Most of us consider traditional dating and having an arrangement two different lifestyles, but one doesn’t stray too far from the other. Sugaring, much like vanilla dating, takes the best parts of a traditional relationship and combines it with casual dating that is mutually-beneficial for both parties. Seeing this as a great advantage, more singles are choosing Sugar over the standard norm. Here are three reasons why Sugaring beats vanilla dating every time:


Relationships on your terms


In a traditional relationship, sharing what you want upfront can often seem taxing. On the contrary, an arrangement makes the exception to set expectations initially without consequences. Within the Sugar world, you get to interact with people who are upfront from the beginning so you can find the perfect person that meets your terms. Traditional marriage often proposes sacrifices or accommodation to ensure happiness for the other person or better of the relationship. Sugar dating eliminates such restraints and gives you the ability to match with multiple different people who meet every part of your expectations.


Reasonable expectations


Speaking of expectations, in the Sugar world, you can reasonably expect to be yourself within your arrangement. You don’t have to act a certain way to “court” someone into a relationship. Many ideals today say you must look or act a certain way in order to attract a partner, but in Sugar, you know what you are getting from the start. If you end up growing apart or changing ideas of what you want, you can reasonably expect to move on to another arrangement.


No Strings Attached


The loss of a traditional relationship often leaves one feeling distressed, lonely and sometimes angry. Depending on how much was invested emotionally and psychologically, a breakup can change many parts of someone’s life. In an arrangement, it’s generally agreed upon to check your emotions at the door. Although there is no guarantee that feelings won’t develop over the course of the relationship, this allows you the freedom of dating without emotional investment. Should your arrangement come to an end, you have the freedom to move on and find someone else who can better satisfy your expectations.


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