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The SeekingArrangement Guide to Reportable Salt


Sugar or salt? If you bite into a cookie with one over the other, you’ll soon understand why two substances that might seem very similar are in reality as different as night and day. In the world of Sugaring, “Salt” or a “Salt Daddy” are often defined rather subjectively. SeekingArrangement.com defines “Salt” as any member who does not use the site as intended, ie:, intentionally breaking the site’s Terms of Service and/or making promises that fall in line with the mission of the site, with no intention of holding up their end of the relationship.

Reportable Salt

Even with terms defined, the concept of Salt can be tricky to nail down. Below are examples of 100% reportable Salt. If a SeekingArrangement user proves salty – report them on SeekingArrangement & move on with your life!

Pic Collectors

Pic collectors are SDs who ask for photos of you with no intention of meeting up. A good rule of thumb is to provide around five or six good quality photos of yourself. If you only have one photo on your profile, it’s completely fair for a potential Sugar to ask for more. If you have a mix of public and private photos of high quality and a potential is still asking for more…report!

Flakey POTs

SeekingArrangement.com is all about mutually beneficial relationships – emphasis here on mutually! If a potential sugar stands you up on a meet with no notice…report!

Straight Scammers

If a potential Sugar is asking for bank info or offering to send money in any way before you’ve ever met; red flag this scammer as 100% salt. Use common sense to ward off this category of salt for smooth sailing in the sugar bowl.


PPM or “Pay per Meet” is strictly out of bounds on SeekingArrangement.com. Allowance is King (or Queen!) within the Sugar Bowl because it removes any confusion about the nature of your sugar relationship. Read more about why we so strongly suggest allowances here. If a potential Sugar suggests PPM or asks “how much for xxx??” – SALT! Report, block, & move on Sugars!


While the reasons listed above are certainly some of the most common and egregious instances of Salt, SeekingArrangement recognizes that each situation is unique and that no list can ever be truly definitive. If you experience an issue with a user that you feel falls in line with a breach of our Terms of Use, please report! However, if you feel that a user is unattractive, too cheap, or otherwise undesirable – but not necessarily breaking site rules – block & move on! Reporting every member that annoys you will result in increased scrutiny of YOUR account and will clog up the reporting system for all members!

Reporting Salt on SeekingArrangement is easy and helps the entire Sugar community remain safe. To report a member on desktop, visit the profile of the person in question, select the “three dot” drop down at the top of their profile, and click “report.” Choosing the most accurate reason for reporting and sending proof of an infraction help the SeekingArrangement support staff review and make decisions quickly.

Have more questions about Salt? Check out the SeekingArrangement social media accounts for more tips on ditching the Salt or watch last week’s SeekingArrangement LIVE video below. 

Brook and Alexis discuss Salt in last week’s Seeking Arrangement LIVE

201 Responses to “The SeekingArrangement Guide to Reportable Salt”

  1. SD with Open Eyes says:

    I think that I have found a good question to separate SB scammers from real ones: If they are giving you brief barely literate replies ask them where about their advertised town is and if it is nice. They will not know and ghost immediately.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes P P M is legit and it does not imply $ for S e x, yet SA in their zealousness will b a n paying customers for discussing P P M.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get ready to get banned.

  4. Kent says:

    Look, because of the new anti-trafficking law (FOSTA-SESTA) a lot of websites that potentially promote prostitution/trafficking are getting shut down and their owners are being severely fined. So Seeking Arrangement is protecting itself by making statements that prostitutes are not allowed here.
    To further protect themselves from FOSTA, SA proclaims that PPM is bad. For those of us who are legit (not johns or prostitutes), PPM is absolutely not salty behavior. Many legit SDs and SBs prefer that. Many SDs and SBs alike don’t have the extra time on our hands to plan out a regular meeting schedule. We work travel and have an outside life with many other commitments. As a result, arrangement meetings occur on an irregular basis. Sometimes we can meet 4x a month….other times we can only meet 1x a month. For those of us with Irregular schedules, PPM is absolutely legit.

  5. Anonymous says:


    beware-commits voyeuristic recordings

  6. Julia says:

    Is there a way to rate or review rating of potential sugar daddies?

  7. Tracy Saffelder says:

    Out of the 150 views faves and messages I received in about 36 hours there were 3 men I can trust & are respectful & know what this site is & what an arrangement is! There are some very low class scammers that have weasels their way into the site. These profiles are not being screened or half of these men would not be allowed on the site from their pics alone besides the fact they can’t write a sentence, use proper English & talk respectful to a woman! The profiles need to be reviewed especially the ones already on this site. 50 percent of the men on this site have no business being on here. I’m glad my membership will be expiring. I met 4 great people but I wasted alot of time haveing to delete and block.There are some great things about the site and if restructured it coukd be an awesome way to meet professional respectful men.

  8. Anonymous says:

    All new SD’s need a crash course to be sure not to get scammed. Here are the scam types:

    1. Playing the victim card – fake SB will tell you some horrible story and gives you the promise to meet, but needs money now to solve the big problems. You exchange numbers start talking over text, or social media, send the money. SB stops talking.

    2. Prepayment scam – SD will have a conversation with fake SB, exchange numbers, start talking over text, make a meeting arrangement. Then either the day before, or the day of there is request to prepay some of the money for gas, security concerns, not trusting you, having bad experience in the past. Fake! As soon as the prepayment is made, the SB stops talking.

    3. The minor card – SD will have a conversation with fake SB, exchange numbers, start talking over text, exchange pictures, send money, etc. Then get’s a message form a “father” saying SD was talking to his 17 year old daughter and if the ransom is not paid, the messaging will be turned over to authorities.

    My advice to you, newly baked SD, don’t be very trusting, verify, verify, verify. Do not disclose any of your information upfront until you meet with an SB couple of times and build a trusting arrangement. Avoid prepayment at all cost, you will be very disappointed most of the time.

    • rudy says:

      3. If the SB claims to be 18 or over (or whatever the age of consent is locally), and you send money or whatever, and then someone claims to be their father and that she’s a minor…well, you can’t get in trouble for that.

  9. todd carter says:

    my account is paid, however, I cant read messages sent to me or look at pics, please check this out for me profile name 714Mainst

  10. rose says:

    hi good morning have a nice I’m new here in dating site hope u accept me here in ur site.

  11. Chuck Houle says:

    You suggest that paying per meeting is always ‘Salt’.
    As someone who formerly provided an allowance up front, I must disagree for a couple of reasons.
    1. I have provided an allowance on the first meeting only to have the SB disappear.
    2. I have provided an allowance based on a specified number of meetings per month that did not happen due to various issues.

    While I’m sure that both of these could be reported, that still leaves me out of pocket.
    If the SB Blocks me, I’m not even sure how I would report them.

    In short, a fixed amount per meeting can be a great way to start an arrangement until you know that the SB can be trusted and have a feel for how your schedules will mesh.

    • d says:

      I totally agree. I am terribly afraid of SBs asking for allowance and then disappear after the first meeting. so I start with per meet and if they are ok and comfortable then I move to a monthly. I even had pot SBs asking for an allowance just for the meet&greet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Regardless of how long you have been dating, the minute you provide money in advance MOST, if not all, will disappear.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing to me that PPM are against the rules on here, yet when I reported a supposed SB who was asking for PPM and $500 for a meet and greet nothing was done. Upon further investigation I found that the “SB” has at least four accounts on here and nothing was done.

    • Michael says:

      SB or Lady not willing to do a meet and greet over Lunch coffee or dinner then you both wasted a short time for a long term relationship. / arrangement… Make it easy convenient for the lady and meet on her grounds and time. This works for me.I of course pick up the tab and gift no matter a good or bad meet ,with something.Never let a lady walk away with a ill feeling towards you.
      PPM is only way to go if a Allowances are needed asked for on this meeting RUN AWAY!

  13. Miss. says:

    As a general rule, a SD can afford to lose, he is parting with disposable income. A SB has more to lose, it’s highly unlikely that the SD would have been allowed to grace her presence much less her body had it not been for his money because most are old and unattractive.
    The difference is money can be returned whilst your body to an old unattractive man can never be returned to it’s sexless state. I reiterate, SDs can afford to lose, very few if any are making any financial sacrifice and if he is, he isn’t worthy of your time.
    Therefore, when they appear Salt, miser, cheap or whatever else dismiss and move on.

    • mel says:

      exactly she cant get that body count back but he can always make the money back

      • Dizzy says:

        A true sign that someone has no clue about money. Money is like time, and being so – you can never make up lost time, nor can you make up lost money, That money will always be lost.

        Implying that it’s okay because he can afford it, is B.S.

        I keep reading about treating an SB right and respecting her feelings, but I don’t see much about making sure the SB and his feelings are considered, as well. I just had a POTSB begging me to let her come visit from out of town. I wasn’t going to have her in my home until I got to know her, so I agreed to get her a nice room, in a local hotel. Once I had the room and left her some cash for fuel and a gift in the room- she ghosted for 2 days and then told me that her phone had been shut off, so she used her gas money for her phone, but begged to come again the following weekend. She insisted on her own room, and I didn’t argue. FFW 4 days later; she’s upset that she has to pay for her own room because I’m “supposed to be the daddy”.

        I spoke with the hotel about refunding a portion of my money and retrieving the cash and gift that i left, or giving her a discount on a room since it wasn’t used. It turns out, that she did show up, and used it to see another POTSD. I know this, because as one of my companies – we provide private security for that particular hotel, and I viewed the lobby tapes in conjunction with the time stamp from when she entered her room.

        So I paid for her room with another guy and paid her fuel to get here and back home.

        Nobody cares about that, because it’s only $600, and I can make it back, right?

      • Anonymous says:

        Dizzy you are such a looser.

    • J Harding says:

      Another reason why neither party should be expecting intimacy on the first date or meet… The last POT I was scheduled to meet for the first time had ‘hinted’ that she could really use the whole monthly allowance up front. While I was not comfortable with that, I did plan to compensate accordingly for a first platonic date… After I sent $40 in advance (‘gas money’) she NCNS for the date and promptly ghosted and blocked me. I can only guess how the ‘allowance up front’ deal might have gone. If it was truly disposable income, it would be easier to just throw it in the dumpster…

    • Anonymous says:

      Men are basically disposable to women. The moment they get what they want, they’re history.

      • Mr. Anon says:

        Men are disposable; women are interchangeable.

      • missy says:

        Maybe I’m different, but I’m not on here for the men’s money. I have a great job, am divorced and just want a fun relationship. I’m hoping I can travel with the SD, but that is purely because I love to have fun and we get along so well. It is hard having to only talk during certain hours, but it is what it is.

    • ontherdagin says:

      In the real world, we exchange our professional time for money. We never get that time back, it has been sold for money, it is not disposable! This lady is not respecting the SD in the manner she expects to be respected. One of the nice things about SD/SB is we can be on a symmetric basis. I and my reasonable compatriots always respect the lady and expect the same in return. If your SD is old and unattractive, then that is not symmetric and the SB should have done a better selection job.

  14. Anonymous says:

    As a general rule, a SD can afford to lose, he is parting with disposable income. A SB has more to lose, it’s highly unlikely that the SD would have been allowed to grace her presence much less her body had it not been for his money because most are old and unattractive.
    The difference is money can be returned whilst your body to an old unattractive man can never be returned to it’s sexless state. I reiterate, SDs can afford to lose, very few if any are making any financial sacrifice and if he is, he isn’t worthy of your time.
    Therefore, when they appear Salt, miser, cheap or whatever else dismiss and move on.

  15. Marc says:

    It’s interesting how SA seems so concerned with the male side of the membership here. In my experience, there is a tremendous amount of scamming and ghosting on the female end of the spectrum, to the degree that I’d say 19 out of 20 females who initiate contact with me turn out to be either flakes, scammers, or what I suspect to be bots. The latter suspicion sometimes has me wondering how many true blue women there are on this network vs. socks to retain male clientele.

    • craig says:

      I found SA almost a year ago and have had fun with around 30 SB this year. I think the site works and there are great women on here mixed with scammers. There are some that ghost but thats how it is when you have a site that moves at such a fast pace. If you don’t escalate quickly someone is going to swoop in and steal you catch.

    • Anonymous says:

      Spot on!! So many fakes, flakes and scammers on the site now.

  16. Peter57 says:

    And just wonder if anyone from SA reads this comments and if they are willing to act on them?
    I guess not:)

  17. Peter57 says:

    I live in NJ NYC area and are witnessing with despair rapid growth of professional escorts who use this service as a way to enhance their business . It is obvious some women use different accounts at the time and do not even bother changing their photos or profiles. Some accounts are are closed by SA but resurface under different names . I guess if SA want to maintain integrity of this place they have to enforce some tougher rules otherwise this site will turn into a hooker escort advertising site and if this happen why bother paying fees for a membership:) Any comments? From the management

    • C says:

      I think the media coverage has caused interest in the site to rise, but also decline in terms of quality and sincerity. From a SBs POV, verifying the SDs income/tax bracket would help ensure that they are not SaltDaddies or the extremely grimy growing number of men who are using this site to lie, sleep with, and never contact again women – posing as SDs. For the SDs I would think that verifying the SBs physical attributes, college enrollment, and the like would be helpful. Anyone who has been charged with prostitution, assault (any type), or harassment should be BANNED.

      Best of luck fellow NEer

  18. Kansas City says:

    I for one love this site; it allows me to have fun and not hurt my wife. I have met 4 different ladies and currently see 2. The 1st one was an allowance; my travel scheduled changed so we went to a ppm deal and it seems to work well. The 2nd one is a 19 yo (SHE MAY HAVE DADDY ISSUES); she won’t take any money. I have offered and she says she enjoys the sex and doesn’t N need the money at all. Anyway; thanks for this site

  19. Robert says:

    How about sugar BABIES scamming for virtual arrangements; or how about all the SB’s using the site to sell photo and videos? I’ve reported many that say both of these things explicitly, some even post it in their profile. SA does nothing. This site has definitely lost much luster over the past couple of years in my view.

  20. Robert says:

    You don’t post even one example of BABY Salt?? How about all the women on here that are trying to sell photos or videos, or want a “virtual” arrangement?? Give me a break! There is probably more salt babies on here than salt daddies!

    Chime in on this guys! We all know its true. You would think SA would be a little more supportive of SD’s and our issues on here but seems they want to perpetuate this largely mythical notion that men will pay sugar babies 3 or 4k per month to be their friend; why would they not at least put an option in search to ignore platonic arrangements; or virtual arrangements; or photo and video salesgirls?

    • .... says:

      …say a little prayer for you…together…

    • Facts says:

      Too many facts in this post. The admin of this site are clowns

    • Rick says:

      Platonic is one of the tags. And you can exclude it. It’s not a prefect solution, but it is a help

    • craig says:

      Great idea! Platonic and virtual should have their own category, the dumpster. What a scam

    • Anonymous says:

      They want cash for nothing.

    • Matt says:

      Amen, Robert. I’ve been on this site 8 years and never commented but I’m so pissed lately that I came here to see if others guys were dealing with the same bullshit. There is a FLOOD of salt baby scammers who “are good listeners” (platonic bullshit) or they want to send pics only. I report them immediately…and hope others do the same.

      Then come the real scammers with sob stories who say they will meet but then say “oh, but can I get $200 today so I can pay my phone bill” or some other horseshit. They must really think guys are idiots. I report them too. But it never improves. I got really lucky 8 years ago and my first SB on this site was awesome – I was 40 and she was 18 and she really had a good head on her shoulders. We lasted 5 years and both benefited greatly. Still friends, actually. Just try and find that now. Good luck. These idiots today think you’re going to pay them $4k a month to have conversations. Jesus.

      Maybe SA needs to institute a system where the GIRLS are required to pay a very small token monthly fee (say $1) JUST to have their CC info and address and shit on file and in the system. This would quickly weed out all the scammers and scumbags who create 4 different accounts at a time over and over. I’ve reported one piece of shit about 5 times. Same photos and b.s. story. Yet she comes back. I suspect the female population on this site would be cut in half overnight if they did that. Good riddance.

      I’m seriously ready to find a new site…this one has gone to shit over the last couple years. It’s becoming a joke. Perhaps the site also needs a section where profiles can be rated and guys who meet these girls IRL can give the low-down.

      • Smartmouth says:

        I think Both parties should be required to take some kind of course prior to their profile being approved. It would help on both ends so much!

  21. Anonymous says:

    SA recommends monthly stipend over PPM purely to protect themselves from being seen as a prostitution site. Has nothing to do with realities of sugar relationships, where PPM usually makes much more sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      agreed what is more important is not whether it’s PPM or monthly but if its a regular payment and dependable where both sides get what they want

    • mel says:

      PPM just gets more expensive over time than a monthly

      • Anonymous says:

        agreed PPM can cost more than monthly if you meet more often than agreed on i don’t use PPM but i understand why many prefer to use this method of payment it can be useful until trust is built

    • Michael says:

      NP With so much unreal scammers BS artist If you can not maintain sready flow of meetings the your not a match if you think gentelmen your the only one and you ppm its. amatter of time till you get burnt.

      • Michael says:

        PPM pay per meet. or pay per month ?? whixh alot of these ladies are writing on profile. and a gifted list befor I meet you ? Thats some BS TOO.

        site spirals outta control in search of more money Mr. Wade? clean your house sir.

  22. JustMe says:

    If ppm and escorting is such a problem for SA, then why does SA approve this profile text: “I practice escorting to support myself while continuing my studies. I always make sure that the physical attraction is mutual so that our meeting will be as pleasant as possible for you. Please note that escorting is a work I do only occasionally (I only accept one or two appointments a month)”

  23. CutestCatAmongDogs says:

    Anyone serious here with some brain? I wish to know how men here are smart or can resist or are gentlemen?

    • Anonymous says:

      agreed is there anyone on here that is serious. where are all the beautiful witty and charming ladies instead of the old fat and ugly ones that are available on here what good is having a lot members if they are not desirable i do see nice looking ones on here but they are not on here for long only the undesirable ones stay on here

      • CutestCatAmongDogs says:

        I disagree, but for charming lady u have to be rich 😀 Rich doesnt man income 150 000 dolars per annum

      • Anonymous says:

        are you looking for a lady if not how do you know women here are not ugly and fat and not charming yes it takes money to get a SB but if I’m going to pay 5 to 10k a month i want a beautiful woman i enjoy the finer things in life and I’m not going to lower my standards just because this site can’t attract quality women

      • CutestCatAmongDogs says:

        HuH, no here is very bad quality of women… Well no one will sleep with an ugly man, and plus if he has money and doesnt know how to go to plastic surgeon to recover him 😀 if he needs it

      • Anonymous says:

        if you won’t sleep with a ugly man then i guess you don’t get paid men are not selling themselves it doesn’t matter what they look like all that matters is if can they pay and no your wrong the women on here are low quality

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, cutest … your whole theory of $150K is not true. I know of a coworker who paid CASH for his 2 million dollar home, still has a mid 7-figure bank account, and makes a base salary of roughly $90K per year. Me made his money the old fashioned way. He inherited it. Not all wealth is indicated in a person’s salary.

      • mel says:

        hmm i didnt think i was low quality lol

  24. mel says:

    if you not expecting sex from your first meet than she is just expecting a free meal.. PPM is when you know you just want to fuck

    • Anonymous says:

      not so there are a lot of SB who will go out for coffee dates PPM works for that and it’s not prostitution because there is no sex involved with this

  25. mel says:

    yessss.. so many just be trying to PPM so they can try out all the pussy.. those are the weird married men usually. I actually just reported a guy for not doing what he said he was going to for our arrangement.

  26. disappointed says:

    Can I report women who bail on me after I drive to a location to meet them? Or can I report a woman that specifically asks for $500 per meet? Or can I report a woman that wants me to paypal her? I’ve done it and they still are free to roam.. if this is cover to protect your liability.. i get it.. and I”m going to move on.. but if management actually starts removing people for things that happen “outside” the scope of the website… to me that is excessive

  27. Older guy says:

    Yeah, disappearing acts seem common.

  28. Guest says:

    There’s nothing wrong with PPM as long as it’s discussed in advance and the amount is agreed to regardless of what happens.

    If some wannabe SD promises an allowance and then gives a quarter of that, of course you report that loser. If a guy says I’ll give you $$$ for XXX, report him because that’s not sugar.

    But if I’m in town for a month and am upfront this a PPM situation, there shouldn’t be any problem with that if we both agree.

  29. alternatedating says:

    I don’t see an issue for PPM.

    In my area, I think most women prefer PPM to monthly allowances. It avoids a lot of bad feelings/pressure — particularly at the beginning. For example, if we agree on a monthly allowance on the plan to meet once a week and she’s really busy that week. She’s feeling pressure because I expect it and I’m unhappy that she doesn’t meet like we agreed. Much easier to figure out a PPM on an ongoing basis until we figure out a routine that works. That way, she’s not feeling pressured and I’m not feeling scammed. It doesn’t change the nature of the relationship. It’s the same situation if she’s in a city that I’m in regularly, but not regularly enough for a monthly allowance. PPM doesn’t change the advanced dating aspect of this site.

    • I’m an SB and I absolutely agree with you and the others that PPM is fine and preferable until trust is established. It’s actually more convenient for the SB as well!

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree. I’m a SD and how am I supposed to start dropping a monthly allowance for a mutual benefit that is unproven and subject to no accountability? It would seem that most of these guidelines and terms regarding value and safety are slanted in the SBs favour. SDs shoulder their share of risk, and not just financial, if the arrangement is mutual. It’s way safer to begin an arrangement at a PPM level and graduate into an allowance if the SB is reliable and the agreement is working. One could even arrange at the very outset a set number of meets before the couple discusses an allowance.

      • royal says:

        The issue I have with it is for an arrangement I was in. We went to the spa one day of our one a week meeting and he didn’t provide my ppm amount. Also, there have been times where he bailed due to scheduling…I ended up losing money because not only did I take off work, but I never received my ppm. 8 months and he still won’t agree to a monthly. Because why would he, he benefits more from ppm.

    • Rick says:

      Simple enough. Just provide the allowance at the end of the month, not the beginning. Let the SB take the risk. Or at least middle of the month.

      • knows too much says:

        It would take a long time to trust someone enough to take care of the allowance at the end of the month. There are dozens of stories on SA about women being raped and taken advantage of….even men that brag about the “pump and dump” i.e. RAPE. Be prepared to report the man on rape charges if you take the chance on trusting him, and he sneaks out without paying.

      • Anonymous says:

        well I’ve heard that some women worry about getting raped or killed why would you go out with anyone on this site if that’s your fear whether you get paid at the beginning end or PPM no method of payment will prevent that but this is a red herring it is a shaming tactic to get the men to pay up front so that they can ghost them after getting paid

      • craig says:

        It’s not rape just because you don’t get paid. Of course it’s wrong to break whatever you agreed, but not rape.

  30. BlackVelvette says:

    Thank you SA for these guidelines. It really helps us SBs and protects us. Reporting PPM may seem harsh to some POTs but it is really bringing down the quality of members on this site also it creates a ground for desperate and vulnerable SBs to be taken advantage of by men who should know better. A real SD will not offer PPM. He will not ask for bank details on the site. If all the SBs can follow these guidelines then the quality of members will rise. This helps SDs too because you really wouldn’t want a desperate SB. PPM is essentially escorting which this site forbids. SDs can give a gift on the date because you want to show you are serious not because you want to “test drive” a girl. PPM puts you in a dangerous situation and the SB.

    • SuchAJoker says:

      the only danger is for SA, theres no danger for the SB or the SD. This whole piece is just to give them legal cover so they dont get shut down. Brandon is making too much money to lose it over some Backpage style shit.

  31. Your Foreign says:

    I still looking for a sugar momma or may be a sugar daddy

  32. Barry G says:

    SA doesn’t give a fuck about scammers. I’ve reported a few. One that changed cities, profiles, same pic, exactly when I reported them. SA contacted them and they agreed to not break the sites TOS anymore, lol. Profile still up, still scamming dudes.

  33. Pashu says:

    i strongly think banning PPM is not a good policy and it does not at all make a sex worker situation. i can list numerous situations where only ppm works:
    First date with NSA
    for SD travelling and looking for a companion which SBs love
    pure dinner date

    i personally do not make arrangements where i live and work as i avoid blackmail or fatal attraction scenario. therefore it is usually when i travel. getting into a monthly, which i have done in the past, did not work well because most of the girls i have found with multiple SD. of course this raises expectations which can create unnecessary disputes.

    I think PPM arrangements should be allowed. Banning SDs for this will reduce the scope tremendously which quite frankly wont stop people from doing it anyway.

  34. Tonyspagony says:

    I don’t and won’t PPM. When I meet a potential I explain I offer an allowance that will be paid on a regular weekly basis. I have never had an issue after being on here for over 4 years now. I DO NOT pay for first meet, that usually sorts the scammers as well. The allowance is agreed and the terms are agreed IF I cancel due to commitments allowance will still be paid if she cancels or can’t make it I won’t pay. I only pay the alowance per week IF we go to a show on a different night to our normal as in Monday is our normal night then we meet again for a show , I do not pay again. I do pay all outgoings when we are out. Recently we have started to go away overseas etc I pay all expenses plus her weekly allowance whilst we are away. I do buy her gifts at times and she does pay some of her things if she likes to feel a little independent. We agreed on exclusivity and both of us have honoured this so as far as I know. My current SB has been with me 12 months this week and it seems to be going well. She has told me she is very happy and can see no reason to change atm. 🙂

    • Haha says:

      Have the same exact arrangement with the weekly. On our second year…Recent career changes on the SB side have made $ tighter and giving more per request is given happily. Needless to say the ‘trust’ is definitely there.

  35. Nikki says:

    I keep seeing a lot of people saying SB’s bring up PPM, but they’re a lot of guys who brings it up too. Guys who want to do PPM, aren’t looking for long term, they just want a personal escort. Even since backpage shut down, SA has been flooded with Johns & prostitutes. Don’t get me wrong, they’re salty SBs, but this post is about saltdaddies. PPM only benefits the SD, not the SB. Be careful ladies, men can always make the money back, but you can’t get your “goods” back.

    • mel says:

      exactly men just be wanting to try you out than later on be like no i dont think an arrangement will work but wasnt saying that when they was screaming about oh my youre soo good? men

      • Matt says:

        Lovely grammar and writing. South side of Chicago? Detroit? You are EXACTLY the kind of chick I would avoid in spades.

  36. Doc Austin says:

    This is crazy ………..report some one for wanting to do pay per meeting? That is all I’ve ever done and its been very well received on average. I was a part of an information board with about 100 Michigan SA gents. We communicated on everything about SA dating. 100% of them did pay per meet arrangements. For me personally allowances dont’make sense, girls get flighty and crazy too easy. An Allowance arrangement is just asking to get played, but girls trying to float multiple allowances. Pay per meeting , and if she doesn’t meet expectation……NEXT.

    • Nikki says:

      But this site is about allowances. If you’re not interested in allowance why are you on this site? That’s why it’s important to established chemistry, before agreeing on allowance, and getting to know each other.

      • tetas says:

        This site says it’s seeking arrangement… there’s no where in here that says WHAT or HOW we are supposed to arrange… Nikki don’t patronize people with your personal views on how an arrangement SHOULD occur in your opinion.. if you don’t do per meets, great thats on you, but this whole, this isn’t escorting or prostitution… please.. ANY relationship that is based on compensation and physical contact is prostitution.. whether it’s paid monthly or per meet…

      • mel says:

        well than youre saying pretty much everyone relationship. because when couples get together its because the man shows he can provide and the woman shows her physical side. In relationships you get money because babe wants to see you look nice so what the difference between a SD relationship. because its the same thing as a real relationship. when i think of prosituting i think of a girl saying its 200 for head or sex or whatever. on this site when she ask for whatever its because you getting the whole shabang, conversation, going out with you, sex, listener, everything your woman would do.

      • jon says:

        you are a wacko

    • Anonymous says:

      just keep doing what your doing if they want to kick men off the the site for PPM then watch the complaints rise about SB not being able to find a SD

    • JustMe says:

      I won’t do PPM, but I don’t report SD who request that. It’s really none of my business and I understand that’s all many are looking for. Both SD and SB’s. But it’s nothing I have any interest in. So, I just delete and/or block them and move on. There are plenty of SD, who want more than PPM. Who enjoy company, over a lovely lunch, or dinner before intimacy. More of a GFE, on one level, or another. Without the drama and strings! Unless a man, or woman is abusive, or a danger, scammer etc… then live and let live. PPM works for the majority, it seems. The SB who are looking for an arrangement, like I am. Have to realize that it can take time. And not everyone, is on the same page, or a match for them. Delete and/or block those who aren’t a match ..

      • ZZZ says:

        Healthy attitude. Who wants to date some chick that gets off on reporting people. He slurped the soup… REPORT and block! His left shoelace was partially untied… REPORT and block! His cash had the old, smaller head of Ben Franklin on it… REPORT and block! The Porsche he bought me was the wrong shade of red… drove off with it anyway… got home, then… REPORT and block!

    • God says:

      Yet, I get offered ppm by most girls.
      It seems what is good for the girls will get a guy banned .
      Happened a few times to me.
      Girls are allowed to have it in their profiles.

      SA, where double standards are the norm.

  37. Happy man says:

    And girls on here ask for pornstar pricing it’s like they want to charge u a 1000 to have dinner it’s like wow do u know an average pornstar gets paid $300 and half that goes to their agent and marketing good pornstars get paid 700-800 and half of that goes away so they get 350-400 so girls on here that are old have kids want so much money it’s just crazy

  38. Newbie12345 says:

    Ok so formme thisnsite has way too many prostitutes and backpage girls and then the normal ones act like your suppose to pay them 5000 upfront it’s like are you retarded??? I don’t even know if you’re easy to talk to or are u a mean drunk most of the girls on here that are not pros are thinking about how u look I’m not fat I’m not ugly I’m not old so that’s a negative it’s like wtf really why are u on this site it’s just ridiculous they should make the girls pay it will clean up the bs on here that way if the girls have to pay then they will be more serious about what they want this is becoming a dating app it’s like aren’t we paying to have an arrangement instead we are having to pick up girls on here like we are at a bar ridiculous

  39. SuchAJoker says:

    Salt, how funny. Really, JennSA, its almost as if you haven’t spent a day on this website… I pay $$$ for a membership to this site every month like a green grocer, and these free-loading hoochies who don’t pay a dime, have ancient pics up, lie in their profile, and have no intention of ever holding up their end of any deal are complaining that someone isn’t handing them keys to the Bentley on a first date? Well excuse me, I’m not as dumb as I look. How many unsolicited picture requests do I get from people no where near me every day who have no intention of talking or ever meeting? Do I report them? How about those who never read my profile and waste countless hours of my time with their confusion? Maybe I should report those who offer obnoxious advice because they’re upset Im not replying to their emails? I have yet to meet ONE woman here who hasn’t lied or misrepresented or just plain tried to scam me.

    This article would be insulting if it wasn’t so hysterically out of tune with reality.

    • RME says:

      You must treat women pretty shitty if EVERY single one has tried to scam you!

      • SuchAJoker says:

        They’re all snakes. I don’t trust a word they say, usually when their lips are moving they are lying. Half of the ones in this town are on meth. Why else would a 21 year old need $8k a month, thats $200k pre tax! Junkies. Blechhh.

    • Matt says:

      Awesome rant!!! I think it’s this generation of girls. Totally entitled. The first 6 or 7 years I was on this site, I never reported anyone. Now I’m doing it almost daily. I actually relish it now…thinking that maybe I’m getting some payback on these twats who are scamming everyone in site. SA needs to crack down hard on the salt babies. Getting out of hand.

  40. In my opinion, I prefer PPM because it is more flexible than allowance and I don’t feel a lot of pressure.

  41. Non Ym says:

    Isn’t ironic (or hypocritical) that SA own another website Whatsyourprice.com that is all about ppm?

  42. Anonymous says:

    (Edit: I read the anon post about SA posting this as a CYA for themselves…I get it, but I’m still going to rant)

    Soooo, if an SB offers pay-per-meet, then is that okay? Where do I report that? smh…

    F*#king hell SA…If you want to turn this site into a cesspool like other SB/SD sites, go ahead. It takes a lot for me to post, but this is borderline bat$h!t. Next thing you know everyone will be reporting everyone for “He/She didn’t email me back within 15 minutes! Report!”

    So I did a search on CareerBuilder, and couldn’t find any job listings that said: “Hey! We’ll give you $XXXX/month at the start of every month even though we don’t know you and we hope you show up!”

    The first meet fee that some ask for is only fed by the people who do it. Anytime someone asks, I simply say “Thank you, but I don’t feel that’s necessary.” If an SB does decide to travel to me for a lunch, and never mentions anything, I’m more likely to provide a small gift…Also why I like to do lunches around a mall that has a Victoria’s Secret because if lunch goes well, I think a little shopping there a nice way to show both of our intentions. If she ghosts, not a huge loss. But a hell of a lot less than blindly throwing a month’s allowance at someone when you just meet them.

    So then maybe we don’t call it PPM? Maybe agree to a weekly allowance and meeting once a week? You tell me where the line is SA…

    • anonSD says:

      Multiple thumbs up! I posted to this blog as well, a first for me. so much BS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its crazy bs, I’m a SB have no sugar daddy yet, I agree with you. It goes both ways though. A relationship involves a lot of the time if not all the time SEX, lets be real. It just doesn’t happen on the first date for most. I agree it would nuts to give someone a whole sum of money first date, like its the internet ppl. I find thought that many posers here come to leech off the good daddies with the incredible looks or the daddy takes advantage and wont give them anything at all if there is no sex that day. Its nuts. I am not sleeping with anyone first night, you don’t know me I don’t know you its uncomfortable. A real sugar daddy would just give a little something or do a little something. If the chemistry is there. I feel first dates are awkward and it takes time to warm up at least half hour. I just feel just like these floozies run off with the money, men here lie have no money want a personal escort or to trick someone into sex and than bam no nothing after that. I do report men who ask me for sex right out who are not verified, like you are a creep. As a single mother it takes me both time and money to go on dates with potential daddies so I appreciate a little help first date at least for help with sitter fees and travel nothing crazy. I am very much real about wanting an arrangement but I am not desperate or conning anyone. I’ve been here for three whole years on and off… and haven’t met not one decent guy who was really qualified to be a sugar daddy or who wasn’t some ego manic creep. I am 29 look a lot younger, a few extra pounds, upfront and real. I am very sweet and I consider myself a good conversationalist. I have my own income its just really an out come it goes on the bills. PPL join for all kinds of reasons. I want a sugar daddy cause I am done with the average relationship drama. I would like a guy who can help me out and I can have fun with. My allowance will basically go to looking good and travel for him and myself. RT BTW I know I am not Malibu Barbie but I know I am beautiful but I also know I can look and do better, just seems like guys allow themselves to be conned trying to get with the perfect chick who will lie and manipulate for her own gain, she has a bunch of options and this is just a game to her.

      • Justhonest says:

        As a guy if u have a choice between a mustang and a Lamborghini your going to pick the lambho secondly girls aren’t the only ones who get ready guys have to get ready to go out to they also have to drive and pay for everything so I don’t know what all the complaining is about sugar daddy isn’t looking for a girl to cook for them they want to take the girl out and show her off so if you’re going to pay for an arrangement pay for the cutest or hottest one hopefully both 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        I know you probably don’t give a rats ass ladies, but if you’d like a good laugh and want to see what “Dave” looks like, contact me. Especially after his vile comments, you’ll be amused to see how chubby he is.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is true. Its just the reality that if you are going for the dream girl you are likely going to get burned, as she has many options probably has a guy or few and likely is just trying to swindle you. This is why conversation and dates with little things here and there are important until either intimacy or a month has gone by and she has earned her allowance and you know she either invested too much to leave. I find way too many con artist men on here so I have yet to find an arrangement. like I don’t know you I am not meeting without a conversation or few first and I am not meeting at a hotel I am not an escort just tired of the bs dating world and id like to try something new where my efforts are appreciated.

    • Doc Austin says:

      I only do pay per date, meetings and I also am explicit on my expectations. This asking to report guys for that is ridiculous. An Allowance doesn’t make a damn bit of fucking sense, I may only see a lady once every 4-5 weeks. I dont’do lunches, dates or anything of that sort, thats why I do SA. Your rant is good, and they need to re think this.

    • Matt says:

      AMEN brother!!! Guys need to stop the “fee for first date” b.s. I’ve always refused to do it. If she can’t live with a FREE meal while we feel each other out and see if it’ll work, then fuck her. And, like you, if things go well and she doesn’t ask, I’ll usually give a little “gas money” for her time meeting me. This “I insist on $200 to meet you the first time” is absolute horseshit. I can’t believe any guy does it. Screw them. Talk about being penny wise and pound foolish.

  43. Shahid says:

    I again suggesting SA’s management to allow their users to use their web site without payment. it will increase the quantity of users and their business as well. otherwise most of people will leave this site, i will be one of them. SA’s administrators are requested to let me inform about this as i should continue to use ur web site or run away…..?

    • JustMe says:

      That’s a terrible idea. If there’s no fee, this site will be ruined. It will be like Plenty of Fish. Cheap, nasty, uneducated people. There will be no way to control scammers, con artists and just plain trash. Women will receive all sorts of nasty emails, from complete creeps. It would open up the site to all sorts of trash. The only way to ensure maintaining quality, is by having paid subscribers.

      • Anonymous says:

        They need to start charging the women because the quality has gone down the shitter lately. Someone tell me where the attractive women have gone to.

      • Anonymous says:

        The attractive women aren’t on the paid access sites either. I belonged to one of them. Place was far worse than this. If the women had the money to spend on a paid site, most wouldn’t be looking for a SD.

    • Justhonest says:

      Totally understand what you’re saying it should be free for both or paying for both right and I think it should be paid memebers so no bs and they should have a system to prevent garbage from coming on the site

      • Anonymous says:

        Have you ever belonged to a site that made the women pay to access their messages? I have. ZERO action on them. Free for both, or paid for both, will only make the problems on here worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you kidding? There are already too many creeps, nut jobs, and pervs on SA that scare away potential SB’s. And you want to allow MORE of them in by making access free? That is the worst idea ever!

      If having to pay is going to cause you to leave, then please do so!

  44. Anonymous says:

    I refuse to do the monthly allowance unless I can trust her, too many SB disappear after the first months rent.

    • Justhonest says:

      Yea hey want u to hand them cold hard cash and trust them I wouldn’t buy a car without a title and I’m going to hand over cash lol good luck trying to get me to do that girls thing guys are stupid but they forget guys who are real sugar daddies value the price of a dollar and how it’s earned Warren buffet spends less than 4 bucks on his breakfast everyday what does that tell u one of the richest guy knows how to spend his money

    • BlackVelvette says:

      If you don’t trust an SB why continue to see her? Whatsyourprice is the site for you. Weekly allowance might be a good start for a guy like you to build trust with SB. If she disappears after first payment chalk it down to the game as brook said in the video

      • Anonymous says:

        weekly allowances are fine but monthly allowances are not you lose too much money with those when the lady disappears SA does nothing about this problem

      • Anonymous says:

        What’s the difference between a week’s allowance and a ppm if you meet her once that week?

        So if I give her an allowance every week we see each other, that’s cool. I’ve had many SBs start to flake after the first month for all kinds of reasons, but it’s all about protecting them when SDs take just as much risk.

      • Haha says:

        Weekly allowance works. If she bags the meet then no sugar. If you bag you give.

    • CutestCatAmongDogs says:

      hahaha haha i cant stop laughing 😀

  45. SB in Laud says:

    Met a guy from this site for dinner, went fine. Second date I made the mistake of driving to his place and letting him drive us to a bar. He put some kind of drug in my drink, I could barely walk after 1/4 of one drink. He tried to get me into his house but instead I drove home completely wasted, slept for a full day after. Watch yourselves everyone, you never know who you’re meeting.

    • Anonymous says:

      sorry to hear that. one dating tip is never leave a drink unsupervised. and I wish you had gone to the hospital. I am glad you didn’t have a bad reaction to what ever he slipped you. god bless you and its scary yes. anything could happen at anytime during.

    • Justhonest says:

      You should call the cops and get a toxic report

    • CutestCatAmongDogs says:

      very bad, but u choose to met him… thats u fault

  46. mister coffee says:

    I’m disappointed that no mention of obviously fake accounts is made here. I live in a small community and most of the nearby towns are rather small as well. Usually after I exchange a half-dozen or more messages I can easily determine if the SB in question actually lives there, or has ever even visited. My suspicion is that if she is lying about where she lives, she is unlikely to be honest about anything else and chances are her reasons for lying are ones that would bode ill for me.

  47. Anonymous says:

    yes and when report salt SA does nothing to that SD

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe because too many potential SB’s think a SD not liking their personality, and choosing not to pursue an arrangement with them, warrants reporting them and trying to have them kicked off the site?

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s more likely a SB will use reporting as a weapon because they didn’t get a arrangement out it not that any thing wrong was done

      • Anonymous says:

        Yup. I had that exact thing happen. Had a new member contact me asking if I was interested in having an arrangement with her. Told her I was, but could not meet or start an arrangement for several weeks due to an upcoming trip overseas. At first all seemed fine. Several days later she sent me a scathing text, saying I was a “bad SD” and that she was going to report me for not following through on an arrangement. Those are the kind of flakes that abuse the reporting system.

  48. Anonymous says:

    And, yet, SA encourages SB’s to be “salty” by allowing FinDom here. Might be time to start looking elsewhere, as this place seems to be going down the toilet with their “upgrades” and “improvements.”

    • Haha says:

      I dig the Sub/Dom intimacy for some (not me) but Financial Domination on an SB’s profile is an instant swipe left. I don’t think a typical self made SD, that SB’s would be attracted to, would consider such a notion.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly! FinDom is a fringe FETISH. If a guy is into that sort of thing, this is NOT the place he’d go looking for it. Allowing it here only encourages girls to scam guys out of money.

    • SuchAJoker says:

      here here!

    • Matt says:

      I refuse to believe that FinDom is a real thing. It’s some bullshit invented by crazy chicks…like fibromyalgia.

  49. Dave says:

    How about no pay per meeting NPPM ?

  50. Fran Smith says:

    What’s the largest allowance anyone has ever recieved/given? What did the arrangement entail and how long did it take to get there?

  51. Anonymous says:

    I suspect that SA wrote this guide as legal cover, to avoid the legal problems of sites like Backpage, which was prosecuted for promoting illegal activities.
    I agree with other comments that a strict prohibition of pay-per-meeting would expel most good, proper, & honest members. It’s almost impossible to develop an arrangement without some form of pay-per-meeting in the beginning, before an established and trusting relationship has formed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I certainly understand what you are saying, I suppose its more like a gift and a way of saying I am a real SD I can actually do things for you. I get a good vibe I would like to keep you around and if you’re being treated good and happy than we will keep meeting. Its hard to say a lot of these girls will flake, and a lot of the men after they get what they want might flake too. It all depends on intent. We cant really tell who will do what.

  52. SoJourner says:

    The 3 times I fronted a chunk of Allowance , I was scorched. “Lets do the part for the woman , and the man….. trust me, it’ll start eventually .” A man isnt salt , if he wants to keep from being scorched .

  53. Anonymous says:

    Wow, most who write to me are looking for PPM’s. They come off and looking for long term. My policy is a public social meeting only, to get a better grasp on our chemistry. I have had more than one guy arrive fully expecting to hop into bed after a warm soda or cheap cup of coffee The most recent, told me his agenda was fully his to control The first meet was easy and true to form, he asked me to break my rule of first meet is social only. Now I would like a 2nd lunch and his agenda has become complicated. Interesting . . . not really. I know full well he wanted a once and done thing. The rest of the story with him is, he has never nailed down an allowance amount. Certain signs of a PPM!

  54. Anonymous 27 says:


    The chunky chick is talking about diet?

    Every PPM offer I have had has originated from the lady, not me. Do I start reporting the SBs wanting PPM?

    Sorry ladies, your friends are not getting allowances or 500 just to have dinner with guys.


    • Justhonest says:

      So freaking true these girls think sugar daddies are dumb it’s like hello Vegas Tijuana so many different avenues to get laid
      Some girl told me a sugar daddy would pay her a 1000 for sucking her toes so gross eww

      • SuchAJoker says:

        the toe sucking doesnt sound so bad if thats like your thing. Whats “ewww” is the $1000. A professional dominatrix (not these insta-dommes online) only charges $200 per hour, thats only $20 per toe!

  55. AnotherAnon says:

    Here’s my experience, 99% of the “SBs” are just looking for a quick dollar with as little involvement as possible. The easy ones will have sex for money, the sneaky ones will promise you sex for money and the genuine ones will make you work for it without ever bringing up money.

  56. Thallo says:

    Its amazing how concerned everyone is with money. Yes its a SD/SB site, but no one realizes that only half the girls on this actually want money from it, rest just want to not date losers like frat boys, and men who try pay for girls. Had more success than any 3 guys on here combined without every paying a girl a dime.

    What is really funny in this post is the picture thing. I absolutely mandate specific types of sexy pictures before I’m willing to meet in person from girls. I’m not collecting, this is the best way to get a feel of compatibility and sexual attitude without wasting too much time. Don’t want to get a girl in person who gets she and can’t perform well.

    • ObliviousYou says:

      You must be high. “only half the girls actually want money on this site” LMAO; You’re delusional! This is an arrangement site OMG.

  57. Anonymous says:

    AS a SB I don’t find too many guys who are serious, they usually are looking for a personalized prostitute. When they ask where we meeting your place or a hotel? Listen honey you got the wrong idea. This is in my opinion a drama free kind of arrangement lets work into this gradually, date first talk, shared interests, take it from there. IF I wanted to be an hooker I wouldn’t be on this site. Its insulting and distasteful. What is the issue as well where the SD is afraid, like if you treat me good I am not going anywhere and there will be more sugar to come. relax we don’t need to jump into all that the first day.

    • Anonymous says:

      In my experience, the vast majority of sugar babies on this site who aren’t total fakes – are pros who will meet once, take money and then ghost you. It’s far easier for them to just meet new people every time, intimate that there will be “future sugar” and then provide nothing while taking a nice haul every time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its messed up but those are usually the very young and very attractive and vain babies, who are in it only for taking advantage of someone. they really don’t want a companion they just want to gain from the man and ghost.

    • anonSD says:

      I have heard that as well from SBs. My response is that I am happy to date and get to know each other until she feels comfortable to start intimacy. But the “arrangement” doesn’t start until the intimacy starts. This is usually not what she wants. She is really just looking for a one sided arrangement.

      • Haha says:

        Yup. No ‘gifts’ during meet and greet. Sure, pay for a great meal every time but no sugar till intimacy starts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, but you’ll never get a second date this way. You’ll probably also get reported as a fake and banned on the site, lol

      • Haha says:

        There is no second date if you can’t come to terms during the first and every arrangement is unique so being reported as fake is a fake point.

      • SugarD says:

        I agree with this. I will pay for dinner and drinks on a first meet and everything we do, but the “arrangement” only starts if the intimacy starts.
        I find this article also too one-sided, as if SD’s are unreliable and SB’s are not. And in my experience there is a certain percentage of SB’s on this site that is only here to take the money and run…

      • Anonymous says:

        AS far as paying for dinner and no sugar until intimacy starts what if you flake on her? Time is money and this person has likely spent their money on transportation, making sure she looks her best and if she is a parent a sitter. A small amount of sugar would be appropriate. But you have to feel the girl out if the chemistry is off than I suggest a smaller amount and say you are not interested right than and there. I think that a lot of these SD are honestly just fakes who are bored. I don’t like speaking to those who are not verified.

      • Haha says:

        The risk of flaking is equal on both sides and no different than a regular first date. No sex on the first date should be clear and somewhere safe and comfortable for the SB should be the venue. As far as connecting with POTs with verified status only, your pool just got smaller. SDs don’t like posting their info out there.

      • Justhonest says:

        Arrangement shouldn’t start until both sides are comfortable so if one Side is not ready it shouldn’t be a paying arrangement it’s just two people getting to know one another

    • Barry G says:

      Haha, not a prostitute, still fucking for money right?

      • Haha says:

        Does a label really matter? To whom does a Gucci bag made in China matter? Not me. My SB and I have a blast every time we meet. She, who shows me divinity in closed space and I, who made the world a lot smaller for her, find true warmth and happy moments together.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Barry, I remember you…big blonde guy. You were too angry to accept money from.
        Please be happy.

      • Barry G says:

        Nah, anonymous, I’m a red-head and not big, but thanks for playing. I’ve been here for 3 years and had several great arrangements. Sorry you were to ugly to give money too.

    • VZP says:

      Thank you .I don’t feel crazy or alone. I recently returned to SA after my arrangement of 2 years ended. I am very bewildered with my experience thus far. Wondering what has become of this site. Wondring if I am the only only one taking this seriously. Angry at the “girls” who have ruined this site. Cheap and easy. My profile has be updated to explain I am not one of these “girls ” . I taking being an SB very seriously. Still I get the meet in my hotel on a first me for $200 … GROSS NO THANK YOU. These guys really want nasty dirty sink girls. My body is valuable I take care of it and the right SD will enjoy it immensely. Exactly! If yo treat me right and chemistry is there I am not going anywhere. Also I think PPM should be the way for the first few meets. It helps establish trust and chemistry. I prefer an allowance though moving forward. Ppm every time for a year makes my personally feel like a prostitute. Not truly valued by my SD.

  58. SugarD says:

    I never offer ppm, but a lot of SugarBabies bring up the subject themselves and cleary ask for ppm or simply won’t meet. If I report them all, there won’t be many left…

    • Anonymous says:

      That is tacky, the sb might have been burned in the past so I get it. as anything I feel a SD should provide something to his SB monthly like help with some financial issues, like any other SD. Example we meet you pay a cab and dinner, we meet again go out maybe a little cash to go do some pampering, its not a PPM thing then you may as well be a hooker, and if there is no “sponsoring” here and there its regular dating.

      • Matt says:

        I don’t see why this site can’t have a rating system. Works for Yelp. Works for Amazon. Works for Uber. The only way to weed out the scumbags (on BOTH sides) is a rating system. Some chick ghosts you? Stick it on her rating. Shows up weighing 50 pounds more than photo? Goes on her rating.

        And why are there women over 50 on this site??? Please. Ban them. It’s sad.

    • Rick says:

      I agree. That’s been my experience as well.

    • Justhonest says:

      So true all that happens is they get blocked and some other guy gets to contact them if u send in prof they should be banned for life

  59. anonSD says:

    Pay per meet does not make a salt daddy. PPM can still be very generous without the risk of a new SB taking the monthly allowance and ghosting. Which has happened to me every time I have fronted an SB money. Call it a weekly allowance if you want paid at each weekly meeting. At least until trust is developed.

    • Haha says:

      Agree on all points. I have been burned by ‘disappearing acts’ as well. Common risk I think.

      • Anonymous says:

        it seems to be too tempting for most on here that’s why it’s too risky to do a monthly allowance but SA doesn’t want to address this problem

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s bad, if the sugar is good from your daddy why would you do that. sad

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing wrong with PPM. I travel as part of my work, and would rather see a SB in cities where I travel to because its more comfortable. Since I may not be in that city often, PPM is the only logical way to provide gifts.

    • Rick says:

      If they want a monthly allowance, I offer it at the end of the month. Why should I take all the risk? I have also offered to do it in the middle of the month, then each of us shares a little risk for part of the month. But at least it’s even.

  60. Harry says:

    If you banned every member, SB or SD, that uses ppm then SA would go out of business inside of 24 hours, and you know it. Protect everyone against abuse and deal with law breaking, by all means, but when it comes to legal interactions between adults, kindly stay out.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Well..yes there are flakes on both side, salt daddy dudes and Hoe babies too…I have heard of many Salt Daddys and experienced the Hoe Side..the “I wanna be an escort” but still need 15k from you per month crap…the GFE Kissing is too intimate, so goes both ways girls

    • Anonymous says:

      on this site there are a lot of those, few between who want something legit with a connection that doesn’t lead straight to the bank.

      • Anonymous says:

        also few that something legit that doesn’t lead straight to the bed, bad babies and bad daddies rather bad ppl in general are to blame for the stigma and abuse of this. its been this way since before they had a site to meet ppl who are into this kind of thing. Like women should be treated well and so should their man, sad now you have to be specific and find a site.

  62. Anonymous says:

    it is usually the SB that asks for ppm so this the norm for the younger ones

  63. Anonymous says:

    I find that most of the younger SB’s want a pay per date rather than an allowance.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s because they have no intention of seeing you twice.

      • Anonymous says:

        If they don’t plan on seeing you again a monthly allowance is what they will ask for not ppm. PPM means they have to see you again to get paid again.

      • Anonymous says:

        They know if they don’t put out they won’t get any more money from you – so better to not put out with someone new every time and get the same amount of money for far less effort.

    • alternatedating says:

      Some think the PPM is less pressure than a monthly allowance and gives them more flexibility.