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SeekingArrangement’s Campaign for Positive Sugar


We know it can be difficult to talk about your Sugar life to people who don’t understand it, but we don’t want it to be. That’s why the team at SeekingArrangement is launching a brand new Campaign for Positive Sugar, where our users can share their Sugar stories and help eliminate some negative stereotypes about the Sugar Bowl.


We’re inviting you to share your Sugar dating stories to encourage and uplift fellow Sugar daters and to speak your truth about the Sugar world. What do you want others to know about Sugar dating? Here are a few details about the campaign:


What is the Campaign for Positive Sugar?




What Can I Write?


Tell us a bit about yourself! Did you make it through law school because of Sugaring? Finally go down your dream career path? We want to know why you Sugar and how it has impacted your life.




Throughout the entire campaign, there will be daily posts on our social media accounts featuring the following:


Mini Forums


We want you to be able to speak with each other about your Sugar stories too, that’s why we will have a mini forum hosted on our Instagram each week. Just find the posts labeled “forum” to participate in each weekly topic.




Making sure you’re comfortable navigating the Sugar lifestyle is one of our top priorities. Follow along with our Instagram stories and Twitter to learn about the many different resources you can use to connect with other Sugar seekers.


Positive Sugar Stories


It is time for us to spread positivity throughout the Sugar community, and that’s why we want to share your stories with those who need to hear them most. Check out our social channels every day, and you might see your submission on one of our social channels. If you follow our Instagram, you will also be in the running for a $500 Sephora gift card. You can find more details on the contest below.


How to enter the contest to win a $500 Sephora gift card


Head to seekingarrangement.com/positive-sugar

Fill out the submission form

Follow our Instagram account at @seekingarrangement


Winners will be drawn randomly on November 30th and contacted via Instagram DM.

Don’t forget to follow our social channels below to be part of our Campaign for Positive Sugar.

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Contest Rules:


OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES FOR SeekingArrangement.com Campaign for Positive Sugar Giveaway.

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48 Responses to “SeekingArrangement’s Campaign for Positive Sugar”

  1. slotxo says:

    I have been using the site for few months now. All new SD’s need a crash course to be sure not to get scammed. Here are the scam types

  2. Guli says:

    I have been using the site for few months now. All new SD’s need a crash course to be sure not to get scammed. Here are the scam types:

    1. Playing the victim card – fake SB will tell you some horrible story and give you the promise to meet, but need money now to solve the big problems. You exchange numbers start talking over text, or social media, send the money. SB stops talking.

    2. Prepayment scam – SD will have a conversation with fake SB, exchange numbers, start talking over text, make a meeting arrangement. Then either the day before, or the day of there is request to prepay some of the money for gas, security concerns, not trusting you, having bad experience in the past. Fake! As soon as the prepayment is made, the SB stops talking.

    The minor card – SD will have a conversation with fake SB, exchange numbers, start talking over text, exchange pictures, send money, etc. Then get’s a message form a “father” saying SD was talking to his 17 year old daughter and if the ransom is not paid, the messaging will be turned over to authorities.

    My advice to you, newly baked SD, don’t be very trusting, verify, verify, verify. Do not disclose any of your information upfront until you meet with an SB couple of times and build a trusting arrangement. Avoid prepayment at all cost, you will be very disappointed most of the time.

  3. ohhhwen says:

    it is sad that there arent much daddies here in the Philippines. or at least those daddy types coz i can buy my own beer and travel at my own expense..

  4. It’s sad that most of the Sugar daddies in Singapore they’re fake though after you chat with them in other chatting app they will tell you that they are not SD and ask for free intercourse they will only provide you lunch or dinner. This site dosen’t work here in SG beacuse the men are not willing to spend .

  5. Madison93 says:

    This website has become particularly useless. Too many fake profiles full of scammers, SD’s and SB’s alike. The administration needs to really take this seriously. I mean, has anyone developed any type of relationship within the last year because of this? Surely not on this site.

  6. Sean Bolton says:

    Looking for a woman who isiable to provide finacail support and is practial allowance while I can help provide the emotional and and physical + sexual support and help in discreet and respectful to both parties in all aspects of our live personal, professional,friends and family in each other needs and expatations which a outline in a ruff lay out but constderate and comfortable excptation to have a mutual happy and fullfilng arangment and open and adjustable need as each grows in the relation ship to extend and lenght a stable relationship or explore and expand possible new personal growth and development always open and on the trailer .cause in a relationship their are basically three parts 1I2you 3ours(together)all 3deserve equal respect but none of them will get equal time because life changes consitataly but people grow and adjust in their own time and ways . I’m at peace with myself and I know the truth that control of self is the only true control and we chose to enjoy our lives together in hopefully positive ways and compassion and under standing and forginess of our and sometimes honest mistakes that’s life understand in of what one does or what others or just secumatance beyond are control .not in to jealous or power play or mind games I’m not perfect but I own my choice good or bad and if you really want to look at a stituation usually both are right and wrong it learning and having mutual respect and common curtic for one another and plain self respect for your self and each other and if their is a snag/probelm is to discuss with each other in private between each other and if not appropriate time then to drop it till later unless a third party or situation demmands it other than that a simple response can we talk In private or later.just to express that I can help provide a professional and personal support

  7. annon says:

    Well I have been on the site for 4 days as a SD… Given I’m 49 and look in my 30s I have gotten a ton of messages and I’ve also used the search quite a bit and found amazing profiles for under 25 SBs that I’m looking for (Not sure if they are all real or not) but I have Snapchated with 4-5 that are how they say. There are unrealistic people on both sides SDs and SBs. I can’t believe the ones on there that are like “I only want an online relationship” you can send me money and gifts and I’ll send you pictures.. GET REAL.. and most sugar daddies arent’ going to pay all your bills and give you an allowance unless they look like Harvey Weinstein

  8. Sugar Turned Salt says:

    SA is a complete waste of time. The men message you and have nothing to talk about, and then when they bring up a monthly allowance their page magically deactivates or you never get a message response. I believe the site is fake, any woman claiming that she’s met a respectable man on here is working for SA herself just to lure unsuspecting women who are truly in need of financial help and companionship to pay money to have better search options. The men on here are creeps and they’re not here in the spirit of giving.

  9. sb's says:

    it does’t help that the own SA team keep spamming fake profiles. a lot of profiles, escpecially from sugar mommas are exactly the same, only with different pictures. a great number of profiles feature the same woman, how is that possible? if it is not connected to the administrators, how come they didn’t solve it yet?
    they do it to keep you coming back, but all it does is getting your frustrated over and over again and suspicious about it.

  10. i don’t claim to know every single SD’s, SM’s or SB’s reason to want to live the sugar life but i can with absolute certainty explain what is probably the most motivating factor of genuine participants.before i elaborate i would like to share some wisdom imparted to me from my beautiful and wise mom and dad. #1 non of us know the struggles and strife endured by anyone not a direct family member and sometimes not even then. #2 anyone who thinks, acts as if or talks like they know better than you about your own actions and intentions doesn’t know anything. – ignore and avoid those people. …and #3 it is a law of nature that thinking before speaking is just good ole’ COMMON DAMN SENCE.
    ok, so, phonies, fakers, liars and all ‘ round idiots aside… genuine sugar participants choose this site/app because the proprietors set it up to be as fair as possible. to hang time so as to give us that crucial time many of us need to “be sure” we are submitting the information that serves us all best, usually the truth from us decent folk. surely the prevailing factor is the simple beauty of the whole idea. most people don’t want a handout. “give to get” is life. i can’t nor would i ever ask anyone for money, plane tickets, or help with my bills without offering something – anything that gives me a sence of working for my good fortunes. now, it just so happens that we sugar folk feel our company, feelings, bodies and affection are our best earning tools. in that, it is also a direct path to working toward our goals with people whom ultimately we will be intament with. in other words it is not being beholden to a lender but, for us, it is finding a way over the wall with a partner, a friend, a lover, a person that derives their joy and peace of mind from being the enabler. by being the one that has helped him or her or them. it’s easier, more satisfying and just good for our collective karma to lay next to someone and as team that hides nothing from each other figure out the best way to happiness, or wrather to greater happiness. most times, our chosen partners, nsa or marriage minded ltr

  11. Anonymous says:

    The most important thing when dealing with young ladies is utmost RESPECT. Talk to them with RESPECT and don’t even think about touching them without express consent. You will do great.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My brother and I have had great experience with this site. Both of us are in our 50s, and routinely date women in their early 20s.

    We do check IDs of the girls claiming to be 20 years or less.

    • diamondindisgues says:

      how do you actually get someone who is real and wanting to help? I am not looking for a handout or gifts but I turned to this site because I am desperate. I lost my job and now Im trying to help my family. I had to drop out of school because I lost my job, can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me

  13. Pat says:

    So many things need to be discussed here but you guys are not hitting the key point
    1) the racism is real I mean it’s is sickening to my stomach to the point I cry
    All black woman are not African-American
    And if you have something against African American that your problem but why bring it to me and calling me names
    Some not all on here are very very
    disrespectful, rude and mean
    That need to change we need more positive not referring to somebody as slave all because we are black or I’m black
    2) this need to be a strong and serious warming I’m very sick of this
    Please stop scamming people
    Please stop asking people for the bank accounts information
    If you want to give somebody money so many way you can transfer that money to that person
    Stop scamming people stop scamming people stop asking for people bank account information,you oversea ,you in another country and you asking me for my bank account information are you serious, how dumb can I be for me to send you my information, please please address this, it’s need to be address, this is very sickly, Way too many fake people, to the point I started asking if they real, I love this Site so dearly,I hope to see a lots of changing and updates

  14. No ideas says:

    When both SD and Sb adhere to what An arrangement really is ? Then things will be positive. When you have girls who scam and guys who even scam ie: don’t cough up allowances there will never be trust when people join this site or want to meet up.

  15. Bright ideas says:

    When the media stops painting stories IE: girls can get $60k to $70k a year as a SB just to go out to dinner with some old guy then you might get girls who aren’t delusional on what an arrangement really is.

  16. xxx says:

    As an SB I’ve had really fantastic luck on this site. Sure, I’ve had to wade through the bullshit messages and the flakey dudes, but once I found the right people we had a great time, helped one another out, and they were super generous. My word of advice to other SBs is that if you want real generosity, you need to be open to what this site is for. Dudes aren’t gonna pay you $2k a month to have dinner with them. Most guys are here because they’re too busy to date traditionally. I’ve found this site to be waaaaay better than the other ones out there.

    • Siriy Ocano says:

      Omg lucky. I have bad luck on here ! I always get the fake ones smh

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not luck. IT’s knowing how to spot a fake profile, knowing the type of man who can afford this lifestyle, clear communication, and sales skills

      • Haha says:

        Not luck nor spotting fake ones. Most checks are guided by common sense. It’s really just a numbers game. The more you try and learn from your mistakes, the more chances you win, i.e., get what you want.

  17. VincentMay says:

    I think this would help others regarding information of what to expect with their experience here. I’ve read some of the comments below and am rather ashamed that you have paying members here with such negative attitudes regarding aforementioned. Admittedly this site has its flaws: I initially filed a complaint regarding the lack of ‘editing’ profile initial desc. or ‘awaiting’ approval upon signup – but I think anyone that is ‘bitter’ about customers here being given MORE information doesn’t have a clue about the purpose of this site
    If you want to moan about the logistics here and lack of ‘payment’ for this that and other – go to some free website or app that has countless of fakes, catfish and general weirdos with no substantiated wealth. At least here the quality of people are better. If you are moaning about this place maybe it isn’t for the likes of you and you can return when ‘money’ isn’t everything. I don’t know ONE person with wealth that moans about money or more importantly OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. It just seems like jealousy to me and I could care less about this site but given my limited experience on here: this has to be hands down the best experience for a man in his 30’s that has worked his ass off since 18. I now see what that hard work and effort was all about and being ignored in my 20’s inspired me to fulfill my personal dreams and reap the rewards.

    Any man posting negativity on this site is clearly suffering with personal insecurities and definitely has issues regarding their own authenticity. I’m not even worth hardly the amount I feel comfortable with on here but I have the experience in my social circle to see that self respecting men don’t whinge about other peoples money or more importantly a website’s marketing methods.

    Please spare us because you are being contrived losers.

    • Haha says:

      I would agree on the theme of your discourse. I’ve had good and bad experiences on here but regardless contribute to the forum to keep the lifestyle alive. All I can say the site works, at least for me. Sure, scammers, etc abound but you just have to be Internet smart to keep loss at a minimum. And positivity in everything works and overcomes.

  18. duh says:

    Looks like this ill thought our promotion has gone down universally badly so far.. 12 comments (some of them unrelated to topic as ever) but not a ‘positive’ word to be said about this daft idea. !

    Also when clicking the link provided it gives an error ‘ We Couldn’t Find That.’ page.. so clearly whichever SA minion put this article together they didn’t even bother to check their links work.. What a fail !

    • VincentMay says:

      I just wrote up a positive feed. Prior to any accusations of being a shill: I’ll be frank with you – the layout is rather bad and I found that my lack of ability to edit anything without approval AFTER paying for a service made me feel like I was a petulant child.

      HOWEVER – what these people are doing has worked for years and is working today. Try going on Plonkers of Catfish and such nonsense if you feel the need to virtue signal regarding marketing interests.

      This place is for people whom could care less about costs and more about quality.

      I work in a medical field. It’s not marketing but even I can see that anything that gives customers (SD and SA) more information regarding this platform is surely a good idea.

      So what kind of insecure people think it’s appropriate to whinge and whine about a site trying to IMPROVE ITSELF by LISTENING to its users?

      You want things to improve yet you are not happy about the implementation process of said improvements? What planet are you people living on?

      Please, spare us the cultural marxist, social justice warrior nonsense. Anyone with half a brain on here knows what this is about and anything to help them find a better person is clearly a good thing..

      Those that are bitter are either insecure or clearly frauds on here. It’s that simple. I’ll provide my profile details so you can cross reference me to see I’m not a shill – can you provide me yours at the same time folks? Would be interesting to compare. BTW I have my photos on mine something tells me you lot hide your features…. LOL I wonder why… ha. From one man to another – go somewhere else m8 this is NOT for the likes of you.

    • robM says:

      I am struggling to find any ‘cultural Marxist, social justice warrior nonsense’ in anyone else’s posts here. I own and manage websites and I am surprised to see that SA would publish an article advertising a key promotion where the main link to join the competition doesn’t work and wasn’t checked prior to publication.

      Read the SA article above where it says “ How to enter the contest to win a $500 Sephora gift card

      Head to seekingarrangement.com/positivesugar

      Fill out the submission form”

      Try clicking the link and experiencing the page that says ‘ We Can’t Find That’

      A ‘Page not Found’ response is schoolboy error web design for an organisation like SA and why should someone not point that out? I fail to see any personal ‘insecurity’ or ‘whingeing’ in that action. This is a huge ‘own goal’ by SA’s marketing team. If someone in SA marketing is thinking ‘why is no one signing up for this contest?’ then here is the answer (broken page link)

      Asking websites to be accurate and functional is a standard consumer expectation.

      Also given the size of SA’s supposed membership it’s telling that only a dozen or so comments have been generated by this blog post so clearly it is not resonating with its intending audience. From reading these blog articles I have yet ever to see a return response or update from the SA staffers who write these pieces so it is clear they don’t have any review once written. If the level of investment in the blog is surprisingly low then usually the audience will attribute an equally low value to it. Most threads I read here consist of people sniping at each other (typical internet behaviour) and venting their own obvious anger on other posters rather than relating to the actual topic.

  19. John says:

    Really funny..a woman that is only interested in a relationship on what she can materially get from it will always be looked down upon. People just don’t have respect for golddigging. Likewise a sugar daddy will always be looked at as some type of pervert. It’s really SA that doesn’t understand that. Not the public

    • allumer says:

      Yet you’re here and commenting only to be negative. If you don’t like what SA is about, why are you here? Why do people nowadays actively seek out what they don’t like just to be negative about it? That can’t be healthy. Get some help.

    • Self and culturally aware says:

      I disagree, it’s only looked at negatively because it’s a cultural stigma. What is wrong with being paid for your time (lawyer, therapist, etc.)? And what’s wrong with paying someone for their time? There’s nothing wrong with it until you throw sex into the mix because we live in a fucking conservative society for as ‘liberal’ as the U.S. pretends to be.

      People seem to be offended by women claiming their sexual power and adding value to it. They’re also offended by anyone participating in it. The U.S. is very hung up on sex

  20. Anonymous says:

    Positive is good if …. women stop with these stupid ideas of “online” or “friend-zone” arrangements. They don’t work … they frustrate women because they can’t find a guy to give them an allowance from someone to take them shopping and it doesn’t work for any normal guy.

    But, in a normal datingish no games arrangement, everything can work out super well. That’s just a normal way of life … Before I ever heard about this site, I paid a girlfriends grad school tuition for a couple of semesters. That’s just a way of helping a friend. On the other hand, I’ve never paid someone money for going to dinner with me or texting me. That’s just silly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. Way too many girls (and guys too, I get that) with unrealistic expectations. $2k per month to sit and watch you eat dinner and bolt to go be with your boyfriend? No thanks. Looking for a SD, but won’t consider someone more than 30 years old? Get real, ladies! There’s a reason they are called sugar DADDIES and not sugar BOYS! SA seriously needs to write a blog with a checklist on her expectations, to see if she is REAL SB material, and not wasting everyone’s time. And, yes … again … I know there are plenty of guys here who are also part of the problem. Only giving you a potential SD’s perspective.

  21. Belle Femme says:

    I prefer to hear the dark stories behind sugaring

  22. mister coffee says:

    If you want to have a campaign for positive sugar a good start would be going after the scammers and creeps who are polluting this site and ruining a great thing for everyone.

    • Eliza says:

      Very true!

    • Anonymous says:

      I personally find it amazing that there are tons of scammers trying to fleece girls for their banking info, yet real guys are the ones being watched. I know for a fact that SA monitored my email, and deleted a SB’s account based on one thing she said to me (she hadn’t exchanged messages with anyone else), yet every girl here gets bombarded with “give me your banking info” messages daily. Unreal!

  23. Tonyspagony says:

    Have to agree with at least 80% of the statements below. However the thing I would like to see is a positive statements from the SDs. I am sure there are plenty of good stories including my own. I think the SBs would get help from reading about the good guys as well as all the negative shit.

    • Haha says:

      There are a ton of them from previous blog posts. I, for one, like the site and I’ve been scammed, cheated and ghosted. But like what’s been stated you just have to keep at it since it’s really a numbers game.

      Mine is two years strong. Better than any relationship I’ve had. She, the hot blonde, who responded to my request to view her pic with neither a word nor introduction asked if we could chat first. We chatted and eventually met. She wanted a moderate lifestyle but mine was a firm practical which she ceded to. And we’ve had a blast ever since. We, as a couple, look obviously misaligned to the discerning eye. But it never bothered her nor I. We committed to 100% focus on each other every time we meet, phones down. Now there’s no thought of giving nor taking when it comes to intimacy or support.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Good luck with that…