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Sugar Profile Blunders: Why You Aren’t Getting Matches


The start of the new year is the best time to clean up your profile. Studies show that January and February are the most active months of the year for dating sites. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or just felt lonely over the holidays, use a few of these tips to put yourself (and your profile) in the best position to find your perfect arrangement!

Incomplete Profile

This may sound like an obvious one, but it’s not! A lot of our users are so eager to dive into the Sugar Bowl that they skip out on the most important details of their profile- the “About Me” and “What I’m Looking For” sections. These are critical when it comes to standing out amongst potential SB’s or SD’s as they want to learn as much about you as they can to see if it would be a good fit. Truly take the time to reassess these sections of your profile to increase your chances of finding the perfect arrangement.

Linking External Pages in Your Profile

Have you recently received a message from our support team stating that your profile has been denied when you thought it was perfectly fine? One of the most common reasons a profile description is denied is simply because you are linking external pages in your profile. Some examples of this are mentioning your social media networks. For example, “follow me on Instagram” or “add me on wechat” is not allowed. We value our user’s privacy so we ask that you keep your profile free of personal links to ensure a safe dating experience.

Blurry Photos

The only thing worse than a blurry photo is no photo at all. Would you ever message someone without knowing what they really look like? Probably not. If you’re concerned for your privacy, go ahead and upload any photo as your cover picture, however, to increase your number of matches, have a few clear options as private photos so that when you do find someone you’re interested in, you can easily share them when you’re ready.

Update Your Location

We can’t tell you how many times arrangements don’t work out because someone has failed to update their location. For our users that are frequent travelers, we suggest you continually update your location and be sure to include in your profile that you are a frequent traveler to avoid these types of confusions.

Rude or Offensive Content

Posting rude or offensive content to your profile can result in an immediate removal from our website. We have a zero tolerance policy for this at SeekingArrangement and posting offensive subject material in your profile not only can hinder you from getting matches, but can remove you from the Sugar Bowl entirely.

Unreasonable Demands

Being specific in your profile about what you want is one thing, but demanding things that are truly unreasonable will not work in your favor. A few common instances of this are specifically stating unreasonable allowance numbers, also mentioning that you want an “online only” arrangement is against the rules on our site, as well as demanding anything sexual in your bio. Leave the specifics of your arrangement to be discussed after the first meet and greet and focus on describing who you are as a person and what you can provide in an arrangement in your profile.

Are You Using Tags?

Our recently added tagging feature allows you to feature specific things on your profile that you are looking for. By utilizing the tagging feature, users can now visit your profile and quickly make the decision on whether or not they are interested and want to continue reading your profile and potentially messaging you.

Still need a little extra helping finding matches? Our Profile Boosts instantly bump your profile up to the top of the search results! Check out our Profile Boost packages and consider purchasing one to get you talking to that Baby or Daddy you’ve been waiting for.

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334 Responses to “Sugar Profile Blunders: Why You Aren’t Getting Matches”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seeking investors and no strings attached seems to be a bit of a conflict of interests. Most investors want to be assured the investment will be around for a while with a high probability for returns. Doesn’t seem too hopeful to expect someone to invest in a business or something with the idea that they can disappear into the sunset at any given moment. Doesn’t seem to bright, but I guess if they were bright they were bright they would be launching an ISO instead of hustling on a dating site. site

  2. Soursugar says:

    Hi, I’ve seen a few SDs have reviewed a couple of SBs accounts and advised them further on what to change. Is anyone willing to have a look at mine please?

    I will warn you though, my writing style isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ ?.
    My username is Soursugar, very new member – 26/11/2019. Thank you in advance.

  3. glucose says:

    This site and these blogs…da best! I love how these females say “platonic.” They offer great minds and great insight. Yes, please, 20 year old, I want your advice and thoughts because you already look like you make great decisions based on the fact that you are on this site and/or your awesome neck/thigh tattoo. Here is some money. thank you.

  4. Rick C says:

    I’m sorry but if a guy is paying for companionship, he’s not going to want an average looking girl, sorry to say but looks unfortunately matter here

  5. Anonymous says:

    No match Because of the colour of your skin or how you look like in honestly as most SD like to have an SG like those Instagram girls

    But to say Only met up with one guy who just wanted sex no money involved, still, talk though

  6. Anne says:

    lovely site wish i had more matches. Not many daddies like thick women I dont think

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please ladies. More pics with bunny ears and cartoony tongues. The guys here love them! It shows how zany you are.

  8. Osgoober says:

    When a successful man has decided to seek an arrangement, he isn’t going to be satisfied with below average looking women. Such women were ok when he was taking what he could get with no arrangement. While there are plenty of attractive women here, there are sadly many misguided women who don’t have the looks to attract an arrangement seeker. They shouldn’t given false expectations, But the planted stories do exactly that.

    • Anonymous says:

      well said

    • Duke says:

      Then there is the whole “not getting it” factor of asking for ridiculous amount$. Successful men usually don’t become financially successful by setting money on fire. Yet 9 out of 10 women I’ve run across here act as if men are just falling all over themselves to overpay while being under-delivered.

  9. David says:

    Body: Curvy

    That is all. SA packed with ’em now.

  10. SinnerAndSaint says:

    This comment thread is the most excitement I have gotten from the site – SA, create a chat room!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I call BS on the “no external links in the profile” excuse. Its not about safety – its about securing your black box and containing people in your revenue stream ecosystem. Its completely understandable why you would do this, but lying about it absolutely questions your credibility in other aspects of the site. Just be honest.

    • Anonymous says:

      SA being dishonest?!? Shocked, I am: remember those unrealistic financial expectations they used to have?

  12. Judy.SugarBaby says:

    The advice seems good, except the blurred pics.. sorry SA no can do…
    I am on here because I want a fun sexy experience and to be spoiled. I would never risk my job or career for being on here and neither would the men I date on here.. Most of the guys that have tipped me without solicitation, paid 1000’s per month and offered me amazing deals did not have a pic on here.
    I can spot a fake a mile away by their inability to meet up within a decent time frame. I’ve had men gift me cash on apps with no pics, just to prove they are serious- again without me asking…
    So no… lack of pics or blurred out faces are not going to immediately get a SD nexted.
    For SBs its different. I can only speak for myself because I am damn near naked in my pics. SA rejects at least half the pics I post. They also ding me for suggestive language. But I don’t care, it’s still the best site for SBs. Bottom line girls, if you want to get paid and not show your face- show your other assets.
    Good luck <3

  13. V says:

    I’m just not understanding why we gotta do so much on this website as women. The website should be a little more organized & weeded of the bull.

  14. Orlando Velasquez says:

    I just have no luck with this thing lol. I’m just trying to be someones sugar baby(preferably women) , keep them company and all of the sorts. Any tips on successfully finding someone ?

  15. Lo says:

    It’s beyond wild to me that people are looking for 10,000 dollar monthly allowances or anything of the sort. I’m an SB and all I want is 300 dollars a month.

    • Anon_SD says:

      That want high amounts because this site leads them to believe they can get it. It all depends on the amount of wealth in the area you are looking for. The ratio of SB to SD is usually pretty high, you’re part of a large herd.

    • Anonymous says:

      some want 200 just to drink coffee

    • NoBs says:

      As. SD..that amount is way to low. Unless you are thinking meeting 30-45 min a month. That is like the other end of the spectrum of 10k a month. Personally I think it should be a minimum 1k depending on where you live etc. I think 3k a month for 3-4 visits. would be fair high end but for a girl who has it going physically and mentally. Most of them are asking 2K a visit or 10k plus a month. I don’t know where you fit cuz I never seen your profile.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think anyone believes a woman typed this.

    • Duke says:

      Dumb men overpay. You, however, get it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Now it is HARDER THEN EVER to find a MATCH because Seeking Arrangement no longer has a key word search for profile text option on SEARCH. Time to look for a better Sugar website service. LAME!

    • Rick says:

      This really is a a bad decision. I used this feature a lot, and it really helped me focus in on SBs that fit my goals.

      Also, they removed the $ amounts from the Lifestyle categories. So, no telling what any of them mean now. Unhelpful to everyone

      • Duke says:

        The suggested amounts were a scam, in my opinion: no one I know was paying the overhyped amounts listed and no one is now. All it did was create unrealistic expectations. SA knew this. They have better research. But it fueled growth and here we are.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Many SB’s need a reality check. Which seasoned SD is going to pay 750 up front???

    And yes I think PPM is a perfect and fair arrangement. In the US paying for sex is illegal anyway; either per month or per meet etc.

  18. Anonimous says:

    It is umbelievable but there are some girls that thake this as “a job” Literally

  19. Bronson says:

    I won’t look twice at a profile that features a tongue sticking out, that includes unblurred faces of friends in the pic, or that use silly apps to add animal ears and noses. We may want younger women but you have to be and act like an adult

  20. raleighebony says:

    When I say practical I mean that in the truest sense of the word with all practicality! lol There are quite a few scammers, I’ve had one great experience but I’m very hesitant because of the fakes. Im real, why can’t they all be real ..

    • Anonymous says:

      you might mean it but there many on here that don’t understand what these levels mean with many looking for a lot less than what is stated on their profile so it natural to test the waters and see what is really needed from these ladies but i agree it can be annoying if you state what you want and you get a lot of low ball offers

    • Rick says:

      It appears that SA has removed the amounts associated with each LifeStyle. So you really can’t judge anything from what They enter. Moderate could mean anything from $400 a month to $4000 a month.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Many of the men on this site aren’t real SDs, they’re men with a little extra money looking for a relationship or hook up with a younger woman. If you feel like this site has a plethora of what you suspect as escorts and hookers theres many regular dating sites that dont include arrangements or any financial expectation. Speaking of financial expectation stop putting substantial to high lifestyle budgets if thats not what you can provide? Easy right? All the men want to pay you cheap hooker prices but want super model grad school type of women, which ive seen plenty of on this site.

    • Anon_SD says:

      Same goes for SB’s, stop putting substantial to high, the amounts are ridiculous!

      • Anonymous says:

        they’re only ridiculous to you because you can’t afford. Believe it or not, there are lots of women out there receiving high monthly amounts, and lots of men providing high monthly amounts. A high allowance and lots of gifts and trips is at the higher end of the scale, but not unreasonable. Unreasonable is expecting a brilliant supermodel with grad degrees and multiple languages under their belt for what amounts to bus money. Like.. if you can’t afford to give sugar, don’t sign up for a sugar site.

        Just because you think a minimal allowance is acceptable and normal and reasonable does not make it so good sir.

      • Anon_SD says:

        Plenty of great very young ladies are happy with them amounts I pay. I would have to be a fool to pay more when I am getting what I want. So where do you get your info about all the high allowances. I’ve read a lot of these blogs and I sure don’t hear about it.

      • Anonymous says:

        true women are getting large amounts of cash but what is not true is they are getting that from one SD the examples I’ve been told is 8 to 12 SD to earn those big bucks

      • Fact Checker says:

        Let’s do the math. How many men are there worldwide that consider $60,000+ annually not just disposable income, but just a fraction of their disposable income? How many of that group would use SA, since many of them already draw beautiful women to them like flies? Finally, how many would shell put that kind of money for a not monogamous relationship, as is so often claimed? How many prefer porn stars and 5 star escorts instead?

        A few, but not enough to support the claims. There are a lot of bad cover stories out there.

      • Anon_SD says:

        This site really pushes the marketing of the sugar bowl to the nth degree. Just read the blogs on the lets talk sugar site. Basically, it doesn’t matter how ugly or fat or even transgendered, join the site and rake in the cash. A pot of gold awaits. Misleading to say the least.

      • SB says:

        It’s ridiculous to ask the girl to host you then you can save money for the hotel , then some even don’t want to put money for her rent ….. That’s ridiculous, I think if hey guy has no money they should be on other sites .

      • sam says:

        I didn’t become rich by being foolish with my money. With a ratio of 4 SB to 1 SD, there is no need to pay outrageous allowances. A fair arrangement is all you’ll get from me

    • ADD says:

      This type of arrangement is no different then any other free market enterprise business decision, or job interview. Don’t expect the world for nothing in return. You get what you pay for, or any other cliche you can think off. I would never pay anyone for anything without first meeting and having a conversation to determine where common ground can be found. If the lady’s expectation are at one level and mine are at another than we part ways. To address your response, there are as many women here looking to hand out escort services for escort prices just to get their phone bill paid for.

    • Confused.cm says:

      well said

    • Ross Macdonald says:

      Totally agree with “Fact Checker” comment. Spotted on!

    • oxfordsugar says:

      fucking preach, finally some common sense

    • I ignore anyone that writes high or substantial in her profile. Been there. Done that. I am not saying don’t do it. It is your call. I am just implying that many Sugar Daddies think “Transactional”. And that is a turn off. Doesn’t matter whether the guy can afford it or not. We may have the money. Just don’t want to think that that is the one and only reason someone is interested in us.

  22. Erewhon says:

    I’ve had many firsts via SA, but this I think would be a first for nearly all of you. I had to screw back on the round ball of her nipple bar because it came off during our activities. I had to suppress the laughter while doing it, but then burst out laughing from the absurdity of it all!!!

    • Anon_SD says:

      Just spent time with a young SB with the pierced nip thing. So what is all that about? Ruined something that is always a fav with me.

  23. Deanna LaCasse says:

    I’m not a sugar momma and apparently I show up as being one. How do I change it to sugar baby?

  24. Michel Hardouin says:

    How can I open my account on this site to find a woman.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Men, if you want to learn how to have access to more women, from this site at reasonable monthly allowances, than know what to do with them…then email me at josh at outlook dot com.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Someone wrote below, and needs to be repeated.

    “I don’t need to pay a pretty girl to not have sex with me. I can manage that for free.”

  27. Anonymous says:

    I constantly see the following in what I’m seeking section of SB profiles:

    “Someone who’s company I can enjoy, who simply has the means and desire to support, dote on, and guide me. Treat me respectfully and I will do the same for you.”

    While the phrasing may vary, the “simply has the means and desire” is identical in all cases. Are SBs just copying other profiles, or is this possibly the same person posting multiple profiles?

    • Anon_SD says:

      SB’s shouldn’t be able to be other SB’s profiles, like I can’t see other SD’s.

    • I always tell the story of the beautiful Asian girl I had dinner with about 4 years ago. I met her on SA and we decided to meet. She had a beautifully written profile to go with her photos. Well, she didnt’ speak a word of English. I didn’t speak a word of Chinese. A disaster.
      Yes, I have met several with fantastic profiles. Perfectly written and grammatically impressive. And when we met, it was obvious that they were not the authors of those profiles.

  28. Feddy Uppy says:

    I agree with SA, PPM is so crass and down market. I am perfectly happy with my monthly allowance arrangement meeting once a month.

  29. Anon says:

    Ugh. Yes.

    I’m thinking ‘I want to have fun’ means NSA sex. They’re thinking it means ‘I like to go out drinking’

  30. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone encountered this scam. A person calls your phone number and says he is a private investigator. He says you are in trouble because you contacted an SB who posted a profile on SA. But that SB is under the age of 18. All profiles on SA are supposed to be 18 and over right?

    • Anon_SD says:

      I have heard of SB’s on this site who are under 18. Best to check ID and know how to spot a fake ID if you are meeting someone who lists themselves under 20. It is never their fault when they mislead you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I met a girl who is listed as 18. I asked for an ID, and she doesn’t have it. Would I go any further. Absolutely NOT!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone experienced this new scam. Some person calls your phone # and says he is a private investigator. And he says you broke the law and you are in trouble, because you contacted an SB on SA who is under the age of 18.

    • Anomym says:

      Well I would answer, And what is your problem? To stay in contact via SA is not a crime and no one would offer or request here any “special service”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Solution is to use google voice which has free txt numbers.

  32. No ideas says:

    The problem is the media who do stories once a month (I’m in Australia) on how a SB can earn $70k a year with no or little intimacy so all these SB are expecting high allowances ?.

  33. No ideas says:

    SA needs to remove these fake profiles and profiles that have no movement in 6 months. In my state there are 3700 female users doing a wide range search BUT every week only 100 are active.

    • Anonymous says:

      @ no ideas, Hi NI,
      The search feature shows how long it’s been since a SB has logged on. It’s easy enough to stop scrolling when the results start showing 6 months without activity.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Lots of feedback from the guys here, but not as much from the girls…so, from the female perspective…it’s always amazing to read male “SD” profiles that say things like, “I’m not planning to support anyone but I’m happy to take you to dinner” (Are there actually men who do NOT pay for dinner? Guess I am lucky because I’ve never dated one!) or who are overweight, 65, and making $50k a year but seek a gorgeous 18-21 yr old. I am also amazed at how many men post right on their profile that they only want a pay per meet which is supposedly against the rules here – too bad they are not screening those guys out. 🙁

    • Anon_SD says:

      PPM, at least they are being honest. Monthly allowances are for fools!

      • A monthly allowance should be earned over time. Get to know each other. Make sure you are right for each other. And when trust and an emotional attachment is reached, then sure, a monthly allowance is fine.

    • RockyMountains says:

      I’ve been on SA for 5 yrs, had had 2 long term arrangements that lasted over a year each and they both were PPM. If the girls are honest, sincere and genuinely seeking an arrangement, they’ll settle for PPM.

    • Anomym says:

      Well, first of all, ppm is not against the law. The site is for a lot of countries with different laws.
      Secondly the agreement is between SD & SB, so SA has nothing to do with it. If ppm is agreed, it is fine.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I really don’t get why SBs post fake photos of models lifted from some internet site. What do they expect to happen if they actually meet a pot and he realizes it isn’t them? What is their end game/exit strategy? Just trying to scam a couple thousand up front then get out of town?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Is financial domination really a thing and why is it a tag? Also, if online only is against the rules, why is it a tag? I swear, some of the ladies on this site think they will make thousands just by going shoe shopping or out to dinner. If I only wanted to talk to an attractive woman, I’d go to the bar and talk to waitresses or bartenders. Or maybe a female psychiatrist. Their hourly rate is cheaper.

    • Anonymous says:

      Female psychiatrist. Hahahaha

    • Michael says:

      I’ve seen profiles of 20 years olds saying no intimacy and to think of them as a therapy session. You’re just out of high school and you’re going to provide me with therapy. Honestly, the entitlement expectations of some people is beyond my comprehension.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Another “winner”: “I’m new to this (and/or “new to the city”) and profile says joined in 2012.

  38. Anon says:

    SBs need to be realistic. This is blunt but very true. If you’re not slim, fit and pretty, you’ll get far less interest. There are SOME chubby chasers out there, but they’re the minority. Maybe (just maybe) an exceptionally attractive SB can expect a substantial lifestyle. It is comical when an overweight, unattractive person expects the same.
    It is a double standard. Many SDs can be less than attractive themselves. But this is how life works. Blunt but true

  39. Eloise says:

    Hello everyone, i am a psychologist and signed here for curiosity, i’m starting my own business and like to be next to a man i admire, that’s pretty important to me.
    But sadly i haven’t found any man with that kind of profile, the majority are looking just for sex, and i’m more into greate unique man looking for one of a kind woman.

    Too bad.

    • Anon_SD says:

      Probably need to be on a regular dating site, this site is about finding a SD who will pay.

  40. Melodee Bonnes says:

    I was on here to find a Sugar DADDY. They have listed me as a Sugar MOMMY. They didn’t filter any of my interests like age or race. I am 65 and getting 18 yr olds that like me. REALLY? Also, I want white men age 60-67 and I have not seen any. Rip off!!!

    • Anon_SD says:

      At 65, I wish you all the luck, you’ll need it.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL @ Anon_SD.

      The voluntary or involuntary cluelessness of the women in America is mind-boggling.

      • Anonymous says:

        Um excuse you she has wishes for her relationships and she’s expressing anger with a bug in the system. How does that make her clueless? Both of you should be ashamed of yourself for jumping to such a hurtful conclusion and publishing it like this.

        Melodee you go girl 🙂

      • Khaleesi_oneninesevenseven says:

        So if i’m 40, and not especially beautiful, it means that no one should like me? That’s your logic?

      • NoBs says:

        If you are in your 40s and average looking ..if you are on a regular dating site then you could find a guy who is your age and fair looking. But on this site if a guy has a choice of paying 3 k a month to you or 18 year old hard body..the choice is obvious. It’s not fair.
        Similarly if a guy is older and not good looking he will have to pony up for that 18 year old. I’m just in my 40s and I’m not looking at girls older than 30. Go big or go home.

    • Anonymous says:

      And she demands specific and narrow age bracket for the men. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a sugar baby website. You’ll have to shoot for 75 at least .

    • Sassy says:

      Contact support and they can switch your profile

  41. DrDvs says:

    Please, ladies, know your audience. You are trying to attract an educated professional man, address your profile in a way that attracts him. If you look like your a mess, or that he cud not take you to a nice place, he won’t. If you are not willing to make an effort to show him why you and you instead appear to be a lot of work he will move in quickly. He can get that anywhere, you want to show him that you will make his life better, not more aggravating.

    • Brenda says:

      Get outta here your just lazy !!
      What about how the girl feels??

    • Anonymous says:

      These girls think that they are doing some dirty old men a favor. Female cluelessness in America is mind-boggling

      • Anonymous says:

        Your (clearly male) cluelessness is even more disturbing considering YOU are supposed to be the successfull well put together “man” but many of the guys on this site are just people trying to get laid by people way out of their league for as cheap as possible and i think thats the saddest thing about the males on this site. You should be ashamed of your lack of respect towards these women… Male cluelessness around the word is what boggles my mind. Grow up.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Im a guy SB looking for a SM, any recommendations for my profile?

  43. Colton says:

    I have been on this site now for a while and I have only met one guy. I am a gay male and it is much harder to find a guy who is interested in me. I have changed my profile details, photos, tried booster attract and still nothing seems to be working. I must be doing something wrong. Tomorrow I will be attending the Las Vegas Masquerade event and I am so excited. I really hope to meet men of my stature. If this does not work I dont know what else to do. I need a personal mentor to help me like a match maker. I am out of ideas on how I can find what I have been looking so hard for.

  44. RMSD says:

    I get lots of responses but now after a lot of negative experiences most do not pass my screening as ‘matches’. Too many girls here deliberately lie about their profile information and motives. Many are on sugar sites only for crisis debt reduction or short term cash accumulation. These have no real desire for relationships or are no better than aspiring ‘findoms’ trying to rinse as many men as they can. (In my opinion SA should remove the ‘Financial domination’ tag and ban anyone describing themselves as ‘findom’)

    My last SB turned out to be just like this and was 2-3 dress sizes bigger than she claimed to be yet is still advertising as ‘slim’ (whilst openly being on a well known adult worker site as an escort and porn webcam provider and offering sex in pay per meets with random ‘clients’)

    It takes a lot of effort to screen out the fakers, liars and mercenaries and up-front money scammers to find a reliable genuine person worth investing serious money in for a lasting arrangement. Many girls say they want meaningful mutually beneficial arrangements but in reality so many want very little else than quick ‘easy money’ and a glamorous lifestyle at someone else’s expense for minimal effort on their part. They buy into this notion of sugar dating pushed by glossy website adverts. I agree with the poster who said he is amazed at notions of ‘ high allowance expectations’ I have met so many girls who have totally ordinary modest paying jobs or are just students yet really think that on (often quite average) looks alone they are ‘worth’ the equivalent of a senior director’s salary (with no tax) just to turn up to be taken to expensive restaurants and receive gifts and luxury experiences; and they want to keep a man at arm’s length while doing so.

    • Anon_SD says:

      Well said!

    • Ben says:

      so true… lots of them are FAKERS – asking for money to fix their phone, their car or rent money asap – with lots of promises to make it up when they meet you. loads of BS.

      • Khaleesi_oneninesevenseven says:

        There are true persons too, but, no one cares of they are not the standard beauty

    • Anon says:

      Exactly. I talked to one woman who was quite attractive. We had talked about the whole arrangement and when it came down to it she says ‘Oh. I’ve only slept with three guys my whole life. It will take me awhile to get there.’ I told her no problem. We could go to dinner and instead of a full allowance, I’d give her some nice gifts or help out in a small way. “Oh. So it’s all about sex then, is it?’ No…but kind of yes. Why should I commit to you if you’re still figuring out whether you like me or not? Sure, you’re nice but I’d rather meet a woman that doesn’t have to think that Lon about whether she likes me.

  45. NoelleDaisy says:

    This is an interesting thread of comments. Seems to have sober advice.
    I’m an African SB, new to all this and I would like to avoid the common pitfalls of sugar dating. I have been here for a few weeks during which I have read dozens of SD profiles and have gotten an idea of what to write on my SB profile. Now here is the thing, I am still not getting any interested SDs. I have messaged a few potentials in my area and none of them are returning the interest. There are not many of them and even fewer of them have actual (living) profiles. Those who do are rarely ever online (think “last seen Nov 15th”). Because of this, I have turned to looking for POTs who are far away. I have genuinely liked a few of those and sent time worthy (in my opinion) messages but because of the distance, I think most of them get filtered out. I’m not one of the girls looking for ‘online only’ or ‘platonic’. That’s why I take the effort to read a POTs profile and see if I’m attracted. Any ideas of what I can do? Maybe someone experienced can go through my profile and check whether there is a turn-off… I am looking for someone who is ‘grown up’and can be a mentor. Preferably to accompany on trips and to enjoy each other’s (non platonic) company. I wouldn’t mind going to him. The only thing standing in my way is the lack of a ready passport and the numerous HORRIFYING stories of naive young black girls being sexually abused and enslaved by rich exotic men acting like SD’s.
    Any advice/pointers would be highly appreciated.

    • Anon_SD says:

      You have to be quite naive to think there are a lot of men waiting around with spare cash in their pocket looking to invest in a LTR. Maybe in big financial districts, but not in your average american city. That is called having a GF, mistress, or ATF escort. And the idea of having a SD take a SB traveling, that is also another common pipe dream. Good luck!

      • Anon says:

        It happens. It’s just not as common as other options. But it’s not unheard of.

      • NoBs says:

        I have taken mine traveling many times when we were together. It’s actually preferred for me but to each their own. I also prefer ltr cuz I’m not really into accumulating notches. I have many notches but I am at a point I want quality. 5 years ago I was more like notch collecting.

      • Avg Joe SD says:

        I also actually prefer that my SB is from another town but then I travel nearly every week and it’s easier to fly someone to me than to try to fit an SB into my short weekends at home.

    • Anon_SD says:

      Unless you are in a major financial district, and not the average american city, there are not a lot of men waiting around with spare cash in their pocket to spend on a SB. In my area, my search for SB’s turns up 10K plus hits. You’re part of a large herd.

    • Anon says:

      I’m in a small East coast resort town. There’s not many SB’s or SD’s here. But there are some major cities that are easily accessible with a $125 round trip ticket.

      If there’s a place that’s easy to get to from where you’re at, that might be something to look at.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d take a trip to that city on your own dime then.

        Try to line up as many meets as possible to cover at least expenses and possibly have a daddy get you accommodations. Tough for a daddy to buy someone online a plane ticket.

  46. Anonymous says:

    It seems like every year SA is becoming a place where Peoples are trying to scam you versus finding a potential SD/SM

    • Ben says:

      very true – lots of posers and scammers and babes just wanting self validation and self worth affirmations with no intentions of being real sugar babies.

      there are a lot of profesional prost here posing as demure innocent babes but when you do it the size is XXL lol – makes you wonder…

      and lastly – the memtally unstable babes – be careful.. they might ruin your professional career.

      • Michael says:

        Absolutely about the mentally unstable ones. Just had one that I hope I’ve gotten rid of. She is a serious problem and actually dangerous because she would say or do anything to get what she wants, or revenge for rejecting her. If they seem too good to be true at first, be wary, some will be putting on a show to get deeper into your life for their own benefit. They are called malignant narcissists and they are more common than you might think.

  47. RMSD says:

    I get lots of responses but now after a lot of negative experiences most do not pass my screening as ‘matches’. Too many girls here deliberately lie about their profile information and motives. Many are on SA only for crisis debt reduction or short term cash accumulation. These have no real desire for relationships or are no better than aspiring ‘findoms’ trying to rinse as many men as they can. (In my opinion SA should remove the ‘Financial domination’ tag or anyone describing themselves as ‘findom’)

    My last (ex) SB from here turned out to be just like this and was 2-3 dress sizes bigger than she claimed to be yet is still advertising on SA as ‘slim’ (whilst openly now being on a famous adult worker site as an escort and porn webcam provider and offering sex in pay per meets with random ‘clients’)

    It takes a lot of effort to screen out the fakers, liars and mercenaries and up-front money scammers to find a reliable genuine person worth investing serious money in for a lasting arrangement. Many girls say they want meaningful mutually beneficial arrangements but in reality so many want very little else than quick ‘easy money’ and a glamorous lifestyle at someone else’s expense for minimal effort on their part. They buy into this notion of sugar dating pushed by websites like SA.

    I agree with the poster above who said he is amazed at SA’s ridiculous notions of ‘high allowance expectations’ I have met so many girls who have totally ordinary modest paying jobs or are just students yet really think that on (often quite average) looks alone they are ‘worth’ the equivalent of a senior director’s salary (with no tax) just to turn up to be taken to expensive restaurants and receive gifts and luxury experiences; and they want to keep a man at arm’s length while doing so.

  48. Martin says:

    Far and away the biggest reason for SB failure is asking too much money. SB’s see your income and net worth and use the “but you can afford it” line.

    The reality is that is a market like any other, and I am only going to pay at the market.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the problem of “lets go shopping and be friends” sentiment I see on a lot of profiles. Unless an SD is stupid and doesn’t work for their money (politician?), then a shopping spree friendship relationship won’t happen.
    Any other SD’s tired of the incessant materialism? I have no problem supporting an SB, but man, i’ve worked like an idiot for my money and to watch it be wasted on stupid crap is annoying. I’d rather invest in a woman’s future, help her out, help her with an education than buy a purse.
    Gucci and Christian Dior did something right…i’m a technical consultant so marketing is lost on me apparently.

    • Anon_SD says:

      It is called a severe sense of entitlement, with little to no knowledge of how hard it is to earn a good income in the work place. In time, they may find out the hard way, unless mommy and daddy keep forking over the cash.

    • Rick says:

      Anytime an SB mentions Gucci or Jimmy Chou (sp?), move on. I’m happy to help and mentor, but if you just want shoes, you better be smokin’ hot.

    • Anon says:

      I don’t need to pay a pretty girl to not have sex with me. I can manage that for free.

  50. R says:

    Implied but not stated above, is the most important thing: proof read your profile! Do you understand the difference between “women”(plural) and “woman”(singular). Between “there,” “their” and “they’re?” Between “our” and “are?” Maybe you don’t care, but many people reading your profile do. You only get one chance to make a first impression and if that first impression is that you’re clueless, careless and/or self-absorbed then you’re going to get messages from the same kind of people. I see many women complaining about how men are approaching them here but does your profile contribute to the problem?

  51. Bob says:

    I know SA wants to increase their profit… but am I the only PAYING customer who is extremely annoyed by every one of the pages, including messages being spammed to death by SA with “Diamond membership” ads? Yes, I know that’s a great way to attract 20x gold diggers, but I’m already getting plenty replies and must have clicked “No thanks” a few HUNDRED times, but the annoying spam ads just won’t stop. SA is acting like an insurance salesman. Just as in a relationship, NO MEANS NO, and not respecting that while giving us advice on a blog on how to have a great profile is just pretentious as hell. SA, you should listen to your own advice, and stop spamming your paying customers! That’s YOUR biggest profile blunder.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is totally annoying. When you pay for a subscription, you should not be bombarded with advertisements, especially for the same thing over and over again that you will never buy.

  52. Anonymous says:

    btw does anyone suspect that some of the profiles on the site, especially those that seem to good to be true, are “plants” written either by the admins or some third party paid to do so? Sometimes I receive, from a really great profile, an almost immediate and enthusiastic, “loved your profile, would love to meet soon! response, only to have my reply email unread. Makes me think the profile in question was just a promo/come-on.

    • Ben says:

      theres a LOT of fakers here. thats true and its for a fact – i even offered a grand just to talk to them – they all flaked LOL – but boy, they are online almost whole day LOL – make you wonder – if they are really BAD at math or just super stupid to sit on their computers rather than make a grand.

      • SugarAndSpice says:

        Or they’re not interested in you. Some girls aren’t up for auction and not only in it for the financial gain. It’s a dimension, sure, but there’s more to it than only the financial and physical. I’d never be interested in someone as disrespectful as you, judging by your comment. They dodged a bullet it seems.

      • Lola says:

        Who on earth flakes out on a grand? And not only that… The chance to 9 times out of 10 have a genuinely nice SD?

  53. Anonymous says:

    SBs should think twice about putting “men/women” as what they’re looking for. They may think this is expanding the pool of potentials, but it may actually contract it. I suspect a lot of SDs on the site are not interested in a girl who doesn’t know if she’s straight or bi. It also conveys a bit of desperation: “I’ll take anyone with money.” Now, there are surely situations where the SB legitimately has no preference, but the implications of just sort of casually throwing in “women” as an add-on should be carefully considered first.

    • Anon says:

      I don’t know. Bi means either or. I find it pretty hot and not a turn off. I don’t hthink it’s desperate in the slightest.

      Of course they shouldn’t throw that in there if they don’t like girls.

    • Sassy says:

      I genuinely like both genders so why’ve should I not put both?

  54. Anonymous says:

    I have been on this site for about 7 months, and have had several meets, and a couple good SB arrangements. In the last couple months, all I get are SB’s that want to sell me pictures or videos. Is that not free on the internet anyways? When I explain that Im not interested in that, I would rather meet and see if we click, I get called names and insulted about being cheap. Whole new breed of girls on here now, it’s a shame but they are the entitled younger generation so Im not surprised.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Can not help but to emphasize…for all parties to be punctual. Most SD / SM are successful business persons. The success was achieved by managing their time. At what point does one consider that the meet-up is a bust (after waiting 15-20 minutes)for their date to show-up

  56. R says:

    RE: The Financial Side, most SBs don’t seem to understand, either, that SD/SMs are, in almost all cases, funding allowances w/ after-tax dollars. Very few are going to dip into their savings or investments – if they’re smart. Consequently, the SD/SM must earn anywhere from $13,000 to $18,000 in order to have $10,000 left after taxes for a “Substantial” $10,000 monthly allowance. So, that $10,000/mo. allowance that you think is fair will cost your SD/SM anywhere from $150,000 to $215,000/yr. Think you’re worth it? Maybe you are but be prepared to prove it because NO ONE just throws money around in those quantities. In my experience, one common trait of people who earn larger amounts of money is that they know the value of a dollar. If they don’t, they don’t hold onto theirs for long.

  57. Amina says:

    Splenda Dads and international scammers are ruining this site. I get endless messages from rando who just want to ogle pictures with no real intention of meeting. And guys who write “no escort” on their profiles and the message me asking “how much” I charge. It’s really sad. This site used to be full of real guys looking for sugar arrangements. Now it’s just cheap johns who want an hour for sex here and there. Something needs to change.

    • feeling your pain says:

      I’m totally feeling your pain.I Allow SD access to my private pics only while we are actively still showing an interest in each other ,if we do not talk for more than 2 days and yet I see he frequents my page(I’m sure to see my pics) I block his access to the pics.While the exact thin happened today( SD stopped talking for 4 days and yet he went to my page every day ) he inboxed me very angry about me blocking his access.
      It has become so discouraging to follow the advice the site suggests, using my common sense as well as my charisma and charm and still see that this site has the same amount of SALT DADs. Rude,inconsiderate,gross and no charm.I will soon be cancelling my paid membership.

    • Maxwell says:

      It is the same on this end. You get girls that want to sell you pictures or web cam only. When you agree to meet for a dinner or simple coffee they don’t show.

      Or.. The girl wants to be paid by the hour.

      This site became a money making site for them and they are doing well.

  58. Anonymous SD says:

    Yeah, the whole “let’s just be platonic while you support me” thing is exactly what most of the SDs here already have with their wives 🙂

    Also, “High” and “Substantial” allowances are just ludicrous unless you’re a sex goddess who can also be the CFO of my company, because if you think you’re getting the equivalent of an almost $180k/year salary to be a dinner companion, well, sorry but that just ain’t happening.

  59. Anonimous says:

    Tired of “SB” with a photo only of their lips, hiding her eyes and face or a photo from 40 metres that we can not see the face or only one photo. Or only one photo. For another hand plenty of escorts and I was told by some girls I knew that there are plenty of supposed “SD” searching to pay for sex. It is being degradated the idea of the site

    • LittleLil says:

      I agree Anonimous, I am relatively new here and I’m in the UK. I had read excellent reviews about the users mainly from US as SA has been established longer over there. Since I’m looking for a relationship without the pressure of 24/7 commitment and I’m used to a certain lifestyle , SA was the obvious choice for me.
      However, so far most of the men (not all) I have been contacted by, either use SA in the same way as a traditional dating site or worse state in their profiles they are looking for a SB to go out together, with good looks and intelligence, great conversation etc. but haven’t a clue what SD means or most likely aren’t prepared to be a real SD !
      Some men even get to the stage of arranging to meet, only to be followed by a message asking if this includes sex! I find this kind of attitude very offensive and disrespectful. If I was trading sex I would find a much quicker and financially rewarding way to do it! Nevertheless if I happen to mention any kind of arrangement they get on their high horse as if it’s too much to ask (I would like to point out that I am looking for a ‘wish list’ rather than monetary arrangement so I don’t think I’m being unreasonable). Of course sex will happen but only after we meet and get on and enjoy each other’s company! It appears to me that these men, can’t be bothered with typical online dating, don’t want to be seen using hookers so they think this website will be an easy cop out to get everything they believe they are entitled to!!! I don’t understand why there are free memberships and there should be a way of weeding out repeat offenders.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are no free memberships for Daddys. We need to pay for a membership just to read your emails.

      • LittleFox says:

        Spot on! Couldn’t have said it better.
        They want a stunning, young, slim girl to immediately have sex with for as little money as possible! Most seem to come here to prey on young, naive girls because they don’t want to pay the rates an escort charge. Girls on here are NOT escorts, we are not seeking to be with just anybody and especially not just immediately. I don’t expect an allowance until that part starts, of course, I’m realistic. But men need to be realistic too; most think they’re handsome older men when in reality, sure, they’re not hideous, but girls like us wouldn’t give them the time of day in our usual lives.

    • Sassy says:

      I only have one pic on mine but it is a full face pic. I’ve also only been on for a couple days.

  60. Adorent says:

    Tbh Im just tired of hearing the ” Can I have your bank account information so I can see if you’re real or not” Like come on now. Even if it was to slide 200 in the account. Wouldn’t you want to meet the person first? Every time a “SD” ask me this I ask them How would they feel if a grown man asked their daughter that how should they feel. Wanna know their response ? ” You just need to grow up” Well I guess I do because if you want to take the 3 pennies I got then so be it. But I rather meet and have a perfect dinner in beautiful New York , I feel like thats too much to ask from “SD” .

    • Anonymous says:

      It goes far beyond fake SD or SB fakes taking your money; you can go to prison assisting them at money laundering.

      Keep your profile private instead of public and you will get less of that. Report all instances of someone asking for banking info. Nobody needs banking information for anything, except scams.

    • YP says:

      Those that ask for acct info are probably phony profiles. You should report them ASAP.

    • Brenda says:

      Guys do it too!
      Want bank info or whatever

    • Anon says:

      Derp. As if PayPal, Green card, Walmart transfers, Cash App, Stripe… don’t exist.

      NO one needs banking information or even a real name for that matter.

  61. IndianaSB says:

    Girls, when you answer “prefer not to say” regarding children, we all know you have kids. Why not just be honest?

    • FlyoverSD says:

      Because you don’t need to publish how many kids you have, you’re exactly right, we all know you have kids and I understand some women want to be a little more discreet than saying the specific number. As an SD I take the same approach.

  62. sam says:

    nice article

  63. Anonymous says:

    Another pet peeve: “Looking to meet new people!”
    Note: I’m not “people.”

  64. Anonymous says:

    Your typical totally uninspiring SB profile: “Love to have fun, looking to meet new people! Love the beach, shopping, animals! Love to live healthy!

    This sort of generic profile may work IF you’ve posted several recent clear face and body photos that are attractive, otherwise they will produce a yawn and “next.”

  65. Anonymous says:

    Please , SBs, just post several clear and recent face and body photos. Trust me it saves time and agitation. You will get messages from real SDs and if you’ve posted obviously recent and clear photos you can ignore the SDs who ask for more.

    • Anonymous says:

      I also find that the SB’s with only one photo of a head shot, and nothing in private, tend to be fake profiles. I make 95% of my choices on picture alone, shallow…..maybe, but its my money. Im with you, market yourself better and receive better offers and messages.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I am continually amazed at how many SB’s on the site are seeking platonic arrangements where some guy pays them thousands of dollars just for the privilege of taking them to dinner, shopping, and “hanging out.” It was not always thus. Are there really that many SDs out there willing to enter into such arrangements? It seems like the site actively encourages SBs to think that pots of gold are out there for the taking, with no obligation necessary. Or maybe the platonic SDs are just wrecking things for the rest of uS.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are absolutley NO SDs out there looking for platonic relationships to take you shopping! I mean, why not just go to the mall and start handing the ladies who walk in hundred dollar bills lol. And save a 90 dollar membership fee too! Where do the SBs get this platonic idea from? Or are the profiles fake and created by scammers or even SA itself for marketing purposes to make the site look more legit or something?

      • Anonymous says:

        I do think the site creates profiles for marketing purposes, but they are generally the very enticing ones, written with an eloquence that few if any SBs on the site possess, and crafted with an eye toward what and SD will like to hear.

    • JoeDokes says:

      Of course there are many SD like that. I think the abundance of “platonic only” profiles is because of one of three things:

      1. Deniability in case someone they know sees it;
      2. Figuring, “What the hell, some idiot may fall for it;’ and
      3. Girls who are deluded and thing sone guy is going to toss big bucks their way to sit and pig out at a nice restaurant in his dine and expect little or nothing in return.

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah thats insane!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, one girl was asking me to give her $2,000 to start a health club with before I even met her, and said sex was not in the cards. Crazy. On the other hand, I did meet a student whom I like a lot. We couldn’t work out a formal arrangement, but still I see her for dinner every now and then and slip her a couple of hundred just to keep her in pizza and beer. At this point though it’s more like helping a friend out than a SD/SB relationship. But I never would’ve even gone on a first date if that were the working assumption.

    • Anon says:

      Again please see my other comment – I agree yet I’m sure there are a few SD who for personal reasons want (or make do) with a platonic arrangement. I certainly had one years ago, I may be one of the few but I understand and I’m happy with a physical relationship but if that is all it is going to be PLEASE make it clear in your profiles and make it worth it for the SB who might be happy with this kind of arrangment!

    • Anon says:

      There might be a very few that want the allure of an affair without actually cheating on their wives. But wow. They’re very far and few between.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s all the women who just saw the movie Pretty Woman and think they can find a Richard Gere to come to their rescue. LOL

  67. R says:

    RE: “Photo Collectors” I’m sure they exist. But some SDs stop messaging after seeing private pix because they’ve lost interest, not b/c they’re just collecting. If that’s the case, the SD should have the guts & courtesy to say so, rather than just leave someone hanging. Common courtesy solves SO many problems. It’s a pity that it is so rare here.

    • R says:

      Further, you don’t have to be brutal when telling someone their pix made you lose interest. Be kind. “We’re looking for different things” works and is probably true, too.

    • feeling your pain says:

      I agree!They are just so rude.

  68. R says:

    SBs, take care w/ photos. I know that it’s good to include at least 1 full body pic. But PLEASE, don’t take the pic in a bedroom strewn w/ clothes, shoes, magazines, etc. It makes you look like you live in a sty. Maybe you do but why would you want to show the world?

    • R says:

      Another bit about photos: if you put up a photo of yourself w/ others, you really ought to either blur/cover their faces or get their permission for their faces to appear here. I say this b/c twice now I’ve seen the daughters of people I know here in someone else’s pix and neither pic was terrifically flattering to the young ladies I recognized. I’m not about to “blow the whistle” on anyone but what if, say, their brother here? I know that sounds like SO much work but, like I said up the thread, ask yourself if you want to be successful or just not inconvenienced? Shortcuts like this make many SDs think you’re careless – not care free – and I doubt that’s the impression you wish to leave.

  69. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    Ladies: please keep the toilet out of your selfies! Also, one clear face pic is sufficient. We would like to see more of your neck, arms, torso, legs, etc.

  70. Clueless (I guess) SD says:

    Look for married SDs. It is unlikely that a married guy has a wife that is ok with him giving her a disease. Also, beg to differ with the notion that almost everyone has an STD. Not this guy.

  71. D-Dubs says:

    it seems every time I start talking to someone, they start right in with wanting an allowance before meeting, and even before showing that they’re real!

    they won’t even take a descriptive selfie or send a short video to prove who they are, and get offended when you ask! to me, that immediately signals a scammer. if they real want to get something started, they should have no problem proving who they are.

    SA needs to find a way to screen potential SBs to prove they’re real. I’ve found a few with fake profiles with pictures easily found on tineye.com – can’t the site at least weed these out first? I’m paying about $90 a month now to be on this site, they should be able to afford it!

    • Anonymous says:

      you want personal photos and videos specifically made for you to prove that someone is real? sorry, nobody has time for that

      • N. O. Nemuss says:

        “sorry, nobody has time for that”

        Then nobody has time to do for you what you want.

      • SD Executive Gentleman says:

        yes, then i dont have time to send you $…..its getting bad. i used to meet girls on this site DAILY and have great dates and arrangements. Now it seems every girl just wants their venmo or cash account filled for nothing. NOT!!!

    • Kat says:

      I don’t know who you’re talking to but I feel taking a simple proof picture on both accounts should be the least of the worries.

    • R says:

      “Search Google for image” works, too. So people, if you want your presence here to be on the QT, i.e. secret, don’t use fotos from your Facebook, Twitter or other social media. TinEye & Google photo searches will find them. Using these services doesn’t mean we’re stalkers; enough of us have been scammed that we use these means – for self-defense.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Why would you say “they should be able to afford it”?
      Wtf is wrong with you?

      • Sugar Daddy With Open Eyes says:

        I suspect he is saying “Why can’t SA afford to weed out fake profiles since it is charging money for SD’s to be here?”

  72. Great SB wanting Great SD says:

    For all you “perfect” SDs out there, please know that your Little Man Syndrome, God complex, and mommy issues are really ruining this site.
    -Take the time to have a well mannered (important!), carefully thought out and detailed profile. (Being honest and crude do not equate.)
    -Respect other’s profiles. If someone doesn’t want messages from married men, leave them alone if you’re married.
    -Let’s practice proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation okay? Okay. (Shorthand and misspelled words are a turn off.)
    -Asking for sex and/or sexual favors for money is… ILLEGAL and distasteful.
    -Be nice, pleasant, and approachable.
    -Honesty is important, but remember that does not give you a pass to be rude.

    One thing we must all keep in mind is that our experiences with bad shouldn’t taint our good or potentially good ones. Stop generalizing & taking your past anger out on your possible future.

    What else did I forget t mention SBs?

    -Just a Sugar Baby looking for her Sugar Daddy

    • Anonymous says:

      Question, you say “Respect other’s profiles. If someone doesn’t want messages from married men, leave them alone if you’re married.”

      How do you know they don’t want messages from married men? (other than a reply that they don’t) Is there something on the profile that I’ve missed?

    • Anon says:

      I had a very short generic profile and then wrote a longer one with who I was, what my sugar dating experience was and what I was looking for and have been getting a much better response.

    • AnonSB says:

      Thank you

  73. Yana says:

    I have had little to no luck on this site, I had one POT try to talk me out of my principles, several blatantly proposition me for sex. But no one genuine or living up to their profiles. Help?

  74. R says:

    “I love to have fun” is one of the most idiotic things I see said in SB profiles. Who doesn’t like to have fun? Saying this makes you look superficial, which you probably are. So, thinking out loud, continue doing it. And I’ll continue moving on to the next profile.

    • Jarno says:

      Quite agree. Along with FinDom (really??), spoil me, princess, goddess, etc ad nauseam. Boring, boring, BORING. Ladies need to approach this like a job interview for a position they actually want. Make an EFFORT, in your profile, attitude, appearance. Don’t show up 30 minutes late in your sweats and then cry WTF when they don’t call you for a 2nd interview. Crikey. Ok , end of rant 🙂

  75. AdrienneD says:

    Any advice on my profile gentlemen?

    Thanks in advance, xo

    • Gary says:

      I searched for AdrienneD in profile text and came up with no matching members/

    • PNWWolf says:

      Other than being in Tennessee, I don’t see anything that doesn’t appeal to me. Your profile is better than most, IMHO.

    • Sugar Daddy With Open Eyes says:

      You wrote a lot of stuff on your profile, but when any Sugar Daddy looks at a profile his mindset is “what’s in it for me?”. After looking through your profile I see that you are attentive. I also see lots of things that you won’t do and things you demand. My advice would be to try to add or rewrite stuff to give the prospective SD a idea of what a great time he will have with you.

      Also, I notice some inconsistencies in your profile: If you are uncomplicated and don’t want to be a 3rd wheel why do you need discretion? Most SD’s will read “discretion” as “has jealous boy friend/husband with a gun” especially since you mention a long relationship. You also want good photos from prospective SD’s but your one picture doesn’t show your face.

      • bohemianmuse says:

        Please go check my profile, i’m up for your professional critique! Any SD can feel free to check it, i have absolutely nothing to hide… and please, be able to bring the same in yours… 😉

    • AnonSD says:

      I’d definitely reach out to you if you were local to me. If I had to suggest anything, a few pictures to share. I might change the Christian Grey subheading too. But those are just minor things.

    • AnonSD having fun says:

      A- your profile is really quite nice and I genuinely wish most potential SBs spelled things out as well. Good luck!

    • Hardtolove says:

      First impression: You don’t seem genuine. With a lack of photo evidence, and not hearing the right things in your profile, I wouldn’t contact you.

      Your sugar baby profile needs to scream two things;
      a) I’m very attractive.
      b) I’m willing to do what ever my daddy wants to make him happy.

      a) Attraction is a combination of how you look and what you put in your profile. Your photos should be cute, playful, and a little seductive, but not slutty. You are hiding something with your photo selection, my guess would be that you are older than you stated. Your profile should read like a short story, not a laundry list. We don’t need a list of deal makers and deal breakers. Who are you? Are you the innocent girl next door who is down on her luck (that needs rescuing) or are you a high cost escort that is washed up, and needs money to support her 420 habit? Thats what we are trying to figure out when we read your profile. This is a sugar baby site, not Backpage for rich guys. Post clear and current photos and let the cards fall where they may. I’ve showed up to enough meet and greets only to discover a potential sugar baby used old photos.

      b) In ‘real life’ it’s all about you, but in sugar land it’s different. Most sugar babies confuse the two realities. Real sugar daddies (not the Splenda’s) can be a lot more selective and are in control of where an arrangement goes, so you have to keep them happy. We are willing to pay you more than most of the men you normally date make in a month, so we have a lot more say than we would with normal dating. This is about making us believe you are willing to do what ever it takes to make us happy. If you’re not enthusiastically willing to do your chores, there is no reason to discuss an allowance.

  76. AnonyThrowaway says:

    Online only is not allowed, yet it is a tag? Makes sense.

  77. AnonSD says:

    “Spoil me with cash! I know my worth!” is the SB equivalent of a guy saying “Spoil me with lots of sex! I know my worth!” Just stop with that.

    I’m also not a fan of SB’s who seem like a lot of work. But that’s subjective. Things like “Impress me!” or “Can you keep up???” or “I want exciting experiences!” just seems… eh. I already work hard. Like all the time. I want to chill. I totally get wanting to do stuff and that’s fine, but just make it clear you understand that if a guy needs downtime, you’re ok with and attuned to that.

    • AnonSD says:

      Forgot to add: Platonic is fine so long as you don’t want any financial help.

      Financial Domination always makes me laugh. I’m hoping most SB’s throw that in just as a “may as well”

      • N. O. Nemuss says:

        I keep getting messages from the platonic findom people and from those who are not too much younger than I am, less good-looking than I am, and less fit than I am but still expect me to be their SD. Yes, that’ll happen.

      • Anonymous says:

        Come on dude. Thanks for calling that out. Not. lol
        Before now, that was a very simple effective primary exclusionary filter. Pity.

      • Gary says:

        I do wonder if any SDs set up an account on this site in order to find a platonic relationship. It seems very unlikely, but I am curious …

      • Lexi says:

        Gary, I have been on a first date with one gentleman whose last sugar arrangement was strictly platonic. I was very confused when he expected all of the physical aspects if I were to enter into an arrangement, yet still wanted to compensate with the same allowance. I know that this isn’t all about money, but it almost made me feel used. As if I had to throw my body in as a bonus. It didn’t feel right at all. Needless to say, we are not seeing each other. I just thought I would chime in on your thoughts!

      • Anon says:

        I honestly don’t think most sb’s know what financial domination is.

    • AdrienneD says:

      Interesting to get a guys perspective on girls profiles! Glad I don’t include any of those on mine haha.

      • AnonSD says:

        I like seeing the SBs perspective too. I’m always curious what they prefer. I also wonder what my SD competition is like.
        I personally never seem to have much trouble finding someone interested on here. The challenge is finding the right fit, but I would think that’s the same on any dating site.

      • Anonymous says:

        I just wish SA would start listening to the guys a bit more, and advising newbie SB’s accordingly. As an experienced Daddy who has been in two arrangements (one past long term and one current), I don’t expect “something for nothing.” Unfortunately, too many potential SB’s don’t understand that concept, and SA needs to guide them a bit better toward having realistic expectations.

      • AnonSD having fun says:

        what anonymous above said: I’ve had several interactions where support/allowances/etc requested before we’ve ever had a second let alone first date to see if there is any chemistry. When I meet a potential SB and we play the first time I always will gift something and NEVER expect something for nothing-> that however is a 2 way street and I hope that the SBs out there start to understand that as it would smooth the entire process dramatically. I have had a few gals indignantly tell me that unless I am willing to start supporting them prior to any intimacy then “it ain’t gonna happen”. They obviously are crossed out of contention immediately.

  78. Anonymous says:

    I would encourage SB’s to put a little more effort into making a charismatic profile. WAY too many self-entitled millennials writing “seeking rich man”, “I love shopping”, “I love travelling”,… blablabla.
    That’s all good, but what CAN YOU OFFER, besides spending my money? Seriously?

    Plus, some of you don’t even show a decent picture of your face, and one has to jump through hoops just to get a full body pic+face. Are you kidding me here?

    And, expecting ANY money in advance before a meet-up? = NEXTED!

    This is NOT tinder, please show a little effort.

    • AdrienneD says:

      I suppose my profile could be a bit more charismatic. I became more blunt in an effort to wade through the countless “You seem great” messages that never led to anything. Another problem Ive encountered is men that just stop messaging me after Ive sent my photos! It came off like they were just collectors. So it made me more discerning about who I sent my photos to.

    • AdrienneD says:

      My profile could be more charismatic but I made it more blunt because I would just get a bunch of “You seem great!” messages that never led anywhere. I feel my more blunt approach gets less messages but it helps me wade through the swamp so to speak…I also became more discerning with who I send my photo to because so many men just stop messaging after they get a few photos…made me wonder if they were just collectors or something.

    • Jenn says:

      Jeez, you men sound like a bunch of little boys throwing fits because they aren’t getting exactly what they want. I wish you could see some of the things men say to me and expect from me and how rude they can be.

  79. Oak says:

    In case it’s not yet clear: men are rarely attracted to women with dog, rodent, or pig parts on their faces. If you want a hint of anonymity, scribble on your face. Seriously — that’s less disturbing.

    To echo another valuable point, if your entire physique is ONLY a head, that headshot is adequate. However, many men want to know whether you have, for example, legs — or other stereotypically female traits, like a neck, or a waist, or breasts. They add a certain… je ne sais quoi.

    Ed: If, as the article asserts, “mentioning that you want an “online only” arrangement is against the rules on our site,” perhaps you should not offer “Online Only” as a predefined profile tag.

  80. Person says:

    here are a few some have already been mentioned

    1. more than one person in your photos…..which one is you….sometimes you can look at hair color or height and get an idea of which is which but still

    2. this is my favorite those new (and stupid) “tags” in the “what I am looking for” that are contradictory…..so you are looking for a platonic, exclusive, friends with benefits, no strings attached, intimate, sugar newbie with sugar experience so you can financially dominate them

    and please don’t bother to fill out anything else in that section since you clicked on all the tags

    3. pics with just head shots

    4. pretending that you are “native American” when no one on earth ever would look at you and think that or believe that and all of your pics say something completely different about you (you know who you are in the group that does that stop pretending it is working)

    5. trying to tell everyone else “what this site is about” when you also state you are new at it……usually comes with a high demand for money and spoiling while also talking over and over about platonic and “not wasting time” (you are wasting your own time diva princess)

  81. AnonSB says:

    It’s very stressful when a SD is expecting sexual favours straight away as if they are paying for an escort. Too many lonely men on this site seem to forget that this isn’t Tinder, this is meant to be a proper dating site. Wish I’d run into real men and not overgrown, entitled children.

    • BreeSB says:


    • Anon_SD says:

      “meant to be a proper dating site”?? This is definitely not a dating site like the others that are set up to find a BF or GF. Not what a SD/SB is all about.

    • Maxwell says:

      Same goes with a hand out at the first meet.
      Had one tell me I owed her 300 for just meeting her.
      My billable rate isn’t even that so I laughed at her.

      Yet another idiot said she got $2000 a date.

      I told her i would send her a gift.

      SBs are nuts

      • Anon says:

        I just tell them ‘God bless you if you’re getting that. But that’s out of my price range.’

      • Dizziverse says:

        I think it is pretty amazing that someone would ask for money just to meet. I don’t think that is fair. I don’t think a SD should give any money until he gets what he wants. A simultaneous exchange. I have never been burned by a SD before. I have been in situations where I thought we had a connection and then he ghosted. But other than that, most of the guys I have met are upright. I wouldn’t demand money from them. Especially b/c most SDs are busy or have better things to do than meet someone to give them money. Haha! Its just a meet and greet. And I don’t mind the ones who just want to meet for a “coffee” or “lunch”. But maybe its because I actually work for a living and not looking for a SD to give me a salary. Some people have an uncle or dad they can go to when they need a bit of financial help. I don’t so that is my main reason for wanting a SD. I’d just want it to be a real relationship. So, I realize until I am willing to give that SD what he desires, I may not see a penny and I accept that. It’s only fair.

    • Redbarchetta says:

      The more you can discuss before the first date,the better off you are. I’ve done sex on first date if everyone is feeling it, I’ve done agreed first date is only to get to know each other, and of those that have worked out, there was always sex on the second date. With some women, I have even gone into detail over the phone to find out how we match up sexually. Not much point in wasting time or money on a date if she wants something I don’t do, or if she is only happy with the receiving end of oral. All my relationships from this have been good, with only one falling apart after a couple dates, but now we have been friends for a year and a half. Just be willing to do the work of searching constantly, and communicating clearly. And be patient. If the right person isn’t on the site, you have to wait for them to show up.

    • AnonSB says:


  82. Anonymous says:

    OMFG. Using SNAP chat to modify your pic – so [email protected]#KING LAME!!!!! Speaking for myself – hate it. Speaking for every man in the cosmos – STOP NOW! YOU SUCK WHEN YOU DO THAT!

  83. Frank says:

    This is a good topic. There are multiple ways that a SB can just sink a profile. I’ve found that the younger the SB, the more unrealistic their immediate expectations are. An allowance immediately, give me money because I need a commitment (which is so ironic, why I commit without insurance then either…lol). It’s obvious when they do that they’re either fake, a scam or just don’t read the damn blogs..lol. I’ve found that the older you go, and for me, the perfect range is 27-32, the more life experiences, the more determined, and better prepared a SB is. I’ve had two good relationships that only ended due to distance, and we still talk, and I am currrently in one now. All three, 28, 29 and 32. Sometimes I think the college students are in like a sorority college challenge to see if they can establish a relationship and then after a few days or a week, POOF, they’re gone. I usually avoid if at all possible. Sometimes I’ll strike up a conversation just to see…my suspicions are usually correct.

  84. Mickey M. says:

    There’s an increasing number of women offering pay-for-play as the
    only option to meet. They do this once they have your phone number
    and text or call you. Just a few hours ago I was asked for a $400
    “allowance” to come over and hang out. Sometimes they even post the
    financial demands on their profile page!

  85. Rena says:

    Yes, i have this problem especially in my area. I tried changing my profile and pictures but no luck. Any help?

  86. anonymous says:

    It seems almost a waste to fill out the bio, after putting a lot of thought into it, nothing serious…at least it stopped the SDs looking for prostitutes…guess there’s not many real SDs on here, or maybe they all like the millenial hooker appraoch, no one seems interested in mentoring, maybe I should just say I want to have fun and not mention that I have future goals in life? Not every student graduates, and most don’t even use thier degree soo….

  87. Anon says:

    All of the “Don’t waste my time.” comments SBs post are also BS. They’re usually the ones that want something platonic and are wasting everyone’s time by being on the site.

  88. R says:

    It seems that women here skew heavily toward the “millennial” type and use the phone app almost exclusively. I tried the app & hated it. It is less than worthless. The functionality encourages superficial searches. The app makes it very easy to “Favorite” someone without looking @ their profile. What a colossal time-waster; over 80% of my Favorite-listings come from women who haven’t even looked at my profile. They just “swiped,” based on the tiny thumbnail pic on their phone or my headline. Even then they can’t be bothered to look at my profile, even if I write them AND send access to private pix. It’s like they’re fine with failing as long it’s convenient.

  89. :/ says:

    Cannot find any SD that can prove he is STD free.

    • TT says:

      Depending on your definition, hardly anyone is. Herpes is both from your mother or almost anything else (HSV-1) and generally STD (-2) but not always.

      Tests for those and the other STDs are simply not relevant after a week or two. And they’re easily forged or modified anyhow.

      Simplest answer: Don’t have sex.
      Simple but slightly more practical: Insist on a condom.

      • Anonymous says:

        agreed you should use your messaging to determine if the other party has multiple partners thus increasing your risk a std test only proves they didn’t have a STD at the time of testing it’s not protection forever the best protection is no sex but that wouldn’t be much fun

    • Rick says:

      How hard is it to get tested?

      • Anonymous says:

        Not hard at all. however, if you are clean, the governement places will not call to tell you. no news is good news. Which is kinda BS since you end up waiting and wiating and waiting. You have to call them to get a verbal lol!

    • adelthorne says:

      Well I must say, its harder to get a SB that actually dont think its insulting that I ask this.

      • AnonSD having fun says:

        Yup, ran into exactly this- I test quarterly for my piece of mind and generally before entering into an arrangement with new SB. I am diligent about protection despite being “serially monogamous” with SBs. But during the few times things went longer than 3 months and I inquired about the SB getting tested- wow they were offended. So I have quit asking

      • brittanycandy says:


    • brittanycandy says:


  90. Tonyspagony says:

    Well as an SD I think it is the SBs who play the waiting game. I contact someone who is on line and an hour later they contact back. Then its ‘OK lets talk!’ so I do and then they expect me to sit at my computer for up to 1-2 hours whilst they check their other 50 online chatters before they get back to me!!? Sorry I won’t be there. The other issue that gets to me is the ‘private photo’ request. I get it sometimes and always respond BUT when I ask for reciprocate phot access it usually isn’t given! So I am adopting a ‘You First!’ approach and if nothing happens I move on as my money is good everywhere!

  91. NomaluRuthThwala says:

    Hi like to join this group because I like to get my Sugar daddy

  92. ThisIsNot GFM says:

    Here are some major blunders that I can’t believe they didn’t mention in this blog!
    Having only 1 profile photo
    Using photos that are to far away
    Using only headshot photos (trying to hide their bodies)
    Using a mixture of old and new photos
    Having multiple people in the main photo
    Having multiple people in more then one of the photos
    Using Snapchat filters on any of the photos
    (no one wants to see dog ears or fake glasses)

    Leaving this section blank & asking POT’s to message them
    Telling POT’s they can find out more at the meet & greet date
    Sounding like entitled millennial & a spoiled brat
    Only talking money or how much they love money

    Asking for a large allowance & wanting a platonic relationship
    Only talking about the financial aspect & not the type of relationship they’re looking for

  93. Anonymous says:

    What? You mean “Substantial” requirements but “nothing sexual” doesn’t generate a flood of emails form SD’s? Shocked, I tell you…

  94. Anonymous says:

    I generally agree with this article. As an SD, I find the blurry photos — or deceptive photos — to be the most problematic issue. Many SB’s will post a photo of their face, for example, but not include their body. In such cases, the SB will often describe herself as “curvy.” What exactly does that statement mean, though? Without meaningful pictures, it’s hard to say. In many cases, I’ve found that the “curvy” SB is morbidly obese by medical standards. So let’s add the “no body” category to the problem of blurry pictures.

    • Gary says:

      “Curvy,”I’ve thought, started out as a euphemism for full-figured, up to about a size 16, but now I see SBs with perfectly luscious figures describing themselves that way. You won’t know without a photo.

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay, this is a good question, then: I am someone who is ACTUALLY curvy. Like, I go in at the waist and way out at the hips. While I’m not trying to compare myself to these ladies, think Beyonce, J-Lo, Kim Kardashian. I know that if I say slim, I am probably not what they expect. If I say curvy, the assume I am very much so overweight. If I say athletic, even if I have good tone, again, I assume they are expecting someone with a runner’s build. I’m in the middle of making my profile, so I’m still waiting on approval for my pictures and trying to find good ones. But is there a description that accurately conveys big hips, small waist? I think the word “Pin-up” should be an option.

      • Anonymous says:

        I always though curvy meant an hourglass figure. Those with rolls should pick one of the other descriptions. Just post a pick to make sure there is no confusion.

      • Anon says:

        You’re curvy. That’s exactly what you are. It’s not your fault the term has been hi-jacked.

    • NoBs says:

      Lots of slim are average build to overweight. Curvy overweight. I was seeing this one girl who said she was slim and pics show that but in person ..average to chubby. Curvy is obese. That seems the trend from my experience. Overweight well at least they are honest. So far one of the many girls that said were slim in person are slim.

      • Jenn says:

        It’s humorous to me how men can judge women’s body’s when I’m sure yours isn’t perfect.

  95. Anonymous says:

    The demands are the killer for me. Especially of time. Like anyone’s time is more important than another. When I read this BS, I usually just hide, block and move on to an sb that is less drama.

  96. Anonymous says: