4 years ago
Fill in the Blank Youtube Series with Brandon Wade


With over 7 million searches a month, everyone is curious about the sugar lifestyle. SeekingArrangement.com’s Founder & CEO, Brandon Wade, answers the Internet’s most searched questions about the Sugar Bowl. From how to get started in sugar to Brandon Wade’s dating habits, we cover all the burning questions from Google in this week’s video.


As for the most googled question about SeekingArrangement: does it actually work? Watch now to find out what Brandon Wade has to say.



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6 Responses to “Fill in the Blank Youtube Series with Brandon Wade”

  1. More el says:

    Was wondering if the NYC party still on next week. Used to see it on pop up but now just has outsiders ads in those spaces.

  2. Jaybird923 says:


    Hey pond scum I See you were askinh for me. Miss me?

  3. Michael says:

    Just wanted to say I object to SA hosting ads on the web site. (A new “feature.”) I believe there’s always been some degree of anonymity on SA, and I believe hosting ads clearly violates that. Thanks!

  4. whatawebsite says:

    So to avoid all the scammer guys, girls just need to use the Scammer filter? Turn it to no or something?