In partnership with Underage Dating Awareness Week, has spent the week of July 24th, 2017 tackling the tough subject of underage daters in the online community.

SeekingArrangement endeavors to be on the forefront of this issue, preventing potential underage users from signing up for the site, removing any current minors who have joined with falsified credentials, and urging others within the online dating community to adopt similar protocols.

An alarming statistic from internet security company McAfee states that “81% of people admit they lie on their online dating profile.” Dating apps and websites rely heavily on “Yes, I am 18 or older” check boxes – to the detriment of both the vulnerable underage person and the entire online dating community as a whole. The ramifications associated with contacting a minor can be severe for both parties, and a safe and secure dating website benefits all stakeholders.

While’s Underage Taskforce has been successful in removing over 6,000 underage users from the site, we still encourage our users to actively report any underage users they may encounter. Below are 5 signs you may be in contact with an underage dater and a step-by-step video showing you how to report a minor on


Indications that a User May be Underage


  • He or she stated that they are underage in conversation or text. Believe them! Report, block, & move on!


  • He or she has birth date or graduation numbers in their profile name or email address indicating that they may be underage. BeachLover2019 probably hasn’t graduated high school yet…report, block, & move on!


  • He or she has a curfew or otherwise, indicates that they still live under the rule of parents. If mom & dad can still take their phone privileges away…report, block, & move on!


  • Images of a user in a school uniform or high school bathroom. If it’s not cosplay…report, block, & move on!


  • He or she generally seems young in the topics they enjoy discussing (read: obsessed with Harry Styles) and is unable to corroborate their age with a college ID, driver’s license, etc.. This indicator could go either way, you may have stumbled upon a shy user with a love of harmony or…an underage user. Proceed with caution!


Reporting an Underage User

Certain that you’ve found an underage user on the site? Report them by following the steps outlined in the video below!


Please visit for more information and resources.