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Getting Started on SA For Sugar Daddies
  • Posted Sep 21, 2016


Welcome to the world’s premier Sugar Daddy dating site, gentlemen! If you have just joined the community, below are some tips for getting started on SA for Sugar Daddies.

Completing Your Profile

There are 10 Sugar Babies to every one Sugar Daddy, so you’re going to be a hot commodity. To cut down on the influx of messages, clearly state in the ‘What I’m looking For’ section your requirements and expectations for an arrangement. If you do not want a platonic relationship, if you do not want a student, if you do not want an out of town Sugar Baby, if you aren’t comfortable with providing an allowance but prefer gifts, clearly state this. It will increase your chances of connecting with a Sugar Baby who is already on the same page.

Additionally, there will be a status bar at the top of your screen indicating the percentage of completion. If you complete your profile within the first 24 hours of signing up, you will receive a complimentary Attract boost!

Determining An Allowance

You are NOT required to provide a weekly or monthly allowance. Many Sugar Daddies opt for gifts, covering rent or bills, or treating their SB to fine dining and vacations. However, if you are comfortable providing a cash allowance to your SB, here are few things to factor in when determining the allowance amount:

  • How often do you expect to meet?
    • The more frequent your dates, the more you should offer. She’s rearranging her schedule to accommodate yours.
  • Do you expect her to travel?
    • This requires her to have a flexible schedule with the ability to take time off from work and school. Reward her.
  • Do you expect exclusivity?
    • It’s possible for both SBs and SDs to have multiple arrangements simultaneously. If you expect her to be exclusive, that limits her allowance earning potential, so keep that in mind.
  • Are you interested in long-term?
    • This requires commitment on both ends.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you should be generous with the allowance.

Setting Boundaries

All members of SeekingArrangement require certain relationship expectations and boundaries. The beauty of an arrangement is that you are expected to voice these requirements beforehand. Do you have friends or family who would frown upon this lifestyle? Then make it clear when and how you prefer to be contacted. Many SBs are well-versed on discretion tactics and understand that you may not always be available. She’ll respect your wishes.

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525 Responses to “Getting Started on SA For Sugar Daddies”

  1. kensush says:

    SD IN 40’S ,graduate and ceo..someone to get money without sex being involved is also fineSuits those who need quick cash occassional arrangements.colleage student athletic ,slim model someone who just started work.,fit good looking experienced ,dates and dinners.part time and pay per meet.humourous and considerate steps to physical intimacy mutually agreeable

  2. Medellin says:

    So almost everyone has message me about how they want to get to know me first with no arrangements. As soon as I mention an arrangement they get offended. It seems like everyone here just want to have a free girlfriend with benefits

  3. Florence says:

    I need a sweet daddy who can give me a working capital to start a business

  4. Losted says:

    I was on this account and got no where I feel like half of the men on here r looking for a relationships and no for arrangements, and the ones I come across just want sex or long term thing to get married and that’s not what I want or they r not who they say they are looks wise with no money nor do they want to give it up as to what they say in there profiles, so I’m confused maybe I’m. Not wording what I want rt or the guys on here only want younger girls and not women of my age I don’t look my age at all, or is my race I’m so confused I deleted my account because I feel there not serious on here if I message just respond back and say yes or no don’t ignore me that’s so rude ya I guess I’m just going to look into be coming a stripper that way I know I might make more money and I don’t have to work that hard, I’m honest so ya

    • Ana says:

      Omg yes, I totally agree! Most men are looking for free girlfriends or escort without an arrangement. As soon as you mention the arrangement they get offended and start telling you they don’t want someone who wants them for their money. Wtf they only want the boyfriend girlfriend benefits without an arraignment

  5. Anonymous says:

    But a need for me to carry on with studies, and my art and music., i hope this is a gay website (dont you hate labels?) Any way, like i said ….I dont need any money ,just making each other happy is the goal ,well usuaslly isnt that what its all about?

  6. RobertInCT says:

    Can someone explain to me why some SB’s never respond after an initial exchange of a few messages? There is initially a positive response to the suggestion of meeting to gauge the chemistry (always in a safe, public place of course). But then they go radio silent. I tell them that even if they changed their mind, the courtesy of a reply is appreciated. What gives? Are young women really that devoid of basic manners?

    • Anonymous says:

      i find that happens all the time never understood why

    • Anonymous says:

      Offers to meet for coffee cause me to change my mind about meeting.

      • Anonymous says:

        well you can suggest something different if that doesn’t appeal to you

      • alternatedating says:

        What’s your best alternative to coffee?

        I’m fine with a nice lunch or dinner but find that dinner or drinks is interpreted to mean I expect you to come home with me tonight.

      • RobertInCT says:

        “Offers to meet for coffee cause me to change my mind about meeting.”

        Changing her mind I get. What I don’t get is not responding at all.

      • alternatedating says:

        So … what do you prefer to being invited for coffee? Personally, if I’ve screened and have a good sense we seem pretty compatible, I’d rather have a nice lunch or dinner but dinner often gets taken out of context.

    • Dazed-SD says:

      @robert, short answer, Yes !!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello!! Sugar-daddy seeks a sincere and honest babe. Text me on here. +13237612834

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have a sugar daddy wanting to give me a weekly allowance buts wants my online account info so he can set it up. He wants a platonic relationship and we’ve only text but I’m a newbie at this and he says this kind of thing happens all the time. Personally I don’t trust it anyone else? Oh and his account is no longer on here either sounds to good to be true.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like the classic SA scammer. Men like that deserve to be dropped, popped, and rolled.

    • anom says:

      There has been good advice given along the lines of get a pre-paid credit card he can refill from his own account; or set up a new account, preferably in your name, but I think joint is better. Be safe. Don’t ask for your SD’s banking info, either. Yes, scammers follow dreamers. Mutual respect, fairness, or what is this?

    • EyesOnU says:

      Don’t trust him. That is a s.cam. Real SDs will go with paypal/venmo/similar service transfers -never as payment to a vendor. From the bank info, the only thing he would really need is the account number and the bank’s routing number. Anything else is unnecessary.

    • Latin SB says:

      He only needs the acct number and routing number. Anything else is a flag. Especially if the profile here is deactivated. Real sugar daddies will go with paypal/venmo/similar services and send money as transfers, never as payment to someone.

    • RobertInCT says:

      Never give a SD (or a SB) your banking information.

  9. Rayne says:

    Hey guys. I’m a college sugar baby here, and figured I’d offer my perspective after reading the “Oh woes me” comments.

    First, it’s not That difficult to get a girl’s attention on here. Frankly, just don’t be boring and generic as hell and you’re already beating 95% of the messages we get. Be as specific as possible in your message about what you want, how often, the kinds of places you’d like to take her to or activities, allowance range, etc. Compliment her, but not to a creepy degree, and also not to a degree where she feels like she has all the power. Tell her about your sugar experiences and ask her about hers. Plan a date. Sparks fly, yada yada.

    And if she doesn’t reply, calm down because there’s plenty of girls on the site and you’ll find the right one.

    Second, don’t be outraged if a girl asks about money or allowance outright. Because there are so many guys who are playing girls here, or expect to give a hundred bucks and call themselves generous. It’s pretty important to make sure you are on the same page, similar expectations, etc. Otherwise there goes a whole lot of time wasted.

    Be nice, polite, generous, and honest, and hopefully you’ll attract a girl who’s the same. But some girls on here are just looking for quick cash or have some sob story ready, so be prepared.

  10. Man in Japan says:

    Several months ago there was a survey by SA asking men how much they paid/invested on their SBs. Whether as an allowance or per meeting. I have asked about the results of the survey, and am still waiting for an answer… SO I ask here, gentlemen, how much do you give your SB? As an allowance or per meeting? The reason I ask is be able to calibrate myself to the environment.
    I’ll start off: I live in Japan, so my arrangement has usually been per full day meet (no sex) @ about $250 per day, but beyond 3 days $200/day.
    Am I paying too much? Too little?

  11. Mark says:

    Is there a limit to the number of messages than can be sent in any short period ?

    • anom says:

      There has been in the past. Moderation changes over time, as do (some) of the names. Language, links, frequency, email seem to be factors. Wait times vary.

  12. AnonymousSD says:

    For the most part SA can be rather frustrating, and reminds me of what online dating sites became very quickly. As a guy, if you ever try an online dating site, there’s 10,000 other guys all emailing the same female. Not only do you have to be better than those other guys to get that female’s attention, but you are also up against other guys that lie about themselves, make claims they are millionaires, more photogenic, etc. They steal the girl’s attention away with lies. So unless you want to go meet a fat degenerate whale, it’s impossible to meet any kind of girl that’s at least average looking. SA starting to become more like a regular dating site now where tons of guys are joining and email blasting any attractive girl on there.

    With SA there are a lot of ‘sex-obsessed’ lying scumbag types of guys that are flocking to the site and flat out lying about themselves and sending messages to girls to make it seem like they are a big successful guy that has all kinds of sugar to sprinkle on them over time. The dumb girls go and meet these guys and end up giving the scumbag “favors” just for a lousy dinner (because she thinks there will be more to come later), then the guy splits and doesn’t talk to them anymore. Then the sugar baby goes back onto SA to complain about how no guys are real and blah blah. I even heard of one idiot female on SA that had “trial sex” with a guy claiming to be a millionaire that wanted to just see how she was in bed before he spent money on her. The guy was no millionaire and had no money to give. So after having sex, he simply told her he wasn’t interested and ended getting sex for free. That’s how stupid these girls are. Of course, when you email them with legitimate offers, they ignore ya. Then the same process starts all over again with them getting 200 emails a day from every loser around. Sure there are always some success stories, and if you put a LOT of time and work into it, you might get to meet somebody.

    Whether it be online dating, sugar baby sites, etc….today in 2016, those sites are mainly filled with females that are on the lower end of the IQ spectrum with no common sense and mostly douchebag guys on the other end that in reality have nothing to offer but completely lie about themselves.

    After all the hard work I put into it, and over a years time, I have made a couple friends off that site to hangout with every now and then if I want. Unfortunately, there are females using SA that are downright escorts. I’ve had two girls I’ve connected with in the past, that when we decided to meet up, they invited me to a hotel room they were staying. I declined because it was obvious they were escorts. Of course they always have some fake hardship story about why they are really staying in a hotel room, when in reality they are just “backpage” types of females. So there’s lot of those types of females as well on there as well to weed through and waste time communicating with.

    • Ummm… Not my experience, but I hear what you are saying.

      I have been a sugar daddy for ten years, and I am usually seeing several women at any given time. Let me put a different face on this.

      Yes, SA attracts naive, innocent women routinely. Likewise men that are fakes, flakes and wanna-be’s that take advantage of the newbies.

      Women of any age are not stupid. They quickly go from naive to, well, something – shocked, disheartened, jaded, pissed – something. Next they consider their options which include:

      1. Flee. Turnover in the first month is huge.
      2. Research. Forums, blogs, etc. There are dozens if not hundreds of places for sugar babies to congregate (and so far as I know, zero places for men.)
      3. Make a conscious decision to exit, which is different from fleeing.
      4. Get serious, and realistic, about finding a sugar daddy.

      So, put yourself in the shoes of a woman who is still active after two months. What is her experience?

      Is her inbox stuffed with trash? Yes, but not as much as in the first few weeks. She is suspicious of any email, but an email might get her to look at your profile. However, when she does, she reads it steeped in skepticism. Experience tells her that any guy that emails her is a desperate loser or scam artist.

      Her dilemma boils down to this. She knows there are good ones out there, but they are exceedingly hard to find. You can read any blog and hear the screams of frustration.

      Further, she knows that real sugar daddies have the following characteristics:

      1. They are scarce. After all, the 1% means 1 out of 100.
      2. They are not fakes, flakes, or wanna-be’s, and they know it.
      3. They have done this before. (Sure, I was a newbie once, 10 years ago.)
      4. They already have women in their lives.

      It follows that she is in competition with women trying to get in the door.

      She also concludes that the wanna-be’s might not be so bad. These are the 5%. The 5% have a shot in her in-box.

      But the 1% will never email her, and after a while she concludes that the only way to find one is if she does contacts him.

      Which is why I never send an email. In my profile I make the following points crystal clear. Long time sugar daddy. Have several women in my life. Gentleman. Know what I am NOT looking for (and then I list show stoppers), and know what I AM looking for (and I list that). Don’t want to waste her time or mine. If she is interested, she must contact me.

      When my profile is active, I get a steady trickle of contacts. But I only open my profile when one of my current lovers finds a boyfriend.

      In the interest of full disclosure, I am in my 60’s, very fit, good looking, and an experienced lover. I say this not to boast, but because women tell me it matters. (We discuss their other SD’s routinely. They can’t help it, and I am a good listener.) Think of yourself as a fashion accessory. When you are in public with her, she wants every woman she passes to admire her. If you look like a slug, she will eventually dump you, because she cannot stand other women thinking, “he must be rich, so she must be a golddigger.” Several of my lovers have dumped wealthy men because they just couldn’t stand him anymore. Although witty is worth 30 pounds, and good in bed is worth 40. So if you are male, and in the 1%, be worthy and the worthy will seek you out.

    • EyesOnU says:

      Completely agree with you. Exactly what I have noticed about the site lately. Men too young to have achieved any kind of success that may help them be legit SDs, contacting girls just for the sake of eating fresh meat that day and then bye bye. Even when you find a guy that actually gives the girl any kind of sugar, she ends up worrying about her well being and health because it turns out the guy lied about being exclusive… Also, there are guys that have struck me as human traffickers given the kind of offers they come with out of nowhere. So yes, I see your point. SA should have better controls, or make the background checks compulsory when they pay their membership, for example.

  13. Labelle8989 says:

    Hey everyone I am new on here. 27 soon to be 28 year old medical assistant as well as single mother. i am seeking a like minded, compatible wealthy man to talk to. My husband went to prison about a year ago and I have had to suddenly and abruptly change mine and my childs entire life. I went from being the stay at home house wife to a full time employee out on my own with my child and all the responsibilities of handling and paying for a home and everything else on my own without any warning or time to prepare. (If there was a way to prepare that is) I need a friend. Someone to talk to. Someone to confide in that I can trust. Someone that will also be kind and caring enough to help me be able to succeed for my child so one day I myself will be able to do this on my own. I just cant seem to get anywhere except behind. I work in a line of work where I save lives daily and I help ones that wouldnt be able to survive without my assistance. I am a kind hearted person. I just want for once to be able to enjoy something out of my life and let my little one enjoy her life instead of always struggling and stressing and barely scraping by.

  14. virgz says:

    Please help I’m new here,
    I can’t read the reply of the girls even though they have message on me.
    What I mean is our conversation, it said that I should upgrade to premium but honestly I have no budget for that. I thought this app is for free?
    Hoping for your help thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot read or communicate with anyone until you become a premium member. So you cannot do anything except blog. If you cannot afford the monthly fee, you will not find anyone.
      Lunch or dinner to meet each person will cost more than the monthly fee. So you obviously couldn’t afford an arrangement on top of that, if you cannot afford a premium membership.

      POF is free though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait… you don’t have the budget to spend $50 a month on a premium account, and yet you think you can be a sugar daddy? You are on the wrong site, buddy.

      • blondebombshell says:

        haha I am a sugarbaby reading this article and that is exactly what i thought. Get off this site

      • Anonymous says:

        This is not even well thought out. If someone wants to make sure they are spending money on something worthwhile why not have a time period to see if the site is hype or legit. Drop 80$ for a bunch of fake broads?? Cmon this site doesn’t offer much more than every other site out there.

    • Paige Chaney says:

      Im with you. FALSE ADVERTISING is such a turm off..

  15. jenn says:

    how lond does it take for the acount to be verified? i wanna get started already lol

    • Latin SB says:

      Mine took like 12 hours about 2 months ago. Check your mail, and spam folders, they will send an email when it is approved.

  16. Sharanna says:

    Hi, I’m a new SB

  17. Charlie says:

    Is it possible to upgrade to premium account using a prepaid card? Thanks.

  18. Jessy says:

    Hola a todos, soy una SB, en busca de SD 😉 visitame para saber en que te puedo ayudar 😉

  19. simon says:

    I am a man SB who seeks a sympathetic SM but there are so few on this site.

  20. J.W says:

    I find it hilarious when SB ask for how much money even before meeting, yet ask us not to be treated like an object. The irony is delicious. You can never buy class.

    • R R says:

      Agreed. I see all kinds of SBs who describe themselves as “classy.” I’m sure that SDs & SMs do it, too. Maybe I’m showing my age but I was taught that about the UN-classiest thing you can do is call yourself “classy.”

      • Amused says:

        And I have found the ones who call themselves “attractive” are the ugliest chicks here. (one is actually a dude in sheeps clothing).
        Oh and they expect 10k, why do we have that option? Ask for the moon and be angry if you don’t get it. I once dated a playmate so now I will not settle for less than one! And she must pay me! Balance LOL

    • Paige Chaney says:

      Jw….considering the source. Know your facts before u TYPE. It was an error. Ever made a few? Or 10?

    • Paige Chaney says:

      Yes you are. Feeling better?

  21. Nicole says:

    I’m new to the whole SB/SD thing. I’m looking for someone who is willing to help me in not only a financial way but also be a mentor & give me advice when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I attend school full time & work as a waitress part time so I’m barley making rent, & my car note. I’m looking for someone who is generous & is willing to help out as much as I am. I’m a very kind, bubbly, flirtatious young woman. I’m also very open to Sugar Mommas! My name on here is Nicole_Sweet

  22. Anonymous says:

    Im a new SB (user; Tony-The-Tiger) looking for a sugar momma (or SD). are their any out there for a 25 year old guy like me?

  23. PW says:

    Does a SD always have to be older than the SB?
    I am new to this but very interested. These young girls seem like they expect alot.

  24. PW says:

    Where are the older gentlemen? It does not seem like anyone is past their 50’s.

  25. Sam says:

    Hello everyone!

    Just to warn the SDs.
    Some girls are scamming by asking for money upfront. To be paid through Paypal or Bank transfer. They block you on the site and your number as well, once the money is received.

    • EyesOnU says:

      Yes, please wait to meet them before giving them any money. If she refuses to set a date, called meet & greet, it probably is a scam.

  26. wil says:

    well, i have now been on here for a week?? at most. There are a lot of sex for money types and you gotta weed thru that. I have met a couple and its a strange event i’ll tell you that. some want money up front and wanna walk away…..seriously?? meet me in public first, pay me and then ……LOL…..read between the lines….you’ll never see them again.

  27. Anonymous says:

    How often do you expect to meet?
    Well, i wish we could meet as much as possible if its the “SD” I have been looking for… Id want to be around him as much as possible, even if that meant working for him in his office or something.

    Do you expect her to travel?
    I wouldn’t do this at first but after enough trust is built, yes, id travel with him. Hell, with enough trust, Id adore him.

    Do you expect exclusivity?
    I wouldn’t want to have more than ONE SD anyway… so, he wouldn’t need to compete.
    Are you interested in long-term?
    That all depends on how we end up feeling about each other after some time passes. If its something we truly agree on and there aren’t too many disagreements, i would be glad to make it long term.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can you pay for membership through Western Union ?

  29. Scout says:

    I am a successful woman looking for a SB, woman. Thinking of joining but not sure if it will be worth my while. I understand the gist of this site is men seeking women…but…I just don’t have time to hit the bars and was hoping this site could save me the time. Thoughts? (Constructive ones, preferable)

    • rosie says:

      I am a SB and would be happy to have a sugar mama so we definitely do exist! xx

      • Anonymous says:

        i have always been attracted to women and wondering where can i be open about it and i have found out about this site and looking forward on meeting people.

      • EyesOnU says:

        Well @Anonymous, this site is not for just meeting people, is for seeking a sugar relationship. If you want to hook up with women, you can do that elsewhere.

    • R R says:

      I am half of a M/F couple and we have found many SBs here open to the idea of a SM. Several, in fact, have expressed a SM as their #1 preference.

    • EyesOnU says:

      Hello there, Scout. There are SBs looking for women as well. And the SM seem to be on high demand by the way. I hope you already joined and try the site for yourself.

    • calli dan says:

      Yeah, you will do fine. Most of these women would prefer the men not have a penis either… lol

    • LoveCat777 says:


      Check out my profile. I am specifically looking to be with a woman and have the experience that goes along with it. If you like what you see/read, you should reach out. 😉


  30. Anonymous says:

    How long does it take before you find a SD.

    Brown Sugar Baby

  31. roberto says:

    im looking for nice women

  32. studentart94 says:

    I have no luck on this site with “Sugar Daddies.” It seems fake.

    Username on here: Studentart94

    • sd with open eyes says:

      If you are studentart94 from NYC then I would say that one of your problems is that there are many sugar babies in NYC who are models and say on their profiles that they are looking for sex.

      Another one of your problems is that your profile goes on and on about your hopes and dreams and stuff that you will not do, but does not mention much about what you can do for a sugar daddy to make it worth his time and money to invest in you.

      • Lola says:

        Great point focus about him ,ho will you enhance his life?what will he get by paying you all hat hard earned money?think about him 80% and 20% you , he doesn’t cre about you he does care about himslf only until he knows you and start caring, anyway you will have to bring him close to you for that to happem.understand which kind of SD will you want to attract?hope i helped

      • wondering says:

        You have good points, can you check my profile out too and point out what I leak and can do better. I have been here a year and a half and dont seem to have much luck….

      • wondering says:

        forgot my username is: SKD.

    • Alternatedating says:

      And the other problem with being successful as a women in NYC on this site is that its pretty easy for older guys to get regular dates with younger women in NYC because the ratio of women to men is so off from the rest of the US

    • AnotherAnon says:

      By NYC standards, you are chunky and less attractive than your competition. Also, your profile is all about you. You are going to need to say what you can do for the SD if you want to overcome your attractiveness shortcoming. You will get brutally blunt opinions here.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m 34 year old black SB based in South Africa. I’m looking for 1 SD, a moderate allowance, shopping and gifts are a bonus. I have been registered here for a year but haven’t been actively looking since I’ve been very busy with my studies. I’m almost done with my degree now and have some free time to travel. My profile name is Zonnah.
    All the best to everyone XX

  34. I've been everywhere says:

    Love this site. I live in Maine. Most of the comments here refer to NY prices, but I am on a budget, so I have a different prospective. Most of the ladies here in Maine are college age, but they dropped out of school for lack of money. They work bagging at a supermarket 15 hrs a week at min wage = 120 a week = $500 a month and their rent is $600 so their budgets don’t compute.
    I have met a number of ladies on this site:
    A few professional Ho’s. Doesn’t take long to eliminate them.
    Most ladies I have met are real.
    Many are just flirting. They come on strong and talk nice at first, but they don’t intend to go anywhere.
    Some really want to, but they are shy and have anxiety and don’t come through.
    Some are psycho chicks.
    Some are lesbians being pimped by their dykes.
    All is good to me. – The reason we have America is so we can all be different and it is OK.
    I haven’t found a good one yet, but I keep meeting more.

    • Alternatedating says:

      That’s a decent analysis.

      What’s hard to figure out are the (a) flirters and (b) curious but nervous. The flirters and the curious are often pretty normal and interesting but … hard to actually meet. If you can meet them and they get past the trust/reluctance issues, it can be a great situation for both as they’re looking for something fun and usually don’t have crazy financial expectations.

      The problem is that the flirters are really looking for a very hot 30 y/o guy with a jet … and they don’t exist here in reality. Short of that, its hard to get them off line although they love the attention from getting emails. Then the curious/nervous ones get scared off because of the pervy emails.

      It’s a lot of work to get the flirters and curious/nervous to lunch. It seems to take weeks, at least. Anyone have any good strategies that can get past that?

    • maineman2.0 says:

      I am in Maine as well, and agree with much of what you stated.
      I never have an issue finding dates, each night if I wanted…….
      However, had one very successful arrangement, 22 months, it was my first, since then, multiple nowhere dates………beginner’s luck!!

  35. Ryan says:

    I personally think this idea and this site are fantastic, but just like real life you have to find what you are looking for and wade through the “trash”.

    I am a 34 YO successful businessman and I don’t have the time nor the desire to go to the bars. Where else am I going to meet a woman, the gym? Yeah, girls really love when you tap them on the shoulder to take out their head phones….

    Most of the women on here want some ridiculous number like $7-10k per month allowance. Do they even understand that with guys in our tax bracket that is somewhere around $200,000 per year pre tax? These young women are straight up …. dumb… for lack of a better word.

    On that note, I found a 26 YO bartender who is just looking for a little help. We havent agreed on an allowance, I just slip a few hundred dollars in her purse every time I get to see her and she has never once brought up money. We have only been dating now for about a month and I have prolly put 2000-2500 secretly in her purse, taken her to Napa and to usually two dinners per week.

    SHE IS A SHOT OF LIFE and it has made this site Godly to me. Don’t get frustrated guys, there are more of us on this site than there are them so remember that. Call out the women who are unrealistic right to their face and avoid the pros. A woman who wants mulitple SD’s is fine, but you sure are not going to get the connection that (at leats I am ) looking for out of it.

    Took me a while to find her, but my 25 5’1 96 lb SB makes me get up in the morning and want to work harder every day. THAT is what it should be about.

    Keep up the good work SA

    • Phumi says:

      That is lovely. I hope to find a daddy like you.

    • Anonymous says:

      A genuine guy needs a genuine girl. Check out my profile and message if you’d like to get to know me :)profile name: NightLotus

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a similar story to yours. I’m 39 and fairly successful, but far from a millionaire. I straight out skip SBs who are clearly in it only for the money or list unrealistic expectations. Seriously, if you’re 19 years old and average-looking, how can you expect to get an allowance of $10k a month? That’s far more than most people will ever make with ordinary jobs.

      Now I have actually found 3 SBs that I’m happily in an arrangement with. What they all have in common is that money is not their primary motivation, but the experience. Being taken on fancy dates, dinners, traveling. It’s like having a part-time girlfriend.

      SA definitely made my life better. It’s a godsend for us younger SDs, as there is plenty of demand for guys like us. In exchange for her SD not being a millionaire but merely well-off, the SB will get dates with a younger and more attractive guy who’s much easier to relate to and no need to be embarrassed seeing in public with. Many SBs are perfectly happy with such a tradeoff.

      • Anonymous says:

        No offense, but of course girls are in it for the money. While I agree that 10k is a bit ridiculous, I always find it funny when guys get upset about girls bringing up the cash. Most women on this site would have no trouble finding a hookup or even boyfriend who is successful, especially in the city. Tinder is chalk full of successful young men in LA and NYC. When you come on this site, there is an expectation of exchanging money. Just like how the guys come on this site looking for young, attractive girls.

      • jj says:

        Doesnt matter what your expectation is unless its agreed too. Ironic women say there is an expectaion of money yet most tell men to not expect sex. Expectations works both ways.

    • Haha says:

      It’s always pleasant to hear a nice story albeit far and few in between here in the forum. Wish more would post just to make things interesting. Mine was more of a chance arrangement after 3 years of low energy participation but I never gave up.

      She reached out to me asking to chat first after I requested to peek at her private photos nary an introduction. And I gladly accommodated her. We met and found that chemistry most people look for, in spite of our age and ethnic differences. She had Moderate expectations but my position was a firm Practical. She agreed to mine, the hot blonde who just turned thirty, and we’ve been having a blast ever since. Being open minded and her willingness to really connect made the wait and trying well worth it. Now I look forward to learning divinity in closeted space and she in turn has found the world to be a lot smaller with our adventures.

      All I can say from my vantage point is the SB is out there.

    • Amused says:

      Amen brother!

  36. BSB says:

    I don’t normally comment but I do read the blog occasionally and I am must attest some of the men on here are fully crazy and have a problem. I live in Europe, a pot wanted me to travel to his country twice a month and in return I would get 550€/500£/600USD per month plus travel expenses. To me that is absolutely inconceivable.

    • Anonymous says:

      $600 a month is not reasonable in the USA either

      Here, $600 is closer to per meet amount, for a lengthy date or an exceptionally attractive woman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi my profile is Charms1234 and I have photo-shopped the same face on a body in every picture. Can I get $10K USD per day? Not reasonable on the other side as well. Men are dumb, but there are limits.

  37. Queenblack says:

    Well, I started in SA this year. And my question is … In the first dating is moment for receive gifts or allowance? (Please, Make more disclosure in Brazil … There are more than 470 SD but who do not know the site or the profile of the relationship sugar)

  38. shouldIbeaSB says:

    I realize the ideal situation is to have the youngest women available, but I’m wondering where the cutoff is, gents. My first thought is to go with personal preference, because well duh. But one doesn’t want to set themselves up for disappointment when the point is to help raise self-esteem. Age numbers can be a hang-up no matter how compatible an arrangement may be. Am I answering my own question by thinking a proper SD should be wise enough to read between the lines and detect such a match? Can a successful arrangement exist between a SB and SD close in age?

    • Chris says:

      Of course no man’s taste is alike so all I can offer is my own. I tend to set my cutoff age at 30. After that women tend to want to seriously date in order to find a lifetime partner.

      • Alternatedating says:

        I find that women over mid 20’s on here (a) want a larger allowance than college students and (b) want a more distant relationship that the college students who want more of a part-time boyfriend. I haven’t found women over 30 to be looking for a compatible wealthy partner … which I’d consider.

      • EyesOnU says:

        @AlternateDating, I would like a part-time boyfriend and I am 30. Thing is guys I have found are looking for weird things. So maybe you should look deeper 😉

      • Anonymous... says:

        The age is a tricky one. I am in my mid 40’s and I don’t know if I would feel comfortable with a girl in the low 20’s but they seem to be not as picky. The younger ones I have met wanted to actually date.

        It seems like they get to late 20’s/early 30’s, they want $8k or more to live their lifestyles. And on top of that they want you to pay for lavish trips and spa times, etc.

    • R R says:

      How close is close? I’m 59 and had SBs as young as 23. My current is 37 and we’ve been together for several years; 22 yrs apart is not a small gap but is a lot closer than 35+ years. And it’s working. Too many of the real youngsters are clueless; so clueless that they’re uninterested in being clue-ed in.

    • Anonymous says:

      YES! For sure! My SD is younger than me. Most men I’ve met that have daughters, are grossed out at the idea of meeting someone under 30. These are the normal mainstream type.

  39. Chris says:

    Sorry to hear that so many SD’s and SB’s are having issues connecting. I am thankful that I live in Manhattan where new young women are constantly streaming in and needing help living in an expensive area. I’ve had 4 arrangements so far in the past 5 years thanks to SA and I have to say that the best results I’ve found are those where the monetary portion of the allowance is 1k a month. I’ve done higher (on the substantial level) but because there is SO much money involved the relationship is horribly one sided and unsatisfying. It’s better when you help make ends meet, instead of out and out spoiling in my experience.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is catered to helping with college babies tuitions

    • Alternatedating says:

      Agreed completely.

      When I first started on this, I was looking for hot, normal, and no games. I was OK with a 4-5 k moderate allowance. What I discovered was that while the couple of women I met in that range were fun and nice, they were always focused on partying and shopping … as in I can’t go to Europe with you this weekend because I promised my friends I would go clubbing in Vegas.

      Now, I’m more focused on someone who is working/going to school and looking for some help to make their life better. Its a much better situation.

      Having lived in Manhattan, I wouldn’t be using this site. There are 3/4 attractive well-educated 20 y/o in Manhattan for every employed guy. I didn’t need this site to find really great 20 y/o who wanted fun dinners, occasional weekends, and a quality guy who could carry on a conversation at their level.

      • Chris says:

        @Alternatedating – Great to see that someone else figured it out. I really dislike girls blowing money on frivolous things. Best to be able to help someone who comes from a blue collar background with enough to survive in the city. They tend to be more thankful for the help and their attachment to you I find to be more genuine. I use this site because I am still married (staying for the kids) and need someone who is willing to overlook that.

      • Anonymous... says:

        It seems like girls always say they will make time for you and yet, once you give them the allowance, they have every excuse to get out of it! I had planned and paid for an expensive trip for the girl to cancel.

        There’s probably a better chance to going to local bars and getting to know a hot bartender and giving her some allowance as she will be happy with that!

    • I've been everywhere says:

      I agree with 1k/mo. Women have brains. Successful women have no end to their greed. If a guy has cash and he wants to impress himself with a greedy woman, they will help you. If a man wants a relationship that has some degree of reality, a 1k girl is more likely to be a real person.

      • Anonymous says:

        Twice a month

      • maineman2.0 says:

        Boy, live and learn. I’m 53 and generally prefer someone loser to my age, however have found most 30+ y/o beauties are jaded, and greedy…..always seeking more. I personally had issues with younger college aged women for years, but have gradually become a bit more comfortable……and reluctantly have to admit, they’re much more appreciative and genuine, and truly look forward to seeing me and spending time with me. I feel an attractive college(intelligent, focused) woman understands the value of a successful driven man.

  40. R R says:

    ATTN: FedUpAnon.

    Anybody who has viewed these blogs w/ any regularity must be, like me, getting tired of your constant posting of the various silly and/or unrealistic “What I’m Looking For” requirements of SBs you’ve come across. Enough, already. We get it. You post these things in any and all blogs, regardless of subject, and many times over in each. It’s gone on well past the point of serving any purpose other than what YOU get out of it, which is… what? The “knowledge” that your greatness is pearls before swine here? That would make you a big fish in a very, very small pond. I should think you’d be inured by now of our awe at your magnificence. You should either get over yourself and contribute something useful or maybe you should make good on your “threat” and leave the SA community for a spell.

  41. Gee says:

    55 year old SD on business in Mauritius for 9 months seeking company for however long you fancy. Flights accommodation etc provided. I am in work so you are free 9-6 House on the beach with private jacuzzi and pool

  42. Anonymous says:

    SD with eyes wife open

    Granted, I am across the Milky Way from you, no doubt. However, I can make believe with the best of them. Does anyone remember “Sony’s once iconic term” that should have NEVER been discarded.

    If I “make believe” instead of “pretend”. Then I am creating a new reality. If I “pretend”, then pretend is all it shall be. I prefer the “make believe” truck, I tide that band wagon for sure. Why? BC if I do not lend an ear to naysayers, my ship always sails straight on in to my harbor. 🙂

  43. Anonymous says:

    why do you keep posting these? Try the other side for a change…

  44. Anonymous says:

    Why are there so many negative people on these comments?

    I have been on this site since it started and have had nothing but great girls. Many have become some of my best friends, some were hookups with or without money, a couple little relationships.

    Anyone’s failure on this site is on them. The site is absolutely loaded with quality people. Loaded. I don’t touch any other dating site. There is no reason to.

    If you project a pile of nasty negativity and have no compassion for the people you are meeting on here, you will get back exactly what you put in. Garbage.

    Be a decent human being and you’ll never go wrong.

    It’s abundantly clear why some of these commenters aren’t having any success with the site. They suck as people. lol

    Now, if this site would kindly fix the prepaid card billing issue, i could get back to my more than 2000 unread messages. Little help Seeking Arrangement?

    • Anonymous says:

      Side note: I just finished a week and a half tour of California with one of the hottest girls on Earth who happens to be incredibly compatible with me. We share a bond and have for 7 years now. There is no money involved anymore. Just real feelings. We started as a pay per meet. She left this sugar and we remained friends or whatever it is we are.

      I believe someday we will be together permanently as she feels her way through life and gets more of an idea of what she wants from life. She’s naturally trying out everything, which is one of the things I adore about her. Very free and open minded.

      Point is… we met here. As a pay per meet. And here we are 7 years later still very close. Going on vacation together. Seeing each other locally when we are in the same place (we are both avid travelers), etc.

      It’s the negative attitudes of the posters here on this blog that is keeping them from making connections with others. Not the site. The site is a goldmine of great people. There are actually very, very few fakes here.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        Sure Brandon’s Mom.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        What you fail to take into account is location, location, location. I am sure you would have success in North Dakota.

      • Imout of here says:

        Hey Brandon! How’s your burd!?

      • Alternatedating says:

        Agreed. This site is a goldmine. It sometimes takes a lot of mining though!

        As to the fake piece, there are quite a few women on here that are using fake pictures from the internet that are easy to spot using Tineye.

        And … it is location, location. Not so many in middle of the coasts of quality, but there are some great ones that take a while to find. On the other hand, in certain cities, it seems overwhelming with normal, attractive and interesting women looking for something reasonable. Elsewhere, I think the really incredible women who want a quasi-relationship with reasonable expectations are in a SB/SD relationship that ends, know exactly what they are looking for, want to meet quickly and get off this place. You meet and then they hide their profile. None of this pay me to go to lunch/coffee garbage or 18 emails that can’t seem to answer a question.

      • Haha says:

        Agreed 3. Not only location but also your expectation as an SD. I find that if you break down your expectations to a reasonable level (like no fingering, etc) and deliver it in a polished way during meet/greet you’ll be set if they agree

    • R R says:

      My experience here has been closer to “Anon”‘s than to FedUpAnon’s

    • most are unhappy because the choices they have made in the past, most stay in situations for the wrong reasons money are the kids, are just plain lust, when you do things with out thinking and the wrong reasons, most of the time you get your self in a not so good situation 🙂

  45. Anonymous says:

    What is the appropriate etiquette for a SD. We meet with SB in meet and greet ok, decide on 2nd date at restaurant, goes fine, agree on the terms for allowance, and we go on 3rd date at hotel. We are not compatible (she does not like fingering, touching her hair, etc). We try to accommodate, and go on 4th date at hotel. Still, she’s not enjoying it, I can tell. Time to cut the arrangement. What is the etiquette there because saying “we are not compatible in bed” sounds weird…

    • Anonymous says:

      No, being honest is the way to go. “We’re not compatible in bed” is exactly what you should say. That way she can learn from the experience.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fingering and touching hair are way different mate. Most women don’t enjoy fingering and rightfully so. You are weird. You should not be in an arrangement for physical reasons only, there should be chemistry, and especially about such petty stuff. Next time get a hooker instead…

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Once had a partner with whom I didn’t have intercourse for some months…4, maybe. Wasn’t that I wasn’t attracted to him, or that I don’t enjoy sex, was that I did not enjoy sex the way he wanted to have it. ‘Cause…well…Ain’t nobody got time to be getting choked out. It took some time for us to become compatible (oxygen tanks save lives), and we liked each other enough to wait it out. He choked out other girls in the meantime. Bless their hearts. I don’t mind outsourcing the choke-out…nope, don’t mind at all.

      Am not suggesting that you wait 4 months to choke her out, but if you really like the girl, I say take it easy, and trying exploring sex in ways that she is comfortable while she warms up to you. Assuming you don’t have fingers like a Phillips screwdriver. Nobody would enjoy that.

      Not sure that this will post. Can’t seem to post much these days. I think I might be in trouble with the moderators…on the bad girl list. Can’t imagine why.

    • Traditional SB says:

      don’t call yourself an SD…. you’re looking for sexual encounters, not an arrangement lmao…

      • Anonymous says:

        Lmao, do not call yourself an SB. You are just looking for cash, not an arrangement.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        When did a successful male/female relationship not involve sexual compatibility? An SB wouldn’t agree to an arrangement if it wasn’t financially compatible lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Next time please save yourself the energy of looking for a genuine SB with chemistry, just get a local hooker or something. Fingering? Wtf? That’s totally different from touching hair mate. You really are weird, so that cannot sound any other way than weird.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        OMG fingering is not allowed, I usually bring along TWO cucumbers. I wonder what for? 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Fingering is not normal sex activity, it’s kinky and most women don’t enjoy it. What’s sexy about fingering/fisting or whatever these are and a wide set vag? Next time, don’t confuse it with touching hair…

      • FedUpAnon says:

        Is rimming, golden showers, bum seks, spanking, whipping, threesomes normal sex?

      • Anonymous says:

        I just met a POT SB, we went into a M&G and after some chit-chat, what do you like, etc., she tells me that she is ok with sex, but until we have built some rapport, and more comfort, but, she needs the allowance to start immediately. It goes both ways, people trying to take advantage of the other one. I had already two SB getting an advance and ghosting immediately after, so I told this one, thank you for your time, I have already been scammed twice, with a great smile on my face. She said she didn’t want to feel “used”. We still departed in good terms. So, do not call yourself a SB if the only motivation is the money. Compatibility in bed is of utmost importance. If there is none, better to end it right away.

      • Anonymous says:

        You certainly are retarded. Nice try, putting ‘bum seks’, spankings and whipping with golden showers or basically drinking piss or threesomes/sharing.

    • R R says:

      “Sounds weird?” It is what it is. Both parties need to be satisfied w/ the arrangement. You are not satisfied. And neither is she, really. End it. Start a new search. It’s work but anything worthwhile usually is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thing I find funny OP is that you have a SB who actually got intimate with you, while others or most are stuck with platonics, and yet you decide to give her the boot. Big mistake, soon you’ll see but you must be new..

    • SB Into You says:

      You have to talk to reach an arrangement. You also have to talk about sex. I always start the conversation because otherwise guys think they know what girls like, lol. I let them know upfront my do’s and don’t even’s. I recently met with a CEO and we talked about his likes and dislikes and even his fantasies. I expressed interest in some, others I didn’t express interest in even though I was open to all of it. As an SB I never tell everything I’m open to on the first date. So on our third meet we ended up back at his condo. I said, let’s spend the evening getting to know one another. We spent time discovery each other and commented on what each of us liked and didn’t like. We didn’t have sex that night be we set the ground work for an exciting 4th meeting. So my advice is to initially press less flesh and talk more. I promise you won’t regret it.

  46. Imout of here says:

    It s getting worse..newest members are dogs WTF is going on with this world! and this site..anyway premium is expired I will never ever come back here

    • Anonymous says:

      How good looking or wealthy are you to be calling people dogs?

      • FedUpAnon says:

        He can be as ugly as Tracey Emin chewing a bull dog, he’s the one providing the Sugar.

      • SB says:

        @fedup tude problem: Doesn’t matter if he provides sugar, sugar just isn’t enough to touch some people. Sorry.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        Precisely, and many of those are on SA as potential SB’s and they expect an allowance even.

      • Anonymous says:

        Didn’t you write this above? “When did a successful male/female relationship not involve sexual compatibility? An SB wouldn’t agree to an arrangement if it wasn’t financially compatible lol”

        So now you tell me that appearance doesn’t matter because SB’s are broke escorts who would accept any allowance in a heartbeat.

        Second, there are many levels to providing the Sugar, as you put it. A 30+ year old difference might matter much more than a 15+ one.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      Where on the planet are you?

  47. Kramer says:

    These pretzels are making me thirsty!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Ode’ to the SD who has my heart. Thank you for saving me tonight. Thank you for being cognizant with my lyrics to show up and save the day/night by saving me. I never thought I would be…..until, YOU saved ME. Cursed out and all (not by me), my love, you stood tall and still as a tree. You held me tight, you kissed my forehead, you looked so distraught. at the absence of you hand.

    I love you still, yes, until the day I die. I tried to tell folks,oh yes’um, this pig shall fly. When all went away and bruises were all that was left..you inflicted a blow, that leaves haters with a cleft. I loved you then, I love you more now. My SD is my heart. If you have to ask. then you dont know how. I love you from afar, you sexy…you know. Thank you for not leaving me alone.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I understand that everyone has their preference but seems that majority of population has no interest in AA women… Well the scammers don’t care they been trying to bet my bank info for a week … Thinking I should just delete this now

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately that’s the reality for most AA Sb’s out there

    • R R says:

      I’ve had 1 AA SB and 2 mixed(mostly AA) SBs; I don’t believe I am racist by any measure. Speaking for myself only, Single Mom SBs just are not a a good fit for me and probably for many other SDs. The 3 I mention above were all childless. I don’t have statistics to back this up but it does seem that a higher percentage of AA women here are Single Moms. Might some of the racial discrimination perceived by AA SBs actually be anti-Single Mom sentiment from many SDs?

      • Allen says:

        100% correct. Don’t go with SBs with kids. THe kids will always be more important so why the fuck are you paying for this arrangement? Let the children default to 0 and never move it again

    • Anonymous says:

      Survey’s have revealed over and over that AA women are the least desired women on the planet.

      • Haha says:

        Is that A-frican American or A-sian American? Maybe that’s just because they’re really just B-frican and B-sian…This is an A class place.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I understand that everyone has their type but no one on this site seems to like AA women much .. Other then the scammers trying to get my bank information..

  51. yougottabekiddingme says:



    hey sugarfolks…let’s wait for the moderators to go to sleep, and then we can all go skinny dipping…full-frontal exposè…all you can post.

    We’ll need a pool, a #2 pencil, three blindfolds, and a bag of marshmallows (I’ll explain later).

    Who wants to come?

  52. R R says:

    My advice to SDs is that the younger the women you’re interested in, the less likely they are to “know the score.” Many still suffer from the Prince Charming/Mr. Big delusion. Those men DO exist but in minuscule #s and the odds that they’re here on SA are even longer.

    Some SBs are willing to hear reality and adjust, others prefer their illusions and drift off when the results don’t match the site’s marketing pitches. Still more are “only in it for the money.” SDs have their own illusions, too, so it’s a 2 way street.

    • Anonymous says:

      The older women expect dating though. No matter what type of woman she is, there will be some kind of delusion. Unless she is a straight up hooker. But they aren’t allowed on SA……

    • Alternatedating says:

      I actually find it exactly the opposite generally.

      18-24 y/o women on here generally are looking for someone they like to spend time with who pays attention to them, treats them well, can put a reasonable amount of money in their pocket, take them some place interesting on a weekend, and deal with some level of drama.

      Women on here over 30 are looking for larger allowances, make very clear that finance is more important than relationship, and everything is strictly NSA. They often don’t appreciate going to a nice place or sitting in first class and want to compare it to something else. Usually, they want to meet married guys.

      So …if there’s no hope of a longer term relationship, why would I pay more to someone over 30, who seems to be looking for something more transactional, and doesn’t really some to appreciate it.

    • Natalie says:

      Late 20’s SB here, I can’t speak for all twenty-somethings, but I can say that good chemistry always makes for a good relationship. Of course a Prince Charming would be nice, but I’m realistic enough to know he’s likely not out there or already taken. Despite the preference for someone who is humorous, gentlemanly, and/or considerate, chemistry trumps everything else and makes taking the steps to physical intimacy mutually agreeable.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Should you wait for them to discuss allowance ? I don’t know how to tell them that I am looking for financial help. On the first meeting he gave me a few hundred dollars and commented about my Benz which is in the shop. Should I let him know ?

    • Anonymous says:

      The allowance is part of the arrangement in the same sense as sex will be part of it as well. As a SD, upon first M&G, and after we have had the opportunity to see a bit if there is chemistry in our personalities, I mention that I am seeking intimacy as part of the arrangement. I do not make fuss about it, nor am I apologetic. You shouldn’t be either. You need to state in the simplest uncomplicated terms, that you understand how an arrangement will work, that the SD will have their needs, and that you are seeking for a financial allowance in the terms that can be accomodating for both of you. If trust is initially an issue, then start with per meet allowance and follow from there. State what you are seeking, but be realistic, or you could remain arrangementless. Do NOT be pushy, but be clear and firm. NOT entitled.

      • Anonymous says:

        It says right there he “gave her a few hundred dollars”.
        If every time he sees her, he gives her “a few hundred dollars” we should consider that an allowance, no? Or it should be “few thousand dollars”…? So confusing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Realistic is code word for minimal these days

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes and everything over Moderate is fantasy. If a SD gives 10k I will drive over to his place and punish him. Make him wear a sweater as he apologizes to the all the other SD’s. Oh, except in Manhattan.
        You see……..

      • @anonymous October 30 2:56pm says:

        You need to be penished.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Oh god, these comments were such a good read. Now I’m just grateful I’m no where near FedUpAnon

  55. Anonymous says:

    Why are there so many SBs now who want pay per meet? It’s thinly veiled prostitution.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually most SB’s want a monthly allowance unless they want platonic dates or plan to run away

    • The Islander says:

      Personally, I prefer monthly but per meet is just more of a guarantee that you’re not wasting your time. It can be frustrating going on first, second, and third dates just to never hear from a guy again. It’s a waste of her time.

    • Alternatedating says:

      I’ve definitely noticed that. Was off here for a several months. Now, everyone wants pay per meet rather than monthly. I think that the issue is when I had a monthly allowance with the woman I was casually dating, we agreed she would spend three days a week with me. It never quite turned out that way … I think she felt pressured, and I felt that was our arrangement, although neither of us were really angry.

      I think its more of a way of avoiding pressure so that women don’t feel pressured to come over twice a week, for example, when this week they really wanted to come over once because they had something else to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        As a successful SB I can tell you a monthly allowance is a goal after several pay per meets. I have found it more comfortable for both me and SD to have a few meets to establish chemistry and an understanding.

  56. Anonymous says:

    YouTube: Jon Billion “All Time Low” (acoustic)…New comers of “Le Blog”. If you only knew, the treasures in store for you. This isn’t given to the cheapest upon request. Sometimes, its given out of strength to make you, “you”, coined; “The Best!”.

    I miss the new old timers that could fly and land a plant in seconds even, because they could heat the tune of the turbine jet before the beat dropped. Gentleman. I know you still are among us, not counting the sidelines of the field, even.

  57. NotAnon says:

    strange response to an inquiry:

    SB: Hello, how are you? Thanks for the interest but it is not reciprocated.

    SD: So why did you bother responding and ask how I was doing?

    SB: Well I was kind of interested.

    SD: [BLOCK]

  58. FedUpAnon says:

    My membership is up for renewal, I can’t see any reason to renew. The number of genuine SB’s is so low. I can only assume the ugly ones are genuine.

    • Anonymous says:

      It depends on your definition of genuine

      • Anonymous says:

        Definition of genuine when words are not required. I didn’t say “appreciated, needed, long for, nor requested.”

        I spake: “not required”= Love builds a garden. That is the SA that I came to know and; “sshhhhhhh,
        (love), based off of the exemplary example I was given and reciprocated to.

        Note: The wine me and dine me and then spray weed killer on me when someone else says; “when”; is not my idea of a mutual beneficial relationship.

        It reminds me of a toilet sitting in Uncle Eugene’s best friends yard. OK, so yeah, there within yhr front yard is the “king of the throne” (so men have said). How be it, such a center piece has nothing growing in it. And….is that not the simple truth of appreciation that “wonders never cease to amaze me”.

        Gentleman of the blog, please elicits the truth that a garden is what you scamper amidst in pleasure and new found joy. Please, do not: “run a muck”.

        Heart signed, Anon.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        A woman who was born a woman seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement that includes all aspects of a normal man/woman relationship.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        I am not seeking a guy in a dress, a penpal, a cam girl, to buy pics, platonic dinner dates only, gifts and advances to prove I am genuine.

      • FedUpAnon says:

        If they do agree something they don’t show up.

      • Anonymous says:

        What is your arrangement range?

      • FedUpAnon says:

        Whatever they ask for, which I consider reasonable.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well the question was, what do you consider reasonable?

      • FedUpAnon says:

        A Glamour model with a perfect body, no implants or tattoos can command more than a single mum who has had 3 kids. Then there is duration of time and how often.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well that’s your preference. Other men want a simple, young co-ed, not some glamour model or insta model or whatever.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      True that. Most of the SB’s in my area are either so nasty, so sketchy, or so delusional that I think I would have a better time if I bought my groceries and then told the check out lady to keep the change.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      I didn’t say that I am only seeking a hot insta girl, just they would command more than an tattooed ghetto rat.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Beware of a profile on SA under the name of Johnblake. He is a new york photographer (Blake Davenport) scamming girls into a free apartment/live in situation in the upper west side of manhattan. This guy is getting girls followed and ROBBED. I’ve reported his profile and filed a police report. Please girls in the New York area please be careful of Blake Davenport aka Johnblake.

  60. Omg why is it so hard to find a legit SD…Are the SD here mostly interested in younger white women? I mean if that a person preference fine! Just point me to the site where men desire my type :/ and not just a romp in the sheets lol

  61. Federico says:

    Sunday evening, I am bored

  62. cutsie says:

    I am a SB in late 20s. A precious gem from another country writes to me.
    ”are you interested in a longterm onlinefriendship for gifts and so on?
    i would give you nice, exciting tasks, for every task you do i send you a reward…
    unfortunately my account here will expire soon and i dont want to renew it. ”
    What the heck?!!

  63. Londonmale4fun says:

    I am still trying to figure if this site is for real or if it is full of fakes, anyone help me out here?

    • sugar baby monkey says:

      i just saw many mean grandpas looking for luv…

      • R R says:

        Attn SBM: You don’t need to insult a large part of the paying clientele here, love, just to make yourself feel better.

        You’re not always going to be young yourself; there’s nothing you or anyone can do about that. But seize the opportunity to change the things you CAN do something about, especially the opportunity to not be stupid for the rest of your days, too.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      London is so bad at the moment.

    • R R says:

      It’s both. I’ve achieved some satisfying results and endured some ridiculous frustration. That’s life.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I find it hilarious when she tells me she is “in a wonderful arrangement with a very generous man” and blocks me.
    And she is on the site every single day after.
    Really… Like…really? You have such a low self esteem?

    • Haha says:

      “It is like old Siamese saying. A girl is like a blossom, with honey for just one man.” (King and I). But sugar babies goes to bee to bee to bee.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe they aren’t exclusive? Maybe the allowance is lacking so she’s seeking an even richer man? Who knows? And who cares?

    • Rob says:

      Not low self-esteem, they did not like you biography.

      In most cases a quality baby can tell a lot about a Daddy from the quality of the biography. Babies have desires and goals as well as daddies. Read below at the guy (who is not a Daddy based on his actions) who fled because the baby was heavier than he expected rather than simply pushing on and then after a pleasant lunch telling them it would not work. She merely reacted to you that same way – she fled from something she did not like.

      As a quality Daddy you need a mostly honest page, and expect that some babies will be looking for unrealistic and some will be looking for different. If you write like you have a few years of college English behind you, have images that show you can dress yourself, and then communicate like a gentleman in messages, a quality Baby is bound to find you.

      • Anonymous says:

        As a successful SB I hope you don’t mind if I give some pointers to you SD’s. As Rob said, the profile is the first impression. Like the saying goes you never get a chance at a first impression. Don’t leave the SB trying to figure out who you are, what you like and what your looking for. Posted pictures are not terribly important to me but have them ready to send when I ask for them. Also, don’t start a conversation with “I would like to titty fuck you” Promise you will get blocked and you would be surprise home many subscribers will send me crazy messages like that. Doesn’t make sense to me. Also, don’t send a message unless you’ve read the SB’s profile. I get far to many messages asking me questions that are answered in my profile. Good luck to all of you.

    • sugar baby monkey says:

      you sound like a rejected man

      • Anonymous says:

        I truly am, a rejected man. Poor me, I had to click on the profile below.

      • Anonymous says:

        I get that vibe from them, when they block, they get this vision how unworthy you will suffer for months, that she rejected your inquiry. In her mind, by pressing the “Block” she just sent you straight to hell.
        While in reality, I simply mentally thank her for not wasting any more time, so I can focus on others.

      • sugar baby monkey says:

        yup i see… are u zero generous grandpa? too bad… that’s what happens with mean grandpas, they got rejected…

      • sugar baby monkey says:

        i think i didnt have to ask cause the answer is quite obvious, you’re a zero generous grandpa that after rejection he becomes a very annoying stalker.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, I probably should not lower myself and talk to an animal…?. Go fuk yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        So animals are below you/your standards?

      • Anonymous says:

        Correct. Except if these are my animals. They are obviously different.
        My animals also do not feel any urge to insult strangers for no good reason.

      • Anonymous says:

        No except that they bite/attack so no reason to worry

  65. Anonymous says:

    I want my money back!

  66. Keo says:

    Wow, why is it so hard to comment on here? How is everyone?

  67. AnonymousSSSD says:

    Another m&g yesterday with a pot sb who misrepresented her body size. This woman must have used image software to manipulate her cheeks in her pics. They were fat irl. Everything on her was fat. I was pretty upset. Of course her pics looked normal and body type listed as average. I listened to her for maybe 2 minutes and just polite. said your not my type and left. I really wanted to yell at her for wasting my time.

  68. wulingda says:

    whether it is social or solitary, in fact, a variety of signal transmission and reception. Especially when the gregarious, many people will send a lot of signals to capture the people will have the opportunity to talk up. numb people will always feel how we are not interested in their own, You can not be so passive to expect sugar baby flew into your arms, you need to explore, give others the opportunity to further express.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I am just looking for someone to give me money without sex being involved. I know this seems very one sided, but hey I’m a struggling college student with a boyfriend who I’m not comfortable with asking for money since he’s in college as well.

  70. Allen says:

    So now I am asking pretty quickly the SB “What are your expectations from a “daddy” on here”? I am trying to not waste time. When I ask this question they stop responding. It’s not insulting given the nature of the site I don’t think. Opinions?

    • Imoutofhere says:

      They just want you to tell them what you offer

    • that is hard to say without first meeting and gauging chemistry, which cannot be assessed via messages only. it is appreciated when you express how often you would prefer to meet. says:

      that is hard to say without first meeting and gauging chemistry, which cannot be assessed via messages only.

      It is appreciated when you express how often you would prefer to meet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of them have no clue whatsoever what they want. Many of them are also fakes and fraudsters who expect cash just to meet you or are only offering platonic.

      Your question is a good one. If they don’t know what they want then you are better off without them.

    • Real says:

      Just to give you my opinion: I’m a woman and after reading all these sexist comments here, I know that this won’t be for me. And to answer your question (and I don’t know anything about these encounters) of course, it is inappropriate to ask what to expect. Doesn’t it take away the excitement? If you have some money to spend, just be curious and meet her (instead of treating the other person like a hooker).
      And then 1k for a meeting! That’s all? Really?
      No, it’s not the typical greedy reaction but I’m making slightly under 10.000k€ a month in a normal embassy job and I felt like “I might consider somebody really rich because I’m not” and why not calling it “sugar babe” anyway? I have enough money to cover up my life style and my house – but it’s just a comfortable life.
      This is not the way one becomes really rich.
      If I look at all these unappropriate sexists comments here, I understand that there are no real rich people on the website and if there are anyway, then the greed is just in their side by those paychecks – 1k!

  71. kenneth says:

    Message ofthe day SB trying to put me through a job interview!

    “I will be honest with you, I have a many other men seeking my company, what makes you stand out from the others as far as connection?”

    • Haha says:

      SB: “I will be honest with you, I have a many other men seeking my company, what makes you stand out from the others as far as connection?”
      SD: “Well for starters…i own the company you work for…and maybe this is not a good fit.”

    • Anonymous says:

      “I have many other women seeking my company and my money. What makes you stand out for the others as far as connection, reliability and value for money? Remember. YOU want MY money, not the other way around. YOU impress ME.”

  72. Catcher 22 says:

    I just noticed that SA profiles no longer include “Hair Color” and “Eye Color”. What is going on with that??

  73. Anonymous says:

    The site is taking on some of the aspects of the late 1990s Yahoo personals where anyone could post for free. Fewer and fewer of the SB profiles are legitimate. It is becoming a free for all for all types of scammers and the just trying out types that are huge time wasters. So many of these profiles are probably men/scammers disguising as SBs. How would SA know?

    I think SA needs to charge the SBs just like they do the SDs for messaging. There would be fewer SBs, but it would increase the number that were legit.

    • Imoutofhere says:

      Agreed 90% are only curious, not serious, false profile or they live in another planet and think they are worth millions. Big waste of time…but …The place would die, they rather get stupid men to pay and don t care about time wasters. They do their dirty job of having paid women to attract men here.


      • SB who found joy says:

        They may start out curious, but how else would they? I can tell you that I was on her 2 weeks chasing women and getting nothing but gold diggers asking about money but then and absolutely beautiful 20 year old contacted me. I hardly any makeup, lots of pics, totally real looking. We made a dinner date. Then I started feeling I was getting catfished, so I asked to meet for coffee first. I couldn’t believe it. She was real and not only beautiful but bubbly and so positive. I asked how much she wanted, and she said whatever you think. I told her I thought she was worth a lot more but I could only afford 1k/month. She happily aggreed. It’s been 10 months and every time she comes over I can’t believe how lucky I am. There’s a 40 year age difference but we get along like there’s none. It’s not full sex, but it’s not platonic as it started out either. The only thing I can suggest is wait till they contact you.

  74. TheLovelyCirce says:

    Still looking for a SD….just turned 40, but I’ve been told I look like I’m in my early 30’s. Ugh….men in MN are so cheap and rude!! Are their any good men in MN out there??

    • Anonymous says:

      whstever you do, please do not lie in your profile that you are in your “early 30s”. Your girlfriends just probably are being nice to you. Your POTs would call it catfishing and righty so.

  75. FedUpAnon says:

    Seeking someone to assist my broke ass yet can stimulate me mentally as well. Substance meets substance, fire meets fire. Ideally I would just want someone to throw money and chicken nuggets my way and then leave me the hell alone

  76. Miles says:

    I am excited to see if this site is real.

  77. Anonymous says:


    Wana loose a quick $5,000? Buy the Bullshit Sob Story Southerngirl (metro TAMPA) is trying to sell. WOW is she good! She clearly knows EVRY “trick”. Illness, Abused, Kids need Food/Rent …

    From an admitted fiddle that got WELL played, she is a “PRO”. Do a Google Check on her once she tells you her real name… NICE.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Some ‘daddy’ just said he prefers if I were more sexually experienced and promiscious while messaging. Wtf? Lol

  79. anonymous says:

    Hahaaaaaa, milk for free and cereal is soggy..bawahhaaahaaa.

    If you had to pay, would your cereal be crunchy and dry? Lol

    Perhaps, squirt some milk on the cereal to moisten the grain? Then again, you can shoot a milk gun and limit the soggy effect, placing Fed Up on limited access, to keep the flow of milk to your liking. Just a thought?? Maybe my thought is too well thought out, and soggy is goodness that you can sop’ up with a biscuit, even. If so, I’d like like change the milk to gravy. All is fair in the blog, like the rabbit, called a hare, eh? 🙂

    Life is like a box of chocolates. Forest Gump said it best; “Ah hemmmm, (my additional comment). You never know what your gonna’ get, you just know it is always going to be sweet as un-refined sugar…to the heart of the candy, it is sweetest on the palate when you lick the center of the core…of the candy, that is.

    What else could one ask out of life? Exactly!

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Had a bowl of cereal this morning. Couldn’t even make eye contact with it after reading this. As if I’d done something shunningly naughty the night before. The shame.

  80. Kailive says:

    Entering my first SD/SB arrangement and when asked what I would like for an allowance I wasn’t sure. Can anyone help me !

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone said in here a good rule of thumb is to ask for one month’s rent, of a one bedroom apartment, in the area you are. This will cover four meetings in one month, like one every week. Bonus+ if you look like a model from Maxim magazine, you are young and beautiful and have a charming personality.

  81. FedUpAnon says:

    YG2BKM, do you actually resemble Scarlet J?

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Are you asking if the curtains match the carpet?

      Am actually more of a hardwood floors kind of girl. Less the stairs…I don’t mind carpet on the stairs. Softens the fall.

  82. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    Really needing a little bit of cash! Even if somebody transfers me just £10 I’ll be a happy girl!

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Am beginning to question our friendship, FedUp.

      And you’re the only friend I have.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ll be your friend. Are you in the states?

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Awww…thanks, friend 🙂

        Most of the time! Most of the time I’m in the states.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        I replied to this…and I saw it here… But then it went away. Please pardon the sucketh of moderation on the blog.

        Said thank you, friend 🙂
        Am in the states most of the time.

        Was thinking about starting a group called “Hug Me, I Have No Friends” …
        We’d have teeshirts and stuff. But, nope…I don’t need to do that now.

        If this doesn’t post, then SA clearly hates friendship…and hugs…and teeshirts…and stuff.

  83. SouthernSB says:

    Why do they all want me to move in with them? I am not going to move in with someone after the first date.

  84. FedUpAnon says:

    Potential 1: Please is there any one out there who cab lend me 300 pounds now pleaseee my aunties dad has just died and need to send money for the funeral pleasereeee

  85. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous. Any legit sugar daddy on here knows how to conduct fair business. SA needs to spend a lot more time educating the women – who are here precisely because they don’t know anything about money – and a lot less time on the men. That ten to one ratio doesn’t mean anything when 9 of the ten have clearly come here with false expectations.

    This site used to be fun and straightforward, but over the last few months something has gone sideways with the marketing because far more women are on here thinking the men got rich by being stupid.

  86. GivenUp says:

    @yougottabekiddingme…..are you the funniest, sexiest, most erudite woman in North America!I’m struggling to picture you as an SB. I’m thinking more Ivy League early 30s academic, wry social observer, possibly doing a research project. I live in Oxford where your dry, waspish (and very funny) humour is the norm. Am I wrong?

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Oh wow. Thank you so much for your kind words…really sweet of you. I almost need a napkin.

      Really interesting observations. Am tempted to give you the goods, but this isn’t the most ideal place for exhibition. Crazy voyeurs and stuff.

      Ivy League? Ive been kicked outta better places than that.

      Early 30’s would certainly push me out of the Sugarbowl, as my secretions would have evaporated leaving nothing but a dusty old cavern of unexcavated artifacts for future generations to take selfies with. I’d rather they start a bonfire, and curl up inside with a tent and a sleeping bag (it’d be cold in there), but I’d have no real choice in the matter.

      Am certainly a social observer. Have always been inquisitive…it’s what got me kicked out of Sunday school that time (Ivy League can’t hold a candle).

      As it pertains to the sugar realm, I do find interesting the manifestation of social and biological behavior along the evolutionary spectrum, but am in no way studying the site or using any data from this site to support a research project.

      Am here because I have only one and a half friends.

      What I have found through my inquisition of people and places and things and not things is that once you know a thing, you always have the choice to either do something with the knowledge or to not do something with the knowledge. There is a state of unknowing that is quite simple. Knowing is a longer, more convoluted route to simplicity, though it’s a route with more options.

      So yeah, my interest is in figuring things out, and making the most of my options. Though I still can’t figure out why people hold their children closely whenever I walk by.

      Now, if I may apply my inexpert analysis, kind sir, Im thinking that you’re from Oxford, and that you’ve given up. Am I right? But I’m not quite sure why as it seems that you might possibly possess the ability to entice even the most waspish of girls to exposing herself in public. Am I wrong?

      • GivenUp says:

        “Things and not things”,”knowing and unknowing” – positively Nietzschean! You are too clever for your own good YGTBKM, nobody likes a smartass……apart from me.
        GivenUp – homage to FedUp (who is also very funny) and a tad more interesting name than Anonymous.
        I’m all new to this but would love to get to know you better. I realise that this isn’t the forum (literally!) to do that. If you are ever chronically bored: my profile name is James868 my location given: London. Oxford’s very small and I wouldn’t want to be the talk of High Table! Look on my profile and weep.

  87. Anonymous says:

    I do not understand this obsession with platonics…there is a button there, says “Block member”. Takes 1 minute to read the profile and block her.
    Not that you have to block her, just that if it bothers you that much.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      That’s fine if they are open about it, but many are hidden platonics and you waste days sometimes chatting with them.

    • AnonymousSSSD says:

      I clearly state in my profile that I’m looking for intimacy as part of the arrangement and have a clear concise discussion early on with pot sb’s about. I have yet to have someone lead me on to discover they’re just platonic. Either you’re not very good at reading between the lines or asking the right questions? The only other issue you might be having is you’re so darn disgusting looking that they won’t sleep with you at any price.

  88. Anonymous says:

    So sick of splenda daddies on here.. You ask me to move my schedule, drive around and treat you like a King, where’s my Queen’s jewels??

  89. Alternatedating says:

    I’m curious about how many men on this site are actually in their 30’s? It seems to me that if I was a reasonably normal, successful guy in my 30’s, I wouldn’t need this site to find younger women.

    It also seems to me that if a SB is really looking for someone normal, they need to be looking for someone 40+

    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot speak for all men in here, just my own example. Someone mention in an Internet article that women are attracted to confidence and power in men, not youth. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was reasonably attractive (I was told), dressed well, hard worker, intelligent, but had no dating skill of “game”, and suffered through because of ti. The attractive women I was attracted to wouldn’t even give me the time of the day regardless of how courteous, charming, and chivalrous I seemed to be. Someone wrote an article on the Internet stating that women are attracted not to youth, but confidence and power in a man. I am thinking that, with some exceptions, it is in their late 30’s and early 40’s that men, who perhaps have worked hard, begin to obtain some financial wealth, and with that comes the power and the confidence too. Thanks to SA and arrangements, I have been given the opportunity to date some very attractive women now that I just turned 50. So I think SBs have a larger opportunity if they look for arrangements into the 40+ men of course.

    • Nancy Kiger says:

      40 plus here. Not hard to look at and loves to please my partner

    • Anonymous says:

      As a SD in his early 40’s I have to agree that for me a SB has to be out of my typical dating range, so under 25 ideally. As far as women over my age go, they should be paying me. I don’t get it when I am messaged by women in their 50’s, do they want a SD or a toy boy? I can’t be both.

    • Tammy says:

      I just posted about this. I have noticed that there has been an influx of younger men and they are very disrespectful and use the site more as a escort or “user” kind of thing. They do not have the means to be in a kind of situationship so i am just so curious why they even PAY to be on this site. I would think if you have money, haven’t been married, no kids, in your 30s, you would not need this site at all unless something is VERY wrong with you. I’ve even seen some guys in their 20s! When a “good looking” 30 something with a high salary messages me i do not respond at all. I tried it a good 4 times and they all turned out to be kind of like abusive and immature. Would explain that even with all the money they have women STILL don’t want them.

      • Anonymous says:

        You turn away all men who are young, handsome, and have money, because something must be wrong with them?

      • Alternatedating says:

        A lot of women on here seem to want a guy in his 30’s. I don’t get why a normal single guy in his 30’s needs to be on this site … if you’re looking for a normal guy, you need to be looking 40+

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a SD in his 30s and I’m sure I’m not the only one. What do you mean by “wouldn’t need this site” ? You’re making it sound as if only the most desperate, unwanted men are found on here. How rude.

      I treat this site as just another dating site, just one with a particular penchant. And I’ve actually been very pleased with the results. There is clearly a demand for younger SDs. It’s a tradeoff, a younger SD is not likely to be a millionaire CEO, but on the other hand he will be much easier to relate to, and naturally much easier on the eyes, as well as someone a SB would not be ashamed of being seen in public with.

  90. FedUpAnon says:

    Honey I get 1000£ 1 h
    500£ 30 min
    What this mean?

  91. Imoutofhere says:

    Second platonic of the day…even better

    Another Gem …
    Someone kind who will spend time with me. I don’t mind about the age gap as long as we’re both comfortable (so if you’re looking for sex don’t message me lol) I’d like to meet someone mature, respectful and sweet

  92. FedUpAnon says:

    Pla tonic of the day: What I’m Looking for
    Please be aware I am in a committed relationship and I am not prepared to change that. But willing to have some fun.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Another gem: Profile says “bisexual” and very “kinky”.

    Looking for online only arrangement. Talk about bait and switch.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Saw a profile today: Substantial expectation. “Looking for someone who is not looking to get intimacy out of this”.

    Can you imagine if a guy here said he is looking for someone who will have Substantial sex with him but the woman should be “someone who is not looking to get money out of this”.

    The double standard here is unreal.

  95. G.F says:

    I’m an educated, attractive woman in my early 40’s. Despite being older I do have quite a few queries. I’ve had three arrangements with men in their 50’s and 60’s, one lasting 10 months, their incomes closer to 150k. I just starting to look again, but the screening process is daunting. While some gentleman understand the subtleties and pretty early on we’ll both realize we’re not a match and part ways even w/o a phone chat or meeting. Just today a monied gent asks, “How much to swallow my cum?” He said all women on here are looking for an arrangement where it’s an an exchange of money for sex. I said you couldn’t pay me a million dollars, not interested in which he replied I was going to offer you 1k. Where are the gentleman? I know they’re on here, but last I checked this wasn’t an escort site. I did report him because he outright propositioned me.

    • Anonymous says:

      You did the correct thing in reporting it. SA is not an escort site despite what many people think. One poster mentioned, it can be whatever you want it to be, and it is in some cases, but the initial idea is for establishing relationships as in a dating site with an allowance as part of the arrangement. Let’s try that on Match.com, let me tell a woman, I want to be your boyfriend (so sex is expected and involved), and I want to help you financially so that you are less stressed about money issues for rent, groceries, tuition, car payments, etc. Will that woman feel offended or welcome the honesty, upfront, etc? Or will she feel the man is trying to buy her affections, her love, her time? Dating is changing, but you do not have to tolerate people abusing you as a person.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where are the gentlemen? Why is it always about men having to be gentlemen? Where are the ladies? Of course on a site like this you won’t find either.

    • Alternatedating says:

      One daunting task you might find … is that when I see an educated attractive woman in her 30’s or 40’s, I start to think of wife or long term gf potential

      Then … I discover almost every time that they have financial expectations significantly higher than a 25 y/o grad student and aren’t interested in anything with long term potential.

    • Alternatedating says:

      Well the problem is that when I think of an educated and attractive women in her mid 30’s or older, I start to think of potential wife longterm gf. That’s obviously not what you are looking for. Plus, I really find women over 30 have much higher financial expectations than younger women … so I understand why your screening can be daunting. If what you’re looking for is an allowance based structured situation rather than dating a successful guy who lives a higher end lifestyle, I’d suggest you make that clear.

    • Real says:

      His income was just 150k?
      Ok that’s funNy, I just understood that I could become more something like a sugar mommy than a sugar baby if only normal people with good incomes like me (and your ex) are hanging around here.
      What is it all about then on this website?
      Certainly not rich guys having sugar babies.

  96. lulu says:

    how do we know who is a roadswipper and who is real millionaire daddy . I’m fed up of talking to fake millionaires that i find after to be builders and so ?

    • Anonymous says:

      For starters, I’m a real millionaire. My profile doesn’t list my true wealth. I pick the bottom choices in terms of income and wealth because I don’t want to be involved with anyone who is too focused on that. I’m more concerned about finding someone who is a good fit in this type relationship who is also concerned about finding someone who is a good fit.

      I doubt I’m alone in that. I’d guess that those claiming to have more and earn more are less likely to actually have it.

      And, I’ll confess I don’t know what a roadswipper is.

      • Scar says:

        Ditto. Been on this site for a while. Couldn’t skip the ‘worth’ part. Have been low key but has been quite a trip and certainly entertained by scammers, fakes, entitled-ones, troubled ones, just-not-gonna-work, divinity-beyond-what-i-can-offer. But in my few arrangements, SB’s were surprised who claims they would have passed my profile by.

      • guest says:

        Why is it ok for men to be obssessed with finding women with beauty while simultaneously requiring those women not be interested in wealth. Seems disingenuous and its pathetic when men can’t just be logical and fair. Why the hell would we come here instead of okcupid if we were interested in the average joe’s pocketbooks? Are you interested in plain Janes? cut the bs

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have a special reason to be looking for millionaires? There are many of us who aren’t. We’re just wealthy enough to be able to afford to have a nice luxurious time with a SB. Seriously, there is practically no difference between a millionaire and a well-off SD in terms of what a SB gets out of it.

      Yes, stay away from SDs who loudly claim to be millionaires. Just like we stay away from SBs who loudly claim they only want millionaires.

      • guest says:

        yes there is. a man with money can take us places and do things you can’t. you have the john mentality if you think what you are saying here is true. the experience is better sorry

    • Anonymous says:

      After making billions in real estate I decided to swip roads just because I like the roadswipper truck.

  97. Hardtobeleive says:

    A pot SB asked for 10k a month and 300 hour

  98. Anna says:

    I honestly would love to just meet someone who can open up doors for me and talk to me. I would love to do what they wanr its all about exploring. I’m only 20 years old, I just want to live and have fun. with wonderful experienced men. 🙂

  99. Greg says:

    Seeking casual relationship with no strings attached.

  100. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    no sex no drugs no strings attached and someone that can provide me with opportunities and good conversation.No pushy men

  101. BostonAwesome says:

    I tried posting that SA is classy prostitution. It didn’t post. Am I breaking the rules?

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      nope…just breaking the bandwidth with repetition…like out dear friend below.

      • BostonAwesome says:

        Oh, I didn’t read enough to realize I was being repetitious. Sorry bout’ it. I’m just trying to take the shame out of the game.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        There are just some topics that raise a bunch of fuss, and end in stalemate. I have come to humbly and graciously accept, as one male visionary SD deity once proclaimed, that I am–much like every female of every congregate species on the planet from the beginnings of animal life is–a prostitute. There’s no other hope for me.

        Many here, like Anonymous at 4:02pm, are indifferent or have given up trying to define or defend labels associated with how two sound, informed and consenting adults interlock their genitalia…or not.

        There will be extremes, outliers and exceptions on every facet. A prism of variability along a hierarchy of needs. To each its own ascension.

        There was once a blog topic dedicated to the subject to no resolve. Now and then, it rears its perpetual head. Wives (the epitome of prostitution) are called out, virginities are damned, prophecies of future-born hookers and Johns projected, pride washed down the drain, humility thrown out the window, no innocent man or woman is spared, because…well…none innocent can be found. There’s no hope for any of us.

        After blood, sweat, tears, clinched fists, raised brows, heavy hearts, loose sphincters, weak bladders, achy ribs, restless nights, and weeks of deliberation, the consistent verdict finds that you simply can’t turn a ho into a housewife, or something like that.

        I think that people should consider what brings them happiness with the least amount of detriment to any involved…regardless of what they choose (or what anyone else chooses) to call their relationship.

        So long as my partner treats me well, is content with me, and can distinguish one hole from the other, I’ve no real complaints.


    • Anonymous says:

      SA is what you want it to be. It can be a classy prostitution. Or not classy prostitution. Or nothing to do with prostitution. It is a way two (or more) people can be together. If all that comes to your mind is a classy prostitution, so be it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I had a girlfriend for a couple of years that I met on a traditional website. We went to interesting places, I bought her clothes that she liked, I occasionally took care of other expenses. Where does that fit in your description?

      • BostonAwesome says:

        Oh no, a lot more comes to my mind. I think, fundamentally older successful men want to have sex with younger, attractive females. I think the difference between SA and Craigslist is on SA there is typically a conversation, a date, and some wine (or I’d hope so), before the fun things ensue. I think a Craigslist arrangement is more in line with meeting a guy in his 97 Civic and getting $50 he owes in child support to give him…. I’m being facetious, but you get the idea.

      • Easy says:

        It’s for women who don’t want to think of themselves as prostitutes to hookup with men who don’t want to hire a prostitute

      • Anonymous says:

        @Easy – exactly right, and neither side would do it without the cash or the sex.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, you are wrong. Play the same game, with a different tune like a friend for years, or the woman actually once respected you.

        Then you mosey on over to Joe’s Tavern because you finally fell like really weak hair girl. There is “Something about Mary”, but this is not the movie and the hair gel needs some help. Lol.

        Oh, there is something alright…Be honest. Be a sincere educator, of sorts. A curator, even.

  102. BostonAwesome says:

    I’m new to the site, but honestly there seems to be some huge misunderstandings. Some of the guys I’ve talked to do not want to exchange gifts or money, they want a girlfriend. I don’t know why someone would come to this site looking for love, but when people are being intimate, I suppose it could happen.
    So listen, I’m smart. Older guys want to show off younger girls, and have sex with them. Younger girls want money. Probably to pay their rent or car payment. I can’t see the females so I don’t really know what they post. I’m surmising. Having said all of this – Guys, don’t be surprised when the 19 year old you’re out with wants to talk about Snap Chat and Miley Cyrus, and looks at her phone every 30 seconds. If you’re expecting riveting conversation ummmm…… Ladies, these guys want to have sex with us. Sex is fun! Sex is delightful! Few guys are going to give you money just to hang out with them. I’m sure your company is outstanding, but they’re likely much more interested in your booty. It’s classy prostitution. Let’s call it what it is 😉

    • jonwilson says:

      You nailed it!

      Most s/b on here should read your post.
      Thank you, you get it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Too many dudes on here want the cow’s milk without purchasing the cow though!

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        I think to purchase the cow to get the milk is to have a wife, maybe.

        I don’t mind a guy wanting the milk without purchasing the cow, but he shouldn’t expect to get organic, grassfed cow’s milk at wholesale powder milk prices. Who drinks that stuff, anyway?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for sharing it. I wish this post was mandatory reading for SBs considering entering SA. I read some profiles, which are frank and state they are clueless as to what to expect or how this works, etc., and several of them specify they want an allowance, but some are not even willing to meet, some others want to meet, but do not want intimacy, just the allowance. I think they are obviously in the wrong website, but they will find out by themselves.
      I have learned and accepted that the allowance is a basic part of the arrangement, and once that portion is negotiated and we are both content with the frequency and amount, then the rest of the relationship seems to work much better.
      I will strongly advice, to both SBs and SDs to be very clear, from the start, about their expectations. Not everyone wants the same, and some unscrupulous SBs (probably some SDs too), will have no problem lying, pretending something just to get the allowance, and maybe even ENDURE the intimacy portion just to keep it going. It happened to me and the rude awakening I do not wish it to anybody.

    • Alternatedating says:

      You’re partially right.

      Frankly, the 19-20 y/o seem to be more aware of the world that the 40 y/o crowd in my neighborhood. I find they appreciate someone who isn’t that into gaming and whatever 19-20 y/o are into.

      As for me, a smart, attractive, and interesting 19-25 y/o who is comfortable as a no drama girlfriend (no just hooking up) won’t need to worry about rent, tuition, student loans and all those other things and will probably get some nice stamps on the passport as well as hang out in the some cool places around the US.

  103. FedUpAnon says:

    About Me
    Looking for intellectual and humorous friendships. I’m currently in a position where I cannot meet due to university commitments.

    What I’m Looking for
    I am looking for a companion to share things with, someone to make me laugh.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes this site has hope …

    I’m a well-traveled, well-educated, senior executive in a mid-size US city who is in his early 50’s but can probably pass for mid 40’s, although I’m pretty easily googled. I’m only in average shape (I travel 30-40 percent of the time), am multi-lingual, have lived in different countries, have children in top schools, and make 500K a year. I regularly take vacations around the world and business trips to every major city in the US. In an ideal world, I’d like to find someone on Match with wife potential … you know, maybe with a grad degree, a six figure job, at least average attractiveness, no drugs/bankruptcies/major drama. That seems pretty impossible to find.

    However, I went on two dates this week ..the first, from Match with a 46 y/o retail store manager who actually had a college degree and was reasonably attractive. She didn’t have a passport, had never left the country, and thought it was weird that someone would pay me to live in Europe on an expat package. Still, I thought she had some potential … except she said she was really focused on someone under 40, reminded me on at least three occasions that she wasn’t looking for a hookup, and didn’t understand why I didn’t have a motor cycle. I didn’t tell her that I rarely dated anyone over 25 ….but wouldn’t mind someone older with wife potential.

    My second date was with Adrian (not her real name). Adrian is a 20 y/o pre-med student with a 1550 SAT who would be a solid 10 in anyone’s book. She was seriously skeptical of this site but it took as much effort to get Adrian out on a date as it did the 46 year old. Adrian, however, has a passport, has a 4.0 GPA, has some understanding of the world around her, and though it was cool that I had worked overseas and could have a conversation with the French waiter (I avoid that in regular dates) . I told Adrian that I had to be in San Francisco Monday morning and her response was … seriously … can I go. So, I said, why don’t we leave Friday after classes, and I’ll have you back Sunday night … I’m OK if you need to do homework on the plane or while we’re there. No lectures about not wanting a hookup, no drama about why I don’t have a motorcycle, and not even a request for an allowance. That being said, Adrian would say she had an incredible weekend, had dinner at a couple of really cool places and stayed at a great hotel, picked up a couple of things at reasonably priced boutiques, and had conversations in line with with someone with a 1550 SAT and an understanding of the world around them. No drama, no lectures about avoiding hookups, no sense of entitlement, no fawning appreciation. Gee … I wish she was 35 and looking for a husband …

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      🙂 Nice read. Thanks for sharing.

      Interesting, the different perspectives of what is cool, adventurous and exciting.

      If youre open to sharing…

      Can you share a little about your preference to date women 25 and younger, and marry a woman 35 or older?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like a happy story. Maybe forget the whole wife idea for now, or maybe work out a threesome with the 46yo!

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m thinking the wife idea may have to go the back burner … there’s so much drama in getting out on a date, fear that somehow you’re lying, ….

        And, I think of the two women on here who have been juggling me to go to coffee for a donation … seems like they’re busy looking for dimes and walking by dollars. Not to mention great adventures.

    • P3121 says:

      Thank you for sharing this story.I am probably between these to SB and hope to find a SD like you someday. It is nice to know there are SD out there that real.

    • Anonymous says:

      just an fyi — the SAT is 2400 max now not 1600. My daughter got a 2340 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Only if you count the written score … which a lot of people don’t say when they mention their score …my sons are also in the 2300+ range when the written is factored in 🙂

    • SouthernSB says:

      I don’t know what was wrong with that 40 something (maybe she was just sheltered in her small town bubble?) but I would have been on that trip overseas on a second. Young people aren’t the only ones who are up for adventure, some of us not so young people are willing to live life too.

  105. FedUpAnon says:

    What I am looking for?

    To the deal. I’m looking for kind and wealthy man who wants to have a child and become father. If you don’t want live together it’s fine, I need only your support. I can relocate in any country if It comes to the point. I wish all the best in your search.

  106. Keo says:

    Why won’t SA let me post anymore?!

  107. Anonymous says:

    Was just talking to a SD for the last two hours. We had an agreement in place and had plans to meet Thursday (red flag because when asked where he said he’d think on it, he clearly just didn’t know the area) and suddenly he starts asking for more pictures. I oblige a bit. Then asks me to go on skype call with him and relieve his stress from the week. I told him I don’t feel comfortable until we meet in person. He suddenly starts insulting me, calling me jaded. I ask for him to prove he’s who he says he is by taking a picture with his finger on his nose. He claims its “ridiculous” and that if we don’t have trust this won’t work.

    Ha. Happy to have caught myself on that one.

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Perhaps a fake but, it is quite ridiculous to request someone take a picture with their finger on your nose.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        *their nose

        or however

      • Glitchin says:

        I say it’s just as ridiculous to request for a Skype call. It’s an odd pose to request for, but because it’s odd it makes it more difficult to find fake images and therefore fake your identity, no?

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Maybe so, Glitchen. Id think that a request for a photo with a word or phrase written on a piece of paper would be more fool-proof, and less silly.

        Through a quick g00gle search, I was easily able to find attractive-enough people with their fingers on their noses…also for those with crossed eyes. But I also came across a request from someone asking for people to send pictures with a particular U.S. background and a given name to be written on a piece of paper. I think it was actually a guy posting as a girl. The request was for guys to take pictures with her name, and she would send them a saucy photo of herself. Am thinking the poster is likely a man collecting photos to use for catphishing.

        I show enough of myself in my photo for someone to get a good idea of what to expect from my appearance, and most understand my preference for discretion. I simply do not send photos. Though I also don’t mind meeting someone having not seen their photo, taken that I’ve established comfort with them through our communication. But attraction is subjective to a variety of attributes for me.

        I’d rather the (risk?) of meeting someone nice though possibly less than attractive than to risk the potential consequences of compromised discretion.

        Besides…just when you bet all your money on the photo basket, your gorgeous pot gets hit in the face with a decades-old ugly stick on the way to your first meet.

        There’s just no hope 🙁

      • yougottabekiddingme says:


      • Anonymous says:

        to yougottabekiddingme October 6, 2016 at 7:14 am

        True that. The good, the bad, and the ugly stick. lol

    • Anonymous says:

      I have women ask me to text a picture with their name on it so they know they’re not being catfished. I’m happy to do that but suppose I’ve been too trusting on my end.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        I guess what I mean is that I can see how one would find silly a specific request to touch their nose (of all other ways of verifying).

        Some people are really particular and firm with requests. Interestingly enough, it seems that the most aggressive are those with no profile photo at all, or have short or questionable profile content…how even? My preference for discretion and photo share means that I am sometimes nexted. The hurt 🙁

  108. anonymous says:

    Green bananas, red bananas, yellow bananas, blue. I see the blue pill called Viagra in store for you! 🙂 work what you got.

  109. anonymous says:

    If you give your cookie or any part of you away for free; he will never pay for it. Which SB’s and anyone who has any value to give, stop giving your personal power along with you ur personal prowess for free. I can feel the butterflies when he buys me another Gucci. This here is not free.

    You be a honey bee and pollinate all the flowers you like. But, me right here, I am not a toddler riding a toddlers version of training wheels on my bike.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting but not consistent with good marketing … many companies would happily give cookie samples to vetted customers, it gets them hooked on cookies, they like the cookies and the company, and end up buying lots of cookies.

      Not suggesting this is the approach … as I’m not suggesting I should be handing out cash 🙂

      And … if you’re looking for more Gucci, I’m the wrong guy. Happy to pay more for tuition than a purse …

    • Lainey says:

      We’re aware. Toddlers have a better understanding of the English language.

  110. Nubian queen says:

    I am responding to that statement were the gentleman just wants free f*** he’s not worth it.

  111. Anonomnomnom says:

    If I got 100$ for every favorite I got on this site that lead to nothing. I’d never have to be on this site.

    • Anonymous says:

      I absolutely agree. SDs seem to Favorite a lot and then ghost you. I think SA should adjust this option so that if after 7 days there is no communication the favorite cancels itself on the person the SD (or SB) Favorited.

      • Different Anon says:

        It’s not just the SD’s who use the fave and then forget. The SB’s do it as well and then not even respond when you message them. They should change Favourite to Bookmark.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some SD’s aren’t really ghosting you. We may travel to a lot of different cities over the year and mean to contact you. If you’re interested, drop us a note.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        I agree with you, Different Anon. Bookmark would be more appropriate in some cases. Like if I want to note interest (to myself) with intention of writing a proper message at a later time. The favorite could come across as a lazy wink or perceived as one of many winks you’ve sent out. I generally try to send a message if I’ve favorited a profile. There are some times, though, when I use it to gauge mutual interest. A returned favorite will prompt a message back.

    • Rick says:

      I tend to use Favorite as a way to Bookmark SBs. If there was a better way, I’d use that.

      • ISO says:

        I generally take a favorite that is not followed up by an immediate message, as just that, that I’ve been bookmarked with the intent that they will approach with a message at a later date. Like anonymous stated, I realize they’re probably busy traveling or just plain busy at the moment.

        I agree with Different Anon, as in this could be a good opportunity for an site improvement. Although rather than changing the favorite button, if they added a bookmark button, we could better differentiate, and avoid confusion. A good thing about this sort of improvement is that it’s not controversial, it benefits both aspiring SBs & SDs. Hopefully this sort of improvement would still be available in the free section, as it’s not important enough to pay extra for in my opinion.

        When I receive a favorite after messaging back and forth, or after speaking with them on the phone, it makes me feel special. If I feel likewise, I will favorite back.

        aspiring SB

    • FedUpAnon says:

      I favourite people who I think have fake pics, if they eventually upload real ones and I am interested I will message. Otherwise they could deleted when they become inactive.

  112. sd with open eyes says:

    On sugar baby profile:

    “Will do whatever I must agree with it though”

    How about “As a sugar daddy I will pay for whatever, but I must agree with it though”?

  113. FedUpAnon says:

    Don’t you just love hints on profiles such, spitters are quitters. Or do I have a dirty mind?

  114. don says:

    Any advice on a prepaid card this site takes? I’m looking for a card I don’t have to give all my personal info to in order to register, and handles the international requirement as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      go to cvs. Get a visa or mastercard gift card. There is a brand called one Vanilla or something like that where they dont need an actual address. Just register a zip code and you can use it for online purchases. Another idea is to open a paypal account without using your real credentials. Then fund it with a payment from a legit paypal account. Use the anonymous one to pay SA.

      • don says:

        I was going to use the Vanilla Visa but the card states it is only good for US purchases, and the SA site indicates international transactions are required. Thank you for the advice on a separate PayPal account, I will give that a shot.

  115. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    I am only looking for platonic relationships. I prefer money to gifts (though I wouldn’t say no:p) as I have more important things to do with my money at the moment (like launching my business).

  116. Anonymous says:

    For SBs, let me ask to the women here what is the etiquette. I write customized message to the POT SBs I am interested in, and wait for their reply, but alas, many do not even reply. Many read the message, but do not reply, not even a courteous “thank you, but not interested”. I have read they receive a huge amount of messages, and I agree that if you do not find the POT SD attractive enough you may not consider it. I also agree if I send “hey babe, you look great, how are you?” I will not get a reply. But why a well-crafted message does not grant a reply either in the majority of times? Is that the etiquette, just ignore them, and I supposed I just should understand that and move on? Looks a bit rude to me, but if that is how it works…

  117. Anonymous says:

    The idiocy here combined with random moderation. Nothing is more off putting…

    • anonymous says:

      Called knowing self is like Katt Williams at the Barclay center 2016. You can you your tube on that note and know, Yeayer. Can you hear that? Dropping me mic. Solid.

  118. yougottabekiddingme says:

    “FedUpAnon says:
    September 26, 2016 at 2:26 am
    I don’t want a relationship, I just want to pump and dump with someone out of my league.”

    Dear FedUp,

    After careful observation of your posts over the pastsome weeks, I have concluded that it’s not them, it’s you. Your problem is you’re doin’ it wrong, FedUp…You’re simply doin’ it wrong. Please follow these instructions for ultimate success:

    1. Get one 16-ounce red plastic Solo cup from the closest recycling bin, and take it to the beach.

    2. Fill your 16-ounce plastic red Solo cup with sand. Be sure to pack it tightly.

    3. Using your pinky finger, create a 3.5 inch hole in the packed sand inside the 16-ounce plastic red Solo cup.

    4. Insert your p3nis into the whole you created in the packed sand in the 16-ounce plastic red Solo cup.

    5. Pump.

    6. Dump.

    7. Have yourself a blast.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      I was joking lol

    • FedUpAnon says:

      Does the cup generate jealous looks from other guys in the restaurant?

    • FedUpAnon says:

      I am a lot wider than 3. 5 inches too!

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        The cup totally generates jealous looks. 3.5 is the depth. The width is pinky-size. It’s one cup fits all. Gotta keep it tight.

        Ok, so you were joking. Somehow, I took you seriously, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Sorry I told you to stick your p3nis in a packed cup of sand. Can you tell me, though…what is it you’re looking for? What type of whatevership would be ideal for you? Oh, and if it’s not too much to ask…what are you like?

      • FedUpAnon says:

        I am seeking a bubbly outgoing intelligent caring female for a mutually beneficial intimate arrangement with friendship. Enjoying dining out, kinky sex and vacations.

    • anonymous says:

      Lmao. This here ^^^^^ oh, yeah baby, like “gold finger”, this is the good stuff! 🙂

      Now, the tempo is slow, it is nothin a dj of wouldn’t play unless his rep. Was on the line, hence it is. If you can pick the tempo up mentally, then my dear friends, Star Wars at its best, we just found telepathy.

      YouTube: Osborne Brothers “loving me back” (audio) ft. lee Ann

      Sad…yeah, possible a wee bit. But, if you can’t cry. I hope “yougottabekid’n me” sanctions you and puts you in your place as she does me. Girl’s got a whip. Her whip, ain’t no joke.

  119. FedUpAnon says:

    I don’t understand why all new profiles are from the same towns, and always share the same jobs. Very coincidental lol

    • Anonymous says:

      In my area there have been a lot of Indiana Indiana or Michigan Michigan accounts popping up lately. I am pretty sure they are robo accounts.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      Everyone comes from Chelmsford, Canterbury and Guildford. They are chefs, accountants aged 18 or receptionists. Coincidence?

  120. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    Ideally i am looking for a lovely friendly fun man to meet up with me and my close friend Claudia to explore London with and help financially. Unlike other girls I am not looking to go shopping and spend spend spend, I have long term goals to save for. Due to a bad situation in the past I would prefer not to meet up alone but however with a genuine kind man I would happily consider it. Please do not message me with the complete opposite of what i have just stated & no we keep it strictly friends nothing sexual.

  121. TG says:

    Why cant they make it easier to pay with debit cards? I wait 2 to 3 days every time my membership expires because they cant process a debit card and I have to submit it…. ridiculous.

  122. Anonymous says:

    I find that no matter what the girls say they want or think they want, money talks. The ones who want the “relationship” really just want consistent money. Yes, there are outliers who want “mentorship” but they are few and far between.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a “SEEKING ARRANGEMENT” site. and that’s exactly what an arrangement is: Sugar Babies get a monetary allowance in exchange for you to enjoy the pleasure of their company. So why are you complaining that Sugar Babies want money?

      • lookin4sweetgirl says:

        Love how people dictate what an “arrangement” is supposed to be when by definition an arrangement is an agreement… I have had this discussion by some salty babies who think they know-it-all and are going to dictate to me the terms… but it’s true there are some nuggets out there, you just have to sift through the jaded mud.

      • R R says:

        Agree w/ Lookin4sweetgirl. Any arrangement is what the two individuals agree to. There are as many types of arrangement as there are successful pairings here.

    • Anonymous says:

      You may have noticed that some other sites, like match.com and similar, women tend to want men who are within certain age range of their own. As such, many women, and in our American society, frowns upon large age gaps (20+ years). It is a stupid stigma, which shouldn’t exist, in my opinion, but it is what it is. As such, understanding and accepting that, unless you are look like a celebrity (Bratt Pitt and the like), many younger women will not even give you the time of the day, specially if you do not have what they call “game”. They will judge our “book of life” (who the man is, his personality, charisma, etc.), by the cover, which is how old we are. SA allows the SD to “bridge” that age gap, so to speak, and thus the opportunity for these women to get to know you. I have lived through this very important experience myself, even just recently. Realize that without the bridge (allowance), it is not possible to reach them. The correct amount of allowance is integral part of the arrangement, and it is absolutely vital. I made the terrible mistake of forgetting about that part, and I paid the price, my SB left. So I learned the lesson in a very harsh and painful way. The allowance is the bridge. We just have to accept that. The SR may offer great experiences, great sex, joyful moments, maybe a LTR if that is what you seek, as I do, but the correct amount of allowance HAS to be always there. The mentorship is welcomed, the gifts of course, the trips exhilarating, the romance enjoyed, and the allowance is what makes this possible because there is the intrinsic need to bridge the age gap. Just my two cents.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Thank you for sharing. I hope you find another SR that suits you.

      • jonwilson says:

        Amen to all you stated, and have been right where you are……
        Just like the movies……
        “Show me the money!”

        I’ve tried lavish gifts, cars, blah, blah…..
        Cash talks! And really much easier, just embrace it.

        Since I’ve come to this realization, it’s actually saved me time, stress and money.

      • jonwilson says:

        Amen to all you stated.
        Been there, done that.
        Cash is always KING!

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not society that influences that influences the disapproval of a large age gap, it’s basic human attraction. Would you want to bang a woman old enough to be your grandmother?

      • Anonymous says:


  123. Anon says:

    Are you able to contact POT sugar babies with standard membership or do you have to upgrade in order to read their replies? I know you can send 10 free messages.

  124. Anonymously says:

    I have a question: what kind of approach do the ladies prefer? I usually write a little letter introducing myself and explaining what I”m looking for and what I can do for her. Kind of like my profile. Apparently that’s a big surprise to some of them. They say most guys just say “how r u?” or something like that. What to other guys do? What works and what doesn’t work?

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Maybe the guys will chime in, but I think you’re probably putting too much out there for a first message.

      It seems like you are taking the time to actually write a thoughtful message, which is great. I think that it might be better to space it out over 2-3 messages for the following reasons:

      1). Despite your own interest and thoughtful message, a SB might simply not be interested, and in many cases won’t send a polite declination.

      2). A short, three sentence message of interest that piques her curiosity will likely keep her attention more so than a long letter of very typical introduction.

      3). A long message might be intimidating for even a genuine girl who is interested. The long message could inadvertently impose an expectation of reciprocity, and…well…ain’t nobody really got time for all that sometimes.

      4). Breaking the long message up into a few shorter messages will save you time writing to people who arent interested, will keep you from overwhelming those who are interested, and will provide an opportunity for the potential to respond in a manageable, timely manner which will also give you a glimpse into her personality, communication style, what she’s open to, and will allow space for you to adjust and develop the conversation more naturally.

      • Opheliasays says:

        I enjoy when SDs write thoughtful messages. Something more than “hi” is great because I put in the effort to customize my own messages. The only time it might be a turn off is if it’s a really long message documenting your life story, then it throws up some red flags and makes me suspect the SD is trying to pull a scam.

      • R R says:

        Well said. I would add that, in “the age of social media,” EVERYBODY’s(i.e. not just Millenial’s) attention spans are shorter. A side effect is that there is a lot less respect accorded to the kind of effort this poor guy is putting forth.

      • Chase says:

        I prefer that a SB writing me for the first time make it clear she has read my profile by commenting on some part of it and relating that part to her. The “hey” “Hi” or similar posts I ignore. I also like to see good word selection, spelling and grammar.

        If I am initiating the conversation I do the same. I either refer to or even some times quote a relevant portion of their profile and comment on it. Then I relate it to me so there is a connection.

        If they have one sentence in their profile and one in what they are looking for I never write.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for sharing this very important piece of insightful information from a SB point of view.

        It makes a lot of sense “Despite your own … not be interested…” But if that is the case, what is it that entices a SB to reply interested? The SD pictures? The narrative in the profile that many SB do not even read? How are SD been judged? Or just the lifestyle allowance declared?

  125. Anonymously says:

    I live in a small place so there aren’t too many women active around where I live. I’ve only had a few meetings. I get a lot of people “favoriting” me, but when I go to look at their page 5 hours later, it’s disappeared. No idea what that is. I’ve had several girls just disappear in the middle of a correspondence with me. Several no replies. Only a couple of meetings. One lady was the real thing, but we didn’t hit it off. One was an escort. There was another escort but I found that out before I met her by googling her phone number — it showed up on an escort web site. One girl made arrangements for dinner but didn’t show, didn’t cancel, didn’t send me a message, didn’t even send a message apologizing or explaining afterwards. Nothing. So rude. One — this was the amazing one! — was actually operating from Nigeria, if I’m not mistaken. She was using some photos of someone (let’s say Lady X) she found on Instagram. At first she couldn’t meet me because she was in the US. When I said “oh you must have been visiting your twin sister X,” she said “how do you know her? She just got married” etc. Then she said she couldn’t meet me because she was away on business in Nigeria designing clothes for Mark Zuckerberg’s next venture, which will be to set up a communications company there! Amazing story! My guess is she (or he) is waiting for someone to offer her a ticket to fly somewhere to meet him, then she cashes it in. Similarly, there’s another lady in my area who is using a photo she found on Instagram and refuses to meet guys located nearby – she only wants someone from another country. My guess is it’s the same story. And a drop-dead gorgeous woman from the Philippines wanted to come visit, too. When I asked her to send me a photo of herself holding up that day’s newspaper, I never heard from her again.

    My suggestion to all SDs: use google’s photo look-up web site before you get involved with anyone. See if the picture they’re using is really them.

    • R R says:

      Good advice. An even better resource is TinEye. Google it: it’s a Google-like search engine for photographs. It’s not infallible but it finds pix “out there” that Google doesn’t and does it a LOT more often than vice versa. I’m surprised that SA doesn’t use something like this to to vet the fotos people submit.

  126. Serena says:

    Bunch of time wasters on here. And what’s with all the twenty something year old men?

  127. Chris says:

    Very discouraged with this site. First off tons of fake profiles then you have the girls that make the first contact and even with the first contact give you access to their private photos yet never reply or even read their mail. Can’t figure that out. Then there are the girls that will talk to you for days yet are always are too busy with work or school to meet, supposedly Then their profiles disappear. Let’s not even talk about the scammers on here trying to get money out of you for nothing. Overall have not had good experiences on this site.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      +1 same

    • Anonymous says:

      I, as well, am discouraged with this Website. I am an SB.There are so many time wasters on here. What is the point of putting an SB on your Favorites List (by an SD) when the SD has no intention of communicating? Don’t answer me with “Well, he you Favoriting you for future reference” and I answer to that “If I am made a FUTURE REFERENCE than he is not good enough for me”. I don’t want to be 2nd, 3rd, 4th choice is things don’t work out with the others SB. I am better than most but men are scared of better than most.
      And what is the cautionary attitude about meeting with an SB for a drink? It’s just a freaking drink. I’m not asking you to meet me at the altar.
      And if the SD is a SEX ADDICT, state so in your profile (letting us know that you are seeking a”pump & dump” as some SD stated on here. You’ll get what you’re looking for and not waste my time( even tho you SD’s don’t think that my time , as an SB, is as valuable as yours) GBK me!!
      Also, READ my SB Profile in detail prior to contacting and if you can’t read, well than just move on.
      Whew, I feel better now. 🙂

      • Scar says:

        Well, I hope that’s not in your profile. I’ve had two fantastic arrangements here. Not at the same time mind you. Both of whom feel the same way. When it ended, at least with one, it was quite grievous, almost as if it was a relationship. Well it is in a way. But long story short, the whole thing started with the SB stopping “on a snowy evening” and actually digging deeper on my profile by saying something like “before I show you my private pics let chat for a while.” My profile is quite low key for obvious reason and I seldom reach out often but frequently requesting pictures without any salutation. Needless to say the guidance (for what worked for me) was the fact that she took the time on someone she would normally pass up.

      • Chase says:

        Dear Anonymous. Glad you feel better. I on the other hand have found a few very desirable SB on this site. I have been burnt as well by paying an allowance and then be ghosted. Live and learn. Since there are 20 SD for ever SB we can afford to be selective. I don’t answer “hey” messages. I don’t answer messages from SB that don’t meet at least partially what I am looking for specifications. I don’t answer those from out of State or Country. I don’t answer those requesting Substantial or High allowances. I don’t answer those who have put need for money “Auto repair”, “Rent” Illness Surgery etc. in their profile. They need to go to a crowd funding site.

        If they meet my “Looking For” requirements, they are local and their expectations are reasonable and they are over 28 I will usually respond to them. I very seldom initiate a conversation. I have no need to. I get two or three new messages every day on average.

        Plenty of selection to choose from. Some very classy women. I am not exclusive with a single SB nor expect them to be. Lots of very high quality people here I don’t bother with the low class or trash that comes to my box.

        I wish you better luck in he future. Ask for what you want. Only message those you have some community or commonality with and keep trying.

    • Wtf! says:


      Been on and off this site for years. Used to be great and I met nice women but it went downhill fast, now its absolute garbage. The problem is not with the site but with the mainstreaming of the sugar daddy . It will me my last time here.

      • anonymous says:

        So sad. 🙁 This is my first time being a SB and was hoping for a wonder experience. However, after reading these comments, I am a bit fearful.

  128. SBTV says:

    Hey SBs and SDs! Just received a message including the following quote:

    “I am too busy business wise to commit to a full on relationship so i am looking for a girl who wants the same. NOT INTERESTED IN PAYING ALLOWANCES/CASH/FEES/GIFTS, or whatever else girls who claim not to be escorts but really are, demand on SA.”

    This guy instead claimed his intimacy would be a gift in itself to the LUCKY girl. More and more guys have been messaging this type of thing. Am I missing the point of the website or are the guys who think like this?

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear you on that. As if their presence is a gift in itself. Unless you’re GOD, I doubt it.

    • Chase says:

      He is just wasting his money by paying to be on a site that is designed for something else entirely. Match or E-Harmony or Adult Friend Finders is probably a better site for him. Not that he is going to have luck with that attitude anyway.


    • lulu says:

      they should put the profile ‘sugar male baby’ then for this sorts of trolls

  129. biggie says:

    I’ll go last..

  130. Anonomnomnom says:

    I need a new computer, should I put I’m into butt stuff on my profile?

    • anonymous says:

      Nope, no need, just shows Wyoming are sincere within your culture. If you are great at anything in life, it should show. Doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it certainly means that you are not dismiss able. If you are, the “real effect” is about to hit home. 🙂

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Yes. If buttsex doesn’t land you a computer, nothing will.

  131. N. O. Nemuss says:

    Oh, joy, yet another potential SB who is almost as old as I am and in considerably worse shape than I am wants an arrangement with me. Hope springs eternal, or something.

  132. FedUpAnon says:

    I live in Essex so will be travelling from quite far Hun and as I’ve had a lot of time wasters in the past I do like a man who starts with ppm. If it’s not a problem to reimburse my £50 travel expenses the ppm starting will be clarity for a successful agreement on an arrangement. This usually overall is ppm of £800-£1000 depending on how many meets you would like a month. So if you would consider the meeting arrangement of minimum £200 I will be extremely looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. 
    I am young, fun and I love a gentleman who can truly look after me. Now if his is something you don’t do I can completely understand where you are coming from however I trust we are going to get along magnificently and you would truly be missing a great opportunity with a great girl

  133. FedUpAnon says:

    Hey there, I am in a difficult situation hence why I’m on seeking arrangement. But it hasn’t worked out for me on here but then I had an idea.. I’m a travel consultant and I know you probably travel etc or book hotels to meet sugar babies. I can get hotel rooms in the uk and worldwide much cheaper. I work for a London based abta regulated company and you can pay the office directly. I can beat most rates you find online. I hope you will take my entrepreneurial spirit in good jest and not be offended. Please get in touch should you wish to book anything.

  134. Anonymous says:

    You profile is not all that important. She is most likely not going to read it anyway. If you want to see what she is about, send her a short text. If she does not read or is never on the site, you wasted no time.
    If you noticed that she read your text, now is the time to up your game. Especially if she replied. Do not waste your time beforehand, unless you cut and paste.

    • guest says:

      This sort of low energy advice gets people ignored or very poorly matched. Of course serious sugar babies read the profiles. What sense does this make?

      • Anonymous says:

        there is no such thing as a “Serious Sugar Baby”. Unless she is someone who thinks she should be getting 1k/date because she goes to collage and 500 for a coffee M&G type.
        If you are “ignored or poorly matched” with such…you have just be saved.

      • Anonymous says:

        Normal advice. No better and no worse than the ones dispensed by SA.

  135. Anonymous says:

    Careful with some of the profiles. It it sounds too good to be true, if in the first message they say they already love you, if they want IMMEDIATELY to know what exactly you want and most important to them what amount of allowance are you willing to provide before they even try to get to know you, what kind of personality you have, what sort of activities you like to do, etc., show some interest in what kind of a person are you BEFORE they ask for how much you can give them, then it is probably not real, just a scammer.

    • R R says:

      PROBABLY a scammer. But in my experience, there are many completely clueless SBs, too, who have no strategy; they just blurt things out. On the positive side, they ARE transparent and might learn; a little “mentoring” and they may be shapeable, so to speak. But the scammers? A scammer is a scammer is a scammer.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      I disagree, you need to be financially and sexually compatible. What’s the point of travelling and preparing for a meet and greet if she is beyond your budget or is frigid in the bedroom.

  136. Anonymous says:

    I put down I was looking for a physical relationship. SA rejected this saying I can’t ask for sex. Go figure. If I write “I am not looking for a platonic relationship” would that be rejected?

    • Opheliasays says:

      I’ve seen other profiles that explicitly state they do not want platonic arrangements passing muster. However, if you are looking for a purely “pay for play” situation, that goes against the type of engagements SA is trying to foster. Perhaps in a case like that, you might consider a number of other venues that might be better suited for your interests?

      • lookin4sweetgirl says:

        any girl that suggests a per meet is technically doing a pay for play.. unless she doesn’t put out, in that case it’s a waste of time.. lol

    • SD says:

      yes, you are correct, and that worked for me. something that communicates no friendzone

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that there is an unwritten understanding that these SR do require and entitle intimacy, but that cannot be the only thing on the table overtly. SA fosters, and I personally welcome, the development of a deeper type of relationship, IMHO. From my personal experience, when I discuss with a POT SB what I am seeking, I first tell them what I am bringing to the table, and then what I am requiring. In that part, I mention, intimacy. If I sense the POT SB frowns upon the idea, I tell them I understand, but I am not seeking a platonic relationship, and we go from there on her response. We either part ways or continue to see how it goes, but there is no sense on attempting to convince her to sleep with me because I am bringing an allowance. I do not want that. Been there done that, didn’t work for me for the SB only did it with me because of the allowance. There are professionals for that, but I had to check my feelings at the door, and I am not seeking that at this stage on my life.

  137. Opheliasays says:

    The best profiles I’ve encountered make it very clear what they are looking for in terms of distance, the parameters of the relationship (exclusive, casual, poly), how often they would like to see each other, and how they are most comfortable displaying their generosity. One sentence profiles make it much more difficult on either side for anyone to engage. They also provide no sense of the person behind the screen and whether there will be compatibility based on the frankness, playfulness, or general tone of what they have written.

  138. yougottabekiddingme says:

    I find these things to be helpful for filtering when reading a SDs profile.

    Thanks, Brook.

  139. OnlineNewbieSD says:

    am i actually first?