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Sugar Baby College Account Updates


As we continue to improve the user experience on SA, we’ve made some changes to how we verify Sugar Baby College Premium accounts. Every year after a college Premium account is created, we’re asking the user to validate their student email address to continue receiving the upgraded account features and the “College” badge on their profile.

Why the change?

There are a couple reasons for this change. The first and perhaps most important is to ensure the “College” badge is accurate and trustworthy. Since Premium college accounts don’t currently expire, a user can claim to be a college student well after they’re no longer in college.

The second reason is to eliminate inactive college members from showing in the “Featured Results” section. This is an effort to improve user experience across the board and mitigate the chances of interacting with an inactive profile. This site update is truly advantageous to all active members.

What you need to know

Each year following the initial Sugar Baby college upgrade, users with a College Premium account will be sent an email asking them to re-verify access to their college email account. Users will have two weeks to verify their student email address before being automatically switched to a Basic Sugar Baby account.

As long as each affected user has access to their student email address, their College Premium account will remain active. If users miss the email or forget to verify their email address in time, they can still log in and resend the verification email — even after the two weeks has lapsed — and be upgraded again after verification.

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142 Responses to “Sugar Baby College Account Updates”

  1. Catherin says:

    I click the resend button for the edu email, but I never got the mail. Does it mean my school restricting these types of mail? If it may be so, how would I able to verified that I am a college student?

    • Elle says:

      Hey Catherin, I have the same problem currently. Did it eventually work for you?

      • Nicole says:

        I’m going through the same thing. I’m so confused..I had to email seeking arrangements through another email, hopefully we can still sign in with our school email

      • Ren says:

        Same issue here! I tried forwarding my college email to my gmail in case maybe that’s it, but I still don’t get it!

        June 2018…

  2. SB says:

    Young Black guy looking for sugar mama, open to anything

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi im a college Sb looking for a SD not so much for the help but it would be cool to have a friend or someone to talk to , I’m always active and always message anyone I’m interested in but nothing has popped up

  4. RicofromJersey says:

    I’m 24 and in need of a suagr momma, open to all things really.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m a sugar baby- I’ve been active on this site for almost a year and have not found a sugar daddy? What am I doing wrong lol. I promise I’m real

    • Anonymous says:

      In my area, the ratio between SB’s and SD’s must be a thousand to one. You’re in a herd, basically.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      There could be many reasons for your lack of success:

      1) Are you in an area with very few Sugar Daddies?

      2) Are there things in your description categories that many Sugar Daddies would filter out or find undesirable (having dependent children, married but looking, heavy smoker, overweight, etc.)?

      3) Are there things in your profile picture that many Sugar Daddies would consider red flags (tattoos, piercings, guy obviously cropped out of the picture, etc.)?

      4) Are there things in your description and what you are looking for that many Sugar Daddies might find unappealing (platonic/online only, tragic backstory, hints of dangerous ex-boyfriends, excluding age ranges, demanding men of certain body type, poor spelling, bad grammar, run on sentences, endlessly talking about what you want and no mention of what you can provide)?

      5) If Sugar Daddies are sending you messages, are your replies a turn off (one word answers, never asking questions about the Sugar Daddy, never showing energy or enthusiasm, rude answers)?

      • Anonymous says:

        As a SD, one big turnoff for me, is a pic taken in a mirror showing a backdrop of a pigsty of a bedroom, looking like a clothes bomb went off in it and trash strewn about all over the place. Speaks a lot about her personal habits.

      • Alternatedating says:

        Those one word answers … drive me nuts. I’m only interested in intelligent women and the inability to engage in minimal discussions knocks someone off my list, regardless of level of attractiveness.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      There could be many reasons for your lack of success:

      1) Are you in an area with very few Sugar Daddies?

      2) Are there things in your description categories that many Sugar Daddies would filter out or find undesirable (having dependent children, married but looking, heavy smoker, overweight, etc.)?

      3) Are there things in your profile picture that many Sugar Daddies would consider red flags (tattoos, piercings, guy obviously cropped out of the picture, etc.)?

      4) Are there things in your description and what you are looking for that many Sugar Daddies might find unappealing (platonic/online only, tragic backstory, hints of dangerous ex-boyfriends, excluding age ranges, demanding men of certain body type, poor spelling, bad grammar, run on sentences, endlessly talking about what you want and no mention of what you can provide)?

      5) If Sugar Daddies are sending you messages, are your replies a turn off (one word answers, never asking questions about the Sugar Daddy, never showing energy or enthusiasm, rude answers)?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a 21 year old recent Science Graduate with first class honours. I need a sugar daddy to help pay off some student debt. I am open for friendship or platonic relationship or more if it worlds out..

  7. blacksugarson says:

    looking for a mature, white SM any out there? young and hung while being in school

  8. David says:

    I love the Sugar Babies! I’ve only been here for a week and I’ve met beautiful, intelligent, classy, refined young ladies. I’ve met some nice local, older women too. Good people to talk to. This is a wonderful site with very nice people. 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m a college student looking for a sugar daddy to help with my college expenses.

  10. Briana says:

    My name is Briana Owens and I am a 20 year old college student who is looking for someone to help me through out school financially. I’m open for a fun, cool friendship.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So I’ve been on here for a few months and I get a good number of views but not many direct messages. I do take the initiative to message first but almost all of my my messages are left without a response. Any tips? Also, would anyone mind viewing my profile and giving me some feedback about what I can change to make it appear better?


    • Anon, maybe tomorrow? says:

      Huh. I guess https: isn’t straight-out filtered, but my links are definitely routed to spam, lol.

      I suppose SD Guru is long gone? Too much to hope Josh is, too?

    • Anon, maybe tomorrow? says:

      so why does that hyper link post?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are very attractive and I know I’d be interested if we were in the same city.

    • sd with open eyes says:

      You could talk about what you could do for a Sugar Daddy that would make his life better.

    • Edgar says:

      I think your profile is very atractive, but… while you seem really an atractive , intelligent and intense woman, also you seem to be someone that a SD won´t get relaxed with! Let me explain. The idea of (At least for me) a SB is to have someone to get relax with. Interesting talks, dinners, sex, etc… For many, talking about oppressed and marginalized populations, rape, etc… are conversations that evethough are important and interesting, are conversations that stress anybody. Also, many sucessfull SD doesn´t have empaty with the oppressed, because they are looked as “the opressors”, so talking with someone that supports them, might seems that you are going to be fighting rather that just getting relaxed….. It also, kind of doesn´t seems logic someone looking as SD while supporting the oppressed. I hope ths could be of help to you!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Good evening,

    I am a 23 year old student. I need a sugar daddy to help with some money. I am open for friendship or platonic relationship.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m a sugar baby who’s in college, how do I sign up for a premium college account?!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been on here for a month and my profile hasn’t even been viewed once

  15. newgirl says:

    I am looking for a sugardaddy but I am having no luck. Maybe I should switch to sugar momma ?

  16. thatxchic says:

    why is it so hard for a woman of color to find a sugar daddy on here?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      A lot of women of all races, ages, and sizes have trouble finding a sugar daddy. Why? The answer is usually in the mirror. If not there, then try reading your profile from the point of view of a prospective sugar daddy.

      • Middle finger says:

        That’s really fucked up to say that “The answer is usually in the mirror” smh. No one can help that they are a person of color yet you “sd with open eyes” & other sd’s make it seem like it’s a bad thing to be of color & have a white sd. Your fucked up like the rest of them. You sd’s say you don’t want to be used for your money alone or be judged as only wanting sex then don’t jude people of color as having bad attitudes or having a disease. You & the rest are prejudice as fu^k. If a black chick won’t do everything you want or you ASSume they all have attitudes then guess what you kick them to the curb & replace them with a white, asian or latina. you “men” are a$$holes.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        @Middle finger: A proper education and reading comprehension would help as well. “The answer is usually in the mirror” applies to “women of all races, ages, and sizes”. If you are not good looking then you will do worse competing against women who are good looking. Also, if you are stupid and write at a second grade level you will do worse against women who are smart and articulate.

    • black sb says:

      Racism. Everyone prefers white women

    • AndreP says:

      What’s your username?

  17. Dovetail921 says:

    Hmmm, wondering why SA is assuming that “college girl” = worthy sb.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because college=educated. Not all are airheads like the ones replying. Some are pursuing real careers with a sound mind haha.

    • Alternatedating says:

      I suspect most legitimate men on this site are better educated than average and want to date someone on that path.

    • Dazed-SD says:

      @dovetail,,to me that doesn’t make them worthy sb, it usually means they are a flake with basically nothing to offer..I want a woman ! not a girl !

  18. PrettyLolita says:

    I need a SugarDaddy to help me with my College.

  19. Anonymous says:

    looking for a sugar daddy to help with my college expenses

  20. Lisa says:


    I’m new to SA, I’m a SB from the UK. I have been reading these blogs the last few evenings and I must say they make for very entertaining reading lol

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m a college student looking for a sugar baby! and i’m cute sooo 😉

  22. Khan says:

    I really need a sugar mommy

  23. Shelby says:

    Looking for a sugardaddy to help me with college finace

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone! I need your help, I started off receiving a pretty hefty amount of messages a day, and lately my inbox has been pretty dry. Maybe it’s due to me not being very active on the site, but I’d love it if you could give me some feedback on my profile. Thank you!


    • Rick says:

      I wish you lived in the Bay Area, I’d be very interested. If anything, your profile is a little wordy. You could trim it down a bit and probably get more responses. Another picture couldn’t hurt. Good luck

    • Alternatedating says:

      Intriguing but … the language in your profile looks a little odd and suggests you don’t speak English well. Some might perceive it as similar to those of scammers. And, there are a lot of women in Seattle.

  25. Anonymous says:

    hi..i need a sugar mommy just for fun..no financial need or anything ..just fun

  26. Tay says:

    I’m a college student looking for a sugar daddy! Completely platonic relationship only, online and in public meet ups

    • Rick says:

      Platonic is fine, as long as you don’t expect an allowance.

      • Anonymous says:

        F that shit. You don’t get a hot woman on your arms for free.
        What woman in their right mind would waste time hanging out with an ugly, married, old, or socially awkward male for nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s the problem. I have found the platonic’s want to get paid as much as the intimate sb’s.

      • Alternatedating says:

        Lots of platonics/on line lately. Must be an article or something suggesting this.

        Plus, there seem to be lots of references to platonic who can be shown off. Is there supposed to be some value to a guy in showing someone off?

  27. Anonymous says:

    looking for a serious sugar daddy

  28. sugar baby please? says:

    Sugar baby in The Bahamas looking for a Sugar Daddy and financial help for university

  29. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t received any email for verifying my account either. I don’t know how else to verify my college account

  30. Anonymous says:

    I have not gotten sent anything to update my acount

  31. Anonymous says:

    My school doesn’t use school given emails. so I sent you guys visual proof of my acceptance and my student ID and yet i was still refused…… nice jobs guys XD

  32. Anonymous says:

    Been o this site for a month, and texted everyone that looked half cute. The only girls responding are old, fat or stupid. Lots of faces, but no serious cuties.

    • Mandy says:

      Not a nice thing to say… Be mindful of your words! KMT!

      • Mark C says:

        Likewise, I would ask you to mind your words. Anonymous is simply pointing out that his experience has not been productive. There is nothing wrong with that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m pretty if you’re still looking.

    • Quality says:

      Then you just haven’t searched hard enough. Trust me, there are quality sugar babies out there. I, myself, can attest to that. I’m ivy league educated and in fantastic shape (so much that I qualified for the Olympics). So don’t give up hope just yet.

      • EyesOnU says:

        Don’t waste your time aswering to him… He dreams of a girl that looks like a VS angel with brains, and those rarely end up here.

  33. Jam says:

    I have not received any emails telling me to re-verify my account 🙁 Can you please help me?

  34. Jam says:

    I have not received any emails telling me to re-verify my account 🙁

  35. Mircale says:

    i’m in need of a SD college is breaking me

  36. Anonymous says:

    id love a sugar daddy right now
    i’m so broke and tired
    a career sounds tempting too

  37. Anonymous says:

    Sugar Daddies are hard to come across being an African American mixed male

  38. Anonymous says:

    hello any one out there i need a sugar baby to take care text me 203-304-6194

  39. Anonymous says:

    These SBs are too entitled, especially the ones asking for more than 10k per month without generating any sort of revenue for the SD who’s shelling out the money

  40. LuckyFlame says:

    So SB’s have to verify their student status yearly, but guys don’t have to verify their income yearly? This site is becoming a joke and before you know it; it will just have inactive and fake profiles alongside the crappy irl people. Lol. Thanks for my laugh for the day

  41. sugar baby monkey says:

    monkey loves trump

  42. shara says:

    EVERY SINGLE sugar daddy that I start talking to tells me that he needs my account information so that way he can start putting me on weekly allowances. Am I supposed to trust them with that? None of them will try to send me money another way, or pay in cash. Are these scammers? Please help, I am really new that this.

  43. college girl says:

    how do i change my account to college Premium. Was I suppose to signup using my college email?

  44. Anonymous says:

    I want whatever you are smoking.

  45. FedUpAnon says:

    What I’m Looking for
    A new house.

  46. yougottabekiddingme says:


    You do realize that people have access to student email long after they stop attending, right? In some cases, forever.

    Am not sure how you think this new update is going to be effective at all.

    • Bianca says:

      That’s the point of the update, sir. Every year they need to verify the email address (not everyone has eternal access).

      • FedUpAnon says:

        She is female.

      • Anonymous says:

        Correction: she posts as a female. Her sexual identity can not be asserted, established or validated in the context of anonymous blog.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Hi Bianca. I’ve a vagina, and am most certain that some universities give lifelong email access.


        Correct. The finger test is the only way to know for sure. I could grin and bear it if ya wanna. 😉

      • Bianca says:

        As I said, not EVERYONE has access to their university emails forever. Relax, troll.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Hi again, Bianca. Thank you for clarifying.

        I imagine some collages don’t. Can’t win ’em all 🙁

        I have no interest in using my .edu email to save $9.95 per month on a premium membership that’s really doesn’t offer many more perks than a regular SB account. I do, however, understand that for some the struggle is real.

        Nope…can’t win ’em all

      • Anonymous says:

        My university only gives 3 months access to our student emails after we graduate and I know many U.K. universities are the same

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Thanks for sharing, anon. My university offers lifelong access. Am studying in the states. My good friend’s university offers access for 3 months after graduation, but then offers lifelong email forwarding. She still has access to a community college email where she took classes that weren’t offered online at her university. She didn’t and won’t graduate from there (never intended to), hasn’t taken a class there in almost 3 years, and still has access. Technically, she couldve enrolled for one semester, taken Freshman Exploration or a couple of placement tests, dropped out, and gotten 2 premium SB accounts. Ain’t life grand.

        I misspoke when I said that Im not sure how SA thinks the update will be effective at all. It will be effective some, I suppose…assuming that they actually implement their own policy (their track record is pretty shoddy). I get that not all colleges give extended access. I guess my thing is (and don’t worry, Bianca, I’m way relaxed)…

        I doubt this update has as much to do with the validity of college enrollment as it does with closing the loophole of free premium membership. Benjamins and stuff.

        If it’s really about the authenticity and accurate representation of membership, how about requiring a mandatory last login time after which an account is deactivated until the person logs in again. How about suspending the accounts of fraudsters, rinsers, and people with flower halos and bunnyfaces. Why clutter the interface with dormant, useless profiles that contribute to the tedious filtering of search results, and the diminishing quality of user experience.

        There are ways that SA could improve this site…actual updates and upgrades it could make…if it really wanted to. This uni-baby update, in my opinion, is yet another tactic in their numbers and dollars game.

        @Bianca…not trolling, and nothing against you. Sorry if I came across as angst. Ate a triple-decker pb&j, and took a nap. I feel much better now.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        *angsted 🙂

    • Alternatedating says:

      Finding someone who once attended college is a good thing …

  47. Anonymous says:

    Stupid vapid animal.
    Why don’t you just shut up and put the bananas in all your orifices?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I was off the site for a bit and I owe blog readers an apology. I went on and on about how it was them, not the site, that was the problem.

    I stand completely corrected.

    The latest crop of girls (I was one of the very first SDs on this site when it opened) are… horrible.

    I’ve interacted with many, have over 2000 unread messages in my inbox in however long it takes for them to automatically delete them. Out of hundreds of girls I’m talking to, over 50% are certifiably insane. They don’t give out their number or email for me to send pics. In this day and age, you can block anyone with the touch of a button on your phone. Or… you can get a texting app. What’s the problem?

    Since this site keeps and reads all messages, I’m not comfortable putting my SD offer into a message here that is kept in a database kept at this company. I prefer to keep my communication discreet, private an direct.

    This has never been an issue as long as this site existed. Until just now. Over 50% of the girls are going nuts when I say I’d like to send pics and discuss privately. They respond with anger, ignorance and general insanity. What happened? It’s not SA’s fault of course. It’s something wrong with society in general. SA only reflects what is going in in the world, it doesn’t create it.

    Since this site started, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with it. It’s been amazing. I am thankful for it. However, the number of ego maniacs on this site is now out of control. Hopefully, a lot of these new girls go on hissy fits and break the rules so they get kicked off. They are diluting the pool of genuine, good people who have always been here.

    /end rant
    /end apology

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Hi anonymous,

      I think what you are experiencing is not necessarily a damned society, but the technological day in which we live…which could arguably equate to a damned society depending not who you ask.

      Thing is, Internet and social media use, for the most part, preceded users’ foresight into the implications on privacy. There isn’t a whole lot you need to know about a person to be able to discover/uncover very significant details of their life online.

      I, personally, only use identifying information on sites where it’s absolutely necessary. This site is not one of them. My name, number, email address, occupation, etc, are not things I discuss through the SA interface. I would recommend using an Internet phone number and an email address that you do not use for other purposes. I don’t surround myself in a bubble of distrust, but due diligence and precaution are important to me. I am actually more comfortable meeting someone in public for a blind date than disclosing my personal information to someone I don’t know.

      I do not send pictures, and I’m fine with not seeing a pot’s photo. Ugly is as ugly does, and the proof is certainly in the pudding. I’m more likely to be endeared to a less attractive man who is otherwise a total package than to tolerate a more attractive man who has beef jerky for brains or a rotten attitude.

      Also, I precede under the premise that personal information is a matter of privy. I do not ask, and am absolutely discreet and regarding if it is shared.

      Unfortunately, some can not discern discretion from duplicity. Some absolutely will not meet without seeing a photo or having your personal information. Some presume that because they’ve given you access to (or have offered to send)their private photos, that you should be receptive and reciprocate, and if not then it can only mean that you’re fat, fugly or fake. Some have no picture of their own, and are not open to a phone call even. Misaligned preferences, missed opportunity or dodged bullet? I dunno.

      Sometimes guys will send a phone number in the first message asking to text. Ive no interest in getting to know someone via text. I prefer to exchange a few messages, talk over the phone, talk over Skype (if they’re most comfortable with that before meeting), then meet in person. I know people have reservations about skype, and that it’s possible to record Skype calls, take screen shots etc. But im more comfortable with a Skype call after having an engaging phone conversation where I am able to get a good feel on a person.

      Also, I think that some prefer messaging through the site initially as an added precaution during the initial stage of seeing if you have similar interests. I don’t necessarily want to share even a throw away web number with someone I’ve no interest in getting to know further.

      I think for some people, there are some things that they want to know upfront without exception. Am I physically attracted to your photo? Are you open to physical intimacy? Are you willing to give my desired allowance? I think the attitude is, if not why bother? I imagine that there is a sense of hesitancy (and urgency) perpetuated by the experience of shade and misrepresentation.

      I try to be patient and flexible in building trust and rapport, but there are some cases in which I’m not (and some pots aren’t) open to compromising. Stalemate…no one wins, but at least no one loses, I guess. At any rate, I think a polite declination is the best way to handle impasse. Am sorry that’s not been your experience as of late.

  49. Anonymous says:

    If it winds up on a church service as usual. Then I pray you all but in hell as you make me do on a daily basis. #muchlove

  50. sugar baby monkey says:

    where’s fun dude? me luv him

  51. FedUpAnon says:

    Second, damn.

  52. Anonymous says:

    There are hundredths of SBs whom we constantly see in the listings, not only college students, who have not accessed this site for months at a time. As a SD, I can message them only to see the “delivered” label not read for weeks, months, or not at all. Those unused accounts are also taking up “space” in the listing. I usually stop reading profiles I see that have not been visited in more than a month. It tells me the SB is not interested, not longer looking, or found something else. Can we have a requirement for those free SB accounts to login and check messages at least once every month? That shouldn’t be difficult, and it surely will help to eliminate many SB who are not serious about finding an arrangement.

    • FedUpAnon says:

      First, er firstly I think these these accounts should be removed from featured areas. Secondly, I often have replies months or years after I have sent them, so making them inactive is not always desirable.

    • Anonymous says:

      I recently received a message from someone I sent an introduction message to over a year ago…the message showed as read within a week of my sending, but it took her a year to get around to responding…not interested in being after everyone else on here, too many risks and usually too much attitude to be a reward!

      • C says:

        I have taken hiatuses from social media sites during school semesters and even over the short winter break…life gets in the way, but it doesn’t mean everyone went before you..