3 years ago
Let’s Talk Sugar NYC Pop-Up: January 18


Need help finding a Sugar Daddy or navigating the Sugar lifestyle? Let’s Talk Sugar is hosting a pop-up event in New York City, where you have the opportunity to network with Sugar experts and other Sugar Babies for advice and guidance.

This is an event exclusive to our SeekingArrangement.com members with an undisclosed location to ensure complete privacy. The specific location will only be revealed to Sugar Babies who’ve purchased a ticket. The intention of the event is to meet with other Sugar Babies in your area and for our experts to provide you with one-on-one advice about Sugar dating.

The pop-up will take place from 5:30PM to 9:00PM EST on January 18. For more information and to purchase your ticket, visit the Eventbrite page here.

Have any questions on what to expect? Visit Let’s Talk Sugar’s social channels for more information:

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8 Responses to “Let’s Talk Sugar NYC Pop-Up: January 18”

  1. Rimi says:

    I m looking a sugar daddy

  2. Anonymous says:

    been busy i haven’t been on in a minute

  3. Stormcat says:

    Wow! This isn’t like the old blog. I just went to a blues concert where I was able to chat with all the musicians. It made me think of an old post I made here of a blues piece I posted here long ago called The Sugarcat Blues and so I did a search and found the post back in 2010. Just wondered if anybody is here that remembers.

  4. Jessica Madera says:

    Hi. I purchased my ticket yesterday, but have not recieved the information for the venue’s exact location. Where would I find this info?

  5. sujan sill says:

    Hi, I am deeply interested in this kind of job and if I get a chance then I will make my organization satisfied .