If you are new to the Sugar Bowl or have general questions as a Sugar Baby, you need to check out our sister site Let’s Talk Sugar.


LTS is the place that answers all your sugar life questions and connects you with fellow sugar sisters to get the advice you need in the Sugar Bowl. From topics like sugar 101, fashion, money, sex and more, you won’t miss out on any part of this sugar community.


Here are a few highlights from LTS you may be missing.


Blog Posts


Here are a few popular blog posts you shouldn’t miss if you are a sugar baby:


Starting Out in the Sugar Bowl

How Not to Get Scammed

Should I Stay Over at a Sugar Daddies House?

Sugaring When You Don’t Have Nice Clothes 


Lifestyle Coaching


LTS is launching a personalized Lifestyle Coaching service to help you live your best life and excel in Sugar. You will be paired with an experienced Sugar Baby Lifestyle Coach who will assist in maximizing your sugar potential, assist with a profile assessment, profile rewrite, coaching calls, first date facilitation, and more.


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Sugar Support Forum


Want to meet more sugar sisters? The LTS sugar support forum is perfect to connect yourself with other sugar sisters who know what you are going through and want to talk. The LTS forum does not hold back and let’s you talk about anything on your mind within the sugar world. All you have to do is log in, read the rules and chat away.


Online Store


This is the perfect place if you are looking to stock up on all your sugar gear. Take a look at the online store and shop from a fun selection of sugar swag and profile perfecting services.


Coming Up from LTS…


Youtube Series


A revamped version of the Let’s Talk Sugar Youtube series is coming soon with more sugar tips, lists and updates.


Brook Urick, host of Let’s Talk Sugar and Sugar Baby Coach Supreme, talks all things sugar in this series found exclusively on the SeekingArrangement Youtube page. Learn everything you need to know about the ins and outs of the sugar lifestyle with this informative, sassy video series.




The lovely ladies of LTS are starting a brand new podcast set to launch in August. The LTS podcast serves as a companion to the LTS Youtube series giving you a more in-depth look at sugar topics with the same informative (but always cheeky) style of the Let’s Talk Sugar blog.


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