3 years ago
Brandon Wade Addresses the Sugar Community


Founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement, Brandon Wade, addresses the community regarding recent changes in legislation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think too many men fail to realize that this is not a conventional dating site like eHarmony. This is a sugar dating site. What level-headed, younger woman would genuinely be sexually attracted to a man the same age as her dad or grandpa? She wouldn’t at all be. Ultimately, all men are seeking chemistry, and with that would come sex. You cannot force a woman to be attracted to you. What you prove to her, is how she will become interested enough to happily cater to your needs and give you the respect/attention you want. Some men feel as though they are the catch and looking at women as numbers, forgetting that the catch is really the lady. With that being said, that does not give a woman the excuse to be asshole, scammer, robber or manipulator, so don’t twist the words up.

    • Duke says:

      Obviously, there is a financial component. But too many men who are smart with most of their financial decisions overpay. The reality is simple: the local market rate for an escort, regardless of legality, is a reflection of supply and demand. Also, one must factor in gender ratio (for hetero pairings) and there are far more women than men. This affects the numbers. Finally, there is the reality that Brandon Wade put bogus numbers on Seeking Arrangement – for years – that distorted expectations and flew in the face of well known financial data. While there are many blogs which teach women how to “upsell” SDs, there are virtually no useful blogs for men that coach them on the most important word in sugar dating: “No”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    New on this site(25/f), any tips on how to avoid those with nefarious intentions?

  3. cee says:

    there is alot of fake men on here asking for bank info and playing gmaes .. it needs to be fixed

    • Anonymous says:

      there are a lot of women asking for money in advance of meeting without showing up so what is your point if someone is asking for bank info block them or report them

  4. Marc says:

    Seems like 75% of the sugarbabies have been purged from Phoenix? What’s going on; as of a few days ago there are very few active profiles

  5. Joe says:

    What is prohibitted? I notice the allowance amounts are gone. It’s stupid to talk about escorts because that term is undefined. It could mean anything. Some concrete guidelines and details about what is the way things should be done would be valuable.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. marianny says:

    im only want happy

  8. Anonymous says:


    22 • Female • Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
    Im happy to travel with or to you to support your emtional and physical needs while seeking new adventures in return for both finalcial and physical aid.
    she is 17

  9. Anonymous says:

    she cutiepiekeke has a few profile
    working as a Pro

  10. Anonymous says:

    how about her blissy69

  11. Anonymous says:

    Open to different opportunities, let me know what youre after

  12. Anonymous says:

    she is 17 Cassie Jones 07 Premium Member
    still on your site Your site should be closed NSA FBI what the hell you doing

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    there are lots more girls that age on your site
    Brandon Wade…

  15. Anonymous says:

    you know she is 16..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is she a SB or working…
    “I’m actually trying to get my business going, I work with a few young ladies from a private house, we are trained masseuses ☺️

  17. Anonymous says:

    By one of the SB’S
    Pretty much open to anything – mostly looking for something casual/short term over the summer holidays for xmas etc!

  18. Anonymous says:

    i thought this was a private site but found out it’s not

  19. ilovecake says:

    Im new to the site. 26 years old, working, love to travel, need a good SD who will take care of me and vise versa. Beautiful and sweet. Not an escort or prostitute. Lets see if we have chemistry :]

  20. Wood says:

    Woman are like Egg and need to be treated specially. I am new here thou and this change my perception about woman. Thank you brandon

    • Leo says:

      I don’t share that, women on one hand wants to be equal and YET wants to be treated special and above all. Sorry burst anyone’s bubble but you can’t have it both ways. This is not a dating site or Christian mingle, this site is specific and those who are here need to get a reality check why they are here. nuf said.

      • Anonymous says:

        if you have to pay someone to go out with it’s not a dating site

      • Realist says:

        Yeah, having to pay someone to go out with one, is like, having to tie a porkchop around a kids neck, so the dog will play with him.

  21. Hekette says:

    There needs to be more love for us brown sugar babies! We are definitely at a disadvantage and makes it discouraging when we know who gets picked first </3

    • Bart says:

      Be more aggressive and see what happens. They’re more than likely afraid of being rejected. Flirt with 10 guys you like and see…

    • Simon Jester SD says:

      Bart is giving you some good advice. My inbox is so full everyday that I rarely make first contact with a SB.

    • Realist says:

      How do you know who gets picked first? You gals sharing stats with each other or something?

    • Anonymous says:

      well you need to take things into your own hands get a firm grip on the problem and see what comes out of it

  22. Sonny says:

    Your site is very slow to download an to move with all the customers you have and business you definitely need to change you’re hosting because it is very slow.

  23. viharas says:

    Hi, I’ve been in SA for a few months as an active member. I access from Spain. From the experience and the interrelation that I have had so far with the women with whom I have contacted through SA, I can establish the following category of searches:
    1.- girls who do not know very well what they are looking for (or what they offer is not realistic)
    2.- girls who are looking for a financier who pays their needs or wants (with different expectations regarding their compensation)
    3.- girls who offer sexual encounters in exchange for money (sometimes even before a first meeting)
    4.- girls who seek / offer emotional encounters in personal relationships, that is, dates.
    From this point of view, and seeing the initial philosophy of this website, I suspect that the bases and goals of it are not the same in one country and in another, especially in the country in which it was founded -USA- and in another country in which it has subsequently expanded (eg Spain). As the way of being, the vital priorities and the principles of an American and of an European are different -give me this generalization-, the functioning and the success and the goal of SA is / will be very different in the USA or in a European country, eg.
    I mean with this that you cannot automatically move the SA format in the USA to eg the European Union, where other values and priorities, searches and principles prevail. To give just one example, the tags that are used in SA in English to indicate preferences or tastes or searches are in some cases ridiculous in their translation and / or in their meaning in another language, eg in Spanish.
    That is why I say that certain websites should adapt their content, image and form to the idiosyncrasy of the country in which they carry out their activity, and the automatic extension with the same content to all languages is not always feasible.

  24. Natasha says:

    I’m pay money and after few days delet me ! Nice !

  25. Natasha says:

    Halo ! Why delete me from this mail? What s up ? Thanks !

  26. Bart says:

    The “lifestyle” (minimal, moderate, extravagant, etc) tab is now gone… There’s no way to tell what someone is looking for. You’re now wasting your time chatting with someone who’s looking to be flown to Italy on a private jet on the first date instead of just looking at the “lifestile” tab to see if the person isn’t batsh1t, or not. Is anyone working at SA listening/reading these?

    • Anonymous says:

      SA is getting rid of these categorizes to protect it’s self it is promoting it’s self as a dating site so having someone ask for a certain sum of money smacks of prostitution i’d be happy to see them gone a good arrangement can be made without them

    • Simon Jester SD says:

      I just assume that any SB who uses “luxury lifestyle” tag wants a crazy allowance plus dates/gifts. I never respond to their messages.

      • Anonymous says:

        luxury lifestyle represents to me private jets travel around the world and staying at classy hotels i have no interest in travel like that i would rather invest the money in the lady so that she can get ahead in life

  27. Freakin Scammers says:

    The amount of time spent on this site just trying to find a real person and not dealing with the scam artists is getting pathetic. I’m tired of the screening process…the fake profiles… the lying “SB” crowd. It’s a sure thing when you meet them here… you better do your homework..there’s lots of scheming she devil scammers running around. (First sign is when they are offended that you are asking for proper ID after discussions over a period of time- RUN!!!)
    Why can’t SA come up with a simple verification process like we all have to go through when we fly on an airplane and TSA. A profile should have a proper ID associated with it when signing up. Of course I’m going to hear from the privacy police, screaming that’s not right..well guess what a site filled with scamming lying “SB ladies” is not either!

  28. Fritz says:

    Any update on the return of the keyword search? This is an important function for me.

    • Tim says:

      Yes. I am waiting to renew to see if they bring back keyword search like they say they will. It has been a long time now.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m new to this site and looking for my sugar daddy

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’m new here

  31. no username says:

    10 years, I have been on and off this site as a SB. The men now don’t understand what an arrangement is or are asking for banking information. They want something for nothing. IF you do not understand what this site is really about then maybe you shouldn’t be on it. You help a SB out and they are supposed to help you out.

    • Anonymous says:

      I truly agree with u. I can start a conversation and then dead silence if ur not interested then just say so…

    • Anon says:

      I totally agree as well. This is exactly what I think. Been here only 3 yrs or so and got back recently but only to find men saying that the women who expect things in return are unrealistic and that women need to get a grip.
      Like, if we joined here, we are automatically pros.

      The men that were here when I joined are gone and got replaced by this childish, pro seekers that have the nerves to say they are not interested in giving anything and will just see you one time and that’s it. They don’t care about your “long term” label, just about themselves. I wonder what would the site do if the women who joined because of the concept from a few years back, leave. If we all leave, then this will be exactly a pros site.

  32. anon says:

    I can say this site had changed dramatically.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes it has

    • Tracy Saffelder says:

      I have noticed men seeking men & women on the women seeking men site and listed as bi. I don’t have an issue with this butbi encourage honesty about what you are looking for please. I’m older and I am a bit more experienced & I am just concerned for younger women or new members who are just venturing out. Ask questions and trust your gut! I have met some wonderful men but I also have blocked several. Be aware and use good judgement! You are intelligent beautiful people!! I see the good in this site for those of us going into this with open eyes and an open (cautious)mind. Be smart & respect yourself. You are the Sugar Baby with the world at her feet! The possibilities can be endless!

  33. g says:

    if my mom is right… she was right Brandon. Every women wants to be cared for and loved. This idea gives gender roles structure.

  34. Jack says:

    Keyword search really was a needed part of the site.

  35. mike says:

    bring back keyword search on seeking

  36. SevenYearUser says:

    Yes Please!
    My user experience has decreased 50% after not having keyword search

  37. Anonymous says:

    More effort needs to be put into investigating and removing scams. I am pretty sure a “SB” used a RFID scanner to steal credit cards. Two cards, one I never use, were stolen the day of a greet. I didn’t report the suspect because the report process asks for proof (and how does one prove that? We are not in criminal court). I agree that members should not be stained based on speculation, but criminal activities are repeated. There should be a system that allows for anonymous reports of suspicious activity. I can’t imagine I am alone in this, and multiple reports should be a red flag, and result in a ban. We have come down to having to bring RFID blocking wallets to meets…

  38. easyature says:

    Your payment upgrade says it will charge Rs. US 89 every month automatically… What if I want to only try out for a month? Once I give you the card number how do I stop the car from being automatically charged every month if I do not want to renew?



  39. Ohhhwen says:

    HI! IM new here! looking for my daddy…. Cheers!

  40. Mekenos says:

    Keyword search has to be brought back. I can’t imagine why it was deleted.

  41. Bart says:

    I updated my profile over three days ago and the changes haven’t posted… What now?

  42. Becca says:

    Thank you Brandon Wade

  43. Robin says:

    Hey! I’m new here!! 🙂

  44. Anónimo says:

    Por más de que intentó crear el perfil no se puede, ya tengo toda la información y me aparece que el perfil no será visible hasta completar todo y ya Lo tengo todo. No entiendo…

  45. Anonymous says:

    !!! ♥♥ Happy Day People

  46. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know how we can contact Brandon directly? Some of the new enforcement policies his “team” are enforcing are just downright laughable. One of my coworkers got suspended, because he asked for contact info on a girl who later admitted she was 17. She sent the message while he was composing his. So, in the message history hers showed before he hit “send,” but he never saw it until AFTER he had done so. SA suspended him, but ALLOWED THE GIRL TO STAY! She still had an active profile! If she stated she was underage, which is against SA’s TOS, why was he booted, but she allowed to stay?

    • Bill says:

      Hi. Also I get barred EVERY week for “Soliciting sex for money”. I have NEVER done this and your team needs to be educated what that means. Every other week they block me for no reason! Of course AFTER they have collected my subscription money.

    • Anonymous says:

      that’s just happened to me… he is two faced..person …i know of SB moving on to other daddy sites.

  47. Mr helpful says:

    Why can’t we search by username????

  48. Wtf says:

    Since when did all these fat girls become sugar babies?

  49. Oweknowsitedown says:

    Is SA down? All I get is a white screen

  50. Anonymous says:

    you sound happy

  51. hassn says:


  52. Anonymous says:

    wow really dead here oh well that is life

  53. SB says:

    What he said is really true every single woman even having a good job wants likes a man who provide financially , it’s just the way alpha man likes.
    Well unfortunately a lot of man ask for Per meeting even my profile say no PPM or are kinda cheap or feel offended if you ask to talk about allowance when this page is to be open about it. Any way no matter what online dating app use woman want a successful man most countries man find pleasure of being the one providing . Period .

  54. royal says:

    Honestly, all these guys complaining that there are woman who want their money don’t understand that they are the problem.

    This site has made me so A-sexual. I am afraid to have sex at all now because guys just want to tell you the world of they will do something, when all they want is the sex, from the first meet!

    Many girls on here are struggling with the outrageous rent costs and cost of living being so high. I want to focus on my education so I can get a good paying job, but I need to support myself while I am in school.

    Where are all the honest men?

    • Anonymous says:

      they are on here but will be hard to find because they will get someone quickly and then get off the site too many on here think they can take their time and select the best one but the good ones will be gone before you get around to responding to them

    • Bart says:

      The nice guy who throws money at a girl just because she’s pretty wouldn’t be on this site because in the real world a fool like him would already be taken. This site is for people, who understand an “arrangement”… The concept is as old as time. You look out for him and he’ll look out for you. being direct about want you want tends to give you a better outcome. Expecting a man to do the right thing on his own isn’t gonna happen. he needs to be trained by YOU. Time to grow up lil girl…

      • None says:

        Okay so explain this to me. You’re saying that you need to train a man (who’s money you want) to do things you want him to do?

    • lolog says:

      What is a realistic monthly allowance to ask for in the uk ?

    • Girlsbecareful says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

  55. Anonymous says:

    The keyword search was essential screening tool. If it’s gone for good I will not be renewing.

  56. Bart Black says:

    They keep deleted my comments…

    Anyone else keep getting favorited by the random Philippino bots every time you refresh the page?

  57. Anonymous says:

    they on here also

  58. Anonymous says:

    lol lame

  59. EllaAlexandria says:

    I had a wonderful Sugar Daddy for a little over a year before moving across the country for a job after school. He did everything perfectly. He took the time to screen me and ask me questions about what I needed. After we had an open, respectful, and tactful conversation about what we both wanted we met up down town at a coffee shop, talked some more and spent the afternoon looking around going into stores and learning about things we both liked to get to know each other. He didn’t buy me a thing and I didn’t expect him to!!! It was purely a meet and greet! After that we had two more dates where he took me out and we explored the city together. He started giving me an allowance on the second date and it increased with each date. We didn’t sleep together until the 4th date!!! SB’s and SD’s expecting to find the perfect match by rushing without getting to know them a little bit first is just completely unreasonable. I’m still patiently looking for another SD but I keep encountering jaded flakey guys or men who just want to have sex with an available stranger… This is about people! Anyone can have sex or give someone money. For me it has to be someone (and my next SD) ENJOY. Otherwise what’s the point?

    • Anonymous says:

      too many on here from both sides trying to get something for nothing or giving very little this makes it hard for those looking for a relationship to find one glad you found someone enjoy

    • royal says:

      Thank you for writing out your experience. In my head and what I try and address on my profile and with potential SD’s is exactly that. I’m not into gold digging, or sleeping with random men I don’t even know and can’t trust. There are so many questions to be addressed to, like making sure both people have been tested, and have compatibility before any intimacy. But I think so many men want the 20-24 year olds who just want the money. The ones who are older want something real, take their time and want to be cared for. I hope we both find what we are looking for <3

    • Fed Up Anon says:

      Join a normal dating site

    • NOLA says:

      I completely agree. I would rather take my time and get to know one person! I don’t want to be with several people. I am looking for one man that I enjoy spending time with and have fun with! I get a lot of messages from men wanting to meet at their hotel while they are in town for the weekend. Not at all what I am looking for!

  60. Truth says:

    This site is all sizzle and no steak !

  61. Truth says:

    Agree 100%

  62. juana says:

    and most guys don’t value even cents soo its equal

  63. Anonymous says:

    i trust your happy with the site

  64. Rob says:

    Where is the search by keyword ? Is it gone ?

  65. Genna says:

    I can imagine that it is highly regional in what you find as well. There are some great ones, but they can be like hunting unicorns at times here.

  66. Sugar Babe says:

    ALL sugar DADDIES should be VERIFIED. To many flakes.

    I will be deleting my account because of this, and using a site that verifies it members.

  67. Michael says:

    Why did you delete the ‘search by keyword’ section from the searches page? I find it very frustrating to find what I’m looking for without it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Supposedly they took it down temporarily to make some changes to the coding, but are bringing it back.

  68. MartiniMan says:

    Sorry ChiGal, your premise is flawed, but glad it’s working for you. Most females are ungrateful, unappreciative and belligerent. I’ll never figure out the female maxum of entitlement but you all have it; some display it more blatantly than others. I’ve never been involved with a woman that didn’t lie to me, regardless of race or culture. None were ever upset they lied; they were upset the got caught.
    SA allows both parties to approach any arrangement like a business, and I make it known I’m faithful to the Golden Rule of Business; He who has the GOLD makes the Rules. Ending an arrangement is much more expedient and economical than divorce. When you lie……You’re Fired.

    • Anonymous says:

      MartiniMan for President of the World! That guy speaks the truth. Its an unpopular conclusion but I have found them to be women to be *exactly* the same way!

      • Anonymous says:

        y’all are mad you can’t find a girl to stroke your pathetic ego for 100, and all the pretty girls you want won’t settle for less than 4k a month. you’re mad because you’re poor? wah wah little boys

    • Anonymous says:

      you men sound confused sexually …. such contempt for pretty, younger women

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no contempt at all and noone is “confused sexually”. ALL women are like that. Its not just limited to women on SA. If you can’t see it, you’re blind or a moron.

    • Anonymous says:

      My man! a lot of these girls believe that they have the advantage below the belt which is just inherently flawed. When that’s the only thing you bring to the table, invariably and inevitably, you can always find its availability elsewhere, better, for half of the price!

    • Corinne says:

      Dude, you need to start looking for your women in different places…

  69. Anonymous says:

    As a new genuine ‘SB’ if that’s the right term seeking to be a companion/sugar baby/lover/friend etc etc for a successful mature female, is it worth subscribing here or am I wasting my time signing up if there are only a few genuine females on here?

    • Anon_SD says:

      Waste of time from what I have heard. Better to try free lancing. There have been discussions on the blog over on Lets talk sugar dot com.

  70. Truth talkin says:

    Brandon has a profile up where he states that because he “pays the bills” he should be allowed to have as many sugar babies as he pleases but all his sugar babies must be faithful to him …
    Gee I wonder why he’s 3x divorced … lol

  71. ella says:

    Presume you are going to crack down on men that just want “intimacy” or is it just a one way street?

  72. Anonymous says:

    Could you please force everyone who joins to watch this in its entirety before they can message or have their profile approved?

  73. WhoCares says:

    Why did SA get rid of the Profile Text search option? This is a disaster for me, SA is now a completely useless website for what I am looking for. WTF who removes functionality of a search, and why? What a waste of $90, Would rather have spent it on porn. This is a total joke. good luck finding someone if you have a specific need thats not listed under the “tags” section. Morons.

  74. Anonymous says:

    when are they going to change the topic this is getting boring

    • Anon_SD says:

      Probably wouldn’t be a new topic, this blog is replaced by lets talk sugar dot com. SA is posting new articles on that site all the time. It is mainly slanted toward indoctrinating SB’s though.

  75. Reuben says:

    Hi ?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Real Conversation: (Open for comments!)

    She: “I’m wanting a platonic relationship and I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for”
    Me: “I am ok with platonic! You have a boyfriend I guess!”
    She: “Oh okay then, I’m sorry I didn’t know that! And yes I do”

  77. Dave says:

    Brandon is the epitome of a beta male…he should be tapping 19 year olds

  78. Truth talkin says:

    Backpage seized by the FBI…
    Don’t get too attached people

  79. Anna says:

    I’ve had 2 great arrangements from this site in the past, the last one lasted 3 years and I’ve recently gotten back on the site. It is horrible here in Houston! From what I’ve come to learn there are a ton of cheap ex strippers on the site who all offer sex upon the first encounter and whenever after for $300 a pop! I guess they couldn’t do it if there were not a bunch of guys looking for that. Crazy!!! I guess this is a seeking arrangements site, but I thought it was more of a sugar daddy site which to me implys a bit of a friendship & getting to know each other a bit, not just random sex w strangers. I’m sorry, I hope again I am not offended you. Just seems like it’s changed quite a bit since I’ve been on here last. Where are all the good men at?

  80. ChicagoGal says:

    I met my man on SA and will be 4 years in August 🙂 It can work. At first we were PPM, and then monthly allowance of 5k. Cost of living downtown is a lot. If men actually were successful and wanted that amazing missing piece of the puzzle, they would do everything in their power to keep her happy. I am not saying buying her bags, shoes and material items but make sure she is able to pursue her dreams also. If you did that, maybe this would work for you. Thankfully mine is smart and figured that out. I still work full time cause I want to, not cause I have to. We live together and are very happy. He still gives me an allowance, without me asking of course. I never had to see more than 1 guy when I started the process. I went on many BAD dates and many liars who want to be Sugar Daddies, so again many fakes on both ends, Don’t give up she is out there 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Happy you met a great guy! There’s hope for the rest of us.
      Many Splenda dads on SA. Many little girls playing games ruin it for the rest of us.

    • wtf says:

      I don’t get it , if you are living together where is the allowance coming from or into ? plus I think it is matter of time when one of you gets bored , what happens then and what is the exit strategy ?

    • duh says:

      sounds like fantasy to me… why are you still a member on this site then?

  81. anonymous says:

    i cant use the app on my iphone , what is going on

  82. james says:

    My Inbox has 90 messages and I can only see 25
    Also my Uutbox hasa many more but I can only see the ast 25
    Wassup I just rejoined ???? Is the SA loosing them????

  83. Fapen says:

    Over 2 months and no new blog entry! What’s going on in Brandon’s shady world, is he more focused on lawyering up for all kinds of legal troubles about to unleash on him or has he run out of ideas to continue to lure?

    • Anon_SD says:

      This blog basically has been replaced by the site Letstalksugar dot com.

      • Fapen says:

        Letstalksugar is just a place where they goad all those outrageously ridiculous fantasy ideas into the heads of those knucklehead girls. They then come on SA with their heads filled to the brim with an overwhelming sense of entitlement thinking and expecting men to rush to them and stick $$$ in their pockets.

    • Anonymous says:

      likely both

      • Anon_SD says:

        the lets talk sugar site is pretty active, basically a training camp for SB’s and the golden life they will live if they join SA. Big on marketing the sugar concept.

  84. LadySirena says:

    Ok, so this may not have anything to do with this blog post topic, but I’ve noticed that this site has also gone under some updates like the lifestyle preferences. Maybe I’m just fashionably late, but what does the (2nd) by usernames mean? I’ve tried googling it, and searching through the help section of SA, but haven’t found anything about it. If someone wouldn’t mind clearing that up I’d appreciate it!

    • Anon_SD says:

      Usually refers to a second location that is listed in the profile. All the different locations will be found during searches of that particular location. I have seen up to 3 different locations of a profile so far.

  85. Anonymous says:

    what is wrong with seeking arrangement now profiles that list themselves as sugar mommies are guys pretending to be a woman sad sad sad

    • princess says:

      lol are u a sugar baby boy that discovered that?

    • Anon_SD says:

      No such thing as a sugar mommy, women don’t need to pay for companionship or sex. Just the way it is.

      • princess says:

        yes, there are sugar mommas eg. donatella versace, do you think rich old women get men because of “love”? nope, when women are old if they are poor (well if not married) no more choices to choose, if they are rich they can get a young hot man

      • Anonymous says:

        a old woman can get a young man but it’s not because they are rich men don’t care how much money a woman has

      • Anon_SD says:

        Cougars and milf’s are quite popular now.

  86. milk says:

    Ah, such a shame. Just read about all the responses to this entry and I’m now disappointed. I’m a newbie SB and seeing that the site is now full of scammers and scorts, kind of discouraging. Think it obviously turns SD off and scares them away.

    This is mainly happening because female influencers have been making YT videos in which they only show PPM arrangements and sugar coat everything, thus many young girls come here with that idea in mind. Honestly, search “My Experience as a Sugar Baby” on YT, none of them were actually SB, they were girls who signed up out of curiosity, got offers, and then deactivated their accounts only to make a video out of it.

    Anyways, just know that there still are genuine SBs out there looking for an actually balanced relationship. <3

    • Anonymous says:

      they only used those video’s as click bait for their channel they had no intention of being a SB

    • Anon_SD says:

      The related site lets talk sugar has many female influencers, they paint a very rosy picture of being a SB. Most is false advertising.

  87. I agree says:

    90 bucks a month to talk to trash ? And they can get you kicked off if you tell it like it is?

    Pretty soon it will be 50:1 ratio of women to men and nobody will care or pay to stay !

  88. Former Premium says:

    Sorry, Brandon, but your website is circling the drain. As a long time PAID member, I find it quite ironic that my account was suspended after being reported by an obvious pro who I chose not to engage in an arrangement with. The fact that you don’t chase away the hookers, and you allow them to get your paying customers booted from the site, means yet another SD who will take my money elsewhere.

  89. Just sayin says:

    Looks like anonymous is having quite an argument with herself here … lol

  90. Anonymous says:

    Good. Please also enforce banning the many men on this site who are openly looking for escorts. There are several profiles I’ve seen that are quite blatant about it. PPM is not what this site is about!

    • Anonymous says:

      are you sure about that

    • Anna says:

      That’s what I thought to, I thought this was a sugar daddy site, which implys to me getting to know each other a little become friends. Not random sex w strangers. The people on this site hv really changes!

  91. Anonymous says:

    successful men always date the stinkiest women in the world, whor es, nerds, and then they insult beautiful girls, successful deserve the stink of the world, money can’t buy everything

  92. Anonymous says:

    LOL, yet every time I report one who BLATANTLY says “PPM” or anything like it, their profile stays active .. so this is complete BS.

  93. Times are changing says:

    That explains a lot

  94. Times are changing says:

    I can’t even stand to reply to any of these trashy hoes anymore … ugh

  95. Jake says:

    Are there any gay sugar daddies in the UK? I have a lovely profile that you could check out 🙂

  96. Matt says:

    Are there any sugar mummies? Going through countless profiles I only face fake 1 day profiles?

  97. wtf says:

    yes this site use to be very very entertaining and fun , some oen else mentioned it about dude and I wonder too as to what happened to him and all the girls it was fun

  98. wtf says:

    cos I am saying dude

  99. wtf says:

    why cant I post?

  100. Stephan says:

    Since I registered on this website years ago things changed. I even found my wife (now ex wife here)… Shit happens.
    Anyway today the girls are much more interest in a contract than in a „relationship“ We all know why we are here but if the girls change like this, I prefer to try the normal way

    • Anonymous says:

      good point

    • sunkissed says:

      I agree, this is a good point. A quality and serious relationship for the long run has been a goal to aim for. There’s just so many bad apples to weed through, which can be a buzzkill to the user experience. Some patience goes a long way when it comes to finding your match.

      • Anonymous says:

        this is not a traditional dating site though—- so you should try asking girls out and trying get what you want -without having to be mutual beneficial —on traditional dating sites

      • Anonymous says:

        problem is that many pathetic men here have psychological issues, they say they don’t want prostitutes but then they call prostitute to every woman here without any hint that they are prostitutes but they have the delusion that every woman here is a prostitute so why they are here? clearly they are here looking for a prostitute but they just can’t admit that to themselves, those men need psychological help out of this site because here women shouldn’t support their hysteria
        btw i’m starting to think that many profiles of men here are fake too because if those men are paying for a premium profile then why they dont even ask for a pic to a profile without pics

    • wtf says:

      That has been going on for centuries, my dear. Welcome to reality.

    • wtf says:

      really Stephan ? how did you address the issue with your wife ?

  101. Sam says:

    There are some people here complaining about the hookers and pay per meet.

    There has always been some of those. The professionals are usually up front about it. Then there are those girls who are hookers and don’t know it. There are also some who are unrealistic as to how much an allowance should or can be.

    But there are some very sweet, smart, attractive young women who are realistic with their expectations. I have had a few successful arrangements that would last from three to six months, and all were monthly allowance based. Circumstances had changed with each of those making it impractical to continue getting together. Then almost two years ago, I met a new SB, her first time at this. We are still together and unintentionally fell in love with each other. What we have is not traditional, but we are both very happy with the situation.

    • Emm says:

      Hi Sam,

      I’m in a similar situation in where I’ve too fallen in love with my SD and we’ve together for almost 2 years now as well.
      I’d love to ask you some questions – there is an obvious age gap and we’re thinking of taking another big step and moving in.
      Maybe I can email you? I was just wondering how has it been like to make mutural friends?



    • Digital Man says:

      I for one ONLY partake in PPP and after 3 years on this site … have never had a bad experience. For me it’s pretty simple …… get to the point early on, meet for coffee or a bite to eat FOR FREE and decide if both wish to proceed. If yes the next visit is the hotel for some unabashed passionate activity … pay the girl and if she’s worth it do it again until the passion wanes. At that point find another girl. Any girl who insists on getting paid to meet is OUT and any girl who wants an allowance is also OUT.

      • Anon_SD says:

        Pretty much my sop over the past several years. I have noticed the dynamics of this site is changing drastically. I think the phone app is responsible. The way it works is very different. It is listed as a “dating” app in the store. I can’t even find a way to get to this blog on the phone app, maybe why this blog is withering away. The participation has waned greatly over the past 6 months. And when I look at the “new members”, very big downgrade in quality from what I used to see. Not worth re upping for sure.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you agree this is a platform for prostitution?

      • Aulu says:

        The way digital man describes his experience, yes it’s nothing more than prostitution.

        I for one never took this approach. Both my previous arrangements had been long term with lot more personal interaction where we would spend time together going out for fun activities including bowling, attending outdoor events together, travels as well as staying home, in one case she was a good cook and she actually enjoyed cooking for me – of course intimacy was there too. But for me an arrangement is lot more than just wham bam thank you ma’m. I’d like to get to know her as a person, appreciate her good qualities and have more involved interactions.

      • Anonymous says:

        this is a mutual beneficial dating site –this is beneficial to you…. but not to the girl
        why not try regular dating site and try to get lucky there?
        they expect you to buy them dinner or something also

      • Anonymous says:

        Ding Ding Ding… Winner

        Exactly what I do.

      • Anonymous says:

        Aulu, your approach is irrelevant. The length of your arrangement and the amount of personal interaction is also irrelevant. You can call it what you want. You’re paying to fuck this girl. It’s more sanitized, dressed up, prettier, still prostitution.

      • Aulu says:

        @Anonymous: obviously your understanding of a sugar arrangement dynamics is utterly limited hence your views and comments are completely irrelevant. Come back when you could say something more meaningful and substantial to add to the discussion.

  102. Mit says:

    It doesnt take a genius to spot a pro on this site. Common guys – Message me if you need help deciding.

    • Anonymous says:

      what is wrong with pro’s at least they are honest about what they are offering

      • Anonymous says:

        well said

      • Former Premium says:

        Except when they report your profile for “not following through” when you realize they are a pro and you choose not to be involved with them.

      • Anonymous says:

        F.P that can happen with anyone not just pro’s they use threats and trickery to get free money and if you don’t follow though they report you so now you have to read their profiles more carefully if you don’t want to have a arrangement with them because they are 50 lb’s overweight when they say they are slim or they are several years older than what their profile says or you don’t want a platonic arrangement and you tell them them that they will report you there is no real defense agains’t that so be prepared to walk there is a life after the sugar bowl

  103. Anon_SD says:

    I’m seeing more and more profile set up with multiple locations. Seems to cater to pros whose business plan includes going on “tours”.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve seen that also the location on some profiles change a lot to different cities

    • transgenderbarbie says:

      I have an education and career, as well as condo’s in 2 of my favorite cities. I travel FOR WORK. Yes many girls here may be using that feature as they’re secretly escorts that go on tour but not all do. Many men use that feature too though as they’re men that travel for business or have more than one home. Just because many girls misuse something doesn’t mean there aren’t kind, sweet, GOOD SB’s out there that aren’t here to fuck stuff up for guys. Having 2 cities on my profile keeps me from having to change my location whenever I go to my other place. there are good girls here u just have to look and be kind!

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Yes, because women don’t travel to other cities for actual work. That would make them men.

  104. Anon says:

    I’ve found that many of the women here are professional sugar babies. They can only see you at a set day/time with a pay per meet probably seeing dozens of men. Either that or someone (probably not even a woman) making up some sob story and asking for a bunch of money without ever meeting.

    • Anonymous says:

      most women on here ask for PPM very few ask for monthly didn’t use to be that way but that is the norm now

      • hot_anon_girl says:

        I can’t hardly find a guy willing to do monthly – 95% or more of the men that have contacted me recently have offered PPM even though I’ve informed them that it is agains the site’s TOU.

      • Anonymous says:

        read the blog and you will see why they don’t offer monthly put your self in their shoes i offer monthly by the way

  105. Anonymous says:

    Spin it anyway you want but SA is platform for SD who end up paying for sex and SB who at some point offer sex for $$$. SA cannot control the behavior of its members. If the platform allows 2 people to meet and exchange sex for money then it is a sugar coated prostitution site. I tried it and met 2 girls. The first wanted 5k a mth. to meet twice a month for an evening and sex. The second one tried to shake me down to pay her rent in exchange for sex. To my amazement many of the SB are also on Match/POF etc. Woman post intimate pics on this site for what? Money of course.

    • Anonymous says:

      All or most relationships between a man and woman are forms of prostitution. Whats the difference between a SD and a young SB and a man getting a divorce from a wife with kids?? Nothing. They are all paying for it one way or another.

      • Anonymous says:

        agreed if you want to define prostitution as a exchange of sex and money then marriage is the biggest prostitution ring known to man kind

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes but most people who marry find their partners the old fashion way. This site tries to sugarcoat that it is not a prostitution site which in fact you just admitted. If you think most relationships with married people are forms of prostitution perhaps you should speak to my parents married for 58 yrs.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Which rich man would like to go trip with a random, clueless, young “princess”?

  107. I am an MD says:

    You guys are ok with sleeping with women who screw hundreds of men per year?
    STD is epidemic in my area of the US
    Good luck gentlemen.

  108. No pros please says:

    Omg nothing but hookers on here now . No thanks !

  109. Anon_SD says:

    Nice rack as long as you pay the installation charges!!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    this site is awesome it helps arrange and connect for –what most well to do powerful men (and women) want and are trying to do on their own anyway but this site helps save them time– it streamlines the process privately for them– rather than having to look for a mistress/ girlfriend/at golf tournaments, coffee houses, with their employees, secretaries etc— the bitter people here should try a regular dating site or hit on people on the rampant trampy social media pages–which are worse than this site
    men will and women that do not prefer to get married –or get married again will always seek drama free arrangements fitting their lifestyle best –whether there is a helpful site like this to help link minded people connect

    • sugar baby monkey says:

      nothing else to add

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        second that

      • royal says:

        Sadly, it’s hard to find something solid, whether it be match, at work, or on this site. The men I meet are lazy, some rich, some not. But bottom line they don’t want to plan anything, or take a woman out and actually take her to events and fun activities.

        The one man on here that I met last year was looking for marriage, and so we ended it and he found the girl and married her. He’s two times her senior. They are happily married. But for one, I am not looking to marry a man that doesn’t want kids (she had them) and one who looks like my father. He was the only man on here to think about activities, took me on a helicopter ride and dinners and tours and helped me purchase some online acting classes for me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking for marriage, I wanted to focus on my education.

        I hope there is someone out there that doesn’t want to tie a woman down, but can actually do all the things you would in a relationship.

        ALL the men on here only provide ppm and they negotiate to such a low amount, I would much rather work at my normal jobs then sleep with anyone for money.

    • Anonymous says:

      You may want to check again…many of the girls on this site have also been on Match etc. great way to weed out the gold diggers who portend to want a relationship on “dating” sites.

  111. Demanda says:

    I am 24 years old ,from South Africa. I created the account this evening after bumping into a youtube video showing this amazing life sugar babies have. I am not sure what I am looking for but I do know that I would appreciate anyone willing to spend on me. I can’t say I am keen on sexual arrangements that come with this act, I am certain though if I find myself overwhelmed by this App I shall delete it. I am looking for someone I can relate to and have meaningful conversation, to connect with them on a certain level. A man who’s down to earth is vital, I will make sure to be a benefit in someones life as well.

    • Anon_SD says:

      Don’t believe everything you see, there are a lot of marketing ploys about this site that do not represent reality. Unfortunate that expectations are raised so high. Best of luck.

    • Aulu says:

      Yah sure! in simple words, you’re just another of those delusional, entitled ones who think of sugar dating as a place to get free money for no reason. Dream on!

    • Fed Up Anon says:

      Ben je Afrikaans?

  112. Aulu says:

    A Trans demanding Moderate allowance …. seriously, what the sugar world has come to??

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe the trans has a lot to offer lol

    • transgenderbarbie says:

      I’m trans and I have moderate for my lifestyle, why is that an issue? I make a lot of money through my career (not porn, escort, etc) but what I went to college for. So why should I ask for less money than what I already make? Furthermore if you’d seen my photos you’d see I’m prettier than MOST of the genetic females on this site – and you should actually be thankful that some of us are good girls. I have postop trans friends that DO NOT have it listed that they’re trans and DO NOT tell the guys she meets on SA that she’s trans. I can’t see why you think a trans woman can’t ask for an allowance? There are PLENTY of guys on here that are into trans women. Just because you aren’t doesn’t mean others aren’t. Remember dear, you get a lot further being sweet than being an a – s – s !

      • Anon_SD says:

        A dangerous game to play, not specifying a gender change, can result in an unknown reaction. I for one don’t want to be with anyone with a Y chromosome, but that is just me. Of course, I also want to know if a SB has kids, changes the dynamic of a relationship in a negative way for me.

      • Anonymous says:


  113. Anonymous says:

    when you tell people their is a SD out there no matter what you look like common sense goes out the window

  114. Protistedebride says:

    You are surely a Trump’s supporter….

  115. APB says:

    This site became all the other sites under the Match Group umbrella.

    Heck, it may be the new Backpage, since I got a lots of favorites from women who look like they’d have been there not too long ago!

    I’m guessing that’s why the site wouldn’t update and add in my “About Me” and let some trash get their balloons busted…

  116. WiseGuy says:

    After being on SA for about 6 years as verified SD, I finally just now deleted my profile as the expiry of my last paid membership. During my membership period I saw a steep decline in quality of female membership here. The earlier generation of SBs still have reasonable understanding of what sugar dating is all about what. Many of that early generation were still relatively smart, educated, had well written profiles, could hold meaningful conversations and had realistic expectations of sugar benefits. The last few months I saw a tsunami of absolute dumb girls taking over the site – most of them hardly anything beyond high school, 19-22 yrs old with 2 kids, working menial jobs, even those enrolled in colleges couldn’t write anything substantial in their profiles or messages besides lame, bland couple of lines and demanding/expecting a world of luxury/free money for nothing. I recon during my stay here, I paid more on premium membership than on supporting an actual arrangement. Sad reality – this place is going through a slow, decaying death process.

    • Deanda says:

      Please contact me for a meaningful arrangement, as I feel like I have a lot more to offer and I don’t have unrealistic expectation on how things work within that lifestyle.

      I am willing to learn!

  117. Anon_SD says:

    Site is downhill ever since the phone app came out. Gals find the app in the store, download it, and join up, regardless of their qualifications of a potential SB, thinking easy money is available. I briefly checked out the phone app, can’t seem to find this blog, so figuring that is why participation has fallen so drastically.

  118. Anonymous says:


    • Anon_SD says:

      The word is out on the streets that there is a pot of gold at the end of the SA rainbow.

  119. WiseGuy says:

    Brandon’ greed for more & more $$$ has opened the floodgates for all kinds of trash to takeover the female membership here. Very few girls here who have even the most basic level of intelligence and with realistic expectations. Majority is just professional hoes and those dumb girls who think of sugar dating as a place to get free money for nothing.

  120. Reality talking says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the feds were setting up interstate ppm arrangements and getting ready to send Mr. Wade to the house of iron and concrete.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, wouldnt surprise me either given the 16 yr olds that have been on sa

      • Anon_SD says:

        Have to remember, it is always the guys fault with underage, females aren’t held accountable for being deceitful about their age.

    • Anonymous says:

      when they take a closer look at how this site is run then it will only be a matter of time until it gets shut down i hope not they label themselves as a dating site but when you have to pay for a date it’s not a dating site

    • Anonymous says:

      what a ridiculous comment incongruent to this site.
      have you been on instagram lately looking at all the escorts for hire on there?

    • Hi says:

      If they weren’t before, they are now … thanks to the 15 year old chick who shot another SA member near Vancouver. Have seen profile names nearly identical to hers, complete with the same misspelling, in other cities.

      • Anon_SD says:

        She was a small time crime wave. With C L and B P gone, the flies will migrate to this site.

    • Anonymous says:

      Problem is Mr. Wade and his silly video has zero control what occurs when people meet on this site. If some girl sends me her e-mail or # on this and we agree to P4M then this site facilitated that. It will be shut down just like BackPage.

  121. Anonymous says:

    While there are some faults and problems with this site I totally love it. I’ve met some of the most amazing women on here. It takes a lot of work but when you make the right connection (that wouldn’t have happened without sa) it is very much worth it!

  122. SugardaddySA says:

    Not if you do your profile correctly.

    The gold diggers are looking for the big spenders. They’ll pass over me because of that old root of all evil, the lust for money.

    I’m not going to commit to anything unless I get a convincing story and we exchange fb addresses.

    It is assumed that she’s other sugardaddies and that i may have another sugarbaby.

    However there’s no entry fitting my income and my net worth.

    In short, it’s bait. Only the caring, honest and worthy sugarbaby need apply.

  123. Honest Daddy says:

    This site is a great platform for con artists with a vagina to lie, cheat, and steal their way to financial gain at the expense of really foolish men who brag about how much wealth they have available to steal .

    • AusGuy says:

      …Your Glass isn’t half-full…it’s practically empty…
      May I suggest…sipping slower, and savouring all that you can… It’s not about the many…after all…just that Special 1… Go Figure!

  124. Bitious says:

    Lets be real, this site is for women that want to get paid to spend time with u(the SD) and guys who are fine paying with it. Most ppl would call this prostitution, but as long as both parties are happy theres nothing wrong with this and i dont think theres a reason to look down on the girls nor the guys.

    That being said, speaking from years of experience of being a SD, DO NOT look for love here. Keep it simple fun, do not get emotionally involved. Have your fun and then move on. Always keep in mind this is a service provided that you are paying for, if the money ends the service ends. If you are here to find a girlfriend you are in for a nightmare, i promise you. Again nothing wrong with dating gold diggers / paying for company, just always keep in mind its not whats inside you why the other person wants to spend time with you, its about what you have in your wallet.

    Happy SA’ing everyone, keep it simple and fair 🙂

    • Princessefinesse says:

      Finally a realistic real SD comment

      • yougottabekiddingme says:

        I think it is possible for love and pragmatism to exist in the same space. Fuck me thrice, love me long time.

    • bobby says:


    • bobby says:

      Exactly, we must understand that here we can find a fun and not more.

      • raleighebony says:

        I disagree, although Im not in search of a husband on this site I would be open to more if I found a quality man who would leave it behind. Some people are just lonely and they don’t have the time to commit to a relationship. I work full time and go to school I’d rather an SD.

    • Anonymous says:

      perfectly stated

  125. wtf says:

    this blog use to be really entertaining when and fun when the dude us to fight with everyone , wonder what happened to him

  126. Anonymous says:

    Useful site for special personsto pass the time.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Why do so many of these young girl think that there is something “adventurous” about sugar?

  128. Lunare says:

    I’m incredibly sad to see al these replies. I’ve been on here for quite a while, and as a SB, I can say that the men out here that are genuine (which are very few lately and especially in my area which is The Netherlands, btw.), are scared and angry because they have been cheated out of their money by prostitutes or girls that simply think they’ll get money just because they exist. Due to this, sincere girls like me, that actually value emotional connection and do not expect payment on the first date, also get cheated. Simply because the men are playing the ‘game’ after so many disappointments.

    I’ve also been stood up, cheated, and once received threats from an angry man that felt like he was entitled to have sex with me because we had a first meeting, he thought i was beautiful and not a cheat (he stated to have been stood up, catfishes many times), and because of the fact we where having some cocktails on his expense. This is simply horrible, he seriously felt like I OWED it to him. I literally paid my own drinks and left crying. I’m not a fragile girl at all. I’m stubborn, witty, spend all my time studying and I’m not afraid to speak my mind because I’m very confident I’ve got to knowledge to back up arguments on many subjects. But this awful interaction made me cry my eyes out on my way back to my apartment.

    This website is becoming more and more rotten. I sincerely hope that SA will try to screen the men AND the woman better. Please take a look at the properties and actual income of a man. Please ask student verification for girls so that there are no ‘fake’ students that are actually hookers or teen moms. Because this entire concept is so interesting if it works properly!

    • AusGuy says:

      …I could feel your ‘Realness’ reading your Reply. My Sincerest Wishes to you for your SB’ing in the future… You Deserves Nothing But The Best. From Australia… x

    • Anon_SD says:

      As a SD, I see this site as overrun with teen moms, which is a quick route to poverty.

      • royal says:

        I am not a teen mom! I am 30, look like I’m 24-26 and have a great head on my shoulders. I come from an educated background and am currently back in school to pursue a degree. Many guys on here don’t respect women and then complain that they are all prostitutes. But when they meet someone who isn’t they are very critical or only want sex. I don’t enter a relationship until I am courted (old fashion girl here) but I am also a relationship girl who is great at being the feminine woman in a mans life but also has passions of her own.

        Where are all the good men who want that?

  129. Kristina says:

    GREAT!!!! looking for a sugar mentor

  130. AusGuy says:

    …Brandon, you took the words right out of my Mouth….for most of this…

    Great Video.

  131. Fed Up Anon says:

    Please remove these individuals:

    Before that u need to know I take a deposit or half payment prior to our meet ensuring my safety and your truthfulness. If this is something you’re not up for then we shouldn’t continue: it’s how I do things no complaints but ball is in your court daddy

    Reported but they never get deleted

    • Fed Up Anon says:


      Yeah but I will need some proof of payment

      • Anonymous says:

        yes seems everyone want to be paid for the first meet and in advance but pay per meet is not allowed go figure

      • Anonymous says:

        You pay and she’ll never show up. Guaranteed.

      • SugardaddySA says:

        Do you take PayPal?

      • Anonymous says:

        Right!! 😀

      • royal says:

        It’s a kind gesture that says, I am a real person who wants to help someone out and find the right person for me. If you think she is a prostitute or you don’t want to be with someone without kids, then don’t go meet them. It’s that simple. But the real girls out here trying to actually find their one and only sugar daddy while they put themselves through school won’t ever go on another coffee meet up without some type of gesture. I never go on another date when the man seems lazy or if I think he just wants to sleep with as many pretty girls as possible in as short a time.

    • Fed Up Anon says:

      They are still there

    • Sid says:

      I agree man. i’ve reported so many such profile. can’t understand if there are still guys who get fooled by such things

  132. Anonymous says:

    Oh, joy. I’ve received a message from a SB who, besides not being very attractive, is up front about wanting money for nothing at all.

  133. depressed says:


  134. Space Cat says:

    Official videos like this one:


    Where you give tips to sugar babies on how to get inside the wallet of daddies do not support your attempts to distance SA from a prostitution service. This sort of promotion is going to upset regulators. Brandon, you want your cake and eat it too, but you can’t have it both ways.

    If you want SA to avoid being regulated as a promoter of prostitution, you need to actually stop officially promoting prostitution. Yes I realize your EULA says one thing and your official videos say another. This is not going to save you legally. Both need to be pushing the same message.

  135. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the video. Yes the site has become full of hookers but it’s possible to screen them out.

    • Anonymous says:

      The frustrating part is when you report them, give them evidence that they can act on, and they boot the girl, she’s usually back shortly after with a new profile. If someone gets booted for being a hooker, they really need to ban the person’s IP to make it as difficult as possible to re-join.

    • Dan says:

      The problem is not the site. The problem is living in a country that considers buying and selling sex as a crime. If it is between adult and consenting people is a private affair, the state has nothing to do there. Change your medieval culture and legislation and these problems will fade away.

  136. John says:

    This site helps so many people. Please consider moving it overseas before the government targets it.

    • sugar baby monkey says:

      lol what do you mean?

    • Dan says:

      Yes, the problem is not the site. The problem is living in a country that considers buying and selling sex as a crime. If it is between adult and consenting people is a private affair, the state has nothing to do there. Change your medieval culture and legislation and these problems will fade away.

  137. Anonymous says:

    this blog is really active

  138. Tommy V says:

    Well said and presented Video Brandon! –> Keep up the “quality” and “values” for this site sets the pace to be and the standarsd to be! Continued blessings – ET

  139. Dee Dixon says:

    I upgraded over a week ago. 4 emails and I am still not a upgraded member. Your cs is awful. Help.

  140. WiseGuy says:

    Pure bullshit Brandon. We all know SA actively encourages girls to indulge in activities which it labels as violation of its policies. Professional hoes – check, online only – check, sex for money – check.

    I’ve reported countless such profiles, providing their profile screenshots in attachments, yet continue to see them active. From now on, any profiles openly involving in any aspects of prostitution, I will not only report them to SA but also to local authorities as well. Why should we men, the premium members suffer the agony of having to sift through garbage to search for ONE genuine & honest SB? It is the job of SA itself to provide us a clean, safe and honest environment to meet others.

    • Dan says:

      At the end of the day you are a John / trick yourself by society . You actually think you are above it ? Reporting profiles to police gets site shut down and then what smarty

    • SugardaddySA says:


      Just to arrange a meeting?

      You mean to say we can’t even chat?

      It’d be safer to befriend a potential Sugarbaby on social media

    • Anonymous says:

      lol Wise guy you rock man.

    • bobby says:

      And you are a pile of trash

    • No ideas says:

      Sounds like sugar baby monkey Is a hooker

    • Dan says:

      The problem is not the site. The problem is living in a country that considers buying and selling sex as a crime. If it is between adult and consenting people is a private affair, the state has nothing to do there. Change your medieval culture and legislation and these problems will fade away.

  141. Tom says:

    With the shutdown of Backpage and Craigslist personals this has become a crack hoe ppd site, shame tried it for a month but the girls are all scammers, screen them or this will fail.

    • Frustrated and disillusioned says:

      To SA:
      What about all the flaky girls? I joined a month ago and I have YET to meet anyone in person!!! I have had text conversations, even definite plans to meet, but they stop responding all of a sudden. A lot of girls say “don’t waste my time” on their profiles but they sure love to waste the guys’ time!

      There are A LOT of escorts pretending to be students, professionals, etc. There are A LOT of girls who try to sell pics and videos in an “online only” “arrangement”. There are girls who charge top dollar just to meet and TALK.

      You need to MAKE THE RULES CLEAR for any girl who signs up. It’s funny how the girls insist that they’re not prostitutes, when all of their demands
      indicate that they are. Threaten them with swift legal action.

      You need to ELIMINATE the “allowance” concept entirely. Get rid of all those tags that have anything to do with money. Stop perpetuating the idea that girls deserve money just for existing. That would be a good start.

      • Anon_SD says:

        Yes, deserve money just for existing. See that a lot. That and GPS, prevalent on this site.

      • WiseGuy says:

        Frustrated and disillusioned: SA is digging its own business grave by continuing to drill these obnoxious and outrageously ridiculous ideas into the heads of these already very immature, not very smart girls, that they can get all kinds of out-worldly luxuries of life from men here. As if substantial was not enough, now they’ve introduced yet another such fanciful lifestyle choice “extravagant” that will sure screw up these girls in the head further. What SA does not realize is that we, the paying SDs are the real bread & butter for keeping the lights on here. Their greed to bring in more girls traffic will gradually drive more paid members away from the site and it will soon decay into oblivion, that is if already not shutdown by the government for covertly supporting various forms of prostitution.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sadly the flakiness is an all time high these days. Girls have SO MANY options that they can’t even dedicate themselves to one or two IRL SD’s and follow up with their arrangements. They’d rather rinse men online trying to sell sexi photos or demand straight up payments in advance from several men at the same time. LOL. Well, not my loss. I save my $$$ and I can always go IRL; fresh golddiggers are everywhere.
        I do think the quality of women here is (or has become) – in general – TRASH.

      • juana says:

        simple start thinking that a young woman will like to have something with a old man if there is not money between , simple because if there is not something related to care and money they will date a more young and pretty one instead

      • SugardaddySA says:

        I doubt if i want to meet any woman who rejects my initial offer which would be ridiculously low to weed iut the gold diggers.

        Nor would i want to reply to a woman who demands $100+ upfront.

        Im giving you an allowance so be a good girl.

      • bobby says:

        I agree with you, there are here ”girls” that i don’t know which problem they have !! Because they are ‘girl’ not even women, they deserve to have money! are you stupid or what? crazy!

      • yougottabekiddingme says:


        Your initial low offer is likely to be rejected by both “gold diggers” and “good girls.” Opportunity cost is something to consider on both ends…SB and SB alike.

        Imagine the reverse application of a SB who decides she’s not going to go out of her way to present herself well so that she can weed out the guys who only want her for what’s on the (other) inside.

        ‘Tis a self-defeating notion, I think. Desire and attraction exist along a spectrum. As does attractability. All require compensatory balance. If the person you wish to attract finds the sum of your complements attractive despite your low offer, then you might be in luck. Else, slim pickings.

  142. Tanvir sanny says:

    today is nice day

  143. Frustrated Anonymous SD says:

    It’s getting to be a joke on here… the so called SB candidates seem hell bent to get paid for a simple meet and greet…just to discuss our possibilities. I am offering to buy them a nice dinner at an expensive place, so we can meet, say hello, and discuss what we both are looking for in an arrangement… Most I have encountered won’t meet unless you give them money to show up…and when you say no, they give you a response about wasting their time, being a fake, etc.etc….. Hey guess what?…If we can’t meet to see if we have chemistry and discuss an arrangement between us, which is mutually beneficial, then you have already answered my question whether I want to consider you any further..NO! This PPM type thinking runs rampant here.

    • Ronald A Davenport says:

      I’m willing to meet people for an arrangement

    • WiseGuy says:

      Frustrated Anonymous: Put a very clear warning in your profile if any girl demands money just for a first meet & greet, you will report her for violation of website’s policies. This will weed out lot of time wasters right in the beginning.

    • Princessefinesse says:

      You are not a sugar daddy. You think an expensive dinner is a treat to us? We get asked out several times a day. Our lipstick alone is $50. Our transport to get the date, effort to listen to your boring conversation, look at your no doubt not attractive face and pretend we care, all of this has a price. If you want to date girls for free join a regualr dating website. You want a sugar baby, open up that wallet.

      • WiseGuy says:

        Princessefiness: any girls who can afford $50 lipsticks wouldn’t even be here as SB begging for $$ allowance. I always steer clear of those dumb ones suffering from princess/diva/queen syndrome.

      • APB says:

        $50 lipstick? What is it good for? Two swipes across the lips and it’s gone? You’re not smart.

        This is akin to WYP where women would whine about having to buy new wardrobes for every single date, hence the $300 bid to make sure a guy is “serious”, yet they come in wearing a dress already in some of their profile pics.

        Cry some more, ma’am.

        If I wanted ogres who hide in a basement in their parent’s house, I’d try a Match Group site.

      • Anon_SD says:

        Lesson learned, avoid all with princess or goddess in their profile handle.

      • Anonymous says:

        Give yourself a few years and you will have nothing to offer a man. Good grief get over yourself and perhaps get a real job and earn your own $$$. I cross check girls I see on “regular” dating sites to see if they are here…many are. That saves me lots of time having to sit across from some girl who needs “expensive” lipstick to look desirable.

      • amandaL says:

        i agree with her , there is no such thing as a cheap sugar daddy the website is for SUGAR DADDIES if you cannot afford it then find a different website! simple! Go on tinder or match. WE as SB are allowed to set standards and have expectations that’s why you come on the site to meet a baby, otherwise you would do it the traditional way as most ppl who are looking for a wife does…

      • Ross Macdonald says:

        Another example of money hungry who just want money and offer nothing in return

    • Lilith Girl says:

      Hello Wise Guy and Frustrated and Anonymous. I joined up here 10 years ago and although until resently I never really used the site, I am sad to see its decline. Speaking from the other side of the fence I can also share your frustration because that type of sugar baby attracts that type of sugar daddy and those too are increasing by numbers.

      I consider myself one of the genuine sugar babies who is seeking a traditional sugar relationship but all I am getting is offers to PPM’s. I’d love to get one email from a genuine sugar daddy. I’ve not gone on too many meet and greets for this reason but I never expect money for a first meet, what a ludicrous idea. If there are any genuine sugar daddies reading this, please look me , same name.

  144. Princessefinesse says:

    Brandon you need to put better safeguards in place to protect vulnerable young women joining your platform. Once upon a time this site was authentic, with real daddies and quality women on it. It’s now full of men making $50k a year and asking for unprotected sex for the promise of an allowance. It’s also rife with “pay per meet” requests.

    • jack Doe says:

      stop free sigh ups for these girls

    • Anon_SD says:

      In this day and age, anyone who is on the internet should know to be cautious. Vulnerable young women? Any young women deciding to engage in this life style is probably not vulnerable.

      • Lunare says:

        I beg to differ. I don’t think you can judge on vulnerability solemnly because someone is on this website. The entire problem does not only lie with the men, but definetly also with the women. The amount of escorts, hookers, prostitutes that cheats men out of their money is incredibly high. Obviously the men that get cheated do not take other girls seriously, get angry, feel awful, and start treating the other girls like shit. This is where the horrible part happends. The sincere girls get treated like shit, start to question the system, and in return also start treating men like money bags. Probably because they have been encountering (on top of the men that are a bit angry because they’ve been cheated) the salt-daddies that come here for the prostitutes and cheap sex.

        It’s a quite simply cycle that really needs to be broken. How to do this? Maybe by asking serious verification on the income/assets men have. Maybe by asking serious verification regarding student passes so that no fake students that are actually escorts will use the website. And I’ll keep silent about the teen moms and lazy women without a job that feel entitled to be treated like princesses because they are simply alive.

        let’s all hope that SA understands this issue, and starts taking measurements, because I think this website might be able to be saved. Not the way it is now though, right now its one sad rotten place.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes 50k is not much but what if that 50k earner had millions in assets would he not be able to afford a sugar baby or if it only depends on one’s income why do we need to list our net worth we should only be required to state our income

      • Anon_SD says:

        From a financial standpoint, net worth is more important.

      • Anonymous says:

        Former coworker of mine just took a new, low-paced job to ride out until he retires in less than a year. Has a bank account in the mid 7-figures, paid cash for a $2 million dollar home, and has an impressive stock portfolio. Yet, his now-yearly income of $40K disqualifies him from being a SD? Some of you ladies need to get your heads out of your posterior.

      • Anon_SD says:

        Haven’t met any SB’s on this site who are financial wizards. None could even begin to read and understand a balance sheet.

      • juana says:

        is both numbers w, the thing is that almost all man put numbers that are not even real

      • APB says:

        $50K is more than most any woman on this site will EVER earn annually.

        If they had connections, they wouldn’t be begging for them here.

    • Once Upon a time says:

      After almost 6 years here, the last 3-4 have been a waste of time and money. We all know that alone does not stop insanity… but still in the last 3-4 years, The newer sugar baby is defined best as a gold digger, regardless of her intent. Money is at the center, and each group of your ones eager to get a piece of the pie, are sharper, quick witt, and on their game. none of those things are bad, but when mixed with this all, it creates an odd mix…. More prostitutes have come on board, using this as their backup to backpage. I suspect an increased presence will skyrocket now that BP is out! In recent years, the site also became slower and slower in cancelling profiles deemed “professional”, even if you provided proof while reporting. Surely after recent legislation, some tightening will occur, if not – ultimately the alphabet people will come a knocking…one by one. It’s not fair, but nothing is. I get as a guy a girl can come on and give her rendition from the opposite side, but in all honesty… I am a genuine guy, not trying to abuse any situation, and respect where I can. Unfortunatley Many times in recent years I simply couldn’t.

    • Dan says:

      Very sexist stance. I have been taken advantage of many times by ‘vulnerable young women’. If I make 50k a year and I want to give some of that to a person from SA then I don’t understand the issue? Your issues are completely baseless.

    • juana says:

      x100000 that is what this site transform a lot of 40´s guys that say they value a fortune and are just janitors thats why girls have to ask about money in advance for take them out of the equation and don’t loose time

      • Princessefinesse says:

        @juana exactly janitors, teachers and all other kinds of professions that were never on the site before. Even young 25 year olds are joining thinking it’s a free sex site. I don’t speak to any man who isn’t verified. If not he has to provide me his full name and I’ll look him up to see if his job title is worth me even speaking to him.

        50 k per year is 25 k actually – so 2,000 a month after taxes, from that subtract x amount in child support because most of them are married or have kids, x amount on car note, X amount for a mortgage, x amount for other expenses. So you think the $2.50 you have left over is enough to get a sugar baby? Delusional.

      • APB says:

        Princessfinesse, I’m sure $50,000/yr income has a 50% tax rate somewhere, but what do you bring to the table that your equally awful competition does not that gets you so uppity to turn down whatever you can get?

      • Anon_SD says:

        I’m sure she is a true princess!

    • Ross Macdonald says:

      What about protect SD?? PPM is mostly requested by girls. Most guys want emotional connection but girls just want money with nothing in return ! The site need filters those useless girls

      • juana says:

        hahaha most guys want emotional connection for sure , and most girls ask for PPM initially to don’t lose her time with the bunch of looser here

  145. John Doe says:

    3 times divorced giving dating advice … LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s exactly who needs to give dating advice. That is, “MEN, DONT GET INTO LONG TERM TYOE OF RELATIONSHIPS, ESPECIALLY MARRIAGE.”

  146. NBNG says:

    That comes across as simple lip service to anyone who has been on SA lately. Clearly there is ZERO screening of women’ profiles. I scan through new profiles every day I log in and dismiss multiple ones as hooker, hooker, hooker…it gets tiresome. SA makes it far too easy for hookers to post profiles, and relies on paying male members to report it; and even then their response is slow or nonexistent. One in 50 really understand that sugaring is all-cards-on-the-table speed dating and serious men on here are looking for more than purely sex.
    Further, I’ve reported abuses, with evidence beyond profile screenshots, of members who’ve violated the terms and fall squarely in the categories prohibited in the drop-down menu of violations. Their profiles still appear.
    Brandon my think SA has defined the concept of Sugaring. Unfortunately he is wrong. The majority of women on SA still think it’s purely money for sex. One profile I read recently said “I don’t even want to know your name.” I feel a little sorry for all these women who say they are broke and desperately need financial help, but their mind simply isn’t in the right place to be a SB. And they will flake off and disappear when the reality hits them.

    • jack Doe says:

      Well Said !

    • Anon_SD says:

      Young women in the “hook up ” generation probably run their personal life relationships just like they manage their sugar lifestyle. One night stands seem to be the norm. Unfortunate, but the internet and phone apps make for a lifestyle totally different from prior generations. Unwed mothers abound on this site is proof positive of this difference. And if an escort is on this site, it is up to the SD to ensure she plays by the sugar world rules.

    • Althea Farquharson says:

      Wow , I am seeking a serious relationship. I am reading all these comments.I am now regretting putting up my profile picture. So embarrassing wow…. Please can you tell me how to take my picture off ?

    • Not going to hold my breath. says:

      Personally I don’t message any Daddy who have been on the site less then 6 months. At that point you have been on a few dates and know the bullshit that’s out there. My account is from 2014. I have never had a long term agreement because they can find girls who are willing to just hook up. Where I am looking for someone to spend time with and be company.

    • APB says:

      That is OD for guys in general. You are a second class citizen, even though the site dies without your membership money.

      I had a profile on for a week or two and killed it off with the flood of backpage caliber trash half naked and talking about pegging. Yikes!

  147. Marcus C says:

    Most SA babies, prefer to do pay-per-meet but their is no one to be enforcing this sadly.

    I have read some comments below, that Patrick Lui was scammed more than USD1,500, you aren’t alone in this, I have been down a much darker path, scammed and blackmailed!! Have I done anything? Nothing can be done. However, there is some preliminary countermeasures to it, by forcing them to verify themselves. BUT then again, you can’t because SA is about discretion as well.

    How to ensure not to be scammed or blackmailed I really don’t know but hopefully SA team can ensure its users that they won’t? I will let my Premium run out, don’t think I will return to this site anytime soon, unless your Premium membership prices are lowered to returning members, or some sort of incentive to us and also better at eliminating the scammers/blackmailers/criminals.

    • CanopyMan says:

      If you morons are getting scammed and blackmailed you have no-one to blame except the guy in the mirror. YOU need to screen your potentials. You need to make sure of their intentions. You need to make sure you get together in a manner where you control the situation.

      Honestly you’re supposed to be successful, mature, thoughtful, and capable. That you get scammed or worse indicates that it’s YOU that shouldn’t be on SA.

  148. No ideas says:

    Sorry SA but the large number of escorts on the site asking for $500 dates is unbelievable and I am in Australia it’s hard to find a genuine true arrangement anymore.

    • Miss says:

      You men want a TRUE arrangement but pass up the real girls because they don’t look like playboy models! Make up your mind!

      • Not going to hold my breath. says:

        Hahaha that’s so fuxking true. Sorry I’m not a size 2-6. But at least I’m not sleeping with every guy who will pay me for a meet up.

      • APB says:

        Get back on POF then and message equally slovenly men!

      • Bambam says:

        No, not like that …sometimes its the attitude of the girls …

  149. Sk says:

    Guys i have bought a 30 days membership because i was prompted so. My 7 days membership apparentky doesnt allow unlimited texts. Even now i can send texts.

  150. Anonymous says:

    There are definitely more escorts on this site. There are very few true sugar babies. Most want a pay-per-play arrangement.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes, and there are plenty of fake sugar daddies on here who pretend like they’re interested in an SB, but are only trying to get free sex. PPM works well for the first month or so because the young women are not getting scammed or used. In LA most men only want to meet once or twice, because there is an abundance of women and variety. What is a “true sugar baby” in your eyes? would love to know.

  151. Anomym says:

    point one: The American has no authorities in other countries. SA is globally active therefore the closure worldwide was a violation of the law of other countries.
    point two: Escorts are not forbidden in a lot of European countries, therefore it is not illegal. (except Scandinavia and the Balkan region and some eastern European NON-EU countries.
    point three: Even prostitution is fully legal in some European conuntries: (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Hungary, Latvia, Turkey)

    So SA must be aware that they have to follow the laws of all countries where they are available and it could be easily lead into legal trouble in Europe if a profile is banned for something that is legal in the EU.

    Critical for SA is that I am missing the GDPR compliance. because that could easily costs SA 50 Mio Euro per case.

    really the big issue are not the Escort stuff, it is the onlne scam for only online arrangements.

    • Anonymous says:

      SA is a US based company with US based servers, so US law applies. Also, SA is a private website, they can allow whomever they wish.

      • anon says:

        Financial transactions look to be going through Cyprus, which is smart from a legal and tax point of view. IP-to-geo services report their servers in AZ and Chicago, and it looks like they’re using CloudFlare as a CDN, so servers are US-based, likely for performance, but they could move to AWS with failover to non-US just as easily. Really comes down to where the company is based and whether they or Brandon personally are deriving financial benefits from it- if he keeps the funds offshore and unreported (and especially if he created the company non-US), then it gets much harder for them to seize or apply US law. Not impossible, but harder.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Oh please, the site is FILLED with escorts, the percentage of escorts has dramatically increased in the past 10 years, and the site not only does nothing to prevent them from becoming members but actively facilitates it. So many SBs just steal model photos off the internet and pass them off as real. The site does absolutely nothing to prevent this.

    • APB says:

      Why would it? You’re a second class citizen as a guy on OD type sites. Funny, though, because it’s generally not women who fund the sites through memberships.

  153. Ashley says:

    As long as the men are getting screened more by you guys I don’t see the problem.

  154. Robert says:

    This is a site for meaningful and real relationships.

    I would hate to lose this site and I’m sure you would hate to go to jail. Please crack down hard on abuses and potential abuses.

    • RonD says:

      What Brandon is saying is just bullshit for public consumption and to pre-empt any legal troubles. Reality is quite different, this website has been tacitly approving/supporting/encouraging various legal/gray activities specially for girls. The stated policy is not to allow online arrangements, I’ve reported many such profiles where girls have clearly listed online ONLY arrangements. How the heck such profiles get approved? Not only that, despite reporting, no action has been taking against those profiles.

      • RonD says:

        *various illegal/gray activities

      • Anon_SD says:

        Not entirely BS. A lot of escort websites in the USA have shut down and the profession has lost a lot of the ability to link up with clients.

      • Emmaline says:


      • APB says:

        My profile was stuck “in review” for several days because of the word “pay” in the phrase “I don’t do pay for play” and for saying that I don’t want any Backpage refugees.

        So much for getting my $90.

  155. Anonymous says:

    There has been a huge increase in hooker/escort/sex-for-hire profiles since March 2018, particularly since the beginning of April. SA needs to take a zero tolerance approach to the hookers/escorts/sex-for-hire girls on this site or it may find itself in the same boat as a couple of other sites that recently either got shut down or were forced to remove their personal sections because of the new federal legislation regarding prostitution and trafficking. Rooting out and preventing hooker/escort/sex-for-hire profiles needs to be the #1 priority for the company’s management.

  156. sugar baby monkey says:

    the colour eyes filter should come back

  157. Anonymous says:

    well it’s about time. for the month i tried this site, i interacted with more escorts (or those who behave just like escort) than sugar babies.

  158. Patrick Lui says:

    Brandon, don’t be naive!
    SA is fllled with 1) Escorts or de faxto escorts and even worst with 2) Scammers!
    I was scammed once and reportted to support!
    I have shown them most fo the evidences BUT I bet U don’t even know what’s really going on!
    SA site is infested with SCAMMERS!
    Goodluck to yr reputations, Brandon as I will make sure everyone else knows about this!
    I am trying to protect the public!
    What have U done?

    PS: I will delete my profile at the end of my first months subscription as I was scammed for over US$1,500 !!!

    • Alice says:

      I’m sorry you were scammed, that’s never fun to go through… But that is the nature of the internet, not just this site. It isn’t Brandon or SA’s fault that you were scammed. It’s your own fault. Internet scams have existed as long as the internet has. You should have known by now not to give money to a stranger without expecting said stranger to disappear.

    • CanopyMan says:

      Sounds like you thought you were going to get something in return worth more than $1500. Seriously, you’re supposed to be the smart one… if you get scammed, then you are probably not smart enough to be on here. Scammers rely on the greed, horniness, and stupidity of the mark… it appears you proved them right.

      And for the guy that says only scammers say it’s the victims fault. Did anyone FORCE the guy to hand over money? He did so because he thought he would benefit in some manner. Turns out he was wrong.

    • Not going to hold my breath. says:

      I don’t understand how girls can get that much money. I can’t justify asking for that much. It would be a great help to pay off some of my bills but I’m scared to even bring up 1,000. Because guys call me money hungry, and a scammer. I’m just looking for someone real.

  159. Anonymous says:

    I have reported many escorts and they were promptly removed.

  160. Anonymous says:

    I hope you never go anywhere close to marriage again.

  161. anonymous says:

    Brandon/All- within the past week I’ve had two incidents where SBs have talked to me on SA, then asked me to go offsite (email and snapchat) and then really tried to talk me into a ‘quid pro quo’ of sex exchanged for money so aggressively that I’m pretty certain that it was an LE sting. Of course, I declined and blocked them and was/am not interested in that. But I really do believe that SA is being targeted by LE to make the case that PPM/illegal activity is taking place, as covered by the new law. Please lawyer up and be prepared, and make everyone aware to be super careful and keep away from anything like that. Would hate to see users and this very positive community hit with something like that.

  162. Solara says:

    Thank you for putting out this video and giving such an engaging announcement! It was very insightful and informative. I am happy to know that the employees of SA are cracking down on who or what might not be suitable for the SA community.

  163. LoveLivingLife says:

    I echo the same experience as SA founder Brando Wade; I’m an adult who grew up awkward. But this site has giving me the confidence in knowing Who I Want, What I Want, and How I Want the arrangement to come about! Plus, it has also re-instilled the confidence in knowing that I should not settle; that I should wait for the right SD and the right arrangement. Thank you Brandon Wade for this site and your other sites as well.

  164. Anonymous says:

    One suggestion on updating the reporting system … If a member gets reported for escort terminology, or any of the other prostitution-related categories, disable their ability to message other users until the content of their SA messages, or the uploaded evidence, can be reviewed. If it turns out to be a false “revenge” report, kick the person who made the false report off the site. I’ve reported users when there was concrete evidence they were an escort (such as sending me a phone number that has multiple Google hits for escort ads), but SA doesn’t seem to put a “hold” on the account when the report is made. If you make it inconvenient for outright escorts to operate here, they will go elsewhere.