The start of the new year is the best time to clean up your profile. Studies show that January and February are the most active months of the year for dating sites. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or just felt lonely over the holidays, use a few of these tips to put yourself (and your profile) in the best position to find your perfect arrangement!

Incomplete Profile

This may sound like an obvious one, but it’s not! A lot of our users are so eager to dive into the Sugar Bowl that they skip out on the most important details of their profile- the “About Me” and “What I’m Looking For” sections. These are critical when it comes to standing out amongst potential SB’s or SD’s as they want to learn as much about you as they can to see if it would be a good fit. Truly take the time to reassess these sections of your profile to increase your chances of finding the perfect arrangement.

Linking External Pages in Your Profile

Have you recently received a message from our support team stating that your profile has been denied when you thought it was perfectly fine? One of the most common reasons a profile description is denied is simply because you are linking external pages in your profile. Some examples of this are mentioning your social media networks. For example, “follow me on Instagram” or “add me on wechat” is not allowed. We value our user’s privacy so we ask that you keep your profile free of personal links to ensure a safe dating experience.

Blurry Photos

The only thing worse than a blurry photo is no photo at all. Would you ever message someone without knowing what they really look like? Probably not. If you’re concerned for your privacy, go ahead and upload any photo as your cover picture, however, to increase your number of matches, have a few clear options as private photos so that when you do find someone you’re interested in, you can easily share them when you’re ready.

Update Your Location

We can’t tell you how many times arrangements don’t work out because someone has failed to update their location. For our users that are frequent travelers, we suggest you continually update your location and be sure to include in your profile that you are a frequent traveler to avoid these types of confusions.

Rude or Offensive Content

Posting rude or offensive content to your profile can result in an immediate removal from our website. We have a zero tolerance policy for this at SeekingArrangement and posting offensive subject material in your profile not only can hinder you from getting matches, but can remove you from the Sugar Bowl entirely.

Unreasonable Demands

Being specific in your profile about what you want is one thing, but demanding things that are truly unreasonable will not work in your favor. A few common instances of this are specifically stating unreasonable allowance numbers, also mentioning that you want an “online only” arrangement is against the rules on our site, as well as demanding anything sexual in your bio. Leave the specifics of your arrangement to be discussed after the first meet and greet and focus on describing who you are as a person and what you can provide in an arrangement in your profile.

Are You Using Tags?

Our recently added tagging feature allows you to feature specific things on your profile that you are looking for. By utilizing the tagging feature, users can now visit your profile and quickly make the decision on whether or not they are interested and want to continue reading your profile and potentially messaging you.

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