and collected. Whatever you want, kind sir.

      “…The more confidence a man has the less material resources he will have to engage to bed women.”

      Yes, again. But let’s not get delusional 🙂

  106. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    “I have to say, theoretically – theoretically – I could pay her 5k.
    But why would I do that if practically I can divide it between the three of them?”

    I would say that in a country like mine where prostitution is legal, I can have x20 1 hour sessions with 20 different women for $5,000. So SB’s in my country really need to understand what they are competing with.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Every time I mention intimacy, the potentials tell me I am seeking a prostitute. Do you expect to connect with prostitutes on Tinder? Do you expect intimacy during normal dating? So why is virtually every girl expecting an allowance for platonic company?

  108. FedUpAnon says:

    I would say I’m just looking for someone who needs a companion, I’ve found that a lot of people on this site really just need someone to listen to them and understand what they’re going through.I would love to be able to create a special bond and also get some help with paying a couple of my bills and student loans off.

    She wants to listen to me moan about platonics, rinsers, and scammers and then provide financial assistance. Hmmm.

  109. sd with open eyes says:

    One thing that would improve the blog portion of the site: a way to bring up an index of all past blogs, rather than scrolling backwards through them one at a time.

  110. Adi says:

    SBs turn out to be too greedy a lot of times

    • SB Flower says:

      That depends. What are you requesting from a SB compared to what you are asking? What time of SB are you going for?

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      I see that as a sign that they don’t really want to be SB’s and that they don’t need the money. I don’t get the ones who claim to have good corporate careers and yet they are still looking for allowances.

    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      Yeah, I always see that as a sign that they don’t really need the money. I also don’t get the ones who claim to have good corporate careers and yet here they are seeking allowances. At what point can a woman take care of herself?

  111. WADE says:

    Would be nice if SA had some sort of technology incorporated akin to what plenty of fish has, that tells users what the response chance is from a particular user, and then users can filter on that. If a SB reads 100 messages and never responds, should probably not even come up in search 😉

  112. SB Flower says:

    How do you feel about guys (SD) who say that they don’t want to provide allowances/pay per visit but have high lists of demands not limited to large amounts of your time (SB) and sex? Don’t I as a SB have a right to question why he’s on this sight and to also be upset that he didn’t make this clear in the beginning?

  113. Anonymous says:

    Okay. here goes. YouTube: Katy Perry-Rise (NBC Olympics video)

    This goes out to all of the honest SD’s and the honest SB’s.

  114. Anonymous says:

    But of course…my comments are blocked BC my IP is being tracked. Typical iptacking syndrome. J
    Had I taken prior precautions, my comments would not be blocked now. 10*4

  115. Anonymous says:

    Goodnes and bless all who have not found their Sugary goodness yet. To know such very real and significant benefactors and benefiting souls whom reside on the blog and within the realm we calm home…in my humble humble opinion, it resides within relationships and far from the outer skirts district that many try to call what this site was NOT established to be.

    I still believe in this site. I still believe chivalry still exists the same as I believe ladies blush in heated facial expression of a man coming on to them in public and not an aromatic center of arrogance.

    To the best of the best SD’s And to the best of the best SB’s…this song is a tribute. If you are jot where you want to be.. of if you ate and your high ranking prfikic DB or SD just dumped you to leave you second guessing yourself. Even though you have never had a questionable bone in your body .. wake up my princesses BC it happens to the best of us. When you wake up and appreciate all who come across your path. Maybe you will remember this: YouTube: Katy Perry-Rise (NBC Olympics video) and life will re-evaluate the appreciation of attention a SD gives you. It perhaps the appreciation a SB gives you … why? For no-other reason than they are human and because they really care.

  116. Anonymous says:

    I have to say, theoretically – theoretically – I could pay her 5k.
    But why would I do that if practically I can divide it between the three of them?

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      I have to say, theoretically–theorectically–I could take his 5k.
      But why would I do that if practically I can multiply it by three of them?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because you like a particular person, and you want her to know that?!

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you trying to say that for her to “like” me I have to pay 5k? Are you trying to say that, after I give her 5K, she will “like” me? Not 5 K?
        If you believe that…I have a great bridge you might like.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do not be ridiculous. If she likes me, she does not need 5k “to know” that. If I give her 5k, she just likes 5k, nothing to do with me. Giving anyone 5k is a waste of money.

  117. sd with open eyes says:

    Quick tip for sugar babies: If you want your profile to be reviewed it is necessary to post your user id AND your location. There is only a 1000 mile limit on searches so just searching for your user id usually will not work unless we have a vague idea of where you are located.

  118. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing wrong with expecting 5k/month for “waiting to see if there is chemistry, there will be more”. Absolutely nothing wrong.
    What is wrong, is expecting that every single person who theoretically can afford it that she contacts, will be “cool” with that. And then write something foolish and nasty and block. That is wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, I am talking to this SB. She says, wants “Substantial” – she messaged me, by the way (I have “Negotiable” in my profile). I – very politely – tell her that Substantial is quite high and, if she wants to discuss Practical, maybe we can figure something out. In a couple hours she texts me that I am cheap dip$hit and that she found a “wonderful guy who will pay her 4k and will not push for sex until she is comfortable”. After that blocks me, obviously.
      She is on SA everyday, for two weeks. Anyone really thinks she “found” a wonderful guy at 4K?
      Yea, me neither….

    • DUDE says:

      Yes, a delusional “baby” once told me she wanted 3k upfront and intimacy would be a possibility down the road. I guess before that we would be playing bingo and having coffee 😉

    • immortal walker says:

      I believe the market SBs market might be shaped similar to a Gaussian normal distribution. On the left we have some SB willing to go on dates for only wining and dining, and maybe some allowance per meeting. They are not desperate, but the see this as just extra money for a couple of hours of fun, and getting some money out of it. On the right side, some, very few, SBs who have achieved finding a whale SD who gives them $3/$5000 per month, plus gifts, etc., but there are few SDs with that kind of disposable income. And, the rest are in the middle any where from $100 to $500 per meeting, depending on how many hours are spent on the date.
      Of course they all (SBs) would like to have a whale one, but the market seems to be, there are not enough for every SB out there. Hence, my personal opinion is that some intelligent ones (SBs) find arrangements which are not life changing perhaps in terms of allowance received, but helpful nonetheless.

      • SB Flower says:

        I think it’s all about knowing your market. I know in my city it would be hard to find SD with 1000s in disposable income, but there are plenty who have 100s to dispose.

  119. Aonly says:

    I just had some one call me a”nigger” because I told him I wasn’t a prostitute and I had no interest in him. If I wasn’t so offended this would be comical.

  120. Anonymous says:

    Confidence is good. Unfortunately, many young women think confidence is arrogance.
    Confidence will be waiting till the acceptable offer is made and go with it. Arrogance will be “I know my worth, do not even message me if you make less then 300k” – normally coming from a pretty plane Jane.

  121. AVAH G says:




    • .yougottabekiddingme says:

      Luxuryondi? Is that like luxury and beyondi? I wouldn’t have given Luxuryondi the time of day.

    • CLT_SB says:

      I just messaged him and asked if he wanted to have a sugar baby in my town. Let’s see if he goes down the same path. I just to to f**k with him! hehe

      • SB16 says:

        I met him and he gave me an excuse about his investment account being tied up. I guess he’s still at. Is there a way to report him and have him banned from the site for being a fraud? He’s obviously been doing this for a while.

      • BRITANY_G says:

        His money is not real. He had a tax lien this year, dont trust him. I dealt with him last year & he did nothing but lie nonstop, typical loser behavior

  122. AVAH G says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Please can we have a blog only for those with faulty keyboards?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      There is a blog for that. scam-confession

      Just replace “sugar-dating-discretion” with “scam-confession” in the current URL and you will get there.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Are women really “shy” anymore? Timid, lacking confidence, low self-esteem maybe, but shy? smh

  124. Anonymous says:

    Jaybird = sheek and sleek is back with a power pack. Sounds like a female ghost buster! 🙂

  125. Anonymous says:

    Yeay. Jay is back.

    Question for Lady Jay: Do SD men like confident to a questionable arrogance of a woman’s persona?

    Or do men prefer a humble or minimal confidence exuded to reflex a shy personality?

    Which attitude do successful men prefer?

    • Anonymous says:

      Correct. SA successfully strangled the blog to death. But some of the frequent bloggers could be blamed for unnecessary bickering that rendered the blog literally useless anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      Above was in response to another comment.

      As far as persona…how about non-fake, confident, pleasant human being who is comfortable in her female skin?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      As a women confidence is your number one asset. If you don’t know/beleive you are the best why should he? The problem I notice the most is that most women don’t understand the difference between confidence and conceit.

      Confidence is not just about what you say. It’s about how you carry yourself and how you treat othrs. Being confident shouldn’t translate to you treating a SD as if he’s inferior or like you’re doing him a favor.

      The shy girl thing is only cute for so long before it gets boring and they lose interest. My advice is to be confident and secure in who you are. KNow your worth (no I’m not talking about $$$) Know what you bring to table and how you’d enhance his life and proceed to show him by your actions. I’m not saying pretend to be something you’re not if youLre shy or nerves about something it’s ok to show it. It’s endearing when it’s an occasional thing but not when you require constant confirmation that you’re not fat, stupid, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Confidence is man’s best asset as well. The more confidence a man has the less material resources he will have to engage to bed women.

  126. Cryptic Anomaly says:

    @Jay – Hey, how are you?? yeah I come back every so often, but the blog has been deaded.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      I’m doing well. The blog has been dead but it looks like it’s slowly reviving itself. A lot of new characters

  127. yogabba says:

    I was hoping someone could check out my profile and see what I could improve… fyi, I just recently rejoined.

  128. yogabba says:

    All SD check out my account. I haven’t been on the site for a while and looking to get back in on the dating…

  129. FedUpAnon says:

    I met an SB once, introduced her to family, friends, and colleagues. Then she appeared in a tabloid newspaper, a glossy magazine, a TV talk show, and to cap it all an SB calendar. I have never been so self conscious and paranoid, did anyone know?

    • Anonymous says:

      What caused you to introduce her to family and friends start off with?

    • FD fan says:

      That is why you should drop Taylor Swift and stop supporting her habit. Smh.

      No wonder you changed your name to “FedUpAnon” ..Bless you. Don’t you know she uses men and tosses them. Find a real with originality who doesn’t show up playing “repeat”with lame ass lyrics and songs. You deserve better and we are with you 100% to find a hotter chic than her scrawny self. #Fed Up Anon Fan.

    • FD fan says:

      @ Fed Up

      Its time to try Brittany Spears private show. Set Taylor on the shelf love. Try Fergie, Brittany, and any other momma that siezes the data.its time to have satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Tis’ the season for Christmas in July. Santa is around here somewhere. He is sweating with hid Margarita in the air.

      I see you Santa. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      I wanna have what you just had.

  130. Anonymous says:

    The above advice is way too much fuss for unmarried, not anywhere near enough for married.

  131. Anonymous says:

    I love it how they alternate articles about honesty and cheating on the blog. LOL!

  132. Anonymous says:

    Guess who?

  133. former SD says:

    sounds like a lot of work just to have a date I think I will pass if I have to do that

  134. s says:

    The advice applies the same, but it’s interesting that this article assumes only the Sugar Daddy values discretion, when in reality, the taboo makes it something both parties have a vested interest in.

  135. Jaybird923 says:

    Cryptic!! Catcher!! How are you guys? I check in periodically to see if things are back to normal. Nice to see some familiar names on the blog again.

    • .yougottabekiddingme says:

      Jaybird?? Couldn’t be!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        YGTBKM!!! It’s me. How are you? 3 old timers in one day. Maybe the tides have turned

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        Hey, Jay! 🙂

        All things swell, lady. Rash cleared up. Mojo on 10. Good to go 😀 . But, for some reason…Daddy won’t reply 🙁 . Talk about flaky.

        If only I played the saxophone.

        How are you??

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Lol Glad the rash cleared up. Sorry daddy’s being a flake, hopefully it’s temporary. I’m doing well new job… same SD…still very happy. Though I miss interacting with you guys. It kind of feels like when you graduate from high school and no longer see or hang out with the people you spent so much time with. 🙂

    • Catcher 22 says:

      Hello Jay! Nice to see you pop in with a post too? I miss you and many (not all) of the former regulars here.

  136. NC_HUSTLER says:

    I think come end of August, there will be an increased enrollment of coeds on SA seeking help with their school related expenses. Lucky SD’s who live in big cities and college towns.

  137. Magnus says:

    Keeping your sugar discrete and discreet are both advisable.

  138. Cryptic Anomaly says:


    • Catcher 22 says:

      @Cryptic. After not posting for six months, all you got to say for yourself, Mate, is “First” ? Very Clever.

      • Cryptic Anomaly says:

        Yep. I was rather pleased with myself. Haven’t been here a while, not exactly 6 months by the way. But anyway, saw the spot and grabbed it.