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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sugar Daddies


Forget the stereotypes! SeekingArrangement is redefining the modern Sugar Daddy. The perfect arrangement may vary, but most Daddies do share a few traits. Whether you’re looking to find a Sugar Daddy or wanting to be one yourself, here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about the life of a Sugar Daddy.

They’re on SA for a Reason

Most Sugar Daddies choose SeekingArrangement over traditional dating sites because they aren’t looking for traditional relationships. Sugar Daddies can sometimes have a history with vanilla dating and are looking for something different. Sugaring allows these Daddies freedom to find relationships on their terms, without the baggage or constrictions that sometimes come with traditional relationships.

Not All Sugar Daddies are Older

The concept that a Sugar Daddy is always older is purely a myth. While your average Sugar Daddy is around 45 years old, there are tons of Daddies that are starting out in the Sugar bowl at younger ages as well. Younger generations are becoming more successful at an earlier age, so don’t be surprised if you come across a 30-year-old Sugar Daddy just starting out in the bowl.

They Don’t Gift the Same Way

It’s important to note that not every Daddy will gift the same way because not every arrangement follows the same terms. While some Daddies provide an allowance, other Daddies want to give gifts, travel, tuition or mentorship to his Sugar Baby. Every arrangement is different, so Daddies should be honest about their brand of Sugar early on in the relationship.

There are Different Levels of Sugar Daddies

Just like how all Sugar Daddies don’t gift the same, not every Sugar Daddy has the same resources. While some can afford a $5k monthly allowance, not every Daddy can spend that much on Sugar. A mid-west Sugar Daddy might be different than the one you met on Wall Street, but a real Daddy is in the Sugar Bowl to find a mutually-beneficial relationship. Be grateful for what he can provide, and more will usually follow.

Time is a Big Reason that Daddies Sugar

A common reason someone might turn to Sugar is because they want to have a connection with someone, but they lack the time for a vanilla relationship. Many Sugar Daddies are very successful in their careers, which can include long hours at the office and working weekends. Sugar Babies are busy as well and understand that a Daddy won’t usually be a see-him-everyday boyfriend.

Some Are Interested in Multiple Babies

With a ratio on SeekingArrangement of 4 Sugar Babies to every Daddy, some Daddies may want the option of having several. He could be a frequent traveller or in an open relationship. As long as the Daddy can uphold the terms of each arrangement, this shouldn’t be concerning. Most Daddies can be upfront about their non-monogamous expectations.

All Sugar Daddies are Generous

A real Sugar Daddy is always generous. You can tell a true Sugar Daddy not by how much money he makes, but by how much he wants to help. Sweet, right?


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260 Responses to “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sugar Daddies”

  1. Anon says:

    I’m a new SD and have got the qualifications to be here. So far, I’m meeting quite a few very nice ladies. But I look at it like this. The first couple of meetings are “getting to know you” meetings, just like regular dating. My preference is for a LTR. I want to know if the lady is someone I want to enter into an arrangement with and what the most suitable arrangement type will be for both of us. That takes a little time to sort out. The SD is putting some of his $$ and time at risk dating her, so the SB needs to put some of her time at risk while exploring these issues…WITHOUT expectations or demands. Both parties need to know when to call it quits if its not going anywhere. An SD like myself seeking an LTR will forego sex for the first few meetings to prove his intentions. If I were looking for a one night stand, I look for it somewhere else. Pushing the $$ issue too early is a turn off for well-intentioned SD’s like me.

  2. Lauren says:

    I just turned thirty and started going to college. I’m stay home with my daughter and I’m trying to better my life for my daughter’s future and well being. I would like to meet a sugar daddy who is interested in a platonic relationship. I can make him laugh and we can go on adventures. He can help me pay my rent and and tuition. We can go to the movies, for walks, dinner. We can Visio chat on nights I can’t be there. You can confide in me

  3. Kade says:

    These “sugar daddies” on here are broke asf.

  4. Maritza says:

    There are absolutely no sugars here. They are either stingy or broke.

  5. Zella says:

    I’m new here and after reading some comments I am wanting some opinions.
    I came to this site to have actual conversations and to be there for SDs. I don’t expect much but I also don’t plan to meet anyone in person. I’m looking mainly for someone to just interact with through phone calls, text, etc.
    Are all SDs going to expect me to meet up with them? What I’m wanting to know is of what I’m doing or wanting to do is reasonable.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You forgot #8 most of them are married!!!!!!

  7. slotxo says:

    the best Content

  8. GiveHerSugar says:

    “A real Sugar Daddy is always generous. You can tell a true Sugar Daddy not by how much money he makes, but by how much he wants to help. Sweet, right?”


    Doesn’t matter how old you are or how much bank you’re doing, to be a real sugar king – you’re generous in nature.

  9. Young_the_SD says:

    “Not All Sugar Daddies are Older” “They Don’t Gift the Same Way” I can’t stress enough how important these two are. I just turned 30, and I’ve been on the site for a few months now, but I always talk openly with my babies and they admit they’re not sure how I could make what I make at my age. I’m sure some haven’t even bothered to reach out for that reason. Maybe the idea that your SD is the same age as you and has more to show is super intimidating? Idk, I would think it means you have more to learn from me than the 45 year old. I’m not frugal by any means, I love helping in any way, but me being younger, not bad looking, well endowed, etc. means what’s mutually beneficial for an older (or maybe super kink SD) SD is definitely not for me. This article needs to be a sticky on forums, and provided to SBs when they make accounts. Too much of an issue right now, imo.

    • Anonimous says:

      Too many frauds on the site with 30y.o. age. Also usually all that “younger, not bad looking, well endowed…” usually means a lower allowance and less respect. Also you have a multiple SBs what actually no one likes.

  10. RSF says:

    It’s true. I’m 33 and I’ve done beautifully on this website. The girls on here are incredible, intelligent, driven and know what they want (or, they have an idea of what they want and are really looking for a guy who isn’t an entitled jerk to help them figure out specifically what kind of arrangement would work best for them.)
    This isn’t hard. It’s about being open, honest, friendly and accepting. I’ve had arrangements that don’t look anything like what most people think of when they think about that very loaded term.
    If you’re interested in talking about this, whether you’re a SB or a SD, reply to my message and we can chat about your successes, failures, approach and how you might step back and reframe things to move ahead with a new outlook and strategy.
    – RSF

    • whynot says:

      I just want to honor and thank you for this response. I just started to read a lot of the comments and they are so degrading it shows you have respect for women even at your age.
      Thank you for showing that women should be respected as well as the men on this site.

    • Anonymous says:

      I concur. I have had great experiences. Met some awesome, brilliant, accomplished, ambitious women. I think the guys who do best here are either the ones who look for bimbos or the ones who look for intelligence and drive. The ones in the middle are probably the ones who are floundering.

    • Isadora says:

      Brand new to this whole thing. SB here seeking advice.

    • Zoey Red says:

      Wow that is incredible! Thank you for sharing! ^·^

  11. Pirate says:

    Is there anything wrong with wanting just a platonic relationship if you’re up front with it?

  12. Are there actually any genuine SBs in the UK? I’ve exchanged messages with dozens but most suddenly vanish with no explanation and when the interaction was apparently going well.
    Arranged a number of M&Gs only to be stood up or have them cancelled just prior, and been scammed 2ce after sending travel money for trains in advance – In my mind I could see the logic of a SB not wanting to pay to go to a 1st date and risk being stood up themselves so it seemed fairer to take that risk myself. admittedly small amounts but annoying and frustrating. What’s the protocol (always assuming you get that far)?

    • Geoshak says:

      I know it’s easy to tar us all with the same brush but I can assure you there are some lovely, genuine SBs out there in the UK (myself included). I follow the same protocol as these women simply because I can’t afford to travel with the risk of a no show, so don’t be surprised if you do get women who ask for a helping hand on the first meet. Cancellations and time wasters happen both ways and I’ve experienced my fair share of them- just dust yourself off and keep trying! I always try and look at it as a positive in that it just is opening doors to someone who will be worth it. x

    • CC says:

      I am in the UK as well and I agree with Geoshak. Please don’t brush us all with the same brush.

    • matureexstudent says:


      I must admit, i have never sent any finance for travel on a first meet. All my first meets have been in their home location, and a time and location that they can travel too, I pay for the dates/lunch/coffee etc.

      I’m happy to travel and it shows a willingness to make a connection early on.

      good luck.

  13. SB says:

    I’m so surprised !!! I will not beat out the 30’s guys anymore lol

  14. Caramel says:

    It’s been hard finding a good genuine SD, they’re very flaky or play games. I get ready, make myself look good, I show up and I’m excited to meet them like really get to know them, will even tell me they want to meet again… than I never hear from them after that. I don’t ask for money on M&G, its simply casual coffee date. They bring up what they can do for an allowance and it works, I’m fine with it. I work and go to school but I still want to provide companionship, friendship, spend time together, etc. I don’t understand..

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is very helpful. i am not new to this site, but i have not had a “successful” SD arrangement yet that i am looking for. The fact that some SD are younger is great and all but to me its a bit of a turn off, i guess it depends on the SB and what they are into, for example the thought of having an older gentlemen take care of my needs is a turn on. I love the older man look, im into mature looking men, I’ve always been attracted to older guys, lol i dont know how i would feel about a SD thats closer to my age. lol it takes away from my fantasy and fun i want. anyway, all of this is actually pretty helpful. thanks!

  16. Nae says:

    OK, what is vanilla dating? And lol, the SD community is…intense 😀

  17. FOxNineTail says:

    let me ask you, “SD” veteran.
    how with newbie SB ? mmm… imean when you first meet, you give her money, she take it. do you still think her just want you money ?
    how if newbie SB want find SD for help her education, for her house rent, for her food and drink. she dont need lux bag, accesories or nice car.
    just ask.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Men, if you want to learn how to have access to more women, from this site at reasonable monthly allowances, than know what to do with them…then email me at josh at outlook dot com.

  19. Anonz says:

    I usually gift a SMALL amount at dinner/lunch. It shows that I know what sugaring is all about. The small amount sets me apart from those SD who are pretenders. I evaluate her posts and emails carefully. I haven’t met a faker SB yet. But if I do meet one, the small gift isn’t so much that I would feel too bad. I let her go without any chance of a scene.

    • SableSB says:

      I know this post is old but “Anonz”: what a gentleman you are. The type I would change my work schedule for easily if you were in town and give you my complete and full attention and heart. Keep setting a good example!

    • Young_the_SD says:

      I disagree. A small amount at dinner looks more like “Whatsyourprice.com” than an indicator of being genuine. It’s how you treat her over the course of your relationship that sets you a part from other SDs. As the article mentions, help is not always a dollar amount. I offer mechanical services, financial support (with and without reciprocation), advice, active listening, etc. Those are indicators of caring for an SBs well-being. It just looks more like impression management to me, than sincerity.

  20. I went out to dinner with a gentleman from this site for the first time. I dressed to the nines, as I wanted to give him pleasure, and paid exquisite attentionhad no expectations. We had a delightful conversation! He brought me gifts from his trip abroad (!), and handed me an envelope with $300. He said, “Your time is valuable. Don’t deal with anyone who treats you differently.” I never saw him again. I wonder whether he did finally find someone. I liked that he did that, because I felt affirmed and valued. It takes a long time to get ready for a date like that. If a SB is on the site because she requires some financial support at this time in her life, and if the gentleman has the kind of wealth he purports to, can afford an acknowledgment gift, and enjoys giving to her, hallelujah! At the same time, I also think people should do what they’re comfortable with. Again, I do think people should do what they’re comfortable with. This was a special treat that I especially enjoyed. It’s happened on a smaller level a few other times too, and always appreciated–it says to me that the gentleman is sincere, truly appreciative of my time, and aware of the circumstances that brought me to the site. I know I won’t be taken for granted by someone like that.

    • Anon_SD says:

      If you had refused the dollar gift, maybe you would have seen him again.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Torsh Johansen says:

        “If you had refused the dollar gift, maybe you would have seen him again.”

        Bingo. Granted, a reluctant take of it and the gal being a great catch, that wouldn’t be enough for a guy to say “see ya”. But in the end, gifts on 1st meetups / Dates — not a good idea.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you make $10/hour, and if someone really gives you $300, it’s a lot of money. You had an experience of a lifetime. Cherish it. Don’t expect the rest of the SDs will do the same cuz we won’t.

  21. Artful says:

    I’ve dated on here for a few years. Just to share my own experience, more or less every girl I met who wants money for a meet and greet ghosts after the first date. It is a sublimely easy scam. Honestly, that is the main reason I never pay for first date anymore. Dinner and travel fare of course, but that’s it. Anyone who is worthy of your time appreciates knowing you are not a patsy

    • Anomym says:

      I agree with you.
      If the date ends in the bedroom, I pay but not before.
      A lot of girls expect dinner, drinks and money and then they are gone.

    • Fox says:

      Gotta say, it is foolish to bite the hand that feeds you. Clearly the girls you’ve met are fools. Just my 2 cents.

  22. Kansas SB says:

    I’ve heard too many scammer stories recently, I instantly think im getting scammed when I talk to anyone. This is getting to where its not fun anymore. 🙁
    I hope there are real SD’s out there who are genuine. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the privilege to encounter one yet. But I also understand how so many SD’s are now very cautious with whom they have communication with and quick to block those who talk about money right off the bat.

    This is a place where beautiful, ambitious women WANT to meet, build a friendship and get to know successful gentlemen who wouldn’t mind helping a special lady achieve HER OWN dreams and goals. Not little girls looking for handouts because snapchat filters make her look “cute”. Not guys looking for a sweet piece of @ss for a night and not remember her name the next day.

    My ideal arrangement is someone who I so happen to have met on here, but our relationship doesn’t feel like some transaction–of any sort. I want a connection and fire chemistry. Someone I can’t wait to see again. Because when we’re together we get to escape our dull day to day routines, and get to experience each others company, fun times, laughter, multiple orgasms, eat good food and just enjoy life! …Then we go back to our “normal” lives, until we meet again.

    • John says:

      Well said! AMEN

    • Dazed SD says:

      sounds like you understand how it SHOULD work.

      I’ve heard too many scammer stories recently, I instantly think im getting scammed when I talk to anyone. This is getting to where its not fun anymore. 🙁
      I hope there are real SD’s out there who are genuine. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the privilege to encounter one yet. But I also understand how so many SD’s are now very cautious with whom they have communication with and quick to block those who talk about money right off the bat.

      This is a place where beautiful, ambitious women WANT to meet, build a friendship and get to know successful gentlemen who wouldn’t mind helping a special lady achieve HER OWN dreams and goals. Not little girls looking for handouts because snapchat filters make her look “cute”. Not guys looking for a sweet piece of @ss for a night and not remember her name the next day.

      My ideal arrangement is someone who I so happen to have met on here, but our relationship doesn’t feel like some transaction–of any sort. I want a connection and fire chemistry. Someone I can’t wait to see again. Because when we’re together we get to escape our dull day to day routines, and get to experience each others company, fun times, laughter, multiple orgasms, eat good food and just enjoy life! …Then we go back to our “normal” lives, until we meet again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bingo! I wish most of the young women thought like you.

    • Anonymous says:

      But the really can’t. The Let’s Talk Sugar blog as well as the Tumblr blogs won’t allow them to act like that.

    • Michael says:

      I agree, very well said. I wish the majority had this same perspective.

    • Lexy says:

      I was lucky enough to have that experience with the very first SD I met on here. It was a beautiful thing we had. We even considered a future together. I truly appreciate this website.

  23. Sugar Daddy With Open Eyes says:

    My recent favorite sugar baby profile comment is “I am looking for a fin-dom.”

    Would this be a guy who takes the sugar baby’s money for sex? I think she meant that she wants a guy that she can be a fin-dom to.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Met a man here and have communicated for a couple of months. Everything seemed to be going really well, even sent me his flight itinerary( his flight to come meet me). Night before flight he asks for iTunes gift cards.
    Red flags immediately! I’m not naive and I like to think I’m pretty smart- so I think more than anything, I’m looking for some confirmation from the people that have been on this site for a while….

    • Rick says:

      iTune gift cards is a HUGE red flag. Doesn’t he have his own money, that he can use to buy iTune cards? They sell the EVERYWHERE.

      Very simple. This is a SCAM. Don’t get caught

      • Yes iTune cards are! Knew that’s what it was but just wanted the satisfaction of knowing plenty of guys are here scamming while crying “all these hoochies are just scaming us and ghosting”….and it was a gift I never used so it was ok to “prove myself”

    • RonD says:

      If a SD is asking for any kind of financial help under any pretext, block him instantly – no benefit of doubt, no second thoughts.

  25. Eddy says:

    All, SD veteran here. Several comments reading through these posts. #1. If you’re older like me, 55 and your interested in 20 somethings, patience and respect. They are different, process the world different. But be true to yourself, if they have never experienced men from my generation they will become very attached very quickly. Ive had a wonderful 18 month relationship, it’s been a crazy roller coaster experience, I would not trade for anything, priceless. #2 If she’s sleeping with you (she will have the best sex of her life, what happened to the younger male gender?) be prepared to help her understand that while a transaction is involved, you care for her and respect her, and reinforce that an arrangement is just another form of a relationship. #3 If you are tech savvy, make sure her social media tech doesn’t out her or you. # 4 Prepare to know her even after it ends and be friendly. I continue to hear from my previous SB’s, perhaps this will fade as they age, who knows.

  26. XOXOPrim says:

    Every single article on here turns into a petty arugment between SDs and SBs and I’m over it. You’re both just whiners who just want to complain and generalise all SDs/SBs as if you’ve met and gone out and gotten to know with every single one of them. Like the article said, every arrangement is different so just because you come across something that puts you off doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone on SA that likes it. Just block/hide and move on to the next profile and stop complaining that there are people who exist who don’t fit your perfect little idea of what an SD or SB should be. There’s something out there for everyone.

  27. Louis says:

    I have watched the SA membership from Australia grow over the past 12 months… SA needs to make it very clear that SA is not a freelance escort platform for business! It is trashy and absurd in Australia, but must say works well in Asia.
    And an IQ test of some sort for females is a Must!

    • Anonymous says:

      “And an IQ test of some sort for females is a Must!”

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      “And an IQ test of some sort for females is a Must!”


    • RonD says:

      IQ test for female members here?? That would plunge the female membership so down so fast that the site will give a look of an old deserted warehouse in no time.

  28. La says:

    OMG, is it really a rule for a SB to want money? I just want to have fun and travel, someone to give affection and not want to ask me to marry at the end of the day. Keep your wallets, I do not want monthly money or gifts, I want experiences and attention in the time that we are together.

  29. Funguy says:

    HELP !!!! all these women want is money and big money, half the women on this site are broke, no job, no car, live with friends and make a living off this site. They even want $500 to meet for the introduction for a coffee. Multiple men is dangerous !!! I may have to get off this site.


    • RonD says:

      Funguy, this is so true specially here in the US. I’ve just recently moved back from Europe. The difference in mentality, education and intellectual capacity is so mind blowing. Most females in the US – either college dropouts, can’t write more than a lame half line, have kids at young age, see this site only as a place where men are supposed to be stupid enough to stuff $$$ in their pockets for no reason.

      • Michael says:

        Very similar here in Canada for some reason. I’m sure there are some gems but it takes a lot of digging.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Okay, so I’m new to this whole SB/SD thing and the reason I got into it wasn’t for the money or the lifestyle as fabulous as it may be…

    Firstly, I’m a wifey not a one nighty. When I’m with a man I go above and beyond for him to make sure he knows he’s loved and cared for as any good women would. With that being said, all of the relationships I’ve had up to now have been with selfish, immature, uneducated young men around my age. The most recent and long term relationship I’ve just got out of was awful. My heart was absolutely shattered. He was too young and immature, not on my level and overall just treated me like a door mat. In the year I was with him, he didn’t take me out once. Considering we were best friends before anything, this really was a shock.

    I’d class myself as a hardworking, independent, driven young women who has many goals to achieve. I particularly like the finer things in life as did my ex, yet he wouldn’t want to put the effort in to get them. So when it came to birthdays and holidays I was more than generous spending my hard earned and saved money on him, just to get a ‘oh, I didn’t have time to get you anything’. Not that gift matter but a card would have gone a long way.

    Overall It was a blessing.I learned I need to be with someone on the same level of maturity and intellectual ability as me. Who equally works hard for their money and will actually take me to the movies or for dinner – not locking me away in a bedroom. Just someone who appreciates me, as most young men these days don’t care for one good attractive girl, they’d rather have 15 hoes at their disposal.

    Basically I’m just tired of un-inspiring young men who have no drive in life, any inclination to explore the world, culture and educate themselves, behave indecorously, have no main goals and are just happy with an average life.

    • Aja says:

      Well I haven’t related so much to a post in a while. I don’t get why good women are attracted and whole heartedly trying for selfish and immature guys my ex treated me like sh#t and all i did was love and follow him everywhere. Driven people end up getting somewhere in life and im workin on mine and I hope you do too.

      • John says:

        I can relate too. My last SB though we were together for 2.5 years. Her bday was a big deal and I get that. I spoiled her. I didn’t ever get a free electronic card from online. I reflected upon this later on towards the end. I seemed to attract these types though in my earlier younger dating life outside sugar dating as well.

  31. lookin4sweet says:

    I agree, girls complain that guys are flaky but tons of girls never want to meet right away or want to text and then ghost.

  32. Didi says:

    Not all the SB here are the same or looking for that same things, $$$$ with no commitment. A few, including me, that’s not the main interest of been here. Maybe I’m not the hottest girl in this web, and trust me soy una mami. But a woman like me will offer more than attention to that men how really appreciate a real woman.

  33. Prince_frog says:

    I just want attention! Seems like every i meet their cell goes off every minute, i can get that anywhere. Lady’s if i am with you that means i want attention.

  34. Q_Nico says:

    I feel so unattractive on this site. I’ve had better success rates on Tinder and POF. I don’t feel like I’m asking for too much of anything, and my profile picture isn’t revealing. So can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong??? I have no idea what else to do.

  35. Naomah says:

    How do I get my profile approved in a faster manner?

  36. Let's Talk says:

    Well maybe you aren’t looking for the right girl, I mean I do tend to try and would be more than happy to prove you wrong.

  37. virginbaby says:

    I’m a virgin, and I like my SD a lot but I’m sceptic abt whether my v card should be taken under an arrangement.Any thoughts?

    • John says:

      As a SD I don’t want to take a girl’s V card. That’s just a big obstacle and if you are too inexperienced the sd may not want to come back. I have been with too many virgins not off the site just in regular dating during my teenage years and 20’s and taking a girls v card is overated. I Know some guys growing up who loved to find virgins as a challenge. My point is I’m sure there may be a few like those guys but few. When I read I’m a virgin I hide profile so I don’t waste time again reading.

    • AnonSB says:

      This isn’t an escort site and girls are not required to sleep with you. Maybe you should run off to Tinder 🙂

  38. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    Thank you! Well-said on all points!

  39. Anonymous says:

    it use to be quicker to find a lady on here than by other methods but something has changed now it takes longer to find a lady on here than by traditional methods

  40. Anonymous says:

    Ladies, please. For the love of God. Stop with photos of the flowers, dog, cat and mice ears and nose and anything else you that you think is cute. I assure you. We dont. And especially the newest trend I am seeing. The photos while you are sticking your tongue out.
    If you want a man to treat you like a lady. Act and look like one. This all seems so childish and immature. It is a attractive. No man has said. EVER!

    We are older gentlemen who desire the company of a young lady who walks, talks, looks and acts like mature woman. Our kids are grown and we dont want to raise anyone else’s. We want you be friendly, open, eager, sweet, ambitious, passionate, extrovert and attentive. In return you will be rewarded nicely.
    The photos mentioned above are simply put. A turn off. Nothing about them would suggest to me that you are the type of woman I seek.

    • Anonymous says:

      then why look for younger women?

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Why look for younger women? We live in an ever-changing trendsetting world and where we like to adapt. If you disagree with what we think is cute you should probably look for someone your age who share the same beliefs. ijs *inserts shrug emoji*

      • Anonymous says:

        if we wanted to date women our own age we wouldn’t need to be on this site it’s not that hard to get women your own age

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, but I’m pretty sure most women on this site are young and therefore think it’s cute. Anyone over 40 and with a bit of class wouldn’t think it was attractive to have dog ears.

      • Djess says:

        If young girls use those filters they are just being young girls…insecure about their appearance…or just following the rest of the sheep’s looking like retards ?

  41. P says:

    It’s a shame. Coming from a genuine SB from the site, it has become extremely difficult to differ a scammer for a real gentleman. I have encountered the typical ‘I need your password to send you money’ scams, the ‘im putting you on my payroll’ scam, as well as a SD asking ME for money..
    Im an extremely down to earth girl who is really looking for something real with trust, is there anyone out there for me?
    Any tips from a SB or SD on how I can tell who’s serious?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s really hard! I met a guy here and have talked for a couple of months, then when we are supposed to meet- even provided flight confirmation, he asked for itune gift cards. Really??!! If you’re wealthy, you would never ask for something as stupid as iTunes cards from someone! If you meet someone and they ask you for anything-run! Real men won’t.

      • Djess says:

        Sorry but when you talk for months without a meeting you are just stupid what are you both doing? This website is not for online agreements you go girl wasted your time just because you have no brains

    • wow! I was texting a guy yesterday who offered to pay my bills then asked for my log in info for my bank as a way to trust him. then when I asked him to go first he sent his routing number and checking acct info after I said it was unsafe. I did not reply then he said well you haev my info now, so I replied I can’t do much with it as I don’t have your last 4 and other info. He then offered to put me on his payroll $500 a day…which is crazy money for someone you have not met, and my salary is not a bad one as an RN so I don’t go crazy with numbers thrown at me like that, I had a lot of fun shutting down all his reasons though, I’m having more pleasure calling out scammers I must say…at least until I meet someone decent. I refuse to get upset over someone thinking they can take advantage of me just by saying all the “right things”- we have to trust each other, I can pay all your bills, I can get rid of your debts, I will buy you a private Jet (jk about the last one). Then this morning I found no trace of his message on my page :)…oh and a way to have people’s name to report them (If you’re into that but not me as I read nothing is done) you can go back to your email and see the slashed circle of that message pic!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I’m a successful sugar baby with a few loyal daddies and i noticed a lot of sad beauties on this post so allow me to help out.
    There is a blog post about creating the perfect profile. Read it and follow the dos and don’ts. Easy thing to do. Now for the hard stuff.
    You cannot be shallow. if your waiting for prince charming to hit you up, it’s not going to happen and most likely, in my experience, if the daddy is single/hot and young, he’s an a$$hole.
    I’d like for one to try to prove me wrong.
    Try to remember you’re a SUGAR baby, not a call girl or a prostitute. Sugar doesn’t always mean money. Nor does it always mean they have to pay. Invest time into meeting daddies without rushing them to pay. Now don’t put out until a good connection is there and an arrangement is agreed but a nice dinner and drinks. Don’t make them pay an exorbitant fee just to spend time with you. They’re going to take care of food and drinks so open up and spend time with them.
    FYI you buy the drinks, the love becomes strong with them. Be someone worth spoiling. If a cute guy (stranger) walked up to you and gave you that steamy stare and asked you for $500 out front, you cannot say you wouldn’t kick him in the gold nuggets and tell him to shove off.
    Same with these men except they’re a lot nicer.
    Date them, wine and dine, develop chemistry. A good arrangement isn’t built immediately; it takes time to earn their trust and compassion.
    If you’re in an emergency situation, that’s ok too. Some guys are willing to listen and even help out to earn your trust but you have to deserve it and repay them for that kindness.
    Try to remember, and this is DEFINITELY towards the millennial…


    Their money is not your money. It’s called sugar for a reason; they may not want to give you any money and just like to do gifts. I can attest when my daddy came to pick me up as a surprise and he put me into a brand new Armani Collezioni one strap black dress, his sugar was extra sweet that night! I was beyond excited and grateful!
    That’s the biggest kicker right there. Gratitude! Make it known they made you happy and you love their gifts! They don’t do that because they have to, nothing you do will ever obligate them to anything, it’s crucial to remember that. They do that because they care about you so be someone worth caring about.

    Now of course, that doesn’t mean anything if you can’t even attract a daddy. So, tips.
    Attract a daddy.
    Being beautiful naturally is always an advantage thanks to social society. (you know what i mean)

    However, all women are beautiful, you just have to use what you have to attract to the right men.
    Obscene pictures are an absolute hell no!! Do not show them the gift before wrapping it and giving it to them. Completely destroys the sense of mystery, curiosity and accomplishment. Besides you should never get with any man who demands you to degrade yourself like that. Their money isn’t worth your pride and dignity.
    Try to remember what these guys are looking for too. Do not put up your everyday selfie with a deformed duck mouth in a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned.
    Put make up on, put your most beautiful dress on, make yourself look and feel like a million dollars! Be classy and elegant. Bright beautiful eyes and proper posture.
    Believe me it works.
    Do your research!! Look up successful sugar babies and look at their pictures. Yes some are beyond glamorous with small bodies and perfect hair…. don’t pay attention to that. Look at their posture, the exposure, and the facial expressions.
    You do not have to be a super model to attract a daddy, believe me. I’m far from one.
    (Let’s just say they spoil me with sweets way too much)
    Your picture should have good lighting, and it needs to be current. There is nothing worse than getting a meeting with a SD and he takes one look at you and heads out the door because you cat-fished him. Don’t do that!! They will hate you for it!
    Be confident in your beauty and show them the real you.
    Also, avoid action shots. Yea, i know you want to show off your active and not boring but save that for in person meetings. They want to see you.
    Your profile needs to be done with care as well. This could be as tedious as filling out an online application but it’s just as crucial too.
    Just like an application, you would never talk about your negatives or baggage, so don’t do it on there.
    You would never put how much you want for a job on the application. That’s for the interview. Same aspect.
    Talk about your hobbies, interests, likes and goals. Do you like art? What kind? Favorite place to go, why?
    Details are actually important. Now don’t put your life story, there is a limit. Keep things on point and focused but get your personality out there.
    When you do get hit up by daddies, don’t brush them off just because they’re not good looking or sexy.
    They’re going to be older then you. Get over it! They have the money so they have the right to be shallow, you do not. If you want to receive the benefits of being a SB, then look past the exterior, get to know the guy, offer to meet over dinner and drinks, just to get a feel for each other and next thing you know, he could be the most amazing person you’ve ever met. That happened to me and because of it, my career is sky rocketing and i have a lifelong friend. Were no longer in our arrangement, but he still spoils me just because he likes to and he knows I’m a sucker for nice things. He loves my reactions.
    Get to know the guys and you’ll be surprised the doors that will open for you. There are tons of posts to help you build yourself up and attract the perfect daddy. Read them. Do your research.

    Hope i was able to help. Good luck ladies!

    • Anonymous says:

      You should offer coaching to other SB. You sound like you have it all clued in! I hope to have your success by the end of the year!

    • Anonymous says:

      well said

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are single, any chance you can include your profile? You seem like the kind of person I would like to meet. Which state are you located in?

    • Anonymous says:

      YOU should be writing for the SA blog. Your advice is the most down-to-earth, honest, and TRUTHFUL. No silly filler fluff, or trying to mislead potential SB’s on what to expect. It speaks exactly what the lifestyle is all about.

    • Richard says:

      Wow, thanks for taking the time to write all that. Spot on! I’m happy to have 2 great SB’s but it took a long time to find them. I would say they both followed your process as well. Hopefully more potential SB’s will read and follow… but I won’t hold my breath.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for taking out the time to write out a well detailed comment. Much appreciated.
      I recently met a SD on here, after months of waiting. My picture was ok, nothing special but well dressed. No cats. He seems like a sweet man who has feelings just like the rest of us. I wasn’t attracted when I first saw his picture. Now I realise he’s the only one from the many I chatted with who never asked for a nude picture of me.
      Your comment is bang on. I am eager to what the future holds.

    • Msmkl says:

      Thank you for the advice. I’m a new SB and trying to learn the ropes here. Sometimes I feel like I may be too old to be doing this (I’m 36). I hope I’m not.

    • Babydoll says:

      I enjoyed reading this! Thanks

    • Djess says:

      Your reaction to this post is worth a million dollars! You go girl thanks for your tips and advice x

  43. Jeremy says:

    seeking arrangement should be a sugar daddy only site cuz i’ve run into more Fake sugar mommas on the site i might be a newbie but out of the few times of i’ve talked with both they go straight for asking my bank account info. I’ve also run into people there who have like 4 accounts same info, same picture.

    • Anonymous says:

      Four sugar momma accounts with the same info? Doubtful.
      Four sugar baby accounts with same info? Easy. accounts are free. If you report her account, they will shut her down.

  44. Anonymous says:

    that’s what the person is into. You’re such a hater. Stop judging other people’s decisions. Can you get a life and focus on yourself? uggggghhhhhhh

  45. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    I am an attorney. Cut off all communcations with this guy immediately and get off this site.

  46. Not thread related says:

    This is not thread related, but I need advice. I met a police officer that wants an arrangement. Any advice welcome.

    • BondJamesBond says:

      Is he independently wealthy? The salary of a policeman is far below what a SD would typically make.
      If things end in hard feelings are you vulnerable to what he could do?

      • UnVictorian says:

        LOL, where I live a police Sgt has a base annual salary of about $110,000, plus overtime, plus raises every year. I don’t know any that gross less than $180k a year. Same can be said of firefighters and tradesmen.

        If a guy is legit single with kids who are grown and gone, that’s a heck of a lot of disposable income that can be spent on/with a quality SB.

      • Anonymous says:

        UnVictorian, you are overlooking the potential bad points if the arrangement sours. There’s a tremendous amount of power that can be abused. It’s not all about the dollar signs.

    • Hardtolove says:

      You already know it’s too much of a risk or you wouldn’t be asking.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read what Clueless said above. Cut off all communication and take a hiatus from the site.

  47. UnVictorian says:

    Hey potential Sugar Babies, read this:

    A word of advice from a SD who has a fantastic arrangement with an outstanding SB. I think a few of you SBs have to learn that you are sellers in a buyers’ market. You need us far more than we need you.

    I’m a generous SD but I have been approached by young women on this site who right out of the gate have expectations that are simply absurd. One of the newer ones I’m seeing is an introduction that includes a request to meet at a Starbucks or similar for a coffee – for $300.

    Honey, when I buy a condo I don’t expect to pay for admission to the open house. It’s only if I decide I want to sleep there that my wallet comes out. If you want to meet with me for coffee or a drink, don’t expect me to pay for that. First of all, I can promise you that no matter how worldly and interesting you think you are, at 19 or 20 years old there is literally nothing you can offer me conversationally that is worth anything anywhere near $300.

    Secondly, if you’re anywhere as valuable as you believe you are, meet with me. Impress me. Be fascinating, well-behaved, and immaculately turned-out. “Sell yourself” to me – make me understand your value. Then, if I think you’re worth it, you will be well-compensated for any future meetings.

    Finally, if you’re just a working girl who likes to believe you’re not a working girl, please don’t bother. In the city where I live, an hour of mindblowing sex with a world-class beauty (runway models, actresses, ballerinas, touring exotic dancers, etc) can be had for around $300 (and they might even include a cop of coffee!). If I wanted that kind of thing – which I don’t – I would go to any of the reputable agencies that offer it. Why come here, play email tag for days, eventually agree on a meeting and still have to navigate the ambiguity of a new arrangement? Just put your Backpage ad up and go to work. Easier for everyone involved.

    Good luck, everybody!

    • Caroline-Jayne says:

      I like to think of it as an interview and never say he should pay, i make sure I arrive first so that I can order my own coffee and to show I am punctual! When I go to meet my new SD I love to dress up and impress, that is what it is all about. Ladies with class to make you happy 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      There are endless supply of sugar daddies. No one should have to prove themself to you for free. Everyone’s time is valuable not just yours. You’re too up yourself to realise this but many guys will compensate for a coffee date

      • UnVictorian says:

        Nobody ever gets paid for a job interview, and I don’t know any employers fool enough to pay someone for one.

        I’m not “up” myself at all; I just understand this market better than some 19yo who has watched Pretty Woman on AMC too many times.

      • UnVictorian says:

        ….And I genuinely feel sorry for any man who feels he has to pay some narcissist for her time on a first meeting, before both parties even have an opportunity to interact in person. And a young lady with that much of a sense of entitlement and lack of long-view isn’t someone I would want to know, anyway.

        You know what they say about pretty girls being like buses… You say there’s an endless supply of sugar daddies? Maybe. But there’s an “even endlesser” supply of pretty young women looking to be taken care of. That’s among the 100 best things about living in a partiarchy!

        Paying for a prelim meeting is not something I or any other self-respecting gentleman would ever do, because we don’t have to. Ladies, we have what you want in far greater quantities than you have what we want. Blunt, but true. Pay for the lady’s coffee, drinks or meal? Obviously. Pay for her cab ride home? Obviously. Pay her $300 to decide if you actually want to spend further time with her? Nope, no way. Never. You’ve got to be kidding.

        If that’s what you as a SD want, just hire an escort and take her to Starbucks. Cheaper in the long run and you know she’s going to be professionally discreet, not wishy-washy, and is not going to shy-away from sex in subsequent meetings if you choose to go that route.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nobody is ever expected to prove themselves for free.

      • MissAshly says:

        No, i agree with UnVic. Y’all ladies can ask for whatever you want.. just know that you may be pricing yourself out of a good relationship. I am interviewing him AS MUCH as he is interviewing me. I never ask for payment up front, that’s tacky. I meet, charm, be honest, and if he is a good fit for me, he will continue to pursue the relationship. Think about the type of men you attract with an upfront first date fee.

      • MissAshly says:

        UnVic, but could you lend me some advice as to how to get the interest of a real SD on this website? Because my profile hasn’t been getting any traffic or responses from the local guys here. I am starting to think these men are on here for escorts and not for anything meaningful.

      • Rob says:

        You are so wrong. SB’s outnumber legitimate SD’s probably 10 to 1. My time is important too and I would never compensate for a coffee date. In fact if that is brought up I block and move on immediately. There are countless quality SB’s who don’t expect the princess treatment so you are putting yourself at a big disadvantage if you insist on payment for a non-sexual date. I guess there are guys who might pay for a M&G but they are fools.

      • aGuy says:

        UnVictorian is 1000% percent right! Pictures can be misleading, some are from long ago. I may be more passionate about this than even UnVictorian. I refuse to talk allowance till I met in person. One girl, from the same smaller town wouldn’t meet unless I paid her. She said she didnt want to get scammed. That is illogical, how could you risk anything. Gas and parking may come out to a couple bucks. If your that desperate that a couple bucks is going to break you, your pathetic. Plus its not tacky its down right classless.

        I need to make sure the pictures are real and you dont have track marks going up your arms. Plus the vibe has to be there. Any respectful and classy lady would realize this.

      • UnVictorian says:


        I believe this site is about 90% time-wasters on both sides of the arrangements. I have (girl) friends who have used this site and they either get guys who are looking for escorts but don’t really want to admit they’re looking for escorts, or they get guys who talk the talk without walking the walk (i.e. not single, not millionaires, etc). For the record, I’m not a millionaire and don’t pretend to be. My SB is a university student and I treat her very well, but she understands the reality that I’m not going to surprise her one day with a yacht named after her. This place is no different than any other dating venue – honesty is the best policy, and lies fall apart quickly.

        My own experience as a man on this site – and the experiences of other men I know who have used it – is that there *are* a lot of escorts here (which kind of confuses me – it seems like so much more work than just placing a Backpage ad and getting down to it), and there are a lot of girls who like the *idea* of being “kept women”, but only if the SD is, like, 30, rich, and gym-sculpted. Or, if there’s no sex involved. Certainly no healthy relationship can be 100% about sex, but it’s probably a little unrealistic to expect any man here to subsidize your lifestyle without a little sexual contact in return (although those men do exist).

        I wouldn’t be discouraged if you’re not getting a lot of interest. Remember that only about 1 in every 10 guys who looks at your profile is actually looking for an arrangement. My advice to you is that if it’s not working, refresh it. Change your game! Add some new photos, talk a little bit about yourself and what you want. Update your bio as your life changes. My #1 gripe about girls’ profiles on this site are that they lack any kind of information. I’m not saying you do this, but in general any potential SP who can’t be bothered to spend 15 minutes writing something for her profile is someone I am not interested in meeting, no matter how “hot” her bathroom selfies are. I can’t speak for any other SDs here, but for myself I want someone to impress me with an ability to write candidly and coherently. That’s say sexier than a bunch of headless lingerie pics in messy bedrooms.

        Honestly, if a guy just wants to hook up with a hot 20yo for cash there are far easier ways than SA to do that. If you’re here to meet someone of substantial character, show your own substantial character in your profile and it’ll happen. You’re obviously already putting more thought into this than most of the women on the site!

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re clearly just cheap and not the ideal sugar daddy for those girls who price their time highly. And you are no one to judge how anyone prices their time.

      • Rob says:

        LOL, good luck with your high-dollar coffee dates!

      • Anonymous says:

        You do not seem to understand that it really is a “buyers market”.. Any self-entitled hoe who thinks she deserves ANYTHING in advance is delusional and will be NEXTED faster than you can spell g-o-l-d-d-i-g-g-e-r.
        Also you do not understand we are NOT “cheap”, however we ARE able to think with our (upper) heads…
        Spend and price your stoopid time elsewhere, thanks.

      • UnVictorian says:

        “Anonymous says:
        December 27, 2017 at 8:57 am
        …And you are no one to judge how anyone prices their time.”

        Yes, I am the one to judge. And here’s why: Because I have the money you want and don’t have.

        This is a fantastic example of how a free market works. The value of your time is contingent on your appearance, character, but most of all on how many other girls here and in the “real world” exceed you in those regards and the realism of their expectations. And I promise you there are thousands upon thousands of quality young women on this site who understand the basic concept of a job interview. They don’t smack of the same sense of narcissistic entitlement broadcast by a woman who actually believes she’s so dog-gone special someone will pay to watch her drink coffee and check her glitter-cased iPhone every 30 seconds. Any guy who would submit to that is just begging for trouble.

        Asking for money up front is already a strike against your character. It’s a total turn-off for any guy *except* a guy who is here specifically for find wh*res, or who has absolutely no self-esteem.

      • John says:

        I had exchanges where the girl contacts me and then will be like if you are serious send me some money and we will talk. You wrote me ! Lol

    • BrainySM says:

      You’re hilarious! I love your discourse!

    • Class says:

      Mr. Unvictorian you are so right on, and both SB’s/SD’s could learn a lot from you. I think your other comments and advice to Miss Ashly was spot on, and hope that other SB’s will realize the difference between prostituting and being a sugar baby. Unfortunately men on here too don’t always know the difference either as you mentioned. As for entitlement, that seems to be a millenial concept, although thankfully not all are like that.

      • Ooops, meant to include my whole profile name (classy nyc gal, instead of class) for those who want to view my profile as an example.. although mine is a bit too long, I do still get a lot of messages.

    • Anonymous says:

      they ask for 200 to 300 because they can there are people out there paying it no need for you to pay it though lots of decent SB looking for a nice arrangement these ladies have their eye on the bigger prize not out for a quick buck

  48. jenalopez08 at g mail says:

    not all the young ladies here are just for money or games..some girls are real and serious about discreet and safe encounters..

  49. Garth says:

    You have it wrong. Some may want many, some are playing pretending to be what they are not, and never will be. Probably too many of those. Some seek a true connection, probably too few of those.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Dilly Dilly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Don’t discuss any money thru text.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I think that my IP address is now blocked. 🙁

  53. Anonymous says:

    We were negotiating a per meeting allowance and I offered a number. She did not go for it. She countered with a higher number.

  54. Anonymous says:

    We were negotiating a per meeting allowance and I offered a number. She did not go for it. She countered with a higher number. I was not sure if I wanted to go that high.

  55. Anonymous says:

    What gives?

  56. Anonymous says:

    What give?

  57. Anonymous says:

    If I typed something thoughtful, it would not go through.

  58. Anonymous says:

    This dumb comment will go thru.

  59. Anonymous says:

    We were negotiating a per meeting allowance and I offered a number. She did not go for it. She countered with a higher number. I was not sure if I wanted to go that high. We walked to my car so I drop her off to her place. I picked up a gift-wrapped bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from my trunk, and gave it to her.

  60. Anonymous says:

    We were negotiating a per meeting allowance and I offered a number. She did not go for it. She countered with a higher number. I was not sure if I wanted to go that high. We walked to my car so I drop her off to her place. I picked up a gift-wrapped bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from my trunk, and gave it to her.

    She upped her offering by suggesting that she would bring her guitar and sing her original songs for me.

  61. Anonymous says:

    We were negotiating a per meeting allowance and I offered a number. She did not go for it. She countered with a higher number. I was not sure if I wanted to go that high. We walked to my car so I drop her off to her place. I picked up a gift-wrapped bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from my trunk, and gave it to her.

    She upped her offering by suggesting that she would bring her guitar and sing her original songs for me.

    I said, “I am down.” We spent 2 1/2 hours together. The first hour was dedicated to drinking wine and enjoying her private concert.

    I will meet her and her guitar again soon.

    What has your SB done for you lately, other than the obvious?

  62. Sterling says:

    Girls, you all have BS detectors. Use them. How else you going to find me, hmm?

  63. Sterling says:

    My sugar is a piece of the great life I’ve built over the years. I don’t give it to help, but rather to make her purr. Make no mistake, I am generous to those who enrich my life … they make it worth living. This includes sugar babies.

    I’m not into charity cases, nor into hard luck stories, nor into whiny chicks. I didn’t have any problems before I started with Seeking Arrangements, and I’m not taking on any new ones along the way. That’s for some other guy … goes by the initials PW.

    Only the pure sweetness of a true sugar babies will do for me. And to them, I can’t ever give enough.

  64. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    I could be wrong but I think “FWB” is code for money for sex. But I like your no nonsense approach. Wish you lived in Omaha.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Many of these SDs are incompetent… you could have everything you want and need in your bio yet they’ll still try to bargain with you or ask you compromise. Lets be real, if I wanted to be simply friends with benefits I would go out into THE REAL WORLD and find one. I know why you’re here, you know why I’m here. Cut the bullshit. Stop acting dumb when I ask about financials when you have no problem asking me for sex.

    • SensationX says:

      Well said!

      • DarkGable says:

        How is sex with someone that gives it to you only because you get something in return? To me not great. Yes everyone here for a reason but the double standard reek with prostitution. I real man help a woman he’s into. Maybe some of you need to put more effort into making daddy happy so he feels good about helping you and not obligated.

    • Nietzscheslover says:

      Well said!

    • Karma says:

      I agree it’s so annoying when a man acts like an idiot. How dare you ask for sex but look crazy when an SB ask for allowance first. And then call her out her name because you can’t BS her. I’m starting a new blog on Facebook where SB can tell there salt Daddy stories and we shut down some of these lame men

      • Anonymous says:

        Hope you have a good lawyer, Karma. Doing what you propose is a good way to end up on the wrong end of a slander or defamation lawsuit. If you think you got scammed, learn from it and move on. How would you feel if someone accused you of being a “pro” on a blog? Works both ways.

    • UnVictorian says:

      Most of these men have money because they don’t spend it foolishly, and because they understand the value of things.

      Be realistic in your expectations and avoid being disappointed. Sorry to break it to you but you’re not that special and you are easily replaced. If you’re greedy, we can sense it before you even begin to discuss numbers.

      I have had two SBs (a past one and a present one). In both cases they got monthly allowances that were unambiguously spelled-out from the beginning, including bonuses for meeting certain life goals (maintaining grade levels, etc). I don’t haggle; this is the amount, take it or leave it. If you leave it, best wishes to you. Someone else will take it. Going back and forth about petty amounts demeans us both and cheapens what should always feel like an important and positive arrangement.

      For the record, the first one was cut loose because she got greedy and was constantly hinting for more. I am generous and I like to give gifts and pay for everything, even on top of the allowance. But as soon as it begins to feel like a chore, I’m out. She wanted too much so now she gets nothing. SB#2 gets it all, including a pair of diamond solitaires originally intended for #1. HA!

      Look at these arrangement as partnerships; if either party feels he/she isn’t getting a fair deal, it’s going to come to an end.

      • GreenLantern says:

        How do you go about cutting the arrangement? In my case I’ve been seeing the SB for 2-3 months and I’m detecting some of the characteristics of SB1. Should I be worried about her desire to get “revenge” or somehow try to defame you? Do you give advance notice? Do you make up an excuse for cutting it off?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said!

  66. Frank07921 says:

    I love this part:

    There are Different Levels of Sugar Daddies
    Just like how all Sugar Daddies don’t gift the same, not every Sugar Daddy has the same resources. While some can afford a $5k monthly allowance, not every Daddy can spend that much on Sugar. A mid-west Sugar Daddy might be different than the one you met on Wall Street, but a real Daddy is in the Sugar Bowl to find a mutually-beneficial relationship. Be grateful for what he can provide, and more will usually follow.

    That’s definitely true of me. Not all SDs are wealthy. Some, like me, make a good living, but we cannot afford $5K/mo. But I agree that a true SD is generous, so if you as SB are grateful, we generally give more than our stated budget. I’ve found a wonderful SB on this site, and we have a mutually beneficial arrangement. She’s grateful for any gifts and allowances I give her, and does her best please. In turn, I’m grateful for her company and companionship, and I always wind up giving more than what we originally agreed to. It just happens because as you get to know your SB and understand her needs, it’s only natural you don’t want her to struggle or want for anything. So you stretch yourself to help as much as you can.

    • UnVictorian says:

      I think most of the guys here are like you and me. From what I;ve heard from a few girls I know who have used this site, most of the guys claiming to seven and eight figures are full of it. I’m not going to disclose my SB’s allowance but it’s well within my means and she is happy with it, plus she always gets gifts and treats on top of it. I think if you find a good one, the money really is secondary.

      That said, many of the potential SBs who have approached me are delusional. Sorry, honey, but there’s no way your company is worth $5k a month, or $300 to meet for an introductory cup of coffee. The sense of entitlement from some of these girls is just absurd.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Ladies please stop with the cat ass scrunched up lips photos. Also cut the crap with the dog face, nose and dog ears. As a successful sugar daddy I click hide profile everytime I see this immature BS. Be real!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is what they call generation gap. Yeah, it seems stupid from our perspective, but one of the great things about the girls of this generation is their acceptance of participating in this web site. In other words, the doggy ears are a cost of doing business.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, it’s still stupid, and just makes it harder to quickly get an impression of a SB’s real looks. Even Seeking Arrangement recommend some do’s-and-don’t on how to create a successful profile – and those do NOT include painting yourself as a puppy or whatever. Save that for your Snapchat or IG followers. You’re over 18, so grow up please.

        I will file these stoopid filter photos next to the even more stoopid “I’m a Sugar Babe and I want to milk you for $$$ by sending you pics of my underwear” and choose a more genuine SB – there’s LOTS of ’em.

    • Allie says:

      1. It’s a dating website 2. They’re not going to look like that in real life 3. A lot of SD’s on here are extremely guilty of having photos of themselves from their hay-day’s 4. Get to know the person beyond their photos

    • Anonymous says:

      yes,100% agree,I also hide there profile too.

    • UnVictorian says:

      This might sound weird but I hope potential SBs read it and take note:

      If your profile pic is you in cheap lingerie in your bathroom mirror, I’m blocking you.

      If your profile pic is you looking/posing like the usual escort agency pics, I’m blocking you.

      The kinds of pics I like are of girls just casual and comfortable, being themselves, hanging out with friends or alone. Wearing a nice dress for a night on the town, enjoying an outdoor activity, or looking good in your favourite casual clothes scores many points; it shows that you have friends, a social life, a sense of style, and want to present something other than your “bedroom game”. If you’re going to “cut right to the chase” with suggestive lingerie pics on your bed, you’re going to attract SDs who want to get right down to sex.

      Bottom line: cheezy pics attract cheezy men.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, This shows immaturity and I dont think any of us as SD want to deal with that.

  68. Martin says:

    Please avoid the term “I’m not a prostitute”. “I will not sell my body for money.”
    Really what’s your problem young lady. You want me to spend my time, financial resources and effort on you enhancing your life style and then go find another women to satisfy my physical needs. Nice try.
    I respect the ladies on SA and never consider them to be escorts. Granted a few bad eggs get on to SA and display their services and equally bad eggs of the male variety want ppm services. SA admin allows you to report and deactivate their account. Please do not imply I date prostitutes. Its insulting and degrading.

    • Anonymous says:

      you do date prostitues if you as sex for $ very simple

    • Rob says:

      What is wrong with PPM? You avoid being rinsed that way. OTOH, when you pay an allowance the incentive is for the SB to suddenly have less time for you, have a headache, be on her period, etc. I only do PPM arrangements and they have been awesome.

      • Reb says:

        The issue isn’t strictly with PPM. The problem has to do with men who state they want PPM and name their price before ever meeting the pot SB in person. These are the pay2play guys that SBs should avoid (and why PPM gets a bad rep). This is equivalent to the pot SB who asks for money before the first meeting– she’s guaranteed to take off with the prize and disappear (and brag about it on her YouTube channel).
        Everyone has their preference, and both PPM and allowance have their advantages and drawbacks, depending on the scenario.

  69. Risa says:

    So far I encounter all SD are hungry of some kind of friends with benefit than have the wants to help SB. I can understand that sex will be on the table offer but ….. It’s like the advantage is more on SD side and not equal.
    I also encounter generous SD that is so rare. I realized that men in here so I am not here to offense any men out there but based on my opinion, they (SD) especially SD had married, they think us sugar baby are that cheap and has no dignity.
    Some or basically all SD that I met asked and some advice me in a warning way that I should not join SA or even sugar bowl at the first place because they think every arrangement are based on sex. If do not have sex there will be become a “kind”. “Kind” where they will scold you to not join if it’s not benefit more on SD side. How I wish I can find a rare SD type where like the above article says; give advice, mentoring and others. I do not mind SD give me any form of gift and if possible I will never take SD gift or use their money for granted. If SD and I really really have that chemistry I don’t mind SD to be my future partner. Once a friend of mine told me this “There will be 4 levels in sugar bowl”
    The 1st level will be like friends go outing and drink some coffee.

    When SD and SB feels they are okay, SD is willing to give whatever SB request or even pay SB tuition fees or what so ever bills. (2nd level)

    The 3rd level, if SB and SD getting serious about the relationship, they may have intimacy.

    The last level will be if SD and SB will decide whether they want to get married or be friends or even remaining as their are be.

    It’s like a normal couple relationship.

    On the other hand, from what I have been through it is not the same as describe… Maybe I have not found that kind of SD yet….

  70. Lidia says:

    Necesario que ésto sea una realidad

  71. Lidia says:

    Positivo siempre

  72. Anonymous says:

    its a lot of fake sd on this site

  73. Anonymous says:

    Some of these SBs don’t want to tell you want to wear. But if you don’t, then they show upon jeans. Strong, independent and broke women have to do what they have to do.

  74. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    It is hard to comprehend what some SBs are thinking when they write their narrative. They want a “platonic” and “monogamous” arrangement. Sorry, that is what Catholic priests practice, not SDs!!!

  75. Ami says:

    In my part of the world, almost no SDs are actually willing to uphold the sugar part of the deal. Most of them would go on and on about how women in SA are all about the money. Sure, heard there are a few escorts here and there. But seriously, they shouldn’t always use that lame excuse to not give out Sugar. I’m in the side of keeping things non-transactional and fun. But we all know this is sugar dating. No reason to stay here if you ain’t willing to be an SD. (Not saying this is true for all, just in my place)

    • Sweetbaby says:

      I agree. I hate it when men send me messages like how i seem so shy, genuine, kind and down to earth, like im not after the money, I mean its nice to hear compliments like that but then these men try to take advantage of my kindness and try to treat me like a doormat.

      • UnVictorian says:

        There has to be balance, and it pays to be very clear about expectations (on both side) up-front, so there’s no ambiguity and hurt feelings down the road.

        For me as an SD, there is a sexual side of my arrangement with my long-term SB but it’s not all about sex. If that’s all I wanted it literally would be cheaper to see a high-end escort twice a month. But that’s not what I want. In fact, my SB and I don’t have sex too often, but she’s usually down if I am.

        What I don’t like – and I see it a lot here – are SBs who have unrealistic expectations. I get approached all the time by girls whose introduction is an invitation to meet for coffee – for $300. That’s absurd. I mean, who gets paid to go to a job interview?!

        Also absurd: girls who want $3-5k a month allowance to meet a couple of times a month – sometimes strictly platonically. I guess thare’s a market for that, but I think the odds of someone leaping at that opportunity are few and far between. I mean, I’m 50 but I’m a reasonably good-looking guy who is nice, well-employed, and genuinely single. I can get pretty young girls to go out with me for platonic dinner or drinks for free. Why would I pay $5k for that?!

        Good luck in your search, and play safe!

    • Torsh Johansen says:

      Well, depends on what the “deal” is. Even Bill Gates shouldn’t want to pay $3-$5k a month for handshakes+lemonade dates a few times a month with a hot co-ed. It’s insulting. Kind of like charging a guy $5 for a pack of gum. OH, you can’t Afford something for $5?? No, of course Every self-supporting guy can. It’s Insulting to be charged something that doesn’t fit the bill.

      “Here, you can buy this TV. It’s really nice. It’s $1,000.”

      “Ooooh-kayyyyy, but it’s not a TV.”

      “Yeah, but it LOOKS like one. A real nice one. What, are you cheap??”

  76. Anonymous says:

    Lots of interesting comments here ..

    Ladies good quality pics (and lots of them) are critical. Full length body shots and clear face pics. Men are visual creatures. We don’t want to see a pic of your tatts, feet, puppy, kitten, hair over your face, or camera in front of your face. We go to the next profile.

    Please, for the love of God, stop with the dog face, nose and dog ears. Successful men don’t want to see this nonsense. Sure it’s fun. Send those fun pics to your friends but don’t use them on your profile. You look like you’re twelve years old and we are looking for a woman not a girl

    • Anonymous says:

      Or the duck bill cat ass scrunched up lips!

    • Allie says:

      Same principles apply to SD’s too. A lot of times, SD’s will have blurred, up close, pictures that look like they’ve been taken with a toaster oven. No one wants to see a up close picture of your hairy, shirtless self.

  77. kijomo says:

    there are too many fake SB here. Actually, scammers .

    • Anonymous says:

      From my experience so far, it seems 95% of the girls on this are scammers not really interested in SB/SD relationship.

      • XOXOPrim says:

        There are millions of women on this site and unless you’ve talked to millions of them, which you haven’t, then 95% is way too high a number to say.

  78. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    SA should drop the “body type” category and simply report an SB’s height and weight. SDs can then decide for themselves what the body type category really is.

    • Anonymous says:

      YES, please! Body type should go and simple Height and Weight would be honest. Way to many BBW classifying themselves as curvy. Larger girls posting as average. If you’re overweight we are eventually going to figure that out. Please be upfront about your size.

      There are Men for every size ladies. Pretending to be smaller than you actually are will only result in mutual disappointment and wasting your time

      • John says:

        However they can lie about that too. But I agree I have met girls that say are curvy or average and in the photos they look like that may be curvy in what I used to think curvy meant but in person they are a lot bigger. They may be nice but it isn’t exactly what I was looking for.

    • SensationX says:

      Your logic is flawed. Two people of the same height could weigh the same and one could be toned and the other fat. The only way to closely satisfy your thought would be to report inches all around (not just bust, waist, and hips), and body fat percentage. And don’t forget how heavy breasts may be.. the average cup size can range from 15-25lbs per pair 🙂
      Unfortunately, with Photoshop, selfie apps, lighting, and different angles, you will never know the precise dimensions of a SD/sb until you meet them… and then you hit the next phase of body type determination.. Ill-fitted clothing can make a person look fatter just as much as well-fitted clothing can make a person look significantly skinnier.
      I’ve come to the conclusion that the only solution is to gather needed data, buy a 3d printer, and “print” a scaled model of your prospect.
      Or better yet, we can all just accept the fact that body types are different among cultures and individuals and just meet naked.

  79. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    One of the seven things we don”t know about SBs is what they really look like in person. Some SBs do not have a realistic view of their physical profile. I wish SA would drop the “body type” category and simply report the SB’s height and weight. SDs can then decide for themselves whether the SB is slim, athletic, etc.

    • Rob says:

      The problem is that they will lie about their weight too. I only search for ‘slim’ or ‘athletic’ with the hope of finding one of the few here who is not overweight. The last two that I met listed their body type as ‘average’ but in person were clearly overweight, probably at least 20-25 lbs. heavier than they looked in their profile pics. So I guess ‘average’ is code for ‘fat’ now. Very frustrating.

      • sky says:

        Its probably because the definition of average when it comes to body size has changed. The average woman now, is a size “10” right? could be wrong.

      • FactMan says:

        In North America and most countries in Western Europe over 60% of people are now overweight. In the US, Government stats (CDC 2010) say 67% of adult women are medically overweight with 36% of adult women being clinically obese.
        So, do the math, the average now is fat.

    • John says:

      Maybe we should have a category for below avg, then athletic then slim. This is what I have been encountering a lot and honestly if I had know what they really looked like then I would not have taken the time to email back and forth and drive 1-3 hrs to meet. Also ethnicities may have something to do as well. I met a few black women that are slim but are thick but when you talk to them they consider themselves slim compared to other black girls. My last SB was black and she listed herself as slim but in person was of avg build. Truly avg build and I loved her body and she thought she was too thin and wanted to get thicker thighs and butt

  80. Anonymous says:

    There are a few things the men should know about SB as well.
    We are not all money hungry. There are many great ladies on SA, but if you are looking for a young inexperienced and immature girl just because you think she will make you feel young. Keep drinking the koolaid.

    • Anonymous says:

      but it’s that koolaid that keeps this site alive many wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t available

    • Anonymous says:

      I exclusively date younger than 23 SBs. That’s why I am here for. I have tried older bit they come with too many financial obligations that it’s difficult to satisfy them. It’s not their fault, per se that they want more money from me. They want it because they really need it.

    • WELL says:

      with good reason!

  81. Viv says:

    A good majority of supposed SD’s basically want girls to audition for a chance to maybe go to Del Friscos and drive in their leased whatever. Want complete discretion as well as the girl having none of their own. I see some on here talking about being a mentor but their maybe 35. Who are you a mentor too? The early 20 somethings? Lol lord help them through the bs. Most come one here and gripe about a woman stating what they desire financially off the bat. What website are you on????? Go to Eharmoney. I saw a comment on a blog here on SA where a man said “finally, woman have been taking advantage of men for a long time, now its our turn”. I met someone on here and actually got into a relationship with him. When his friends started coming around (thank goodness I’m like “one of the guys”), right in front of me toying with women on the site, thinking it was so hilarious. Only to turn around and talk disgustingly of the women. Sociopath much? You hate women for a specific reason. Then you spend the time to make a profile and mess with women who desire an actual arrangement.. Maybe if you spent the time making money you wouldn’t be so bitter about girls wanting it, when you in fact lied through your teeth about your annual income and net worth. No your business’ 1 million doesn’t count. I’m pretty sure the website is called Seeking Arrangement.. Weird. The two arrangements I’ve had: No showing off, no auditioning. Both messaged me what they preferred allowance was etc. Right off the bat! A real SD knows what he wants and will be upfront about it BECAUSE HE REALLY DOESNT HAVE TIME FOR GAMES. Women can tell when you just want to “have fun”. Go to Tinder. Psychos. And for the 60 somethings that claim to be so affectionate and romantic etc. You just want a pretty girl to be beside you and to be so “romantic” in public. I look nothing shy of a Victorias Secret model… Please tell me how this benefits me? That allowance better be close to $5000++. I want to put this all on my profile but I think that no no’s will drive away potential arrangements no matter what no no it is, but please believe this is in the back of my head and probably for a lot of women (No Matter What They Have On Their Profile) Just know that we know a real one when they arrive confident and generous as ever. Sucks for the 20 somethings that believe in your manipulations. Go play with your children. Get a second job. Enjoy life.

    • DarkGable says:

      You know they block most messages that are posted? If I wanted a hustler I for sure don’t need SA to meet them. It amazes me that a site that generates wealth for the inventor people take so seriously. You have women that make a profession off loneliness, stupidity and plain dumbness. A woman that you meet and she has sex with only because you pay her money and if you stop she doesn’t return your call. That’s a poor choice or fun while it lasted. lol

  82. jenny9090 says:

    And there are are a lot of fake SD here

  83. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    Agree! One selfie of the face is sufficient. We do not need 10 pictures of your face. Also, try to keep the toilet out of the picture. Finally, have someone take a full body picture. That would be very helpful.

  84. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    Related topic: I do not understand the SBs that are open to a relationship that will include physical contact who have not bothered to arrange some kind of birth control. It is also baffling to me that there are so many single SBs on this site in their early 20s with two or three kids who are now in financial distress. What were they thinking when they decided to get pregnant and then decided to keep the offspring?

    • GirlieGirl says:

      Birth control? How about you wear a condom sir! Physical contact does not equate to unprotected sex. The only way I’d have unprotected sex with a SD is if we decide top enter into a monogamous relationship and we both get tested together!

  85. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    I am very interested in learning how a conversation unfolds and progresses between a SB and a SD that has an STD. No one with any kind of STD issue should be on this site!!!

    • GirlieGirl says:

      I actually met with a potential SD who told me he had an STD. He was upfront about it, which was good. I ran for the hills though!

  86. PrettyBrown14U says:

    Such an interesting read! This info is something all Babies should know.

    • Alexis says:

      You are expected to protect yourself from it..Be safe out there

    • Alexis says:

      I’m new to this,I’m finding a hard to actually connect with a SD.I start to believe is either I’m not pretty enough or my profile sucks !!any tips?

      • Hardtolove says:

        The ratio when I logged on the site today said 4 SB’s to every 1 SD, but it used to say 12 SB’s to 1 SD, so you are probably being passed over. This could be because your allowance requirement is too high or the other SB’s in your ‘prettiness’ range are asking for less allowance. If I’m talking to 4-5 potential SB’s, I can be more picky about who I want to do an arrangement with. If I can get what I want for less allowance, I’m going to. Once an SD is in a monthly arrangement, he might log on once in a while, but won’t usually be very active unless he is a player type. So even though he may show up on your ‘currently active’ feed it doesn’t mean he is actually looking for a new SB, he’s shopping to see what is out there.

  87. TreeWalker says:

    Make it easy for us. After we’ve made the first messaging connection, replying with one sentence isn’t enough. Make a suggestion where and when to meet.

    Selfies aren’t enough. You should have at least one shot that was composed or taken by someone else. And enough with the selfies in a bathroom in a mirror.

    • Howard says:

      And for those that do insist on taking a selfie in the mirror, don’t hold the camera in front of your face. Hold it to the side. If it doesn’t turn out as a good picture, then take some more, it is digital, remember. (Some of us are old enough to know when it took a week to see if you got a good picture and having to pay for it too)

    • architectpilot says:

      I actually had a comment in My profile that called out the bathroom selfie takers…and the SnapChat filter takers. I was told I was very negative by a few SB’s. Let’s be real…we don’t want to see pictures of you in the bathroom and we certainly don’t want SnapChat filters!