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Plan the Perfect Sugar Getaway


You’ve picked out the perfect destination and reserved a table at the best local restaurants now what? Read on to explore SeekingArrangement’s top suggestions for ensuring your sugar getaway is “smooth sailing” and not “man overboard!”


Safety First

Common sense wins out in this category. Make sure close friends or family have a copy of your itinerary and don’t be shy about scheduling regular check-ins for increased peace of mind.

Email yourself copies of your driver’s license, passport and travel plans in case of theft or loss of property.


For more common sense dating protocols, check out our posts about personal safety and Sugar Daddy and Momma safety.


Pack Light … But Not Too Light!

It’s a long weekend you probably don’t need EVERY pair of shoes you’ve ever owned … but you will need to pack more than the basics. If you’re having trouble fitting the necessities for an upscale weekend with Sugar into your carry-on, consider packing your favorites and then supplementing your wardrobe with items purchased at your destination.


Communicate Expectations

If your Sugar arrives expecting a relaxing weekend on the beach and you’re wondering why they’ve forgotten their snorkeling gear, running shoes and surfboard … someone is going to be disappointed.


Communicate your expectations before departure to make sure everyone is on the same page. The advantage of a mutually beneficial arrangement is that all parties should feel open to express their wants and needs. Open communication leads to matched expectations and a happy experience for all involved.


With a bit of common sense, smart packing, and open communication your odds of sugar-cation success will increase tenfold. What are your tips for ensuring a picture perfect sugar getaway?


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6 Responses to “Plan the Perfect Sugar Getaway”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have an escape plan if this is your first meeting and your Sugar turns out to be nuts. I have occasionally booked an extra, but cheap room in another nearby hotel. Keep control of your own return plane ticket, let her keep hers. Once called and changed my return flight to an earlier time. Left at 6 am instead of 5 PM.

  2. John says:

    Nothing better than a weekend away with a golddigger

  3. CutestCatAmongDogs says:

    Perfect Gateway — we marry, you die, all millions mine 😀