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The Adventures of Alexis and Brook London


Want to see what happens when the Seeking.com squad goes to London for a coaching tour? Watch our new vlog, The Adventures of Alexis and Brook London, to find out!

Seeking Lifestyle Coaching in London

Seeking.com might be based in the states, but we’re international baby! The site is also big in places like Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We want to get to know all our members and provide them with specific advice and tips based on their needs, desires, and locations.

London is one of our biggest cities for members, so we got on a flight and headed over to do what we do best: help people date on Seeking.com! It was a long journey from our headquarters in Las Vegas, but worth it to visit the members and learn about how the UK is different than the US for Seekers.

Keeping Up Appearances

When news got around that Alexis and myself were going to be in London, there were some stations that wanted to cover us in a news story. That’s how we get more members on the site and spread the word about what Seeking.com is all about.

We were stacked with press opportunities and appeared as guests on the UK’s national morning show, Good Morning Britain. If you want to check it out, click here! And you know we couldn’t leave without getting a fleeky photo.

Seeking Lifestyle Coaching Events

At our events, we provide advice on using Seeking.com like profile help and site hacks for more traction. Being on the site is only half of the trouble with dating, and Alexis and I love providing insight on finding the right partner. Much of our expertise is based on personal experience, so attendees always get a sneak peek into our personal love lives.

Attend an Event

Do you want to attend one of our exclusive events? Check out the Seeking Events page to see a list of current events. Most of these are waitlist only and offer free entry to attendees. Sign our waitlist with your Seeking.com email address and be sure to check your email for access to your ticket and venue info.

Questions about events? Email [email protected]

96 Responses to “The Adventures of Alexis and Brook London”

  1. broadwilliam says:

    I appreciate your work. this is the best sugar daddy dating site. I love your blog posts. I have ever read this article. You have shared a piece of nice information. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    comment here now we have 100 on this post

  3. Anonymous says:

    So great!

  4. Simon says:

    These days, even most doctors don’t make enough money to pay off student loans in a timely manner.

  5. Simon says:

    He isn’t. He is busy being a SD from all of the money he gets from a self running enterprise. I don’t have a premium account. Only paid for a month a few years ago. Been a SD for a little over a decade. This product that Brandon offers is garbage. The chats here are heavily censored but still a way to help a lot of new people trying to get into the lifestyle.

  6. jackalexx says:

    very nice information that youhave shared with us.Really the article is nice

  7. David says:

    Possible to put all the trannies, on here now, in their own category? It’s overly annoying now.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    i was finding a lot ladies on this site were asking for PPM now i’m finding the ladies are asking for their monthly allowance on the first meeting so am i expected to give them thousands of dollars for a coffee meeting ? i do provide a gift so they are not wasting their time what ever happened to meeting to see if there is chemistry first before proceeding

    • Anonymous says:

      Even though PPMs are not what the site says you should do, you should still do it. The only reason seeking says that is to avoid the prostitution link from a legal standing.

    • Simon says:

      Only do PPM. Regardless of the length of the arrangement. Don’t bother with a gift either, unless you want to do it. They are not wasting their time by meeting you. You are a potential lead to a better life, just like a cold call in sales.

  10. Anonymous says:

    maybe he wants to be a SD instead of a business owner

  11. Anonymous says:

    when are they going to put up a new post on the Government Shutdown Brandon Wade has a new video on it now

  12. maxwel says:

    well, love is a delicate flower that has to be cared for.. keep up the good work and i hope to find my flower soon.. xo

  13. WTF says:

    what is the difference between hide the profile and block the profile ? and is blocking some one cant be reversed ?

  14. Anonymous says:

    well better that than to go to college to be a sugar baby

  15. Anonymous says:

    yes it seems thats what SB want they like getting paid every time they see you they don’t want monthly because they would have to see you without receiving a allowance every time

  16. tattletale says:

    Can anyone comment on good experiences with 18 year old sugar babies, or arrangements where they include their friends?

    • tattletale says:

      Never considered that. Good advice.

    • scott says:

      Hi, yes… ive had a similar experience about two years ago, but i felt like it was a scam from the start, so i would be careful how you proceed.

      i have a lower age limit anyway (23) but she was close to my home town, we chatted for a whilst, we had similar subject interests so the conversations we easy and natural. After arranging to meet she suggested going straight to her house… at 23:00 to meet her, and her special friend… who was a journalism student! (more alarm bells) i declined as it was a part of the city that i knew had parking issues a high student population and higher than average crime rates. she than stoped talking to me and after a week i atated receiving email messages that shall we say you wouldnt read to your granny!all in all, not a good experience.

    • sugarysweetdad says:

      Most of the ‘double’ deals are usually not worth it. The girls just see it as a marketing tool and expect double the usual allowance. Especially if they are straight, it has always been a forgettable experience.

    • duh says:

      unless a threesome is guaranteed and agreed before meeting and before paying anything, you are just doubling your cost of meeting and for the brief vanity of buying drinks or meals for two girls you are simply overpaying…a ‘double date’ which is merely social just usually means each girl is only paying half the attention while you are paying twice the cost

    • Simon says:

      I wouldn’t consider it unless you like drama.

  17. Anonymous says:

    lots of activity on here hopefully everyone is enjoying a good arrangement

  18. Anonym says:

    Hellooo guys,

    I wanna share a horrible experience I had with a scam Sugar Baby so that no one else looses time, money and energy with that girl (she is still online while Im typing this).

    Now before posting my story, I wanna know whats permitted to share and whays not… ? Like can I share the username of the person and/or phone number/Snapchat ?

    Its really bad and I also gave her a second chance to clean up the mess but she wasnt even willing to accept she did anything wrong ?.

    Soo, I will wait for instructions from u guys before posting…

    Btw I did told her that I will recover my time and money if we meet anytime in London by chance…She took that as a threat but I was only trying to get refund for the scam?

  19. Battmann says:

    I have seen several over 40. Interactions are pleasant. They appreciate the effort put into the experience. Some younger SB do not have a great understanding or appreciation of the efforts put in.. Just saying

    • Dave says:

      This is written by an old bag . Older women act worse . They used to be easy cougars when I was 30 years old . Now they are thrice divorced with bad skin and too many kids and they act even more entitled

    • Simon says:

      I’ve never met someone over 29. Whenever I turn down any of the older SB’s who message me they become just as mean, spiteful, and immature as the young ones. Then I have to block them.

  20. Gisele says:

    I’m 62 , too old to be on this site ????

  21. alternatedating says:

    This website is getting more and more frustrating …

    Its been a great couple of years … I’ve met some smart and interesting women, have paid a few semesters of tuition, gone to fun resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico as well as weekends in NYC, LA, and Miami, multiple trips to Europe and Asia, etc.

    But … so many of the new profiles on here are cam girls, not where they say they are, or looking for “online” arrangements whatever that means.

    Can SA adopt a requirement that SB’s profiles show country and state when they login? Please?

    • Anonymous says:

      that would be nice the way it is now you never know where they are until you have wasted time emailing them to only find out they are not close at all to you

    • ilovecake says:

      Im 26, going back to school and just joined the site. I would love some pointers. I work and love to travel. I am easy on the eyes, sweet, discreet and supportive. Find me :]

    • ilovecake says:

      I only recently joined the site. I am 26. I would love some pointers. I love to travel, I work, I am discreet and sweet. I am also easy on the eyes :]

    • ilovecake says:

      How old are you? Im 26. My username is ilovecake but I don’t think you can search for that. Id leave my number but Im sure theres a lot of creeps on here lol

  22. Hekat says:

    Hey SDs! I was wondering for those that are still active can take a look at my profile and let me know if it’s ok? I’m a black SB and I feel like my luck is already stacked against me so any tips are appreciated! ❤

    • Dave says:

      I’m not going to look at your profile but here’s some tips . You want to beat out chicks here’s what you should do .
      (1) be feminine
      (2) look elegant
      (3) no silly Snapchat filters
      (4) don’t talk about how you deserve the best
      (5) don’t act entitled , see step 4
      (6) we don’t care how smart you are professionally , we care how smart you are
      when it comes to any of the following : sports
      , symphony , novels, even fashion is impressive
      (7)talk about how you will enrich an SDs life not just talk about yourself. What do you have to offer a guy . I’m assuming your looks are in the top 20 percent and you’re not a land whale

    • SD with Open Eyes says:

      What area are you at?

    • Rick says:

      There isn’t any way for us to look at your profile without some link to it.

      • Hekette says:

        Hi Rick!

        I just realized this site doesn’t have a username search system. I checked their FAQs and seems you can narrow down using keywords in your profile.

        I guess mine would be:
        Fantasy, nerd, drawing, illustration.

        Again, thanks for replying back!

    • Simon Jester SD says:

      Dave is giving you good advice. I never message SB’s who come off as entitled in their profile/wishlist.

  23. WorldTraveller says:

    Hi Ladies. I believe I am genuine SD and have nice profiles details with complete details and I am told constantly that I am fairly good looking for my age (50). I go to the gym three times a week and keep fit. I offer very generous allowances and i take women to nice wine and dine places. My question is around the first meet. very often I have noticed that it is very easy for me to get someone to meet for the first date where I offer $500 for the meet and drinks and dinner etc, so we can get to know each other before planning a longer term arrangement. I would say 30-40% just don’t show up. I think this is terrible and I am not sure how can be avoided as I know for sure I am always upfront with the details and not expecting intimacy unless we really hit it off, intimacy usually happens 97% of the time so must not be doing bad when I meet someone. Why do women do this as it is extremely annoying since I plan evening with that one person and when they dont show up, it ruins my evening plans and sometimes I would have made bookings and plans for our meet. Appreciate any honest comments.

    • o says:

      this is big incel energy

    • owen says:

      this is BIG incel energy

    • yougottabekiddingme says:

      Oh, Dave. I thought you were done with scamming women. I hope that no one takes your pathetic advice.

    • Rick says:

      I hope you aren’t giving them the 500 before you meet them. If you are, it’s no surprise they ghost you. Truthfully, you shouldn’t be giving them anything to meet you. That just encourages SBs to become serial meet-babes, with no intention of doing anything more. SA is quite specific that no gifts or payments should be provided for the meet/greet.

      You’re getting taken

    • CC says:

      Where in the world are you located?

    • duh says:

      No way you should EVER be paying for a first date, or indeed ANY date, as pay per meet is strictly NOT sugar dating but just plain old escorting and we should never be encouraging the women who want to do this. Sugar Dating is, and should be about mutually beneficial dating friendships not paying for a date. Strictly if you just want to use that tactic you are better off on their other site ‘Whats Your Price’ which is full of women who just want to be paid just to show up on a date. I have never ever once paid for a first meet or any meet only provided benefits in a proper regular agreement

    • DianaSbinOC says:

      Well I gather the 30-40% see the $500 as a lure that you’ll pull the minute you realize you can’t get sex. That’s why they ghost. Also the “I’m attractive for my age of 50” is usually a lie. When men say “I’m attractive” especially in the upper age limits it’s usually a lie one of course they’re telling themselves. Statistically speaking men over estimate their looks, women under estimate theirs. If 97% of the women that you do meet sleep with you it’s because they are in dire straits.

    • Hardtolove says:

      A lot has changed on this site over the last 5 years. The reality is there are too many SD wannabes so the girls can be even more picky and flakey than usual. You’re more than likely losing out to someone who is younger, better looking, and probably not all that affluent. The site doesn’t care if you make $36k or $150k, or if you say your net worth is $100k or $50m. It’s just a number women here can’t comprehend and the monthly fee they charge is the same for a real SD and a wannabe. If these women had integrity and were any good at math, they wouldn’t be here, so you are just going to have to accept some things as the way they are. Also, $500 isn’t a lot of money and your approach is wrong. You are treating this like it is a traditional dating site and you have to wine and dine these girls. These are younger girls and it makes it look like you don’t have any money when you try to impress them or buy their time with fancy dinners. Anything above your typical restaurant chain is above their lifestyle expectations. They don’t really care about being wined and dined. They’re looking for money to pay rent, pay for their drug habits, or to support their loser ethnic boyfriends. If they don’t have to sleep with you to get financing, it’s even better from where they are coming from. There are generally three types of women here; 1) the “gofundme” brats who think that just because they are cute, you should give them a hefty allowance for taking them out to dinner, but have no interest in an SD/SB relationship involving sex. 2) the “I wanna date and marry a rich guy” type who is looking for a man to pay for everything, but has no interest in dating anyone too much older than they are, and 3) the “pay per visit” types that have moved over from back page. You’re going to get rinsed with whoever you do this with but that is the cost of having a 1-3 month “fake relationship” with a sugar baby. These girls don’t really care about wasting your time, your money, or your emotions, for them it’s about the ends justifying the means. When they are done using you, they will simply move onto the next con job, eventually landing with someone around their own age that will never be the wiser. Just remember that everything they tell you is a lie just to get what they want.

    • Prettyprincess says:

      You aren’t suppose to be getting intimate first meeting are you

    • divawantsu says:

      Always rude to stand up someone!!!

    • WTF says:

      really? if what you are saying is true then you are messing up completely.first I don’t believe you r even offering them transportion money for meet and greet and that is why they are ghosting on you. secondly paying for meet and greet or encouraging anyone for pay per meet is totally not what this site is suppose to be so you are also creating problems for serious SDs and SBs, again really ?

      • Sugars says:

        I met some SD and depending on distances between us I received gas money in the envelope. They know where I am at, and if they want to have a cup of coffee I insist we have during the day, as for our first meeting, it’s their choice to reimburse my gas or tolls, never have I asked for it. But that’s the case. We have a chat, and see if we got for each other.

    • RussianSB says:

      Oh, Dave, I want to ask you the same rhetorical question:”why men do that ?”. Some people are serious about arrangement, and some – not even serious about everyday routine.

  24. Chloe says:

    Hello All,

    So I have been off of this site for years and recently, the past 2-3 weeks. Have been back on the site.

    However, I have not had many connection. even after sending various messages.

    Maybe, someone view and provide some advise how I can improve my profile? My user name is Chloe_4_You – https://www.seeking.com/member/998dc3ef-a5a3-4103-9bc7-f0c01d72cd37

    I would really appreciate it.

  25. Dave says:

    Noticing that the old bags over 40 want a “nice guy … “ come on ladies , who are you fooling ? Don’t play the , I want money but can’t compete with younger girls so I’ll pretend to be loving

  26. Dave says:

    Stop complaining . Maybe it’s you who is delusional

  27. Anonymous says:

    you think so