3 years ago
SeekingArrangement Hosts Annual NYC Party


Calling all Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies! Our annual New York City party is rapidly approaching and we want to see all of you there. Experience a full night of luxury and elegance among fellow sugars in one of the biggest cities for sugar.


This year, we’re switching it up and making the event special for our loyal SeekingArrangement users. As always, this event is exclusive and your privacy will be completely protected, but we’re going to take that up a notch this year.


For the first time in the history of this party, there will be absolutely no photography at the event, which ensures your discretion and ability to enjoy the night comfortably without fear of being publicized.


Although the party is completely closed, we do encourage you to stick with the masquerade theme, not only for your enjoyment, but so you can take photos of your own and feel at ease interacting with your fellow sugars without having to think about your privacy.


Tickets are selling fast, with only a few general admission passes for Sugar Babies and Daddies left. Daddies, if you’re looking to spend the night in complete style, our VIP table tickets are now up for grabs!


So what do you say, sugars ― are you ready for the hottest night of the year? Get your tickets now at http://seekingarr.com/NYC2017.


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21 Responses to “SeekingArrangement Hosts Annual NYC Party”

  1. Bri Bri says:

    there is no more tickets 🙁

  2. sensationX says:

    Does anyone have any sugarbaby tickets for sale?

  3. V says:

    When it’s party

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyone has tickets? I’m traveling from the Virgin Islands

  5. VirginIslands says:

    TO whom it may concern; I am trying to get a sugar baby ticket to go to the event. I literally didn’t think the tickets would be sold out already while I was going through this hurricane trapping me from going back home to the Virgin Islands and then making its way to me in Florida. I literally could not get online and didn’t expect the tickets to be sold out. I am trying to go to the event even if I don’t meet anyone Im sure it would be a great memory. In life you only have memories and I’m pretty sure this would be a great one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I really wish that I could attend this event!
    I have had no real luck on this site. Always 1st dates, never second. I have a very busy schedule and I think it is getting in the way of my second meets. 🙁

  7. Anonymous says:

    How in the hell can I I post here using my SA account? I’ve been premium for 60 days, and still I can’t post on the blog?

  8. Michael says:

    No media no cameras if its a masquerade party NP camera away. but why even allow any device into the room hand out paper and pen or set up a room with your own photo person for the lite heads whom can not recall whom they meet after 3 hours of drinks ….to email photos to those in need of it.
    For me this is a totally turn off when cameras cell phones interrupt a event of any kind especially one of this caliber for a perfect setting of meeting new people off the site.

  9. sd with open eyes says:

    I am confused: “there will be absolutely no photography at the event”, “we do encourage you to stick with the masquerade theme, not only for your enjoyment, but so you can take photos of your own and feel at ease interacting with your fellow sugars without having to think about your privacy.”

    Which is it?

    • JennSA says:

      Hello, there will be no professional photography at the event, including press or photos that will be posted online. However, if you do want to take pictures on your own cell phones, that is certainly allowed. We encourage the masquerade theme to protect your privacy, as well as other attendees incase they appear in any photos taken by cell phones.

      Hope to see you there!

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        Hi Jenn,

        Am thinking the point sdwoe is making is that SA continues to kiss the mark regarding members’ privacy and preferences toward discretion. Considering SA’s recent leanings toward social media marketing, I would not rule out that SA is promoting cell photos for an intended return in media exposure via social media posts. SA continues to exemplify double standards. You are either committed to your members’ privacy or you’re not.

        Simply reading the forum would provide insight into members’ preferences and perceptions. You’re not hosting a high school prom. Most other such adult-themed gatherings have a no-photos-period policy or a photo-friendly room which is the only place where photography (of any sort) is allowed. By permitting and promoting this policy, you undermine the concept of consent while asking your attendees to either forgo privacy (on a potentially international scale) or walk around all night in a mask–which undermines the opportunity for people to engage on a more personable level and assess attraction.

        Am not sure who exactly your target audience is for these events, but I’ve yet to read a single favorable report of an attendee’s experience, and the review that SA generally puts out reads copied and pasted, cheap and mediocre at best. People here have voiced that they’d be more likely to support an event that prioritized privacy. Many have voiced that they will never attend one of these events because SA promotes it like Acce$$ H0llywood. Something, perhaps, to consider.

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        *miss the mark…

  10. Oksana says:

    Hi, how can I get tickets for two girls?

  11. Oksana says:

    Hi, anyone has two tickets for sale?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am a sugar baby (male) looking for sugar mommy.. any chance there might be sugar mommy there or just daddy?

  13. mel says:

    I so want to go just to meet new people and like minded.