The most common mistake when entering the Sugar Bowl is not being prepared. Before sending that first message to a potential Sugar Baby or Daddy, make sure to ask yourself these eight questions so you know if the Sugar Bowl is right for you.

Why do you want to be a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy?

You might already have some idea on why you want to be an SB or SD, but have you truly  thought about what it takes? Whether you signed up because your friend did or because you’re looking for a different kind of dating, this is something that you should define from the beginning so you can accurately express to potential babies or daddies why you signed up and what you’re looking for in an arrangement.

What are you looking for?

One or multiple SD’s or SB’s, travel companion, someone to spend time with on the weekends? These are all things you should ask yourself before starting any arrangement. Being a Sugar Baby means knowing your value and being upfront from the geico about what you want and what you can bring to the relationship. Being a Sugar Daddy means knowing exactly what you want in an arrangement, but also knowing the terms that your arrangement will follow. Knowing exactly what you want and communicating that from the start will expedite the process of finding the SB or SD of your dreams.

Do you know what “Relationships on Your Terms” means?

If you don’t know it, get to know it. This is what the Sugar World is all about. You are actively seeking a relationship on your terms that aligns with someone else’s terms, and that’s it.

Are you entering the Sugar Bowl for money?

If the answer is yes, then you are not ready for the Sugar Bowl, you are ready for a job. Sugaring isn’t about giving and receiving money, it’s about finding mutually beneficial relationships. Arrangements can consist of many different forms and fashions, but they are always mutually beneficial.

Have you talked with someone about the Sugar Bowl before?

If not, join the conversation. For Sugar Babies, our sister site Let’s Talk Sugar has a Sugar support forum dedicated to speaking with other Sugar Sisters about the Bowl. You need to have a SeekingArrangement account in order to join, so go ahead, sign up, complete your profile and start finding other Sugar Sisters in your area to talk to.

For Daddies, if you’re wondering about the logistics of the bowl there are forums out there for you to join as well, including the Sugar lifestyle forum on Reddit. No matter who you are, it benefits to get familiar with the Sugar World, especially Sugar terms, before you message your first potential arrangement.

Are you afraid of what your friends and family might think?

It’s natural to wonder what your loved ones might think when hearing about your new Sugar Baby or Daddy, but there’s no reason to deter your Sugar life over other people’s opinions. Sugar dating is the one way you can find exactly what you’re looking for without the baggage or time wasted on people you aren’t compatible with. If you’re thinking about sending that first message, know that you’re doing it because you want to and don’t let anyone intimidate your positive sugar experience.

If someone asks for your bank information, should you give it to them?

This answer is no, and always no. If you answered this as a maybe, depends, or yes, you should take a step back and think about the dangers of sending someone your personal information. Being aware of online scams is something you should educate yourself on regardless of the websites you visit. On our site, asking for bank information or personal information of any kind is a reportable offense and can get you removed from the site.

What are your standards?

Being aware of what you want in an arrangement is one thing, but knowing your standards and value is another. Ask yourself, will you be okay with an arrangement where you see your SB or SD only once a week? Will you be okay having an arrangement with a married man or woman? Are you willing to date your partner out in public? These are all questions that can help you identify your standards and decide what you are willing to tolerate in an arrangement.


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