If you’ve come to Seeking to find an honest relationship, chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. With over 20 million members, there really is someone for everyone. The ideal relationship doesn’t just happen, though; it takes a bit of searching and sifting to find who’s right for you.

We work hard everyday to eliminate fake profiles as quickly as they pop up, but sometimes you’ll get to them first. Here are a few tips on how to properly screen a user’s profile and protect yourself from wasting time on a fake.

Clear Profile Photos

If you can’t tell what someone looks like by the fifth profile photo,  you should probably skip it and move on to the next. Unclear, blurry or pixelated photos or no photos at all are all tell-tale signs it might not be an actual person.

In addition to blurry photos, if you believe a person isn’t really who they say they are in their photo, don’t hesitate to reverse-image search them. You can find out if they really are assuming a correct identity or or if someone is trying to catfish you.  

Empty Profile

Along with lack of pictures, if their bio is only half complete, missing important sections or extremely vague, use caution. If someone is serious about finding you, they will take the time to fill out a complete profile.

Don’t confuse this with a brief profile. Many of our users fill out their profiles with short, sweet and concise answers so you can get to know them further through a conversation. This isn’t the same thing as an empty profile. Typically one to two word answers to a question aren’t reliable. Trust your gut and if someone has clear photos and a strong profile section, go for it.

Spammers and Scammers

Avoiding scammers is easier than ever with these tips from our support team; however, it can be difficult to tell just by someone’s profile if they’re trying to scam you. Beyond that, if someone is blowing up your inbox repeatedly without any response from you, you should stay cautious. People who are overly interested in your personal life, who ask for bank info, or who promise things that are too good to be true should also be avoided.

If you’re getting bad vibes from someone’s profile, believe they’re acting a bit creepy or you just aren’t clicking on things once in contact with them, it’s best to stay clear. Trust your gut and you’ll rarely go wrong.

Premium and Diamond Members

Premium and Diamond members pay a little bit extra to enjoy the advanced perks of the site—the fact that such members invest like this into using Seeking is a good sign that the member is serious about finding an honest relationship. Also, we’re pretty sure fake profiles don’t have real payment info in their account!

This doesn’t mean that members who aren’t Diamond or Platinum are fake.  Free established members can sign up and view your profile, but they can’t contact you. The majority of attractive members on the site are not Premium members, so these may take a bit more work to filter through.

Finding an ideal relationship can take some work, but once it happens, it’s worth it. Follow these tips and you’ll be able accurately screen a profile in no time.

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