Sugar Dating discretion is a topic often discussed in the Sugar community. Discretion in Sugar relationships is very important for several reasons. Many people view mutually beneficial relationships as taboo and for that reason those involved in the lifestyle often choose to keep their involvement hidden. When entering a Sugar relationship it is paramount that both members understand the level of discretion that is expected.

There’s an app for that

If you are a Sugar Daddy who is married or in another serious relationship you will want to make sure you keep your communication with your Sugar Baby private and protected. Using a messaging app like Snapchat, which deletes messages after the recipient reads them, will keep your conversations with your Sugar Baby away from prying eyes.

If your Sugar Baby likes to send you photos download PhotoSafe. This app allows you to save those private photos in a password protected app. Remember if electronic privacy is of concern for you there are numerous apps to help ensure things that need to remain private can stay that way.

Keep your story straight

No matter how careful you are there is always a chance that you will run into someone you know when you are out and about with your Sugar Baby. Having a solid story prepared will protect you from having an awkward run in with colleagues or friends.

Your Sugar Baby should be involved with the creation of your back story so that she is also prepared if this situation occurs. There is no need for an elaborate tale, just something simple that makes sense and that you can both remember.

Location, location, location

Select locations for dates with your Sugar Baby very carefully. If you are married you will definitely want to avoid locations that your wife or other people in your circle frequent. If possible choose places in the next city over and pick smaller, more intimate settings so you can keep an eye on who is coming in and out. Splurge for a table in a private room to truly ensure privacy or plan a weekend rendezvous out of town so you can completely relax.

Keeping your Sugar discrete will allow you and your Sugar Baby to enjoy the best parts of being in a mutually beneficial relationship while leaving the stress behind.