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Have You Visited “Let’s Talk Sugar” Lately?


If you are new to the Sugar Bowl or have general questions as a Sugar Baby, you need to check out our sister site Let’s Talk Sugar.


LTS is the place that answers all your sugar life questions and connects you with fellow sugar sisters to get the advice you need in the Sugar Bowl. From topics like sugar 101, fashion, money, sex and more, you won’t miss out on any part of this sugar community.


Here are a few highlights from LTS you may be missing.


Blog Posts


Here are a few popular blog posts you shouldn’t miss if you are a sugar baby:


Starting Out in the Sugar Bowl

How Not to Get Scammed

Should I Stay Over at a Sugar Daddies House?

Sugaring When You Don’t Have Nice Clothes 


Lifestyle Coaching


LTS is launching a personalized Lifestyle Coaching service to help you live your best life and excel in Sugar. You will be paired with an experienced Sugar Baby Lifestyle Coach who will assist in maximizing your sugar potential, assist with a profile assessment, profile rewrite, coaching calls, first date facilitation, and more.


Join the waitlist here!


Sugar Support Forum


Want to meet more sugar sisters? The LTS sugar support forum is perfect to connect yourself with other sugar sisters who know what you are going through and want to talk. The LTS forum does not hold back and let’s you talk about anything on your mind within the sugar world. All you have to do is log in, read the rules and chat away.


Online Store


This is the perfect place if you are looking to stock up on all your sugar gear. Take a look at the online store and shop from a fun selection of sugar swag and profile perfecting services.


Coming Up from LTS…


Youtube Series


A revamped version of the Let’s Talk Sugar Youtube series is coming soon with more sugar tips, lists and updates.


Brook Urick, host of Let’s Talk Sugar and Sugar Baby Coach Supreme, talks all things sugar in this series found exclusively on the SeekingArrangement Youtube page. Learn everything you need to know about the ins and outs of the sugar lifestyle with this informative, sassy video series.




The lovely ladies of LTS are starting a brand new podcast set to launch in August. The LTS podcast serves as a companion to the LTS Youtube series giving you a more in-depth look at sugar topics with the same informative (but always cheeky) style of the Let’s Talk Sugar blog.


Want more LTS updates? Stay updated 24/7 through their social channels!

Facebook: facebook.com/letstalksugar

Twitter: @lets_talk_sugar

Instagram: @letstalksugar

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27 Responses to “Have You Visited “Let’s Talk Sugar” Lately?”

  1. Barpilot says:

    My first paid membership on this website was back at the end of their first year and after 2-3 months I had dated quite a few ad then finally found one that lasted 2+ years when she moved away to grad school. After a few months of the lost SB mourning process I fired my membership up again and within the first month I found #2 that lasted for right around 3 years. Started and funded a scholarship that she won the next 2 two years … only had to date 4-5 to find her. Getting over her took about 9 months as she now goes to Stanford getting her graduate degree. This last time I’ve been here for 3 months to find the right girl. Back when I started it wasn’t 80 mo. it was 59.95 and maybe even 49.95 that first month. I spend more than that on a good lunch with wine. If you are thinking it’s alot of money then you may be at the wrong website. Over the years the quality of women here as well as the ratio of women to men has tilted strongly in our favor and the selection couldn’t be better. Best money I’ve ever spent. This website gives you access to females we would never meet and even if we did would never approach in any other environment. Learn how to read between the lines on their profiles. I personally prefer the girl who never thought she would be on a website like this but is pragmatic enough to know that the distance between an arrangement and some corner by the airport couldn’t be further apart.

  2. Sumit Narang says:


  3. Dave says:

    Me lost me job and me struggle with the INGLISH.

    Me so lonely me just pokes at others because me can’t find anyone to poke me ass.

    Someone please talk to me, me notin better to do.

  4. Dave says:

    Dear Classy nyc bathroom selfie , we don’t care you are deactivating your account at the end of August , in fact it would bring the beauty average up again and the age average down. Fyi, you are not like every other girl . You are far worse , a bathroom selfie at age 39 ?

  5. Dave says:

    I just checked out classy nycs profile . Sadly she has no class and she has a bathroom selfie as one of her pics. Im ashamed becuase im oart italian and shes full italian .She looks decent for a 39
    year old. Keywords here are for a 39 year old. Her butt is saggy and her calves looked swollen. Her arms are droopy as well.. but bathroom selfies ?? Really ? And you want to be a sugar baby ?? Why don’t post your bowel movement as well ? If she’s getting attention from 20 year Olds that means she’s an easy piece of ass, that’s all , but thats gotten to her head

    • Well it seems you are quite obsessed with me to keep posting comments about me. Everyone I meet says I look even better in person, so your comments mean nothing to me. As in my follow up comment on the other blog stated, it wasn’t a bathroom selfie. I was in a dressing room taking pics for my date who wanted to see everything I was trying on. I liked the pic so I decided to use it in my profile, since I wanted a variety on there. There really is no need for me to explain this to someone like yourself who trolls and degrades every woman on this site, but I feel sorry for you. You seem so miserable. I truly hope you find happiness. xo

  6. Anonymous says:

    SA’s premise is good and has it’s place to meet women. I thought when joining it would be easy. Wrong! The men say most women are flakes, unreliable, and desperate. Women say men are rude and want nude pictures. So that makes it difficult for a true SD to be believed he ahs the goods all around…. money, manners, looks. After a nice conversation a women turned me down because of the state I lived in. Her previous encounter with a man from my state was bad and she is prejudiced. We are 30 miles apart, separated by a river and state boundary. Go figure. You asshole men have messed this up for me, a legitimate SD. Likewise the knucklehead, spoiled, and irresponsible women that dominate SA have made me leery and disappointed.

    • Haha says:

      It took me four years to find the nugget. I’ve never been more satisfied. SA’s premise works, at least for me, and can’t even compare to regular dating sites. You just have to keep on digging.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well done you! I too am an optimist and know the right gal is out there. It’s a numbers game and I screen women better today. Initial messaging tells me all I need to know. Are they interested or not? Then take it from there. That has led to better dates and the connection I want has to be what the woman wants. Keep it simple and fun.

  7. Shahid says:

    I don’t understand why the management is not approving my profile. objection again and again. i can’t message or comment on any profile because of not approving my profile. more than 15 days have passed but this practice is still going on. should i pay for this? then SA’s management will entertain me? is it professional attitude of SA’s administration. this kind of act discouraging me to not continue using this site. let me explain please. should i continue or leave it?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m off to a not-good start. My first date was a NCNS, after many PMs and texts. I’ve been Favorited by a lot of out-of-town, suspiciously non-English-first-language “ladies.” I’ve sent polite, concise messages to five or six area ladies whose profiles appealed to me, only one of which has even been read. Tell me again why paying $80/month here is better than the lying cesspools of other singles sites?

  9. 0.0 says:

    There are a few things to check off for success.
    1) Don’t lie about your age. Guys know a 30 yr old when we see one so just don’t.
    2) Don’t be unreasonable and want 10k. No one is going to give you 10k, sorry.
    3) No reason to give out banking info, I do not understand why someone would.
    4) Curvy is not another word for fat. Stay Puffed the marshmallow man is Curvy, you are fat, see Jenny Craig first.
    5) Pictures need to be fairly recent and and of you, no reason to get dumped on the meet and greet.
    5) Distance is an issue no matter what anyone says. (I do hate to travel)
    6) Sound too good to be true? It probably is.
    7) Yes yes no one like you, unique, one of a kind , blah blah. Please don’t.
    8) Know what and who you are. Blonde blue eyed American Indian? Yeah,…..not.
    9) Learn to spell and proof read your profile. I know we are not all scholars but ghetto spell will not pay, trust this.
    10) A “T” girl is not a girl so list yourself as a man not a woman, eos.
    11) One last request, please stop getting tattoos on your chest and face. Actually, just stop. You looked good before someone scribbled on you, sad. The same goes for metal sticking out of your face. Have some class.

    • Dave says:

      Hahahaha man that is so $$$$$ … love it … they don’t get it , but 10k per month will only be paid out from a married congressman . Smart businessmen are wise with their money and they negotiate down

    • alternatedating says:

      I don’t get the tattoo piercing thing …. the idea of the website from the female side is to attract a successful guy who will provide financial support. What successful guy wants a tatted up woman to be around?


    • Anonymous says:

      Great list, I 100% agree as a successful businessman. I’m not going to be seen in public with a woman covered in tattoos.

      I meet one women from SA on a meet & greet, her photos showed no tats but when we meet she was covered with them. They were either old photos or she photoshopped them.

    • Anonymous says:

      13) STOP LYING ABOUT YOUR LOCATION, we can tell you are in another country by your login info.

    • almost perfect says:


      It’s so hard not to lie about my age.

    • ZZZ says:

      My advice is to have your profile speak to the SD you want to meet. Many profiles make the SB come off as: unhappy, unfriendly, lacking class, or entitled.

  10. Ezmi says:

    Yes I did get it talks sugar..