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The Underage Dating Problem


In partnership with Underage Dating Awareness Week, SeekingArrangement.com has spent the week of July 24th, 2017 tackling the tough subject of underage daters in the online community.

SeekingArrangement endeavors to be on the forefront of this issue, preventing potential underage users from signing up for the site, removing any current minors who have joined with falsified credentials, and urging others within the online dating community to adopt similar protocols.

An alarming statistic from internet security company McAfee states that “81% of people admit they lie on their online dating profile.” Dating apps and websites rely heavily on “Yes, I am 18 or older” check boxes – to the detriment of both the vulnerable underage person and the entire online dating community as a whole. The ramifications associated with contacting a minor can be severe for both parties, and a safe and secure dating website benefits all stakeholders.

While SeekingArrangement.com’s Underage Taskforce has been successful in removing over 6,000 underage users from the site, we still encourage our users to actively report any underage users they may encounter. Below are 5 signs you may be in contact with an underage dater and a step-by-step video showing you how to report a minor on SeekingArrangement.com.


Indications that a User May be Underage


  • He or she stated that they are underage in conversation or text. Believe them! Report, block, & move on!


  • He or she has birth date or graduation numbers in their profile name or email address indicating that they may be underage. BeachLover2019 probably hasn’t graduated high school yet…report, block, & move on!


  • He or she has a curfew or otherwise, indicates that they still live under the rule of parents. If mom & dad can still take their phone privileges away…report, block, & move on!


  • Images of a user in a school uniform or high school bathroom. If it’s not cosplay…report, block, & move on!


  • He or she generally seems young in the topics they enjoy discussing (read: obsessed with Harry Styles) and is unable to corroborate their age with a college ID, driver’s license, etc.. This indicator could go either way, you may have stumbled upon a shy user with a love of harmony or…an underage user. Proceed with caution!


Reporting an Underage User

Certain that you’ve found an underage user on the site? Report them by following the steps outlined in the video below!


Please visit http://stopunderagedating.org/ for more information and resources.

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84 Responses to “The Underage Dating Problem”

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve been a member of this site before and I’ve seen a few profiles that seemed questionable. It’s kind of messed up that young girls are jumping into the SB lifestyle without fully realizing what it entails. Even 18 I think is too young, but at least 18 is a legal adult, at least according to the law, and at least has an idea of what they’re doing. 17 and younger has no bloody clue.

  2. Stef says:

    So how come nobody has done anything about the guy I reported on here who was trying to get me to bang his underage sister, and other minors- AND literally fuck his dogs.
    What a joke. Have the messages still. ?

  3. God says:

    In Australia legal age for sex is 16 but for paid sex it’s 18.
    In Queensland under age is rife in this site, I have reported so many and before I meet a girl she has to show me she is legal for paid sex not just legal for sex.

    But it’s a problem up here so many 16 and 17 to girls on this site and the problem is they make new accounts.

    Added to not a easy way to report under age girls, I have yet the same. Profile is there

  4. Anonymous says:

    The legal age in most states is 16 actually.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah have sex with a 16 year old and see what happens in most states. You’ll be arrested for statutory rape.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, not correct, the age of consent is 16 in my state.

      • Anonymous says:

        When the Internet is involved, the “age of consent” may not apply.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re absolutely incorrect! 16 is the age of consent in many states. 18 is the age of consent in a minority of states

      • Anonymous says:

        Go play with a 16 year old and watch how fast you get hit with a federal charge of statutory rape. 16 may be the age of consent but you might want to look into the fine print before you slip in.

        Or even better since you don’t want to believe otherwise, just ask your local “cop shop” – better to get weird looks from them than handcuffs on your wrists.

    • Anonymous says:

      Age of Consent only gets you out of one class of offenses. Most states have other lesser charges that cover the gap between age of consent, and 18, if the former is lower. Don’t kid yourself, you can still go to jail for banging a girl under 18, who is above the age of consent.

      • Anonymous says:

        Once again, that is incorrect. 18 is the age of consent in only a few states. There is no penalty for having sex with a 16 year old in a state where 16 is the age of consent.

  5. SurfingChaos says:

    ON WYP (sister site), a 17 y/o contacted me first purporting to be 22. Went on one meet and greet dinner and I knew something was way off. Afterwards, same night, researched who she was (pasting images into Google Images) and found out she was child actress just turned 18 (but contacted me on WYP when she was 17). I told her she was being reported and she had her father text me with threats of a restraining order?!?!? I did report her deception to WYP and she still has two accounts there, listing herself now as 20 and 25 (when is now just 18). The scams never end and diligence is prudence.

  6. Erewhon says:

    I have a girl that I started meeting when she was 18– that was verified! Cool thing is, I almost 40 years older!!! She doesn’t know that, though. Yesterday was maybe my most active day yet courtesy of this website. I picked up my other regular girl at 8:30 from a hotel parking lot. That’s where we meet, we go elsewhere for fun:). Then I’m meeting someone new at the same hotel at 9:30! So when we’re done I drop #1 off, go circle around the parking lot, park and meet #2. That date goes well, so within 90 mins I had sex with 2 girls!!!! Yesss!!

  7. Blkprinc48 says:

    MY advice is to first stay away from anyone that says they are 18. Chance are they younger – why take the risk.

    • Dave says:

      Because legal age in some states is 17

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah real smart. If you have sex with someone under 18 you’re risking being arrested for statutory rape. If you’re so pathetic you cant find someone over 18 you deserve whatever happens to you.

      • Oh no says:

        Yeah, if. Big projection on your part if that’s what comes to your mind from using this site.

      • Chris says:

        And according to federal laws within the US, if she’s not 18 you will be hit with a statutory rape charge. Do what you want, but don’t blame us if/when you get nailed by the cops.

        And besides, the minute you piss the girl off, she can cry rape and guess what? If she’s under 18 you’re automatically arrested. As I said do what you want. Get caught and you’ll have to explain to the inmates you didn’t molest a child – because that’s what THEY will believe.

    • S says:

      I live in canada. Legal age of consent is 16 so long as it doesn’t occur in a relationship of trust athourity or dependency. I am 18. As stated on my profile. And if everyone went by your suggestion none of us would ever find what we are looking for.

  8. Joe Winko says:

    we have an ‘asshole’ problem on seeking arrangement. Too many stupid guys getting mad at me for not wanting to take it up the ass or suck their cock.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I constantly have to show my ID when going on dates because I’m 20 but look underage

  10. Dave says:

    We have an overage problem on SA . Too many old hags near social security age under the assumption that they can be sugar babies

    • Seeing this and your other comments on these blogs, makes me wonder if you have a problem with age in general or do you just hate women regardless?

      • Dave says:

        Virtue signaled old lady here … you read from the same playbook as all the others . When you act bad and men point it out , the word “hate” is blurted out like a millennial trendy word

      • Dave says:

        You sound insecure .. triggered?

      • Not at all. I’m curious as to who you are on the site, and would love to see your profile. You must be incredibly good-looking with your high standards and all.

      • Does it bother you that I get more dates than you? From guys in their early 20’s and 30’s. I could lie about my age, but don’t. I like hearing how great and young I look. Maybe you should take a look at my profile and see for yourself. I now realize it’s not a problem you have with women, but rather the fact that you really need to get laid. I feel for you, I really do.

      • Dave says:

        Nice bathroom selfie honey , that’s real classy. Your butt is also quite saggy and it droops. If you get lots of dates on sa then you just admitted that you’re a prostitute . I’m ashamed that I’m part Italian and have to be linked to you by ethnicity. That bathroom selfie… Yeah real classy

      • Anonymous says:

        See what happens when you poke the troll.lol.

        We just ignore him. He lost his job, and he’s angry that he cannot get anyone to fuck him.

      • Well that’s odd that you say that, as I get a lot of compliments on my ass, which is actually pretty tight in person. It just goes to show you that you will nitpick on anything because you are so miserable. In another comment somewhere you said you worked hard to get laid and were lucky to get if you got laid 10 times in a year.. that’s really sad, and like I said, I really feel for you. That actually wasn’t a bathroom selfie, it was in a dressing room. My date wanted me to take a pic of everything I was trying on. Before you judge someone, you should really take a close look at yourself. I thought you might be good looking, but now realize you must be the opposite, as you wouldn’t have to struggle to get laid if you were. Your sour personality doesn’t help either I’m sure.

        If you even bothered to read my profile, instead of nit picking on a photo, you would also know more about me. I’m leaving the site at the end of August to focus on work. I don’t need to be on here, and still get plenty of dates in real life. I was in between jobs and thought this would be fun. Anyway, it seems like you need someone to talk to. Feel free to send me a message on the site. I really do feel for you, and hope you find happiness. xo

      • Yes, Anonymous, very true! I knowingly poked at the troll because I wanted to see what ridiculous things he would have to come up with in regards to my profile. I mean it was a stretch to even poke fun of a silly selfie of mine. Misery loves company, but his tactics don’t work on me. I actually really do feel sorry for him. I mean for the man to have a hard time getting a date off this site, he must be quite atrocious.

  11. Dave says:

    I think we actually have an overage problem on sa .. too many old hags who think they are eligible sugar babies .. please do something about this or force them to be minimal at most …

  12. wtf says:

    wow yes this could be a serious problem , how do bars deal with the issue of underage ppl entering the bars with fake ids and who is responsible in that case ?
    hey YGTB how you been longgggggggggg time, what happened to all the comments , there use to be thousands of comments every day but now i see very few .

  13. Anonymous says:

    more responsibility falls on the man to prove his innocence than with the woman/girl who blatantly lies about their age in our anti-male judicial system. where are the criminal charges for girls who mislead about their age? or is it too much to ask for that girls be held to the same standards as a man would?

    • Dave says:

      I just had a tatted up “substantial” woman message me . I responded with the quote from Leviticus that says not to mark your body … the women are hypocritical trash on sa … if that wasn’t bad enough I have to spend at least 30 min per day deleting the messages from fatties and over 40 hags

      • King says:

        So you want a 14 year old girl to be prosecuted whereas the 55 year old government agent or multi million business (which ever one) owner walks free?

      • Princessemsy says:

        Not all of us are hypothetical liars , Dave. just most.;) I for one, am not!

  14. Why are some comments posted while others aren’t?

    • Dave says:

      Why do you call yourself classy yet have bathroom selfies in your pics ?

      • Well at least I get dates. You can’t even get a woman to have sex with you more than 10 times a year, even if you offer money! Meanwhile, men are constantly hitting on me whereever I go. It’s calling winning. Maybe you would know what that is if you had a better attitude.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well, this issue is easy to solve.
    SA must check the ID of every girl / woman here. there are valid methods to do so, e.g. WEB-ID.
    Well if you meet then a girl and are unsure about the age, go to a place where she has to show ID.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or hire a PI to do some sleuthing before having intercourse with her. Good luck and keep a great lawyer on hand.


  16. Don says:

    In all seriousness, I have talked a couple of times recently with women who stated plainly that they were under 18. There is not a method to report them. When using the reporting function on this site, I cannot submit any complaint without attaching evidence. Even when filing the comment field, the submit button is not active. Perhaps it’s my iOS, or some technical issue? But website-messaging content alone doesn’t seem to be enough to report someone, even though, at least in my experience, that’s the only evidence you have. So to SA…you cannot simply “report someone,” and therefore you’re basically blowing hot air by claiming you’re working towards preventing interaction with underaged people on your site.

    • Anonymous says:

      YOU deserve much worse for chasing such young women!

      You’re too stupid to figure out how to block someone…lol. Too many of you here that call yourselves SD. Go back to mamas basement.

  17. Orin says:

    Underage comment
    A hot young chick (said she was 18) said nice things to me. But she didn’t show up – and she needed a lot of money. I didn’t pay up – so she said she was 17 and tried to blackmail me for soliciting an under age girl.
    That is a clue to watch for.

  18. Dave says:

    Refund Gap aka Jaybird keeps posting her Craigslist personal ad on the blog

  19. Dave says:

    This site has been invaded by single moms .. now I have to ask about stretch marks

  20. SA doesn't care says:

    You allow women that pretend to be SB but are actually prostitutes on the website, they are reported to you and you allow them to stay…
    Is this just another example of hype..??
    I know 2 people that reported one as a hooker and you banned one of the people, even though his messages with her on SA showed she was soliciting “him”…
    Guess you need the “fluff” of the females to drive in the males and make money for the site….. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  21. Anonymous says:

    I dated a 19Yo that had an authentic looking dl stating she was 21. She showed me both the real and fake one together, I couldn’t tell them apart. It’s very scary dating the young ones, but they’re so luscious I can’t resist one now and then. I get some positive idea about who they are before I proceed, like hs graduation pics or pick them up from a college dorm the first time. I have encountered 3 or 4 admitted 17Yo and 1 16 since I’ve been sugar dating.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Good point about John McAfee, he’s also a murderer(allegedly).

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ironic, considering John McAfee is known for his underage dating (among other things).

  24. Anonymous says:

    SA should also log any IP’s used by a member reported as being underage, and ban them from accessing the site. Have seen a user who was reported once for being underage sign up again TWICE (same picture) with new accounts. Those were reported as well. Banning their IP would make it much harder for them to keep coming back under new user names.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Do you give bank information out

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’ve only been in the position where I’ve had to question a girl’s age once, since she really did look young. I checked her ID and she was 19, whew!

    • capt. obvious says:

      Pretty difficult to tell the difference between a 15 year old and an 18 year old from a pic anymore. Between the makeup and clothing, they all look the same.

    • Leesh says:

      Let’s hope it wasn’t a fake, I just found out my little sister, though 18, got a fake ID very easily so she could get into bars. So definitely be careful! Though I would hope someone getting a fake ID wouldn’t be stupid enough to put they’re 19 instead of 21, so I’m sure you’re good! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Good thing they could NEVER get a fake ID. Whew

      • Anonymous says:

        Well therefore SA could use the service of some companies who can check ID via videoconferencing where it is able to check the ID and easily identify faked ID’s.