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Which Oscar Nominee would be your Sugar Daddy?


Who would walk you down the Red Carpet?

The 89th annual Oscars Ceremony has arrived and with it, the lure of a glamorous celebrity lifestyle! Hollywood is out in full force during award season celebrating beauty, fashion, and film with industry stars dancing at the center of the Red Carpet stage. Dreams of fame and fortune rekindled, and ever-present flames for our favorite A-List crushes ignite and swell with a vengeance! Are you ready to step out of the limo and onto the Red Carpet? Take our quiz to find out which Red Carpet Cutie would be your perfect Hollywood Sugar Daddy!

1. It’s Oscars night – how did you get ready for the Red Carpet?

A. A calm & refreshing hour of yoga.
B. Called all of my favorite designer friends to source the perfect Oscars look!
C. Did someone say mimosa bar?
D. Coordinated schedules, coordinated outfits – I’ve been planning for weeks!

2. Time for the Red Carpet – what are you wearing?

A. Something soft and pretty!
B. Bold colors & plenty of (classy) but exposed skin!
C. Classic black with a modern twist.
D. Something made just for me!

3. Paparazzi everywhere! Everyone wants to know your relationship status – what do you say?

A. Adventure partners
B. 😉
C. Met on set
D. Old family friends

4. Free swag! Which swag bag item are you hoping to score?

A. The most advanced health supplements & skin care products!
B. A mix curated by Oscars performers Justin Timberlake & John Legend!
C. All-access passes to the next A-list event.
D. Apple AirPods…even though you know you’ll lose them eventually…

5. Ceremony time – which category are you most excited about?

A. Best Picture – the main event.
B. Costume Design – such talent!
C. The impromptu celeb selfie moments!
D. Actor in a Leading Role – you know we’re going to win!

6. Win or lose, which after-party are you hitting up?

A. An intimate party with a handful of SD’s closest friends.
B. The performer’s party – they always have the BEST karaoke!
C. We’re hosting! All the hottest A-listers are over at our spot!
D. We’re party-hopping, popularity has it’s advantages!

7. It’s only 3 am! Are you ready for the after-after party!?

A. Jet-setting to a film festival tomorrow – we’ll have to pass!
B. Already on-scene getting the party started!
C. We’ll put in an appearance…but we’re only there for the snacks.
D. Is it 3 am already? I’m just getting started!

8. What an evening! What was your favorite part of attending the Oscars?

A. People watching!
B. That random after-party packed with tipsy celebs.
C. The thrill of the Red Carpet & my beautiful outfit!
D. Watching Sugar accept an Oscar of course!

Total Your Answers

Count the number of questions you answered with A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s to find your perfect Sugar Daddy match below! * In the event of a tie…lady’s (or gentleman’s) choice! * ?

Perfect Match

Mostly A’s: You got Viggo Mortensen! Nominated for Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in “Captain Fantastic,” this silver fox would be your perfect Sugar Daddy! Like Mortensen, you have an inquisitive mind and a love for all of the arts including film, theater, poetry, literature, and fine art. While honored and excited by an Oscars nomination, you would both feel more at home on an adventurous date riding horses in northern Spain. #DeepConnection


Mostly B’s: Your perfect Sugar Daddy would be Oscar Nominee Ali! Equally at home on-set, within the hip-hop community, and on the basketball court, Ali is the definition of versatile. Both of you are happy to go where the evening takes you – from after party to after-after party you’re up for anything and will dazzle everyone you encounter with your easy charm and effortless poise! #PowerCouple


Mostly C’s: Lucky you! Ryan Gosling is your perfect Sugar Daddy! Never far from the limelight, Gosling will match your easy grace step for step! Nominated for his role in “La La Land,” you’re sure to be granted access to the best parties and after parties. Your talent for networking will help you shine throughout the evening – you’re the “go big, or go home” type and Gosling is certainly the celeb with all the connections you’re looking for! #SocialButterflies

Mostly D’s: Your ideal Sugar Daddy is classic, Hollywood powerhouse Denzel Washington! Comfortable both behind the camera and in front, Washington would be a Sugar Daddy happy to help you excel in the spotlight. Washington’s calm, cool, and collected personality is the perfect match for your unique confidence and high energy. Always respectful, Washington would be the perfect gentlemen throughout an evening guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. #PerfectPair


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45 Responses to “Which Oscar Nominee would be your Sugar Daddy?”

  1. Black_berry_Mary says:

    I chose Denzel by default 😀

  2. Alexx says:

    Oh, Viggo all the way <3 <3 Love him!!

  3. Anon99 says:

    Oh, it’s back.

  4. Madison says:

    google phone? scammer much?

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. RaeRaeJo says:

    I got Ryan but I don’t see that at all. Hmmm, maybe I should research him?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Goslingggggg

  8. Anono says:

    I’d like to ask a general question directed to you beautiful young women because I find I’m still clueless about many things (SA avoids so many of those dating problems!). But occasionally when I meet a woman for a meeting or drinks/dinner (usually someone young, attractive and in the real world, typically for business, and not in the SD/SB context), she will start pulling on her sweater or jacket and try to cover her breasts. Of course she’s fully clothed, and she can either have a plunging neckline (showing off some cleavage) or something modest to her neck, but she is actively pulling on her sweater/jacket to cover her boobs. I am definitely not ogling her breasts, I’m looking her straight in the eye as we talk, but she keeps pulling her clothes over her boobs! So ladies, what is up with that behavior?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you’re noticing her do this, you are concentrating on her breasts. Even if you are not actively staring. In addition, maybe you are making comments such as what she looks like. She is trying to cover up in order to not seduce you. If I’m not interested in someone, I try to hide anything that would make them interested in me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anybody having trouble logging in?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones as cutest SD/SB Hollywood couple! Can we get a shoutout for Donald and Melanie Trump too?!??

  11. Blue says:

    Do sugar daddies really exist here? Been on SA for like 2 years now but never got a chance to meet nor converse with one.

    • whatawebsite says:

      I’ve been here a week now. The girls I like, I message, but ignore me. The girls I don’t even look at, check my profile & send me hourly rates for hotel room meets.

  12. Alhain Vidal says:

    I have been a member for one month now and have absolutely no luck in finding a sugar daddy. I live in Mexico so I know I don’t have many options, but in the one month I have gotten 1 messages and nothing came of them. I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Would someone be willing to take a look at my profile and tell me what you think, maybe give me some ways to be more appealing? my profile is Alhainn

  13. Mia says:

    the perfect SD that SA fits for us all is Cassey Affleck, easy to see the pattern with influx of child molester, sex offender profiles here! And I am not even talking about background checked convicted felons!

    • disgusted says:

      I keep running into bi men. They told me that if they only receive blow jobs from men, they consider themselves straight. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that’s not alright with me.

      And….Yet another reason why I require people from this site to get tested.

  14. jenny says:

    nice forum, i’d like to play a game marry, kill, fuck with these nominees:
    I will marry Ryan Gosling, kill Ali and Viggo Mortensen Fuck Denzel

  15. D Dubs says:

    Disturbing Trend –
    I’ve noticed more and more young women on this site are asking for a “virtual” or “online” arrangement. It seems they have little to no intention of actually meeting someone in person, but just want to sell pictures, videos, or skype/facetime chats.
    Has anyone else come across this? And, what are your thoughts?

    I’m personally interested in meeting people face to face to start an actual arrangement based on some mutual understanding between us – along with some level of mutual attraction. I feel some of these “virtual” SB’s just talk to a number of men and try to get what they can out of just about anyone who contacts them. The other thing is, there are a ton of catfishing and scamming efforts going on using this as a disguise. I’ve reported at least a few lately.

    I apologize if this has been discussed before. I would love to hear thoughts on it.

    • Anon123 says:

      yea I am seeing this as well even worse is they “hint” that if things go “well” then there is a CHANCE you could MAYBE meet in person….just total BS IMO

      • Simon Williams says:

        Time wasters but I’m sure some guys are interested otherwise they would go away

  16. ArgentineCandy93 says:

    As it had to be, Ryan <3

  17. Anon123 says:

    they need a tranny section on this forum the womens section is getting over run with them

    • AnonSD says:

      Yep, gotta read those profiles pretty carefully.

    • Rick says:

      Most seem pretty clear about who they are. Maybe just my area.

      • Anon123 says:

        I would say about 10% of the ones I see say it right in the description under the screen name

        the other 90% try and write a bunch of nonsense (after you see the other 3 pics where it is clear what they are) and the throw in at the very end some nonsense like “im a Tgirl” or “ps i’m TS”

        why not just say it right off (even thought it is obvious after looking at the other pics)

    • anon333 says:

      Wtf? Rude. and tranny is derogatory. It’s 2016, show some respect.

    • Simon Williams says:

      They need a tab selection option for trannies. I do not want to see the profiles and don’t want to waste time reading them for clues.

  18. TorontoSB says:

    This was cute! My SD ended up being an actor that shares my birthday. Must be fate haha.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is the cutest blog post yet. Fun!

  20. Anon says:

    I am banned on SA for seeking fetish fun, but is it still dead with only platonics? Or should I order the gift credit card?

  21. Imoutofhere says:

    If you are an Oscar nominee you don’t need to be a sugar daddy trust me…celebrities get their sugar for free.

  22. Amused says:

    None of them are on this site so what is the point. More unrealistic expectations?

  23. FedupAnon says:

    18 hours and first?