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Spring Updates to SeekingArrangement.com


New Season, New Features.

With an updated look to our user profile pages, it only felt right to introduce a few new highly requested features too! The Team at SeekingArrangement.com has been hard at work implementing new features to make your life in the sugar bowl just a little bit sweeter – and a whole lot easier! Read on to learn about the latest and greatest on SeekingArrangement.com.

For Sugar Babes

Hide Premium Account Status

You asked, and we delivered! Users with premium SeekingArrangement accounts can now hide their premium status. If you think you may be attracting the wrong type of Sugar Daddy with your “Premium” account status, you now have the ability to hide that aspect of your profile.

To take advantage of this new feature:

  • Log in to your account & select “settings” from the drop-down menu next to your avatar image
  • Switch Premium Status to the “off” position

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.50.33 AM

For Everyone

Account Deletion

Fresh Start. Have an old SeekingArrangement profile floating around the site from yesteryear? Found your perfect sugar relationship and ready for a hiatus from the bowl? SeekingArrangement users can now completely delete their accounts!

After selecting delete, all personally identifying information is removed from the site and the SeekingArrangement servers.

To take advantage of this new feature:

  • Log in to your account & select “settings” from the drop-down menu next to your avatar image
  • Select “Deactivate or Delete Account” on bottom right of page

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.53.14 AM


Know About it First

Tune in Live! Curious to know about more site updates? SeekingArrangement.com hosts LIVE Q&A sessions every other Friday on Facebook and Instagram! Live sessions are the perfect opportunity to ask questions, make site suggestions and learn about the most recent site updates. *Pro tip: Want to see into the future?? Get EXCLUSIVE updates about upcoming site features during SA’s Live Sessions and in our Instagram stories.


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148 Responses to “Spring Updates to SeekingArrangement.com”

  1. Anonymous says:

    bring back search function
    and IT TAKES too long to approve a profile

  2. whatawebsite says:

    what about a feature that lets me login using my account?

    when I click the Login link, I have 1 option: sign up for free… even though I’m a paid member?

  3. whatawebsite says:

    How about a way for me to post on this blog using my damn SA login? Is this 2017 or 1997?

    I like how I can post anonymously if I want.

    I don’t like how the “Login using your SeekingArrangement account” link has a totally useless option for me to Sign up for free… and that is all it has.

    I’m a premium account SD. I’m already signed up. Why can’t I contribute to this website by commenting here, and possibly attracting the eye of a SB who likes my comment?

  4. Euronymous says:

    Is Dave paid by the website to comment under every single post ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The past few days the height of sugar babies has been showing up in centimeters, not feet and inches. Can’t find a way to fix this.

  6. Happy Camper says:

    I’m surprised when I read comments from SDs who complain about this site. I’m a middle-aged SD in the Phila area. I love SA. There’s an abundance of attractive, intelligent, accomplished women (who are actually interested in meeting men like me !). The hardest part of using the site is deciding who to contact. Not everyone is my cup of tea, and they would say the same of me. In general though, I’ve had great experiences.

  7. SD looking again says:

    Met a SB, she claimed she wanted exclusive relationship.
    I had a friend join and 2 hours after he joined, she was offering sex for sale.
    Then found out she does this all the time with multiple people per week.
    I reported her to SA and she is still selling sex on the site,,, talk about taking care of the paying SD,,,not…

    • Dave says:

      You and your buddy should ask her to meet in at a hotel , take turns banging her and leave here there with no money or fake money

      • FYI ladies says:

        This person sounds like DAVID & MITROY.

        They are the same person. He invites his buddies to participate with SB girl & SB boy.

      • Dave says:

        Yup that’s me

      • SD looking again says:

        I thought about me and my friend meeting her at the hotel at the same time, but did it one step better…
        I had her come to town driving 75 miles one way to see me on a Tuesday, I had told her I was cashing out some CD’s and would help her get her car fixed on the weekend.
        She was going to “trust” me and wait until the weekend to get a payoff instead of the usual pay for play we had arranged.
        I used her this day like a Shake-and-Bake bag,,, everything and every position I could think of. It was like an Ed Powers, Bang Brothers and Dirty Sanchez movie… lol lol
        I had my friend make an arrangement with her for that Thursday for $300 and she had to drive 100 miles to meet him at this hotel..
        Guess what??? He wasn’t at the hotel… bahahahahahahaha
        This is now 2 days she has driven over 75 miles each way back and forth, wasted her time and gas, got banged for free one time and stood up the other….. lol lol lmao
        I hate a liar and if you are going to be “exclusive” then keep your word… lol lol

      • Happy Camper says:

        If you “hate a liar”, then you must hate yourself. You told multiple lies to that woman. You also stole the service you promised to pay for. Do you hate thieves as well? Your friend told lies to the same woman, so you must hate him, too. Or is there a double-standard? Women aren’t allowed to lie, but you get to do whatever you want, judgment-free? Hmmmmm.

    • EW says:

      ” SD looking again ” what you did was even more horrible. Poor you, buuuhuuuu.

      • SD Looking again says:

        Thank you, Thank you,,, (applause)
        Yes, I conned a con-woman..
        Funny thing is that she is still on the site selling that slag…
        I have a couple more ads and fiends on there,,, they really have her wondering… lol
        NOT too hard when you try to run a MILLION $$ Dollar con game on people with a 1 cent mind… lol
        Hope she gets hoof and mouth disease along with crotch rot… lol

  8. Fabio says:

    This is awful. The premium option allowed us to see who were professional Sugar Babies. Not every man here wants a woman that makes a living on arrangements, i have never met a Premium girl that was not either a hooker or a gold digger so I never responded to their messages, this just sets back the selection process on finding exactly the type of girl you’re looking for.

  9. Doublemint says:

    The problem is this, younger guys come on these site to get a quick piece of ass. The SB/SD “relationship” is nothing like it once was. You weren’t paying for just a piece of ass…. that come along with it.

  10. Natik says:

    i want to have a premium account

  11. Chris says:

    Any other SD’s getting tired of it seems like more and more fake and useless girls on here? I’m burnt out and not sure about renewing. I think this place has become a JOKE!

  12. Jackob says:

    What’s with the search engine not returning any results if try at country level. Now you’ve to be specific down to a certain city. These a*hole morons of SA just won’t stop messing up the site.

  13. yougottabekiddingme says:


    Could you switch it up a little this time around? Perhaps play a little nicer, and be less of an ass? Im sure you’re so much more handsome when you’re not yapping about like a rabid hyena. No one wants to ride the shaft of a
    rabid hyena.

  14. ugh says:

    why do some comments not get posted? this blog is a joke

    • Anononono2 says:

      Massive censorship. Blog is mostly fake comments from scammers making their scam sound like the expected norm.

    • alternatedating says:

      Isn’t that odd? I’ve posted things that aren’t remotely objectionable but they are never posted.

  15. bye says:

    Actual question for you guys though:
    What is the benefit for the women if you guys expect sex but don’t want to pay?
    You are delusional if you think it’s a benefit for the women to have “company and sex”. You guys are most often around 50 when the girls are around 20. You can’t expect them to just be interested. If you guys are not into the sugar lifestyle, then that’s great, just don’t make a profile here (as the girls who want platonic shouldn’t make a profile here either). Go on a traditional dating site then. But you guys are here because you want young, thin, beautiful women and your ugly, fat asses can’t get it without paying for it.

    • Dave says:

      you’re completely way off into left field. I’m 43, and played soccer all my life, competitively, in college. I have no grey hair and abs. I am more fit than most of the boys your age. we will pay for companionship and sex, both together. you should also be attracted to the guy you are with or else how will you enjoy your time with him? it will be forced. you should THEN go n dating sites if you can’t perform as a companion and sexual partner.

      • bye says:

        Of course I believe part of the SDs duties from her side of the beneficial arrangement is having sex with the guy and I also believe she should be attracted to him. But too many men on here expect you to sleep with them because you “owe it to him” since he “payed your meal”. And I feel like that’s wrong. Just like I feel it’s wrong for girls to want to be paid for a “meet and greet” or to do it solely for the money. I am just attracted to older men because of their succes (which sounds superficial but I like the fact that they can provide and keep you safe and that they’re ambitious) and their experience (not just sexually but in life, socially…) so I’m just looking for someone I am really attracted to (as an ex-model) but who’s older (as I am not attracted to guys my age [20]) and I just got tired of old, unattractive, not-in-shape men reaching out to me like “200 for sex?” (which is really not a lot lol most men on here don’t have the means to be an SD just like most SBs aren’t nearly as young or thin or beautiful enough to be on here) so I’m just looking for a really attractive NSA friends with benefits who pays for the lingerie and toys and for the spa dates/massages or the clothes during our shopping sprees but no cash, except for if he really likes me after a while and just wants to help out with rent or school books or something like that. A lot of girls on here are escorts, yes but a lot of men on here are also Johns.

      • Euronymous says:

        You such an ass
        I am surprised you still fing time to play football while being 24/7 on this dead forum

      • Dave says:

        Euronymous, why are you stalking me ?

      • NP says:


        Please get hooked on phonics so we can understand your blabber.


      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, he has white hair.

    • Dave says:

      if you want just money, and don’t want companionship, then go be an escort, it’s over and done in an hour. oh but wait, you don’t want to be a wh0re either, you just want money for free.

    • Dave says:

      if you want just money, and don’t want companionship, then go be an escort, it’s over and done in an hour. oh but wait, you don’t want to be a wh–0-re either, you just want money for free.

    • Dave says:

      if you want just money, and don’t want companionship, then go be an escort, it’s over and done in an hour. oh but wait, you don’t want to be —r- either, you just want money for free.

    • alternatedating says:

      As a guy on here, you’re mostly right but I think many women are on here because they are more mature than the attractive guys their same age. They are looking for someone who doesn’t take them to Chipotle on a date and talk about the gym or video games. So … why not date a guy who can have a real conversation, go to high end restaurants and take last minute trips, understand career goals, etc. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to pay an allowance.

      That being said, if someone is looking for a $100 allowance for coffee/lunch, then they’re not really looking for a traditional SB relationship or are stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. An ongoing relationship with a quality guy is worth far more than a $100 allowance for coffee.

    • Chris says:

      You girls are the ones that are pathetic on here. Most of you are scammers and game players. This site actually used to be cool and went down hill fast. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that more profiles on here are fake and scammers than REAL sugar babies really seeking a nice older guy to financially help them out and enjoy fun times. I have had a few real ones over the last year and a half and the rest I have talked with are FAKES and scammers. The real question is how many of these fake profiles are generated by SA themselves?

    • Anonymous says:

      I like you, Bye. You are one reasonable sounding SB out of many.

  16. LA Victim says:

    Sting operation Alert for SD’s. IN LA Area, Latin woman demanding up front allowance had car with thug waiting for her to bolt once she got a gift. She insisted on the gift for her companionship up front and I said i usually like to give a gift at the end of the night but she demanded up front. I waited til we were in a car alone and when i did give her a partial gift, while in our Uber, she jumped out of the moving car, last night. I have photos, phone number and lic plate number. Any advice? Should i post her profile name?

  17. Dave says:

    had one today, 36 year old single mom blond, slim body, fake knockers. (laughing)..her profile states Houston, but she then tells me she lives in Spring Texas and wants to meet me there. Now she plants the little seed that I should meet here in the boonies in Spring Texas because there are cool places to hang out there, even though it us MUCH smaller than Houston. She is the one Begging me to meet her. So I agree, then she springs the little message, bring $100 because I spend money on hair and makeup (I guess my gas money doesn’t count) I would love to s*c*a*m her but theres no guarantee of sex so I’ll stand her up and make sure she feels like crap. 36 year old and a single mom and you are demanding? really?

    • Anonymous says:

      Dave is pathetic. So you were thinking of raping her…sad man. I hope you get arrested.

      • Dave says:

        we have a self-proclaimed feminist lawyer here that tries to pull SJW lingo on us. Next thing you know rape will be defined as someone who looks at her for whom she has no attraction to.

      • Cushy says:

        Whoa that’s a longgggg bow to draw, scamming becoming rape. Omg are they really that dumb???

    • Anononono1 says:

      Put her in line behind the 25 other girls that want you to drive to them.

      • Dave says:

        a few cool women will meet you halfway for the first date..Those I spoil… very rare..

      • Riddle me this says:

        Why would anyway drive 1/2 way to be raped by you Houston Texas Dave? How else could it be described Dave, when you take advantage of the girl and don’t gift her the agreed arrangement.

    • funny says:

      Oh, the dreaded …. bring me 100 bucks.

      • Dave says:

        I thought most men would feel the same . First date should not include money or sex . Both parties have committed time and energy on order to meet

      • Anonymous says:

        oh my a 100 bucks the nerve of them

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, real pot SDs will gift a lady a hell of a lot more….. And yes, just for meeting for lunch.

        I never request it though (on the meet and greet) as it’s not typical for the average SD wannabe.

        The boys don’t like to read about it, but it is what it is.

      • Anononono1 says:

        Actually, real SDs will gift money for someone they want to meet a second time. No, not a lot more than $100 for a lunch type meet, even in NYC, except in rare situations – perhaps the upper .1% of SA .

        You’ll probably never meet a real SD if you request it up front, but the scammer end of SA’s SB membership likes to portray it as expected.

      • Dave says:

        The keyword there is potential . She could run and one could lose 100 per meet and greet . That’s neither wise or a good business decision . A 35 year old single mom should beg to even date a 43 year old man much less be a subar baby . Single mom value is low on the totem pole to begin with

      • Anonymous says:

        this site is full of broke men and ugly women

      • Anonymous 27 says:


        I haven’t gone to a meet/greet for a year. This is the happy season where coeds are needing cash and all of the single mothers face competition.

        My prior SB went back to her boyfriend and I’ve met two replacements this weekend. Three ladies emailed me this evening and all three agreed to show up and shower with me before I leave tomorrow.

        I love the modern interview process:)

        I know the ladies don’t want to hear it, but sorry…

    • SD looking again says:

      Glad you got her…

  18. travelchicago says:

    It is hard to find good men on here. I can’t go on 50 dates but when they ask to meet and I ask for a small compensation like 100 bucks, they go ape shit. I mean I can go out with a young hot guy if I wanted to. I have to sit with a much older not good looking guy, and get ready to look cute for 2 hours, wear my expensive makeup, have my hair and nails done and you want to meet for free cause you buying me a drink? wow

  19. TraderJ says:

    I actually met a girl from this site in 2013, had a 3.5 year arrangement with her. Worked great for both of us, but the time came to move on and we parted ways as friends.

    I figured I’d see if lightening could strike twice so I came back to the site and I can’t believe what a horror show it is now.

    I’ve seen so many profiles that ask for Online only, or the now famous I might be interested in intimacy in time it we click. BUT I expect full allowance while I am deciding if I want to be intimate. Or a huge number of duo’s asking for ONE rich Sugar Daddy to lavish them, in exchange for two pieces of arm candy, you’ll be the envy of your friends with these two sugar babies on your arm? I will be, says who?

    Honestly the media has these girls believing that there is some huge hidden trove of Rich guys running around with so much extra cash they are paying to sit and talk to girls. Nothing else expected ladies just sit across the table from me, cause gosh with all my money I guess I couldn’t do that anyway?? It’s nuts, I guess there must be a tiny segment of guys willing to pay for platonic lunches or something, but it’s gotta be small and these poor girls have been sold a bill of goods.

    long winded way of saying this site really have fallen off in quality of girls available..

    Look I’m not saying I expect to intimate first day we meet but I am not a moron I”m not going to pay you an allowance to be buddies with no defined parameters that provide benefit for me as well. you know the guy paying the bills??


  20. alternatedating says:

    Is there a link to the forum being discussed here?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I came across a blog that summed up the perfect sugar baby. It’s is actually a letter a former SB wrote to a potential new SB for her former SD. I believe that the type of SB she describes herself to be is what most genuine SD’s are looking for. I now use it to demonstrate to potential SB’s as to exactly what I am looking for. It seems to have substantially reduced the rate of ‘misalignments’ I had experienced previously, and I think the fact it is written by a female makes it better received by potential SB’s. Apart from the fact I am single and unattached, I sound almost a copy of the SD referred to in this letter. So here it is…
    Here you go …it runs a little longer than I remembered but its in the gossipy style of relationship dissection that so many women engage in. As for your comment about expense …I didn’t want to hand my SB cash after each encounter and I have found that most of them don’t want that either…its too much like the ‘prepay to play’ men engage in with professionals. It’s easier for the SB to plan and live when she knows that her rent and bills are covered every month versus sitting around worrying about whether or not you are going to want to see her 2x that month or 10. OK here is that email she sent to my current SB…feel free to redact any part of it you want or edit it just so long as it doesn’t change the meaning.

    XXXXXXXX said you might be contacting me and I have been given the green light to discuss any part of our relationship I want. I will assume that whatever is said between us remains between just us, fair enough?

    I am 26 and we first met when I was 23 and almost 24. I am the most unlikely person to ever be on a website like that but I was tired of living hand to mouth and I always had an attraction to older guys. I almost cancelled our first meeting because I had met Mr. Wrong the night before and when I told him I had no intention of sleeping with him he became verbally abusive to me and I left in tears. In fact most of the men I corresponded with before we met were cut out of the same cloth. They viewed females they met at the XXXXXXX website as chattels who existed for their pleasure only. Barf!

    I kept the date only because I had no way to get ahold of him on short notice to cancel. I am really glad I did. XXXXXXX is the smartest and kindest man I know. He is exceptionally intuitive about things and a very good listener. I don’t know how you feel about older men, and while I had always been attracted to some of them, I had only slept with 3 different guys my whole life and none of them were more than 2 years older than I was. We exchanged numerous emails before our schedules allowed us the time to meet and by that time I had a really good vibe coming from him and had decided that if he wanted me to go home with him that I would as long as I still felt that way after meeting him. I did.

    It took me a while to finally understand what he wanted and how I was supposed to act around him. This is very important: what he wanted and what I think most of the authentic SD’s want is a girlfriend, a confidant, a lover, acceptance, and someone they can trust. They want all of the positive things that go with a normal BF/GF relationship but they don’t want to invest the time, energy (and brain damage) into doing it the normal way. My advice for you is to fake it until you feel it, and you will. He is the funniest man I know and if I still lived in XXXXXXXX, I would have stayed with him.

    Financially. You asked about the financial end of things and did it feel funny accepting money from him. I thought it would make me feel weird but it didn’t because of the way he did it. If he had given me money each time after we were together I wouldn’t have been able to do it without feeling like a ho. When we first started seeing each other it was only about 1500-2000 a month and after that it grew until the last month we were together it was probably close to 4. I can tell you that the more I was able to be the type of girlfriend that played into his fantasy girl the more he appreciated me. One thing you should know is that he isn’t filthy cash rich; If you are looking for huge diamonds and fur coats and private jet travel then you need to find someone else. I mean he has two greedy ex-wives who got their hooks into him pretty deep. Don’t interpret that to mean anything because he makes really really good money and truthfully after about 6 mos. I would have still wanted to date him with or without the support. He is playful and teases quite a bit and is always coming up with one little adventure or another and he is a magician with getting the best seats for any concert or event…sometimes it seems like he knows everybody. I was uncomfortable at first going and doing things with his friends and their wives but they accepted me immediately and I never gave it a second thought.

    At first he paid my rent and funded a debit card he gave me and some other misc bills. When it was tuition time he awarded me a scholarship (I am serious) and did it that way to be able to write it off. I took him home that first night and the next morning having coffee we came up with our arrangement and the deal was that he didn’t ever want to discuss it again for at least a year because it ruined the fantasy for him (me too). On the plus side he always did what he said and I was always a cheerful and eager partner for whatever he wanted. He would sometimes stop by on his way home and bring me flowers or something and other times we would go out on a ‘date’ and end up back at one place or another. He is a definite man’s man type and it really used to make him feel good and give him a big boost when I would instigate things and told him I thought he was sexy and / or I had been thinking about him all day and wanted him now. Stuff like that. He knows exactly what he wants and what we want and he doesn’t need to be told. You will see. When men act like men then we are free to be women, and that’s what he wants most of all.

    Physically: hmmm he likes it when I curl up and stick to him on the couch watching a movie and he likes to be touched when I would be talking to him (like on the arm or poked for a wise ass comment) all of the little things that affectionate lovers would do. If we are with other people I can tell that he loves it when I look at him like he is the only man in the room. He notices everything and he reads body language exceptionally well. read that last sentence again but don’t worry about it . Eye contact is important (this will all be easy after you get to know him …he makes no demands for anything, no critiques, no nothing these are just what I picked up on my own) I think he is very handsome and I like bigger guys (he is like 6’2” and about 200 lbs I think) I was just looking at some pictures and his hair has gotten alot grayer since we met. Oh and he is really really private about the rest of his life, I didn’t meet anyone until he was certain I was going to be hanging around for a while.

    Sex: What can I say, hmmm after the first couple of time jitters and not knowing very much as soon as I trusted him to never do anything that would hurt me and could relax fully and wrap my head around it the word that best describes it would be “mindboggling”. I don’t have a wealth of prior experiences to draw upon but it only got better. He has the biggest one I have ever seen in person and thankfully he is circumcised. He likes oral sex …both giving and getting (he gives it almost everytime unless it’s just a quick one) He likes it when I am sexually aggressive and ‘wanton’ when we are alone and sort of submissive (stereotypical traditional female role: lady in the parlor, etc.) You can’t shock him by anything you say or do he is completely non-judgmental of anything. I don’t know how much more detail you want here or how much I am comfortable giving except that some of the hottest moments we had were when he showed up one night and I was wearing one of my old uniforms from the boarding school I used to attend or the time I put on a rally uniform I saw in a thrift store. He bought me lots of lingerie. He likes the girl next door look versus the over don, too much makeup look. I was completely comfortable with him. He is one of those guys who always has everything under control. One other negative I thought of after I wrote you was this: When we met he didn’t dress as well as I wanted him too …sort of frumpy after working all day and I slowly was able to get him to upgrade his ‘look’ but he was totally not aware that there was a problem. I also wanted to tell you one of the things that he really really likes. Some times when we would be out doing something, having a drink or at a social thing we would make eye contact and I would motion that I wanted to whisper something to him and when he bent over to hear me I would grab his arm and stand on my tip toes and quietly ask him to “please take me home and fuck me”. That’s the sort of thing that he LOVES unbridled wantonness I would call it. I don’t know how to tell you this so you believe it and won’t be hesitant to do it, but there is nothing you can say to him that will cause him to act shocked or offended or seem to stand in judgment so don’t worry about it.

    The negatives. His schedule, sometimes he seems a bit distant (call him on it), he is very private and guarded and of course his style of dress although hopefully I helped update him a little bit. He has more clothes than I do.

    Promise me that you will be good to him. If you two hit it off then you will be the lucky one because if you were to look up the literal definition of sugar daddy then that’s what you would be getting. DONOT even think of lying to him about anything because he will pick up on it and you will lose him (see my remarks on body language) just be yourself, seriously relax , be yourself and don’t fear rejection. Be spontaneous, be fun, and above all be feminine. Feel free to contact me anytime for more info or to ask my advice about things the way I did to the girl before me. He deserves the best because he is a nice kind man.

  22. Anonymous says:

    lol some sound butt hurt.. bitter much

  23. Anonymous says:

    @Dave – We don’t even get companionship! Having a woman sit there and wonder when she is going to get some money or a gift is very companionable.

    • Anonymous says:

      *isn’t very companionable!

    • Dave says:

      Nobody forces you create a profile on this site. You sound entitled . You can be replaced with a woman with a better attitude. You are the reason men like me s#cam. Your motives are malicious and
      therefore you deserve the same. Go get a job if you don’t want to perform your duties .

  24. Anonymous says:

    true but they don’t want to meet in real life they just want your money

  25. Dave says:

    I can watch p0rn for free .

  26. Dave says:

    It’s best to have a girlfriend then supplement your horniness with the flakey entitled fruits from sa

  27. Alert says:

    I will go ahead and advertise this here too.

    Sebastian0917 is a SD wannabe. Ladies, Dont waste time driving to any planned dates. He stood me up multiple times, using some eye Dr appointment excuse. I guess he forgot he used the same excuse the first time.

    His profile shows Detroit, michigan, but he pushes to meet in Brighton Michigan.

    You’re welcome. Us ladies have to stick together. All these fake SD waste too much of our time. In fact, I quit meeting men under 40, they cannot afford a SB. They’re just hoping for a free crumb. They are the jokers wanting to meet for coffee, lol. That’s why I only meet for dinner now.

  28. Jeremy says:

    Has any SD experienced meeting with SB in Milan?

  29. Anononono1 says:

    To answer about the forum: it is a WOMEN ONLY training ground for fleece the paying customers – SDs

    That’s SA’s business model which has been advancing over the years. New features announced here advance the agenda.

    • .yougottabekiddingme says:

      Anononono you di’nt!

    • Anononono1 says:

      Yeah, I did.

      By the way, are any men insane enough to provide pictures these days?

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        I have had men share their real pictures. Some men will purposely share a picture linked to public profile as they could claim that their picture was stolen and used in a fake profile. I think it depends on the amount of discretion he prefers, and the comfort he has with a pot…which is generally based on perceived risk. For a single self-made guy who works for himself, he might not care as much, as something like blackmailing isnt likely to impact him. Also, being patient and selective goes a long way I think. Interesting though how many guys request pics even though they have no pics of their own.

        My profile photo is taken at an ambiguous angle, but gives a good idea of what I look like…my physique, facial features etc. I do not share additional pictures, and am fine with meeting someone in a public place without seeing their picture so long as theyve provided an honest description. Even though some argue that SDs have more to lose than SBs, that’s not always the case…most specifically when women are often more stigmatized, and will have a more difficult time rebuilding their image, social status, opportunities etc. Bill and Monica, for example.

      • Dave says:

        I do but altered slightly so they can reverse image search

  30. funny says:

    This site is comical. Typical females profile, I am not here to be a sex machine, so if that’s what you are looking for move along. No, but you’re supposed to be an ATM machine. This site must be full of typical mallinials. Just want everything Givin to them for nothing. Very comical.

    • Dave says:

      I had a date from sa 2 nights ago and she didn’t dress up and asked me to fill her truck with gas. No manners , complete buffoons who deserve to be scammed

    • Dave says:

      Even with sex it’s not mutually beneficial . They get companionship, money and sex , us men just get sex and companionship . Now by attempting to remove sex then we get nothing . Th ey want money for free !

      • funny says:

        I guess I am just not at that desperate age yet where companionship would be enough to feel like I wasn’t coming up at the short end of the stick. I have a dog for companionship, we go outside, I throw the stick, he brings it back, I throw it again, he brings it back again. We go in eat some cookies, watch the game. I can get companionship from my dog and be content. lol

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        That’s awesome…looks like allz that’s missin’ is the peanut butter.

      • funny says:

        I have celery for the peanut butter. Again, not at that desperate age.

      • Dave says:

        There was some article about how common it is for modern day females to have their coochies liked by their dogs. Thsts why they constantly post pictures of their animals on social media

      • Anonymous says:

        Any sex from men on his site is not a benefit. Why do you think we get paid?!?

        What a nimble brain.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        @ Anonymous

        youre doin’ it wrong, though Dave does have a rather interesting definition of mutual beneficial

      • Dave says:

        @anonymous so youre not attraced to the men you date from sa? Must be horrible to be a h00ker.

      • Dave says:

        @yougottabefeedingme. .. I’ve been good. $cammed a few on this site, stood some others up and paid one or 2. Other than that , do you do Web cam with the peanut butter and your poodle?

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:


        Scammed a few times, stood up some others, paid one or two…

        Why not just get a girlfriend, and practice treating her nicely? I promise not every girl is out there to siphon your soul through your wallet.

      • ..yougottabekiddingme says:


        Scammed a few times, stood up some others, paid one or two…

        Why not just get a girlfriend, and practice treating her nicely? I promise not every girl is out there to siphon your soul through your wallet.

        I dont do webcam with the peanut butter on my poodle. I watch webcams with the peanut butter on my poodle, but only because my pooch likes it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t get to see other female profiles but mine ain’t nothing like that, neither are my wishes.
      No idea and don’t give a fuck how/ why others use the site frankly.
      To my mind, the idea of a kept mistress goes back into history and it’s as straight forward a social exchange as any relationship. I offer everything that I can, intelligent companionship, fun, love, attention, desire, sex, friendship, consideration. My SD is my partner. He gives me £ because that is my area of weakness, he has genuine desire to improve my lot and so he does what he can. If it ain’t going to be A great relationship in all aspects for both- no point.

    • deleted says:

      I don’t get to see other female profiles but mine ain’t nothing like that, neither are my wishes.
      No idea and don’t give a fuck how/ why others use the site frankly.
      To my mind, the idea of a kept mistress goes back into history and it’s as straight forward a social exchange as any relationship. I offer everything that I can, intelligent companionship, fun, love, attention, desire, sex, friendship, consideration. My SD is my partner. He gives me £ because that my area of weakness, he has genuine desire to improve my lot and so he does what he can. If it ain’t going to be. A great relationship for both- no point. So, maybe you just need to keep searching. You don’t need all the typical accounts just one fab one will do!

  31. Dave says:

    Haha…you deranged females are complaining about how boring the forum is when it is you who ran the men out !! Typical feminism , contradicting itself

  32. Anonoy says:

    Great, another feature to help the pro SB-scammers fleece naive men.

    When’s the next training and indoctrination day for the girls?

  33. Anono says:

    How is everybody?

  34. Anon says:

    Great, another feature to help the pro SB-scammers fleece naive men.

    When’s the next training seminar for the girls?

  35. Without love you can’t not move on life so hope to find my soul mate here

  36. Why I can’t get posted here

  37. RussianSB says:

    Why ? Am I only lonely here ? Where’s everyone? Fishing ??
    Again,I deside that men are better than women. They provide for us and protect us.We must obey in silent owe.

    • Dave says:

      That’s why Most men don’t want amer1c*u*nts anymore . You as a russian understand the way male and female dynamics should be

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Ha…Hi, Russian! Yeah…the blog is pretty pitiful these days. I dont think it’ll become lively again. I think SA is putting it’s intention toward the forum, and would rather drive people there. The forum seems to be going well, but it’s a different interaction than what we used to have here on the blog. I don’t post there or anywhere else. Sometimes i think about posting there, but then I eat some cake and take a nap instead. I pop in here now and then when Im craving a dose of sadness. Your Russian doll is uber creepy and funny, by the way!


      What’s an American unit?

      • Dave says:

        It’s the c-u’n-t word yougottabefeedingme

      • alternatedating says:

        What do you mean by forum? Is there a SA forum site?

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        hehe…yes, Dave, I know. I miss you is all, and wanted to flatter you a little.

        Whatcha been up to? Besides frothing at the mouth…

        Have you managed to start your man-cult of teabaggers. Never been teabagged before…might be nice, actually. Could maybe do away with the cucumbers then.

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        yes, Dave…I know. I miss you is all, and wanted to flatter you a little.

        Whatcha been up to? Besides frothing at the mouth…

        Have you started your man-cult of teabaggers yet?

      • Dave says:

        You like to use the word uber? I don’t think you want to know what I’ve been up to .. and yourself ?

      • .yougottabekiddingme says:

        uh oh…maybe I dont wanna know.

        Me? Ive been well, thanks. A little work, a little travel, a little peanut butter on my coochie…you know…the normal stuff.

      • Dave says:

        I’ve been scamming a few , standing up a few and actually paid polite, decent ladies on here..and been playing a lot of soccer

      • Dave says:

        @yougottabefeedingme what happened to your protege, the one 48 years old who got paid to insert objects into men. ?

      • ygbkiddingme says:

        Ive no proteges, Dave. There used to be a lady in her 40s who used to post here. I dont recall her ever sharing anything about sticking objects anywhere. Doesnt seem like her style to discuss such details. But what happened to her? Well, Dave…same thing that happened to some others. She got tired of some of the toxicity around here, and left. I havent spoken with her in a while, but I imagine she is doing well and maintaining healthy partnerships and business pursuits.

  38. RussianSB says:

    Don’t change anything,site is already fabulous and easy to use !!!! Bravo ! If only you can weed out fake daddies and block them from the site forever. Not so many man can afford to be sugar daddy (obviously), but fishing here for attention and naive girls who believe in everything what men said. I wonder, how many complaints is enough to block fakes ?

  39. Anonymous says:

    What I would like is to be automatically logged into forum / blog if I’m already logged into SA anyways… That would also clear up anon posts problemos.

  40. Chris says:

    This site has become a joke. 90% of the girls on here aren’t worth the price of a Starbucks coffee let alone an expensive dinner or allowance. Most can’t even give you a decent reply and when they do it’s usually nonsense.

  41. rahul4greed says:

    i like the site and got two sugar babes so its good

  42. Plan9 says:

    Men are generally the ones that pay…yet the females are getting all the features. Even the free user women have a different (and better) dashboard than the males. Unreal. They don’t understand the audience that pays the bills and caters to the free users.

  43. New Salt says:

    The only feature I’d like to see, is rate-your-date.

    I drove 1.5 hours earlier tonight, to see the gal “really wanted to meet me,” plus $120 for a room two blocks from her work just so we could hang out after she got off.

    3.5 hours later, I drove 1.5 hours back home, just to see her online chatting up other SDs after standing me up, surprised she didn’t just block my profile because yeah, I gave her a piece of my mind.

    Clearly leading other SDs on. I know that goes both ways. But sheesh, I’ve had two SBs in the past year (one for six months, the other for six weeks) and don’t deserve to get treated like that, I’m not playing anyone.

    Wish there was some way to weed out those who aren’t serious. For Daddies and Babies alike. I don’t have time for that crap, right?

    I doubt I’m the first or last daddy she plays her games with. What a waste of my time, plus mileage, gas, reservations she never intended to honor…

    I really don’t care about any other updates to this site that’s becoming a joke for everyone, for lack of any mechanism to weed out the un-serious.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Comments don’t get posted what a joke

  45. Dave says:

    AWALT….. this forum doesn’t want us to post that awalt.

  46. Anon99 says:

    No tran nie or pla tonic filter?

  47. Anonymous says:

    For me, a nice feature would be restricting our account so only people of certain countris or region could see it and/or message us. I am tired of getting tons of messages from people all over the world, in countries I have no intent of going.

  48. Jay says:

    While I’m happy they’re making some changes, I feel like more could be done to really make finding a SB/SD easier and more effective. I just don’t know what they are. I’ve been on this site for quite some time and have only had one arrangement. Other than that, I’ve only actually met 2 or 3 people. I feel like finding a SD in real life would be more effective than using this site sometimes

  49. Anonymous says:

    While I’m happy they’re starting to revamp the site more, I think there are more changes that could be made to make looking for a SD/SB easier and more effective.I just don’t quite know what they are. I’ve been on this site for almost 2 years and have only met a couple of people and haven’t had an arrangement yet. Most of the “SDs” on the site are quite the opposite. I feel like it’d be easier finding a legit sugar daddy in real life, instead of on the site and that sucks 🙁

  50. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you just disable comments here? This looks truly pathetic as is…

    • Madison says:

      It isn’t horribly pathetic. It’s just too many of the wrong people commenting, causing others who are more genuine to feel more hopeless when it comes to actually commenting. A better suggestion would be for an administrator to have access to comments and delete ones which areally a nuisance.