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Sugar Key Terms
  • Posted Sep 9, 2016


Navigating the Sugar World can be complicated, especially for newbies. Similar to millennial jargon, this growing community has it’s own lingo. Often times these key terms will appear throughout the forums, in messages, blogs and conversations. Save yourself the headache and get caught up on these Sugar key terms.

SA: SeekingArrangement.com

SD – Sugar Daddy

SB – Sugar Baby

SBM – Sugar Baby Male

SBF – Sugar Baby Female

SM- Sugar Mommy

SR – Sugar Relationship

M&G – short for ‘Meet and greet’

POT – meaning, potential Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy

The Sugar Bowl: Sugar lifestyle / Sugar dating scene

Arrangement: Negotiated relationship

Platonic Relationship – No intimacy involved

NSA – ‘No strings attached’ is an arrangement where intimacy occurs, but you are not necessarily exclusive or in a relationship. NSA is simply an agreed upon condition that you will both check your emotions at the door, and not let them get involved with your arrangement.

Please note, there is no transaction occurring in an NSA relationship, just two people who have agreed to have a non-traditional relationship.

FWB: Stands for ‘friends with benefits’ indicating a casual, sexual relationship.

Allowance – a dollar amount given to a Sugar Baby by a benefactor. Usually intended for tuition, rent, bills and living expense.

Splenda – A Sugar Daddy who simply doesn’t have/or has exaggerated his economic status. He may be sweet and charming and the perfect gentleman, however, his finances, his professional life and his personal life are in disarray. Not a bad guy, just not ready for the financial commitment.

Salt Daddy/Mommy- The complete opposite of a Sugar Daddy/Mommy. A Salt Daddy is one who tries to impersonate a Sugar Daddy, but is broke and has no intention of picking up the bill, ever. He can neither afford, nor offer a Sugar Baby any benefits.
Did I miss any? Tell us which terms you would like to see defined in our next key terms blog

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174 Responses to “Sugar Key Terms”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What does the lock by the messages mean

  2. sugar baby says:

    What is SB then? I cliked a guy i liked and his preference says SB.

  3. Ashley burns says:

    Still really new. But I went on a m&g it went great. Afterwards he had me make 3 list. 1 expense 2 special high cost items 3 things to get within 90 days. We are going to do a 12 month agreement. So I sent him my list. He actually bumped up my expense a little so that i have more of a cushion. So what do I do know. We have a date Saturday and I’m wanting a new outfit to wear. Well he mentioned allowance is the first of the month each month. What do I do.

  4. Brhi says:

    What does minimal lifestyle mean? Like what does all the different lifestyles mean????

  5. Jan says:

    I am just wondering if a SD can choose not to show his last active date? Thanks

  6. Gabs_ says:

    Okay so I added a few more things to my bio, can someone check it out? Please tell me if its okay or correct me in my errors. This site is very interesting and I am new to this so I would greatly appreciate helpful tips in finding a SD. I have expanded my options on older guys so my options are pretty much open right now. Any help guys?

  7. Gabs_ says:

    Hey I would like if you guys would check my profile and see if that good enough. Also I need help in meeting a guy or at least getting a 20-30 year old guy’s attention. The only guy that is willing to help me is a 78 year old guy and I do not like or date older men.

  8. Anonymous says:

    this web is dead

  9. Barbara says:

    What do you do when you have a SD who seems interested then just disappears. I had a man write to me yesterday and ask when I could come meet him. Then today he post he forgot he has to be in my area today but then I hear nothing. Not about meeting, or anything we discussed.Why does one do this and how can I prevent it from happening again. It is frustrating and a waste of time. Any advice on how to not ctach and release?

    • Anonymous says:

      Quite unfortunately Barbara, this bad behavior seems to be very popular, called ghosting, and it happens to both men and women in this site based on what I read on the blog, and on the Internet. Some men and women do not seem to want to deal with any type of explanations, or drama, or whatever we want to call it, and seem to lack even the smallest sense of respect and common courtesy for the other person. I have had several SBs done that to me. We start what it looks like a good conversation going, sometimes we have even make plans to meet, and suddenly, they simply disappear. They stop answering messages, some read them, many do not. Sometimes we have even met on M&G, and things seemed to go fine, and then they ghost. No answering texts anymore, no answering messages, some of them even delete their profiles (just happened to me today actually). So is there a way to prevent this? Wouldn’t that be great? I think so, but apparently, not all people do, and they prefer this ghosting behavior instead. I even went into three dates with one SB, we made an arrangement, I gave her the allowance for two weeks, and she ghosted after that. I felt so baffled at her behavior. She deleted her profile. I am thinking she found someone better that is all.

      • R R says:

        I think that many go ghost because they fear reprisal for turning the other down. Most that I’ve turned down have taken it in stride and handle it well. Ghosting is almost sure to cause the other to get frustrated, angry, etc. So, who is more likely to try to retaliate? Ghosting to avoid conflict probably actually increases the chances of conflict, especially if phone #s, addresses, fin’l info etc. have already been exchanged. It is, basically, a stupid behaviour in most cases.

      • R R says:

        Further, many ghosts never had any intention of following through in the first place unless the “perfect deal” happens to fall into their laps. Face it: SA, for many SBs, SDs & SMs is more an entertainment than a matching site, so when the prospect of actually matching & meeting presents itself, they ghost because meeting isn’t really part of their program. This explains the high proportion of SBs who seek online, platonic or, at least, non-sexual relationships, too; dating, travel and sexual congress all demand time, effort and a degree of commitment, all things that come at a cost. “Nothing gained but nothing ventured” could be their motto.

      • anonymous says:

        Yeah, called someone who pays her for her time and actually is a decent human being compared to a faker. Wow, what a concept!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        To anonymous:
        you say she called someone who pays for her time, decent human and not a faker… did you read the part where I state
        “I gave her an allowance covering the next two weeks ($1,000), where was the indecency and the fakery in that?? After I gave her that she ghosted. Perhaps she found we wanted different things, but still, ghosting should not be a way to tell someone they are not interested.

      • Anon says:

        I just wanted some advice.
        I’m meeting an SD and we already discussed a monthly allowance. However, how do I bring up being given some sort of allowance on the first meeting. I don’t want to be scammed and would like to be given something on the day. I can’t really afford to wait until next month. If that never comes, then the meets will have been a waste of time and gained nothing from it?

      • Anonymous says:

        To Anon at 9:25am:
        As a SD, I see the allowance as a very important part of the arrangement. Clear communication, in my opinion, it is VITAL to the SR. In a first meeting, many SD might be reluctant to bring something but perhaps just a small gift to cover for gas and your time, but since there has not yet been any intimacy, not many are going to give you an allowance because of the possibility of been scammed. It has happened to me 3x already, so be mindful about that, and I know it goes both ways, but there has to be a compromise on both parties, and clear communication on that helps to reduce misunderstandings and frustrations.
        So tell him that you would like to go into the first meeting, but that you will appreciate if there is some portion of the allowance or something because you cannot wait until next month. Be honest, genuine, decent and clear about it, that is all. Then it up to him to offer something, or not, and decide from there. Do not be afraid, do not be unsure, do not be deceitful either, just be sure of yourself as to what are you looking for, what do you want (be realistic), and ask for it, and see how that works.

      • JudgeDread says:

        Trust assured i am handling people who ghost me with the same respect they gave me. All of sudden, protecting the other person goes out the window. If you are not decent enough to have an exit interview/conversation or at worst a dear john text…. Then dont be so arrogant to think attempts to just make sure you didnt Die are not on the table. If it means calling their work, wife, husband, landline, etc. I promise if more people force accountability this will save someone from going through the same thing later down the road.

    • Anonymous says:

      JudgeDread @ December 8, 2016 at 5:19 am.

      You sound unstable.

      Ladies, here is another reason not to share phone number or email before meeting. There are too many nutcase men.

  10. yogabba says:

    Cute sugar baby here… Check out my profile and let me know what y’all think.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why would anyone want a platonic relationship? lol I’m not a nun and neither is daddy!

  12. Anonymous says:

    what does “last active” mean on the SA site?

    • R R says:

      I’ve been able to piece together that “Last Active,” when it gives you an amount of hours, days or months, tells you when that person last logged out. Apparently, if that space says “Online” it means that the person has logged on but has not yet logged off. I will sometimes log on to read mail, then minimize the window and do something else; apparently the site still shows me as “Online” even though I haven’t glanced at the window for several hours. In fact, SBs have accused me of being a “lurker” b/c the site shows me as online “all day,” even if I just read an email or two and then didn’t bother to log off. How they would know that without being online all day or several times/day themselves is beyond me. Don’t know how the site treats it if, instead of actually logging off, you close the browser or shut off the computer. Mr./Ms. Moderator?

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a simple explanation for this: HTML is stateless. There is no way for the server to know if a user still has a window open or has closed it or has it open in the background. Now of course there are various ways, like with javascript, to implement different kinds of timeouts. Still, in general, unless a user logs out, it’s not at all straightforward to determine if someone is “online” or not.

  13. johnwilson says:

    Can you SD’s and SB’s tell me your opinions on a M/G “fee”?
    Isn’t a SD’s time as valuable as a SB’s?

    Since it’s most likely a 1 in 10 proposition of leading to a successful arrangement, I feel it’s nuts to request 5 bills!! Personally, I have no issues covering expenses, however what’s fair and reasonable for both parties?

    • Anonymous says:

      I can only respond with my personal experience as a SB.

      I attend a fair amount of meet and greets. About a third have arrived at the date with a trinket gift of chocolates, which I thought was very sweet. A handful have offered to gift or shop for something after (but same day) the M&G to express interest in meeting again. A couple times I was gifted the amount you refer to, even though I wasn’t what they were searching for. None of these gestures were solicited.

    • Guest says:

      If your M/G is for the purpose of determining if its the right fit for a long term arrangement with an ongoing allowance than no “Gift” is necessary. Just cover the cost of any activities at the M/G and no additional fees should be given.
      Let the SB show you they are sincere/ honest and reliable.
      Many women and men on hear are only seeking one time hook ups with no expectation of seeing each other again. Men who actually offer an ongoing allowance and consistency are in short supply. Let the SB show you they are serious about an ongoing arrangement and not just seeking a quick buck and disappear.

      Ive had 3 long term arrangements that lasted several years with a 5G monthly allowance at the start of each month.

      If she is telling you that investing an hour of her time with all expenses covered is not worth her time for a 5G monthly allowance than you know you have no basis for a long term arrangement and she will probably ghost after receiving her first monthly allowance.

      And Don’t buy the non sense that a real sugar daddy would not hesitate to drop $100 or $500 to show they are serious. Those that require that have absolutely NO INTENTION of seeing you again. Its called “Being a sucker!”

    • Rick says:

      My time is just at important as the SBs, so I don’t give M&G fees. On the other hand, if there are babysitter costs, significant gas or travel fees, I’m happy to reimburse for those. But this isn’t What’s Your Price.

      I think M&G fees perpetuate the entitled/princess attitude that we see with some SBs. And a simple question, if I can get a good fee just for meeting an SD, why would I ever bother to get in an arrangement. Just rinse SDs at M&Gs.

    • ZZZ says:

      If they ask for a M&G fee, block them.

    • immortal walker says:

      I speak only from my personal experience. I feel, as a gentleman, that if I provide a M&G fee, which I mention is gas money and a token of appreciation, and that I am serious about the possible arrangement. I give them $100 discreetly, so as to avoid perceiving it as a transaction. The meetings have lasted from one to two hours and have depended on the mutual chemistry we both can feel. If everything has gone fine, then we agree to a second meeting where I give her another $100 and tell her this is just protocol and not part of any allowance packet, I use the second meeting now to clearly discuss expectations on both sides, and what we are looking out of a relationship, what I offer, and what I seek. My time is as valuable as hers, but feel good about myself if I provide her with that gas money and then some.

      • Anon says:

        How do you suggest I go about approaching asking for a small fee at the first meeting?

      • ElisabethValRae says:

        Spoken like a true gentleman. However, it would be indiscreet of a SB to ask. Just my honest opinion. 🙂 Its a M&G. Behave.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fees are rude and show they’re pros. But a gift is a good way to show you’re interested. Even just some chocolates show you’re serious!

      • Anonymous says:

        No Anonymous, a fee request does not mean she is a pro. smh

        More often than not though, it probably means that they will scam you…from what I hear. However, many of us SB are fed up with the flakes and males that meet us for dinner, that are actually seeking a girlfriend, not a SB. So it’s tempting to request a meet fee first…just to ensure they are serious, and not wasting our time looking for a free girlfriend.

        Please lonely hearts, go back to POF, OKCupid, or Match.

      • jonwilson says:

        Personally, I have covered “expenses” in the past, and will continue doing so, however no longer will accept responsibility for a “fee”.

        Interestingly enough, the last couple of girls came around to my way of thinking. Everything worked out fine. However, I’ve missed out on a few dates as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fees are why POT SBs are here. otherwise we’re not going to give you companionship. If you keep acting entitled to our bodies for free, you will end up a shriveled wrinkly ornery miserable old man.

    • R R says:

      Nothing wrong w/ a SB asking for expenses; after all, one of most SB’s needs is $$, right? Almost seems unreasonable for a SD to turn that down. But a fee just for the pleasure of Meeting/Greeting the SB? SB is free to ask but SD is free to refuse, too. Doesn’t seem to me that there is any 100% right or 100% wrong way to do this. Can’t the situation influence the decision?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just a note to the SD’s out there… If an SB doesn’t want to have sex with you, it’s because the thought repulses them. The SB’s ability to determine that before it gets to that stage is their problem, and totally tied to their level of desperation/need. If you are a legit SD and able to provide an allowance your SB is happy with, and she balks when it comes to sex, then you sir need to stop pursuing an SB who would otherwise not touch you with a yardstick. Attraction is key if you are truly looking for an arrangement and not a sex worker.

    • yougottabekiddingme says:


    • immortal walker says:

      Communication is key here. In this blog, the advice I have read is the first date is to see if there is mutual attraction some level of compatibility, things to talk about, to see if she likes you and you like her. I always provide some small token of appreciation for her time. If things went well, then a second date is set. It is in this second date that I begin to more clearly talk about what exactly I am looking for, and what I am bringing to the table. I lay down my cards, and ask her if this is something she would welcome. I make emphasis on the things I am expecting like sex and see how she reacts. If she dislikes the idea, it makes no sense to try to “convince” her. One should not be begging for someone to like you, or love you. Politely thank her for her time, and we depart in friendly terms. If she welcomes the idea, then it is in this last portion of this date where I start the allowance discussion, and what I have available. This may again be a deal breaker for some SBs who want an allowance I cannot afford. I clearly state what I can do, and again, if she disagrees, we depart ways. If she agrees, then the next date is at a hotel, and then lunch or dinner. It is important to see if there is also sexual compatibility.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Just a note to the Sugar Babies out there: If a sugar daddy does not respond to your cut and paste opening message with an offer to shower you with money for just your company, it’s because you are not interesting or attractive in any way.

    • ZZZ says:

      Wait, it’s ugly SDs fault that you can’t land a hot SD?

      If the SD is ugly, block them.

      • Anonymous says:

        A hot, legit SD is the holy grail obviously. Physical attractiveness isn’t required in order to be an SD, and as a result, most aren’t. But the most distressing SD is one who wants to be sexually desirable and have that confirmed when they simply aren’t. They want to believe that young, hot girls actually want sex with them. It would do them better to be more realistic and just own the fact that the SB is in it for the money, mostly.

      • ZZZ says:

        Thanks for your perspective.

      • EyesOnU says:

        Yeah, I think as well that a young, handsome wealthy man will not be around this kind of websites. They can simply go out and get whoever they want by themselves, and probably for free.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ December 8, 2016 at 5:19 am

        You obviously don’t include yourself. No. Free nookie for you!

  15. Daddys Secret says:

    What do we call sugar babies who have fetishes for doing anything daddy says?

  16. R R says:

    “MBR?” Saw this on a woman’s profile, not explained anywhere therein. Messaged her to ask what it means. Got no reply. Am I the only SD who DOESN’T know what MBR means? She seems to assume everybody knows what she’s talking about. Meaningful B_______ Relationship?

    Anybody know?

  17. anonymous says:

    I have a good one for you. Guy you work with takes you out daily for lunch for 2 weeks. Then, he stands you up on ALL of his promises bc you call him while he is playing his xbox games and has told the whole company more than he has told you about it his life and they rub it in your face and then he goes ghost. The. You guys are asking why women want a sugar daddy? There is your answer.

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      actually i just want a SD so i can get a decent car to have access to better jobs so i can move back to virginia so i can finish school and start my career.

      i dont want to be in a relationship, but i love sex and need money.
      but you do you boo =D

      • anonymously says:

        Who doesn’t love sex? Really?

        Sex is sex.
        If that is all your aiming for there pumpkin.

        Making love and getting to know someone intimately, called “information” and taking your time to slowly undress them as they are the “party” and it not being whitish but actually relaxing and a continued lovers lair. That is a level that most never conquer. They are stuck not being able to pass level one of the Xbox game. I wrote the above statement about the man on the Xbox. I know how to clear levels. He made me think he was gay as hell. Or,
        I should become gay,
        Or he has a twin, or he was bored and has a “them”…that was the point, precious. 🙂

    • anonymously says:

      Hello ding dong below. Was there ever a reference to my text that I too do not desire sex? No.

      Did you see me buckle or blaspheme the person on regards to sexual physique or inquiry? No.

      My ONLY complaints were… People I worked with spouted vile to me. And most likely him. Who knows or cares. But, I had an earful. Waited for him to fullfil his words, dude went ghost and never showed.

      He would of had a live wire until he said; “baby please turn it off,
      I am spent”. I don’t think half of you have had Good SB’s. Just like I don’t doubt half the good SF’s have no clue what a lady looks like. She is not the first to bed you (unless she has celebrant for some time) and if that is the case. At least KNOW what you men are dealing with and be ecstatic that the woman is not easy. Instead of acting like women throw themselves at anything. I don’t. But when i do, it’s like a cancer cause. It’s for a reason. It dang sure at nothing that thinks it smokin by combustion already.

      Let’s call real.
      Real. And.
      Let’s call fake, fake. I want real, don’t care if he is 300 pounds. If that is my real and he loves me to pieces and is good to me. Then..sealed is the deal, that is my real. Just an example (not my present truth), but to show an example that love or a sliver of love/appreciation, trumps money, errrr’ day. Errrrr’ day, baby.

  18. Anonomnomnom says:

    y’all, i dont message first. my profile is pretty detailed for you to assess if you want to go through the trouble to get to know me and eventually bang me.

    but i am also unmotivated to because (at least here in Illinois) most are ghosts and flakes. But i am also getting favorited a lot, should i respond to those at all?

    • anonymous says:

      One more gin’ dude. Either get rolling on one of five up. Your lame excuses…I am picky as I don’t even know what, man. But, I don’t sit and b-itch about anything. I may lament. But that’s it. Once it gone, go find another to either get on top of or get under. Stop your whiny crap.

    • anonymously says:

      Pretend. vanilla ice, ice baby is playing in the background. I am no longer impressed by the duress of the men, nor women.

      If you can’t be real, hug a street corner shrug, for your cop and feel. This here is real at best as I can tell, for my beating heart aches.

      If you want a pound, then go underground, and I’ll call you a flake.

      I take my heart real, with each step that I feel, awaiting it to beat. The day she stepped to me, she set me free, and my life is an escape…this love is not a fake.

      Cut the track, peep the hook, come find my hand to hold, as You will know me by my look.

  19. Anonymous says:

    There was no hello. No hi…

    SB: I’m 26 single also knows my worth I’m on here wanting find a guy for me

    SD: You are cracking me up. Did you just got done watching Oprah reruns? LOL


  20. Anonymous says:

    I have had a couple of SB’s who I started on a per occurrence basis and then when I switched to a monthly allowance they disappeared. In the future the monthly allowance will go out in weekly increments via bill pay or PayPal to either their bank or their debit card. I know I have “SUCKER” written on my forehead but can every woman read it?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sugar Digger A sugar baby who want money but does not want to give the intimacy pronised for the allowance

  22. FedUpAnon says:

    Rinser mind tricks: I haven’t met anyone yet but people have ask me for lunch/dinner dates in exchange of an allowance and spending time with them.

  23. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    For someone that is using the site correctly and is not going against the terms and conditions

    • ZZZ says:

      I found a daddy that is using the site correctly. He blindfolds me and puts Elmer’s glue on my feet. He is not one of those perverts that is going against the terms and conditions. -SugarBimbo-

      • anonymous says:


        That means he has her a$$ he’d because he issuing pipe so good, she could t walk away if she tried.

        MANY..wait, did I say many already? I tell you MANY SD’s would prosper here if they honed in and Up’d their own limp game. There are less SD’s not because of money but because they are entitled pricks that don’t get it.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s just like saying you’re buying a glass bowl to smoke tobacco out of…

    • anonymous says:

      If u used it corrects, your ads would be begging for more of what you could have. Stop your pitty party. It’s old as fuck dude. Either get it or get good at it. Stop the excuses already. You are hurting the clientele in the long wrong-you jaded soul. Move on. Or call her.

    • Cali says:

      I could not agree more. It should not be so difficult to meet and see if you have something. This thing of texting forever is killing me. You cannot tell by a text if you have chemistry. And why be on this site if you are not open to having sex. What do you think these men are looking for? But sex without sensuality and intimacy is just sex. I prefer all three. And for the men who are married I believe they want all three as well. Obviously they are not being treated right at home.

  24. sd with open eyes says:

    Looks like the sugar bowl is empty in my neck of the woods. I did a search of everyone in a 50 mile radius without restrictions for my preferences. There where only 150 sugar babies how had logged in the the last month. Filtered for my preferences, less than 50. That’s a pretty pitiful pool.

    • Anonymous says:

      2 different Midwest larger cities with a 100 mile search pictures only, slim, athletic, average filter. The 2 Featured / premium gals headlines last activity… 3 months, 7 months ; other site 2 weeks, 1 month. I’m waiting till Christmas for a reply. Between messages not read, read and not answered, 2 messages and vanish… it’s 10 to 15% leading to a phone conversation, 5 to 10% actual first date. Second date potential? 5%. 1 in 20 detailed sincere messages leads to a second date, and that upon careful selection to begin. I signed up one year ago thinking SA was a premier site to meet women and I’m wading thru a cesspool.

      • Cali says:

        Is it really that bad. Are you looking for young girls. Can I ask a question? I am older but I think I am pretty and have a good figure. I know me so I can say I know I am very nice to be with. I would like an honest opinion. Can you look me up and tell me if I am crazy. It seems follow thru on this site is, in fact, difficult to find. Then I am reading some of these post and I am wondering did these ladies ever learn to speak proper English. And are you just looking for sea or are you looking for, what I believe most SD are looking for, sensuality,physical intimacy(which is different than sex) and sex?


      • sd with open eyes says:

        Cali, people cannot look you up unless you give an approximate location.

    • ZZZ says:

      Here, 19 out of 20 women fall into: want free stuff, unfriendly, or shady. I’m curious what the SB’s have to deal with.

      • Anonymous says:

        Guys who ghost on women and then get upset when it happens to them. Communication is key.

      • I'm done says:

        They get guys they mostly not attracted to. Have to touch and tounge them sometimes. Spend extra time, if threatened there won’t be a next time. Some may have to scam some may show they true feelings when around the person even if they want to hide it. It happens. Not like they all get the hottest guy and the perfect arrangement.

      • anon says:

        worst as a SB is CLEARLY stating boundaries and expectations MULTIPLE times, then having them broken during m&g

    • Anonymous says:

      They blocked you.

      • Anonymous says:

        No kidding, Sherlock. I was a bit slower to the obvious, Captain. I thank you for pointing out such facts once again. 🙂

      • sd with open eyes says:

        I wish that was true, but I think that you are giving sugar babies too much credit for effort.

      • Anonymous says:

        @eyes open.

        No, just stating what I would do “eyes open”.

        But, I DO give them more credit than you.

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      about the same for me looking for SDs.

      i can’t wait to leave this state. I need to be closer to DC *cries in beautiful SB*

      • Anonymous says:

        No kidding, for the SB. Who wants DC-Direct Current?, when AC-Alternating Current is available? Not I. It is only powerful and honorable when it flows both ways.

        There in lies the problem, Dr. Who. There in, indeed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why DC?

      • Anonymous says:

        I want to go to DC too. What state are you in?

      • Anonomnomnom says:

        i am in IL. I had way better luck in Virginia. Plus i am trying to go back there to finish school. i should have just stay when things got bad. ugh but i thought going home to my country ass town would help me. lesson learned, never go back home.

  25. FedUpAnon says:

    Before the last upgrade, most profiles did not have photos. Now when I search with the photos box unticked there are virtually no profiles without photos. What’s happening?

  26. FedUpAnon says:

    I would like to spend time with someone who has a good since of humor, humble, outgoing, spiritually connected with God, someone who knows what its like to go through a storm and have a testimony and a praise, trusting and believing in God is challenging but not impossible. I want to be connected with someone who has a relationship with the lord, “how can two walk together if they don’t agree”

    • Anonymous says:

      Is the above your thoughts @fedup or someone else’s?

    • ZZZ says:

      I read the bible but never noticed that they capitalize the word Lord. Because it’s a really uncommon word.

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      silly SB, god isn’t real.

    • PrincessJ says:

      “Keep it classy” is one of those chicks.

    • Sophisticated Beauty says:

      I too look for spiritual people on this site. If you are more religious than spiritual it is kind of a contradiction in terms.
      But I look for spiritual people as I believe in sharing unconditional love. When you have this you can find attraction in almost everyone unless they are an egomaniac.
      But when looking for this you cut down the amount of women who will fit for you. But your quality of women goes up.

      Sophisticated Beauty

  27. Anonymous says:

    We need also some SR negotiation etiquette. All I find on the Internet is advice for the SB telling them, the SD is a ‘mark’ who has a lot of money but he will try to low-ball the SB. Don’t let him do that, you are selling your time and companionship. Ask for all the things that you need and then some; if he is serious, he will know you are worth it and give it to you. If he does not offer you what you want in terms of money, then walk away, look for your whale… Seriously?
    Many SDs have previous responsibilities, they may be raising children, plus living expenses, car payments, mortgage, etc., so there have to have a budget for this type of arrangement. An understanding of that fact is crucial. He cannot offer and should not offer what he cannot deliver. Additionally, some SD are seeking a deeper romantic relationship, where there just happen to be an allowance is present, and there are some SBs who are also looking for a romantic LTR too with an allowance as part of the relationship. So a clear, transparent and open communication from the start is needed to reduce misunderstandings, and even then, there will be some SBs scammers.

  28. Anonomnomnom says:

    when an SD says he’s looking for an intelligent woman: he means someone who knows how to count.

  29. FedUpAnon says:

    I haven’t come across anyone genuine as of yet, just a bunch of time wasters.

  30. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    This is a long shot but i’m just looking for someone to buy me sex toys from a wishlist. The idea of using something you bought me turns me on so much more and i’m hoping to find someone who can also get off on the thought of all my orgasms coming from them… 😉

  31. KrazyJayJay says:

    new SBF hi am learning so much the key to also any type of relationship never shag the guy before any arrangement (before you two decide if you into a committed relationship or providing allowances)

  32. Anonymous says:

    I want non alcoholic. I want it sized to standard or above grade and when I peer on the perfect Speciman. Hells yeah, it is called “cock locked”, but it is still one I move slow on and feel like a retard for wanting something “real” and not a “flash in the plan”, for real. I think we all might semi-sort-of, feel the sme. At least, I always pretend we do.

  33. Anonymous says:

    @ fed up

    Yes, we need the PC crap. I have no other way to communicate with you after you blocked my number and don’t call me anymore…Hello, duhhhhh 🙂
    I have much love my man…being Josh back. Like the cool Josh that makes me want to be a better SB on all senses of the words. I know he is around here somewhere,

  34. Anonymous says:

    We ALL have our flaws, right? It is those who find our intricacies after all the BS is set aside that activates motion that draws our attention…ok, at least mine. I am picky, I am not hard pressed. But, that picky man that lights my fire…shoowee…is a flame I don’t want to ever be exhausted and from what I have seen…Yeah, anyone can screw another. That is effortless. The one who can make love to another in conversation and physical form…Yep, I will bank the house on that person and won’t fret about the outcome. Why? They have my respect. And…it doesn’t come quickly. I hate patience and patience is not my friend….and I have screwed up enough for a lifetime…but, when you find them…hold on tight for the awesome ride.

  35. Fisherman says:

    SBF…please. Do we really need this PC crap?

    • Fisherman says:

      My point is: There is nothing wrong with people wanting wine that has no alcohol. Just come to a store and ask for it.
      What I have a problem with, is making people go into a store and asking for “alcohol-containing wine” because it is politically correct to think that 0.000001% of people want a “non-alcoholic”.
      That is it, not such a big deal.

    • Fisherman says:

      All I tried to say: If you want a non-alcoholic wine, ask for it.
      Do not make all of us say “Can I please have wine with alcohol?”

      • Anonymous says:

        For English, press 2.

      • Fisherman says:


      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Means when generalization covers the majority, relatively speaking of sugar, then why bother with full spectrum abbreviations to satisfy or distinguish the minority.

        i.e…why not just assume that SB refers to a female unless contextually or otherwise depicted.

        My thoughts…might make sense to those who fall within the majority, and perhaps those who only take interest in the majority. Others might appreciate more inclusive lingo.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      What if the SBF is just a bloke in a dress? Which it frequently is.

  36. yougottabekiddingme says:

    Oh lord…you mentioned salt daddy. Better mention rinsers before the blog passes a cow through its urethra.

  37. FedUpAnon says:

    Why do women that you have viewed and passed on email with private photo requests? Are they not allowed to email?

  38. LOL says:

    There is no such thing as a male looking for a platonic sugar baby. We all want sex. Some are just more upfront about it than others.

    • anon again says:

      Lol, you have to pay for it on marriage to a WAG scale
      Personally, I despise geriatric losers who quote on the basis of minimal divided by the shags they want but do not get off a spouse who holds their bank account by their nonexistent balls, so the freaks dare ask bdsm for like pro rata derisory shit 😀 😀 I’d sever your balls and boil them to save the bunny 😀 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      I second that! Platonic arrangements only exist in the mind of Delusional SB Hustlers (not very catchy but it should probably be on the list).

  39. FedUpAnon says:

    An email:I’m finding it a nightmare had really bad experiences to be honest some guy has put me in to serious problems he said he would loan me £140 to get my car fixed and said take it to the garage and he would put the money in my account so I took it got it fixed and he blocked me and now my cars stuck in there lol it’s just mad

  40. FedUpAnon says:

    NSA also means no sex allowed apparently 😉

    • anon again says:

      Too right, no half net assets (as in good net assets) = no sex, sounds fair to me lol … attendance of dinners is BORING

  41. FedUpAnon says:

    I’m finding it a nightmare had really bad experiences to be honest some guy has put me in to serious problems he said he would loan me £140 to get my car fixed and said take it to the garage and he would put the money in my account so I took it got it fixed and he blocked me and now my cars stuck in there lol it’s just mad

    • anon again says:

      DO NOT EVER SHAG THE SHIT BEFORE GOOD GIFTS, soz, if you are kinda simple they’d give you a bouncey cheque too as I hear.

      • anon again says:

        Let showy or scaredy shits go… never ever think they give you more if make yourself into a carpet to walk on … you’d get used at minimum wage rates and a smart person can do better than that without bdsm vomit 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        And for SDs, don’t ever pay before you shag. The first date is always a Mexican standoff to see who blinks first! If the girl is a “Real SB”, the compromise is to shag and get the cash straight after on the same day before she leaves. Anything else leaves both open to being played.

    • Reality says:

      The guy did not “put” you in a serious problem. Rather, it is your own doing. You HAVE to learn how to earn and manage money. Don’t blaime the guy for this. I’m not trying to depress you, but just trying to say: stand up for yourself. If you are a SB, acting like a welfare recipient, you will never have any real security, nor command much respect.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Salt Daddy strikes!

    • Anonymous says:

      A true SB is a woman who has herself together and who wants a man to add to her life in only a positive manner…not a woman who needs a man to bail them out because they haven’t managed to save $200 over the course of their life…

    • ZZZ says:

      I locked my keys in the car. My boyfriend has been stuck in there for a week. Can you send £140, daddy?

    • Anonymous says:

      Salt Daddy strikes again!!!!