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What to expect at SeekingArrangement’s New York Party


You’ve found the perfect dress and your favorite heels are ready to go. Behind your mask, your eyes sparkle in the glow of the lights of New York City. But what will happen when you walk through the doors into the most exclusive, luxurious party in SeekingArrangement history? Here’s what to expect:

The atmosphere

We’re taking luxury to the next level with a masquerade extravaganza just for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies, complete with go-go dancers, a chocolate fountain and an open bar, with passed appetizers from 9pm-11pm.

The party is nearly sold out, with only a few tables and Daddy tickets left and a few hundred Babies on the waiting list — you’re not going to want to miss out!

Expect to find Sugar Babies dressed for Sugar success, and masked Sugar Daddies ready to mingle. This is an exclusive event and there will be no photographers on scene, so you can relax and have fun without worrying about your photo being used without your consent.

Can’t wait until you’re there to check out the venue? Look at the views from 230 Fifth Rooftop bar here.

The look

Dress for success! This is your chance to shine. Ladies, that means formal or cocktail attire with heels. Gentlemen, that’s formal or cocktail attire for you, as well. Stay away from jeans, sneakers or T-shirts.

Since this is a masquerade, you should bring a mask, especially if you’re concerned about your discretion. Wearing one isn’t mandatory, but we’ll have a limited number of complimentary masks at the door in case you forget yours.

If you’re not quite sure what to wear, you can take a peek at a past party here.

The vibe

The party is for you, Sugars. Don’t be shy about approaching anyone, because you’re all there for the same reason: to have fun, meet some of your fellow Sugars and maybe even kick something off with someone special.

There will be slightly more Babies than Daddies at the party, but don’t let competitiveness get the best of you. Remember that the party is also the perfect chance to bond with and get support from your fellow Sugars.

Just can’t wait until the party to get a taste of it? Check out past years here and here. And remember, anything is possible at SeekingArrangement’s New York Party!

Get more advice on making the most of the Sugar Bowl on SeekingArrangement’s social media.

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14 Responses to “What to expect at SeekingArrangement’s New York Party”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When is the next SA party going to be?

  2. Shivaun Orton says:

    Are theis party’s real .?
    When is the next one ?
    Any invites?

  3. Gilded Butterflies says:

    How can I get tickets for this party;

  4. duh says:

    Photos of the previous events would not have encouraged me to go to this… for what was billed as a ‘masquerade extravaganza’ these prior events just look like your traditonal business networking event at a boring looking plain hotel and a few people wearing basic paper masks.. hardly a party planner’s style triumph here.. where was the glamour and decor and lighting? And everyone got photographed so it was obviously just a press stunt really.

    The prior photos don’t do SA any favours here…brown food that looks like very basic low level unhealthy snacks on a tray in one photo…I was entirely uninspired. let’s hope that those who attended in NYC got a better deal than these people did

    • Dave jr says:

      I didn’t see any “Curvy” (Fat) 36 yr old(46) “Native American”(Whitest ever) “Mixed”(Blackest ever) Chicks wanting 10k in any of the pictures.
      Fraud! I tell you.

  5. Camellia says:

    Why does the rich want to find sugar babies online? Why do they purchase so much money to a girl they don’t love? Why does woman can sell herself very cheap? Oh, I remember something that don’t teach the rich how to use money.

    • Dave jr says:

      The rich are not on here. They have people that find people for them and not on here. Duh…..
      There are no millionaires here, that is the truth. They don’t do anything in person on here at all, eos. Now…there are some thousand-aires here, so try for that because if you were high dollar material, you would have known that by now. Stop with the “generous/cheap” argument.

  6. Avian says:

    The party was an absolute success. I had a blast and I met some real cool people that I plan on keeping in touch with. Looking out for the next one.

  7. V says:

    How can I get tickets to this venue?

  8. Annon99 says:

    I tried to create a new account, I deleted my previous one. It won’t allow a Hotmail account, is this new?

  9. Dave jr says:

    We are paying this Brandon guy way too much.

  10. Sugarshower says:

    Like i would be able to afford missing work , flying there, spending money or all three